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NOTEBOOK from*the*editor Hello New Tribe Readers, Welcome to the May 2013 issue of New Tribe Magazine. It’s been a cold and wet season but warm weather is finally here to stay. (I hope but it is Calgary after all) A lot is going on in the next couple of months so make sure you keep up to date with all the fun events happening soon so that you don’t miss out on anything fun. In this issue of New Tribe magazine we talked to Tarra Wright-Manychief about the importance of education and the motivation of her family to keep moving forward. It’s a good read so check it out. That along with our usual great articles makes the May issue a good way to pass the time and catch up on what’s going on in the city. Need updates on upcoming

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Aboriginal Happenings From Across Canada Three Akwesasne men you’re profiled for so long say they were subject without doing nothing, life to “racial profiling” in general makes you that person. It’s hard to prove The incident, which you’re not that person when happened last Thursday it’s on paper to them.” in Summerstown, Ont., about 26 kilometres east of Beauvais-Cook was in the Akwesasne, was filmed by pick-up truck along with Nelson Beauvais-Cook, 26, Christopher Rockwell, who was in the backseat of 28, who was in the front the pick-up truck when it passenger seat, and Bradley was pulled over. The video Cooke Sr., 40, who was was posted on YouTube driving. A fourth man, and shared widely across Beauvais-Cook’s brother, Facebook. was in the back seat as well. “It happens all the time, every weekend, as long as you are an Indian away from the rez it seems like it’s a crime, it’s like we strayed too far and they have to let us know when it’s time to go back home and we are out of bounds,” said BeauvaisCook. “It gets hard; once



That morning, BeauvaisCook said he was searching “border harassment” on YouTube’s webpage.

I took a chance,” he said. “(The pick-up truck) was stopped for the purposes of a border integrity investigation,” said Rollings. “It was searched under the (Act) and no contraband was found and that was the gist of it.” Many also feel that the political pressure on police agencies to chase the underground tobacco trade has turned everyone from Akwesasne into a potential suspect. Community members say they’ve faced increased random stops of late from police agencies on both sides of the border and many feel authorities are targeting people based on race.

“So, three or four hours later, boom, I’m getting pulled over for no reason and those videos were fresh in my mind so I had my phone ready and SOURCE -APTN NEWS







What’s Going On? MAY,2013 May 04 Annual Art Show - Federation of Canadian Artists Calgary, AB May 05 Hike for Hospice Calgary

Calgary, AB

May 08 - 09 CFT7 6th Annual Disability Employment Symposium Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre Calgary, AB May 09 MRU Shift Social Media Conference MRU Calgary, AB May 12 Mother’s Day Calgary, AB

May 12 Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run & Walk Chinook Centre Calgary, AB

May 12 Aboriginal Youth Explosion MRU Calgary, AB May 14 Marda Loop Justice Film Festival River Park Church Calgary, AB May 15 - 18 1st National Aboriginal Youth Empowerment Conference Edmonton, AB May 17 Calgary Street Food Festival Kingsland Famers Market Calgary, AB May 17 - 19 Otafest University of Calgary Calgary, AB

May 22 - 25 Calgary International Children’s Festival Epcor Centre Calgary, AB May 24 - 31 Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival Plaza Theatre Calgary, AB May 26 Calgary Lilac Festival 4th St Sw Calgary, AB May 27 WWE Monday Night Raw Scotiabank Saddledome Calgary, AB Calgary YMCA Rec night Every Tuesday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

If you have an event you’d like us to include in our monthly calendar, email it to us - by the third Wednesday of the month. Submission deadline for the June 2013 issue: May 26










Mental Health Fitness by: Christine McFarlane

Taking care of your mental health is integral to living a well balanced life, and learning how to take care of yourself is just as important as recognizing when you need to take extra steps to help yourself stay focused.

many of us play various roles in our lives. We are students, workers, friends, caregivers of some sort, or volunteers. When we are playing a multitude of roles, and rushing around, we tend to forget how to take care of ourselves, and this is where things can get tricky. Not surprisingly, achieving balance among all these competing priorities can be difficult. This is when we must stop, take inventory of what is going on, and take the steps necessary to take care of ourselves.

Staying balanced is important. It does not just mean, taking care of one thing about yourself-like eating well, sleeping well, etc. It means learning how to strike a balance in all aspects of your life. This means keeping yourself well socially, physically, spiritually, economically and mentally. Taking care of ourselves is a learning process. It is More than ever before, something everyone has 10


to learn at one point or another.I’m a strong believer of the adage “the sooner the better,” because when I was in my teenage years, and early twenties, I had no clue as to how to take care of myself, and turned what I was troubled by inward. By turning everything inwards, I became extremely ill in all aspects of my life and it has taken years to regain the balance I wanted in my younger years. I look back at things now and realize that if only I knew what I know now, I may not have become as ill as I did. Through getting into therapy, and learning as

COMMUNITY I went through everything that threw a curveball at me, I learned how to come out of my shell, reach out and say “Hey I need help,” and admit to myself that needing help was not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. Learning how to take care of yourself is a journey in itself. You learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone’s needs are unique, and what works for one individual may not be what works for you. For myself, personally, taking care of myself means that I have to make a point of paying attention to how I am feeling in every way, and incorporating a routine into my daily life that helps me to stay focused. As an individual in recovery from eating disorders, depression and anxiety disorders that means eating regularly, getting outside as much as possible, walking, journaling, drawing and/ or painting and getting together with friends even if my mood dictates otherwise. I do what works for me.

a list of the things you notice help you feel better. After writing it out, put it somewhere where you can see it and be reminded of it. Or tell someone close what helps you, and enlist their assistance when you are going through something and need to be reminded. Getting balance back when you have gone a bit off kilter can also be quite trying and sometimes it is work that I can find myself beating myself up for. I’m learning that it is integral to my well being to be gentle with myself. This is what I incorporate in my life to help me: • setting my alarm in the mornings and getting up instead of staying in bed and sleeping • going for walks, getting off public transit a stop or two early and walking the rest of the way to my destination • writing- getting my journal out and writing, even if I don’t feel like it

• recognizing when I need to take breaks • doing things I would not normally do (going to an event, taking a new route to somewhere) Taking care of myself involves many steps but I am learning that it does not always have to be difficult. It is up to you. You can make it easy or you can make it difficult, but ultimately, learning to take care of yourself and keeping yourself balanced means learning to let things go, and going with the flow.You can do that too. If you want balance, it is achievable. If you need help in learning how to take the steps in taking care of yourself, do not be afraid to reach out and say “ Hey I need some assistance with this.” Speak to a family member, a friend, an Elder and if you cannot go to any of these people, speak to your doctor, or school counselor, someone you feel safe to go to.

• calling friends, answering the phone even Try sitting down and making when I feel like ignoring it NEW TRIBE MAY 2013



On the Table Barbecued Chicken INGREDIENTS

2 quarts water 2 tablespoons kosher salt 1/4 cup brown sugar 2 garlic cloves, smashed with the side of a large knife 4 sprigs fresh thyme 6 chicken legs and thighs, still connected, bone in, skin on, about 10 ounces each Your favourite BBQ Sauce DIRECTIONS

For the brine, in a mixing bowl combine the water, salt, sugar, garlic, and thyme. Transfer the brine to a 2-gallon sized re-sealable plastic bag. Add the chicken, close the bag and refrigerate 2 hours (if you’ve only got 15 minutes, that’s fine) to allow the salt and seasonings to penetrate the chicken. Preheat oven 375 degrees F. Preheat a grill pan or an outdoor gas or charcoal barbecue to a medium heat. Take a few paper towels and fold them several times to make a thick square. Blot a small amount of oil on the paper towel and carefully and quickly wipe the hot grates of the grill to make a nonstick surface. Take the chicken out of the brine, pat it dry on paper towels. Arrange the chicken pieces on the preheated grill and cook, turn once mid-way, and cook for a total of 10 minutes. Transfer the grill marked chicken to a cookie sheet and then place in the oven. Cook the chicken for 15 minutes, remove it from the oven and then brush liberally, coating every inch of the legs with the barbecue sauce and then return to the oven for 25 to 30 more minutes, basting the chicken for a second time half way through remaining cooking time. Serve with extra sauce. 12






Walking Away

Day by day I seen you walking away, never knew your name Waiting for the day that you would talk to me I’m ready now and I want to know everything about you, Like your favorite TV show, or your favorite song. See she got me saying oh my was just my imagination. She something like a day dream I sit in class and think about the way that she would say things. She had me going off in my world like all the time. She had me so in love I just can’t rewind like each day in class as I watch her pass me by..........

Randy Parsons







Métis Rights Finally Granted The legal battle for the Métis rights has been ongoing for more than 13 years now. Finally the federal government granted the nonstatus Indians their rights and as well as a vow to honor their responsibilities to them. These people have been denied many rights and benefits because of the inability to fall under any jurisdiction or get access to the rights that were rightfully their own. Over 400,000 non-status Indians and 200,000 Métis in Canada have been recognized as Indians enforced under the Constitution Act. These two groups do fall under federal 16


jurisdiction. Ottawa does have responsibilities to them that will now be outlined more clearly.

The Métis as well as the nonstatus holders are relieved. The process has been a struggle between providence and government for many years. Torn between one side telling them that they were provincial and the other telling them they were the governments responsibility has been an in limbo type of existence for many of these families when it came to jurisdiction. There are still some question as to whether or not the government will change the way jurisdiction is handles, and if so how?

Now that section 91-24 recognizes the non-status and the Métis Indians as Indians more respect from the government and the removal of constitutional uncertainty is the beginning of the reconciliation between these people and the government. There are certain duties expected to take a natural course as to the responsibilities owed to the two groups now that they are The major win came for the recognized as Indians. non-status holding Indians

COMMU NITY and the Mites because they now have a certified belonging. Many say it was the principle, the dignity and the fairness that they were fighting for, and that they were tired of being handles like a second class citizen in their communities and by their government. They now have a sense of belonging that was well worth the fight.

entitled to some if not all rights as well as benefits that the status First Nations members have as well as the privilege of reservation living if they so choose. There will be health benefits and educational benefits in place for these individuals and their families. More benefits will be put into place as well. Their hunting, trapping and fishing rights will be restored as it should have been from the start. They will be able to gather on public lands and enter treaties or negotiating to the government as they see fit.

the decision that the courts came to. They are in the midst of determining their next steps and working on partnerships. Economic and educational developments as well as jobs are in the works as of the moment. Other beneficial changes will be implemented in time. The government is trying to focus on the most in priority demands first.

Phelan combed through There is no doubt that change aboriginal and constitutional is inevitable, and that this history even before the change won’t come overnight. confederation and determined The case was taken to court that the non-status and the in 1999. There is no easy or Metis are Indians under both quick fix to something so the Constitution Act and long in the making. A new common law as well. relationship between the people and the government Negotiations are still pending must be formed, and these as to the past discrimination They should not now nor that the Metis people endured. should they ever have been things take time. A peaceful negotiations denied their rights as such. The legal fees for the process is hoped for and a It was a clear cut case that discrimination case totaled place for the Mites people in should never have been drug more than $2 million dollars the Indian Affairs departments out as long as it was. The over a 14 year time span. What operations. This is a nation historical evidence was such the government spent to have of people who refuse to lose that it should have never made the case thrown out is unclear, their identity or their dignity. it into court to begin with. but many are disturbed. Many They will settle for no less in people feel that it could have their recognition. While the The only thing left now is to been spent attempting to fix Mites are preparing for an figure out how to compensate the issue rather than disregard appeal by the Supreme Court this nation of people for their the vice president of the Metis suffering at the hands of it. National Council, David the discrimination that they Not only are the Mites and the Chartrand, stands confident. endured for so long. non-status Indians recognized under the Constitution Act The government is weighing as Indians, but they will be a few decisions and reviewing NEW TRIBE MAY 2013



Safe Sex Practices Is Important For Everyone Safe sex in today’s society has become almost synonymous with “don’t get infected with HIV.” Although this is certainly true, it’s only a part of what safe sex is and why practicing safe sex is important. Whether someone is sexually promiscuous (lots of partners) or monogamous (just one other person), practicing safe sex has a wide range of implications and consequences for both people involved. Everyone must make a decision on their own concerning safe sex and 18


the best way to make these choices has not changed: with knowledge. Knowing what is involved with sexual activity and the long-term affects makes knowing what to do first a simpler decision. First, however, it’s imperative to understand what some mean when advocating, “the safest sex practice is abstinence.” Whether on moral or physiological grounds, abstinence is very simple: not having sex. People are abstinent all the

time: when at work, while sound asleep, sitting at home watching television or outside having fun, if there is no sexual activity then there is abstaining from sex. Is this safe sex? This notion is no more safe sex than saying, “the best way to drive is stay at home and not get in the car.” Abstinence is not an issue of safe sex because it isn’t sex. Whether or not someone purposefully practices abstinence or not is not an issue when considering safe sex practices, it’s a

COMMUNITY Philosophical and behavioral discussion and thus not really applicable to safe sex methods. Safe sex is what to do when having sex and so consider all that as a part of human sexual behavior. Safe sex is important for everyone no matter sexual orientation or partner because it can help avoid transmitting diseases. Although HIV/ AIDS is foremost on the mind because it is a deadly affliction, there are numerous sexually transmitted diseases and safe sex can avoid most of them. The list is well known and includes both virological (virus) and bacterial (bacteria) contangions. Fortunately, drugs such as penicillin and other antibiotics have quelled many of the bacterial STDs. Syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia are treatable. Other diseases are also transmitted through sexual activity and are not as easily overcome. Hepatitis, herpes and HPV are such infections. Both men and women can engage in safe sex practices to avoid these diseases. A condom can prevent the transmission of a man’s fluids into a partner. There are treatment options a woman can apply to reduce (not eliminate) the possibility of being infected. It’s important to remember, however, that no known safe sex practice is 100% effective. There are chances and risks involved in every sexual encounter no of bad things happening no matter how safe.

If two people (meaning a heterosexual man and woman) are sexually active and want to avoid pregnancy, then safe sex is an important part of their relationship. Safe sex as a method of birth control can be much different than preventing diseases. Vasectomies and tubal ligations are surgical procedures that affect the reproductive organs. Condoms can prevent the transmission of semen and thus the woman’s ova are not fertilized. Women can use devices such as diaphragms that block the passage of semen through the woman’s body. Women can also have inter-uterine devices (IUD) that simply keep the uterine wall irritated so the egg cannot attach on a monthly basis and await fertilization. These are all safe sex practices for birth control but with the exception of the condom none of these will prevent the transmission of disease. Do not conclude that since a woman cannot get pregnant she cannot get infected because these are two different safe sex issues. There is an attitude that monogamy (two people committed to each other) is a natural means of safe sex. In other words, if two people only have sex with each other and no one else and if neither is infected with a disease then they will always be disease free without any overt safe sex practice. The logic of this position is

rather irrefutable as long as it is based on total trust and honesty. If two people meet and make a commitment to one another then chances are there will be no additional consequences in the future (as long as nothing changes.) But what about each person’s past? Again, it’s a matter of trust. Furthermore, when a man and woman make a commitment the issue of birth control is always a part of the discussion unless they have no hesitation to have as many children as they can without limitations. It’s a matter each couple has to decide on their own terms. Finally, there is another matter of safe sex other than disease or birth control. It’s a matter of engaging in sexual activity and mental health. No matter who is a partner, what activity they pursue and the emotions that may or may not be involved, it’s important to consider the well being of the people involved and what the consequences of such activity can bring to men, women, heterosexuals and homosexuals. Keep this ramification of sexual activity in mind and how safe it is to be involved with the person (or persons) found desirable. Occasionally, giving the mental safety of such activity some thought in advance can lead to avoiding many problems and consequences later.




TARRA WRIGHT-MANYCHIEF by Aj. Bellegarde Photo by John Medeiros

When Tarra Wright-Manychief graduated from high school in 2001, she wasn’t sure what kind of career she wanted. “I didn’t really have any aspirations when I was younger,” says the Blood Tribe band member. “I enjoyed going to school, because I liked the structure of it. But I didn’t actually have a career in mind.”

first attempt at Post-Secondary education was in a Criminal Justice – Policing Program at Lethbridge College. “My oldest daughter was barely one when I went to College and started to take Criminal Justice courses. I was mature enough to raise a child, but not mature enough to go to school”, she remembers. “It didn’t take long for me to realize that I Fast forward 12 years and Tarra wasn’t interested in, or suited to a has earned a Bachelor’s of career in law enforcement.” Management Degree with a major in Accounting with a minor in After leaving College, Tarra found First Nations Governance from the herself working at a few different University of Lethbridge. jobs. “I worked at Dairy Queen before I went back to school. I But receiving her Degree has been remember being happy to get a anything but easy for the 29 year raise to $ 9.00 because I had been old single mother of two. working at a gas station before that.” “I spent almost my entire life growing up on the reserve. My Tarra knew that if she was going parents, especially my mom, were to make any kind of future for her adamant about raising us (she has and her daughter, a Post-Secondary an older brother) on the reserve,” education would be the only way. she says of her parents Mary “I think a lot of times that when Wright (who is non – native from you’re young, you don’t really see the Pincher Creek area), and Ryan how important education is. You Manychief. have to struggle through some not-so-great jobs and experiences After having her first child when to see that you want something she was 20 years old, Tarra better.”

That thinking took Tarra back to school and in 2007, she began attending Red Crow Community College on the Blood reserve. Completing the High School Upgrading Program that lead her to Lethbridge College, where she began the Business Administration Diploma Program. But she found herself in an interesting situation. “I started at Red Crow at the end of January and went until the end of June. At the same time, in May and June I had also gotten into the Business Administration program at Lethbridge College. For two months I was going to two different schools.” Attending two programs at the same time and balancing both proved to be useful as Tarra spent the next two years commuting from her home on the Blood reserve to Lethbridge, spending two hours a day on the road. “I was driving every day with my older daughter because we couldn’t find day care locally. She would drive in with me, sleep all the way there, and go to day care. I’d get my classes done, pick her up, and go home.” Tarra says that one of the most important things about being a NEW TRIBE MAY 2013


COMMUNITY student and a single parent in that particular situation was planning. “Having to be on the road for two hours cut into my study time. So in between my classes, I wasn’t socializing with my friends, instead I was reading the chapters that I needed to and I was doing the homework that I needed to do. I started adding up the time. I’d have an hour between this class, and I have 20 minutes here.” She remembers how important budgeting her time was. “I could immediately get into focus mode and started studying and doing my work rather than getting distracted. I never actually did any work at home. I did it all during the day at school. I had to.” After completing her two year Diploma at Lethbridge, Tarra transferred to the University of Lethbridge. She noticed a difference in the two institutions almost immediately. “To me at the College, the mindset is getting out in to the workforce quickly. After two years, you’re finished. When I was at the University, It was more about this idealistic educational background that they wanted to have, knowing that work would be easier to find with specialized knowledge.”

attitude at the University. You become able to develop strong opinions about what your beliefs are, what your background is, and who you are. You’re exposed to so many different things and that really gives you a lot of confidence in yourself.” While in University, Tarra found more challenges to meet. “I had my second daughter during my second year of University during Christmas break. I could have taken time off, but that would have added to the amount of time I had to spend in school.” She says she rose to the challenge because she says, “You can find time for anything. You just have to budget your time. I know that’s easier said than done for a lot of people, but when you’ve got children to think about, it makes you stronger than you ever thought you could be.”

Going to University as a parent was difficult, but there was also some extra motivation that helped Tarra continue her Degree. “I had always been the only First Nations student doing Accounting classes with an Accounting Major.” She says though that her background inspired her to continue. “Coming from the reserve helped me be a better student. It helped She also noticed that there was, me finish my degree. In my as she says, “a whole different forth year Accounting Theory 22


class, I was the first First Nations student my professor had seen in 5 years. Instead of seeing it as a negative, I saw it as a positive.” Having completed her Degree, Tarra now lives in Calgary. Her daughters are nine and two years old. Drawing on her experience as a single parent, she says, “I think people really need to make themselves the first priority. I’m my first priority, then my kids. If I’m not putting myself first, then I can’t provide for my children.” Tarra knows that one of the most important things she will pass down to them is the importance of education. “With an education, you start to see the possibilities that there really are.” “My degree is right up there in the living room where the girls can see it. It’s a piece of paper, but it helps to remember the importance of education and the difference it has made in our quality of life. I’ve gone from working in a gas station to working a high rise in downtown Calgary. All it took was wanting something better than the life I had, and making a commitment to myself, my kids and my education.”





First printed in May 2010 issue

Conversations with the World: The Lonnie Graham Project

by Melissa Victor photos by Corinne Hamilton



COMMUNITY Conversations with the World: The Lonnie Graham Project What was a class project for the University of Calgary students in an Academic writing class was an opportunity to open up and voice their views and concerns regarding western culture, spirituality and family. Visiting from Pennsylvania University, Professor and photographer Lonnie Graham, has travelled across the globe to give you insight to a persons life with a single shot. He had encountered trying to understand how different people really are, but regardless that they are superficially different, everyone had the same thing in common: heritage, place, birth, life and death. We are natures own creatures. Laura Swart teacher of the Academic writing course found an exhibit in San Francisco found the exhibit to be powerful and moving. Laura felt that visual stimulation and pairing with the written word, raising our voices will teach the students the power of research, publication and the written word.

M.V: I was just curious how you saw the project? Nick Mousseau.: I felt that it was inspiring, that it brought back that sense of culture Stacie Canada: I saw the project as a unique expression of everyone’s voice with a link to their culture and family. It gave an insight to everyone’s backgrounds and upbringing. Jacie Alook: It opened up a part that always was there, Spirituality or

Language. Shane Soop: I had heard about the exhibit through Laura, I am not a student in the academic class currently. What I know about Lonnie I knew from the internet. I find the black and white photos fascinating, it gives participants a voice and brings you in his art. M.V.: When you had your picture and interview did you feel vulnerable? N.M.: Not at all. I felt like the whole idea was great and that being able to express our thoughts through visual imagery and

N.M.: I was told that there was almost a whole other side to me from my picture, but to me, I just looked like me. Everyone has their own interpretation of everyone’s picture, so commonalities can be found and compiled to create an understanding from those aspects. S.C.: Well Lonnie took 4 pictures of me and the first 2 (they weren’t used) I came across as very sad and I am not a sad person. J.A.: I became closer to understanding who I am and being able to open up to my spirituality. Even before I questioned spirituality and Culture it was always a lack of and inability, to speak in my mother tongue. S.S: I was able to see the ability to express through some thing I have never done. M.V.: How was your experience with Lonnie?

a quote was very powerful. S.C.: I wouldn’t say I felt vulnerable more nervous because I didn’t know what the questions were going to be. But I didn’t feel vulnerable - I am an open person. J.A.: The finished product makes me feel vulnerable but in a good positive way. S.S.: I didn’t feel vulnerable until after when I had to write because I contributed something with meaning. M.V.: Did you see something different about yourself in the picture?

N.M.: The whole experience with Lonnie Graham was so unreal. To have the privilege to work with such a talented artist, to express my viewpoints on my culture, allowing myself to feel that I can make a different was just amazing. Even if just one person was touched by this exhibit, I feel I had made a change for the better. S.C.: My experience was amazing - it was one of those things that only come once in a life time. S.S.: Very down to earth, humble. I had found that he cared about what I had to say, he wanted to hear what I had to say. This was an ultimate experience that has given the students a chance to raise their voice and be heard through photos and written word. NEW TRIBE MAY 2013


The Exotic NATIVE Dee Melting Tallow has been at the forefront of my fashionable inspirations since I first laid eyes upon her unique style years ago. Her signature teal streak, lip ring, and self-made star tattoo on her hand brand her look. She takes to the stage with the boldness of a style icon years beyond her experience. The entire package; from her clothing selection to her inner self, radiate an exotic and fresh vibe that is as bold as her mixed-race blood. With tribal nods and urban vibes, she blends everything into her own personal hip-hop style.

Aaliyah & Left Eye Lopez. Along with Boho-styled Yoko Ono and classic Audrey Tautou, the mention of Marilyn Manson adds an alternative edge. Dee states that her biggest influence is her older sister, Chandra. With this vast array of icons she fashions her own flavour from these worlds and produces a unique vibe. From the dance studio to the stage, Dee captivates her surroundings with her mellow-yet-straight forward presence as she turns heads with her very on-beat step.

to the expensive and matronly prego clothing available. She tells me about the struggle with finding fashionable clothing during her pregnancy, and in light of this found a business opportunity. Keep an eye out her fashion endeavours in the near future!

Media provides today’s youth with a gateway to express themselves, what Dee exemplifies is that one’s look is built from the inside out. What I enjoy the most about Dee’s personal style is her Devil-maycare attitude. Forget rules, forget The launch of her clothing line, convention, Dee is an individual! Urban Earth Maternity Apparel, She is a star on the rise and blazing We talk about her fashion influences is meant to offer young expecting her own trail, her own way. and she names the 90’s sensations mothers a fashionable alternative 26


COMMUNITY “Don’t waste time worrying about things and money, be true to yourself and stay real, and your life will be a wealthy one.”

“You have to accept yourself for who you are before you can expect others to!”

“Confidence is the most important thing someone can own, so own it!”

“Be the Change you Wish to see in the World” - Mahatma Ghandi NEW TRIBE MAY 2013




Blac y m m i





S ’ T I





Turn up the Volume By Katty Jo Rabbit

Kid Cudi Indicudi Something is amiss and I am not sure if I like it, that said, here is the overview. Okay so first track on first listen is like a scene out of terminator part 7 I don’t get it, 45 seconds of pure “robot orgasms” doesn’t quite satisfy the need for Cudi, the last album was amazing. This time around it feels darker, like he is delving into the dark side of himself, but really no one wants to follow because this could possibly be the beginning of the end, but with mad raps, and great hooks here and there you know this is the experimental album. Hopefully someone picks up a track and prepares a radio friendly remix, spring fever won’t feel the same if there isn’t a Cudi track to blast while cruising around. Sure others will say, “well you don’t know rap, namsayin’ ya’ll” and to that I will reply “yes, I do not have a close personal relationship, but I do know my beats YO!” Even the lyrics and the names of the songs themselves are pretty dark, deep whatever have you, I mean he is rapping about bleeding female body parts, seriously? Either than the resemblance to a b-rated scary movie situated in the Bronx this album is a sort of let down, a concept that seems to be for only the hardcore fans. The cool thing though, is that through some surface research it was found out that he might be part First Nations, the cool part is Native. Anyways, the great thing about this album is there are a few moments where you get that soft spoken vulnerability from Cudi that comes out in the song, Just what I am Feat: King Chip, gotta love something you could ride too.

Kurt Vile Walking on a Sunny Daze If you have 70 minutes of time to waste or kill, or spend alone take this album with you and make the most of it. I have been converted, never a fan of proclaimed psychedelicfolk music, it always seemed like a bad homage to the 60’s era that we have destroyed, I wasn’t exited to listen to this album, after the first song, I rethought the situation and realized this is polished and yet laid back, of course after I woke up from a nap and the record was still playing, I knew this was a keeper. Seeing that this guy is from Philadelphia the expectations were high, a lot of great music has come from Philly, and to know that he has been out there for a while this being his second or third album, I am not sure because all this albums blend into the other, so it might be the third. Either way, relax man, don’t get caught up on the details just enjoy the listen, everything is great. With a variation of different sounds sung to sound the same it makes for a hazey style that lets you linger in that moment just before you fall asleep, lethargic and enticing, it doesn’t force you to take in the lyrics. It also allows you to chew it over and think of a time when you didn’t have to pay rent or bills, or deal with angry people. You just were. Yes, it was that awesome, and then I fell back asleep and dreamed of champagne bubbles.




Music You Can Feel In Your Toes LIL WAYNE I am not a Human Being Lil Wayne’s tenth studio, I Am Not a Human Being II, the follow-up to 2011’s Tha Carter IV, offers nothing all too different from his most recent collection of mixtapes or past albums since Tha Carter III. The album opens with the title track, ‘IANAHB,’ incorporating a sparse piano solo before Wayne comes in, dropping lines such as ‘Pop his top like a Transformer’ and ‘Hand me that paper like I graduated,’ while making numerous references to his private parts. From the start, it is clear that IANAHB II is more of the same. The closest he comes to any type of originality is the song, ‘God Bless Amerika,’ where Wayne finds himself questioning the nation’s moral compass: ‘God bless Amerika/the so godless Amerika,’ as well as the course of his own life: ‘I saw a butterfly in hell today/Will I die or go to jail today?’ However, this alone does not keep him from recycling lyrics from previous songs. I Am Not a Human Being II is evidence that Wayne has reached the point in his career where he will not be winning over too many new fans, so changing up his subject matter is unlikely.

Pink The Truth about Love Grammy Award Winning singer Pink’s sixth studio album, The Truth About Love, sees the artist taking her usual ‘hold no punches’ approach to the subject of relationships gone sour and the plethora of feelings that come with the process of bouncing back from such situations. Throughout the course of the album, its sound walks the fine line which separates pop and rock with a tendency to teeter to one side more than the other while, in other instances, managing to take elements from both genres and blend them together with ease. Songs such as ‘Try’ serve as motivational anthems to uplift the downtrodden, while the raunchy and energetic ‘Slut Like You’ takes a humorous, yet clear-headed look at the topic of a woman with little inhibition towards the men she allows in her life and, just as quickly, tosses aside for fun and games. The Truth About Love thrives off its recurring theme of love lost while refusing to dwell in the depression stage. What gives the album its overall appeal is its ability to balance its emotions—delivering punk-rock influenced aggressive when necessary while still showing that Pink has a softer, more delicate side to her artistry. NEW TRIBE MAY 2013



See You at the Movies Starring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko Oblivion stars movie actor Tom Cruise. The special effects and the strong acting makes this film a worthwhile movie. Having received a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie deserves much more than that. The story evolves around a post-apocolyptic world. He is told to extract the Earth’s final set of resources. Along the way, he finds homself confused on what he is doing with his life and how he can stop everything that is going wrong. Jack is one of the final guys on this Earth who is told to help make sure the Earth ends well. The decades of war has made the Earth reach its final moment, but during his moment of finding an amazing space aircraft, he begins to feel lost on who he is. He feels as though the Earth has given him the mission of placing the rest of mankind in his life.

The story is very well crafted and the movie was developed quite wonderfully. The only downside to the film is its thinly designed plot that never seemed to go anywhere big with the story. The movie may have been made well, but the delivery of the film and the overall story could have been well managed the right way. The movie at some points is often very confusing and very hard to follow that can tend to be even worse. Tom Cruise delivered amazing acting in the film just like expected, but he does not seem to build upon well with the story. Its futuristic weapons and completely random love story can be quite weird to follow along with. Ultimately, the film could have been better delivered. An interesting aspect of the film is that it seems as though different small stories were thrown into the movie. This made it really hard to follow and also random in some scenes. If the movie followed a main story with bery few additional scenes being added, it could have worked quite well. This movie is actually based off of an unpublished novel, so this could have been the main reason as go why the film was not delivered well. This movie could have been made in a different way, and it could have been come out better than it did and received a higher score of 57% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is ultimately still a good movie to watch, but do not expect a masterpiece.



See You at the Movies


Starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman Olympus Has Fallen is the latest hot film that is raising big questions and a lot of attention to many people. The movie received only a 47%, but the movie has still received more favorable reviews than it was expected. The movie revolves around the life of a disgraced Presidential Guard named Mike. He soon finds himself stuck in the White House during a scary moment when they experience a terrorist attack. As the terrorists try to attack, Mile uses his inside knowledge to get in contact with the national security to protect your child. It is quite amazingly cool how they try to ensure that the president is not hurt or kidnappded. The interesting part of the story si when Mike Banning is asked for help because he knows more than the national securty, they rely on him to help them out ergarding the problems with the terrorists. Olympus has become really interesting because of its clever scheme and storyline. The movie’s plotline is very strong and has a strong set of scenes that slowly are built upon to create the relationship with Banning and the president. The movie isn’t really amazingly stunning the same way the trailer is delivered, but the movie is exactly what you expect for it to be. The movie has received favorably good reviews among viewers, and the movie is quite simple but has action enabled in many scenes you wouldn’t expect for action to take place. The movie is definitely more conservative than expected, but the story is very strong, and it remains to be a very well crafted movie that does not have a boring story. The movie incorporates the White House scenes very well, and wherever they may have filmed the movie, they definitely showcase the life of a president very well. Gerard Butler’s acting is definitely very unique and delivered well. He definitely does need to add in a bit different role to help fit the story better, but he still does very well with the movie. Olympus Has Fallen definitely deserves a couple of better reviews from other viewers and writers, but the overall film did need a bit more depth to be considered an award winning masterpiece. The movie does not depict the lifestyle of a president as accurately the way we would expect for a president to be like, but this is not a problem when watching the movie. NEW TRIBE MAY 2013



Book Reviews For the restless mind

Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality is Elizabeth Eulberg’s most recent novel. Eulberg is also the author of The Lonely Hearts Club, Prom & Prejudice, and Take a Bow. Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality is set in Dallas, Texas, and tells the first person narrative story of Lexi, a 16-year-old girl who is clever and funny, but goes widely unnoticed by the boys at her school, especially her crush, Logan. Lexi’s frustrations run juxtaposed to her younger sister Mackenzie’s immersion in the beauty pageant scene, which also consumes her mother’s attentions and finances. Logan’s girlfriend Alyssa is also immersed in this pageantry, which adds to Lexi’s jealousy and frustration. Lexi is fed up with only being seen as a girl with a great personality. She wants to be pretty too, and wants for the boys at her school, especially Logan, to think that she is pretty as well. Lexi appears as a level headed teen who knows how to set goals and work towards them despite her setbacks at home and in her social life, with being ignored on both accounts. She needs money for clothes, so she goes out and gets a part-time job. She’s not being looked at by boys, so she decides to get a makeover. Not one to sink into feeling sorry for herself for long, Lexi is a gogetter, whom will glam up, if that’s what it takes. An underlying theme in this coming-of-age tale is finding your own voice even in the face of indifference, and making yourself get noticed, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. This story reminds the reader that while you cannot change the behaviors of the people around you, even if that includes your family, what you always have the power to change is yourself. Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality is a YA novel for readers in grades seven through twelve. This book has a fun, realistic tone that may engage older readers as well.




Book Reviews For the restless mind The Age of Miracles The Age of Miracles is Karen Thompson Walkers debut novel. Karen Walker Thompson grew up in San Diego, California and worked as an editor at Simon & Schuster. The Age of Miracles takes place in Southern California and is told from the point of view of Julia, who is an 11-years-old girl. The story parallels Julia’s coming of age struggles with a slow moving apocalypse brought on by the slowing on the earth’s rotation, which lengthens days, shortening the nights, as well as affecting the earth’s gravitational pull. By utilizing the juxtaposition of Julia with the external forces of the slow apocalypse Thompson creates a world that is real and magical at once. The focus is on the family and everyday life of Julia, who is also going through a personal transition. Julia is observant, quiet, and has a crush on a boy named Seth. She is not unlike other near twelve-year-olds, although she is more of an introvert, slowly taking in the things that take place around her. Her mother is more dramatic, extroverted, a former actress, whose role in the family is the polar-opposite to Julia’s own reserved nature, creating a delicate contrast in Thompson’s story. Julia’s father is more practical, he’s a doctor, who maintains a level-head and becomes increasingly agitated by her mother’s dramatics. Her grandfather is also in the picture, tries to teach Julia how to shoot a gun and imbue her with his survivalist skills. The effects of the earth’s new gravitational pull cause crops to fail, tides to rise, people get sick, and begin to panic, hoarding water and food. Though these difficulties are happening world-wide, the story maintains the focus on Julia and her family, showing the implications of such a disaster in a personal, relatable way. The writer is able to capture the voice and the setting in an accurately vivid way, and even manages the predictable against the unpredictable, unfolding an always interesting story, that keeps the reader turning the page. As things begin to change, a sense of excitement swells in Julia. The ordinary everyday routines begin to crumble as obligations are blown off. Even her cat begins to behave oddly. The world changes become more grave as Julia realizes this is not transitory, but an ongoing, oncoming change that is placing its real world effects all around her while people try to balance their lives with the changes that are occuring. The difficulties of sleep and keeping out the sun become prevalent. Crime begins to rise, as

people feel there will be less consequence for their actions with a world ending.

The Age of Miracles has already taken its place on the NY Times bestseller list, and has already been optioned for film with Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Thirteen) attached to direct. .










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