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From The Publisher Maribel & Angelina Lieberman: Goddesses Of MarieBelle Chocolates Loy Carlos: Reaching For The Sky Profile: Melissa de la Cruz - Partners With Disney

LIFE & STYLE 25 Our 2022 Holiday Guide 30 Culture Capsule: Home & Lifestyle Reviews 31 The Honda HR-V SUV: An Urban Warrior

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Boston: It’s Not All Baked Beans & Clam Chowder Holiday Magic: A Winter Visit To Gothenburg, Sweden Salt Lake City: A Non-Ski Holiday (In Ski Country) The Concorde Hotel: Luxurious Midtown Comfort Incredible Italy: An Escape For All Reasons


REAL ESTATE & HOME DECOR 47 620 Park Avenue: Elegant Design & Exquisite Detail 48 The Decoration & Design Building: The 2022 Awards 50 1143 Sasco Hill Road: A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

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Sips & Bites To Give (Or Get) For The Holidays Jones Wood Foundry Old Stove Pub: East End Dining Arrives in Manhattan Versa Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

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Mindie’s Musings Lauren Jenai: Her Best Holiday Wellness Tips Lyme Disease: 2022 Gala Raises Funds To Tackle The Disease Ann Liguori

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Spotlight On Stage: Kumiko Yoshi, Producer BroadwayHD On The Big Screen On The Small Screen The Toronto Film Festival: Sets The Agenda For The 2023 Season


PET SPOTLIGHT 71 Paws Down…Tails Up: Holiday Cuteness Collection 2022 73 The American Academy Of Pet Grooming 74 Rappaport To The Rescue

NEW YORK, NY 76 77 78 80

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Daniel Stock My New York Story: Evgeny Afineevsky, Film Director Best Of Africa Awards 2022 Time Out With…Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, SohoMuse



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et’s always remember New York City is hands down the absolute best magical place to be during the holidays. Some of the easiest and most traditional thoughts that instinctively come to mind are the twinkling of lights and one-of-a-kind displays in the department store windows. Even the Winter Village in Bryant Park is open for ice skating while jamming to some holiday tunes. Afterward, grab a cup of hot chocolate and do some shopping throughout the village for that perfect impulse buy you didn’t realize you needed. In this issue, we speak to two incredible New Yorkers who have made their mark in the world of business and real estate, respectively. Maribel Lieberman credits her late husband whose artistic talents inspired the signature designs on her worldfamous MarieBelle Chocolates ganache. The New York Collection is the most popular, and every chocolate piece in the blue box is a heavenly memory. For Loy Carlos, it’s been a journey as an entrepreneur, mentor, and industry thought leader who has continued to advise clients and partners on the intricacies of real estate for more than 30 years. His inspiring story is not to be missed.

Vol. 6 #8 | November/D ecember 2020








Of course, as we head into the merry season, there always seems to be much to do and so little time! Don’t stress. Our extensive holiday guides will help find stylish, much-needed gifts for everyone on your list—even for our four-legged friends. All this plus our regular features, as well. Don’t miss our coverage on travel, health & wellness, and captivating interviews with Broadway notables. So, however and wherever you spend this holiday season, make a special resolution: Take care of yourself! From our family at New York Lifestyles to yours, we wish you the best during this season and a happy and healthy new year! See you next year!

-Bill Mason



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By Patricia Canole | Photography by Vital Agibalow for HENSEL Hair & Makeup by John Henry Edington


estled among the centuries-old structures of Lower Manhattan is MarieBelle New York, which has made this Soho neighborhood and its residents and visitors appreciate the fine art of chocolate-making. Upon stepping into this charming cafe, one is instantly transported to a dreamy, elegant scene straight out of a fairytale. Whimsical embellishments and colorful displays offset exquisite crystal chandeliers and chic marble coffee tables. Since the store’s opening more than two decades ago, founder and owner Maribel Lieberman has been sharing her passion for chocolate with the world and reinventing how we enjoy this sweet deliciousness. You’ll note this strong, independent woman is a hands-on owner. She takes chocolate-making seriously, from starting in the plantations to the final boxed artistic delicate pieces. In the recent documentary Chocolate Road, we see how vital chocolate is in bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds together. It’s more than just a wonderful, flavorful delight. It embraces the human connection from farm to shop and makes the world a better place, one cacao pod at a time. Maribel was born in Honduras, the youngest of eight children. As a result, her passion for confections began at an early age. As an 8-yearold, she often made sugared candies and sold them to other children in her neighborhood. However, chocolate-making was not always her path despite her early dabbling in the trade.

During her teens, her mother suggested Maribel enroll in secretarial courses. But unfortunately, it wasn’t for Maribel, who was a creative soul. With this realization, her next journey led her to the Big Apple. Of course, growing up with a mother and grandmother who loved being tailors cemented Maribel’s appreciation of the art of fashion and design. Upon graduation, she enrolled in Parsons and found work in the fashion industry, sketching, and freelance jobs. However, she also felt it was too highly competitive. And although she loved fashion, she also knew everybody wanted to reach the top no matter what.



During this period, Maribel also discovered her passion for food. She enjoyed exploring New York’s diverse ethnic neighborhoods in her free time. She constantly found new spices and different ingredients, from Chinatown to Little Italy to the city’s many Indian restaurants. For Maribel, cooking was always a way of making art. Her boundless curiosity and inborn knack for taste led her to successfully launch a five-year catering business, Maribel’s Gourmet Cuisine. But this was just the beginning. Catering paved the way for her first store and led to her discovery of chocolate. In 2000, Maribel opened Lunettes et Chocolat. It carried a unique combination of chocolate—and eyeglasses. As it happened, Maribel and her best friend, Selima Salaun from Selima Optique, decided they wanted to open a store together. A store that would share each of their passions. That is how Lunettes et Chocolat was born in the year 2000—a unique combination of Fashion Glasses and Fashion Chocolates. A year later in December 2001, Maribel opened her first store in Soho, going through all the suffering and difficulties after the terror attacks of September 11th. She rented a small space in Soho thinking it would be a short-term pop-up shop. Little did she know then it would continue to serve as MarieBelle’s permanent location.


Maribel’s career is accented with her steady will to go against the norm. Once criticized for choosing dark chocolate over milk chocolate, she persevered and trusted her instinct. It proved to be the right decision. A month later, a Vogue article proclaimed the benefits of dark chocolate and sharply increased its popularity. With its impeccable quality, MarieBelle chocolate has sweetened people’s lives worldwide. The product combines only the highest caliber of Criollo cocoa beans, Tahitian vanilla, Japanese matcha, and Puerto Rican rum. Whether it is the signature ganache, the extraordinary truffles, and bars, or the incomparable Aztec Hot Chocolate—the name MarieBelle continues to be synonymous with everything that is refined, beautifully designed, and decadent. Her combined passion for chocolate and fashion has inspired her to continuously reinvent how we enjoy and experience chocolate’s delectable and indulgent world. New York Lifestyles met with this talented woman to learn more about her life and career. When did you realize you wanted to work in your current industry? I have been a lover of food ingredients; when I discover a new element, it excites me so much that I become curious and eager to taste it. Twenty-two years ago, I had in mind to open a gourmet store with ingredients from all over the world. I wanted to expose people in New York to the unfamiliar tastes of the world. However, that was a big dream. So, I decided to start with one of those ingredients. Chocolate is known to many, but few know where chocolate came from and what can be made from it. The year was 2000. Your store in Soho is so beautifully elegant. Why choose this location to start your company? Soho is a destination neighborhood for New Yorkers and visitors worldwide. It was the perfect place to start the business for global exposure. Your ganache designs are beautiful. What inspired you to create these minor works of art? I started highlighting my husband Jacques Lieberman’s artwork; he was an abstract art painter, and his works are very colorful and modern. Then later, I started incorporating fashion images that inspired the New York City lifestyle. 12 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022


Name your favorite vacation spot. I love Amalfi Coast, including Capri What are three items without which you can›t live? Family and friends. Work to keep me busy. Classical music. What is something we may not know about you? I get easily distracted. When did you know you had “made it” professionally? I arrived in Japan and saw my picture in the department store with my story! That’s when I knew. Why did you select Japan for your international outlets? Japan chose me. Since I opened my first store, my product has attracted many Japanese consumers, so I thought it was the perfect country to open my first outlet abroad.

What is a typical Maribel day like? Get up early, between 6 - 6:30 am, start Pilates at 7:00 am, and finish at 8:00 am. Then I take French classes at 8:20 for one hour three times a week. After that, I get ready for my day at the office. Finish around 5 or 6 pm, then get together with friends or go home for dinner, listen to Mozart or any other classical music, read, then go to bed. What changes will your industry undergo in the next five years? People are consuming more dark chocolate and vegan. I believe this will be a notable change in the industry. Tell us of any new products we’ll see from Maribelle this holiday season. This year our packaging will depict images of Botticelli paintings, of course with a holiday twist. In addition, there will be new ganache holiday flavors. Has your daughter shown any interest in entering the chocolate business? My daughter is particularly good with ideas, especially those targeting the young generation. Although she’s young, I feel she will be inclined to take over. Do you have advice for those aspiring to work in your industry? If they love the industry, then they will be successful. Otherwise, it will feel like a tough job.


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At the Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa, we are pleased to offer you a rare real estate ownership opportunity. Learn how you can purchase a piece of paradise with a waterfront home in Bermuda.

Newstead Belmont Hills • •




By Patricia Canole | Photography by Vital Agibalow for HENSEL


oy Carlos doesn’t market a property. He contextualizes it. Instead, inspired by editorial photoshoots and magazine-style storytelling, Loy says he’s reinventing property sales and realizing record deals for his clients. It is an approach that has solidified his involvement with ultra-highend properties, such as the newly listed triplex penthouse at 217 West 57th Street–the highest residence in the world–which is listed at $250 million. Located in Central Park Tower, it is a unique property boasting 17,500-plus square feet and a terrace with the most fantastic views of the city and beyond. Understanding that it is not for everyone, Carlos feels you must present one-of-a-kind properties like the penthouse in such a way that appeals to, and intrigues, ultra high net worth clients with the most discriminating tastes. Indeed this was also the case with his most recent sale of a limestone townhouse on the Upper East Side, whose $57 million selling price was the highest price per square foot ever achieved for any townhouse ever sold in New York City’s history.

“Luxury is a lifestyle,” says Loy, who made headlines when he left Corcoran’s top team to lead SERHANT Signature, which handles the firm’s most exclusive properties. “So, it’s important to create a unique brand identity for each product. Each should tell a story that directly links that particular property to the specific complementary lifestyle. It’s my job to make the connections, to create that imagery which enable people to readily visualize themselves in a scene that I create for them. I’m the writer, director, editor, producer. I set the stage for the sale.”




Loy Carlos is an entrepreneur, mentor, and industry thought leader who has been advising clients and partners on the intricacies of real estate and lifestyle for more than 30 years. He has sold some of the city’s most expensive apartments and townhouses and has consistently posted record-breaking prices in various neighborhoods. His clients include financial and technology leaders, entertainment moguls, permanent ambassadors and consulate generals, heads of state, high-profile celebrities, investment bankers, advertising executives, executives of Fortune 500 companies, presidents, and board of director members of various chambers of commerce and other professional organizations. Loy began his career in 1989 when he served as the Director of Technology and Information Systems for the largest residential brokerage in the City. His progressive march in the industry has given him the opportunity to learn every facet of the industry as Regional Director of the oldest real estate firm in country, as Executive Vice President/Director of Sales and Marketing at a prominent downtown brokerage and finally, prior to Serhant, architecting his previous team’s rise as the first New York team to be named #1 in the nation. Always fueled by an unquenchable desire to push boundaries, to improve processes, to change minds, and to challenge convention, Loy has found a formidable partner and resource in Serhant. He works with SERHANT’s in-house ID Lab and Studios to design a one-off “identity” for each residence, building or project. Here everything from the fonts, color schemes, background imagery, custom websites, property tours, editorial films, and email look and feel are dreamed up. Instead of simply blasting properties across social media platforms, Loy’s strategy and creative team consider where that property belongs. Some properties might shine on TikTok, while some belong exclusively on Instagram. Others deserve more refined exposure in luxury broadcast, print, or digital media—consider specialty publications catering to art, private jets, yachting, fashion, and jewelry. These offer perfect opportunities to partner and collaborate with the most revered global lifestyle brands.


One thing Loy and his team will never do. They don’t take the usual canned listing photos you see on real estate portals. Instead, they style the property like a cover model and bring it to life with video, music, art direction, and people. “For any luxury product, the packaging is everything,” he says. “We don’t just create for the sake of views. We envision the parties who will ultimately make the deal, and reverse engineer our marketing to bring that into fruition.” Taking a targeted approach and taking the time to tell a story about a property, Carlos creates drama, depth, narrative richness, and even inject humor. “For each of our Signature listings, we create a custom book,” says Carlos, who studied journalism at New York University and runs a lifestyle magazine with a global following. “It’s painstaking but essential. The process helps define the property’s level of luxury to a buyer, in much the same way you differentiate ready-to-wear from haute couture or in-season from last season.” It’s a process that translates a media following into actual business. But more importantly, storytelling increases a property’s value. 18 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022


“It may not look like it from the outside, but a lot of New York’s best properties have sold or are selling for far less than they should,” Carlos says, who is currently listing a $29.5 million townhouse at 7 Sutton Square, plus a $22 million and a $25 million penthouses on Fifth Avenue. “That’s because many brokers push their clients to settle for less… they get it out there and hope for the best. But the last three deals I closed have all broken City records. That’s the power of an editorial approach to real estate. From cave drawings to today’s social media, we’re constantly reminded that storytelling is essential in communicating our idea of home…and of value!” Another critical factor in Loy’s selling prowess is to “immerse yourself in the characters of the people and find who they are and what they’re thinking.” In other words, put yourself in their place. He describes it as akin to acting and dubs himself a “method broker.” “Putting together a deal can be made much easier even when there are complications because people need to feel you’re on their side. You can do this if you take the time to understand the background and where each party is coming from.” Clients and colleagues alike value Loy’s principled approach to anything he does. Clients and co-brokers who have worked with Loy quickly note his integrity and sometimes brutal honesty. They trust his knowledge and negotiation skills and know he will fiercely protect his client’s interests. His transparency, positive energy, and calmness under pressure also stand out—especially during tense deals with several moving parts. Loy says two things have contributed to his career’s longevity. “Nothing excites me more than when people tell me something can’t be done. To me, the love of work itself is what makes the difference. Honestly, I probably relish the challenge more than I do the results. In fact, often I have to be reminded to step back and enjoy success.”

But more importantly, Loy says getting to know people and hearing about their stories and ideas is what keeps him inspired. “Both real estate and the magazine give me unlimited opportunities to get to know, and collaborate with, people. The talented Loy co-founded Classiques Modernes Lifestyle & Estates, a lifestyle and property management company with partner, Kenneth J. Moore. He is also editor in chief of Classiques Modernes. Literally meaning “modern standards” and read around the world, the lifestyle publication focuses on emerging artists and creatives, notfor-profits and charitable cause…connecting luxury real estate with travel, fashion, music, art, architecture, and culture. In the real world, so much information is being circulated and fed to us. “We curate for both our real estate clients and magazine readers. We help them stay informed and in touch with the best ideas, the best brands, and the best people.” For Loy, immense satisfaction is derived in knowing his day is spent connecting with people, sharing their dreams, and perhaps even “changing the world and how it’s perceived” one person at a time. “I’ve learned through the magazine that millions of views and hits, while impressive, mean nothing if you haven’t touched or helped change a single person’s life for the better. I’m not aiming to entertain. What I am is an agent of change. And when that’s your goal, sky becomes the limit.”

Classiques Modernes Team from left: Kenneth J. Moore, Loy Carlos, Lev Raslin










By Elizabeth Darwen

isney Publishing Worldwide, book industry professionals, media and well-wishers came together for the launch of Melissa de la Cruz (MEL) Studio at a reception held at Versa in New York City with special guests Melissa de la Cruz and Mariko Tamaki, author of one of the first Melissa de la Cruz Studio projects, Anne of Greenville.

Melissa de la Cruz (Photo credit: Jared Siskin/PMC)

Melissa de la Cruz is the #1 New York Times, #1 Publisher’s Weekly and 1 IndieBound bestselling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for readers of all ages. Many of her more than sixty books have also topped USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists and been published in over twenty countries. De la Cruz’s novel, The Isle of the Lost, the prequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, spent more than fifty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, fifteen at #1. Descendants, starring Kristen Chenoweth and Dove Cameron, was the #1 cable TV movie of 2015, and #5 of all time, and its soundtrack the #1 bestselling album on iTunes. The series’ subsequent books, Return to The Isle of the Lost, Rise of the Isle of the Lost and Escape from The Isle of the Lost, were also New York Times bestsellers for many weeks. The Disney Descendants books have sold over nine million copies. Notable attendees at the event included Disney SVP and Publisher Tonya Arguto, Disney Editorial Director Kieran Scott, 3Arts manager and producer Richard Abate, Sloomoo Institute founder Karen Robinovitz, Overbrook Management CEO Andrew Goffe, author Gayle Forman, Influencers Aaron Paul and Jean Shafiroff and gender queer celebrity author Jason June (who has a forthcoming book from Melissa de la Cruz Studio).

DEVELOPING NEW IDEAS Disney Publishing Worldwide partnered with New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz to launch a 360 media and publishing initiative called Melissa de la Cruz Studio. Under this collaboration, Melissa de la Cruz works with new and established writers to develop new original stories, with the intention of this IP being developed into TV/Film content for The Walt Disney Company. Several projects from Melissa de la Cruz Studio are currently in development for Disney. Accomplished author, Melissa de la Cruz is the founder and principal of Melissa de la Cruz Studio at Disney Publishing, which will create and package books in every genre and age range but with a special focus on middle grade and young adult, from a diverse group of new and established writers that will appeal to all the platforms across the Disney company for a global audience. The projects will reflect Melissa’s humor and taste and range from adventure, romance and fantasy to contemporary stories. In her comments at the celebration, Melissa said, “Disney Publishing has been the home for many of my novels throughout the years. It’s a collaboration that has been long and joyful. I am beyond thrilled for this journey with the team, full of even more incredible opportunities, nestled within the Disney media powerhouse. It is a dream come true.” For more information on Melissa de la Cruz, visit



HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2022 By Griffin Miller


rom Thanksgiving gatherings to New Year’s Eve toasts, and all the “Happys” and “Merrys” in between, our end of year festivities tends to be a savory social jumble of friends and family. Whether dressed up or down, nibbling or feasting, in-person or online, chances are there will be sparkling lights, decked-out halls, seasonal songs and, of course, presents. To guide you on your gift-giving journey, I’ve filled the following pages with my favorite unique, fun, and enticing finds—all Santa sanctioned, I assure you! Merry Holidays!




Highly coveted and drop-dead exquisite, mechanical timepieces from Bespoke Watch Projects begin life in limited editions, eventually reaching heirloom immortality. Intaglio 38 “Modèle Nu” Edition + Radial Lapis Blue Dial is among Bespoke’s most visually dramatic. Hand-finished with a curved silhouette, the design veers toward the hypnotic. Give it with caution. Info:


Pioneer in plastic-free and toxin-free clothes, The Phoenix Brand, has come out with a shirt that crushes it on every level. FLOWMINGOS, a top made from eucalyptus-based, wrinkle-resistant lyocell, offers a retro nod to the iconic bowling shirt, only with artwork relating to its inspiration— the Flowmingos—a groundbreaking Brooklyn-based fusion brass band. 2022: A SLEEP ODYSSEY Info: Metrosexual or rugged individualist, he may not voice it in so many words but trust me, he’s a sucker for silk. Indulge him with the universe, delivered via the Milky Way in Celestial Silk’s Galaxy Pillowcase. This intergalactic overture to an excellent—and hypoallergenic—night’s sleep, and bed-head free morning, is (cliché intended) a dream come true. Info:


If your favorite guy isn’t into presents, per se, think what would make his holidays happier, like taking over when unexpected kin quickly visit. The chill answer is True Story Foods’ Gather & Graze Holiday Bundle with Kurobuta bacon, prosciutto, and “salami.” A PLEASING TO THE EAR little sizzle/a little wrap then deli meats plus cheese & fruit and, zing My recent Zoom poll netted the all is calm, all is bright. Info: following: people (mostly guys) are ready for a headphone upgrade; SMART MONEY it’s the search that has them stuck In a 1998 Seinfeld episode, on pause. Get ready then: YH- George’s “morbidly obese” wallet E700A Wireless Noise-Cancelling impacts his sitting and gives him Headphones. Techno Nutshell: back pain. Comedic hyperbole wireless; full-range sound; Bluetooth aside, it’s 24 years later and guys 5 with aptX; adapts in real time to still overstuff. Stop the madness! individual ear shape… tons more, At a svelte 8.5mm, The Groove so head to the website and thank me Wallet™ holds six flat cards, has a detachable cash clip, is RFID later. Info: secure, and its aerospace-grade body armor is guaranteed for life. Info:


Whiskey lovers, your luxury liner has arrived! Designer Dram’s master distillers have created an elegant on-line process that allows you to craft your own whiskey, from bespoke blend to custom label. In my (profoundly willing) test subject role, I tapped into Designer Dram’s onpoint expertise, and it so paid off – both in presentation (breathtaking), and taste (perfection)! Info: 26 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022


He wants to go out… no, stay in… no, hang out... no, putter around. I get it, weekends are made for indecision… and football… and errands… and a nap… Let’s try this again. For all the above, just grab them: Proto101 Men’s French Terry Jogger Sweatpants. Soft, uncomplicated, with a hidden side pocket… and they come in six colors. Done and done… and nap. Info:


Since reality-TV divas and hardcore bloganistas aren’t the only ones hoping for a standout handbag among their gift cache this year, my annual everywoman quest brought me to Likha Clutch Purses, each one handwoven from natural plant fibers. Expect to be drawn in by the myriad designs and colors, distinctive clasps, and savvy size for essentials. Info:


Cutting to the chase, Very Lovely Soles is a game-changer. This inspired purveyor of ballerina flats has styles ranging from everyday chic to sumptuously embellished (holiday parties, anyone?). Designed for comfort and longevity with soft Italian leather that molds to foot and offering amazingly cushy support, they’ve become my five-star go-to footwear. Info:


Whether you’re gifting yourself, mom, sis, or BFF, Theraderm’s killer Anti-Aging System will pay off big time. Cleansing Wash, Fruit Acid Exfoliant, OPC Reparative Serum and Eternox Peptide Crème make up the daily regimen, and the limited-edition holiday version comes with a bag and bonus bottle of serum. Converts (like me) swear by it! Info:



Anyone suffering from false eyelash envy, behold: MagnitiEYES™Lash Sets. Ingeniously glue-free, these ultraluxe lashes have big-time celeb cred, as they’re the brainchild of makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff, whose clients have included stars like Rihanna, Marissa Tomei, Sean Combs and Becky G. Five fab sets cater to countless lash fantasies. Info:


When the recipient in question is overdue for Elle Woods-inspired loungewear, Half Asleep’s Ruffle Robe is just what the lingerie guru ordered… in Dusty Sunrise (blush), naturally. Sustainably sourced, with ruffles in all the right places and unapologetically sultry draping, this study in femininity is (dare I say it?), a perfectly dreamy gift wrap. Info:

Women everywhere are looking to downsize their arsenal of hair tools, but subtraction can be scary. After test-driving the TYME Iron Pro I concede: one is enough. Curl, wave & straighten, it’s all in the angle or wrist action. Built-in perks include (but aren’t limited to) five heat settings; temperature memory; auto shut off; cool colors. And curls hold -- all day! Info:


The artistry behind truly precious jewelry defies material and cost, a concept intrinsic to Love Talla’s uniquely personal fingerprint necklaces. Reflecting a “connection between people who matter most,” Talla’s designs, like her sun-centric The Rise, highlight the fingerprint of your choosing, for a gift that will, unquestionably, be cherished. Info:


The gift-giving fave, aka the winter scarf, has a reputation for teetering between practical & ho-hum. Verloop has none of that. In fact, all their knit items are colorful, fun, and certain to brighten even the grayest winter day. Their Soundwaves Scarf won my heart, but their website is filled with surprises like their eco-artful Repurposed Collection. Info:




Urban warriors know the drill. Get up, get out, and keep your techno gear with you at all times. Herein lies my eco-centric obsession with Allégorie’s handsome/buttery soft Gala Tech Folio Bag. And while its slim profile defies the sizeable storage within, the big awesome springs from the fact these bags are made from apple peels. Upcycling above, beyond, and Delicious. Info:

As the weather turns from brisk to frigid, and day dissolves into night before the 6 o’clock news, unleash some seasonal spirit—literally—by breaking out Saxtons River Distillery’s Perc Coffee Liqueur. Sipped as is, in Irish Coffee, or nuzzling with vodka in an Espresso Martini, Perc may not be exclusive to the holidays, but it doesn’t skimp on Joy to the World, either. Info:


Initially, I thought that RED Chocolate Pralines, in either hazelnut or coconut, would be a good host/hostess gift. After tasting them, though, my selfish evil twin kicked in and, while I did eventually hand them over to my diabetic husband (no sugar added, yet decadent beyond belief), realized I’d have to buy in bulk—but only for those on my Really, Really Nice List. Info:


Debating what to get the gamer, podcaster, streamer, student, or content creator in your life? Clearly The HyperX QuadCast™ S White USB Microphone needs to be on your radar. Its litany of assets includes an anti-vibration shock mount, tap-to-mute with LED indicator, built-in pop filter, 4 polar patterns, and customizable RGB lighting effects. Info:





Harry Potter House Elves aren’t the only ones poised to whip up giant turkeys, elegant roasts, and to-die-for steaks. Pro and novice chefs are everywhere—perhaps even in your own kitchen—hoping to unwrap a meat thermometer that tells it like it should be. Well, the fix is in: MeatStick Mini is genius, any way you slice it! Info:

Destined to become a showpiece for anyone lucky enough to rate Dragon Glassware’s Diamond Decanter Set. The striking diamond design and its seeming ability to defy gravity when perched in its stand make the decanter—flanked by twin dragon embellished glasses—the epitome of cool. For wine, whiskey, brandy, and non-stop compliments. Info: 28 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022

For those of us who swear by sunglasses, style is mega, landing a “one-of-a-kind” pair? A rare coup. Until Woodzee. By converting authentic used skateboards into on-trend sunnies, no two pair in their Recycled Skateboard Series is identical. And all are in keeping with Woodzee’s sustainability mission. Classic yet cutting edge, you may find yourself ordering multiples. Info:

This year’s tree-trimming party just got a little sweeter with the addition of three tantalizing Gingerbread Ornaments from Sur La Table. Crafted in Poland by skilled artisans, each mouth-blown glass piece has been delicately hand-painted, so that every sugarand-spice heart, star, and gingerbread dude are singularly spectacular. Info:


What kid (or grown-up for that matter) wouldn’t want to channel her or his inner superhero into an action figure? Way possible. The Hasbro Selfie Series goes from mobile app to digital face scan to 3D printer to six-inch figurine of the subject as a Power Ranger, Ghostbuster, or G.I. Joe, Marvel, or Star Wars character. Virtually, “self ” customization. Info:



What lives in a backpack under the radar until it unfolds into a cool set of wheels ready to take you… well, anywhere? Spin Master’s Valor Kick Scooter. Built “small to fit kids’ big lives,” this baby rocks the title World’s Smallest Full-Size Scooter while checking both the durability and smooth ride boxes. Awesome to the nth. Info:


Punch! Swipe! Twist! Flick! Four simple actions that turn a seemingly innocent hand-held gizmo into a mind-blowing music mixer/LED light show— and its possessor into one fierce DJ. RUKUSfx comes with preloaded music tracks and soundeffects, but its built-in mic and upload capability open the door to endlessly awesome mashups. Info:

Forget the remote… just toss Sky Viper Force Hover Drone and let the good times take flight begin. Is it motion sensors or the magic radiating from your fingertips that keeps the sphere airborne? From aerodynamic freestyling to obstacle avoidance challenges, the drone is at your command… use it wisely. Info:



With a retro lunchbox vibe, only filled with modern dollhouse delights, Play Maysie cases come in a variety of styles. But their Holiday Bundle Home Case (one side a living room, the other a kitchen) has it all, from magnetic accessories to dolls to carrying strap – in short, everything necessary for the best portable play date ever! Info:

At 5, Mia, a New York kid with love of horses, invented Power Pony, a mini-steed replicating the real deal. Powered by a foot-controlled ZüME engine, Power Ponies trot, gallop, race, turn, and spin at a young equestrian’s bidding. The current stable of four fabulous ponies, including filly unicorns Princess & Crystal, are in high demand. Info:


If Christmas 2022 happens to be baby’s first noel, HoneyBug has the wee one covered… along with swaddled, bibbed, and Rudolph-ed! Known for its brand-name custom boxes for infants and toddlers, HoneyBug’s Holiday Collection boasts a Rudolph box of baby basics starring a “deer’ knit Rudolph toy and storybook based on the TV classic. Info:


When budding bakers are too tiny to tackle recipes, REAL COOKIES’ Holiday Dip & Sprinkle Cookie Decorating Kit is just what the mommy ordered. Twelve chocolate chip cookies (gluten free and vegan) ready for tiny hands to dip into melted semi-sweet bits and bedeck with festive sprinkles. Scrumptious, but do try to save one for Santa! Info: NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 29




As a former private chef, I’m always on the hunt for a chef ’s knife that is more than just the department store’s wedding registry eye candy. Equally important, I prefer a 6” chef ’s knife, not the usual 8” offered by most makers and manufacturers; this combination has been tough to find. However, I recently discovered Messermeister’s Oliva Elite knife collection, and my decade-long search is over. The German brand has led the way in innovative handcrafted knives for four decades. Messermeister was created in 1981 by Bernd Dressler, and his daughters now run the show from California. I set my sights on the Oliva Elite line because of its earthy elegance and that cutlery unicorn—the perfect 6” chef ’s knife. Blade buffs will be excited to know that “the blade, bolster and tang are one piece.” The Oliva Elite chef ’s knife is a legitimate masterpiece set in a stunning Mediterranean olive wood handle. Perfect For Those who understand the value of an heirloom quality kitchen knife, home chefs looking for a more moderately sized chef ’s knife, or anyone looking for an impressive gift for a beloved foodie. Info:


Any cigar connoisseur will tell you a dry cigar is a woeful scenario. That, combined with potential odors that might be absorbed from the cigar’s surroundings, can make curating a collection of fine cigars a tremendous challenge. But the folks at Whynter created this cigar cabinet cooler and humidor with humidity temperature control and Spanish cedar shelves, and she’s a beauty. First, it’s designed for absolute precision when it comes to its digital hygrometer (65 – 75 percent) and thermostat (64ºF – 72ºF), which maintain the perfect climate. Add to that two activated carbon filters, so there’s no “ambient odor” distortion of the cigar’s flavor. Sure, we all love the aroma of caramelized onions wafting from the kitchen, but it’s no friend to a hard-to-source cigar. However, it has a Spanish Cedar halfshelf and accents designed to complement the aroma while repelling would-be pests such as the tobacco beetle. Suffice it to say, beetles burrowing into your fine cigar collection would be rather devastating. Lastly, to round out the features, this Whynter cigar cabinet can accommodate over four hundred cigars and comes with three drawers, one shelf, and a humidity tray. The Whynter CHC-421HC is available at retailers such as Best Buy. Perfect For Those looking to build a good cigar collection, those who entertain regularly, and those who enjoy long evenings of whiskey-sipping, cigars, and other finery. Info:





By Jenny Peters

aking the 2023 Honda HR-V SUV out for a spin reveals a few things right away. First, with a price of around $30,000 for the all-wheel drive EX-L model, it’s a small, reasonably priced SUV that is truly designed for New York City. Here drivers are often required to parallel park into small spots, get through brutal winters, and head off to places on trips that need cargo space (think Costco runs or ski trips). The Honda HR-V seats five or can adapt into a ski- or surfboard-carrying workhorse, as both back seats fold down in a 60/40 split configuration. This means that the whole back row can fold down, allowing skis (for example), luggage, and people to fit in different sections of the back seat. It’s a nifty and functional design feature. And the cargo cover keeps prying eyes from knowing there is anything in the back cargo section, a real plus for city parking while on the go. The EX-L version has comfortable leather-trimmed and heated seats, with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob; all lend an air of luxury to this subcompact SUV vehicle class leader.


The vehicle has a 4-cylinder, 158hp 2-liter engine, which means it’s not the roaring beast that much more expensive SUVs are, but because of its smaller wheelbase and lesser weight, the smaller engine serves most purposes. And all three iterations of the SUV (LX, Sport, EX-L) average a combined city/highway 28 miles per gallon, using regular unleaded fuel, making this a much more economical SUV to drive. It’s fun to drive, too, especially on busy city streets, where it holds its own with enough acceleration to allow quick thinking when needed. The Honda Sensing Technologies that are standard on all models help with that, too, including the forward collision warning, collision mitigation braking system, and lane-keeping assist system. And our favorite technology is the blind spot information system, which shows you your side mirrors when a car is sitting in your blind spot. These technologies are just as helpful on the highway as the adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and road departure mitigation systems, all designed to keep you safer inside the Honda


From the outside, the Honda HR-V looks sleek and sporty, with an array of colors (we’re partial to the Milano Red and the Modern Steel Metallic) and 17-inch alloy wheels that give it a luxe look that’s way above its price range. In addition, the rear privacy glass on the Sport and EX-L models helps keep prying eyes from seeing what you’ve left in the vehicle in the back seat. Parents will love the rear-seat reminder, designed to make sure nothing precious gets forgotten in the back seat; everyone in the car is protected by a series of airbag systems, including side curtain airbags with rollover sensors. So, while the Honda HR-V SUV may not be the most powerful vehicle on the road, it is certainly a safe, responsive, and comfortable ride perfectly suited to bigcity living. For more information about Honda HR-V SUV, visit





By Laurie Bain Wilson

ontrary to its beginnings in 1630, today’s Boston is a vibrant city that treasures its past but is always eager to experience the new. And for those lucky enough to spend a getaway here, there’s always something to discover—shops, museums, and plenty of sights.

Boston’s dense layering of history, culture, and romance may best be appreciated by visiting the small and historic neighborhoods. But, of course, no trip here is complete without walking the Freedom Trail and touring significant sites like the Paul Revere Home and Old North Church, where his lanterns hung. Other points of interest include the Old State House and Bunker Hill Monument. From here, it means more time for your next odyssey. Why not consider one of Boston’s hidden secrets? While enjoying the ambiance of some of the city’s choice hotels, there’s a nice sampling of hotels and restaurants offering cooking lessons and a forward approach to using local ingredients in the dishes and sips. Here, the skinny on some of the town’s best spots.


Chef Roy Kaler has a groupie following—they come for the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef ’s cooking classes that he teaches at this popular hotel in Boston’s sought-out Back Bay (right across the street from the Amtrak station, perfect for train travelers.) Chef Roy is also the hotel’s Senior Food and Beverage Operations Manager. Every Saturday morning, the chef expertly guides up to ten guests in a two- to three-hour interactive culinary experience in the hotel’s enormous baking kitchen. Participants work in pairs, following the day’s recipe and then enjoying their homemade dish—and leftovers for later. During the long pandemic, while many of us made bread, Chef Roy made cheese, including a killer Brie—but no more cheese, he says. His cooking class favorites include the croissant and macaron classes; also popular are the risotto, ravioli, Shanghai soup dumplings, and chocolate truffle. Lessons are tailored to adults, with select courses open to kids ages eight and up. The hotel also has beehives on-site and uses honey in some of the restaurant sips and dishes. Info:


The sweet spot: Stay in this classy, iconic Boston hotel with wood-burning fireplaces in select guest rooms and a honey of a Back Bay location. The hotel is also home to City Table, the buzz of town thanks to the apiaries on the rooftop. The bees get royal treatment from celebrity beekeeper Dean Stiglitz, who travels to the hotel and other spots in town to care for Boston’s best bees. Order a dish or cocktail made with that uber-local honey, including pancakes and French toast with whipped rooftop honey butter or Chartreuse Spritz with green chartreuse, lemon, honey, and Prosecco; and Citrus & Scotch created with Dewar’s White Label, Earl Grey Tea, lemon and honey. Info:; 32 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022


The Newbury has excellent bones and gorgeous guest rooms—for many years, the property was the RitzCarlton (and the Taj for a few years). Contessa is Boston’s rooftop jewel. The polished, hard-to-get reservation spot shows off an Italian trattoria-inspired menu (knockouts include the Grilled Mediterranean Branzino and Spicy Lobster Capellini) and magical views of Boston. The restaurant is in the perfect, refined Newbury Hotel, with its desired address on Newbury Street and across from Boston Public Garden. Sustainability is essential here, including food and beverage—the roof is also home to a colony of apiaries. The honey is used in the hotel’s speakeasy-inspired streetlevel Street Bar. Try Kaluga Caviar (accompaniment of that honey, truffle, ricotta, and chive on brioche) and The Bee’s Knees Lemonade (Newbury honey, lemon, sparkling water). Info:;


Lights, cameras, action! Grab your friends and family for a Boston getaway and to take a cooking class at the Seaport Hotel’s Action Kitchen. The culinary team guides guests in preparing meals in a state-of-the-art kitchen under the direction of world-class chefs. Bonus: The hotel has incredible waterfront views from the guest rooms and rooftop bee colonies, with another honey harvest anticipated this fall—the honey is used in sips and dishes for the hotel’s restaurants. The hotel also has an organic garden growing fresh herbs and produce used in unique dishes. Info:;


You can’t escape the fact that Scampo is one of Boston’s most popular Beacon Hill restaurants. Chef-owned by Lydia Shire’s culinary pedigree was inspired by a good friend, Julia Child—a longtime resident of Boston. Scampo, which means ‘to escape’ in Italian, is aptly named—it’s located in the Liberty Hotel, once the Charles Street Jail (the restaurant’s elegant patio was once the exercise yard for inmates.) Expect an Italian-inspired menu with Mediterranean and Middle East influences—bread is made in tandoori ovens, and there is a mozzarella bar. And bring your dog along for your stay—there’s a weekly Yappy Hour. Info:; NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 33

Goebrate! l


Escape to the country where you can light up the holidays and embrace the winter season with family and friends. Our legendary Sullivan Catskills has something for everyone. Enjoy tree and menorah lighting ceremonies, Holiday and winter farmers’ markets, Dickens on the Delaware in Callicoon Peace, Love & Lights at Bethel Woods, and the Dance of the Download our APP

Lights at Canal Towne Emporium. More winter fun: Eagle Watching • Snowshoeing Ice Fishing • Dove Trail • Craft Beverage Trail 1.800.882.CATS

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.




By Jenny Peters | Photos courtesy of Gothenburg & Co.

magine spending the Christmas holidays in a place utterly different from an American city like New York, yet strangely familiar and cozy, with snow-dappled buildings, massive Christmas markets, and holiday buffets filled with foods you don’t recognize. That’s the December experience in Gothenburg, Sweden, where everyone speaks English and welcomes tourists with open arms.

Gothenburg (aka Goteborg, in Swedish) is a spectacular city any time of year. It’s the second-largest metropolis in Sweden and a place where living with a consciousness toward saving the planet is at the forefront. Gothenburg has been rated the “most sustainable city in the world” for five years straight by the Global Destination Sustainability Index, which is evident the more time you spend there. Everyone travels via the tram, train, bus, bicycle, or walks to where they are going in this green seaport filled with parks and perched on the water. Buying “recycled” clothing and home goods are so prevalent in Gothenburg that those stores are as beautifully maintained as couture boutiques. Another fact to note is eating locally produced food from nearby land, and sea has always been a culinary focus here (be sure to try Human and Natur restaurants for world-class meals).

COOL & SNOWY You’ll have to go much further north to see actual reindeer in Sweden, but for everything related to the December holiday season, Gothenburg is an ideal place to visit. It’s cool and snowy but not too cold, so be sure to pack footwear that can withstand the elements and keep your feet warm, as well as your warm winter gear, as much of the charm of a Swedish Christmas happens outdoors. In the chic neighborhood of Haga, they go all out with a famous Christmas market that includes plenty of twinkling lights, decorated spruce trees, shopping booths with handcrafted goods, carolers, and food stands serving up sweets and mulled wine, and even horse rides for kids. Tuck into the brick-and-mortar shops along the way when you get chilly or warm up at one of the open-flame fire barrels that dot the outdoor spaces at this lively scene that happens every weekend leading up to Christmas Day.



Families (and singles, too) will love the Liseberg Amusement Park, a cornucopia of sights and sounds from the moment you enter. No matter how low the temperature goes, the roller coasters and other rides run at this legendary park in the center of the city. Opened in 1923, the massive park is all about having fun; at the holidays, you’ll see millions of white lights and so many Christmas trees you cannot count them. More than 80 booths make up their massive Christmas market, and don’t be surprised to see everyone carrying humungous candy bars (think four feet long!), for those are the coveted prizes to be won at the game booths—but they’re going to be hard to fit into your suitcase! Those handmade sweaters, beautiful jewelry, and other pretty holiday items will surely make someone happy. You’ll also be pleased if you have a luscious hot chocolate while exploring it all. And make sure to reserve a table in 1923, the park’s elegant restaurant that puts on a “Julbord,” the insane Christmas buffet that starts with ten varieties of herring and goes on for 12 courses, many of which you might not recognize but need to taste at least once. By the end, you will feel like a genuine Swede, having done the holidays just like a local. Top off your holiday experience with an ice-skating adventure in Kronhusbodama, add in a Christmas concert at Gothenburg Cathedral, and do not miss the different choirs singing holiday songs while floating down the Gota alv River that runs through the middle of the city. It’s all magical in this friendly city that exudes warmth and camaraderie to all, even on a winter’s day when the sun only shines from 9 am to 3 pm.


Choose the Hotel Pigalle for a centrally located home base with an old-school yet relaxed contemporary vibe. At the new Scandic Goteborg Central, find large terraces overlooking the river and comfy beds; or be the first to check out Jacy’z, a glass-skyscraper hotel opening in November created by the same people who made Pigalle a city hotspot. Purchase a 1-day or 3-day transport ticket, which will work on trams, trains, buses, and ferries across the city (and a bit beyond). The tram system is fantastic, clean, and fast. For booking fun tours, use, which offers all kinds of sightseeing and walking tours run by professional guides. For more information on Gothenburg, visit 36 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022





By Meryl Pearlstein

ot again,” I said, when my husband asked me to join him on a ski holiday for probably the fifth or fifteenth time. I had tried downhill skiing once in my life and had quickly determined that it wasn’t for me. But this season, I gave in, and I found the perfect place for both of us to enjoy a ski holiday even if one of us doesn’t ski: Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is a vibrant city with a myriad of neighborhoods and activities for diverse interests making it a perfect urban basecamp for all kinds of visitors. Here are the reasons I enjoyed my non-ski ski holiday in Salt Lake City every bit as much as my husband.


Although skiing sounds counterintuitive to the theme of this article, it is one of the reasons I really enjoyed Salt Lake City. While my husband went off to one of the SLC mountains, I booked myself a Nordic lesson at the Solitude Mountain Nordic & Snowshoe Center. While he was happily schussing down Alta and Solitude, I bravely strapped on a pair of cross-country skis, and, with the help of my very patient instructor, learned how to gracefully move along flat, groomed trails and ones with tiny slopes. I got a dose of the breathtaking scenery that skiers enjoy as well as a nice sense of accomplishment, even if six-year-olds were passing me like ultramarathoners. Next time, I’ll try snowshoeing. There was also enough variety here to keep both of us interested and active as the four mountains in Salt Lak City could be complemented by a day trip to nearby Park City, just 30 minutes away, to Deer Valley Resort or Park City Mountain. Insider tip: plan your ski activities during the week rather than on the weekend. You’ll have an easier time booking lift tickets, renting equipment, and with less traffic to deal with.


In the evenings, Salt Lake City is hive of cultural activity. The arts are a serious pastime here. Eccles Theater runs a full program of performances through ski season. Tours of major Broadway shows including Hamilton, The Lion King, and Moulin Rouge! regularly take up residency at the Eccles. Other highlights include the Live at the Eccles series. An architectural landmark in downtown Salt Lake City, nearby Abravanel Hall is home to the Utah Symphony l Utah Opera. The venue’s magnificent lobby is adorned with a dramatic red Dale Chihuly blown-glass sculpture. A canyon-like coloring scheme with gold leaf is featured inside the theater. The city also has many museums showing off local culture, natural history, and more. In particular, the Natural History Museum of Utah is a stunning showplace of indigenous art and science exhibits in a terraced building set into the hillside.


There are many trails for hiking and biking in the Salt Lake City area. For a beautiful outdoor day, City Creek Canyon Trail offers an easy canyon hike close to downtown, beginning with a paved part of the trail open to cyclists as well as pedestrians and leading to a natural trail for hikers only. For a more casual walk, Red Butte Garden comes alive in a series of themed gardens. Work off the miles, steps and hills with a soothing Japanese massage at Kura Door Spa.


The dining scene in Salt Lake City is extensive with local traditional favorites intermingled with hip restaurants and cocktail bars. Start your dining exploration with Red Iguana, a nearly 40-year-old Salt Lake City institution, offers what they call “killer Mexican food.” The mole sampler is your go-to, a perfect shareable starter for the table. After that, you might need some assistance sorting through the extensive menu. But, whatever you choose, wash it down with a perfectly tangy margarita. Contemporary American cuisine is featured at Pago on Main where a curated wine program is an integral part of the experience. A gem for a light meal, Copper Common specializes in small-plate dining with options like St. Louis-style pork riblets, whipped feta toast and pickled vegetables. For brunch, arrive before Tradition opens to guarantee a seat in the friendly restaurant. Even if the name is a bit daunting, try Tradition’s Funeral Potatoes, a local casserole made with cheddar cheese, shredded potatoes, corn flakes, bacon and jam.


On the weekend, entertainment and shopping complex The Gateway hosts the Downtown Winter Market where you can purchase local meats, produce and artisanal treats like honey and candles. Outside, the area provides a fun walking tour of art with many murals, painted stairs, statues and sculptures. For the serious shopper, City Creek Center consists of two skybridgeconnected malls with a retractable glass roof and a mix of designer and local offerings.


Everyone knows how much I love my Boston teams, but I was equally excited to watch the NBA’s Utah Jazz in their home Vivint Arena. The energy on the floor as well as in the stands is contagious and whether you’re rooting for your home team or the visitors, it’s a good time for all, and convenient to downtown hotels, restaurants and theaters. When the Jazz aren’t playing, check for Vivint’s schedule of concerts with stars like Carrie Underwood, Dave Matthews Band and Lizzo headlining this winter.


Salt Lake City gives you a variety of large and small accommodation options near the main shopping and cultural areas. Part of the Kimpton group, Hotel Monaco is a boutique hotel that has one of downtown’s most popular farmand-ranch-to-table restaurants, Bambara. New for 2022, the Hyatt Regency and the Element/Le Meridien are located near Vivint Arena. Salt Lake City offers a convenient Salt Lake Connect Pass which bundles many of the city’s most popular activities at a sweet price. For information, visit NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 39




By Patricia Canole

ust like the city which offers an abundance of nearly everything you may want and need, New York City has a myriad of hotels from which to choose. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. But when it means staying in Manhattan for a long weekend, I think a boutique hotel is one of the best types of hotels to consider. These hotels offer a unique and more personal experience for the visitor. How we travel is changing, and so is how we choose our hotel stays. Boutique hotels, inherently more intimate due to their smaller size, provide the sorts of local charms that larger hotels lack, articulated through a more curated hospitality directive. Design is also a big focus; they lean on a city’s history and specialties to help guide their approach. Boutique hotels also possess a community element— whether through more personalized guest experiences or by using spaces and dining environments to help blend local communities with guests, giving you an even more profound sense of place. There’s also a big bonus. Boutique hotels are often located not too far away from entertaining diversions. So, with the holiday season in full swing, thoughts of New York City’s annual holiday extravaganzas will top a a must-see list. Parades, festive shows, shopping uptown and downtown, toy soldiers at Radio City Music Hall, a Christmas Tree illuminating the season at Rockefeller Center, and the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center are just the beginning. Then don’t forget New Year’s Eve! So, why not make a weekend this season even more enjoyable? A stay at the luxurious Concorde Hotel.


Located on East 55th Street, the hotel is in the Park Avenue Plaza District; it’s convenient for museums, shopping, and fine dining. The hotel, once the home to British Airways New York, exudes the same sleek design synonymous with the original Concorde jet. Less than a decade ago, the building completed a significant renovation and was redesigned by Andres Escobar of Lemay + Escobar. The architecture captures the brilliance of natural light, which creates a Zen-like environment throughout the hotel. With just four guest rooms on each floor, all 122 rooms provide an intimate feel and allow guests to live comfortably out of their suitcases or unpack and stay for a while. In addition, each is equipped with a Nespresso coffeemaker accompanied by assorted coffees and teas.


Its five junior suites, five doubles, 14 standards, 23 premier king, 20 city view queen, and 44 deluxe king rooms make it easy to accommodate just one or the entire family. The 37th floor boasts a 650 square-foot Ambassador Parlor that features a separate living room with a fireplace, kitchenette, and leather sofa that pulls out into a full-size bed. The Concorde Hotel New York is pet friendly and allows guests to bring this family member under 25 lbs. at no additional charge. For breakfast, Bonsaii will wake up the senses with a unique menu that includes Salmon Truffle Toast, Spanish Omelets, and specialty coffees. At night the café transitions into a tapas bar, pairing small dishes with a The café transitions into a tapas wine bar. For more information on The Concorde Hotel, visit 40 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022

The Flanders Hotel - an Oceanfront Iconic and Historic Luxirious Coastal NJ Destination Property

The Flanders Hotel Ocean City’s most historic and prestigious boardwalk hotel, known as “The Jewel of the Southern Shore”, was built in 1923. This service-oriented Ocean City, NJ hotel, which was placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places in 2009, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023. The Flanders combines the elegance and hospitality of yesteryear with modern amenities to offer the finest in luxury accommodations. All suites in our Ocean City hotel have private bedrooms and full kitchens, equipped with refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, coffee makers and stove tops, along with irons and ironing boards. Located on the Ocean City Boardwalk, our full-service NJ beach hotel is a seaside destination that provides the following amenities: • Spacious Banquet and Meeting Space • Emily’s Ocean Room (featuring family friendly dining) • The Shoppes at The Flanders (featuring clothing, jewelry, accessories) • Divine Images Salon & Spa • Outdoor heated pool (largest in Ocean City) • Fitness Center • 24-hour business center

Ocean City, known as America’s Greatest Family Resort, is one of the best beach towns in South Jersey. The Flanders, with its premier accommodations and prime location, is a landmark known throughout the region, state and nation. Vacationers have marveled at the towering structure as one of the great hotels along the Jersey Shore while local residents and business owners are reminded of the glory and memories provided by the resort. Because of its status as the grandest of Ocean City, New Jersey hotels, the community is fortunate that this architectural gem has survived to the present and continues to remain an important part of Ocean City’s past and future.

Exclusive Beachfront Getaway Packages Available 719 East 11th Street, Ocean City, NJ 08226 | 609.399.1000




By Irvina Lew

uring the long months of the pandemic stay-at-home, my primary pursuit was to plan journeys back to favorite places, including a villa vacation en famille in idyllic Italy. ROME

Stay A return to Hotel Hassler Roma reintroduced recognizable Roman landmarks: the 16th century Trinita dei Monte Church and the Spanish Steps, where the Piazza Spagna welcomes the world. History dates to 1893, at this icon in the international 5-star hotel scene, where guests sip cocktails on the 7th-floor terrace bar viewing the monument to Victor Emmanuel II. Sup at Imàgo, a Michelin-star restaurant with a panoramic view where Best Young Chef 2021, Andrea Antonini, serves Modern Roman cuisine; stay in individually decorated rooms and spa at Amorvero Spa, where the adjacent fitness facility opens to a corner terrace. Another option is the five-star Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese where the newly refurbished interior adds a contemporary flair to the former 19thcentury Roman palazzo. The 78-room hotel, where each guest room features a Baroqueinspired ceiling, is located adjacent to the Borghese Gardens, near the American Embassy, and convenient to Villa Medici, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. Settimo, the destination seventh-floor restaurant where Executive Chef, Giuseppe D’Alessio, serves contemporary Roman cuisine, and deluxe rooftop suites enjoy views of city landmarks, including the 16th century Villa Aurora, with Caravaggio’s only ceiling painting. Do Visit Villa Borghese Museum; shop at designer boutiques on Via dei Condotti and Via Veneto. Be sure to tour Trastevere; take a street-food or gelato tour with Davvero Rome, and ogle the produce market at Campo di Fiori. Dine Renato e Luisa is a traditional trattoria with a fireplace and stone arches. It offers modern cuisine where Renato creates the feast, son Marco pours Banfi Toscana and serves house-made bread, caprino balls with honey and cheese, stuffed sautéed zucchini blossoms, sushi-style mozzarella with pistachio cream Since 1968, Ristorante al 34, near the Piazza di Spagna at the foot of the Spanish Steps, has served Roman specialties from Fiore di Zucca (fried squash blossoms) to burrata, lasagna, salume (cured meats) and Trionfo di Carciofi (artichokes four ways). 42 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022


Stay I started planning a first-ever, full-family villa vacation for three daughters and two granddaughters) when I learned about Villa Sogni d’Oro. This recentlyrefurbished, six-bedroom, six-bathroom villa on a hillside overlooks vineyards and olive groves and views Montepulciano, a medieval hill town. We drove the Val d’Orcia countryside, cycled to vineyards, shopped for squash blossoms at the open-air market, and drank el vino Nobile de Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino and prepared cacio e pepe with local pecorino cheese. Do Admire Renaissance architecture in Montepulciano; tour 15th century Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; go truffle hunting; drive to the little town of Bagno Vignoni to savor spa treatments and soak in the mineral-rich (indoor/outdoor) hot springs at Adler Thermae Spa Resort. Dine In Montepulciano, reserve a table at a Michelinstarred restaurant, Le Logge di Vignola, or for Tuscan steak at Acquacheta. Tour and Taste at Podere il Casale, an organic farm in Pienza.


Stay ETRA, Davide and Mimma Miglino’s new uber-luxe hospitality project is a high-ceilinged, private residence in a transformed, Art Nouveau-style former bank. Located in the historic center of Florence close to the Duomo Cathedral and views from two balconies, it’s also near the Uffizi Galleries, Ponte Vecchio, and the Palazzo Vecchio. Hosts provide entrée to the most fashionable Florentine venues and exclusive access to hire Michelin-starred Chef Daniele Zazzeri, owner of La Pineta, to prepare dinner en suite. Do See Michelangelo’s masterpiece David at the Galleria dell’Accademia, tour Pitti Palace, shop on Ponte Vecchio, visit Ferragamo and Gucci museums, buy pastry at Galleria Iginio Massari Firenze owned by the “king of Italian desserts.” Dine Reserve tables under the vaulted ceilings at Il Borro Toscana, facing the Arno, for Andrea Campani’s interpretation of farmfresh fare sourced from the Ferragamo wine estate; at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura, the renowned 3-star Michelin chef and house-chef, Karime Lopez, serve international fare; Cantinetta Antinori in the family’s 15th-century palazzo, specializes in Tuscan steaks and Antinori wines; La Ménagère is an uber-chic, day-tolate-night café/florist/houseware boutique/bookstore housed within a vaulted palazzo. NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 43


Stay The luxe, newly-reconstructed Vista Palazzo Verona Hotel recently opened within a 19th-century mansion in the heart of the walking city’s medieval centro storic, near the city’s famous Roman amphitheater, c. 30 AD. The chic space affiliated houses sixteen suites with connecting doors. In addition, there’s a salon, library, wine-tasting room, gym, an all-day penthouse restaurant, and a rooftop terrace. The couple’s suite in the subterranean spa offers a whirlpool tub and the city’s only indoor, heated pool. Do See an opera at Arena di Verona Opera Festival, visit the Duomo, and take photos at Juliet’s balcony. Dine Chef Fabio Aceti exquisitely interprets Northern Italian cuisine in a splendid penthouse at Ristorante Sottovoce and serves vegetarian floral arrangements, and free-range chicken, all on Richard Ginori china. Osteria La Fontanina holds a Michelin star for its traditional Veronese fare, such as suckling pig and slow-roasted fowl.


Stay Ca’di Dio, the lagoon-front, 5-star hotel where crusaders and pilgrims used to sleep, just opened in Arsenale, the Contemporary Art District. Arrive at the newly-transformed 13th-century ecclesiastical compound by private water taxi to a ground floor with a grand salon in the former chapel, a bar, a library, restaurants, and a spa. Of the sixty-six rooms, fifty-seven are suites, of which ten view San Giorgio Maggiore Island, with its 16th-century domed church designed by Palladio. Walk along new ramps over bridges to the Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark’s Square, the Basilica, and Doge’s Palace. Do Visit Peggy Guggenheim Museum; attend the Venice Biennale Art Festival; take a private water taxi. Dine Sample Cicchetti, bite-size, finger-food, Venetian appetizers at the Ca’ di Dio bar or at a bacaro, such as Bacarando; try crostini, scallop in a shell, prawns, sardines, baccalà, giant green olives, carpaccio, mozzarella in Carrozza (fried). Devour a Tuscan steak with roasted potatoes at Vero Venetian Roots. Drink a Bellini (fresh peach juice and sparkling wine) at Harry’s Bar, which Giuseppe Cipriani Senior opened in 1931; then, order a burger or club sandwich or a Classic Harry specialty: carpaccio, risotto, taglierini, and veal Milanese. 44 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022

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For 65 years we have been changing the lives of our guests through experiential satisfaction, wholesome homegrown activities, and family-focused traditions. One of our greatest strengths lies in the ability to help guests foster a healthier holistic mindset. We’ve seen it, day after day, as guests check in and then check out, their demeanor is uplifted, their spirits brighter, and their hugs with their kids are a little bit tighter.






By AP Connolly

panning the entire 8th floor of one of Park Avenue’s premier cooperatives, this magnificent, four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom corner residence is a fine example of renowned architect J.E.R Carpenter’s elegant design, stately proportions and exquisite detail. The apartment is beautifully configured, with gracious private spaces separated from grand entertaining rooms, and is bathed in abundant light from enormous windows facing east onto Park Avenue and south onto 65th Street. From hand-cast Butler hardware to the finest custom millwork and finishes, every detail honors the timeless sophistication of this pre-war masterpiece. THE RESIDENCE A private elevator landing opens to a beautiful entrance gallery. An arched doorway leads to the dramatic expanse of side-by-side living and dining rooms exquisitely paneled in rich pine. The two rooms span more than 37 feet along Park Avenue with sunlight streaming in from double windows facing east. The living room features a wood-burning fireplace with an intricately carved mantle, coffered ceiling, built-in bookcases and a recessed media cabinet concealed behind antique glass paneled doors. The neighboring formal dining room provides a sumptuous setting for large-scale entertaining and can be separated from the living room by two floor-to-ceiling folding pine doors. A hallway leads to the four bedrooms, each with en-suite marble baths, abundant closets and custom built-in storage. The spectacular corner primary bedroom has a wood-burning fireplace and enjoys lovely views east and south, and forms a suite with the adjacent study, handsomely appointed and with a built-in desk overlooking Park Avenue. The windowed, eat-in kitchen features beautiful cypress wood cabinetry and Statuario marble countertops, and is superbly equipped with a 48-inch SubZero refrigerator, 8-burner vented Viking range and oven, Miele dishwasher, Uline wine refrigerator and SubZero ice machine. Four staff rooms adjacent to the kitchen were reconfigured to create a hallway with a second SubZero refrigerator, a large home office, a full bathroom and a spacious laundry room.

THE EXTRAS A rare and extraordinary addition to this offering is a sunflooded, private art studio/home office on the building’s top floor with access to the common roof deck, and a separate cedar-lined room with a skylight and window. Info: Asking price is $11.295 million. For more information on 620 Park Avenue, contact Brown Harris Stevens agents Simone Mailman, Amanda S. Brainerd and Gerald Ryan of Brown Harris Stevens at NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 47




By Stacey Zable

he New York Decoration & Design Building (DDB) Fall Market Week 2022 commenced with a special event to honor luminaries and those seen as the stars of the future of Interior Design at the Stars of Design and Stars on the Rise event 2022.

The DDB hosts two major Market events each year; one in the Fall and another in the Spring. The Markets, which are often held in partnership with the world’s top editorial voices and industry trade organizations, examine all aspects of design and decorative arts. Over 2,000 design professionals and industry leaders attend these Market events, with over 200 in attendance at each of the DDB keynote presentations.

Graphic Design Winner Kervin Brisseaux (Photo credit: JPB Photo)

Located in New York City, the Decoration & Design Building is known internationally as the world’s most important home to over 130 showrooms and representing over 3,000 leading manufacturers dedicated to the best in residential and business interior furnishings, educational opportunities, and resource information. The D&D Building is open exclusively to the trade and welcomes design industry professionals from all over the world. The building also provides a 14th floor event space, with catering and conference facilities. Winners Chiara de Rege, Keita Turner, Courtney McLeod, Axis Mundi, Kervin Brisseaux, Michelle Murphy, Vonnegut Kraft, Robert Ventolo, Nelson Byrd Woltz (Photo credit: JPB Photo)


Live Entertainment (Photo credit: JPB Photo) Architecture Winner, Axis Mundi (Photo credit: JPB Photo)

Stars on the Rise Winner, Keita Turner (Photo credit: JPB Photo)

An expert panel considered the candidates for awards in several categories and following a determination the following awards were presented at the event including; Stars of Design 2022 Awards honored leading lights in several categories - Interior Design (Brian McCarthy), Architecture (Axis Mundi), Art (Laura Haleman), Graphic Design (Kervin Brisseaux), Landscape Design (Nelson Byrd Woltz), Photography (Tim Tadder) and Product Design (Vonnegut Kraft). Honoring the Rising Talent in the industry, the Stars on the Rise 2022 Awards were made to Courtney McLeod, Chiara de Rege, Michelle Murphy, Robert Ventolo, and Keita Turner. For more information on the D&D Building, visit NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 49




ne of the most anticipated, magnificent, and breathtaking estates on the Gold Coast has just hit the market. Refreshed to its grandeur, with no expense spared by the owner, you will be impressed the moment you enter this estate with 19,000-plus square feet on four levels of living, 30-plus rooms each featuring unique designs. The home consists of 9 bedrooms, 13 baths, elevator services to all levels, plus a six-car Garage/Carriage House with a staff apartment above. This architecturally brilliant and elegant home was built for entertaining and lavish gatherings in the Gatsby style. A rare opportunity to own nearly 3 acres of property on Fairfield County’s most prestigious address, with spectacular views of Long Island Sound, Sasco Beach, and the Country Club of Fairfield’s Golf Course. Enter this gorgeous estate, and you will be greeted by a beautiful stone entrance to your private gated community. 1143 Sasco has distinctive architecture and materials that would cost more than $50 million to construct today. The grand entry has a 20-foot ceiling, a central stairway with newly refinished iron balustrade, and oversized windows allowing abundant natural sunlight. You will be charmed by the fantastic water views as you enter through the wrought iron lattice and glass door that leads to the grand entryway with a carved marble fireplace, freshly buffed white oak quarter-sawn and rift flooring throughout the home, and walls newly painted.

Some of the stunning features include a Grand Ballroom with panoramic views, custom millwork, a marble fireplace, and French doors which open to the Terrace offering water views. Just off the Grand Ballroom is the Covered Terrace featuring granite stone flooring, arched entrances, a barrel ceiling, and gorgeous water views. One highlight of the home is the primary en-suite with water views from multiple windows and fireplace with marble mantle; an attached en-suite Dressing Room with custom cabinetry and French doors lead to the Terrace with stunning views of Long Island Sound. There are 8 Additional Bedrooms with walk-in closets, Full/Jack and Jill Baths outfitted with custom marble. Four of the Bedrooms have fireplaces. Each Bedroom is unique with distinctive characteristics. 1143 Sasco Hill Road is a private oasis and yet minutes to Fairfield and Southport, train, library, harbor, restaurants, and shopping. It is ideally located 53 miles from New York City.





By Melanie Carden

he end of year is here, and along with it comes plenty of opportunities to gift and entertain your favorite foodies! So, whether it’s to grace your own home or give a friend, these items are sure to brighten the spirit of the season—and into the new year!


Beanblossom, Indiana is a little-known town with a larger-than-life music scene, and the folks at Oliver Winery & Vineyards want the world to know. So, they created this Bourbon Barrel Hard Cider as an homage to Beanblossom and old souls who appreciate extraordinary cider. Info:


If you’re hosting house guests this holiday season, grab a few bags of Farm Steady’s Apple Cider Doughnut Baking Mix. You’ll be the host with the most time to relax, and isn’t that always the goal? As a fringe benefit, you’ll also wow your guests, of course. Info:


Ah, spiced pear! Such a welcome treat as the chilly days set in. Enjoy this Spiced Pear Conserve from American Spoon on toast, in phyllo dough, or layered into your favorite wintery pie! With notes of vanilla and a bit of ginger, it’s perfect on pancakes too. Info:


We’ve come a long way from a peanut butter sandwich on Wonder bread, folks. Nut butters are more than a pantry staple, they’re also an elevated way to entertain and bake. The limited-edition Salted Eggnog coconut-cashew blend and Gingersnap hazelnut-almond butter from Ground Up are the foodie upgrade your holidays have been waiting for. Info:



There’s no need to juggle everyone’s nuanced tastes, when entertaining. The savvy grape-minded folks at In Good Taste have created the oh-soelegant individual bottles of wines. Within the wine-whimsy, you’ll also discover their Uncommon Vines bundle, featuring Ventoux Rosé, Spain’s Tempranillo, and other hardto-find vines. Info:


Mamajuana is an iconic spiced rum recipe, popular in the Dominican Republic for over five hundred years. Though it rhymes with marijuana, there’s no connection; and this Candela spiced honey and run sip is as beautiful as the bottle. It pairs well with citrus, makes a nextlevel Negroni—or just sip on the rocks. It does not disappoint. Info:


The vines of the Ehlers Estate have been producing succulent orbs of grapey goodness since the mid-1800s. Nestled in the Napa Valley, Ehlers Estate offers bundled shipping, which is the ideal way to execute a “one for them, two for me” approach to your holiday shopping. Their 2019 Merlot is the balanced, jammy sip you need for those bold holiday meat dishes. Info:


Here’s a holiday tip to get you through the excitement; have an exquisite dinner party entrée at the ready. SeaBear’s collection of seafood entrees is there to help you navigate the chaos of the winter holiday hosting. These wild salmon pesto puff pastries are the perfect solution for the hurried pre-party panic. Info:





By Anne Raso

ones Wood Foundry is a legend of the Upper East Side and where authentic English grub along with the occasional Modern American or Mediterranean dish is served. Owned by Chef Jason Hicks who hails from Stratford-on-Avon, England, he also has introduced a touch of Modern American and Mediterranean dishes to the menu. Hicks opened Jones Wood Foundry after excelling at the helm of both La Goulue and Orsay kitchens. Located on East 76th Street, Jones Wood Foundry is housed in an old foundry building tucked between other classic old five-story brick walkup buildings. It has a dark, cozy vibe with an ultra-long wood bar in the front room and two dining rooms scattered with British and general vintage bar memorabilia. Hicks loves the UES and told us, “It is my comfort zone, having been here since 1996 as the chef at La Goulue and Orsay. Over the years, I have gotten to know many clients, and I thought they would like a place with a British twist.” AN INDOOR/OUTDOOR VIBE The design of the restaurant is interesting. It looks like the ground floors of two turn-of-thecentury tenement buildings connected with a courtyard in the middle. “Our building is two separate buildings. The one in the back is one of NYC’s oldest non-listed wooden buildings. The middle room is a breezeway and was covered and turned into a dining area,” explained Hicks. “Having the courtyard in the middle of the restaurant is impressive and helps create an indoor/outdoor vibe. The courtyard is covered and heated but is open to the elements on all sides. The building was once a foundry manufacturing utility hole covers for NYC,” he continued. The actual foundry is now my kitchen. This area of the UES was bequeathed to the city by Robert Jones, and at this time, it was a wooded area, hence the name Jones Wood Foundry.”

AN UNPRETENTIOUS CROWD With a mix of ex-pats and Anglophiles, Hicks’ attention to his guests is always warm and inviting. We very much respect that we are part of the neighborhood and strive to make them proud to have us as their neighbor. The space and decor give you the feeling that you could be in England.” Like most chefs, Hicks thinks outside the box. In this case Hicks explains the addition of other cuisines to the menu. The goatee sporting chef explained, “I do it, but only when it makes sense. We change the menu every season, but as our space is limited, we must be careful the menu doesn’t get too big. Tuna Tartar Japanize on the lunch/ dinner menu and Huevos Rancheros on the brunch menu are good examples.” ALL-DAY ENGLISH BREAKFAST It is no surprise that the British classics are genuinely the most popular items on the menu at JWF. “Fish And Chips, Scotch Eggs, pies, and the Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding on the brunch menu are far and away the favorites,” he told us. “Of course, pies are my favorites. We make everything from scratch, and there is a lot of detail in the recipe work—this is also something I enjoy.” Be sure to check out the ultra-large portions of Toffee Pudding, their most popular dessert, and its sister item Banoffee Pudding. The warm Apple and Blackberry Crumble is hands down the favorite as it is thick and warm. CHRISTMAS MENU With holidays here, we wondered if there might be legendary British holiday dishes. “For the holidays, we will have Mince Pie (AKA “Figgy Pud”). Roast Beef is always extremely popular and, of course, will be included. We will also offer a full English Breakfast and Roast Beef And Yorkshire Pudding-To-Go Box for Christmas, accompanied by a tutorial video. Both will be on our website in the lead-up to Christmas.” For more information on Jones Wood Foundry, visit






ld Stove Pub, the iconic Hamptons dining staple, is ready to make its mark in New York City, opening its doors at 1076 First Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The restaurant, a fantastic dining destination in the Hamptons for over 50 years, will establish itself as a new hotspot destination in the neighborhood. Owner Joseph DeCristofaro is excited to bring Old Stove Pub to New York City, just as the city is re-establishing itself as the world’s dining capital. Originally opened in 1967, the Hamptons restaurant formerly known as Flynn’s Inn changed hands several times before becoming Old Stove Pub in 1969. Old Stove Pub was originally a Greek Restaurant, which DeCristofaro reopened in 2020 after it had closed for two years. Unfortunately, after years of changing hands and neglect, the structure was aesthetically worn-down and out of business.

© JPB Photo


DeCristofaro recognized the restaurant’s prestige and potential and breathed new life. While much of the original character was preserved, the kitchen, hardwood floors, bar, fireplace, plumbing, electric, and dining areas were updated. The menu received the most extensive update of all. The original menu was heavily Greek, and DeCristofaro kept many of the items but added more Mediterranean dishes and separate sushi and dessert menus. DeCristofaro’s welcoming atmosphere meets the foodie’s needs while appreciating the value of an incredible atmosphere. The new Manhattan location features quality steaks and entrees that rival the city’s best steakhouses and an ideal setting with a comfortable dining room and outdoor seating. The menu boasts quite a medley of delectable dishes, including entrees such as their prime dry-aged steaks, Australian lamb chops, and juicy roasted chicken; the freshest seafood plates such as branzino (sauteed with lemon, capers, and baby cherry tomatoes), salmon, scallops, jumbo shrimp, and the steamed mussels; a raw bar featuring fresh, plump oysters and crisp crab legs. Delicious sides include their creamed spinach and roasted cauliflower. Of course, a visit to Old Stove Pub would be incomplete without their world-famous steaks: Prime Filet Mignon, Rib-Eye Boneless Black with Blue Cheese Butter, and the famous and noteworthy Sagaponack Steak for Two are all available here. DeCristofaro, a Southampton native and part-time Upper East Side resident, is a restaurateur and a notable real estate developer. With a talent for home renovation and design, he quickly assembled a team to revitalize the iconic Hamptons eatery, and it was soon better than the original. The restaurateur has brought that same focus and determination to Midtown Manhattan, where Old Stove Pub will be a destination for foodies and locals. From delectable dinner entrees to fun and familyoriented brunches with live music, the new venue on First Avenue is sure to stand out from the crowd. © JPB Photo

For more information on Old Stove Pub, visit





By Patricia Canole

ot too long ago, Midtown Manhattan below 42nd Street was considered an unpopular part of town. I know because I once worked in the area better known as the Garment Center. You only traveled here for work, go to Macy’s, or see a game at Madison Square Garden.

Thankfully, it has changed. Now that once-bland area is rocking. Anchored by Macy’s, there are more opportunities for upscale shopping, workers returning to the new glass and steel buildings, Hudson Yards to the west, and Fifth Avenue with the Empire State Building to the east. Yet, with all this hustle and bustle, wouldn’t it be nice to take a breath and relax? Our recommendation: Versa Rooftop Restaurant & Bar is conveniently located in the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel. It is better than ever. Step off the elevator, which whisks you to the 5th-floor restaurant/bar, and there is no question there is a table with your name at this 8,000-square-feet venue on West 35th Street. There are nooks where you can sit and hang out everywhere you look. This place has an indoor area with tons of seating that flows into an even bigger outdoor space with a retractable roof and terrace filled with tourists taking in views of the city. There are multiple bars to order drinks from, and the food is surprisingly good. We happily order the Mezza plate and salads along with the main courses!

You’ll be within a few feet of a TV no matter where you sit. So, order some passion fruit mojitos and grilled fish tacos for a quick meal before boarding the 8:10 LIRR at Penn Station. A gastropub and cocktail bar, Versa has various menus. The dinner menu incorporates everything from nachos and salads to veggie burgers and a selection of different flatbreads. For more information on Versa Rooftop Restaurant & Bar, visit



e r o l p x

Watkins Glen the heart of the Finger Lakes



uthor and motivational speaker Mindie Barnett answers your questions about life, navigating these stressful and uncertain times, while steering you down a more straightforward path. We welcome your questions and invite you to reach out to Mindie at Dear Mindie, I recently moved to New York from Chicago for my job and am finding it exceptionally difficult to make new friends. While I have made some connections at my job, the people in my office are not the easiest to get to know.

© Barry Morganstein

In addition, I am finding it hard to meet people as everyone seems to already have their friends in place and are otherwise terribly busy. Do you have any advice on how I can get to know more people and feel more comfortable in my personal life? Sincerely, Homesick Dear Homesick, I more than understand how you are feeling! When I was on TV news and moving from city to city, I often found myself in the same predicament. I would first recommend you join some sort of club, gym or get involved in a hobby—for the mere sake of meeting people. A bonus is the enjoyment you will find but at the very least you will be in social situations where you can meet new people. Next the onus is on you to strike up a conversation and if you are not an extrovert, which may be uncomfortable for you, but I would strongly suggest you stretch yourself. Ask anything of a nearby potential friend or make a comment about the class or whatever activity you participated in. You will come to find that although New Yorkers are indeed extremely fast-paced and hurried, they are kind. A fun fact about NYC is that most people are transplants from other cities and regions, just like you! Most have been where you are today and will have empathy for you. I would then suggest you invite a work associate for coffee or make it a group gathering so you can get to know them better. That was something I always made a point of doing when I was new to a city. I would also have them over for afterwork cocktails to get to know them better. Again, this may seem awkward, but it is necessary to put yourself “out there” to solidify friendships. As adults we have so few opportunities to attain new friends, so you really need to make the effort.

Finally, stay motivated and focused on acquiring new experiences. Go to a show, visit a museum, take a walk in Central Park -there are so many options living in Manhattan! Even if you are doing some of this solo, you will fill your free time with joy and memories and the newer memories you begin to collect, the less of the sting you will feel when thinking of home. Best of luck with all!







By Taylor Dietrich

ou would not expect a gentle approach to fitness from the co-founder of the high-intensity, popular CrossFit workout. Still, Lauren Jenai has an eye on overall wellness as the holiday season brings its unique brand of intensity. “The holiday season is usually a non-stop hustle,” says Jenai, “but it’s also an opportunity to pause and put family first and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.” A mother of four, Jenai’s children are her number one priority. She homeschools her twin boys and helps her daughters through online high school. She is committed to teaching them valuable life skills with the same immersive experience of in-person schooling. Whether pottery or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes or watching mom work through various home improvement projects, everything they do together imparts countless diverse and valuable life skills and brings them closer as a family. Jenai says it is this same philosophy that she uses to motivate others. “Don’t limit yourself. Instead, find new hobbies and remember the essential things in life, like family.


Now, with the holidays underway, Jenai says there is still a chance to get into the shape that you want before the end of the year. She believes that setting threemonth goals is an exceptionally effective strategy for change. “It’s easier to stay consistent when you’re only committed for a set amount of time.” She says that small chunks of time combined with clear goals are the key. “Know what you want,” says Jenai. “Maybe you don’t want to lose 20 pounds; you want to lose some body fat and gain muscle. Get as specific as possible, then you know when you have achieved something and can choose a new goal.” Be Nice, Even When ‘Naughty’ Jenai says that clarity of goals and a finite timeline gives you the freedom to enjoy holiday treats without the usual stress and guilt that often kills any motivation for progress. Jenai proposes a change of thinking: “Okay, I just ate a ton of Christmas cookies; they were so good, but do I want to do that every day? No way! Taking all the judgment and stress out of your nutrition routines and giving yourself a break is important.” Yes, you read that right; the founder of the high-intensity CrossFit regime wants you to cut some slack. “It is not about letting go completely. It is about working on how you think and process your individual choices and striving for harmony with your mind and your body,” says Jenai.


“Physical health will only feel positive if you think positively. Judgment and punishment don’t yield results,” Jenai observes, adding that cognitive distortions often create barriers to achieving your fitness goals. Hence, it is essential to get them sorted out before you start reaching for a plan that can slip farther away. “Plus, who needs to be miserable?” she jokes. Being critical of yourself might seem like a compelling motivation to push yourself to work harder or longer, but it sends negative and self-loathing messages throughout your body. Instead, Jenai believes that the key is to celebrate the little things. Being easier on yourself and celebrating each little victory day can significantly impact your overall health. “Over time, it programs your brain to not be self-defeating in your behavior, but self-celebrating instead,” says Jenai. “Embracing this more forgiving approach to wellness has been a revelation.” For those already set in their ways with a consistent fitness routine, Jenai reminds you to keep going. She also cautions about the more-common-than-you-think issue of seasonal depression. She reminds us that outdoor workouts are still doable on chillier days and can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve immune function. “If you feel like the weather is bringing your mood down, it might be a reminder to keep up with the wellness strategies that you’ve already developed,” says Jenai. She adds, “A good, established workout routine is still great, but I’d recommend a couple of side-projects while you’re hunkered down for the winter.” For Jenai, it’s landscaping, painting, building, and tending a garden. All these tips, she says, can help to alleviate many of those depressive symptoms and see you through the holidays into a happier, healthier new year. “And if you splurge or miss a day here or there, you can always start over,” says Jenai. Now that is intense. NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 59



GLOBAL LYME ALLIANCE: 2022 GALA RAISES FUNDS TO TACKLE THE DISEASE By Elizabeth Darwen Photos: Jared Siskin/PMC/Getty Images / Rob Berry/BFA


lobal Lyme Alliance (GLA), the leading nonprofit dedicated to conquering Lyme and other tick-borne diseases held the GLA GLOBAL GALA 2022 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.

Pia Toscano (Rob Berry/BFA)

The event raises Lyme disease awareness and funds for research to improve diagnostics and treatments and ultimately find a cure for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. The spectacular and one-of-a-kind gala was a night to remember for invited celebrities, business leaders, and top scientists alike. GLA has gained national prominence for funding some of the most urgent and promising research while expanding education and awareness programs for the general public and physicians. The evening’s honored guests included Kim and Atty Cleworth, A mother and daughter who have been impacted by Lyme. They are also Executive Producers of the film, I’m Not Crazy I’m Sick. An exclusive preview was shown to the audience of the documentary about their struggle. A highlight of New York’s philanthropic calendar, this year’s event raised more than $1.85 million to advance GLA’s mission to conquer Lyme. A live auction led by Jason Lamoreaux auctioned items including a trilogy of sports events, travel experiences and a golf weekend with PGA Professional Jimmy Walker, which ended up being auctioned off twice, thanks to Jimmy’s generosity. Paul B. Ross, Laura MacNeill (Jared Siskin/PMC)

Chris Meloni, Sherman Williams (Jared Siskin/PMC)


Kim Cleworth, Atty Cleworth (Jared Siskin/PMC)

John James, Nicole Miller (Jared Siskin/PMC)

Jennifer Fessler (Jared Siskin/PMC)

Rosanna Scotto (Jared Siskin/PMC) Erich Bergen (Rob Berry/BFA)

The evening program began with cocktails and dinner, a video contribution by Debbie Gibson, and speech by Broadway Star Ashley Loren, on the impact that Lyme disease has had on their lives. The event was hosted by master of ceremonies Rosanna Scotto, Co-Host of FOX 5 Good Day New York. The evening also featured an exceptional live performance by Recording Artist Pia Toscano and later in the night, Erich Bergen, Star of Madam Secretary and both the stage and screen versions of Jersey Boys. Celebrated event planner Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events produced the gala experience by donating his designs and décor to the virtuous cause for the fourth year in a row, showcasing his long-standing dedication to the Lyme community. Other notable attendees included Erich Bergen, Pia Larry Scott (Lawrence Scott Events), Ashley Loren (Broadway star), Chris Meloni (Actor), Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber (TV’s The Bachelor), Margaret Josephs and Joe Benigno (Real Housewives of New Jersey), Dolores Catania (Real Housewives of New Jersey), Jennifer Fessler, Nicole Miller (Fashion designer), Lindsay Solmer (Influencer), Alexa Laura (Influencer), Gina Valles (Influencer), Mar Jennings (TV show host), Jon James Stavola (Artist). The Co-Chairs for the event include Rose Anastasio, Amy Balducci, Charles Balducci, Diane M. Blanchard, Robert Kobre, Brett Kristoff, Jarrod Nadel, Lorrie Nadel, Paul B. Ross, Larry Scott, Erin Walker and Jimmy Walker. The event brought together a number of sponsors in support of the GLA’s efforts. The Underwriter of the Global Gala was the Ackerley Family Foundation. Diamond Sponsors included Karen and Bob Kelly, David P. Nolan Charitable Fund. Platinum Sponsors were Robert and Nancy Del Genio, Robert and Cheryl Kobre, Steven and Clarissa Lefkowitz, Malcolm and Dana McAvity. Gold Sponsors included Steph and Tim Busch, Kenzie and Collin Vath, Cahill Gordon and Reindell LLP, CBRE, Cravath, Swaine and Moore LLP, Credit Suisse, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, Brett & Mark Kristoff, Latham & Watkins LLP, Lois J. Liberman & Paul B. Ross, Milbank LLP, Brent & Regan Patry, The Peetz Family Fund and the Quidel Corporation. For more information on Global Lyme Alliance, visit






ports Broadcasting trailblazer and award-winning talk show host Ann Liguori hosted her 24th Annual Ann Liguori Foundation (ALF) Charity Golf Classic at the Maidstone Club in East Hampton, N.Y. The annual charity outing benefits not-for-profits that work in the field of cancer research and care including the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and East End Hospice in addition to mentorship programs to help aspiring sports media students. Dan Pontecorvo, Global Director of Real Estate & Engineering, Jane Street Capital, was the 2022 ALF Business Honoree, and Alex Lifeson, Hall of Fame Guitarist, RUSH accepted the 2022 ALF Music Honoree Award during the Award’s program. “I’m delighted to say it was our best fundraising effort in 24 years,” says Liguori. “Both of our honorees, Dan and Alex, our former honorees, participants, and our volunteers and committee members, contributed to the program’s success. The iconic Alex Lifeson got Gibson Guitars to donate two gorgeous Les Paul Epiphone Guitars and personally signed them for the highest bidders! We auctioned off an incredible golf trip to Ireland donated by Northwest Coast Irish Links, a visit to Dundonald Links in Scotland and many other wonderful trips and items. My thanks to all who take part in our efforts and support our important mission.” Liguori went on to say, “This is a disease we are all too familiar with. We are all directly or indirectly affected by this dreadful disease and anything we can do to fight cancer has been a mission of mine for decades since our family lost my Dad to cancer in 1981. We also lost my brother to leukemia when he was 22. My sister Jean, brother Dan and I, are committed to this cause forever.”

Jim Donaghy, Alex Lifeson, Jim Donaghy Jr


Sponsors for the annual event included ABM, STRUCTURE TONE, PLATINUM, and Tommy & Shounda Foster. Donors for the charity tournament include Dooney & Bourke, DunDonald Links, Dunning Apparel, Dune Jewelry & the Hamptons Rope Collection, Eye King, FRENCH POOL TOY Wine, Golf in a Box, Hotel Indigo EAST END, Hubert Prive Golf Sculptures, IBKUL Athleisure Apparel, Linda Hartough, Hidden Links, North & West Coast Links Golf IRELAND, No Sweat, PEAKVISION Sunglasses, Pomp & Whimsy, SwingLube, TaylorMade and Tour Edge. Ann Liguori, Dan Pontecorvo, Jim Halpin

“We were thrilled to honor Hall of Fame guitarist Alex Lifeson, who is a passionate golfer as well and so down to earth. And Dan Pontecorvo, our Business Honoree, is a shining light! And we so appreciate the support from our amazing sponsors, golfers, donors, and volunteers. And the golf community is so very generous, which we’re so grateful for,” adds Liguori.

Ann Liguori, Rick Cerone, Jean Skidgel

In addition to Ann’s philanthropic work, the broadcaster hosts a weekly Talking Golf show on WFAN-NY, April – September, Sunday mornings from 7 to 8 am, where she was the first woman to host a call-in sport’s show. The Hey Liguori, What’s the Story show aired every week on WFAN for 24 years. Ann was also the first woman to host her own prime-time show on The Golf Channel. Ann’s Sports Innerview cable show aired weekly for 17 years as Ann interviewed the top legends in sports. And the Sports Innerview radio show airs Saturday morning’s on WLIW. Alex Lifeson, Scott Vallary (back), Ann Liguori, Dave Hemstad, Jean Skidgel

Ann Liguori, Alex Lifeson, Dave Hemstad

Ann recently was honored with the Winnie Palmer Award, at the MET Golf Writers National Award’s Dinner, previously awarded to Barbara Nicklaus, Nancy Lopez, Tom Watson, Ernie Els and Gary Player, to name a few. Ann is the Global Ambassador for IBKUL Athleisure line and has collaborated on a jewelry line with DUNE JEWELRY called the Hamptons Rope Collection. Sponsors for the annual event included ABM, STRUCTURE TONE, PLATINUM, and Tommy & Shounda Foster. Donors for the charity tournament include Dooney & Bourke, DunDonald Links, Dunning Apparel, Dune Jewelry & the Hamptons Rope Collection, Eye King, FRENCH POOL TOY Wine, Golf in a Box, Hotel Indigo EAST END, Hubert Prive Golf Sculptures, IBKUL Athleisure Apparel, Linda Hartough, Hidden Links, North & West Coast Links Golf IRELAND, No Sweat, PEAKVISION Sunglasses, Pomp & Whimsy, SwingLube, TaylorMade and Tour Edge. Gleisy Jamarillo

For more information on the Ann Liguori Foundation, visit NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 63




By Bonnie Comley

umiko Yoshii is s a Tony-nominated producer whose current and upcoming credits include the hit MJ The Musical, currently selling out on Broadway, Museum of Broadway, and The Karate Kid—The Musical and Working Girl on their way to Broadway. Kumiko is a recipient of the 10th annual Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award. She has been acknowledged by the Minister of National Policy of Japan for her outstanding contributions and activities representing Japan. Kumiko is the founder of Gorgeous Entertainment, a New York-based theater, film, and special events production company with two decades of show experience. But work doesn’t get in the way of this powerhouse lady’s commitment to giving back to the theatrical community; she is on the Board of Governors at the Broadway League and the Board of Directors at The Drama League and The New Group. Her other credits include Be More Chill (Off-Broadway, Broadway, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka), Prince of Broadway (MTC, Tokyo), West Side Story in StageAround (Tokyo), The True (The New Group), the 2005 Tonynominated revival of Pacific Overtures (also presented at Lincoln Center and Kennedy Center), Dreamgirls (La Mirada, Northridge, Tokyo and Osaka), West Side Story (Tokyo and Osaka, as the inaugural production of Tokyo Theatre Orb), Million Dollar Quartet (Tokyo and Osaka), The Fantasticks (West End), A Chorus Line (Tokyo and Hyogo), War Horse (Tokyo), Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon—the Super Live (New York), Up in the Air (Kennedy Center), A Class Act (Broadway, Tokyo), Xanadu (Tokyo), Big River (U.S. national tour, Tokyo), The Producers (Tokyo), The Sound of Music (Tokyo), Kafka On the Shore (Lincoln Center Festival), Temple of Golden Pavilion (Lincoln Center Festival), Musashi (Lincoln Center Festival), Macbeth (BAM) and Modern Noh Plays (Lincoln Center). Her producing/ presenting credits in China include the China premiere engagement of Shrek the Musical (Shanghai), Blue Man Group (Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai), and Wicked (Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou). Since its first event in 2007, she has served as Executive Producer of Japan Day @Central Park, an annual event designed by the Japanese community of New York to promote a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, which celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2019. In 2022 she served as Executive Producer of the firstever Japan Parade, as well as the Japan Street Fair. New York Lifestyles had a chance to ask Kumiko about her Broadway and international shows and her upcoming musical, The Karate Kid.

Kumiko Yoshii, Bonnie Comley, Una Jackman Broadway Producers and Drama League Board Colleagues

You have been producing shows on Broadway for over twenty years. How do you choose which shows to get involved with? I work on shows because I believe in what they have to say to an audience, shows that I believe can make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy working with people or on projects that share my values as a person and broaden my own way of thinking. I also work on shows that have emerging artists attached to them to help their journey into theater, and those people tend to push my own boundaries as theater continues to evolve. Tell us about the professional life of an international producer. I’m back on the road looking at projects and theaters. I enjoy bringing shows into NYC, but I’m a strong believer that we need to work outside the city as well, bringing theater to those who cannot make it to major cities and to tell their stories within our community. The only way to hear those stories is to get out there and find them. The Karate Kid is a title recognized worldwide for its mega box office 1984 movie, the sequels, The Karate Kid TV series, and the Cobra Kai TV series streaming now on Netflix. Tell us about your musical based on this “karate kid.” I don’t want to give too much away, but I feel we have really kept what people have loved about The Karate Kid through generations while we adapt the story into a musical for the stage. Our entire creative team has a special connection to The Karate Kid and having the creator Robert Mark Kamen be so willing to watch the work evolve while making sure we keep with the original moral value of the story has been special. I’m very proud of what the entire team has been able to create.





This holiday season is the perfect time to get cozy and curl up with an enjoyable book, so why not explore a great literary adaptation instead? Some of the most popular musicals in the world started out as works of literature before hitting the stage. For more information on BroadwayHD, visit LITTLE WOMEN Louisa May Alcott’s classic story of four sisters growing up in 19th-century Massachusetts made its London premiere in this acclaimed musical production at Park Theatre. Originally presented on Broadway in 2005 starring Sutton Foster, Lydia White and Savannah Stevenson lead a talented cast in this beloved tale of family, self-discovery, and hope. Little Women has a book by Allan Knee (Finding Neverland, The Astonishing Times of Timothy Cratchit), lyrics by Mindi Dickstein, and music by Grammy Award-winner Jason Howland.

THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS The Wind in the Willows is one of the most iconic children’s novels of all time, first published in 1908 and authored by Kenneth Grahame, who based the plot on bedtime stories he’d invented for his son. This compelling musical adaptation premiered in the UK in 2016 and was eventually released for cinema broadcast. The story features Ratty, Badger, Mole and the impulsive Toad, who embark on a series of riotous adventures spiraling from Toad’s insatiable need for speed. Featuring eye-popping beautiful design, exuberant choreography and a gloriously British score, The Wind in the Willows is a joyful night of theatre for the whole family LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER Adapted from the groundbreaking, controversial literary classic by D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a sweeping, romantic musical with a score by John Robinson and a book by Phil Willmott that played the West End in the summer of 2021. Georgia Lennon stars as Lady Chatterley, an upper-class wife whose love affair with a working-class man prompts her to consider what it means to have a life well-lived. SHOW BOAT An iconic piece of American art with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and P.G. Wodehouse, Show Boat is based on Edna Ferber’s bestselling novel of the same name. The show was groundbreaking when it premiered in 1927 because it straddled the cusp between music hall and a new American musical theater—it was not a traditional operetta, but a dramatic musical event that explored race, class, and privilege. Bold for its time, it was the first musical stage production with an interracial (yet segregated) cast with Black performers in leading roles. The characterization of the Black community in Show Boat would not be appropriate in contemporary times, as we now understand the socio-political ramifications of living in a racialized society. Various stage productions and films of Show Boat since 1927 have attempted to address these issues but are inherent in the work as originally written. This production from the San Francisco Opera stars Bill Irwin and Harriet Harris. GYPSY Gypsy is a musical based on the 1957 memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, with music by Julie Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by Arthur Laurents. Bette Midler, in her network television acting debut, stars as the ultimate pushy stage mother, Rose, who seeks stardom for her two young daughters at any cost. Featuring iconic songs like “Rose’s Turn,” “You Gotta Get A Gimmick,” “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” and more, this book-to-stage adaptation is a must-watch for any theatre fan.




SEQUELS WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER Not yet rated It’s been five years since the first Black Panther took the world by storm; its famous star, Chadwick Bozeman, succumbed to cancer in a terrible blow to the Marvel family. The sequel is finally here, still written and helmed by Ryan Coogler, who chose not to replace Bozeman as T’Challa. Killing off the Black Panther is a bold move, but one that legions of fans are sure to line up to see as Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danai Gurira return as the mighty women of Wakanda.

AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER Not yet rated The wait is over, as the first of four Avatar sequels comes to theaters in December. Avatar: The Way of Water continues the story of the alien planet Pandora that James Cameron gave the world in 2009, creating the film that remains the biggest moneymaker in Hollywood history. He’s made this sequel, with Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington again in the leads, as well as three more movies to complete his massive tale of the blue-skinned people known as the Na’vi.

TOP STARS VIE FOR OSCAR RECOGNITION THE FABELMANS PG-13 Steven Spielberg directed and co-wrote (with Tony Kushner) this autobiographical story of Sammy Fabelman and his youthful obsession with movies, set in post-World War II Arizona. As he grows up in a family that harbors some secrets, one thing never changes – how going to the movies makes him feel. Gabriel LaBelle stars as Sammy, with Michelle Williams and Paul Dano as his parents and a group of familiar faces (Judd Hirsch, Seth Rogen) rounding out a stellar cast in this sure Oscar contender. THE MENU R What’s on The Menu at an exclusive island eatery with Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) cooking? You’ll have to trek to a movie theater to find out in this wild comedy-horror flick that brings together Fiennes and two more terrific actors, Nicholas Hoult and Anya Taylor-Joy, along with the always funny John Leguizamo along for the ride, too. So better eat before you go.

WOMEN TALKING PG-13 Everyone in Hollywood is talking about Women Talking, Sarah Polley’s cinematic adaptation of Miriam Toews’ novel of the same name. Strong reactions at film festivals have this one poised for some Oscar recognition as Claire Foy, Jesse Buckley, and Rooney Mara lead a cast of females living in an isolated Mennonite community. The women begin to share secrets, and terrible truths are revealed in this dark drama.




HOT NEW SERIES WITH BIG STARS THE ENGLISH Prime Video Emily Blunt takes on the Western genre with this dark series about a woman hellbent on avenging her son’s death. When she enlists a Pawnee brave (played by Chaske Spencer, who is a Lakota Native American) to help her, their forceful combination makes this period Western come alive. Oscar nominees Ciaran Hinds and Stephen Rea join in this brutal tale of the Old West, along with Toby Jones, which was shot in Spain (serving once again a perfect stand-in for the American West).

TULSA KING Paramount+ Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone, 1883) brings a completely different series to Paramount+, leaving the Western genre behind to tackle the vastly different world of the Mafia. This time he’s recruited Sylvester Stallone as his star, playing a New York crime boss who, after a long stint in prison, is sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma, by his Mafia bosses to restart his career in the Mob in a whole new setting. It’s a little bit brutal, a little bit funny, and a whole new direction for Sheridan, who these days writes his own ticket. As for Stallone, this is his first starring role in a TV series for the 76-year-old actor. WEDNESDAY Netflix For a whole new take on Wednesday Addams, this reboot of the muchloved The Addams Family series (and movies) is a welcome addition for fans of that uniquely weird clan. This time out, Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday, who has made it to high school, while Catherine Zeta-Jones transforms into her mother Morticia and Luis Guzman takes on Gomez. Watch for Christina Ricci to turn up, too, as well as Gwendoline Christie, Thora Birch and other familiar faces in this suitably dark comedy show for the whole family to enjoy.

CHRISTMAS FUN FOR EVERYONE A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS HBO Max Ralphie is back, with actor Peter Billingsley in his much-loved role as the man that the Red Ryder-rifle obsessed kid has grown into. He returns to the family house in Cleveland after his “Old Man” has passed away, hoping to show his own kids just what life was like for the Parker family. Sadly, Jean Shepherd is no longer with us to pen this long-awaited sequel, but his spirit lives on in this funny family holiday movie.

SPIRITED Apple TV+ Ryan Reynolds as Ebenezer Scrooge? Yes, you read that right! He’s joined in this musical comedy retelling of the classic holiday favorite A Christmas Carol by Will Ferrell, who plays the Ghost of Christmas Present. The two cut up in a big way, along with Octavia Spencer and Joe Tippet in this completely reimagined version that includes some catchy tunes that you’re going to start hearing in shopping malls very soon





very Fall, Hollywood players head to, Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The timing is critical as it’s the first significant North American festival where the films that will likely garner the awards early in 2023 are screened. Toronto is an important testing ground for the “Award Whisperers” to gauge what is hot, and what might be not. Here is one perspective on the films that are golden this awards season. Allelujah The adaptation of the play of the same name by Alan Bennett, Allelujah had its premiere during this year’s TIFF and tells the story of a rural community’s fight to save the local hospital’s geriatric ward from closure. Starring Jesse Akele, Jessica Baglow, Judi Dench and Jennifer Saunders. The Banshees of Inisherin A tale of the complexities of friendship set against a backdrop of a small community in 1920s Ireland and bringing together the stars of In Bruges, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. The Fabelmans Steven Spielberg immerses you in the world of his childhood, seeking to uncover the things that propelled him into a career as a filmmaker. Starring Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogan and Gabrielle LaBelle as the young Director. The Good Nurse The true story of a nurse in New York who comes to the realization that one of her colleagues is a serial killer who may have killed hundreds of patients. Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain star. The Greatest Beer Run Ever (2hrs 6mins) Zac Efron, Russell Crowe and a cameo by Bill Murray highlight the telling of a true story about the effort of one man to take his friends a taste of home – into the battelfields in the middle of the Vietnam war. Based on the book written by Joanna Molloy of Rush & Molloy fame.


Apple Original Films


In Her Hands A documentary following the youngest female Mayor in Afghanistan in the run-up to the return of the Taliban in 2021. Made by Afghan Tamana Ayazi and Marcel Mettelsiefen, and executive produced by a team including Secretary Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. The Inspection Written and directed by Elegance Bratton, this is the true story of an AfricanAmerican man who joins the U.S. Marines after a decade living in housing precarity after being kicked out of his home—all the time grappling with his sense of belonging and sexual identity. Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blue A beautiful documentary treatment of the Life of Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong through his personal audio diaries. Louis was a prolific recorder of audio diaries which Director Sacha Jenkins has turned into a treatment of the subtlety and complexity of the man behind the music. My Policeman Based on the book by Bethan Roberts, a story set in 1950s Britain which grapples with social change, sexual identity and romance starring man-of-the-moment Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson. Searchlight Pictures

The Swimmers Director Sally El Hosaini tells the remarkable true tale of sisters Yusra and Sara Mardini, who fled their home in war-torn Damascus, Syria to seek a new life in Europe and earn the chance to compete in the 2016 Olympics.






By Melanie Carden

h, my goodness! It’s the best time of year—when all the meows and woofs come together in a joyous winter harmony. It’s time to kick off the holiday season, and all its gifting glory. I’ve searched high and low for gifts for good pups and kitties—and one for the whole family too. Hope your holidays are purr’fectly delightful! BOWIE-OH-BOY

If you’re equally obsessed with your cat and David Bowie, you’re about to have the best holiday season ever. Always Fits has this Ziggy Stardustthemed ornament—the purr’fect way to rock the holidays. Info:


If your pup can’t resist begging at the Thanksgiving table, it’s okay to give in. Goodies from Bark Box make it easy for your bestie to join in the feast. Info:

MORE WHIPPED CREAM, PLEASE Finally, a hot cocoa that your pup can enjoy too! This P.L.A.Y plush is the perfect way to busy your bestie on a chilly winter weekend. Info: SNOW-DAY PJ PARTY Snow days are paw’fect for hot cocoa and PJs. Let the whole family join in the fun—furry critters and all. Lazy One offers matching sets with winter, Hanukkah, and Christmas themes. Info:

FESTIVAL OF TREATS Wufers offers one-stop shopping for a wide array of celebratory dog treats. So, spin the dreidel and get your fur-baby ready for Hanukkah with this fun batch of cookies. Info: MOMMA’S DAY OFF After wrapping all the gifts and baking holiday dog biscuits—it’s time for momma to chill. Every dog-mom deserves one of these super-cozy Lulu Simon Studio sweatshirts! Info:


DOG DAYS OF WINTER Fido works hard during the holidays—investigating turkey, shredding wrapping paper, and keeping your feet warm. These PJs are perfect to rest up afterward, and Lazy One has so many prints! Info:

APRES SKI If your dog loves time on the slopes, the luxe winter wear at Max Bone is just the ticket. Grab this posh ski sweater and ring in the New Year right! Info:

SANTA’S STASH Be sure to hang your buddy’s stocking from the mantle—Santa is on his way! Garnet Hill’s dog bone-themed stocking has ample room for goodies, treats, and toys. Info:

LUMBER JACK TERRIER Stormy Kromer makes it easy to take your pup on winter adventures. This fleece jacket is perfect for winter hikes and building snow-dogs when the flakes fly. Info:

SEEING DOUBLE Cuddle Clones are amazing. They make insanely accurate replicas of your favorite pets—stuffed animals, slippers, gold club covers, and more. It will be the showstopper gift of your holiday season! Info: 72 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022

REINDEER AT THE READY From Guinea pigs to dogs—this reindeer snood is sure to fool even Santa! Zoo Snoods is a fast-trending cuteness resource. Grab a giraffe or yoda while you’re there. Info:



The American Academy of Pet Grooming (AAOPG) was founded in 2002 by Juliet Jordan with the mission of providing the finest training facility for pet groomers in New York City. Today, AAOPG has flourished and trained hundreds in both their Basic Course and Advanced Master Classes. Their mission: To graduate world-class Pet Grooming Professionals and Pet Stylists in New York City’s only recognized Accredited School of Pet Grooming, giving students a cutting edge in a competitive industry. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the school offers a fully licensed and comprehensive curriculum for those interested in either beginning a new career or changing their career path. They offer in addition to pet grooming, pet CPR and FIRST AID classes with Thomas Jordan, a certified and licensed PET CPR & First Aid Instructor. Students come from all walks of life and have one purpose—they love pets and seek an enriching, satisfying, and lucrative career. Some graduates become pet groomers at some of New York City’s most prestigious pet grooming enterprises, while others start their successful businesses in and around the tri-state area. With more than five million pets, New York City is the pet capital of the world! For more information on the American Academy of Pet Grooming, visit


JULIET JORDAN, Founder: After 20 years as a school teacher, Juliet decided to follow her dreams to aquire and open a pet grooming school. Founded in 2002, she has made Midtown’s AAOPG the most exclusive place to groom dogs in New York City. Her dreams have come true with hard work and dedication…. THOMAS JORDAN, Co-owner / Certified Pet CPR Instructor: Thomas is the proud owner and “dad” of four dogs and seven cats. He’s also a born leader with 12 years of experience teaching mentally challenged adults at The Program for Developmental Disabilities.JAMIE L. BABBIT, Public Relations / Marketing Manager &School Agent: Jamie is the former owner of 4Paws4Claws, NYC, who cared for pets with special needs. She’s certified in pet nutrition and first aid. Because of her passion for animals, she joined AAOPG, focusing on public relations, marketing, and building the brand….COLIN MEHIGAN School Director/Instructor: A graduate of the American Academy of Pet Grooming, Colin has been working for the past 15 years as a professional in the pet industry. As the academy’s school director, he is a certified instructor who enjoys sharing his knowledge of the pet industry with the pet groomers of the future. He is the proud owner of two poodles, Bonnie and Clyde …. LLOYD VIELOT, Groomer / Instructor Lloyd is Certified Pet Groomer with a BFA from FIT. With a combined 12 years of experience in animal care and grooming, 25 years of experience in fashion “I was destined for this industry. Marrying my eye for fit, form and detail with my love for our furry family members made this career path the purrfect passion project. Transforming matted mutts to fluffy fur babies is a daily rag to riches story. As a grooming instructor, it is a delight to engage, educate and cultivate the skills of so many like-minded individuals.”…EDUARDO PERAZA, Stylist/Instructor: Eddie is a certified pet grooming stylist with over 15 years of experience, including being a licensed pet instructor for the State of New York. Eddie is highly knowledgeable, creative, and detail-oriented, which enables him to groom many breeds expertly….LANCE WATSON, Instructor: Lance has been with AAOPG since 2006. At that time, he was a student and remembered the only male in the class, which was a challenge. Today, he is licensed in pet grooming, and he says it has been a rewarding experience being selected to instruct some 400 students.





Photos Rappaport to the Rescue

uring the pandemic, animal shelters saw a dramatic influx of adoptions, but as life returns to normal, and inflation rates continue to soar, many of those animals are sadly being returned. This year, The Big Apple Circus has partnered with renowned animal advocate Jill Rappaport and her brand “Rappaport To The Rescue” to introduce 45 fabulous fur angels—on the 45th anniversary of the Big Apple Circus. On Tuesday, November 8th starting at 4:00 pm, the public is invited to the Big Top at Damrosch Park in Lincoln Center for this heartfelt adoption event! Admission is free of charge and guests will be treated to complimentary refreshments. In addition to potentially finding your forever best friend, you will also be invited to stay for an exclusive Big Apple Circus’ final dress rehearsal at 7:00 pm before the grand opening performance on November 11th. A LIFE MISSION Considered a nationwide “Voice for the Voiceless,” Jill Rappaport has made it her life’s mission to shine a light on animals in need. Her beloved award-winning segment Bow To Wow ran for over seven years on NBC’s Today Show and had a 100 percent adoption record!

So, mark your calendars. There will be wonderful shelters and foster-based organizations participating from all across the tristate to facilitate adoption applications and to share their wisdom about these precious pooches, including on its Opening night the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is a nonprofit, open admission, no kill shelter that relies on the generosity of their donors and volunteers to care to for the homeless animals in its community, and to place them in loving “forever homes.” Whether caring for strays found wandering the streets, rescuing neglected and abandoned animals, or saving dogs from the horrors of the puppy mill industry, the shelter is a safe haven for all animals and for some, a last resort. The shelter provides a steppingstone for animals to find a loving home. For more information on Southampton Animal Shelter, visit; for tickets to this year’s Big Apple Circus, visit 74 | OUR CITY, YOUR LIFE | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022

2 .5 HR S FR O M NY C | J IM THO R P E, PA





RAIL TRAIL BIKING | | | 570-325-8430




By Bailey Beckett

igh net-worth divorces are notoriously rife with conflict. Their complexity and breadth can be dizzying, and the accompanying drama can lead some attorneys to turn them down. Not so for Daniel Stock, one of New York’s most accomplished divorce attorneys, who specializes in divorces from those who disagree on nearly everything. Stock has had impressive experience winning when the stakes are high and, as a result, is not shy about taking on cases with assets running into the mid-nine figures. Although these litigations can begin at $100 thousand per assigned attorney and often run for months or even years, the investment in Stock’s direction and legal prowess prove invaluable to his clients looking to preserve their earned wealth. “A lot of lawyers do not like high-conflict cases,” Stock shares. “They involve a great deal of forensic work sifting through the financial composites of both spouses, and both sides are emotionally committed to walking away with as much as they can get.” This specialized level of matrimonial law is squarely in Stock’s area of expertise, which is why many of New York’s elite have turned to him to drive their desired outcome.


In these types of divorces, the warring factions often find little to no common ground. Real estate, jewelry, stocks, non-tangible assets, and art are all fodder for contention. But they pale in comparison to the drama that accompanies custody battles. Stock says that custody battles are where emotions soar. Whether out of genuine care or to manage optics and public perception, neither parent wants to lose their children. If both parties are financially unencumbered, and in high-net-worth cases, they often are, spouses tend to dig in and fight harder, aiming to win the war, not the battle. Behaviors include hiding assets, undervaluing assets, and debating where the children will live and where they will go to school. These factors all prolong the case. Sometimes, drug or alcohol issues complicate proceedings even further. These allegations must be proved during litigations, and multiple witnesses will be called for each side. The amount of time required to sift through the minutiae is staggering. “I have a case now where one parent accused the other of feeding a two-year-old child too much sugar,” Stock says.


While the Bronx-born Stock has spent the last 24 years building his legal practice and reputation by deftly handling high-profile cases, he did not start on that path. The Pace Law School graduate initially worked as a securities attorney on Wall Street, but he found it uninspiring and moved to the Bank of New York as an assistant vice president. Then, seeking a bolder challenge, he married his acquired financial experience with his legal expertise, building a practice in family law. Once Stock felt he had successfully developed the necessary knowledge to litigate within this niche arena, he decided to pursue high net-worth cases. It’s paid off. A decade ago, Stock won the largest settlement in Ulster County history. The $31 million settlement was unheard of. “I asked colleagues how they thought the judge would react to certain things, and they told me, ‘Dan, we’ve never seen a case like this. You’re on your own.’” Outside of the office, Stock takes pride in charitable activities and giving back to the community. He is one of two attorneys for the Coalition for Family Justice, where he provides pro-bono legal counsel to financiallychallenged women who would otherwise not have access to an attorney with his level of expertise. He is also highly involved with the New York Women’s Bar Association, the Pro Bono Matrimonial Law Project, and the Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce & Dispute Resolution Association. Having always been a Yankees fan, Stock has recently discovered his appreciation for hockey and has embraced his hometown team, the Rangers. And in case you were wondering if there was anything he couldn’t do, Stock has become an amateur electric blues guitarist in a Connecticut-based garage band.





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reedom on Fire held its U.S. premiere followed by a Q&A with the Director at the 30th Anniversary 2022 Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF). The film was awarded 2022 Brizzolara Family Foundation Award for Films of Conflict & Resolution by the Festival, which for the first time is running for a 10-day period. The latest production from Director Evgeny Afineevsky, who previously was nominated for an Academy Award for his earlier work, “Winter on Fire” chronicles the struggles of the people of Ukraine following the Russian invasion. The film depicts the horrible realities of this unprovoked war instigated by Vladimir Putin. It is an exploration of the courage of the Ukrainian people, fiercely determined to stand their ground until ‘the last drop of blood’. Demonstrating an astounding ability to unite as a people and defend the sovereignty of their country, Ukrainians show compassion and resilience even when surrounded by death, destruction, and unfathomable war crimes. The film transports viewers through a war that started immediately after Maidan (Revolution of Dignity) in 2014 and continues through the 2022 Russian invasion. Through personal stories of civilians, children, soldiers, doctors, the country’s elderly, journalists, religious leaders, and international volunteers, this is a humanizing diary of millions of people whose lives were turned upside down by eight years of conflict.

Actor Greg Bello, Director Evgeny Afineevsky, Purist’s Cristina Cuomo and HIFF’s David Nugent (Credit: Rob Rich)

Following the screening and Q&A of this timely documentary, El Turco East Hampton hosted an intimate reception for the Director, Production team and wellwishers co-hosted by Cristina Cuomo (Purist Magazine) to carry on the conversation of the issues raised by the film. Located close to the heart of East Hampton at 44 Three Mile Harbor Road, El Turco has come alive in the stunningly well-designed space recently opened. The restaurant has created a chef ’s tasting experience that takes guests on a culinary journey with the best use of Turkish food reflective of the grand tastes and traditional expressions of the rich cultural heritage mixed with a modern presentation of bold flavors. Created with high-quality meats, fine imported spices, and local seasonal ingredients, each dish on the menu is based on classic Turkish recipes, reimagined by the culinary team lead by Mr. Yuzbasioglu and talented Executive Chef Guney. Many dishes originate from the Aegean and Anatolian part of Turkey, as well as special selections from the Mediterranean and South-Eastern region.

Frank Cilone and Cagri Kanver (Credit: Rob Rich)

Notable attendees included Evgeny Afineevsky (Director, Freedom on Fire), Cagri Kanver (co-owner El Turco), Frank Cilione, Cristina Cuomo, Greg Bello, Jean Shafiroff, Thuyen Nguyen, Paola Bacchini, Lindsy Opoku-Acheampong, Irene Opoku-Acheampong.





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ach year during the General Assembly Opening at the United Nations, Forbes hosts their Forbes Best of Africa Awards 2022, which celebrate the work of leading lights whose individual efforts contribute to the growth of the African continent.

At a recent reception held at the Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle sponsored by Invest Africa in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and Divo International four individuals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where honored for their work. The DRC was identified by Forbes as deserving of special mention for the progress they have been making to improve their business climate and thereby attract investors.

Those Honored at the event included: Jules Alingeti

Nicolas Kazadi

· His Excellency Mr. Nicolas Kazadi Finance minister, for his leadership in achieving growth of state revenues and the good management of public finances. · Mr. Pascal Kinduelo Lumbu for having dedicated his career to fostering entrepreneurship in the DRC by encouraging innovation across several sectors of the economy. · Inspector Jules Alingeti for his relentless efforts against those who would exploit public finances and leading the fight against corruption.

Patrick Muyaya

Pascal Kinduelo Lumbu


· Excellency Patrick Muyaya, Communication and Media Minister, for the organization of the new country communication strategy, which allows the development of a brilliant new narrative and a fresh look at the DRC. · The Governor of the Central Bank of Congo for the work done recently in respect of the norms and ensuring strong control of the Congolese currency, which reassures domestic and international investors.


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ohoMuse, “the trusted source for creative professionals” co-founded by Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, seventh generation heir of shipping and railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, in collaboration with Jez & LiveRocketStudios, attracted a crowd from the worlds of finance, society, celebrity, fashion, and tech. Costin is co-founder and president of the career networking site SohoMuse, a platform for creative professionals across the globe to network and collaborate across various creative industries. SohoMuse, launched in 2018, counts many of the world’s top creatives as members, including fashion designers Malan Breton and Nicole Miller, and New York Times fashion writer Ruth La Ferla.

Sophie Sumner Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin Kent Swig at Burberry X SohoMuse (photo credit: SohoMuse)

A singer-songwriter, and a successful tech entrepreneur, Costin began her career as a singer-songwriter, landing her first record deal in the U.K. at the age of 21. In 2010, she founded her own record label, a venture that garnered her the title of Billboard Recording Artist with all singles landing in the top 10, with her latest single at top 5. Costin also released a jewelry collection inspired by the Vanderbilt family heirlooms on HSN. The homage line paid tribute to her prestigious family history. Set in the sexy, all black, two story LiveRocketStudios event in New York City in the newly renovated Seaport area, “Ignite The Runway” was presented in this “salon noire” which featured two circular staircases which proved to be a magnificent backdrop for this innovative manipulation of Fashion, Music & Art & Tech, succinctly woven into a tapestry of visual eye candy whereby each fashion designer & performer was introduced by their beautiful muse and host of the evening, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin. She introduced musical performances interspersed between each designer’s debuting of their micro-collections for Spring-Summer 2023. Participating Fashion Designers included Victor de Souza, In Earnest by Byron Lars & Sheila Gray, Celestino by Sergio Guadarrama & Kade Johnson, Argenis, and Manuel Tiscareno. Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin in Argenis at SohoMuse Ignite the Runway (photo credit: SohoMuse)

This unconventional manner of showcasing design collections emulated that of a cabaret or Broadway show rather than the traditional designer collective with a traditional runway. As guests marveled at the fashions, they enjoyed the stellar performances from Tarralyn Ramsey-Pop-Gospel Singer, Sydney PalmierIndie-Pop chanteuse, Mari Burelle, in addition to an exceptional performance by the Joffrey Ballet School dancers who performed to songs by Lady Gaga. On the 2nd floor, SohoMuse utilized the massive raw space to curate an art exhibition enlisting Israeli-born, nature-infusing artist, Rotem Reshef whose sprawling naturescape canvases gave the impression of being in a forest with compositions emulating fluid streams of consciousness which were painted with elements of flora which you could smell. Juxtaposed against those were innovative LED backlit cityscapes from artist Michael Victor, quirky illustrations from new artists, 18-year-old Remy Rivers and model/ artist Emma Deegan who also walked in runway shows. SohoMuse, since its inception, has taken the path less traveled by supporting the global community of creatives and always serving up experiential evenings, online master classes, topical symposiums which highlight the multiple verticals of creativity and highlight topical issues of the day. Additionally, a trailer for an upcoming documentary concerning the history of the Vanderbilt family’s interest in Fashion and how Consuelo is helping to connect the next generation of creatives will be released at the Sugar Loaf Film Festival 2022. Event Sponsors at the event included LiveRocket, Impact Partners, JPMorgan Private Banking, Ghost Tequila For more information on SohoMuse, visit