Pet Lifestyles Magazine - September 2018

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pps have changed the way that we live and as technology moves forward faster than ever, they can also help the way our pets live better, healthier, fuller lives. Reach for your phone and with one tap, you can access a myriad of different services for your pet. Veterinarians virtual or real, dog walkers, nutrition counseling even pet-pet parent matchmaking, there is something for everyone today. Pet Lifestyles takes a look at some of the coolest new pet apps sure to improve life with your furry friend:

HOW I MET MY DOG Thinking of adopting a dog? What’s important to consider? Looks? Temperament? Size? Shedding? Friendliness? Or is protective instinct at the top of the list? For some getting a pet may be based on personal needs, well thought out and planned with family input. Others may opt to adopt on a whim. How I Met My Dog is here to help prospective dog parents find the perfect dog for them. The site works by having you fill out an in-depth questionnaire about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a pet. The site then matches you up with a dog ready to be adopted, basically functioning like a dating site.

SPOT ON Ride sharing is incredibly popular in New York City. Unfortunately, pets are not often welcome to come along for the ride. While smaller dogs can ride on the subway, this isn’t an option for owners with larger dogs. The Spot-On app has all dog owners covered. The dog friendly service works like an Uber or Lyft and accommodates pets from Yorkies to Great Danes. So, the next time you are looking to take in all the joys the city has to offer, you can rest assured that your best friend can come along for the ride.



WELL INFORMED PET Traveling or dealing with an emergency much less taking the dog to day care or verifying the vaccination records at the groomer are the times you need vet records at your fingertips. What if you could save yourself the hassle of searching for all the paperwork? What if you could have it all in your phone in an easy access app? The Well-Informed Pet is here to help. Not only does the app store all the information on a smart phone, but you are also able to send that information to whomever needs it with just the push of a button, saving time and avoiding any additional stress.