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CREATIVE LEARNING at the New Wolsey Theatre is for you. Every season we offer a series of workshops, projects and access to touring productions created to meet the needs of students, teachers and schools - with activity designed to support the English, Drama, SMSC and PHSE curriculum. Thanks to continued support from Suffolk County Council and our sponsors Larking Gowen we’re able to keep charges to a minimum, so read on to find out more about the many ways you can get involved and get in touch. Rob Salmon / Associate Director

Backstage tours - find out how the theatre works and how we make a production - from page to stage. A wide variety of in-school workshops and projects that can be tailored to suit your needs. Opportunities throughout the year to meet creative teams, discover rehearsal techniques, explore creative processes and ask questions. Discounted tickets for schools.

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This means that we can support you in taking your young people through their Arts Award. Arts Award Explore: Explore, create and present your own work see a show Come to the theatre to age tour kst bac a e and experienc to club project for students  ook a 6 week drama art B m the the e giv and m, for explore theatre as an elop new stories, creative language to dev ideas. and s character along for the final Invite friends and family performance! d! All from just ÂŁ15 per hea ess otherwise All of our workshops, unl However, we r. hou one for t stated, las ool works sch ry eve understand that as flexible be l wil we so and ly, different etabling. tim to s ard as possible with reg

Industry Days

Backstage Tour

£80 plus VAT At the Theatre KS1-5 A class sized group

£2.50 per head plus VAT At the Theatre KS1-5 A class sized group

This half day visit to the theatre gives students the opportunity to find out first hand how a professional theatre operates. This includes a backstage tour of the theatre, a practical workshop and the chance to meet some of the staff.

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Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in a busy producing theatre? Come and find out! Our extensive tour will take you from stage door to substage and everywhere in between. And who knows who you’ll meet along the way!

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Drama Club

£350 plus VAT 6 Sessions At School / KS1-4 A class sized group A six week project for a class sized group to explore theatre as an artform. This introductory series develops students’ theatrical awareness and skills, and gives them the creative language to develop new stories, characters and ideas. The project culminates in a sharing of ideas or a short performance.

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Specialist Creative Development

£25 per hour plus VAT At School KS1-5 A class sized group We can offer an expert view on your creative projects for students and teachers alike. We will provide you with a professional theatre maker who will come in and give guidance for in-school productions or exam pieces, CPD opportunities or anything else which will enhance theatre making and creative practice within the school environment.

Staging Shakespeare’s Stories

£60 plus VAT At School KS2-3 A class sized group A lively and interactive workshop designed to engage young audiences with Shakespeare’s stories. Using their own creativity, students will explore narrative and characterisation to bring one of Shakespeare’s plays to life.

“You’ve made Shakespeare accessible an d exciting for ou r students”


Breaking the Barriers £80 plus VAT At School KS3-5 A class sized group A two hour long workshop designed to engage young people with Shakespeare’s text and make it relevant to their modern day lives. Using a series of rehearsal techniques, students will learn how to unpick meaning within the language and present Shakespeare’s text using their own interpretations.

“Shakespeare is awesome!”

Coming Soon in Autumn 2016… Our secondary schools tour of Frequently Asked Questions will be on the road in September Explore theatre directing with young people through a teacher CPD with Rob Salmon Meet the Creatives of Made in Dagenham & take part in an Acting through Song Masterclass Plus much more…

Read on…

to discover more about our upcoming events and find out how you can get involved!

Teacher CPD Workshop: Theatre Directing Masterclass with Rob Salmon Wed 19 October 1pm - 5pm £10 plus VAT/head Join us for a CPD workshop to explore theatre directing with young people! This hands on workshop will provide fresh techniques and approaches for making theatre with young people. You will be given some practical devices to use when directing from a text, ways to collaborate with your students, and inspiration and ideas to take you from first rehearsal to opening night. Rob is the Associate Director of the New Wolsey Theatre. As well as directing sell out rock ‘n’ roll pantomimes for the last 6 years, Rob’s many credits directing with young people include Sweeney Todd (2016), The Turn of the Screw, The Crucible, (2015) and the multi award nominated Party Piece (New Wolsey Young Associates, Edinburgh and touring, 2013).

Meet the Creatives!

Wed 28 September £80 plus VAT KS3-5 A class sized group 1.5 hours

Acting through Song

Masterclass with Douglas Rintoul and Ben Goddard

Meet renowned creatives of Made in Dagenham, director Douglas Rintoul and musical director Ben Goddard, to discover their roles in creating the production through both discussion and practical work. Using a song from the show, Doug and Ben will guide your students through their rehearsal process, and give them the opportunity to perform an excerpt from the show! Douglas is the artistic director of The Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch. He also is a freelance theatre director, runs the national touring company Transport, is a longstanding associate of Complicite and a selector for the  National Student Drama Festival 2016. Ben has worked for the New Wolsey for the last 13 years as Musical Director on various productions. As an actor, he has many West End and international touring credits including Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet and Joe Gillis in Sunset Boulevard. Ben is also the regular pianist in the Queen Vic and musical director for EastEnders.

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Not to be missed!

Receiving one of our productions at your school…

Curriculum links: PSHE, G.C.S.E. Drama, SMSC Requirements & British Values

Touring Secondary Schools Mon 19 September – Fri 7 October 2016! The New Wolsey Theatre Presents

Frequently Asked Questions

A 10 step guide to adult life: by teenagers Directed by Rob Salmon Aimed at year 9 and 10 students and with original material written by teenagers, this play tackles some of the greatest questions about life… from the point of view of teenagers*!

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Secondary Schools Early bird booking offer! We have ten early bird booking spaces available. These will be first come first served and will give you 40% off the cost of the production, making it just £132 plus VAT! Contact us to book your slot!

* This play may contain mild language!

…costs just £220 plus VAT!

Curriculum links: History & Expressive Arts, SMSC Requirements & British Values

Touring Primary Schools Mon 20 February to Fri 17 March 2017

Schools Touring Programme Each year we produce two schools touring productions, one for primaries and one for secondaries. These are part funded by Suffolk County Council, and include engagement opportunities such as post show discussions and workshops.

The New Wolsey Theatre Presents

Alfie Strange: Trained Time Travellers Only! Directed by Rob Salmon

Aimed at years 3 & 4, Alfie Strange is an introduction to the idea of ‘values’ for children in school years 3 and 4, connecting to the SMSC requirements. The idea of an adventure through history is used as a way of introducing the students to events, characters and stories that reflect the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect/tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Part funded by

“In 30 years of te aching, this is the best sh ow ever seen in a sc I’ve hool” “Perfect for kids and teachers” “A brilliant way to approach values with this age group”

A teachers pack is

available. A supporting works hop is available at a cost of £60 plus VAT, which will fur ther explore the themes within the performance.

Curriculum links: G.C.S.E. / A Level English Literature, Drama, Theatre Studies Richard Darbourne Ltd presents The Two Bits Classics production

Pride and Prejudice

Schools matinee: Wed 2 November at 2.30pm Schools tickets: £10 Pre show talk: 12.30pm, £5 per head What is it about this tale of gentry families living outside a small country town that has captured readers’ affection for over two hundred years? Dr Julia Jones is a biographer and novelist who is also the author of standard revision guides to Pride & Prejudice. In this pre performance talk she will offer her own answers to these and other questions, including any that are raised by the audience.

how? Booked this s are Workshops our available at y school!

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Workshops from £250 gth 1.5 hours in len ts Up to 30 studen

Curriculum links: Expressive Arts, English, Drama, PSHE, SMSC Requirements & British Values

Do you need a drama teacher? Talk to us! We can provide ongoing drama sessions led by expert practitioners, delivered in lesson time or as an after-hours club, which will give your students access to high quality arts education. In these practical workshops, students will have the opportunity to develop core skills such as team work, negotiation and speaking & listening, as well as build their confidence. We encourage young people to explore their own ideas and develop their own theatrical language. Sessions can be linked to the curriculum if required, and an end of term performance is a must!

£60 plus VAT per workshop ared KS2-5 t so sc “I’m notanding up in A class sized group about st of people” fron In School Discounts available for block bookings

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“He has gain confidence in ed al areas of his l homework an his attitude had s improved”

“The children are more confident using words in class, in both formal learning and in everyday situations”

Curriculum links: G.C.S.E. Drama, Theatre Studies, PSHE, SMSC Requirements & British Values

Ramps on the Moon: Workshop Series

Ramps on the Moon is a ground breaking touring project that sets out to put more deaf and disabled people on our stages, in our audiences and in our workforce. As part of this project we are offering workshops to explore contemporary theatre making practice using the Ramps values of inclusivity and accessibility as a central focus.

ÂŁ80 plus VAT per workshop KS4-5 A class sized group In School Discounts available for block bookings

Students will explore:

Creating theatre that reflects contemporary ideals of inclusivity m in both content and for ity Embedded accessibil , in devised performance using audio description and captioning Making theatre that reflects their values, experiences and beliefs

Workshops can be booked as single or multiple sessions, and could support and inspire content for devised performance units at G.C.S.E or A Level.

Listened To

£80 plus VAT “This project has made me calmer” At School KS4-5 Up to 8 participants These workshops provide a safe space within the formal learning environment for young people who may be struggling with attainment or behavioural issues. Sessions involve discussion around decision making, perceptions, school experience and futures.

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Unlocking the Text

£60 plus VAT At School KS4-5 A class sized group This workshop explores the rehearsal process in breaking down a play, focusing on characterisation, intention, subtext and relationships within the text.

Play in a Day

£10 per head plus VAT At School or Theatre KS1-5 A class sized group

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Immerse yourself in the creative process and spend an entire day responding to a classic text or devising a brand new piece of theatre. You choose the text, and we’ll take your students on the creative journey! We can also offer discounted tickets to stay on and see a production that evening, subject to availability.

Raising Aspirations

£350 plus VAT / 6 sessions At School KS1-4 Up to 12 people

“This has made me more confident when putting my hand up in class” “Our students have found their voices”

A six week project for 6-12 students to develop their confidence and ambitions through a series of games and theatre exercises designed to motivate, challenge and inspire.

Stage Combat £80 plus VAT

(up to 15 participants)

£120 plus VAT

(up to 30 participants)

At School / KS3-4 Learn the techniques of unarmed stage fighting from trained professionals who will safely show you the tricks of the trade. Students will have the opportunity to choreograph a short unarmed fight sequence in connection to a piece of text.

Blood, Guts & Gore £80 plus VAT

(up to 15 participants)

£120 plus VAT

(up to 30 participants)

At School / KS3-4 A workshop in the art of gory theatrical effects. Expect black eyes, bloody noses, terrified passers-by, suspicious looks and lots of fun!

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Opportunities for children and young people If you’re under 25 and want to work in the Performing Arts Industry, there are all sorts of ways to develop as an actor, director, writer, communicator or technician at the New Wolsey Theatre. Every January we hold workshop auditions for children and young people to select up to 200 participants to take part in weekly skills and development sessions as well as presenting a number of productions at the New Wolsey Studio and beyond all year round.

Junior Youth Theatre

Senior Youth Theatre

Age 7-11 Sat morning workshops 1 annual production

Sat 7 Jan & Sun 8 Jan 2017 Age 11-16 Tues or Wed evening workshops 1 annual production

Audition: Sat 7Jan 2017

If you want to make new friends and learn about theatre by playing games and telling stories these weekly groups are a great place to start. Throughout the year, participants develop theatre making skills through imaginative play, and find their own creativity.


If you’re exploring your creativity and want to develop your abilities as a performer, these weekly groups give you the chance to work with industry professionals to develop your skills and understanding as young theatre makers.

Youth Theatre2

Age 11-20 / Mon evening workshops 1 annual presentation If you’re a young person with a disability or additional needs who wants to explore theatre making and develop your creativity, come and join us at these weekly sessions. No audition necessary.

Young Company

Audition: Sun 8 Jan 2017 Age 16-22 Wed evening workshops 3 annual productions If you’re serious about a career as a professional theatre maker the acclaimed New Wolsey Young Company is an ideal stepping stone onto University, Drama School or even as a direct route into employment in the performing arts.

Relaxed Auditions Fri 6 Jan 2017 For anyone interested in joining any of our groups, who may benefit from a calmer environment in which to audition. Every year, more and more people turn up to our auditions. For some people with physical disabilities or additional needs that busy environment can be a disadvantage - our relaxed audition is the same as the other auditions, but with a lot less people in the room.

Short Courses Ages 16 - 25 Thu evening workshops

We run 6 session short courses in Directing, Technical/ Stage Management, and Marketing/Communication for 16 - 25 year olds. Places are free, but limited, so get in touch to register your interest.

Still to come in 2016… Young Technicians 12 May – 23 Jun 2016 Introductory level You don’t need any previous experience, just wear black! Learn about sound, lighting, set design, prop making, stage management and technical theatre production roles.

Young Communicators 6 Oct - 17 Nov 2016 Intermediate level - If you have skills in graphics, design or editing it will really help! Develop a marketing campaign for print or online, create a promotional video and learn how to find an audience.

If you would like to book or find out more about any of the activities listed here, give us a call or email us using the details below: Sian Thomas

Creative Learning Producer E: T: 01473 295930

Marcus Neal

Creative Learning Manager E: T: 01473 295930

heatre NewWolseyT

@NewWolsey #nwtlearning

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Creative Learning Brochure Autumn 2016  

Creative Learning at the New Wolsey Theatre is for you, every season we have a series of standalone workshops, short projects, and touring p...

Creative Learning Brochure Autumn 2016  

Creative Learning at the New Wolsey Theatre is for you, every season we have a series of standalone workshops, short projects, and touring p...

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