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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Well, Summer’s over. Those lazy, hazy days of “I’ll think about it tomorrow,” are done for now. And what’s barreling forward but Fall, with the mighty force of a Football champ like our cover, New York Giants’ Quarterback Eli Manning. The season’s bold energy is upon us, energizing our bodies with a vitality we let slide in the heat of the Summer sun. Taking this vibrant pulse we dedicated this issue to our favorite sports stars, favorites of the Big Apple and beyond. From the NY Mets whose annual Bark In The Park raises the woof factor at Citi Field to Wayne Gallman, NY Giant, devoted to his dog Apollo, we listened to their true confessions, hearing their genuine love for their four legged best friends. Flip through for a tail-waggin’ read. Wellness is always top of mind, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Dr. Brett Shorenstein, one of our favorite Vets, reminds us in an online exclusive to watch for signs of overexertion in our pets. Just because the weather is a little cooler doesn’t mean that you and Fido can go from couch potatoes to marathon men (and dogs!) in thirty seconds flat. This good doctor reminds us to be sportsman-like and watch out for our furry partners. Suiting up for the big game? Ready to root for Eli on any given Sunday? We’ve got you covered with suggestions for snappy outfits, think classic check or Buffalo plaid. Terrific toys too make game day complete, a rousing game of fetch with Fido before you’re off to tailgating will get you psyched. It’s time for team spirit as the leaves change and Summer’s sultry breezes fade away, so enjoy this issue our first dedicated to Sports stars and their fit and healthy pets. Happy Tails!

-Lori Zelenko

Editor in Chief

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Anthony Causi


©New York Giants


n the verge of beginning his sixteenth season as an NFL quarterback for the New York Giants, Eli Manning is entering an elite category, one that is a pipe dream for so many rookie hopefuls as they begin Fall camp. That is, extending a playing career out for almost two decades. Players that come to mind who have accomplished this feat or are close to it include the likes of shoo-in Hall of Famers Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Adam Vinatieri, and Drew Brees. All of these players were able to near or surpass twenty seasons in the NFL despite the inevitable ups and downs that occur in the league, by continually improving skills relevant to their position, taking care of their bodies, and examining the game one play at a time. It’s no surprise that Eli Manning has been taking notes of these success stories and in doing so, is creating an identical path for himself. Not that he wasn’t already successful, though, having already won two Super Bowls and owning a current ranking of eighth all-time in touchdowns passes thrown. SEPTEMBER 2019


Yet, these latter years in a player’s career, should they have the opportunity to get there, make the difference between the moniker of esoteric legend status and that of those who ride out into the sunset with a dwindling career that quickly dissipates from mediocrity to being essentially all but forgotten. It is highly apparent though, that Manning is dead set on cementing himself through the former. In order to reach those legendary heights, Manning has been particularly innovative in helping add longevity to his playing career through non-conventional methods, much like Tom Brady has been doing for years through his TB12 plan. Equally as impressive, Manning has been a champion of promoting the awareness of not only service animals, but those that are in need of a forever home. As it stands right now, the Manning family currently participates an event for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an organization that specializes in training dogs to be used as a guide dog for the blind. Not to mention, Manning’s family has been hosting this ongoing event for thirteen years. Much like Manning’s illustrious career, his dedication has proven as effective as ever, only in this case, the benefit spans much wider than simply his playing career. His outreach and effects regarding these events have been well-documented and certainly, have led to highly positive outcomes.

Eli Manning at Guiding Eyes for the Blind ©Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Aside from his philanthropic M.O., the Manning family has grown up with dogs, mainly Labrador retrievers, but currently, have a highly publicized King Charles spaniel named Chester. Chester has had no problems living in the limelight, though. Through being the “designated purchaser” for a luxury home on Long Island recently to being described as the protector of Manning’s children, it’s safe to say that he’s living the life and there’s no slowing down.

©New York Giants



The interactions between Chester and the kids have been gleefully extolled: “He is very protective [of the kids] and keeps a good eye on them. He does not like when they go swimming. He’s very scared for them in the swimming pool, you know. We’ve got a good eye on them, but it’s sweet.” The children also like to pay special attention to Chester by playing with him and seemingly harassing him every chance they’re given. “He has two babies running around, and so, finally, the oldest has stopped grabbing the tail, but he’s got a new 1-year-old. It’s fun seeing my oldest starting to interact and wanting to play fetch and them having their own special relationship,” Manning said. As Chester continues to grow with the Manning family, Eli continues to grow and adapt to an ever-changing landscape as the quarterback for the Giants.

I think you have to work harder the older you get. Eat different, 100%. It’s all everything in moderation, obviously.

©New York Giants



©New York Giants

In an interview with ESPN’s Sao Paolantonio, Manning responded to questions regarding his offseason regimen and how he was preparing for the 2019 season. Particularly, he was asked about meeting with his receivers at a high school, as well as, his desire to completely revamp his diet. As it pertains to his pass skeleton exercises with his receivers, Manning states, “Sometimes it’s fun to, you know, kind of meet up with some of your receivers and just start working on some things. It’s good just to throw routes.” He also mentioned that there were some restrictions on how often or soon they could officially practice, so it was a leg up on creating or re-establishing that chemistry so crucial week to week in the NFL. When prompted to speak about his age by Paolantonio, Manning explained how he felt being thirty-eight years old and what sort of changes he was making in his life to turn back the clock. “I think you have to work harder the older you get. Eat different, 100%. It’s all everything in moderation, obviously.” The attribution of success in the NFL because of one’s diet has been something highly analyzed by team personnel and scientists alike as they attempt to maximize the potential of highly valued players. However, sometimes athletes are required to think outside the box to get that extra edge in the competition. For reasons associated with prolonged arm care and arm strength, Manning searched out formed MLB pitcher, Tom House, to help preserve potentially the most important aspect of a quarterback, the arm. This past offseason, he once again went to House to ask for some advice as his career continues into unchartered territory. “It’s not really baseball in the sense of, you know, how to throw the ball. It’s more just he was just doing my weight training. You do a lot of arm care in that process,” Manning shared. Manning’s hoping that this advice and “arm care” work will translate into a better long ball with a higher velocity and more zip.

©New York Giants


Whether or not these offseason regimens translate into a higher degree of success than the previous season has yet to be seen, but win or lose, Eli Manning is a champion. A champion of altruistic causes and support, as well as, a champion dad, or as you could say for Chester’s sake – a dog dad. •



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ith the upcoming football season approaching and Fall camp underway, Wayne Gallman, one of the highly talented returning running backs for the New York Giants, is attempting to squeeze in as much time as possible with his partner-in-crime, Apollo. Rambunctious and playful, Apollo is Gallman’s one-year old schnauzer who seems to have endless energy, but also the lackadaisical attitude to kick back and relax, much like his star-studded owner. Gallman, an NCAA National Champion at Clemson, left college after amassing almost 3,500 rushing yards and 34 touchdowns on the ground. Since being drafted by the Giants in 2017, he has continued to showcase his ability to run the ball at the professional level, even emerging as a receiving threat out of the backfield. When Gallman’s not bruising through defensive lines and secondaries, however, he’s at home relaxing with Apollo. The two are seemingly inseparable, as anyone can attest by viewing Gallman’s Instagram page, which is littered with video clips and pictures of their adventures and downtime. Gallman explains, “We do really whatever. We wrestle around, go to the dog park. I took him down to the beach when I was in Florida. He loves going to the beach and being outside.” According to Gallman, nothing is off the table for adventures they might go on. But spending time with Apollo isn’t the only aspect Gallman enjoys about his dog. He loves watching him grow from a young pup picked up from the breeder to the playful rascal he is today. He goes into detail saying, “Just seeing him grow and lose teeth and develop the characteristics and personality he has today has really been the coolest thing. You know, watching his facial expressions as he plays. It’s weird because it’s kind of like a little human.” Gallman’s love for schnauzers didn’t start with Apollo, though. It began many years ago while he was a child with his family owning a schnauzer named Max. Max led a great life and only recently passed away several years ago, leaving a void that needed to be filled in Gallman’s heart. From that point, Gallman was committed to getting one for himself in Maryland, a drive of three hours from his home in New Jersey. “My uncle trained them and everything, giving me the love that I have for Schnauzers. Max died maybe six or seven years ago, but I always wanted one of my own,” Gallman recalls. As for Apollo during the upcoming regular season, Gallman will have to be away for extended periods of time with the team. That doesn’t mean that Apollo won’t have the adoration and care that he usually receives, though. There are a handful of his neighbors and friends that love to play with Apollo, vying to take him on walks and spend quality time with him. It’s an unfortunate aspect that comes with the territory of being a professional athlete, but you can bet that Apollo will be even more excited to see his owner upon returning from trips. From the look of things overall, Gallman seems to be living the life, and there’s nothing truer from that statement than while examining his expected role with the Giants, come Week 1. With a handful of question marks surrounding the receiving corps due to injuries, trades, and suspension appeals, it’s almost a given that Gallman will be targeted as a pass catcher, in addition to, his rushing duties as he splits carries with first-round phenom, Saquon Barkley. When asked about his projected role for the team, Gallman stated, 10 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


“This year, I think more so I’ll be splitting carries. Last year, the way it went, when the running game got going, I did what I could behind [Saquon] and that’s probably what’s going to happen this year. But more so this year, I’m going to have a bigger, expanded role.” He further elaborated on his role by sharing that he believes he’s an all-purpose back that could catch, run, and block, further providing a premonition of his personal expectations for himself this season. Regarding his outlook on the 2019 football season for the Giants, Gallman remains optimistic that they’ll be able to improve upon last year’s record, despite key departures. He predicts, “This year we’re going to be better than we were last year, but it depends on how locked-in everyone on the team is and the preparation. You have to take it game by game.” Whether or not those results come to fruition, one thing is certain: Apollo and Gallman will continue to do what dogs and their owners do-spending time together, going on adventures, walking in the park, and in their downtime, just relaxing on the couch. •


Isiah Stanback Former NY Giants Superbowl Champ with his best buddies. Always on the alert, the Rottweilers are the family protectors looking after their two-legged friends with tremendous love and devotion.


e’s won a Superbowl for The New York Giants, played for The Dallas Cowboys, been a star of the NFL and now he’s a successful entrepreneur, Isaiah Stanback though would tell you that his greatest accomplishments are being a loving father and caring for a house full of furry friends. When asked about his time in the NFL, Stanback called it a blessing. “I am glad to be the 1% of all athletes to have played in the NFL, and I am also blessed to be a champion.” What does he love most about football? In a word, teamwork. Stanback says, “going through the ups and downs, you learn team building because everyone is trying to achieve the same goal.” Being a professional athlete is not only about playing the sport, but also about preparing for your future after the sport, Stanback wants us to realize. Stanback is the owner of a company called Steadfast Fitness, founded in 2013, its been growing steadily. Steadfast is a fitness center providing personal training and boot camp experience in a “family friendly environment.” What’s the goal here? Stanback is clear: “Steadfast helps people stay active and as we help all our client achieve their fitness goals, we are able to mentor and encourage their personal growth.” He credits his time in the NFL as a giant stepping-stone to help him start Steadfast saying, “Being in the NFL helped me gain connections that allowed me to make a smooth transition from a pro athlete to a business owner.” Being a vegetarian is something Stanback sees as a remarkably positive change for his own health and wellness. An adjustment in the beginning, it has been beneficial in the long run. “Eating meat all your life, it’s really hard to just cut that out of your diet.

My family and I decided to turn vegetarian one day and here we are 6 months later.” He says that he has dropped weight (about 7 pounds) and he feels as if injuries hurt less and heal faster. Stanback and family are big dog lovers so it’s no surprise they own three of them: two Rottweilers and a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix. Stanback explains that the family loves to take long walks with them around the neighborhood. Even if you’re a former NFL Champ, sometimes you need a little extra motivation to go outside and his furry friends are just that, rain or shine, sunny days or chilly afternoons, he’s glad to have his four-legged friends as a reason to keep himself and his family even more active. His Rottweilers, though not trained to do so, can sense when his daughter has low sugar. “My daughter is a type 1 diabetic and we have had instances where they would show signs that she has low sugar and they would be right.” Stanback also says that his big guys provide “security to the house and emotional support for the family.” Isaiah Stanback has gone from being a Super Bowl Champ to a successful business owner and a loving dad. He also does motivational speaking to businesses and sports teams. He’s a proud to be a family man and couldn’t be happier than when he’s showing lots of love to his four-legged friends. • SEPTEMBER 2019





ootball season is upon us, the time of year where families gather around the TV every Sunday to see their favorite team reach the end zone and score a touchdown. Antone Exum Jr. is one player who will be providing his talents on the defensive side of the ball for the San Francisco 49ers this season and he is indeed one to watch. Exum not only plays football, but in his free time he writes and performs music. And he is also an animal lover, devoted to his good buddy, his Schnauzer, Chief. Exum’s current stint with the 49ers is one that he says he loves: “I love coach [Kyle] Shanahan, I love coach [Adam] Saleh, it feels like a family there.” Being an athlete is something Exum truly enjoys, he is honored with the opportunity to be a role model for so many. “Eyes are always on us and because of that we are able to inspire others,” he says. Exum goes on to explain how athletes teach others to “deal with adversity. We work as a team to achieve a common goal.”

Antone Exum, San Francisco 49er. NFL Star, Musician, Animal Lover.

When Exum is not on the football field he is hard at work with his other passion, writing music. His recent hip-hop anthem, “oFFICER kAEPERNICK,” is about the social injustices of law enforcement in America. It was important to him to bring to light issues that he felt were the reason Kaepernick took the knee during football games, the inspiration for his single. After a long day of either making music or playing football, he comes home to his fiancée Chelsea and his dog, Chief. Chief is a Blue Merle Miniature Schnauzer whom Exum and his fiancé adore. Chief is rarely left alone, Exum explains, “Every second he is in our sight. If pets are allowed somewhere, he is usually with us.” They won’t leave him so much as in a room by himself for too long! After a long day Exum says, “Coming home to Chief and my fiancée puts a smile on my face, it is such a loving atmosphere at home.” San Francisco 49er Antone Exum on the playing field. Off the field, he’s a devoted animal lover and the artist behind a new hip hop tribute to the controversial Colin Kaepernick.

Exum is also a strong believer in being a vegetarian. Abandoning meat has made him feel lighter, more agile, as if he “wasn’t carrying his body around.” All animals deserve to live is his philosophy. He has a beta fish, named Zee, and he believes his fish’s life is just as important as a human’s. There is no doubt Exum is a skilled individual on and off the football field but he is also remarkably committed to the health and wellness of all animals. He can catch interceptions from star quarterbacks, and he can also write music. He also has a dog (and fish) that he loves very much and also values the life of all animals. What’s success for him? “If I was the best that I could be on the field and after my football career, well, I see myself winning a Grammy.” You can follow his very artsy Instagram @exumgod, and for the latest on his dog Chief, get the scoop at @bigboychiefy. • 12 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE





ot known only as a vehement dog owner, Adam Schefter is perhaps the most wellconnected and respected NFL insider in the country, having continually delivered news on potential injury updates, trades, contractual agreements, and other transactions within the league over the last fifteen years for network giants such as ESPN and the NFL Network. It’s common knowledge throughout the industry that Schefter is consistently ten steps ahead of everyone else as it pertains to information that’s on a need-to-know basis. His clout and level of credibility have been built up from years of dedication to the craft and his uncanny ability to deliver in the clutch with breaking headlines. This degree of success wasn’t always the case for Schefter, though. While attending the University of Michigan as an undergraduate, he was denied entrance into a fraternity that he had actively pursued. Even trying to land a job as an equipment manager for some of the varsity teams proved unsuccessful. But true to the person that Schefter is, he wanted to remain busy and productive. Growing up, Schefter was infatuated with reading from some of the greats in the sports journalism world, such as the likes of the highly decorated, Mitch Albom, one of his favorites. Whether or not these influences acted directly as the catalyst or impetus for entering the journalism world, Schefter ultimately joined the campus newspaper, The Michigan Daily. While writing for the publication, he was able to hone his craft, setting the scene for what was to come down the road. After entering his senior year, the young, aspiring writer applied to hundreds of places and, unfortunately, was met with nothing but rejection. “I sent out hundreds of resumes and got hundreds of rejection letters and couldn’t get a job, not a single job,” Schefter recounted. Figuring his best bet would be to go get a master’s degree in journalism, Schefter enrolled into the highly prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern for a year, working for several publications under the provision of internships during the process. Through a determination to make his mark on in the sports reporting world, his hard work paid off as he slowly began to rise through the ranks, working for publications such as Chicago Tribune, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Denver Post before landing a job for the NFL Network in 2004 and ultimately, ESPN in 2009. Despite what has turned into an illustrious career and landing handfuls of dream jobs that only journalism majors could dream of, Schefter is a big-time family guy. For someone who must report from studios in Bristol, Manhattan, and in his home on some days, he still allows for ample time with his family, opting to lay low and even keep his two phones from interrupting their time together. Aside from his children, the Schefter family have four dogs, the oldest one of which requires special care due to an ongoing battle with cancer and other maladies. “We’ve got four dogs. The oldest dog, Maggie, has cancer and is blind and arthritic, so she requires a lot of care and attention. We love that dog. But that wouldn’t change anything. We wish she was healthy. It doesn’t change anything, though,” Schefter shared. “She was given three to six months to live and here we are in August and I just scheduled a check-up on her for September. Our dogs are getting a lot of our time and attention. We love them.” This admiration for their pets makes for an easy decision to stay home and spend time with them when his busy schedule permits. Schefter even went so far as to say that his

dogs gave him and his wife a reason to stay at home and enjoy the company they all share. At the end of the day, Schefter is who he is, the foremost NFL insider in the industry. When prompted to answer some questions on his take for the upcoming 2019 NFL season, Schefter had some surprising predictions. As is the case with every preseason, there are countless storylines which will continue to manifest themselves, even as the Week 1 games kickoff. The NFL guru certainly had his takes on what to expect, “Well, the holdouts are still there. But you know, the best part about this job is that there are always things that happen that you never expected.” The spontaneity of the storylines in the NFL during the preseason and regular season seem to be something that makes the sports journalism world so interesting, according to Schefter. It’s likely that most NFL fans would agree with this stance. But what of this year’s potential playoff contenders? Every year, fans from their respective clubs clamor for the possibility that this could be the one. As for Schefter’s take? “The best part about the NFL is there are always teams that go from worst to first. It happens every year. Maybe it’ll be the 49ers or the Buccaneers or the Cleveland Browns. You just never know.” The inherent fluidity that is held within between NFL teams should make for a highly enjoyable season, perhaps even more so in 2019 as compared to previous years. Whether or not prognostications and predictions come true or the season isn’t in as much upheaval as prior seasons, there’s one thing that’s certain. At the end of the day, Adam Schefter and his family will be enjoying the time they have together, including their fourlegged children. These are the moments that seem to supersede and trump anything football or work-related as what’s most important. Family. Oh yeah, as for Schefter’s Super Bowl picks for the 2019 season? The Kansas City Chiefs versus the New Orleans Saints. You heard it here first. •





iguel Rojas is currently the shortstop for the Miami Marlins in the MLB. Rojas has always had a respect for animals, love for them has come more recently. Growing up, Miguel didn’t have any pets, but that changed when he met his wife, who owned an old English sheepdog. At first, Rojas feared the dog but eventually he grew to love it. Currently, Rojas has partnered up with both the Miami Marlins and the Humane Society of Greater Miami focusing on helping animals in the Miami area. This includes sponsoring some animals at Mina’s mini farm, a private animal rescue and sanctuary in Miami. In addition, Rojas does everything he can to also help animals in his home country of Venezuela along with his wife. Currently, they are working with people in Venezuela towards sterilizing all the cats they find on the streets once a month. Rojas wife plans on opening up a shelter such as, “Territorio de Zaguates” in Costa Rica.

Miguel Rojas with his Dog

Miguels Rojas son and Dog

Besides hosting, “Bark at the Park Nights” for the Marlins, Rojas is always looking to support events that help animal causes and is currently planning more. He’s also a dedicated advocate for saving and protecting animals. He is pro the “adopt don’t shop” movement noting that not all breeders are ethical. He is concerned for the breeding dogs in puppy mills, aware of how bad conditions are doing what he can to raise awareness of the situation. He strongly believes families should head to their local shelter to adopt abandoned pets looking for a happy home. He believes as well that one of the best ways to help these animals out is to be sure they are not randomly reproducing and adding more homeless pets to the community. He also suggests that individuals express their commitment to animals in need of rescue by volunteering at their local animal shelters or organizations. Rojas is always looking to help pets and even wild animals as he looks forward to showing his love and compassion for them every way he can. In Venezuela, his father was a livestock farmer, so as a young person, animals always surrounded him when he went to work with his dad. He admits that at first, he was quite scared of cats but he recently adopted a kitty during Christmas and now he’s in love with his new feline friend. Although he misses his dog every day (it passed away not long ago), his heart is full of love right now for his cat. • 14 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE




urrently a pitcher for the San Diego Padres, MLB’s Kirby Yates is known to fans for his time on the Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Angels, and even the New York Yankees. In 2019, Yates was named to an All-Star game, becoming a first-time All-Star at age 32 being virtually perfect this season with 23 saves in 23 opportunities. He also has a league-leading 0.96 ERA, a .137 batting average against right-handed hitters, and two scoreless streaks of 10 or more innings. Apart from being a MLB baseball player, Kirby Yates has a huge love for animals being a dog owner and enthusiast himself. Growing up and living in Kuai, Yates and his family had two Doberman pinschers, Aki and Ninja. Eventually, these two dogs passed away and his family than adopted two new cocker spaniels, Midnight and Shrek, along with another chow terrier mix, Kaikea.

Kirby and Chubbs

Kirby and his family presently own a bulldog named, “Chubbs,” whose name is quite an interesting one: it comes from a pick-up line that Yates once used to address his wife by, he told her that if they ever got a bulldog, that’s what they would name it. After adopting Chubbs, the family fell in love with bulldogs. The fun of raising these stubborn, chubby four-legged canines has them hooked, there’s no other breed for them now. Keeping Chubbs healthy is a priority for the Yates family as Chubbs has allergies as well as a face roll. To keep the allergies that plague him at bay, Chubbs requires a nightly cleaning of both his face roll and paws. Chubbs is a busy dog, his family includes him at every opportunity from daily walks to a leisurely lunch. Chubbs is also a huge fan of the beach as he loves running in the ocean so he’s a regular at the local surf club. Kirby and Chubbs

Being a dog enthusiast, Yates wants to help put an end to animal cruelty as he believes that it is a devastating element in our world today. Although Yates would like to partner organizations to help end this, he hasn’t had the chance to do so as he’s moved around a bit with different MLB teams. In the Padres city of San Diego, Chubbs is known as a huge celebrity. Out of all the teams that Yates has played for, the Padres seem to be the most pet friendly one. He is proud to see that the Padres do a really good job involving all their pets and players. As an aside it is worth noting that a love for dogs is just as strong in Kirby Yates wife, Ashlee Rowe, who started a babysitting business that babysat both professional athletes’ kids and pets. Sadly counting Chubbs she is a full-time mother of three so her focus is now on babysitting a growing family of her own. • SEPTEMBER 2019



One of the many dogs on hand at the Bark in the Park event keeping an eye on the count.


hat’s better than being able to enjoy some late summer baseball at Citi Field to watch the New York Mets play? Getting to watch the Mets play some ball with your furry companions. Several times a year, the New York Mets in collaboration with The North Shore Animal League America organize the event titled “Bark in the Park” that involves a pre-game dog parade, canine-centered activities, and an opportunity to hang out with more pups than imaginable in the Coca-Cola corner of the park. Talk about a dog playdate. It’s a highly popular event bringing countless families and children to take part in the festivities. But this event far surpasses just a fun time with dogs at a Mets game. Its philanthropic implication and impact are what the event is ultimately targeting. The North Shore Animal League, an organization that focuses on rescue, nurturing, education, and adoption, is the largest rescue shelter in the world, having given over one million forever homes to animals in need of help. Since the initiation of their corporate partnership in 2005 with the Mets, there have been multiple Bark at the Park events each season, advocating for the adoption awareness.

Pitcher Zack Wheeler breaking in his glove prior to hitting the mound.



Perhaps the best part of these events? Being able to witness not only the fans interact with the festivities and the dogs, but also the players. Sometimes it’s hard to think of professional athletes as real people that lead lives, just like us. After all, they’re constantly on television and most of the personal lives aren’t exposed to the public, that is, until something like the Bark in the Park events occurs. Before the game, New York Mets players make sure to get in their time with the puppies and other dogs that are running around. These pre-game “calisthenics” have even led to players adopting dogs in the moment.

Fans and their pets enjoying the pre-game dog parade festivities.

In July, one such event occurred at Citi Field and Mets infielder, Jeff McNeil, became the first Mets player to adopt a puppy. After having the opportunity to play with some of the dogs prior to first pitch, McNeil convinced himself that he was going to go home with one after the game. “When I got in the dugout, I said I was getting a puppy. I was pretty happy. How could you not be happy with a puppy in your hands?” McNeil said after. Perhaps it was the surge of endorphins from the thought of adding a furry member to his family or maybe just the overall elation of getting to hold a puppy before the game started, but something clicked for McNeil that night as he went on to hit a three-run homer and have a day at the plate. The next day, true to their word, McNeil and his wife visited The North Shore Animal League America facility and adopted the puppy that they so enjoyingly had the chance to hold the previous night. However, McNeil wasn’t the only one jumping on the puppy train. Amed Rosario, the Mets prized shortstop, who personally has five dogs himself, made sure to get in on the action and throw the ball around the yard. He is a self-proclaimed dog person, through and through. “I love all animals. But dogs are a man’s best friend. If it came down to me, I’d have my house full of dogs. They pick you up when you’re down but at the same time they depend on you” Rosario shared.

He continued, “It was different to see dogs on the field. I love dogs so it was fun to play with the puppies. It’s for a great cause. I hope more people adopt.” And Rosario couldn’t be more right. It is no enigma that so many animals are waiting for the chance to be rescued and adopted. Just turn on your television. There’s a good chance you’ll see commercials documenting the epidemic that is currently underway with shelter crowding, euthanasia, and gross underfunding. Fortunately, these events like Bark in the Park, with the collaboration of the New York Mets and The North Shore Animal League America, help to promote the narrative of pet adoption and awareness to those who otherwise aren’t privy to the magnitude of this problem. Regardless of whether you’re able to attend the next Bark in the Park, keep an eye for future events by The North Shore Animal League America, the New York Mets, and other nonprofit organizations for ways to mitigate the massive overcrowding of shelters. Remember, adopt, don’t shop. More info: •






t’s tailgating time again! That rite of Fall that signals Football is gearing up and Baseball is winding down (or revving up - if your team is in The World Series). So as you chow down on those wings and sizzle up a steak, don’t forget Fido. First of all, keep an eye on your dog’s safety, all that cheering for the home team might spook them. It goes without saying a runaway dog would put a damper on good times. And do make sure they are nowhere near the grill; an injured pup is definitely not fun. But after safety, keeping them looking swell is an entertaining priority. We thought we’d share a few of our fave looks and the most fun toys perfect for this time of year when we can’t wait to root for the home team. From football toys to team jerseys, PET LIFESTYLES has picked the looks (and toys) to love when you and Fido are heading to the big game. Happy Tails!

Royal Animals gets it in Buffalo Plaid. Cozy enough for a crisp afternoon, the fleece lining will keep Fido toasty. Info:

Up Country’s classic check works for city or country. So no matter where the game is, your pup will fit in wearing this dapper jacket. Info:

Fido’s got his game on with this Gnawsome Squeak & Light LED Football Dog Toy. Nothing like a game of fetch followed by a cold brew. Info:

Burger for your fur baby? You got one coming right up from P.L.A.Y. But hold the onion, not the best for our four legged friends. Info:

Heading to Citi Field for Bark in the Park? Do outfit Fido in a jersey of his own. Mets’ fans forever! Team jersey from Pets First. Info:

Rooting for Eli? Screaming for Sabon? Bet your pup shares your team spirit. Go Giants Go! Team jersey from Pets First. Info:




STRUT YOUR MUTT—2019 By Amy Gravel

trut Your Mutt is back in New York City this year on Saturday, October 5th. Best Friends Animal Society will be hosting this fun community fundraising event at Pier 84, Hudson River Park starting at 10am, with the official strutting beginning at 11:30am. Want to be a part of our biggest year to date? Read on to find out how you can help Save Them All. Strut Your Mutt has been an engaging community event in NYC since 2015 when the fundraising totaled nearly $280,000 for 33 participating network groups. Since then, the event has become an important source of fundraising for dozens of local groups! Last year was our biggest year ever, and with your involvement, we can make 2019 even more successful. While raising money is the main goal for the participating rescues, Strut is much more than a fundraising walk. This is a fun-filled festival where all-legged participants of every age can take part in activities like doggy yoga, pet portraits, music, contests and more. Plus, if you’re still looking for a strutting companion of your own, there will be opportunities to speak to local rescues about their adoption processes—and there may be a few dogs available to adopt day-of! Registration is open now until the event start time of 11:30am, October 5th and registering in advance allows you to take advantage of the lower online fee. If you want to join in helping raise funds for a Network partner team, you must register online prior to the event. If you’re joining Strut as an individual, consider creating a team! It’s more fun to strut with others—plus there are bragging rights for the highest fund-raisers! Create or join a team for a chance to win one of the top fundraising awards. Recruit friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, clients, pet sitters, your vet, your groomer and anyone else you can think of who might want to participate. You might find that Strut Your Mutt is the perfect way to get a conversation started about the great work being done to save the lives of homeless pets in our community and across the country. And don’t fret if you don’t have a dog to accompany you—many people come to participate in a fun, community-based event, with the perks of petting some cute pups along the way! You can also offer to walk with a dog from a shelter or participating animal welfare group or consider volunteering at the event! It’s no secret that fundraising is an extremely important aspect of the animal welfare world. Without it, the amazing lifesaving efforts going on across the country would be halted and it would be near impossible to make great strides. So how can you get involved? Those who take part in this annual fundraising event can choose to support and raise funds for Best Friends or their favorite local participating animal welfare organization. There are plenty to choose from and if you’re not sure, you can see a list of participating rescues on our website, just visit to get involved. New York is among 12 locations across the United States that hosts a Strut Your Mutt event including Atlanta, Austin, DC Metro, Houston, Jacksonville, Kanab, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. Last year, at events across the country, as well as online, participants came together to show their support for the animals. Together, they raised more than $2.3 million — with just under $2 million of that going straight to over 350 participating Best Friends Network partners (shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations)! We’re looking forward to making 2019 the most successful year yet and with your help, we can get closer to our goal to Save Them All. To learn more about Strut Your Mutt, register, or support another team, visit • SEPTEMBER 2019



CAT TOYS By Kate Benjamin

ats are natural hunters, constantly on the lookout for small prey that would make a good meal. When cats live inside it’s up to us to provide them with things to hunt. This is why cat toys are not a luxury but a necessity. In order to keep your cat active and healthy you’ll want to have a variety of cat toys available. Look for toys that mimic different prey, like mice, birds, bugs and lizards. Each toy will elicit a specific hunting behavior so kitty can pounce, stalk, toss, chase, carry, kick and bite, acting out her natural instincts. Having toys for your cat doesn’t mean that your floor has to be littered with junk, there are tons of options that are both functional and attractive. Look for something that both you and your cat will love!


The new Hauspanther Cat Toy Collection is designed to please both cats and people alike. Each toy encourages a different kind of play behavior from stalking and pouncing to chasing and tossing, keeping cats active and entertained. Abstract shapes, unique textures and sophisticated colors make the toys look like modern art on your living room floor. $5.99 to $11.99 Available from



A fun way to get kitty moving is to use a treat dispensing toy, like the SlimCat treat ball from PetSafe. Simply fill the ball with dry food or treats, set the difficulty level by adjusting the size of the openings and watch as your cat forages for a snack.

Cats like textures that they can really sink their teeth and claws into. These paper ring cat toys from Dezi & Roo are perfect for kitty to chase and grab, plus you can feel good knowing that the paper is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

$7.99 Available from

$4.99 Available from




The Cat Dancer is one of the simplest and very best cat toys of all time. This is a favorite in every cat household. The spring wire creates an unpredictable movement causing the tiny paper rolls to bound around just like a bug flying through the air. Cats go wild for this toy and it’s a great way to bond with your cat while you play. $3.50 Available from


Cats are hardwired to stick their paws into small spaces and under things, like rocks, where they might find a lizard or a bug hiding. Toys like the Cat Amazing Puzzle Box can be filled with treats or small toys to entice kitty to reach inside through the various openings as though she’s hunting. Choose either the Classic Cat Amazing or the new Epic Cat Amazing puzzle box. Both can be adjusted to different difficulty levels. $16.95 to $39.95 Available from


This sleek racetrack contains a rolling ball that cats will chase until they need a nap! Kitty can chase the ball without ever losing it under the sofa. You can configure the track in a variety of ways and even connect two tracks together to create the ultimate cat playground.

Add a little tech to your cat’s playtime with this rotating laser toy from PetSafe. Press the button and watch the fun as kitty chases the laser light.

$14.99 Available from

$29.99 Available from




PET FUN Just like any other family, this family of nine cats comes with all sorts of personalities and attitudes.


By Crystal C. Long | Photos by Charlie Nunn Photography

he Savitsky Cats team really knows how to think outside the box. Originally from Ukraine, the Savitsky Cats recently rose to fame as quarter-finalists in Season 13 of the popular tv show, “America’s Got Talent.” The Ukraine transplants, now living in glitzy LA, are solely a family-run operation. A large 12-member team, The Savitsky Cats team is made up from a team of three talented humans: a mother-daughter duo, Svitlana (mom) and Maryna; and Maryna’s brother Misha; and their nine talented cats (yes, you heard that right, nine!). Just like any other family, these furry siblings have very different personalities that sets them apart — they are Ulia, the “energizer”; Dasha, the “diva”; Asia, “Miss Independent”; Chupa, the “Beauty Queen”; Topa; the “Boss”; Linda, “Smarty”; Eddy, “Doggy Cat”; Tosha, the only boy; and last but not least, Mickey, the “Cutie”. Nowadays, the oh-so-adorable team of nine cats and their two human trainers are used to the spotlight, but these fluffy felines all come from humble beginnings. Cat trainer Maryna tells Pet Lifestyles Magazine, “All our cats are rescued and adopted. Topa was saved from a dog attack on the streets. Ulia was supposed to die, because her cat-mother refused to feed her so she was very weak. We fed and treated her intensively, and now she is 14 years old.” Every cat that was adopted to become a Savitsky Cat has landed the adoption jackpot with Maryna and team — the family takes exceptionally good care of the talented felines while giving them a new sense of purpose and belonging. “Every cat has its own story of appearing in our life.” Maryna says. It is this love and concern for cats that originated The Savitsky Cats, a performing troupe of hugely-adorable and fluffy team of cats trained by Maryna and Svitlana to perform a wide range of tricks (think a circus, but with cute cats). Maryna owes it all her mother for the inspiration behind The Savitsky Cats: “Everything started from my mom’s childhood dream. All her life she was surrounded by cats, they accompanied her all the time. She always adored cats: the way they behave, think, and how smart and independent they are. And when she grew up, her dream transforms into reality: cats traveling and performing all over the world.” It is this love for cats that also made the decision of training cats instead of dogs a no-brainer. We all know dogs can be trained, but we never think of cats being trainable, and to this, the mother-daughter duo couldn’t disagree more. “Dogs and cats have different philosophies about everything, including humans” Maryna said. “Dogs wants to please, and cats say “make me”, but cats are very smart and they are smart enough not to show it all the time. Every cat has its own personality and character - you need to find the way to communicate with each cat.” 22 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


The Savitsky Cats have gained a full repertoire of tricks with the training of their two skilled trainers, Maryna and Svitlana.

The team learned how to train cats through a lifetime of spending time with the amazing felines — ranging from one to fourteen years old, Maryna and Svitlana know the best way to train their nine cats inside and out. “You cannot force a cat to do anything unless she wants to do it,” she says “That’s why the most important thing in starting training is observation. You should observe how your cat behaves and get know their character. You can play with a cat and see how she acts during this time, and you will see where to start.” As independent as the personalities of cats are, Maryna and Svitlana understand they have to work with them at their own willingness — and understanding that little tidbit is a big part of what being a great cat trainer is. The bottom line is this: the most important thing to know about training cats is to truly understand the cats’ behavior and mood, and then act accordingly. The team’s main method to training cats is definitely all in-favor of the cats, and simply going along with what they are naturally good at. She elaborates: “Each of our cats know approximately up to 15 difficult performing tricks. From their childhood, we teach them as many tricks as possible paying attention to their capabilities, and later we see what tricks they like more than others. It’s not about what favorite tricks we like them to do, it’s up to the cats what their favorite trick is. When a cat chooses her favorite trick to do, it becomes our favorite trick too.”

Ulia, the Energizer (L), and Asia, Miss Independent (R), are just two of the nine-member felines team that is The Savitsky Cats.

But in The Savitsky Cats family, not only are the cats diligent, the humans on the team are equally as diligent. It takes two to tango, (or in this case, to put on an elaborate performance of cats doing tricks) so let’s not forget the trainers’ performance: other than the entertaining tricks each feline can perform, Maryna and Svitlana also formulate all the performance details of each show — and their hard work and perseverance have certainly paid off, as they sat in the place of quarter-finalists on America’s Got Talent Season 13. “We saw how talented our cats were, so we came up with the favorite tricks of our cats and started to share with our family, friends, and soon with bigger audience and now we are performing all over the world.” Maryna states. However, even experienced cat-trainers like Maryna and Svitlana have their share of difficulties. Maryna tells Pet Lifestyles Magazine about the toughest part of their job: “The most difficult part is to get the cats acquainted with their surroundings: with the different environments (shops, parks, stages) and with other people.” She stresses the important of overcoming this hurdle as this is a big part of training, especially when these talented cats perform in front of, say, a few thousand people — as they did when they performed at the NY Knicks halftime show. The team does everything they can to build up their little performers’ confidence, “They should not be afraid of anything, and be comfortable with music, noise, and people. That’s why we have a cat stroller. We put the cats inside and walk them a lot when we go shopping, or just walk on the streets or the parks.” Catch the Savitsky Cats at the Big Apple Circus this Fall-Winter season and at the Cat Fanciers Association International Cat Show in Cleveland, Ohio in October.

The trust and bond between the trainers and the cats is behind every performance of The Savitsky Cats.

Maryna, Svitlana, and Misha have dedicated their whole lives to The Savitsky Cats. It took years of love, dedication, and hard-work to get to where they are today, but one thing is for sure — a cat can indeed be trained. Take it from the pros, all you need is five things: time & patience, trust, a gentle hand, some good observation skills, and treats…lots of treats. With 41,000,000 plus YouTube views, The Savitsky Cats are quickly climbing to the top: And these amazing little darlings have certainly captured the animal-loving heart of America. Watch out for one of their performances — we guarantee you won’t be able to resist these cute talented kitties! • SEPTEMBER 2019





t’s just like horses, but it’s dogs!” That is what Jessica Ajoux, co-founder and co-owner of UnitedDog LLC, a premier dog agility training facility located just outside Philadelphia, thought when she first saw dog Agility on TV back in 1998. Little did she know that twenty years laters in 2018, she herself would be on national TV winning the prestigious title of Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Champions with her Border Collie FameUS. To further this magical tale, UnitedDog LLC’s other half, Perry DeWitt, took the title the following year in 2019 with her dog Verb. Similar to equestrian show jumping, agility involves a handler guiding a dog through an obstacle course. As shown by its growing presence in mainstream media, dog agility is the most popular and rapidly growing sport. Dogs of all sizes, breeds, and backgrounds can learn agility, and most can even compete. The dogs love it, the handlers love it, and nothing compares to the partnership and teamwork that develop when a dog and handler work together through the challenges of the course. Agility is a combination of physical and mental activity. By stimulating and developing these basic needs, this sport proves rewarding and fulfilling to both dogs and their handlers. For the dogs, Agility training allows them to engage their brains by learning to problem solve and to follow and respond to directions while running at top speed. For people, Agility is a puzzle that is intriguing to solve. While the actual obstacles do not vary, the combination of those obstacles, the “course,” is different every time. This means that the handler must strategize and figure out the best path for his dog to take and how to best communicate those directions to the dog. As a UnitedDog student put it; ‘Agility keeps me motivated to stay physically active and mentally sharp, I want to be the best for my dog!” People never get bored from agility and neither do the dogs. While adequate exercise is crucial for a dog’s well-being, Agility pushes beyond the regular day to day canine activities. Agility, as its name implies, is a physical sport and so can be demanding on a dog’s body. To keep the dogs feeling their best throughout training and competition, the UnitedDog agility dogs are properly conditioned, receive regular therapeutic treatment and are protected with a daily dose of 1-TDC, a fantastic unique daily supplement that promotes joint health and performance recovery. Agility is a good fit for dogs with high energy levels or dogs who need more activity to keep them satisfied. Agility can also be very therapeutic for dogs. It can help shy dogs develop confidence, as they feel empowered by learning new things and overcoming challenges. Finally, agility is a great way to increase the bond between an owner and his or her dog since it revolves around the human and dog working together. 24 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


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Though now top level competitors and trainers, Jessica and Perry started out agility “just for fun” with their pet dogs. Even if you have no plan compete, or even any access to training clubs or equipment, you can start to train for agility. Here are some simple and fun foundation exercises that can be started right away and that might help you gauge your level of interest in agility as well as your dog’s. Remember, training is a process! Dogs do not instantly “get it”… they have to learn. Your goal is to help them figure out what you are trying to have them accomplish. Before you even start training, you need to figure out what motivates your dog. In other words, what your dog likes. This is the reward that you will use to help entice him and reward him for his efforts. The dog should never feel discourage while learning. Keep the tasks manageable in order for him to feel motivated, successful, engaged, and good about the learning process. Short training sessions, 5-10 minutes are ideal.

EXERCISES: 1. Going around a cone/anything Teach your dog to move out and around an object. It can be a traffic cone, a trash can, a chair, a tree…get creative! This simulates the dog going “towards an obstacle” and then coming back to you. It also help them learn to coordinate their body and bend in order to achieve a tight turn. 2. Climbing on different surfaces Some of the Agility obstacles require the dog to climb up, over and across. The Seesaw even moves! This can be frightening to dogs. Help them develop confidence by having them climb on a variety of different textures and surfaces. Received a big order from Amazon? Teach your dog to climb on and in that big cardboard box. Have them walk across storage bin lids, pillows, or suitcases. Again, be creative. Remember for this exercise that if your dog becomes scared, never force him! Take your time and gradually up the ante. The confidence will build within the dog. 3. Weaving between the legs In preparing for the weave poles, you can teach your dog to weave between your legs. Use a treat to help lead the dog through your legs as you take gradual steps forward. This is great for developing a dog’s coordination and flexibility. As shown through their repeated high level accomplishments, UnitedDog is doing something right in the Agility world. Their training methodologies and teachings are are based on clear communication between the dog and the handler. They love every aspect of agility from the sport, to the training, the learning and the teaching. Agility makes sense to dogs and when learning agility, the handler is as much the dog’s teacher as he is the dog’s student. UnitedDog believes that it is important to listen to what your dog is telling you when embarking on your dog agility training journey. • SEPTEMBER 2019

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©Lisa Raymond

By Crystal C. Long

hat do you get when you combine New York City’s most fashionable felines, a generous dose of philanthropic efforts, and a truly classic, historic pet-friendly hotel? You get The Algonquin Hotel’s annual cat fashion show of course! That’s right ladies, gents, and all their furry best friends, the annual cat fashion show at the legendary Algonquin Hotel has happened — and my oh my was it an affair to remember. On August 1st, 2019, The Algonquin Hotel hosted their annual charity fundraiser and cat fashion show and welcomed all animal lovers and some of the city’s most glamorous furry friends to the oh-so-elegant event space. Thrown in honor of the hotel’s most adorable staff member, the Algonquin Cat, the event also has a fantastic cause behind it — raising money for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, one of the largest, if not the largest, non-profit animal charity organization in New York City, dedicated to saving the lives of the city’s homeless animals. The purr-tastic event, which has been held at the Algonquin Hotel for the past 11 years, carried the theme “It’s a Small World” for this year’s event — where, naturally, the “mewdels” donned opulent outfits representing different countries of the world. This theme was also chosen to celebrate all the diversity in NYC. At the cat fashion show, ten furry fashionistas strutted down the CATwalk (pun fully intended) in one-of-a-kind outfits designed by Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) alum and pet fashion designer, Ada Nieves, who has been designing for the show for the past six years. The glamorous felines wore looks that represented the United States, Ireland, China, France, Spain, India, Germany, Egypt, and the United Kingdom. Other than the meow-tastic fashion show, the charity fundraiser also included cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and desserts served alongside a silent auction highlighting various kitty-centric items; and an on-site mobile adoption unit hosted by animal rescue group, Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance. ©Lisa Raymond

©Lisa Raymond

The cat fashion show shone a beaming spotlight on the Big Apple’s prominent stylish kitties, some of which specifically hand-picked by Nieves: like Cannoli and Wasabi, a pair of hairless cats adorning a German-themed outfit and a Chinesethemed outfit, respectively; Folds, an undeniably charming Scottish Fold sporting a Brit-punk assemble with a black leather jacket, a bright orange mohawk, and purple sunglasses; and Joe DiMeowgio, an appropriately grumpy feline in a Napoleon costume. But what makes this year’s event extra special for the hotel is that it coincided with the third birthday of, you guessed it, Hamlet the Algonquin Cat. The Algonquin Hotel has served as a home to a total of 12 cats so far since the 1930s, eight males named Hamlet and three females named Matilda, the hotel’s current resident is the 12th cat: Hamlet VIII. All these beloved felines are, of course, rescues — with Hamlet adopted from Bidawee in Long Island after living among a feral cat colony. The event has raised more than $10,000 benefiting the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. •





H2O FOR DOGS ON THE GO By Meghan Rodick

ollowing a hike with his dog Sam that resulted in a soaked backpack and broken phone, Lee Corbett created a product that all dog owners will greatly appreciate. After lugging around a travel bowl and a heavy bottle of water for his good buddy, Lee was rewarded with damaged belongings. Upon returning to his car, he found that water had leaked in his backpack, the bowl was soaking wet, and his phone was damaged beyond repair - drowned, basically. Returning home, Lee was further rewarded with mold growth plaguing his soaked items as they dried out – directly contradicting the purpose of their reusability. What was supposed to make his walks a pleasure and convenient was costing him more time, money, and effort than the ease promised. Left with his no longer usable essentials, Lee realized the need for change. This came in the form of an idea - a single-use water bottle with a detachable bowl. Useful to people, pets, and the environment we inhabit, this product is the perfect solution for owners and pets gearing up for a fun hike in the woods or a walk on the beach at any time of year, no matter what the temperature is outside, it is important to keep your pet hydrated. After all, like his website says, Ensuring that the bottle and label would be created with environmentally friendly materials became Lee’s objective: “I cannot add to the destruction of this planet. It was, and still is my mission to be environmentally conscientious.” This turned out to be a difficult feat, solved only through his shrewd observation that the length and height of a water bottle label was almost that of a water bowl. Four patents later, Lee created “Dogwater.” Its label is made of environmentally friendly plastic which unwraps to become a bowl. The water AND the bowl are packaged together, with the label transforming into a dish within seconds of its unraveling. When you and your pup are done, simply toss it into the recycling bin. Both the bowl and the bottle are recyclable and perfect for earth friendly customers. Don’t worry about sacrificing any quality either – the water is ultra-purified so it is safe for you and your pet!

Additionally, Lee created another bowl for those interested in carrying their own water container. You can purchase these “portaBOWLs” in a five or ten pack. They are small enough to fold and keep in your pocket if you prefer to travel light. Each pack is also accompanied by a carabiner that you can attach to your backpack or Yeti bottle, making it easy to be prepared for anything. Not only is PortaBOWL environmentally friendly, but it is owner friendly too! PortaBOWLs save space and weight in backpacks, purses, and duffel bags. If you fall in love with this convenient package and want more from the creator, it won’t be long now before you can try Lee’s next pro-earth, convenient innovation for dogs on the go who need H2O: He’ll be attaching the label/bowl to recyclable milk-carton-like containers. With Dogwater and PortaBOWLs, all of the things you love about taking your dog out for a day in the great outdoors are made simpler, easier, and even heathier - backpacks weigh less, your pup has purified water to enjoy, and no harm is done to the planet. Say goodbye to spills and overburdened backpacks (not to mention drowned cell phones) and say “Hello!” to Dogwater. The earth – and your pup – will thank you for it. • SEPTEMBER 2019



PET TECH By Sebastian Rubio


We all know that losing a pet is a common thing for any owner. Since there’s not always an Ace Ventura around when you need one, Huan has something better. Created by Gilad Rom, Huan finds and returns missing pets automatically through the trackers on their Smart Pet Tags. The tags then connect through Huan’s Pet Protection Network, allowing you to receive instant alerts if your pet is detected away from home or from you. The missing pet alert is also automatic, so you’ll be alerted if your pet escapes when you’re not home. As common as it is to lose pets, Huan truly is a godsend. Info:



Have you ever wanted to create a tranquil environment for yourself and your pets at the same time? With Pet Waves, you’ll be able to. Created by a composer with Grammy-winning productions Barry Goldstein, he has used his invention to help himself bond with his own rescue dog to great effect. Pet Waves is a breakthrough because it is completely original music which is scientifically-based and composed specifically to relax your pet. Pet Waves utilizes sustained notes, specific harmonics, and serene arrangements to reduce anxiety and stress in dogs and humans composed at specific tempos to allow the heart to entrain to a relaxed state. If you want to just lay with your pet on a cool evening, this product is perfect. Info: https://

Have you ever wanted to know where your dog descends from? With Embark’s Breed Identification Kit, you can find out just that. It is a DNA test that looks at over 250 dog breeds, which can find your dog’s relatives and provides a family tree that can go back to its great-grandparents. The kit is also beneficial because knowing the exact breed of your dog can tell you how big it’ll get and can allow you to train your dog better. Embark also provides the option to upgrade to get your dog’s health results, which can help you take action to allow your dog to live a longer life! The company is also looking to eliminate preventable diseases in dogs, so if you choose to acquire your pooch’s health results, Embark can use that research to prevent diseases before they begin. Info:


Have you wanted to bathe your pet with the same quality as your local groomer? If you use Rinseroo, you can. In seconds, you can use Rinseroo’s patented slipon design, which can convert most showerheads or faucets into a pet-bathing machine! Its connector is made of an elastic thermoplastic which can stretch up to 10 times its original size. In addition, the Rinseroo can clean more than just your pet. When you’re finished, you can also clean your showers, babies, or even dirty boots. Once you use the Rinseroo, you’ll no longer have to rely on cleaning your pet with a bucket. Info: 28 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE



Thinking a virtual fence could come in handy on vacation, a family visit, or even if your own backyard? The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the first and only one of its kind, which lets owners take their dog and fence wherever they go. Unlike typical electric fences, SpotOn lets users program containment areas by simply walking a perimeter, whether it be at home, camping, on the beach, or wherever you and your dog are together. On top of that, SpotOn allows you to track your dog, alerting you within seconds if he or she leaves the perimeter.. The collar is accompanied by a mobile app and customizable training programs. With this collar, both your pet and your worries are contained. Info:


Have you ever wished there was a way you could have pet checked without having to drive your pet all the way to the vet? Joii has that covered. A relatively new app aiming to tackle the rising costs of vet care, Joii offers a free symptom checker and remote consultations with real vets. As a result, Joii can save owners up to 60% on normal vet fees while offering 70% of the normal services a vet can provide. Joii was created by Vet-AI, which is the first company in the world that will use AI technology to support the health of pets. Info:


Have you ever wanted a toy that can help your dog practice digging? Well you’re in luck. iDig is the first digging toy for dogs, providing hours of positive physical and mental stimulation by encouraging the dog’s natural digging behavior through playing. All you have to do is load up the flaps with your dog’s favorite treats, and watch it dig. The iDig comes in two versions: the iDig Go, the more flexible version, and the iDig Stay, which is compact and sports a hard shell. Additionally, the iDig is one of the only brain games that lets owners reward their dogs with their favorite toys, from squeakers to tennis balls, allowing for rewarding playtime that doesn’t have to involve treats. Info:



With Pawlee, providing your pet with a caregiver is easier than ever before. Pawlee is a new digital platform that aims to connect proud parents with professional pet caregivers by helping them to socialize with like-minded people locally, and around the world. Also, pet parents can create a pet’s virtual identity, making it a Facebook for pets. This is a fun way to showcase your animal companion and connect with other pet lovers throughout the country. In addition, pet owners seeking services can communicate with providers to view rates, availability and book appointments. Services such as pet sitters, boarding, groomers, pet taxis and foster pet parents will be available on Pawlee. Info:

Because of how horrible a hot car can be for a dog, William Loopesko of PuppTech has created a solution. PuppComm is a device that monitors the temperature and humidity inside a vehicle and sends real-time information to an app on a user’s smartphone. It also comes with a sticker to inform passersby that the dog is being monitored, and gives them a number they can text to see the same information the dog’s owner receives on their phone. The device is portable, so it can also be attached to cages and crates to monitor dogs wherever they are. Although William Loopesko does not recommend leaving a dog in a car for extended periods of time, the reality is that many owners will leave their dogs in the car. Therefore, the app can help ensure owners that their pet is safe regardless of circumstances. Info:


Have you ever wanted to access a plethora of services for your pet right from the palm of your hand, all from one app? With Pet Connect, you can do just that. Not only does the app give you over 100,000 pet-friendly resources across the US, but you could also receive valuable promotions for pet products and services. In addition, you can book your pets services directly from the app. To make matters easier for your pet’s resources, you can archive and share your pet’s adoption, medical, and training records. On top of that, you can automatically share your pet owner responsibilities with family members. Info:


Have you always to find a partner who’s able to love your dog just as much as you do? That was Casey and Leigh Isaacson’s mission when they created Dig Dates. They have wanted dog people to connect with one another based on what’s important to them. Dig Dates has unique features to help you like planning a dog friendly date, a daily deal from pet companies, and promoting rescue and foster groups at all Dig events. It’s hard for a relationship to work out when your partner doesn’t have the same feelings as you about your dig, which is what the creators of Dig Dates hope to fix. Info: • SEPTEMBER 2019




ilm producer and animal advocate Rachel Weil has successfully combined two of her passions in her work on “Long Gone Wild,” a feature documentary which unveils the truth behind a persistent global problem - orca captivity. Rachel hopes the film will communicate the ongoing need for action in addition to the changes brought on by the 2013 Blackfish Effect. While SeaWorld agreed to end their orca breeding program in 2016, many people do not know the extent to which orca captivity persists. “A lot of people believe the orcas are no longer performing,” states Weil. “This couldn’t be further from the truth.” In addition to putting an end to the breeding program, SeaWorld claimed they would stop orca performances by the end of 2019, which doesn’t seems to be the case since they recently invested millions of dollars into their new “Orca Encounter,” which “may” change the experience for the public, but nothing has changed for the whales. They still continue performing tricks in order to be fed. Keeping an orca whale in captivity is detrimental to their mental and physical wellbeing – inciting stress, physical injury, and a much shorter lifespan than whales in their natural habitat. They often become lonely and bored. These elements all contribute to the depression of these animals, who have been known to harm themselves and sometimes even commit suicide in captivity. “L on g G on e Wi l d” a l s o s h e d s l i g ht on a n international problem – Russia live capturing orcas and selling them to marine parks in China for multimillion-dollar profits, where orcas ultimately spend the remainder of their lives in captivity. There is hope for the future however, as the Whale Sanctuary Project will have a location confirmed by the end of this year for retired orcas. The netted off cove will be 100x larger than the tanks they are confined in at marine parks and will feature 24hour veterinary care. The best part is – they will have the companionship of other orcas in a space which mirrors their natural habitat. “Our hope is for SeaWorld, and other marine theme parks, to retire these magnificent animals to a seaside sanctuary,” continues Weil. “The concern was always that the orcas could not just be dropped in the ocean, which was a valid point, but now there will be a place for them to go where they will receive round-the-clock veterinary care.” In addition to the wide distribution in North America on VOD platforms everywhere, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu, the film can also be seen internationally, and purchased online at various retailers. “It’s important that people stop supporting marine theme parks,” states Weil. “Instead, support groups that work tirelessly on the wellbeing of these animals, and keeping cetaceans in their natural habitat, like Whale Sanctuary Project and Ric O’ Barry’s Dolphin Project. After all… the ocean IS where they belong.” For more information visit • 30 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE




hile many animal shelters and sanctuaries emphasize giving animals a home, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s mission is a little different. Founded in 2004, the organization’s mission is to save farmed animals and advocate on their behalf by giving them sanctuary, connecting them with people to advance veganism, and vouch for animal rights in alliance with other social justice movements. Located in High Falls, NY (original location being just outside of the town of Woodstock until 2015), the sanctuary has over 150 acres of land, currently providing a home to 370 animals. The space that the sanctuary currently inhabits is six times bigger than the original location, giving much vaster land for the animals to roam. PIGS, COWS AND OTHER CREATURES

All the animals they protect are farm animals that are commonly exploited, abused, and killed in the agriculture industry. Animals seldomly get adopted from the sanctuary because of all the requirements needed to take care of creatures like pigs and cows. Instead, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary focuses more on giving the animals a lifelong home, and not so much facilitating them until they find a home. “Their stories and lives are completely hidden from us, which is why people don’t question the ethics of industrial animal agriculture,” Executive Director Rachel McCrystal said. “Woodstock Farm Sanctuary works to save their lives and then amplifies their stories to encourage people to care about them.” If any of the staff find dogs, cats, or other non-farm animals in need of rescue, they resort to contacting the Ulster County SPCA. Some of the newest animals they rescued are two adorable piglets named Harvey and Marsha, who are both two months old. “They’re the smartest animals, outside of elephants, dolphins, and primates,” McCrystal said. “The average pig is way smarter than the average dog.” They even put sunscreen on the pigs and place a tarp over their pens to prevent them from developing skin cancer. Since pigs can sleep up to 20 hours a day, the tarp and sunscreen are a necessity. Another notable animal there would be a goat named Chloe. With great intelligence, she was able to open a goat-proof door with her teeth by grasping the handle, gathering the other goats into the barn with her without any assistance. She mainly serves as the matriarch in her section of the barn. 32 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE



In a way, the sanctuary has also been what one may call a place of miracles. They currently have a Jersey breed cow named Maribeth that had a blood infection 7 years ago. “The doctor said she had a 10% chance of making it,” Shelter Director Hervé Breuil said. “Now look at where she is. Maribeth has been a symbol of resilience for me.” Despite her exceeding the expectations of doctors, Maribeth could die any day because of sensitive bone tissue she has that could easily crack. Every day, the staff are cherishing the moments they have left with her. Surprisingly, many of the animals have been acquired from Pennsylvania, whether they be from slaughterhouses, farms, or found on the street. In addition, others come from New York City, as Rachel McCrystal said that there are about 80 slaughterhouses there. Six of the goats they house have escaped from New York City slaughterhouses, strategically exiting through open doors, or from transportation trucks.


Since the sanctuary was founded, veganism has always been a crucial part of their mission. In fact, they advocate for a boycott of animal agriculture altogether. “When you’re rescuing animals, the bottom line is that the best way to help them is to not eat them,” McCrystal said. “Veganism has always been part of our agenda, as there is no humane way to exploit these beings.” A more recent addition to the sanctuary is the Gray Barn, which is their new boutique inn. With five unique rooms (along with five individual bathrooms), guests are able to stay throughout the year, as well as get a vegan bed-and-breakfast every morning and an immersive tour with each stay. The Gray Barn was funded by an anonymous donor as a sustainable source of income and support for the sanctuary’s nonprofit mission. Also, the proceeds go directly towards the care of the animals that call the sanctuary their home. The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary has an internship and volunteer program, both of which run all year long. Onsite events happen throughout the year as well, such as summertime’s June Jamboree and HalloWoodstock in the fall. More recently, the sanctuary has held the Yea Camp, which is a camp for adults who are interested in learning about activism. This year is the second year they’ve held it, as the camp is mainly based in California. There are currently no plans for expansion to the sanctuary. It is also open to the public every Saturday and Sunday, April through October every year, offering tours between 10:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. The sanctuary is closed during the winter, due to extreme weather conditions and for the animals’ safety. Every year, over 10,000 people visit the site to meet the animals and open their hearts. The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary • SEPTEMBER 2019








or many of us, our pets are our babies—four-legged, furry babies. It’s natural to want the very best for them. And it’s heartbreaking to watch them suffer through anxiety and pain without being able to care for them properly. That’s why Jeremy Feldman started Pet-Ness, a line of all-natural CBD pet treats to support animal health. “I have been in the pet business fifteen years,” Feldman told Pet Lifestyles. “I started as a dog groomer, then I became a trainer. I had my own pet grooming business, so I listened closely to the concerns of pet owners and their worries for the health of their pets.” Clients would often voice their concerns about issues like pet anxiety, arthritis, joint pain, and other forms of pain traditionally treated with steroids or medication which could lead to other health issues. Sadly, these medications didn’t always help pets to feel their best. “So, when California legalized cannabis, the opportunity arose to treat pets with CBD. As a pet owner with aging dogs, I tried it. The results were better than expected.” We’ve long heard about the possible health benefits of cannabis and CBD for humans. Many of those same health benefits are now available to our four-legged companions. With a Master’s Certificate in Grooming from The New York School of Dog Grooming and his 15 years of experience in the pet business, Feldman dove into the pet CBD industry, determined to create a product that would “help pets live better lives.” Jeremy has two dogs: a German Shepherd, Uma (8-years old) and a Welsh Terrier, O-Ren Ishii (11 years old). He also has a Russian Blue cat named Bella. O-Ren is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. Jeremy has been giving her CBD for six months and she’s been doing great, even when the local kids set off firecrackers. “I saw how remarkable CBD was with pain management, increasing energy and helping the pet enjoy a heathier, more active lifestyle.” Feldman then tested how CBD combined with botanicals would fare for pets with anxiety: “I could see that when CBD was combined with botanicals, there was a synergistic effect.” 34 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


Along with hemp oil tinctures for cats and dogs, Pet-Ness currently offers four types of canine treats: Calm, Thrive, Mobility, and Happy. Each type of treat has different botanical properties for different functions. According to the Pet-Ness website, “each of their treats, biscuits and tinctures is scientifically formulated to perform a specific function.” They take special care, “using only the healthiest, organically grown, non-GMO, ingredients.” Calm Treats provide anxiety relief, calm the tummy, and help restless pups sleep, combining hemp oil with herbs like Valerian Root, Passionflower, Chamomile, and Melatonin. Thrive is an anti-inflammatory treat to help boost Fido’s immune system and increase energy, using herbs like Ginseng, Ginger Root, Curcumin, and Sam-E. Mobility Treats aid dogs with joint function, using herbs like Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Willow Bark, and Green Lipped Mussels, as well as Glucosamine Hydrochloride.


Anxiety is no fun for your dog. PETNESS CALM Hemp dog treats can help your dog relax. Our 100% natural blend of hemp extract, hemp protein and chamomile is the best way to help chill upset stomachs, tenseness, and bad tempers when things get stressful. Your dog loves being happy, just like you do. Toss them a treat, help them relax.


Healthy heart, healthy dog. Our proprietary formula is hemp extract blended with big-time inflammation-reducing, circulation-boosting ingredients like rosemary, ginger root, and seven other herbs. One treat a day helps keep your friend’s heart and vascular system pumping strong deep into their twilight years.


Whether it’s chasing squirrels, playing catch, or tearing circles around your house every night, your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and happy. Our hemp extract formula, loaded with all-natural ingredients like turmeric and willow bark, reduces the aches, pains, and inflammation of joints and muscles. Good feels for a good dog.

Happy Treats boost Fido’s mood and help relieve anxiety because, let’s face it, a delicious, healthy treat will boost any pup’s mood. Pet-Ness has a cat tincture at present and will soon add cat treats. Equine products are also on the way. And for dogs, new treat options are also in development. Like Happy, Thrive, Calm, and Mobility, these treats will provide the dual benefits of CBD and botanicals PetNess treats are already known for, to enhance pets’ wellbeing.


There’s not a dog on earth who isn’t happy when they get a treat. Our sweet potato pumpkin, full-vegan, treats make them even happier with health fortifying hemp extract. It’s a good treat for a good dog, which, let’s face it, is all of them.

Helping his two dogs is only a microcosm of his commitment and passion for helping animals of all shapes and sizes live better, less stressful, more comfortable lives. From pet groomer to all-natural CBD pet treat creator, Feldman’s passion for helping animals live their best lives is inspiring. Pet-Ness has been operating for about six months and has had remarkable results. While many pet owners were skeptical when they first bought Pet-Ness CBD treats for their dogs, their worries were quickly eased. So far, pet parents are excited about the benefits Pet-Ness treats, with most giving the treats five-star reviews for their noticeable results. The testimonials on the Pet-Ness website include pet owners sharing their experiences of watching their pets’ pain ease and go away, seeing their lethargic pups become whole again, regaining their appetites and gaining weight; easing the symptoms of cancer, and easing the side effects of chemotherapy. Pet-Ness is a New York-based pet wellness CBD company. At present, their products are only available online via their shop. Jeremy Feldman founded Pet-Ness with the philosophy that all pets are royalty. Visit the Pet-Ness website ( for more information on their exceptional CBD treats. •


Our pure, human grade hemp extract tinctures are an alternative to our treats and biscuits. Perfect for cats, dogs with dietary issues, or owners who want to control how much hemp oil they give their pets based on weight and need.


The ultimate hemp oil for cats! Our pure, human grade hemp extract tinctures are an alternative to our treats and biscuits. Perfect for cats, dogs with dietary issues, or owners who want to control how much hemp oil they give their pets based on weight and need.






lthough people have been serving treats to their dogs for years, there’s now a new and healthy alternative, and it’s called yogi-dog ( Marketed as a treat and food topper, yogi-dog is the original yogurt made for dogs. Yogi-dog was founded in 2017 by Dee Marie, and her business partner Mike Basal-a yogurt maker for 30 years who operates his own yogurt plant. Together, they’ve created a treat that is the first of its kind. The creators behind yogi-dog always consider dogs as part of the family, deserving of only the highest quality and healthiest ingredients. Their motto, “Feed your dogs with the healthiest treats you can provide to them,” was used as inspiration for creating the dogworld’s first yogurt, according to their website. In terms of ingredients, they start with 1% low fat and high-quality milk that the company purchases from local family-owned Lancaster cows in central Pennsylvania. Zero sugar is added, as sugar is never a healthy ingredient for a dog to eat. As an added precaution, they make Yogi-Dog lactose-free just in case a canine might be lactose intolerant. Most importantly, it’s all natural. The yogurt contains eight live and active cultures, which is almost twice what most human yogurts on the grocery shelves offer. Yogurt is also a natural source of calcium which is beneficial to a dog’s nails, teeth, bones and coat health. Probiotics are also added to give an extra boost for your dog’s daily digestive health. People who started feeding their dogs yogi-dog as a treat and healthy food topper generally saw their dogs in better condition. You should always consult your vet before making any dietary changes to your dog. Testimonials show Yogi-Dog has improved the intestinal systems of dogs who eat 1-2 spoonfuls per meal every day after a week or two.

Though Yogi-Dog is a refrigerated yogurt, in the summer months, you can pop one of your Yogi-Dog cups into the freezer for a cool treat. Just let your dog enjoy a portion of the cup for a few minutes of refreshing licks - then replace the lid and pop it back in the freezer for the next time. Not only that, but it’s also one of those few foods you can share with your dog because Yogi-Dog is that good, and of human quality and grade too. There are three flavors to choose from: Original, Peanut Butter Cream, or Cheddar Cheese. “Dog owners are increasingly paying extra attention to what is healthy for their dog,” Marie said. “After all, it’s a priority for themselves, so they make it a priority for their pet. It’s true that dogs are our furry children, so pet parents are taking care of all aspects of their lives with greater attention than ever before.” Yogi-Dog is available on grocery store shelves in the dairy aisle alongside human yogurt, though in some stores yogi-dog is in the refrigerators of the pet aisles. (And in a handful of smaller pet shops as well.) You can find Yogi-Dog in ShopRite, Big Y, Karns, Ingles, Food City, and a few King Kullen stores. While they started in central Pennsylvania, Yogi-Dog has since expanded throughout the East Coast, New England and the South. You can find YogiDog in your local grocery stores in the following states; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Delaware and Kentucky. Yogi-Dog won’t stop there. They aim to grow and expand until they are in every state across the country and recognized as a national brand. To find your nearest Yogi-Dog location, view the locations map on the website, You can also check out their Instagram and Facebook pages @yogidogyogurt. Interested in becoming a Yogi-Dog Ambassador? Tag @yogidogyogurt or DM them pictures of your pup enjoying Yogi-Dog for a chance to be featured on their social media sites! •








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