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The Y: For Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility

• Raise awareness and appreciation for the outdoors.


Greenkill Outdoor Education Center Where students learn about the wonder and relationships we share with nature: 1) 2) 3)

Human to Human Nature to Nature Humans to Nature

Human-to-Human Relationships • Build character and leadership skills. • Build skills in communication, goal setting, positive peer relations, critical thinking, community building, team-building, and group dynamics. • Learn how to prevent bullying. • YMCA core values in all we do. Nature-to-Nature Relationships • Discover nature in our 1150 acres by studying our lakes, hiking our forests, tracking wildlife, learning about wild edibles, and many other experiential education opportunities. • Study the multiple habitats and ecosystems, then make comparisons with their own home areas. • Gain hands-on-experience with the natural relationships that are found in the environment. Human-to-Nature Relationships • Learn about how people and the natural environment interconnect. • Participate in critical thinking exercises, hands-on applications and town meetings on the relationship between humans and our environment.

Character Development/ Challenge Education: • Team-Building • Low and High Ropes Courses • High Team-Building Elements for Group Participation • Zip Line • Giant Swing Environmental Education/ History Education: • Water Ecology • Interpretive Hikes • Forest Ecology • Native American • Wildlife Studies Studies • Ornithology • Pioneer History • Geology • Living with the • Paleontology Land Outdoor Skills: • Survival • Map Skills • Compass Skills

Social, Emotional, Developmental Learning (SEDL) Greenkill programs meet New York areas of the SEDL curriculum: Self-Awareness: the ability to recognize one’s own emotions, values, strengths and limitations. Self Management: the ability to manage emotions and control behaviors as a means to reach goals. Social Awareness: the ability to demonstrate empathy and

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their success,and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help, everybody wins.” — Jim Stovall

What Schools Say Ab

out Us

“I went on this trip as a student. Now to be able to lead students and have them experience all that Greenkill has to offer, is a great experience! The programs are amazing. They open the eyes of the students to all that is around them.” - Principal from Long Island

“We take our middle schoolers to Greenkill every year. Years after they graduate, they tell us that the Greenkill trip is one of their top memories of school. They build relationships that last a lifetime.” - Principal from NYC

understanding towards individuals and groups.

and acceptance of cultural differences. Studies show the overall school culture and self motivation of students are improved when adhering to the SEDL guidelines.

Relationship Skills: the ability to form positive relationships and resolve Responsible Decision-Making: the ability to make ethical and constructive choices in personal and social behaviors.

SEDL Guidelines When following the SEDL guidelines, schools report an increase in achievement test scores, decreased bullying, enhanced learning skills, and better school-familycommunity relationships. They have also noticed a better understanding of diversity

Greenkill courses and curriculum Communal living, family-style dining, and other social interactions enhance programs focused exclusively on the SEDL guidelines, the Greenkill experience will leave an indelible mark on your students as they learn about the wonders of nature in a wooded, safe and educational environment. They’ll utilize their learning for many years to come.

compliment traditional in-school teaching. All classes adhere to New York State common core standards and are tailored students. Tailor the length of your trip day trips to a one day stay with us.

A Special Value to Schools • Form and experience positive relationships Serving schools from NYC, Long Island, CT, NJ and PA since 1977, the Greenkill Outdoor Education Center provides educational programs for students in a natural retreat-like setting. Greenkill’s staff of professional educators promote individual learning and grouporiented activities. They build interest and enthusiasm as students participate in a fun and safe environment. Students learn about nature in personalized “learning groups” with the same instructor for all classes, which allows instructors to focus on the individual needs of the students, as well as the needs of the group. Through guided discovery, communal living, hands on exploration, and social engagement with peers, students will their understanding of nature, and learn about the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

Students will: • Learn leadership and communication skills • • Forge new and deeper friendships • Develop positive interactions Our classes are supportive tools for teachers to use as an extension or

• How humans impact the environment • Environmental impact on society • Awareness of current environmental issues





Our 1,150-acre facility is located just 86 miles northwest of New York City, and is located on the borders of NY, NJ and PA — easily accessible from Interstate 84. Greenkill Outdoor Education Center New York YMCA Camp PO Box 622 - Mailing Address 186 Big Pond Rd - GPS Address Huguenot, NY 12746 845-858-2226 Fax: 845.858.7823

Greenkill Outdoor Education Center Brochure  
Greenkill Outdoor Education Center Brochure