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Vol. 2 #4 | December 2019

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Season’s Greetings! With the year ending and the Holidays upon us, it’s a time for reflection and of course, for giving back. We dedicated our cover story to wonderful work being done by Ryan Eggold , we know him as Dr. Max Goodwin on NBC’s NEW AMSTERDAM, but he lives his mantra of helping by speaking out for animals in need as a voice for the NBC and Telemundo CLEAR THE SHELTERS campaign. When it comes to gift giving we’ve got everyone covered. You’ll find pages and pages of gifts for pets and pet parents and the latest in pet tech. And this year we’re spotlighting gifts that give back.

Vol. 2 #4 | December 2019 President / Publisher BILL MASON Editor in Chief Lori Simmons Zelenko

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If you’re thinking of traveling in 2020, we’ve got a host of suggestions for you! Places near and far that welcome you and your pet with the practical and the sublime. Rescue is not overlooked in this issue. We’ve taken a close look at Wolf Preservation and the extraordinary efforts made by this upstate sanctuary. All in all, we’ve done our best to help you get the New Year off not only in great style but with a focus on making a difference for the four-legged furry creatures we celebrate in every issue. So cheers! Here’s to a 2020 that is as rewarding as it is

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Editor in Chief Lori Zelenko with her dogs Bikini and Annabelle. ©Geoff Tischman



Virginia Sherwood/NBC


Ryan Eggold and Jodie ©Ryan Eggold


yan Eggold has a catch phrase - from NEW AMSTERDAM the hit NBC TV show - “How can I help?” That’s a phrase he says has crept into his life and we suspect it is actually a mantra, an ongoing expression of his commitment to making a difference for animals in need. Funny, warm, intelligent, he’s self-deprecating when it comes to his aptitude for caring, he plays a Doctor on the show (Dr. Max Goodwin) however coming from a family of medical professionals, he feels he’d be “a terrible doctor in real life.” But he does confess in his conversation with Pet Lifestyles, that his need to express compassion has a focus: he’s obsessed with animals, has been since childhood when he dreamed of having a pet bear. Funny thing, his nickname for his dog today is “Jo Bear.” So it seems dreams can come true.

“My parents were animal lovers,” he shares, “and we always had dogs, cats growing up. I had a pet snake once and my sister had a pet rat... we were all over the place. But dogs were always the constant. When my parents first moved in my Dad got my Mom a dog from a shelter for Christmas. They named him Bucks and he was our first family dog. He was the best.” This love of furry creatures remains strong. And when Eggold asks “how can I help?” he means it! You could say he wears his heart on his sleeve, his genuine love for animals including his very own shelter dog, Jodie, a Staffordshire terrier (i.e. pit bull) is apparent in his touch, his gentle, kind approach to animals. He is a voice for the voiceless and that voice is heard loud and clear though his active commitment to Clear The Shelters™ / Desocupar Los Albergues® the annual, nationwide pet adoption campaign that is spearheaded by NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, a division of NBCUniversal. HOLIDAY EDITION


THE GOOD DOCTOR So how did “the good doctor” find the right way to make his voice heard? He may only play a Doctor on TV but his willingness to stand up for the health and wellbeing of these vulnerable creatures desperately looking for forever homes warrants the moniker. We inquire naturally, how he became dedicated to NBC and Telemundo stations’ Clear The Shelters campaign? Apparently, he reveals, he was introduced to it two years ago or so: “I was asked to play with a bunch of puppies on camera, to which I said... can I stay forever? It’s a great cause and everyone should see how many sweet, loving dogs there are waiting to come home with you.” Spoiler alert: His best girl, Jodie, may have a sibling soon, “I’m actually thinking about adopting a new pup myself.” He truly enjoys getting the word out about these shelters. Finding these sweet animals a lovely home where they’ll be be taken care of and take care of their owners, means more to him than we - or the animals - will ever know, he wants us to understand. He is proud to note that year after year Clear The Shelters doubles adoption rates and enlists so many thousands more pet parents ready to fill their homes and their lives with animals in need of giving and getting love. The stations Clear The Shelters campaign started in 2015 as a nationwide initiative, it began locally in Texas when a 2014 North Texas pet adoption event hosted by NBC 5 / KXAS and Telemundo 39 / KXTX and dozens of area shelters resulted in the most adopted pets in one day for North Texas. The initiative has grown to include NBCUniversal’s TV stations, plus NBC and Telemundo affiliated stations who partner with local animal shelters and rescues in their communities every year to host Clear The Shelters events. So far in less than five years, Clear The Shelters has helped more than 400,000 pets find new homes.

Ryan Eggold with NBC 4 New York’s Adam Kuperstein at a Clear The Shelters 2019 event in NYC. ©WNBC


NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48 News Team at Clear The Shelters 2019 event in the San Francisco Bay Area ©KNTV/KSTS

When it came time for Ryan Eggold to look for a fur buddy to call his own, going on a decade ago now, he went to his local shelter, the closest to his home in Los Angeles. Like any guy on a first date, he arrived hoping for a connection: “There are so many amazing animals at all these shelters. It’s all about rescue for me. I’m not a fan of puppy mills and breeders. This was the shelter closest to home. I walked through and fell in love a few times.” He says with a sigh, speaking from the heart about his special girl, “Jodie jumped up on me and licked my hands. In just moments she seemed like a friend already. She was the sweetest from the beginning.” Jodie isn’t up there with popular dog names or even kids’ names, in fact the only celebrated Jodie this writer can think of is Jodie Foster, brilliant in THE ACCUSED the 1988 film that foreshadowed #metoo. So we have to ask our leading man, what is the thinking behind the name for his most significant other? “I like the name. It’s kind of 90s but really, I just said a handful of names to her on our first trip home. And when I said Jodie, she looked right at me. So I said that’s your name.”   Well other than random gossip about a co-star from BLACKLIST the James Spader TV show Ryan Eggold was on for some time before becoming Dr. Max Goodwin on NEW AMSTERDAM, it seems like Jodie is his life partner. So hey, we have to ask what’s the game plan here? What do you both like to do together? Hike? Play? Watch TV?

News teams from NBC and Telemundo Los Angeles stations at a 2019 Clear The Shelters event. ©KNBC/KVEA

I was asked to play with a bunch of puppies on camera, to which I said... can I stay forever?

©Jeff Riedel/NBC



Jodie isn’t a regular on the set of NEW AMSTERDAM but she is thrilled to be included when it’s an option, anything social is her game.

Ryan Eggold, his mother Karen and Jodie at the beach. ©Ryan Eggold

Thoughtfully, with all the consideration due an assessment of such a beloved companion he answers. “She is pushing 11 now . Meaning yes, she has slowed down. Although she had crazy energy when she was younger. Plus she was from a shelter so she’d see another dog on a walk and freak out. Being a pit bull, people would assume she was being aggressive but really she was just so desperate to say hello. She grew out of that and is much more mellow now. But she loves other dogs, loves to play.” But what is Jodie’s sweet spot? How does she chill? “Mostly she’s obsessed with her tennis ball. It’s her happy place,” we are told. “She loves catching her ball and refuses to let you stop throwing it to her. And if you do, she’ll just set it in your lap and nudge you with her nose like ‘hey man... throw this.’” But seems ball playing is not her Olympic sport; relaxing is where she excels: “She’s also the best sleeper. She likes to snuggle in and be cozy.”   Like any parent, pet or otherwise, keeping a work life balance isn’t easy. Jodie isn’t a regular on the set of NEW AMSTERDAM but she is thrilled to be included when it’s an option, anything social is her game. After all, her owner says, “she’s the life of the party.” Naturally this begs the question, will Dr. Max Goodwin get a dog? Think we have another spoiler alert here, “Very possible! And a pretty good idea actually... might steal that one.”

Ryan with Jodie and his family. ©Ryan Eggold



Jodie ©Ryan Eggold

Right now Jodie is an only child. Is there a sibling in her future? “Jodie is ten now! I can’t even believe it... She’s approaching 11,” her owner says with resignation. “It’s so wild. Yes,” he agrees with the thought, “I think it may finally be time for a new adoption. That’d be exciting. “   Jo bear, as Jodie is also known, is a Pit Bull Terrier, possibly Staffordshire Terrier, they’re very similar. Having grown up with mixes and a lot of Lab Retrievers, Ryan Eggold didn’t choose Jo for her breed. But he confesses, “I have since fallen head over heels in love with Pits. They are so, so loving and caring and the stereotype that they’re aggressive kills me. Jodie is good with other dogs, kittens, babies, people... she loves to love. So I hate to see people punish dogs for people’s bad behavior... training them to be aggressive or mean. Take it from me, they’re not born that way, they are the sweetest breed, they just want to love and be loved.”



aughter. You can say laughter,” is the answer when we ask Maurice DuBois New York City’s WCBS News anchor about his answer to balancing time with family — his wife, Andrea — and his two sons ages six and 11 now — and his dog the “majestic” black lab Angel who is now 3 and a half years old. FROM NOON ‘TILL NIGHT His packed schedule has its challenges, even Angel is snoozing when Maurice’s workday ends. He anchors the 11 pm WCBS news so it’s late, no earlybird specials here. But this four-time Emmy award winner, a “visual storyteller,” couldn’t be more at ease juggling all that’s involved in being a pup and people parent. With a life that’s beautifully crowded with so much that rewards, he has one wistful desire, he wishes he had more time to master golf. Coming home from work after everyone is asleep isn’t opportune for playtime with Angel but there is also downtime, day time, for walks in nearby Central Park. Angel is a social animal, so a walk doesn’t go by without close encounters with many good friends, two and four-legged. Maurice anchors the 11 pm news on WCBS but he is called in to anchor network, CBS Evening News and also anchors the WCBS-NY 5 pm news. Plus he has a podcast on Apple now, Icons & Disruptors which allows him to do what he loves, get inside people’s heads, especially cutting edge people doing cutting edge things. It’s a terrifically engaging and entertaining opportunity to learn game-changing secrets — and grasp the greatest life lessons of an array of individuals from Beyoncé’s publicist and the founder of Carol’s Daughter (all-natural hair, body and skin care for women of color) to Wynton Marsalis and basketball legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier who invites listeners along on his incredible journey from the Jim Crow south to the NBA Hallof-Fame and beyond.

ANGEL OF THE MORNING But putting such unfulfilled desires aside, let’s focus on the here and now, how did Angel come into the lives of the DuBois family? Actually not by chance but by thoughtful planning. First, a sense that a dog would complete this family; fulfill a need for one fourlegged friend for all to love. Then, a visit to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and their “Meet the Breeds” opportunity. And next, a decision that a Labrador Retriever was the breed for them, in lustrous black. Fast forward to a few months later, a litter of puppies was born and Angel came home to a family that welcomed her with great affection and tremendous caring. The boys are a little young to take responsibility for Angel but this easy going dog could not be more joyful to have their company or more gently protective of their wellbeing. Angel is like an angel should be: Kind, involved, committed, adoring yet still playful. Of course eating tennis balls is a bad habit but hopefully outgrown with the passage of time. What’s in store for the DuBois household on Christmas morning? Angel won’t be sleeping in, that’s for sure. She’ll be up at first light with the children ready to see what Santa left the night before. • 10 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE




e all know her from Grey’s Anatomy as McDreamy’s (Patrick Dempsey) wife on the TV show that’s still enduring a decade after its premiere. And yes, she went to ABC’s Private Practice from there and then the Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy and now coming up on her slate are sure to be box office hits starting with 3022, the Sci-fi thriller with Omar Epps, and moving into 2020 with Liam Neeson in Honest Thief. But it’s not her career much less her more than two million followers and fans on Instagram that she’s here to talk about. What’s on her agenda is speaking to dog owners based on her own experience and helping us understand that even the smallest signs of allergies in pets - scratching, paw licking - can escalate into a crisis situation if not addressed with the right meds from your vet. She speaks from her own experience and acknowledges how pharmaceuticals improved her dogs’ quality of being. Indeed the difference she feels is life-changing. But her relationship first as a dog mom, now as a spokesperson with Zoetis has evolved into a mission: Help her dog Rosie get her A-game back and help others recognize that their dogs are suffering - it may not seem extreme to us as humans, but the toll allergies take on our dogs can be more punishing than we immediately perceive. But there’s more to her message, after all she is an activist in the animal wellness community. What Kate wants you to know is that when people share a story or photo of their own pet’s A-Game (a favorite pose or trick) on social media using #MyDogsAGame, a donation will be triggered from Zoetis to its K-9 Courage™ Program, a salute to our working dogs, Posts may also be featured on, where dog owners can learn more about allergic dog itch. Serving those who save us, the program provides healthcare and product donations to military, police, and service dogs. These dogs she empathetically communicates are our heroes. They protect us in the prime of their lives. It is up to us as compassionate human beings to look out for them as they age. The K-9 Courage Program is a charitable healthcare donation program that provides financial and in-kind product donations that support retired police and military K-9s. Program contributions help assure caregivers that these courageous and loyal dogs continue to live happy and healthy lives. Each caregiver receives a $300 K-9 Courage Visa® Prepaid card yearly to use on anything at their veterinary clinic, including medical expenses, vaccines, medication... even dog food or treats. K-9 Courage also supports American Humane’s Pups4Patriots™ program, which trains shelter dogs to become new service dogs, providing assistance to veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. Through the K-9 Courage Program, Kate Walsh hopes to show these four-legged heroes that humans can be exceptionally loyal, too. Much as Kate Walsh loves dogs, she is not discriminatory: cats are part of her embrace too. Just a look at her Instagram tells you about their peaceful co-existence in her orbit. What are her plans for the Holiday season then with her fur kids? Long walks with Rosie near Washington Square, downtown NYC, where the lights will be glistening and Christmas cheer will bring goodwill to the service dogs who have so loyally helped us humans. This is our time, she wishes, for us to give back. • HOLIDAY EDITION





ake sure to treat your kitty this holiday season, whether it’s with a little something in her stocking or an extravagant surprise to show her just how spoiled she is. Here’s a roundup of the latest eyecatching cat products with something fun for everyone! HAUSPANTHER CAT TOYS This new collection of cat toys is designed to delight both cats and their people. Each toy is designed to appeal to a different instinct, from chasing and tossing to grabbing and kicking. Kitty can get her extra holiday energy out while you enjoy the fun shapes and colors that look more like modern art than cat toys. Available from



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The Magical Mystery Treat-Dispensing Hydrant Toy will keep Fido entertained for hours, this is long-lasting treat-filled fun your dog will love you for. From One Leg Up! The family-owned natural rubber company that believes in kindness at the core. Made in Erie, Pennsylvania with their superior Durafloat™ technology with one of a kind color variations, the Hydrant Toy can be easily stuffed with treats but when the treats are gone, your dog will groove on the way it bounces. •








It’s a plaid, plaid, plaid world on Christmas Morning when the family’s all together in the Whitaker plaid flannel pjs for mom, dad, kids and yes, the dog as well. All from The Company Store. And Fido is quite content, snug in his matching jammies. Cozy cotton flannel that’s been brushed inside and out for extra softness and warmth makes this one happy family. Charitable Component: For every pair of family holiday pajamas sold, The Company Store donates $1 to The Ronald McDonald House New York.

Using fashion for good, Kut from the Kloth has teamed up with animal activist and former top model Katie Cleary to launch two exclusive denim styles inspired by her animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals. Filmmaker and philanthropist, Katie is the newest face in their Heroes & Heritage initiative focused on “pioneering women” able to create social change. Says Katie of her commitment to helping our four-legged friends, “This is a mission. And a gift. A higher power comes through me. I’m being used to bring a message.”

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She has sat next to Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week and awarded Stella McCartney the Order of the British Empire and now Queen Elizabeth II is building on her fashion-forward reputation: The 93-year-old monarch will stop buying clothing made with real fur. It’s good to know that faux furrier N’ONAT has styles perfectly fitting for a queen. Istanbul-born New Yorker Nihan Onat Petree, the Founder and Creative Director of N’ONAT, supports PETA in fighting animal cruelty as she designs the ultimate in socially responsible fashion.


SAVING PUPS, KITTENS AND PANDAS Fragrant Jewels creates bath bombs, candles, and body scrubs, each item contains a ring inside plus a code that could potentially be worth another ring valued at $10,000. Every purchase from their Love Of Pets Collection benefits Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and helps provide a pawsome home for every pet. Sales of their Wildlife Collection will go towards bottle-feeding cubs when their mothers are unable to care for them. Why is this so important? There are less than 2,000 Giant Pandas remaining in the wild!



The first line of luxury handbags created for people and their pets —  Shaya the name derives from the ancient Persian word for “worthy” and the Biblical name meaning “gift from God” — is founded on the principle that pets improve the lives of all humans they touch, and that the more chances they have to connect, the better. That’s why the  brand has partnered with Disco Dogs, a non-profit that gives inmate volunteers the opportunity to train service dogs for  underprivileged and special-needs children.

He’s a pug that’s known as “King of Pop Culture.” And his fans — 13 Million of them — include Shakira, Katy Perry, & Ed Sheeran. Now Instagram’s favorite pug is collaborating with the charitable BOBS from Skechers footwear line to launch of a limited-edition pair of DOUG THE PUG x BOBS FROM SKECHERS sneakers printed with snapshots of some of Doug the Pug’s most iconic looks. Every purchase warrants a donation to the Petco Foundation to help save shelter animals lives nationwide.

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iking with Emme, my 20-pound Australian terrier, I rediscovered pure joy. Watching the intensity on her face and in her movements, filled her with purpose. She was just a dog, but her enthusiasm began to fill the hole in my life. Mountain Boy, with a summit at 13,193 feet, looms large over Colorado’s Independence Pass, the second highest paved road in America. With no clear recommended route up the mountain, Emme and I invented a path. Climbing on snow cornices and bushwhacking where there was no trail, we went higher. What had looked like beach ball-sized rocks from farther away, were actually eight-to-ten feet tall boulders. Emme was in heaven. She jumped, clawed and climbed them all. The increasingly steep slope was built out of loose rocks and slippery sand. Everywhere I stepped moved. It felt we were walking on marbles. Momentarily paralyzed, I realized if I tried to go up or down, I would lose traction and slide down the rocks. I was stuck. While Emme was having no trouble at all, she as clearly worried about me. Sharp points from my hiking poles saved me from a serious slide. Slowly, I inched up a long patch where the snow met the rocks. Emme’s claws dug like crampons. She went right up on the snow and stuck to me like glue. We were a team. At the summit, the sun broke through the clouds and we were surrounded in every direction by spectacular views. A series of peaks and valleys made a painting-like panorama that took my breath away. Emme climbed up on a pile of rocks and scanned slowly from one side to another. She, too, was taking it all in. After short break, we slowly headed back down. That day changed our lives. From discovering the route to overcoming physical challenges, we were rewarded with incredible beauty and an intense sense of accomplishment. As we got into the car, Emme jumped onto her favorite spot on my armrest and looked at me triumphantly. I could almost hear her say, “Dad, you finally figured it out. This is what I want to do, and you are going to do it with me!” That as the moment I knew we were on to something. Hikes progressed into steeper slopes, more snow, bigger and sharper boulders, and greater challenges finding routes to higher mountains. At 63 years old, some of my friends thought I was crazy, but that was only the beginning. Together, we climbed 16 of the fourteeners, (the highest peaks in America) and raised tens of thousands for canine charities. By age 74, I had climbed the 58th and final fourteener in the Rockies.

Scaling the highest peaks, a man and his dog go up the mountain. Rick Crandall and Emme


Because of Emme, I discovered a late-in-life passion for mountain climbing. This tiny terrier inspired me to live fully and embrace that you’re never too old to try new things. These have been the best years of my life. All because my wife said, “Let’s get a dog.” • PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 15



CANCUN CALLING Punta Nizuc in Mayan translates to “nose of the dog,” so it’s only fitting that this Cancun resort goes above and beyond to make your pet’s vacation as relaxing and luxurious as yours. The culinary team at NIZUC Resort & Spa ( has created a special menu for pets, full of sophisticated options like crunchy dog snacks, veal bone beef tartare, burritos with poultry sausage and more. In addition to the menu, the resort offers overstuffed dog beds and dog dishes. Feeling adventurous with your pup? You can even bring them out paddle boarding with you. Paradise found: the Alii Animal Hospital and Pet Resort in Hawaii where pets receive not only the finest medical care but can also enjoy all the luxurious amenities of a spa just for them.

Paddle boarding with your pup, one of the more adventurous things to do at NIZUC Resort & Spa in Cancun where pets are treated to such delights as poultry sausage burritos.

HAWAII 2-0 Elevating pet care to a practically exalted level, Oahu’s Alii Animal Hospital and Pet Resort (https:// is founded on the value of imi ola, which means “to seek life’s highest form.” Certified as a “Fear Free” facility, this luxury destination for daycare and/or medical care is designed to put pets at ease and gain their cooperation through positive actions. Pets are treated to spacious glass-doored suites, complete with amenities such as ergonomic, allergen-free pet beds, soothing music, a flat-panel TV, and online pet video monitoring for pet parents to view their pets while away. Plus not only can pets can romp over, under, and through obstacles and relax on lounge chairs, they can also be signed up for massages, pedicures, and spa-like baths with Alii’s signature lilikoi and pineapple scented products during their stay. The state-of-the-art hospital includes five exam rooms, digital full-body X-ray, ultrasound, treatment rooms, a surgery suite, a dental surgery room with a hand-held dental X-ray machine, and an on-site laboratory. There is even an in-house pharmacy. Truly pets at this resort/hospital are treated to the best life they could possibly imagine; indeed it sounds like paradise.

JAPAN AIR Plan ahead. Take time over the Holidays to think about where you’d like to be when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom early in the Spring and where Fido would like to be indulged as you watch one of nature’s loveliest spectacles unfold. Get on that jet plane and head to Japan, specifically this delightfully elegant pet-friendly inn (ryokan in Japanese) The Shiroyama Terrace Tsuyama Villa ( located next to the Tsuyama castle (one of Japan’s top 100 castles and world class cherry blossom viewing spot - away from tourist meccas of Tokyo and Osaka) in the Setouchi Region of Japan. Plus Fido - who’s an amenities pro at this point - can enjoy dedicated dog toiletries and a most luxurious personal bathtub (telling you this is a MUST!) plus a dog playground and run, and dog-carts to rent.



Fido your forever loyal four-legged friend is sure to groove on this lush Florida-style resort right in the middle of the action. Pet friendly, The Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive ( is convenient to all of Orlando’s famous theme parks and there’s plenty of space for pets to relax, too. Pets are able to join their owners for dinner on the patio at this family-friendly destination.

Pet sleepovers have never been more fun! Head to Southern Utah to check out Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile, (www. a pet-centric, 40room lodging option in Kanab, UT, owned and operated by Best Friends Animal Society, What’s in store when you visit? Complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the organization’s nearby Sanctuary, as well as organized Best Friends member activities, including volunteer opportunities and pet sleepovers. And best of all, revenue from the Roadhouse will support Best Friends’ efforts to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters by 2025. “This is the next level in pet-centric travel,” said Brooks Bradbury, Director of Hospitality, Best Friends Animal Society. “We look forward to welcoming all visitors to Kanab – travelers with furry friends and those without, travelers who are visiting or volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary or those guests who would like to know more about our work. We love welcoming pet sleepovers!”

Fun in the sun for you and Fido. The Wyndham Orlando has it all. So chill baby, chill.



Imagine rating your own elevator? Your dog will feel like a rock star at this luxurious yet low key and uber dog friendly resort in Japan: The Shiroyama Terrace Tsuyama Villa

Sleepovers are not just for people. They are also for pets who need a forever home. Reach out and hug a pup before you rest at Best Friends Roadhouse in Southern Utah.




Homeless dogs can go home - forever - when they stay at the Inn by the Sea Cape Elizabeth, Maine (, an award-wining oceanfront getaway in Maine and member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. Partnered with the Animal Refuge League of Great Portland, homeless dogs reside at the hotel until adoption. Want to take Fido for a spin before making a commitment? You can walk on the grounds or treat the lonely pup to dinner at the Fireside Lounge. Dogs of all sizes are welcome and spoiled at no extra fee. There’s doggie massage, doggie cocktail hour, and dog sitting and walking services.

Looking for New Jersey Pet friendly hotel? Visit The Woolverton Inn. Majestically set upon 10 acres of rolling hills above the Delaware River the Inn’s luxurious and immaculate Garden Cottage is designated as pet-friendly (dogs only). While our sheep are the marquis animal of the Inn, they love to share the beautiful grounds with guests’ dogs. A soft sleeping towel is provided for the comfort of your dog and can also be used to protect bed linens. And a dog feeding bowl and treats are also proffered by this lovely destination assuring Fido a warm welcome.

Welcome to a sun-soaked paradise. Leave the cold, gritty city streets behind when you enter The Gates, and discover the history and soul of Key West. This laid back property welcomes four-legged guests with a Pooch Box at check-in. Plus there’s Yappy Hour hoist one to raise money for the Keys SPCA, a local non-profit dedicated to the protection of abandoned dogs. http://

Check in as one. Check out as two. Find your pet partner at Inn by the Sea in Maine where homeless dogs find forever homes.

Not far away at all from the heart of New York City is The Woolverton Inn. Dogs can roam ten acres of rolling hills above the Delaware River and enjoy a romp with the Inn’s flock of sheep. The Gates Key West pampers your pooch with a box of toys and treats on arrival. Lucky dog.




The Gates Hotel South Beach on Collins Avenue steps from the Atlantic Ocean and a hop, skip and a jump from Lincoln Road’s shops and restaurants, is a Mid Century resort offering pets an all-in-one dog care package with a variety of fun toys and accessories from Goody on arrival. Your canine companion will be beach ready in an instant with ball, bowl, water bottle, bandana and more! Plus if Fido overdoes it, no worries, the hotel is partnering with FetchMyVet for in-room pet care. http://TheGatesSouthBeach

A stylish boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee and close to the dog run at Riverfront Park, Hotel Bobby, a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, is not only pet-welcoming, but also has its very own live-in ambassador named Sasha. A Shepherd mixed-breed rescue pup, Sasha was found living under a bridge by Country Road Animal Rescue and was rescued by the hotel team to spend the rest of her days welcoming and playing with guests. Sasha’s face appears on bath towels in each of the guestrooms, which are available to purchase for those who wish to take one home; proceeds go to the rescue shelter that saved her. The mini bar is well-stocked with dog treats and toys and pups can join owners at the rooftop lounge and order from their own special gourmet menu.

With a storied history dating back to 1869, The Peabody Memphis, a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, is an iconic landmark in the heart of downtown Memphis. In honor of its 150th anniversary this year, the hotel has been recently renovated, offering refined Southern charm across the 464 elegant guestrooms and suites. The hotel’s most famous guests are the beloved mallard ducks, who visit the lobby daily for the March of the Peabody Ducks – a property tradition dating back to the 1930s. When off-duty, the ducks live in their luxurious Rock Duck Palace made of marble and glass on the hotel’s rooftop. Dogs and cats are welcome to visit.

Fido does South Beach. Everything your pup needs for fun in the sun at The Gates Hotel South Beach. http://TheGatesSouthBeach

This dapper dog is Sasha the live-in ambassador at Nashville’s Hotel Bobby.


The March of the Peabody Ducks when mallard ducks parade through the lobby of this luxury landmark hotel in Memphis, Tennessee which welcomes dogs and cats too.




dog tinkles two keys of a piano with its paw. Some $200,000 is raised for a project, Music for Cats. Pets’ massage experiences are enriched with Bach in the background. Indeed, “music has the charms to sooth the savage beast,” as the saying goes. And, just as Bach or Schubert may be calming to humans, their music can calm their hounds, too. “Don’t forget that pets can stress out, “ says Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, located in San Diego, who has a website, pawcurious, and published a memoir, All Dogs Go to Kevin. In fact, the practice of music therapy for pets is now being used more frequently. “Even just a few years ago, music therapy was rarely used for pets,” says Vogelsang. “Both owners and pet care professionals are starting to understand the significant impact sound can have on a pet’s mental state.” Manhattan dog guardian Elisabeth Weiss, owner of two Briards, Zeldi, three and a half, and Snoori 18 months, has used music therapy for companion animals for nine years. “I was a classical musician and saw that my dog immediately relaxed when I played the violin,” says Weiss. A client, a very nervous Briard girl named Cosi, responded very well to the piano. The dog had been overdosed at the vet and suffered neurological deficit, Weiss explains. “With training, she would touch the keys of the piano with her nose or paws and found it very calming. Cosi could even play a couple notes. Her self-confidence increased. When a dog like her begins to interact with her environment, the dog is not so scared.” Another example of the therapeutic effect of music on dogs was Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson’s Rat Terrier, Lollabelle, who eventually died of pancreatic cancer. “Lolabelle was able to jam on the keyboard and that gave her tremendous lust for life. She survived two years longer rather than the short time she was given after diagnosis and surgery,” says Weiss. Music therapy session on Sutton Place ©Geoff Tischman

Music therapy can be tried where possible instead of medication, explains Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, at Manhattan’s Animal Medical Center. She says, “If music therapy works, that’s great. Then we don’t need medications.” One of her clients was a dog anxious traveling in a car. “In the car they played a calming CD and after a while everyone was ready for a nap,” she says, laughing. “But it did keep the dog calm!” She finds the biggest resource for therapeutic music for pets. As for cats, Hohenhaus cites a study, regarding music and anesthesia. Heavy metal-stimulated cats needed more anesthesia; when gentle music was played, the cats needed less. “Birds,” says Hohenhaus, “need a lot of stimulation so people leave the radio or TV or a You Tube video on for them.” Videos she says, have helped with the “craziness” of shelters, too. Sally Morgan, a holistic physical therapist for pets (and people) and author of Dances of the Heart—Connecting with Animals, finds Bach a good choice for all animals because its rhythm and repeating pattern help to engage both hemispheres of the brain and slows the heart rate. She is, too, a proponent of music composed specifically for the auditory spectrum of animals. Through a Dog’s Ear are CDs with music using frequencies to calm a dog’s nervous system. “This music has been very effective in calming the dogs I work with, or in a group with many dogs together to help reduce stress.” A set of CDs, Wholetones Healing Frequencies Music, is similar, according to Morgan. “These are very long sustained tones woven together and purported to bring a sense of peace.” Says Morgan, “Calming music has been used in shelters, barns, and homes to help animals relax. Nearly every animal massage therapist I know uses music during sessions, as do I.” Hohenhaus likes the cat-specific classical music composed by David Teie, a prominent cellist and composer who raised more than $200,000 for a Music for Cats classical music project. Concert pianist Lisa Spector, known as The Pet Calming Maestro, and psychoacoustics researcher Joshua Leeds, (a Juilliard graduate, pianist and composer) found, through research, that dogs prefer classical music played one octave lower than what humans listen to. The result was a series of CDs, Through a Dog’s Ear. Juilliard graduate Susan Raimond established a harp enrichment program for animals, which Vogelsang softly plays in the background during especially stressful euthanasia appointments. “It calms everyone in the room, both human and animal. It’s as if it absorbs the stress and floats it away,” says Vogelsang. Dogs do have sensitivity to sound, says Dr. Karen Walwyn, Steinway Artist and Associate Professor at Howard University, Washington, D.C. Walwyn is working with Dr. Leslie Sinn, an animal psychologist, to experiment and see which of Walwyn’s compositions resonate best with dogs. “Music,” says Sinn, “is very helpful for calming different anxieties, such as environmental, separation and noise.” See how it works: Dogs can even be picky when it comes to music they will or will not listen to. When Walwyn’s late German Shepherd Miles was young, he sat on her lap or under her feet as she practiced piano. “Once, my then-husband entered the room playing the trumpet. Miles walked off. He didn’t like the sound. He never went to sit next to him. Once, I began singing. His eyes said: Have you lost your mind? Miles turned around and walked out of the room. When I started playing the piano again, he came back.” •





hen people ask Brian Mason his favorite pet event of the year, he says enthusiastically, “Super Pet Expo!” A common response can be found among thousands of pet lovers who live in New Jersey and New York. This year will be his first event with his newly adopted Yellow Lab, Luna, but he attended for several years in a row with his beloved Chocolate Lab, Ellie Mae, before she passed last year. “It was her favorite time of year! Christmas for dogs. She loved the treats and all of the attention. There was always an activity to do, or some new dog in the aisle to sniff. I just loved seeing her have so much fun.” Super Pet Expo ( takes place February 7-9 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ. No other pet event in New Jersey attracts so many pets and pet lovers eager to shop for their four-legged friends. From designer fashion leashes and collars and holistic health care options to organic, sustainable products for felines, there will be something for every pet lover at the once-a-year event. In addition to a shopping extravaganza, you’ll find lots to learn and see at Super Pet Expo, like the debut of Treibball, hosted by celebrity trainer Chrissy Joy and her pup, National Stunt Dog Champion, Good Dog Beasley. Treibball is a high-action canine sport, mixing positive-reinforcement training, soccer and a lot of fun! Dogs work to gather large exercise balls into a soccer goal. Attendees will receive an introduction to the competitive sport via demonstration, followed by a chance to participate in a workshop with their own dog. If a dog prefers to do their own thing, they’ll find solo fun on the Luring 101 ( course. Back for a fourth year in a row, if your dog loves to chase, this is a no-brainer for running off extra energy. They’ll love chasing the artificial lure as it’s pulled across the ground at a high rate of speed, with a set number of turns and changes in direction. Any dog that’s in good physical condition and loves to run is perfect for this activity. If your beloved pet isn’t a canine, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy at the show, too. It’s the Super PET Expo after all; not the Super Dog Expo. The first stop for feline owners should be Cat Alley! In this special shopping section, you’ll find purr-worthy products including catnip, toys, cat trees and food. Cat Alley is anchored by a “Pet Me” Cat Area hosted jointly by The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and Garden State Cat Club. Guests can meet and greet friendly cats and their owners, eager to share their breed knowledge, care tips and general expertise with you. In short: Come pet the sweetest kitties in Jersey.

Fancy kitty

Debuting at the show this year is the “World Famous Hermit Crabs and Edutainment Show”. Mister Crabs will provide educational demonstrations on Hermit Crab conservation, care and how to build your own crabitat. Attendees can also hold a live hermit crab at free touch and observe stations. Finally, for those interested in walking on the wild side, remember to visit Repticon! Hundreds of reptiles and exotic pets from the nation’s top breeders and educators have been featured at Repticon events across the country for ten years. At no additional charge, Super Pet Expo attendees can gain access to Repticon, with opportunities to meet with top breeders, shop supplies and reptile-themed products, plus learn more about a variety of amazing animals. Super Pet Expo takes place at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center, 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison, NJ 08837. Leashed pets of all kinds are always welcome, but please note no retractable leashes are permitted. Show hours are 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Friday; 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturday; and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday. Admission is $13 for adults, $8 for children ages four to 12, and FREE for kids three and under. Weekend Passes, valid for entry all three days of the event are available $20 for adults and $12 for children. Aisles

Buy tickets online at and avoid the line at the door. Use code LIFESTYLE to save 40% on Weekend Passes. • HOLIDAY EDITION




ith Holidays and a glorious New Year on our minds, now’s the perfect time to buy innovative gifts for friends and family. And, for the pet lovers on your list, here is a nifty selection ready to make life with their beloved fur kids that much smarter. EQUISAFE RUNLITES Ask anyone who owns a horse, and they will probably tell you they would love to keep an eye on their not-so-little equine 24/7. Moreover, horse owners are often especially worried about barn fires, but protecting horses from fire burns isn’t as easy as simple monitoring. To help, clothing designer Dalia MacPhee created the Equisafe blanket, the world’s first fire retardant horse blanket. And she has also created a version for dogs after all dogs and horses go together. You can pre-order two different blankets for two different levels of protection for dogs and horses. Info:

Sometimes, your dog wants a midnight walk, and while they have night vision, you don’t. To see in the dark, you need a flashlight, and sp e a k ing f rom experience, it’s awkward to wield a flashlight and pull out a bag when your dog inevitably poops. RunL ites , howe ver, changes all that. They are gloves that also ser ve as flashlights, which warm your hands on cold nights, guide you in the dark, and help you find and pick up rogue poops.




Say your dog is playing outside and gets dirty. You could carry them into the house for a bath or drive them to the groomer, but those options are too messy. Instead, you should bring the bath to your dog with the BarkBath. The device uses less water than a household bathtub; and it can shampoo, clean, and bathe a dog outdoors. Never worry about wet or muddy dog fur flying everywhere in the house (or car) again. Info:

If you ever visited a Lidl supermarket, you might have seen the Zoofari dog bed for sale. It may look like other dog beds on the market, but it sets itself apart by reflecting dogs’ ambient heat back at them, which keeps them warm on chilly winter nights. And, when summer rolls around, you can flip the bed over to the non-reflecting side to keep your dog cooler than a cucumber. The only downside to the Zoofari bed is it’s a limited stock item, so if you find one, buy it because when it’s gone, it will probably be gone for good. Lidl stores carry this item so check the website to find one near you, coming soon to the NY area. Info:

If you want to confuse your friends and family this holiday, ask them to get you a Fracture. Despite its name, the Fracture is a picture printed on glass, which means it’s attractive and doesn’t need a frame. Best of all, you can get a Fracture of almost anything, including your beloved pet. Just upload their picture to the Fracture site, order the size you want, and wait for delivery. Who wouldn’t want to show off a picture of their pet that is photo, frame, and protective glass all in one? Info:






Nobody likes to leave their pet home alone when they go to work. However, you can ensure they’re entertained for the day with a Wholetones music CD. Not only does it prevent separation anxiety, Wholetones also calms them down and curtails barking via soothing music. Of course, you have to keep the CD playing while you are gone, but at least you won’t come home to a nervous pet. Info:

While dog treats make for a quick and easy pet gift, the factories that make them usually aren’t good for the environment. If you want to make your pet happy and be ecologically responsible at the same time, you might consider buying some Shameless Pet Treats. Unlike other treats, Shameless’ treats are crafted from upcycled ingredients, i.e. foodstuffs that would otherwise go to waste. Apple pulp, lobster shells, leftover pumpkin; they’re all used to make Shameless’ treats. With Shameless, you can give your pet a snack and cut down on wasteful behavior at the same time. Info:

Zmodo creates a variety of cameras, and while the Zmodo Sight 180 isn’t one of the company’s newer models, it’s extremely affordable and ideal for remote pet setting. The device can’t toss out treats like other pet cameras, but it lives up to its name and provides an unobstructed view so you never lose sight of your pet. Best of all, you can watch them from the comfort of your phone. Info:




Dandy is less of a gadget and more of a service that involves a laboratory full of gadgets that design tailor-made treats for your pet. Each treat is created via an algorithm to cater to your dog’s specific health needs. While Dandy should be in full swing by the Holidays, you can sign up for their newsletter and be the first to treat your pet to the future of treats. Info:

A lost dog is heartbreaking. Definitely not something you want to experience especially over the Holidays. Fi tracking collar lets you instantly track your dog’s location no matter where they are in the US. It lets you keep an eye on dog walkers and caretakers. Unmatched battery life. Put it on and forget about it. Avoid anguish. Achieve serenity knowing you have precise tabs on Fido’s whereabouts. Info: •

If dogs could talk, they would probably tell you how much they love bully sticks. While some puppies chew slowly and carefully, others go nuts and create choking hazardsin-waiting. That’s where the Bow Wow Labs Bully Buddy comes in. This device is about as low tech you can get, but it secures tightly on the ends of bully sticks and prevents dogs from choking on them. While the Bully Buddy isn’t one size fits all, there’s a Bully Buddy for a dog of every size. Info:





ue to overhunting and habitat loss, wolf populations are not what they once were. However, thanks to the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, New York, there is still a glimmer of hope for them. Founded by Hélène Grimaud in 1999, the WCC is a nonprofit education organization working to protect and preserve red and gray wolves in North America through science-based education, advocacy, and participation in their release. Both species are critically endangered. The conservation center houses 50 wolves, with 20 being red wolves, and 27 Mexican gray wolves. There are also three ambassador wolves, who are socialized gray wolves that help educate the public about the true nature of wolves. The WCC is one of 41 centers that houses red wolves, and one of 54 that hold Mexican gray wolves. By the mid-1980s, hunting, trapping, and poisoning caused the extinction of Mexican gray wolves, or “lobos” in the wild, with only a handful remaining in captivity. In 1998, the wolves were reintroduced into the wild as part of a federal reintroduction program under the Endangered Species Act. Currently, only 131 of them exist in the wild. “What that essentially means is we house these wolves, we care for them, and we’re ensuring the long-term sustainability of this population in captivity,” Director of Education Regan Downey said. “However, the ultimate goal would be to release them into the wild.” When it comes to diet, the WCC tries its best to simulate how wolves feast in the wild. Each wolf is fed once a week with a diet of native prey, primarily roadkill deer, in order to best prepare them for a wild life. Wolf Conservation Center, located in South Salem, NY, helps to recover wolf populations in North America by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting their future. Meet Zephyr an Ambassador Wolf. ©Courtesy of the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC)

While Mexican gray wolf populations are low, the WCC is doing what they can through careful breeding to ensure their survival. ©Courtesy of the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC)

Due to certain conditions, it can still be difficult for wolves to survive in the wild. Mexican gray wolves, for example, primarily live on the border of Arizona and New Mexico. According to the Wildlife News, the livestock industry has argued that it is necessary to kill large predators, including wolves, from time to time to appease the locals and create “social tolerance.” This is a major obstacle that the WCC considers before releasing any of their Mexican gray wolves on open land. Each enclosure in the conservation center ranges from 1-2.5 acres, giving them plenty of space to roam. “We give them what they would need in the wild,” Downey said. “They’re fed a diet of whole carcass roadkill deer in order to prepare them for the best possible life – a wild life.” The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) offers a unique and educational experience. All their education programs offer guests of all ages opportunities to not only learn about wolves but to see wolves too! Program lengths vary, but generally run approximately 1.5 hours. All visitors are required to pre-register for a program - go to to sign up and explore your options. If you’re looking for a Yellowstone experience without heading out West, Sleeping with Wolves, the Wolf Conservation Center’s (WCC) popular nocturnal adventure is for you. Guests have a chance to camp out overnight with the 20+ wolves that call the WCC home! With all the howls, circling vultures, and nature’s nighttime chatter, you’ll feel like you’re camping under the stars with wild wolves. Preregistration is required. Space is limited and dates sell out quickly! •






here is a chill in the air along with the scent of roasted chestnuts, pine needles, and endless holiday season aromas emanating from kitchens across the land. That wonderful time of year is upon us with homes filled with laughter, joy and the pitter patter of little paws running amok amongst a sea of people and gifts.  Every holiday season, I get asked for advice on how to keep pets entertained, or how to keep them well-behaved, as people have family and friends gatherings throughout November and December. Typically, cats leave most house guests alone and are fairly well-behaved during the holidays.  That is unless you are making a traditional Italian Christmas dinner, in which case when you start to make the seafood dish, make sure to keep any felines out of the kitchen or you may find one or two less servings will be available for your guests!  But, when it comes to canines, it can be tricky depending on the size of your home, how many guests you have over, or how well behaved those guests are!   This year, I have asked Rock & Rawhide’s Board Advisor & Trainer, Kate Perry of Kate Perry Dog Training, to provide some professional advice for pet parents having gatherings at their homes:   • Make sure you contain your pooch in a safe area while unattended, either in a crate, playpen, or gated-off area. Supply safe toys and chew bones to keep them distracted. Kate’s recommendations include: Busy Buddy Twist and Treat or 3” hollow, sterilized bones, filled with yummy treats (cream cheese, peanut butter, cottage cheese, yogurt). We also recommend stuff-less skinny soft toys. For cats, if you have a concern about them interacting with your guests, then contain them in a bedroom where they will be safe and comfortable.  As long as it is only for a couple of hours at most, you won’t even have to move their litter box! • If your dog is a social butterfly, make sure that you are keeping a close watch on them.  Let them enjoy brief moments of interaction and then put them in a safe area so that you too can enjoy the festivities. • Decorations, plants and Christmas trees are beautiful and make the home smell welcoming, but they are not necessarily pet-friendly.  Here are some issues to look out for: - Tree ornaments, tinsel, candles, dreidels, wrapping paper and ribbons. Dangers: choking, burns, intestinal blockage, stomach infections. Symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, pain, fever. - Mistletoe, Poinsettia, Xmas tree pine needles, holly. Dangers: gastric distress, mouth irritation/allergies and death. Symptoms: drooling, stomach pain, shock, difficulty breathing, vomiting. - Cords & Lights Dangers: electric shock, death, burns. Symptoms: abnormal breathing and heartbeat, loss of consciousness. - When it comes to food and drinks, watch out for tainted water (someone always “spills” into Fido’s water bowl), chocolate (especially dark chocolate), fat trimmings, nuts (especially macadamia, almonds, walnuts, pistachios). You also want to be mindful of sap in Christmas tree water, and the satin stand cover. Dangers: Pancreatitis with fatty foods. Gastric and respiratory distress from sap water can also cause seizures, coma. Symptoms: Vomiting, tremors, difficulty in breathing. - If you are serving alcohol, or have guests that are partaking in recreational marijuana, be mindful of where your pets are.  While we may all enjoy imbibing, it can be lethal to pets, especially in larger quantities.

Kate Perry is one of the most talented, and caring, trainers I have ever worked with. Please heed her warnings so that you can have a wonderful party or gathering at your home.  To learn more about Kate, please visit www.   When it comes to Christmas day, or throughout Hanukah, remember that wrapping paper can act as prey to our furrever friends.  For cats particularly, they love reflective wrapping paper.  For dogs, any kind of wrapping paper can be considered their nemesis of the moment!  My wife and I have tackled this our entire lives as we have always had pets that were obsessed with wrapping paper.  The best method to avoid any issues is to ball up the paper and then toss it down a hallway or across the room for your pets to play with for a moment...but only a moment as they can swallow the paper and those dyes can make them sick.  This allows them momentary play to satisfy their prey drive.   Lastly, many people think that pets are a wonderful gift for the season.  Please do not purchase a puppy or kitten or “chick” for anyone.  Often this results in disaster and a visit to the local animal shelter to surrender that animal.  While the gift is intended as well-meaning, there are a lot of factors to consider.  In this case, I would recommend a stuffed toy cat or dog from FAO Schwarz. ABOUT ROCK AND RAWHIDE Sean-Patrick M. Hillman is the Chairman & Co-Founder of Rock & Rawhide, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to increase the level of adoptions of dogs and cats at shelters and rescues. •





e are in the middle of a pet-related crisis! According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million companion animals go into animal shelters each year in the United States. Out of this number, approximately 3.3 million are dogs, and 3.4 million are cats. But sadly, there might be more to this story…since there is no central data reporting system for animal rescues and organizations in the Unites States (and not every state requires shelters to report their numbers), all of these statistics are, well, just a guess. However, there is one thing we do know for sure: the overpopulation of cats far exceeds the overpopulation for dogs. The uphill battle with cat-overpopulation falls into three main categories: people jump into being a petparent without first considering all the responsibilities therefore surrendering them to shelters when it becomes “too much work”; people shop rather than adopt; and lastly, failing to get their cat spayed, in time or not at all. After all, cats can have an average of five kittens per litter – and this number can multiply with each offspring…now that is a lot of kittens! And the harsh reality is that, the rate of a cats being adopted is much less than dogs. In fact, only 37% of cats in shelters are adopted and less than 5% of cats are returned to their humans. But the problem might not be entirely our fault: conventional wisdom dictates that cats should be spayed or neutered at six months of age or older. But Director of Maine-based animal advocate organization, Marian’s Dream, Esther Mechler, disagrees. In fact, she advises that cats are best spayed/neutered by five months. This life-saving message is what her Fix by Five campaign is about. If we fix our cats by five months, not only will we get ahead of unplanned litters (and subsequently over-population), as cats can already be pregnant by six months, there are also numerous advantages attached, “if cats are fixed by five months (between two and five months) they will most likely not spray and mark and roam. It is those behaviors that often costs male cats their homes. Female cats are over 90% less likely to develop mammary gland cancer if they are fixed by five months.” Mechler stated. She goes on by saying, “Both of these are hormone-driven, and by spaying or neutering early in life-before the hormones kick in-we help keep cats in their homes and with the expectation of a happier, healthier life.”

It is to no surprise that Mechler is also a huge cat-lover, as she tells Pet Lifestyles Magazine about her infinite love for cats and how it all started, “When I was 7 or 8 years old I lobbied long and hard for a cocker spaniel but my parents never caved! Instead we somehow adopted a little black and white kitten. He stole our hearts for sure, and ever since I have had cats. Why? Because they’re so independent, so complex, so graceful, such individuals and they have so much to teach us.” Her love for felines is what ultimately inspired her to found the Fix by Five campaign, the core program of Marian’s Dream, a nonprofit that aims to end dog and cat overpopulation. With a mission to reduce cat overpopulation by lowering the standard age of spaying/neutering for cats down to five months or earlier, Mechler’s Fix by Five campaign recently gained the approval of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), a collection of more than  ​93,000  veterinarians across different sectors, and is thought of as the leading voice of the profession. The fact is, currently, three out of four people either have no knowledge of when to spay/neuter their cats or thought it was six months or older. And to this, Mechler strongly suggested to spread the word “The Fix by Five campaign now has vet support but now we need to raise public awareness,” she states “there are a lot of problems out there, and solutions are often  costly and complicated. We are so pleased to have found a solution for several problems that plague felines -- can we make “cat parents” aware enough to be proactive with their kitties?” She sums it up to three simple points: 1. Medical: kittens spayed prior to first heat have a 91% lower risk of developing mammary gland cancer which takes the lives of an estimated 75,000 cats each year. 2. Behavioral:    the hormones that develop if male cats are left unaltered lead to territorial fights, territorial spraying, and marking and roaming.  Over 80% of cats relinquished to shelters or abandoned are unspayed/unneutered. 3. Community: over half the litters born are “oops litters,” who end up in shelters or on the streets. These unplanned, unwanted litters would not be born if cats did not go into heat. •




HOLIDAY ADOPTION By Annabelle Shapiro

he holidays are an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or none, this time of year is intended to be filled with love, compassion, and the spirit of giving. At Best Friends New York, our staff and volunteers take such excellent care of our animals that some may already feel a little at home, but the Lifesaving Center is only a rest-stop between their lives before and their forever families. For some however, the Lifesaving Center becomes a longer “rest-stop” than it should. Due to size, age, medical needs or anything else, some of our animals tend to find themselves spending months with us. Of course, these animals are available for adoption year-round—but they’re hoping that the holiday season is their lucky chance at finding that perfect home they’ve been waiting for. By adopting this holiday season, you’re not only saving one life, you’re saving many. When one animal gets adopted from a shelter, that opens up a space for another homeless pet who can find their chance at being adopted as well! Adoption is a chain reaction which makes it so much more impactful than many people understand. You’re not saving one life—you’re becoming a part of a community that is working toward the goal of no-kill by 2025! Of course, not everyone is in the position to adopt a pet this holiday season, but for those who are able, it is the most and unequivocally sure way of saving a life. If you already have a pet or two, and can’t make room for another, donation or volunteering are also great options and help immensely as well. It’s often easier to feel disconnected from the animals when you haven’t met them personally so let us introduce some of our pets in need of homes this holiday season! Meet Sheena: Our longest current resident, Sheena has been waiting for her perfect home since February. When she came to Best Friends, she had an uphill battle—she was 10-years-old, overweight, and dealing with arthritis which made losing weight difficult. She was depressed due to not being able to enjoy her walks but with the love and care of our team and many devoted volunteers, Sheena began water therapy. After a few months, her weight dropped, and she began being excited for her daily walks around the block—she even started pulling her dog walkers out the door! Aside from her medical needs, Sheena is the sweetest girl and has become a staff favorite for her patience and cute little waddle. She’ll let you dress her up like Santa and pose for pictures under a tree— won’t you give her a home? Lulu


Another long termer looking for a home is Big Boy: This handsome guy has been looking for his perfect family since April. He’s five-years-old and although he’s full of energy, Big Boy has received his “good boy” certification of doggy training! He has the most expressive face and ears and loves to be the center of attention. All he wants is to chase balls and go for walks with his favorite people. If you’re making a resolution to be more active in 2020, Big Boy would help you stick to it! Will you make his holiday season the best one yet by giving him a home of his own? If you’re more of a cat lover, look no further than precious Lulu: Lulu has been with Best Friends since May, spending all of her time in loving foster homes. This six-year-old girl has chronic kidney disease which just means that she needs help getting her fluids! Luckily for you, the kidneys have no effect on how much she loves people. After the initial meeting period, Lulu will happily snuggle into your bed with you, returning all the love that you’ve given her. While Lulu is in a wonderful foster home being taken care of, we’re sure she’d be even happier in a home of her own. Bring Lulu home this holiday season and fill your house with even more love. Of course, we hope that every pet gets a home for the holidays this year, but we want people to remember that these animals are not just gifts. They want to become members of your family and when you adopt, you are committing to loving them for their entire lives. So, this season, consider adopting and heading into the new year with a new best friend and knowing that you’ve helped countless others at the same time. Together, we can work toward no homeless pets for the holidays, and it starts with you! • HOLIDAY EDITION




atural healing. A holistic approach with kindness and insight beyond compare, Dr. Marty is truly a rock star among vets. We are not exaggerating. What makes this celebrated veterinarian worthy of a Beverly Hills clientele and a nationally released film just about his exclusive “integrated” approach to healing pets? Dr Marty Nature’s Blend a favorite of dogs large and small.

Integrative medicine by definition is traditional medicine practices integrated with more natural approaches and healing practices that fall outside conventional pharmaceutical treatments. Otherwise known as holistic medicine; it focuses on improving the health and body as a whole and encourages natural healing. Dr. Marty tells Pet Lifestyles Magazine, “Integrative medicine is not the other side of the spectrum to conventional medicine but the umbrella of conventional medicine ‘integrated’ with the use of more natural, biological techniques, almost free of side effects and adverse reactions.” Working in tandem with traditional medicine practices, integrative veterinary medicine offers another source of treatment for Dr. Marty’s patient. The result: Great success. But the path of using integrative medicine for animals wasn’t always this smooth. “This new approach came about mainly through my own health starting to fail as I was attending vet school and my early years as a veterinarian. This led to a search for alternatives to conventional medicine and when I found that health-related practices worked for me, it just made sense to try this holistic approach on pets. It worked dramatically well on animals.” Dr. Marty explains. However, as most ground-breaking ideas go, not surprisingly, it was not accepted at first, he explains, “The path to creation was very rewarding BUT was also met with severe opposition in the form of ridicule, criticism and actual threats.” So Dr, Marty has persevered in integrative veterinary medicine, no threats have deterred him. He combines the best of both worlds - east and west - natural and chemical - into one treatment plan. What also makes his integrative medicine exceptional is its focus on general body and health - not as much on the disease itself: After all, a healthy body can heal itself – naturally. Dr. Marty breaks down the pros and cons of using alternative medicine for fur-babies, “Advantages include: Almost free of adverse effects, promotes health, longer, happier, healthier life. In the long run, less cost to maintain health than treat the severe diseases like cancer that arise from an unhealthy way of life.”



But as the brilliant Isaac Newton once said, “what goes up must come down.” Dr. Marty also alerts us of the disadvantages of taking an exclusively natural course of treatment, “Disadvantages include: It’s not a quick fix especially for the symptoms associated with illness—more of a process than a treatment. Initially it may be more expensive in many ways than conventional practices. Nowhere near as much is known or being taught about this holistic medicine as opposed to conventional so expertise is limited when it comes to practicing and seeking out experienced practitioners.” One huge benefit we do know for sure though: Using integrative medicine for your pet’s health improves the quality and longevity of your precious pet’s life — isn’t that what every pet parent wants? Seeing what a game-changer integrative medicine has been for his patients, Dr. Marty knows the impact of this approach. Who better then to come out with a line of pet products than the father of integrative veterinary medicine himself? And that’s exactly what Dr. Marty Pets is about, He has introduced a line of “exceptionally goodfor-your-pet” freeze-dried raw food, treats, and supplements. With the sole mission of boosting your pet’s health through nutrition in mind, Dr. Marty Pets products are all natural, grain-free, free of chemicals, and contain no fillers - each product chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals, even the pickiest eaters stay healthy and happy.

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One hungry dog who can’t wait to get his paws on the best dog food ever from Dr. Marty.

All us dog parents at Pet Lifestyles especially love the Nature’s Blend, a well-balanced freeze-dried raw dog food made with a variety of meats and fish, including ranchraised beef and duck, and an assortment of dog-approved fruits and vegetables. A close second is Tilly’s Treasures, Dr. Marty’s snackable dog treat made of 100% raw premium beef liver rich in A and B vitamins, iron, and essential minerals. Our pups are hooked! Don’t forget about Shine & Luster, Dr. Marty’s skin and coat supplement designed to aid luster from the inside out - How? This product from Dr. Marty balances histamine levels and naturally fights off irritating allergens. The result: A stronger and more luscious coat (even we dare say, glorious?!). With this supplement, your dog’s shiny coat is sure to turn heads. With over four decades in the veterinary field, Dr. Marty has seen it all — and his passion for helping animals has never wavered. His favorite part about being a veterinarian, “The SO many miracle cases I have witnessed over the years, ” he says. “Pets considered or deemed hopeless, terminal or non-responsive by the highest level of conventional medicine; given weeks or even days to live, then seeing them years later running and playing looking ten times better than when they first presented.” This distinguished veterinarian is already working on his next milestone in life: he is in the process of writing his second book, one following his successful first book, “The Nature of Animal Healing” (just ask celebrity fans like Oprah and Martha Stewart!). Dr. Marty’s second book will be one that illustrates his life as a veterinarian; telling countless stories about his practice and patients — we cannot wait to read it. Dr. Marty reputation has warranted a film about his approach. Premiering at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival, the documentary film “The Dog Doc” focuses on Dr. Marty and his integrative veterinary medicine practices. It also speaks to important issues like “are we over-medicating our pets?”’ Directed by Dr. Marty’s dear friend and long-time client, Cindy Meehl, who created the film to help get the message out to more pet parents. Dr. Marty recalls, “Almost 30 years ago, her own dog, non-responsive and almost terminal, in a short time became one of those miracle cases. That’s what started her vision to one day help get this message out.” At that time, little did Meehl know that her furry best friend will end up living for another six years — she of course had Dr. Marty to thank for that. For more information on Dr. Marty, go to • HOLIDAY EDITION

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Terrance and his love of feet



n July 22, New York made cat declawing officially a thing of the past when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that ended the procedure across the state. As owners of a proud declaw-free feline veterinary practice in Manhattan (, we have had to discuss this issue with some of our clients over the years. Believe it or not, our clients usually weren’t asking to have their cats declawed, but rather they had adopted a cat that was already declawed and were looking for help in dealing with side effects. There’s always a reason to love each cat that finds its way into your life, and the idea that a cat’s claws are somehow a burden on humanity is a major myth that needs to go out of fashion along with the handlebar moustache. Declawing is not only removing the nail, but also an amputation of the last portion of each digit. The word declawing is definitely misleading for a reason; saying you’re having amputations done on your cat obviously doesn’t sound as benign as “declawing” them. Fortunately, New Yorkers have made the right choice in ensuring that claws remain an integral part of any kitty’s life, and we have the exclusive on why you’ll agree. FINGERS AND TOES MAKE LIFE MUCH SWEETER FOR ALL OF US Quadrupeds need all four feet operating at full speed if they want to make the most of their biology. While many cats are being waited on “hand and foot” and enjoy the sweet life of basking in the sun on a plush bed, not all cats live in luxury and laziness at all times. Cats need their claws and toes to hunt, climb, balance, defend themselves, etc., especially if they’re ever outside the comfort of a safe home. People and cats want the same thing: to be loved for who they really are. How many of us complain about our parents not accepting us as we are, so why would it be acceptable to have a double standard with our furry loved ones? Having claws would be awesome – let’s face it! Rather than treating cats and their talons as a problem that needs to be remedied, let’s appreciate them for their beauty and uniqueness. If the idea of a cat’s claws is still unappealing for you the next time you’re thinking of expanding your fur family, consider adopting another kind of pet. 28 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


Lily, at the office, in her best huntress pose

CATS ENJOY SCRATCHING JUST AS MUCH AS YOU ENJOY A GOOD MANICURE Humans and cats both enjoy the art of grooming. Whether we are pampering ourselves or someone else, there is something quite satisfying about the process. Cats love scratching; we just have to find the right set of objects for them to scratch instead of complaining about their instinctual way to prime their nails. The extra-large cat scratchers with catnip sprinkled on are favorites for our kitties. They love to spread out on them and really go crazy getting their kitty manicures! Most cats will find just one or two things they like to scratch in their homes, so you have to find strategic fabrics when shopping if you want to take preventative measures. Love a nice tweed or burlap tufted Victorian chair? So will kitty! So much so that she will scratch it with glee, and we can’t blame her. Simply pick another fabric and you likely won’t have to worry. When fabric is thick and loose and their claws sink right into it, that is a scratch-inducing feeling for them! For our most tempting armchairs like this at home, we find matching faux fur throws to cover the seat cushions, and it works well. Otherwise we aim to buy fabrics like a sturdy microsuede and other stronger tight knits that don’t let their claws fall in and tempt them. Also buying a cheap “decoy” ottoman with a fabric our cats like to scratch has been wonderful for us. This way they can get their wild kitty claws out on a piece of furniture that is meant just for them. It’s also a good idea to keep their nails regularly trimmed, and if needed it’s worth it to try nail caps (such as Soft Paws) which look like glue on gel nails for cats. If your cat is still scratching numerous objects and being unusually compulsive or destructive with the habit, the problem might be behavioral and could be a stress reaction to a variety of issues, which means it’s time to seek help from a veterinarian.

Mint, thinking about scratching her favorite chair

A CAT’S GRACEFUL AGILITY IS A THING OF BEAUTY While we have known some declawed cats to still be able to perform incredible acrobatics, being declawed certainly makes the task more difficult. Imagine if being both a ballerina and rock climber were somehow built into your genetic code and that you couldn’t be fulfilled without practicing your artforms every week. If you suddenly lost much of your skills due to unnecessary surgery, you’d probably still try your best to dance and scale a mountain because your need would always be there. This connects to one of the major reasons why some cats that are declawed will begin to act out behaviorally. Since they can’t use their natural defenses properly, they might begin to overcompensate with excess biting, which is not likely to work out well for the other roommates in kitty’s life. Rather than trying to change one of their best features, we can adapt our homes in a way that can make everyone happy. Some of our favorite things about cats stems from their adorable feats of agility and playfulness. For those of us that are fortunate enough to be loved by a cat, we also need to respect their nature and physiology. It’s hard not to be jealous of their effortless abilities in pure comedy and unconditional love, coupled with the talent to climb straight up a tree as well as stalk their humans from the top of a bookcase. How else do we expect them to protect us from the occasional waterbug, if not for the beauty of their claws? Boney, always happier when showing off his climbing skills

Arielle Bennett and Dr. Eric Dougherty, DVM are The Cat Practice, veterinarians just for cats. For more information, go to • HOLIDAY EDITION



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