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S T R AT EG I C P L A N : N E W W E S T M I N S T E R S C H O O L S 20 19 –202 4


Ensure full participation in learning What we mean We will be a welcoming and inclusive learning community, especially to those who experience barriers to the full experience of learning in New Westminster. We will actively, courageously, and creatively seek ways to dismantle barriers to participation for students and their families. We will pursue ways to engage students of all learning styles and capabilities. We will develop means to overcome challenges students face to fully participating in the learning experience

Characteristics of the future § Supportive services are visible and accessible to all students § The most vulnerable students in our community are included and have exceptional learning experiences in our schools § Families experience the support they

– hunger, health, trauma, other-ability, and access. We will

need to help their children reach their

involve the uninvolved in our community. We will partner in

full learning potential

providing strategic and meaningful out-of-school learning

§ Schools are actively engaged in

experiences to foster enriched and expansive learning for

consistent, effective, and authentic

children and youth. With energy and sensitivity, we will

outreach to families

practice equity, reconciliation, and restorative education in all we do. We will become a leader and model of inclusion.

§ Educators practice skillful techniques of inclusion for all students § The whole community – families, community partners, businesses, government, and others – is informed, motivated, and mobilized to draw

“The kids are at the centre of all we do.” —Principal

the marginalized and least engaged into the excitement of learning and growing through schools

Profile for New Westminster Schools

Our Learning Journey - Strategic Plan 2019-2024