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American Humane’s Dr. Robin Ganzert Frankie The Bulldog: A Brooklyn Sensation Victoria Lily Shaffer: Life, Love & First-Time Authorthor Jason Wu: Chic Cat Haute Collection

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Vol. 5 #1 | January 2022 President / Publisher BILL MASON

It wasn’t so long ago when I’d wake up to my sweet dog, Angel Pup (AP for short), and wonder: How do people not have dogs? How do they manage the stress of everyday life without a pair of puppy dog eyes gazing back? While dogs have been part of the human world for thousands of years, it’s also known that they’ve evolved from working and living outside to living indoors as part of the family? For example, we didn’t let other working animals move into the house and sleep on our beds. So, why dogs? “Having a dog helped me to trust and build a relationship,” my friend TJ told me and who decided to adopt a dog after the breakup of his marriage of 20 years. He soon found trust, acceptance, and unconditional love. He thought if this is good for me, how many others could it help.

Editor in Chief Patricia Canole

Executive Editor Melanie Carden

Art Director Scott Cuollo

Chief Photographer Annie Watt

Contributors AP Connolly • Jessica E. Downing DVM Rodd McCann • James Tully Lana Van de Mark • Brett Shorenstein DVM Amanda Watt • Lori Zelenko Executive Vice President of Sales LYLE SELTZER Sales Bill Mason Sr. - Director of New Business Development Brett Caldwell - Director of Integrated Sales and Marketing

Another population that sees excellent benefit from dog companionship: our senior citizens. Often, the animal is why older adults get up in the morning. Thankfully, more and more assisted-living facilities allow dogs visit and interact with seniors.

Director of Operations Kurt Nesheim

Dogs are very social. Our four-legged friends somehow make it easier for humans to connect. In fact, people are likely to respond more positively to someone with an animal. Animals permit us to engage in ways we wouldn’t otherwise, less formal ways, silly ways. And that’s helpful in settings ranging from workplaces—which are increasingly allowing dogs to hospitals settings where trained therapy dogs work.

Magazine Distribution The Garrido Group

Of course, my first letter as your new editor is on dogs. But no worries, I’ve had plenty of cats, fish, birds and even lived on a farm in Ireland. So yes, I love all animals and can’t wait to share my stories. I hope you enjoy this issue of Pet Lifestyles as much as I loved putting it together. Let me know your thoughts.

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Cover Photo Dr. Robin Ganzert by Annie Watt






American Humane has been the country’s primary voice for the humane treatment of animals. Founded in 1877, it is this country’s first national humane organization which began its mission by protecting farm animals and went on to pioneer advances for animals over the years. Today, American Humane protects and improves the lives of nearly one billion animals worldwide. Each year, the organization helps ensure the proper treatment of millions of farm animals, rare and endangered species in zoos and aquariums. It also ensures protection for the beloved animal actors appearing in movies and TV through their well-known “No Animals Were Harmed®” program. Animal Humane also rescues animals suffering in natural disasters, puppy mills, and large-scale hoarding and cruelty cases. Recently we sat down with Dr. Robin Ganzert, CEO and president of Animal Humane, who sheds light on the importance of animal rescue worldwide. Here is her story. 6 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


Tell our readers about your background and how you found American Humane to make such a difference.

First, I have always been an unabashed animal lover and advocate. It’s something that has been a deep part of me for as long as I can remember. And since my professional life was always focused on philanthropy, being offered the CEO position at American Humane, which had been behind virtually every significant advance in the Compassion Movement, was just too perfect. So, I jumped at it. →



Despite the tremendous progress in treating our animal friends, many are still suffering and need our help…

Robin Ganzert, Whoopi Goldberg & Friends



How has American Humane responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in this past year?

I’m a great believer that challenging times have a way of bringing out the best in us. It’s certainly been true at American Humane, founded after the Civil War to fight for the humane treatment of all living things and having helped millions of animals through two World Wars, the Great Depression, 9/11, and every major disaster over the past 100+ years. When the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, it affected people and millions of animals. At first, when people panicked, some began abandoning their pets because they thought they might get infected by their animals. American Humane led the charge to dispel those false rumors and urged people instead to adopt a “pandemic pet,” leading to the most incredible surge in adoptions in modern times. Still, many pets were left behind and shelters, especially in remote and poorer areas, found themselves in deepening trouble with fewer donations and a dramatic drop in foot traffic as people sheltered at home. To help, American Humane launched the “Feed the Hungry/ COVID-19” campaign, which delivered more than one million meals, as well as critically needed medicines and supplies to animal shelters around the country.



Describe your philanthropic work with animal abuse.

An essential part of work is rescuing animals from abandonment, cruelty cases, and puppy mills. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to conduct raids and care for animals in the most horrific situations. In one case, our team drove one of our giant rescue vehicles 1,200 miles to help rescue and rehabilitate 255 puppy mill dogs who were found living in unbelievable filth—89 of them were crammed into a single mobile home! In addition, we’ve worked to bring abandoned, starving horses back from the brink of death and help prosecute their abusers. And just recently, we saved more than thirty beautiful collies and collie mixes who were left to starve outside in the snow. It took round-the-clock medical care and plenty of love and attention to bring these beauties back to health and help them to trust people again.

As CEO and president, what has been your role in transforming the advancement of protecting all animals?

My goal has been to dramatically increase the sheer number of animals protected by American Humane and add whole new areas of humane protections for creatures who were not receiving them. When I arrived in 2010, American Humane directly touched the lives of about fifty million animals each year. In just over ten years, that number has increased so that we now safeguard and care for one billion each year, with many more species under our protection. As a CEO who focuses on the stewardship of charitable dollars, I’m particularly proud to note that more than 91 cents of every dollar spent goes directly to programs. This is part of why American Humane has earned Charity Navigator’s highest “Four-Star Rating” three times in a row. It’s also garnered a “Top-Rated Charity” with an “A” rating by both the American Institute of Philanthropy’s CharityWatch and Great Nonprofits and was awarded the gold level seal from GuideStar USA. In addition, the organization has also earned the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence, was awarded inclusion on Better Business Bureau’s prestigious Wise Giving Alliance Accredited Charities list and was designated as a “Best Charity” by Consumer Reports. →

Dr Stephen O’Brien, Dr Robin Ganzert, Bernadette Peters, Michael McCurdy



Beth Stern, Alex Donner, Jewel Morris, Dr. Robin Ganzert

Explain to our readers the new initiatives you’ve implemented since becoming the head of American Humane.

I am glad to say there have been quite a few, many of which benefit animals and people. For example, our Canines and Childhood Cancer study was the first clinically-based examination of the healing power of therapy dogs for children with cancer and made headlines around the world. And we’ve tapped into the healing power of animals to help our veterans, too. For example, our Pups4Patriots program finds dogs in need of forever homes and trains them as life-saving service animals for warriors grappling with Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. We also started a program to bring home war dogs who were separated from their handlers and left overseas, reuniting them with those who love them most and giving them happy and healthy retirements. Animals are so important to us in so many ways that we cannot allow them to disappear. That’s why we launched our global humane conservation program, helping to ensure the welfare and survival of remarkable and endangered species in leading zoological settings worldwide. I’m incredibly excited about our latest program, our new American Humane Sanctuary. This new Sanctuary will provide a welcome refuge to animals in need of forever homes, one where they can overcome the physical and emotional scars of the past and meet their future families in a beautiful home setting. Set on ten acres, the Sanctuary features everything dogs, cats, horses, birds, and other animals could want, with dog runs, agility courses, dressage greens, barns, gardens, an aviary, and a wellness clinic. The Sanctuary will also serve as a new Pups4Patriots center to help more veterans with free life-saving service dogs. It is a place where, thanks to the remarkable power of the human-animal bond, everyone can indeed find a new “leash on life.” →

Maek Stubis, Robin Ganzert



What is your biggest challenge today?

Despite the tremendous progress in treating our animal friends, many are still suffering and need our help. We need to enlist everyone, everywhere, to adopt a humane lifestyle—adopting animals from shelters, supporting rescue work, making compassionate choices at the supermarket, in their choice of entertainment, and visiting American Humane Certified™ zoos and aquariums.

Lastly, how do you see American Humane in 10 years?

Our vision is of a world free of abuse, neglect, and cruelty toward animals. A planet where all people are educated and empowered with the tools to make compassionate choices affecting the creatures with whom we share the Earth and a culture in which the powerful, life-enhancing, life-saving connections between humankind and animals are unleashed for the benefit of all. My goal is to move us closer to that vision by doubling yet again the reach of our humane programs and inspiring people all of humanity to join us in our quest to build a better world for all the world’s creatures—ourselves included. For more information on American Humane, visit •




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If you’re lucky to be in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, you might bump into the latest celebrity— four-legged Franki. Of course, everyone stops to greet this amazing dog, and considered The King. From buff bodybuilders to tiny toddlers, they all agree that Franki—an English bulldog—is as cute as they come. In less than a year, Franki, the Bully, has gone from obscurity to celebrity. Not just in New York. He’s also got millions of social media fans around the country.


Franki began pawing his way to fame when he was just a puppy during the pandemic. His dad, Isaac Horowitz, wanted a dog to keep him company during the lockdown. That’s how Franki, a Louisiana native born on Valentine’s Day 2020, officially became a New Yorker. “I started Franki’s Instagram, and TikTok accounts out of boredom, and he soon had more than 50,000 followers,” recalls Horowitz, a merchandise importer who was amazed that Franki was becoming a neighborhood and national celebrity. One of the first things people notice is his distinctive good looks. “Franki has rare blue and tan tri-coloring. He’s also got eyebrows and a lot of white in his eyes that makes them look almost human.”


Franki has given his dad permission to reveal their secrets to his rise to celebrity status. · Wear your brand proudly “Franki wears a vest with his @FrankitheBully Instagram/TikTok handle on it. Naturally, people stop to take pictures of it. It’s hilarious. His new fans go on Franki’s Instagram page right in front of us.”


Then there’s his sweet, funny personality. “He’s super friendly and playful. He’s not afraid of anything,” says his dad, who now serves as his official spokesperson. “Franki will do anything for food, especially turkey, including spinning around and sticking out his tongue on command.” Wherever Franki goes, he’s the center of attention. “When I’m out running errands by myself, no one notices me. But when I’m with Franki, I’m the most famous person in the world. He manipulates me all the time, and there’s nothing I can do about it. No one says no to Franki.” The adorable pooch’s videos and photos have earned him 4.4 million likes on TikTok, and he’s up to more than 52,000 Instagram followers. And now that he’s signed with a talent agency, Franki hopes his dad will let him say yes to all those offers he’s been getting for everything from modeling for marketing shoots to acting in movies. He’s already practicing his paw signature.

· Practice being a good celebrity “Franki wants his fans to know that he’s studied hard to be good at basic commands. He knows how to sit, hold something in his mouth, and has other talents that will make him a great ambassadog. He’s also well socialized around people and environments, so he’s comfortable in a variety of settings.” · Make it easy for fans to follow you “I post QR codes in my office windows for Franki’s social media accounts.” · Make public appearances. “Franki loves going with me everywhere, including restaurants. What’s fun is that those businesses will often repost that he was there.” · Always be ready for your close-up “I always have my camera handy, and I constantly post. Just make sure that it’s consistently quality content. You won’t gain fans with blurry photos, for example. Short videos of Franki being cute get the most engagement. I just posted a video on TikTok of him barking at a chair that got three million views.” And, of course, we couldn’t end this report without a few words from the star himself: “I am looking to continue my dog modeling and influencer marketing career. I am friendly—almost too friendly. I do, however, have cool tricks up my harness. Be sure to contact my dad and me. I am looking forward to playing fetch with you one day. --Franki





sn’t it strange how everything can get worse by the minute, and then suddenly, when you least expect it, things seem to fall into place perfectly? This applies to dog rescue, love, and life in general. I was born and raised in New York. I lived there all my life until three years ago when I moved to Los Angeles. Though I was inspired to do more after seeing the emotional and physical trauma my first puppy, Rue had endured, and the positive impact I had on her life, moving west is when my passion for rescue truly exploded.

THE WAY IT IS I had fostered puppies since college, but once I got involved in the administration side of rescue— pulling dogs off the streets and out of shelters, working with fosters, and finding them their forever homes— there was no turning back. During the pandemic alone, I fostered over one hundred dogs and puppies. Some days I would have upwards of twenty dogs in my home while I waited for them to go to permanent foster homes. My garage was converted into its mini-pet supply store with everything a foster could need. There was no type of dog I wasn’t willing to take into my home. While I was known for having large litters of newborn puppies, I never turned down the challenge of a special needs dog or one misunderstood either. 16 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


My present-day dogs, Rue (a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix), Echo (a Great Pyrenees/Aussie mix), and Alfie (a Terrier/Boxer mix with a cleft paw), are used to the revolving door of fosters in our home. But, to the surprise of many, it wasn’t until this past summer that I fosterfailed and adopted my fourth puppy, Callaway (Cal, for short), a stunning, sweet, and undeniably unique Golden Retriever mix. Cal, his mom, and siblings had all come down with distemper—the evil, highly contagious, and aggressive viral disease. I had just witnessed a litter of Husky puppies suffer from it and just kept wishing I would wake up from this nightmare of having to relive the never-ending fevers, seizures, night terrors, paralysis, and more. I was hoping for a miracle, but not surprisingly, distemper took Callaway like it did the huskies. The next day, I sat on the couch wrapped in a blanket surrounded by my family and three dogs, comforting me over the loss of Callaway. My rescue community sent their condolences through flowers and baked goods. As I tried to digest how an innocent creature could endure so much pain in such a short life, the phone rang. I picked up more sad news. A dog-centric, lighthearted show I had pitched to a major network, which seemed like a done-deal, was no longer in the cards after a merger. I sobbed. How could my puppy pass away and my dreams of hosting a TV show be dissolved all in twelve hours? I was dating a guy I hadn’t heard from in weeks, to make matters worse. He ghosted me just as Callaway was getting sick, from fear of getting in touch with his own emotions.

THE PUP CULTURE RESCUE I continued to power through, attempting to push away the sadness. Months went by, and things slowly began to get easier. I founded my own Los Angeles foster-based dog rescue called Pup Culture Rescue with a group of bad-ass women who, like me, live for the well-being of dogs. I am confident it will continue to grow, saving thousands of dogs and educating the community on the need for animal rescue and adoption. Then, my book came out! It’s called Pup Culture: Stories, Tips, and the Importance of Adopting a Dog. It’s a compilation of foster and adoption stories, money-saving tips and DIY crafts, and inspiring tails from celebrities like Dan Levy, David Letterman, Glenn Close, Vanessa Williams, and Tony Bennett. Before driving across the country with my canine crew for my book tour, I met someone. This guy was thoughtful, intelligent, and nurtured dogs. Mr. Thoughtful sent me a gorgeous flower arrangement when my book was published. As my aunt said, “He is doing everything right!” I agreed. This thoughtful gesture made the day a little more manageable.

NYC & CELEBRITY WORLD I practically grew up on the set of Late Show, having spent every Thanksgiving touching the Macy’s Day Parade balloons from my dad, Paul Shaffer’s, office window and having David Letterman serve me turkey. Because of bizarre childhood experiences like these, it conditioned me to the celebrity world. But the idea of my book being published with my stories and thoughts was daunting. I wanted to write more than an informational book about dogs. I wanted my book to be personable and funny and to inspire people. Being a firsttime author? I am still processing it. I never thought I would be an author. English wasn’t my best subject. The opportunity to author a book fell into the category of “things that seem to fall into place perfectly.” Ironically, the person who delivered the unwelcome news about my show pitch is the same person who helped me get a book deal. If a chance to influence someone to adopt a dog instead of supporting a puppy mill or inhumane breeder is presented to me, I will take it because dog rescue has genuinely changed my life for the better. Everything good in my life is because of dogs, and I am so fortunate to have put it all into writing. The constant companionship and community of people who adopt a dog are incomparable. Every day is a new adventure, and every dog, a new story. Each time my dad looks over and sees me surrounded by my dogs, he jokes and says, “I feel like I am looking at another book cover.” To be determined! JANUARY 2022


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The Rescue Dog That Rescued Me. A true rescue story from Barby Keel. The night he arrives, he is dubbed Bailey, after Barby’s “favorite tipple.” He survives until the next day, on tiny amounts of water and food, wrapped in a blanket, kept warm in human arms. With love and determination, a strong will to live and a loving caretaker in Barby, who sees his full potential, Bailey begins the journey to become the dog he always deserved to be. Info:




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are bite-size treats made with one single, nutritious ingredient. These tasty treats can help your dog: maintain a healthy weight, support digestion, and boost overall health. That way, you can treat your dog worry-free. Available flavors include: Bison Liver, Chicken Liver, Chicken Breast and Chicken Heart. Info:



t’s the season for winter getaways, and according to research, nearly one-third of dog owners take their pets with them if they are going away for two or more nights. In fact, GoPetFriendly. com puts that number even higher at 51 percent, and three-quarters of those respondents will travel by car. So, whether you’re headed to sunny beaches or a mountain holiday, it is possible to ensure the safest trip possible with your pet. We met up with Dr. Jessica Downing of Valley Cottage Animal Hospital for some solid advice on the subject.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN Primarily, dogs and cats should never be allowed to roam freely in a moving vehicle. We fasten ourselves and children with seatbelts. So, too, we should secure our pets the same way. Pets can be placed inside a carrier and secured with a seatbelt to avoid getting tossed around in case of an accident. Pets can also be restrained with a pet-friendly harness. The restraint must be the proper size secured appropriately when your dog is in your car. Even if your dog falls asleep during the ride, stopping short can send your furry friend hurdling forward, causing injury. Another tip is to keep your pet restrained in the backseat, as airbag systems can be deadly to a dog during a crash if they are in the front seat Knowing your dog or cat is safely secured will also reduce your desire to turn around and check on them, thus taking your eyes and attention off the road

THE FRIENDLY SKIES If air travel is in your future, consider a pet-friendly airline. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, each airline can decide its policies and procedures. For example, some do not allow pets to travel in the cabin. Call the airline ahead of time to ask for their specific policies and requirements. Keep in mind that service animals are not pets. They are working animals that assist people with disabilities. Therefore, they do not need any health certificates to travel and do not need to be confined in a container or crate. → 30 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


Try to avoid placing your pet underneath the plane with the luggage and instead find out if they can be in the cabin with you. Poor ventilation, extreme temperatures, and loud engine noise can have devastating, sometimes deadly consequences for pets placed in the cargo area. Remember that pet containers must be small enough to fit underneath the seat without blocking anyone and must remain properly stowed the entire time the plane is moving. Keep in mind that each airline will have a list of types of pets that can enter the cabin and a limit on the number on each flight; they may also have requirements that your pet be harmless, odorless. There may be an additional charge for the pet to fly with you even if they are safely stowed underneath your seat.


If you know that your pet becomes anxious while traveling, consult your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medication to make the experience less stressful for both you and your pet. Always bring your pet’s regular food with you to avoid digestive upset. It is also a clever idea to carry an extra supply of your pet’s medication and a copy of your pet’s medical records. Lastly, for all interstate and international travel, whether by land or air, a health certificate provided by your veterinarian is required. This certificate serves as your pet’s vaccination record and states that your pet is free of all contagious diseases.


You decide that your best furry friend can’t go with you. Consider leaving them at home with a pet sitter or in a local boarding facility. Young, active pets may benefit from staying at a kennel that offers playtime with other pets that are boarding. Anxious pets may be most content if left at home with a pet sitter, where their daily routine can be closely adhered to. Elderly pets or those with serious medical needs may be safest if they board at their veterinarian’s clinic/hospital. Ask your veterinarian for dependable pet sitters or kennels in your area. Wherever you choose to board your pet, make sure that they are fully up-to-date on their vaccinations. Respiratory infections, such as infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) and canine influenza, have been widespread among the canine population. Upper respiratory viruses, such as herpesvirus and calicivirus, have also been particularly virulent amongst felines. To provide maximum protection against these respiratory diseases, have your pets vaccinated by your veterinarian 1-2 months before boarding. This will allow your pet’s immune system to mount an adequate protective response against these diseases. Vaccines administered immediately before your pet’s stay at a kennel provide little protection.

Lastly, always provide your pet sitter or kennel staff with a permission letter should they need to seek medical care for your pet while you are away. Likewise, alert your veterinarian of your wishes for your pet’s medical care should they need to provide medical assistance/advice in your absence •

Dr. Downing has been a general practitioner and emergency veterinarian at the Valley Cottage Animal Hospital since 2005. As a co-owner of the hospital, Dr. Downing oversees the emergency side of the practice. Dr. Downing grew up in upstate New York and completed her veterinary education at the New York State Veterinary College at Cornell University. JANUARY 2022





ou may be one of many lucky Americans to be gifted a cute, cuddly pet recently, but did your new pup come with a training manual? While getting a new dog may have sounded like the best gift idea ever, the responsibility of pet parenthood can be, well, challenging at times. A new puppy or even an older dog requires structure, rules and attention to ensure an obedient, confident and well-mannered pup is being nurtured. This also helps them better understand their role and place in the family. From adopting healthy social skills to emulating good behaviors, training is necessary and crucial to raising a happy, healthy and friendly furry friend. While training is a requisite any dog owner should embrace and put into practice on a regular basis, many people struggle to commit to the charge. Sure. Training is challenging work, and there are a variety of approaches one can move forward with. But if a dog owner does not commit early on, the negative characteristics a dog can latch onto can easily morph into a long journey of correcting unpleasant habits and behaviors…some that may even be costly or dangerous. So why not get the struggle out of the way and get to training that new pup of yours today?

Before you get started, you may want to have these training essentials on hand:

• • • • •

Training clicker (or marker) Slack leash (four to six feet) Crate, pet gate and/or pet pen A favorite toy Natural treats of your choice.



According to veterinarians and experts in the field, these five tips will guarantee you and your new fur baby will thrive in 2020 and on! • Praise Positive Behavior with Positive Reinforcement. This is as simple as it sounds. When your pup performs good behavior, always be sure to reward him. Whether it’s a tasty treat or a favorite squeaky toy, demonstrating praise for a positive action will be something your pup will pick up on quickly. Additionally, utilizing a clicker or a marker will serve as an audible cue to place emphasis on the correct behavior you want repeated. Positive reinforcements can vary from treats and toys to belly rubs and bear hugs. Just be sure to remain consistent to cultivate positive actions for the long run. • House Train at 12 Weeks. Like children, dogs need to learn when and where to go. This means they too must learn to hold it— controlling their bladder and bowel movements. While this can take months to master, success entails patience, consistency and…plenty of cleaning products to clean up the accidents that will happen. To help avoid accidents throughout the house, it is perfectly okay to confine your pup to one single space at a time while he slowly learns where he can go. Consider using pet gates to keep them in a single room without entirely closing them off from the rest of the family. As your pup become more cognizant of the right time and place to go, he can be allowed increased freedom throughout the home. To help minimize accidents, be sure to take your pup out first thing in the morning, every half hour throughout the day, after meals and at night before everyone retires for the evening. Every time your pup does his business outside, give him the praise he deserves. • Start with Basic Commands. You’ve heard these before: Sit, stay, down (or lay), come, and heel. While there are abundant commands a dog can be taught, these basic commands are the ones introduced early on, especially if you want a polite pup that others can enjoy being around. Again, any of these actions should be praised with positive reinforcement that is of high-value to your pup. Remain consistent with your cues, praise and repeat. For younger pups, keep these training sessions short, anywhere between five to 10 minutes a session. • Embrace the Leash. While every dog enjoys free range play, it’s important to teach the basic skills of walking on a leash, especially when sharing a path with others. Having your dog professionally trained to walk on a leash ensures your safety and the safety of those around, especially in crowded places where your dog can become overwhelmed, anxious and unpredictable. To get started, be sure to have a suitable collar, a slack leash and treats on hand. Begin with short sessions and instruct your dog to stay on one side as this will prevent your pup from crossing your foot path, potentially causing a fall or worse.

When on walks, it is ideal to train your dog to follow along your side or behind you as this demonstrates you are in control of any given situation. If your dog is like most, he may want to make an abrupt stop or pull on the leash. Instead of following his lead, troubleshoot this behavior by walking in the other direction to show him you are still in control and that he needs to pay attention. Whether your pup stops when you stop, or he restrains himself from chasing a squirrel that run across his path—reward all positive actions immediately to continue promoting them. • Encourage Friendliness in Your Pup. While some dogs are instinctually inclined to be guard dogs, and in some cases demonstrate aggression toward strangers, dog owners should urge their pups to be comfortable with outsiders if the family is at ease. A treat that is rich in protein and robust in flavor will serve as a strong motivator for dogs no matter their age. Apart from human visitors, your dog should also know how to play nicely with other dogs as he will be sure to run into plenty at the park or at the vet’s office. Social skills are not only for humans. Dogs need to be socialized too, and this training should be started as early as possible. Training your dog in his early months that interactions with other dogs can be a positive experience will foster a positive perspective for future interactions. It helps to start with an already trained dog that plays well with others. And again—reward all positive interactions! Everyone loves the idea of owning a dog, but the reality of the responsibility isn’t always for everyone. To raise a loving, happy, wellbehaved pet, owners must take their responsibility seriously, which means adjusting busy schedules to ensure time is being dedicated to their new family member. A bonus to a well-trained pup is you’ll have puppy sitters readily available anytime you want to go out of town! 34 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE




ave you ever wondered what it’s like to be an animal trainer on tv and movie sets? I’ve had the unique experience of working with a Toronto, Canada-based animal production company (Furry People Productions) and have been involved with TV shows for major networks and streaming services and even some movies. I’ve had the pleasure of working with not only other people’s animals but working with my own, too. I’ve learned along the way that for a dog or cat to go from a loving member of the family to a bonified actor/model, it takes solid obedience skills. They should have an excellent sit-stay, and a reliable recall essential for any offleash work. Of course, an animal that loves working for treats is perfect and helps them stay focused while working.

PATIENCE & PLANNING Working with an animal on set is like working with a child. It takes patience and proper planning to get the best results. My goal as a trainer, is always to make sessions short and fun. In other words, a training session during which they will always be rewarded. This helps build their confidence and understanding with their new “job” and leaves them happy and excited to do more. By now, you might be saying, this is all great. But what is it like on set? Before being on set, there’s prep work. For example, the animal sometimes spends days or weeks learning a new trick for a specific scene or photoshoot. Then, the day before being on set, they go for grooming, get their nails trimmed, and their hair brushed, washed, and fluffed. I also like to put together supplies I think we might need, such as treats, toys, brushes, leashes, and anything else I think we may need or that could make the day more comfortable.

BONDING IS IMPORTANT Once on set, we set up camp in our designated area that’s typically away from the hustle and bustle of filming and the crew so either the dog or cat can relax and even take naps between scenes. If there are specific scenes between an actor and the animal, we need to account for the dog or cat’s personality and how much time they may need to bond with them before shooting the scenes. Sometimes scenes are set up to look like the animal is near an actor, but if they’re not on camera at the same time, we can take the pressure off the dog or cat and film them separately. When filming separately, we can reduce the crew around, which reduces potential distractions and usually results in a more natural, relaxed look. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. A dog wants to play or doesn’t want to look in a specific direction. This is where a trainer’s expertise and quick thinking come in handy. If a dog wants to play, I like to turn it into part of the reward. I start playing with them, then ask for a basic command like a sit or lay down and reward them with the play they desire. Once I have them focused, I ask them for the desired action in the scene, and they get rewarded with a small play session before we shoot again. When play is no longer the expected reward, we go back to a treat, toy, or whatever they love. Throughout shooting, the dog or cat needs to take breaks so they can go eat, drink, or even relax. Their welfare is always a top priority.



IS IT FOR YOUR PET? Being on set is a fun and memorable experience, especially when you have a talented team and support. If you’re thinking about getting your pet into the show business, I suggest seeking a reputable animal production company near you. Work on having solid basic obedience skills like sitting and laying down. Getting them used to busy environments will help them feel more relaxed when away from home and in a new, busy environment such as being on a set. If your pet already handles this as a pro, teach them a new trick! It could just be the thing that sets them apart from others they might be considering and help them land a role. All of these suggestions are excellent skills you can do at home and can be used throughout their lives.

Work on having solid basic obedience skills like sitting and laying down…

The discerning cat's answer to the cardboard box! Your furry feline (or small canine friend) will spend hours happily squeezed into this mod box and will look great doing so! The Whisker Box design is based on “compression therapy”, the scientifically proven feline desire for compression, which translates to a sense of calm and security for your pet. Comes in 4 fabulous colors with complementary snap color options. Constructed of antimicrobial nylon canvas with an eco-felt core.

Clean with a damp cloth or lint brush. Easily unsnaps for flat storage or travel. BORN IN BROOKLYN. MADE IN USA. WHISKER and BOX, LLC





echnology helps us out in countless ways—and that includes our pets too. Whether it’s innovative design, safety enhancements, or handheld interactive apps…let’s check out some of the best for 2022.

ROYAL ROOTS Learn about your pup’s breed, ancestry, relatives, and more with a simple cheek swab. Think Fido is royalty? Find out with Embark Vet dog DNA Breed Identification Kit. Info:

PAWSITIVELY CONNECTED COMMUNITY Paway is a free dog walking companion app that helps pet parents and caregivers find dogfriendly routes, get live alerts, and stay connected with their paw community. Info:

WINTER STROLL GOALS If your buddy loves the outdoors, a Fi Smart Collars is a must-have. Enabled with GPS location and activity tracking—the technology makes your winter strolls worry-free. Info:

ROBOT HELPER The Dogness Smart iPet Robot— controlled by your phone app—allows you to monitor and even treat your dog remotely. You control its movements, including head tilts for elevated visuals. Info:

HALO SAFE HAVEN Co-created by TV’s favorite dog trainer, Cesar Milan, Halo collars instantly create wireless fences right from your phone even without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Info: INSTANT PEACE OF MIND With its quick scan ID and instant GPS-locator, Fetch Digital Pet ID tags provides peace of mind. It also stores vaccination information, vet name, and other health data. Info: 38 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


LITTER ROBOT Whisker’s Litter Robot reminds us of the cartoon The Jetsons! After your cat exits, the robot automatically sifts the clumps into an enclosed drawer for easy removal. Info:

REMOTE PHOTO BRAG Familink photo frame allows you to remotely exchange pet photos without any setup or settings. Perfect for keeping your pet’s grandparents up-to-date on fur baby shenanigans. Info:

PURR-FECTLY DESIGNED Sometimes technology gifts may remind us of old-school fun. One example is the Purrini PlayMate, a modular pet toy that allows you to build your cat’s dreamscape. Info:

MODERN ART Send your pet’s photo to the amazing digital artists at and select your canvas. These folks recreate the image—by hand—using state-ofthe-art digital software. Info:

FROM WOOF TO WORDS We know that dogs and cats can understand words we say. Now, with Fluent Pet, a few sound-making buttons can empower them to “say” words too. Info:

APP-TASTIC TRICKS New tricks just got a techy-twist. Download the Dogo app to access training options like their New Dog Program, Basic Obedience, and the Strengthen Your Friendship Program. Info: JANUARY 2022




With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, you likely already know Henry and Baloo, the adventuring dog and cat besties. In addition, the beloved buddies—both rescue pets—have been featured on TV shows, including The Drew Barrymore Show, Good Morning America, and publications such as People, Shape, US Weekly, and many more. Pet Lifestyles met up with the owner, Cynthia Bennett, who gave us the inside scoop on life behind the scenes and all their adventures. Can you share how they became so close? Did it just happen instantly? Henry, our dog, had issues with separation anxiety for his first few years. We tried everything we could, but eventually, we settled on getting him a friend to help keep him company when we were away, and Baloo was that friend. It only took them a day or two to become inseparable. Baloo was part of an abandoned litter, and he immediately attached himself to Henry. It was simply perfect because they both needed each other. One of the cutest things that happened is Baloo trying to nurse on Henry. Of course, it didn’t go over too well, but it did make it obvious how close they would become. How did Baloo start hiking and adventuring with you and Henry? He was adopted from a rescue here in Colorado and went for his first hike in Golden a few days after coming home. Another two days later, he was on his way to Telluride, Colorado, for a backcountry camping and hiking trip with Henry and me. He loves the car and hiking, and camping. The only thing he finds even remotely concerning is the sound of loud/fast rushing water. How have the outings shaped your relationship with each other? It brings us together. When you are out on the trails or in the mountains, there is nothing more important than your pack. It helps us all stay bonded and connected. The need to trust and depend on each other is hard to foster but easy to find when your pack is all you have.



Did the social media following grow over time, or would you say there was one post that seemed to be the one to go viral and jumpstart the process? Henry was the sole subject of the account for three years and had accrued around 30k followers. Once we got Baloo, things grew exponentially, especially after the Cat Hat picture taken at Great Sand Dunes National Park. What advice do you have for people adventuring with their pets? Start them early, stay safe and positive, and bring all the needed first aid and camping equipment. Healthy food is very motivating. Baloo loves chicken and deli meat. Inspired by your outdoor adventures, you started a foundation. Tell us a little about that. The Henry and Baloo Foundation is a 501(C)3 nonprofit dedicated to preserving land in the American West. Our mission is to protect open land in perpetuity, freeing it from political and commercial interests. Nature has become such an essential part of our lives. We wanted to do more to help protect it. Seeing places, we loved and landscapes we thought were protected be sold to the highest bidder was gut-wrenching, so we decided to do something about it! The Henry and Baloo Foundation directly purchases and permanently preserves open land in the American West. We are protecting acquired parcels of land in perpetuity by placing conservation easements on them which “run with the land,” binding the original owner and, more importantly, all subsequent owners to the easement’s restrictions. Our goal is to conserve land and protect the wildlife that calls it home from changing governments and unrelenting corporate interests. Land can’t be created, so it’s crucial we preserve the little we have left. With your help, the H+B foundation will work to save as many forests, rivers, and canyons as possible. You also authored a book, Our Wild Tails. Tell us more. We received so many questions about how this all began and how they bonded to each other. So, we wanted to share it with our followers. The 150+ never seen pictures are just a bonus, and we still have yet to share hardly any of them. For more information about Henry & Baloo, visit Also available on the website is the book; 5 percent of each purchase goes to the Henry and Baloo Foundation.





ituated in Upper Freehold, New Jersey is a special, unique place devoted to caring for canines in their golden years. Opened in 2015 and nestled on 25-acres of land that was once a tree farm, Marty’s Place is a haven that could best be described as a retirement home for dogs. Founded by Doreen Jakubcak and her family, it is so much more than just a shelter. It is a “forever home for senior dogs.” The story of Marty’s Place started with a single dog in need, Marty. A tender soul that, like so many older dogs, spent his later years in transient flux, being passed from shelters to foster homes and doggy daycares. By the time Marty had found his way to Doreen and her family, he was frail and traumatized while suffering from degenerative neuropathy. Nevertheless, Doreen and her family gave Marty the love, stability, and dignity that had been absent from his life up until that point, with long, lazy days spent in the sun by the lake. Unfortunately, Marty passed on; however, an idea was born that would give rise and hope to so many aging dogs after that.

A HOME FOR LIFE Doreen recognized an obvious need to find someone and somewhere to care for elderly dogs who, like Marty, had been living on the fringe. Unlike the caged and hallowed walls of a shelter, Marty’s Place is where the dogs can feel safe and where they have a home for life. They have their rooms where they retire and sleep. The dogs also have access to communal living spaces, where they can lounge around with their two- or four-legged friends, a swimming pool to exercise or practice their dog paddling, as well as grooming and bathing areas for all their pampering needs. Not to mention the 25 acres of walking trails and wooded land that surrounds the sanctuary. So why do dogs find their way to Marty’s Place? Well, according to Doreen, the owners of dogs can relinquish ownership for several reasons: the owner passing away or suffering from an illness, an owner transitioning into a long-term care facility, financial hardship, relocation, or dogs can develop health issues that an owner can longer provide the care that they need. 44 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


PASSIONATE VOLUNTEERS Upon entering the sanctuary, one can’t help but be beckoned by the sense of community among its residents, its staff, and its volunteers. While Doreen and her family funded the sanctuary’s development, they rely on donations to sustain the day-to-day operations. In addition, they rely heavily on volunteers to support with care for the dogs. According to Doreen, Marty’s Place consists of five dedicated staff who care for the residents. “Our staff is supported by a passionate group of volunteers that is 100-plus strong,” who subscribe to the core values of treating each resident with the respect, compassion, and dignity they deserve. Doreen states that the minimum requirement is that all dogs must be at least seven years of age at the time of their enrollment. Other than that, the sanctuary accepts dogs of all shapes and sizes. And while the shelter does provide permanent housing, it also provides another service of placing dogs in permanent foster homes. There is a delicate balance of providing care for the number of dogs and their ability to support whatever their needs may be. Therefore, some dogs are placed into forever foster homes. Because of this, the number of dogs living at the sanctuary can fluctuate. Presently, the number is in the low 20s. However, the sanctuary can house up to 40 dogs.” There are far too many dogs with their own needs to mention in this story. Doreen spoke of two beautiful dogs, Sophie, 12, and Lucy, 9, a mother-daughter bonded pair that came to Marty’s Place because their elderly owner could no longer care for them. “Sophie arrived with advanced glaucoma. Our veterinarian determined she had lost sight in that eye, was experiencing considerable pain, and the eye needed to be removed. She has made a full recovery and is now enjoying her walks with Lucy and her many human friends,” Doreen told us. Marty’s Place’s promise and commitment to any dog is that “they have a home at the sanctuary for life unless they can be placed in an adoptive house that wants them and is willing to take on the responsibility of caring for a dog in its golden years.

NURTURING RELATIONSHIPS The Seniors for Seniors program is a unique initiative that had been on hiatus due to the pandemic. It has resumed and involves senior groups visiting the sanctuary and spending time with the residents. The residents enjoy socialization and attention. Some are willing to sit on top of a guest, while others may choose to watch from afar. Cultivating relationships between adult communities with the dogs from Marty’s Place has proven mutually beneficial. Doreen shared a lovely letter from the relative of an elderly participant. It read, “I just got off the phone with my mother, and it was the happiest I have heard her in six months. She described the dogs and the beautiful facility and told me how joyful the dogs were. She has been withdrawn, and today she blossomed and connected with the experience. Thank you.” Doreen, her family, the staff, and volunteers have managed to create a living environment for its residents like no other. Marty’s Place is all about increasing the quality of life with unconditional love while letting their dogs know that they will never be left alone.

For more information on Marty’s Place, visit



With an architect at our helm, Square Paws designs unique environments from concept to installation. In 2019, when North Shore Animal League America wanted to create something special to honor Billy Joel, they called on us to conceive and produce two free-roaming cat rooms, such as the Piano Man room pictured here.

What can we create for you?


a tailored approach to pet furniture

T 347-385-7735




“OK, can you show me the ones that have been here a while?” A sentence that genuinely changed my life. It was the winter of 2011, and I was working for the local FOX affiliate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a do-everything reporter. I did sports news on the weekends, but I’d rummage through any publication I could find for story ideas to pitch in editorial meetings during the week. One morning, I found some write-ups in a local paper about overcrowding issues at local shelters. At the time, Tulsa had many problems managing stray dogs and cats. I pitched the story successfully, which I may add was rare back in those days, and I hit the road with a photographer.


At the end was a set of cages with the dogs set to be euthanized in the next 48 hours. That’s where I found my most loyal companion. That’s where I found Dusty. The shelter veterinarian picked him up on the side of a road, no collar, no microchip. Nobody knew anything about his past. He was just six months old.

I had the paperwork filled out before I even finished shooting the interview, and I picked him up early the next day. A slightly skittish, tan hound mix with a heart-shaped marking on his face slowly acclimated LACKING THE SPACE himself to my tiny apartment. I did anticipate what challenging work The Tulsa Animal Welfare Center had well over 10,000 square training him and raising him would be. However, I did not expect the feet of space dedicated to taking in strays and abandoned unconditional love, loyalty, and one-of-a-kind personality he showed dogs and cats. Unfortunately, I wasn’t informed about how the me daily. process worked, so I asked the shelter’s director what happened to these dogs and cats. But I wasn’t ready for the answer. Today, Dusty (the name the shelter gave him stuck because, well, he’s a Dusty) is 11 years old, living with me, my girlfriend, and our two “Well, we’re called a kill shelter, so on Mondays, we close the other rescue dogs Darcy and Zoey, in Tampa, Florida. Born out of my facility and have no choice but to euthanize several of the experience that day, I am a proud advocate for rescue animals. I always animals that have been here for at least 30 days.” will be. “There’s no other option?” I remember replying.

That’s my rescue story and the inspiration behind Tully’s Tails, which I created to share—along with your pet adoption story.

“No, we need funding to expand this facility. It’s a space issue. We want to keep them all, truly we do, but it’s necessary so we Every weekday morning, I anchor Good Morning Tampa Bay on ABC. can keep functioning.” On Mondays, we broadcast a new episode of Tully’s Tails, in which one of our viewers gets to tell us about how much their rescue pet has changed Acting as impulsively as I ever have, I asked, “Can you show their lives for the better. We also use that time to spotlight one adoptable me the ones that have been here a while?” pet from Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’ll never forget the long walk down the corridors of cages, each one housing a uniquely different but beautiful mixed breed dog. Many were barking. Others I locked eyes with had a look that I can only describe as innocent, scared, and welcoming all at the same time. If you’ve ever walked through a shelter, you could understand; it’s simply hard to describe.

I’m grateful to air heartwarming animal rescue stories, devoted pet parents, and their beloved companions and do my part to help many more deserving pets find their forever homes. To submit your story for Tully’s Tails, email James.Tully@wfts. com. Or join the Tully’s Tails Facebook group or follow me at @jamestullytv on Instagram and Twitter and send me a message.





WINTERTIME TIPS TO KEEP OUR DOGS HEALTHY By Dr. Brett Shorenstein, VMD, Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic

o doubt you’re aware that dogs can get “cold” viruses and bacterial infections. Today, most dogs are vaccinated to prevent Bordetella (kennel cough). The vaccine can also protect against other diseases, including the canine parainfluenza virus. But did you know that the chances of them catching one of these viruses are more significant in some seasons, just like their human owners? SPOTTING THE SIGNS

When canines cough, it can sound like honking, wheezing, or retching. If your dog begins to cough, especially suddenly, it’s best to bring them in for a vet visit as soon as possible. Common signs of canine influenza or kennel cough include: · Strong honking cough · Runny nose · Loss of appetite · Sneezing · Eye discharge If you notice the signs and symptoms above, call your vet. Be observant; slight changes can lead to big problems. Take stock of what your dog looks like in a healthy state so when illness sets in. You can see the difference immediately. Always make sure your pet has access to fresh water. Wintry weather can dehydrate, too, as can heated interiors. Trade an extended daily walk for some downtime with a humidifier. If they are experiencing congestion, the moist air will help break it up. With a little at-home TLC and treatment from your vet, they’ll be on the mend in no time!

Boarding, daycare, and travel plans have begun to increase as quarantine requirements are lifted. And with the winter weather, we’re also seeing more canine cold cases in New York City. So, we recommend taking extra precautions when it comes to dog parks and daycare. Indeed, make sure your dog has a warm, comfortable place to rest at home and when active, be careful not to prolong exposure. Let’s face it. Not every pet has the stamina of a sled dog.


If you take your dogs to play areas, pet stores, or other doggy gathering places, make sure your pups are vaccinated. If you notice dogs coughing in these spaces, consider leaving and coming back another time. The organisms causing diseases like Bordetella and canine flu are airborne, so it’s easy for dogs to pass them on. Even the cleanest kennels can’t always prevent an outbreak. If your dog has not been vaccinated and has been going to the dog park or daycare, contact your veterinarian.


If your dog is coughing or showing other signs of canine cold or flu, please don’t bring them to play or boarding. We are happy to see your pet and prescribe medication when necessary! But, since no vaccine is 100 percent effective, we ask you to keep coughing pets away from group situations until they have not been coughing for about three days. 48 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


Remember, no one can prevent all cold and flu infections, but we can reduce exposure by being careful and considerate. For more information on Dr. Brett Shorenstein, VMD, and the Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic, visit