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Jean Shafiroff: NY’s Queen of Philanthropy Embraces Beauty & Style

Cagri Kanver: A Trailblazer On A Mission

Profile: Dr. Kelly Rabenstein—Love Is The Answer



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Vibrant Vermont: Places To Visit For The Best Of Fall

Domestic Bliss: Autumn Escapes Close To Home

Legoland Resort New York: Awesome Thrills & Chills

Tasmania: In Quiet Pursuit Of Finding The Extraordinary

Landmark Custom Home: Luxury Living In The Hamptons Of The South

145 Central Park North

The Reserve At Mayakoba: Splendor South Of The Border

Mindie’s Musings: Giving Up Friendship

Sleep Matters: Effective Ways To Wind Down

The Prostate Cancer Foundation 2022 Gala

New York Story: Justin Fornal & Wesley

Time Out With…Alison Mitzner

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As a globetrotting, freelance journalist, Natasha is on a mission to create smart and compelling content for the various media outlets she contributes to. The native Australian has always had a taste for adventure and travel, which led her to receive a journalism degree and embark on her travel-writing journey. Natasha has contributed to various publications including Malibu Times magazine, Upscale Living and many more media outlets. Her time is spent writing about anything and everything from fashion to profiles on philanthropists and influencers to luxury resorts and spas. Her specialty is everything travel, food, and adventure. She often brings her stories further to life with her photography.  Her travel bucket list includes Croatia, Paris, and Spain and when she’s not on the go, she enjoys reading and editing her photos.


Born in Sydney, Australia, it took just one visit to the city for Kristie Kellahan to realize she was a New Yorker at heart. Here was a city that could cure her allergy to boredom. Ten years later, the heady crush has become an enduring love affair and Kristie writes about the latest in NYC for newspapers and magazines around the world. After more than 20 years of travel writing, Kristie has visited 75 countries and all seven continents. France is a perennial favorite; Thailand is where she goes for healing massage and delicious curry. Antarctica is unlike anywhere else on the planet. When asked where the best place she’s ever been, Kristie usually says the last place she was in, because it’s freshest in her memory.


8 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | OCTOBER 2022 Griffin is a New York journalist and editor. Her editorial work has also appeared in The New York Times, Promenade, For the Bride, Corporate & Incentive Travel, Hotels, and others. Her articles for New York MetroParents earned her five  Parenting Media Association Editorial Gold Awards. Other professional writing includes promotional materials for The Metropolitan Opera, Guggenheim Museum, American Ballet Theatre and the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association. A member of the New York Travel Writers Association and the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, Griffin is an award-winning collage artist, actress, and playwright. She lives in Forest Hills, New York with her husband, Richard Sandomir of the New York Times, and their cats, Reggie and Cosmo.

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Welcome to every New Yorker’s favorite season. It is a time to view Mother Nature in all her brilliant best. October is one of the best times to travel and capture the all-to-brief ideal crisp, colorful days. Please take advantage of the many happenings in our backyard. Classic places to stay and new restaurants should make for a perfect weekend getaway (or even longer!).

Fall is also the season for the start of the charity gala circuit, which is the inspiration for our cover story on Jean Shafiroff—New York’s Queen of Philanthropy. She is a leader helping the less fortunate and is always available for her words of wisdom. So take a moment and be inspired!

We also introduce you to Cagri Kanver, who is turning heads and making a difference in real estate development. Cagri’s motivating story will reveal how he is constantly developing fresh concepts and innovative ideas for the New York market and beyond.

This issue is filled with thoughtful articles from cover to cover. Our mission at New York Lifestyles will always be there to cover the best New York has to offer. It is our privilege and honor to be relevant and unique to the city that never sleeps. Our writers and photographers will continue introducing you to new personalities, movers and shakers, luxurious real estate, what is new and happening in the restaurant scene, and Broadway and entertainment.

So often, I am reminded that we take things for granted—friendships, health, and the wealth of opportunities from living in this great city. But even if the world is turning upside down, let us pause for a moment and be grateful—especially our readers. We appreciate you!

Know that we consistently strive to exceed your expectations and bring you the best. Enjoy the crisp days, and Happy Halloween. See you next issue!

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Among the New York City, Southampton, Palm Beach charity circuit Jean Shafiroff is a powerful force. Jean is a highly regarded philanthropist, popular socialite, public figure and advocate who leads by example. Not just with donations, but time, work, compassion, and a forward-thinking philosophy that is inspiring the next generation.

“I believe that thoe who have resources have an obligation to give,” says Jean Shafiroff, the stylish philanthropist, who puts in many a hard day’s work helping the organizations she believes in. “Actions and choices made now will help the future. Even small gifts can add up to big changes. Giving honors life and the power of the human spirit to create change.”


Often called “First Lady of Philanthropy,” Jean is on the board of eight non-profit organizations, including the American Humane, Southampton Hospital Association, NYC Mission Society, New York Women’s Foundation, French Heritage Society, Couture Council of the Museum at FIT, Casita Maria, and Global Strays. She also serves on the Honorary Board of the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. A Catholic she served on the board of the Jewish Board for 28 years and is now an Honorary Trustee. Jean spends most of her time on her philanthropic work. Each year Jean chairs between 8 and 9 charity galas and then hosts many events in her home for different charities.

This November she will be honored by the French Heritage Society at their New York Gala and will also be honored by Operation Warrior Shield. She is also the vice chair of the NY Women’s Foundation Gala. In addition, Shafiroff hosts a show on LTV called Successful Philanthropy, inspired by her popular book Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life by What We Give. Her show runs several times each week in different markets. It can also be seen on YouTube.

“It’s a great privilege to be in a position to give—we can all be philanthropists,” says Jean Shafiroff. “I make every effort to support many causes as well as other people’s because I think it’s so important to show support in any way you can. “That’s what makes you a team player and a true philanthropist.”

Cover Fashion

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Gown: Oscar de la Renta Photographer: Michael Paniccia Henry de la Paz La Carezza
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Jean has been honored many times by the organizations she serves on as well as additional non-profits which include the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Humane, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, New York City Mission Society, Surgeons of Hope, Southampton Animal Shelter, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, HAFOP, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Pet Philanthropy Circle, Animal Zone International, Youth Counselling League, the NYC International Film Festival Foundation, the Jewish Board, and the Hadassah, and the list goes on.

“You want to feel good about the work you’re doing,” says Jean, who is sensitive to recognizing everyone who contributes. “For those who don’t have financial resources, they can get involved by giving time and knowledge. Never underestimate the value of what you can do. Most charities are extremely grateful to their volunteers and to their donors.

Though her efforts run deep, Shafiroff chooses to focus on four main areas—healthcare, women’s rights, underserved populations, and animal welfare (she recently served as National Spokesperson for the American Humane’s “Feed the Hungry” COVID-19 Program, an initiative which successfully raised $1,000,000 to provide food for one million hungry animals at 109 animal shelters across the United States. Poised and passionate, Jean brings energy and purpose to everything she commits to, whether chairing a gala, hosting events at her home (she recently welcomed 150 guests for a fund-raiser for the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital) or encouraging friends to give during her “off hours,” of which there are fewer and fewer. With her husband Martin Shafiroff, Vice Chairman of Stifel and an investment advisor, Jean is a much-indemand presence on the social circuit, raising millions for those most worthy.


Jean not only focuses on the communities in which she lives, she brings a global perspective to her giving, honed by traveling the world and seeing disparity with her own eyes. From Cambodia to Central America and beyond, the places she has visited have inspired her to expand her philanthropy.

“When you see extreme suffering, you know you have to do something because life is not created equal,” Jean says. “Those of us that have resources have an obligation to give. If people ask and I have the time, I will give it my all because I enjoy it, and it’s rewarding to be a useful and helpful society.”

Jean is admired not just for a check book but for the time and passion she puts into efforts she deems worthwhile. A positive thinker and one who leads through her actions.

Jean works to inspire those around her and beyond. Jean is often interviewed in the media because of her in-depth knowledge of philanthropy and her work in the field. As a TV host and writer, she also seeks to give others a platform to share their knowledge.

Jean has a number of hobbies that she enjoys in her increasingly rare spare time. They include fashion, culture, travel and entertaining. “Before you get involved with a charity it helps to do your research,” Jean says, noting organizations she supports must not spend more than 20 percent on their overhead so that the people in most need get what’s needed (the larger ones should have even lower overhead). She also wants to see their 990 IRS filing, financial statements, and ratings by the three most prominent agencies that monitor non-profits: GuideStar, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau.

Jean Shafiroff brings her heart and intelligence into all her efforts. She earned a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, then earned an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. In between those studies she worked at St. Luke’s Hospital as a physical therapist. After earning her MBA in finance, she worked in both public finance and private partnerships on Wall Street.



Jean’s passion and empathy dates to her childhood, where 12 years of Catholic school taught her the importance of charity. She experienced the effects that bake sales, fund-raising drives and volunteering had on those in need. It gave her and others fulfilling purpose and meaning to their lives. Jean never gave up her desire to be of help. Though middle class, her father, a schoolteacher, was also a musician and instilled in her an appreciation for the arts, while her mother, an artist, helped with various school and community drives, often baking cookies for church and school events. “I was surrounded by people who were interested in the welfare of others,” Jean says. “Young people learn by example, and philanthropy was part of my upbringing.”

Jean’s daughters are also very involved in giving back. Her eldest is a New York State Registered Social Worker who does a tremendous amount of volunteer work, and her youngest is the co-founder and president of Global Strays, a charity that helps spread welfare and education in developing nations. Jean is very proud of her daughters’ work.

“Philanthropy will continue to grow and flourish by getting younger generations involved in the giving process,” says Shafiroff. Encouraging the next generation to get involved in philanthropy is done by creating junior groups and by mentoring them. Junior divisions of charities are very important; they provide an opportunity for young people to get together and socialize around a cause. We need to show support for their efforts and develop the next generation of philanthropists. Jean says” There is a great joy in being of help and young people are finding this out when they get involved and meet like-minded individuals.

She has certainly provided the blueprint.

“Life is not equal and there is great disparity between those that have resources and those that do not,” says Shafiroff. “When you give, it’s a feel-good experience and very rewarding. Never underestimate the value of what you can do.”

For more information on Jean Shafiroff, follow her on Instagram @JeanShafroff and @JeanShafiroffatwork; Facebook @JeanShafiroff; Twitter @JeanShafiroff

Polka Dot Silk Shirt and Pants: Wes Gordon for Carolina Herrera Photographer: Michael Paniccia Hair: Henry de la Paz Makeup: Melissa at La Carezza
Life is not equal, there is great disparity between those that have and those that do not. Those that have resources have an obligation to give...
Gown: Victor de Souza Photographer: Michael Paniccia Hair: Henry de la Paz Makeup: Kimara Ahnert



Cagri Kanver could be known as the Man with the Golden Touch, with good reason. This trailblazer is on a mission with a vision to redefine industry standards and revolutionize how we look at real estate life cycle today. Inspired by his commitment to projects, he is constantly developing fresh concepts and innovative ideas in the market. Kanver has worked across multiple industries as an investor and start-up entrepreneur culminating in his success today.

From a young businessperson to years as a leader, he has been involved in many early-stage companies, ranging from proprietary building systems to real estate holding companies. He seeks to turn every project into a golden return for investors. As a result, a substantial number, from start-up businesses to major corporations, have experienced significant growth due to his skills. His expertise has been sought after by influential developers in New York City, Miami, and Chicago.

With a degree in architecture, it’s little wonder Kanver is in a position of not only being fully capable of structuring a real estate deal but also bringing all the necessary components of the fundamental building blocks of a location.

His business prowess has been recognized by GYODER, the Association of Real Estate Investors in Turkey, which has made him the representative of its United States Chapter. Not to be overlooked is his partnership in Watermark Investments, a family office and limited liability company which invests in and syndicates real estate projects throughout the United States. He has provided the structure and site-selection for Watermark throughout the U.S..

This native of Turkey has also succeeded in the hospitality world. A perfect example is his newest development in East Hampton, New York, the wildly popular  El Turco. The Miami-transplanted restaurant soared this past summer with rave reviews and was applauded for accomplishing the task of turning an old nightclub spot into a hot new restaurant in less than a month.

The primary real estate deal maker alongside  El Turco founders Nurdan Gur Yuzbasioglu and Gokhan Yuzbasioglu with Frank Cilione, the longtime operator of the dual restaurant and nightlife venue in East Hampton, made the grand opening of the the Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded restaurant a culinary destination. Adding property that impresses the culinary world is another attractive feather in his cap.

Kanver is also proud to note he is a Founding Partner of RED Company, a Leading Real Estate Networking Company based in New York.

New York Lifestyles recently met with Cagri Kanver, who shed light on real estate, business, and life.


What were you doing before landing in the real estate development industry?

I was working at one of the largest architectural offices in the world and traveling and dealing with large scale projects. I traveled all around the world. I spent the first five years after graduating meeting with diverse cultures, and different corporations who all helped me grow in my career. I was part of large-scale projects which helped me understand real estate with projects that included large corporate campuses, university and healthcare projects. Some were in emerging markets such as Dubai where I had the privilege to learn from experts early in my career.

What do you like most about real estate development?  It’s the challenge and, working with trusted names in the industry who deliver. Someone who knows what they are doing. The players may remain the same, but the projects change. What’s so important is with a successful project comes a good return.

What do you perceive as the biggest obstacle to real estate development?

Definitely financing. It’s a fast, rapid changing world economy. Not only here in the U.S., but other countries around the world markets change drastically. To finance the project as you predict in advance may sound simple enough. But by the time you apply for the loan, it may not match based on your predictions. The second challenge is location. Take for example New York City. The rules are being changed constantly. It’s when your game plan changes that you need to be incredibly careful not to aim too high—but being more realistic. Do I get discouraged? Not really because I always look on the upside.

What’s the most exciting aspect of your work right now? After so many years working in the industry coordinating investments and purchase of materials from around the world including Turkey, I have the flexibility to collaborate with real professionals. I can choose the team to make a project a successful one. And, of course, selecting the right team excites me even more who will oversee the actual work involved.


How is the real estate development field changing? It’s the ever-changing new rules and regulations that can be disconcerting. A good example was a project in South Florida. For the past decade, the region has experienced several serious hurricanes resulting in rule changes to make building projects more sustainable and stronger. These changes impact the total strategy for the project. Today, the changing face of real estate development also focuses on more rental projects than condo projects. In addition, there’s less retail, there’s more big box stores and logistic centers. Space is being altered dramatically. Today, we see fewer people in offices, more people working from home.

Now tell us more about the new restaurant sensation you’re involved with, El Turco. I started by helping a good friend of mine in Miami. I was introduced to the project as an investor. I still am and it’s quite a success. However, I see the restaurant strictly as a real estate project. Because if you can manage your real estate correctly, and add the right components, you have a success. The restaurant has grown and has reached East Hampton, New York. Next, we are looking at Palm Beach. I follow the money—and the people who love the tasty food. And not being a manager or an executive chef, I enjoy bringing my real estate skill set to the table.

What do you value in people?

Honesty, integrity, and an excellent work ethic. Real estate is a talk industry. Because it’s all about the money, it’s all about the returns. So, when your partners are honest and possess integrity, it’s good. You are getting superior performance. That’s good.

Lastly, is there anything you wish you had done differently?

Well, if I come back in a second lifetime, I would certainly start in New York City. Real estate and the city go hand in hand. Because real estate is the core of living here. Whether you visit a hospital, office building, box store— it’s all there. The best opportunities can be found here.



In a post-COVID world—all you need is love. So says psychologist, corporate consultant, and teacher Dr. Kelly Rabenstein who adds author to her resume with her new book Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success (It’s All About Love).

“The greatest goal of humans is to connect,” says Rabenstein, “and emotional success is defined by that ability to make and maintain deep connections in our lives. We need to re-learn some of these skills as we continue to transition back into our ‘normal’ communities, offices, and schools.”

She says, “The secret sauce in real connection is simply love. What’s at the core of empathy but love? Freud nailed it when he said that to be healthy, a person has to function in love and work.”


Rabenstein has spent years practicing person-centered, dynamic therapy in private practice and a wide range of clinical settings, from hospitals and prisons to schools and community centers, as well as consulting for numerous corporate clients seeking to improve productivity and overall workplace wellness through increased and enriched interpersonal communication. She’s also given a TEDx Talk on empathy and implicit bias.

“Unconscious bias awareness training has been in vogue for a while, which is a great start. Education is the first step, but we must go further. It’s essential to take the awareness, use it in practice, internalize the messages, and work to be better and more empathetic and connected. That’s the path to emotional success.”

Emotional success became her North Star and was the inspiration for the book, which she jokes is “like a self-help book and a business EQ book had a baby.” Rabenstein started writing the book before the pandemic. “I wanted to take all the years of work I’d done and learned from clients, patients, and students and present it in an approachable and easy-to-digest format.” The pandemic made the book even more urgent.

She says this is especially vital in our divided culture. “Many people have difficulty understanding aspects of the rapidly changing world. While some things may come easily, navigating shifting social groups, adapting to hybrid workplaces, or returning to traditional corporate culture or schools, have become a real challenge.”

“There is no other book on the market that combines work and home life and brings them both into focus,” says Rabenstein. “Emotional success is applicable at every level of our lives: at home, it brings increased inner knowledge and stronger relationships; at work, it deepens our connection to tasks and peers, which makes the organization more productive, and it can expand our relationship with the world at large, with an increased understanding of others and richer connectivity.”

The book blends personal self-help information with actionable corporate training know-how. “I wanted to take all the complex psychological information and make it accessible to everyone. The book can help foster connection for parents with their kids, between co-workers and partners.” To do that, each chapter features worksheets and easy-to-execute activities to put the information on its feet. She quips, “You can even do the activities at your book club in between glasses of wine.”


Rabenstein discovered her gift for forging connections early in life. As a child, she learned empathy during numerous hospitalizations, which surrounded her with individuals experiencing difficulties well outside her norm. It gave her first-hand access and led to a lifetime of curiosity and a desire to know everything about everyone around her. She joked, “I love asking probing, inappropriate questions, so if you’re ever standing next to me at a party, watch out.”

For more information on Dr. Kelly Rabenstein, visit




It’s happening again: leaves mutating from green to gold to brittle brown; Starbucks churning out pumpkin lattes three at a time; candy commercials and horror flicks battling it out for stream time; and TikTok-ers crafting cotton cobwebs and casket cookies into Halloween décor. Filling October with unearthly delights has never been more on trend… so please, pull up a tombstone and join me in raising a goblet to the Eve of All Hallows. Costumes optional.


Having previously fallen under GreenTree Home Candle’s bewitching diversity, I suspected some Halloween-centric shapes would be lurking in the wings. And so they were: deadpan felines, green medicine bottles, and fez-wearing monkeys. Meanwhile, recent additions vintage architectural Finial and Vessel designs— appear to be salvaged directly from Gothic mansion. Wicked.



You don’t have to be a fan of Disney’s cult classic to savor BakeMeAWish’s diabolically delicious Hocus Pocus cake, but it doesn’t hurt. Flavor options include chocolate, strawberry, red velvet and vanilla, each decorated with purple panache and an edible image of the infamous Sanderson sisters. And while crushing and curses cannot penetrate the cake’s gift box and packaging, the purple lips jinx is inescapable.



When your imagination is stoked to tell a tale so chilling as to out-Frankenstein Mary Shelley, you’ll cherish the added inspiration of a writing implement that glows blue in the dark, illuminating the human skeleton gracing its barrel. Pen Heaven’s Retro 51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith Dr. Gray Rollerball Pen is a celebration of the man behind the med school classic Gray’s Anatomy. From glide to heft, it’s pen perfection.



“Scary (adjective): Causing fright or alarm”—routinely attached to vampires and zombies, but when applied to human beings (with a pulse), all supernatural bets are off. Cue DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band, red-light/near-infrared/magnetic/micro-vibration therapy for knees, neck, hands, etc. By removing “scary” from the equation, Jazz Band is already a go-to for Olympic athletes, weekend warriors, hobbyists, and laptop geeks. Info:



Torn and wrapped they transform toddlers into mummies; over the head, they’re ghost garb 101; draped and pinned? Toga, toga! So much for old sheets. From here on when you get your Halloween freak on, tap into PeachSkinSheets’s most apropos hues: Pumpkin Spice and Midnight Black, and celebrate all things macabre while tucked into super-soft decadence. Ann Rice on my bedstand, a black cat at my feet… color me be spellbound! Info:


A bushel and a peck of white (smiling) and black (stoic) cats punctuated with glowing orange pumpkins—who knew storage could be so fetching? The Tiniest Tiger Cat’s Halloween incarnation of their popular feline Canvas Storage Bins may be designed for wrangling toys (both kitty and kid), but as they are lightweight, sturdy, and nicely sized (12”x14”), they also get my vote for trick-or-treat totes! Info:


Allow me to introduce you to my latest autumnal indulgence, Saxon River Distillery’s Sapling Maple Bourbon. This prominent member of the company’s small batch, hand-crafted collection of spirits is a study in versatility, whether sliding smoothly into a hipflask for a crisp evening stroll or taking center stage with friends during a candlelit soiree. The key? Old-world tradition plus “the flavor of Vermont.” Info:


In a season overrun with otherworldly abracadabra, it’s important to remember October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month. In support of this crucial cause, NutriBullet has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for a second year, adding to its $50,000 donation by releasing a limited-edition matte pink NutriBullet® Pro 900 featuring the BCRF logo. “As a company devoted to health and wellness, we are happy to support BCRF’s mission,” noted NutriBullet in a statement. Worth noting: the handsome unit merits a solid A+++ in smoothie synthesis. Info:



GARMIN InReach® Mini 2

If you’re among the hordes who have a renewed sense of wanderlust these days, investing in a small, global satellite-supported navigation device is a worthy investment. Whether it’s about road trips, backcountry adventures, or exploring international street food by foot, the  Garmin InReach® Mini2 will provide peace of mind. Of the brand’s many options, this is the smallest and what I needed to trek through the highlands of Iceland. However, there were a few features that I came to value deeply. First, the global satellite coverage is spectacular, so I could access safety resources even when my cellphone had no coverage.

Additionally, the unit can send an SOS message to a centralized system, allowing for basic texting for those scenarios when you need to let loved ones know you’ve arrived safely at your off-grid destination. Finally, create “waypoints” as you travel (whether by foot or car); use the device to mark various spots along the journey, then TracBack® if needed. For example, let’s say you’re walking in a small shopping village abroad, and the roads are confusing. With a few clicks, you can set the system to take you back the way you came. Plus, with a battery life of 14 days, it’s a no-fuss addition to the pack list. This powerful combination of size and features is specific to the InReach® Mini 2, but it’s important to remember that its screen is relatively small – a far cry from what you might be used to on your phone or in the car. But that diminutive size makes it incredibly easy to take anywhere you may wander.

Perfect for Those who love being off-grid but are too nervous about going for it, hikers and adventurers, and anyone who travels alone.



As the availability of fresh, local fruit starts to dwindle with the arrival of cooler weather, I’m always keen on adding preserved fruits into my daily routine. Dehydrated—or, better yet— freeze-dried fruits are incredibly flavorful. So, I tried  Vejo it’s a portable, rechargeable pod-based blender. It’s a high-end water bottle with a built-in hidden blender, designed to make fruit and vegetable smoothies on the go.

I was pleasantly surprised that the biodegradable smoothie pods didn’t have any junk ingredients; the smoothie powder is just freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. One of my usual product tests is to try to use it without reading the directions. It took me a minute to figure out the pods go in upside down, but I was whirling up a smoothie in no time. The flavors are pretty tasty but not as robust as I prefer, so I now use a little less water than recommended. Because it’s a concentrated fruit powder, it does contain a hearty serving of natural sugars, but I love its versatility. It’s perfect for tucking away in your gym bag, car, or other scenarios where you might benefit from the temporary pick-me-up of a fruit-based smoothie. The packaging reminds folks that the blender’s motor is not designed for other uses, but I like to live on the edge, so – yes – I put a wee bit of soft, fresh banana in there. No regrets!

Perfect for Post-workout, long flights, when your kids need something in between activities, and a little pick-me-up in between afternoon meetings. Info:




Head north for autumn’s glory to Vermont, where the golds, yellows, and reds provide the perfect backdrop for the bucolic small towns and mountain resort areas that welcome you. Both Stowe and Okemo Mountain Resorts offer ideal bases for taking in the colorful views from the top of the mountains or enjoying outdoor activities, shopping, or dining amongst the beauty of the season.

STOWE Lodge At Spruce Peak Located just across the street from Stowe’s Mount Mansfield— Vermont’s highest mountain— the Lodge at Spruce Peak is set right in the pedestrianonly alpine Spruce Peak Village. Accommodations here include its Studio Rooms, which feature King size beds, handy kitchenettes, and oversized bathrooms. In addition, many of the rooms’ balconies face the mountain providing your fall foliage vistas.

Leaf peepers staying at the Lodge at Spruce Peak are steps from gondola access to the top of Mount Mansfield. The free gondola sweeps you across the parking lot to the Stowe Gondola SkyRide to take you up 3,832 feet below Mount Mansfield’s summit. It runs through mid-October. The view on the 17-minute ride each way can only be topped by the one you see once the ride is over. While there, plan to have lunch at The Cliff House with an outdoor table that lets you relax with views that reach for miles.

The Lodge at Spruce Peak is not only steps from the gondola but also dining, shopping, Spruce Peak Outfitters, and an Adventure Center all right in Spruce Peak Village and open mostly on long weekends in fall. Spruce Peak Outfitters can help organize fall foliage tours, nearby kayaking, hikes, and other special requests. For dining, the property offers  Alpine Hall for American fare with seating inside and out and  Tipsy Trout for seafood lovers. Nearby, you’ll find Skinny Pancake for breakfast and lunch and The Pantry for salads, sandwiches, and more, ideal for picnics paired with a view.

Spruce Peak Village is also home to a large green area where you can play cornhole and large-sized Jenga and participate in extraordinary events. During the winter months, the location is transformed into an ice-skating rink. Small, separated, covered seating areas surround it with heat lamps that provide a cozy spot. At night, outdoor fireplaces with seating offer another place to relax after a day of exploring.

Guests of the Lodge at Spruce Peak have access to a large year-round outdoor heated swimming pool and two large outdoor whirlpools. A full-service spa pampers with a host of treatments. Also, look for Healing Lodges with steam rooms, hot tubs, and a sauna. Relax further with yoga or other fitness classes or at the fitness center. The Mountain Course at Spruce Peak golf course offers some of the best vistas of fall foliage in its back nine holes, including the stunning 14th hole with sweeping views of the entire area throughout its play. If you’re not a golfer, find someone who is and ride along on the golf cart for the views. Info:


Topnotch Resort  Another option for lodging in Stowe is the 120-acre Topnotch Resort set in the foothills of Mount Mansfield. Topnotch is a true retreat just down the road from Spruce Peak Village and about a 10-minute drive to Stowe Village. The resort boasts three pools, including a heated indoor pool and two outdoor pools, one of which is heated for year-round use. The outdoor pools are surrounded by mountain vistas, offering fall foliage at its best. Warning, it will be hard to leave the majestic setting as it covers you with true relaxation. Don’t miss the indoor pool’s hot tub with cascading waterfall. The retreat feel continues in its 35,000-square-foot spa offering more than 120 treatments and services. Activities at the resort include a fitness center and classes; the Equestrian Center offers guided trail rides and a Tennis Center with indoor and outdoor courts. The resort can also set you up for area mountain biking. Nightly fire pits with surrounding seating provide comfy spots for conversation and relaxation before bed. (

Near Topnotch is the Stowe Recreation Path, a more than five-mile scenic paved multi-use trail along the West Brach of Little River featuring mountain views. It’s great for walking, jogging or cycling. It runs parallel to Route 108, where many town shops and restaurants are located. A walk around historic Stowe Village offers more shopping opportunities. For a taste of the season, the self-guided tour of the working Cold Hollow Cider Mill ( on Route 100 in the nearby Waterbury Center provides a glimpse into the process of tastings.

Another choice for a half or full-day in Stowe is a visit to the Trapp Family Lodge (, owned by the family that inspired  The Sound of Music. They offer a host of tours, including a von Trapp Family History one that provides fascinating details about the family’s life in Austria, their daring move to the U.S., and the eventual choosing of Stowe as their permanent home. The tour ends with the chance to meet one of the Captain and Maria’s grandchildren, who will warmly and openly answer your questions. The ticket also includes spending the day enjoying the Lodge’s trails. Fall brings the chance to see how cider is made from the property’s apple trees. Grab a table for lunch at the on-site Bierhall for Austrian cuisine and fresh lager beers with surrounding views. You can also opt to stay at the resort itself.  For more information on Stowe, visit


Okemo Mountain Resort For families looking for the glory of foliage with activities to keep the kids happy, Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow is the spot. Scenic Route 100 is one option for driving south from Stowe to Okemo if pairing the two areas. A two-bedroom/three full-bath unit at Jackson Gore Inn offers plenty of family space, including a full kitchen, living room, and large dining room table for game nights. Fall activities are available on weekends through mid-October.

Step outside the Jackson Gore Inn to the Adventure Zone to get the family’s adrenaline pumping. Pay for a day pass or individual activities that include a challenging threelevel ropes course with ziplines high above the forest floor, a year-round mountain coaster, mini golf, bungee trampoline, panning for “gems,” and a bouncy house. The adjacent yearround Spring House Pool and Fitness Center has a heated indoor pool, hot tub, and a dedicated children’s pool with splash features and a frog slide. Mom and dad will appreciate the range of fitness classes. Dine at Coleman Brook Tavern in the hotel and enjoy indoor and outdoor seating with mountain views.

Though offering trailside lodging, the chairlift at Jackson Gore Inn is only open for winter ski-in/ski-out access. However, a view of 3,344 feet above is only a short drive from Jackson Gore Inn to Okemo’s Sunburst Six bubble chairlift to the top of the mountain for panoramic foliage vistas. At the top of the chairlift, Robin’s Roost offers quick service food with picnic tables outside (and tables inside) facing the beauty of the region all around it.  For more information on Okemo Mountain Resort, visit

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Jetting off to exotic destinations may not be on your bucket list at the moment, but you still need that relaxing escape. Consider the fabulous spots right here in the U.S.A. There are hidden jewels like New York State’s Hudson River Valley, the beautiful seashore coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and even a step back in history at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.


New York

From its days as a haven for George Washington to the Gilded Age, when barons built majestic mansions along its banks, the Hudson River Valley is steeped in history. Rhinebeck, in the rolling hills of Dutchess County, less than two hours north of New York City, is a charming village with colonial-style architecture and antique shops.

What To Do At the FDR National Historic Site, you can visit Springwood, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s former home, the Presidential Library and Museum, which houses 44,000 books, and the President’s White House desk. FDR and First Lady Eleanor lie in the Rose Garden. You can also visit the Vanderbilt Mansion, a 50-room Beaux-Arts house built in 1895 for Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt. After your history lesson, shop for Americana (quilts, lanterns, folk art) in nearby antique shops. Finally, check-out vintage aircraft, including WWI fighter plans and Lindbergh-era planes, at weekend air shows held at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome—thrilling rides in open-cockpit biplanes are also available.

Where To Stay The Beekman Arms-Delamater Inn can genuinely claim that George Washington slept here. This historic inn, with its wide-plank floors, exposed beamed ceilings, and massive fireplace, has been a Hudson Valley hub since it opened in 1766. Guest rooms are housed in several buildings, with those in the main building boasting Americana quilts, locally crafted-furniture, and folk art.

Where To Eat After a pint of ale in the Tap Room, dine on veal with sweet potato au gratin and braised beef short ribs in the Tavern at the Beekman Arms.

For more information on the Hudson Valley, visit


CAPE ANN Massachusetts

An hour north of Boston, the Cape Ann peninsula is known for its maritime traditions, colonial charm, and fresh seafood. Its nautical beauty has long attracted artists and writers, including Ralph Waldo Emerson. Explore seaside towns like Rockport, home to one of the state’s most beautiful and photographed harbors, and Essex, New England’s original shipbuilding center, now a central hub for antiquing.

What To Do Soak up some rays on Rockport’s picturesque Front Beach and the more secluded Old Garden Beach. There are also plenty of whale-watching tours (humpbacks are commonly spotted here) and harbor tours, where you can see the area’s famous lighthouses. Be sure to browse among the antique shops, galleries, and artist studios in the quaint lanes of Bearskin Neck. In Essex, visit the Shipbuilding Museum to learn how the two-mast wooden fishing schooners were built.

Where To Stay Named for frequent guest Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Emerson Inn By The Sea is a classic New England inn dating from 1856. Take a dip in the outdoor pool, enjoy the sea breeze on the rocking chair-lined porch (especially at sunset), and meet with fellow guests over tea in the grand salon—complete with concert piano and Oriental rugs.

Where To Eat Dine on dishes like mussels in white wine sauce at Rockport’s My Place by the Sea, which provides beautiful views of the rocky shoreline. In nearby Manchester-by-the-Sea, reserve a table at Cala’s Restaurant, which features creamy New England clam chowder, pan-fried sea bass, and lobster risotto. For more information on Boston’s North Shore, visit


Watching a marching fife and drum band perform, heckling traitor Benedict Arnold, playing Colonia-era dice games in an atmospheric tavern—who knew history could be this fun? At Colonial Williamsburg (the country’s largest living-history museum), you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back to the 18th century. But don’t worry— you’ll be able to find all the 21st-century comforts, like luxurious hotels, elegant restaurants, and pampering spa treatments, here as well.

What To Do Stroll through Duke of Gloucester, the Historic Area’s main street, and visit the apothecary, the blacksmith, the post office, and Josiah Chowning’s Tavern, which serves casual pub fare. Try the pulled-pork sandwich and a mug of the local ale. Don’t miss Revolutionary City, a two-day interactive program that lets you eavesdrop on heated “debates” between Loyalists and Patriots and even join the Colonists in protests.

Where To Stay When it comes time to recharge after the insightful afternoon, the best is Williamsburg Inn, complete with pictures of John D. Rockefeller (the man who financed Colonial Williamsburg’s restoration in the early 1900s) adorning the walls. There’s an outdoor pool. You’ll also discover the fabulous Spa of Colonia Williamsburg, where such treatments include the Orange and Ginger Body Scrub, made famous in the 18th century.

Where To Eat To savor a range of Colonial-era dishes like peanut soup, prime rib of beef and maple-glazed pork loin chops, stop King’s Arms Tavern by the, a bustling multi-room restaurant outfitted with wood floors and pewter candlesticks. For more information on Colonial Williamsburg, visit


The Flanders Hotel Ocean City’s most historic and prestigious boardwalk hotel, known as “The Jewel of the Southern Shore”, was built in 1923. This service-oriented Ocean City, NJ hotel, which was placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places in 2009, will be cel ebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023. The Flanders combines the elegance and hospitality of yesteryear with modern amenities to offer the finest in luxury accommodations. All suites in our Ocean City hotel have private bedrooms and full kitchens, equipped with refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, coffee makers and stove tops, along with irons and ironing boards.

Located on the Ocean City Boardwalk, our full-service NJ beach ho tel is a seaside destination that provides the following amenities:

• Spacious Banquet and Meeting Space

• Emily’s Ocean Room (featuring family friendly dining)

• The Shoppes at The Flanders (featuring clothing, jewelry, accessories)

• Divine Images Salon & Spa

• Outdoor heated pool (largest in Ocean City)

• Fitness Center

• 24-hour business center

Ocean City, known as America’s Greatest Family Resort, is one of the best beach towns in South Jersey. The Flanders, with its premier accommodations and prime location, is a landmark known throughout the region, state and nation. Vacationers have marveled at the towering structure as one of the great hotels along the Jersey Shore while local residents and business owners are reminded of the glory and memories provided by the resort. Because of its status as the grandest of Ocean City, New Jersey hotels, the community is fortunate that this archi tectural gem has survived to the present and continues to remain an important part of Ocean City’s past and future.

The Flanders Hotel - an Oceanfront Iconic andHistoric Luxirious Coastal NJ Destination Property Exclusive Beachfront Getaway Packages Available 719 East 11th Street, Ocean City, NJ 08226 | 609.399.1000




Just an hour’s drive from Midtown is the third LEGOLAND® Resort located in the U.S. Like its sister parks in California and Florida, this Goshen, NY theme park is exciting for all ages. It offers rides and thousands of LEGO® models made from millions and millions of LEGO® bricks

and a hotel to boot!

Kids and adults can ride, climb, splash, and build their way through seven themed lands at LEGOLAND® Resort New York. Be ready for a fun day, as various rides, attractions, and shows will keep you busy all day. The rides vary from gentle ones like the LEGO® Factory Adventure Ride, the Brick Party Carousel, and the DUPLO® Express train ride for younger guests to exciting ones like The Dragon rollercoaster, Rogue Riders, and NINJAGO® The Ride. There will never be a dull moment when visiting this park. In addition to rides, the park has a full schedule of live shows featuring many of the LEGO® characters and Minifigures and a number of 4D movie experiences.

See entire cities all in one day at MINILAND. Take in ten destinations of fantastic scenery and city skylines—all built out of LEGO bricks (22,231,368 of them… give or take a few). You will be amazed at the recreations of many well-known buildings and neighborhoods of New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and more.

Many rides, shows, and attractions are interactive, encouraging kids to be involved. This is part of LEGOLAND®’s “Kids First” approach. The theme park has several locations where guests can build creative LEGO® structures with guidance from a LEGOLAND® Master Builder. Kids looking to add to their Minifigure collection are encouraged to trade them with staff members or at one of the many Minifigure trading posts throughout the park.

Are you tired yet? No worries. You can meet various favorite LEGO® characters at Meet & Greets throughout the park. Download the LEGOLAND® New York App for scheduled times. The App also has a wealth of information, including advice to navigate the park, show times, ride wait times, reservations for ride times, and dining menus.

Brick-or-Treat, LEGOLAND® New York’s special Halloween event, is scheduled for weekends beginning September 24 and ending October 30. Brick-or-Treat will unveil four bewitching new shows, new monster characters, treat stations, themed décor, ghost scavenger hunts, and the premiere of the exclusive 4D Halloween movie, “The Great Monster Chase!”

LEGOLAND® New York’s first ever Christmas Bricktacular is set for select weekends beginning November 24 through December. This seasonal event will feature unforgettable seasonal shows, holiday characters, special treats, LEGO® activities, twinkling lights, and more.


Here’s the perfect way to extend your LEGOLAND® experience for more than one day. Stay just steps away from the park at the LEGOLAND® Hotel. Check-in is contactless, either online or kiosk-based. Most of the lobby is an inviting Castle play area, also serving as the location of nightly children’s entertainment. The concierge desk features a wall displaying more than 5,000 LEGO® Minifigures.

The 250 rooms come in a choice of four LEGO® themes—Pirate, Kingdom, LEGO® Friends, and LEGO® NINJAGO®. Each has a separate sleeping area for kids, with bunk beds, a trundle bed, a LEGO® play bin, and their own TV. In addition, there are 153 premium rooms, seventeen suites, and three family suites.

Kids will love searching their room for clues in a special treasure hunt that allows them to unlock the room’s treasure chest for some LEGO® goodies. Information and entertainment are at your disposal with the voice-activated digital assistant (Google Nest). You can order any hotel service you may need, from room service to more towels. Your assistant can even tell an immersive bedtime story!

The whole family will marvel at the more than 2,000 LEGO® models created from millions of LEGO® bricks found throughout the hotel. The LEGO® Creative Workshop on the first floor offers complimentary classes (by reservation) with accurate Master Model Builders. A heated outdoor, resort-style pool features a zero-entrance design with a maximum depth of four feet.


Hotel dining includes  Bricks Family Restaurant, open for the complimentary buffet breakfast for hotel guests and a familythemed dinner. In addition, the Skyline Bar, which is adjacent to the Castle play area, is a perfect spot for Mom and Dad to relax with drinks, lunch, or dinner while the kids play in the Castle.

For more information on LEGOLAND® Resort New York, visit




Tasmania is a place for adventure—however, you define it. Assess yourself on mountain bike tracks, cast for wild brown trout in glacial tarns, connect to wild places, find freedom on road trips, and taste produce straight from the ocean. The journey to Australia’s island state provides a rare chance to reconnect with the things that matter.


Tasmania has the world’s cleanest air thanks to its isolation from landmasses and acres of Wilderness World Heritage Area. Even its cities benefit from the rugged landscape, which pressed them into shape to offer mountain backdrops and river gorges. In Hobart, the flow of the River Derwent and wilderness lingering by is just the start. The city’s food and drink scene are dynamic and world-class.

A helicopter tour with Tasmanian Air Tours bypasses hours of traffic on the ground and is the best way to visit wineries and farms. A short flight south of Hobart lands at Grandvewe Farm and Cheesery, where farmhouse cheeses and sheep’s whey vodka are made. The next stop is Mewstone, a small family-owned winery with one of Australia’s best new cellar doors. The last stop is lunch and a tasting at Frogmore Creek, a historical and first-class restaurant and cellar door.

Hobart is Australia’s second-oldest city, evidenced by the sandstone buildings at Salamanca—a 200-year-old warehouse. Walking around the city, you will notice Tuscan-style structures, Doric and Ionic, and Art Deco buildings. The Tasman, Hobart’s newest hotel, is encased in a 1940s Art Deco building filled with history. A stay at The Tasman puts you in a central location and access to the hottest new restaurant in Hobart, Peppina. Drawing inspiration from the Italian way of celebrating food and family, the restaurant serves generous portions of fresh-made pasta and local seafood. Next door, enjoy a nightcap at  Mary Mary—an intimate, speakeasy cocktail bar set within the deep old sandstone walls of the hotel. The name pays homage to its former identity as St Mary’s Hospital in the late 1800s.

Tasting the produce directly from the source is a daily occurrence in Tasmania. Mic Giuliani of Sirocco South has been a long-term fixture at  Hobart’s Farm Gate Market and known by some as a caped crusader of Tasmanian Food. Join a tour to learn how to identify native greens, wild asparagus, safe mushrooms, saltbush, and more. Then, over a glass of sparkling Frederick Henry Bay, Mic mixes your foraged ingredients with local meat and seafood to create a six-course long-table lunch in the middle of a Tasmanian forest.

If there is one thing you do in Hobart, make it a visit to MONA, Australia’s largest private museum, located only a short ferry ride away or a 15-minute drive. Take your time and wander through three levels of underground art space built into a sandstone cliff face. Owner David Walsh likens the museum to a subversive adult Disneyland, and he’s not wrong. You will find ancient artifacts, weird and quirky contemporary art, and mesmerizing installations from James Turrell—an artist known for obliterating our sense of space and light. The Source restaurant makes the most of fresh local produce, and Moorilla Estate’s award-winning wines grow on land surrounding the restaurant and wine tasting room.

For a taste of true Tasmanian delight, venture to the small town of New Norfolk to enjoy seasonal produce from The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery. All ingredients are sourced from their farm in Lachlan and local anglers. The menu boasts a light, seasonal tune with fresh-made kefir butter, woodfired sourdough bread, ice cream, cheese, charcuterie, and pasta.



Launceston mixes city with country charm. It’s the second biggest city in Tasmania and was recently designated a UNESCO City of Gastronomy—putting it in good company with Alba, Italy, and forty-eight other cities. An exceptional restaurant or humble coffee shop lurks right around the corner.  Stillwater is a legend in town. Housed in an old mill, this subtle and straightforward restaurant serves big flavors, and fine dining-style plated dishes— surrounded by brick walls and exposed wood beams. Every Saturday morning, the streets are empty, except for Cimitiere St. Carpark, where the infamous  Harvest Launceston Market is held. It’s a wonderful place to meet the farmers, connect with locals, and buy some of Tasmania’s freshest seasonal produce and meats. Next, drive 10 minutes outside the CBD to Josef Chromy Wines, an award-winning establishment with picturesque rolling green hills, a still lake, and acres of grapevines, producing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewürztraminer.

Launceston is the gateway to extraordinary landscapes and experiences. Explore rows of lavender and the rugged wilderness of the Cataract Gorge nearby. Hike mossy rainforests, breathe in the glacial lakes, and wade through the spongy alpine grasslands.

Tasmania is a wild place. Whether in the middle of the city tasting local produce or the wilderness, foraging and hiking the land, Australia’s southern state is big on the extraordinary. Whatever your adventure, Tasmania is the place to pursue it. For more information on Tasmania, visit

© Natasha Bazika




One of South Florida’s best kept secrets is under the spotlight thanks to a recent swath of big-ticket home sales to celebrity buyers, and record-breaking real estate activity. Southwest Ranches. Florida is rapidly emerging as the alternative value proposition to the South Fork in Long Island.


Now, sales in Southwest Ranches are heating up as the area gains traction with high-net-worth buyers looking for privacy, value, acreage, and world-class estates within the regions remaining farmland. Homes, custom made on order, rarely hit the market in the town, shielding prices from the public. But recently, a custom-made estate of eleven acres, built by Landmark Custom Homes, hit the market there at $54 million, demonstrating the area’s unprecedented price growth.

Landmark Custom Homes, the area’s leading luxury home builder, is behind most of these prominent estates, and offers turn-key building services via bespoke architectural designs from world class firms including Affiniti Architects of Palm Beach, Choeff Levy Fischman, and CMA Design Studios in Miami. The builder is also the visionary developer behind Landmark Ranch Estates, the only gated community that has been allowed in the town, and the main catalyst in igniting interest in the area.

Residents of Landmark Ranch Estates, the most prominent luxury community in Southwest Ranches have included A-list Hollywood celebrities and top tier athletes as well as entrepreneurs and execs from varied business sectors.


“Southwest Ranches represents an unparalleled value proposition for ultra-high-net-worth people,” says Douglas Elliman’s Miguel Serrano, noting that the area is close to the region’s two most used executive airports: Fort Lauderdale Executive and Opa Locka Executive. “It is like a Hamptons lifestyle in an almost unknown, secret location, and thanks to strict preservation rules that prevents future overdevelopment it is going to stay that way. The town’s informal motto is ‘The pavement stops here!’”

Landmark Ranch Estates is composed of just forty-four estate sites, ranging from 2 to 5 acres. Now, just five custom estate home sites remain available, with estate designs ranging in price from $8 million to over $30 million.

“A community like this can never be created again in Southwest Ranches,” says Rick Bell, owner of Landmark Custom Homes, who envisioned this area as one of the last bastions of rolling acreage in the whole tri-county area, buying 150 acres two decades ago prior to the town’s incorporation.

“We’re building custom homes for both equestrians and nonequestrians looking for tranquility, safety, great value, but most importantly, a different lifestyle from the beach or the convoluted urban areas,” says Bell, noting that the most notable projects in the current pipeline boast over 30,000 square feet of construction on five to ten acres sites.

As pricing continues to rise and inventory remains low across South Florida, high ticket buyers are looking beyond the intracoastal and usual ultra-luxury zip codes, while staying within reach of the important metro hubs of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Boca. It is a trend that is turning suburban heavens like Southwest Ranches into Hamptons-style hideaways.

OCTOBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 45 For more information on Landmark Custom Homes, visit



Located on 620 acres of pristine lagoons, jungles, and beaches along the shores of the famed Riviera Maya, in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, the Mayakoba Resort is home to award-winning hotels such as the Fairmont Heritage Place, Banyan Tree Mayakoba, and the Rosewood Mayakoba. In addition, restaurants, spas, and a PGA-sanctioned golf course—El Camaleón are all designed to preserve and enhance the native landscape.

With some twenty-five restaurants at Mayakoba, there is something for everyone’s taste. Although the cuisines may differ, every meal is prepared to the highest standards, with choices ranging from Mexican at Aqui Me Qued, La Laguna, and the Zapote Bar to Asian at Agave Azul or Saffron International, such as Cocina Milagro and Oriente, to name a few.

In addition to providing residents with priority access to the resort’s restaurants and four spas, there is also exclusive access to the Greg Norman-designed El Camaleón golf course. The course blends through the diverse ecosystems of Mayakoba, including tropical jungle, dense mangroves, freshwater canals, and pristine Riviera Maya oceanfront. The 18-hole PGA tour course captures spectacular views in every direction and accommodates golfers of all abilities, with five tee marks at each hole offering distance options for every player.


The residences at The Reserve at Mayakoba have been designed in response to its unique location; it offers the infrequent opportunity to call a piece of this spectacular area home. This private community is thoughtfully crafted with the homeowner’s every need in mind. With underground parking onsite, residences offer one- to four-bedroom floor plans and four-bedroom penthouses. By conserving as much of the natural area as possible, the homes are incredibly private, shaded, and boast large terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows, which bring the luxury of nature into the living space. In addition, the Reserve at Mayakoba offers independent entrances to the resort and other security booth access to the residences.



Developed by leading asset management firm Sancus Capital Partners in partnership with Inmobilia, one of the most important real estate developers in the Mexican Southeast, The Reserve at Mayakoba will offer exceptional privacy and enviable amenities across acres of landscaped grounds, footpaths, and canals. Designed by the prestigious international architecture studio L35 in association with Sepúlveda Arquitectos, the development will be completed in two phases and comprise eight towers of nine units for a total of 144 residences.

The Reserve at Mayakoba will offer independent entrances to the resort and other security booth access to the residences. “The Reserve at Mayakoba exemplifies modern design in delicate balance with the natural environment,” Carlos Orozco of the Reserve at Mayakoba. “Featuring innovative architecture conceived in response to its unique setting, the exciting new development will offer residents a truly unparalleled experience of the Riviera Maya.”

Orozco continued, “The Reserve at Mayakoba has resulted in carefully planned architecture, and Mayakoba’s unsurpassed natural beauty making it the most exciting project in the Mexican Caribbean. In addition, Douglas Elliman’s record and experience in high-end developments make them the ideal marketing partner for such a unique property. We are thrilled with this alliance and believe it is the right formula for success.”

For more information on The Reserve at Mayakoba, visit



The Townhouse at 145 Central Park North is a slice of suburbia inside a boutique new development directly on Central Park. The perks of this type of townhouse living are endless, including eliminating the need for a home inspection and dealing with the hassles of home ownership like lawn maintenance. Owners have access to a full-service concierge along with a suite of stunning amenities and private parking with a drive-in garage.

Jakob Dahlin ©

NestSeekers International and SERHANT listed this 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom townhouse—the only one of its kind within this new construction building where every home has views of Central Park. The 2,238 square foot townhome is move-in ready and features a massive private yard with lush planters featuring trees, a sunny entertaining area and an outdoor kitchen and sink.


Within the townhome a spacious foyer leads into an openconcept living room, dining room, and kitchen saturated with natural light. The living and dining rooms lead out into the yard for an indoor/outdoor feeling that evokes a California vibe. All four bedrooms sit on the upper level of the home.

The residence has unique floor to ceiling windows facing Central Park with white oak frames and wireless automated window shades along with beautiful white oak floors, vented Electrolux washers/dryers, WiFi-enabled thermostats, and VRF heating and cooling systems. Every residence has individual ventilation systems so that no air is shared between residences


There are plenty. Amenities include a full-time doorman, children’s playroom, state-of-the-art fitness center, resident’s lounge, common terrace, cabanas, and a furnished rooftop deck with breathtaking views of the Park and the Manhattan skyline. On-site parking and storage units are available to purchase.

A standout component of 145 Central Park North is the unique footprint of the site—longer than it is wide. It’s the opposite of a standard city lot which enabled the design team to encompass views of Central Park from every home.  Grid Group developed 145 Central Park North while GLUCK+ is responsible for design and construction.  Asking price: $3,646,561.

For more information on 145 Central Park North, visit

Jakob Dahlin © Brad Dickson ©



uthor and motivational speaker Mindie Barnett answers your questions about life, navigating these stressful and uncertain times, while steering you down a more straightforward path.

We welcome your questions and invite you to reach out to Mindie at

Dear Mindie,

I need to break up with one of my best friends. Maybe I should say “former best friend.” We have known each other since nursery school and despite the periods of time, like college and when I moved to London after school, for my finance career, we have managed to remain close. But lately I am feeling that I am no longer a priority to her and that the friends she is made in her new Soho neighborhood are more important as she is canceled plans on me more times than not lately. I have talked to her, but she does not seem to understand or care. What to do? Sincerely,

Faux Friend

Dear Faux Friend,

First, I would not call you a “faux friend.” The mere fact you are taking the time to write to me to see if there may be any type of salvation for what seems like an incredible childhood friendship means you are a genuine friend. Know that. I also do not think your friend in question is a “faux,” either. I think in life people change, they evolve and that sometimes means friendships change and relationships look different. While that can be painful it is also important that we recognize this and know our worth, what we bring to the proverbial table and the type of treatment we deserve. That said: in life there will be times when you may show up more than a friend may or vice versa because one’s needs come in ebbs and flows as well as drama, sadness, happiness, and elation.

My advice is to invite your friend for a coffee. If she means that much to you, you should attempt to have a one-onone conversation with her, showing your vulnerability and sharing your honesty about how you are feeling. Do not point fingers at her but do not sugarcoat your position, either. If she still does not understand your point-of-view or later seems to return to her current patterns of not prioritizing your time and friendship, then I would suggest you take a break from her. I am not saying to break up with her, rather press pause on the situation for a while and see where the chips fall.

You may find that you are okay with the support system you have with others, and that she may be better suited in your life as an acquaintance or someone to get together with on occasion—where you catch up deeply. Or you may realize that she has changed, and she is no longer the friend you once knew and loved. It is okay if that is the outcome, just know it is better to know than to dance around the subject or make a hasty decision out of emotion

I wish you the best of luck. Good friends are precious but just like we say in dating, there are many fish in the sea. Be social, get out there and you will be surprised how many friendships you attain. I have created some of my best friendships in my adulthood. Female friendships are a form of sisterhood—there is nothing like it. The more sisters the better!

Best of luck with all!




ith lives multi-tasked to the umpteenth degree, many of us come up short on shut-eye. So instead, you toss and turn as you slumber, upsetting the all-important REM-rich cycles. Here are some compelling reasons why you need more shut-eye and effortless ways to catch a few winks.


Those who skimp on sleep are significantly more likely to be overweight than those who consistently get seven hours of shut-eye a night. When you›re sleep-deprived, your body produces more stress hormones, such as cortisol, which slows down your metabolism and ups the production of appetite-increasing hormones, such as leptin.


Being tired means you›re more susceptible to everything from developing diabetes to catching colds. For example, experts indicate that after six nights of four-hour sleep, you may have an increase in higher blood sugar (an early warning sign of diabetes) and weaker immune systems than those who slept eight hours. In addition, sleeping only six hours a night increases the risk of heart disease by 18 percent


A quick reach for over-the-counter sleep aids may seem like an easy solution. However, drugs may cause more problems than they solve. But there are natural ways to train your body to sleep on a regular schedule without the aid of chemicals. Here are some wide-awake ways to start on a journey to quality shut-eye and sleep like a baby.

•     Unplug  That’s right, no screen time. Even an innocent Facebook scroll messes with sleep. Blue light from your phone disrupts your body’s production of melatonin: the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycle.

•     Decompress Now that you›ve unplugged, why not luxuriate in the disconnect? Wind down with soothing music or take a luxurious bath. Or do as so many fellow New Yorkers and meditate.

•    Read A Bestseller Swap your iPad/Kindle for an actual book. Reading anything that interests you fuels inspiration and can allow big ideas to come to you in your sleep. Plus, the actual act of reading will peacefully lull you into slumber.

•     Stretch You might think that going to sleep is as easy as putting your body in bed and flipping off the lights. However, the National Sleep Foundation suggests a time for total relaxation before bedtime. A simple stretching routine will help tremendously. Deep breathing as you slowly stretch calms the brain and body. Do this before you›re ready to crawl into bed to encourage sounder slumber.

• Avoid Late-Night Eating Make it a rule to eat earlier in the evening and to avoid heavy, rich foods within two hours of bedtime. Spicy/acidic food can often cause stomach trouble and heartburn for some. Also, avoid alcoholic beverages since they will undoubtedly interfere with your sleep cycle.

• Make Some Noise Sometimes, the right solution might not be to eliminate noise—but to increase the noise. This can be done with the magic of a white noise machine, which soothes you to sleep with sound waves in a wide range of frequencies. The white noise drowns out the sounds of your external environment, masking them with a whooshing sound like the soothing sounds parents make to their newborns. Some white noise machines also come with settings called “soundscapes,” which include a variety of nature scenes like ocean waves, rainfall, and forest walks.



Of course, nothing can take the place of a good night’s sleep. But a short, 20-minute nap can help ease a bout of drowsiness. Napping can help fight physical and emotional fatigue, improve work performance, and even fight depression. And, most certainly, it will boost your energy level to complete the remainder of your daily tasks. Of course, catching some z’s at your desk isn’t accessible if you’re in an office environment. Some techniques, though, provide similar benefits to a 20-minute snooze. First, step away from your workload, relax your body, and close your eyes. Then, take ten deep breaths. Doing this will help to recharge your body and renew your zest.


Do you wake up before your alarm goes off every morning?

A. Yes

B. No Best answer: A

You’ll wake up on your own if you’re getting enough sleep, which many of us aren’t. More than 43 percent report feeling so tired it affects their day-to-day activities three days a week.

How fast do you fall asleep when you get into bed?

A. As soon as your head hits the pillow

B. Within 10 to 15 minutes

C. You toss and turn for an hour

Best answer: B

You’re sleep-deprived if you lose consciousness almost immediately after crawling under the covers. But if you toss and turn, consumed by stress, you may spend too much time in bed, which contributes to insomnia.

How much caffeine do you consume?

A. You›re useless without your morning brew and afternoon cappuccino (not to mention those two diet sodas you drink with lunch).

B. You have a cup of coffee in the morning and either a cup of coffee or a diet drink in the afternoon as a pick-me-up

C. Just one cup in the morning.

Best answer: C

The less caffeine you crave, the more rested you are. If you can get through that 3 pm slump (your body’s natural low point) without reaching for the cup of java, you’re the master of your sleep domain.

The less caffeine you crave, the more rested you are. If you can get through that 3 pm slump (your body’s natural low point) without reaching for the cup of java, then you’re master of your sleep domain.


Sleep disorders have become increasingly common, whether caused by a health problem or too much stress. About 75 percent of Americans between 20 and 59 report regular sleeping difficulties.

Most adults occasionally experience sleeping problems due to hectic schedules, unsolved problems, and other outside influences. However, when these issues occur regularly and interfere with daily life, they may indicate a sleeping disorder. Of course, not all sleep disorders are the same. Here is a definitive look at the most common.

Insomnia It refers to an inability to fall—and remain—asleep. Causes include jet lag, stress, anxiety—and even digestive problems. Insomnia can be very problematic and, unfortunately, is most prevalent among women. Insomnia is usually classified as one of three types: chronic, intermittent, and transient.

Sleep Apnea This is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep and is considered a severe condition that causes oxygen deprivation to the body.

Narcolepsy This condition is characterized by “sleep attacks” that occur during the day. It usually happens when you suddenly feel exhausted and fall asleep without warning.




The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) 22nd Annual Gala in the Hamptons took place at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, NY. The summer benefit supported the Annual PCF ProAm Tennis Tournament and celebrated the millions raised and achievements made in the past 29 years through PCF. Founder Michael Milken and The Gala in the Hamptons weekend hosts and sponsors welcomed guests to enjoy, engage and be entertained while helping to fund groundbreaking discoveries in cancer research.

The gala began with a lively cocktail reception as distin guished guests and athletes entered the breathtaking Par rish Art Museum terrace – which is celebrating its 10th year at its new location. Total Sponsorships and ticket sales were valued at $1.3 million. In addition to this, the live auction was swift, raising more than $6.5 million for the Foun dation’s work of which the auction lots included a 4-day Home Run Challenge MLB package, 2 VIP access packages to the 2023 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas and clos ing out the night with the auction of a 2023 Fisker Ocean 1 SUV—not yet available to the public and one of only 5,000 to be produced globally. As the Owner of the Fisker Com pany described their extraordinary new vehicle, “All of our products must have four things that are either original – or better than anyone else in the marketplace.”

The lavish dinner party gave way to special musical perfor mances from multi-award-winning musicians Daryl Hall & John Oates and ABBA—The Concert. This celebration set the tone for the weekend leading up to the finals of the PCF Pro-Am Tennis Tournament.

Susan Mark, Morris Mark BFA Katie Couric, Alex Schueler BFA Michael Milken, Alex Rodriguez BFA

Along with the activities associated with the PCF ProAm Tennis Tournament, guests were treated to by-invita tion-only Milken Institute Hamptons Dialogues that cov ered a range of current topics of interest in private homes throughout the Hamptons. The tennis tournament began on Saturday at private courts and concluded with the finals on the Sunday afternoon at the Shinnecock Tennis Club.

Notable Attendees included: Michael Milken, Deepak Chopra, Alex Rodriguez, Oliver Stone, Candace Bushnell, Katie Couric, John Paulson, Rob & Cindy Citrone, David Rubenstein, Kayrn Zucker

This year’s participating tennis professionals included Da vid Adams, Harrison Adams, Alex Bogomolov, Guillermo Canas, Adriano Biasella, Amer Delic, Jason Pinsky, Santia go Gonzalez, Treat Huey, JC Aragone, Don Johnson, Heinz Haas, Rick Leach, Scott Lipsky, John Lloyd, Ashley Fisher, Daniel Nestor, Robbie Koenig, Matwe Middelkoop, Jared Palmer, Cyril Saulnier and Max Schnur.

Proceeds from the weekend will support the Prostate Can cer Foundation’s funding of the world’s most promising can cer research, including PCF’s Young Investigator program which has transformed how medical research is conducted over the past three decades. Discoveries by hundreds of PCF investigators at more than 220 institutions have driven breakthrough treatments in prostate and more than seventy other cancers.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation, founded in 1993, is ded icated to discovering groundbreaking cancer research pro grams thanks to the steadfast commitment from the organi zation’s members, research scientists and supporters.

For more information, visit

Patrice Motsepe, Casey Motsepe BFA Oliver Stone, Mei Sze Greene, Jeff Greene PMC Rob Citrone, Cin dy Citrone PMC



Strike up the band and start spreading the news. A new blue-ribbon steakhouse has opened in New York City, and it’s worth singing about. NYY Steak at Hard Rock Hotel New York offers sustainably sourced steaks and local fish in a clubby wood-paneled space. Blending New York flavor with a sexy swagger, a signature wall of the restaurant displays autographs from eighty-six legendary Yankees players.

Leading the multifaceted food and beverage program at the hotel is Executive Chef Oscar Gonzalez, bringing over two decades of a global luxury dining experience. Chef Oscar Gonzalez oversees all culinary concepts, from menu creation and execution to ingredient sourcing. “From a culinary perspective, our mission at Hard Rock Hotel New York is to transcend all guest expectations and position the hotel as a gastronomic destination,” says Gonzalez. “We have taken Hard Rock’s ethos and shaped our dining concepts around it while emphasizing the superb ingredients, talent, and innovation New York City has to offer.”


Start with the Tuna Tartar or Chesapeake Bay Crabcake to whet the appetite. Then, build a seafood tower with Alaskan King Crab Legs, Colossal Shrimp, or East/West Coast Oysters from the raw bar. Or go all-in with the Osetra Caviar.

The steak program has been carefully considered, with an aging process that takes place on-property to bring out the full flavor of each cut. As a result, the quality is superb, from bone-in steaks (ribeye, porterhouse) to specialty cuts off the bone (filet, skirt steak). At $60 per ounce (4-ounce minimum), the Kobe Hokkaido Strip Loin is a splurge for most, though its buttery melt-in-the-mouth texture will linger as a fond memory long after the credit card bill has been paid.

Save room for the excellent sides—Duck Fat Fries, Asparagus with Fontina Mornay, Roasted Mushrooms—and use your spare stomach for the desserts. We all have one. The Strawberry Pavlova, with its crisp meringue and sweet sorbet, is delicious.

NYY Steak offers fun events and promotions, including Pinstripe Hour from 5 -7 pm, Monday to Friday. Enjoy half-priced appetizers and two cocktails for the price of one.



Indeed, you’ve heard of Hard Rock Hotels, bought one of their popular T-shirts, or dined on their famous burgers from Cancun to Cologne? Go beyond the burger and stay (up) all night. Now open in midtown Manhattan on 48th Street, the music-themed hotel features 446 guestrooms and suites, including a hang-the-expense Rockstar Suite with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Hard Rock’s ethos is to party hard and celebrate the music on show at the NYC property with a legendary memorabilia collection honoring musicians from New York.

Rock legends also inspired the suite designs. So don’t be surprised to wake up to a life-size image of Bruce Springsteen looking straight at you with his unmistakable grin, a guitar slung around his shoulder.

Aside from NYY Steak, the hotel offers other fabulous dining options, including  RT60 Rooftop Bar & Lounge for views and cocktails or  Sessions Restaurant & Bar for farm-fresh seasonal cuisine. We love the exciting twists on comfort bar food, from Lamb Kebobs with Tzatziki to King Trumpet Mushrooms. Our favorite cocktail? The Girl from Ipanema a mix of tequila, Aperol, lime, mint, and club soda.

In the hotel’s public spaces, expect to see A-list concerts throughout the year and multiple live music performances every night in venues of all sizes. In addition, it’s the place to take visitors from out-of-town if you want them to experience a sparkly Times Square night out, they’ll be talking about for years.

For more information on NYY Steak and Hard Rock Hotel New York, visit




Legendary NYC-based chef David Burke is always full of surprises: his numerous eateries have a theme. However, one consistent element of all of them is that the food has a wow factor from taste to presentation. Did I fail to mention that the atmosphere is always stunning as well? It’s no surprise that David Burke Tavern is beloved by foodies from all walks of life. The wildhaired chef’s creative and contemporary approach to opening restaurants has been known since he opened the ultra-popular David Burke & Donatella on the Upper East Side.

This New Jersey native was schooled at NYC’s Culinary Institute Of America and Ecole Lenotre Pastry School in Plaisir, France. As a 26-yearold chef at the long-gone but legendary River Café, he cut his professional culinary teeth, later moving up to Executive Chef. He also is a veteran of the hit show Iron Chef America and a James Beard Award winner.


Our visit to David Burke Tavern was one of our all-time great NYC culinary journeys. DBT feels welcoming despite the plush atmosphere.

The staff is attentive without being overbearing. My guest and I were amazed by the fabulous Filet Mignon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Potatoes. DBT uses beautiful Patented Salt-Aged beef from local farms resulting in some of the most amazing steaks you will ever order. (Salt-aging is a patented dry-aging method using Himalayan sea salt developed by Burke himself.) We also had the Braised Short Ribs with Homemade Cavatelli recommended by our server and were totally satisfied by the fresh pasta and savory brown sauce. For seafood lovers, the Avocado Tuna Tartare is in a league of its own, and you can almost see it on every table. Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself to a Rum Passion, one of the house drinks—it’s fruity



We were curious as to why his restaurants always have a sophisticated yet whimsical vibe and how this aesthetic developed. “I think it comes from my personality,” the chef told us. “I take the same approach to my food, so the décor and the food at my restaurants are in sync. I infuse both with a sense of artistry and as an art collector, I am always looking for unique pieces that will add an intriguing visual element to my restaurants. For me, décor is about accessorizing.”

With so many unique choices on the DBT menu, we found that the most popular are his signature dishes. “Everyone loves the Clothesline Bacon! It’s a signature dish at most of my restaurants. The DBT menu is loaded with signature dishes, and they tend to be the most popular: The dryaged steaks with my patented Himalayan Salt process, Lobster Dumplings, The Burger, and the DB Brined Roast Chicken to name a few. The menu is designed to appeal to foodies and locals alike. We’re a neighborhood spot, a dining destination, and our variety of food reflects that.”

David Burke Tavern is housed in a stunning century-old Upper East Side townhouse. It turns out Chef Burke loves townhouses as much as most architecture-loving New Yorkers do. “My very first restaurant, David Burke & Donatella, was in a townhouse on East 61st Street right around the corner from where David Burke Tavern is now. It became David Burke Townhouse. Then I opened Fishtails, which became Tavern 62 By David Burke before morphing into its current state. So, I have a lot of experience with townhouse restaurants!”

The difference between DBT and his other restaurants is that it operates on two levels, each with a different vibe. “The ground floor is the bar and lounge with a more casual feel, where we offer a daily happy hour that is very popular with our neighbors because it has specially priced food and drink. The second floor, while not fussy, is more formal with an old New York club-like ambiance. It’s where people like to settle in for a full-blown dining experience. But, of course, people can and do enjoy the full menu in the bar area, too.”


What is the menu looking like for this fall and winter? “I’m thinking of braised meats, like lamb shank. I am also interested in adding pork chops with clams, one of many variations on surf ‘n’ turf. Maybe hay roasted lobster and roast duck. We’re going to go into the fall and winter season full force!”

David Burke Tavern is a wonderful way to escape for locals and visitors. As Chef Burke concluded “That’s the secret to its success. The equal appeal to those audiences and the fact it can satisfy different dining moods for each.”

For more information on David Burke Tavern, visit




As the Executive Director of The Drama League, Bevin Ross leads one of the longest-running arts service organizations in the country. The Drama League was founded in 1916 with the mission to advance American Theater but establishing The Directors Project in 1984 has positioned the organization as the preeminent artist home for stage directors

The Drama League has a record of success built over decades. Their alums include 22 Tony Award nominees, eight of whom won the Tony Award for Best Direction. In the upcoming season, 30 percent of Broadway and off-Broadway shows will be directed by Drama League alums. In addition, there are over one hundred alums in artistic leadership positions nationwide. Many more are serving as Assistant and Associate Directors across the country, representing an astonishing breadth of influence and impact on the American theater.


Ms. Ross is entering her fourth year at The Drama League and has worked for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in New York City for over 15 years. Her deep experience with fundraising and her commitment to the next generation of theater directors and their audiences helped guide The Drama League through the pandemic.

After a year of uncertainty for live theater, Bevin was all too ready to have The Drama League return to in-person programming. She collaborated with the entire staff and Board to announce the most ambitious expansion of The Directors Project in its 40-year history.

When Bevin joined The Drama League, she partnered with Artistic Director Gabriel Stelian-Shanks, who has been at the organization since 2001. Together they began two years of strategic planning, data analysis, and conversations with over two hundred artists, philanthropists, foundation leadership, and Board Members to redesign The Drama League’s portfolio of artist support.

Through this radical new work, The Drama League programs were expanded to more impactfully deploy resources to artists, address the damage of the COVID-19 pandemic, and begin dismantling inequity, racism, and bias in the field. Launched in May of 2022, the new program suite deepens and accelerates early-career artists’ creative development, utilizing field-leading resources to expand their career potential.


One of the programmatic overhauls is the educational experience of the directing fellows, which now includes extended residencies at world-class partner theaters. For example, the Drama League Stage Directing Fellows Nadia Guevara and Ibi Owolabi are currently placed at Manhattan Theatre Club and McCarter Theater Center as assistant directors on  Cost of Living  and  The Wolves, respectively, among other educational experiences. Securing The Drama League fellow Ibi Owolabi’s first Broadway production is another example of the success of The Drama League’s programs.

Bevin is a professional in the arts but also a true theater fan, raising an active eight-year-old who loves going to the theater with his Mom. As a Board member of The Drama League, I have had the pleasure to work with Bevin, and I asked her about her favorite part of the job. “All my life,” Bevin recalls, “I’ve said my ambition was to be the best audience member ever when I grew up, and that is what I am, and that is what I am teaching my son as well!”

She is most proud to foster artists’ careers—including directors— through The Drama League. “As resources and support dwindle for our field, we must remember directors are the leaders in theater, and they have the agency to make changes for our field. If we want to change, we must invest in them for the future of the performing arts. I am grateful to be a part of their support system.”






Writer-director David O. Russell (American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, Three Kings) returns with a black comedy set in the 1930s and chockablock with huge stars. Oscar winners Christian Bale, Robert DeNiro and Rami Malek join up with Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy, Timothy Olyphant, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Zoe Saldana, Michael Shannon and even Taylor Swift in this murder mystery that’s filled with macabre twists and turns.


Not yet rated

Duane Johnson heads into the DC Comics Universe as superhero Black Adam, in an adventure that Warner Bros. hopes will begin a new film franchise. With Viola Davis, Pierce Brosnan and Aldis Hodge joining in the nonstop action, at least they’ve got some terrific actors in the mix for this one.



Cate Blanchett gives yet another bravura performance as Tár, a female conductor fighting for respect in the male-dominated world of classical orchestras. She’s already taken home the Best Actress prize at the Venice Film Festival and has already garnered hot buzz on the awards train heading toward the Academy Awards. She already has two Oscars (and a total of six nominations) and we’ll bet the odds this one gets her at least another nomination.



For some of us, all you have to say is that the In Bruges trio of writerdirector Martin McDonagh and actors Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are back together, and we’re already running to the closest movie theater. We’ve been waiting 14 years for The Banshees of Inisherin, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to raves in September. This time set in Ireland, it’s another black comedy that’s sure to please.



It may be hard to believe, but George Clooney and Julia Roberts have never made a rom-com before this, despite starring in four movies together. This time they are all in, as a divorced couple who head off to Bali to stop their daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) from marrying a guy she’s only known for a few short months. Laughs, romance and lots of charm soon follow.





Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water, Nightmare Alley) is the force behind this creepy anthology series that tells a different scary tale in each episode. Watch for everyone from Oscar winners Geena Davis and F. Murray Abraham to Tim Blake Nelson, Essie Davis, Andrew Lincoln, DJ Qualls and the ultimate creepy guy, Crispin Glover, in a cabinet full of very weird things.


Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson star in this blood-letting series based on the Anne Rice novel of the same name. It’s the first of many that AMC plans to produce based on her works, for they bought the rights to her whole library. They’re betting that you’re ready and willing to get in bed with the Vampire Lestat once again, even though there’s no Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt in this iteration.


This family story is not for the kids, as Madison Taylor Baez stars as a 12-year-old girl with a slight problem: she’s a vampire, always looking to drink someone’s blood. In this horrific drama series, Demian Bichir stars as her father, who isn’t a vampire himself, but does everything he can to keep her blood lust satisfied. Anika Noni Rose and Grace Gummer costar in this ten-part series.


Yet another vampire series, but this one’s got a different twist, as everyone in the world is a blood sucker. Enter Reginald (Jacob Batalon), just an average-guy vampire, who’s just trying to make his way through life (and get enough blood to sip on). Needless to say, this one is a comedy that also stars Mandela Van Peebles, Mario’s handsome son.


The CW

Supernatural fans, rejoice! For while that long-running series is now finished, The Winchesters picks up where the story began, following the origin story of John and Mary Winchester, who began the fight against all those monsters, demons, and other evil creatures that are a continuing threat to the human species. Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly star in this series that The CW hopes will last another 15 seasons.




Prepare to enter a world full of witches, ghosts, phantoms, and zombies. No, it isn’t a haunted house—it’s BroadwayHD! Halloween is coming up and we’ve compiled a list of our spookiest shows for you to enjoy in the month of October. Visit to learn more!


In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, Cameron Mackintosh produced a unique, spectacular staging of the musical on a scale which had never been seen before. Inspired by the original staging by Hal Prince and Gillian Lynne, this lavish, fully-staged production set in the sumptuous Victorian splendor of London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall features a cast and orchestra of over 200, plus some very special guest appearances.

SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET Returning to BroadwayHD for October 2022 only! Angela Lansbury and George Hearn star as Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd in this dark operetta by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler, captured while on a national tour in 1981. Featuring some of Sondheim’s most famous songs (“A Little Priest,” “Johanna,” “Not While I’m Around” and more), this classic musical will leave you feeling sufficiently spooked!


A student is called home from university to find his life turned upside down. He had the world at his feet, but now everything has changed. Who can be trusted? Who can be believed? Sent by the ghost of his father to avenge his brutal death, Hamlet’s mission to expose the truth is a perilous journey of madness, murder and lost love. This production by the Royal Shakespeare Company aims to answer one question: What will become of a young man sent to kill?

JEKYLL & HYDE: THE MUSICAL Starring David Hasselhoff in the title role, Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical is an evocative tale of love, lust, madness, and murder. Featuring music by Frank Wildhorn and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, this musical broke house records at Broadway’s Plymouth Theatre, where it ran for over four years and 1,500 performances.


This enchanting new British musical explores the extraordinary world of a sorcerer and his rebellious daughter, as she discovers the explosive possibilities of her newfound magical powers. Against the backdrop of the Northern Lights, father and daughter must heal their relationship and work together. This gripping family-friendly story sees brooms coming to life and love blossoming anew



“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble…” Surrender to the Stratford Festival’s production of this haunting story of ambition and its dark consequences, as a military hero and his wife conspire to seize the throne of Scotland


Featuring scheming wolves, evil witches, and murderous giants, Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods provides plentiful thrills while weaving together many famous fairy tales in an allegorical story of family, love, growing up, and the hazy areas between right and wrong. This critically acclaimed production was captured live at London’s Regent’s Park Open Air theater and was directed by Timothy Sheader. It won the Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival and features Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso) as the Witch and Jenna Russell as the Baker’s Wife.


Based on George A. Romero’s iconic 1968 film, a bunch of strangers are holed up in a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania. Hordes of the undead are approaching. If only they could find some way of staying alive... Night of the Living Dead Live will entertain horror and comedy fans alike as we join a band of unlucky survivors trying to find a way to get through the night.


A musical based on Lloyd Kaufman’s cult 1984 comedy film The Toxic Avenger tells the story of the citizens of Tromaville who are crying out for a hero. Enter nerdy Melvin Ferd the Third, an aspiring earth scientist, determined to clean up the state’s major toxic waste problem. When a corrupt Mayor and her government goons get wind of his plans, they vow to stop this heroic feat. Melvin is attacked and tossed into a vat of toxic waste...transforming him instantly into The Toxic Avenger, New Jersey’s first superhero! Toxie is a 7-foot mutant freak with superhuman strength and a supersized heart to match. His aims are to save heavily polluted New Jersey, end global warming, win the heart of the prettiest (blindest) librarian in town— and—get home in time for dinner! Contains adult themes.


Featuring one of the most famous villains in the Shakespeare canon, Iago, this production of Othello by the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company will keep you at the edge of your seat. General Othello has secretly married Desdemona, a daughter of the Venetian senator Brabantio. Iago, an ensign harboring resentment towards Othello, enlists the help of Roderigo—a frustrated suitor of Desdemona’s— and begins plotting his revenge


Save dogs like Brooklyn from the cruelty of dog racing

Join the campaign to bring dogs home

GREY2K USA Worldwide works to rescue dogs from cruel racetracks around the globe. Learn more at



There’s nothing scary or spooky about this trick-or treat bunch. So go ahead, give your pet’s wardrobe a ghoulish upgrade with costumes and accessories that will guarantee your little trickster gets all the treats! But, even if you’re not the dress-up-your-buddy kind of pet parent, there are plenty of ways to add some autumn flair


Sophisticated… definitely. Spooky… a pinch. Give your feline friend a subtle taste of Halloween with this creepy critters, pumpkin orange bowtie from our friends at Made by Cleo. Info:


Even the paws and claws of our pets can feel the chill of a crisp October night. Whether it be snow, rain, or ice, try insulating furry feet with these skull and bones leggings from The Walkee Paws Info:


We love promoting small businesses. Arianny and Danny are two cousins who conceived Craft and Sparkle, combining both their talents to create and design adorable and affordable Halloween costumes for small pets. Info:


Who doesn’t love a ladybug? Even more lovable is a furry friend dressed as a ladybug.

At Pet Smart, they have all your Halloween costume needs for small pets.



Your pet pooch will love Halloween with these delectable treats from Rovers Wellness. The mouth-watering chews are available with sweet potato or banana, and the scrumptious freeze-dried bites come in beef or chicken. Info:


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Why dress up for Halloween as someone else? Knitwise are a tech start-up, offering oneof-a-kind sweaters, allowing pets to truly be themselves.



Greet trick or treaters with your Queen Bee guinea pig in tow. With an easy hook and loop closure, it’s simple to get on and off for those perfect Instagram moments. From our good mates at Petco.



Bocce’s Bakery was born in a tiny kitchen in NYC. Combining a love of baking, fresh, natural ingredients and of course, a scruffy mutt named Bocce, these guys are changing the dog treat landscape, one doggy biscuit at a time.


Novelty tees can be fun for humans or for their pets. Let your furry friend participate in the Halloween pleasure and excitement with this Too Cute To Spook tee from our friends at Dollar General.



Your stick chasing friend will be the coolest pooch on the block as he struts the neighborhood, trick or treating with the kids in this fetching ‘Shake your boo thang’ hoodie from our friends at Wag Trenz.



Explore your urban jungle with your fearless T-Rex by your side. At Halloween Costumes, they can turn the sweetest little yapper, into something resembling frightening… and cute.



Pam-purr your cat with these handmade, Halloween-themed catnip mats from the good folks at Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip. With each mat comes a bundle of their famous catnip, it will be music to your feline friends’ ears.

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Operation Warrior Shield (OWS) and Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) recently announced their partnership to provide companion pets for veterans through the OWS’ Operation Canine Companion program. The announcement was made during Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s 13th Annual Unconditional Love Gala in Southampton earlier this summer.

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is a nonprofit, open admission, no kill shelter that relies on the generosity of their donors and volunteers to care to for the homeless animals in its community, and to place them in loving “forever homes.” Whether caring for strays found wandering the streets, rescuing neglected and abandoned animals, or saving dogs from the horrors of the puppy mill industry, the shelter is a safe haven for all animals and for some, a last resort. The shelter provides a steppingstone for animals to find a loving home.

Operation Warrior Shield is a charitable organization, whose primary mission is to provide comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans and first responders, with a focus on “Healing Their Hidden Wounds” through no-cost holistic wellness services

Chaired by Jean Shafiroff, the event honored William Bratton, former Police Commissioner of New York City, and Jonathan McCann, founding President of SASF. The Honorary Chair was Georgina Bloomberg. The annual event has been the most important fundraiser for the shelter for over a decade, featuring a reception, seated dinner and dancing. A live and silent auction helped raise much-needed funds for SASF’s animal residents and programs, as well as garnering enthusiastic support specifically for Operation Canine Companion.


Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Chris Quirin was in attendance with his new canine companion, Layla, a yellow Labrador retriever mix. Quirin is the first veteran through this partnership to be honored and presented with what he calls, “a precious gift to myself and my family. The love Layla adds to our family is immeasurable. We are in love with her,” the veteran said. “There is no denying the comfort, acceptance and genuine friendship a sweet pup like Layla shares with me, my wife Patrice, and everyone around her. We are truly appreciative for the opportunity to bring Layla into our lives,” Quirin continued.


“We are excited to work with Chris as we grow this program,” said Chief Master Sgt. Ed Schloeman, Founder and CEO of Operation Warrior Shield. “We thank Chris for his service and sacrifices, and we are honored to be able to provide such a beautiful and loving companion to him through our collaboration with Pat Deshong and Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. Our goal is to provide specially trained, loving and supportive canine companions to veterans and first responders and their families who live with physical and emotional injuries incurred during their time in service,” added Schloeman.

Bethann Carbone, CSO of Operation Warrior Shield explained, “We developed Operation Canine Companion because veterans are committing suicide every day. We know how important healing from trauma is. OWS’ Operation Canine Companion pets provide safety, camaraderie, unconditional acceptance, and a unique emotional support that helps reduce the stress and challenges that our heroes face every day.”


Deshong described the pet selection process. “Not every dog qualifies to be a trained companion dog. Our trainers spend many hours evaluating each dog for their temperament in different environments, and how they might accept corrections and commands.” Each dog will receive approximately three to five months of training. Deshong continued, “Our program is unique in that we place the dog in the veteran’s home during most of that period, and we provide training instructions to the veteran/handler, so they are active participants in training the dog as well. Because accepting a pet is a long-term commitment, we focus on setting the stage for the vet and their pet to develop compatibility and a partnership for the rest of their lives together.”

According to the 2021 National Veteran Suicide Prevention report, an average of seventeen veterans commit suicide daily. Carbone explained, “It is in response to this tragedy that Operation Warrior Shield reaches out to assist military and first responders and their families who are fighting a daily battle for improved quality of life, to help them find a path to inner and outer health and well-being.”

Operation Warrior Shield is currently planning their annual Healing for Heroes fundraising gala on November 4, 2022, at the Water Club in NYC. This event will benefit Operation Canine Companion, as well as provide support for training in Transcendental Meditation and other effective stress-reducing programs.

For more information on Southampton Animal Shelter, visit

For more information on Operation Warrior Shield, visit




Latin America is associated with warmth, color, movement, and sensuality. For a reminder of the flavors of Latin America the go-to destination in New York City this Fall needs you look no further than Baby Brasa.

Meet entrepreneur Franco Noriega who launched the grand culinary adventure of Baby Brasa when he opened doors for the now landmark location. The former model turned international sensation and judge of Mexico’s MasterChef has a vast and eclectic background, which includes establishing a renowned chef title with elite training at the International Culinary Center as well as launching a Beach Club in Ipanema Brazil.

Deeply rooted in the heart of The Village, the pulse of the city beats strong here. The attractive surroundings and superbly delicious dishes are only rivaled by a staff that passionately serves you steaming plates and carefully curated cocktails. To experience the vibe here is to have an affair of all the senses as they get elevated to glorious heights. This is not just another meal. This is a deeply rooted tropical heat wave full of feverish spice that makes you perspire with desire. When here you fully crave amazing food, spectacular drinks and a unique rhythmic vibe that will have your taste buds dancing all night long.


The Peruvian restaurant is known best as The Oasis of the Big Apple. The exotic and exquisite culinary experience found here has created a divine lifestyle for patrons to admire. A haven for the hippest of the in-crowd and the most glamourous trendsetters, dedicated loyalists and newcomers alike flock to the restaurant that serves up incredible dishes at this one-of-a-kind contemporary venue in The Village.

His well-known partnership with Milan Kelez at the restaurant has produced an outstanding list of memorable events and special evenings since the restaurant started operations in 2016. To party here is a golden gift granted by these two hospitality masters.

Noriega’s romantic and lively establishment is a scrumptious setting where unique dishes are discovered. Awaken your senses in the most appealing way with signature entrees including Passion Fruit Salmon served with sautéed vegetable pineapple fried rice; Lomo Saltado with marinated grass-fed sirloin steak chunks, red onion, cherry tomatoes; and Spaguetti Huancaina in a traditional huancaína sauce made with Peruvian yellow pepper and white cheese with lomo saltado on top.

With an added value, Noriega offers his patrons a happy hour Monday to Friday between 3 to 6 pm brings further bliss and highlights such notable items as the colorful Pink Flamingo served with Tito’s vodka, and the Coconut Margarita with Casa Amigos tequila, coconut and lime juice; as well as the Watermelon Picante with Habanero infused Cazadores tequila, watermelon juice, lime juice, tajin rim.


The food quality is complemented by the gorgeous venue. Art Deco-tropical vibes surround you inside the dining room. Say no to travel to Miami or further south of the border. Just step inside the grand gardens of Baby Brasa and be transported away. Over two hundred people can be seated at a time to equally experience the electrifying magnitude of exuberance and haute cuisine.

The Fall of 2022 may have temperatures falling outside, but inside they are soaring as the foodie and nightlife scene of New York City congregates at the beautiful Baby Brasa.

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It all started in New York City this past summer. Explorer Justin Fornal, along with fellow adventurer Wesley Archer, made the first attempt in history to conduct a nonstop swim from Canada to Greenland across the Nares Strait.

Justin is an international explorer, long distance swimmer, and writer. He was the expedition swimmer and was central in telling the story of the arctic and its inhabitants. Justin is also the host of Unexplained and Unexplored on the Science Channel. Wesley, also an explorer and adventurer, is a general aviation pilot with over eleven hundred hours in a Cirrus aircraft. Wesley co-produced and directed planning for the expedition, flying his personal single engine plane to Qaanaaq; he also functioned as a safety supervisor during the swim.

The adventure started on August 7th, when Justin and Wesley set off from a NYC airport in Wesley’s single engine aircraft and flew to Qaanaaq, Greenland, one of the northernmost settlements on the planet. From there, they made their final preparations and with the aid of local hunters and the support of the local community to head north into the Nares Strait.

The team set off from Qaanaaq in two boats in the direction of Pim Island, Canada with the goal of Justin swimming the width of the Nares Strait with Wesley staffing a support kayak to assist Justin in the event of any difficulties. The Nares Strait can have some of the most extreme weather in the Arctic. The winds can reach gale force as the result of the Nares Strait compression zone and the ice flows are unpredictable


While in route to Pim Island the team encountered an impenetrable wall of ice. The local team would not take their boats any further towards Canada as they could get caught between the moving pieces of thick ice and crushed to splinters. The only option was for the swim to begin from the ice wall. On August 15th, Justin jumped from the Arctic ice-sheet and began his swim towards Greenland through icy 40-degree below water as Wesley rowed in a kayak next to him full of supplies including food, water, and hot drinks. Support members remained close by in power boats to help navigate, deterring territorial walrus, and assist emergency extraction. “Every stage of this expedition from flying, nature, and culture, reaffirmed the respect I had for them going in. Without respect for those three, we wouldn’t have made it,” Wesley said.

Justin reached the rocky shores of Greenland where the team rejoiced. The swim was extremely challenging and a true test of human endurance. While the team was not able to attempt a Canada to Greenland swim on this expedition, Justin completed the first long distance swim of the Nares Strait in history. The team plans to return in 2023 to complete the full swim. “The swim was majestic, and we learned a lot. I cannot wait to return next year to complete the full swim from Canada to Greenland,” Justin told us.

The support team included:

· Emmy award nominated filmmaker Emiliano Ruprah

· Mahiautsiaq Eipe, team translator

· G.W.K. Moore, science advisor


· Sakiko Daorana, Greenland advisor/expedition fixer


Polar Bear International

Otto Simigaq, guide/boat captain

· Argiunnquaq Qaernagag, guide/boat captain

For more information on The Great Arctic Swim, visit

Wesley Archer Justin Fornal


Being a parent is incredibly stressful—especially when you have little ones at home with their action-packed schedules complete with school and after-school sports. It’s enough to make even the most even-keeled parent hit their stress threshold before factoring in career and personal tasks. But when we aren’t calm, kids absorb that, like osmosis. The more stressed we are, the more anxiety kids feel.

New York City pediatrician Dr. Alison Mitzner had seen that pattern when she practiced and saw the issues within herself. So, she searched high and low for answers and produced her recipe to remain as stress-free as possible. In her book  Calm and Confident Parenting, she dishes out her secrets to combat stress, one bite at a time.

What made you go into medicine?

I have always loved science and medicine and found helping patients rewarding. As much as I loved medicine in private pediatric practice, I wanted to use more of the science I learned in medical school. I was most enthusiastic about the complicated cases referred to the sub-specialists. I also loved teaching and mentoring residents and medical students in various aspects of clinical and academic medicine.

So, I started researching other options outside of private practice available with my medical degree, including non-clinical career paths. I have since moved into the pharmaceutical industry. I am currently a Senior Director in Safety and Regulatory at a large pharmaceutical company. I have had experience in the industry with leading safety teams and physicians and have mentored many physicians globally. But I find what I do now even more rewarding. There is so much medicine and science, and I am still helping patients, not only on a small level, based on who I saw in the office but millions of people.

What inspired you to author a book?

I began my writing journey with regular mom blogs and often was tapped to create content for magazines and other platforms. During my first pregnancy, while I knew the answers to the usual questions as a doctor, I saw all the parental challenges that moms go through. The exhaustion, the anxiety, the stress, the sleeplessness, and so many of the questions that becoming a mom creates. I then noticed a void in available resources and decided to make a source for parents with accessible, digestible information.

I wanted to share the information and the experiences I have had from medicine, motherhood, and wellness and show how it all is intertwined and related. I also wanted to convey manageable adjustments that improve your nutrition, focus on fitness, and critically organize your time will make you a happier, better parent. I was excited to share this in the book and help moms and dads with calm confidence.

Tell us about your medical practice.

76 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | OCTOBER 2022 NEW YORK, NY For more information on Alison Mitzner, visit

During my first pregnancy, I suffered from extreme headaches. Unfortunately, no doctor, neurologist, or professional was able to help me. Then, it was recommended that I try acupuncture, which was lifechanging. The treatments I experienced not only helped me during that pregnancy, but the benefits extended to my second pregnancy, postpartum, and my current life. I still use these practices daily for myself and my children and suggest the regimen for families and friends.

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