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Vol. 3 #2 | June 2020

The Tale of Two Angels

Fran Drescher And Her Heaven-Sent Rescue Pup

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Fran Drescher and Angel, Her Heaven-Sent Pup Tinsley Mortimer and Her Poodles Eva LaRue and Chicken Soup for The Soul’s Animal Tales Carrie Berk and Her Velcro Pup, Maddie FX and Disney’s Rebecca Metz and Her Feline Family

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Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France For many of us these past few months of uncertainty have sparked a need for companionship and not simply the human kind. Shelters are emptying, some for the first time ever. Fosters and adoptions are up. Beautiful creatures once lost and abandoned are finding forever homes. Souls are being awakened as we face times more desperate than the world has ever known. The companionship of animals has renewed value as life becomes even more precious. In our cover story, A Tale of Two Angels, Fran Drescher talks salvation, revealing how rescuing a dog helped her through loss as it led her to experience the tremendous healing power of love With the tempo of the times being unpredictable, we’re sharing news in this issue of change, of rescues for Big Cats and Greyhounds making great strides in the face of extraordinary public attention. Though some may decry Tiger King as a glorified soap opera, it’s turned the spotlight on animals who have been treated with ferocious and unconscionable ill will. And greyhounds too, once raced nearly to the point of destruction, are seeing a future of hope as tracks close around the world and a safety net rises to meet them. Whether it’s splashing in a pool in your backyard or jumping in the surf, you won’t have to social distance from your dog. We’ve picked the pool toys and more that will get you in the groove for summer fun. Fido will be fetching as the sun shines. Our feline friends too will have plenty of playtime with our round-up of cat toys. Whiskers will be twitching and paws will pounce. There’s no end to the entertainment in sight. What’s the message then? Love the one you’re with. Furry, feathered or scaly, our companion animals treasure our company, let’s do all we can then to treasure theirs. Best,

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Peter Marc Jacobson



he springs up on your screen, and within seconds, her compassion, humor, allure, and yes, above all, talent radiates through your heart. There is hardly a corner of the globe that does not know her—and love her. her arms to the heavens and pleaded with God to give her strength A REAL-LIFE ANGEL It is hard to believe that Fran Drescher has been in show business for over four decades; in fact, the screen appearance that started the buzz was in 1977’s Saturday Night Fever. And like fine wine, the celebrated Nanny Fine gets better with age. Life lessons have taught her to prevail against all the odds. Her humility keeps her grounded. The 2020 pandemic even had an upside for Drescher: the addition of a real-life Angel—a furry, four-legged one at that! Surprisingly Drescher discovered her love for animals when she found the charm of teddy bear-looking Pomeranians irresistible. How did this romance start? With Chester, whom we all know from her hit show The Nanny. Then there was Esther, whom Drescher refers to as a “living saint.” Most recently, her beloved Samson sadly passed at less than seven years old. Losing Samson so suddenly was shocking to Drescher. The terrible anguish that followed was debilitating. Lamenting the loss of her sweet boy, Drescher lifted

to overcome her pain. She asked Him to show her the way. Well, it appears He was listening. Out of nowhere, it seemed, she found the motivation to get up out of bed. What is the first thing she did? She turned her computer on and went to There she would discover her Angel.

AGWC Rockin’ Rescue in Woodland Hills, California had a German Shepherd/Husky mix up for adoption. Snowy, as the shelter dubbed this extraordinary dog, had been hit by a vehicle leaving the poor pup with a severed shoulder and a broken leg. At high risk of being put down due to her injuries, Snowy’s luck took a turn: AGWC saved her life. She earned her reprieve on the same day that Drescher realized that rescuing a dog would be her way of healing. The posting on caught her eye. Learning of this dog’s miraculous story of survival, she knew she had to meet her.

©Peter Marc Jacobson


©Peter Marc Jacobson



En route to the rescue, Drescher noticed posters promoting adoption, and even a stranger praising her for her goodness. All these signs pointed to bringing this dog home. She explains, “My friend and I stopped for coffee. The barista handed me my coffee saying, ‘It’s on me because you are good…’” At that moment, still struggling with grief, she sensed the universe was pointing her in a specific direction. It was as if Samson was telling her: It is time to let go. Be open. Find a new dog who needs your love. When Drescher arrived at Rockin Rescue, she requested to meet the one-and-a-half-year-old Snowy. It was barely a heartbeat before they fell in love. Within moments of setting eyes on each other, Snowy knocked her to the floor and started kissing her face. Instantly they were “long lost pals.” Fabienne Origer, manager of AGWC explains, “We appreciate the time Ms. Drescher spent here at the rescue to bond with Snowy. Her kindness, her generosity—she is amazing.” Even if the adopting pet parent is a celebrity, the shelter has a protocol to ensure their rescues are going to a safe environment. And Fran Drescher was no exception. Origer adds, “Ms. Drescher was so gracious to let us into her home. We couldn’t be more satisfied with this adoption which enabled us to release an animal to someone who will take such great care.”

Like any miracle, Angel came into Drescher’s life at the perfect time: Just days before California went into pandemic lockdown. Quarantine gave these two time and space to learn how to coexist. THE PERFECT TIME

What’s so extraordinary about Angel Grace Drescher (Snowy’s new name) is that this almost 60-pound beauty is a survivor, unique not only in her own life story but also with her dual-colored eyes, one light blue, the other brown. Like any miracle, Angel came into Drescher’s life at the perfect time, just days before California went into pandemic lockdown. Quarantine has given these two time and space to learn how to co-exist. Happily, long walks on the beach at Drescher’s Malibu home have become a welcome routine. With each day, Drescher gets to know Angel Grace’s strength (emotional and physical) as Angel encourages her mom to release the past and embrace their future together. A match made in heaven! So, what does a health-conscious, organic lifestyle-committed, cancersurviving Drescher feed her Angel? Well, she cooks for her little girl. She makes organic yams, vegetables, rice, pasta, pumpkin, and wild organic buffalo. It’s a stew so natural, healthy, and tasty that humans would enjoy consuming it too. She also adds supplements with organic vitamins, probiotics, and ground organic eggshells. Angel Grace Drescher is one lucky dog! Well, when your mom is the founder of The Cancer Schmancer Movement, what dog would expect anything less than nutritious, delicious and oh so good for you food?


The diagnosis came at the age of 42: Stage 1 Uterine Cancer.

©Peter Marc Jacobson

But the road to recovery was not smooth. There were false turns, misleading medical advice, and the devastating result: A radical hysterectomy. After her experience, Drescher made a vow to empower people to live cleaner, healthier lives. On June 21, 2007, The Cancer Schmancer Movement was established; made official on the anniversary of the surgery that began Drescher’s recuperation from this, as she puts it, “dis-ease.” Venturing around the world, sharing her experience, and helping many maintain a holistic way of life, Cancer Schmancer has held Master Summit Classes since 2015. Drescher, Executive Director Susan Holland, and their team work closely with leading medical experts to address how the benefits of a toxic-free lifestyle help sustain wellbeing. Annually, Cancer Schmancer hosts a Cabaret Dinner Cruise in New York City, bringing together a wonderful community of friends, family, and survivors alike with Drescher and her team out for a joyful time. There is delicious food, cocktails, live entertainment, informative discussion, and a chance to meet new people facing similar encounters with cancer. A new addition to the Cancer Schmancer website is Corona Care 4 You a video series hosted by Drescher addressing topics not served by the conventional news media in this time of fear and confusion. JUNE 2020




We got to know and love Fran Drescher as The Nanny, the star of the 90s CBS-TV hit sitcom. Funny, romantic, surprising, and full of unexpected humor, she played a sassy, brassy 30-something, a Jewish fashionista from Flushing, New York who finds love and a job caring for three children born of British high society. This awardwinning comedy riveted America and much of the world. Created and produced by Drescher and her husband Peter Marc Jacobson, it’s authenticity was its charm as much of its inspiration came from Drescher’s personal life growing up in Queens, involving names and characteristics based on her relatives and friends.


The New York Times bestselling author of Enter Whining (1996) and Cancer Schmancer (2002), head of a renowned cancer-fighting organization, award-winning philanthropist, and now owner of a prize rescue dog (her first), Fran Drescher is genuinely Wonder Woman. Life has certainly thrown us all a curveball with the pandemic, she acknowledges, but with the country gradually opening, she hopes that the worst is behind us. Says Drescher of her plans for the future, “I am going to be even more aware of the health of my immune system. I think back to my travels, my meet-and-greets, it amazes me that I came home without getting sick. If there is one thing for sure, I do miss being surrounded by my close friends and loved ones.” With her pup Angel by her side, Fran Drescher is not alone. She’s ready to love and to fight. Her love for Angel and their bond gives her the strength to fight against cancer. Her heart breaks as she acknowledges the many affected by COVID-19. But these tragic circumstances only increase her determination to do her best to make the world a safer, healthier place for us all. • 8 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020


This multi-generational comedy starring Fran Drescher and Adam Pall premiered on NBC-TV in February 2020. Timely and topical the show follows young parents Dave and Rebecca ready to reclaim their life after years of diapers and sleepless nights. However, things take an unexpected turn when Dave’s parents show up unannounced and broke, leaving Dave with no choice but to open the door to the people who gave him everything. But these boomerang parents aren’t great with boundaries and the question of who’s parenting who quickly becomes blurred.


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Fran Drescher



insley Mortimer and her adopted poodles, Strawberry and Shortcake were recently featured in the PETA campaign, BUY SHOES, NOT DOGS. After rescuing her girls from the annual Chinese dog meat festival, Yulin, through No Dogs Left Behind, we chatted on how they’ve been bonding as a family. Strawberry, who approached her first the day they met, seems to be the older of the two. She’s got a bigger belly and is lighter in the face. Tinsley says, “she’s our little stoner dog”. Strawberry is the calmer one almost in a “motherly” way. “She’s a daddy’s girl. If we’re out on one our walks and Scott has to step away for a call, she stops right there and waits for him”. Shortcake, is the spunky little sister and a true “mama’s girl.” She’s full of energy, the wild child. In some ways even a little brat that runs around always getting into mischief, leaving no dull moments. During quarantine, they’ve been cherishing family time. They take at least five walks a day now, and the girls’ trauma from their potentially horrific fate seems further and further away. There’s a special connection with adopted dogs, Tinsley goes on to tell me: “It is as if they know you really rescued them.” And there is something to that. Although Tinsley usually spends most of her days with them, having to slow down and be home has helped her realize that this time has been gracious, and in many ways, its own blessing. “I’ve told myself I’m not allowed to complain. I have so much to be thankful for. I’ve learned to cook, I’m learning to do things around the house, I feel like a real housewife”. The greatest reward has been watching Strawberry gravitate toward her partner, Scott, and watching both of her babies become less fearful and more themselves.

In the midst of feeling grateful, Tinsley has accepted this global tragedy and put her energy toward what she has the power to help. Finding ways to give back no matter how great or small is a powerful tool during a time when the world has been forced to stop and reflect. Her PETA campaign with Strawberry and Shortcake, BUY SHOES, NOT DOGS, launched in April and actually meshed well with quarantine. “We are seeing people rescue more pets. With having the time to be home, adoptions are higher.” After moving to the windy city, she’s been working with PAWS Chicago, one of the largest no kill organizations in the nation. Their annual Fur Ball charity, of which Tinsley’s involved,—pending the global health crisis— plans to happen in November. As she’s brainstorming on ways to give back and contribute positively, one idea is bringing rescues from China to no kill shelters in the states, creating more opportunities for dogs to be rescued from Yulin. “In some ways, I worry people will be reluctant to adopt these dogs from China because Yulin is also a wet market. But, I hope very much the pandemic will give activists a one-up in finally getting Yulin shut down for good.” What’s ahead for Tinsley? She is looking forward to being more involved politically in the fight to save animals lives. Giving animals a chance at living lives full of love like Strawberry and Shortcake, she is determined will be the focus of her future endeavors. • JUNE 2020




va LaRue, actress and host of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales recently adopted Cali, a German Shepard Lab mix. Already having two other pups, Bingo the Schnauzer Poodle mix and Cholula the Teacup Pomeranian, life in quarantine has been eventful. Eva’s love for animals goes back to childhood. In rural southern California she grew up always having at least one animal in the house. There were ponies, dogs, cats, geese, bunnies, a goat that had triplets, a peacock that eventually flew away and a tortoise who would dig his way into neighbors yards that she called Tortoise Stew. Bingo, the oldest, joined the family shortly after her daughter Kaya did. “He is super smart. It’s almost as if he feels the guilt for other dogs. If another dog does something, Bingo will come and apologize.” Cholula, who’s seven years old, gets her name from the hot sauce that appears to have spilled on her furry white coat. She is a total diva, LaRue shares, a yapper and “she may be the smallest, but she runs the house.” Cali is the puppy and is Eva’s late ex-husband’s baby girl. John Callahan’s passing was devastating and unexpected, not that anything prepares you for loss. Cali arrived “distressed and would walk in circles, she couldn’t seem to relax.” As Eva and Kaya have been dealing with their own grief, Cali in a way has been a beautiful distraction. The pup, just shy of 2, needed a lot of love and attention. After a month in her new home Cali has begun to acclimate and “every day she’s a little better and a little calmer.”

Cali’s arrival has been a special extra helping of love and laughter. Cholula is still warming up to her. “Being a puppy full of energy she just wants to play, Cholula, eh, not so much and Bingo feels the need to protect Cholula.” The territory markings became power moves between dogs. Bingo and Cholula needing to reclaim what’s theirs and Cali needing to mark her new home. The idea of leaving them alone together is far off but for now the long drives as a family are reminders of gratitude. Eva’s time in quarantine with her pups “has been so layered,” she says. “Interesting and kind of a magical run down memory lane.” Longtime friends and colleagues from All My Children have been so supportive and comforting. She’s focusing on the blessings in all of this. “Kaya not having to physically get up and go to school — The day we held a private zoom memorial it happened to be the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing.” This time has allotted many “lessons of self -forgiveness,” she reveals candidly. “We’re all being pushed, tried to our breaking points, and some are being handed more than others, but being present — being able to spend quality time as a family — that mindset is what makes it feel less permanent.” She adds, with a sense of purpose, “I can do this right now, maybe not forever, but right now, I got this.” Having a home full of loving animals is the glue that holds it all together. The unconditional love and unwavering loyalty of our furry friends keep us going, she believes, as it provides just enough strength to somehow get us through even the hottest of fires. • 12 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020



he 17 year old activist, ambassador for, best-selling author and actress met me on Zoom for an afternoon to talk about what she and her pup have been up to during quarantine. Maddie, the 8 year old black and white Havanese is a “velcro puppy” Carrie tells me. She follows her everywhere, “like velcro she’s there even when you don’t realize.” Carrie wasn’t a big dog fan growing up, they scared her, but her mother really wanted a dog and when she met Maddie, it was clear she was the one. In true Generation Z fashion, they picked Maddie out online, and it was love at first click. As an only child she is really grateful to have Maddie around. “I haven’t seen or hugged anyone besides my mother so having Maddie to wake up to is a plus.” She likes to go on walks and visit Carrie’s uncle nearby. “She loves to play with her La La Lamb Chops toy. We tease her and she’ll tease back, it’s so cute.” Maddie is also “obsessed with her Chewy Chewy chicken sticks.” During this time in lockdown, she’s been keeping busy. Her day starts in the afternoon full of emails, zoom meetings and content creating. Her workout runs with Maddie keep her grounded, especially on the particularly anxious days. Having the time to spend quality time has been a positive in many ways.

The day to day is pretty jammed packed for this young entrepreneur. “Social media is really thriving. There is actually more work online for me now than before.” Carrie says. She’s been writing a lot of content for Girls Life Magazine as well and making sure to keep up with Maddie snuggles and cuddles in between takes. Post quarantine when it’s safe to gather again, Carrie looks forward to beauty salon days, pop-up shop events, fashion week and just “being able to hang out with my friends.” Most of all she looks forward to taking Maddie to the daycare center. “I’m excited to watch her play again with all of her friends. She always looks so happy.” Carrie is not short of ideas. She’s taking advantage and finding opportunities in her “Creative Hub” as she’s come to call this moment in history. She recognizes what matters most and is learning a lot about balance. Actually being able to sleep in and organize her day with Maddie has truly been a breath of fresh air. Some days are harder than others but “thank goodness for Maddie, I wouldn’t be able to get through any of this without her.” • JUNE 2020




spent an afternoon chatting with Rebecca Metz about her adorable felines. Actress of FX’s “Better Things” and Disney’s “Coop & Cami” grew up with cats, Boris and Natasha, her parents adopted when she was born. Cats were always her preferred pet, although having a “sub cat” in college, a pet rabbit. When she got married at the Zoo it wasn’t specifically connected to her love of animals, but in some ways it subconsciously comes ‘round full circle. “They’re self-sufficient and don’t need constant attention”, Rebecca tells me of her love of cats. She always knew she didn’t want children, but her cats have become her fur kids. “You know when people talk about what changes when they have kids; how you stop being all about yourself. That’s how I feel about my babies”. Murphy, who passed in December 2018 was her cat of 21 years and Ali of 20 years who passed the following January, were extremely painful losses and couldn’t be replaced immediately. Memories of Murphy always wrapping himself up around her head still bring a smile to her face. These days, a year later, the house is full of kittens and her oldest, Gabi the all black short hair who appears to have some Bombay in her. Gabi was an L.A. stray from the litter of a “one eyed mama” rescued by another volunteer at an animal rescue center. During these quarantine months at times Gabi even seems to be “annoyed that the humans are home all the time.” She’ll often disappear and then when she does show up for attention, it’s as if you’ve “earned her love.” Harper, the baby, a Tortie cat, is a big snuggler, Rebecca confesses, “I cried the first time I picked her up.” “She especially likes to snuggle with my husband.” “The chest purr is amazing and good for stress relief.” Tallulah, the Tuxedo cat is full of energy. They play and keep the house lively. Both kitties were rescued by Best Friends Animal Society, one of the organizations fighting to make California a No Kill state. Rebecca advocates for adoption as her time volunteering at the B.F.A.S. brings to light so many animals in need of love. “Online adopting is a great option, especially now as a safety precaution” but Rebecca says there is something special about going to find your next family member in person. During this time in lockdown, Rebecca is feeling lucky to have her feline friends: “They create a lot of laughter in the house” as they play and get themselves into the funniest of situations. Being able to spend so much time with them, especially the kittens as they are just crossing the threshold from kitten to cat, is a gift. “It’s nice having another being in the house. I like stopping what I’m doing for a break, and going to find them playing in another room.” She has no doubt they will be a bit confused whenever she gets back to work. There is nothing quite like cat energy. “It’s a big deal when a cat decides to trust you. You suddenly feel as if you’ve accomplished something big.” • 14 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020


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FOR THE STYLIN’ DAD On Father’s Day this year, honor the Dad in your life with some heartfelt, helpful, and highspirited gifts that his favorite pet will love as much as he does! Whether lolling around the house or on the go, help Dad and Fido too, get their style game on with the coolest clothes and accessories.


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Personal, practical and fashionable, these colorful collar and leash combos come in trendy prints that express Fido’s personality as a reflection of Dad’s lifestyle. New this season are Up Country’s camo collars celebrating the military. Whether Dad was Army, Navy, Coast Guard or Air Force, he’ll get his pup on board with honoring the men and women who serve our country. These new Up Country collars help support Dogs on Deployment which promotes responsible, lifelong pet ownership by military pet owners. Info:

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From cuddling to cleaning, every Dad deserves some help around the house. These gifts are spot on for a happier home.


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There’s not a dog on earth who isn’t happy when they get a treat. Our sweet potato pumpkin, full-vegan, treats make them even happier with health fortifying full spectrum hemp oil. It’s a good treat for a good dog, which, let’s face it, is all of them.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Our proprietary formula is full spectrum hemp oil blended with big-time inflammationreducing, immune system boosting ingredients like rosemary, ginger root, and seven other herbs. One treat a day helps keep your friend going strong deep into their twilight years.

Whether it’s chasing squirrels, playing catch, or tearing circles around your house every night, your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and happy. Our full spectrum hemp oil formula, loaded with all-natural ingredients like turmeric and willow bark, reduces the aches, pains, and inflammation of joints and muscles. Good feels for a good dog.

Our pure, human grade Broad Spectrum tinctures are an alternative to our treats and biscuits. Perfect for cats, dogs with dietary issues, or owners who want to control how much hemp oil they give their pets based on weight and need.



All Natural

Organically Grown


Lab Tested




ogs and cats, cats and dogs, Katzen und Hunde, Gatos Y Perros, Cani e Gatti, however you want to refer to them our canine/feline companions are a major part of our lives. From showering us with undying affection to unlocking the secrets of the universe, our pets have been working hard to make us happy, and it is time to return the favor. We’ve rounded up a selection of books which explore the inner lives of cats and dogs their karma with people that love them. Some of the books we chose help us to understand the psychology of our friends and the meanings of their actions. Others take a more satirical approach in questioning how our society works. And some will simply help you make the transition from fur-maybe to fur-baby. The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from our Feline Friends The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from our Feline Friends explores the connections between people and their cat companions. Trials and tribulations are explored; and we can see the redemption found through the love and affection that cats provide. Proof that cats have just as much to offer us as we do them. The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog as Told to Bill Boggs What happens when an English Bull Terrier becomes the next big thing in talk show comedy? Spike the wonder dog is here to give you the answer. This comical novel will have you questioning the true nature of fame and the television industry one moment, and rolling on the floor laughing the next. dp/1642933767 Mr. Waffles Loves Design For those of us who find inspiration in design and affection in cats there really is no better book than Mr. Waffles Loves Design. This feline, named after the most important meal of the day, helps us understand a bit more about contemporary and modern design through small informational segments and adorable hands-on photos. Proving once again cats simply make everything better. dp/0578464837 Really Important Stuff my Dog Has Taught Me Really Important Stuff my Cat Has Taught Me Anyone who owns a pet will eventually come across the proverb “they taught me more than I taught them”, and nothing could be closer to the truth. Really Important Stuff my Dog (or Cat) Has Taught Me shows us how even the seemingly mundane parts of life can become exceptional if you simply change your perspective. dp/0761181792 The Meaning of Meow The Meaning of Bark As much as we love our pets, they are still a great mystery to us. It is hard to decipher their language when it consists of a single sound. However there are subtle differences in these meows and barks that can help you figure out exactly (or close enough) what they want. The Meaning of Meow (and Bark) each delve into the mystery of pet language to help you help your pets. dp/1951274156 JUNE 2020


Soul Dog: A Journey into the Spiritual Life of Animals Dogs change lives. They can have deep and meaningful impacts on the day-to-day of those around them. Whether we are at our highest highs or lowest lows they seem to understand exactly what we need. Soul Dog tells the story of Elena Mannes and her spiritual connection to a wonderful furry being. The Supposedly Enlightened Person’s Guide to Raising a Dog Cat person or dog person. Two sides of the same coin, yet a concept powerful enough to sway some people away from the idea of owning both. That is what Kac Young used to believe until she met an adorable rescue dog that changed her life. The Supposedly Enlightened Person’s Guide to Raising a Dog delves into the story of a self-proclaimed cat lady learning to raise a pup she never expected. The One Minute Cat Manager: Sixty Seconds to Feline Shangri-La One minute; otherwise known as sixty seconds, six thousand milliseconds, or just enough time to employ one of Kac Young’s cat managing techniques. The One Minute Cat Manager is full of easy and useful methods to understand and care for your feline roommate. The inspiration in this book provides a better understanding, and therefore a deeper appreciation, for cat care. How to Teach Philosophy to Your Dog Given its often abstract nature, philosophy is a tough subject for many to grasp. Dogs, on the other hand, are easy. They eat, play, sleep, *ahem*, repeat. But what if there was a way to combine these two subjects? Can a dog really help you understand complex metaphysical arguments regarding the nature and vastness of our universe? Spoiler alert: yes, it can. Hear Them Speak Don’t you ever wonder just how to communicate with animals? Having a deep conversation with your dog (or cat, for that matter much less horse, tortoise or goat) may have its limitations without a little help and a lot of intuition. Well, here’s your chance to really TALK with the furry, feathered or even scaly creatures in your life. Animal communicator Babette de Jongh offers real-life examples and step-by-step instructions to guide your practice. From modes of communication (visual, auditory, feeling, sound, taste, knowing) to what it feels like (and what it doesn’t feel like) to receive telepathic information, she helps you claim your innate ability to hear them speak. Wild City From refugee parrots and prodigal beavers to gorgeous Fifth Avenue hawks and vengeful groundhogs, Wild City tells the funny, quirky, and memorable stories of forty of New York City’s most surprising nonhuman citizens. This unconventional wildlife guide and concise environmental history of the Big Apple includes tales of the well-known, notorious, and legendary creatures who are as much New Yorkers as their human counterparts. Dancers & Dogs Ballet is often seen as stuffy, moody, or unapproachable and dogs are known to be inherently playful, happy and goofy. However, after photographing their first duo Ericka and Baxter, an English Bulldog and a stunning ballerina, photographers Kelly Pratt and Ian Kreidich, a husband-and-wife team who work with the Saint Louis Ballet along with dancers around the country, had a vision: “What if we took pictures of ballet dancers, with dogs?” Kelly and Ian fell in love with the concept and launched DANCERS & DOGS, a project which would ultimately photograph 100 dancers & 100 hundred dogs in over 10 cities across the country. The result proves that you can bring out the lighter side of dancers while teaching old dogs new tricks. A portion of the book’s proceeds will go to Stray Rescue, a St. Louis based non-profit eager to find homes for loving pets. Watch video: • 20 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020

GREAT reads... with a GREAT purpose!

We believe books have the power to build connections– and animals do, too! TM A portion of our profits supports animal rescue causes.

Inspiration for living beautifully with cats at For a new generation of cat lovers



ith so many of us working from home having furry friends in the family, there’s a fresh need to entertain these “new children,” which is what pets have become. So when it comes to the psychology of keeping cats engaged and interested in play, we asked one of our favorite veterinarians, Lynn Bahr, whose love of animals led her to create Dezi & Roo, solution-based cat products. “Recognizing that feline behavior problems often lead to abandonment, re-homing, relinquishment to shelters, and even the premature euthanasia of a healthy cat,” she tells Pet Lifestyles Magazine, “led me to find ways to strengthen the partnership between people and their pets. This is where Dezi & Roo came from. (Yes, two of the cats that share my life were staring at me. What else could I name it?)” Dezi & Roo donates a portion of the sale of every product to pet-related charities to help those animals less fortunate than our own (and that actually includes Big Cat Rescue which you can read more about in this issue. Q. When it comes to cat toys, what would you say is a good investment? A. I like purchasing toys that are versatile. They don’t have to last long (I advocate for cats destroying their toys but that’s another topic) but I think we all want to be able to entertain our cats in a variety of ways. The Magic Carpet can be used alone on the floor to allow cats to root in it, or as a barrier for hiding toys or treats underneath it. It can be thrown over a chair or table (like we suggest with the Hide and Sneak) or placed in a corner or on a shelf to provide a soft bed. There is a DIY version where owners can make their own kitty tents out of materials they have in their home (read more about DIY in my blog on I love taking the Magic Carpet and throwing it over the Hide and Sneak. That turns it into the absolute coolest secret playhouse. Rustle the side of the paper or dangle a toy in front of the curtain and it’s like tantalizing kids camping in a tent. So much fun! Combining toys is a creative way to keep playtime fun, interesting, and entertaining. Not every cat wants to jump when it comes to playtime. Some like grounded entertainment. Wand toys however satisfy both types of cat athletes.

Hide and Sneak is more than a toy. A safe place for rescue or newly adopted cats, it becomes their home while acclimating to new places.

Q. Cats are not dumb bunnies. They are smart. So what keeps them genuinely entertained? A. I am a HUGE fan of wand toys. It is how I keep my cats entertained best. Dezi & Roo has a Wiggly Wand and seven different wand attachment options. That makes it easy to offer cats a different prey every day. Wand toys benefit cats by giving them the exercise they need. Some cats are runners and like to chase ground prey while others are acrobats and prefer things that fly. Wand toys satisfy all types of athletes since they are so versatile and tap into most cats’ instinct to hunt. Attachments to the Wiggly Wand (or DIY a wiggly toy on the end of any “wand”) engage cats to chase after them. With variations in size, movement, sound and texture they keep cats’ attention, diverting them from napping or even, destructive behavior. After all, no one wants a bored kitty and keeping our feline friends alert and interested is fun for both, cat and cat parent. JUNE 2020


Q. How do I connect with my cat through play? A. Not all cats enjoy cuddling or showing physical affection, but all creatures love to play. That is why playing with your cat is one of the best ways to show them your love and affection. Interacting with our kitties strengthens the bond we share with them and keeps us all happier and healthier. Watching cats stalk, chase, pounce, and tussle with their toys is as entertaining for us as it is for them. Who doesn’t smile and laugh every time they witness the classic “butt wiggle” or “chirping chatter” that happens when a cat is stalking prey? Laughter is the best medicine, and cats are expurrts at getting us to laugh.

Tapping into your cats natural instinct to hunt is one way to keep them engaged. And it’s good mental and physical exercise too.

I use a specific routine to make sure I play with my cats several times every day. It is how I keep them active, engaged, and entertained. And, it makes it easy for us to spend quality time together. sid=0fc872551&_ss=r Watching cats stalk, chase, pounce and tussle with their toys is as entertaining for us as it is for them. Wand toys are a great way to engage our feline friends.

The right toy will match a cat’s play preferences and entice them to interact and have fun. This feline is loving one popular multi-purpose toy from Dezi & Roo.

Q. What if my cat doesn’t like to play? A. I have never met a cat that didn’t like to play unless it was physically or mentally unable to. What I have seen is people playing incorrectly with their cats, or toys that don’t stimulate cats, or cats’ preferences for play that are misunderstood. The most common mistake I see owners make is dangling toys in a cat’s face. Not only is that annoying, but it would never happen naturally. Birds don’t fly into cat’s faces and mice don’t run up to them either. In order to engage a cat in play, one has to get the toy to move and act like “real” prey. That is why I designed all of ours to tap into a cat’s natural and normal instinct to hunt, hide, smell, and root. Given the right toys that match a cat’s specific play preference will entice them to interact and have fun even if they have not done so in the past. For specific details on how to get your cat to play more check out this blog: •

Cats like to hunt, hide, smell and root. Toys that move and act like real prey are sure to be winners with the kitty in your life.


JUNE 2020



asn’t it Charlie Brown who said, “Happiness is a warm puppy”? OK, so maybe the warmth of a summer day wasn’t quite on his mind but the joy of romping with Fido surfside or splashing in the backyard pool is just about the ultimate when it comes to pet parent happiness. From pool toys to poolside mocktails, we thought we’d ask our good buddies at Chewy for suggestions when it comes to fun in the sun with Fido. After all, especially in this era of lockdown, online is where we’re at (as pet parents) and where Fido wants to be. So when the thermometer hits 80+++ degrees, cut-offs may be in for humans but when it comes to pets, could be they’re more likely to wear their Hawaiian shirts indoors in the a/c than at a pool party. But there’s more than one way for them to join in the fun. Check out our “pooch picks” (aka “best bets”) for everything refreshing as the temperature climbs. For the fashionista pup, there’s everything tropical, from palm trees at sunset leashes to shirts that would make Tommy Bahama proud not to mention plush mocktails to seriously help Fido chill.


Of course, summer is not all about fashion, it’s about action too! Wheeeee it’s a frisbee! Frisbees, footballs, and throw toys that sail through the air are tops on Fido’s list. And we’re not waiting for Santa. There is a present in this play though, mental and physical health. Fido’s mind and body are activated with this sort of energizing interaction.



Fido like to fetch? Bet he’ll love this throw toy. It zig, it zags and it’s waterproof too. Throw it around in your backyard or in the water. For sure it’s fun for all. 26 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

We all know chocolate and dogs is a no no. But for the pup with a chocolate craving here’s a pet parent approved chew toy. Can you hear the chimes of the Good Humor truck now?

Party on dude! Forget Bill and Ted (remember that 80s flick?) and their Excellent Adventure, your pup will make a splash in this Tommy Bahamaworthy top.

JUNE 2020


For the dog who’s into playing it cool a harness that does double-duty. Keeps Fido chill in the summer and warm in the winter. And it comes in every color under the sun.


A game of football with your pup is a must when you two hit the beach together. Toss the ball and maybe Fido will score a touchdown. Game on!


Are you and your pup are limited to armchair adventures this summer? Good times can still be had together with these travel-themed toys. Plus P.L.A.Y. gives back so pups in need can have fun too.


Lazy dog not into paddling? Here is the ultimate pool toy then, a water raft of Fido’s own. Your pup is likely to just float away with joy. Paws down, tails up!



Mai-Tais? Pina Coladas? A round of mocktails for the mutts! Let Surfs up! Your pup will be ready to dive in Fido channel Eddie Murphy in to retrieve this squeaky starfish. Hours of fun Beverly Hills Cop, your pup will for Fido while you relax on your pool float. be chillin’ with these cool toys.


Frisbeee!!!! Jump, twist, turn and repeat, your dog will have a field day with this flying toy. Watch it sail through the air as Fido grabs it with wild anticipation. What a star!


Vanilla yes, plain no. Fido’s surely going to enjoy this exceptionally tasty treat. Doesn’t have to a be the 4th of July for Fido to scarf down a cold one.

Play, play, play for sure. But even if you’re not thirsty when the game is over, don’t assume the same goes for your pup. Hydration is vital. No bones about it. However when it comes to play, play it cool. After all, you can get the coolest (literally)toys, they are freezable, filled with treats. But that’s not to mention innovative vests, accessories, and mats designed with thermal gel to regulate Fido’s body temperature.


When the sun sets, the partying begins. Your pup will be groovin’ on the poolside scene in this retro surfer-style sunset-colored leash. Endless summer is what he’ll be dreamin’.

Is your pup a surfer dude at heart? Together are you channeling Patrick Swayze in “Point Break”? If you haven’t seen the movie, no worries, just a tall tale in SoCal. But water-loving pups who hate to get out of the pool (or the surf!) can find their fun with buoyant toys. We picked our faves but check out the Chewy stash, they’ve got ‘em in all shapes and sizes. We’re talking boomerangs to starfish to shark fins. Of course, if your dog is channeling Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop (i.e. a chill vibe) you can even give them own pool float or best of all, a blow-up pool! We know every dog has its day, but looks like pool pups are covered long before the dog days of August. So we’re ready to jump on in! • JUNE 2020



WHY IS FOSTERING SO IMPORTANT, ESPECIALLY NOW? Story and Photos by Sean-Patrick M. Hillman, Chairman & Co-Founder of Rock & Rawhide

t is that time of year…when the masses descend upon animal shelters and adoption events across the country in search of their new furrever friend. On a normal spring day, animal shelters across the region look forward to thousands of families coming through their doors whilst rescues spend their time traveling from adoption location and event to event in the hopes of finding homes for their populations. However, 2020 has presented anything but the norm, to say the very least.

Rolo and Snickers Cuddling The Day We Fostered & Adopted Rolo

Rolo guarding his destruction whilst Snickers looks from afar on the couch

It is ironic, and fortuitous, that many shelters and rescues were focused on promoting the notion of fostering just prior to the pandemic. Because of that hard work that had already been put in, shelters and rescues across the region experienced record-breaking inquiries about fostering and adopting at the very beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine orders. Today, much of the populations from these organizations are living in temporary homes…which we all hope will become permanent ones. The importance of fostering cannot be overlooked. Kylie and myself, about two years after starting Rock & Rawhide, fostered a little pit-lab mix we called Rolo (our first dog is called Snickers who was adopted from the ASPCA). He was a four-month-old puppy that the NYPD rescued from a fight ring in the Bronx. As we were unsure if he and Snickers would get along, we opted to foster him to see how things worked out. Needless to say, we became foster-failures within milliseconds of cuddling this adorable little stinker…and Snickers began to mother Rolo almost immediately. That cemented the deal for us. Granted, years later we look at the two of them and laugh about all of the missteps we took (yes, even seasoned dog parents make mistakes!) including this picture of Rolo having eaten our couch. You’ll notice the dog bowl on the couch as an extra taunt because we were just about 30 minutes late in getting home to walk them. Ironically, Snickers had also eaten a couch years earlier, much for the same reason. Yet we still, to this day, could not imagine our lives without these two incredibly loving furrever ones!

My point in telling you Rolo’s story is to give you a better understanding as to why you might want to foster. It frees up space at a rescue or shelter for another animal to find a loving and responsible home. This is incredibly important as we head into a heavy birthing season for kittens and puppies when resources are strained at animal organizations across the country. While fostering has never gained true mass acceptance such as adoption has, the tide is beginning to turn, so to speak. If you could “test drive” a pet for you and your family, wouldn’t you want that opportunity? But bear one thing in mind…often fostering means that you cannot return the animal at any time for any reason. It means that you have a responsibility to that animal until the rescue or shelter can find a replacement foster home or an adopter. It is a small price to pay to save the life of a beautiful furrever one. Stay Pawesome! • JUNE 2020




s a family, we always had pets. I loved every single one of them, and I’m not afraid to admit I have a favorite, our black cat, Michelin (we found him on a tire, so the name was just too fitting). He’s one of those cats who doesn’t fight for your attention; he’s content just being in the same room as you are. When we started noticing these sores and scabs on his body, especially his ears, we were unsettled. We took Michelin to see the veterinarian. The vet did recognize that it was some type of food allergy but without doing extensive and expensive blood work for allergies, they did not feel they could give an accurate diagnosis. Given a limited family budget for pet care, the veterinarian offered a plan B: steroids for 10-days and an antibiotic. During the ten days of treatment, Michelin’s symptoms cleared up. Then after a week off the steroids, we noticed the sores and scabs on his ears again. My parents didn’t want to put him back on the steroid because they knew there would be sideeffects. So, they begin the journey of making our cats’ diet more limited (our other cat is a Maine Coon mix and is solid health-wise). A local pet food supply store was opening down the street. A conversation with the owner about what was happening led to an informal diagnosis: it was likely a gluten allergy. But here’s the thing, we already figured that out. The food we were feeding our cats was gluten and grain-free. Yet, Michelin still had little sores and scabs on his ears. They weren’t as bad as before but we were at a loss, what was going on? It couldn’t be gluten. Then we checked the litter we were using, one of the first ingredients, wheat. Once we changed the litter, he completely cleared up.


Parallel to our cat’s journey with gluten, we had a Pitbull mix that was getting hot spots. This time the veterinarian said it was most likely a gluten allergy. Once we became aware of this, we became diligent in assuring that his food and treats were gluten and grain-free. Now and then he still gets hot spots. We do have a no table scraps rule in our house… but sometimes it’s easy to forget there is gluten in a piece of food when the soulful, plaintive eyes of your pet are looking deep into your soul. It’s terrible when your pet is in pain, and you’re not entirely sure how to help. I’ve shared my experience with navigating gluten allergies so you can understand how this allergy affects pets, how to recognize the symptoms and appreciate the rewards of keeping your allergic pet gluten-free for life. If you are recognizing the pattern here, the manifestation of a gluten allergy, check out the glutenfree food options we’ve found successful at keeping our pets healthy.

To keep our cat free of sores and scabs, we were on the hunt for dry food that had limited ingredients. We were so lucky to find Natural Balance and their grain-free L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® formula!! Our cats’ favorite is the “Green pea and Chicken.” Natural Balance has other formulas that can be tailored to your pet’s needs like Fat Cats® or Fat Dogs® to help with weight and Delectable Delights® for fussy eaters. If you don’t know which one to choose, the website has a simple survey that helps you determine which option would work best for your pet. Info:


For the wet food options for our feline friends, we found favorites in a few brands but we wanted to keep exploring different options. After some experimentation, we found Taste of the Wild. Our cats are fans of their grain-free “Rocky Mountain Feline Formula.” Taste of the Wild offers a grain-free limited diet formula as well called “Prey” and their formulas cover life stages from kitten to even pregnant and nursing. Info: JUNE 2020



The easiest thing for us to find for our dogs was grain-free treats. We went to Mud Bay, an awesome pet-everything store with a bulk area of various grain-free biscuits in a variety of shapes, flavors, and sizes! To keep it interesting for our dogs, we looked into jerky options. Mud Bay offers a single protein, grain and glutenfree jerky. Mud Bay’s actual stores are only in Washington State and Oregon, but there is always the internet. Mud Bay offers a good deal on shipping, $5.99 flat rate on all orders over $50. Info:


Diamond Naturals grain-free offering, Salmon and Sweet Potato, is a big hit in our household. Our dogs can’t get enough! Like all their other formulas, meat is the first ingredient, either cage-free or pasture-raised, and their dry dog food has superfoods like blueberries and chia seeds. So grateful to have discovered this. Our dogs coats are healthy and no more gluten-allergy issues. It is great to see them chow down on this kibble. Info:


Something we thought for sure we were going to have to get rid of was grass for our cats. We saw that it was wheatgrass or rye and barley blend, so we assumed it has to contain gluten. But we noticed the packaging says gluten-free! Well, according to the Pet Green FAQ page, “Wheatgrass is a leafy green vegetable harvested before it develops the gluten-forming grain.” Interesting! Their website is full of helpful information. Our cats definitely like all the grasses they offer but they really enjoyed the oat, rye and barley blend. Info:


If you are looking for a limited ingredient jerky treat for your dog, Inspired by Pet chips fit the bill! There are no chemicals or fillers, all their products are organic. This is a new company and it came about as the owner of Inspired by Pet, Sabina Ali a Yorkie parent herself, became concerned with the health and wellbeing of dogs after seeing friends’ dogs pass away from cancer. Sabina tells us she is passionate about making sure her treats and new supplements are 100% natural and deliver nothing but healthy benefits to each dog. I have to say I wish we got more bags when we first tried these treats; our dogs gobbled up the salmon chips in what seemed like 30 seconds. Right now, our dogs only have Inspired by Pet salmon and chicken chips but they are looking forward to trying the new organic crunchy treats, made of dehydrated organic seasonal vegetables, fruits, cooked quinoa and choice of protein or just simply vegetarian. Not that our dogs are picky eaters, but I need to be very conscientious about what I give them. For sure they’d eat unlimited amounts of the salmon and chicken chips if I let them, but for now, they’ve tasted, they’ve approved and they’ve had enough Inspired by Pet treats for awhile, although I bet they disagree. Info:


If you’re looking for human grade food that’s customizable to your dog’s needs, Spot and Tango is a good option. Take a simple survey on their website asking about your dog’s activity level and any health conditions they might have. We took the survey and were presented with a choice of three formulas (Lamb & Brown Rice, Beef & Millet, and Turkey & Red Quinoa) to pick from for a two-week supply. It was not long before we noticed a difference with our lab mix, Katie (who isn’t glutenintolerant). When we started feeding her Spot and Tango, she got leaner and her coat got silkier! If you’re on a budget, they have topper plans that you mix with your dog’s food. Or if you don’t think you have the space for wet food, they recently released a dry food, UnKibble. They remind us on their site that their food helps build immunity, improve digestion and boost energy not to mention a host of other benefits that can help your dog live longer and spend less time at the vet; a goal whether your dog needs to be gluten-free or not. Info: • 32 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020

URGENT CARE NOW AVAILABLE AT AMC FAST & CONTACT-FREE CARE FROM ER EXPERTS 24/7 You should never have to choose between your safety and your pet’s health. That’s why we created our new Urgent Care Fast Track, so pets have access to excellent urgent care from ER Specialists 24/7. Here’s what sets our Urgent Care apart:

CONTACT-FREE CARE Our Fast Track ensures quick and contact-free service. All visits occur without you ever needing to enter the hospital. In these challenging times, our team is committed to getting you and your pet home safely as quickly as possible.

BOARD CERTIFIED SPECIALISTS Our Urgent Care team are board certified specialists in emergency and critical care and ER staff doctors with a minimum of three years of clinical experience inclusive of a one-year internship.

LEVEL 1 TRAUMA CENTER If your pet’s medical condition turns into a true emergency, they are already at a level 1 trauma center that is fully equipped to handle any type of emergency. Our patients also have access to our allied specialists across the hospital, ensuring quick and collaborative multi-disciplinary care, if necessary.

24/7 URGENT CARE HOTLINE STAFFED BY DOCTORS No appointment necessary. Call our doctors with any questions you have before heading over at 212-329-8608.

The Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Hospital | Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Institute for Postgraduate Education Caspary Research Institute | The Cancer Institute | Emilia Saint-Amand Krimendahl Institute for Trauma Care Ann and Charles Johnson One Health Institute | Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education 510 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065 | (212) 838-8100 |

1-TDC®…the Life Changing Supplement your Pet will Love! 4-in-1 Cost Effective Solution! 1

Better Oral Health


Healthier Skin & Coat


Improved Mobility


More Stamina



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ue to the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 people are quarantined at home. Thankfully, many of us have dogs to help make our days a little brighter during this immensely stressful and challenging time. We all know about the studies that show the positive impact that sharing your life with a dog can bring. This includes, helping to lower blood pressure and anxiety, increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine (two neurochemicals that play a big part in calm and wellbeing), and helping us keep a sense of normalcy and routine in our lives. Our dogs are surely thrilled to have us home all day and night. Dogs are social creatures by nature. Their preference for strong social bonding is a major part of why we find them so perfectly suitable as companions. It feels great to have a dog who is enthusiastic about wanting to spend time with us. However, unfettered and constant access to their people sets a degree of reliance on constant social interaction and proximity that isn’t sustainable in the future when people go back to work and school. After getting into the habit of spending all day and night with their family, going back to the previous routine of people leaving the home for longer stretches of time can be perceived as a major life change to a dog. Life changes can cause a dog who previously showed no signs of separation stress to develop seemingly overnight.


Help improve your dog’s quality of life now and in the future by helping them develop the ability to self-pacify. This is especially important for puppies and younger dogs who are in a critical period of their development. In addition to daily enrichment and training game activities, try to carve out some time every day to help your dog practice alone time skills that will serve them well in the future. • At least five times a day for 5-10 minutes, have your dog tethered by a light leash to a stable object a few feet away from you. Be sure to give your dog a food stuffed chew toy to keep him happily occupied. • If your dog isn’t showing any signs of concern or distress, gradually build up the distance you are able to move away from them. • If your dog is crate trained, plan for multiple, brief crate rest sessions throughout the day. Again, be sure to give him a durable, food-stuffed toy as occupational therapy. • If your dog isn’t crate trained and you have a crate at home, consider starting the process by feeding him meals in the crate, putting food-stuffed toys in there to encourage him to step in and hang out, and then working on brief bits of time in the crate with toys when you are right near by. • Pick some things that you do every day (shower, clean the counter, do dishes) and pair those things with alone time for your dog. You’re definitely going to do these things and pairing a daily activity with alone time practice means you will be more likely to consistently provide your dog with practice time. • Depending on your living situation (and how comfortable you feel doing so), practice going in and out of the front door. • If you’re going outside for exercise, consider at least one short walk without your dog a day. • Allow your dog at least one nap period a day away from you (either crated or separated by a baby gate, exercise pen, or door). This is especially important for people who usually work away from home full time. • For puppies, more nap periods alone in a crate, confinement area, puppy-proofed room, or with a visual barrier is prudent to ensure the puppy is comfortable being left alone for solid periods of time. Multiple, brief practice sessions help build strong learning muscles.


It’s important to recognize alone-time frustration and anxiety even at its lowest level. Early intervention is far easier than when your dog has developed a more deeply rooted and extreme unease with time alone. The fear of being alone often causes disruptive (excessive barking) and destructive behaviors (chewing inappropriate items) behaviors. When separation anxiety develops, the dog is suffering, the family is suffering, and nearby neighbors may be affected as well. If your dog is showing signs of stress, you should contact a dog training and behavior expert to help you via virtual training. Having the support of an experienced professional trainer can help resolve existing behavior issues more effectively and efficiently. At Andrea Arden Dog Training, we have begun virtual dog training with group and one-on-one sessions, to help pet parents continue to teach, bond and have fun with their dog. Current conditions require creative solutions, because our dogs’ education should not be on pause. This is a very stressful time for all of us. Make time each day to interact with your dog in ways that are enriching and fun for you both. Balance this with making time each day to interact with your dog in ways that serve to support them in the future as it relates to being able to spend time calmly and quietly alone and their overall behavior and manners. There is no better time to be grateful to our dogs for their companionship and love. Take as many moments each day as possible to do something with them that they love as a way of thanking them. JUNE 2020



It doesn’t take a romp in the woods for your dog to pick up fleas and ticks, it’s a perfect storm with these pests everywhere as the weather gets warmer. A natural preventative approach can make all the difference.


ummer is here and with it comes bugs. Temperatures rise, the humidity fluctuates, it’s the perfect storm for insect infestations. Ticks, fleas, gnats, mites can cause skin allergies and irritations in our companion animals. Fleas transmit tapeworms to pets, ticks can transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to both pets and humans. As we learn more about the potential dangers of the use of toxic chemicals used for pest control we are also seeing some unwanted side effects. Chemicals like permethrin and piperonyl butoxide are “possible carcinogens,” meaning the potential to cause cancer. While there are numerous commercial products marketed to kill fleas and ticks, some pets may react poorly to these chemicals causing side effects like skin irritation, vomiting, diarrhea and maybe even seizures. Smaller cats and dogs tend to be the most sensitive to chemicals. This has led to an increase in people looking for a safer alternative approach. No pesticide is 100% safe — not even those that claim to be “natural.” However, opting for truly natural alternatives can help you avoid exposing your pets to harmful chemicals.

If your cat is going from indoors to outdoors, flea and tick prevention is important. Simple, organic solutions can work.

Regular tick and flea maintenance will require a cache of insect fighting tools. Here are our recommendations for a natural and safer approach to pest management: 1. Keeping Pets and Their Environment Clean Keeping your pet’s coat clean and healthy is extremely important. Carefully check your pets for fleas and ticks after your walk, hike or visit to the park. If you find any pests be sure to remove with a flea comb. These fine-toothed wire tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and do a great job in physical pest removal. Regular brushing prevents mats and helps remove fleas, eggs, and larvae. Regular bathing (especially during an infestation) will help reduce flea populations. Any natural soap / shampoo will immediately kill fleas, as long as you work up a good lather and allow it to sit a few minutes. Always keep your home less hospitable to unwanted insects. Identify and remove sources of food that could attract insects. Frequent housecleaning, including vacuuming and washing bedding, are important, especially when it comes to flea infestations in the home. 2. Vinegar Here’s an ingredient likely already in your kitchen that can be used to protect your pet. Vinegar can be added to your cat or dog’s drinking water at the rate of 1 teaspoon per quart of water, or it can be diluted in water in a 1:1 mixture and sprayed on your pet’s coat. 3. Essential Oils. Essential oils have been used to repel insects since the dawn of man. Many people find success in controlling ticks and fleas with the use of these ancient oils. There are many commercial brands and DIY formulations to choose from. Please keep in mind that certain essential oils can be dangerous to our pets. Read all labels and follow dosing suggestions. Use small amounts on your pet to begin and carefully observe your pet for any adverse effects. 4. Neem Oil This all-natural insect repellent comes from the neem tree in India. Add a few drops to your favorite pet shampoo, dilute it with dishwashing liquid for a do-it-yourself flea spray or simply apply the oil directly to your dog’s coat. Neem oil is the primary ingredient in grooming products by Sit. Stay. Forever. Neem oil also repels mosquitoes. Sit. Stay. Forever’s Tick and Flea spray for Dogs uses Organic Neem oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oils plus Rose Geranium, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. 5. Garlic and Yeast It can help to feed garlic and yeast to dogs and cats. This gives them some extra B vitamins and makes them not so tasty to fleas. However be advised, you should not depend on this as your sole means of controlling fleas. For cats, a teaspoonful of yeast flakes (nutritional, not baking), and a small clove of garlic daily should be adequate. For big breeds of dogs, up to 1/4 cup of yeast and a few big cloves is a decent dose, and for those in between, adjust according to body weight. There are many commercial treats sold with these ingredients in them. And a caution: garlic in high doses, like onions, causes anemia in pets. Err on the side of caution, always, and keep the doses low, knowing the goal is in treating the environment, not the pet.

Sit Stay Forever makes a natural flea and tick spray.


Success of any natural pest mitigating protocol relies upon application regularity. READ and follow all dosing instructions carefully. Please keep in mind that all pets are individuals and may have different results/ reactions. What might be safe for your dog may be very toxic to your cats. Always start with a small amount of pest deterrent and observe your pet for any signs of an adverse reaction. Always consult with your veterinarian before starting any pest control regime. Pet Poison Helpline is an animal poison control center available 24/7 to pet owners and veterinary professionals seeking expert assistance for a potentially poisoned pet. Treatment advice is available for all species, including dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, large animals, and exotic species. Pet Poison Helpline is available in North America by calling (800) 213-6680.

Cats are not immune from flea and tick infestation. But there are simple, healthy ways to keep them pest-free.


JUNE 2020

Author’s note: Steve Whitney is a degreed environmentalist (MS, BS, OSU, Natural Resources) and a lifelong owner and trainer of horses, dogs and cats. He is also the owner of Sit. Stay. Forever. Safety First Pet Products. •

Clean the Unseen.

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Our products are created for stylish dogs & their earth-conscious owners. Our lil’ brand focuses on using sustainable fabrics, manufacturing, and printing processes for all of our products.



By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Small Animal Internal Medicine, Oncology) Staff Doctor, Animal Medical Center-NYC

e are a pet-loving nation, and these past few months have only re-enforced our need for the companionship of furry, feathery, and scaly animals. As the largest non-profit veterinary hospital in the world, Animal Medical Center in NYC continually monitors the coronavirus’s impact on pet health, and our 100+ veterinarians are committed to providing pet owners with the most trustworthy pet health information in a timely manner. Let’s debunk some of the information currently trending across social media about ways to keep our pets safe during the pandemic:

PETS ARE AT RISK FOR GETTING -OR SPREADING COVID-19 FACT: Dogs and cats rarely get infected with the virus. Globally, there are only 9 confirmed cases in animals (2 dogs and 7 cats) -while more than 5 million people have been confirmed with COVID-19. FACT: Among all known dog and cat cases, the source of the virus appears to be a human family member with COVID-19. FACT: The Centers for Disease Control, the World Organization for Animal Health, and the American Veterinary Medical Association all agree that at this time, there is no evidence that animals, including pets, can spread SARS-CoV-2 to humans. Note: COVID-19 is the name of the disease in humans. SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the virus and the name of the disease in animals.

DISINFECTING PETS’ PAWS WITH BLEACH IS ONE WAY TO STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 FACT: Exposure to bleach -through ingestion, inhalation or even contact, is extremely toxic for dogs and cats. Never -ever, use bleach or any bleach product to disinfect your pet’s paws. Contact with bleach can lead to severe lesions of the skin, and if ingested, damage the esophagus and stomach. Always keep pets out of the area when you are cleaning with bleach. Pets could experience bleach poisoning if they walk on a bleach spill and lick their paws afterward, according to the Pet Poison Hotline -which has experienced a 100 percent increase in calls about cleaning products since the onset of the pandemic. To clean your pet’s feet, use only products listed as pet or skin safe. For homemade foot cleaner, mix a drop of dog shampoo with water on a paper towel or washcloth to clean the paws, then rinse and dry thoroughly. If your pet has dirty or muddy paws, consider a sink bath (for smaller dogs), use a sprayer in the bathtub.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Philip Fox

HAND SANITIZERS ARE HARMFUL TO PETS FACT: If used directly on pets, hand sanitizers can pose a health risk. The hand sanitizers effective against coronavirus contain greater than 60 percent ethanol – that’s the same type of alcohol contained in beer and wine. If enough is ingested, pets can become extremely intoxicated and the results can be lethal, including a severe drop in blood sugar, decreased body temperature, neurological issues, coma, and seizures. FACT: Hand sanitizers keep people safe from the virus, but no need to worry about petting or hugging your dog or cat once the sanitizer is dry. For more detailed information about Pets and COVID-19, please visit AMC’s website: JUNE 2020




ore than just a fun part-time hobby, fishkeeping has serious mental and physiological benefits for those who keep aquariums. Aquariums have been shown to reduce stress in a variety of different settings…a home, certainly, there’s a zen pleasure in watching brilliantly colored fish swim by, but also in animal hospitals or any medical office where not every patient will be there to get good news, the meditative, calming benefit is immediately tangible. 51% of fish owners in the 2017-18 APPA Pet Owner’s Survey reported lower stress when interacting with their pets. Dr. Allan Schwartz believes that fish tanks bring the calming effects of nature into the home, allowing for stress and anxiety reduction. And if these less rigorous examples don’t convince you, how about a scientific study from 2015 that shows a reduction in stress, and an increase in a “calm and content” mood?

In the same 2015 study, researchers found that watching an aquarium “generally decreased blood pressure” and reduced heart rate by 5-6 beats per minute.

Aquariums are also useful in improving the lives of people suffering from Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and Autism. A Purdue study showed that Alzheimer’s patients were more relaxed The study used large aquariums, but found that both partially and fully and alert in the presence of an aquarium, allowing them to stocked aquariums had a positive effect. Other studies have shown that eat more and be more focused at mealtime. some patients of Electroconvulsive Therapy reported a decrease in anxiety in the presence of an aquarium. Even more impressively, these same patients showed less aggressive and disruptive behavior when compared to And those fish tanks you see in the dentist’s office? They’re usually there patients who did not interact with an aquarium. When for this exact reason, finding tranquility in a tough time. Fish tanks also it comes to ADHD, Dr. Marina Gafanovich believes that help to improve heart health. We can’t say they will help you recover from children benefit from the calming and stress relieving Covid-19 or the stress of quarantine, but the calming nature of fishkeeping effects, allowing them to regulate and stay focused. does take one out of oneself and help achieve a sense of wellness. Of course, these calming benefits will also appeal to parents of autistic children. There is even a fish tank designed specifically for autistic children, called the biOrb, which is “kid proof ” and allows for a calm viewing experience. Not only do the benefits of fishkeeping rival those of keeping dogs and cats, but fish are typically much less expensive to keep, they work well in small spaces like apartments, and they are fairly low maintenance, making them perfect for busy families. For more information on the benefits an aquarium can offer and other questions related to fishkeeping, contact the author directly or find information at • JUNE 2020



TIPS & TRICKS TO MAKE SURE YOUR DOG IS SAFE AND COOL DURING THE SUMMER By Sean-Patrick M. Hillman, Chairman and Co-Founder of Rock & Rawhide

e all look forward to becoming sun Gods and Goddesses this time of year. Spending time with friends and family at the beach or by the pool becomes the norm from May through the early part of September. But what happens to your dog when the mercury goes above 90-degrees? How do you compensate for the weather while also making sure your dog is getting exercise and listening to your commands? I took some time to speak with Rock & Rawhide’s Board Advisor, Kate Perry of Kate Perry Dog Training about this very topic. Kate is considered to be the best of the best in her field having spent the majority of her life with animals, specifically dogs, and learning the ins and outs of the “canine condition.” Here are Kate’s tips:


Since many owners have country homes and backyards, and end up on beaches with their dogs during the Summer months, they are likely to be off leash more often. The training commands that I find are needed the most during these times are a strong RECALL/ COME and LEAVE IT.


Since a dog’s body temperature is 101/102, plus a fur coat, it’s very important to keep them as cool as possible. Dogs sweat glands are located in their paws, which is the only way they sweat. They also pant to cool off, so that’s their only way to naturally cool themselves down. Here are a few things to consider, especially for the flat nosed dogs and ones with extra thick fur: • Cooling mats and cooling vests. • Have kiddie pools in backyards or terraces for them to stand in to help cool down. • Walk on the shady side of the street. • Shorten the walks on the extra hot days, and go extra early or in the evenings to avoid the hot sun. • In the city, try and do pit stops in the foyers of banks to cool off in the AC. Most are dog friendly now. • Offer ice cubes or frozen watermelon as cooling treats after a walk. • Don’t use a mesh muzzle for the aggressive dogs outside. Use a Basket muzzle instead since it allows them to be able to pant which is how they cool themselves off. • Always have a collar with an ID tag on it in case your dog gets loose. Make sure to microchip and register your pooch in case their collar or ID come off. • During summer 4th of July fireworks, many dogs become very scared and anxious. If your pooch is likely to be anxious, then be sure to give your dog a safe place in your home. A crate, play pen, gated off area, or your bedroom with high value chew bones and occupiers. This will help channel their stress. Exercise before the festivities or send to doggy daycare for the day. This helps tire them out. • Consider natural calming aids for the more anxious dogs or talk to your vet for an as needed calming medication. These tips and more are always available in Kate Perry’s book called “Training For Both Ends of the Leash” which is available on Amazon. It is a very easy read and gives you a better understanding as to the personalities on both ends of the leash to ensure you have a healthier and happier relationship with your dog. To learn more about Kate, please visit Kate is also currently offering her award-winning training classes on Zoom during the pandemic at an incredible rate to help pet parents during this difficult time. Talk about a pawesome lady! • JUNE 2020



Even patio furniture can be cleaned safely for pets to continue to enjoy.


he warmer weather is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home as the seasons change! This year we are in a unique situation dealing with quarantine and the COVID-19 virus. We are remarkably conscious about cleaning our homes to keep our families and pets safe. Getting started is easy! Make a list of every cleaning task you wish to tackle and assign them to different days. More and more companies are producing natural, healthy cleaning products that will not only keep your house germ-free and spotless, but are most importantly safe around pets. After all, it is so much easier to worry simply about dust on the mantle rather than risking harm to your furry or feathered family friend too. Whether you have carpet, hardwood, or tile floors, I’ve rounded up a list of products that you can use to keep things fresh and clean for your family and your pets. I’m also including information about a 24-hour hotline being run by the Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education at Animal Medical Center to answer any pet emergency questions. They are also providing answers to questions about pets and COVID-19 and pet friendly cleaning. Keep reading for my favorite line-up of pet safe cleaning products that can be delivered right to your door.


Dogs and cats shed their winter coats as the weather warms up. This portable brush picks up fur and lint from any surface with just a few swipes. No more fur all over your couch and carpeting; this brush is a miracle! It can be used on clothing, upholstery, carpet, in the car and more. A lifesaver if you are living with pets that shed. Info:


This company sells environmentally and socially conscious pet products that are cruelty-free, non-toxic, plant-based, and eco-friendly. Their products are perfect for the elimination of both cat and dog stains and odors, urine, and pet bowl cleaners. If you’re new to Skout’s Honor, we recommend their Dog Essentials Kit which includes a stain and odor remover, urine destroyer, toy and bowl cleaner, and a free mini odor eliminator. If you have a cat, their Cat Essentials Kit will include a urine and odor destroyer, litter box deodorizer, and free mini litter box deodorizer. And if cleaning your pup too is on the agenda, they make a wonderful, healthy shampoo. Info:


We love this company’s philosophy that cleaning is essentially a daily act of self-care. Their products are fueled by non-toxic ingredients and the aromatherapeutic scent of essential oils. Your pet’s muddy paws are no match for their vinegar floor cleaner! This exceptional natural cleaner gets rid of even the toughest grime and it’s even safe for hardwood and stone floors. They also offer vinegar-based and probiotic-based cleaning sprays, wipes, and carpet refresher. Info: 46 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020

Skouts Honor has pet-safe home cleaning solutions for your dog OR your cat.


This popular home fragrance company recently launched a Home Care Collection and it is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben, sulfate, and phthalates free. This, in itself, is a cause for celebration for those of us who want to live clean with our furry or feathered friends. Capri Blue’s Multi-Surface Cleaner in cultfavorite Volcano scent, contains grapefruit essential oil to keep your home fresh, clean, and smelling great. Since it is non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about using it around children or pets. They also offer a dish soap and concentrated laundry detergent. Info: Stone floors too are easy to clean with natural solutions that are not harmful to pets.


This product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and part of the EPA’s Safer Choice Program, highlighting products that offer a safe alternative to traditional chemicals. It also has no added fragrance which is an asset for pets sensitive to smells. This is the product you want to have on hand to handle your toughest stains from urine, vomit, mud and more. It works on carpet, hardwood floors, tile, laminate and even fabric! Info: or


Spending more time at home doesn’t have to mean you’re cooped up inside. Get outside and enjoy your yard and the nice weather with your pets. Carbona makes it easy to keep your outdoor furniture clean because it is not only oxy-powered but non-toxic, biodegradable, chlorine bleach free and environmentally friendly. Safe and effective on not only patio furniture but outdoor rugs, awnings, decks, children’s play equipment and more! This product is essential to have on hand for any pet accidents on your patio furniture. Info:


This kit from Truman’s works wonders! It consists of four products and they are all you need to clean your entire home! When you order a Truman’s Starter Kit you get ‘Everything and the Kitchen Sink’ which cleans every surface in your kitchen including appliances, stainless steel, grills, sinks, countertops including granite, and more. Also included is ‘Floors Truly’ for all floor types; ‘More Shower to You’ to clean every surface in your bathroom including soap scum; and ‘The Glass is Always Cleaner’ glass, mirror and window cleaner. All products ship as concentrate cartridges with refillable bottles. You can also order refills as you run out of products through their subscription program. Info:

Trumans cleaning solutions for everything AND the kitchen sink, pet-safe for sure.


This uplifting blend of essential oils is perfect for cleaning nonporous surfaces, stone, carpet, fabric and much more. Helps cut through grime while also being safe around pets. In addition to the floor cleaner, Pure & Peaceful offers an All-Purpose Cleaner, Hand Purifier, Linen spray and more. Clean Eating Magazine awarded Pure & Peaceful the 2020 Clean Choice Award, a truly coveted title! Info:


It’s late at night and your pet is just not acting right; maybe even appears sick. You’re unsure if they ingested a harmful chemical or were possibly exposed to toxic fumes. Don’t panic because no matter what the emergency, NYC’s renowned animal hospital, The Animal Medical Center known familiarly as the AMC, is offering a 24 hour, 7 day a week hotline for pet emergency questions. For worried pet owners in this unsure time of COVID-19 this is an immediate and no cost way to learn if the situation is indeed critical. The AMC hotline is (212) 329-8608 but their website offers an informative question and answer with Dr. Ann Hohenhaus about COVID-19 and Pets. Info: JUNE 2020


salmon chips and chicken chips to their cats as see is what you get. for Ialthough am making organic dog treats. Mythe intention is well. to friends were asking I am passionate Dogs were loving their new treatsyou and I have had people giving dehydrated Iamazing! never use any fillers ormore. chemicals so what From one Dog (Animal Lover to another) at IBP bring a better, healthier treats for our loving Dogs, about giving our dogs healthy organic ingredients. I am making organic dog treats. My intention is well. to friends wereyou asking salmon chips and chicken chips to their cats as see is what get. for more. I am passionate From one Dog (Animal Lover tobetter, another) IBP although I havehealthier hadat people giving theloving dehydrated Iabout nevergiving use any fillers chemicals so what you bring a treats for our Dogs, our dogsorhealthy organic ingredients. From one Lover tochips another) at IBPchips salmon and chicken to their cats as well. see is what you fillers get. or chemicals although I have had people giving the dehydrated I never use any so Dog what (Animal you salmon chips and chicken chips to their cats as well. see is what you get. Bella Lilly to andanother) Riley From one Dog (Animal Lover at IBP Bella Lilly and Riley From one Dog (Animal Lover to another) at IBP Bella Lilly and Riley Bella Bella

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Breast Chips many veterinarian and Social Guru Rodney Habib and better ways to care for our dogs beginning Organic Organic Chicken Breast Chips for your pets, and you can pronounce. made with dehydrated (he is a speaker, writer, in the pet food and pet with what we put in their bodies. Many of my Organic Chicken Breast Chips made with dehydrated health industries who has done many research family and friends’ dogs have been diagnosed organic chicken Breast. made with dehydrated organic chicken Breast. regarding pet foods in the industry. According to with cancer; resulting in the heartbreaking Organic Chicken Breast Chips organic chicken Breast. Rodney Habib: “You look back 50 years ago, where decision to put them down. After my son in-law's made Organic Chicken Breast Chips with dehydrated some will say that the cancer rate may have been parents lost their dog, Bella, to cancer I made with dehydrated organic chicken Breast. 1 in 100 dogs. 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teve Greig who counts celebrities including Kristen Bell and Jillian Michaels among his friends, has made a name for himself rescuing the most “unadoptable” animals. In his forthcoming book, The One and Only Wolfgang (Zondervan/HarperCollins), Steve partners with New York Times bestselling author Mary Rand Hess to share his journey from accountant to hero as he tells the tales of adoption and the ups and downs of daily life with 9 senior dogs, a pig, 3 chickens, 2 ducks and a rabbit. The pets others deem unworthy find new life with Steve as he loves them unconditionally, takes them on vacations, shares their antics with almost 1 million fans online, and honors them in their last days. When I first started adopting senior dogs, I did it to fill a hole in my heart. One horrible day my beloved dog Wolfgang was hit by a car and killed, and grief took over my life. After a few months I decided I had to deal with this, and I needed something good, something great, to come out of his death. A dog that might live because Wolfgang had died. I went to my local shelter and I adopted the oldest dog they had. He was a 12-year-old chihuahua with four bad knees and a heart mummer and I named him Eeyore. The minute we left the shelter I felt the painful weight of Wolfgang’s death fade away and, in its place, I could now feel the joy radiating from this little dog who previously couldn’t find a home and was running out of time. I wouldn’t have adopted him if Wolfgang hadn’t died and I seriously doubted that anyone else would have either. Because of Wolfgang’s death Eeyore would live, and that was something I could live with. The effect was so transformative that I did it again, and again and again. I had the space and I had the funds to care for more so when I would hear of another senior dog that needed a home, I would bring them in. Ultimately, I ended up with nine senior dogs in my house (and a pig named Bikini, but that’s another article). When one of the dogs passes and there are only 8 dogs left it feels a little lonely, so I always adopt another in their honor. However, if I dog sit for friends and there are 10 dogs in the house, it becomes overwhelming, so I know 9 is my magic number. The love and the gratitude I receive back from these desperate old souls has changed my life forever. I realize now not everything has to be about me, and its almost always better when it isn’t. That’s my story in a nutshell. •

SEVEN REASONS WHY SENIOR PET ADOPTION MIGHT BE RIGHT FOR YOU 1. A meaningful life involves giving back to those in need. 2. Over 1.5 million dogs are euthanized in the U.S. each year and senior dogs are usually the last to be adopted, if ever. 3. In my experience, as dogs get older, they become the best versions of themselves. 4. Puppies take a considerable amount of time, patience, and training. 5. Love has no time limit. If you love something for a few months or a few years, it’s still love, and it always matters. 6. Adopting a senior dog sets a considerate example for your kids, your friends, your neighbors, and the world. 7. Loving something or someone for no other reason than it needs to be loved is beautiful.

JUNE 2020



Even as Summer’s heat eases, be aware of signs of overexertion in your dog. Even the toughest need a break sometimes.


et Lifestyles sat down with Dr. Brett Shorenstein, Partner and Medical Director, Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic to check in on how to recognize signs of overexertion in your dog. We all know that working out with your dog can be a great bonding experience. Dogs have an impressive ability to keep up with their owner’s exercise routine, however, it is important to remember that just like their owners, dogs have a limit and can suffer from overexertion. Make sure to choose an exercise that works for your dog. For example, longer legged breeds will do better with long distance running; brachycephalic breeds should have plenty of rest, shade and water built in to exercising as they are known for overheating. Obesity, old age, and having a heavy coat are also risk factors for overheating. Some dogs like swimming, others do not. As a general rule, build up your dog’s stamina – if your dog is not used to exercising, don’t over-do it day 1. Also make sure to not force an activity such as swimming on a dog who does not like to swim. Here is how to check for signs of over-exertion: Examine your dog’s paws – the paw pads can be a great clue as to whether your dog is being overworked. Examine for cracked paw pads, cuts, blisters, redness. If any of these signs are noted, see your veterinarian. Joints – joint pain is a common sign of overexertion. This is evidenced by limping. Osteoarthritis is the most common orthopedic disease in dogs. Middle-aged to senior dogs who come up lame from intense exercise may have arthritis or another orthopedic vs soft tissue injury. If the limping is pronounced, make an appointment to see your veterinarian. Changes in behavior. If your dog normally loves to run that extra mile but all of a sudden is unwilling to run further, listen to what 50 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020

they are telling you – most likely the activity is too much for your dog that day. Especially for hot, humid days, it is important to avoid overheating/ heat stroke. Signs of overheating include lethargy, excessive panting, collapse, change in tongue or gum color, abnormal mentation, vomiting. Treating a dog for overheating or heat stroke should be guided by your veterinarian. If you are concerned that your dog may be hypterhermic, call your veterinarian or local emergency veterinarian immediately for advice. Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic is located at 130 West 10th Street, New York City 10014. For appointments, call (212) 2429169. •



dying industry from the 1920s, greyhound racing seems to be on its last legs in the United States; a victory for the dogs and the organizations fighting for them. When you think greyhound, you probably first think of racing. After all, chances are the only time you’ve ever seen one of these dogs has been on a racetrack (even if it’s watching beloved race-dog-turned-pet, ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ on The Simpsons). Invented in the 1920s in the United States, by 1930, the sport had sixty-seven dog tracks across the country (none legal). It has faced severe criticism, with animal rights organizations working long and hard to see to its demise. Since 2001, greyhound racing in the country has seen a 70% decline in gambling amounts, which is good news. It is now more or less illegal in forty-one of fifty states in the United States. Greyhounds make great pets (they’re friendly, lazy, and endearingly mischievous), but they’re more often than not used as betting tools. The renowned racers make great sprinters, due to their deep chest cavity, which stores an abundance of oxygen. But, their lives as racing dogs have been far from glamorous.


The industry has been described as a “heap of dog mess” by Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action in Washington, D.C., who stands firmly on the side of ending the practice. As he told us, “For animal lovers, ending greyhound racing is about the welfare and protection of man’s best friend. Dogs shouldn’t be forced to run for human entertainment and the quick thrill of gambling to make a few bucks. They shouldn’t be kept in the warehouse-style kennels, rows of stacked metal cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around in where trainers confine them to for 20 to 23 hours a day. It’s an enterprise whose time has passed.”

Christine Dorchak, Esq., President and General Counsel of greyhound protection group GREY2K USA with her greyhound rescues, Gina and Clarice.

Christine Dorchak, Esq., President and General Counsel of greyhound protection group GREY2K USA Worldwide informed us that “when first invented in the United States in the 1920s, it could not be foreseen that thousands and thousands of dogs would suffer and die.” Of course, major issues include abuse, neglect, and cruelty. A problem that you probably may not have even considered is the issue of drugs. GREY2K’s Dorchak tells us that racing greyhounds have repeatedly tested positive for dangerous, often banned substances. “Five racing countries have regulatory frameworks in place to handle drug screening — Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.” She told us in detail about the drugs that these dogs have tested positive for, including EPO, amphetamine, codeine, caffeine, cobalt, and a range of other unusual substances with potentially lethal consequences. Popper And Hendon Of The Uk Love To Run - But Not Race! Photo Courtesy GREY2K USA

Several of these drugs overlap, but here’s a quick run-down from Dorchak, to give you an idea of what these dogs are forced to ingest: In Australia, they found Desvenlafaxine, a drug typically used to treat depression (not used in veterinary medicine), and Fertagyl, a drug used in cows to control estrus cycles. The Irish Greyhound Board found pentobarbital, a performance-reducing drug that, in large doses, has been used for euthanasia and appears in nearly 25% of all IGB drug positives. In New Zealand, dogs tested positives for morphine (used as a masking agent in greyhounds to make dogs less aware of any injuries they may have). In the U.K., the Greyhound Board of Great Britain found Stanozolol, a synthetic anabolic steroid, and barbiturates, central nervous system depressants that are performance-affecting drugs. In Scotland, Dorchak said, a trainer even admitted to giving his dog valoids to slow him down, waiting for a few races until the betting odds became favorable, then taking him off the drugs to result in a faster race pace. In the United States, GREY2K USA documents violations. They found positive tests for cocaine, ractopamine, anabolic steroid metandienone, and industrial solvent dimethyl sulfoxide. Why not just ban the drugs? Dorchak explains, “Efforts to combat the drugging of greyhounds have been stymied by racing officials who fail to take this issue seriously by ignoring transgressions and issuing light penalties.” Marty Irby agrees, saying that as late as 2016 and 2017, thirty cocaine positives were reported at two Florida greyhound racetracks. “The industry has had plenty of time to reform and end doping, but they haven’t. So we’re now past that stage and focused on banning the existence of this archaic enterprise in the U.S.,” he adds.


JUNE 2020


Greyhound racing is a dying industry all over the world. Animal rights activists are usually on the same page about how cruel it is for the dogs. And, there’s good news across the board. As Dorchak tells us, “In the United Kingdom, all three dozen London dog tracks have closed and re-purposed for mixed housing and retail operations. Two Irish stadiums have announced their closure this month [May 2020]. Jamaica refused to legalize dog racing in 2009, and South Africa followed in 2010, citing both the poor economics and humane problems associated with the activity. In 2016, Argentina banned dog racing, Uruguay followed in 2018, and a similar law is under consideration in Chile. The trend is definitely with the greyhounds and follows a love of dogs that truly transcends all cultures.” As we go to press, Peterborough Stadium in Great Britain has closed ending 75 years of operation, though locally the closure is seen as a loss to the “sport,” there is a groundswell of support calling for the end to greyhound racing globally. Says Marty Irby regarding this latest closure, “the message is quite clear: greyhound racing is a global money-loser, and an unacceptable use of these majestic greyhounds in our modern-day society. It’s time to adopt a global ban on greyhound racing and adopt the greyhounds out to good homes where they can live out their lives in peace and harmony.” GREY 2K’s Dorchak also tells us about one of the most satisfying campaigns that GREY2K USA Worldwide was personally involved in, in Macau, China. She tells us about the eight-year effort to close China’s only legal dog track, the Canidrome, saying, “Four hundred greyhounds were shipped there from Australia each year and four hundred killed to make room for them. But we formed an alliance with a local shelter. Through lobbying and education and perseverance, we were able to convince the chief executive of Macau to order the closure of this terrible facility.” The poster-child of the campaign, a greyhound, named Brooklyn, actually now lives with Dorchak! Irby tells us that through all these victories, it is still essential to focus on the issues at home first. “We’ll be focusing on the issue more globally once we’ve eliminated all greyhound racing in the U.S. We need to be able to say that we don’t have active greyhound racing in the U.S. before we start trying to push other countries to eliminate it.”


The good news is that it all seems to be slowly coming to a close. Only a handful of states still allow greyhound racing, but it is quickly going down to zero. After pushback from GREY2K, and other anti-racing organizations, even Florida (once a popular racing destination) voted to end the races by the end of 2020. Irby tells us, “In my home state of Alabama, Kip Keefer, the executive director of the Birmingham Racing Commission, conveyed that over the past few years receipts from live greyhound racing have become ‹embarrassingly low,’ with most of the track revenue generated from simulcasting to other tracks that include horse racing. It’s not a product that was supporting itself.” The Humane Society of the United States published a piece on May 1, 2020, on their blog, A Humane World, about the victories for this cause in Florida and Alabama. Although this is a significant victory for animal rights, they also stated, “In Kansas, where no operating tracks remain, some outliers are attempting to revive greyhound racing, and there’s now a bill in the statehouse that would do that. Lawmakers in the state should take heed of the fact that spectator interest in greyhound racing is at a historic low. Most Americans recognize now that this is an inherently cruel sport, and anyone who attempts to revive it would be placing a bet on a losing enterprise.” Dorchak is personally involved in the fight, from authoring the language that appears before voters, to raising a million dollars in a campaign for the dogs. In places such as Arkansas, their negotiations have led to the announcement by Southland Greyhound Park of its closure. GREY2K USA Worldwide was also instrumental in passing Amendment 13 in Florida, by a margin of 69%-31% statewide, in 2018. Dorchak is proud to say,“It is an honor and a wonderful thing to see our twenty-year campaign succeeding!” To quote Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin’…” Good words, good actions, good news where greyhounds are concerned.

This greyhound is one cool cat. Relaxed and lovable these dogs are a welcome addition to any family.

FIND OUT MORE Want to know more about the plight of the greyhounds, or help out with a contribution to the fight? Take a look at where to get the best information: GREY2K USA Worldwide: The non-profit organization has all the information you need. They promote rescue and adoption across the world, so wherever you are, log on to see if you can lend a hand or sign up for their adoption referral programs. Sign their petitions, find out more about the greyhounds and everything they’ve done to help, and donate on The Humane Society of the United States: Donate to help them in the fight, read more about what’s happening on their blog (A Humane World) and find the information you need on their website, Animal Wellness Action: This is where to go for information about advocacy efforts to prevent animal cruelty, including for the greyhounds. They partner with several wonderful organizations, and you can learn more and stay updated by signing up for their alerts and helping out by donating to their efforts at Ad opt a g re y hou nd: Want to a d opt a g re y hound? Pick f rom Mar t y Ir by ’s recommendations in Alabama, where dogs have recently been released from closed racetracks for adoption: and There is also The Greyhound Project which offers a directory of greyhound rescue groups state by state as well as internationally if you are interested in some of the dogs now retired from the tracks in Great Britain, for information go to

JUNE 2020



Big Cat Rescue Manny jaguar


ith a new Netflix documentary bringing the plight of big cats back into mainstream conversation, here’s what the animals need from us now. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the craze surrounding Netflix docu-series, “Tiger King.” Love it or hate it, it’s been impossible to avoid it. People have been so caught up in the drama, society has been divided people into factions on one side or the other because of it. Everyone’s asking: should Joe even be in jail? What’s up with Doc Antle? What’s the big deal keeping tigers as pets? Who is Carole Baskin and what’s all that stuff we’re hearing about her? It’s snuck into the news as well, with President Donald Trump even telling reporters at one of his daily coronavirus press briefings that he would ‘take a look’ at the Joe Exotic’s pardon request. Through all of the drama surrounding the docu-series and the people featured in it, though, perhaps we’re missing one critical point. It has highlighted the plight of big cats held in captivity and shown that the need to save the tiger is still a rampant, significant issue: and that’s what we should be focusing on! For many, the focus has shifted from the wild cats to the sensational subject matter of the docu-series. If you haven’t yet PUTTING THE SERIES IN CONTEXT Organizations like the Humane Society of the United States have been watched the show: in “Tiger King,” the focus seems to shift to investigating animal breeders and traders such as Joe Schreibvogel personal vendettas, individual lives, relationships, and scandals. (or “Joe Exotic” if you know him best from the docu-series) and We’re not going to focus on them here, because as always, it’s Doc Antle way before the series brought the notorious men into the important to remember, what matters most, are that these limelight. Recently, they released additional footage on their website animals get the care they deserve. and have made it clear where they stand on any of the sensationalized It has meant that any attention Big Cat Rescue (featured in issues surrounding the show — firmly on the side of the cats! the docu-series along with founder and CEO Carole Baskin) Sara Amundson, President of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, received after, was not really about the animals. In a statement co-wrote a blog post about the issue as well, which emphasized this, in March talking about how the show ended up being different saying, “As for the situations depicted in “Tiger King,” well, animals from what the directors had led her to believe, Carole invited shouldn’t be in them at all. These ramshackle operations aren’t people to focus on the cats instead. She also spoke about sanctuaries, and these folks aren’t conservationists, either. There’s no they have been able to accomplish so far. Her statement read, need for, and there’s certainly no social benefit from taking a selfie “Through our Tampa-based sanctuary, we’ve been able to rescue with a tiger cub whose next stop is a dismal backyard menagerie. and rehabilitate over 200 big cats, educate hundreds of venues to Finally, there’s no reason society should bear the risks and costs of not allow cub petting traveling exhibits on their premises, pass the many tragic incidents that have resulted from private ownership the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, and now have enormous support in Congress for the Big Cat Public Safety Act which would end of wild animals.” abusive cub petting and outlaw having big cats as pets, and And, what about all the hoopla around Carole Baskin and The Big Cat educate the public about the abuses associated with circuses and Rescue? Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action in inbreeding of white tigers.” Washington, D.C., spoke to us about the show, tiger conservation, and the organization. He told us, “The Big Cat Rescue in Florida run Whatever you think of the docu-series, the controversies by Carole and Howard Baskin is top-notch, and the best of the best surrounding it, or the people featured in it, there’s one thing we in my book, they even go as far as providing 24-7 live webcams for should all agree on. These animals need our help — now more than ever! public view.” JUNE 2020



If you’ve watched the show, you know that the big debate running through it is whether or not private ownership of these big cats should be allowed. It’s a conversation that’s recently caught more traction, but it has been around for a while Marty tells us it also garnered national attention back in October 2011, when the owner of a backyard menagerie in Zanesville, Ohio, opened the cages of his tigers, leopards, lions, wolves, bears, and monkeys before committing suicide. “Local police, who were neither trained nor properly equipped to deal with a situation of that magnitude, were forced to shoot and kill nearly 50 animals—38 of them big cats—before these dangerous animals could enter populated areas. There have been more than 700 dangerous incidents in the U.S. involving big cats, including hundreds of human injuries, mauling, and deaths. In many cases, the animals were shot and killed, often by first responders who are not equipped to deal with these situations,” he explains. Big Cat Rescue Kimba tiger in his pool


WHAT’S THE BIG CAT PUBLIC SAFETY ACT? The Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 1380- S.2561) is a federal bill that has been getting quite a lot of attention lately. It’s getting even more traction thanks to celebrities signing up to help fight in its favor. Most recently, Iggy pop, Joaquin Phoenix, Edie Falco, and Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, Justin Theroux, Ed Begley, and several other stars backed a petition by Gabriela Cowperthwaite who was director of the documentary, “Blackfish.” The push to passing the bill aims to protect cats like the gorgeous ones seen in the docu-series from being held in captivity. If the bill is passed, owning big cats would be more regulated, including a USDA license requirement. Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action in Washington, D.C., explains, “It is most important that the United States Congress pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act, H.R. 1380 / S. 2561 that restricts private ownership of big cats and prevents cub petting. With all of the current hype from Tiger King and 250 Members of Congress in support of the bill, there’s no better time to take action than now. On a global scale, we must bring an end to trophy hunting of lions, tigers, and other wildlife that are killed solely for the human ego. A quick thrill – even President Trump has called trophy hunting a “horror show” and appears to have maintained the U.S. ban on most trophy imports during his time in office.”

Several organizations across the world work tirelessly to prevent cruelty towards these animals and help with rescue and conservation efforts. Just a handful of them include: The Big Cat Rescue: Even with all the attention the series has given it, Marty tells us that The Big Cat Rescue needs help. So, if you’re looking to donate locally, it’s a good idea to start there. He says, “Tiger King’s inaccurate and unfairly sensationalized portrayal of the Baskin’s and Big Cat Rescue has financially harmed the rescue, and I suggest people reach out to them and offer assistance in any possible way that you can help them.” Besides, as he says, they do a superb job. “They have vacation rotation, feeding station rotations and lockouts, an open-air play yard, kitten cabana, bobcat rehab where cats are prepared to be released back into the wild, a hospital, x-ray room, and much more,” he adds. Support them: Panthera: This organization is devoted to conserving wild cat species, as well as their ecosystems — and use the expertise of cat biologists to do so. They even have a grant program called the Small Cat Action Fund to support conservation and research. Support them: WildCats Conservation Alliance: A partnership between the Zoological Society of London and Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, this organization works to save wild tigers and Amur leopards. The best part is they work to help these animals thrive in the wild in countries across the globe, including in Sumatra, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Thailand, and Russia. Support them: The Humane Society: This organization is fighting hard the big cats, as well as several other animals! Help out by donating your time, money or even just by helping them petition for the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Support them: 56 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

JUNE 2020

Armani leopard Big Cat Rescue


It may not be possible to go out and support these animals physically, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out. After all, so many more of these animals are in captivity than in the wild. So, it’s no secret they need our help. We asked Marty to explain why it’s so necessary to do so—sooner rather than later. He told us, “The cubs used in this despicable trade are typically torn from their mother at birth or shortly thereafter. So, they don’t bond to the mother, deprived of the mother’s milk that has antibodies to prevent disease, deprived of sleep, which further weakens their immune systems, and physically punished to discourage their natural behaviors. Then, in a few months, when they are too big to pet, there is no tracking of where they end up or how many die or are slaughtered to sell their parts into the international trade. Big cats are wild animals and typically suffer psychologically and physically when kept as pets.” Now that you know these cats need our help, and why, consider lending a hand. Talk to your representatives about the federal bill, or even donate to causes and organizations that are trying to make big changes for these majestic animals. It’s never been a better time to save the tiger! •

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change the world? Start by saving a life. Adopt.


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