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Court stops Financial Reporting Council’s probe of Sanusi Joseph Onyekwere


Federal High Court sitting in Lagos yesterday restrained the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN) from probing the suspended Central

Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Justice James Tsoho held that there was clear evidence that FRCN’s bid to investigate Sanusi’s tenure at CBN was tainted

with bias and motivated by bad faith, adding that while the FRCN Act empowered it to conduct such an enquiry, it cannot do so without recourse to due process. The judge held that FRCN’s recommendations

in a briefing note to President Goodluck Jonathan were ultra vires and outside the powers conferred on the council as contained in the FRCN Act, 2011. According to him, the defendants, including

FRCN’s Executive Secretary, Mr. Godson Nnadi, having reached a conclusion as to Sanusi’s culpability as governor of CBN, as indicated in the briefing note and newspaper publications, can no longer

probe Sanusi. The judge also affirmed the court’s jurisdiction to adjudicate on the matter brought before it by Sanusi. He dismissed the C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 2

Boko Haram offers to trade girls for detained insurgents lFG rejects offer, insists on unconditional release of abductees lMark: We will fight sect with every resource at our disposal lObasanjo condemns abduction Temitope Ogunbanke, Muritala Ayinla and Anule Emmanuel


hey appeared in the public yesterday, the first time since their

abduction from Chibok, Borno State, about three weeks ago. The appearance of the abducted girls of Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok, who

looked visibly scared, was via a videotape released by the outlawed Boko Haram, which has claimed responsibility for the late night raid on the school, during which 276 of them

were taken into captivity. They were in the school taking exams when they were kidnapped, but about 53 of them were later reunited with their families with many of them escap-

Some of the schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram in Chibok, Borno State, as paraded in a video released by the sect... yesterday.

DSS parades five Nyanya bombing suspects }3

ing from their abductors. In the 17-minute video, obtained by the Agence France Presse (AFP), about 130 of the schoolgirls, dressed in black and grey veils sit on the ground in

an undisclosed location, chanting verses from the Holy Koran. The video also showed Boko Haram self-acclaimed leader, Abubakar C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 2


Obasanjo: Lamido qualified to run for presidency }11



Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Obasanjo condemns abduction of schoolgirls CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Shekau, saying the schoolgirls, who were kidnapped from a predominantly Christian community in Borno State, had been converted to Islam. But it was not clear whether he was in the same location as the girls. He demanded that the Federal Government should trade them for insurgents in its custody, if it wants them freed. Hundreds of Boko Haram members are held in various detention centres nationwide with some, like a former cell leader, Kabiru Sokoto, already sentenced for terrorism. However, government, through the Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro, in a quick riposte, rejected the offer, saying Boko Haram is not in a situation to dictate to the government. Britain also condemned the video with British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Williams Hague, telling Sky News that it would aggravate the agony of the girls’ families. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo also deplored the abduction and called for the release

of the schoolgirls. The release of the video, which has exacerbated the grief of the families of the schoolgirls, came just as Senate President David Mark vowed that the Federal Government would not be cowed by the terrorists and would fight them with all the resources at its disposal. One of the parents, whose six family members are among the kidnapped pupils, called on the government to intensify efforts to bring back the girls. In the video, Shekau said the girls had been converted to Islam and they had been “liberated.” The video also showed an interview with some of the girls who mentioned their names. Some of them said they were Christians and had converted to Islam, while one said she was a Muslim before the kidnap.

Shekau, wearing military fatigues and holding an AK-47, addressed the camera. He appeared confident and at one point laughed. He said: “All I am saying is that if you want us to release the girls that we have kidnapped, those who have not accepted Islam will be treated as the Prophet (Mohammed) treated infidels and they will stay with us. “We will not release them while you detain our brothers.” The kidnap has drawn international and local condemnations with the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Canada and Israel, among others, pledging to assist Nigeria to free the girls. But the government has rejected the conditions set out by Shekau for the release of the schoolgirls. Asked if the government would reject the

suggestion mentioned by Shekau in the new video that the girls may be released once Nigeria frees all militant prisoners, Moro told AFP: “Of course, the issue in question is not about Boko Haram… giving conditions,” he said. But his Information counterpart, Mr. Labaran Maku, who was sighted at the State House yesterday told New Telegraph that he was yet to watch the video, adding that it will be hasty for the government to respond when detailed information on the video has not been analysed. Amid raging protests for the release of the schoolchildren, one of the parents narrated to CNN how the pupils were abducted and accused the Federal Government of mismanaging the incident. The father who has six family members among

the abductees, including his children, said on their abduction, the pupils were divided into groups and after about three hours, they were asked to cook for the group. It was during the cooking, he added, that some of them escaped. According to him, the government failed the people of Chibok as if they were not Nigerians. He urged the government to quickly do something to bring back the girls. He said living in Chibok was hellish as the people were so afraid they no longer sleep in their homes. “Some sleep in the bush; others on top of trees all in a bid to avoid being killed by Boko Haram whose members could come at any time on a killing spree. “The people are afraid to talk about Boko Haram because they could CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

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Court stops Financial Reporting Council’s probe of Sanusi CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Thunder Storms

FRCN’s argument that its recommendations to the president, made after its preliminary probe, was merely advisory. “Prejudice is very pronounced in the language of that document. The language of the briefing note (transmitted by the FRCN to the presidency) conveys a sense of the defendant desperately goading the presidency to deal with the plaintiff,” Justice Tsoho said. The judge resolved all the issues for determination in Sanusi’s favour, saying the suspended CBN boss was right not to honour the FRCN’s invitation. He said: “I don’t accept the arguments of the defendants that they acted in line with the law. They did



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Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar (left) and former military Head of State, Major-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, at the second All Progressives Congress (APC) lecture in Kano…yesterday.

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not or have not respected the spirit of the enabling provisions of the Act.” Justice Tsoho said the defendants went against the principles of natural justice by not giving Sanusi the chance to defend himself before issuing a report which the president acted upon to suspend the CBN governor. “The defendants have acted ultra vires of their powers. They cannot investigate the plaintiff’s tenure at CBN for the simple reason that the defendants have acted in breach of the principles of natural justice,” the judge held. He ruled that the FRCN was the accuser, prosecutor, judge and jury in its own case, adding that had Sanusi accepted the FRCN’s invitation to ap-

pear before its probe panel, it would have amounted to going to the enemy’s territory. “Submitting himself to the panel would have been like a cockroach finding itself in the midst of fowls,” the judge ruled. According to him, Sanusi was not called upon to make representations at any panel before his suspension. Justice Tsoho further held that the plaintiff sought judicial intervention and there was therefore need “to call the defendants to order by restraining them from overreaching themselves.” “The whole questions are answered in favour of the plaintiff and all his reliefs are granted,” he added.

Sanusi had sought a declaration that the FRCN’s recommendations on him contained in the briefing note dated June 7, 2013 to Jonathan that he be removed from office as CBN governor, were not within the purview of the FRCN Act, among others. The judge also noted that Sanusi had provided ample evidence that the FRCN is biased against him and cannot be impartial in its investigation. “If they (FRCN) are allowed to go ahead, it is predictable that a jaundiced or skewed recommendation would be arrived at,” the judge added. Sanusi’s counsel, Kola Awodein (SAN), during the hearing of the case against FRCN, had argued that the CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

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Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


DSS parades five Nyanya bombing suspects Offers N25m reward for information on two others

Emmanuel Onani


he Department of State Service (DSS) yesterday paraded five suspected masterminds of the April 14 bomb explosion that rocked a crowded bus station at Nyanya, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Some 76 people died and scores of others suffered varying degrees of injuries when suspected members of the outlawed Boko Haram bombed the bus park as workers and other passengers were leaving for their destinations. The suspected killers, who were paraded at a

Court stops Financial Reporting Council’s probe of Sanusi CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2

defendants did not have the power to conduct the wideranging investigations as reported in the media and in the invitation letter sent to Sanusi. According to Awodein, the defendants reached a conclusion based on the briefing notes sent to the president and made farreaching recommendations without giving Sanusi a fair hearing. But FRCN’s counsel, Segun Ajibola (SAN), had urged the court to dismiss the application. Ajibola said FRCN did not act on its own, but was directed by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim to carry out the investigation. Sanusi, shortly after his suspension from office last February over allegations of financial recklessness, had sued the FRCN to stop its probe into his tenure as the CBN governor.

He also sought a declaration that the FRCN does not have the power to constitute itself into an investigating body; that the body having already accused him of financial impropriety can no longer investigate him; and an order restraining the FRCN or any of its privies from conducting or continuing its investigation of him. But FRCN countered that the court does not have the power to adjudicate on the suit because Sanusi did not exhaust the internal mechanism of grievance resolution in the FRCN Act. Section 66 of the Act states that any aggrieved public interest or professional entity should table its appeal before the council’s technical oversight committee, and that all methods of resolution must be exhausted before any external adjudication is sought.

joint security briefing attended by spokespersons for the Defence Headquarters, army, Force Headquarters as well as the National Orientation Agency, are: Ahmad Rufai Abubakar, Muhammadu Sani Ishaq, Adamu Yusuf, Yau Saidu and Anas Isah. Deputy Director (Public Relations) of the DSS, Mrs. Marilyn Ogar, said two other masterminds of the bomb blast, Rufai Abubakar Tsiga (a.k.a. Dr. Tsiga) and Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, were at large. She announced a cash reward of N25 million for any useful information on the whereabouts of the suspected terrorists. She said Ogwuche, with service Number SVC 95/104, left the Nigerian

Army in 2006. Ogwuche, who served in the Intelligence Unit at Child Avenue, Arakan Barracks, Lagos, between 2001 and 2006 was later posted to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA). He was arrested on November 12, 2011 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja “on arrival from the United Kingdom, for suspected involvement in terrorismrelated activities.” According to her, Ogwuche was “released on bail on 15th October, 2012... following intense pressure from human rights activists, who alleged human rights violation.” The suspected bomber is the son of a retired Colonel, Agene Ogwuche.

Ogar said upon investigation, security operatives discovered that “Rufai Abubakar Tsiga was actively aided by a co-mastermind, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, a student of Arabic Language at the International University of Africa, Sudan.” Tsiga and Ishaq were said to have “moved the vehicle laden with explosives to the Nyanya Motor Park”, a night before the blast, while the former “moved the explosives laden vehicle to the position from where he detonated the explosives.” Upon interrogation, Abubakar was said to have “confirmed that... Tsiga sent him recharge card credit of N800 after the bombing incident.” Ogar explained that it was later “discovered

that the phone of one Muhammadu Sani Ishaq was used in sending him the credit.” Abubakar was quoted as saying that Tsiga “also told him that Boko Haram national leader, had directed that all members of the sect should relocate with their families to “Gaaba” (Boko Haram forest Camp) in preparation for mass attacks against the Nigerian state.” While urging the public to exercise “patience” with security forces, the DSS vowed that “all seeming security mysteries in our country will be resolved”, even as it declared that “Nigerian security forces shall not rest on their oars until every individual or group of persons involved in the Nyanya bombings are brought to book.”

L-R: Ahmad Rufai Abubakar; Muhammadu Sani Ishaq; Ya’u Saidu; Adamu Yusuf, and Anas Isah, suspected masterminds of the bombing of El-Rufai Motor Park, Nyanya being paraded by the Department of State Service (DSS) in Abuja… yesterday.  PHOTO: ELIJAH OLALUYI

FG rejects offer, insists on unconditional release of abductees CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2

kill them. I am afraid too because they could identify my daughters among those with them and kill them,” he added. Also speaking on the abduction, the Senate president said yesterday that Nigeria would spare no resources in the fight against insurgency in the country. Mark spoke at an interactive forum with members of the Nigerian community in Beijing, China. He said: “Boko Haram has become a real nuisance, and the menace is unacceptable. They have declared war on Nigeria and we will fight them with all the resources at our disposal. “We will not allow it to go on for too long; government is very serious about it. “It is an avoidable distraction and it is some-

thing we do not need at this point in our history when we are trying everything possible to bring development to Nigeria to attract foreign investors. “So, the message should go out loud and clear to anyone who is either a sponsor or a member of Boko Haram that we will fight them with all resources at our disposal.’’ On his part, Obasanjo condemned the abduction of the schoolgirls and called for their release. Obasanjo, during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Jigawa State Government to adopt a junior secondary school and a primary school in Kudai, Dutse, appealed to the abductors to release them unconditionally because the girls were innocent and should not be made to suffer unreasonably.

“Whatever the grievances, objectives and anger of this group of people who are behind this abduction, they should not have acted on these innocent girls. “We condemn their action and also appeal to them to release these girls unconditionally because they have important contributions for the future of this country,” Obasanjo said. However, for Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), the abduction of the schoolgirls may be a defining moment for Nigeria. Fashola, while addressing protesters demanding the release of the abductees, said in Lagos this could be so if Nigerians could remain united to say no to injustice meted to their compatriots, even after the girls were released.

He commended the protesters for rising to the occasion regardless of their differences and described the current situation in the country as a dark moment, hoping that Nigerians would be more united after the incident. He said: “But perhaps the point I think I should just add is that Chibok incident is a very dark experience for our nation. It is a difficult time for our nation but it may yet be our most defining moment. It will be defining if we can find the children; it will be defining, if after what happened, we can keep this sense of brotherhood and sisterhood alive.” The protesters, led by the President, Women Arise Initiative, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin and afro beat maestro, Femi Kuti, delivered a protest letter to the governor for onward transmission to Jonathan.

They accused the Federal Government of keeping citizens in the dark for almost three weeks and urged the president to act fast in order to rescue the girls from the abductors. In her speech, Okei-Odumakin urged the Federal Government not to yield to the demand by Shekau to exchange the Chibok schoolgirls for detained members of Boko Haram. She said if the girls were not rescued within 14 days, Nigerian women would go to the forest, where the girls are believed to be held captive, to press for their release. Meanwhile, a Nigerian military source told Reuters yesterday in Maiduguri that two foreign counter-terrorism units were already on the ground. “They have visited Chibok on Sunday for preliminary investigation with our troops and

experts before fully kickstarting the rescue mission,” the source said. As part of efforts to tackle the insurgency in Nigeria, France has offered to host a summit on the Boko Haram sect with Nigeria and its neighbours, President Francois Hollande has said. “With Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, I have proposed to hold a meeting with the countries bordering Nigeria,” Hollande said during a visit to the Azerbaijan capital of Baku. “If the countries agree, it should take place next Saturday in Paris,” Hollande added. Reuters quoted his aides as saying the leaders of Nigeria, Benin, Cameroun, Chad and Niger might attend. Britain, the European Union and the United States would likely be represented as well.



Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Aliyu wants Boko Haram’s sponsors exposed Dan Atori MINNA


iger State governor, Muazu Babangida Aliyu, yesterday said Nigeria must deploy all in its arsenal to fight the Boko Haram insurgents, even as it exposes the sponsors of the sect. Aliyu was making his feelings known when he received the 2013 Christian pilgrimage report at the Government House, Minna. He said with the

support of the international community, the termination of the activities of the sect members would also lead to the revelation of all their collaborators. The governor appreciated the fact that the Federal Government was already receiving assistance from the international community on the fight against insurgents in the country, but declared that what ‘we need to win the war is the political will.’ He added that the con-

cept of Jihad is not about killing one another or abducting innocent people, but that Nigerians, notwithstanding their political bias, must rise in support of the Federal Government so that the sect members would be brought to their knees. According to him; “In our belief in God, we do not change any aspect of the Qur’an for whatever reason. So, anybody who starts fighting in the name of religion is doing do on

his own. Jihad simply means to help people with welfare, not killing one another. That is why we are very happy with the Federal Government in receiving the assistance that is coming all over. “But, we must say that the political will must be brought to bear in fighting Boko Haram. We must fight them to finish. And I hope in the process of fighting them we will be able to know who their sponsors and collaborators were.

“And by extension, it also behooves us to fight extremism in any form; whether in religion or in politics or in our culture, there is no place for extremism. Our religion teaches us moderation in whatever we do. “We must come togeth-

er because we have come to a situation where we cannot sit on the fence or just keep quiet. When you see things that are not right, you can change it, if you can and if you cannot, then report to the appropriate authority to do that.”

Presidential committee meets foreign officials Anule Emmanuel


he Presidential Factfinding Committee on the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls from Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State yesterday began interaction with officials of some countries that have pledged support for the rescue of the students. A statement by its spokesman, Kingsley Osadolor, said the engagement of the foreign group is to support in earnest efforts

by the Federal Government to secure the release of the abducted schoolgirls. “The interaction, lasting hours, took place in Abuja. It covered issues within the terms of reference of the Fact-finding Committee,” Osadolor said. Welcoming the officials, Chairman of the Fact-finding Committee, Gen. Ibrahim Sabo (rtd), thanked them and their governments for obliging to back the Federal Government in its bid to free the abducted schoolgirls.

Over 100,000 youths have died in Borno attacks –Senator Ahmed Miringa Former President Olusegun Obasanjo (middle) with pupils of his adopted school, Government Girls Secondary School, Kudai in Jigawa … yesterday

Islam against terrorism, says Sultan Umar Danladi Ado Sokoto


he Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, yesterday declared that Islam does not, in any way, support terrorism and allied crimes. He stated this at the 4th Graduation Ceremony of Madarassatul-Hizbu Rahim Islamiyya School, Funtua , Katsina State at the weekend.

In a statement signed by Secretary, Sultanate Council of Sokoto, Attahiru Hussaini, and issued to newsmen in Sokoto yesterday, the Sultan explained that Islam preaches peace, unity, understanding and sympathy towards Muslims and non-Muslims alike. His words:” …a criminal should be called a criminal, not minding his or her faith, whether Muslim or

Christian,” the statement added. The sultan also urged Muslims to take advantage of their large number and work towards their unity and that of the nation. Also speaking on the occasion, according to the statement, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, stressed the need for Muslims to strive to acquire both religious and western

education. The Speaker explained that such would enable the Muslim Ummah to develop themselves and contribute meaningfully to national development. The Chief Imam of Funtua Juma’at Mosque, Sheiklh AbdulRahman Jibrin also commended the Sultan for his relentlessly effort towards ensuring sustainable peace in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.



he senator representing Borno Central Senatorial District, Senator Ahmed Zannah, has said that over 100, 000 youths have lost their lives in the Boko Harm insurgency in Borno state. Zannah who disclosed this in an interview with newsmen in Maiduguri said more people were killed in the insurgency in the Northeast as a whole. On the intervention of the United States, Canada, France and United Kingdom, the senator said the success of the war against terrorism depended on the cooperation and serious-

ness of the Federal Government and the military. It is lack of seriousness on the part of the Federal Government and the military, he said, that was prolonging the crisis, adding that with commitment and cooperation from the Nigerian military the Boko Haram insurgency would soon end. “The attacks, kidnappings and robbery perpetrated by Boko Haram is sheer madness and has nothing to do with religion, as they claimed; venting their anger on defenceless citizens is complete madness which is unacceptable in a civilized society,” the Senator declared.

Police arraign reporter over Chibok protest report ‘Stop using Islam to kidnap people’ Muhammad Ahmad Lafia


asarawa State police command yesterday arraigned Mr. Hir Joseph, the state correspondent of Daily Trust newspaper before a Chief Magistrate’s Court sitting in Lafia, the state capital, on allegation of injurious falsehood over the abduction of Chibok schoolgirls’ protest. Joseph, who was brought to court around

1.30p.m., was earlier quizzed by the police on Friday for nine hours before he was asked to report yesterday. Police prosecutor, Mr. Joshua Abolarin, told the court that the accused wrote a story titled; “Female NSCDC, police personnel demand the rescue of Chibok girls,” published on page 9 of May 9, 2014 edition of the newspaper. He alleged that the accused wrote the stories with the intent to injure

or cast aspersions on the credibility of the Nigeria Police or give the impression that police were against the wisdom of the Federal Government in steps taken to rescue the girls. He argued that the accused was being charged for the offence of injurious falsehood under section 393, sub section 1 of the penal code. He adjourned the case to June 19, 2014, for hearing.

Taiwo Jimoh


he alumni of Markaz Arabic and Islamic Training Centre, Lagos, has advised terrorist groups using Islam to justify kidnapping of innocent people to desist from such act. Besides, the group urged the Federal Government to do everything within its power to rescue the schoolgirls abducted by the insurgent group, Boko Haram, and return

the girls to their parents. It also called on the Federal Government to give Arabic its deserved recognition, adding that the language could be useful in security, foreign affairs, espionage, among others. These were part of the communiqué released by the group on Friday in Lagos after the 17th Cultural Week of its founder, Sheik Adam Al-Ilory. The communiqué, which was signed by the

Provost of the Diploma Section of the institution, Dr. Abdulmummen Yusuff, also condemned the attacks on places of worship and public places by the insurgents. It added: “Islam rejects terrorism in all its forms, shapes and we therefore reject in its entirety all terrorist acts by the insurgent group, Boko Haram. “An Islamic preacher should be mindful of his methods of preaching and propagating Islam.”


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Terrorism: Okah seeks private medical evaluation Tunde Oyesina Abuja


he suspected 2010 Independent Day bomber, Charles Okah, who is currently standing trial in Abuja, yesterday filed a motion before the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, seeking for independent medical evaluation of his health. At the resumed trial, Okah had through his counsel, John Anietor, told the court that the independent examination became necessary as the National Hospital, Abuja, which examined him is an agency of the Federal Government and as such could be biased. Relying on two grounds, the defence counsel sought an order of the court granting leave for an independent private medical

practitioner to produce a medical report on Okah. According to him; “There is need for the 1st accused person, Charles Tombra Okah, to be examined by an independent private medical practitioner, for an impartial and neutral confirmation of the medical reports from the Kuje Prisons Clinic and the National Hospital, Abuja to ascertain the mental and physical health status of the 1st accused person.” In a seven paragraph affidavit deposed to by one Sunday Ogbor in support of the motion on behalf of Okah’s family, averred that; “There is need to settle the issues relating to the health of the 1st accused person before his trial, as good health is part of the facility he needs to be able to stand trial.”


Presidency, NNPC interference delay passage of PIB, says Reps LEGISLATION

Legislator exonerates National Assembly for delay in passage of Petroleum Bill Philip Nyam Abuja


he House of Representatives yesterday blamed the delay in the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) on incessant interference from the Presidency and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Chairman of the House Committee on

Commerce, Hon. Sylvester Ogbaga (PDP, Ebonyi) stated this at a one-day interactive session on investment in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector entitled; “Enhancing The Oil and Gas Value Chain” in Abuja. He explained that National Assembly would have passed the PIB, but for the undue interferences from the NNPC as well as the Presidency with regard to intermittent review in the composition of the bill. “People always think that the delay being experienced by the PIB is caused by the National Assembly which is very wrong. The Bill would have been passed if not

for the way both the Executive and the NNPC kept recalling it for content update and modification in line with current trends. So, it’s not solely on the part of the National Assembly as Nigerians are being made to believe,” he said. He said Nigeria as the largest market in Africa offers unique investment opportunities in refining, storage, transportation and marketing of petroleum, petrochemicals and allied products. “The Nigerian oil and gas value chain is undergoing a radical transformation following government’s commitment towards the key legislative reforms

and aspiration towards firmly becoming the undisputed regional hub for gas-based industries such as fertilizers, petrochemical and ethanol.” In his presentation at the occasion, NNPC’s general manager (economic research and strategy), Dr. Soala Ariweriokuma stressed the need for lawmakers in the country to expedite action on bringing about relevant legislations that would minimise losses and maximise economic gains in the event of stiff competition occasioned by recent discoveries in the oil and gas sector and the review of tax regime in ways that would be favourable to the economy.

Mimiko’s wife’s mother for burial May 30


he remains of Chief (Mrs.) Felicia Modupe Adeniyi, the late mother of the wife of Ondo State Governor, Mrs. Olukemi Mimiko, will be laid to rest on Friday, May 30, in Ondo, Ondo State. The burial arrangement was contained in a statement released in Akure yesterday and signed by Mr. John Akindutire on behalf of the family. According to the burial programme, a Christian wake keep will hold in honour of the departed on Thursday, May 29, at

Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre in Ondo. The burial service has also been scheduled to hold at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Oke Aluko, Ondo, on May 30 while the reception will hold at the Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre in the same town, the statement said. Meanwhile, the death of Madam Adeniyi has drawn more sympathisers to the Ondo State Government House as dignitaries from within and outside the state were still visiting to commiserate with the first family.

Jonathan inaugurates committee on industrial revolution Anule Emmanuel


resident Goodluck Jonathan yesterday inaugurated a Presidential Advisory Committee to steer the implementation of the country's New Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP). The industrial plan is targeted at building a strong manufacturing base for the country and assist the Federal Government to lift more than 100 millions Nigerians out of poverty. President Jonathan, while inaugurating the committee at the Presidential Villa, said that with NIRP, Nigeria is taking a cue from China which has successfully transformed to a global player through industrialisation. The Presidential Advisory Committee is made up of 25 members with majority from the private sector and is chaired by the Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Olusegun Aganga while Africa's

richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote serves as the alternate-Chairman. Other PAC members from the public sector include the Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr.Samuel Ortom; Minister of Works, Mr. Mike Onolemenmen; Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo; Minister of Transport, Mr. Idris Umar; and the Acting CBN Governor, Dr. Sarah Alade. The private sector representatives include the President, Manufacturers' Association of Nigeria, Chief Kola Jamodu; Chairman, Honeywell Group, Oba Otudeko; President, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Alhaji Mohammed Abubarkar; and the Nigeria Country Head of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation(UNIDO), Dr. Patrick Kormawa, among others.

L-R: Former Super Eagles Captain/Head coach, Christian Chukwu; Head, Data, Globacom Limited, Segun Adeyemo; Country Manager, Google Inc., Juliet Chiazor; and Head, Operations, Globacom Limited, Bisi Koleoso, during the formal launch of Globacom’s ‘Go ahead’ campaign in Lagos…yesterday. PHOTO:SULEIMAN HUSAINI

Muhammad Kabir Kano


he All Progressive Congress (APC) governors rose from their 2nd Lecture Series yesterday unanimous in their conviction that misgovernance of the country in the last 16 years is largely responsible for the insurgency and allied evils ravaging the country. This verdict came as the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, warned that, “working for the 2015 General elections will be worthless without the rescue of the Chibok girls abducted by the Boko Haram sect.” The governors, who had as the topic of the lecture, “Crisis in Nigeria’s Education Sector, addressing the connect between unemployment and insecurity,” believed that the decay that has crippled the nation in virtually all sectors was as a result of the educational problems facing the nation, a by-product of misgovernance. Okorocha, in his speech, noted that Nigeria was

Free, quality education will check insecurity – APC l 2015 polls worthless unless Chibok girls are rescued, says Okorocha passing through a difficult period with the insurgency threatening the very foundation of its educational development. He said: “The recent abduction of hundreds of Chibok girls in the school, has not only painted the nation black, but has put serious doubts on the 2015 general elections, because to me, working for that election will be worthless if those innocent girls remain in captivity.” Okorocha noted that what is happening in the country required the government joining hands with everybody in saving the nation. “We should depart from the blame game of who is right and who is wrong; we must close ranks to ensure the end of this ugly trend. “We must know that none of us either in the

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or APC will benefit from what is happening… we must bury our differences, we have no any other country but Nigeria,” he said. Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Ameachi, in his paper linked the insurgency in the North to the educational backwardness of the area, noting that the North, has the largest population of out-of-school children. The chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) also noted that if there were no corruption, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy, there certainly would be no Boko Haram insurgency and insecurity. He noted that the difference is clear in terms of leadership style and governance between the

PDP and APC, adding that if APC had been in government, the spate of corruption would have been curtailed and the billions of naira stolen from the national treasury almost daily would have been used to provide free and qualitative education for Nigerians. Former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, on his part challenged the Federal Government to review its educational policy to provide free and qualitative education in the country as a way of checking insecurity. “Until the falling standard of education in Nigeria is fixed to engage out-of-school children, the incessant attacks on innocent Nigerians, particularly in the North East, may get worse,” Buhari declared.



Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ekiti 2014 ALLEGATION Politicians do their best to outwit one another, all in the bid to gain ground in Ekiti


he All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State have, again, accused each other of planning to rig the June 21 governorship election in the state. Firing the first salvo yesterday, the APC, through the Head of Media, Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation, Dimeji Daniels, said the

Again APC, PDP tango over rigging plot PDP was planning to foist its candidate in the poll, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, on the people of the state. The APC further alleged that the plan was in conjunction with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). “As part of the grand rigging plot, the party plans to lock down most of the communities in the state with soldiers and policemen, who would be ordered to scare residents of the communities with gunshots, thus preventing them

from exercising their right to vote, the party alleged. Reacting to the allegation yesterday, the Ayo Fayose Campaign Organisation, through the Head of Media, Chief Gboyega Aribisogan, described the allegation by the APC as unfounded; adding that the APC was fond of accusing other parties of what it was planning to do. “They are only showing that they are jittery. The APC-led government in Ekiti State has lost face with the people. They

know that Ekiti people have made up their minds to reject them at the poll. “Let them wake up from their dreams and face the stark reality that their days in government are numbered. People are not fooled by their wild allegations. The APC is good at nothing except propaganda and lies,” Aribisogan said. However, the APC further alleged that the PDP wanted to create a state of war in Ekiti State. “What the PDP is seeking to create in Ekiti is a war situation to have its

way at all costs. They have perfected plans in Abuja to declare Fayose and damn the consequences. “The recently released NOI Poll, conducted by Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, was to confuse Nigerians and give legitimacy to the PDP’s grand rigging plot. “We call on INEC to ensure that the Ayoka debacle of April 2009 is not rehashed on June 21. We also urge President Goodluck Jonathan to act like a true statesman by ensuring that the Ekiti election is free, fair and credible.

“We equally urge the Nigerian Army not to allow desperate powerthirsty politicians drag its name in the mud, while we call on civil society organisations and the international community to beam its searchlight on Ekiti State during, before and after the election to prevent agents of darkness from sending the state back to the dark days. “We also urge all wellmeaning Nigerians to prevail on the PDP from carrying out its devilish act in Ekiti State.”

‘Fayose’s candidacy shows PDP’s readiness to win’


ormer Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Paul Alabi, has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has shown its determination to win the June 21 governorship election in the state by picking former Ekiti State governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose, as its candidate. Alabi stated this when Fayose paid him a courtesy visit at his residence in Ijesa Isu-Ekiti, Ikole Local Government Area, during Fayose’s ward-toward campaign tour of the state. According to a press statement issued by Fayose’s spokesman, Mr. Idowu Adelusi and made available to the press in Ado-Ekiti yesterday, Alabi who welcomed the PDP candidate warmly, said he remained a loyal and committed member of the

PDP and as a disciplined party man he would support Fayose to win. Alabi said Ekiti people were now regretting allowing the All Progressives Congress (APC) come to power because it has not profited them in any way. While addressing the people of Ijesa Isu-Ekiti earlier, Fayose said the incoming PDP government would address the problem of unemployment, power and water supply in the state. He also promised to make primary health care the focus of his administration on health, stressing that this area is critical. "There should be comprehensive health centres closer to the people in the hinterland, which must be properly equipped with drugs and medical personnel."

I will build teachers’ capacity – Bamidele


abour Party (LP) governorship candidate, Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele has pledged to build professional capacity through training and re-training of teachers in Ekiti State. He promised to stop a policy of compulsory assessment test for teachers under Ekiti State Civil Service. Bamidele made the promise during a meeting with the teachers under the umbrella of Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT). If elected as a governor, he also pledged to expose them to current global trends and developments in the profession. According to him "As a governor I won't subject you to a compulsory test. It is not that you can't

write exams and pass, but it must not be at the insistence of the state governor." He added that: "My role as a governor will not be to forcefully examine you. My role will be to encourage you and expose you to contemporary global developments in your profession by training and retraining you" "As teachers, we shall give you confidence and professional esteem. We shall appreciate you as builders of the society because no nation excels without teachers. This confidence has been eroded over the years. We shall revisit the non-payment of the 27.5% increment of pecuniary allowances for teachers being owed by the current administration"

L-R: Beneficiaries of the Millennium Development Goals' Village Health Workers' Scheme: Ogunmola Yetunde (Oye Local Government); Olaleye Sade (Ikole LG); Wife of Ekiti State Governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi; and Special Adviser to the Governor on MDG and Development Relations, Mrs. Bunmi Dipo-Salami, during the launch of the scheme, in Ado-Ekiti... yesterday

Fayemi cancels controversial teachers’ test Stories by Adesina Wahab Ado-Ekiti


kiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, yesterday announced the cancellation of the controversial Teachers Development Needs Assessment (TDNA), otherwise known as Competency Test. The governor said this while addressing teachers at a sensitisation programme on the State Education Programme Investment Project (SEPIP) in Ado-Ekiti. Commenting further on the abolition of the TDNA, Governor Fayemi said the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology would embark on capacity building for teachers through cluster school training programmes, local and overseas training, seminars and workshops. The decision of the governor to cancel the test came after the state government failed twice last year to conduct it. The decision also came after the issue has become

a campaign issue, following the furore it generated in Edo State, another All Progressives Congress (APC) controlled state, where teachers and the state government are locked in a titanic battle over the test. Fayemi also announced the decision of his administration to commence the payment of the 27.5 percent Teachers’ Pecuniary Allowance. The governor, whose administration currently pays 16 per cent of the allowance, based on negotiation with the teachers, announced the readiness of his government to effect full payment. These developments are coming barely two months after the state commenced payment of car loans to primary school teachers in the state. Governor Fayemi at the well-attended forum directed the Deputy Governor, Prof. Modupe Adelabu, to liaise with the leadership of the various teachers’ unions on the prompt

implementation of the allowance. The governor said: “I want to thank all the teachers for their understanding in accepting the negotiated 16 per cent of this allowance. In our various meetings, they were made to appreciate the lean resources of the state, but saw our genuine willingness to meet their demands if we were in a position to do so. I am happy to inform you that you will now have the remaining 11.5 per cent,” Fayemi announced. The governor also stated that the committee on the advancement of graduate teachers in public primary school had recommended a parallel career scheme as obtainable in the civil service so as to enable NCE and degree holders have different career progression. Fayemi, while reacting to a rumour that his government was compiling the list of workers for disengagement, assured

that his administration was not planning to sack teachers who have spent over 30 years in service. He said he was not unaware of the politics being played by one of the candidates in the forthcoming election with the state’s performance in the last WAEC result, stressing that the 34th position claimed by the candidate was a farce that has no evidence. Speaking on behalf of the teachers, Chairman of NUT in the state, Mr. Kayode Akosile, commended the governor for acceding to implement the 27.5 per cent pecuniary allowance despite the meagre resources accruing to the state. The chairman, who thanked Fayemi for fulfilling the promises he made to teachers on the provision of a bus and the upgrade of the status of teachers from Level 16 to 17, assured that Ekiti teachers were solidly in support of the governor’s re-election bid.


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gunmen kill four, torch 30 houses in Taraba Sabiu Mustapha JALINGO


unmen suspected to be herdsmen on Sunday attacked Dinya village in Gassol Local Government Council of Taraba killing four persons and burning at least 30 houses. Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state, ASP Joseph Kwaji, who confirmed the incident to newsmen in Jalingo, said the police

on arrival at the scene recovered 13 empty shells of Ak47, 4 cartridges and an assault rifle. The PPRO also disclosed that detachments of the police and the Army have been drafted to the area, adding that investigation into the incident was on. The Ward Head of Danacha, Chief Daniel Mbaterem, who also confirmed the attack, said the gunmen stormed the village at about 8:00 a.m.

Otti, Diamond Bank MD eyes politics Steve Uzoechi OWERRI


ndigenes of Ngwa land resident in Imo State have thrown their weight behind the call on the Managing Director of Diamond Bank, Dr. Alex Otti, to contest next year’s gubernatorial elections in Abia State. In a statement signed by Chief Nwachukwu Uzoubi, President, Umu-Ngwa Welfare Association, Owerri chapter and made available to newsmen shortly after the association’s monthly meeting, the group noted that since the authorities in Umuahia have been magnanimous in zoning the governorship to Ngwa

land, there was need for the people to produce an acceptable and capable candidate. “We must refrain from the mistakes of the past when we presented candidates that did not meet up with the high standards of Abia people. That is why we support the clamour for Dr. Alex Otti, who enjoys support across all the geo-political zones in Abia State, to enter into the race,” the group declared. They were of the view that Dr. Alex Otti would leverage on his business connections across the globe to industrialise Abia State and restore it to the path of economic greatness.

Sokoto govt doles out N109.5m to destitutes Umar Danladi Ado Sokoto


okoto State government yesterday disbursed N109.5 million as allowances to physically-challenged persons in the state. Chairman of the state Zakkat and Endowment Committee, Alhaji Lawal Maidoki, stated this at the flag-off of the disbursement exercise held yesterday in Sokoto, the state capital. Alhaji Maidoki also lamented that beggars were still flooding the streets of the metropolis in spite of the state government’s humanitarian efforts. He said N90 million

out of the amount was for the payment of monthly allowances to the over 6, 923 physically-challenged persons in the 23 local government areas of the state. “Each month, the state government gives the committee N45 million and the amount given out today is for two months while the arrears of December 2013 and the payment for April 2014 are also covered. Each beneficiary is going home with N6, 500 per month,” Maidoko revealed. The chairman maintained that the balance of N 19.5 million was given to the various sub-committees under the main committee to continue its work.


2015: 20m physically-challenged protest over voting process EXCLUSION

As elections draw near, physicallychallenged want more from INEC Sola Adeyemo Ibadan


head of the 2015 general elections, about 20 million people with disabilities across the country have petitioned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over their non-inclusion in the country’s electoral process. The petition, which was presented in form of a public complaint, took place at a one-day SouthWest stakeholders’ forum

on advocacy for inclusive and accessible electoral process for persons with disabilities in the country. It was held at the Premier Hotel, Ibadan yesterday. Compared to some developed and developing countries where people with disabilities were always accorded recognition and voting rights during elections, the physicallychallenged people said it was unfair that the same was not applicable in Nigeria. Speaking on behalf of the people with disability, Mr. Bukola Adebayo, member, Lagos State Civil Society Partnership, who said there were 20 million physically-challenged people in the country, lamented that it was only in Nigeria that

physically-challenged people were treated with much disdain. He said: “In Ghana, people with disabilities are given access to electoral process.” Similarly, Shina Fagbenro, of the Department for International Development (DfID), said he was aware that some African countries had adequate arrangements for people with disabilities in their electoral process, wondering why this was not adopted in Nigeria during elections. According to him, 15 percent of the global populations are people living with disabilities. In Nigeria alone, 20 million people are always being denied access to electoral process. He said: “No President elected in Nigeria ever

scored 20 million votes. It means if disabled people are included in the voting process, they have the numerical strength to vote out a president.” Fagbenro further expressed displeasure at the fact that the exclusion of disabled people from the electoral process also manifested in jingles and advertisements, which he said never have bias for people with disabilities. Responding, the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Osun State, Ambassador R. O. Akeju said though the commission would create good atmosphere for all people to exercise their voting rights, INEC did not have the authority to design voters’ cards for people with disabilities.

L-R: Musical Artist, Femi Anikulapo Kuti; Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Aderemi Ibirogba; President, Women Arise against Terror, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin; Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola; former Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association, Mrs. Prissilia Kuye, and Commerce and Industry counterpart, Mrs. Olusola Oworu, during Women Arise Against Terror Protest entitled: Rescue the Girls Alive! Secure Nigeria and end of Terror, at the Governor’s Office, Ikeja, Lagos...yesterday. PHOTO: TONY EGUAYE

Stranded Nigerian girls in Abidjan cry out


even Nigerian girls currently stranded in Abidjan have called on the Nigerian embassy in that country to assist them return to their families. Speaking to the News Agency of Nigerian (NAN) at the embassy premises yesterday, the girls said they were brought to Cote d’Ivoire by three persons they identified as Dele, Rose and Cynthia. They claimed that they were provided accommodation in a brothel in Sikensi, an outskirt of Abi-

djan, and made to serve as sex workers. Narrating their ordeal, one of them, Miss Blessing Elohor, 18, from Delta, said they were rescued by leaders of the Nigerian community in Cote d’Ivoire. “I was shown a picture of a `white man’ who, they said, owns a shop in Abidjan; they said I will serve as a waiter in his shop. I was surprised when they showed me a room and gave me condoms. They refused us making calls or even having discussions

with people,” she said. Also speaking to NAN, Tracy Ekuagbe, 17, said she was told that she was being taken to Germany, and was promised a paid job on arrival. She described her current experience in Cote d’Ivoire as a clear case of slavery and intimidation. Others stranded Nigerians in Cote D’Ivoire gave their names as Esumei Blessing, Joy Omojevwe, Tessy Obawangi, Esther John and Daivy John. Mr. Collins Chiaha,

Secretary-General, Nigerian Community in Cote d’Ivoire told NAN that the community would continue to support relevant authorities to tackle the menace of trafficking Nigerians. He said that the issue of trafficking in persons was embarrassing to the image of Nigeria. “I urge government to evolve ways of tightening border security to ensure that under-aged girls are no longer forced out of their homes into foreign lands,” he said.



Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Allegations against Code of Conduct boss, ill-conceived – Coalition


oalition of Civil Society Organisations of Nigeria has described the accusations of corruption levelled against the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Justice Danladi Umar, as a deliberate ploy to tarnish his image by some power hungry Nigerians. The coalition said having been convinced that the allegations were illmotivated it had resolved to support the chairman and the Bureau in ensuring that the continued fight for accountability was

entrenched in the system. Addressing newsmen in Abuja, president of the Coalition, Comrade Bassey Etuk Bassey Williams, stated that since both the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt and other related offences Commission (ICPC) were yet to establish any act of corruption against the chairman, having found nothing on him, only the courts could prove him guilty of the allegations against him. "

FG to commercialise river basins Kenneth Tyohemba



he Federal Ministry of Water Resources (FMWR) is to embark on full commercialization of the River Basins Development Authorities (RBDAs) in order to make them self-reliant in their funding operations. Minister of Water Resources, Mrs. Sarah Reng Ochekpe, stated this yesterday in Abuja while declaring open the retreat organized by the ministry for the boards and management of the RBDAs. Ochekpe revealed that the partial commercialization exercise of the RBDAs previously embarked upon by the ministry

was unsuccessful, adding that the policy was to be revisited by the National Council on Privatization following the release of the white paper on the Orosanya panel on the review of Federal Government’s ministries, departments and agencies. She further stated that the ministry had already commissioned consultants to thoroughly examine the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) base in the twelve RBDAs, and exploit dormant IGR potentials to shore up revenue basis. “This retreat will offer the opportunities to listen to experts on issues in our drive to strengthen the operations of RBDAs and make them self-reliant”, she stated.

Two feared dead as soldiers, mob clash in Kaduna Ibraheem Musa



wo persons were feared killed by soldiers yesterday while the latter were enforcing the 24-hour curfew imposed on the town following the religious crisis that occurred last Sunday. Speaking to New Telegraph on telephone, the source said that some youths had defied the curfew and were bent on continuing with the crisis when the soldiers

accosted them. According to him, the soldiers had fired shots into the air to disperse them but the youths remained defiant. ‘’The military had to shoot at the mob so as to stop them from advancing further,’’ he said, adding that ‘’two people were killed in the process.’’ The source who is a senior official of Kachia Local Government area, told New Telegraph that the actual crisis claimed only a casualty, one Lado at Angwan.

L-R: Managing Director/CEO, Nestle Nigeria Plc., Mr. Dharnesh Gordon; Chairman, Mr. David Ifezulike, and Company Secretary/Legal Adviser, Mr. Bode Ayeku, during the 45th Annual General Meeting of the company, in Lagos…yesterday. PHOTO:SULEIMAN HUSAINI

Court reinstates PDP South West caretaker committee WINNERS

After resigning their position 17 PDP chieftains are returned by law Joseph Onyekwere Federal High Court, Lagos, yesterday reinstated members of the Peoples Democratic Par ty (PDP) Southwest Zone Caretaker Committee who had earlier resigned their positions. They resigned to enable them contest in a zonal congress, which eventually did not hold. Justice Okon Abang held that the plaintiffs can remain in office until a valid congress is held. Seventeen members of the PDP had urged the court to hold that they remain the valid Caretaker Committee members by virtue of a court order, adding that PDP could not appoint


other persons to replace them. The plaintiffs are Ishola Filani (Ekiti State), Chief Pegba Otemolu (Ogun State), Adedeji Doherty (Lagos State), Rasak Adekonla Akanni (Oyo State), Bolaji Jeje (Lagos state), Orimolade Olanrewaju (Ondo State), Olawunmi Oshinmoluke Yuba (Ogun State) and Banji Obasanmi (Ekiti State). Others are Shola Oludipe (Ondo State), Lawal Waheed Olatunde (Oyo State), Emmanuel Oladejo (Oyo State), Olalekan Abubakar (Lagos State), Seun Adesanya (Ogun State), Semiu Babatunde (Ogun State), Prince Tope Ademiluyi (Ekiti State), Tunde Olowofoyeku (Osun State) and Prince Omoniyi Alo (Ondo State). The plaintiffs sought an order restraining the PDP from appointing any other persons in their place as the party’s Caretaker Committee in the Southwest Zone. They also prayed for an order nullifying any such appointment and

an order restraining PDP from dissolving or disbanding their committee or recognising any other Caretaker Committee. The plaintiffs also asked the court to restrain PDP from acting in the Southwest Zone through any other persons except them; and to bar the Independent national Electoral commission (INEC) from recognising any other committee except them. In a supporting affidavit, Filana said the court had directed the PDP to set up a caretaker committee to run the party’s affairs in the Southwest, consisting of the plaintiffs, who were “duly elected delegates from the constituent states of the Zone,” pending the conduct of a new congress. They sought a declaration that based on judgment delivered by Justice Abang on April 9, 2013, following which they were appointed as the Caretaker Commit-

tee of the Southwest Zone until the conduct of a zonal congress to elect new officers, PDP is not at liberty to dissolve the committee until new officers have been elected. They prayed the court to hold that the resignation of their positions in the committee was to enable them contest for a substantive office during the congress, which was scheduled to hold on August 24 last year, but was cancelled. They said since the congress was cancelled, their resignation is, therefore, of no effect. "I hold that the plaintiffs can remain in office until a valid congress is held," the judge held, urging the PDP to recognise the plaintiffs as the valid officers in the Southwest. Abang awarded the cost of N30,000 to the plaintiffs. He granted the plaintiffs' prayers to the extent that they can remain in office until a zonal congress is held.

NAWOJ rewards Uduaghan’s infrastructural strides

Omisore tackles Tinubu on rigging allegation

Dominic Adewole

Adeolu Adeyemo



elta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, has been honoured as Governor of the Year 2013 by the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ). T his was the latest in the series of recognitions and awards for the governor, especially from media practitioners and publishing houses in all

parts of the country and beyond, giving credence to his development strides in providing critical infrastructure. NAWOJ Lagos State chapter Chairman, Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu and her Secretary, Uchechukwu Akonobi, in a statement in Asaba yesterday, said the award is for Uduaghan’s outstanding accomplishment in tackling the multifaceted problems of development in the

oil rich state as well as his commitment to alleviating the plight of the ordinary people. She said: “After a painstaking and critical appraisal of all the state governors and the impact of their programmes on the citizenry, we are happy to inform the general public that Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan has been selected as NAWOJ Governor of the Year.”



sun State candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Iyiola Omisore, yesterday chided the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Mr. Bola Tinubu over a statement credited to him that PDP can only win election through rigging. Omisore, who spoke through his director of

media and strategies, Prince Diran Odeyemi, in Osogbo, said, "Our attention has been drawn to his statement in which he made an unsubstantiated and unguarded statement that PDP can only win election through rigging. "Ordinarily, we wouldn't have joined issues with him knowing full well that the August gubernatorial election will vindicate the PDP, but in order to put the issues in proper perspective, we want

to let every discerning Nigerian, particularly Osun indegenes, know that Mr. Tinubu is fixated because of the defeat staring his sidekick, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, in the face. "The rig and roast campaign that he has embarked on with Ogbeni Aregbesola is to prepare the ground for the mayhem they planned to unleash on the people once they lose, which is imminent."


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

VICTORY Barely a year to departure, Benue governor secures his position Tunde Oyesina ABUJA


he Supreme Court yesterday struck out a suit filed by the governorship candidate of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) now All Progressives Congress (APC), Prof. Steve Ugbah seeking to unseat Gabriel Suswam as the gover nor of Benue State. A panel of seven Justices of the apex court led by Justice Clara


S'court throws out suit seeking to unseat suswam ...orders APC to pay governor, PDP, INEC N3m as damages Ogunbiyi held that it is evident that the constitutional effect of section 285(6) and (7) has been well pronounced by the court. Justice Ogunbiyi in the consolidated appeal held that the application brought by Ugbah is purely an academic exercise, frivolous, vexatious and abuse of court process. The court further awarded N1 million

The number of fixed-telephone subscriptions of Colombia in 2011. Source:

each as punitive costs against Ugbah in favour of Suswam, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). "There shall also be punitive costs awarded against the applicants counsel and it is assessed at N1,000,000 in favour of each set of the respondents. "The application is thereby dismissed with


N1,000,000 cost in favour of each set of respondents against the applicants counsel," the judge ruled. It is recalled that the apex court had earlier struck out an application to set aside its judgement which upheld the election of Suswam. The application was seeking a fresh hearing of the petition filed against Suswam's election by the defunct ACN


The percentage share of United States’ arms The total number of internet users in Serbia purchase from the United Kingdom between in 2008. 2005 and 2009. Source: Source:

L-R: Director, Quality Assurance, National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. Chiedu Majiane; Director, Finance And Account, Mr. Sam Onazi and Executive Secretary, Prof. Julius Okojie, at the Workshop on Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standard and International Public Sector Accounting Standards in Nigerian Universities in Abuja …yesterday

Over 100,000 youths have died Stakeholders task national confab on creation of more states in Oyo in Borno attacks – Zannah Ahmed Miringa


he senator representing TDistrict, Borno Central Senatorial Senator Ahmed

Zannah, has said that over 100, 000 youths have lost their lives in the Boko Haram insurgency in Borno state. Zannah who disclosed this in an interview with newsmen in Maiduguri said more people were killed in the insurgency in the Northeast as a whole. On the intervention of the United States, Canada, France and United Kingdom, the senator said the success of the war against terrorism depended on the cooperation and seriousness of the Federal Government and the military. It is lack of seriousness


on the part of the Federal Government and the military, he said, that was prolonging the crisis, adding that with commitment and cooperation from the Nigerian military the Boko Haram insurgency would soon end. “Theattacks,kidnappings and robbery perpetrated by Boko Haram is sheer madness and has nothing to do withreligion,astheyclaimed; venting their anger on defenceless citizens is complete madness which is unacceptable in a civilized society,” the Senator declared. On the lack of developmental projects in Borno State, Zannah said the state government should be held responsible, as, according to him, the role of the Federal Government is purely complementaryandthereforethe lattershould not be blamed.

Sola Adeyemo


championing Astategroup the creation of another out of Oyo State, Oyo

Stakeholders on States Creation, has called on the National Conference to sensitise the National Assembly on the need to amend the constitution on the creation of states. The group led by Chief Adebayo Oyero, the president, Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII), said this yesterday in Ibadan at a news conference titled; “Imperative of splitting Oyo State into States.” Oyero said amendment to Section 8(1) (a) and (b) of the 1999 Constitution was capable of removing the impediments to state creation as has been agitated

severally by many people. “This will create a conducive atmosphere for meeting the demand of the people on state creation, where such demands are merited. “This action if taken by the conference would portray it as living to its historical restructuring of the country in a manner that will ensure equity and set the tone for good governance,” he said. On behalf of the people of Oyo state, Oyero requested the conference to recommend in its final report the splitting of the present Oyo State into at least two states. He said Oyo State as presently constituted was about the largest in the whole of southern Nigeria according to the 2006 census.

governorship candidate in the state, Ugba. The panel of five justices of the apex court, with Justice Muntaka Coomasie presiding, then held that the application to set aside the judgement was incompetent. The court said Ugbah did not file the June 8, 2013 judgement of the Supreme Court which he sought to set aside. The apex court, however, allowed a motion seek-

ing to change the name of one of the parties in the appeal from ACN to APC. The Supreme Court had June 8, 2013 upheld the election of Suswam and dismissed the appeal by Ugba, which prayed the court to order the state’s governorship election tribunal to commence hearing of his petition seeking to unseat the governor despite the fact that the 180 days provided for by the constitution had lapsed.

Hajj: Ogun sets June 20 as deadline for payment


s part of ef for ts towards maintaining the enviable standard it has set by guiding pilgrims to Saudi Arabia to perform the annual holy pilgrimage, the Ogun State Muslim Pilgrims We l f a r e Board, has set Friday, June 20, as deadline for applicants to complete all payments. Executive Secretary of the Board, Alhaji Shefiu Rasheed in a statement issued in Abeokuta warned that any prospective pilgrim that fails to meet the deadline risk forfeiting the chance of performing the exercise. The body, according to him, had fixed initial payments for applicant at N710, 000 after conclusion of a three-day screening exercise organised to ascertain the eligibility of applicants. Rasheed said that all successful applicants

are expected to verify their names at the body’s information department, adding that the initial deposit was still subject to adjustment pending the approval of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria Headquarters (NAHCON) Abuja. He stressed that the action was to fast track administrative and processes of documenting travel documents for successful pilgrims. “This payment is still subject to be reviewed downward or upward by the NAHCON, but it will serve as a bases for applicants to secure their chances of participating in the 2014 hajj exercise," he said. The executive secretary also advised pilgrims to promptly submit their epassports after fulfilling all necessary requirements so as to allow the boards commence processing travelling documents in earnest.

PDP aspirant condoles with Almakura on sister’s death Ahmed Tukur


r. Yusuf Muhammed DDemocratic Agabi, Peoples Party (

PDP ) gover norship aspirant has condoled with Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura over the passage of his elder sister, Hajiya Husseina Baban Kwaku, who died at the weekend during a brief illness. Agabi, who visited the family compound in Lafia, said he was shocked by the death of the late Hajiya Kwaku, saying her de-

parture is a great loss to the state and the nation at large. "Iam very hopeful that God in his infinite mercy will grant her aljanat firdausi and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss." Agabi described the late Hajiya Kwaku as a humble mother whose humility and exemplary life has touched the community and beyond. “The impact of late Hajiya Kwaku cannot be under estimated on the people of the area of Kukan Bisa and the state as a whole."

10 News


Abia governor's adviser drums support for Mr. President Ikechukwu Ucheoma Umuahia


hose criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan’s leadership style are doing so because he has not allowed them to loot the nation’s treasury. Special Adviser to the Abia State Governor on

Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jonathan’s critics are potential looters, says Orji’s aide Labour Matters, Lucky Akabuike, said this yesterday while addressing a youth group, Union of Niger Delta Youth Council (UNDYC) at the state’s Government House. The group had called at the Government House to declare support for both president Goodluck Jona-

than and the state governor, Theordore Orji. Addressing the youths, Akabuike said he was encouraged that there were still young Nigerians who recognized that President Jonathan was doing well in his administration. Insisting that Jonathan had done well, he declared

that those criticizing his administration were angry because they were not given the chance to loot the treasure of the nation. He said he was very comforted that they came to show solidarity to Jonathan and Orji, describing the UNDYC as comprising people who mean well for

the nation. He said he was ashamed of Niger-Delta sons who, instead of praying for the president to succeed as a leader, were busy criticizing him. In his address, the Abia State Chairman of UNDYC, Prince Angel Njoku O. Ukah charged

the members not to let the Niger-Delta region down by closing their eyes to the development at the national level, adding that UNDYC is strongly behind President Jonathan's administration, as he has been tested and trusted in the Niger Delta and Nigeria in general.

EFCC blows own trumpet


he Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yesterday said it secured 117 court convictions in corruption-related cases in 2013. Chairman of the commission, Mr Ibrahim Lamorde, made the disclosure at a workshop on “Effective Reporting of Economic and Financial Crimes,” in Port Harcourt. Represented by the Deputy Director, Public Affairs, Mr Osita Nwaja, he said that the EFCC was anticipating much high figures of conviction this year due to its several ongoing investigations. “The commission is actively engaged in the investigation and prosecution of persons and organisations implicated in the oil subsidy fraud, through which the nation lost billions of Naira. “Some suspects involved in the subsidy scandal are being prosecuted in court, while tangible recoveries of

assets had been made. “This development also applies to fraud in the pension sector and theft of crude oil in the creeks which everyone is really concerned about,” he said. Lamorde said the commission was reviewing its' strategies to enable it meet with peculiar challenges it was faced with in some environment it operates. He said that the commission had intensified public enlightenment campaigns to assist people to know about crime prevention and know how to give out the right information. He said that the workshop was aimed at improving public consciousness of the ills of economic and financial crimes on the nation’s economy. “Nigerians must buy in and take ownership of the fight against corruption in view of the fact that the commission cannot win the fight against economic crimes alone,” he said.

L-R: President Goodluck Jonathan; Senior Adviser to the Executive Director, Unaids, Djibril Diallo; Minister of Sports, Mr. Tamuno Danagogo and Director-General, National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA), Prof. John Idoko, during the signing/Launching of 'Protect The Goal' Initiative in Abuja …yesterday


The number of adults and children estimated to be living with HIV in Pakistan in 2008. Source:


The IGR realized from PAYE (taxes) of Enugu State in 2012. Source: National Bureau of Statistics

Kidnapping: Ondo CP FG trains 26,000 workers under reads riot act to citizens MDGs capacity programme


he Federal Government said it has trained no fewer than 26,000 workers in the Federal Civil Service under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) public sector capacity building programme. The training, which is to build and strengthen the ability of officers to effectively deliver services and contribute significantly to the achievements of the MDGs, was introduced in 2009. This is contained in a statement issued yesterday in Abuja by Mr. Mohammed Manga, Assistant Director, Media Relations in the office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (HOCSF). The statement said that the HOSCSF, Alhaji Bukar Aji, announced the figure at the 12th

batch of the 2014 specialised mandatory training programme for officers on GL 08 to 16. It said that the objective of the training was to build and strengthen the ability of officers to effectively and efficiently deliver services and contribute significantly to the achievements of the MDGs. The statement further explained that 450 staff on GL 08 to 16 in the batch were undergoing the training. It said that human capital development would continue to receive the needed impetus by the Federal Gover nment. It called for collaborative efforts of donor agencies and development partners to ensure that the required targets were met.

Babatope Okeowo



orried by incidents of lynching of innocent people under the pretext of being suspected kidnappers, the Ondo State Police Commissioner, Mr. Isaac Eke, yesterday read the riot act to members of the public, asking them to desist from such act or face the full wrath of the law. The police commissioner, who held a stakeholders’ meeting with the media, market associations, drivers’ unions and vigilance groups in the state, said anybody caught taking the law into his hand would be charged with murder. Eke said one of the duties of the police is the protection of lives and property, including that of the mentally-challenged, who are roaming about the streets.

He said "reports of such incidents in the state showed that those being killed are confirmed mentally-challenged and not kidnappers as being insinuated by the people." The police boss expressed regret that some people engaged the police when security operatives wanted to rescue victims of mob action. He said the police would henceforth use maximum force to rescue people from mob action and anybody caught would face the wrath of the law. Meanwhile, the police commissioner has sought the support of the media in the war against crime. Eke made the appeal when he paid a visit to Orange 94.5FM Akure as part of his sensitisation tour of media houses to condemn the growing cases of jungle justice in the state in the last one week.


The total area (in sq. km) of Sweden. Source:

Clerics call for continuous prayers for Nigeria Yuzarsf Alhassan



n Islamic cleric, Sheik Tahir Usman Bauchi, has called on Nigerians to continue to pray for peace in the country. He made the call yesterday in Bauchi while also urging the people to desist from pointing fingers to one another, but to continue to pray that the country will overcome the current security challenges facing the country. The cleric said the persistent killing of innocent citizens by the Boko Haram sect was caused by the people, lamenting that religious preachers, Ulamas and others had abused their positions in the past. On the abducted schoolgirls, the cleric said the parents of the girls should rather in-

tensify prayers for their children than shedding tears, saying others have lost theirs while others have been killed. According to him; “Servants of Allah were being abused, religious scholars were also abused and these men are servants of the Almighty. “And Allah would not allow such thing to continue like that without punishing the culprits’ so that’s that. “I can only advise the parents of the abducted girls to ensure prayers at all times than crying, because we have those that lost theirs through killing by Boko Haram.” "How do you expect such parents to feel; but for those who had their children abducted, they still have the hope of getting back their girls,” he said. He urged Nigerians to be God-fearing in all they do.


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Bad days loom for APC as two senators battle for recognition Leo Sobechi he crisis in the Anambra State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday took a turn for the worse as the South-East zone of the party identified with the previous state congress in which loyalists of Senator Chris Ngige, had the upper hand. Dissatisfied with the outcome of the state congress, APC faithful loyal to Senator Annie Okonkwo, conducted what it called a repeat congress last Friday, accusing Ngige of breach-



Anambra APC's crisis worsens as South-East leaders back Ngige ing the party’s laid down procedures. But, in a statement made available to New Telegraph on yesterday; APC spokesman in the SouthEast, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, said: “APC South-East zone has dissociated itself from the repeat Anambra State congress conducted by some aggrieved members of the party led by Senator Annie Okonkwo at the Women Development Centre, Awka last Friday.” Okechukwu said APC South-East upheld the earlier Anambra State congress held on April 26,

2014 at the Alex Ekwueme Square in Awka, stressing that “on the position of the Congress Appeal Report on Anambra State and the Abari sub-committee, we stand.” While appealing to all APC faithful in the state to join hands with Senator Chris Ngige who, he said “remains the leader of the party by virtue of his position as the highest APC political office holder in the

state.” The spokesman accused organisers of the repeat congress of plotting to destabilise APC in the state. Alleging that “their grand design is to scuttle APC’s case before the Governorship Election Petition sitting in Awka,” Okechukwu maintained that there is no faction in Anambra APC, describing the purported repeat congress as a gathering of

disloyal politicians being used by external forces to destabilise the party. “All one can say is that Senator Annie Okonkwo cannot in all honesty say he is a genuine member of the APC, having sabotaged the party during the Anambra State gubernatorial election late last year. “I am worried he may withdraw the APC suit at the tribunal, if by mistake the leadership hands over

the structure of the party to him. Late Chief Edwin Ume-Ezeoke did same to Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).” He recalled that a committee set up by the APC National Congress Supervisory Committee earlier ruled that there was no need to repeat ward, local government and state congresses in Anambra State and upheld the earlier congress.

Jonathan challenges governors on support for HIV/AIDS Anule Emmanuel resident Goodluck Jonathan has urged governors of the 36 states of the Federation to take the lead in HIV responses particularly prevention in their various states. The President gave the charge yesterday at the official launch of a new programme, 'Protect the Goal' campaign in Nigeria. Performing the ceremony at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, the President said that the progress made on the fight against HIV/ AIDS in the country was not satisfactory. According to him, there was the need for the three tiers of government to unite on a national plan


that would lead to sharp reduction of the pandemic. "While we fully support the individual effort of our various states, I will like to reiterate my call on our state governors to own and take the lead in HIV response in their respective states. Effective coordination of this initiative is well in line with the agenda of transformation of a better health of our citizens," he said. "Although there are encouraging signs of progress, we are not satisfied. It is in this regard that I'm inviting all key stakeholders at federal, state and local government levels to unite around a national plan, the President's response comprehensive plan against HIV/AIDS in order to change the game."

Indorama injects $575m to Eleme plant – MD lPays N33.9bn dividend to FG, Rivers Abdulwahab Isa



he management of privatised Eleme petrochemical, Indorama (IEPL) said it has injected $575 million capital into the company in the last eight years and a dividend pay out of N33.9 billion to both federal government and Rivers state. The company also plans to invest $4.4bilion in its operations by 2019 to become the largest petrochemical company in Africa. Managing Director, Mr. Manish Mundra said these while briefing members of the Senate Committee on Privatisation, led by its Chairman, Senator Olugbenga Obadara, who were at the plant in continuation of

their oversight visit to privatised enterprises in Rivers State. A statement by Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) quoted Mundra as saying that his company also paid about N15.61 billion in taxes to the federal and state governments. The MD explained that the company, which is currently the largest integrated olefins producer in West Africa has a work force of 1585, most of who are Nigerians. At Notore Chemical Industries Limited, Onne, the Head of Projects, Mr. Bode Agagu, said the company plans to increase its production from 500,000 metric tons to 750,000 per annum and to build a new plant in partnership with a Danish firm.

L-R: Spokesperson, Sam4Nigeria Presidential Campaign, Hajiya Mariya Ibrahim Baba; former Governor of Kaduna State/APC Chieftain, AVM Mouktar Mohammed (rtd), and APC Presidential Aspirant/ former Chairman, Leadership Group, Sam Nda-Isaiah, at a Town Hall Meeting organized for the presidential aspirant with Kano royalty, political groups, business community, and academia in Kano

Teachers of UNN staff school protest non-implementation of CONTISS Uwakwe Abugu



eachers of the University Staff School, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, yesterday took their one-week long protest over the non-implementation of their Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure (CONTISS) to the Vice-Chancellor of the university. The teachers were also protesting the nonpayment of their two months’ salary arrears. Yesterday, they urged the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Barth Okolo, to treat them as workers of the university by intervening in their situation. The teachers have since May 5, when the school resumed after the Easter break, embarked on a sit-down strike, but took the protest beyond the premises of the University Staff School yesterday to further get Prof. Okolo's administration to listen to them. They were carrying placards some of which read: ‘Listen To Us, Pay Us Our CONTISS and

other arrears’ and ‘Pay Us Our Salaries.’ The teachers, who caused a stir at the university administration block, were reportedly addressed by the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of administration, Prof. Eddy Igbokwe, but it was not certain what exactly he told them. Igbokwe in a telephone interview with New Telegraph yesterday said; “The administration has ordered that the outstanding salaries of the teachers be paid immediately, that was the summary of what we have done today.” He did not specify what the authorities of the university discussed with the teachers, especially as it pertains to their other grievances, but we gathered that if their salaries were paid, the teachers may go back to the classroom.” However, the deputy vice chancellor did not explain what was responsible for the nonpayment of the CONTISS salaries to the teachers of the staff school.

Lamido qualified to run for presidency – Obasanjo Dahiru Suleiman



ormer President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has said that Governor Sule Lamido's track record qualifies him to vie for presidency come next year. Speaking to journalists in Dutse, the Jigawa State capital, on the occasion of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the handing over of Kudai Girls Boarding Primary and Junior Secondary School by Jigawa State Government to his charity foundation for the Advancement of Girld Child Education, Obasanjo threw his weight behind Lamido's presidential ambition, saying, "All I know, for the track record he has, he stands qualified to gun for presidency." Obasanjo, who was in Jigawa on a working visit, added that even though Lamido hasn't told me his wishes, his track record stand shoulder to shoulder to anyone that can contest for presidency come next year.

Lamido recently came under pressure by a political group to contest for the 2015 presidency on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Obasanjo said the MOU was to promote girlchild education, adding “our goal is to promote a model, a model that will move forward our communities and our nation.” Other areas of focus include health where he said the foundation had signed an MOU with Ghana on other matters of common interest aimed at promoting the growth and development of the African continent. Earlier, Lamido commended Obasanjo's giant strides in his foundation’s advancement of girl-child education, pledging his (Lamido) government’s full support.

change of name


Formerly Miss Tolu Mabawonku, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Tolu Omojola, all former documents remain valid. General public take note.





tUESday, may 13, 2014

0802 393 8212

Masquerade, followers invade mosque, injure worshippers

The vandalised mosque

Sergeant shoots, kills man Juliana Francis


Sergeant, Otene Godwin, is now in police custody for allegedly shooting a man to death in circumstances yet to be known. A witness claimed that Godwin left his duty post at the Area E Command, Festac and went to Alakija, where he shot and killed the civilian, identified as Oyema Edewor. “The sergeant was supposed to be at his duty post, but he left for Alakija, for reasons we are yet to know. The truth of the matter is that robbers and car snatchers have come up with new tricks of stealing cars. They would use towing vans to move stolen car, fooling security agents on the road,” a police source explained. He added: “So on that fateful day, at Alakija, the sergeant said he flagged down a towing van, that was towing a vehicle but rather than stop, the driver increased speed. Thus the sergeant

thought they were car snatchers, posing as towing van officials. “When the driver, however, reached a portion of the road where traffic could no longer allow him to drive through, he halted the van, jumped out and took to his heels. He left the two owners of the car that was being towed behind. When the two stepped down from the car, the sergeant opened fire, shooting one of them on the hand. The gunshot attracted people and soon there was a crowd. Seeing the crowd and sensing danger, the sergeant bolted. “The crowd watched, while the man bled profusely. Some sympathisers finally mobilised to take him to hospital, but he was rejected. Information about the shooting reached the Area Command, ACP. Dan Okoro, who mobilised some of his officers and they went to the scene of the shooting, from there they located the wounded man and took him to hospital, but he died on the way to another hospital. He bled to death.” The state Police Public Relations


Tuesday, May13, 2014

Officer (PPRO), Ngozi Braide, said Godwin with F/No. 355272 attached to Area ‘E’ Command, had been arrested for allegedly shooting Oyema Edewor. She said: “The incident occurred on May 10, about 11pm, along Alakija area of Festac Town. Sergeant Otene abandoned his duty post as the Station Guard at Area ‘E’ Command and left for Alakija area where the unfortunate incident occurred. “The Nigeria Police is a disciplined organisation and will never tolerate any act of indiscipline from its members. The Commissioner of Police, Umar A. Manko, wishes to use this medium to appeal to members of the public, to remain calm and maintain peace as justice will definitely be done. He had also assured the deceased’s family that investigation will be concluded in good time.” It was gathered that Okoro and Braide, yesterday, went to the house of the deceased to meet family members and express the command’s heartfelt condolence.

SACRILEGE Masquerade attacks woman for wearing veil Taiwo Jimoh


ell was let loose in Idimu area of Lagos State when masquerade and its followers attacked the Shamsu-deen Central Mosque, Idimu II. In the attack, some persons were injured while property worth of millions of naira were destroyed. Those injured in the Sunday attack are identified as Sulaimon Rabiu, Ahmed Mutairu, Yusuf Wasiu, Ganiu Isiak, Alhaji Ganiyu Adewale, Tajudeen Rabiu, Haruna Nasif and Ismail Mayadele. Trouble, according to investigation, started when of a member of Shamsu-deen Al-Islamiy, an Islamic organisation, Saheed Majekodunmi, residing at No: 4, Gbemi Ogundeyi Street, confronted the masquerade for allegedly removing his wife’s hijab, a female Muslim wear. An argument ensued during the confrontation. “The masquerade and its followers are fond of coming into our compound on the guise of coming to pay homage to one of their relatives. “On Sunday, I was in the room sleeping when I heard my wife shouting. I jumped out only to see some of our neighbours persuading her. My wife said the masquerade told her that she could not be using hijab while it (the masquerade) was also wearing ‘hijab’. The masquerade then removed my wife’s hijab,” Majekodunmi said. The man said the masquerade’s action provoked him and his friend who was with him. He said: “I tried to ask the leader of the masquerade to explain what prompted them to remove my wife’s hijab.

Thursday, M

“But before one of them p and beat him more beating, m mosque, which my street. “I thought th back into my r had persuaded never knew tha its followers ha “While we w we suddenly s the masquera mosque and po They did not ev When our c the mosque yes destroyed by th erywhere. The Mission lamiy, Ustads said he was n attack. He said: “I tion’s general m reached me. I le ately for the mo what they told level of the des here.” Robiu, howe State Governm Command to co ing that they w Also, the Ba Mr Waheed E formed of the a He said: “I But I was here the Oba of Egb of Egbe Idimu take stock of t mosque and to to bear with u gating the mat One of the said they wer adding that t the mosque w and its follow He said: “So were seriously us with mache property in the Those injur Idimu General It was gather tims were rejec agement over n A senior pol Police Station masquerade ha He also prom run would soon

Ikeja bomb blast v protest unpaid com Muritala Ayinla elatives of the victims of JanRIkeja uary 27, 2002 bomb blast at the Military Cantonment yes-

terday stormed the office of Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, to protest the unpaid compensation to the remaining 84 families. The protesters had on April 16 stormed the Governor’s Office over the issue. The aggrieved relatives claimed they were left out in the N17.5 million cheques given to the 70 families of the blast victims by the state government when the 10th anniversary of the blast was held in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area, LCDA. Dressed in black attires, the protesters called on the government to consider them since they

suffered the same fa compensated famil Armed with a larg placards of varying s families urged Fasho compensation like ot Some of the ins their placards read: our soul,” “84 vict have been neglec Bomb blast victim “The victims’ widow and “Mr. Governor your promise.” The protesters r 12 years after issue the blast were yet to Speaking with ou dent, Mr. Nurudee who led the proteste had been visiting th Office and lawmak list of the 84 victim He said: “In 2012

Will UPN be PDP’s appendage? / PAGE 14 | Okorie, Okwu: UPP/APGA alliance will shape Nigerian politics / PAGE 16



ayodele Ojo

Deputy Editor, politics

Jang’s successor stirs up zoning factor


TUESday, May 13, 2014

A’Ibom: Guber ambition tears Akpabio, Umana, Akpan apart





he popular adage that in politics there is no permanent friend or enemy but interest had played out in the political arena in Awka Ibom State with the recent sharp severance of the longstanding and once inseparable friendship of the trio of Governor Godswill Akpabio, Obong Umana Okon Umana, his former Secretary to the State Government (SSG) and former Commissioner for Finance, Bassey Albert Akpan over the February 28, 2015 governorship election. While Umana and Akpan are desirous of taking over from Akpabio, the governor is keen on having his new SSG, Udom Emmanuel as his successor in 2015. The making of the much-talked uncommon transformation in Akwa Ibom today started in 2007 with the emergence of Akpabio as governor and the enduring support of Umana and Akpan. Available records have it that while Akpabio, a former Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs under Governor Victor Attah fell out with his then boss over his ambition to govern the state, Akpabio was left with little resources at his disposal to execute his governorship ambition which required massive financial resources. Attah, who was convinced by his inner caucus to ditch Akpabio for his son-in law, Dr. Udoma Ekarika, further re-assigned him from the more lucrative ministry to a dormant Ministry of Land.

Ahead of the 2015 governorship election in Akwa Ibom State, two powerful political associates of Governor Godswill Akpabio have been fired as a result of their political ambition. TONY ANICHEBE reports on the intrigues leading to the sacking of Umana Okon Umana and Bassey Albert Akpan as Secretary to the State Government (SSG) and former Commissioner of Finance respectively But the grand conspiracy to frustrate Akpabio out of the race was boosted when Akpabio had a political under-

standing with Umana who secretly stood by him with funds alleged to be in hundreds of millions. Umana was


Jonathan has no business remaining in Aso Rock making speeches that does not impress me and the country. If this government is a responsive and responsible type, Jonathan wouldn’t wait that so long before doing something – Tam David-West

Our President is not a show man. The fact that the President did not say anything does not mean that a lot was not going on. The President and government are not taking this thing as easy as many Nigerians and people in the world are taking it -Doyin Okupe

then Attah’s commissioner in charge of finance. Umana had rose from the civil service ranks to become a permanent secretary before being appointed a commissioner. New Telegraph gathered that Umana, an economist turned politician, deployed enormous resources which helped Akpabio at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries that saw delegates turning millionaires overnight. In appreciation of Umana’s efforts, Akpabio, moments after taking oath of office as governor, announced Umana as his SSG. Akpabio and Umana ran the Akwa Ibom State Government for more than three months before commissioners were appointed. New Telegraph gathered that Umana did not just agreed to put his resources into the Akpabio campaign for the office of the SSG alone but had an understanding with the governor that power will be handed over to him after Akpabio’s eight years, a deal both of them allegedly agreed upon and sealed in a very friendly atmosphere. In the composition of the cabinet, Akpan, who was recently sacked, emerged as Commissioner for Finance. He had earlier resigned as a vice president of new generation bank to take over the management of the Akwa Ibom state treasury. Unlike many commissioners, Akpan CONTINUED ON PAGE 18


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Will UPN be PDP’s appendage? More than anyone else, the founder of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and National Chairman of newly registered Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Dr. Fredrick Fasehun believes that the party has come to guarantee the practice of true democracy in the country. YEKEEN NURUDEEN reports


o Dr. Fredrick Fasehun and his anchor men at the leadership of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), the party has come to respond to the yearnings of Nigerians for a party that exists and contests power purely to bring the best in life to citizens, to provide an enabling environment for them to actualise their legitimate aspirations and to enable them live proud, safe and satisfied in the cover of a strong, reliable and function nation. After suffering a 12-month delay while pursuing its registration with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the party was registered on April 14, 2014. The battle for registration according to its National Chairman was long and tough. “It dragged on for 12 calendar months,” he said. The delayed registration of the UPN was costly. Fasehun at a press briefing in Abuja lamented that the party aspirants jostling for the governorship elections in Ekiti and Osun states slated for June and August 2014 respectively have all defected to other parties. “UPN originally began to mobilise for the intention to contest these elections. All these efforts have now been wasted because some of the aspirants have left to join the earlier established parties,” he said. While other opposition parties and indeed watchers of happenings in the nation’s political landscape have described the new UPN as an appendage of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), leadership of the resuscitated party are telling those who care to listen that the new UPN is not and cannot be an appendage of any party. “If we are an appendage of any political party, we would have joined that party, so we deny it categorically that we are not an appendage of any party; local or foreign. This blackmail is being used by our detractors who feel jittery that UPN is a giant that has woken up,” said the national chairman. As if to convince those that doubt its originality, the party said it would continue to maintain a resolute stand on the legacy of the four cardinal programmes of its founding fathers led by the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The four cardinal programmes are free and qualitative education at all levels, gainful employment for all, free medical services and integrated rural development. But beyond these four cardinal programmes and the optimism being exuded by Fasheun and his team, the UPN without doubt has a Herculean task to challenge the established opposition parties and of course the ruling party. It will not only try to establish its presence in terms of structures and membership across the country, it must also, if it will match words with actions, win seats from local government, states to the federal level in the forthcoming elections.


If we are an appendage of any political party, we would have joined that party... This blackmail is being used by our detractors who feel jittery that UPN is a giant that has woken up In response to this, at its first National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held in Abuja, the leadership of the party agreed on establishing structures at the local and state levels. It directed NEC members in each state to constitute the State Caretaker Committee under the most senior officer as the chairman and to include as much as possible various interest and social group as reflecting the geopolitical tendencies of each state. According to the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Barrister Adedeji Salau, “each state caretaker committee is tasked with the responsibility of membership drive for the party in the state and to ensure cohesiveness of the party membership in building the party structure at the state, local government and ward during congresses without fractionalisation of the party in accordance with the constitution of the party.” Fasheun said the party would field candidates in all elections in 2015. His words: “We will field candidates at all levels of positions of

governance in this country; from the local government areas to the Presidency, UPN will contest.” On zoning, Fasehun said: “We are looking for the best person to lead this country, so if a certain person is found in a remote area of Zamfara, we will adopt him. If she is found in the remotest part of Akwa Ibom we will adopt her. “I can assure you that we have the resources not necessarily monetarily because we have not been involved in stealing from the national treasury but we have resources in the people. This is the most useful resource. People are the most useful resource in true democracy; government of the people, by the people and for the people. We shall prove to those gluttonous characters there that our country will move forward truly without their money.” Again, the party has to dispel the rumour that it was registered by the PDP to weaken All Progressives Congress (APC) which is already deeply rooted in the South-West and also springing up in the North. For instance, last year, former governor of Ogun State and chieftain of the APC, Chief Segun Osoba reportedly slammed Fasehun for allegedly working with the enemies of the country to re-register UPN and frustrate the plans of the progressives to salvage the country from the brink. Osoba condemned the roles of Fasehun in bringing back the defunct UPN, which the late sage and former Premier of the defunct Western Region, Chief Awolowo established in 1978, describing the OPC leader as the

greatest disappointment considering his past sacrifice in the struggle for democracy. “We do not care about those who were behind them. Let them put the roof on their head. They are promoting the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and all kinds of nuisance in the South-West. We know their antics already. And we are well-prepared to deal with them. We are not threatened at all,” Osoba had said. But the founder of the OPC fired back: “Of course, Nigerians cannot but recall the panic that gripped the camp of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN now APC) when the matter of the resuscitation of UPN was first broached in April 2013. “ACN chieftains, particularly the National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, went to town to accuse UPN and its chairman, Dr. Fasehun, of colluding with PDP to threaten peace in the South-West, purportedly in return for a phantom petroleum pipeline contract allegedly worth N2.4 billion monthly. Isn’t it an irony that the purported pipeline contract has not seen the light of day one year after APC’s panic-driven outbursts?” Hoping to dislodge the PDP and other parties does not seem to be a tall dream to the UPN especially in a country where votes cast hardly count. How will this be possible? Fasheun said the party intends to embark on a house to house campaign on what the party has come to offer. “We will go from house to house telling people that UPN has come to offer a change to them. A positive change; a forward looking change, a change that will be beneficial to the young, the old, the male, the female, the literate, the illiterate. I can assure you we have no bags in our fold, but I can assure that the people of this nation the veil has been removed by UPN and that is why as a matter of fact in the South-West, when you say UPN people will say ‘Oju ti la’. We believe people have now turned around from bad influences and they are determined to move their country forward under true democracy. “It is only Nigeria that feels the pangs of bad governance. Virtually every Nigerian in every nook and cranny of this country feel the pang of bad governance and ours is a platform for good governance. If a unity party that is the party of the grassroots decides in its entirety to sit down to negotiate good governance with any group, we will do it. And I can assure you that we have not made up our mind to be an appendage to any political party and by the grace of God we shall not be,” he said. To do this effectively especially during the elections, the leadership of the revived party said it would not rely on the Nigeria Police and other security agencies in 2015 to stop election riggers. The party, according to its National Chairman, would make use of its own trained vote’s protectors during the election to prevent rigging. “Election rigging has been possible in this country because people allowed riggers to rig. This time no rigger will succeed in rigging. We are not going to rely on the strength of the Police alone and the State Security Service (SSS) alone, we are even going to recruit our own in-house protectors. And when you attempt to steal the vote you will not have that experience anymore,” he said. With all these, the party seems to have left no one in doubt as to its preparedness and seriousness to take the fight to other opposition parties and the PDP before, during and after 2015 elections. It is only a matter of time for Nigerians to know if UPN is actually the party to watch out for.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


G2G as Jonathan’s electoral advocate


or many Nigerians, the key driver of the 2011 election campaign wasn’t President Goodluck Jonathan or his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). For these sets of people, the major interface between the masses and the president’s bid was a campaign movement called Neighbour-2-Neighbour, an acclaimed private initiative which brought the person of Jonathan to the doorstep of every home and prospective voters at that time, with constant articulated campaign messages through the print, electronic and social media. Few weeks back, similar act aimed at projecting and re-sensitise Nigerians on the achievements made so far under the manifesto of the PDP and the Transformation Agenda of President Jonathan was launched, with the sole aim of convincing and canvassing the people that no one is better qualified to take over the reins of power in 2015 other than President Jonathan himself. Speaking in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital at the formal inauguration of the Goodluck To Goodluck (G2G) 2015 Project, the platform’s National Coordinator, Major General Charles Ehigie Airhiavbere (rtd), said the group has only one objective dangling on its head: “It plans to convince Nigerians before the 2015 general election that PDP is the only political party that cuts across the nooks and crannies of the country with national interest, and that President Jonathan remains the best option to be at the helm of affairs and seek the votes of Nigerians, at home and abroad for the president and his party.” According to Airhiavbere, the inauguration of G2G 2015 Zonal and State Coordinators is not a fantasy land movement designed to sing Jonathan’s praises where none is due, but a purposeful, strategic blueprint designed to raise objective notes about the presidential race in 2015. Underlying its point on the essence of the re-election of the president, the G2G national coordinator made a rhetorical query: “Before anyone starts to think about going shopping for another president in place of Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, it will be wise to give serious consideration to these three pertinent questions: First, what do we really want from a president for our nation that we do not already have in Goodluck Ebele Jonathan – taking into consideration the realities of our national and global environment? Second, which one of the frontrunner candidates of the main opposition party can grant and guaranty better than President Jonathan a nation in which true democracy thrives and continues to grow? Third, which frontrunner candidates in any of the opposition parties, particularly with their known less-than-noteworthy track records, can do better than President Jonathan has done so far?” Hinging the strength of G2G on the capability and performance of the president in the last three years, the former Edo State PDP gubernatorial candidate during the 2012 election said: “The fact that our current president does not blow his own trumpet should not blind us to the reality of his capability and performance as president. Maybe it is time for those of us who know what he is doing for our nation to blow the trumpet on his behalf. Judging by his achievements so far, another four-year term will only ensure that the ongoing process of laying a foundation for a better Nigeria is not interrupted. “President Jonathan has done well, without a doubt, and his achievements in transforming our socio-political and economic landscape abound all over the nation. No matter what anyone or any group may say, PDP was and is still the party to beat. The PDP is the party of choice for the true democracy that will

The steam has started gathering as various advocacy groups, blocs and coalitions are already strategising for the 2015 general elections. In this report, WALE ELEGBEDE reviews the recent inauguration of one of such groups, the Goodluck to Goodluck (G2G) campaign and the possible effect of its input in the re-election or otherwise of President Goodluck Jonathan

L-R: Former Minister of Transport, Senator Abiye Sekibo; National Coordinator of Goodluck2Goodluck2015 Project, Major General Charles Ehigie Airhiavbere (Rtd) and member, Board of Trustees/Patron G2G, Sir Emem Akpabio at the inaugural ceremony of the zonal and state coordinators of G2G held at the Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt

guaranty unity, peace and progress for our dear nation.” Reeling out some of the achievements of the present administration, the G2G said the deep sense of continuity in governance as imbibed in the Jonathan’s administration, has ensured that abandoned and uncompleted projects which littered the country’s landscape, over 3,000 in all, are completed. While raising many signs of progress under the government, the retired general averred that, “Our railroads are now actively transporting people and goods to, and from, different locations in the country, thus providing jobs and improving the means and livelihood of many Nigerians. Power generation plants are coming online one after another towards ensuring adequate and uninterrupted electricity for Nigerians. Road networks are being completed and water supply is improving in both rural and urban communities. Priority is also being given to upgrading security of life and property of all Nigerians.” Showering encomiums on the personality of the president and his ethos of governance, Airhiavbere stated that true democracy eluded Nigeria until President Jonathan came into office, stressing that at no time, until now, have Nigerians had such unbridled freedom of speech and expression without fear of persecution or prosecution. “President Jonathan is not egotistic, and is therefore not averse to criticism (however unfair it has been in most cases). He is a man who chooses the path of careful and deliberate counsel to rule the people over whom God has given him the privilege to lead. Despite the serious challenges posed by fast-changing mind-sets and the politico-economic landscape, Nigeria now has a truly democratic, humble and God-fearing leader.” The leadership of G2G said the input and support of Nigerians and other similarly vested interest would be their soaring point, stating that, “It is our hope

The fact that our current president does not blow his own trumpet should not blind us to the reality of his capability and performance... Judging by his achievements so far, another four-year term will only ensure that the ongoing process of laying a foundation for a better Nigeria is not interrupted that the G2G 2015 Project will serve as a rallying point for interest groups across the country – whether or not they are affiliated with the PDP. The only qualifying credential would be genuine readiness to work towards the continuity of President Jonathan’s mandate beyond 2015, and the reconsolidation of the policies and values that brought greatness and national appeal to our great party – the PDP.” On what its mode of operation would be, the group explained that the G2G project has been specially designed to complement President Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda with the aim of positively impacting the lives of all Nigerians, and particular at the grassroots level through its numerous impactful, tangible programmes. “The G2G 2015 Project will engage and empower our youth educationally, economically, physically and spiritually. At various levels, jobs, revenue-generating opportunities have been designed for implementation to increase the prospects of a better tomorrow. Our programme will help our youth and general populace to resist manipulation by those who would take advantage of their energy to plunge the nation into chaos.”

Reducing the challenge of the opposition to a beat without sound, Airhiavbere said, “It is clear that the intent of the main opposition party is far from seeking the best for our country. Their goal has always been to undermine the manifesto and mandate of the PDP and its flag bearers to run the affairs of Nigeria. They are only driven by an insatiable appetite for power and influence, the socalled champions of the opposition has nothing new or better to offer our more enlightened citizenry.” The G2G 2015 project said it hopes to bring meaning and sincerity to the term, “praise-singing”, saying that it would demonstrate the transformation vision as clearly enunciated in the president’s mid-term report, adding that the president’s short and long term vision for the country will be made clear and understandable to Nigeria as being real and achievable. Delivering a key note address at the inauguration titled, “Jonathan, the game changer of our time,” former Senate President and Pro-Chancellor of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Senator Ameh Ebute, said the Jonathan’s administration has consistently fought for justice, equity and fairness, which he said are the unavoidable norms for civilised societies. Highlighting some game changing achievements of the president to be in the area of stability of electoral process through the one man one vote syndrome, high performance in foreign policy, transformation and upgrade of the aviation industry, construction and reconstruction of roads across the nation, development in agriculture and education sectors and privatisation of the power sector, among others, he averred that Jonathan is an ‘Icon of Firsts’ and pacesetter in the annals of the country. The former Senate President said: “In view of the many achievements of the Jonathan’s administration and his admirable leadership qualities, it is imperative to argue that the democratic pregnancy of the administration is just CONTINUED ON PAGE 18

16 POLITICS TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE examines the workability of the proposed alliance between United Progressive Party (UPP) and a faction of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) ahead of the 2015 elections

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Okorie, Okwu: UPP/APGA alliance will shape Nigerian politics


he re-alignment of forces ahead of the 2015 general elections is gradually gaining momentum as politicians have started mending fences and embarking on serious negotiation and strategising to outsmart each other at the poll. Friends are gradually becoming foes and foes turning to friends; all for the purpose of winning elections the next year. Ahead of the 2015 elections, two political parties, the United Progressive Party (UPP) and Maxi Okwuled All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) are on the verge of going into an alliance. Speaking on the readiness of the two parties to go into an alliance, UPP national chairman, Chief Chekwas Okorie, a few days ago in Abuja, revealed that the two political parties decided on a political marriage for the benefit of their members across the country. He also pointed out that the alliance arose from extensive consultations he made with leaders of UPP across the country and obtained their consensus to explore the possibility of a political union, since both parties share similar ideology, orientation and vision. His words: “Well-meaning Nigerians from all walks of life, including leaders of rival political parties, have variously expressed their excitement at the possibility of a synergy between UPP and APGA before the 2015 general election and beyond. “This is also in addition to the unprecedented fact that the two political parties are of the same parentage, with me (Okorie) being the founder of both parties. I am moved in a very special way by the strong sentiment and emotion expressed by Nigerians, especially Igbo people in Nigeria and abroad and their youths (whose future appear bleak) at the possibility of UPP/APGA political relationship.” Confirming the UPP/APGA alliance, Okwu told New Telegraph in an interview that the political marriage is necessary to create a third leg in Nigerian politics and to provide a strong platform that will compete favourable with the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the major opposition party, All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 elections. “We have always argued and proposed that APGA would be a third leg of which our party should rest. And APGA would be the home party for other parties that are not of the PDP or APC. APGA and UPP are of similar stock and they are from the same parentage. So, we are talking with UPP and very soon we will come out with clear statement. We have been cooperating and we will formalise the alliance very soon,” he said. It is believed that the process that led to the UPP/APGA alliance was the outcome of the fence-mending initiative, which was initiated by Okwu shortly after he emerged as APGA acting national chairman in 2013. The Okwu-led APGA had taken a bold initiative last year to mend fences with Okorie as the founder of APGA. Apart from reaching out to Okorie, Okwu also reached out to notable founding members and leaders of APGA such as Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu, Dr. L. A. Chukwuma, among others, who left the party during the leadership tussle between Okorie and Umeh.


Okorie founded APGA in 2002 prior to the 2003 general elections but he lost the leadership of the party to Chief Victor Umeh through a court verdict in 2008 and since then APGA seems not to have recovered from the crisis. Okorie after his expulsion from APGA later founded UPP. Irrespective of the motives behind the UPP/APGA alliance ahead of 2015, analysts are of the view that the move goes deeper than the way Okorie and Okwu is presenting it to the public. Some are of the opinion that the move is strategically tailored toward building a formidable platform for South-East in 2015. During the 2011 general elections, the visible political parties were; PDP, APGA, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Congress for Progressives Change (CPC), All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP), Labour Party and Accord Party. Apart from PDP that seems to have a very strong nationwide spread, other political parties are regarded as ‘regional party’ because their strength is limited to a particular section of the country. ACN has a strong hold of South-West, while APGA’s strong base is South-East. CPC and ANPP control some parts of the North. During the 2011 election, PDP, ACN, CPC and ANPP presented different presidential candidates while APGA, Labour Party and Accord Party threw their weight behind the PDP by canvassing for President Goodluck Jonathan. Considering PDP’s victory at the poll, some opposition parties shortly after the election in their quest to wrest power from the PDP at the centre formed a mega party known as All Progressives Congress (APC). With the birth of APC, Nigerians now see PDP and APC as the two major parties that will put up a strong showing in 2015. Despite the popularity of the two parties, political analysts are of the view that the remaining political parties are going to play a supportive or destructive role to the dominant parties in 2015. Therefore, some school of thoughts are of the view that the UPP/ APGA alliance is geared towards positioning themselves as a viable platform


The alliance is going to be a very formidable platform in 2015 for the third leg of Nigeria’s tripod to be installed. The UPP will restore the third leg and APGA would be a very faithful and committed partner for negotiation in 2015 elections. Attesting to the fact that the alliance is basically to protect the interest of the two parties in 2015, Okorie and Okwu in separate interviews told New Telegraph that the major goal of the alliance is to protect South-East interest in 2015. But while both leaders agreed to work together in protecting Ndigbo’s interest in the next general elections, they seem to differ on the issue of 2015 presidency. Okwu said the alliance would be a third leg in Nigerian politics, noting that APGA will not present presidential candidate but the party would support any candidate of their choice in the presidential election. “The UPP/APGA alliance definitely is going to improve our position in the South-East. We of APGA, I am not talking about UPP, we are not in a very strong position to vie for the presidency. So, we are prepared to look at it and then be the swing party, whichever side we go, that side will win. Politics is not a war; it is negotiating and managing situations to the best good of the people. “For the presidency, APGA has already taken a position before now, which people know about. For APGA, we are backing Jonathan if he wants to run,” Okwu said. While Okwu-led APGA is considering backing President Jonathan re-election in 2015, Okorie said UPP will not back Jonathan but work toward actualisation of an Igbo presidency in 2015. Okorie said: “The alliance is a combined effort toward electoral advantage. For example, if APGA has a candidate anywhere in Anambra and

that candidate is better than the UPP candidate, we shall combine hand to deliver that person and vice versa. And if we (UPP) say we are producing a presidential candidate from the South-East zone, then APGA will not produce a parallel presidential candidate from the same area. “We (UPP) are producing a presidential candidate from the South-East geo-political zone and it is only the National Executive Council (NEC) of our party that can reverse it and I can’t see it being reversed with me as chairman. APGA and UPP will promote one presidential candidate who must come from South-East geo-political zone, not anybody answering the nickname of an Igbo leader. UPP/APGA alliance has one common factor because I founded both APGA and UPP, and the unique thing about these two parties coming into alliance is that they have the same father; myself, and I am still alive. The alliance is going to be a very formidable platform in 2015 for the third leg of Nigeria tripod to be installed. The UPP will restore the third leg and APGA would be a very faithful and committed partner in that project to restore the third leg.” With both leaders having different views on 2015 elections, Nigerians wonder how far the alliance will go and in whose interest would UPP/APGA alliance be in 2015. Considering the on-going leadership tussle in APGA between Okwu and Umeh, political observers are of the view that the outcome of the appellate court ruling may either weaken or strengthen the proposed alliance. If the judgement goes in favour of Okwu, definitely the UPP/APGA alliance would be a success but if Umeh wins, the possibility of APGA going into alliance with UPP is doubtful. Okwu and Okorie expressed their confidence that APGA crisis will soon be a thing of the past and that the appellate court ruling would be in Okwu’s favour. Okwu believes that: “In the next few days or couple of weeks, the leadership of APGA would be determined at the Court of Appeal. And when that happens and the judgement goes my way that might be the end of APGA crisis.” Okorie is confident that: “The UPP/ CONTINUED ON PAGE 17


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jang’s successor stirs up zoning factor The zoning of governorship in Plateau State is gradually generating controversy even as the Southern zone of the state agitates for the coveted seat in 2015, writes MUSA PAM


s tempo of political activities ahead of the 2015 elections is on the rise across the country, there is still lull in Plateau State. Political activities have not yet picked up even in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). But one thing that has been on the front burner is the issue of zoning of the governorship in 2015. Political gladiators are watching with keen interest the body language of Governor Jonah Jang, who keeps repeating himself at state functions that he still doesn’t know his successor, stressing that he is praying and waiting on God to reveal and anoint his successor. Already, the various political groups in the three senatorial districts are scheming and strategising to produce Jang’s successor in 2015. Each of the three senatorial districts has occupied the plum seat for about eight years without the zoning factor since 1979 when the late Chief Solomon Lar from the Southern Senatorial zone was elected as the first civilian governor of the state and Ambassador Fidelis Tapgun in 1992, who is also from the Southern zone. Joshua Dariye, who governed the state from 1999 to 2007, hails from the Central Senatorial District which he now represents at the Senate. Jang is from the Northern Senatorial District. The zoning issue is currently generating controversy across party divides and will no doubt be a major issue in the 2015 governorship. Former state governor, Tapgun, said zoning of the governorship should be applied in 2015. “Central zone ruled Plateau State for eight years through Dariye. From there it came to the Northern zone, Jang is about completing eight years for the Northern zone. As we are in this state today, Southern zone has not governed Plateau State since 1999. So, it’s the turn of that zone in 2015,” Tapgun told New Telegraph. He advised politicians who are bent on denying the Southern zone, where he comes from, a shot at the governorship in 2015 to have a change of heart and do what was right. Another strong stakeholder in favour of a Southern zone producing the governor in 2015 is the member representing Jos South/Jos East in the House of Representatives, Hon. Bitrus Kaze. He is from the Northern zone. Kaze’s position on a southern candidate is hinged on the need to cement the


fragile unity in the state. He told New Telegraph that the right thing for the PDP to do is to field a southern governorship candidate in 2015. He said: “In fairness, I believe the 2015 governorship should go to the Southern zone. This will reduce tension in the state and everybody will be carried along. As a PDP member and being conscious of the provision of our party’s constitution in favour of rotation and zoning, I feel it should be taken to the southern zone. He said: “I have been criticized and told to watch my statement and I am watching my statement very carefully but it still remains that I have my view on this matter and I stand by it believing that it will foster the much-needed unity in the state.” But the Special Adviser to Governor Jang on Political Affairs, Mr. Alexander Molwus, in a chat with New Telegraph declared that there has never been zoning in the state, when it comes to the governorship election. He said: “When you look at the PDP in Plateau State from 1999 to date, there is no zoning. In 1999, we had two candidates that contested the primaries of the PDP

Some have even said that I have groomed my son to succeed me... I don’t know who will succeed me. But my prayer is that, anybody that will succeed me must be a God-fearing person


from the Southern zone, four candidates from the Central zone and two from the Northern zone. And the lot fell on the Central zone. “When the governor then wanted to go for a second term, two candidates emerged from the Northern zone, one candidate from the Central zone and one candidate from the Southern zone. The lot went back to the Central zone. “In 2007, three candidates emerged from the Southern zone, no candidate from the Central zone and two emerged from the Northern zone. The lot fell on the Northern zone. In 2011, three came out from the Southern zone, none from the Central zone and three emerged from the Northern zone. The Northern zone got the ticket.” The governor’s aide asked: “If you look at that trend, would you say there is a culture of zoning in the governorship elections in Plateau State. No.” However, a group under the aegis of Plateau Integrity headed by former a Commissioner for Information in the state, Hon. Nuhu Gagara recently accused Governor Jang of zoning the governorship seat to Plateau North where he is hails from after almost completing two terms of eight years, describing the intention as politically immoral. The Integrity Group also confronted Jang over the governorship seat in the state, claiming that the Northern senatorial zone where Jang hails from should not present candidates for the governorship seat. Jang, however, described those professing that he has already zoned the 2015 governorship ticket to the Northern senatorial zone of Plateau state where he

hails from as prophets of doom. The governor, at the closing ceremony of the State’s 3rd General Solemn Assembly, held last month, initiated by the state government to bring together different denominations, ethnic nationalities in the state as well as politicians and government appointees to pray for the permanent peace in the state, charged the people to pray for his successor. He described as unfortunate, an act where some people would just sit and fabricate lies to make it look real, pointing out that, “some have even said that I have groomed my son to succeed me. “As you all heard from the preacher, I was chosen by God to rule this state, and let me assure you that up to this time I am talking, I don’t know who will succeed me. But my prayer is that, anybody that will succeed me must be a God-fearing person.” Meanwhile, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Plateau State chapter, has vowed to mobilise workers by using their numerical strength to determine Jang’s successor in 2015. Chairman of NLC in the state, Jibrin Kamaga Bancir, said workers will register and obtain voters’ cards irrespective of their political affiliation to enable them decide who will pilot the affairs of the state from 2015. “NLC is directing all workers to participate fully in the 2015 elections. This is aimed at deciding who govern us; we must do so as responsible citizens and stakeholders in the emergence of open government that would protect interest of working class and the citizens,” Bancir said. As the February 28 2015 general election approaches, the million-dollar question however is: who will govern Plateau State when Governor Jang bows out in May 29, 2015?

Okorie, Okwu: UPP/APGA alliance will shape Nigerian politics CO N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 1 6

APGA alliance will work because it has been the desire of so many people, especially Igbo people who will feel that whatever remains in APGA would be a divided house in 2015. The leadership crisis in APGA will soon become history because whatever propaganda Umeh is carrying, the federal high court has declared that the Okwu’s side is the duely elected executive and ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to comply.” Speaking to New Telegraph, former member of the House of Representatives and member of the defunct National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), Chief Ralph Obioha, said

the UPP/APGA will strengthen Nigeria’s democracy. His words: “We have too many political parties in Nigeria, so, any move to prone down the number of political parties is a move in the right direction. Both Okorie and Okwu have been quite active in politics of recent time. So anytime resources are put together to get something better is a good political manoeuvre. “The alliance is important and I am actually advocating that there is need to have a third formidable party but necessarily not a regional party. Those saying it is a South-Eastern party may not be doing justice to it just as nobody should say APC is a South-Western

party. Political parties everywhere in the world usually have strong base in a certain area but that does not make a party a regional party. Even the laws governing parties doesn’t allow that.” As UPP and APGA look forward to formalising their alliance, Nigerians are watching with keen interest how far the alliance will go. Can it see the light of the day? Would they be able to agree on joint candidates at state and federal levels during the next election and what yardsticks would they use in the choice of candidates? Will the UPP/ APGA alliance give birth to Igbo presidency in 2015? Will it be a threat to the PDP and APC in 2015? These are some of the questions begging for answers.



had unfettered access to the governor. New Telegraph learnt the sacked commissioner controlled Akapbio’s election campaign funds as a top management banker. Akpan did the job so well that he ensured quick dispatch of funds to various sources during the build up to the elections without excuses. On several occasions, during the build up to the one of the most memorable PDP primaries in Akwa Ibom in 2007 contested by over 58 aspirants, the sacked Finance commissioner made funds available even when the campaign’s account was in red. In return, he served as Commissioner for Finance under Akpabio for close to seven years. Those in the known said Umanah brought Bassey Albert into the Akpabio’s project. The Umana, Akpan glorious era The understanding of the sacked SSG and Finance commissioner quickly put the administration on the path of progress. They became an instant success and Umana’s fame grew like wild fire. He goes with different acronym, the most popular been the “engine room” of the uncommon transformation. Umana’s power and confidence in Akpabio’s administration has no limit. As chairman, Finance and General Purpose Committee (FGPC), Umana’s committee awards projects and oversees the activities of various commissioners. At a time in Akpabio’s administration, Umana exercised powers exclusive to the governor by firing commissioners with or without the governor’s consent. The fear of Umana became the beginning of wisdom. Akpabio even while trying to picture one of the roads constructed by his administration when some stakeholders from the benefited area came to express their gratitude to him asked them if the said road was awarded by him or Umana. In the same vein, a former commissioner in the state Ministry of Science and Technology fired during the era ran to Akpabio for intervention but was asked by the governor to go and settle his problems with Umana as he (the governor) had no problem with him. Several other commissioners who stepped on his toes left the cabinet on the instruction of the former SSG. But one commissioner who crossed Umana’s path over his governorship ambition and survived several plots to ease him out of the cabinet was Akpan, thanks to the wife of the governor, Mrs Unoma Ekaete Akpabio who came to his rescue on several occasions. Mrs Akpabio and Akpan’s wife are like sisters as both are of Igbo extraction. Outside that relationship, the sacked commissioner was said to have very deep respect for the governor’s wife and can stop at nothing to carry out instructions from her. Thus Umana’s power met a brick wall in Akpan’s case. In general, Umana during his glorious years became de-facto governor in Akpabio’s absence as the office of the Deputy Governor is mere symbolic. The “Engine Room” with that level of relationship and understanding with Governor Akpabio started to spread his political structures across the state for his governorship ambition. In one of his meetings with journalists, during his stay in government, Umana asked newsmen if they have seen where a team captain in a football match leaves the field of play and hands over the captainship band to a spectator rather than the next most viable player. This was to drive home his confidence in Akpabio handing over to him. At the meeting, he stated that his governorship ambition is a fate accompli and that in an open contest, no aspirant can withstand his political machinery. At that time, commissioners who dare to oppose his ambition were fired

Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guber ambition tears Akpabio, Umana, Akpan apart


from the cabinet while others who need their jobs intact showed support in the open and laments in secret. The Umana era ensured all appointments and political patronages centred in his office. At the time, even the delays in payment of salaries of civil servants were blamed on the office of the SSG On the other hand, Akpan on his own became not just a supper commissioner but the chairman inter-ministerial direct labour coordinating committee; an agency under the Ministry of Finance used by government to award small and medium term contractors to indigenes for political patronage. Akpan used the agency to assist Akpabio’s administration, turn several boys into men and built unprecedented goodwill for Akpabio and himself. He also became an unparalleled philanthropist assisting the less privileged across the state and building capacity for youths in various skills and their chosen trade, which made him very popular among youths. He was passionate about the success of the Akpabio’s administration and had on several occasions stood in the gap for the governor. For several people, who could not reach the governor, Akpan always said that meeting him is as good as meeting his principal as you will never return with your problem unsolved. He worked hard to protect the administration from critics and was always on hand to assist the Commissioner for Information and other media assistants in Information management of the Akpabio’s administration. He even took it upon himself if to help brief media on government activities and preach the Akpabio sermon at every opportunity. End of an era The bell toll first for Umana in June


Cracks appeared in the once robust relationship... when Akpabio in 2012 announced his preference to have his successor from Eket Senatorial District... He said for equity, justice and fair play in sharing of power among the three senatorial districts, Eket should be given the chance to produce the governor in 2015 2013 in a most humiliating and unfortunate manner. He was locked out of his office by security personnel without the benefit of picking his personal belongings. Cracks appeared in the once robust relationship with his boss when Akpabio in 2012 announced his preference to have his successor from Eket Senatorial District citing the fact that Obong Akpan Isemin who ruled between 1991 and 93 and Obong Attah from 1999-2007 are all from Uyo Senatorial District while himself from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District will round up in 2015. He said for equity, justice and fair play in sharing of power among the three senatorial districts, Eket should be given the chance to produce the governor in 2015. The governor’s pronouncement unsettled Umana who hails from Uyo senatorial district. A top aide of the governor told New Telegraph that Umana’s uncontrolled

anger led him to use many unprintable words to describe his boss’ alleged betrayal of their pact to handover to him. The aide said that Umana nearly went physical with the governor in anger over his sudden change of heart if not for some stakeholders that held him back. Umana’s outrage over the zoning of governorship to Eket led to his exit from the cabinet. Akpan on his own never removed his eyes from the position of the governor even when his principal had announced his desire to hand over power to Eket Senatorial District. He, like Umana is from Uyo Senatorial District. He believed that he has enough goodwill to win the coveted office. Thus with Akpabio working round the clock to ensure that power shifts to Eket, his very reliable lieutenant appears to be working at cross purpose with his principal. When cabinet members selected three of their colleagues from Eket district and presented the list to the governor for consideration, Akpan was the only member of the 24 man cabinet who declined to append his signature. When Akpabio’s town hall meeting train arrived Akpan’s ITU/Ibiono federal constituency to market the zoning product even after an earlier home work they did before the arrival of the governor, the zoning product was a hard sell courtesy of Akpan’s influence. The governor was embarrassed and the battle line was finally drawn. Disturbed by the development, Akpabio was said to have complained to the State Security Service (SSS) about the breach of peace in Akpan’s federal constituency. The governor was alleged to have accused Akpan to have instigated the people to reject the zoning and embarrass Akpabio. The commissioner was said to have visited the SSS office in Uyo, the state capital, to explain his side. On return from the SSS office, it was learnt, the commissioner along with a billionaire friend of the governor from Benue State visited Akpabio at the Government House where he openly declared his intention to succeed the governor in 2015. From that day, the governor and his once most trusted ally began to live like cat and mouse. Also, at David Mark’s recent golf tournament to mark his birthday in Benue State, Akpan who loves playing golf not only stole the show at the tourney but had a very detailed discussion with the Senate President and other top government officials on his ambition to govern Akwa Ibom. He also took time to explain the problems he is facing from his boss as a result, thus soliciting assistance. The development was said to have jolted the governor who had thought that Akpan would back track on his ambition. As a result, Akpabio last month fired his Finance commissioner of almost seven years.

G2G as Jonathan’s electoral advocate CO N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 1 5

about to be delivered, and should not be aborted. “As a political foot soldier of this administration, this is the message of home that should be passed to all that there is hope for Nigeria as Jonathan continues beyond 2015. We should all be unanimous in our thought and action

support the ultimate game changer, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan for a second term in office,” he said. Though it is not out of place to float advocacy groups, analysts are, however, suggesting that the emergence of the G2G and the intimidating political weight of those backing it, may be the presidency’s wild card of testing the waters ahead of the anticipated declaration

by President Jonathan, a development that has made some pundits to categorise the G2G as the meeting of other advocacy groups for the president’s reelection in 2015. President Jonathan’s election in 2011 was a game changer. His ascension to the office of the president has not only changed the political equation of the nation but also balance it.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our VISION To build a newspaper organisation anchored on the sanctity of truth.

Our MISSION To publish a newspaper of superior value, upholding the fundamental ethics of journalism: balanced reporting, fairness, accuracy and objectivity.


Sanctity of Truth w w telegraphonli

19 Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth – Buddha

TUESday, MAY 13, 2014

The Presidential Media Chat disconnect

he Presidential Media Chat is a forum where ordinarily the country’s leader would have a golden Public Relations opportunity to confidently provide deep and convincing insights into the ramifications of governance under his administration. Unfortunately, with each edition since its inception, it has become a vacuous and monotonous ritual, hardly worth the airtime. The way and manner the President of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief responds to questions, cannot in any way inspire hope and confidence in the citizenry. The chat which should be a robust cross-fertilization of ideas has continued to a sloppy one-man talk-show. There is a serious disconnect between the conceptualisation of the programme and the realisation of its objectives. When President Goodluck Jonathan was asked pointedly during the seventh media chat on May 4, 2014, if he knew the whereabouts of the kidnapped school girls, more than two weeks after their abduction, he answered dispiritedly that he did not know about the location of the girls. This is not only very sad, but discouraging given the security information and daily briefings at his disposal. Far more embarrassing and awkward was his admission to the panel of journalists that they are more informed and

knowledgeable than him. This is certainly disturbing and raises questions as to whether Mr. President is truly in charge. President Jonathan also created the impression that his government is tolerant of graft, thus corruption is more or less the official policy of the state. He went on to explain that over 70 per cent of what they call corruption in Nigeria is mere common theft. The word corruption is being abused, it is just mere theft. So, is this the way to fight corruption in Nigeria? Similarly, the President seems to suggest that he is not on familiar terrain as it relates to the management and administration of the national economy. On the alleged missing $20b, he said it is now a phenomenon for any government in power in Nigeria to record a story of missing funds. He said with the money being claimed to be missing, such funds would no doubt have adverse effect on the economy. However if such amount of money is missing, America would know about it therefore nobody should deceive themselves. So is the Nigerian economy being managed for Americans? Is the national economy not bleeding enough because of the spate of graft? Is the President unaware of massive poverty occasioned by corruption and attested to by World Bank report? It is expressly clear that Jonathan is out of touch with the

people on the street and out of touch with reality. Furthermore, on the allegations against the Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Dieziani Alison Madueke about the improper use of private jets, Jonathan seemed to be defending her even when a proper investigation is yet to be conducted. He accused the House of Representatives of manifesting parliamentary dictatorship. According to him, there is nothing wrong in her hiring private jets and that other Ministers and politicians also hire private jets. On the claims that Boko Haram has infiltrated his cabinet, he said he never made such a comment. He agreed that his statement was that Boko Haram has infiltrated the Government which is made up of the Judiciary, Executive and the Parliamentary. He said he never said they have infiltrated his cabinet which is made up of the Vice President and the Ministers. Semantics apart, the bottom-line is that he has not revealed nor brought to book the Boko Haram sympathisers he claims to know. This is very worrisome. Moreover, President Jonathan pleaded with the parents and guardians of the missing Chibok girls to come out with the identities of the missing girls. He said with the list from WAEC, it is obvious that about 90 per cent are Christians. He pleaded with the parents to cooperate with security agents. Is this how to calm

the frayed nerves of the parents and assure them that their children would be rescued? In fact, from the tone of the language of the President, he didn’t seem to believe that the children were kidnapped. Little wonder the turn of events with the attention of the world focused on Nigeria in a very negative way. The Presidential Media Chat is not an embarrassment to Jonathan only, but also the people of Nigeria. Each media chat raises serious issues about the competence and capability of the man in the exalted saddle to preside over the multifaceted affairs of a very complex country like Nigeria. The media is also not acquitting itself properly during the media chats. The questions and follow-ups are not rigourous and exploratory as is expected of professionals. Yet these are supposed to be professionals in their right. Since the Presidential Media Chat has failed for seven editions to meet even the basic standards of proper Public Relations, it is highly advisable that it is replaced by a quarterly state of the nation address. This would give Jonathan’s handlers enough time to make him look and sound presidential, while rendering his stewardship to the people. There is no doubt that the Presidential Media Chat is a complete waste of time to the people and the country. GABRIEL AKINADEWO Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief IKE ABONYI Deputy Managing Director/DEIC FELIX OGUEJIOFOR ABUGU Managing Editor, South SULEIMAN BISALLA Managing Editor, North YEMI AJAYI Editor, Daily LAURENCE ANI Editor, Saturday EMEKA MADUNAGU Editor, Sunday LEO CENDROWICZ Bureau Chief, Brussels MARSHALL COMINS Bureau Chief, Washington DC SAM AMSTERDAM Editorial Coordinator, Europe EMMAN SHEHU (PhD) Chairman, Editorial Board GEOFFREY EKENNA News Editor PADE OLAPOJU Production Editor TIMOTHY AKINLEYE Head, Graphics ROBINSON EZEH Head, Admin.


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OPINIONSpeak Igbo, please Emeka Aroh


gbos are increasingly known as a people that shun, deny and castigate their language at home and in Diaspora. In a forced attempt to show off, or adapt and belong to an imaginary elite class, some Igbos magically shed their ‘thick’ accent, modify their names (Chiwetel), and refuse to associate with anyone that remind them of their ‘not-soglorious’ origins. Some Igbo speaking people are ensconced in self-loathing, so deep that they fear to be identified as Igbos in Diaspora. They are first, Americans. British. Jew, yes, Jew, before Igbo. Most cannot make a sentence in Igbo without the use of three or more English or Latin words. In fact, Igbos across the US and Britain use English as their primary means of communication in family and ‘Kparakpo’ meetings! They struggle to showcase how flawless they command the English language to the chagrin of a few, who cringe at how they butcher the language they so proudly speak. In most cases, the cacophony of their speeches sounds like elephants on a free fall down an Iroko tree. Needless to remind Igbos that there are reasons world leaders, who speak good English in private, choose to speak in their native tongues in public, particularly in fora that give prominence to their countries of origin. There are reasons why renowned statesmen and women dress up in attires that positively reflect on cultures and peoples they represent. There are reasons patriotic nationals in Diaspora cling desperately to their countries’ flags like chaplets or subha in Ramadan. There are reasons why Jesus spoke in Aramaic, and was recorded in Aramaic. There were strategic reasons why slave masters redistributed slaves who identified with and spoke a common language. With their languages gone, their names and cultures and essence were taken away from them! We are witnesses to the result today: eternal purgatory. Languages are dying by the day. This happens because

speakers of such languages let them die. They let their languages die because they are ashamed of their native tongues; because they are minorities. They are the modern generation, better than their ancestors. They claim to have morphed into better ‘species’ and learnt to speak the ‘IT’ language of the day with finesse. Languages are dying not because any language is less than another, but because native speakers (the custodians) are lazy, ignorant, vain and without vision. They make pathetic utilitarian excuses on the value of advancing languages that add ‘nothing’ to their job prospects in a global economy. So, they turn the other way and let their languages die. They let Aramaic die! This attitude is the unintended consequences of forcing this generation to speak English at all costs; and the conscious undermining of Igbo school curricula. This led to the internalization of a subconscious rejection of the Igbo language, the misplaced association of intelligence with an ability to speak ‘flawless’ English, and the continued ridicule of those who do not speak Queen’s English, or cannot contort their intonation enough to lose their accents. This attitude of disdain for the Igbo language has since been transferred to Igbo children. Many ban their children from speaking Igbo (Yoruba/Hausa/Efik…) in their homes. Today, we collectively reap the rewards of our ‘Oyibo’ mentality. It is paradoxical to watch parents turn to heaven in tears with hands crucifix to ask where their children learnt such, such and such behavior. Evidence shows that there is a relationship between native speakers’ ability to read and write in their native tongues and the transference of technological knowhow. A careful examination of this theory using Japan, China, India, Israel, Germany, France or Malaysia as a case study will buttress this view, against the impossible challenges nations whose brightest brains attempt to impact acquired

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

knowledge to their people in adopted languages they were trained in. Asians are not only protective of their culture and language, but passionate about them. They take pride in speaking and teaching their children their languages, and still do exceedingly well in school. Their advancement is a product of a conscientious effort made possible by a common denominator: LANGUAGE!. Imagine a world in which all Igbo/Yoruba/Hausa children can study mathematics, politics (government) and physics in their native tongues. A world all African children can dream and think in their own languages. The result would be astounding. As such, ‘Speak Igbo, Please’ is a clarion call to all who fear the demise of their native tongue to take urgent action to revitalize their language. In other words, if you are a Native American, whether of the Arapahoe or Innu tribe, this bell rings for you too. Take pride on your language; your culture. Speak your language to your children, everyday and in every way. Start the day with words your mother raised you with; with words that organize the cosmos in practical terms to your young child’s mind. As for the Igbos, the Igbo language must be reinstated in school curricula from kindergarten to secondary school. It must be made compulsory up to JSS III, for the Igbo language to survive. Most of all, parents must teach their children their languages. In other words, they must speak their languages themselves then their children will take after them and consequently take ownership of the language someday. This is why God was emphatic in Deuteronomy 6:7; and 11: 19 that parents teach the word to their children, talking about them when they sit at home and when they walk along the road, when they lie down and when they get up.

• Emeka Aroh ( writes from Ohio, U.S.A.

Abuja CCTV cameras must be made to work Richard Okunola


ecently a British member of parliament was censured for tweeting that all Nigerians are corrupt people. His tweet was not only deemed offensive but racist as well, tarnishing all the citizens of a country with 150 million people corrupt and bad. But that’s what we get when all Nigerians are painted with the brush of corruption. Surely, we have a fair share of those who cream off money belonging to our commonwealth, but it is unfair to millions of us who are working hard earning a living in this land. And that is why all of us should feel pained when the same tar brush of corruption is being used on innocent citizens and in this instance, a foreign corporation. As someone who knows the intricacies involved in the contract for close circuit television cameras for the cities of Abuja and Lagos, it is very painful watching issues surrounding the matter being muddled and caution thrown to the wind all in the name of that ubiquitous word, corruption. Like many issues in our country, I can say confidently that it is power politics at play as most of the reasons adduced are far from the truth. What

is more worrisome and painful is that this is a time when all of us should be concerned about this matter because of the war against terrorism which is, perhaps, the greatest challenge facing us as a country presently. So, what are the facts of the matter? First, the contract was not just for the installation of close circuit television cameras, it’s actually known as Public Security Communications System (PSCS), a major project that has provided modern infrastructure for public security and E-policing in Nigeria. The late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua initiated the project and it was a $470 million project funded through a finance agreement between the Nigerian government and the China Export Bank. Telecom equipment giant, ZTE, implemented the project. By the way, a brief update of ZTE is needed before I go ahead to give the detail of the project. ZTE Corporation is known globally as a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. With operations in 160 countries, it is a leader in technology innovation, delivering superior products and business solutions to clients all over the world. Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Stock Exchanges and is China’s largest listed telecoms equipment company. ZTE presently serves over 500 operators in 160 countries and has almost 65, 000 staff globally. It is ranked no. four in terms of handset shipments and presently has 1184 patents granted in Europe making it to be the first Chinese company in the top 10 ranking relating to patent application also in Europe. ZTE Nigeria Limited was established in 2002 with offices in Lagos and Abuja and six warehouses in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kaduna, and Enugu. It has over 600 employees and over 200 contractors working in executing their projects with Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), Globacom, and MTN among its partners. We are therefore not talking of one back door company here. The major components of the PSCS Project are 696 Global Open Trunking Architecture (GoTA), 2000 digital solar powered cameras – 1000 for Lagos and 1000 for Abuja, 37 switch rooms, MW backbone, 37 coalition emergency response system, 38 video conference subsystem, 37 E-police system, six emergency communication vehicles and 1.5 million lines. The GoTA involves the deployment of

696 base transceiver stations nationwide and the network supports the deployment of 1.5 million subscriber lines. By the way, GoTA has been deployed in over 40 countries. The Video Surveillance Subsystem is the most noticeable component of the project with the installation of 1000 cameras each in Abuja and Lagos. Video images captured by the cameras can be stored for more than one month and can also be transferred to the system’s database for archiving. The third aspect is the Coalition Emergency Response (CERS) that supports the police call centre for emergency information. It allows quick response in emergency situations by security and other first responders. CERS also provide a national platform for emergency calls by citizens to the Nigeria Police nationwide. Under it, mobile emergency communication vehicles may be deployed in emergency situations when commercial communications networks are incapacitated. The fourth component is the vital EPolicing Subsystem, which is to facilitate the deployment of E-policing database. The fifth is Video Conferencing subsystem that enables video conferencing by all commands of the Nigeria Police Force with the Force Headquarters and among themselves.


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Femi Fani-Kayode’s political jig Ijele Agha-Ibeka


here are two articles, a proposition and a rejoinder, that I wish to employ in introducing this piece. The one written by Femi Aribisala and posted on the net on August 20, 2013 was entitled Femi Fani-Kayode, anti-Igbo tribalist. The rejoinder, posted on August 25, 2013 was the work of Akin Ajose Adeogun. I cite these articles for the reason of balance, which engenders healthy discourse. This is an excerpt from Mr. Aribisala’s piece: “Like father, like son: That was 48 years ago. Today, Femi FaniKayode, the 53-year-old son of “Fani-Power,” continues in the mischievous tradition of his father: throwing dangerous missiles at the innocent. He recently wrote an incendiary article entitled: ‘The bitter truth about the Igbo,’ in which he maligned the Igbos and virtually told them to get out of Lagos and leave Lagos for the Yorubas.” The crux of Ajose-Adeogun’s rejoinder is captured in the following quote: “Because the political career of the late Chief R. A. Fani-Kayode had its glorious moments as well as its low points, like that of many men, any analysis of him ought to take a broad survey and not a selective one, as Femi Aribisala did, seeing only errors, whilst ignoring his positive achievements which do not oblige his pre-conceived prejudice”. Adeogun admitted that Chief Fani-Kayode nurtured the Youth Wing of the Action Group, which he molded into a militant organisation. His angst, however, was that Aribisala painted a vivid picture of the traits of militancy in traits in Fani-Power, without mentioning his positive attributes. That earned Aribisala the ire of Ajose-Adeogun who concluded that the former’s piece was unbalanced. My problem with the duality of things – when something stands, something else stands next to it – is really and truly scant, irrespective of whoever propagates it. What one might find worrying is the impact of extreme duality on the society we battle endlessly to survive in. In the book of Acts of the Apostle Chapter 6:37 we read: “But Paul replied, ‘They have publicly beaten us without a trial and put us in prison – and we are Roman citizens. So now they want us to leave secretly? Certainly not! Let them come themselves to release us!’ Apostle Paul’s argument

is straightforward: if you reprobate publicly, you should not approbate behind closed doors and screened windows. He wanted those who calumniated and imprisoned them without trial to acknowledge their wrongdoing before public opinion, not release them quietly with unearned guilt still hanging around their neck. Is it not possible that innocent Nigerians tarred with unjustified guilt by the incendiary comments, fulminations and remarks of certain opinion leaders would not benefit from the balance advocated by Apostle Paul in Acts, and concurred to by Ajose-Adeogun in his already cited rejoinder? Now, Femi Fani-Kayode, who served as Aviation Minister during Obasanjo’s regime, has been one of the most implacable critics of the Jonathan administration. To put it charitably, he has consistently and incessantly subjected both the person and the office of President Jonathan to obloquy, odium and opprobrium. During the heat generated by Chief Obasanjo’s open letter to President Jonathan, Femi Fani-Kayode fired off a number of acerbic broadsides, laden with invectives against the office and person of the President. Of course, it takes a bit of disrespect for decency for someone who is educated and has held down high public office to have a fondness with the employment of the language of a guttersnipe. A couple of weeks ago, this same Femi Fani-Kayode, the proprietor of diatribe himself, surfaced in Aso Rock Villa, the seat of the Federal Government of Nigeria, where he was said to have held “useful” discussions with the President. What had the man discussed with our President? Those who wanted to know were greeted with a deafening silence. All Femi Fani-Kayode managed to say amounted to the following: “This is a Presidential Villa, the President is a president of Nigeria. Every single person in this country that is a Nigerian is entitled to come here from time to time, when the doors are open, to come and pay their respect to the wonderful people that are here as a Nigerian. I have done that today and I’m delighted to be here.” Wonders will never end, of course. But a number of questions are pertinent. When did this man realize that Jonathan is the President of Nigeria? When did he begin to accord Jonathan recognition at the nation’s Number One citizen? Where does his apparent volte face leave the innumerable Nigerians who developed jaundiced opin-

ion of the President on account of his incendiary press statements? In keeping with the position of the Islamic scholar who described conscience as an open wound, healable only by the truth, is Mr. Fani-Kayode now ready and prepared to embark on a regime of reparations? Is he on the verge of detoxifying the load of bad blood he remorselessly injected into the mainstream of the Nigeria State with his vituperative journalism? Answers to these questions are imperative. Out of public office, Fani-Kayode has been riding a gamut of EFCC court charges associated with fraud and money laundering. He carries the baggage of his disparaging remarks against Ndigbo, not to forget a number of high-profile women he cited as satisfiers of his amorous impulses. There is a severe dosage of audacity at play in this fellow’s worldview. Given this, could there be any truth in the media reports that President Jonathan is considering Fani-Kayode as a possible mouthpiece during the forthcoming presidential campaign? If Fani-Kayode covets the office of Jonathan’s media campaign manager, could it be because he expects such association to assist him in making a light work of the court cases against him? Whatever are the answers to these question, Nigerians owe themselves an important duty. They should take with a pinch of salt any word that comes out of the mouth of any politician because they are a class apart, a brand of folks without permanent principles but with an abundance of permanent interests. So, all those strongly expressed ill-feelings against President Jonathan amount to bunkum because his traducer is angling to become a media campaign manager? FaniKayode is a lucky man. Had he administered even only a quarter of the tongue-lashing he visited on Jonathan to politicians like Obasanjo, Tinubu and Buhari, things would have been quite different. Non of them would have given him a hearing, seeing that his politics swings like the pendulum of a clock since gone haywire. These men would rather put his political and public career in a round box than allow him the mere presumption of being their spokesperson. As the Yoruba will say Joke is joke, while Joke is the name of a woman. Femi Fani-Kayode has his place. But it is not with the orecincts of a presidency steeped in decency and intergrity.

Call me dreams Samuel Ufot Ekekere


all me dreams and you won’t be wrong. I have been your great pal since you were young. I am the future you see today and unlike my elder brother “vision” that never comes through, I am the nearest tomorrow. How many songs have people sung about me? I have a dream, I have a dream, and you often chuckle your head to the sweet melody that pours from your compact disc player. I know sometimes I can be weird like when I cause you to rage out of your night sleep, but for most times, you smile when I visit. I steal in unnoticed and you smile because I paint for you, the perfect picture. It is only in me your future arranges self and like John Mason’s “dream big,” the bigger I am, the bigger you will be. I have travelled overseas and land, places you have never being, to prepare your place of future abode. I have decided to be big because I am aware a man cannot be bigger than his dreams. You are sometimes afraid I may just be too big for you. I see how scared you are but I am assuring you that “if you can dream it, you can do it.” There is no impossible me. Do not mind those doubters, the “Thomases” who

think I am too small. We can both cause a stir and a chain of surprises. That is why I am here. They may mock at that project you are conceiving and tell you it only happens in dreams. Well now, I am saying, let us make it a reality. If you see those old men, who make claims to “visions of our founding fathers” and belittle your today’s dreams, just smile. Visions take forever to come through and those old folks can only hope, dead hope. For you and I, you know how pals do it. I am making you the cynosure of all eyes this night and tomorrow you will see its realities. Look, I do not brag. I have surprises under my sleeve. I am your guide. Because I want you to reach the big picture, I sometimes warn you of impending danger. That is when you wake up with sweat pouring profusely from your pores. Yeah! Sometimes I offer you food when you sleep and you reject it because you think demons are offering you food. Well, you can afford to eat now, as you can never lack food in reality. If you tell others about the big me and they try reading meaning out of it, never mind. Have no fear; I always come through regardless of those that hunt me. I am untouchable. With me, you have so much power. You can influence all those who do not have me by making them follow me. You become a leader because you have me.

Sometimes when I visit, I may look scary. It is not because I want to scare you. Rather, I am warning you. I care so much about you and I really do. Do not accept less than I have pictured you. That will be accepting mediocrity. Fight for the “big picture.” Fight hard. Do not be cowered into the antics of those losers who do not want you to win. They may make mockery taunts like “where is that dreamer?” they need must make taunts to enable us speed work towards my accomplishment. I work harder when I face times like this. Now get this. The fact that you have me does not mean it is “uhuru”. There will be temptations and tribulations meant to move you away from me and to test our resolve to work together. I want you to promise me one thing that you will never let me go. Through the rain and the storms, you will fight on. I can assure you that I have stuck my guns with you. My friend, do not worry. I will always be there to whisper some direction when you seem lost and heading off course. You know I have crossed this path before now. Please, listen and follow my lead. Now is the time for you to let me live. I must live. You won’t be wrong if you call me dreams. • Samuel Ufot Ekekere (, twitter @inyang21 and ) is a writer from Uyo, Nigeria.


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ARTS TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014 Tony Okuyeme


here is palpable anxiety in the visual art sector in Nigeria as stakeholders wait with bathed-breath the outcome of the merger of National Commission for Museums and Monuments and the National Gallery of Art. The Federal Government rejected Steven Oransaye’s recommendations to merge and reduce the number of parastatals under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation. According to the White Paper on the Report of the Committee on Restructuring and Rationalisation of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies, released recently, Federal Government kicked against the initial recommendation to merge the National Theatre, National Troupe and the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) as one entity. However, the Federal Government approved the merging of National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM ) and the National Gallery of Art (NGA). For the National Council for Arts and Culture, government directed in the White Paper that the Council be left to stand-alone. It consequently rejected other recommendations, which include that the enabling laws of National Troupe of Nigeria and that of National Theatre be repealed and their functions be transferred to NCAC. It also rejected that the enabling law of NCAC be amended to accommodate the merger of the agencies and their functions in view of the earlier directive that NCAC be allowed to stand-alone. On National Commission for Museums and Monuments and National Gallery of Art, the Committee recommended that: “A staff audit of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments and the National Gallery of Art be carried out”. Reacting to the merging of NCMM and NGA, renowned sculptor and chairman of Universal Studios of Art (USA), National Theatre complex, Iganmu, Lagos, Bunmi Babatunde expressed doubt over government seriousness in giving the sector the kind of support and attention it deserves. “I see it as just a lot of motion by government without movement,” he said. “There was a time they did the same thing, merging, they collapsed them together, later they separated them again. It is only in this part of the world that government will start a process about a particular sector without involving the stakeholders in it. They didn’t call anybody to the meetings; they just believe that there are headmasters who have to run down some rules of all Nigerians. They forgot that they are supposed to be civil servants serving the public. Nothing is



23 A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.


― Mahatma Gandhi


Anxiety mounts over merger in culture sector

Some of Babatunde's works


working in this sector at all; everything that this sector has achieved is by individuals and private bodies; not by government. As far as government is concerned, they just believe that the cultural sector is just an appendage; it is not a major part of governance. And this is the opposite worldwide. So, I just believe that government is self-serving on this issue.” Babatunde added that government should face governance thoroughly in the whole of the culture sector. “Look at the issue of the cultural policy, let government look into that and try to see how they can run, how they can activate it. The National Gallery of Art for instance is the only organ of government that is supposed to be in charge of visual art but the National Gallery just exists by name, and the over bloated staff they have. There is nothing called National

Work by Olaku

gallery anywhere in Nigeria. All the works that they have collected - great works of Nigerian artists - are badly kept because we don’t have storage, we don’t have a gallery. When you say National gallery anywhere in the world, there is a place where works are kept that people see – generation of artists who have come, who have worked; and whose works are available. But it is not like that here. “So I think, government has not been very honest with the running of the culture sector. The people who are there don’t seem to have the clue. I think it is high time that government start bringing professionals and getting stakeholders involved. The Cultural Policy is there and it is not mentioned. Look at the National Endowment for the Art, it has been there in the cultural policy; nobody cares about it. When there is any issue or problem in government, the first thing they look into is how to cut the culture sector; as if it is not necessary at all.” According to him, all over the world, people keep their

I see it as just a lot of motion by government without movement

culture; they nurture it, and they spend, they invest heavily in it. “Look at the Universal Studio of Arts for instance; we are on the government space and we are paying rent that is increased every time. It is only on our own zeal and resilience that we keep the place running. All over the world government support the art; they create space; it is not just supporting but developing and creating enabling environment for the practice of arts. But here in this country, everything they are doing is to discourage it. “I just think that Nigeria is very peculiar. Once people’s interests are not in anything, no matter the noise you make you cannot stir their conscience at all. I remember that because the university is so important, when they went on strike it was in the paper every day until government finally resolved the matter. If government is interested in the culture sector you will see how they will pump in money into it; you will see the kind of people they will bring in there. But they are not interested in the culture sector. They don’t think it is part of government responsibility. “I expect that a government that has vision will know that the culture of the people is important for them to protect. There is no way government wants to do something about the medical sector or the legal that they will not involve professionals. It is only in the


culture sector that they seem to know better than us practitioners. So it is government. It is not as professionals are not there. It is not as if we are not interested. “Government is not interested. If they are interested, the papers are there. No matter how many white papers they create; it is the kind of spirit they have to serve the public that is not there. They see what the practitioners do all the time, the areas they are interested. They released money for the entertainment industry but it does not flow into the art industry. We made effort to access it but they said it is not meant for the art industry, that it is for the entertainment industry. So the entertainment industry is what interests government most because of the mass appeal of their products,” Babatunde said. CO NTINUED O N PAGE 24

24 ARTS Ebere Ameh


hen the Axios Choir mounted the stage at the just concluded Catholic Praise Concert, many who did not know them thought they are just a group of students who came to show off on stage. How wrong they were. With their charismatic conductor, Axiosian Raymond Okoro, they took over the stage, excellently rendering one song after another from the different languages in Nigeria. The audience cheered and acclaimed and due to popular demand, they were called back to perform. A School Choir performing like that? What is their secret? How do they cope with the rigors of study and choral practice? Why the name Axios? Okoro was ready to provide all the answers and even more. “I graduated from Babcock University and I studied Computer Information System and Business Information Technology for my BSc and MSc respectively. As Idubor an undergraduate I had this flaming thirst for good music and so I ventured into looking for like-minded youths…and boom Axios was born. Axios is Greek word meaning He is worthy. The kind of ministration we were called to start was bigger than all of us and so no one was found worthy except one - CHRIST, hence the name revealed itself,” he explained. With a group of five called the Three Angel’s Message Axios started on October 2006, with the sole aim of proclaiming the everlasting gospel through indigenous music. Today, Axios has not only grown to a current membership of over 84, most of them young people, but launched its first album, Ngalaba-The Pillar, in 2012, a song that got them two National Awards. Not done with that, their silver album will be launched later this year. “Axiosians are ordained by GOD to tackle the issue of prevailing debased music of the ‘jet’ age. We are known to be one of the choirs, if not the first-ever choir to sing in Seven impeccably arranged Vocal parts often in the most disciplined kind of musical rendition called Acappella (singing unaccompanied by musical instruments). The Secret is… ‘not a secret’-It is God! Axios presentations include different genres of music such as soft gospels, classical, anthems, spirituals, harmonics, hymns, choruses, medley, and traditional songs. When it comes to music in Axios, only the best is good enough!,” Okoro said. Comprising both undergraduates and graduates, from various disciplines and religious creed, Axios is indeed more than a simple school choir. Their only point of convergence is their desire to praise God and propagate the gospel through music. “This is the best part of Axios. Though I graduated six years ago and work full time; some of the newest Axiosians I don’t even get to see COOL DJ Lalatill annual home regularly comings. Axios is bigger than

Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

From Axios Choir, new vigour, vibes for acappella, gospel music

Axios choir performing at the Catholic Praise Concert

any individual-a fact that is made known to all Intakes who passed the entrance examination, auditions and other recruitment processes. Outside, singing, Axios is venturing into major projects that will restore hope to all kindred. Some of the projects will timelined till Jesus comes? Of course we will finish it up in Heaven. “In 2008, we got the Platinum Premium Music Award, in 2009 we were named the Best Administered Student choir and in 2010, we got the Babcock Best Chorale Group of the year Award. In 2011,2012 also, we were declared Winner National Best Gospel Group Award, and in 2013, we got two awards, Best Ensemble, BU and National Gospel Video Awards . “We are grateful to God because people appreciate our music a lot. But on a specific note the Nigerian Gospel Music Industry is still a ‘blue sea’ whose constituents is yet to be fully appreciated and patronized . But generally, Axios market is good and we are poised not only to be getting better but be the best.” On the challenges they faced as they climbed the ladder of success, Okoro, surprisingly towed a very unpopular lane saying that the quest for excellence supersedes the challenge of fund. “I can say money but outside that ‘no-money and Sponsorship song’ I think the cogent challenge has been meeting up with the taste and standard of projects which a growing membership introduces yearly.” Axios is well structured as far as management is concerned. Thanks to the various Unit Directors and Coordinators many of them are graduates of various disciplines. God has placed us as stewards of various resources and He alone has granted both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ leadership skills to make Axios what others wished they were. We only try to make ourselves available to partner with those whose objectives align with Axios. Currently about 24% of

If you have a music calling, then follow it. Experience had taught me that there’s no such thing as ‘money problem’ Axios membership don’t even know where Babcock University is situated. Outside singing Ministry Axios engage in other programs such as: Bob-ajobs, Rehabilitation Seminars, Spiritual Emphasis Programs, Youth Empowerment programs Evangelisms, etc. non Babcockites do take care of those,” Okoro said. Despite their strict allegiance to the Seventh Day Adventist, many wondered how Axios could accept to perform at a Catholic concert but Okolo has this to say. “One of our specific objectives is to proclaim the Christian Gospel to all nations, tongues, and creeds. Hitherto, impeccably arranged Vocals, Super-layered harmonies, instrumental and vocal versatility and strong ties to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church are the hallmarks of Axios. So Jew or Gentile…all truths is God’s truth. Do you know we even have Muslims in Axios? On the contrary, Okoro noted that what the industry needs the most is encouragement which will bring about patronage of all sorts. “I enjoyed myself tonight and I will support the organizers to plan even bigger until we echo Praise Concert as an annual musical camp meeting. It is a good platform for all lovers of good music.” Advising youngsters who are now confused and despairing as they wait for white-collar-jobs, Okoro said “If you have a music calling, then follow it. Experience had taught me that there’s no such thing as ‘money problem’ rather it is an idea problem. You have to valiantly work

hard and be ready to cease every opportunity. Do free shows, musical freebies and all…sooner or later success will pursue you pants down. Ever heard of mental Slavery? Many of our young people are enslaved and they are walloping in oblivion and self-pity. So I say to the young people, ‘Enough’. You are the master of your fate, stand up, look up, speak up and protect your integrity! Let’s not make this inherent corruption a tradition. ” Talking on the role of mu-

sic in individual and national development Okolo quoted Benjamin Disreali as saying ‘Were it not for music, we might have at least in these days say, the beautiful is dead. Our age suffers a musical sickness because music is now defined as ‘strong danceable beats with nonsense lyrics’. If we must better ourselves, our nation and the globe, then we need retrace the best weapon of all - good music. ‘When good music hits you, you feel no pain,’ he said, quoting Bob Marley.

Anxiety mounts over merger in culture sector CO N T I NUED F R OM PAGE 23

Also reacting to the merger, another notable artist, a founding member, trustee and the current Vice-President of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria Abiodun Olaku said if the federal government really wants to do anything positive, developmental and progressive, the core stakeholder s must be involved in tinkering with it. His words: “One can just stress that the effort is cosmetic. We don’t understand the spirit behind it. It is not the first time we have had the juggling of the status and status quo of the culture sector without much achievement. I think also that if the cultural policy had been given life and probably reviewed and activated it will be enough source of inspiration of life for that sub- sector of the economy. But it has been stressed also that government hasn’t put much value into the culture sector, unfortunately. “Government should look at that sector because it could be an alternative income generator for the country. It could give lot independence to the practitioners in that sector because it is an area that could easily generate mass employment especially for the teeming youths that we keep churning out of our institu-

tions. Even from the secondary school level it could start to mop up in excesses we have in the employment queues. It is an area that allows for useful exploration and exploitation of the components generated along the line.” According to Olaku who is also a founding member of Universal Studios of Art, in Lagos, “if government really want to do anything positive, developmental and progressive, the core stakeholder s must be involved in tinkering with it; because I think the objective of this it because there was noise about government expenditure and they wanted to harmonize different areas to spend less. I think this is one of the wrong ways to go about it. We all know that probably it is the kind of democracy that we practice that is consuming most of our resources, because when you such levels of government – local, state, national assembly (two tiers of it) and the executive people and government officials with special advisers, two ministers and so on. So when you look at it, government is not being sincere about curtailing the excesses coming out from governance. Other parts of the world are progressing by putting more money in areas that can help them to generate all kinds of positive impacts. But here, it is the other way around.”


WHAT'S NEWS As big advert deal falls apart, firms start thinking small The collapse of the $35 billion merger of New York-based Omnicom with France's Publicis is likely to lead the world's biggest ad agencies to think small as they try to counter the challenge from internet giants like Google.


Banks shun miners’ loan requests Nigerian banks have refused to grant loan to miners operating in the country, the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development has said.


Experts set 15m daily oil production target The Highest body of petroleum technologists, at the weekend, set a daily oil production target of 15 million barrels per day for Nigeria, saying that this target is ideal for year 2020.


Africa still lags behind in air safety, says IATA The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the clearing house for global airlines, has released the 2013 commercial aviation safety performance. According to IATA, there were 210 fatalities from commercial aviation accidents in 2013, reduced from 414 in 2012.


BUSINESS CREW AYODELE AMINU, Deputy Editor (Business) SIMEON OGOEGBULEM, Dep. Business Editor BAYO AKOMOLAFE, Asst. Editor (Maritime) SUNDAY OJEME, Asst. Editor (Insurance) SIAKA MOMOH, Asst. Editor (Industry/Agric) JONAH IBOMA, ICT Editor DAYO ADEYEMI, Property Editor ADEOLA YUSUF, Energy Editor



REVIEW FG wants to the review law that set up NEITI Adeola Yusuf



il and gas companies operating in Nigeria evaded N1.47 trillion ($9.8 billion) taxes, the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) alleged at the weekend. This came as the Federal Government promised to review the law, which set up NEITI. A member of the National Assembly who craved anonymity, told New Telegraph in Houston, Texas, that President Goodluck Jonathan has already sent emissary to the National Assembly on the need for the review. “This review is necessary in order to solve the incessant complaint of under-funding by the group and invariably strengthen the body and make it more effective,” he said. Jonathan had earlier revealed government’s intention to review the NEITI law when he received a report from the National Stakeholder’s Working Group (NSWG), led by its Chairman, Ledun Mitee. “NEITI is not just a watchdog organisation but also one playing a critical role in the economy with additional responsibilities,” Jonathan had stated. He also said that government was addressing matters as it concerned synergy between NEITI and some major government agencies, adding that, to this effect, an Inter-Ministerial Task Team (IMTT), would soon be set up to ensure proper integration of NEITI into the economic agenda of government. A NEITI source told this newspaper that the body discovered in its latest audit that N1.47 trillion ($9.8 billion) in taxes were unremitted into the Federation Account by oil

L-R: Senior Partner, PwC Nigeria, Uyi Akpata; Chief executive Officer, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), Uche Orji; Chief executive Officer, Stanbic IBTC Holdings, Sola David-Borha, and Group Managing Director/CEO, Dangote Cement Plc, Devakumar Edwin, during the PwC networking meeting to discuss African business agenda in Abuja. PHOTO:TIMOTHYIKUOMENISAN

companies operating in the country. He corroborated the Chairman, NEITI’s NSWG, Mitee, who had earlier disclosed this. This N1.47 trillion, according to source, came “from under-payment of taxes and rents, through under-assessment, process manipulation and poor management of agreements between the Federal Government and different companies. “What we have tried to identify is that between 2011

and 2013, there has been some 50 per cent reduction in our budgetary allocation, which we thought was threatening the smooth operation of our work.” Mittee said earlier: “The fact is that we won an international award at the Sydney global EITI conference a few months where Nigeria was adjudged the best country in compliance with its standards. “Our responsibility is to identify gaps. The key issue, which came out of the meet-

ing, was that we have to close the gap between what NEITI is doing and what the economic management team is doing.” He noted that of the 39 countries implementing EITI, Nigeria’s mode of implementation had been rated the best. “We are not just out to find faults. We are there to help government to even raise revenue and identify gaps so that they can be remedied and that should be seen within the larger frame work of the reforms we all pray for,” he stressed.

MTN may acquire two more operators Jonah Iboma


here were indications over the weekend that MTN is considering acquisitions of Millicom International Cellular and Reliance Communications to expand its reach beyond Africa and the Middle East. According to a report by

Bloomberg, MTN is still looking at acquiring more international operators after its planned $23billion merger with Bharti Airtel was obstructed by the South African government opposition five years ago, while talks with Reliance broke down last year due to disagreements. If successful, the deals could and as much as 200 million subscribers to MTN, and this will

move it up the ranks of companies with the largest number of operators to close to number four. China Mobile is the largest mobile operator with 700million subscribers. Millicom provides mobile services to over 51million customers in 13 countries in Africa CONTINUED ON PAGE 26

Rates Dashboard

DELE ALAO, Brands/Marketing Editor ABDULWAHAB ISA, Finance Editor

IOCs evade N1.5tr taxes in Nigeria, NEITI alleges

WOLE SHADARE, Aviation Editor CHRIS UGWU, Capital Market Editor



INFLATION RATE March 2014...........................7.8% February 2014........................7.70% January 2014 ........................8.00%

LENDING RATE InterBank Rate . . . . . . . . . 10.50% Prime Lending Rate. . . . . 16.93% Maximum Lending Rate..25.83%


(Parellel As at May 9)

USD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N167.00 Pounds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N284 Euro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N234


(Official As at May 9)

USD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N155.73 Pounds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N262.70 Euro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N215.88 Source: CBN

26 BUSINESS | NEWS OUTLASTED Blueflower retains Airtel’s PR account

Dele Alao



he collapse of the $35 billion merger of New Yorkbased Omnicom with France's Publicis is likely to lead the world's biggest ad agencies to think small as they try to counter the challenge from internet giants like Google. This came hours after it emerged that Centerspread and STB-McCaan won Airtel Nigeria’s creative account, beating Insight Communication and Creative Zone among other top advertising agencies. Since announcing their merger (Omnicom and Publicis) last July, executives from the two firms touted the creation of the world's biggest ad agency as the best way to gain scale and capital to compete on price and invest in technology as clients squeeze the agencies on cost. One of the prime motivations for the deal was the competition coming from a host of rivals ranging from Google and Facebook, software companies Oracle and Salesforce and consulting firms Accenture and IBM, which are siphoning off business that traditionally belonged to ad firms. After this week's break-up, which was due in large part to a clash of cultures and egos, the two firms, according to Reuters, need to rethink their approach. Bankers and industry executives say buying smaller ad technology companies may be their best bet to capture the billions of dollars flowing toward digital advertising. "You have two massive organizations that singularly focused their future on a combination of scale to deliver

Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As big advert deal falls apart, firms start thinking small Centerspread, STB-McCaan win Airtel’s account better costs and that is not going to happen now," said Dave Morgan, the chief executive of Simulmedia, a firm that sells TV advertising. He pointed to recent deals by Google and AOL focused on small ad technology companies that provide analytics. Greater scale was supposed to give the new Omnicom-Publicis group better bargaining power in buying space for ads on TV, the internet, and print at a time when many global brands are looking to cut costs on advertising. That rationale was never completely clear, one major Omnicom client told Reuters. And with the promised increase in scale no longer an option, the two firms have to explain to their clients what they can offer instead.

One thing they need to provide is greater insight on what works and how cost effective ads are, especially in digital advertising, ad executives and analysts say. Consumers now interact with media in a host of different ways, from the traditional sources of TV, radio, billboards and newspapers, to the different offerings online and on mobile including basic portals and social networks. That has forced ad agencies and clients to change how they value the influence of an ad. A consumer seeing a traditional TV commercial may then go online to search for a deal before eventually buying the product in a store some time later, having been reminded of it by a nearby billboard. With so many moving parts,

L-R: Field Engineer, MultiChoice, Frank Aniemeke; Public Relations Manager, GOtv, Efe Obiomah and Operations Manager, MultiChoice, Lanre Oluwole, during the GOtv Customer Forum in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Banks shun miners’ loan requests


igerian banks have refused to grant loan to miners operating in the country, the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development has said. The Director of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Department in the ministry, Obiora Azubike, who made the observation in Abuja on Sunday, said that commercial banks in South Africa, Canada and Australia are funding mining operations in their countries. He appealed to banks in Nigeria to fund the solid minerals sector with a view to boosting the nation’s economy. The director noted that the reason why banks are shying away from granting loans to miners was due to long gestation period of mining. Azubike added that the ministry had invited bankers to its seminars and conferences to sensitise them on the need to extend credit facilities to miners.

the ad agencies have turned to data analytics to better understand and predict the behavior of consumers. It is the need for such insight that has put them on a collision course with the big internet and software companies. Meanwhile, Blueflower, has retained the Airtel Nigeria public relations account. While STB-McCaan may be new on telecom business, the reverse is the case for Centrespread. Established in 1982, Centrespread has worked for Vmobile and lately Etisalat, which it later resigned from. The road to manage the new business for both agencies was nonetheless tortuous. The Airtel creative account had become a subject of litigation after the telecoms firm

withdrew the account from Prima Garnet Ogilvy. After concluding a $10.7 billion deal in 2010, which gave Indian Bharti Airtel the Zain Group’s Celtel Africa Unit, Celtel thereafter rebranded to Airtel. With the new status, Prima Garnet had an advantage to add the account of the telecoms brand to its array of clients because of the relationship between its Ogilvy network and Airtel Group. Prima Garnet, which has Ogilvy & Mather as its global affiliate, had accused the former of establishing a new agency, Scanad Nigeria, owned by a Kenya-based Scangroup, which had reportedly acquired 51 per cent of Ogilvy Africa in a share swap to take over the account contrary to the terms of their affiliation agreement, which it said confers the right to all Ogilvy accounts in Nigeria to PG.

“They said that if the same money is invested in other sectors, the returns on investment will be guaranteed and faster,” he said. He observed that if miners were given bank loans at their high interest rates, it would be quite difficult for the beneficiaries to have a breakthrough. “Banks should look at the mining sector and support its development because if the sector is properly developed, it will be in the interest of everybody,” he said. The director commended the World Bank for its 120-million-dollar mining development grant, adding that artisanal and small-scale miners got 10 million dollars from the grant for their activities. “The World Bank had actually committed money for the development of the mining sector. UNIDO is also doing something to assist the sector,” he said.

Azubike said that the Australian government was also assisting the ministry in the training of its officers in new mining technologies, while the Canadian government is presently sponsoring studies in some areas of the country’s mining sector via the World Bank. He noted that the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are derived from mining. Azubike argued that if banks could finance the mining sector in other countries, Nigerian banks should also participate in funding solid mineral sector. He explained that banks are the key financiers of mining activities in South Africa and Canada and stressed the need to encourage banks to participate in developing the sector, saying that this would facilitate industrialisation, generate more jobs and additional revenue.

MTN may acquire two more operators C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 2 5

and Latin America, while Reliance is India’s leading integrated telecom company with over 150 million customers. MTN, whose market value is $40 billion, is particularly interested in deals in emerging markets in South Asia and the Middle East as well as closer to home, where it could build on its expertise selling low-cost mobile services, the people said. According to Individuals familiar with the deal, MTN, needs to find a big enough transaction to continue its growth without compromising South African control in order for the deal to be successful and gain the support of the country’s Public Investment Corporation (PIC). Politicians, concerned that local owners’ stakes are diluted or stock-market listings shifted abroad, have more recently sought to block health-care and

retail takeovers in the country. PIC, which manages a government pension fund, has about 14 per cent of MTN’s shares. The PIC earlier this year frustrated an attempted takeover of drugmaker Adcock Ingram Holdings Limited by Chile’s CFR Pharmaceuticals SA. For the government fund, “it’s important that as you grow your economy you keep your people in control of the economy,” said Elias Masilela, CEO of PIC, which manages about $153 billion. MTN currently operates in 22 countries and services over 203 million subscribers. The firm reported a decline in its South African subscribers in its first quarter results, alongside growth in other markets and rising data revenues across the board. The company attributed the decline in its South African customer base to the disconnection of unused SIM cards.


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Experts set 15m daily oil production target for Nigeria SURGE PETAN ups Nigeria’s stake at 45th OTC Stories from Adeola Yusuf HOUSTON, TEXAS, US


he Highest body of petroleum technologists, at the weekend, set a daily oil production target of 15 million barrels per day for Nigeria, saying that this target is ideal for year 2020. Rising under the auspices of the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN), the experts said that the daily oil production target of 4 million barrels per day set by the federal government was a mistake. Government had set a deadline of 2020 to meet the 4 million barrels per day production target. But Vice President of PENTAN, Bank-Anthony Okoroafor, said during a press conference at Crown Plaza at the just concluded 45th Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, United States of America, that 25 million barrels per day target would be an ideal target. “Our four million barrels per day target was a mistake. We should have set a target of 15 million barrels per day by 2015,” he said, adding: “If we set that target of 15 million barrels, I tell you that we will hit 10m barrels per day in three years.” This came as Chairman of PETAN, Emeka Ene, told journalists that his group was

EXPIRATION The contract to build 2.3 million barrels storage capacity equipment is set to expire by June 2016


amsung Heavy Industries Company Limited had disclosed that its unit, Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria, won a N480 billion ($3 billion) order to build a floating production, storage and offloading vessel. The company had been locking horns with Hyundai over Shell’s contract to build part of the World biggest FPSO. Samsung Heavy Industries Company will build the hull and some upper parts of the vessel worth ($1.72 billion), the South Korean shipbuilder said in a regulatory filing. The remainder will go to the Nigerian unit. This vessel will have a storage capacity of 2.3 mil-

Oil rig

determined to fly the flag of Nigeria high at the global conference in other to drive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country. According to him, PETAN has promoted the growing expertise in Nigeria’s petroleum industry for the 24 years, and it believes that the nation could benefit more from the hydrocarbon resources, which are still

much abundant in the basins. Okoroafor, however, called for a review of the target, arguing that Nigerians are being limited by the four million barrels per day target. “We are limiting ourselves with the target we are setting,” he said. PETAN also acknowledged the increasing stake of Nigerians in the sector, urging all operators and service provid-

ers to build capacity and competence in other to compete favourably on the global stage. Ene, therefore, urged the Federal Government to vigorously pursue the Nigerian content law and ensure quick passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) to aid the industry growth and foster the realisation of the vision 20 2020 agenda.

Samsung wins N480bn FPSO contract in Nigeria lion barrels, the shipbuilder added. The contract is set to expire by June 2016. Shell had commenced the process for the award of contract for the construction of Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) for its $12 billion Bonga South West Aparo development. Shell’s General Manager for Deepwater Nigeria, Jerry Jackson, who said this in the official journal of the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, reaffirmed that the Final Investments Decision (FID) on the field is expected before December 2014. Bonga is located in Oil Prospecting Licence 212 and Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) operates the field on behalf

of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) under a production sharing contract, in partnership with Esso (20 per cent), Nigeria Agip (12.5 per cent) and Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited (12.5 per cent). The Anglo-Dutch major, in OTC 2014 journal, a copy of which was obtained by New Telegraph, said: “Considering selection for this project, spanning OMLs 118, 132 and 140, was performed in Nigeria. The tender process for the single-point moored facility-which would be the World largest FPSO unit-is still currently out to tender, with bidders including Samsung and Hyundai.” Bonga also lies 120km South-West of the Niger Delta in a water depth of over

1,000m. Managing Director, SNEPCO, Mr. Chike Onyejekwe, had earlier said that Shell recorded tremendous success in its Bonga deep water oil field. He said that as at December 2012, the company had exported about 450 million barrels of crude oil. The cost of the Bonga field development, including the cost of the Floating Production Storage Offshore vessel built in 2004, came to $3.6 billion. Despite the fact that the drilling of the 19 oil wells will amount to $12.35 billion, the Bonga extension project, according to Shell, may gulp around $33 billion. It was gathered that this might include a $21 billion FPSO proposed for the new Bonga South- West, $4 billion Bonga East, $1.9billion Bonga

Noting that Nigerian firms are constrained by financial capacity, the group added that efforts are in top gear to help them tackle the challenges. “So, PETAN stands for building a long-term capital to support the growth of the indigenous firms. This programme is beyond exhibition, but a good platform where Nigerians can build capacity,” he said. North (Aparo), and $3 billion Bonga North-East. Despite the fact that the NNPC had in January 2013 directed international oil companies operating in the country to drastically cut over $30 billion proposed for new projects, Shell said that the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), if passed “the way it is” would drive away investment in the Nigerian oil and gas industry and might stall the 19 Bonga oil wells. The SNEPCO boss called for a PIB that would be investment-friendly. They also said if the fiscal terms of the PIB were reviewed, about $3 billion deep water revenues could be unlocked for the Federal Government. Corroborating this, the Commercial Manager, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited, Mr. Stefan Vas de Wael, said that the development of deep water assets in the country’s oil and gas could contribute $3 billion to the country’s economy and generate about 200,000 jobs annually.

28 BUSINESS | ENERGY CONFIRMATION Over 2,500 Nigerian delegates raised the attendance at the 46th OTC Stories from Adeola Yusuf HOUSTON, TEXAS, US


he annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) attendance reached a 46year high of 108,300, the highest in show history. This indicates a rise of 3.3 per cent over the last year’s attendance. Organiser of the event, which said this in a statement, noted that the attendance surpassed the 2013 total of 104,800, stressing that the sold-out exhibition was the largest in show history at 680,025 ft², up from 652,185 ft² in 2013. “The event had 2,568 companies representing 43 countries, including 163 new exhibitors in 2014. International companies made up 44 per cent of exhibitors. “OTC’s great success this year is yet another validation of the great vision inspired by the founders who created the conference in 1969,” said Ed Stokes, chairman of OTC. Clearly the deep and broad coverage of the technical programme, flanked and supported by excellent panels, executive keynote presentations, distinguished and spotlight award winners, as well as thousands of displays of the latest in new technology at the exhibition, continues to demonstrate the power of collaboration from our member engineering and geoscience societies and trade organisations moving the offshore oil and gas industry forward safely, sustainably and with

Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OTC records 108, 300 delegates Raises $250,000 for medical bridges due consideration of environmental protection.” This year’s event featured nine panel sessions, 29 executive keynote presentations at luncheons and breakfasts, and 308 technical papers. Speakers from major, independent, and national operators; federal and regional government officials; academia and more presented their views on a wide range of topics while discussing views on the current challenges and future directions of the industry. OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology recognised 12 technologies for their innovation in allowing the industry to produce offshore resources. Safety and environmental protection, always key areas of focus at OTC, was at the forefront of many discussions including last Thursday’s special breakfast and luncheon focused on the subject. Several sessions also delved into new opportunities in Mexico, including a topical breakfast and networking event last Tuesday, which focused on Mexico’s energy reform, and an industry breakfast co-sponsored by the US Department of Commerce. Additional highlights included a number of discussions about the impact of the unconventional revolution onshore on the offshore deep-water industry. Mike Bloomfield, former astronaut and vice president and general manager of Oceaneering Space Systems, spoke on “The Oil & Gas Industry Commer-

cial Use of NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.” A panel session entitled “Global energy outlook: Shaping the future,” featured government officials from Canada, USA and Mexico. Over 150 Houston-area classroom teachers and 200 students attended the Energy Education Institute. Teachers learned about scientific concepts of energy and its importance in a fun and exciting way. Participating students saw, firsthand, the exciting opportunities the oil and gas industry can offer. University students from across the country also got involved by participating in the

conference’s University R&D showcase while OTC hosted the annual Next Wave event, a programme for young professionals, last Monday. The annual OTC dinner was attended by over 1,000 industry leaders and conference attendees, and raised USD $250,000 for Medical Bridges. OTC also presented its 2014 Distinguished Achievement Award to Carl Arne Carlsen, DNV; the Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organisations, or Institutions was awarded to BP for its Clair Ridge development; and the OTC Heritage Award to Noble Energy’s Susan Cunningham at the sold-out event

on the floor of Reliant Stadium. OTC also announced during the closing reception, a new event called “d5” that will debut on Friday, May 8, 2015 — the day following next year’s conference. Designed to bring together the best thinking and creativity from inside and outside the E&P industry, d5 will create an environment where innovation and inspiration can occur so that the biggest challenges confronting the industry today, as well as those that will challenge it tomorrow, can be addressed. OTC 2015 takes place 4–7 May 2015 at Reliant Park and will be followed by d5 on 8 May.

Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Engineer Andrew Yakubu (second left) cutting the tape to declare Nigerian Pavillion open at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC); Chairman Organising Committee, OTC, Petroleum Technician Association of Nigeria (PETAN), Geoff Onuoha (left); President PETAN, Emeka Ene and member, PETAN executive committee, Gbolahan Lawal at the OTC, Houston, Texas recently.

Nigeria’s oil exploration retreats in March Global floating, production, DECLINE storage market hits $99bn Baker Hughes rig count shows a decline to 15 rigs in March


he count of Baker Hughes rig in Nigeria has declined to 15 in March from 18 rigs in February, a report obtained by New Telegraph has revealed. The decline, which particularly became noticeable in offshore rigs, revealed that exploration fell in March, 2014, “from eight offshore rigs in February to five in March,” the report stated. Meanwhile, the report by Lagos-based Financial Derivatives (FD) reads: “We expect the rig count average to remain unchanged in second quarter 2014.” Meanwhile, oil supply disruptions in Nigeria had pushed Brent crude oil prices above $106 a barrel at the end

of transactions at the global market at the weekend. Royal Dutch Shell declared force majeure on Nigeria’s Forcados crude exports, due to a pipeline leakage caused by oil theft. The facility shut down led to shut in of about 150, 000 barrels per day. This was also buoyed by renewed geopolitical risk over Russia and and Libya, while US crude was pressured lower by forecasts for a stock build. Brent crude rose just 18 cents to settle at $106.99. US crude fell 41 cents to settle at $99.19 per barrel. The closely watched and traded Brent-US crude oil price spread widened by 59 cents to $7.80. “The factors that are battling out are the threat of a supply disruption out of Ukraine, Libya and Nigeria, and the fact that we have weak fundamentals and will see a build tomorrow,” said Gene McGillian, an analyst at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut.


he global market forecast for floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) is now $99 billion, Chief executive Officer (CEO), Deep Sea Mooring, Åge Straume, has said. He said this at the just concluded Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas. “The FPSO market is growing fast, with USD 99 billion forecast to be spent on floating production systems between 2014 and 2018,” Straume said. “This is creating real demand for installation expertise and DSM recognises the potential for a business focused on this niche. We see an excellent opportunity for a supplier that offers a comprehensive package of services, alongside individuals with genuine, market proven expertise,” he added. Deep Sea Mooring (DSM), a leading supplier of mooring solutions and services for the

offshore industry, is backing the launch of a new, specialist business dedicated to subsea installation solutions. Deep Sea Installation (DSI), which will initially focus on the FPSO segment, is opening in Singapore with 12 highly experienced staff with an ambition to quickly establish itself in the key regional markets of Asia, West Africa and Europe. DSI’s start-up team has a track record of success from working together in various installation companies. They will now market their expertise to a broad base of international clients from their Singapore HQ, offering services that include the hook up of FPSO vessels, calm buoys and submerged buoys, alongside vessel positioning, towing, and mooring line pull-in and tensioning. In addition, an array of complimentary services are available, including the

maintenance and repair of existing mooring solutions. “We understand this sector,” explained Vijay Mahindran, Managing Director of DSI, “and we’re wholly focused on giving our customers what they need most: namely, their assets in position and operating as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible, with an unerring attention to detail, safety and the delivery of quality right through the line, on every project.” DSM’s backing will allow DSI to invest in the most advanced, reliable and innovative offshore installation equipment available, while also giving the team access to an international network of offices for localised project management. Deep Sea Installation is planning to expand its payroll to between 20 and 30 members of staff within the next two years.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

‘Over-dependence on oil, recipe for disaster’ Principal Consultant, Lonadek Oil and Gas Consultants, Dr. Ibilola Amao, bares her mind on critical issues in the Nigeria’s oil and gas Industry in this interview with ENERGY EDITOR, Adeola Yusuf. Excerpts The United States’ (US) reduction of crude importation from Nigeria has reached 91per cent due to increase in the country’s shale exploration and production. What does this portend for our crude-driven economy? All efforts to ensure that the leadership of Nigeria diversifies her monoeconomy from its dependency on crude export over the past years had fallen on deaf ears, so, this is the perfect wakeup call that I hope would get our leadership thinking strategically. Nigeria should be a process technology driven economy converting not only hydrocarbons but all her pre-independence cash cops into finished products for domestic use and export. Optimising her domestic gas as feedstock, Nigeria should be a fertilizer producing nation that has utilised the hydrocarbon value chain in a manner that creates linkages with a viable agro-allied industry with various SME’s optimising power generated from gas driven turbines. The government of President Barak Obama has in no small measure condemned our wastefulness and lack of strategic planning by deliberately choosing to reduce its importation of Nigerian crude by a huge percentage. I hope this would make us all sit up. Do you think that Nigerian government

is doing enough to cushion the effects of this? For a government that is battling with militancy or insurgency, religious and political discord rather than the root cause of the symptoms, which is a lack of strategic thinking and planning for a very diverse people with critical needs, a foundation based on a unifying factor of value creation through empowerment, enlightenment and education would have solved our problem. The adage that an idle man is the devil’s workshop has come to pass in Nigeria where our culture of hard work, diligence and dedication to creating value has been lost. If this government focuses on bringing back the groundnut pyramids, palm oil, cocoa and rubber plantations, coal and tin mines, cotton mills, fishing and husbandry, among Amao others, we would all be busy. A country where everybody wants to be crude oil traders or appendages of related deals, We are now probably a laughing is an absolute recipe for disaster. stock because we went ahead to announce a bid round with a set timeThe minister of petroleum resources, Die- table that seemed rather ambitious; zani Alison-Madueke, told the world last commenced a road show and then went November that the new Marginal fields’ silent on the existence of 31 or 29 marbid round would be completed by March, ginal fields. 2014 but one month after the promised The original programme with timedeadline (April, 2014) the DPR is yet to lines provided by DPR indicated that make available, the list of fields to be the bid rounds would be concluded auctioned. What is your take on this? by March and the winners of the bids

would be announced in April 2014. Today, we are nowhere near any announcement of winners and a visit to the DPR website would confirm that with a notice to prospective bidder’s which states: “The modalities on the impending Marginal Field Bid Round shall soon be uploaded on this site in due course.” Where else in the world can these play out? To think that many credible Nigerians were able to identify serious minded investors, invest time, effort and resources to develop strategies, plans and put agreements in place with the anticipation that a bid round had commenced, shows how far from serious we have become as a nation. You are one of the advocates of local content development through empowerment of youths. How has your lofty ideas been embraced by government? I made a pledge in 2006 to embark on a 15-year project that would empower, educate and enlighten youths and by the 31st of December 2020. I would evaluate the progress made and recognise those who contributed to touching the lives of the over 100,000 game changers. Producing a critical mass of strategic thinkers and planners who are people of integrity and patriotic to the cause of a better Nigeria seems not to be the priority of government. It is my prayer that these ones that we have sacrificed much to expose to excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics would one day become the leaders, who would take Nigeria from its wasteful culture that is plagued with greed and corruption to one that is fully strategic in creating and adding value.

‘Nigeria’s oil industry regulatory system outdated’ Managing Director, Oilserv Limited, Emeka Okwuosa insisted that the Petroleum Industry bill (PIB) is overdue for enactment in this interview with select journalists in Houston, Texas, United States (US). ENERGY EDITOR, Adeola Yusuf was there. Excerpts What is your assessment of the controversy surrounding the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB)? The PIB is long overdue as far as the concept is concerned. All of us in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria know that the regulatory system and laws under which we operate are very much outdated and do not accurately represent the true position of things. The second part of it is that the regime that defines the relationship between international oil company (IOCs) and the government of Nigeria and all of the associated activities that make up the service industry is again completely outdated. There has been a need for change for a long time. In terms of timeliness, it should have happened yesterday. Now, of course, there will be some fears, because to make changes, it is only natural that people feel unsure as to whether the change will be positive for their operations. I understand if there is apprehension in


the beginning, but obviously there will be a win-win situation for it to work. As far as I am concerned, the PIB is overdue for enactment and the earlier it is put in place, the better, to ensure the proper level of investment in the oil and gas industry. In the interim, what do you think can be done to empower indigenous companies? In the interim, I think it is a matter of continuing what has started, which is that the Local Content Bill has been made into law and has been in practice for about two years now. It has been

very positive, and it is something that the current administration of President Goodluck Jonathan has done well in trying to finally implement. The industry has been fighting for this since the early 1990s, but it was not implemented until a couple of years ago. It is very positive, and the right way to go in terms of building capacity. It is not just about empowering indigenous companies, but building the required capacity that is sustainable – the ability to have Nigerians coming into the service industry in a serious manner, and be able to offer credible and competitive services. There is no place for people offering substandard services in the name of local content. But there is still a gap there when it comes to the issue of funding. I know part of the Local Content Law makes it possible for a fund to be put together. On any bill or invoice, we are all charged one per cent, which goes into the fund. That fund, with the intention of building capacity, has to be managed properly. Beyond that fund, there has to be systematic change in the financial sector in Nigeria that allows indigenous companies to have access to funds at a reasonable rate. Sometimes we are borrowing at over 20 per cent, which is not a competitive rate. On that basis, it makes it difficult to build capacity. Some of the things that will help build capacity are actually outside of the control of the oil and gas industry. What is your valuation, post-Local Content Act, of the relationship between IOCs and indigenous companies? We have been competing to build capacity prior to the Local Content

Law and for us, it does not make much difference because we still compete in the same way. But generally, it makes a difference for new entrants and capacity building. I strongly believe that the management of the Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board (NCDMB) under Ernest Nwapa has done very well. He is very experienced in these matters because prior to the establishment of the NCDMB, Mr. Nwapa was already handling the portfolio that developed the basis of the entire law itself under the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (NNPC). He was the General Manager of Nigerian content under NNPC, so he knows that business very well. As a local entrepreneur, what legacy would you like to leave behind upon retirement? I want Nigeria to be better governed than it has been all these years. In Nigeria, I want our hopes to match with our actions. I want the oil and gas industry to be so well-developed thanks to the work done by ourselves and others…that Nigerians are seen to be capable of setting up their own companies, building capacity, developing people and systems that deliver full support for the oil and gas industry, which will in turn be able to build up businesses around this profile that will improve and increase the business outlook in the oil and gas industry for Nigerians. At the beginning I said I do not believe in handouts. You have to work for what you get, but sometimes people do not even have the opportunity. What I am doing now is creating those opportunities.



Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Power: House of Reps review privatisation VISIT House of Reps paid assessment visit to five thermal plants Stories from Adeola Yusuf HOUSTON, TEXAS

dustry Bill (PIB). The essence of the oversight visit to the DISCO, Mrs Ibrahim said, is to find out the status of the public assets handed over to them. She said that the committee was also set to find out what the investors had accomplished so far on the privitisation and commercialisation process on

approved share agreement on post-acquisition process plans. She said that gas had been the major challenge to the DISCOS in effective power supply, adding that the committee will ensure appropriate legislation of policy that will support Nigerians. "We are going to expidite action on the passage of the

Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) into law in other to legislate on gas to ensure that gas is distributed to all DISCOs for them to effectively supply power to Nigerians. "I therefore urge the DISCOs to collaborate with the committee on privatisation in putting up a paper on ways to legislate stringent laws on


he House of Representatives committee on Privatisation and Commercialisation has begun the assessment of the privatisation of power assets. Chairman of the committee, Mrs. Khadija Ibrahim, who disclosed this, said that her committee was committed to curbing gas shortage bedeviling the power sector with adequate legislation. Ibrahim, who said this after the assessment visits to five thermal plants in Nigeria, maintained that her committee was shocked during the assessment visit to Shiroro Hydro power plants and four other distribution companies. She decried the gas shortage to power plants in the country and assured that the lawmakers would support the industry with the right legislation. She said that the lawmakers would ensure the speedy passage of the Petroleum In-

INVESTMENTS EKEDC earmarks $150m for system improvement


he management of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has said that about 550 pre-paid meters had been earmarked for distribution to customers in the next five years. Chief Executive Officer of EKEDC, Mr. Oladele Amoda, who said this, maintained that about $150 million dollars (N42.3 billion) has also been proposed as capital expenditure of the DISCO on facility improvement in the next few years. He said in a statement that the investment is aimed at improving its network for effective service delivery to its numerous customers. "We will ensure that 136 meters will be given to customers free of charge in the first year. We are going to ensure that all faulty and obsolete meters are fully replaced to conform to the present day metering," he said. Amoda also noted that the company had the responsibility to light up Lagos, adding that: “This is the task before us, which we must do and do profitably." According to him, the investor, West Power & Gas, is committed to spending over $150 million (about N42.3 billion) on the station over the next few years. “We are going to invest in metering, cleaning up the sys-

General Manager, Corporate communications, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Mr. Sola Adebanwo (left) and Managing Director, Prime Atlantic, Mr. Ayo Otuyalo at the 45 th Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, United States (US) recently. PHOTO: ADEOLA YUSUF

EKEDC to distribute 550 meters in five years –CEO tem, cablings, transformers and making sure that everything is in line with what we have specified. Amoda said that the privitisation of the power sector was a good development. He further said that the task ahead, no doubt, might appear quite intimidating, but with the courage of the first step being taken by the investors, no doubt, would succeed. “The transparency of the whole process left no one in doubt about the sincerity of

government and its manifest adherence to global best practice. He said that about 550 prepaid meters had been earmarked for distribution to customers in the next five years. Amoda said that the DISCO needed about 700 mega watts to fully power consumers within its network but the company only gets an average of 250 to 300 mega watts. He said that for effective electricity distribution chain

to consumers within the zone, the management had promised to embark on an embedded power generation to improve service. "We urged the house committee to assist the DISCO in promulgating a law that will impose stringent sanctions on equipment vandalism in the country. "We lost so much to equipment vandalism, which needed to be curbed to bring more effective supply in network,’’ he added.

Shutdown reported at $10bn Angola LNG


ngola's $10 billion liquefied natural gas facility in Soyo is still off production after over two weeks due to unspecified technical issues. This is the latest setback for a project already dogged by myriad of problems. A spokesman said that there had been no explosion at the 5.2 million ton-per-annum facility when it was taken offline on April 10, adding that an investigation was under way to determine the cause of the incident. "The plant has experienced technical issues, which have caused an unplanned interruption to production," an Angola LNG spokesman said.

"However, these are being addressed so that the plant can continue with its commissioning and testing of all facilities as part of its ramp-up to full LNG production." But Angola LNG did not comment on when operations might restart at the facility, saying that the timetable will be determined by the results of the investigation. "No explosion, fire or injuries were caused as a result of this unplanned interruption, and the plant was safely shutdown in a controlled manner," the spokesman added. US super major, Chevron, operates Angola LNG with a 36.4 per cent stake, while So-

nangol owns 22.8 per cent. Total, BP and Eni are also partners, each on 13.6 per cent. The Angola LNG plant started operations in July last year — 18 months late — delivering its first cargo to Brazil but not before fending off a range of issues including fires, pipeline leaks and maintenance delays. Due to technical problems it was not expected to hit full capacity until 2015, running at about half capacity through most of this year, Chevron said in February. The project has also seen difficulties with exploration projects used to supply feedstock, complicating efforts to source gas supply.

vandalisation of their equipment. "The house will ensure the bill is legislated on to curb gas challenges,’’ she added. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer, Egbin Power Station Plc, Mr Mike Uzoigwe, has given a graphical detail of how his company lost N8.134 kilowatt per hour to gas shortage. The loss amounted to N5.6 billion per annum. Uzoigwe disclosed this during the visit of the House Committee on Privatisation and Commercialisation to Ikeja and Egbin Power Station, Lagos as part of their oversight functions. He explained that the new owners of the power plant hoped to reduce the losses while achieving 85 per cent availability and 34 per cent efficiency. According to him, the new owner, with the help of its technical partners, Korea Electrical Power Nigeria Limited, is working to address some of the challenges facing the plant. Uzoigwe said that about N7.3 billion had been invested in the power plant between November 1, when it was handed over to private investors, and now. He said that the total capacity of the power plant is 1,320MW, while the available and dependable capacity stands at 1,080MW with one of its six units down for over eight years. In view of this, the CEO announced a sixpronged major overhauling of the power plant over the next two years with each of them costing N5 billion. According to him, the overhauling of unit 1 has been scheduled for March, 2015; Unit 2, October 2015; Unit 3, July 2015; Unit 4, October, 2015; Unit 5, January, 2016 and Unit 6, April, 2016. "All together, N30 billion would be spent on rehabilitating the plant,’’ he said. Uzoigwe, however, said that despite injecting $18.3 billion of power to the national grid, the market operators had delayed its payment and this was affecting its operation. “The invoice sent to the market operator by Egbin is N187.3 billion but the total cash we should have gotten from the market operator for power generated for the past five months is N13.16 billion. "We have only gotten N6.5 billion, we owe the Nigeria Gas Company N5.3 billion, while our operation cost till date is N13 billion. N573 million was lost from November 2013 till date. “The challenge of inadequate gas supply is huge and what we have been receiving in terms of allocation has reduced significantly from 900MW before the hand over, to barely 300MW as we speak. He said that the power situation has been grossly affected by the activities of vandals on NNPC pipelines and incessant vandalisation of the company’s facilities and installation.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Corruption no longer fashionable, says Oando boss TRANSPARENCY Mr. Wale Tinubu has underscored the need for more business transparency among oil firms in Nigeria Stories from Adeola Yusuf HOUSTON, TEXAS, US


orruption is no longer fashionable in the global oil business, Group Chief Executive (GCE), Oando PLC, Mr. Adewale Tinubu, has said. He said this at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Abuja, stressing that there is a new world order. He said: “There’s clearly a new world order, companies need transparency to grow and raise capital and the world demands it in everything. Corruption is no longer fashionable.” He acknowledged government’s effort in creating a corrupt-free business environment. Meanwhile, Oando Plc in conjunction with the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) of the WEF hosted a breakfast meeting to discuss business transparency on the continent. The meeting was a backdrop to other events at the WEF and dwelt on the theme of inclusive growth and the role business transparency has to play in achieving this. A cross section of companies operating in Africa and attendees of WEF were given the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with operating and promoting clean business practices. PACI is a global, multi-in-

dustry, multi-stakeholder anti-corruption initiative set up by the WEF to raise business standards and to contribute to a competitive, transparent, accountable and ethical business society. Since its inception in 2004, the PACI principles have served as a call to action for businesses around the world to commit to zero tolerance of corruption in all its forms. Oando became an active member of PACI in 2008 and its involvement in anti-corruption initiatives has played a major role in the organisations success story as noted by the Chief Compliance Officer, Ms. Ayotola Jagun, who further encouraged collective action as a viable means of fighting corruption and changing the business landscape in the country for the better. Reiterating the importance of business transparency at the event, Senior Director, Head of Centre for Global Industries WEF, said: “Transparency makes your business more resilient and risk free.” According to him, a community of CEOs who are committed to a business society free from corruption would give rise to sustainable growth within their companies, industries and countries.” The event also served as a platform for the soft launch of the Clean Business Practice Initiative (CBPI) an indigenous private sector-driven anti-corruption body set up to compliment government efforts in fighting corruption in Nigeria. By committing to develop and implement anticorruption practices in institutions, systems and processes, the initiative aims to help level the playing field in trade, commerce and industry.

A gas plant

$2bn Nigeria, Ghana bilateral trade suffers setback TIT-FOR-TAT Nigeria has halted $390 million oil contracts with Ghana two weeks after the later collected $10 million fine from her for failure to meet gas contractual pact Adeola Yusuf



he about $2 billion bilateral trade between Ghana and Nigeria degenerated at the weekend with President Mahama of Ghana accusing Nigeria of economic bullying of the 14 Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS)

members. New Telegraph had exclusively reported the halt of oil export contracts with Ghana, Ivory Coast and others by Nigeria. Two weeks before this incident, Ghana too had imposed a fine of $100 million on Nigeria over the inability of the latter to meet gas supply agreement with her. “Nigeria is by-passing the ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme (ETLS),” Mahama said in a document, adding that this is done “by using trade prohibitions and refusing to implement the CET (Common External Tariff) effectively.” Ghana is also accused of discriminatory practices including $300,000.00 capital requirements for Nigerian traders leading to the closure of 40 Nigerians businesses in just one weekend in

Firm floats e-commerce site for oil equipment, others


hief Executive Officer of, Mr. Deji Adeoni, has underscored the collective need to fight online scam in Nigeria. Adeoni said that he launched the online shopping site for a variety of equipment including the ones for the oil and gas industry. He said this while fielding questions from newsmen in Houston, Texas. “What we have put together is to create so that Nigerians can go there and shop. If Nigerians go to Amazon and other e-commerce sites to shop, they won't ship it to Nigeria because they don't trust us but as an indigenous person from Nigeria, I understand the market very well. “The creation of Africdeal. com is to enable Nigerians go to the site and buy whatever they want to and we ship directly to them in Nigeria and

everything is coming out of the US - computers and whatever it is and the prices are comparative with what you get on Amason and ebay and you will be assured that you get the right quality," he said. “I have been on this project since 2009 and the reason we did not start back then was because of the security measures. Now CBN has put some security measures in place, which is called 'Third Party Verification' so, the VISA card used in Nigeria is verified and the Master Card has secure code. “Once you go on Africdeals. com to buy anything and when you are making payment, ‎it will take you to a page and when you use a Nigerian card, it will take you to a different page where a token will be sent to your phone or email, then you put the token, which guarantees shopping‎.

“Going around payment, I have tried different companies in the US and a lot of them denied payment simply because it was coming from Africa, mainly 80 per cent sales coming from Nigeria. “Am not going to lie to the US authority, I will tell them that my clients are mainly from Nigeria. Because of that security measures, lots of Nigeria clients were denied sales but when we discovered that the security issue has been solve by CBN, I went ahead to launch Web site‎.” He also talked about building customer base confidence. ”I am not going to compare myself with existing companies in Nigeria but this is what I want to do. Within the system, if you go to Amazon to shop, they don't trust the card you are bringing on board even they don’t trust some

cards issued by some banks in Nigeria. “I am not shipping to the US but these scammers are not Nigerians, some of them are from other parts of the world and what they do is that they use cards, ship it to certain addresses in the US from there they just move it around but what am doing is that will ship directly to the required destination in Africa, Nigeria,” he said. On tacking payment issues, he said, his company has been registered with the Nigeria Commission and has a bank account in Nigeria. He said: “We are working with IBTC. So, if you make payment into that account and we are contacted, if we deny taking payment from any customer, you can call IBTC immediately, they will process your payment and return it back to you.

February 2013. Meanwhile, this has affected the ECOWAS economy. In 2008, imports and exports from ECOWAS were 3.37per cent and 7.25 per cent of Nigeria totals while in 2013, these had declined to 1.38 per cent of total trade for imports and 5.47per cent for exports. The value of bilateral trade between Nigeria and Ghana, which was about $1.6 billion (N240 billion) in 2011, has grown to about $2 billion. The Federal Government had ended oil supply contracts to Ghana, Ivory Coast and other countries in the West African coast; a confidential list of 2014 crude exports allocation has shown. Government did not renew contracts it had with these countries and did not give reasons for its action. The provisional list of contracts award beneficiaries revealed that West African governments such as Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast, which used to refine Nigerian oil in domestic refineries, formerly had contracts that were not renewed. Nigeria had earlier paid $10 million to Ghana as compensation for failure to meet the gas supply agreement it entered with the latter. Under the agreement signed in 1999, Nigeria was required to supply Ghana 123 Million Metric British Thermal Units (MMBtu) per day. However, Nigeria was said to have failed to meet the target, supplying only 30 MMBtu/d and less sometimes. The Director of Planning and Business Development of the Volta River Authority (VRA), Kofi Ellis, had told TV3’s Sandra Amarquaye that Ghana was being paid $10 million as damages by Nigeria over the shortfall as stipulated in the gas supply contract.

32 BUSINESS | ENERGY PRICE DIP Oil has fallen to near $100 after China’s trade data Stories from Adeola Yusuf HOUSTON, TEXAS, US


he price of oil declined at the weekend but stayed above $100 a barrel after data showed subdued imports by China, which has surpassed the United States (US) as the world's largest crude consumer. China's customs data showed that imports rose 0.8 per cent in April. That's an im-

Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

China surpasses US as world's largest crude consumer provement from the previous month's 11.3 per cent decline, but still weak. Benchmark US crude for June delivery fell 51 cents to close at $100.26 a barrel in New York. Brent crude, a benchmark for international varieties of oil used by many US refineries, fell nine cents to close at $108.04 in London. The previous day, US crude jumped $1.27 after a

surprise decline in the nation's stockpiles. The weak Chinese imports reflect slowing economic growth there, which means less demand for gasoline, diesel and other fuels made from crude oil. The conflict in eastern Ukraine — where pro-Russian insurgents said they would go ahead with a Sunday referendum on autonomy — and an-

other twist in Libya's efforts to increase oil exports kept prices from falling further. Analysts at Commerzbank in Frankfurt noted that rebels in Libya "have broken off talks on the opening of the country's two biggest oil terminals and have additionally threatened to reoccupy the two already opened oil terminals." Libya's exports have dropped

to less than 300,000 barrels a day compared with around 1.4 million barrels a year ago. The average retail price of gasoline in the US fell less than a penny to $3.67 per gallon according to AAA, OPIS and Wright Express. It was the 10th straight day of slight declines from what may have been this year's spring peak of $3.70 per gallon, set April 28.

Cobalt makes 700m barrels new discovery in Angola


Exhibition stands at the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston, Texas recently.

CONFIRMATION Ghanian Military has confirmed that the illfated helicopter belongs to Russia's Lukoil


service helicopter carrying workers to an oil rig off the coast of Ghana and operated by Russia's Lukoil crashed into the ocean, killing at least three people, a military spokesman said. Four people were rescued and another was missing, military spokesman, Mbawine Attintande, said.

Three killed as oil rig helicopter crashes in Ghana The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) said that the incident occurred after the helicopter took off from the western port of Takoradi on its way to the Jack Ryag oil rig near the giant Jubilee field. The cause of the crash was not immediately known. Meanwhile, Gabon's oil production is expected to rise by at least nine per cent to be-

tween 230,000 and 250,000 barrels per day (bpd) in 2014 from 210,000 bpd last year, its oil minister said at the weekend. The central African oil producer was once an OPEC member but production has dipped from a peak of around 370,000 bpd in 1997 due to maturing fields. "Oil production in 2014 should reach 230,000 bpd or even 250,000 bpd," Oil Min-

ister ,Etienne Ngoubou, told journalists at an industry event, without providing further details. Gabon is seeking to encourage investment in the sector and has ambitions to boost production to 500,000 bpd as new offshore fields become operational. Total and Royal Dutch Shell are among the firms operating in the former French colony.

German utilities want public body to shut nuclear plants –Sources


erman utilities are in talks with the government about handing over responsibility for decommissioning the country's nuclear power plants to a public foundation, two sources familiar with the proposals said on Sunday. This so-called 'bad bank' for nuclear energy would take over Germany's nuclear plants, which the government decided should be all closed by 2022 following the Fukushima disaster in Japan three years ago.

"Talks are being held with the German government," a person familiar with the plans told Reuters, adding the talks was at a very early stage. "Nothing has been decided yet," the source said, following a report in German magazine Der Spiegel earlier on Sunday. This foundation could take care of their decommissioning, using the funds, which would be brought in by the utilities.

The four operators of nuclear plants in Germany E.ON , RWE and EnBW and Sweden's Vattenfall - have made total provisions of more than 30 billion euros ($41.27 billion) for the dismantling of the plants and the disposal of nuclear waste. The proposed public foundation would take care of the plants' decommissioning using funds from these provisions, the sources said. If there was a deal the utilities might be willing to drop

their legal claims against the German government for compensation for having to shut the plants, one of the sources said. "It would create a situation where utilities could outsource the risks to the government, foregoing some of their damage claims in return," the person said. E.ON. RWE and EnBW declined to comment. The German Ministry of Economy and Energy said it did not know of such a proposal and declined to give any further

he United States (US) firm, Cobalt International Energy, has discovered significant quantities of oil offshore Angola, state oil firm, Sonangol, said, describing the find the biggest so far in the promising pre-salt layer in the Kwanza Basin. Oil drillers hope discoveries under a deep submerged salt crust off Angola known as pre-salt may match the prolific finds beneath similar deposits off Brazil on the other side of the Atlantic in recent years. Analysts say that Angola, Africa's number two oil producer, could double its oil reserves, which are currently estimated at just under 13 billion barrels, if pre-salt drilling proves successful. Drilling at Cobalt's Orca-1 well in Block 20/11 reached a depth of 3,872 metres and has successfully produced over 3,700 barrels of oil and 16.3 million cubic metres of gas per day, Sonangol said in a statement. "The results confirms the importance of the find, which is considered the biggest to date in the Kwanza basin," it added. Cobalt estimates that the well may hold between 400 million and 700 million barrels of oil. Operator Cobalt, which counts Goldman Sachs Group and private equity firms Riverstone and First Reserve as investors, holds a 40 per cent stake in block 20/11. Sonangol and BP own 30 per cent each. Cobalt said in a separate statement that the find was its fifth off Angola and followed one in the Lontra well in November, which it said at the time was "a discovery on a global scale." The company also said that it had started drilling the Cameia-3 well in the Cameia field in Angola's pre-salt offshore Block 21. Analysts say 2014 will be a crucial year of exploration and testing in Angola's presalt play, with up to 15 wells set to be drilled.

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Homebuilders decry N2,500 per bag cement price INFLATION Stakeholders are worried about high cost of cement and its implication on housing delivery Dayo Ayeyemi


rregularities in cement price have been a source of concern for many Nigerians, especially the built environment experts, real estate developers and homebuilders in the informal sector. The professionals in the real estate sector are worried over this development, saying that if the prevailing price of cement remains, the cost of housing production would increase. Apart from this, they added that government’s housing policy target of reducing the nation’s housing deficit of 17 million would remain a dream. Other implications, they said, include inevitable high cost of house rent, decaying infrastructures as a result of maintenance negligence, possibility of contractors/builders cutting corners through cost savings measures thus ending up building sub-standard structures, which ultimately could result into collapse building and its attendant loss of lives As at Friday last week, the price of a 50 kilogramme bag of cement, based on market survey by New Telegraph, was between N2,500 and N2,700 in Lagos environs. The prevailing market price of cement is different from the price list made known to the public through the newspapers advertisement published last Thursday by Dangote Cement. In the said advertisement, Dangote group said that the factory price of its product still remains in the region of N1,462 in Ogun environs; N1,564 within south west and south east; N1,735 within North central, west and east; and N1,630 in FCT. Stakeholders are now rhetorically asking who is hijacking cement market and what is responsible for the soaring price of cement? Stakeholder's view Bemoaning the 65 per cent increase in cement price within five months, former president of the Nigerian Institute of Building, Mr. Chucks Omeife, described irregularities in the prices of cement as unfortunate.

Bags of cement



He said: “The prevailing price of cement is most unfortunate in an environment and economy where we are talking of high volume of housing deficit. It is even more inimical to the government housing policies and initiative giving all the efforts and concessions government has made in the past in ensuring cement price reduction and its availability. “Its worrisome that despite the much talk-about high tonnage of cement production by Dangote Cement, the current price is higher than when cement was imported - during the cement backward integration programme.” He urged government to find out the source of the problem, insisting that government should intervene as a matter of

responsibility and bring down the cost by talking to manufacturers and examining the chain distribution system for cement supply to identify the root cause. Omeife said that implication of high price of cement for housing provision would be direct as it would impact on cost and quality of housing delivery being a major component that forms the major binding material in construction. Apart from this, he explained that it would affect the cost of delivering houses and that the issue of affordability will be difficult to achieve. He said: “Generally, construction cost will go up and this will affect the already budgeted capital projects both at the federal and state levels. The

only way out is government intervention. Cement should not sell for more than N1,000.00 per 50kg bag as obtainable in other climes where regulation is put in place for such critical housing component. He also noted that given Nigerian investors’ desire for quick returns on investment in an economy that is not well regulated, government should enter into a serious discussion with manufacturers to reduce price by offering other incentives and concessions to achieve reasonable and affordable cement price. A construction guru, Mr. Kunle Awobodu, who was working on a site at Lekki, said that the 42.5 cement grade recently launched by Dangote Group was selling for N2,700 in the axis while Larfage cement and other brands were selling for as high as N2,400. Worse still, he said that the products were very scarce as distributors claimed to have run out of stock. The representative of Dangote Group at the just concluded Lagos Housing Fair, Mr. Johnson Olaniyi, while excusing the firm of any connivance in the increase, said that cement dealers and traders need to be more patriotic in their business dealings. He maintained that up till date, Dangote cement has not been sold above N1,700 per bag. Olaniyi also attributed the cost of cement to freight problem, arguing that if railway

system is fully revived, cost of building materials, especially cement, will come down drastically. Chief Executive Officer, Xpress Property Services Ventures Limited, Allan O Alli, said the situation could be attributed to the common economic factor of demand and supply, saying that the demand for cement is higher in Lagos State than any other part of the country, including FCT. This, he said, was evident from the spate of housing developments in and around Lagos State and the unending migration of people from other parts of the country to the city thus leaving the demand for housing provision steadily high. He said: “We cannot put blame on a specific reason or persons outside of the basic economic dictates of demand and supply. Where there is a high demand, there is every tendency to struggle with price fluctuations especially when there is no price regulation in place which in the long run affects costs of supply.” He explained that cement being an essential ingredient required for housing delivery and indeed the most commonly used in constructions, would continue to influence and determine eventual cost of delivery. The implications of cement price irregularities, he said, would be obvious. According to him, one of the implications is that it would increase the cost of housing delivery by indirectly increasing costs of labour and infrastructure, which are integral part of provision of affordable housing. Conclusion On the way out, Alli said: “I am not sure there is a definite way out due to the dictates of basic economic laws of demand and supply but price regulation and subsidy through direct supply to end users may make some difference if guided by needs. Importation of cement may seem an alternative antidote. I do have any reservations towards the idea because of the present challenges. Importation may be used as a support for our local productions and succour towards our immediate demands. However, this idea may rub off negatively in the long term. I will therefore rather choose a part of long-term remedy by way of increased production which may eventually drive down overall price.”


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WARNING Lagos to seize houses from defaulters


e faithful in your mortgage payment monthly. When you pay your mortgage, you are building homes for millions of homeless people. The way it is now, if this continues like this, in about 10 years, government may not need to put money into mortgage again because the scheme should be able to sustain itself.” These were the words of Governor Babatunde Fashola to the76 new homeowners that emerged in the May edition of the Lagos Home Mortgage Ownership Scheme (LAGHOMs) draw held at Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, at the weekend. The governor explained the importance of their faithfulness to the mortgage, saying that when they default, government may have no choice than to retrieve the house and sell to another person. “When people talk about houses in the UK, it is about mortgage,” Fashola said, stressing that the economic meltdown of 2008 was due to the failure of people to pay their mortgage. For this reason, he said that government has ensured that through screening, only people that can afford the mortgage that actually access it. Fashola declared at the event that his administration had delivered on its promise to provide affordable homes to the people, adding that the

SECURITY Experts want the process of housing delivery to be accident free Dayo Ayeyemi


he 2014 edition of the Lagos Housing Fair has come and gone, but one important message shared by all stakeholders during week-long programme was the need to ensure safety in housing and construction industry. Starting from site inspection, foundation laying, setting of blocks, concrete pouring, roofing, electrical installation, mechanical installation, plumbing, ceiling installations, painting, and even during maintenance, the experts that spoke at the event advised on the need for safety consciousness. “There is the need to be conscious of safety from site accidents, fire accident, domestic accidents, attacks from marauders and even building collapse, which is also a very vital form of accident,” they warned. Speaking during the session earmarked for Professional Service Day, President of the Nigerian Institute of Quality Surveyor (NIQS), Mallam

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LAGHOMS: Home winners cautioned on dangers of payment default




state government had also made the homes available in the one, two and three-bedroom apartment types. According to him, the apartments were designed to fit into the different income brackets for people who had a source of income. 76 new homeowners emerged at the end of May housing draw. 158 applicants applied for housing units under the scheme out of which 102 were successfully pre-qualified, while 56 applicants were not pre-qualified based on documentation. For the draw, 200 homes were made available, while 334 houses were carried over from the March and April editions, making a total of 534 homes.

The new home winners could not hold their joy as they were full of appreciation to God and Governor Babatunde Fashola for the opportunity to become home owners in Lagos where the cost of land and the processes of securing title and plan approval are “very cumbersome.” A resident of Oke-Ira area of Ogba, Mrs. Justina Ejemoye, told New Telegraph that she never believed the programme was real until she witnessed it. She said: “Initially, I thought it was not real; even when I got here today, I told my husband that this thing, can it be real? He told me not to worry that I should just wait. We live at Oke Ira in Ogba as

a tenant, but now we are even getting our own house in the same vicinity. I give God all the glory. I thank the governor for this initiative. God will continue to bless him.” Another house winner explained how simple the process has been. He said: “Everything is easy to go, once you get to the website, you can programme yourself. It is very transparent and open. I just logged on to the website of Lagoshoms and did everything effortlessly.” He advised others not to doubt the program but rather key into it and get their own house. I just got a three-bedroom in Lekki. Another winner of a threebedroom apartment, Mrs Ol-

ubunmi Folake Kufolubi, said: “To the best of my knowledge, this is very real and people should make themselves available for the scheme and become homeowners.” Reacting to various criticisms trailing the perceived high cost of the housing units, Governor Fashola said that he never promised to deliver low-cost housing units to the people during his electioneering campaigns in 2007 but affordable homes. Fashola said that there were a lot of criticisms from the opposition party about the price of the housing units, stressing that though the houses are not low cost but are affordable to the people because they can pay for them through a mortgage that cover 10 years. Buttressing his argument, the governor said that from his findings, there was no low-cost land, there was no low-cost cement, there was no low-cost fund and there was no low-cost labour. Some of the schemes displayed included Alhaja Adetoun Mustapha and Hon. Olaitan Mustapha in Ojokoro; Chois Gardens in Abijo-Lekki; Oba Adeboruwa Estate and Hon Rotimi Shotomiwa Estate in Igbogbo, Ikorodu; Shitta Estate in Surulere; Shogunro Estate 1 in Ogba; and Sir Micheal Otedola Estate in Odoragunshin, Epe.

Housing Fair: Stakeholders advocate safety in housing delivery Murtala Aliyu, stated that the issue of safety in housing delivery should be paramount among all stakeholders which include developers, contractors, engineers, artisans, building material suppliers and other service providers that include labourers, food vendors and others. He gave vital information on how safety could be provided in the course of building a house. These include ensuring quality building materials, competent workforce, danger-free environment, both for workers and neighbours, among others. He also provided hints on how safety can be achieved when a building is eventually completed and it is inhabited. Besides, he stated that those who own the houses should realise their roles in ensuring that they live there in safety. In his paper on: “Property maintenance and safety: The experiences of real estate developer,” Managing Director, Wemabod Estates Limited, Mr. Olumide Ologun, said that failure to maintain a building

would not only reduce its value, but may pose threat to the inhabitants. He advised that “we should realise that maintenance starts from a simple repair of an item. You have your shoe, you polish it on daily basis to extend its lifespan. So also it is in building. You maintain your house either by painting it every two years, or five; you change or repair its roof, plumbing materials and even the structure when you notice cracking. All these are to increase its value either for rent later on or to attract market value in the event of outright sale,” he said. He also warned against what he described as “safety in a hurry,” saying that some developers engage in refurbishing an old building without taking into cognizance the structural status of such building. “This is common in Lagos where developers usually convert old bungalows into a high-rise building without installing the correspondent reinforcements, cement and other building components

that can ensure that such building can stand the test of time,” he said. The representative of Dangote Group, Mr. Johnson Olaniyi, spoke on some of the factors that are militating against quality job in the housing sector, thereby, compromising safety, in the course of project execution or after. According to Olaniyi, block moulders are the first set of stakeholders that their activities must be monitored. He was of the opinion that in view of the place of cement in construction industry and blocks being a major component, those in the business of block making must stand up to the task by ensuring that they get the mix right. On how the high cost of cement leads to compromise in the mix standard, Olaniyi, while excusing Dangote Group of any arbitrary increase, said that cement dealers and traders need to be more patriotic in their business dealings. He blamed some unscrupulous traders for engaging in re-bagging of cement, adding that because of their inordi-

nate desire to make more profit, they reduce 50 kilogrammes of cement to 45 kg or 48 in some instances. He revealed how 27 people, among them 13 young women, were arrested in Ewekoro recently, tampering with sealed bags of cement. He maintained that up till date Dangote cement has not been sold “above N1,700 per bag. Olaniyi also attributed the cost of cement to freight problem, arguing that if railway system is fully revived, cost of building materials, especially cement, will come down drastically. He also informed the gathering that certified sand is necessary to ensure quality blocks, noting that in some part of the country, the available sand are not good for mixture to bring out quality. Other speakers seeking for more safety environment in housing delivery include Director-General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Mrs. Dominga Odebunmi and General Manager, Lagos State Building Control Authority (LASBCA), Abimbola Animashaun.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

‘30 private developers acquired 229 hectares of land in Lagos' REVENUE Lagos makes N2.9 billion from granting of Governor's Consent. Stories by Dayo Ayeyemi


he private estate developer’s initiative of the Lagos State government is yielding results as no fewer than 30 private individuals and organisations have acquired land in the state for housing development in 2013. This is one of the steps being taken by the state government to solve the housing problem of the city with a growing population of over 20 million and a limited land area of about 3577sq kilometers approximately. Some of the companies are F’top Nigeria Limited, Ladrag Nigeria Limited; Sherry Ville School, Bamah Nissi Multilinks Limited, CMD Lekki, Obafemi Giwa Amu and Co, Greystone Construction Limited and Saw Agro Science Limited, among others. Speaking during the ministerial press briefing in commemoration of the seventh year anniversary of Governor Babatunde Fashola in office, the Permanent Secretary, Land Bureau, Mr. Hakeem Muri-Okunola explained that making land available for private developers who have the financial capacity to deliver housing units to the citizens was a demonstration of the fact that government is genuinely bothered about the living conditions of the people and is taking steps to solve the problem. On government estates, he said that the New Town Development Authority has identified some new schemes

which include Agbowa Mixed Development Scheme Phase II; Ayobo Residential Scheme Extension; Imota Mixed Development Scheme and Ilu-Tuntun Residential Scheme, Imota, adding that some schemes such as Ibeju Lekki Coastal City and Iberekoro Industrial Town have been designed to fully utilise the development potential of Lekki axis. According to him, Iragbo Residential Scheme; Iya Afin Scheme; and Magotho Mixed Development Scheme, all along the Lagos-Badagry Road axis were proposed in anticipation of the construction of the 10lane road to open-up the area. He disclosed that the Lagos’ Land Bureau generated N8.4 billion as revenue from land matters in 2013. This figure, according to Muri-Okunola, has a shortfall of about 19 per cent when compared to that of year 2012, which was N10.28 billion. Justifying the shortfall, Muri-

okunola said that the resultant decline arose as a result of a reduction of about 40 per cent in the revenue being expected from transaction on state land as well as capital contribution. According to him, during the period under review, it was expected that the new scheme could be delivered for sale to the public but unfortunately there was no new scheme He said: “Also the expected revenue on property ratification was low in respect of internet connectivity challenge. This has improved and more revenue is expected from this source in year 2014.” The permanent secretary expressed the hope that year 2014 would be better considering plan by the bureau to generate money on property recertification as well as from transaction of state land. He gave details of revenue generated by the bureau in the last four years, saying that in 2010, N13.2 billion was gener-

ated, N10.9 billion in 2011; N10.27 in 2012 and N8.35 in 2013. These figures, he said, represented 83 per cent, 81 per cent, 72 per cent and 118 per cent respectively. Muri-oKunola also disclosed that in 2013, N1.6 billion was paid as compensation for people whose lands were revoked for one reason or the other. According to him, N54.6 million was paid as compensation for relocation of Okobaba sawmillers to Agbowa/Ikosi area; N26 million for construction of Itire/Okota link Bridge road works; Agbowa Housing scheme; Orile Badagry Lot 1 Batch 3; Mr. Adeleke Lawrence Ojelade at Ago Palace Way; and Messrs Ocean Trust 2.1 hectares at Oregun Industrial scheme. During the year under review, he maintained that the state government generated N2.9 billion as revenue for the grant of Governor’s Consent, while the expected target was N2.55 billion.

Block of flats in one of the estates under the Lagos Home Ownership Mortgage

US rental prices rising as demand remains strong –Survey emand for rental propDremained erty in the United States strong in March,

according to the latest index from the National Association of Realtors. Some 48 per cent of members involved in lettings reported higher residential rents compared to 12 months ago, an increase from 46 per cent in the previous month. NAR said that rising rents may make home ownership more attractive but also may slow the ability of current renters to save for a home purchase. ‘The March data indicates a more upbeat confidence concerning market conditions compared to February,’ said NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun. ‘The improvement may reflect the seasonal uptick in demand with the onset of spring. Confidence about the next six months also showed a slight improvement in March compared to February,’ he explained. The major problems reported by real estate agents were low inventories of available homes and difficulty in obtaining mortgage financing. An exceptionally large number of respondents across several states reported very low inventory levels relative to demand. Another major problem is credit access and respondents said that even good credit clients were having trouble qualifying for mortgages. There were also reports that the Qualifying Mortgage (QM) regulations and the increase in FHA mortgage insurance premiums have had an adverse effect on buyers. Appraisal valuation is still an issue although the survey data indicates fewer transactions facing appraisal problems compared to previous months.

Lagos to FG: Refund N59bn spent on federal roads L agos, apart from being the economic hub of West Africa, is the most populous city in Nigeria, and also the second fastest-growing city in Africa. For these reasons, the state requires a lot of infrastructure to cope with the challenges posed by this status. Although, the Lagos State government has completed some road projects such as the Itire-Okota link Bridge, Ejigbo link Bridge, Lekki-Ikoyi link Bridge, rehabilitation of major roads to ensure infrastructure upgrade of the city, many road and bridge projects such as Ikorodu road expansion, LagosBadagry road expansion and many more are still ongoing. The state government has also rehabilitated some of the federal roads in the state to ensure safe and smooth movement

of vehicles and humans in the metropolis. Considering the enormous fund required to cope with infrastructure challenge in Lagos State, Commissioner for Works, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, has called on the Federal Government to pay the state government the N59 billion spent so far on rehabilitation of federal roads in the state. He explained that instead of refunding the money to enable it execute other projects, the Federal Government sent a team of auditors to look into its claims of N59 billion on the rehabilitation of roads and bridges, including lighting and maintenance of the roads and came up with N51 billion, which is yet to be paid. Hanzat expressed concern, saying that it is unfortunate that the Federal Government was yet

to refund the money, even after agreeing to pay N51 billion, which its auditors claimed Lagos truly spent on the roads. In view of the imperatives of motorable road network, vis-àvis economic development, the commissioner said that some roads in the state are federal roads while others belong to the state. The challenge, he explained, was to ensure that the major roads are fully motorable before fixing a huge number of the inner roads. “Hence, the state government have gone ahead and fixed a lot of the federal roads thereby reducing its ability to fix the state road financially,” he said. According to the commissioner, the state was not struggling with its structural plan of infrastructural challenges, adding that it has the master plan it

is implementing. He said: “We certainly will not finish all our plans in one calendar year. That is not realistic given the backlog that exists. Lagos State government believes that infrastructure development is a major plank on which poverty eradication can rest. “Hence, our concentration on major life and city/state changing projects such as Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Isheri-Oshun Jakande road which is now fully awarded to Hitech Construction Company to complement the bridge works that started some time ago. “Also, the Blue rail line is another of such projects. The overall target of the state is to develop sufficient infrastructure portfolio across the length and breadth of the state that ultimately allows for a competitive


business environment.” Hamzat explained that the state government has embarked upon and constructed a lot of the major roads while others are under construction.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top kitchen design trends for quality enhancement Upcoming kitchen designs reflect a change in the way we spend our time at home. No longer just functional, trends, according to experts@, now focus on a social layout as families begin to entertain and dine in more frequently. Here are some of the most notable: Colour: While the year has remained steady in terms of favouring darker colours, 2014 designs predict a change to lighter, more neutral colours, with dark counter tops in marble and stone to create an elegant, natural look. Pale solid wood flooring remains popular, in particular, bamboo, as designers strive to use more renewable materials. Lighting: LED lighting is taking hold in the global interior design world at the moment, not just for its energyefficiency properties but also as a part of the focus on integration, making the lighting a fundamental feature rather than just a functional necessity. Continuing this through to adjoining rooms allows the kitchen to meet the rest of the house without compromising on style. Appliances: A growing requirement for simple, minimalistic kitchen design has sparked an increase in appliance integration. Most of our appliances are now hidden in cabinets; while under-counter refrigerators are being used more to keep an even countertop surface. The oven, the statement piece of the kitchen, predominantly appears in classic stainless steel. Backsplashes: Glass backsplashes are being used in design schemes in almost

GROWTH Infrastructure developments in the Lekki axis are attracting new investors Dayo Ayeyemi


rices of houses in Lekki, Lagos, may increase due to positive developments, which have attracted many local and foreign investors to

every type of kitchen style, offering a simple, clean look, and a surface which is both easy to maintain and easy to match with an existing kitchen. Back-painted glass is particularly popular for adding a splash of colour to a modern kitchen, and reflects soft LED lighting to create an open, inviting ambience. Social design: The emphasis on living in your kitchen is highlighted in upcoming trends, by the growing popularity of large kitchen islands over dining tables, suggesting a shift from the dining room to kitchen as families begin to spend more time in their homes for dinner and drinks.

Lekki ranked as new centre of attraction the axis. Some of these developments include the Lekki-Ikoyi toll Bridge; Lekki-Epe toll Road, Free Trade Zone and the proposed international airport. Describing Lekki as the centre of attraction, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Derivative Company Limited, Mr. Bismark Rewane, said these new developments are attract-

ing investors to the axis, adding that new estates are also springing up. He noticed that prices of homes have doubled, while commercial vacancy factor has declined to 23 per cent in April from 35 per cent in March 2014. The Bismark’s FDC report noted that real estate activities have been slow but steady since the beginning of the year, remarking that estate

activities improved slightly in April and that the size of the sector has been estimated at N4.13 trillion after rebasing. The report said: “Real estate’s contribution to GDP has increased to 7.62 per cent from 3.73 per cent pre-rebasing. The sector is among the six sectors that constitute 70 per cent of nominal GDP.” It said that there was an increase in construction activities noticeable in Victoria

Island and Lekki, adding that the residential vacancy factor is higher in Victoria Island than commercial. “There is higher vacancy factor in residential flats over houses due to increased construction. Flats bring in cash faster. Commercial vacancy factor is highest in Ozumba Mbadiwe,” the report stated. The FDC report anticipates slow business activities in Q2 due to early rains.

Why we are investing in manpower –Captain Oni

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BUSINESS 37 p–40

Cairo International Airport, Egypt

Growing airline hubs in Africa Wole Shadare


frica is a vast and diverse continent which is home to about one billion people. The region accounts for less than two per cent of global airline passenger traffic and about one per cent of global airlines’ cargo. Even this is underperforming, against a Gross Domestic Product of around 2.4 per cent of world’s total. The continent’s aviation industry is beset by a wide range of negatives that impede growth, including strong state protectionism, a lack of desire to liberalise, high taxes and charges, a poor safety record stemming from ageing aircraft, weak finances and inadequate regulatory supervision, underdeveloped infrastructure across most of the continent and a lack of professional expertise. Added to this is widespread corruption and an overall lack of funds available for investment. All of this has made it difficult for airlines to remain sustainable and for fares, which are well above the world average, to reduce, even via the entry of LCCs. In global terms, its international markets are still notably small. The highest ranking, Egypt,

for example, would feature at 18th position among European countries for numbers of international seats. Nigeria, with its 165 million population, would rank 26th, just behind Latvia. Zambia, which ranked just below this, has substantial potential, as its resources appear increasingly attractive to foreign investors. Expansion of trade amongst nations has been greatly boosted by the advancement in the air transport. Majority of products from Africa are consumed abroad, and the continent receives over one billion visitors as tourists annually. This requires nothing short of modernised, equipped and busy airports as gateways. The humungous and the growing trade volume in Africa calls for celebration. Trade seems to have become an ever growing avenue in the expansion of the African economy, and this has been highly promoted by the improving transportation network in the continent. Of the fastest growing economies in Africa, majority of them have been enhanced by none other than trade and tourism alongside other service industries. Indeed, a rather surprising trend shows that countries in Africa that are endowed with massive natural resources have done nothing

convincing to exploit them to better their economies. For visitors to the south of the continent, South Africa offers several top class airports. Indeed, the country is home to four of Africa’s top ten airports. Oliver R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is Africa’s biggest and busiest. It offers services to over 17 million passengers annually and is said to have created over 18,000 direct employment opportunities in terms of staff. Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town is yet another one from South Africa which has largely earned repute mainly from the classic services rendered to their customers. Recently joining is the King Shaka International Airport

Majority of products from Africa are consumed abroad, and the continent receives over one billion visitors as tourists annually

located in Durban. This airport started operating just a few years ago as it was opened with the purpose of serving visitors during the FIFA World Cup in 2010. To enter the continent from the north, several airports exist, most of them in Egypt. Cairo International Airport in Egypt’s capital city is the country’s biggest and said to be the second busiest in Africa after the Oliver R. Tambo in South Africa. It is currently undergoing rapid improvements through expansion, and serves in excess of 60 airlines. Hurghada International Airport in Hurghada, Egypt, is the country’s third best and busiest and is also being expanded to improve operation capacity. Sharm El-Sheikh International airport in Sharm ElSheikh is Egypt’s second best after the Cairo International Airport. These airports have been very vital in the service to the millions of tourists who flock the country annually to visit the rich ancient sceneries and the pyramids. This being the country that receives the most number of tourists in Africa, it is easy to tell that these airports are a beehive of activities all year round. Coming to West Africa, including Morocco, Tunisia, Ni-

geria and others, Mohamed V international airport in Casablanca, Morocco offers the appropriate route. This is the busiest airport of the country which got its name from Sultan Mohamed V. Almost similar services can be found at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and going by the most recent census results, it has a population of about 170 million people. The airport has been in operation for over 30 years. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya, is the unrivaled entry point to Africa through the East. Located just a few kilometers from the country’s capital city’s CBD, the continent is the hub for the national carrier -Kenya airways - and is the largest in Eastern and Central Africa. It got its name from Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president. These airports have brought tremendous growth in trade and the subsequent growth and development in economies of the said regions. It is therefore not a wonder that the countries hosting these airports are leaders in business, tourism and, by extension, have claimed the title ‘African economic powerhouses.’


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Despite progress, Africa still lags AIR RAGE behind in air safety, says IATA

Wole Shadare

Airports remodelling on slow, bumpy road to completion

Wole Shadare


he International Air Transport Association (IATA), the clearing house for global airlines, has released the 2013 commercial aviation safety performance. According to IATA, there were 210 fatalities from commercial aviation accidents in 2013, reduced from 414 in 2012. There was, however, cheery news for Africa, as the continent has seen significant progress in safety. African airlines experienced only one Western-built jet hull loss last year. The Westernbuilt jet hull loss rate improved 55.4 per cent between 2013 and 2012, while the region’s accident rate for all aircraft types improved nearly 50 per cent (7.45 accidents per million flights from 14.80 in 2012). “We are seeing progress in Africa. Airlines on the IOSA registry are performing almost seven times better than non-IOSA operators in the region. But we must remember two things. First, Africa’s overall rate is still many times worse than global levels, so there is plenty of work to do. Second, we cannot take the recent improvement trend for granted. To make these gains a sustainable foundation on which to achieve world-class safety levels is going to require the continued determination and commitment of all stakeholders, including governments,” said Tyler. Meanwhile, aviation stakeholders, including IATA, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and others have united behind the Africa Strategic Improvement Action Plan aimed at achieving worldclass safety levels by 2015 by addressing safety deficiencies and strengthening regulatory oversight capabilities. A key focus for governments in the effort to achieve more effective safety oversight will be the implementation of ICAO’s safety-related standards and recommended practices (SARPS), according to the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP). As of the end of 2013, only 11 African states had achieved 60 per cent implementation of the SARPS. Meeting the Abuja Declaration’s 2015 commitment will require a major acceleration in the pace of implementation. The 2013 global Western-built jet accident rate (measured in hull losses per million flights of Western-built jets) was 0.41, the equivalent of one accident for every 2.4 million flights. This was a step back from 2012 when the global Western-built jet accident rate stood at 0.21 (2) -the lowest in aviation history. Looked at over the five-year period (2009-2013), 2013 shows a 14.6 per cent improvement on the five-year average of 0.48. The 2013 Western-built jet hull loss rate for members of IATA was 0.30, which outper-



hat has happened to the commissioning of most W of the refurbished (sorry, re-

AITA DG, Tony Tyler

formed the global average by 26.8 per cent and which showed an improvement over the fiveyear average of 0.32. The Director General of IATA, Tony Tyler, said: “Safety is our highest priority. The aviation industry is united in its commitment to ensure continuous safety improvement. Importantly, that commitment has made flying ever safer. Accidents, however rare, do happen.” “We release this data as the world continues to focus on the search effort for MH370. The airline industry, its stakeholders and regulators are in the beginning of the journey to unravel this mystery, understand the cause and find ways to ensure that it never happen again.” He disclosed that the group would release its 50th annual safety report, including complete data and analysis of the 2013 safety performance. Over the five years 2009-2013, the industry has shown improvement in both accident rates and fatalities, although year-to-year comparisons may fluctuate. 2013 safety by the numbers It revealed that over three billion people flew safely on 36.4 million flights (29.5 million by jet, 6.9 million by turboprop), while 81 accidents (all aircraft types, Eastern and Western built), up from 75 in 2012, but below the five-year average of 86 per year According to IATA, 16 fatal accidents (all aircraft types) versus 15 in 2012 and the five-year average of 19; 20 per cent of all accidents were fatal, unchanged from 2012 and below the five-year average of 22 per cent; 12 hull loss accidents involving Westernbuilt jets compared to six in 2012 and the five-year average of 13 Six fatal hull loss accidents involving Western-built jets, raised from three in 2012, were

unchanged from the five-year average, just as 210 fatalities compared to 414 in 2012 and the five-year average of 517. IOSA Airlines on the IATA Operational Safety Audit Registry (IOSA) said it experienced six Western-built jet hull loss accidents. The total accident rate (all aircraft types) for IOSAregistered carriers was more than two times better than the rate for non-IOSA carriers (1.46 vs. 3.60). Today, 391 (3) airlines are on the IOSA registry. For IATA’s 240 airlines, IOSA is a requirement for membership in the association. That some 151 non-member airlines are also on the registry is a clear indication that IOSA is the global benchmark for airline operational safety management. “The overall performance of IOSA airlines shows that the audits are among the factors having a positive impact on safety. To increase the effectiveness of the IOSA process, we are upgrading to Enhanced IOSA which incorporates systems to monitor compliance across the two-year audit cycle. This is moving IOSA from a once-every-two-year snapshot to a continuous management process,” said Tyler. Accident analysis Runway Safety: Runway excursions, in which an aircraft departs a runway during landing or takeoff, are the most common type of accident, accounting for 23per cent of all accidents over the past five years (2009-2013). Survivability of such accidents is high, representing less than 8 per cent of fatalities over the previous five years. Improving runway safety is a key focus of the industry’s strategy to reduce operational risk.

modelled) airports terminal across the nation? There are insinuations that the funds for the completion of the projects might have dried. Others say that the humungous funds earmarked for the project were not commensurate with the shoddy jobs done to give the airports some facelift. This column had, penultimate week, taken a swipe at the sub-standard work done at virtually all the aerodromes. Were funds meant for projects siphoned or used as a conduit for enriching some people in government? What could possibly have gone wrong with the deteriorating state of facilities? Completion work is so slow, prompting users of these facilities to label the projects as a sham and a huge joke played on Nigerians While the ousted Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, gave so much priority to airport refurbishment, many other things were neglected at the detriment of safety. It was as if all that mattered was painting of airports without providing safety and comfort for travellers. So much newspaper space was wasted to promote falsehood. It is good to beautify the airports, but that should come after safety and security of the airports. The condition of our runways is such that whenever there is a little downpour, they are usually water logged and this could lead to air crash. There are reported cases of pot-holes on the runway of the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos. In a public building such as MMIA, it is essential that the design caters for disabled users. In using the facility, disabled people should not be subject to any indignity, segregation and undue effort. Two incidents that couldn’t be captured on camera to preserve the dignity of those concerned highlight how inaccessible the airport is. The first was where a wheelchair bound lady had problems negotiating the gap in the floor tiles on her way to the departure security gate. The second was where a frail elderly man, also on a wheelchair, had to disembark on the upper level of the E Wing and negotiate the stairs to the lower arrivals area aided by his walking stick; this

was due to the stair lift being non-operational. The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) had been enjoined to focus on the provision of budgetary allocation for construction of perimeter fences around the airports in the country instead of leaving airports open to encroachment by miscreants who could be agents of terrorism. The Port-Harcourt International Airport remodelling went on endlessly and was mired in serious politics. Up till today, nobody knows when work would be completed, further fuelling insinuations in some quarters that the airport project, like many others, have been abandoned. But the spokesman for FAAN, Yakubu Dati, said it was nonsensical to say that the airport remodelling project had been abandoned, faulting reports that the Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Aviation had refused to release funds to contractors handling the project, which she considered a non-priority project. “We hereby wish to emphasise that the Airport Remodelling Project, designed by the Federal Government to modernise all airport terminals in the country, in line with international standards and best practices, has not been abandoned. “We also consider as uncharitable and malicious, the allegation that the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Aviation, Dr Jamila Shu’ara was 'sitting on the funds' meant for a project that she knows President Goodluck Jonathan himself considers top priority in his Transformation Agenda in the aviation industry.” He disclosed that the seeming lull in the execution of the project in some of the nation’s airports was caused by the late passage of the 2014 budget as a result of which releases for the project were delayed. “Happily, the 2014 budget has now been passed and we wish to assure the public that work on the project will be accelerated as soon as fund is released to the affected contractors. The Supervising Minister of Aviation, Dr. Samuel Ortom, has also assured Nigerians that work on the remodelling project would be completed on schedule, during his recent tour of some of the projects across the country.”


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Etihad Airways A380, B787 showcase, comfort, service luxury The A380 will feature the revolutionary First Apartments, which are fully private suites.


n line with its vision, Etihad Airways, the Arab Emirates, has unveiled the new product and service offering on its Airbus A380 and Boeing B787 Dreamliner aircraft, including The Residence by Etihad, the world’s most luxurious living space in the air, available only on the airline’s A380 aircraft. The Residence will be the breath-taking and completely new forward upper-deck cabin on the A380. Accommodating single or double occupancy, it features a living room, separate double bedroom and ensuite shower room. Guests in The Residence will also have a personal Butler. With the launch of these

new fleets, the Abu Dhabibased airline will also redefine and rename its cabin classes. The A380 will feature the revolutionary First Apartments, which are fully private suites with a separate reclining lounge seat and full-length bed, as well as a chilled mini-bar, personal vanity unit and wardrobe. Etihad Airways has allocated the upper deck of the A380 to its premium cabins. On the B787, Etihad Airways has designed an enhanced First Suite, adding many new features including a chilled mini-bar. The Business Studio and Economy Smart Seat will feature on both the A380 and the B787. Etihad Airways is introducing the latest Panasonic eX3 entertainment system across both fleets, providing over 750 hours of on-demand entertainment, improved gaming and high definition screens across all cabins. The system has video touchscreen handsets, offering an

additional screen for guests to maximise their entertainment, so they can play games or view the moving map while watching a movie. Noise cancelling headsets are provided across all cabins, with built-in magnetic audio jacks to ensure the best sound quality. The A380 aircraft will have full mobile and Wi-Fi service while the B787 will be equipped with Wi-Fi. Unveiled at a global media launch in Abu Dhabi today, Sunday 4 May, the new cabins and service offering follow the airline’s pledge to transform air travel and make every guest journey a remarkable one. The airline’s President and Chief Executive Officer, James Hogan, said: “These new living spaces will raise inflight product and service standards to their highest level yet in commercial aviation and alter air travellers’ expectations of inflight comfort and luxury forever.


Astral Aviation joins Africa’s airline body, AFRAA NEW ENTRANT Astral has benefited immensely from AFRAA’s initiatives. Wole Shadare up airline, Astral Aviation, has become a memAberstart of African Airlines Asso-

ciation (AFRAA). AFRAA has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Astral Aviation’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Sanjeev Gadhia, said: “We are truly excited in being the first cargo airline to become a member of AFRAA which is a prestigious association of African airlines. Astral has benefited immensely from AFRAA’s initiatives such as the Joint Fuel Purchase Programme in addition to the training programs which has provided considerable cost savings. The airline is poised to work closely with AFRAA on matters relating to cargo with the objective of lobbying for the liberalisation and promotion of air cargo in Africa and to advocate against the high cost of cargo related fees and taxes in the continent.” Secretary General, AFRAA, Dr Elijah Chingosho, said: “We are excited to welcome Astral Aviation into the AFRAA fraternity as this will enable us

to tap into the huge experience and expertise of this carrier in the cargo field, which we will share with the rest of AFRAA member airlines so that they can benefit from this often neglected sector of airline operations.” AFRAA is an association of airlines from the nations of the African union. It was founded in Accra, Ghana, in 1968 and is today headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The primary purposes of AFRAA are to foster commercial and technical co-operation among African Airlines and to represent their common interests. AFRAA membership is spread across the entire continent and includes all the major intercontinental African operators. Its members represent over 80 per cent of total international traffic carried by all African airlines. Astral Aviation is a regional cargo airline that has been operating in the African skies for the past 14 years, and has been rated as the leading African All Cargo Airline. Astral Aviation is located at the freighter-friendly, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in Nairobi, Kenya, and operates a combination of schedule and ad-hoc charter flights to over 60 destinations within the intraAfrican network and Europe on its dedicated fleet of regional freighter aircrafts.

Airbus Defence and Space awarded CAA study for passive radar use he United Kingdom is purTnology suing leading-edge techto improve air traffic

L-R: Manager, Peacock Travels Bureau De Change, United Kingdom, Mr. Chaminda Boteju; Senior Travel Consultant, Retail Sales, United Kingdom & Europe, Leon Shaier; Business Development Manager, UK & Europe, Mr. Andrea Fearon; Travel Manager, UK, Keith Lloyd; Group Executive Chairman, Peacock Group of Companies, Aare Segun Phillips, during the official takeover of Edwin Doran Travels by Peacock Group at Twickenham, Middlesex, UK.

Awards fever inspires Virgin Atlantic’s latest safety video


wards fever has hit Virgin Atlantic as the airline pays homage to cinema in its latest safety video, taking inspiration from iconic titles such as Brief Encounter and 2001, A Space Odyssey. Despite its plethora of sophisticated in-flight entertainment options, the safety video is the one film that’s watched more than any other. Viewed by every passenger on every flight, it’s the most important video shown on-board and from today, the airline launches its movie inspired offering. Created by Art and Graft, animated characters take the viewer on a theatrical journey through different movie genres, including film noir

and western, to capture the attention of passengers and inform them of the aircraft’s emergency procedures. Leon Trigg, Production Manager at Virgin Atlantic, commented: “As the pioneers of inflight entertainment, we wanted to create a video that reflected the airline’s love of cinema, whilst continuing to advance our reputation for quality and innovation. This video will be shown thousands of times weekly, so it was essential it had the cheeky Virgin Atlantic edge we’re renowned for. “Art and Graft have embraced our focus on films, which runs throughout our marketing and advertising

campaigns, to create a video which should amuse and engage passengers, whilst demonstrating the airline’s key safety messages,” he said. Comedienne Morgana Robinson complements the video with her quirky voiceovers, setting the tone with different accents and impressions for each movie genre. Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to offer all passengers individual TVs and interactive TV entertainment in all classes. Its latest system, Vera Touch, was launched in 2011 and offers touchscreen entertainment, along with the ability to plug in your own portable devices, including phones, cameras and ipods.

management. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), UK’s specialist aviation regulator, has awarded a study to Airbus Defence and Space to examine the feasibility of using the latest radar technology for better air traffic management. Conventional radar uses a rotating antenna to sweep the sky, actively sending out radio pulses and detecting those which are reflected back from aircraft. Airbus Defence and Space has developed a so-called “passive radar” system that doesn't emit any radiation, but instead analyses radiation reflections from other emitters, such as radio and television stations, to detect objects. By measuring the differences between the original broadcast signal and the signals reflected from aircraft in the air, the position of the aircraft can be detected. The difference is that a passive radar system that relies on signals already in the air avoids creating additional emissions in populated areas, releases bandwidth for other uses and addresses the problem of misleading echoes from wind farms. This type of new system potentially offers a highly cost effective and extremely reliable system. Passive radar is expect-

ed to be highly reliable as well as cost effective compared to the current systems in use in civil airports, because the current approach relies on one radar transmitter per airport putting enough signals in the sky. Translating the motto “Four eyes see more than two” into the radar world, several cost effective passive radar sensors using a number of emitters could broaden the basis for detection. The current active radars used can be susceptible to confusing echoes and interference from the increasing number of wind farms in the UK. Placing several passive radar sensors intelligently can eliminate these unwanted effects. (Note, Airbus Defence and Space announced in 2011 the development of a software and hardware radar modification to significantly mitigate interference from wind turbines). Passive radar may also help to free up spectrum that could be used for an upcoming 5G network. Airbus Defence and Space started to develop the passive radar solution in 2006 and has already demonstrated a working system, which can detect ultralight aircraft many kilometres away with accuracies down to 20m, as well as detect larger aircraft 200km away.



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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why we are investing in manpower –Captain Oni Akin Oni is the Managing Director of Bristow Group Inc, a company that has operated in West Africa for over 50 years, primarily providing crew transport services to offshore drilling rigs and production platforms in the Niger Delta area. He has been in the industry for nearly three decades, having started as an aircraft engineer and. In this interview with Aviation Editor, WOLE SHADARE, the airline chief spoke about the company’s market share, manpower development and the passion to grow Nigeria’s aviation industry. Excerpts How does lack of adequate infrastructure affect your operations? Government does not get involved in our infrastructure issue. We build and run our own infrastructure; government is not involved in helicopter operations, so the infrastructure that you see here is built by Bristow Helicopter Limited. If you look at our infrastructure in Nigeria, in the last two years, we have built a hangar in Lagos. What I have achieved as the Managing Director here is that I have successfully changed and improve the number of Nigerians who work and see the opportunity in aeronautical engineering. However in terms of infrastructure today, we have a maintenance hangar and we do all of our maintenance here in Nigeria, we do not take any of our aircraft out of Nigeria. If you go to our hangar downstairs, there are two aircraft there undergoing D checks, we do 100 percent of our maintenance here even the most sophisticated aircraft, the X92, the maintenance of that aircraft is done in Nigeria and there are a lot of Nigerians who have been trained on it, if you go there now, you will see Nigerians working on the aircraft. In terms of our facility alone, the hangar costs us about $5 million. Again, there is no hangar in Lagos in terms of capacity for maintenance. No airline has what we have there. It saves us a lot of money ferrying these machines out of Nigeria to Europe for maintenance; so we have developed that capability and we have that capability. In Lagos, there was a plan to extend


he Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc, (NAHCO aviance), has again raised the bar in the nation’s aviation sector by emerging the first ground handling company in the country to pass and receive the Regulated Agent Third Country Validation Process (Ra3 Validation) in compliance with the European Union regulatory requirements. With this validation, NACHO aviance has also become the ground handler of choice for major airlines operating aircraft from Nigeria to the European Union by reducing significantly the cost of conducting air cargo or mail carrier operating into the Union from a third

the passenger terminal but we have held back. We have missed the opportunity to start that but we are looking forward to the opportunity to start that later in the year. By far the biggest amount of investment that we have put into Nigeria in the last year has been in Port Harcourt substantially. I can give you pictures of what has been taking place because we have been taking pictures from time to time over the years and it is a testimony to what has happened, so you got to go into our terminal to see it; you got to talk to the people to find out. You asked on our investment on training too, like the pilots, the figure I normally give is that each person that we put through the Bristow Academy in U.S.A has cost us $250, 000dollars. So, $250, 000 and we are training 20 of them. The cost of conversion training and recurrent training for pilots is enormous. Poaching of trained pilots by other airlines With the amount of money that we spend on training, what piss me off is that we are going to loss these guys to our competitors, we train and we consistently train, if you look at our competitors today, a substantial number of the people who fly for them were train by Bristow and went through this organisation. Painful as it, I have come to accept that as long as they don't leave Nigeria, we have not lost. In the past, the approach we did was to sue or take them to court, put moral pressure on them. I don't think it worked, it is just a deter-


rent but I can happily say that in the last two three years if we lost anybody is just one person; it shows us the change that has happened here. Our selection process is not easy. I keep saying that I was lucky because I was one out of four people that was selected and the guys who come through this process, if you look at their degree, they are usually either 1st class or something close and these guys are smart, so we have a responsibility to create a good working environment where they stay with us, we pay salaries and we do all the rest but we need to provide an environment where they see a career and they see a future. I say to them, I went through the same thing and they can aspire to be whatever they want to be, somebody in this organisation can rise to become the managing director and my colleagues who are outside Nigeria today and in very serious position in the rest of the Bristow group. So, on the pilot training side, I think we have been very successful with that and I have seen in the last couple of years Nigerians becoming commanders, these are people who came in and went through the process 4, 5 years ago and if you look at our aircraft, they are the ones flying so we have made progress there. On ferrying aircraft abroad, it is difficult to give an assessment, I will say that a D check in the smaller helicopter will cost like $2 million, so, we have saved $1.5 million by not moving aircraft out of Nigeria for repair. So, in terms of labour cost alone and shipping and doing all the other stuff and the lost to Nigeria of our aircraft being outside of Nigeria in foreign exchange, we save substantially, we have stopped moving aircraft out of Nigeria for the past 5 to 6 years ago. We have 31 aircraft and we use 6 weeks for D check which other will take 8 weeks depending on the type of aircraft while

the larger aircraft takes about 4 weeks. But we have the capability and we have the people to do the work in Nigeria. Like two years ago we pleaded with the government to remove taxes on spare parts and they have done it, they have made a difference otherwise each time we brought a part in between 12 and 14 percent of that money went so we forget that there are possible, that was challlenge for us because it made us more expensive so whoever made that decision brought about a 14 percent change in operating cost. One of the main challenges is infrastructure. We have 30 to 35 percent of the market share and it does shift depending on the activities in the business. Having more Nigerians to work is really helping us, in my organisation; it is a cost of keeping an expatriate in Nigeria that is the issue not in salaries. When I loss a Nigerian to my competitors it is painful and personal, when I loss an expatriate it is just painful because I know all those guys and when I see them across the other side I am bitter, but for Nigerians as far as they stay in the country, it is not a lost. On Bristow’s Port-Harcourt hangar inferno The hangar in Port Harcourt is by far one of the most sophisticated hangar and it has everything for fire detector, fire protection and more so it has a laser guild detector system and it also has an hybrid system. A few days before the fire, we had changed the door from a glass door to a bullet proof door as a result of the bullet- proof doors, we could not get into the Port Harcourt hangar fire so with that we lost a lot of money to the fire, we hired a forensic expert to tell us the cause of the fire We built this hangar at the cost of $6 million and the expansion.

NACHO gets EU validation on safety Country Airport (ACC3). NAHCO aviance’ shipments would be directly accepted in all EU countries. The effect of this is that the validation further gives client airlines and potential airlines confidence in nahco aviance’ competences, security management system/ processes and safety. Speaking on the benefits of the validation to NAHCO’s clients, the Senior Manager, Learning & Development Centre, the training arm of NAHCO, Mr. Seyi Adewale, explained that this would dras-

tically reduce the cost of acquiring their ACC3 validation which is a must requirement for EU bound flights. According to Adewale, for the client airlines, there would be a reduction in acquisition for the airlines as they can now use nahco aviance’ Ra3 for desk processing of ACC3 without recourse to bringing Ra3 Validator from Europe. He noted that NAHCO aviance is the first ground handling company to achieve this feat. He further explained that “Deadline for compliance is

30th June 2014. Many African airlines could use our Ra3 platform to ship consignments into EU Countries. With this, companies are saved the stress of undergoing over 20 validation processes.” Expressing his delight at the latest achievement, Adewale stated: “NAHCO aviance has further proven through this validation that we are an international company, operating best practices with security and safety standards comparable with developed countries. “Also, our proven leadership

and pace setting roles in West Africa is not in doubt suggesting NAHCO as the potential regional base/hub for all air cargo and air mail/shipments to the rest of W/Africa. We encourage interested African airlines and independent cargo based airlines or freight forwarders to use this platform for their possible entrant into EU markets. Nahco would partner them.” It would be recalled that the Ra3 validation requirement came about as a result of security concerns, which prompted the EU to develop a new security legislation system for all carriers carrying cargo from special third country airports into the EU.





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Mbukushu mother and child

Mother’s day: Sweet, sour Oluwatosin Omoniyi


hile the world celebrate mother’ s day every year, there are some women, who cannot bear it. Why? They are waiting to be mothers to anybody at all. Mother’s Day is a day set aside to honour all the moms in our lives worldwide. But don’t feel bad if the grandiose and potentially elaborate plans already in the works don’t quite meet your definition of an ideal day. To some mothers, it is a special day to celebrate or be appreciated by their children. While to some, especially our Chibok girls’ mothers, it is a dreadful day. Reason is that they are sad by the kidnap of their children. The frequent question is “where are the girls? Who will appre-

ciate them or celebrate with them? With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I can’t help but think about all those who are dreading its approach. Onyeckachi Delana says, although I am not one of the mothers, I dread the mother’s day. My son died 12 hours after being born four years ago and I’ve been trying for the last two and a half years to get pregnant again and it hasn’t happened. It didn’t take that long to get pregnant the first time and now I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to conceive again. Trying not to think about it too much, but it’s a fear that won’t go away. Filled with unparalleled empathy, she is constantly working to alleviate the pain and suffering of others. Every moment of her life is devoted to supporting and encouraging the lives of those around her.

Elizabeth Jolaoso, an architect, said that there are many women, “like myself, who made a conscious decision not to have children, and have absolutely no regrets. Mother’s day doesn’t bother me, but like every other thing, it’s been perverted by commercialism.” For Kate Aiyesimoju, a beautician, “I deeply appreciate the day, Mother’s Day. After struggling to have a family for 10 years, my husband and I are now “childless because of exhaustion. We can’t try further.” She continues, “In addition to honouring my mother and motherin-law on Mother’s Day, I now set aside some time to honour my dream and struggle to become a mother.” Tobiloba Kamoru, a Lecturer, says, “For me, mother’s day is difficult because, it reminds me of the emotional disengagement and disconnection I feel towards my own

mother. This, of course, is not her fault. We just don’t connect.” Really, it is painful for those who want to be mothers, but for whatever reason cannot. There is a story about a couple who struggled for years to have children, only to be met with bitter disappointment, time and time again. In an effort to comfort his wife, the husband would buy her a piece of furniture after every miscarriage. One day, a friend stopped by their home and noticed their living room. “Wow, you sure do have a lot of furniture,” she said. “I wish we could afford all of this. But we just have too many kids; they’d ruin it.” The wife did everything she could to hold back her tears. But as soon as her friend left, she broke down and sobbed on the furniture she didn’t want. Of course, they C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 4 2



Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First born: All brain, still bashful It is in the realm of myth. Does being the first child make you less smart than your siblings? Do you become more intelligent because you are first or the last child? OLUWATOSIN OMONIYI writes


veryone from elementary school teachers to world-renowned scientists have wondered whether or not birth order affects a child’s intelligence. It remains on the realm of speculation worldwide that every first born child is less smart and more brilliant than their younger siblings. A few encounter with few parents confirmed it the insinuation, while some parents out-rightly dismissed such belief. Hillary Osinachi, a Lagos based Journalist, told New Telegraph that firstborns are usually product toxic love! Hence, the over anxiety and excitements of parents attracts much pampering to the child. He agreed that his first child is actually not as smart as the second child. Incidentally, both are males. “Although, I see him as a good leader but he is not as intelligent as my second child. He is also a bit playful,” he said. Laide Thompson, a teacher said it is a statement of fact. “My first child is cool and brilliant but she is just not smart at all. Her younger siblings are more assertive and intelligent than her. At 24, she still behaves like an over pampered girl,” she said. But Ebenezer Olanrewaju, father of three, said it could be a true statement but his first child, he observed, is cool headed, calm and very matured, “though, she is not as bold as others and not as confrontational, I still appreciate her cool mien”. However, a new study asserted that first born children perform better in school than their latter siblings. According to a story recently published in The Atlantic, Economists V. Joseph Hotz and Juan Pantano, say that it is a case of nurture over nature, citing the “lazy parent theory” that by kids number two, three, and beyond, parents go easier on their children to the extent that they don’t achieve as high academically. “The general idea here is that first time parents, scared of messing up their new human skill but by the second or third child, they’ve majorly chilled out,” he said. Researchers at the University of Essex’s Institute for Social and Economic Research examined the birth order, relationships, and educational aspirations of more than 1,500 groups of siblings. They discovered that older siblings are not

Children in a classrom during lessons

necessarily smarter but have higher educational aspirations than their younger brothers and sisters. As a result, they tend to perform better in school. “The advantage of firstborns in educational outcomes may be partially explained by the fact that firstborns tend to have higher aspirations, which push them toward high education levels,” Feifei Bu, the study’s lead researcher, wrote in a recent publication. A study out of the United Kingdom found that firstborns may have an educational advantage over their younger siblings. They surveyed 3,553 individuals and 1,503 groups of siblings, and discovered that firstborn children tend to have higher educational aspirations and attainment (level of education completed). For each family involved in the study, researcher Feifei Bu examined sibling birth order, number of children in the family, age spacing, sex, health, relationships with one another and educational aspirations. She found that firstborns had a greater probability, 16 per cent higher of attending further educa-

The advantage of firstborns in educational outcomes may be partially explained by the fact that firstborns tend to have higher aspirations, which push them toward high education levels

tion, compared with later-born siblings. “The advantage of firstborns in educational outcomes may be partially explained by the fact that firstborns tend to have higher aspirations, which push them toward high education levels,” Bu wrote in the published study. She further explained that parenting could play a role. “It could be that the parents simply devote more time and energy to them; it could be they are actually more intelligent. For me, I tend to lean towards the theory that parental investment is possibly at work here,” she said. But she also found age-spacing to be a contributing factor. The further apart in age the siblings -for example, a six-year instead of oneyear difference-the more likely both


kids were to be successful. The idea is that with widely spaced siblings, parents have the ability to spread out their resources. In other words, they have time to give each child more time and money. “But younger siblings shouldn’t fret. The world is full of successful middle and youngest children willing to prove this study wrong,” she said Tunde Obe, insurance broker and father of three, said his first born is the most brilliant of his children. “Though he’s not quick with doing things, he is very intelligent. He can say off-hand Psalm 91, 21 without hitches” he said. Theresa Ajewole, a teacher and Guardian counsellor, said it is really not healthy comparing children because each has his or her own Godgiven talent and instinct that will be displayed differently.

When mother’s day is dreadful C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 4 1

didn’t look forward to Mother’s Day. There is another story of a young lady, simply called Omotunde, who placed her child for adoption because she was too young to be a mother herself. While she’s comforted by the feeling that she made the right choice, there remains in her a sense of longing, the innate desire to be a mother. “I feel terrible about it. This is my 15th year of marriage, still no child to call my own. May God have mercy upon me.” Omotunde now works as a mentor for troubled youths and as an advocate for adoption inAmerica So, to all of the women who dread

Mother’s Day; to each and every one of you who long for motherhood, but are unable to have children: Or whose children are not yet around, don’t worry, God is in control. He answers prayers in ways we cannot see. However, Mother’s day to Eniola Afolabi, an educationist, is “to love, strengthen, encourage, teach, and lift another; to nurture the life of another human being. These wonderful women may not have their biological children, but the way that they give life to others qualifies them as the mothers of many. So, as the world markedthe mothers’ day this week, this Mother’s Day, please know that somebody is thinking of you.





TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014

Removal of stigma, awareness, early detention and treatment are essential in the war on cancer, writes APPOLONIA ADEYEMI


ow do you tell your father and mother that the lady you are about to marry has breast cancer? No! You will not dare tell them that. Of course, you know that even if you are courageous to voice it, it will meet a brick wall. So, it is better you keep the information to yourself, considering that you will never get their approval to go ahead with the marriage plan. This is the challenge facing 28-year-old Veronica Elemo (not real name), a cancer survivor. Her fiancé, Mr Nnamdi Lebechi had proposed to her before she became diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and more than six years after her new health status became known, all marriage plans with Lebechi had been halted. Sadly, after five years of hiding under the pretext of inability to confront his parents with Veronica’s true state of health, he finally summoned the courage last year when he informed her he could not marry without his parents’ approval. His motive to ditch Veronica worked when his plan to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) succeeded. Since his journey to London six months ago, he has cut off communication with his former heart throb. That marked the end of 10 years’ courtship. Although, Veronica is worried about the psychological impact of the halted marriage plans, she is also stressed from going to people, cap in hand, sourcing money for cancer treatment. The major challenge she faces is how to overcome the huge stigma that is associated with cancer ailment. Stigma that is associated with ailments, including cancer, is a major issue in the country. Stigma is debasing and degrading attitude of the society that discredits a person or a group because of an attribute such as an illness, deformity, colour, nationality, religion, among others. Veronica is lucky that she lost out in a proposed marriage. On her part, Kemi Ojuola, another cancer survivor, was not only abandoned by her husband of 15 years, she was sacked by her employer, a private oil and gas company. Since both unfortunate incidents occurred five years ago, 51-year-old Ojuola said those situations had been traumatic, impacting negatively on her ill health. Ojuola has particularly blamed herself after she was booted out of job by her boss and proprietor. She had worked in the company for over 10 years. “It is my fault. If I did not disclose my three-year battle with breast cancer, my job would be intact,” she lamented. The attitude of friends and neighbours has

Cancer: Tackling stigma to reduce deaths not helped matters either. “Many see me as one who would die any moment and that dictates how they relate with me,” she said, adding that the situation made her very sad and gloomy. According to a psychologist, stigma destroys a person’s dignity, marginalises affected individuals, violates basic human rights, markedly diminishes the chances of the stigmatised person achieving full potential and seriously hampers the pursuit of happiness and contentment. To address stigma and associated marginalisation of breast cancer victims, a breast cancer awareness photo exhibition was held recently in Lagos. The exhibition tagged: ‘Battle Scars’ held from March 8 to 29 at the Goethe Institut in Lagos. Portraying the life and struggles of breast cancer survivors with their cameras, the X-Perspective in collaboration with the Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre showed the life of war against breast cancer. The images at the fair presented the women in the most honest way – showing the scar of breasts that had been surgically removed through mastectomy which was done to reduce the risk of the breast cancer developing or spreading to other organs in the body. Leading photographer of the x-perspective Yetunde Babaeko said the exhibition was to show the life of war against the breast cancer in a most honest way in order to educate and enlighten people

about the disease. “The event was also a charity that enables Nigerians donate through the purchase of the images while funds realised go directly to the Sebeccly. In some of the exhibited photographs, both breasts had been removed,” said Babaeko. According to her, getting breast cancer survivors to pose for the photographs that reveal mastectomy scars was an uphill task. That is why out of the between 60 and 70 members of the Sebeccly Breast Cancer Support Group who were told to key into the exhibition, nine only agreed to be photographed. “It was not easy to get their consent because being affected by breast cancer is a very sensitive issue. Even then, the few that agreed shielded their faces,” she added. The idea of exhibiting the photographs of surgically removed cancer affected breasts is for Nigerians to practically see what the disease does to affected persons. It was geared to make Nigerians feel their pain and to make them donate for the treatment of thousands who cannot afford the huge cost of cancer medication. “The images show the pain,” Babaeko stressed, adding that it will make more people to donate to the course. With spiralling care and huge treatment expenditure for cancer, the need for donation targeted towards breast cancer treatment becomes very relevant.

Highlighting the importance, Dr Adeola Fakolade, a volunteer with Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre, said government alone could not fund cancer treatment and that was why the Sebeccly came up with Plan B which focused on advocacy for early cancer detection to save lives and sourcing funds to finance treatment for survivors. “If we do this, we are half way through the problem and the exhibition is to bring donors closer to the subjects,” she said. According to her, funding breast cancer treatment is a huge problem. Courses of radiotherapy treatment for a patient can costs as much as N2 million and it may not be possible for poor survivors to finance such treatment. Fakolade urged donors to donate generously. According to her, low income people can donate as low as N500 to purchase the foundation’s post cards and N1,000 for T-shirts and other items. “On its part, the issue of stigma associated with breast cancer has made many cancer survivors shy away from discussing the state of their health,” Babaeko lamented, saying, “these women practically hide themselves from the public.” Sadly, the silence culture among cancer survivors, arising from stigma, makes them keep their health problems to themselves. The lead photographer said: “They C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 4 4


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Raising the bar of war on cancer C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 4 3

don’t want anyone – relatives, friends and neighbours to know what they are going through.” Beyond making them suffer in silence, she noted that the ordeal is a punishment because it makes them to go to the wrong places in search of solution. When stigma is associated with a medical condition or disability, it prevents affected individuals from seeking evaluation and treatment, disclosing the diagnosis to the people most likely to provide support and in following treatment guidelines. “This exhibition is about removing stigma and educating people about what breast cancer is,” said Babaeko. The issue of stigma has long been identified as a problem in the fight to reduce rising incidence of cancer which is the biggest cause of mortality worldwide. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a United Nations (UN) agency, estimates that there were 14.1 million cancer cases globally in 2012 out of which 8.2 million deaths occurred. The sad news is that cancer cases worldwide are forecast to rise by 75 per cent and reach close to 25 million over the next two decades. However, to address the cancer burden, the World Health Assembly in May 2013 issued nine World Cancer Declarations in which it called on government leaders and health policy makers to significantly reduce global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and integrate cancer control into world health and development agenda. Out of the declarations, the goal of which is to reduce premature deaths from cancer and improve quality of life and cancer survival rates by 2025, Target 05 addresses stigma specifically. According to Target 05, stigma associated with cancer will be reduced while damaging myths and misconceptions about the disease will be dispelled by the targeted date. Sadly, stigma arises from the myth in which citizens perceive cancer as a death sentence. Ifeoma Okoye, a professor of Radiology and Head of Radiation Medicine, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu Campus (UNNEC)/University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, said: “Cancer is not a death sentence if detected early.” The theme for this year’s World Cancer Day is “Debunk the Myths.” “Our myth is that we don’t like talking about cancer. We think that by talking about cancer in Nigeria, we are inviting it. We think that even sitting to listen to a talk on cancer, we are inviting it. We think that even by coming for screening, we are inviting it also. In fact people will start blaming you for going for screening if cancer was found,” Okoye said. The professor of radiology added that “procrastination, denial, stigma, fear, it is not my portion syndrome, I bind and cast it syndrome, it cannot happen to me even if it happens to other people are some of the problems we face in Nigeria.

Onyebuchi Chukwu, Health minister

Surgically-removed breast

L-R: Dr. Fakolade and Mrs Adetoro Omojole, a board member with Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre at the exhibition.

“All these form part of the syndrome, attitude and practices of our people and they delay seeking health care to tackle cancer. “While cancer can be a difficult issue to address particularly in some cultures and settings, dealing with the disease openly can improve outcomes on the individual, community and even at policy levels. “For every cancer which is a noncommunicable disease, there are warning signs and symptoms and the benefits of early detection are indisputable.” Examples abound of famous people who were diagnosed with cancer at early stage and treated effectively. Such people not only lived their lives out, they had quality living. Among them are the former President of the United States (US),

Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul II whose colon cancer was detected when it was still in the form of a polyp. After treatment, John Paul died at the ripe age of 84. Similarly, Regan attained the age of 93 years before he passed on in June 2004. Leveraging on the above examples, medical experts said it was wrong to believe that nothing could be done about cancer. According to Okoye, all people have the right to access proven and effective cancer treatments and services on equal terms, and without suffering hardship as a consequence. She said: “There is a lot that can be done at the individual, community and policy level and with the right strategies such as reducing harmful alcohol consumption, avoiding unhealthy diet

What to look for BSE • A lump or thickening in the breast • A change in skin texture such as dimpling, orange peel • Redness or rash on the breast skin/around the nipple • A change in the size, shape or symmetry of the breast • Constant pain in the breast or armpit • Swelling in the armpit or collarbone. • A change in the nipple position (inversion) or size • Nipple discharge (bloody)


especially processed foods and foods with additives, being physically active and reducing exposure to tobacco smoke and all other forms of smoke and curtailing environmental pollution, one third of most cancers can be prevented.” Apart from debunking the myths around cancer to make affected citizens become more open about their health status, medical experts have also stressed being breast aware to notice breast changes early and report promptly to health care professionals. If Veronica Elemo and Kemi Ojuola, the two breast cancer survivors whose plight are highlighted earlier in this report were breast aware, they probably could have detected their cancer early and prevented the present burden they face. Breast Self-Examination (BSE) The Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre urges women to be familiar with how their breasts look and feel so that new breast changes can be noticed early and reported promptly. Every month, five to seven days after menstrual period, women should do breast self-examination (BSE). On their part, post-menopausal and breast feeding mothers should pick a date in the month i.e. sixth of every month to do BSE.


of Truth

May 9, 2014

e I could say anything, pounced on my friend mercilessly. To avoid my friend ran into our h is a stone throw from

Juliana Francis


hree persons, among them two policemen, were reportedly killed while two others were seriously injured in an automobile crash at Ogere on the Lagos - Ibadan Expressway. Two of the men were members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, Lagos Command, while the third victim was the civilian driver of the vehicle. The two policemen who died in the Sunday accident are identified as Sergeant Nuhudeen Mohammed and Inspector Evbunwan Aigbokhai, aka Man of God. The injured are ASP Cyril Ugweze and Corporal Ambrose Kasari. Mohammed is said to be the orderly of the Lagos State Commissioner, Umar Manko. Some of Mohammed’s colleagues said the deceased had a relationship as close as that of a father and son with Manko. Mohammed’s remains were yesterday interred at the Agege Cemetery, according to Islamic rites. The accident occurred about 3pm after one of the tyres of the vehicle the SARS team was travelling in burst, forcing the vehicle to somersault several times. The survivors are presently battling to stay alive in a hospital in Ibadan.

hat was the end. I went room, after some elders d me and my wife. We at the masquerade and ad another plan for us. were inside the mosque, saw some people and ade. They invaded the ounced on those inside. ven spare the women.” correspondent visited sterday, items allegedly he invaders littered ev-

ner of Shamsu-deen IsAdbudlAkeem Robiu, not around during the


was at the organisameeting when the news eft the meeting immediosque. I did not believe me on phone about the struction until I got to

ever, urged the Lagos ment and the state Police ome to their rescue, addwere not violent. aale of the community, Ebedi, said he was inattack. am a Muslim myself. e on the directives of beda and the chairman u Local Government to the destruction at the o persuade the victims us. We are still investitter.” e victims, Adewale, re caught unawares, hey were praying in when the masquerade wers attacked them. ome worshippers and I injured. They attacked etes and destroyed our e mosque.” red were rushed to the l Hospital. red that some of the viccted by the hospital mannon-availability of space. lice officer at the Idimu said the leader of the ad been arrested. mised that those on the n be arrested.


regretted that es concerning o be solved. ur corresponen Oyegbemi, ers, said they he Governor’s kers with the ms. 2, at the 10th

Manko, CP Lagos

Ironically, the suspect the team went to arrest did not sustain any injury. The team was said to have travelled to Kaduna to arrest a suspect, who diverted goods belonging to Dangote Group. A police source said: “The team went to Kaduna State on investigation. The investigation has to do with diversion of bags of cement belonging to Dangote. The company provided the car which took the team to Kaduna. It was that car that had accident as the people were returning to Lagos. “The team arrested the suspect and was returning when the tyre of the car burst at Onigari village.

Two of our men died instantly, along with the civilian driver who works with Dangote. The other two are in a critical condition. But surprisingly, the suspect did not sustain any injury.” The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ngozi Braide, who confirmed the incident, said two of the suspects who sustained injuries and two policemen were receiving treatment at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). She said: “The men died in active service. May God grant the family of the bereaved the fortitude to bear the loss and heal those who sustained injuries.”

Court remands two for robbery, murder Cephas Iorhemen Makurdi

Makurdi Magistrates’ Court yesterday AOryiman, ordered two men, Imoter Pila and Simon to be remanded in prison custody for allegedly robbing one Ibrahim Mohammed and killing his 24-year-old son, Jabulu. The police prosecutor, Sergeant Gabriel Ebonyi, told the court that Mohammed, who lives in Hausa Quarters in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area, had reported the matter at the Katsina-Ala Police Station on April 12.


victims’ relatives mpensation

ate with other lies. ge banner and sizes, the angry ola to pay their ther families. scriptions on : “Please save tims families cted,” “Ikeja ms forgotten,” ws are dying,” r, please fulfil

Manko’s orderly, two others die in road crash

anniversary, the government paid N250,000 to 70 of the 154 relatives. Eighty-four people were yet to be paid. We came out because since the blast in 2002, we have been waiting for the government to pay compensation to the relatives of the victims. “When the governor came to Ejigbo to commission the 2.1 kilometre January 27th linkbridge, he assured us that the 84 remaining victims would also be paid. Since then, we are yet to receive any letter from the governor. Also, we have visited his office four times but we were Unyebuchukwu not allowed to see him.” Oyegbemi added that the families were frustrated by the delay in the payment of the compensation, adding that they had reached out to the lawmakers without success.

Indian hemp dealer arrested at PDP Secretariat Muhammad Ahmad Lafia

en of the Nasarawa M State Police Command yesterday arrested

a man with a bag of Indian hemp The suspect was arrested when workers at the state Secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Jos Road, Lafia raised the alarm over his suspicious movement near the secretariat with a bag on a motorcycle. The suspect in his midthirties, whose name was not known at press time, was alleged to be running away from security operatives who were on his trail. It was gathered that

the suspect attempted to drop the bag at the PDP secretariat when workers there apprehended him. He was bundled into a police pick-up van with registration number PL1068 NS belonging to the B Division Police Station, Lafia after about an hour of struggle. A witness told our correspondent that the suspect attempted to drop the bag at the PDP Secretariat when he found out that he was being trailed by security men. “But luck ran out on him when youths at the PDP office forced him out and demanded to know the contents of the bag,” the witness said. Ibrahim Garba, who works at the PDP Secre-

tariat, said the suspect’s inability to give satisfactory answer made them to be suspicious of his intention. “We had to struggle for over 40 minutes before we could get hold of him and put him in the police van because he was attempting to escape,” Garba said. Another witness said that the suspect came with a lady and attempted to enter the PDP office and drop the bag when youths at office demanded to know his mission. When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ismaila Numan, confirmed the arrest, adding that investigation was on-going.

Ebonyi said that the case was transferred from Katsina-Ala Division to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Makurdi. Mohammed told the police that he was with his five children in his shop at Hausa Quarters in Katsina-Ala on April 10 when three armed men attacked them and ordered them to lie down and warned them not to shout otherwise they would be killed. He said they followed the robbers’ instructions and in the process they entered his shop and stole N2.3 million. The victim disclosed that the robbers also took his MTN recharge cards valued at N4.8 million, Glo recharge cards worth N3.6 million and Airtel recharge cards valued at N1.5 million. He said after carrying out a successful robbery operation, they shot and killed his son, Jabulu, before they left. During police investigation, Pila and Oryiman of Tse-Achagi in Katsina-Ala and Tse Agber in Buruku councils were apprehended in connection with the crime. Ebonyi told the court that some Airtel recharge cards suspected to have been stolen during the robbery operation were recovered from the accused, while Pila loaded MTN recharge cards to the tune of N21,750 in his Nokia handset believed to have been stolen during the operation. According to him, Pila mentioned the name of one Teryina Anande who is now at large as one of those who took part in the robbery operation, adding that their offenses contravened sections 6(b) and 1(2)(a)(b) of the Robbery and Firearms Act, 2004 and Section 222 of Benue State 2004 Penal Code Law. When the case came up for mention yesterday, no pleas were taken for want of jurisdiction. The prosecutor informed the court that investigation into the matter was ongoing and prayed for another date for mention. The magistrate, Mr Cyril Enyi, adjourned the matter to June 3 for further mention.

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Daily Summary (Equities) Activity Summary on Board EQTY FINANCIAL SERVICES Micro-Finance Banks NPF MICROFINANCE BANK PLC Micro-Finance Banks Totals


Mortgage Carriers, Brokers and Services INFINITY TRUST MORTGAGE BANK PLC UNION HOMES SAVINGS AND LOANS PLC. Mortgage Carriers, Brokers and Services Totals

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Bond Activity Totals


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65 65


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Symbol No. of Deals DANGFLOUR 37 DANGSUGAR 50 FLOURMILL 28 Daily Summary (Equities) HONYFLOUR 31 MULTITREX 1 NASCON 58

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Value Traded 954,686.49 7,136,562.42 5,546,553.39 3,127,073.31 1,818.50 80,800,368.88 3Value Traded of 14 418.20 26,820.00 37,301.68 97,631,602.87

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Current Price 67.80 1,057.30

Quantity Traded 127,541 138,503 266,044

Value Traded 8,751,322.44 146,960,373.21 155,711,695.65

Household Durables VITAFOAM NIG PLC. Household Durables Totals


No. of Deals 20 20

Current Price 4.24

Quantity Traded 284,499 284,499

Value Traded 1,188,368.94 1,188,368.94

Personal/Household Products P Z CUSSONS NIGERIA PLC. UNILEVER NIGERIA PLC. Daily Summary as of 12/05/2014 Personal/Household Products Totals Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029 CONSUMER GOODS Totals


No. of Deals 45 77 122

Current Price 35.50 49.00

Quantity Traded 218,401 772,803 991,204

Value Traded 7,687,023.17 37,623,957.88 45,310,981.05



Quantity Traded 23,296,456 4,661,737

Value Traded 213,218,317.11 29,882,731.47

Page Quantity Traded 396,884 17,414,017 23,033,489 3,545,188 2,531,501

4 of 14 Value Traded 5,194,094.25 33,955,874.97 617,125,049.75 12,994,815.08 5,585,252.67

Activity Summary on Board EQTY


656 Symbol No. of Deals Current Price Daily Summary (Equities) ACCESS DIAMONDBNK

246 85

9.19 6.40

Symbol No. of Deals ETI 55 FIDELITYBK 104 Daily Summary (Equities) GUARANTY 302 SKYEBANK 128 STERLNBANK 54

Current Price 13.01 1.95 26.85 3.70 2.20

No. of Deals 206 100 10 22 210 1,522

Current Price 6.80 10.00 0.50 0.95 22.74

Quantity Traded 12,336,325 1,684,242 1,045,000 466,196 14,105,152 104,516,187


Current Price 0.79 1.05 0.50 0.50 0.52 2.25 0.85 0.50 0.53 0.58 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.79

Quantity Traded 778,238 945,000 30,829 8,000 6,808,581 1,063,096 2,018,586 18,000 1,405,100 104,763 Page 15,100 8,800 10,000,000 2,073,507 25,277,600

Value Traded 615,592.72 991,404.55 15,418.50 4,000.00 3,420,065.21 2,401,660.80 1,670,490.02 9,000.00 744,803.00 59,667.28 5 of 14 7,550.00 4,400.00 5,000,000.00 1,635,756.02 16,579,808.10

FINANCIAL SERVICES Micro-Finance Banks Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange © NPF MICROFINANCE BANK PLC Micro-Finance Banks Totals


Value Traded 83,775,967.50 16,843,965.32 522,500.00 443,563.40 320,644,552.88 1,340,186,684.40


No. of Deals 18 18

Current Price 0.95

Quantity Traded Page 820,636 820,636

Value Traded 6 of 14 760,972.83 760,972.83

Mortgage Carriers, Brokers and Services INFINITY TRUST MORTGAGE BANK PLC UNION HOMES SAVINGS AND LOANS PLC. Mortgage Carriers, Brokers and Services Totals


No. of Deals 1 2 3

Current Price 1.61 0.50

Quantity Traded 5,000 25,050 30,050

Value Traded 8,400.00 12,525.00 20,925.00



No. of Deals 66 27 540 138 5 43 142 961

Current Price 3.16 2.79 13.17 3.74 0.59 21.20 2.34

Quantity Traded 4,748,599 2,814,811 22,176,534 5,292,028 146,888 857,173 18,147,314 54,183,347

Value Traded 15,013,852.92 8,005,163.94 291,138,862.06 19,684,713.68 86,663.92 18,184,120.09 41,437,977.67 393,551,354.28



Quantity Traded 4,000 1,185,063 233,277

Value Traded 10,280.00 2,905,605.61 15,868,844.81



No. of Deals 1 36 18

Current Price 2.70 2.43 68.30

Current Price 3.16 2.79 13.17 3.74 0.59 21.20 2.34


Value Traded 15,013,852.92 8,005,163.94 291,138,862.06 19,684,713.68 86,663.92 18,184,120.09 41,437,977.67 393,551,354.28



No. of Deals 1 36 18

Current Price 2.70 2.43 68.30

Quantity Traded 4,000 1,185,063 233,277

Value Traded 10,280.00 2,905,605.61 15,868,844.81

No. of Deals 19 1 75

Current Price 1.65 1.57

Page Quantity Traded 781,146 100 2,203,586

7 of 14 Value Traded 1,308,398.64 157.00 20,093,286.06


HEALTHCARE Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange © Pharmaceuticals MAY & BAKER NIGERIA PLC. PHARMA-DEKO PLC. Pharmaceuticals Totals




ICT Computer Based Systems COURTEVILLE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PLC Computer Based Systems Totals Computers and Peripherals OMATEK VENTURES PLC Computers and Peripherals Totals


No. of Deals 4 4

Current Price 0.71

Quantity Traded 29,500 29,500

Value Traded 20,060.00 20,060.00


No. of Deals 3 3

Current Price 0.50

Quantity Traded 300,100 300,100

Value Traded 150,050.00 150,050.00

Symbol CWG

No. of Deals 1 1

Current Price 5.48

Quantity Traded 20,000 20,000

Value Traded 104,200.00 104,200.00


No. of Deals 7 7

Current Price 0.50

Quantity Traded 61,800 61,800

Value Traded 30,900.00 30,900.00



Totals on Board EQTY Activity ICT Summary




CHAMS Daily Summary (Equities)

INDUSTRIAL GOODS Building Materials Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange © ASHAKA CEM PLC BERGER PAINTS PLC Activity Summary on Board EQTY


Quantity Traded 4,748,599 2,814,811 22,176,534 5,292,028 146,888 857,173 18,147,314 54,183,347



Symbol No. of Deals Daily Summary (Equities) ASHAKACEM 62 BERGER 34

Current Price 20.01 9.82

Quantity Traded Page 711,096 289,950

Value Traded of 14 14,274,077.69 2,816,294.52



No. of Deals 17 24 37 5 7 30 216

Current Price 39.00 9.30 225.00 0.52 4.63 111.04

Quantity Traded 25,102 155,869 1,212,975 78,000 156,805 126,051 2,755,848

Value Traded 979,488.30 1,457,162.41 273,219,116.88 40,480.00 726,007.15 13,993,070.51 307,505,697.46

Electronic and Electrical Products CUTIX PLC. Electronic and Electrical Products Totals

Symbol CUTIX

No. of Deals 2 2

Current Price 1.89

Quantity Traded 53,333 53,333

Value Traded 100,299.42 100,299.42

Packaging/Containers BETA GLASS CO PLC. Packaging/Containers Totals


No. of Deals 1 1

Current Price 18.90

Quantity Traded 20 20

Value Traded 359.20 359.20


307,606,356.08 Value Traded 61,253.50 61,253.50

Value Traded INDUSTRIAL Totals Daily Summary as ofGOODS 12/05/2014 31,464.00 Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029 OIL AND GAS 10,911,545.35 Energy Equipment and Services 510,620.80 JAPAUL OIL & MARITIME SERVICES PLC 48,750.00 Energy Equipment and Services Totals 1,076,235,651.02 1,087,738,031.17 Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange © Integrated Oil and Gas Services



No. of Deals 66 27 540 138 5 43 142 961

Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029

No. of Deals 12 12




Value Traded 12/05/2014 358,139.04 Daily Summary asITofServices COMPUTER WAREHOUSE GROUP PLC Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029 1,534.39 1 of 14 IT Services Totals 42,814,094.38 30,660,969.13 Processing Systems 73,834,736.94 CHAMS PLC Processing Totals Daily Summary as of Systems 12/05/2014 73,834,736.94



Current Price 3.30


Activity Summary on Board EQTY

Real Investment Trusts (REITs) Published by TheEstate Nigerian Stock Exchange © UPDC REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Totals

No. of Deals 11 11 92

CONGLOMERATES Totals CONSTRUCTION/REAL ESTATE Building Construction ARBICO PLC. Building Construction Totals

Current Price 0.50 35.33 35.01

DailyLIVESTOCK Summary (Equities)

Activity SummaryTotals on Board EQTY AGRICULTURE CONGLOMERATES Diversified Industries A.G. LEVENTIS NIGERIA PLC. S C O A NIG. PLC. Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange © TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATION OF NIGERIA PLC U A C N PLC. Diversified Industries Totals

No. of Deals 2 56 23 81


Value Traded 8,400.00

Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May12,525.00 13, 2014

The Nigerian Stock Market Exchange as at May 12, 2014

Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029

Value Traded 760,972.83 760,972.83

219 No. of Deals 8 8

Current Price 0.50

Quantity Traded 122,507 122,507

Symbol OANDO

No. of Deals 215

Current Price 15.97

Quantity Traded 3,786,432


No. of Deals 215

Current Price

Page Quantity Traded 3,786,432

Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distributors BECO PETROLEUM PRODUCT PLC CONOIL PLC ETERNA PLC. FORTE OIL PLC. MOBIL OIL NIG PLC. MRS OIL NIGERIA PLC. TOTAL NIGERIA PLC. Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distributors Totals


No. of Deals 1 13 5 109 26 15 25 194

Current Price 0.50 49.20 3.61 148.99 131.00 51.72 160.00

Quantity Traded 281 17,129 5,847 227,707 74,446 50,020 54,795 430,225

Value Traded 140.50 815,496.53 20,055.21 32,015,953.36 9,845,610.40 2,457,982.80 8,746,634.50 53,901,873.30

Exploration and Production SEPLAT PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD Exploration and Production Totals


No. of Deals 82 82

Current Price 650.11

Quantity Traded 428,124 428,124

Value Traded 283,597,910.20 283,597,910.20



Activity Summary OANDO PLC on Board EQTY

OIL AND GAS Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange © Integrated Oil and Gas Services Integrated Oil and Gas Services Totals

OIL ANDas GAS Totals Daily Summary of 12/05/2014 Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029 SERVICES Automobile/Auto Part Retailers R T BRISCOE PLC. Automobile/Auto Part Retailers Totals


Daily Summary (Equities)




Value Traded 60,278,151.89

Current Price 1.14

Quantity Traded 295,825 295,825

Value Traded 337,240.50 337,240.50


No. of Deals 6

Current Price 4.40

Quantity Traded 351,300

Value Traded 1,543,240.00


No. of Deals 2 8

Current Price 2.13

Page Quantity Traded 12,000 363,300



No. of Deals 1 8 2 11

Current Price 4.55 0.58 3.88

Quantity Traded 100 250,070 110 250,280

Value Traded 433.00 146,620.60 407.00 147,460.60

Media/Entertainment DAAR COMMUNICATIONS PLC Media/Entertainment Totals


No. of Deals 1 1

Current Price 0.50

Quantity Traded 1,000 1,000

Value Traded 500.00 500.00


No. of Deals 9 11 20

Current Price 1.59 3.97

Quantity Traded 366,745 74,932 441,677

Value Traded 582,674.55 295,335.84 878,010.39


No. of Deals 11 11

Current Price 0.84

Quantity Traded 30,400 30,400

Value Traded 24,892.00 24,892.00


No. of Deals 1 1

Current Price 0.50

Quantity Traded 100 100

Value Traded 50.00 50.00


No. of Deals 13 45 58

Current Price 2.15 5.28

Page Quantity Traded 169,878 622,442 792,320


SERVICES Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange © Courier/Freight/Delivery TRANS-NATIONWIDE EXPRESS PLC. Courier/Freight/Delivery Totals

Printing/Publishing LEARN AFRICA PLC UNIVERSITY PRESS PLC. Printing/Publishing Totals Daily Summary as of 12/05/2014

Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029 Road Transportation ASSOCIATED BUS COMPANY PLC Road Transportation Totals Specialty SECURE ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY PLC

Activity Summary Specialty Totals on Board EQTY

SERVICES Published byTransport-Related The Nigerian StockServices Exchange © AIRLINE SERVICES AND LOGISTICS PLC NIGERIAN AVIATION HANDLING COMPANY PLC Transport-Related Services Totals

Daily Summary (Equities)

Daily Summary (Equities)


EQTY Board Totals

Daily Summary (Equities)


10 of 14 Value Traded 60,278,151.89

No. of Deals 9 9

RED STAR EXPRESS PLC Activity Summary on Board EQTY



11 of 14 Value Traded 26,280.00 1,569,520.00

12Value Traded of 14 375,291.62 3,251,389.29 3,626,680.91







Quantity Traded 1,876,867 1,876,867

Value Traded 2,402,389.76 2,402,389.76



Activity Summary on Board ASeM CONSUMER GOODS Food Products MCNICHOLS PLC Daily Summary as of 12/05/2014 Food Products Totals Printed 12/05/2014 15:10:29.029


No. of Deals 39 39


ASeM Board Totals

Exchange Equity Activity Traded Totals Fund

Name NEWGOLD EXCHANGE TRADED FUND (ETF) VETIVA GRIFFIN 30 ETF Exchange Traded Fund Totals Published by The Nigerian Stock Exchange ©

Current Price 1.34


Daily Summary (ETP) Symbol NEWGOLD VETGRIF30







No. of Deals 1 2 3

ETF Board Totals


ETP Activity Totals


Current Price 2,036.00 17.56

Quantity Traded 17 5,100 5,117 Page



Value Traded 34,612.00 89,506.00 124,118.00 13 of 14




Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FMDQ Daily Quotations List


The FMDQ Daily Quotations List (DQL) comprises market and model prices/rates of foreign exchange ($/N) products, fixed income securities and instruments in the OTC market. The use of this report is subject to the FMDQ OTC PLC Terms of Use and Disclaimer Statement.



FGN Bonds Issuer




Description 9.20 29-JUN-2014 9.25 28-SEP-2014 4.00 23-APR-2015 13.05 16-AUG-2016 15.10 27-APR-2017 9.85 27-JUL-2017 9.35 31-AUG-2017 10.70 30-MAY-2018 16.00 29-JUN-2019 7.00 23-OCT-2019 16.39 27-JAN-2022 14.20 14-MAR-2024 15.00 28-NOV-2028 12.49 22-MAY-2029 8.50 20-NOV-2029 10.00 23-JUL-2030

Issue Date

Coupon (%)

Outstanding Value (N'bn)

Maturity Date

TTM (Yrs)

Bid Yield (%)

Offer Yield (%)

Bid Price

Offer Price

29-Jun-07 28-Sep-07 23-Apr-10 16-Aug-13 27-Apr-12 27-Jul-07 31-Aug-07 30-May-08 29-Jun-12 23-Oct-09 27-Jan-12 14-Mar-14 28-Nov-08 22-May-09 20-Nov-09 23-Jul-10

9.20 9.25 4.00 13.05 15.10 9.85 9.35 10.70 16.00 7.00 16.39 14.20 15.00 12.49 8.50 10.00

45.00 100.00 535.00 435.27 452.80 20.00 100.00 300.00 351.30 233.90 600.00 75.00 75.00 150.00 200.00 591.57

29-Jun-14 28-Sep-14 23-Apr-15 16-Aug-16 27-Apr-17 27-Jul-17 31-Aug-17 30-May-18 29-Jun-19 23-Oct-19 27-Jan-22 14-Mar-24 28-Nov-28 22-May-29 20-Nov-29 23-Jul-30

0.13 0.38 0.95 2.26 2.96 3.21 3.30 4.05 5.13 5.45 7.71 9.84 14.55 15.03 15.53 16.20

10.33 10.66 11.51 12.38 12.13 12.09 12.10 12.17 12.36 12.32 12.61 12.65 12.89 12.92 12.95 13.05

9.21 10.25 10.91 12.30 12.07 11.97 11.98 12.08 12.28 12.23 12.55 12.60 12.85 12.88 12.90 13.00

99.81 99.45 93.43 101.25 107.20 94.15 92.66 95.38 113.50 79.33 118.25 108.55 113.67 97.15 70.51 79.60

99.96 99.60 93.93 101.40 107.35 94.45 92.96 95.68 113.80 79.63 118.55 108.85 113.97 97.45 70.81 79.90


4,264.84 Issuer

Agency Bonds AMCON FMBN




0.00 AMCON 31-OCT-2014 (SR.5 TR.1) 0.00 FMB 24-MAY-2015 17.25 FMB II 03-APR-2017 0.00/16.00 LCRM 09-DEC-2016 0.00/16.50 LCRM II 20-APR-2017 0.00/16.50 LCRM III 06-JUL-2017


Issue Date

Coupon (%)

Issue Value (N'bn)

Maturity Date

Avg. Life/TTM (Yrs)

Risk Premium (%)

Valuation Yield (%)

Indicative Price

28-Dec-11 24-May-10 03-Apr-12 09-Dec-11 20-Apr-12 06-Jul-12

0.00 0.00 17.25 0.00/16.00 0.00/16.50 0.00/16.50

978.35 24.56 6.00 112.22 116.70 66.49

31-Oct-14 24-May-15 03-Apr-17 09-Dec-16 20-Apr-17 06-Jul-17

0.47 1.03 1.52 2.58 2.94 3.15

1.00 2.63 2.27 2.00 3.20 1.00

11.85 14.23 14.15 14.10 15.27 13.08

94.75 86.76 104.29 95.41 88.86 91.47

05-Aug-14 15-Oct-14 31-Aug-15 30-Sep-15 30-Jun-16 30-Jun-16 19-Apr-17 30-Jun-17 31-Dec-17 30-Sep-18 04-Oct-18 09-Dec-18 12-Dec-18 14-Feb-19 02-Oct-19 22-Nov-19 12-Dec-19 30-Sep-20 27-Nov-20 31-Dec-20 31-Dec-20 06-Jan-21

0.23 0.43 1.30 0.91 1.20 1.21 2.94 1.77 3.64 2.61 4.40 2.61 2.61 3.19 3.26 5.53 3.23 3.94 6.55 6.64 3.95 3.98

1.56 1.34 4.44 3.23 4.46 3.48 5.59 1.00 1.79 1.80 1.00 1.00 1.21 1.00 1.00 1.94 2.74 2.74 1.00 1.94 1.44 1.95

12.07 12.13 16.19 14.68 16.16 15.18 17.66 13.02 13.92 13.90 13.21 13.10 13.31 13.09 13.10 14.26 14.83 14.90 13.43 14.38 13.60 14.12

100.34 100.71 95.76 98.98 97.83 100.72 82.98 101.39 100.17 100.35 102.54 103.17 114.04 103.57 106.16 100.87 99.84 99.58 100.28 102.54 111.31 110.95

07-Oct-14 18-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 17-Aug-15 09-Dec-15 06-Jan-16 29-Sep-16 25-Oct-16 30-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 09-Apr-18 09-Sep-18 09-Sep-18 22-Sep-18 18-Oct-18 17-Feb-19 14-Nov-20

0.41 0.60 0.64 0.78 0.86 0.94 2.38 2.46 3.39 2.00 2.16 2.33 2.33 4.36 2.43 2.52 6.51

1.00 5.21 8.71 4.88 1.00 2.63 1.00 1.34 4.52 1.88 3.48 5.20 5.06 1.00 2.29 6.11 2.76

11.75 16.24 19.79 16.16 12.39 14.14 13.12 13.45 16.63 14.03 15.62 17.32 17.18 13.21 14.40 18.22 15.19

99.85 98.44 98.33 95.71 99.87 100.31 99.73 101.60 90.84 107.97 100.85 101.54 101.95 102.53 102.73 97.97 100.25






Maturity Date

Bid Yield (%)

Offer Yield (%)

Bid Price

Offer Price



Sub-National Bonds A/Agusto A-/GCR A+/Agusto A/Agusto Nil A+/Agusto A+/Agusto; A+/GCR A-/Agusto A/Agusto A+/Agusto; A+/GCR A-/Agusto; A-/GCR A/Agusto; A-/GCR† A-/Agusto A/Agusto; A-/GCR A/Agusto; A-/GCR Aa-/Agusto; AA-/GCR A/Agusto; A-/GCR A/Agusto Aa-/Agusto; AA-/GCR A-/Agusto; BBB+/DataPro A/Agusto A-/GCR


14.00 KWARA 5-AUG-2014 14.00 NIGER 15-OCT-2014 12.50 KADUNA 31-AUG-2015 13.00 EBONYI 30-SEP-2015 14.00 BENUE 30-JUN-2016 15.50 IMO 30-JUN-2016 10.00 LAGOS 19-APR-2017 13.75 BAYELSA 30-JUN-2017 14.00 EDO 31-DEC-2017 14.00 DELTA 30-SEP-2018 14.00 NIGER II 4-OCT-2018 14.50 EKITI 09-DEC-2018 14.00 NIGER III 12-DEC-2018 15.50 ONDO 14-FEB-2019 15.50 GOMBE 02-OCT-2019 14.50 LAGOS 22-NOV-2019 14.75 OSUN 12-DEC-2019 14.75 OSUN II 30-SEP-2020 13.50 LAGOS IV 27-NOV-2020 15.00 KOGI 31-DEC-2020 14.50 EKITI II 31-DEC-2020 15.00 NASARAWA 06-JAN-2021

05-Aug-09 15-Oct-09 31-Aug-10 30-Sep-10 30-Jun-11 30-Jun-09 19-Apr-10 30-Jun-10 30-Dec-10 30-Sep-11 04-Oct-11 09-Dec-11 12-Dec-13 14-Feb-12 02-Oct-12 22-Nov-12 12-Dec-12 30-Sep-13 27-Nov-13 31-Dec-13 31-Dec-13 06-Jan-14

14.00 14.00 12.50 13.00 14.00 15.50 10.00 13.75 14.00 14.00 14.00 14.50 14.00 15.50 15.50 14.50 14.75 14.75 13.50 15.00 14.50 15.00

17.00 6.00 8.50 16.50 13.00 18.50 57.00 50.00 25.00 50.00 9.00 20.00 12.00 27.00 20.00 80.00 30.00 11.40 87.00 5.00 5.00 5.00



Corporate Bonds A+/Agusto; AA/GCR Aa/Agusto Nil Bbb-/Agusto A-/Agusto BB+/GCR A+/Agusto; A-/GCR A-/Agusto A/GCR BBB-/GCR BBB+/DataPro†; BB+/GCR A-/DataPro†; BB-/GCR AAA/DataPro†; A+/GCR A/Agusto; A/GCR Bbb+/Agusto; BBB+/GCR BBB-/DataPro†; BB+/GCR A+/Agusto; A-/GCR


11.50 LAFARGE WAPCO 7-OCT 2014 13.50 GUARANTY TRUST 18-DEC-2014 17.00 NGC 31-DEC-2014 10.00 UPDC 17-AUG-2015 12.00 FLOURMILLS 9-DEC-2015 14.00 CHELLARAMS 06-JAN-2016 13.00 NAHCO 29-SEP-2016 14.25 FSDH 25-OCT-2016 13.00 UBA 30-SEP-2017 18.00 C&I LEASING 30-NOV-2017 MPR+7.00 DANA 9-APR-2018 MPR+7.00 TOWER 9-SEP-2018 MPR+5.25 TOWER 9-SEP-2018 14.00 UBA II 22-SEP-2018 15.75 LA CASERA 18-OCT-2018 MPR+5.00 CHELLARAMS II 17-FEB-2019 15.25 NAHCO II 14-NOV-2020

07-Oct-11 18-Dec-09 01-Apr-10 17-Aug-10 09-Dec-10 06-Jan-11 29-Sep-11 25-Oct-13 30-Sep-10 30-Nov-12 09-Apr-11 09-Sep-11 09-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 18-Oct-13 17-Feb-12 14-Nov-13

11.50 13.50 17.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 13.00 14.25 13.00 18.00 16.00 18.00 16.00 14.00 15.75 17.00 15.25

11.80 13.17 2.00 15.00 37.50 1.50 15.00 5.53 20.00 0.94 8.01 3.63 1.00 35.00 3.00 0.54 2.05



Supranational Bond AAA/S&P

10.20 IFC 11-FEB-2018






12.00 Issuer


Issue Date

Coupon (%)

Issue Value ($'mm)

FGN Eurobonds

Prices & Yields

BB-/Fitch; B+/S&P BB-/Fitch; BB-/S&P


BB-/Fitch; BB-/S&P

6.75 JAN 28, 2021









5.13 JUL 12, 2018









6.38 JUL 12, 2023











Corporate Eurobonds AFREN PLC I

11.50 FEB 01, 2016










7.50 MAY 19, 2016










6.00 NOV 08, 2018









7.25 JUL 25, 2017









6.88 MAY 09, 2018










10.25 APR 08, 2019










6.25 APR 22, 2019









B/S&P; B-/Fitch

8.25 AUG 07, 2020









B+/S&P; B+/Fitch


6.63 DEC 09, 2020









B-/S&P; B/Fitch B+/S&P; B+/Fitch B+/S&P B/S&P; B/Fitch B/Fitch B+/Fitch; BB-/S&P




**Treasury Bills DTM 10 17 24 38 45 52 59

FIXINGS Maturity 22-May-14 29-May-14 5-Jun-14 19-Jun-14 26-Jun-14 3-Jul-14 10-Jul-14

Bid Discount (%) 9.75 9.75 10.00 9.90 9.80 10.00 9.75

Offer Discount (%) 9.50 9.50 9.75 9.65 9.55 9.75 9.50

Bid Yield (%) 9.78 9.79 10.07 10.00 9.92 10.14 9.91

Money Market

NIBOR Tenor O/N 1M 3M 6M

Rate (%) 10.6333 12.2526 13.0073 14.0066

Foreign Exchange (Spot & Forwards)


Rate (%)




Bid ($/N)

Offer ($/N)



Spot 7D 14D 1M 2M

161.55 161.75 162.00 162.60 163.78

161.65 162.02 162.38 163.33 165.13

Tenor Call


Rate (%) 10.25

16.39 27-JAN-2022 14.20 14-MAR-2024 15.00 28-NOV-2028 12.49 22-MAY-2029 8.50 20-NOV-2029 10.00 23-JUL-2030

27-Jan-12 14-Mar-14 28-Nov-08 22-May-09 20-Nov-09 23-Jul-10

16.39 14.20 15.00 12.49 8.50 10.00

600.00 75.00 75.00 150.00 200.00 591.57


27-Jan-22 14-Mar-24 28-Nov-28 22-May-29 20-Nov-29 23-Jul-30

7.71 9.84 14.55 15.03 15.53 16.20

12.61 12.65 12.89 12.92 12.95 13.05

12.55 12.60 12.85 12.88 12.90 13.00



Agency Bonds

Issue Date



Coupon (%)

Issue Value (N'bn)

Maturity Date

Avg. Life/TTM (Yrs)

Risk Premium (%)

0.00 AMCON 31-OCT-2014 (SR.5 TR.1) 0.00 FMB 24-MAY-2015 17.25 FMB II 03-APR-2017 0.00/16.00 LCRM 09-DEC-2016 0.00/16.50 LCRM II 20-APR-2017 0.00/16.50 LCRM III 06-JUL-2017

28-Dec-11 24-May-10 03-Apr-12 09-Dec-11 20-Apr-12 06-Jul-12

0.00 0.00 17.25 0.00/16.00 0.00/16.50 0.00/16.50

978.35 24.56 6.00 112.22 116.70 66.49

31-Oct-14 24-May-15 03-Apr-17 09-Dec-16 20-Apr-17 06-Jul-17

0.47 1.03 1.52 2.58 2.94 3.15

1.00 2.63 2.27 2.00 3.20 1.00

11.85 14.23 Tuesday, 14.15 14.10 15.27 13.08

05-Aug-14 15-Oct-14 31-Aug-15 30-Sep-15 30-Jun-16 30-Jun-16 19-Apr-17 30-Jun-17 31-Dec-17 30-Sep-18 04-Oct-18 09-Dec-18 12-Dec-18 14-Feb-19 02-Oct-19 22-Nov-19 12-Dec-19 30-Sep-20 27-Nov-20 31-Dec-20 31-Dec-20 06-Jan-21

0.23 0.43 1.30 0.91 1.20 1.21 2.94 1.77 3.64 2.61 4.40 2.61 2.61 3.19 3.26 5.53 3.23 3.94 6.55 6.64 3.95 3.98

1.56 1.34 4.44 3.23 4.46 3.48 5.59 1.00 1.79 1.80 1.00 1.00 1.21 1.00 1.00 1.94 2.74 2.74 1.00 1.94 1.44 1.95

12.07 12.13 16.19 14.68 16.16 15.18 17.66 13.02 13.92 13.90 13.21 13.10 13.31 13.09 13.10 14.26 14.83 14.90 13.43 14.38 13.60 14.12

100.34 100.71 95.76 98.98 97.83 100.72 82.98 101.39 100.17 100.35 102.54 103.17 114.04 103.57 106.16 100.87 99.84 99.58 100.28 102.54 111.31 110.95

07-Oct-14 18-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 17-Aug-15 09-Dec-15 06-Jan-16 29-Sep-16 25-Oct-16 30-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 09-Apr-18 09-Sep-18 09-Sep-18 22-Sep-18 18-Oct-18 17-Feb-19 14-Nov-20

0.41 0.60 0.64 0.78 0.86 0.94 2.38 2.46 3.39 2.00 2.16 2.33 2.33 4.36 2.43 2.52 6.51


Stock market records marginal growth ***LCRM



Sub-National Bonds



The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) showed signs of recovery

Stories by Chris Ugwu


espite seems to have come the way of discerning investors yesterday after days of bearish run as activities on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) closed inVALUE the positive TOTALmarginally OUTSTANDING trajectory . Corporate Bonds The bulls made a sluggish reA+/Agusto; AA/GCR LAFARGE WAPCO turn after investors’GTB wealth deAa/Agusto preciated significantly following Nil NGC Bbb-/Agustomarket sentiment *UPDC negative last A-/Agusto *FLOURMILLS week as profit taking persisted. BB+/GCR *CHELLARAMS Specifically of transA+/Agusto; A-/GCR , at close NAHCO actions All-share A-/Agusto yesterday, the FSDH A/GCR rose slightly by index UBA6.5 basis BBB-/GCR & I LEASING points or 0.016 per*Ccent from BBB+/DataPro†; BB+/GCR *DANA 38554.19 recorded last Friday to A-/DataPro†; BB-/GCR µ


AAA/DataPro†; A+/GCR A/Agusto; A/GCR Bbb+/Agusto; BBB+/GCR BBB-/DataPro†; BB+/GCR A+/Agusto; A-/GCR


38,560.69. market capitali14.00 KWARAThe 5-AUG-2014 14.00 NIGER 15-OCT-2014 satioin equally inched up by N2 12.50 KADUNA 31-AUG-2015 billion from N12.699 trillion to 13.00 EBONYI 30-SEP-2015 N12.701 trillion. 14.00 BENUE 30-JUN-2016 The 15.50 IMOvolume 30-JUN-2016in the banking 10.00 LAGOS 19-APR-2017 sub-sector of financial services 13.75 BAYELSA 30-JUN-2017in volume sector dominated 14.00 EDO 31-DEC-2017 with 104.5 million shares worth 14.00 DELTA 30-SEP-2018 N1.3 in 1,522 deals. 14.00billion NIGER II 4-OCT-2018 14.50 EKITI 09-DEC-2018 The sector was driven by the 14.00 NIGER in III 12-DEC-2018 activities the shares of GTB 15.50 ONDO 14-FEB-2019 and Fidelity Bank. 15.50 GOMBE 02-OCT-2019 Other financial 14.50 LAGOS 22-NOV-2019services subsector trailed with the activities 14.75 OSUN 12-DEC-2019 II 30-SEP-2020 in14.75 theOSUN shares of FBHN Plc to re13.50 LAGOS IV 27-NOV-2020 cord a turnover of 54.2 million 15.00 KOGI 31-DEC-2020 shares valued at N393.5 million 14.50 EKITI II 31-DEC-2020 in15.00 861NASARAWA transactions. 06-JAN-2021 At the end of trading, 28 stocks recorded gained as against 26 WAPCO others that 11.50 LAFARGE 7-OCT 2014 shed 13.50 GUARANTY TRUST 18-DEC-2014 weight. 17.00 NGC 31-DEC-2014 Cutix led other gainers in 10.00 UPDC 17-AUG-2015 percentage term with 5 per cent 12.00 FLOURMILLS 9-DEC-2015 to14.00 close at N1.8906-JAN-2016 while Portland CHELLARAMS Paints followed with a gain of 13.00 NAHCO 29-SEP-2016 14.25per FSDHcent 25-OCT-2016 4.99 to close at N4.63. 13.00 UBA 30-SEP-2017 Julius Berger added 4.98 to close C&I LEASING 30-NOV-2017 at18.00 N71.91. MPR+7.00 DANA 9-APR-2018 On the other hand, Nascon MPR+7.00 TOWER 9-SEP-2018 MPR+5.25 TOWER 9-SEP-2018 14.00 UBA II 22-SEP-2018 15.75 LA CASERA 18-OCT-2018 MPR+5.00 CHELLARAMS II 17-FEB-2019 15.25 NAHCO II 14-NOV-2020

05-Aug-09 15-Oct-09 31-Aug-10 30-Sep-10 30-Jun-11 30-Jun-09 19-Apr-10 30-Jun-10 30-Dec-10 30-Sep-11 04-Oct-11 09-Dec-11 12-Dec-13 14-Feb-12 02-Oct-12 22-Nov-12 12-Dec-12 30-Sep-13 27-Nov-13 31-Dec-13 31-Dec-13 06-Jan-14

14.00 14.00 12.50 13.00 14.00 15.50 10.00 13.75 14.00 14.00 14.00 14.50 14.00 15.50 15.50 14.50 14.75 14.75 13.50 15.00 14.50 15.00

17.00 6.00 8.50 16.50 13.00 18.50 57.00 50.00 25.00 50.00 9.00 20.00 12.00 27.00 20.00 80.00 30.00 11.40 87.00 5.00 5.00 5.00

572.90 07-Oct-11 18-Dec-09 01-Apr-10 17-Aug-10 Oscar09-Dec-10 Onyema 06-Jan-11 29-Sep-11 25-Oct-13 30-Sep-10 30-Nov-12 09-Apr-11 09-Sep-11 09-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 18-Oct-13 17-Feb-12 14-Nov-13

11.50 13.50 17.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 13.00 14.25 13.00 18.00 16.00 18.00 16.00 14.00 15.75 17.00 15.25

led other losers with a loss of 5.06 per cent to close at N11.82 per share while AG Leventis followed with 5 per cent to close at N1.52. Cadbury lost 4.94 per

Sterling Bank targets 700 ATMs


118.55 108.85 113.97 97.45 70.81 79.90

Valuation Yield (%)

Indicative Price



A/Agusto A-/GCR A+/Agusto A/Agusto Nil A+/Agusto A+/Agusto; A+/GCR A-/Agusto A/Agusto A+/Agusto; A+/GCR A-/Agusto; A-/GCR A/Agusto; A-/GCR† A-/Agusto A/Agusto; A-/GCR A/Agusto; A-/GCR Aa-/Agusto; AA-/GCR A/Agusto; A-/GCR A/Agusto Aa-/Agusto; AA-/GCR A-/Agusto; BBB+/DataPro A/Agusto A-/GCR

118.25 108.55 113.67 97.15 70.51 79.60


Supranational Bond n a bid to adequately service AAA/S&P IFC its current and prospective TOTAL OUTSTANDING VALUE Bank customers, Sterling Plc plans to increase its AutoIssuer matedRating/Agency Teller Machines (ATM) byFGN 700Eurobonds across the country. The lender also intends to inBB-/Fitch; B+/S&P crease the number of its Point ofBB-/Fitch; Service (PoS) terminals. FGN BB-/S&P The Managing Director/ BB-/Fitch; Chief BB-/S&P Executive Officer, Mr. Yemi disclosed TOTALAdeola, OUTSTANDING VALUE these recently at the bank’s 52nd Corporate Eurobonds Annual General Meeting B-/S&P; B/Fitch AFREN PLC I (AGM) held in Lagos. GTBANK PLC I Adeola B+/S&P; B+/Fitchnoted that these GTBANK PLC were part of the bank’s growth B+/S&P ACCESS BANK PLC strategy to enhance quality B/S&P; B/Fitch FIDELITY BANK PLC service delivery to its teaming B/Fitch AFREN PLC customers across the country. B+/Fitch; BB-/S&P ZENITH BANK PLC

He also said the bank is 10.20 IFC 11-FEB-2018 making a steady growth, which is the best type of growth for the banking sector. “The truth Description is that in banking the best type of growth is steady growth, any growth 6.75 JAN 28, that is aggressive in2021 banking could lead to crisis. And if 5.13 JUL 12, 2018 you look at banking all over JUL 12, that 2023 the world, 6.38 banks have crashed have pursued aggressive growth and we won’t do that. What we do at Sterling 11.50 FEB 01, 2016 is to pursue steady growth. MAY 19, 2016 Three years7.50ago, we gave 10 6.00 NOV 08, 2018 kobo in dividend, two years 7.25 JUL 25, 2017 ago we did 6.88 20 MAY kobo and now 09, 2018 (2013 financial year) 25 kobo, 10.25 APR 08, 2019 so, we have continued on 6.25 APR 22, 2019

B/S&P; B-/Fitch


8.25 AUG 07, 2020

B+/S&P; B+/Fitch


6.63 DEC 09, 2020

cent to close at N67.80. At the close of business, investors exchanged a total of 230.2 unit of shares valued at N4.02 billion in 4728 deals.


steady growth. They also approved the 11-Feb-13 10.20 major12.00 11-Feb-18 3.75 With overwhelming 25 kobo dividend for every ity, shareholders had approved 12.00 share of 50 kobo proposed by the increase of the bank’s au- the board of directors of the Issue Date Couponaimed (%) Issue Value ($'mm) Bid Yield (%) thorised share capital at company . Maturity Date further repositioning the bank In his address, chairman, to increase return to investors. Sterling Bank Plc, Alhaji S.A 4.97reAs07-Oct-11 part of special6.75business 500.00 Adegunwa ,28-Jan-21 said the bank at 52nd AGM, shareholders mained committed to running 18-Dec-09 5.13 500.00 12-Jul-18 4.24 had endorsed that the au- a responsible and concerned 01-Apr-10 6.38 500.00 12-Jul-23 thorised share capital of the business. He noted that in5.39 sync company be increased from 1,500.00 with these guiding principles, N12 billion to N16 billion by the board have redefined its the creation of additional purpose as an institution to 01-Feb-11 11.50 shares 450.00 4.01 8,000,000,000 ordinary enrich lives.01-Feb-16 7.50 500.00 19-May-16 our essence 5.32 of 5019-May-11 kobo each. “This captures 08-Nov-13 6.00 08-Nov-18 Such new shares are to rank 400.00 and forms the fulcrum of6.18our 25-Jul-12 7.25 25-Jul-17 6.92 pari-passu in all respects with 350.00 engagement02-May-18 with stakehold09-May-13 6.88 300.00 8.28 the existing shares in the capi- 300.00 ers, without08-Apr-19 whom our 5.23 exis08-Apr-12 10.25 tal of22-Apr-14 the company. 6.25 tence would22-Apr-19 be meaningless. 500.00 6.16 07-Aug-13


09-Dec-13 6.63 FMDQ Daily Quotations List


11.80 13.17 2.00 15.00 37.50 1.50 15.00 5.53 20.00 0.94 8.01 3.63 1.00 35.00 3.00 0.54 2.05



Sanctity of Truth

May86.76 13, 2014 104.29 95.41 88.86 91.47

Caverton listing to boost capitalisation by $198m


averton Offshore Group, one of the leading oil and gas service firm providing marine and aviation logistics, is set to spur market capitalisation at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) by N32 billion ($198 million) following its Initial Public Offering (IPO), officially set to take off on the 20th of May. “The listing represents a major milestone for us in our steady march towards becoming the leading provider of oil and gas logistics services in subSaharan Africa,” 1.00 11.75 Mr. Aderemi 99.85 Makanjuola, chairman98.44 of the 5.21 16.24 8.71 98.33 company was19.79 quoted saying. 4.88 16.16 The Nigerian oil 95.71 servic1.00 12.39 99.87 ing2.63firm will14.14 offer 3.35100.31 billion shares on the13.12 NSE for an99.73 initial 1.00 offer ($0.06) per101.60 share, 1.34 of N9.50 13.45 4.52 90.84 adding up to16.63 N32 billion ($198 1.88 14.03 107.97 million) in potential investment 3.48 15.62 100.85 inflow. 5.20 17.32 101.54 “We are extremely pleased 5.06 17.18 101.95 as Caverton enters phase 1.00 13.21 its next 102.53 102.73 of 2.29 growth as 14.40 a listed company ,” 97.97 he6.11 added. 18.22 2.76 15.19 100.25 “Leveraging on our expertise and execution capabilities, we plan to embark immediately on 1.00 expansion 13.14 and the 91.45 fleet development of new service areas in the offshore marine and aviaOffer Yield (%) Bid Price Offer Price tion sectors.” Aside expanding its fleet, Prices & Yields Caverton is keen to explore 4.81market 110.02 111.00 to new entry, according its4.05 chairman. “We plan to cre103.33 104.09 ate a balanced and diversified 5.27 107.94 to portfolio and107.04 we are pleased have strong technical partners on board with us.” With the IPO, Caverton be3.46 the first 112.25 comes offshore 113.23 support 4.40 to have 104.11 105.91 firm its shares listed 99.29 a similar 100.25 feet on5.94 the bourse, 6.54 100.93 101.99 achieved by Seplat for becoming 7.71 95.33 97.17 the4.66first indigenous upstream 113.60 114.73 operator to list on the NSE. 6.00 100.37 101.04












101.89 12-May-14

The FMDQ Daily Quotations List (DQL) comprises market and model prices/rates of foreign exchange ($/N) products, fixed income securities and instruments in the OTC market. The use of this report is subject **Treasury Bills FIXINGS Money Market Foreign Exchange (Spot & Forwards) to the FMDQ OTC PLC TermsMaturity of Use and Disclaimer Statement. Offer Discount (%) DTM Bid Discount (%) Bid Yield (%) Tenor Rate (%) FGN

10 17 Bonds24 38 45 52 Rating/Agency 59 66 73 80 87 94 101 108 115 150 NA 206 241 255 269 283 297 332 346 360

22-May-14 29-May-14 5-Jun-14 19-Jun-14 26-Jun-14 Issuer 3-Jul-14 10-Jul-14 17-Jul-14 24-Jul-14 31-Jul-14 7-Aug-14 14-Aug-14 21-Aug-14 28-Aug-14 4-Sep-14 9-Oct-14 NA 4-Dec-14 8-Jan-15 22-Jan-15 5-Feb-15 19-Feb-15 5-Mar-15 9-Apr-15 23-Apr-15 7-May-15

9.75 9.75 10.00 9.90 9.80 Description 10.00 9.75 10.10 9.20 29-JUN-2014 10.00 9.25 28-SEP-2014 9.95 4.00 23-APR-2015 10.00 13.05 16-AUG-2016 10.10 15.10 27-APR-2017 10.10 10.20 9.85 27-JUL-2017 10.50 9.35 31-AUG-2017 10.45 10.70 30-MAY-2018 10.40 16.00 29-JUN-2019 10.80 7.00 23-OCT-2019 10.75 16.39 27-JAN-2022 10.85 10.65 14.20 14-MAR-2024 10.80 15.00 28-NOV-2028 10.80 12.49 22-MAY-2029 10.80 8.50 20-NOV-2029 10.65

9.50 9.50 9.75 9.65 9.55 9.75 Issue Date 9.50 9.85 29-Jun-07 9.75 28-Sep-07 9.70 23-Apr-10 9.75 16-Aug-13 9.85 27-Apr-12 9.85 9.95 27-Jul-07 10.25 31-Aug-07 10.20 30-May-08 10.15 29-Jun-12 10.55 23-Oct-09 10.50 27-Jan-12 10.60 10.40 14-Mar-14 10.55 28-Nov-08 10.55 22-May-09 10.55 20-Nov-09 10.40

10.00 23-JUL-2030


9.78 9.79 10.07 10.00 9.92 10.14(%) Coupon 9.91 10.29 9.20 10.20 9.25 10.17 4.00 10.24 13.05 10.37 15.10 10.39 10.52 9.85 10.86 9.35 10.92 10.70 11.05 16.00 11.63 7.00 11.62 16.39 11.79 11.61 14.20 11.84 15.00 11.98 12.49 12.03 8.50 11.90



the average is Risk Premium is a life combination of credit risk and liquidity risk premiums **Exclusive of non-trading t.bills

Agency Bonds AMCON FMBN



Modified Duration Buckets

TOTAL OUTSTANDING VALUE Sub-National Bonds A/Agusto A-/GCR A+/Agusto A/Agusto Nil A+/Agusto A+/Agusto; A+/GCR A-/Agusto A/Agusto A+/Agusto; A+/GCR A-/Agusto; A-/GCR A/Agusto; A-/GCR† A-/Agusto



<3 3<5 >5


Issue Date

0.00 AMCON 31-OCT-2014 (SR.5 TR.1) 0.00 FMB 24-MAY-2015 17.25 FMB II 03-APR-2017 0.00/16.00 LCRM 09-DEC-2016 0.00/16.50 LCRM II 20-APR-2017 Porfolio Market Total Outstanding 0.00/16.50 LCRM III 06-JUL-2017 Value(Bn)

926.11 1,108.23 14.00 KWARA 5-AUG-2014 470.89 14.00 NIGER 15-OCT-2014 2,505.23 12.50 KADUNA 31-AUG-2015 13.00 EBONYI 30-SEP-2015 14.00 BENUE 30-JUN-2016 15.50 IMO 30-JUN-2016 10.00 LAGOS 19-APR-2017 13.75 BAYELSA 30-JUN-2017 14.00 EDO 31-DEC-2017 14.00 DELTA 30-SEP-2018 14.00 NIGER II 4-OCT-2018 14.50 EKITI 09-DEC-2018 14.00 NIGER III 12-DEC-2018

Tenor O/N 1M 3M Outstanding Value 6M


Rate (%) 10.6333 12.2526 13.0073 14.0066 Maturity Date

45.00 100.00 NITTY 535.00 Tenor 435.27 1M 452.80 2M 3M 20.00 6M 100.00 9M 300.00 12M 351.30 233.90 600.00 NIFEX 75.00 Current Price ($/N) 75.00 BID($/N) 150.00 OFFER ($/N) 200.00 591.57





REPO Tenor (%) TTM (Yrs) BidRate Yield (%) Call


Tenor Spot 7D Offer14D Yield 1M (%) 2M 3M 9.21 6M 10.25 1Y

1M 11.79 0.13 10.33 3M 12.66 0.38 10.66 6M 13.71 0.95 11.51 10.91 2.26 12.38 12.30 NOTE: 2.96 12.13 12.07 :Benchmarks 3.21 12.09 11.97 * :Amortising 3.30 Bond 12.10 11.98 µ :Convertible Bond 4.05 12.17 12.08 AMCON: Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria 5.13 12.36 12.28 FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria 5.45 Mortgage Bank 12.32of Nigeria 12.23 FMBN: Federal 7.71 12.61 12.55 IFC: International Finance Corporation LCRM: Local Management 9.84 Contractors Receivables 12.65 12.60 NAHCO:14.55 Nigerian Aviation 12.89 Handling Company 12.85 O/N: Overnight 15.03 12.92 12.88 UPDC: UAC Property Development Company 15.53 12.95 12.90 WAPCO:West Africa Portland Cement Company 16.20 13.05 13.00

29-Jun-14 28-Sep-14 23-Apr-15 Rate (%) 16-Aug-16 10.0793 27-Apr-17 10.0884 10.2992 27-Jul-17 10.9227 31-Aug-17 11.8735 30-May-18 11.9146 29-Jun-19 23-Oct-19 27-Jan-22 14-Mar-24 28-Nov-28 161.3525 22-May-29 161.4525 20-Nov-29 23-Jul-30

Bid ($/N) 161.55 161.75 162.00 Bid162.60 Price 163.78 165.03 99.81 168.66 99.45 175.61

Offer ($/N)


161.65 162.02 162.38 Offer Price 163.33 165.13 167.00 99.96 172.87 99.60 184.67

93.43 93.93 101.25 101.40 107.20 107.35 NA :Not Applicable 94.15 94.45 # :Floating 92.66 Rate Bond92.96 ***: Deferred coupon bonds 95.38 95.68 113.50 113.80 †: Bond rating expired 79.33 79.63 118.25 118.55 108.55 108.85 NGC:113.67 Nigeria-German113.97 Company UBA: 97.15 United Bank for Africa 97.45 70.51 70.81 79.60 79.90


# bonds,





28-Dec-11 24-May-10 03-Apr-12 09-Dec-11 20-Apr-12 Weighting by 06-Jul-12 Vol Outstanding


Coupon (%)

Issue Value (N'bn)

Maturity Date

Avg. Life/TTM (Yrs)

Risk Premium (%)

Valuation Yield (%)

Indicative Price



17.25 0.00/16.00 0.00/16.50 Weighting by Mkt 0.00/16.50 Value

6.00 112.22 116.70 Bucket66.49 Weighting

31-Oct-14 24-May-15 03-Apr-17 09-Dec-16 20-Apr-17 % Exposure_ 06-Jul-17 Mod_Duration

0.47 1.03 1.52 2.58 2.94 Implied 3.15Yield

1.00 2.63 2.27 2.00 3.20 Implied 1.00 Price Portfolio

11.85 14.23 14.15 14.10 15.27 INDEX 13.08

94.75 86.76 104.29 95.41 88.86 YTD Return 91.47 (%)












951.30 591.57

39.13 05-Aug-0924.33 15-Oct-09 100.00 31-Aug-10 30-Sep-10 30-Jun-11 30-Jun-09 19-Apr-10 30-Jun-10 30-Dec-10 30-Sep-11 04-Oct-11 09-Dec-11 12-Dec-13

44.24 14.00 18.80 14.00100.00 12.50 13.00 14.00 15.50 10.00 13.75 14.00 14.00 14.00 14.50 14.00

0.39 0.24

39.64 05-Aug-1441.01 15-Oct-14 100.00 31-Aug-15 30-Sep-15 30-Jun-16 30-Jun-16 19-Apr-17 30-Jun-17 31-Dec-17 30-Sep-18 04-Oct-18 09-Dec-18 12-Dec-18

12.53 0.2313.05 0.4312.69 1.30 0.91 1.20 1.21 2.94 1.77 3.64 2.61 4.40 2.61 2.61

126.9578 1.56 87.7297 1.34 112.3927 4.44 3.23 4.46 3.48 5.59 1.00 1.79 1.80 1.00 1.00 1.21

1,075.03 12.07 1,062.04 12.13 1,066.46 16.19 14.68 16.16 15.18 17.66 13.02 13.92 13.90 13.21 13.10 13.31

7.5030 100.34 6.2039 100.71 6.6461 95.76 98.98 97.83 100.72 82.98 101.39 100.17 100.35 102.54 103.17 114.04


17.00 6.00 8.50 16.50 13.00 18.50 57.00 50.00 25.00 50.00 9.00 20.00 12.00



Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Banks are agent of money laundering, says CBN She noted: "Effects of money laundering and related economic and financial crimes cause distortions in the financial markets through misallocation of investment." Alade said that the financial fraud related crimes, have caused "Deleterious macroeco-

FDI Money laundering scares away foreign investors

Stories by Abdulwahab Isa

nomic consequences such as inexplicable changes in money demand, prudential risks to banks soundness, contamination effects of legal financial transactions and increased volatility of international capital flows and exchange rate due to un anticipated cross-border

... Makes case for autonomy



ver 80 per cent of money laundering related crimes are traceable to banks, Acting governor of Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) Serah Alade said yesterday. She said this while delivering an open remark for the regional course on combating money laundering and other financial crimes organized by the West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management (WAIFEM) in Abuja. Alade said: "Bank facilities are used knowingly and unknowingly to further the act of money laundering and in most cases to retain the proceeds of such crime". Represented by the Director, Research of the CBN Mr. Charles Mordi, she said : "Over 80 per cent of the proceeds of money laundering are associated with banks, one way or the other, all over the world.” She listed round tripping, financial fraud, capital flight, fake cheques, fake currency minting, advanced fee fraud and insiders abuse as examples of financial related crimes and money laundering.


or the umpteenth time, the Central Bank of Nigeria has urged National Assembly to jettison the plan to tamper with its autonomy due to adverse effect it would have on financial stability of the country. To buttress its assertion for autonomy of Central Bank as practised elsewhere, CBN attributed the enduring macroeconomic stability and general cohesion in the economy and banking sector in the past two decades to autonomous status of the bank. Acting Governor, CBN Dr. Sarah Alade canvassed the position yesterday in Abuja while declaring open, the 1st National Seminar on Banking, Finance and Allied Matters for Legislators. She was represented by the Deputy-Governor, Corporate Services of the CBN, Alhaji Suleiman Barau. Her call reinforced similar position by stakeholders who have risen in defence of an autonomous CBN in the wake of the plan

by the National Assembly to tinker with CBN Act. She said : ''The CBN Act of 2007 incorporated these requirements and for the first time, clearly spelt out monetary and price stability as the key mandate of the CBN, something that could only be inferred in the previous legislations''. ''Consequently, it made possible for the Bank to join global Central Banks that are specifically tasked to keep inflation low and stable recognizing the importance of price stability to the economic development process. The current Act also fully grants the CBN autonomy to choose its instruments for the purpose of meeting its mandate''. She explained that to consolidate the gains so far made in the financial sector reform processes and arrest the challenges, there would be need for other complementary reforms to address the rising incidence of poverty and growing unemployment rate,

Economic Indicators N14,737,618.7m N16,509,472.5m 8 0.0000 12 10.899 7.96 17.01 US$109.9 US$42,604,781,796.6



4.00% 23-Apr-2015 13.05% 16-Aug-2016 15.10% 27-Apr-2017 16.00% 29-Jun-2019 16.39% 27-Jan-2022 10.00% 23-Jul-2030

1.21 2.53 3.22 5.39 7.98 16.47

Tenor (Days) Call 7 30 60 90 180 365

Rate (%) 11.9167 12.3333 12.6667 12.9167 13.2167 13.5000 13.7500


Dec, 2013 Dec, 2013 Dec, 2013 2/5/2014 1/20/2014 11/6/2013 Dec, 2013 Dec, 2013 1/20/2014 2/5/2014 Source:CBN

FGN Bonds Bid Price 90.20 99.25 104.10 109.35 114.15 76.60

Godson Ikoro

I Offer Yield 13.01 13.40 13.47 13.49 13.44 13.59

Price 90.35 99.40 104.40 109.65 114.45 76.90

Tenor (Months) 1 2 3 6 9 12

Rate (%) 12.1827 12.2737 12.3744 12.8521 12.8535 13.8443

Treasury Bills Maturity Date 08-May-14 07-Aug-14 22-Jan-15

Bid 12.10 12.10 12.05


Bid Spot ($/N) 163.28 THE FIXINGS –NIBOR,NITTY and NIFEX of February 6,2014


Yield 12.86 13.33 13.35 13.42 13.38 13.53

Money Market Offer 11.85 11.85 11.80 Offer 163.38

insecurity of life and property, lack of basic amenities and inadequate infrastructure, high rate of fraud and corruption, youths restiveness and other social vices which constitutes hindrances to the nation’s growth prospects. She sought for the cooperation and support of the legislators to enable apex bank discharge its core mandate in an efficient manner. In his address, the President/Chairman of Council, the Charterred Institute of Bankers of Nigeria,[CIBN],Dr. Segun Aina said that the seminar with the theme, ''The Legislators and the Banking and Finance Sector,-Partnering for Nigeria's Economic Growth and Development'' lauded the timing for the seminar, which he said was coming few days after the country hosted World Economic Forum on Africa. He said the seminar was an opportunity for both CBN and the lawmakers to brainstorm on matters of common interest that will move the economy and banking sector forward.

Investment.” In his remarks, Director General of WAIFEM Prof. Akan Ekpo identified money laundering as a threat to financial stability in any economy, especially, to small and fragile economies like the ones in the sub-region. ''As we seek to be the hub of professional banking education in Africa, we are currently the Chairman of the Alliance of African Institute of Bankers, for second consecutive term, we currently handle the professional banking examinations for some African countries''. he stated. He however, expressed confidence that the seminar will yield much rewarding output for the development of and institutionalization of laws governing banking and finance in Nigeria." In his goodwill message, the senate President, David Mark assured CIBN of a continued robust partnership through its legislations to ensure that the sector will continue to play its role without undue interference.The senate President was represented at the occasion by Senator Barnabas Gemade . ''We must fashion out enabling environment to create small scale industries for more inclusive growth, much more needs to be done in the areas of financial inclusion, we hope this collaboration will also facilitate the overall performance of the agric sector", he said.

Banks to record higher earnings in 2014 –Report

As at M2* CPS* INF IBR MPR 91-day NTB DPR PLR Bonny Light Ext Res**

asset transfers." She however, warned that money laundering has serious implication, stressing, “When a country's commercial and financial sector are perceived to be associated with the incidence of organised crimes, it could affect Foreign Direct

Open-Buy-Back (OBB) Overnight (O/N)

Rate (%) 11.33 11.63

NIFEX Spot ($/N)

Bid 163.4000

Offer 163.5000 Source: FMDQ

n spite of all odds, Nigerian tier-1 banks-Deposit Money Banks (DMB) may record higher earnings at the end of the current financial year 2014. A finance and research company, Cordros Capital, predicted this in their comparison of tier-1 banks financial year 2013 result: “who is the fairest of them all” released to the New Telegraph at the week end. The agency named GTBank as the fairest of the banks with a 2013 return on average Return of Average Earnings ( RoAE ) of 29.3 percent; stressing that GTBank continues to deliver the best quality of earnings and the most sustainable returns. It attributed this performance to "the bank’s cost management strategy, higher yields on interest earnings assets, and a relatively lower impairment charge. Noting that Access Bank had a write back of N6billion in 2013,its RoAE breakdown shows UBA, Zenith bank, First Bank and Access bank as having 21.8per cent, 19.6per cent, 15.5percent , and 14.9percent respectively. Consequently, it averred that improved operational efficiency and better asset allocation would continue to drive returns

of banks. This is more so given a positive outlook for tier-1 banks in 2014 as they appeared to have weathered regulatory pressures which peaked in the short- to medium-term. The Cordros Capital said that Interest income should grow appreciably as income streams from loans issued in 2013 fully materialize in 2014, and new loans are issued at higher Net Income Margin. “With regard to NIM, we expect lower cost of funds to play the key role in boosting NIM higher from 2013 levels giving the material increase in liquidity in the system as seen from the low and stable money market rates”. It said. It argued that interest expense growth should be largely driven by deposit growth and the cost of funds as the increase in the minimum savings rate had mostly had its discrete impact on interest expense growth trajectory. Furthermore, it predicated its argument on higher expectation of a higher NIM in 2014, adding that the increase in interest expense should be more than covered by interest income growth believing that this should push net interest income growth higher.


Sanctity of Truth

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Conflicts leave 18 dead in Afghanistan


aliban yesterday morning launched spring offensive in Afghanistan and left 18 people dead while Kabul airport was attacked. Assadullah Insafi, Deputy Provincial Police Chief, confirmed yesterday in Kabul that antigovernment massive offensive against security checkpoints was launched early morning at Kabul airport and Ghazni province by

•Kabul airport attacked the Talibans. He said the attack left three people, a policeman and two civilians dead. “Around 300 Taliban rebels raided security checkpoints in Andar, Waghaz and Zana Khan districts of Ghazni province at 05:00 a.m. local time yesterday, and security forces forced the

South Korea says North Korea ‘must disappear soon’


rhetorical battle between the rival Koreas intensified yesterday with a South Korean official saying North Korea “must disappear soon.” The comments, which will likely draw a furious response from Pyongyang, followed a series of sexist and racist slurs by North Korea against the leaders of South Korea and the United States. Pyongyang’s state media likened South Korean President Park Geun-hye to an “old prostitute” and U.S. President Barack Obama to a “monkey” in recent dispatches. South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman, Kim Min-seok told reporters at a briefing in Seoul that North Korea isn’t a real country and exists for the benefit of only one person, a reference to dictator Kim Jong Un. He said the North has no human rights or public freedoms.

South Korea has been highly critical of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes, including recent rocket and missile tests and apparent preparations for a fourth nuclear test. But the comments from Seoul yesterday are stronger than normal. South Korea tries to avoid publicly talking about anything that could be interpreted as a collapse of the North Korean government because of worries that Pyongyang would raise tensions. Pyongyang has been ramping up its rhetoric against Seoul and Washington since Obama and Park met in Seoul last month. During that visit, Obama said that it may be time to consider further sanctions against North Korea and that the U.S. will not hesitate to use its military might to defend its allies.

15 die in football match stampede in DR Congo


t least 15 people died and 30 others were injured in a stampede that occurred during a football match at the Tata Raphael Stadium in Kinshasa. The death toll was announced yesterday in a statement issued by the Interior Ministry. A source in the DR Congo Red Cross said earlier on Sunday that the death toll could rise. ``The number of deaths will certainly rise, we believe at least 20 people died and over 100 were injured,’’ the source from the Congolese Red Cross said. A source from the stadium said that the match between two popular football teams in the country had been played in a sporting spirit until towards the end, with the score standing at 1-0 in favour of TP Mazembe.

``Supporters of V.Club who were seated on one side of the stadium were not pleased with TP Mazembe’s victory over their team,’’ the source from the pitch said. It said that they consequently, started throwing stones and other objects on the football pitch, forcing the referee to stop the game several times. By the 90th minute, the score was still one to zero before the referee added five minutes. It added that it was at this point that V.Club supporters threw more stones on the pitch. However, the referee was forced to blow the final whistle even before the end of normal time. Due to the rising tension, police officers decided to throw tear gas canisters on the side of V.Club supporters to disperse them.

militants to flee,’’ he said. Insafi said hours later, around 09:45 a.m. local time, three Taliban suicide bombers targeted the Justice Department building in Jalalabad in Kabul. He said the security forces cleared the building after exchange of fire which lasted for hours, leaving the trio attacker dead. Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, spokesman, Nangarhar Provincial Government, said that three

attackers, two policemen and three civilians were killed in the firefight that lasted for hours, adding that a few more persons were injured. He said the attack on Justice Department was followed by a bomb blast in Jalalabad city which injured six persons, including four civilians and two policemen. Sulaiman Shah, Sarwani District Governor, said in a related incident, that seven policemen

were shot dead yesterday morning as a security checkpoint came under attack in his district. He said at least two rockets landed in the outskirts of the heavily guarded Kabul airport yesterday morning, causing no loss of life. Shah said the wave of Afghan militancy coincided with the date set by Taliban militants to launch spring offensive from May 12. He said that the Taliban pasted on their website that ``The spring operation code named ‘Khyber’ will be launched at 05: 00 a.m. local time on Monday May 12, 2014 across,’’.

Afghan security personnel surround the area after Taliban fighters stormed a government building in Jalalabad, east of Kabul, Afghanistan, yesterday. PHOTO: AP/Rahmat Gul


bdel-Fattah el-Sissi, Egypt’s former military chief who is poised to win the presidency in elections later this month, said he has plans to make improvements in people’s living conditions within two years, but will step down if they rise up against him — without waiting for the army to remove him. El-Sissi was speaking with the Emirates-based Sky News Arabia, giving his first televised interview as a presidential candidate to foreign media. The first part of the interview was aired Sunday. Riding on a wave of nationalist fervor, the 59-year old el-Sissi faces a single rival in the May 26-27 vote. The media and supporters tout him as the nation’s savior for ousting the elected Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, in July following massive rallies against him and a rising specter of civilian infighting. The protesters were complaining that a year into office, Morsi and his Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood were

Egypt’s el-Sissi promises progress in two years monopolizing power. Morsi refused to step down or hold a referendum on his leadership following an ultimatum from el-Sissi. The military also moved in to replace longtime autocrat ,Hosni Mubarak in 2011 after days of protests against him. Mubarak stepped down, and the military ruled for a transitional period before Morsi was elected as part of the Brotherhood’s steady, subsequent sweep at the ballot box. “Do you think I will wait for a third time? If people go down to protest, I will say, I am at your service,” el-Sissi said. “I can’t wait until the army asks me to (step down), I can’t be like this. I fear for my country. I fear for the people.” El-Sissi retired in March to run for office, but he was a career military officer and is

unlikely to be at odds with the armed forces, which have provided all of Egypt’s presidents except for Morsi since 1952. El-Sissi was head of military intelligence when the uprising against Mubarak erupted in 2011 and was promoted to Defence Minister by Morsi. This was el-Sissi’s second televised interview. Last week, he gave his first interview to two Egyptian private TV stations. He has, so far ,made no street appearances campaigning because of security concerns. In this interview, el-Sissi repeated his criticism of Morsi’s term in office and the Brotherhood’s rise to power, saying the group maintained a parallel leadership and was concerned about amassing power and not solving the country’s problems. He said the group must reassess its ideology.

C’Wealth Games: FG has laid ground for failure – Gbagbeke Vincent Eboigbe


national athlete, Stanley Gbagbeke, has declared that the Federal Government may have unwittingly laid the

ground for failure of the country’s contingent to the Commonwealth Games. With just over two months to the Glasgow Games, nothing significant by way of preparation of the athletes is in place, throw-




l-Rayyan of Qatar star, Kalu Uche, has expressed shock and disbelief at the exclusion of his brother, Ikechukwu, from the 30-man provisional World Cup list released last week by Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi.


Abdullahi, and other top administrators promised that never again will such shame be allowed to befall the nation. But all that appears to have been mere talk as events leading to the ComCONTINUED ON PAGE 54

Did you know?

That Arsenal spent 128 days at the top of the EPL table for 2013/2014 season, Chelsea 64 days, Liverpool 59 days while champion Manchester City led for just 15 days


TUESday, may 13, 2014

Ik Uche

Kalu Uche

Ifeanyi Ibeh

ing up fears that Team Nigeria’s outing at the games may parallel the fiasco of the London 2012 Olympics. Team Nigeria failed to win a medal at the London Games, and the then Sports Minister, Bolaji


Ikechuckwu deserves to be in Brazil – Kalu Uche

Ikechukwu, the younger of the Uche brothers, has been one of the shining lights of Spanish club Villarreal’s impressive showing in this season’s La Liga campaign that has seen the Yellow Submarines qualifying for next season’s Europa League. The striker’s goals proved deci-


Kalou wary of Greece, Japan, Colombia

Fowler praises Moses’ skills

World Cup List: Chukwu blames Keshi for injured players






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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Countdown to Fifa World Cup 30

Kalou wary of Greece, Japan, Colombia Now a veteran in the Côte d’Ivoire national team at 28 years of age, Salomon Kalou, who played in three matches in South Africa four years ago, cautions supporters that advancing from Group C will not be a simple task. Do you feel great anticipation as we are one month to kick off the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil? Yes, I ‘m really looking forward to it. We worked hard through the campaign to experience this event, and as it approaches the more impatient I get. I’ll see my friends in the team, there will be a training camp in the United States and then friendlies (against Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 30 and El Salvador on 4 June), which all lead up to the start of the World Cup. How do you feel after another season in Ligue 1 with Lille? Very good! First, I have not been injured this season, and as Lille did not

play in Europe, I had the championship and two national cups to manage, so most of the time I only played once a week. I think I had a good season with my club, playing regularly and I was able to boost my confidence with regular goals and assists. We had a very good season, and so I feel great going into World Cup preparations. Some in Côte d’Ivoire see your World Cup draw as ‘easy’. It is a mistake to say that. Tell me that the group is open and even, I agree with that. We have a chance to qualify for the knockout stages, I also agree. But to say that this is an easy group - no! Greece, for example, are a very strong

Nigeria face Cup holders Thailand at Anfield


he Nigerian team to the 2014 Standard Chartered international tournament taking place at Anfield, Liverpool on Tuesday will face defending champions and title favouritesThailand in their first game after both teams were drawn together in Group A on Monday. Thailand won the 2013 tournament, beating Dubai in the final. “We know they’re good in Futsal (5-aside) football but we are ready for them, our strategy is to win or get at least a draw in our first game, then take our chances in subsequent games. Our target is to qualify for the semi finals. After that, anything can happen,” Nige-

rian captain Demola Omitayo said confidently after the draw held at the famous Liverpool Boot Room at Anfield. Nigeria will also face Kenya, Korea, MENA, Singapore and West African brothers Gambia. Group B is made up of Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Europe, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The top two teams in each group will qualify for the semi finals from whence the tournament will be played out on a knock-out basis. The Standard Chartered Road to Anfield Trophy is sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank to promote friendship amongst its major markets around the world.

CAF laments Congo tragedy


he President of the Confederation of African Football, Issa Hayatou, has expressed deep sorrow at the tragic death of fans who were killed in a stampede during the Congolese league match between AS Vita Club and TP Mazembe in Kinshasa. The stampede started when police fired teargas canisters at protesting AS Vita fans which got at least 15 people killed and several injured. Hayatou said the African football fraternity was deeply saddened by the incident and urged the Congolese football federation,

FECOFA to give CAF a full briefing of the incident. “I would like to express my deepest sympathy on hearing of the untimely deaths of at least 15 people during the match of AS Vita and TP Mazembe. Personally, and on behalf of the members of the African football community, I should be grateful if you could extend our deepest condolences to their families, friends and loved ones. Further, we wish those that have been reported injured and receiving medical assistance full recovery,” Hayatou said.

Days To Go


team. They concede few goals, and over the last 10 years they have been in the finals of many competitions. They are very difficult to play. Japan are one of the two or three best teams in Asia, and they also have experience in major tournaments. They’re a very good team, very strong technically. The Colombians are back in the finals after a long absence, so they’ll want to show what they can do. But Colombia could be without Radamel Falcao… True, but even without him, they have high-level offensive weapons such as Jackson Martinez, Fredy Guarin and James Rodriguez. They are a team with a tradition of playing good football. They are the heirs of Asprilla and Valderrama. Supporters have been critical of coach Sabri Lamouchi. What’s the mood with the team? Everyone in Côte d’ Ivoire has an opinion, but I want to clarify one thing: Sabri Lamouchi is a coach who does a very good job. He has an approach that suits the quality of the group. What he says and what he does is very consistent. His talks before the match are intelligent. This may be a young coach without a lot of experience, but I can assure you that this is the coach we need. I am convinced that if we make a good run in Brazil, the critics will disappear. Ivorians like Gervinho, Yaya Toure, Didier Drogba and yourself have played many games this season, but others have not won regular places this season. What are your thought on that? For those who have had a normal or busy season, there will be beaches during the course of recovery in the United States. And for those who have played little, this is not necessarily a disadvantage to reach the World Cup with some freshness. The course of training and

playing friendlies can put everyone in the right rhythm. What are the hopes of Côte d’Ivoire in Brazil? This will be our third World Cup. The first two times the groups were very difficult and we failed to advance. This year, the draw was less hard, but again, our group is anything but easy. We will of course focus on trying to get past the first round. And if we manage that, we try to go as far as possible. You could have played for the Netherlands, but you opted for Côte d’Ivoire Yes, it’s true. I was playing for Feyenoord Rotterdam, and my coach was Ruud Gullit. When it came to choose my nationality, the coach of the Netherlands was Marco Van Basten then. Such names, of course, leaves no one indifferent. But I opted for Côte d’Ivoire, and I do not regret it.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014




with Emmanuel Tobi

0805 400 5669

Charles Ogundiya


he Executive Director (Marketing), Honeywell Flour Mills Plc, Mr. Benson Evbuomwan has said that the primary objective of the company’s partnership with various sporting events in the country, is to develop talents from the grassroots and also to get to their target audience. Speaking during the final of the Lagos State Sports Festival ‘Ibile Games’ at the weekend, Mr. Evbuomwan said the company is using sports to get across to consumer of their products especially Honeywell Noodles. “We are interested in using sports to get across to consumers of our products. As you know, children, teenagers, and young adults are lovers of our products, so any opportunity that

Honeywell targets grassroots talents development we have to interact with these target groups, which sports provide, we love to take full advantage of it. “Education is not just about acquiring ‘book’ knowledge, but also developing yourself, physically, mentally and socially. It is the all-round development that we are looking at. That is why we are proud to be part of this event (Ibile Games),” he said. On plans to take the sponsorship of sporting events to other part of Nigeria, the Marketing Director said; “No one company can tell you that they can do everything across the country. But we are also looking at other states that are into a sustainable grassroots development that we can also support in our own little way. When we have other state that have sustainable grassroots developmental project, we will review them and see how we can partner with them.”

Eagles can defeat Argentina using defensive tactics -Akwuegbu Mercy Jacob


former Super Eagles player Benea dict Akwuegu, has advised Stephen Keshi to adopt defensive approach against Argentina if he hopes to progress at the World Cup . According to Akwuegbu, Argentina team is made up of attacking players who are highly sound technically and tactically and can only be subdued using defensive tactics. “Keshi and his boys have the potential to succeed at the World Cup. It is true that Argentina has an edge over the Super Eagles because they have defeated us over time, and blessed with good players like Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and others. The only way for the Super Eagles to re-write this history is by adopting Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho’s style of parking the bus,” said Akwuegbu who was a member of Eagles team to 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup. “It would be wrong for the Super Eagles

Fowler praises Moses’ skills


ormer Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler has applauded the contributions of Nigerian midfielder Victor Moses to the club’s second place finish in the just concluded English Premier League season despite the player failing to tie down a regular place in the starting line-up. Fowler passed his verdict during a media conference at the ongoing 2014 Standard Chartered Road to Anfield international tournament taking place in Liverpool. “I saw Moses close-up at our training sessions and I was always amazed at his high level of skills. I’m sure he left Chelsea on loan to Liverpool with an intention to play a big part in our club but, obviously, he didn’t get much

to play attacking football against the Messi side, who is technically and tactically good and very rugged. It is better for Keshi to play a compact football against them and move upfront once in a while. I believe if the Eagles put their acts together, there would be a repeat of what happened at the 2013 African Nations Cup in South Africa.They may want to intimidate our players but they have to play very carefully and avoid coming out too often.”

L-R: Permanent Secretary (Office of Sports), Lagos State, Mr. Sewendo Oluseyi Whenu; Asoju Oba of Lagos, Chief Molade Okoya-Thomas; Executive Director (Marketing), Honeywell Flour Mills Plc, Mr. Benson Evbuomwan and Lagos State Commissioner for Youth, Sport and Social Development, Mr. Enitan Wahid Oshodi, during the grand finale of the Ibile Games 2014 sponsored by Honeywell, in Lagos on Saturday

Keshi must be firm on final list -Imenger Chimaobi Uchendu


former Super Eagles player, Barnabas Imenger, has said that Nigeria’s performance at next month’s World Cup will depend on players that would make up Coach Stephen Keshi’s final 23-man squad. In an interview with New Telegraph in Makurdi, the General Manager of Lobi Stars, said that Eagles would surpass the

Adegbeingbe commends FUTA track the facilities for track and and field facilities described field events at the Federal University

Dapo Sotuminu


board member of the Track and Field Coaching Association of Nigeria, Lawrence Adegbeingbe, has

playing time this season. “Iwillputthatdowntothegreatpartnership that the other strikers Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturidgge and Raheem Sterling were able to establish as the season developed. Those three struck a great understanding and scored lots of goals amongst themselves, so it was difficult for Moses or anyone else to separate them. That doesn’t make Moses a bad player, in my opinion,” Fowler said. Fowler will however not be drawn on whether Liverpool should keep Moses for next season when the club will return to European Champions League action. “We definitely need to strengthen the team to mount another challenge both for the Premier League and the Champions League. But who we bring in or who goes or stays are decisions for the manager Brendan Rogers to make.”

of Technology, Akure, as worldclass. Adegbeingbe was speaking shortly after the third phase of the 2014 Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN, Golden League competition which held at the FUTA Sports Complex at the weekend. He said the AFN decided to stage the major competition in FUTA because of its synthetic tartan tracks, the only one of its kind in Ondo State, and the ambience of the complex. In another development, the management of FUTA has formally received its contingent to the 24th edition of the Nigeria University Games Association Games held at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. The athletes who won two gold medals, five silver and four bronze medals to place eleventh out of the sixty-seven universities at the competition showed class in athletics, judo, table tennis, chess and taekwondo.

second round feat they achieved under coach Clemens Westerhof in 1994 only if Keshi selects the right players. “I received Keshi’s 30-man list with mixed feelings but on a second thought, I realised it was just a provisional list. “The list has quality players that can play and compete favourably with players from other countries and continents, but I want to advise Keshi to select only the best players in his final 23-man squad because if he makes any mistake, it will hurt Nigeria at the World Cup,” he warned. “I know that some players made the provisional list for different reasons, but those reasons must be thrown into the thrash can when the final list is made for Nigeria us to have the best representation.” On the omission of some players, considered by Nigerians good enough to be in the list, Imenger said that should not be a problem because it happens in every country. “The omission of some players should not bother us much because the coach knows what he wants for the team. Coaches all over the world are having problems explaining why they snubbed certain players,” Imenger said.




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Scotland name 10 EPL players for Eagles friendly Emmanuel Tobi


cotland national team coach Gordon Strachan has listed 10 players from the English Premier League in his 28-man squad for the upcoming friendly match against the Super Eagles at Craven Cottage. The match, slated for May 28, forms part of the Super Eagles’ preparations for their fifth appearance at a World Cup finals. Scotland will be looking to extend their five-game unbeaten run having failed to qualify for the World Cup Strachan said, “we will use the Nigeria match to finalise preparations for the Euro 2016 qualifiers.” Leading the pack of the EPL players are Darren Fletcher (Man

United) James Morrison (West Brom), George Boyd (Hull City), Allan McGregor (Hull City), Alan Hutton (Aston Villa), Steven Whittaker (Norwich City) and Graham Dorrans (West Brom). Scotland last met Nigeria at Pittodrie Stadium in 2002, when the Super Eagles came from behind to win 2-1. Scotland squad: Goalkeepers: Cammy Bell (Rangers), Matt Gilks (Blackpool), David Marshall (Cardiff City), Allan McGregor (Hull City) Defenders: Christophe Berra (Ipswich Town), Gary Caldwell (Wigan Athletic), Craig Forsyth (Derby County), Gordon Greer

(Brighton), Grant Hanley (Blackburn), Alan Hutton (Aston Villa) Charlie Mulgrew (Celtic), Andrew Robertson (Dundee United), Steven Whittaker (Norwich City) Midfielders Ikechi Anya (Watford), Barry Bannan (Crystal Palace), George Boyd (Hull City), Scott Brown (Celtic), Craig Bryson (Derby County), Chris Burke (Birmingham ), Graham Dorrans (West Brom), Darren Fletcher (Man Utd), James McArthur (Wigan Athletic), James Morrison (West Bromwich Albion) Forwards Leigh Griffiths (Celtic), Shaun Maloney (Wigan Athletic), Chris Martin (Derby County), Ross McCormack (Leeds United), Steven Naismith (Everton)

Nigeria’s Azubuike Egwekwe (right), vies with Italy’s Mario Balotelli, in a recent friendly match

Ikechuckwu deserves to be in Brazil –Kalu Uche C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 5 1

sive for Villarreal last season as they secured immediate promotion back to the Spanish top flight after a season in the second division. And with one game to go in the season, the former Getafe and Granada forward leads the club’s scoring chart with 13 goals. He has however been left out of the Super Eagles’ fold since the end of the 2013 African Cup of Nations in South Africa and, despite a huge clamour from a crosssection of Nigerian football fans for his return to the national team, Uche will not be going to Brazil after he was excluded from the provisional World Cup list. It will mean a second successive World Cup miss for

the Villarreal striker after missing out of South Africa 2010 due to injury, and as he would be 34 by the time the 2018 World Cup comes up in Russia, Ikechukwu might end his career without ever taking part in a World Cup tournament. It is a scenario that bothers Kalu, who was one of Nigeria’s top performers at the 2010 World Cup, and he is downcast over his brother’s World Cup snub. “I can’t believe they are not taking him to the World Cup despite his form,” said Kalu, who spent most of his professional career in Spain, mainly with Almeria, in an interview with New Telegraph. “I’m short of words; believe me I don’t know what

to say It is so unfair that he was excluded from the list but it is okay, we just have to take it in good faith and move on,” he stressed. Kalu, who made his debut for Nigeria back in June 2003, in an African Nations Cup qualifier against Angola in Benin, scoring in the process in the 2-2 draw which ensured the Super Eagles’ qualification for the 2004 Nations Cup in Tunisia, has also not been in Keshi’s plans for the national team. And asked why he feels he hasn’t featured for the national team under Keshi, Kalu responded philosophically. “God knows why, and He has the best for us, but I am not worried, I’m fine and doing well. All is well.”

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

C’Wealth Games: FG has laid ground for failure – Gbagbeke C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 5 1 wait on the government

monwealth Games seem to suggest. Only last Thursday, federation presidents bemoaned the non release of money for preparation of their athletes after a meeting with the Nigeria Olympic Committee. The Olympic body itself is also hamstrung with regard to the issue of funds. “This is not the time to be talking about preparation for the Commonwealth Games,” said Gbagbeke. “Athletes need support to be at their best. It has always been the same story every year that government has not released money, but if they expect more, they have to invest more money.” The 24-year old long jumper, whose progress in the London 2012 Olympics was scuttled by injuries however, said he had stepped up his training and would not wait for the government since experience has shown they do not act quickly in such matters. Gbagbeke who allayed fears with regard to the injuries that stopped his ambition of getting a medal in London, revealed however, that he got some funds already. “We are professionals and we don’t want to

to pay grant before we start training. Personally, I have stopped relying on government to provide grants. They only care about one’s performances at games without rendering any support,” lamented Gbagbeke. He added; “Most of the sports at the Commonwealth Games are going to be individual sports. We don’t rely on government to bring funds before we can train, but like I said if they want success they have to work for it. “We got grant for about three months and we haven’t received any since then. I will always appreciate the kind gesture given to me by the president of Athletic Federation of Nigeria, Solomon Ogba, who supported me financially. I’m training very hard to make sure I am at my best ever and I’m very optimistic. My injuries have healed and I don’t pray for a recurrence.” Gbagbeke also blamed the federations for waiting for so long to cry out that the government has not made funds available for the games. “I’m not sure, but they ought not to have waited for this long to source for funds from the government,” he said.

W/Cup List: Chukwu blames Keshi over injured players


hristian Chukwu has blamed Stephen Keshi for not informing the NFF’s Technical Committee of the injury concerns involving some of the players named in Nigeria’s provisional squad for this summer’s World Cup. Speaking at the weekend, Chukwu who is a member of the Technical Committee stated that it was the responsibility of the coach to ascertain the level of fitness of his players after team captain Joseph Yobo, Ahmed Musa, Nnamdi Oduamadi and Uche Nwofor were revealed to still be nursing injuries. “The coach (Keshi) never informed us that some of the players are injured and it is not our job to verify the fitness of the players,” Chukwu who is a former coach of the Super Eagles said.


“We have agreed with him on the list and there is nothing anybody can do now as the list has been submitted to Fifa. We can only manage a crisis if there is any.” The former Enugu Rangers coach and captain was however optimistic that Keshi will be able to raise a formidable squad of 23 fit players before June 2, when the final list is expected to be submitted to Fifa. “I know we will have 23 fit players to play for us in Brazil because the coach will ensure they are fit,” he said.

Confab committee recommends unicameral legislature EQUALITY

Committee decides equal representation at National Assembly Lateef Ibrahim Abuja


he National Conference Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government came, yesterday, recommended a unicameral legislature for the country. The nation currently operates a bi-cameral legislature comprising 109 Senators and 360 members of House of Representatives. The committee



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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

equally resolved that representation at the National Assembly should be on equal representation of 50 percent on the basis of equality of states and 50 percent on the basis of population of each state. A co-Chairman of the committee, Mohammed Kumaila, said, "We agreed that there should be a unicameral legislature with one House of Parliament at the national level as opposed to what we have today. "In taking this decision, we took cognizance of the fact that in the Senate as we have it today, equality of states is the guiding factor, while population is what determines repre-

sentation at the House of Representatives. "We have to reflect the two factors so that no segment of the state would feel neglected or undermined. "The decision was based on the need to be fair, futuristic and build the country on a solid foundation because the issue of population is critical. "There is no way we can compare Yobe and Kano when it comes to population. So, if we pick 100 percent representation on the basis of population, states like Kano would be disadvantaged as all would have the same number of representatives notwithstanding the number of their population. "That is why we say

the other half of 50 percent should be based on population because the parliament is about representing the people. Moreover, we are also of the opinion that the 50-50 option would be easier to adopt at the plenary as all interests would have been taken care of," he said. Another co-chairman of the committee, Maj-Gen Ike Nwachukwu, however made a passionate appeal that those whose opinions were not accommodated by the committee it arriving at the decision should not feel embarrassed. Nwachukwu said the interest of the country should be paramount at all times in the minds of the delegates.

Chibok girls: Mantu chides critics of US, UK, others' offer of assistance ... Says Nigeria must swallow her pride Lateef Ibrahim Abuja


ORMER Deputy President of the Senate and delegate to the National Conference, Alhaji Ibrahim Mantu, has taken a swipe at those condemning the offer of assistance by the United States of America and the United Kingdom among others to rescue the abducted Chibok school girls. Mantu said it was wrong for anybody to refer to such assistance aimed at rescuing the girls, who have been held captive for about three weeks now, as an “invasion”. Rather, he described foreign intervention as a welcome development. Mantu spoke in Abuja on Monday while fielding questions from Journalists at the venue of the sitting of his Committee on Devolution of

Power meeting. His words, "To call the assistance an invasion is the most unkind way of describing what is happening. When you mention invasion, it's like scramble for Africa." Mantu declared that Nigerians must accept the reality of the pains and trauma the parents of the abducted girls are going through and that what may currently be happening to the young girls. Nigerians, he said, should be grateful for the concern of the international community and swallow the pride of being a sovereign nation. He said: "I have seen them as people who have come in the name of humanity to help us. If we cannot help ourselves, then what is wrong in swallowing our pride and accepting help from any quarters?

Stop politicising Chibok abduction – Northern Elders Louis Achi Abuja


L-R: Mr. Emma Ugboaja; Dr. Agom Eze; and Chief Mrs. Nike Akande, during their committee's meeting in Abuja…yesterday.


Disonance dogs Committee on Religion Louis Achi Abuja


esides the consensus reached by the members of the Committee on Religion that government should withdraw from funding of religious pilgrimages, education and other related privileges, the committee after sitting for over two weeks is yet to agree on any other issue. Suspicion trailed a tentative report prepared by the secretary of the committee, Mr. Vincent with some members accusing the co-chair of using the secretary who is of similar religion to write a report favouring one of the religions. Members of the com-

mittee who spoke in discordant tunes were either in support or against the tentative report which the Secretary explained was a harmonisation of all the deliberations to form guidelines and enable members of the committee produce the final report as time was no longer on their side. John Achimugu who raised the suspicion but later apologised to Prof Ishaq Oloyede whose name was mentioned, wondered why the secretary should prepare the report even when members had not agreed on some of the issues, especially on state religion. The co-chair, Bishop Ajakaye frowned at the lack of agreement not-

ing that other committees had submitted their reports. He believed the secretary went ahead to write the report to ensure it was the basis of taking decisions since the committee had touched on every issue but had not harmonised them even when time is fast running out on the committee. On the proposed adoption of the second stanza of the national pledge as a national prayer members of the committee expressed divergent opinions with some of them rejecting it and some accepting. A member of the committee, Dr. Jonathan Obaje had suggested that responsibilities should

go along with privileges of religion while punishment for the misuse of religion should be enshrined in the report, but Prof Munzali Jubril urged him to do more listening as responsibilities was not part of the mandate given to them as a committee. Obaje also drew the attention of the committee to other people who do not believe in “God” such as the agnostics, freethinkers, and those who worship ancestors and noted that the committee has made the use of God to exonerate them while Co-chair Nurudeen Lemu explained that theirs is a committee exclusively on religion without prejudice to other people.

he leadership of the Northern Elders Council has cautioned againstundue politicisation of the abduction saga, involving over 200 girls in Chibok,Borno State. The warning comes on the heels of a new video clip released by Boko Haram yesterday. Spokesman for the group, Ambassador Mamman Yusuf, who lauded the effort of the Jonathan administration in trying to rescue the abducted girls,however said all hands must be on deck in the current rescue efforts.

Addressing journalists at the National Conference venue in Abuja,yesterday, he said the spirit and tenacity Nigerians have deployed in fighting for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country during the civil war should also be replicated in rescuing the abducted girls. His words: "We do not believe that politics should be made out of this because lives are involved. The unity which this unfortunate tragedy has brought among Nigerians should be devoid of politics and we want to say, politics should take the back seat in the face of national tragedy."

All revenue must go to federation account - Committee Louis Achi Abuja

he National Conference Tnance, Committee on Public Fihas frowned at gov-

ernment agencies which retain revenues generated by them and those which lodge such in the Federal Government’s account. According to the committee, these agencies are short-changing the rest of the tiers of government especially the local and state. Expressing the committee’s consensual position, former Governor of Kebbi State and Chairman of the Committee on Public Finance, Alhaji Adamu Aliero, who cited

Section 162 of the Constitution held that whatever is generated by all agencies should go into the federation account to be shared on the basis of existing revenue allocation formula. According to the chairman, the agencies keep the revenues for one reason or the other and also cite Acts that allow them to keep the money. He stated that an Act of the National Assembly is not superior to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria noting that there is need for his committee to recommend the streamlining of all the Acts.

On Marble

I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

– Woody Allen

World Record

Sanctity of Truth

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Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth – Buddha TUESday, MAY 13, 2014


March 29, 2011, Sam Angel and Katie Martens played tennis for 60 hours, 59 minutes and 58 seconds at Missoula’s Peak Wellness Center - setting the new world record for the longest singles tennis match.

Nigeria not ‘At the crossroads’, despite what Facebook tells you


ver the weekend, author and commentator David Brooks penned a captivating opinion editorial in the pages of the International New York Times. In it, he called for a refreshed, more sophisticated depiction of Nigeria and indeed Africa, perhaps pointed at the insinuations of those uninformed online global audiences, those today quick to label countries and continents as ‘failed’ for the sake of promoting their own ill-advised sense of geopolitical wherewithal on social media. The reasoning behind this sudden influx of sensationalist attention upon Nigeria is clear – the tragic abduction of over 200 schoolgirls from Chibok in the country’s Northeast has garnered international consideration and a justified, united sense of outrage. However, the social media movement that followed, albeit offering awareness and support, has had an underlying and broadly unwarranted repercussion on Nigeria’s overall international perception. Although #BringBackOurGirls and world-wide-web movements like it are an empowering force for good, the tweeters and Facebook-ers from around the world must evoke introspection and speak with measured (virtual) breath before pigeonholing a country on an upswing such as Nigeria as a nation teetering on the brink of implosion by way of insurgency. ‘Comment is free’, but is not often accurate or performed without leaving a mark. In Slate Magazine, Joshua Keating rightly comments that “…the comparisons between #BringBackOurGirls, the social media campaign that has taken off in recent days with boosts from everyone from John Kerry to Chelsea Clinton to Chris Brown, and #Kony2012, the phenomenally successful but dangerously simplistic and misleading campaign centered around the Lord’s Resistance Army [LRA] that took off two years ago, are obvious”. So no, superfluous interpretations of a given country occurring at a chosen point in its history are no great precedent. Uganda was not defined by the hash-tag, not by #Kony2012, the Lord’s Resistance Army, nor the film ‘The Last King of Scotland’. Ireland has not been characterized by the uprising of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), nor the United States by the attacks of 9/11. The same should be true for Nigeria, a nation not at war, not even wholly ‘divided’, but one seeking to root out an evil cabal whose mission has lost any sense of argument, in fact, a mission even condemned by the jihadi commu-


The road to prosperity is often bumpy; those who traverse it understand the risks and are cognizant of the international community serving occasionally as a clamoring ‘backseat driver

Protesters seeking an end to Boko Haram’s war on children

nity. And while we absolutely commend those international observers who have taken time to emphasize the importance of the West collaborating with the Nigerian military and assisting in the rescue of these young pupils, it should be stressed, before passing broad judgments along with such votes of reinforcement, that Nigeria has witnessed and overcome much adversity in its great history. Factions such as the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D) had at one time risen, longplagued the South and its bountiful climate for international integration, however today all but entirely fell. Religious and regional fragmentation caused distrust and subsequently deep rifts in the nation’s bureaucratic effectiveness and yet at present, Nigeria’s economic intercontinental opulence is in full view. Despite their ongoing campaign of terror, one which will no doubt meet its end, it is important the international community extricate the cowardly acts of misguided, militant extremists such as Boko Haram, and differentiate them entirely from the open, innovative and decidedly entrepreneurial spirit wit-

nessed in Nigerians from all regions, individual cultures and walks of life. So how best can our friends around the social media stratosphere lend a hand? A good start, as Nicholas Kristoff recently suggests (in light of Mothers Day and indeed honoring the kidnapped girls), is by “backing them up”; donating to support girls going to school around Africa through the Campaign for Female Education, Camfed. org. A $40 gift pays for a girl’s school uniform. Or, “there’s the Mothers’ Day Movement”, as Nicholas recommends; “, which is supporting a clean water initiative in Uganda. With access to water, some girls will no longer have to drop out of school to haul water”. And lastly but importantly, by taking interest in the Nigerian story, reading the works of the nation’s accredited authors and laureates and understanding the ebbs and flows of any emerging market-actor as it undergoes profound change and in Nigeria’s case, a great leap forward. The road to prosperity is often bumpy; those who traverse it understand the risks and are cognizant of

the international community serving occasionally as a clamoring ‘backseat driver’. This is an easy role to play indeed, easier still from one’s keyboard, but one ultimately better accomplished by holding the map right side up.



- So, who dunnit?

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Boko Haram offers to trade girls for detained insurgents. Court stops Financial Reporting Council’s probe of Sanusi. Obasanjo: Lamido qualif...

Binder123456789 tuesday, may 13, 2014  

Boko Haram offers to trade girls for detained insurgents. Court stops Financial Reporting Council’s probe of Sanusi. Obasanjo: Lamido qualif...