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New York Cares

Corporate Sponsorship Program

Our mission is simple New York Cares meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service. Our Model Founded in 1987 by a group of friends who wanted to take action against social issues facing the city, New York Cares provides vital volunteer support to nonprofits, city agencies and public schools — our Community Partners. Each volunteer team we deploy is led by a volunteer Team Leader, who ensures the quality of our projects and extends the reach of our staff. As a result, we place books in the hands of more children, revitalize more parks and gardens and secure more tax refunds for low-income New Yorkers. By allowing our Community Partners to outsource volunteer management to New York Cares, we bridge the gap between a partner’s need and its lack of resources — helping to fulfill its program goals and meet the city’s critical needs.

Our Value Every dollar donated to New York Cares is worth six times that value in community service through the power of our volunteers.

Our Annual Reach WE ENGAGE:


active volunteers



community partners


400,000 disadvantaged New Yorkers

The Need


of nonprofits expect an increase in service demand in 2011 *Nonprofit Finance Fund 2011 Survey

New York Cares | 212.228.5000 |

Our Corporate Sponsorship Program Your home. Your city. Your world. Make a difference in the neighborhoods, communities and city where your employees and their families live and work. With almost 25 years of experience, New York Cares’ Corporate Relations team works hand-in-hand with each of our corporate sponsors to create and grow comprehensive and highly successful employee engagement programs. Explore the many volunteer opportunities we have to offer:

Customized Employee Engagement – Work

with New York Cares’ staff to develop, plan and implement a service program tailored to the needs and priorities of your company. Volunteer opportunities can occur once or multiple times; can be large- or small-scale; and can target any of our core program areas, including children’s education and recreation, adult career preparation, health and wellness and community revitalization.

Citywide Service Events – Spend the day making a difference in your city by forming a team of your colleagues and volunteering alongside thousands of other corporate, civic and youth participants at one of our large-scale, annual service events, including New York Cares Day Spring and New York Cares Day Fall. Holiday Programs – Brighten the lives of children in need by purchasing gifts or reading some of the thousands of holiday requests submitted as part of our annual Winter Wishes program. You can also give the gift of warmth to cold New Yorkers by collecting or sorting coats during our seasonal Coat Drive. Year-Round Volunteering – Empower

your employees to volunteer on their own time at one of New York Cares’ 1,200 monthly projects by hosting orientations at your office.

Top photograph by John Doe, Bottom photograph by Eric Michaelson

As Gap Inc. has evolved our volunteer programs over the years, New York Cares has been with us every step of the way. New York Cares’ staff works creatively to find opportunities that match our company culture, and our employees consistently report positive experiences working on their projects. We look forward to further advancing our partnership with New York Cares. — Gail Gershon, Senior Director, Employee Engagement & Service Leadership, Gap Foundation, Gap Inc.

Our Corporate Engagement


companies mobilized in volunteer service


customized employee volunteer opportunities planned for corporations

Customized Employee Engagement Capitalize on New York Cares’ longstanding relationships with our 1,200 Community Partners by becoming a corporate sponsor at the $5,000 level or above and benefitting from volunteer engagement programs designed specifically for your employees. Our unique model, which your company can become a part of, fosters teamwork and leadership and is led by a Team Leader who is from your very own company. This Team Leader, who is trained by New York Cares, is responsible for recruiting, motivating and communicating with his or her fellow employees. The collaboration of New York Cares staff and leadership from your company ensures that each project is engaging, meets community needs and reflects your corporate culture and values.

Engaging employees in volunteering is as

easy as 1, 2, 3...

1 2 3

CONTACT New York Cares’ Corporate Relations team, and select the size, type, location (on- or off-site) and timing of your project. Your project can target a wide range of issue areas, and our team is trained to advise you on which type of project best meets your company’s particular interests and needs. COLLABORATE with New York Cares as we plan a project to match

your company’s requirements. In just eight weeks, our staff will conduct site visits to the receiving Community Partner; create curricula and project schedules; order supplies; organize lunch and transportation (all billed separately, if applicable); and train your company’s Team Leader on his or her role in the process.

CONTRIBUTE to the community on your day of service. New

York Cares staff will be on site to ensure your project runs smoothly and your corporate Team Leader and team of volunteers understands the tasks and the impact of the day.

New York Cares | 212.228.5000 |

Sampling of Issue Areas • Painting murals or classrooms • Accompanying children  on cultural experiences • Greening parks  and gardens • Teaching reading,  writing, math and  science to students •  Visiting with seniors

Annual Citywide Programs

Our Annual Impact

New York Cares’ annual citywide programs are tailor-made for corporate participation and bring New Yorkers together to provide services that enhance the quality of life in all five boroughs. The result: the city grows stronger and your employees grow together through team-based programming.

Citywide Service Events – Join the dedicated teams of


civic, youth and corporate groups who come together for one day to transform the face of our city.

volunteers revitalize our public spaces on New York Cares Day Spring.

April NEW YORK CARES DAY — (ENVIRONMENT) Give our public spaces a much-needed spring greening. Prepare community spaces for summer by raking leaves, pruning trees and bushes, painting fences and benches, planting hundreds of flowers and bulbs and removing winter debris.



volunteers transform our schools on New York Cares Day Fall.

Enliven the spirits and minds of New York City’s school children by transforming public schools into inspiring learning environments. Brighten indoor and outdoor spaces with vibrant murals and a fresh coat of paint, or organize libraries during the city’s largest day of volunteer service. Photograph by John Doe Photograph by John Doe

Holiday Programs – Engage your employees in the spirit of

giving by participating in New York Cares’ holiday season opportunities. October - December WINTER WISHES Give Saint Nick a break this year by gifting a much-needed present to low-income children, teens and families through our Winter Wishes program. November - December NEW YORK CARES COAT DRIVE Every winter, thousands of New Yorkers have to choose between putting food on the table or buying a winter coat. Help keep New Yorkers warm by collecting or sorting coats for recent immigrants, seniors and homeless men, women and children. ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES New York Cares also provides a range of volunteer opportunities related to Martin Luther King Day of Service, National Volunteer Week and September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance.

33,000 holiday gifts are given through our Winter Wishes program.

58,000 coats are distributed to men, women and children in need through our Coat Drive.

Make Your Money Count

A Groundbreaker Sponsorship Supports at least 8,434 at-risk New Yorkers A Chairman Sponsorship Provides at least 500 students with

one year of individualized tutoring

A Platinum Sponsorship Secures at least $4.92 million in tax return dollars for low-income New Yorkers

A Silver Sponsorship Teaches at least 97 students SAT skills

New York Cares | 212.228.5000 |

New York Cares’ volunteers give our students their time and energy, expecting nothing in return. They greatly expand our students opportunities to grow by exposing them to new experiences and enhancing their imagination. With every project a corporate volunteer works with us on, another student is inspired and empowered to succeed.

-Faye Oldak, Program Coordinator, PS 20

Bronze $10,000 - 14,999





31- 76- 151- 251- 351- 501- 751- 100175 150 250 350 500 750 1000 1250







$5,000 - 9,999




Donation Levels


Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

Customized Employee Engagement Total Available Volunteer Opportunities

Citywide Service Events Exemption from Registration Fees

$15,000 - 24,999 Priority Site Placement

Gold $25,000 - 34,999

Platinum $35,000 - 49,999


Holiday Programs Exclusive Group Opportunities

Year-Round Volunteering Free On-site Orientations

$50,000 - 74,999

Chairman $75,000 - 99,999

Founder $100,000 - 124,999

Groundbreaker $125,000 +

Recognition Annual Report

+3,500 copies printed, 1,000 downloaded

Name on Supporters Page

+12,400 hits per year

Name on New York Cares Day Materials

+5,000 posters, 8,500 shirts 8,000 website users

Name in The New York Times Advertisement**

+Circulated to 1.1 million readers

Logo Placement on homepage

+1.26 million hits per year

NOTE: All recognition quantities are subject to change.














**Subject to continued support from media donor.

Working with New York Cares allows our employees to enhance their teamwork and leadership skills outside of the traditional working environment. The New York Cares staff helps us translate our vision of corporate engagement into reality. The feedback we get is unbelievable – after a day with New York Cares, our employees feel more engaged and connected to the city and our company.

— Joan Steinberg, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Community Affairs, Morgan Stanley Foundation

New York Cares Corporate Relations 214 West 29th Street, 5th Floor New York, NY 10001 212.228.5000 Recognition


* Printed: July 2011

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