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January 14, 2012

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‘Love Is In The Air’ As Couple Weds A Mile Over Wesley Chapel By Sean Bowes A voice crackled across an air-to-air radio frequency, one mile high in Pasco County, “And do you, Daniel Newfang, take Sandy to be your wife? To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ‘til death do you part?” “That’s an ‘affirmative.’ I do,” said Newfang. And with that, pilot Daniel Newfang pulled his Cessna 150 into a barrel roll, spinning the single prop airplane into a celebratory corkscrew because he and his new wife Sandy had just tied the knot, while doing the very thing that brought them together. “It is just amazing to be able to share your passion with your partner,” says Sandy. “Flying is something that we both love.” Daniel and Sandy met about four years ago at the annual Cessna

150/152 Foundation’s “Fly In,” a four-day event at the airport (KCWI) in Clinton, Iowa, where pilots from all over the world come together for the largest concentration of Cessna 150s and 152s you’ll find anywhere. Daniel had traveled from his home in New York and Sandy from Tampa. They met and became friends who shared their love for all things aviation. For the next three years, they would catch up at the Fly In, until Daniel was offered a job at the University of South Florida and they started dating. The newlyweds both come from a background of pilots and are self-confessed plane junkies. Daniel is a thirdgeneration flyer who also has a son who is a pilot. Sandy’s father flew, as well. She says that once they decided to get married, they knew that they wanted a wedding with an aeronautical theme. “We thought about having the wedding inside one of the (airplane) hangars,” says Sandy. “But then, the

Sandy talked with Cluck about the possibility of the two getting married in the air and they decided they would do it. “It was great,” says Cluck, the President Elect of the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce. “I’ve done some pretty Newlyweds Daniel and Sandy Newfang have a smooch unusual weddings after getting married one mile over Pasco County. (including one at a rodeo), but this was idea of getting married while flying definitely the most unique.” came up and we just decided to do it. To make things official, as well as We still wanted to keep it short and memorable, Daniel and Sandy gathered sweet, though.” From a hairdresser’s recommenda- three planes together on New Year’s Eve — a Cessna 150 for them to fly, a tion, Sandy got in touch with Mary Cherokee 140 (piloted by their Adele Cluck, a certified wedding offimechanic, Rob Cevasco) for Cluck to ciant and pastor who runs the Wesley Chapel business called Marry Me Mary. See “Pilots” on page 9.

Wesley Chapel Man Arrested For Threatening Women With Chainsaw


Dog Shoots Owner On Hunting Trip, European Refinement At Paris Hair, A Shen High Speed Police Chase Through Wesley Yun Dance Preview, Starting 2012 Off Chapel, Controversy Over A Proposed Right At Tampa Rejuvenation, Our 2011 Charter School, & Much More! Dining Survey Results & More!

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them in the woods. While swinging the chainsaw, he also punched one of them in the face, the PCSO report said. Gilbreth then Scott Gilbreth turned the chainsaw off, threw it in the back of his truck and told the victims that he would return. Neighbors say that they saw his brown truck squealing tires around the neighborhood and driving “like a bat out of hell” when he left the house on Glenwood Dr. See “News Briefs” on page 4.

Postal Customer

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chainsaw from the rear of the vehicle, threatened her with it and then used force to kidnap her. Gilbreth apparently believed the woman knew the whereabouts of a man he was looking for named “Bubby.” It was then, officials say, he drove to the woman’s home at 26621 Glenwood Dr. Once they were in the driveway, the woman ran from the truck and entered the residence. He followed her into the home and grabbed a different woman, who was sleeping on a couch, and demanded to know where the other residents were, including Bubby. According to one of the victims, Gilbreth then walked out of the house only to return with a bright-red, running chainsaw and put the women in “fear for their lives,” as he told them he was going to chop them up and throw


A Wesley Chapel landscaper is behind bars after using his tools for something other than trimming trees. According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), Scott Robert Gilbreth, 50, who lists his job as a tree trimmer for The Tree Feller, a local tree removal and land clearing company,

drove his work truck through the streets of the Angus Valley neighborhood in Wesley Chapel where he “raised hell.” On January 2, Gilbreth, reportedly drove down Glenhaven Rd., which is near his home, and spotted a 25-yearold woman he recognized. According to the report, he yelled for the woman to get in the truck before a grabbing a

Dated Material Please Rush!

By Sean Bowes

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •


For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •


Happy 2012 & A Little Bit Of Info About My Dining Reviews Throughout the nearly 18 years I have been the owner, editor and primary food “critic” for this publication, I have probably received as much praise and criticism for my dining reviews as I have about controversial road projects. Maybe more. And, to be honest, I’m O.K. with that. I’ve heard it all before — “He never says anything bad about a restaurant, so how can you trust him?” But, the part many people don’t understand is that I don’t consider myself to be a “critic.” I prefer to think of myself as a “dining reviewer,” but either way, I believe my job, in these cases, is to tell you the things I like about any place I review — from ambiance and service to as many items on the menu as possible. Despite what some people think, the easiest thing in the world is to say a place has “fresh” fish that isn’t fresh or that their steak often has more gristle than flavor. But, rather than let any such criticism see print, the thing I do is go back to the restaurant owner and/or chef and tell them about any problems. “If I don’t like what I had, I will always tell you,” I’ve told countless restaurateurs. “But, if I like what I had, I will tell (approximately) 70,000 of my closest friends.” And, believe me, I’ve had plenty of uncomfortable sitdowns with restaurant owners over the years. But, whether an eatery advertises with me or not, I still believe my job is to help promote area Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News 15345 Amberly Dr., Tampa, FL 33647 Phone: (813) 910-2575 Fax: 910-2483 Website: Adv. E-mail: Editorial E-mail:

Publisher & Editor Gary Nager Senior News Reporter Sean Bowes Correspondents Camille Gillies • Alicia Pack • Sheryl Young

Advertising Customer Service Manager Nikki Bennett Marketing Director Ashley Knoblach Advertising Sales & Graphic Design AnnMarie Beck

Porsha Lemos

Nothing that appears in Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News may be reproduced, whether wholly or in part, without permission. Opinions expressed by Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News writers are their own and do not reflect the publisher’s opinion. The deadline for outside editorial submissions and advertisements for Volume 20, Issue 4, of Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News is Monday, January 30, 2012. Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News will consider previously non-published outside editorial submissions if they are double spaced, typed and less than 500 words. Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News reserves the right to edit and/or reject all outside editorial submissions and makes no guarantees regarding publication dates. Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News will not return unsolicited editorial materials. Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News reserves the right to edit &/or reject any advertising. Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News is not responsible for errors in advertising beyond the actual cost of the advertising space itself, nor for the validity of any claims made by its advertisers. © 2012 JM2 Communications, Inc.

An editorial by Gary Nager businesses, not put them out of business. It’s an attitude I brought with me from my time living, working and owning my own media buying/ad agency in New York City for more than a decade. I saw some truly amazing restaurants go out of business because a “critic” for the New York Post or New York magazine said his “pasta wasn’t al denté enough. One star (out of five).” I’m sure, for some people, it’s something of a rush to have that kind of power, but I knew how expensive it was just to rent space anywhere in Manhattan or even Long Island or Westchester County and I saw restaurant owners who worked 80- or 90hour weeks and sweat blood every day just to open and maintain a place. So, I decided, at about age 30, that if I ever wielded that kind of power (as some say I do today), I would do so to help local restaurant owners, not try to make them shut their doors. My years growing up in Long Island and living and working in Manhattan allowed me to experience every type of cuisine, from every country in Asia to Zimbabwe (African food, to date, has never been high on my list, but I’m still open-minded). More important, at least to me, is that I have learned what I like and don’t like over the years. To be my favorite Chinese place, you’d best have great egg rolls and spare ribs, a spicy shredded pork dish that makes me sweat and amazing fried rice. Italian places should know that garlic is the spice of life and yes, the pasta should be served al denté without having to ask for it. A great Japanese steak house has to have not only a tender and tasty hibachi steak, but also a great seared tuna and white meat fish (grouper, snapper, etc.) sushi.

While it’s true that I won’t just put it in print if I don’t like something I sample at a local eatery, if you can’t tell the difference between a “rave” review of mine and a...let’s say lukewarm one, all I can say is that most people I’ve talked to in person about this subject definitely have known the difference. They’ll even tell me, “You really love Acropolis, but you were just O.K. with __________ (go ahead, fill in that blank yourself).” I try to not overuse words like “my favorite” or “the best” in my reviews, so if I do give something one of those titles in a story, I don’t believe you can go wrong sampling it. In fact, I stand behind every word of every dining review I’ve ever done. If you try what I recommend, more often than not (although everyone’s tastes are still different), you’ll at least enjoy your meal. If you try things I haven’t mentioned...well, I simply can’t vouch for menu items I haven’t tried or dishes I don’t normally enjoy, so you’re more on your own at those times. The most important thing, at least to me, is that the restaurant owners, time and time again, tell me that my reviews work better than ANY other advertising medium. From Day One, there has been a big run on mojo park and merluza at La Cubanita Café, peo-

ple stopping into Wolf’s Den asking for my eggs over easy with crispy bacon and crispier hash browns and to 900º Woodfired Pizza for the New York-style (and woodfired oven) pizzas and pastas since my reviews of each came out. The fact is that while some people only want to see me be “honest” and say when I’ve had a bad meal or two somewhere, most of you apparently not only enjoy reading my reviews (which I always put in the last few pages of an issue to ensure that the back of the book gets as many eyeballs as the front), you actually go to the places and try them...and usually try my recommendations. And, best of all, you tell the restaurant owner(s) that I sent you and I can’t thank you enough for that! In other words, I won’t apologize for not trying to put anyone out of business, even though any number of restaurants I’ve written nice things about over the years have gone the way of the dinosaur. The bottom line is that even though this isn’t NYC, it’s tough to operate a dining establishment anywhere and my goal is still to help, especially the mom-and-pop places. Turn to pages 30-31 to see this year’s Reader Dining Survey & Contest winners. My favorite restaurants for 2011 will appear next issue.

Table of Contents LOCAL NEWS, BUSINESS, & EDUCATION UPDATES........................................................Pages 1-22 Wesley Chapel News Briefs ...........................................4-5 Wesley Chapel Man Shot By Dog While Deer Hunting Mohawked Man Steals Car While On A Movie Date Brick-Tossing New Tampa Bandits Still At Large High-Speed Police Chase Blasts Through Wesley Chapel S.R. 54 Widening Is Nearly Completed..................................8 ‘Love Is In The Air’ (Cont. from page 1)................................9 Wesley Chapel Community Calendar.......................12-13

Local Business Updates..................................14-19 Premier Martial Arts & Hammerfist Krav Maga................14 Wesley Chapel & New Tampa Business Briefs................16 Heritage Ford Is Now Parks Ford Of Wesley Chapel...........17

Local Sports Updates...........................................20 Sunshine Athletic Conference Names Fall All-Stars

Neighborhood Magazine Getting Pampered At Paris Hair......................................23 , 32 Feeling Great At Tampa Rejuvenation..................................24 Negley Wins Chamber’s Honorary Mayor’s ‘Race’..............26 Shen Yun Dance Extravaganza To Visit The Straz Center....27 ‘Neighborhood Nibbles’.......................................................29 Our 2011 Dining Survey & Contest Winners.................30-31


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“News Briefs” Continued from page 1 By the time he had left, Gilbreth had pointed the running chainsaw at three people who lived at the house and two of their neighbors. The women he threatened with the saw ranged in age from 26 to 51. Police believe that the “Bubby” Gilbreth was looking for is Paul Hook, Jr., who lists his residence at 26621 Glenwood Dr. Gilbreth claimed “Bubby” owed him money. But, Hook already had been in jail since December 27 on charges of grand theft and burglary and was not at the home when Gilbreth was there looking for him. Gilbreth, of 6872 Angus Valley Dr., is being held at the Land O' Lakes Jail. He was arrested the day after the events took place at the Glenwood Dr home. His charges include kidnapping and aggravated assault, battery, burglary and violation of probation for driving with a suspended driver’s license.

Mohawked Man Steals Date’s Car From Cobb Theatres At New Port Richey man is being held at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center after he walked out of a movie at the Cobb Theatre at The Grove shopping center and stole his date’s rental car, while she was still inside watching the action flick, “Immortals.”

On December 7, Michael Pratt, who previously has been arrested in Pasco County for fraud, grand theft, uttering forged bills, possession of drugs and failing to return rental property, was in the movie theatre with a friend, Sarah Bush, when he asked for her car keys. According a report by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), Pratt told Bush that he needed to grab something from her car, which was a rental from Enterprise, and that he would be right back. No more than 30 minutes later, Bush called Pratt to see what was taking him so long. “Ha ha, I stole your car,” said Pratt, 27, before hanging up on her. As Pratt fled from the movie theatre in the stolen Ford Focus in an unknown direction, which had approximately $2,000 of Bush’s personal belongs inside, she was left to find her own way home, said a PCSO report. For two days, Bush attempted to make contact with Pratt, who sports a red Mohawk and a large tattoo of a spider on his neck, with no success. She then contacted PCSO and Enterprise Rent-A-Car to report the sedan stolen. Two days after Bush reported the car stolen and four days after their date at the Cobb Theatre, Pratt called Bush, who lives in Zephyrhills. According to the report, he told Bush that he had dumped the car in a Wal-Mart parking

lot in New Port Richey, roughly 20 miles from the movie theatre from where he stole it. PCSO deputies found the car at the Wal-Mart and then arrested Pratt at Michael Pratt his home at 8604 Knob Hill Ct. in New Port Richey. Pratt has been charged with one count of Grand Theft Auto and is currently being held on a $5,000 bond.

Man Arrested After HighSpeed Chase Through Area A Dade City man is now in jail after he led Tampa Police Department (TPD) officers on a high-speed chase that started near the Richmond Place community. The suspect, Montrell Anderson Semone, took TPD officers on a chase from New Tampa past Wesley Chapel and finally ended in San Antonio where he was arrested thanks to the help of police helicopters and K-9 units. On December 9, TPD officers Joe Perrone and David DiMarco were conducting speed enforcement near the intersection of Richmond Place Dr. and Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. when they attempted to flag down Semone for driving his 2003 Pontiac Vibe too fast. According to a TPD report, Semone, 36, of Dade City, fled a short

distance before two unmarked patrol cars that were dispatched in the area boxed him in near Galbraith Rd. and Antietam Ct., behind Sukothai restaurant. The two officers waited for Perrone and DiMacro to arrive before approaching Semone. While he was pulled over, Semone refused both officers’ commands to exit his car and he locked the driver's door. When Perrone went to the rear of the car to try other doors or windows for entry, Semone put the car in reverse and accelerated toward Perrone, who had to dive out of the way to avoid being struck by the Pontiac SUV before it sped on to BBD Blvd. Semone then headed northbound on I-75 and with officers in hot pursuit, he tried to lose Officer DiMarco by intentionally ramming his police car so hard that it disabled the cruiser. Officers continued to follow Semone into Pasco County, where speeds reached 100 mph before he exited onto S.R. 52 and then turned onto Pasco Rd., where he bailed out of his car and ran into a wooded area. Additional TPD officers along with Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) deputies and Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) troopers arrived and a perimeter was quickly set up on the side of Pasco Rd. TPD Air Service responded with helicopters as well as K-9 officers from TPD and the PCSO. Eventually,

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Semone surrendered and officers arrested him without further incident, no one was injured in the chase or search. Semone was taken to the Hillsborough Montrell County Jail, where he Semone remains on a $37,750 bond for five charges — three counts of aggravated assault on an officer, aggravated fleeing to elude and driving with a suspended license. He has previously been arrested in Pasco County for driving with a suspended license.

Startled Bulldog Accidentally ‘Shoots’ Owner

A Wesley Chapel man may start looking for a new best friend after he recovers from a bullet wound that he suffered on a recent hunting trip. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials, Billy E. Brown, 78, of Wesley Chapel, was deer hunting with his dog, Eli and a friend on December 10. It was a trip that Brown and Eli had made dozens of times, taking a pickup truck to an area north of Wesley Chapel during Pasco County’s deer hunting season (December 3 – February 19) to try and bring home a buck. Unfortunately, it was Brown, the vice president and general manager of Withlacoochee River

Electric Co-op (WREC), who ended up with a bullet in him. According to the wildlife officials, the trio was traveling in the truck on a bumpy, unpaved back road when Eli, a bulldog, got excited and jumped from the back seat of the truck to the front and bumped the trigger of Brown’s high-powered, Browning .308 hunting rifle. The loaded rifle went off and a bullet struck Brown’s right thigh bone and also hit a major artery above his right knee. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa where he underwent two major surgeries and was in critical condition for a short time. The incident happened in the woods near Old Pasco Rd. and Gillette Rd., roughly three miles south of Hillcrest Preserve. Brown is a well-known figure in Pasco County. He grew up in Dade City, where he was a star baseball player and went on to play semi-pro ball before serving in the Korean War. After the war, he returned to Dade City, and began working for WREC in 1956, where he still works today. In the last two decades, Brown has helped Pasco County’s growth by pushing for more development, such as Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club and area Wal-Marts which have created hundreds of jobs. Brown’s sister, Pat Weaver, told WTVT-TV Fox 13 News if Eli could speak he would tell Billy “I’m so sorry.

This was an accident.” Since Brown was shot, FWC officers have continued to tell hunters to never transport loaded guns, even if it is only a short dis- Billy Brown tance between hunting sites, and to always practice safe hunting techniques.

Brick-Tossing Bandits Still At Large

Tampa Police Department (TPD) detectives are still searching for the burglar or burglars who have broken into at least seven homes in New Tampa subdivisions such as Hunter’s Green, Heritage Isles and West Meadows. None of the incidents occurred in Wesley Chapel, but the crimes took place close enough to New Tampa’s “sister” along BBD we decided to provide this update for our Wesley Chapel readers. The break-ins started on November 11 at 10730 Plantation Bay Dr. in Heritage Isles. At around 9:30 p.m., the unknown suspect(s) smashed a side bedroom window to the home with a decorative landscaping brick, setting off the alarm and fleeing to their next targeted home in the New Tampa area. It turns out that the landscaping bricks have been a trend in the string of robberies that has hit the New Tampa area in the last month.

Nothing was stolen from the house on Plantation Bay Dr. because the alarm startled the burglars; however, other residents weren’t so lucky. A number of valuables, including jewelry, high-end TVs, cameras, video game consoles and in one case, a collection of firearms, have all been reported stolen in the last 45 days in burglaries that started with a decorative brick smashing a window or sliding glass door. Nearly all of the burglaries took place on Friday or Saturday nights, with the exception of a break-in at a Hunter’s Green home located on the edge of Flatwoods Park which was broken into on a Tuesday night. A Nintendo Wii video game console and jewelry were stolen from that home. Det. Bryan McClain of the TPD is asking New Tampa residents to spread the word to their neighbors to report suspicious persons or noises in their neighborhood. The most recent burglary took place on December 12, at Heritage Isles, where the suspect(s) again used a brick paver to gain access to the house. The residents of the home were away for the weekend, according to a TPD report. Fingerprints were lifted from five of the burgled homes and blood was taken from one other. According to TPD spokesperson Lisa Timmer, no arrests had been made and no suspects had been named at our press time.

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For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •

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Six Lanes Of S.R. 54 Now Open; Only ‘Finishing Touches’ Left By Sean Bowes Many of the traffic cones have been removed, and so have most of the plastic barricades. Drivers in Wesley Chapel are finally enjoying the muchless-congested S.R./C.R. 54 from I-75 to just east of Curley Rd (CR 577) with a road that is now six lanes wide. The heavily traveled road has been opened up to six lanes wide since December 16. Pasco chief project manager Robert Shepherd said that it was a goal for Pepper Contracting Services, the contracting company for the project, to finish in time for the holidays and, despite some finishing touches needed to the black top in some locations, particularly S.R. 54’s new turn lanes, that goal has been achieved. The project was originally slated to be completely finished in late April, and while there was still some work to be done at our press time, officials expect all of the construction work to be done by the end of January. The S.R. 54 widening project has been under construction since April 2010. At our press time, Pepper Contracting workers were completing the side street work near sidewalks and new


bike lanes. Drivers should still expect to see construction taking place during the day, with some lane shifts during non peak travel times. For the time being, Shepherd says that drivers should continue to use caution and observe the 35 MPH construction zone speed limit, as there will continue to be construction workers in the area until, at the latest, the beginning of February. The widening project on that section of S.R. 54 has been one of the most expensive road projects in Pasco County, costing $28 million, but the widening was sorely needed. State traffic counts from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) show that roughly 38,000 cars travel S.R. 54 between I-75 and Curley Rd. every business day. Other work taking place during the final stages of the project includes the final lane striping, completion of the asphalt surface on turn lanes as well as cleaning up medians and laying down new sections of sod. Once the work is totally completed on the 3.2-mile stretch, the speed limit will be raised back to 45 mph from its construction limit of 35 mph.

The new traffic signals at the intersection of S.R. 54 and Pointe Pleasant Blvd. were still flashing at our press time, but should be fully operational when you receive this issue.

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“Pilots” Continued from page 1 mechanic, Rob Cevasco) for Cluck to ride in in order to read the vows over the radio, and a Cessna 182 which was packed with the couple’s close friends, Tracey and Mark, and Sandy’s two children, Jessica, 19, and Sean, 15, who were the witnesses. A small group of close family and friends also gathered together outside a hangar at the Tampa North Aero Park (located just off S.R. 54 in Lutz, just outside of Wesley Chapel), to watch the planes take off from the airstrip and climb to 5,280 ft. (one-mile high), where the couple would recite their vows over an air-to-air radio frequency with Cluck. The three planes, which were named “Wedding Flight” 1, 2 and 3, respectively, soared around the Wesley Chapel area, with only about 100 yards between each of them, for a 45-minute

flight before coming back down to the ground with the new married couple. The Cessna 150 Sandy and Daniel have is equipped with dual controls that allow for two pilots to “share the load” of flying the plane. Daniel handled the take-off of the airplane and Sandy was the one who landed it. The newly married couple, who recently purchased a home directly across the road from the Aero Park, are excited about beginning a new chapter in their lives, which are largely anchored by the local aviation population. They each have their own airplanes, both of which are Cessnas, which they both fly as much as possible. Sandy says that they would eventually like to build a home on a piece of land that they own at the Aero Park, but for now, they are content living close to the small airport. And the honeymoon? The couple plans to travel to Australia (commercially) and then pilot a Cessna to different cities around the country.

‘Wedding Flight 1’ touches down at the Tampa North Aero Park after a memorable flight on New Year’s Eve. Photo courtesy of

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For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •



Community Calendar

Free Gardening Seminar

Saturday, January 14, 9 a.m. 11 a.m. — The Pasco County Extension Office is hosting a free gardening seminar which will focus on the proper care of begonias and other unique flowers. Begonias are an extremely diverse plant group, from miniatures to large, brightly colored foliage and unique flowers. Pasco County Extension will share lots of information at this FREE gardening seminar. Come join them at Land O’Lakes Community Center, 5401 Land O’Lakes Blvd. (US Hwy. 41). For more information, call Dr. Peter Szakacs at (352) 521-4288.

Free Networking Int’l

Monday, January 16, 8 a.m. — Free Networking International (FNI), a group of area business owners, meets each Monday for networking and discussion at the Lexington Oaks Golf Club clubhouse (26133 Lexington Oaks Blvd., off S.R. 54). For more information, call Stacy Dalton at 469-5499.


Monday, January 16, 10 a.m. — The Moms Offering Moms Support (MOMS) Club of Wesley Chapel, a non-profit social group for stay-at-home


mothers, meets the third Monday of each month at the Lexington Oaks Golf Club clubhouse (26304 Lexington Oaks Blvd., off S.R. 54) for activities, field trips and more. For more information, e-mail Heather at

Wesley Chapel Toastmasters

Monday, January 16, 6:15 p.m. — The “Wesley Chapel Speaks” Toastmasters Club meets on the first and third Monday of every month, at Hyundai of Wesley Chapel (26944 Wesley Chapel Blvd.). Club meetings are open to all interested parties. For more information, call 4065931 or visit

WC Wind Ensemble

Thursday, January 19, 7 p.m. — The Wesley Chapel Wind Ensemble, a community group of brass and woodwind players, meets every Thursday at Crossroads Community United Methodist Church (26211 County Line Rd.). New members are encouraged to join. For additional information, call Glenn at 746-4821 or e-mail him at

WC Sunrise Rotary Club

Friday, January 20, 7:15 a.m. — The Wesley Chapel Sunrise Rotary Club meets every Friday at Quail Hollow Country Club (6225 Old Pasco Rd.) *Note-The Club no longer meets at Lexington Oaks. For more information, call Lynne Wilson at 695-6466.

Experienced Networking Professionals (ENP)

Monday, January 23 7:30 a.m. — The networking group meets Monday mornings at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast and at 8:00 a.m. for networking at Quail Hollow Golf & Country Club (6225 Old Pasco Rd. For more information, call Cindy at 505-3065.

East Pasco Networking

Tuesday, January 24 — The East Pasco Networking Group meets every Tuesday, 9 a.m., at Beef O'Brady's (1660 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., in the Shops at New Tampa of Wesley Chapel plaza). Contact Frankie Ammons at 479-7997 or by e-mail at

Business Networking Int’l

Tuesday, January 26, 7:30 a.m. — Business Networking International (BNI), a group of business professionals who work to support each other through qualified business referrals, meets Tuesdays at Song & Dance Studio (27221 Foamflower Blvd.).

For more information, contact JD Lane at 391-5018 or by e-mail at

Wesley Chapel Rotary Club

Wednesday, January 25, 12:15 p.m. — The Rotary Club of Wesley Chapel meets every Wednesday at Pagelli’s at the Shops at Wiregrass (2001 Piazza Ave.). For more information, call 862-8989 or 391-3895.

WC Civil Air Patrol

Wednesday, January 25, 6:30 p.m.— The Wesley Chapel Civil Air Patrol squadron meets every Wednesday at Tampa North Aero Park (4241 Birdsong Blvd., off S.R. 54). For more information, visit or call Cheryl Spence at 973-7270.

CBC Networking Group

Thursday, January 26, 7:30 a.m. — The Christian Business Connections (CBC) Networking Group meets every Thursday at Organic Life Coffeehouse (1900 Oak Grove Blvd., off S.R. 54, Lutz). The group is open to all business leaders and professionals in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel and surrounding communities. CBC members’ core philosophy puts God first and bases business decisions on Christian values,. For more information, call Jeff Hanneken at 600-9200.

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •

Networking For Success

Thursday, January 26, 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. — The Networking For Your Success group meets every Thursday at Song & Dance Studio (27221 Foamflower Blvd., off S.R. 54). For additional information, call John Anglada at 298-3232 or visit

Women Of Wesley Chapel

Friday, February 3, 7:30 a.m. — WOW, the Women of Wesley Chapel, meets the first Friday of every month at the Branch of Christ Building, Cypress View Sq., 27223 S.R. 56 (next to Boardwalk Frozen Custard). For info, email Debbie Yoerg at

Free Health Clinic

Wednesday, February 8, 11:00 a.m. - 10 p.m. — Make your heart Healthier! Every year more than 750,000 Americans have their first heart attack.s. The session will be held at The Seven Oak’s Club House at

2910 Sports Core Ci. Space is limited, call for reservations. For more info, call Dr. Peter Szakacs at 973-4747.

WC Republican Club

Thursday, February 9, 7 p.m. — The Wesley Chapel Republican Club meets the second Thursday of each month at Hyundai of Wesley Chapel (27000 Wesley Chapel Blvd./S.R. 54). Visitors are welcome to attend. Call Mike Moore at 777-6171 or email

Honest Abe 5k Race

Saturday, February 11, 7 a.m. — The Boy Scouts of America are hosting their second annual ‘Honest Abe’ 5K run. Registration starts at 7 a.m. and the race starts at 8 a.m. at American Consulting (next to the Hampton Inn). The Wesley Chapel Rotary club and St. Leo University are sponsoring the event. The entry fee is $20, which includes a free T-shirt. For more info, visit and use the keywords “Honest Abe 5K.”


Dr. Neeraja Jasthi • Cleanings (Ages 4 and up) • Crowns, Bridges and Implant Crowns • Veneers • Zoom & Take Home Whitening • Root Canals & Extractions

FAMILY & COSMETIC DENTISTRY 20441 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. (across the street from Wharton H.S., in front of Live Oak)

“Let Our Family Be Here For Yours”


Dr. Neeraja Jasthi, DMD

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Premier Martial Arts & Hammerfist Krav Maga Is A Kick! By Camille Gillies Only one year ago, Jason Carrio was teaching Krav Maga self defense in the garage of his Wesley Chapel home. Now, the enterprising instructor of the popular Israeli system of self-defense owns a martial arts and Krav Maga studio located next to Café Fresco on S.R. 56. Premier Martial Arts & Hammerfist Krav Maga opened in September, to the delight of martial arts, Krav Maga and fitness buffs in Pasco, Hillsborough and even Hernando counties. “We attract a lot of New Tampa and Wesley Chapel residents but we also have people that come to our classes from Temple Terrace, Brandon and even Spring Hill,” Jason says. “This is such a central location. We are so convenient to I-75.” The school is less than a mile east of the interstate. Jason, who owns Premier Martial Arts & Hammerfist Krav Maga with his wife, Ashley, is the certified instructor for Krav Maga. Third-degree black belt Steven Faison leads the martial arts and fitness programs at the studio, where students of all ages can take classes. “This is a family-structured school,” Jason explains, adding that mom or dad may be enrolled in the


(Left) Program director Tony Moreno (left) and owner Jason Carrio invite you to visit Premier Martial Arts & Hammerfist Krav Maga on S.R. 56, whether you have kids ages 4-14 you want to enroll in the studio’s youth martial arts classes... adult fitness or Krav Maga classes, while “veritable international phenomenon,” Krav Maga A ‘Phenomenon’ their children take the youth (ages 4according to a 2010 issue of Time magAlthough Premier’s atmosphere is 14) martial arts classes. He says he azine. friendly, the subject matter is serious. often sees one person in a family begin Jason, who has been a Krav Maga Krav Maga, which in Hebrew means taking a class and then another family instructor for three years and a student “contact combat,” teaches the selfmember sign up when they see how for nine, is certified by the International defense skills, defensive tactics and much fun it is. fighting techniques necessary to protect Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), which Jason is proud of the studio’s conis a critical standard for legitimizing an yourself from virtually any physical genial atmosphere. “I have never seen attack. Emerging in Israel in the 1940s, instructor’s qualifications. IKMF is a such a welcoming group of people,” he Krav Maga was developed by the Israeli global organization that requires re-cersays of the families at Premier/Hammer Defense Forces (IDF). It appeared in tification every year. Fist. “If a new parent comes in to Krav Maga has numerous levels for the U.S. in the early 1980s, attracting a watch their child’s class, the other paradvancement, with each level taking following from the FBI and other law ents immediately start up a conversaapproximately six months to achieve; enforcement agencies; civilian interest tion with them.” has escalated in recent years, making it a Hammerfist offers beginner and

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...or you (left) want to learn how to use a chair as a weapon in Premier/Hammerfist’s adult Krav Maga classes or take the studio’s fitness challenge and learn the latest cross-fit techniques (above center and right). advanced classes in the discipline. Jason says that age, gender and fitness level don’t matter when it comes to these one-hour sessions because Krav Maga is geared towards teaching the average citizen how to defend his or herself. Five classes are offered weekly and he recommends attending at least two classes per week. “We deal with a serious subject but we have fun doing it,” Jason explains. “Our class for younger children deals with learning to defend against things like abduction, abuse by adults and bullying at school. We deal with real-world scenarios, but we do it in a way that is fun for the kids.” Adults learn valuable self-defense tools such as choke releases and maneuvers that enable them to disengage from an attack. They also learn how to fight back properly, with more assertive and aggressive techniques such as strikes, kicks and even eye gouges. Jason says the motto of Krav Maga is, ‘So that one may walk in peace.’ “Our goal is to teach people how to go home (feeling) safe,” Jason states,

stressing that he isn’t in business to teach people how to start fights. “We teach practical and useful self-defense, and that includes learning how to defend against knives, sticks, guns, rocks and any number of weapons.” Premier Martial Arts classes include kickboxing, grappling, and kali (stick fighting), as well as Krav Maga. Classes are broken down by age: Little Champs (4-6); Youth (7- 14); and Krav Maga (ages 15 and up). “For the little kids, we focus on character development, hand-eye coordination and balance,” jason explains. “As they get older, we concentrate more on respect, discipline and self-control.”

The Next Level Of Cross Fit In addition to the youth martial arts classes, Faison also teaches the studio’s unique “Cross Fit” adult fitness classes, which involve cardio and strength training and conditioning. Premier/Hammerfist also recently announced a 90-day fitness challenge that kicks off on Monday, Januar y 16. Open to the public, the challenge requires a $35 registration fee that

includes a body fat measurement and the opportunity to train at Premier Martial Arts once a week. The challenge entrant who loses the largest percentage of body fat by April 16 wins $200. Jason says he likes to support the community by offering complimentary selfdefense seminars to women’s groups and by teaching free Krav Maga classes at Pasco-Hernando Instructor Steven Faison demonstrates a unique pullCommunity College. up technique during the studio’s adult fitness classes. Unlike the sales presAnd don’t worry about signing a sure evident at many fitness centers, contract because there isn’t one. At the owners of this studio don’t seem Premier Martial Arts & Hammerfist to be motivated by money. Jason Krav Maga, you can always pay exudes a genuine enthusiasm for what monthly or per class. he does and he thinks it is contagious. For more information about In fact, he encourages prospective stuPremier Martial Arts of Wesley dents to take a free week of classes Chapel and Hammerfist Krav Maga, before signing up. “It’s important for visit PremierMartialArtsWesleypeople to like the classes and the instructors,” Jason comments. “If they or don’t try us out, how will they know if Or, call 907-9544 or stop by the school at 27213 S.R. 56. they like us?”

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Business Briefs — Home Again Interiors, Brookline PT & More! By Gary Nager From home furnishings to charitable fund raisers, we have several more business items for you on these pages. Please mention that you read about them in the Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News when you visit any of these wonderful businesses!

Home Again Interiors Opens In The Shoppes

Whether you’re looking to fill your new home with beautiful furniture and accessories or you’re moving and would like to not have to bring all of your furnishings with you to your next home, you should visit a new store in the Shoppes at New Tampa plaza at the intersection of BBD and S.R. 56, less than a mile north of County Line Rd. The store, owned by Robin and Scott Winter, is called Home Again Interiors and is the New Tampa & Wesley Chapel area’s first furniture consignment shop. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll know you’ve found a special place, filled with high-end, gently used furniture and accessories. The prices marked are already low but, like a clothing consignment shop, those prices go down the longer each item remains in

Owner John Esguerra, PT, MS, of Brookline Physical Therapy, invites you to check out Wesley Chapel’s newest and most modern physical therapy studio.


supervised weight loss programs.” For appointments and additional information, including info about Brookline’s Spinal For more information, call Robin and Scott Winter of Home Again Interiors in The Shoppes at Decompression Traction Sports + Field, The Family Fitness New Tampa offer beautiful, high-end furnishings at reduced prices! for only $50 Center of Wesley Chapel (2029 the store. Go and explore Home Again, per treatment, call or visit Brookline Arrowgrass Dr.) at 948-5500 or visit where Robin and Scott say “Our name Physical Therapy (26837 Tanic Dr.) means a great deal!” at 527-6913 or visit the of fi ficce online For more info, visit Home Again at FER’s Food Drive Again Interiors (1664 BBD Blvd.) or call Helps Needy Families 973-8363 and tell Scott and Robin Spor ts + Field Gets A New The second annual food drive we sent you! Name — Well, Sor t Of! hosted by Florida Executive Realty Sports + Field, the largest fitness (FER) in Tampa Palms (972-3430) center in the New Tampa/Wesley Brookline Physical was huge again this year. The real estate Chapel area (located on S.R. 56), is cel- office, located at the intersection of Therapy Now Open ebrating its re-branding as “The Fami- Amberly Dr. and Tampa Palms Blvd., Whether you’re trying to recover ly Fitness Center of Wesley Chapel.” from surgery, rehabilitating an injury or collected non-perishable food items and “We’re still Sports + Field,” memyou just want to get into great physical toiletries for more than three weeks. bership sales rep Owen Fullerson said condition, owner John Esguerra, PT, On December 1, FER gathered all during the facility’s Re-Grand Opening MS, is proud to announce the opening the food and loaded everything onto a on January 7, we’re just refocusing our of Brookline Physical Therapy, Wesley 14’ foot U-Haul truck. On December efforts on the families in the area.” Chapel’s newest and most modern 2, FER agents and their families came Sports + Field has added a rockphysical therapy studio, in the Cypress together and filled more than 420 groclimbing wall (photo top right) and a Glen Professional Park off S.R. 56. cery bags. The company’s agents, stand-up tanning bed to its full-NBAEsguerra, a Long Island, NY, clients and the local community all defisized basketball court, it’s tremendous native and avid fisherman who lives in nitely showed their holiday spirit this array of free weights, cardio and circuit Tarpon Springs, got his M.S. degree season, as FER donated the contributraining equipment, classes, cross fit from Boston University. He says he and tions to 14 local schools!— GN training and so much more. his partners spared no expense to open a spacious studio with a unique workout floor that is more forgiving on his patients’ knees that is stocked with state-of-the-art fitness and rehabilitation equipment. “We accept most insurance plans and offer reasonably-priced, patientfriendly physical therapy services,” says Esguerra. “And, I know our equipment is second to none and our private personal training costs less than most gyms (Brookline offers no annual contract fitHundreds of local families got to smile this holiday season, thanks to everyone ness programs). Plus, we can combine that personal training with medically involved with Florida Executive Realty’s second annual food drive.

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Heritage Ford Is Now Parks Ford Of Wesley Chapel! The auto dealership that started a trend in the Wesley Chapel area has a new name, as Heritage Ford on S.R. 54 is now Parks Ford of Wesley Chapel. But, the name change isn’t a change of ownership, as Parks Ford is still owned by Ron Parks and his family’s Parks Motor Group. General manager Terry Mullane says the name change is part of a re-branding effort, as Northgate Lincoln Mercury in Tampa also recently was re-named Parks Lincoln. Parks also plans to open Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealerships on an adjacent

parcel on S.R. 54. We will keep you posted as construction begins. For info, call (888) 570-0097. — GN

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Athletes & Coaches Named All-Sunshine Athletic Conference By Sean Bowes The fall sports season has ended for Wiregrass Ranch High (WRH) and Wesley Chapel High (WCH), but that doesn’t mean we have to stop applauding the efforts of a few stand out players and coaches who were named to the 2011-12 Sunshine-Athletic Conference (SAC) Fall All-Star teams. The All-SAC teams are compiled from among the best athletes at all thirteen of the high schools in Pasco County. This year, coaches from all 13 high schools in the county voted to assemble the teams. WCH and WRH had a combined total of 26 athletes who made the fall squads, not including the Boys & Girls Cross Country Coaches of the Year from WRH.

Girls Cross Country 1st Team Nikita Shah, Jr. – WRH; named SAC “Girls Runner of the Year” Elise Cedre, So. – WRH Chelsea Ginn-Davis, Jr.-WRH Berlin Waters, Jr. – WRH Savanah Goodem So. – WRH

Girls Cross Country Coach Of The Year


Don Howard-WRH

Girls X-Country 2nd Team

Volleyball 3rd Team MH Tori Quaglia, Sr. WRH

Boys Swimming 2nd Team

Alyssa Turner, Jr. WCH

Matt Menendez, So. – WRH

Girls X-Country 3rd Team

John Thompson, Jr. – WCH Caleb Zeleznock, So. –WCH Carlos Hower,- WCH Logan McMahan- WCH

Don Howard of Addie Cornwell, Fr. WRH was named – WRH the Girls SAC Cross Country Coach Of Boys Cross The Year Country 1st


Boys Swimming 3rd Team

Girls Golf 3rd Team Cassidi Fernando, Jr. –WRH Allison Kosoloski, Fr.-WCH

Sam Hippley, Sr.- WRH Ermias Bireda, Jr. – WRH Tyler Mattera, Sr.- WRH David Hill, Sr.-WRH

Boys Golf 2nd Team

Boys Cross Country Coach Of The Year

Football Offensive 3rd Team

Logan Horrigan, Sr. -WRH Boys Golf Honorable Mention Corey Mumwaw, Fr. - WCH OL Justin Scamardo, Sr. – WRH

Sakari Worrels of WCH (airborne) serves up a spike against Tori Quaglia (right, in pink) of WRH. Both were named to one of the All-SAC Volleyball teams.

Chris Loth- WRH

Boys Cross Country Honorable Mention Steven Brown, Sr.- WCH

Volleyball 2nd Team OH Grace Olsen, So. -WRH OH Sakari Worrels, Jr.- WCH

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Paris Hair, The New Look Salon — C’est Merveilleux! By Gary Nager I minored in French throughout my college career, so I really get a kick out of the “Franglais” that is so beautifully spoken by Alexandra Jasmine (although she prefers to be called Jasmine), the owner of the “spectaculaire” Paris Hair, The New Look Salon, which is located on N. 56th St. in Temple Terrace (in a separate building in front of the plaza which is home to The Olde World Cheese Shop). Jasmine and her husband, a former professional tennis champion from Morocco, are local residents, so even though her salon is located a few minutes away from our distribution areas, she and her Paris Hair are still wellknown in our communities. “Oui, I have many clee-onts (clients) from New Tampa and Wesley Chapel,” she says in her authentic Parisian accent. “People drive here from Spring Hill and Bradenton to get their hair styled or colored, so Wesley Chapel is beaucoup (much) closer, non?” If you spend a few minutes at Paris Hair, you will recognize that this is not your run-of-the-mill hair salon, even though the building isn’t particularly impressive from the outside and there’s only one missable entrance to it. Inside, not only does the salon have an understated elegance, it’s also a very casual, fun and comfortable environment. But, the most comforting things about Paris Hair are Jasmine and her staff of professionally trained stylists and

spa technicians. In addition to top-quality hair styles for men and women, including Jasmine’s favorite “up dos,” high- and lowlights, “dimensional” color and Keratin straightening treatments, Paris Hair also offers manicures, pedicures, licensed massage therapy, facials and other skin/body treatments. “My clee-onts are more like ma famille, like my family,” Jasmine says. “And I have made sure that the wonderful people who work with me make you feel at home, too.” And, I have to say that the concept works. Jasmine originally opened Paris Hair on Busch Blvd., but after about eight years, she outgrew the space, which wasn’t large enough to also offer spa treatments at the same location. Although she did look at several spaces in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel, she moved instead to a larger, existing building on 56th St. in April 2011, a couple of miles closer to her home. “I don’t need a location there to attract people from Wesley Chapel,” she says. “After all these years, word of mouth is still my best advertising. People know that I will do whatever it takes to make you ‘appy (happy).” And, Jasmine doesn’t just speak with a French accent. She was born and raised and learned her trade as a Master Colorist and hair stylist in “Pa-ree,” one of the most stylish cities in the world. She is obviously proud of where she came from, but you can forget trying to make her fit into any negative stereotype you may have heard about the

French people. She is warm and friendly, with the quick wit the French are known for, and she admits that her training in her native country is part of what sets Paris Hair apart from most other salons. (Top) Owner Alexandra Jasmine (holding scissors) cuts “En France, the ribbon at Paris Hair on N. 56th St. in Temple Terwe have to race. (Above) Stylists and color specialists Christine (left) apprentice for and Nicole can create a whole new look for you, too! three years and also received a wonderful education we learn everything about the salon into cutting and coloring there, too.” business, too, including management and marketing,” she says. “And yes, I See “Paris Hair” on page 32.

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Tampa Rejuvenation Can Help You Start The New Year Right! By Alicia Pack If you’ve been feeling tired and sluggish, or are hoping to shed some of those excess pounds following the recent holiday season, we suggest you make an appointment with the trained medical doctors and professional staff at Tampa Rejuvenation, located 15-20 minutes from most Wesley Chpael residents near the intersection of Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. and E. Bearss Ave. Obesity is a major problem in the U.S. today and not all of it can be attributed to overeating — according to the most recently available medical data, the hormones used in foods definitely contribute to people becoming overweight and feeling sick. Brett Markowitz, the founder and CEO of Tampa Rejuvenation, says that, “People are not just overweight because of how many calories or how much fat they eat. I work with a lot of patients who have a healthy lifestyle, for the most part, but the foods that they were exposed to have caused their hormones and thyroid gland to not function as they once did.” Markowitz, who has been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years and is a certified personal trainer who also has a degree in sports nutrition, says he watched how weight gain had impacted such a large portion of the U.S. population, from children with Type-2 diabetes to overweight adults. “My primary reason for starting Tampa Rejuvenation,” he says, “was because I had met so many people who had long suffered from perhaps the biggest problem plaguing our society — weight gain.” Tampa Rejuvenation, which also has a second location in South Tampa, offers a unique array of services, mainly geared to helping people shed fat, gain lean muscle mass and generally live a healthier lifestyle. Medical doctors oversee all of the programs at Tampa Rejuvenation and their patients can get help with not only weight loss, but also


mental clarity, increased energy and sex drive, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels. Markowitz says that some of Tampa Rejuvenation’s patients have even been able to come off of medication for blood pressure, hypertension and even Type-2 diabetes. “I’m a Board-certified internal medicine physician,” says Johanna deVrye, M.D., one of two physicians on staff at Tampa Rejuvenation (the other is Dr. James K. Vogler, D.O.). “But, the reason I got involved with Tampa Rejuvenation is because, over the years, I’ve been leaning towards — and learning as much as I can about — a more holistic approach to medicine as a whole and specifically weight issues. I realized that what Brett was doing here really was a perfect fit for me.” You will meet, for free, with a staff member who will outline all of the available programs at Tampa Rejuvenation and discuss the patient’s goals. From there, the patient will take required lab tests, have an EKG, a physical and a consultation with one of the doctors, who will discuss the results of the tests and determine the best course of action to help each patient achieve their goals. Among the options available are medical weight loss, hormone replacement therapy or even, in some cases, the doctors will simply set up the patient with an appointment with a nutritionist, health coach or personal trainer, who can devise a program specific to the patient’s needs and goals. The New Tampa location has started a metabolic rejuvenation program that consists of food allergy testing, nutrient-deficiency testing and a detoxification program. These programs are designed to help the body restore itself into a healthier, better functioning body by discovering what foods your body is sensitive to, or is deficient in, and then rectifying the issue, either with medication, dietary change, or both. Markowitz says that weight loss is still the biggest reason why most patients first call or visit Tampa Rejuve-

nation. He says that patients typically can lose about 15-25 lbs. in the first month, depending upon gender (men generally, but not always, lose weight easier than women of the same age do), the amount of weight needed to be lost and how well the meal plan and doctor’s protocols are followed. He says that teaching people how to keep the weight off after is a big part of the services Tampa Rejuvenation provides.

Our buddy, “Big” Jim Henning of Florida Executive Realty is a lot less big these days, thanks to the unique combination of medical weight loss, nutritional counseling and personal training available from Tampa Rejuvenation on BBD. “In most cases, we can help you lose the weight, but we also will teach you how to make the change in lifestyle you need in order to keep the weight off,” says Markowitz. “Otherwise, we’d be just another quick fix.” He adds that people who have tried weight loss centers before will sometimes put all of their weight back on after they finish the medication.

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The professional staff at Tampa Rejuvenation includes (l. to r.) Dr. James K. Vogler, CEO Brett Markowitz, Dr. Johanna deVrye and Nurse Practitioner Gina Pastore. They become reliant on the medication what is best for the patient and what to just stop eating. However, when will help him or her feel younger and someone quits eating, the body breaks better. down muscle and not fat. “The people there are so thorough “We were not intended not to and everyone cares,” says Leslie Foss, a eat,” Markowitz says. “We just have to Tampa Rejuvenation patient who had learn to eat better foods and make betsuccess with hormone replacement ter choices. We can teach you how.” therapy. “They want to see you doing At Tampa Rejuvenation, the focus well and that was a big thing for me. It is on integrative medicine and the docwas a great experience and I looked tors look beyond what is considered the forward to going in. This has literally norm. This means that, even though a changed my whole life. I recommend patient’s test may come up in the “nor- Tampa Rejuvenation to all of my girlmal” range, the doctors will look at the friends. It is the best gift someone can patient’s overall picture — family histo- give to themselves.” ry, health history and the physical and Tampa Rejuvenation’s other current symptoms the person is experihealthy lifestyle programs and tests encing. Then, the doctor will design an include hormone therapy for men and individualized plan that is based on women, adrenal fatigue and thyroid

testing and treatment, the popular HCG and more traditional appetite suppressant medical weight loss programs, customized meal plans, food sensitivity tests and personal training. So, if you are having difficulty shedding those extra few holiday pounds, or you’re just feeling tired and sluggish and want to know why, or you just want to have a healthier and happier transformation, then do what our good friend Jim Henning of Florida Executive Realty did — give Tampa Rejuvenation a call today. Maybe, like the not-nearly-as-big-today Big Jim, who is hoping to soon weigh less than 300 lbs. for the first time in many years, you can lose 80 lbs. in six months —

and learn how to keep it off, too! “When I came to Tampa Rejuvenation,” Jim says. “I was a person who didn’t like what I saw when I looked in a mirror. Now, I do. Tampa Rejuvenation has taught me how to make that lifestyle change, so I can’t see going back to my old way of life. I’m excited about (having more success in) 2012!” For more information about Tampa Rejuvenation, call 558-9500 or visit The New/North Tampa location is now at 14448 BBD Blvd., in the Arbor Ridge Prof. Park, and is open Monday-Friday. The South Tampa location is at 2007 West Swann Ave.

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Florida Hospital’s Negley Is Wesley Chapel’s New Honorary Mayor! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to print the results of the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce (WCCC)’s 2012 Honorary Mayor of Wesley Chapel race in these pages until almost a full month after the event was held Dec. 15 at the beautiful Wesley Chapel Toyota showroom off Bruce B. Downs Blvd. So, what might have been a front-page story for us got bumped back a few pages, but the fact is that we were still proud to be in attendance when John Negley of the Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Foundation was named to replace Debbie Yeorg as the new Honorary Mayor. “Little Jan” Roberts of Big Among the outstanding free food Brothers & Big Sisters of Tampa Bay was providers for the evening were (above) named Deputy Mayor and Mitze Richeson of Betty Cakes Cake Shop, Dickey’s BarbeCypress Creek Chirpractic finished third in the cue Pit (below left) and the Simple & fund-raising contest that raised a WCCC Delicious Bakery & Café. record $57,000 to benefit the Chamber and each of the three candidates’ chosen charities. Congrats to everyone involved! — GN

“Little Jan” Roberts (left), of Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Tampa Bay, finished second to John Negley of Florida Hospital in the fund-raising campaign to be the Wesley Chapel Chamber’s “Honorary Mayor of Wesley Chapel” for 2012.

(L. to r.) Chamber president Debi Kaplan, with Greg Lenners of the Shops at Wiregrass mall and Scarleth Leon.


Negley and Roberts replace outgoing Honorary Mayor Debbie Yoerg (at mic) and Deputy Mayor Theresa Jacobs.

Mitze Richeson (with mic) of Cypress Creek Chiropractic finished third in this year’s Mayor’s race, which raised more than $57,000 to benefit the Chamber and each of the three candidates’ chosen charities.

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Shen Yun To Bring Heavenly Performances To Tampa! Prepare to be amazed, because Shen Yun Performing Arts returns to Florida for the fifth consecutive year, with performances at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Tampa on Saturday-Sunday, March 3–4. The New York-based company will unveil an entirely new array of colorful and exhilarating performances of classical Chinese dance, ethnic and folk dance, song and musical numbers. A Shen Yun performance is a presentation of traditional Chinese culture as it once was: a study in grace, wisdom and the virtues distilled from the five millennia of Chinese civilization. Established in New York in 2006, Shen Yun Performing Arts has performed to acclaim in more than 100 cities worldwide for more than 800,000 audience members. At the core of Shen Yun’s performances is classical Chinese dance, with China’s numerous ethnic and folk dance styles, and masterful vocalists and musicians rounding out the evening. In a collection of nearly 20 short dance pieces with breathtaking digital backdrops, audiences are transported from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to tropical lake-filled regions, from the legends of the Chinese culture’s creation more than 5,000 years ago to

contemporary tales of courage, from the highest heavens down to the dusty plateaus of the Middle Kingdom. Absorbing profound wisdom from every era and dynasty of China’s history, classical Chinese dance has become a complete system of dance embodying traditional aesthetic principles. Through dance, the ancient Chinese showed their respect for the divine, their appreciation of life and the universe and their esteem for piety and virtue. The cultural substance behind classical Chinese dance imbues a dancer’s movements with rich, expressive power. Story-based dances that explore a range of themes from ancient to modern times are one of Shen Yun’s trademarks. See the mighty powers of China’s Monkey King, join the legendary heroine Mulan on her daring quest and glimpse the courage of Falun Dafa practitioners in China today. Such dances deliver a dramatic intensity to every Shen Yun performance. Besides having to master the three main components of classical Chinese dance — bearing, form, and technical skill — the dancers must strive to cultivate themselves, endeavoring to perfect their moral character and will. Shen Yun’s one-of-a-kind orchestra, with its all-original compositions,

The grace and beauty of Shen Yun Performing Arts returns to Tampa March 3-4. Shen Yun Performing Arts kicked blends the musical traditions of East off its 2012 World Tour in Dallas, and West like no other. The distinctly Texas last month and will visit cities in Chinese sound of ancient instruments North America, Europe, Asia, Australia like the bamboo flute and pipa are and New Zealand. bathed in a rich sea of Western strings, Tickets are now on sale for the percussion, woodwinds, and brass. The result is two great classical tra- March 3–4 performances at the Straz Center for Performing Arts. For ditions producing one fresh, unexpected sound. Award-winning vocalists per- more information, call the Straz Center Box office at 229-7827or form piano-accompanied solos, along visit — Submitted with a regular favorite — the stirring to the Neighborhood News melodies of the two-stringed erhu.

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Life is Unexpected. Our physicians and staff at Bay Area Urgent Care, a service of Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, provide rapid access to care for injuries, acute and non-life threatening medical illness for adults and children. Walk-In Services: t Cold, Cough, Flu, Sinusitis, Asthma, Pneumonia & Bronchitis t Pre-employment, School & Sports Physicals t EKG t Fractures, Sprains & Strains

t Headaches, Earaches & Sore Throats t Chest, Abdominal & Back Pain t Men’s & Women’s Physicals t On-site Imaging Services and Laboratory

BAY AREA URGENT CARE A Service of Florida Hospital Zephyrhills


5504 Gateway Blvd. Wesley Chapel | Hours of Operation: 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. - 8:45 p.m.


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Neighborhood Nibbles - Drake’s Place, An Oakley’s Grill Update & More! Drake’s Place Now Open In Santo’s Space

A couple of issues ago, when we told you that Santo’s Italian Grill, located in the Pinebrook at The Grove shopping center on S.R. 54, had closed, we also mentioned that another restaurant was getting ready to open in the same space. Well, the new restaurant, open for just a couple of weeks at our press time, is called Drake’s Place, which is a fullliquor neighborhood sports bar and grill, and from what I’ve sampled so far, the restaurant’s large and varied menu is definitely worth checking out. I had only eaten there twice so far at our press time, but both the blackened chicken sandwich and the bacon cheeseburger were excellent, as were both the crispy fries and homemade cole slaw. Drake’s Place has a complete menu of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and even entrées like a 10-oz. New York strip, all at outstanding prices. Look for a complete review of Drake’s Place in a future issue. And, you just might catch yours truly at Drake’s Place on Wednesdays for Karaoke Night. Drake’s Place is located at 27429 S.R. 54 and is open ever y day for lunch and dinner. For more info, call 973-8304 and please tell Bridget

the owner that the Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News sent you!

Oakley’s Grille Adds New Menu Items

Oakley’s Grille, the outstanding sandwich & more shop located next to Dairy Queen at 17631 BBD, isn’t resting on its laurels. Although Oakley’s Grille narrowly missed making the top-25 (it finished 28th) in our readers’ list of New Tampa’s favorite restaurants (see pages 48-49), it’s only been open a few months and will surely finish in the top half of the top-25 on my list of New Tampa faves (which you can look for at and in our next issue). And, with some of owner Keith Oakley and his staff’s new menu additions, Oakley’s Grille will surely move into the top-10 of not only your favorite sandwich shops/delis in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel, but also into the top 10 among your favorite... Latin restaurants? Don’t be surprised. Oakley’s is now featuring marinated steak and chicken fajitas, southwest chicken tacos with fresh salsa (made with cilantro, onion, tomato, black beans, corn, feta cheese and avocado) and blackened Tilapia on toasted Cuban bread with

bourbon tartar sauce, shredded lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes and lemon. Also new on the Oakley’s menu are sweet potato fries, cole slaw, potato salad and guacamole. And, don’t forget Oakley’s awesome “Tuesday Burger Nites,” where you get what I think is the best cheeseburger in town (with Five Guys Burgers & Fries a close second) and some of the best fries anywhere for only $5.99! Don’t miss it! To order ahead or for store hours and more info, call 523-5075 or visit

New Tampa Restaurant Closings In The News I have to admit I was a little surprised that only one recently closed restaurant — Cole’s BBQ on Cross Creek Blvd. — made our readers’ list of their Top-25 Favorite Restaurants in New Tampa. In addition to Cole’s, which originally was located in Tampa Palms and had only been open on Cross Creek Blvd. for a few months, several other restaurants which previously made our survey also have shut their doors. Perhaps the most surprising of these is KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken on Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd., next to Romano’s Macaroni Grill,

which was seemingly open one day in December and totally shut down, with all of You can get this its signage mouth-watering Oakremoved, ley’s Grille burger with the next. crispy fries for just We have no $5.99 on Tuesdays! way of knowing if the BBD widening took its toll on the local KFC, but with its recent addition of grilled chicken, many people we spoke to said they were surprised to see it go. Also shutting its doors recently was Bella Vita Pizzeria & Italian Market, which is the restaurant that replaced Circles New Tampa Bistro in the Pebble Creek Collection. After tinkering multiple times with its menu and reducing the amount of space it took up in the plaza, it seems Bella Vita’s owners decided it was time to go. In a future issue, we’ll also tell you about New Tampa’s “Yogurt Wars,” as no fewer than three yogurt places have either opened or planned to open within three or four miles of MochiBerri in the Shops at Wiregrass mall. — GN

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Congratulations, Ms. Hyde! We’ve been conducting our annual Reader Dining Survey & Contest each of the last 18 years and I have to admit it’s always been among my favorite features we offer...and this year’s contest saw more entries (nearly 400!), more disqualified entrants (more on them below) and the most varied responses we’ve had in the contest’s illustrious history. The most surprisingly dominant restaurant, as voted on by our readers, was Bonefish Grill, which not only received the most first place votes, but also the most votes for second and fourth place among our readers’ favorite restaurants in Wesley Chapel. Bonefish easily outdistanced Grillsmith, which did receive the most third and fifth place votes in Wesley Chapel, but lagged far behind Bonefish in first and second place votes in our 10-7-5-3-2 point system for each place. There also was a large gap between fifth and sixth place, as La Prima Pizza, Wolf’s Den and Cantina Laredo were closely bunched for 3rd-5th place among your Wesley Chapel-based favorite restaurants. In New Tampa, the big gap came between third and fourth place, as Stonewood Grill & Tavern, Sushi Tsu Japanese Steak & Sushi and Liang’s Bistro were tightly bunched together, with 4th-place finisher Lee Roy Selmon’s well behind those three. Sushi Tsu and Liang’s Bistro were within five votes of each other for your favorite Asian restaurant in new Tampa or Wesley Chapel, Vallarta’s just squeaked by Cantina Laredo as your favorite Latin eatery and La Prima Pizza and PizzaMania again dominated the Favorite Pizza category, with Marco’s Pizza, Wolf’s Den and Papa John’s also tallying a lot of votes. The top five sandwich shops easily outdistanced the others on the list at right, with Subway (ugh!) still winning the top spot easily. The top six steak places also did very well, as Outback


made a late charge to overtake Stonewood, Texas Roadhouse and Sushi Tsu. Perhaps the most interesting contest this year was your favorite bar, although Brass Tap did end up with ten more votes than anyone else, but there were only about ten votes total separating the next eight places on the list. And, in the ice cream and dessert category, Coldstone Creamery, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream and Dairy Queen were a dominant #1-#3...again! I believe Kobe Steakhouse (#18 in New Tampa, #8 among your favorite Asian restaurants) was the only restaurant that actually opened in 2011 to make the top-25 in either of our distribution areas, although newcomers Jalapeno, J. Baja’s and Latin Twist Café finished as your #6-#8 favorite Latin restaurants, and the also-new-in2011 900º Woodfired Pizza was your sixth favorite pizza place. I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it every year, but some of you folks don’t know how to read directions. Every time you fill out an entry with only one restaurant named as your #1-#5 favorite, or your favorite in both New Tampa and Wesley Chapel, not only are you disqualified, but your vote doesn’t help your favorite restaurant AT ALL! I have no problem with you naming your favorite place #1 in as many categories as you want, but in order for your vote(s) to count, you also have to tell us as many OTHER places you also like as possible. That having been said, only about 50 entrants were disqualified, so your odds were less than 1 in 50 to win one of our great FREE dining prizes this year. The big winner is Roberta Hyde of Country Walk in Wesley Chapel, who will win a $100 gift card (or certificate) to the restaurant of her choice in the Tampa Bay area! Our other 2011 winners are listed bottom far right. Also, see pg. 3 for more info about our dining reviews! — GN

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •

Your Favorite Restaurants In New Tampa!

Your Favorite Restaurants In Wesley Chapel!

1. Stonewood Grill & Tavern 2. Sushi Tsu 3. Liang’s Bistro 4. Lee Roy Selmon’s 5. Olive Garden 6. Ciccio’s Lodge 7. Acropolis Greek Taverna 8. Romano’s Macaroni Grill 9. Red Lobster 10. Chili’s 11. Ruby Tuesday 12. Panera Bread 13. TGI Friday’s 14. Thai Ruby 15. Mr. Dunderbak’s 16. Sukhothai 17. Urban Culinary Cuisine 18. Kobe Steakhouse 19. Chick-Fil-A 20. Five Guys Burgers & Fries 21. Steak & Shake 22. Cole’s BBQ 23. Café Olé 24. Ploy Thai 25. Moe’s SW Grill

1. Bonefish Grill 2. Grillsmith 3. La Prima Pizza 4. Wolf’s Den 5. Cantina Laredo 6. Vallarta’s 7. Outback Steakhouse 8. The Hungry Greek 9. Texas Roadhouse 10. Red Robin 11. Prime Bar 12. Café Fresco 13. First Watch 14. Bonsai Sushi 15. Applebee’s 16. PizzaMania 17. Pagelli’s 18. Moe’s SW Grill 19. Dickey’s BBQ 20. Cracker Barrel 21. Tijuana Flats 22. Beef O’Brady’s 23. Yamato 24. Sonny’s BBQ 25. Taste of Boston

Your Favorite Asian Restaurants In NT & WC! 1. Sushi Tsu 2. Liang’s Bistro 3. Yamato 4. Sukhothai 5. Asian Buffet

6. Thai Ruby 7. Ho Wok 8. Kobe Steakhouse 9. Saffron Indian Cuisine 10. Bonsai Sushi

Your Favorite Latin Restaurants In NT & WC! 1. Vallarta’s 2. Cantina Laredo 3. Tijuana Flats 4. Las Palmas 5. Moe’s SW Grill

6. Jalapeno 7. J. Baja’s 8. Latin Twist Café 9. La Cubanita Café 10. Café Olé

Your Favorite Pizza Restaurants In NT & WC! 1. La Prima Pizza 2. PizzaMania 3. Marco’s Pizza 4. Wolf’s Den 5. Papa John’s

6. 900º Woodfired (Wiregrass) 7. Westshore Pizza 8. Pizza Hut 9. Woodfired Pizza (Bearss) 10. PizzaZone

Your Favorite Sandwich Shops/Delis In NT & WC! 1. Subway 2. Publix Deli 3. Firehouse Subs 4. Jimmy John’s 5. Wolf’s Den

6. Panera Bread 7. Jersey Mike’s Subs 8. La Prima Pizza 9. The Hungry Greek 10. Mr. Dunderbak’s

Your Favorite Restaurants For Steak In NT & WC! 1. Outback Steakhouse 2. Stonewood Grill & Tavern 3. Texas Roadhouse 4. Grillsmith 5. Sushi Tsu

6. Bonefish Grill 7. Lee Roy Selmon’s 8. Dempsey’s Steakhouse 9. Remington’s Steakhouse 10. Ciccio’s Lodge

Your Favorite Bars/Pubs/Taverns In NT & WC! 1. Brass Tap 2. Peabody’s 3. Mr. Dunderbak’s 4. Beef O’Brady’s 5. World of Beer

6. Ciccio’s Lodge 7. Aja Wiregrass 8. Winner’s Grill 9. Prime Bar 10. (tie) Stonewood & Acropolis

Your Favorite Ice Cream/Dessert Places In NT & WC! 1. Cold Stone Creamery 2. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream 3. Dairy Queen 4. Cafe 365 (Wiregrass) 5. Boardwalk Frozen Custard

6. Baskin-Robbins 7. You Do The Dishes 8. You Say When Yogurt 9. North Pole Ices 10. MochiBerry (Wiregrass)

Congratulations To All Of Our Prize Winners! 1. $100 to the restaurant of her choice — Roberta Hyde, Country Walk 2. Our $50 Winners — Ceci Guttierez, Seven Oaks & David Scaglione, Pebble Creek 2. Our $20 Winners — Amanda Dillinger, Meadow Pointe; Tina Harjani, Tampa Palms; Bill Donahue, Lexington Oaks; Michelle Conceicao, Cory Lake Isles & Michelle Mosher, Pinewalk

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“Paris Hair” Continued from page 23 “It’s Not All About Me”

Although it’s hard to not make such a colorful character the focal point of this story, Jasmine wants to make sure everyone understands that Paris Hair, The New Look Salon, is about so much more than just her. “I have put ‘togethaire’ a wonderful team here,” she says. “All of the stylists and spa technicians here have had ‘training fantastique’ and have many years of experience.” Lorraine, who happened to not be in the day I visited, has more than ten years of experience. Nicole, Paris Hair’s “newest” stylist, has only been working with Jasmine for about two months as you’re reading this, but she had more than eight years of experience in her native Ohio and Jasmine says, “Nicole already has a great following here. She is so sweet and easy to work with and she is a ‘styliste merveilleux,’ too.” Perhaps best known to some New Tampa residents is Christine, who not only has 30 years of experience, but is also married to Maj. Michael Beale, who is known for running the outstanding Junior ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) program at New Tampa’s Paul R. Wharton High. Christine, who spent nine years as


a stylist and color specialist in La Jolla, CA, when her husband was stationed in that area, says that color is her first love in the business. She also has been a platform artist, working with hair and makeup for runway models, for Tressa Hair Products.

Spa Ser vices, Too!

As she was preparing to open in her 56th St. location, Jasmine already was assembling the finest spa team she could find. Ruby, her nail technician, is from Colombia and she brings more than 20 years of experience to Paris Hair. The same can be said for Shannon, the spa’s licensed massage therapist (LMT), and for Wendy, a licensed aesthetician with more than 25 years of experience who also owned her own spa in her native Peru. “I was one of Jasmine’s clients at her first location for nine years,” Wendy says. “We became friends, of course, and when she told me she was adding spa services at the new location, I was very happy to provide the different facials and skin treatments.” Wendy was the only spa employee I got to interview, but I did also get to chat with her client Kim, who was getting a deep cleansing facial as I visited. “Kim was my hair clee-ont and my amie (friend) first,” Jasmine says with a smile. “She has told many people about my salon.”

Kim agreed: “My mom and I come here all the time. Wendy is amazing and Jasmine is very special. I’m so glad I found her!” In other words, if you’ve been thinking about trying a whole new look for 2012 or you just want to enjoy great hair cutting and coloring and/or spa services AND great conversation with an authentic French accent, say “Bonjour” to Jasmine and her staff (and she is Wendy, a licensed aesthetician, provides the hiring qualified hair stylists and nail facials, skin and body treatments at Paris Hair. technicians, too) at Paris Hair and Salon, is located at 11103 N. 56th please tell them Monsieur Nager (pronounced “Nah-jay”) sent you to receive St., Temple Terrace. For appointments and more info, call 985-3343 30-percent-off one hair or spa service! or visit Paris Hair, The New Look

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •




Join OrthoTechnology’s Winning Team! Ortho Technology, a worldwide distributor of orthodontic products located in New Tampa, is seeking talented energetic candidates for the following positions: INSIDE SALES: Experienced Telesales reps wanted to manage and grow established territories. Successful Inside Sales exp in a quota-based environment req’d. Competitive base + commission. Qualified candidates should submit resume citing proven sales track record to Visit our website at for additional information and other job opportunities. We provide a great work environment and excellent benefits package. PHYSICAL THERAPIST OR PTA – An established New Tampa outpatient clinic is hiring a PT or PTA to provide customized, one-on-one care during afternoon and early evening hours for diverse patient population. Fax resume to (813) 994-3080 NOW HIRING: Nail technician, Receptionist, Licensed massage therapist (female).Applicant(s) must be experienced. Call: (813) 786-8510



DRY WALL SPECIALIST - Not a handyman. Affordable Quality Work repairing water damage, ceilings and walls, retexturing, popcorn removal, room additions, cracks, holes, plaster and stucco repair. 26 Years Experience. Wesley Chapel resident. State Certified. Call Ron for free estimate (813) 784-5999 NEED HOME MAINTENANCE – Almost any job, large or small, ext/int, fencing , screening, sm. concrete, sprinklers, painting, repairs, int. doors, locks, sheet rock, windows, paint, caulk, grout, trim, shelving, garages organized. Installations, removals, pressure washing, wood restoration & more. Call Dale’s Home Maintenance @ 973-0194 or 727-2582. GREG’S PAPERHANGING – For all of your wallpapering needs. Licensed & insured, clean, quick & reasonable. Call 973-2767 for free estimate. FLORIDA FLOOR SYSTEMS INC. – Columbia Laminate from $2.49SF Columbia Wood from $4.99SF Mohawk/Shaw Carpet from $1.99SF. Material, Labor, Installed. Call David (813) 943-4772, Free Estimates.








SPRINKLER REPAIR – FL Waterworks: We’ve been in the sprinkler repair business for over 5 years! All of our work is 100% guaranteed and we offer written warranties on all of our work! Call us today for fast friendly service! We want to earn your business, and be your local Tampa Bay Sprinkler Repair Contractor for Life! Call Now (813) 239-7345 or visit


M I S C E L L A N E O U S TURN YOUR CLUTTER INTO CASH ! Garage & estate sales, inventory liquidation, & appraisal services. We'll sell it for you online! We evaluate & appraise your products then get you top dollar. We do the work you get the cash. Ask me how, contact Mary at (813) 428-5793 TAI CHI CLASSES – open to the public at the Club Tampa Palms. Benefits: Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Focus and reduced stress. New Beginner 6 week courses starting every few months Thursday evening’s 7-8 pm. Space is limited. Also personal instruction in Tai Chi, Kempo Karate, Boot Camp Fitness training and more. With more than 31 years of training and teaching experience. Please contact me for more details or go to: Peter 787-7560 or E-mail BASS PLAYER or DRUMMER WANTED Jazz/Blues/Rock to practice once a week with SAXOPHONIST (Professor @ USF) & TWO GUITARISTS, start band & do occasional GIGs in the North Tampa area. We have played in numerous bands, jazz, rock, blues 15-20+ years. Glenn w (813) 974-7922 h (813) 972-9394 PROFESSIONAL TECH SUPPORT – in your home or small business. A+ certified computer tech with 15 years of exp. Maintenance & repairs, upgrades & tutoring. More affordable than the large chains! Friendly, personalized svc. Technical jargon explained in plain English. References available upon request. Call 957-8342 for free estimate.









TAMPA CAT LADY- Professional Cat-Sitting Service. You say goodbye – we say hello. Cats are happiest in their own home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, & smells. When you are away, we feed, cuddle, & play with your kitties & clean & dispose of litter. We help deter crime by bringing newspaper/mail & rotating lights/blinds, giving your home that lived-in look. Insured, bonded, & Red-Cross certified in pet first aid/CPR. Call 994-9449 or visit us at

CLEANING SERVICES D-ULTRA CLEANING SERVICE. We have our own supplies & more than 200 clients in New Tampa! For more information, Call 758-9710. CYD PROFSESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICES Residential & Commercial – Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Rates - Flexible Scheduling including week-ends. Green Cleaning Solutions available upon request. We provide all cleaning supplies. Quality Cleaning at AFFORDABLE prices/ 5 years experience. You’ll have the same uniformed cleaning professional every time! Call Catherine (813) 965-4162.

CLEANING SERVICES M.Y. CLEANING SERVICE: Offering Residential cleaning. We offer complete bath & kitchen cleaning, as well as dusting and polishing furniture. We provide our own supplies. Free estimates! Your satisfaction is our priority! With 5 years of experience, we guarantee meticulous cleaning! Call Mila: (813) 5163554.



FORECLOSURE HOMES & BANK REPO LISTINGS – Team Bohannon, Coldwell Banker email at Call at (813) 982-7512








OFFICE FURNITURE: Cherry desk with matching credenza, desk chair and side chair. $900 or make best offer. Office Framed World Maps with gold leaf $10 each or 3 for $20. Potted Palms on Patio - $50 each or 3 for $125. Contact Judi Beck (813) 972-3430.

LOOKING TO PLACE A LISTING Contact the Neighborhood News ! 813-910-2527 Please call to inquire about placement rates and how an advertisment may affect your business today!

LICENSED MOBILE MASSAGE THERAPIST – 9am -9pm, Mon, Tues & Wed. $55 for 1 hour! Types of massage available: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aroma Therapy, Hot Stone, Corporate Seated, Pregnancy, Sports & Injury Rehab. References available. CALL (727) 372-6389 Lic # MA47546. CAR SERVICES – Don’t Have a Ride? Don’t Want to Leave Your Car? Shouldn’t Drive? We Drive You and Your Car Home! Night Clubs, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Concerts, Appointments, Airport or Stranded... Call Jay at (813) 966-1530.


RAYMOND PAINTING – Interior & Exterior pressure washing, paper hanging, plaster, stucco, tiles, clean & seal pavers, roofing leaks, etc. Licensed & Bonded. References available. Free Estimates. Your Neighborhoond Arbor Greene Resident. We work 7 days. Call 994-5124.





KJ POOL SERVICE – Enjoy Your Pool, While We Maintain It. Servicing pools for over 6 years. First Month Free, Plus Free Evaluation & Quote. Owner & Operator. LICENSE, BONDED & INSURED. Office:(813)909-9466 Cell:(813)748-9817 Visit our website @ TRANQUILITY POOL SERVICE - New Tampa owned & operated. Great Pricing with outstanding customer service! Licensed, Bonded & Insured. See why we are New Tampa’s # 1 Choice!! New customer’s One Month Free! Call Chris Today @ (813) 857-5400 or visit AQUATEC POOL SERVICE has been keeping pools clear & swim safe since 1994. We Do Pools Right! Commercial & Residential. CPO #33-303052 Licensed & Insured. Service guarantee. Call Today and get One Month Of Quality Service Free (813) 780-8616

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •

For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •



For Advertising Information Call 813-910-2575 • Volume 20, Issue 2 • Januar y 14, 2012 •

Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News  
Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News  

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