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Director / Photographer Saachin Sagar Made possible with the inspired work and deeply creative talent of our make-up artists, fashion & hair stylists, models and fitness models.


Live Photoshoot at Backstage 10

Miss University Africa Mauritius Alexandrine Belle-Etoile Miss University Africa Mauritius Finalists Sephora Rosette & Kresha Curpanen Model from Russia Yulia Dolgova Clothes : Black&white Make Up : Hans Dax Hair : Samuel Alex David Photography : Saachin Sagar Location : Backstage Hennessy Park Hotel


Alexandrine Belle-Etoile Miss University Africa Mauritius 2018

Alexandrine Belle-Etoile is the new Miss University Africa Mauritius. The 21 year old participated in a beauty pageant for the first time as it was non-bikini pageant. “It feels great to be able to use beauty for a noble cause, that is, the education of the girl child in Africa. Besides, a pageant is much more than physical beauty. It is also about personality and charisma. Beauty lies in imperfection” she says. She describes her adventure as a fantastic one, “I have been able to meet people from different backgrounds and made new friends. Now as Miss University Africa Mauritius, I am a role model to all the young girls who are aspiring to become a Beauty Queen, in inculcating values and promoting the rights to education”. Alexandrine Belle-Etoile is also a model, “I have started modeling a few years back. Modelling gave me many opportunities for instance being part of campaigns and travelling. But I wish to highlight that modelling and pagentry are two different worlds”. After completing her schooling at Loreto College of Quatre Bornes, she chose to study Fine Arts at Mahatma Gandhi Institute. She is currently doing her 2nd Year. Besides painting and drawing, she loves sports and dancing. She is the youngest child of her family, “My brother is named Jean-Eric and my sister Géraldine. We are lucky that our parents are supportive. They encourage us in pursuing our dreams and reaching our goals”. Alexandrine Belle-Etoile is aiming at becoming an art therapist to help children with special needs flourish by incorporating art through various methods. “I want be an independent and accomplished woman while continuing to help others” she concludes.








“Beauty lies in imperfection� Alexandrine Belle-Etoile Miss University Africa Mauritius 2018



Hans Dax Hans Dax is a well-known makeup artist. He also holds the Miss University Africa franchise in Mauritius, “Since 2017, I have been dedicating myself to the franchise and the responsibilities which comes along with my new role as the franchise holder/national director”. According to Hans Dax, the purpose of Miss University Africa is to celebrate beauty with brains. Its main mission is to promote the education of the girl child in Africa . It is the most prestigious non-bikini pageant in Africa and it is present in 54 african countries. “Miss University Africa is about using beauty for a cause and the cause is a strong one , where it could motivate other young girls to aspire being a Beauty Queen while serving beauties with brains as a strong motto. It was also important to show that beauty pageants are not just about exposing your body to feel beautiful. Thus making them accessible to all ethnicities present on our multicultural island”. He feels honoured and priviledged to have been able to organise the second edition of Miss University Africa Mauritius, “But it was the first time the pageant was organised as a full-fledged competition. We did a casting and nine finalists were chosen to compete for the title of Miss University Africa Mauritius 2018. Last year we selected a girl, without going through the phases of a competition, to represent Mauritius on the international platform of Miss University Africa”. Hans Dax highlights that Mauritius holds the title of Miss University Africa 2017. The crown was won by Lorriane Nadal. She is also a United Nations Youth Ambassador, “Lorriane Nadal is actually visiting several African countries. She is meeting the head of states and promotes the education of the girl child. Alexandrine wants to follow in her foot steps and is aiming for the crown of Miss University Africa. The International finals will be at the end of August in Abuja, Nigeria”.






Yulia Dolgova

From Russia…with Love

Yulia Dolgova is very fond of Mauritius. For the Russian girl, the island is one of the best spots for Kitesurfing. “My passion for Kitesuring brought here two years ago. Since then, I have become a regular visitor. I began to learn Kitesurfing on the island and it is now my favourite windy spot” she says. Besides Kitesurfing, she loves cooking. The 23-year old comes all the way from Moscow. Yulia Dolgova is also a model. It has been seven years now, “I have always been tall and thin. When I was 16, I realised that my physical features were not a disadvantage. Rather they helped me discover modelling. It gave me a new purpose”. Yulia Dolgova adds that being thin does not always mean being fit, “In Russia, there are many lean girls but not all of them are in good shape. So, it is very important to work out even more if you are a model”. For the young girl, beauty is the one’s inner light, “Our purpose is make it shine as often as possible”. Yulia Dolgova practices modelling as a hobby. She works as a project director for an agency which organises festivals around the world. She also studies at the Russian State Humanitarian University in the field “PR and Advertising”. She also cares a lot about her look, “Whether it is for work or a party, I like to wear original and unusual clothes so as to be different from others”. And if there is one thing that Yulia Dolgova has to have on her, is a bag, “I can’t live without it”.




a f r ibeauty can Model Eugénie Marie Stéphie Clothes / Shoes / Accessories Eugénie Marie Stéphie Make Up Ayishah Aref Photography Saachin Sagar Location Saachin Sagar Studio 29


Eugénie Marie Stéphie Eugénie Marie Stéphie is a model best known for her afro-textures hair. The 21-year old is also an upcoming fashion designer. “A few years back, people would hesitate to follow trends. Their ethnic backgroud would act as a hurdly with their sense of creativity. Nowadays, Mauritius feel free to express themselves while respecting others’ belief. On top of that, boys and girls from different ethnicities are interested in modelling. This shows that the fashion industry is expanding gradually” observe Eugénie Stéphie from Chemin Grenier. Eugénie Stéphie works at DSO Group and is also a representative for Skill and You. She just launched herself into fashion designing. “It is just a hobby” she adds. It all starts with her sister, Angélique. The young woman is living off her passion for African Waxprints. Angélique Eugénie imports African Waxprints then she sells them on her Facebook page, Black Roots. She also designs clothes and headwraps. “My sister and I did some research work. We can say that the African Waxprints is one of the latest trends and is in great demand in Mauritius” Eugénie explains. That is how African Waxprints inspires her to design her first dress to attend a wedding ceremony, “I just give life to my ideas by drawing them on papier. The dressmaker completes the work”.

Eugénie is in love with the 1960s and 1990s fashion style : vintage and retro, “I created my own style with a touch of vintage. A pair of round retro sunglasses and my afro-textured hair complete my look. Fashion holds an important place in today’s world. The first impression is the best impression and we need to dress according to the occasion. Thus, we feel good about ourselves and we stand out”. Besides, she is one of the most sought-after models for her afro textured-hair.“The movie Black Pantherhas created a paradigm shift and make us proud of our origins” she says. She is a freelance model since May 2017, “At first it was to have a glimpse of the modelling world. Gradually I grew fond of it. People want to work with me because of my hair which is rare in Mauritius. Modelling shows that even if one is not perfect, he does possess something beautiful”. She tries various hairstyles even if most of the times she prefers to keep her natural afro hair. She calls it Nappy,“Mauritians are proud of their african roots. More and more of them wear African waxprints and go Nappy” Eugénie describes herself as a stay-at-home girl. During her spare time, she watches movies, reads or simply enjoys a good meal. “I also like to take pictures and experiment with new photo editor applica-





“Mauritians are proud of their african roots� Eugenie Marie Stephie







Ayishah Aref is multitalented. The 32-year old is first of all a known international Makeup artist. She is one of the first hijab model and stylist. Ayishah Aref is also a blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, designer and henna tattoo artist. The young woman is affiliated to International Eyewear.

It never occured to her to make a name in the makeup artistry field. Ayishah Aref was around 11 years old when one of her friends suffered from acne breakout. She wanted to help her to feel better. She started researching on different skin types and a few powerful home remedies, “I even reached some herbalists in different countries to find a treatment for my friend. I came addicted of healthy skin”. One day, Ayishah Aref came across a gel. She was in Thailand, “I still remember how the sales girls were insisting I buy the product. At first, I did not understand what she was trying to explain until she applied a touch of gel on her acne. The results were shocking, I had to find out the “how” and I then learnt about the efficacy of silicone gel and cosmetics”.

And this is where her journey began...


Model Ayishah Aref Clothes / Shoes / Accessories Ayishah Aref Make Up Ayishah Aref Photography Saachin Sagar Location Saachin Sagar Studio

55, Business Zone, Ebène Cybercity 72201, Ebène, Mauritius | Tel : +230 401 08 00 | Fax : +230 489 18 61



At the age of 13, she did her first bridal makeup, “I started having a lot of requests. I recognised myself as a makeup artist only at 19 years old that too, after acquiring the experience needed”. Ayishah Aref is a self-taught makeup artist, “I also learnt from the professionals of Theater makeup from Thailand and had the opportunity to exchange with those from Russia, Indonesia, Europe and Middel East”. The makeup artist is also one of the first to be a hijab model and stylist. She poses for photographers, prestigious brands as well as adverts. “Since I already belonged to a family full of designers, it is in my blood to know whatis in and what is not. So, it came naturally to me. As an artist, I like to play with fabrics, colours and styles. Each of my creations is unique. They simply reflect my mood. Besides, styling is not always assorted to makeup. But when it does, it makes someone feels pampered and gorgeous. That is what I want my clients to feel. By the grace of God, many have contacted me not only to style their hijab but also to help them wear it in their everday life. It is blessing to be able to guide my clients”. As a hijab model, she is hoping to bring a change in the society, “Some women like makeup and others do not. We need to respect their choices and do not judge them. No one deserves to be judged for our actions but only by God. I understand that some people may find a role model in me by virtue of my head scarf. But I am a human being with imperfections too. For those who wears Hijab and just want to doll themselves, Just be yourself! Hijab means modesty. Hijab means Modesty as far You are doing it for God and Your faith no one is stopping You for being “You” and not even God forbid You to be happy in your skin”.






Hijab means

modesty - Ayishah Aref -




She adds that beauty is not in the face. It is found within. “Beauty is not in words but in actions. It is not through fame. It is in every single thing of life and loyalty” says Ayishah Aref.

The young woman cares a lot about her look. In fact, the hijabi has two styles of dressing. She named one “The Desert ” and the other one is the “Street Style ’’ I wear my “Desert” clothes when I am feeling free and street when I am careAccording to her, there is nothing free”. wrong for wishing to be a makeup artist. “Nowadays, it has become a trend Between her shootings, projects and being a makeup artist. First off pros, creations, she has little free time for the cons, the ins and outs. It seems herself. She tries to share her work as young girl and some of the boys too much as possible with her Followers wants to be MUA nowadays. Nothing on social media, “I try my best to be wrong ing that. Mauritius is small and available for them, Sometimes writing the industry is overloaded. There will to each one does need time and time is be too many makeup artists for a few one thing I don’t have much for myself clients. It gives the illusion of a glam- thus I try my best to be there for them ourous lifestyle. But it is not always and what’s more than sharing about the case. Not to deflate some budding Me, what I’ve been doing and reviews makeup artist but a real and honest of products. Juggling everything is point of view. Why for some it’s worth tiresome but by the Grace of God it’s a it and for others make up simply isn’t blessing to be able to do it all but above the be-all. First One does not become all to give in return is such an accommakeup artist in a day. We need to plishment on it’s own.“ be patient, creative, unique and have to work hard to earn a name in this During her free time, Ayishah Aref likes field, Makeup Artist isn’t the one born to read, practice sports, listen to mua day, it’s all about sweat and persever- sic, watch movies and do web develance. Following makeup courses is not opment as well as graphic designing. enough. We need to know our tools She reminisces her elders, “I lost my and techniques”. She advises, “Never mother. She always dreamed for us her do something for the wrong reasons or children to just earn respect and a well because someone else is doing it. You off job and I have no doubt She would will never end up with the right out- have been proud of the person we become”. came not of fame but just us as we are as humans” Ayishah Aref tends to move a lot around the island to provide her makeup artistry services. She has also established a name for herself abroad.







“Beauty is not in words but in actions. It is not through fame. It is in every single thing of life and loyalty� Ayishah Aref





Now Fashion is a new concept of Sachin Sagar. Through his photography skills, he is yet again promoting new talents in the field of modelling, make up artistry, hair styling, fashion designing and so on. A bunch of creative people will be joining hands each month to present the latest and hot trends of the fashion industry to our readers.

Model Miss University Africa 2017: Lorriane Nadal Anne Sophie Catherine, Dannah Marshal and Alyssia Dauget Make Up Hans Dax Hair Jason Ceffie Photography Saachin Sagar Location Henessy Park Hotel










Bourjois Paris


Models Gold Models Make Up Siddiquah Rujak from Colors Make-up School Photography Saachin Sagar Location Saachin Sagar Studio

Make-up Collection


Bourjois introduces its new lipstick with a matte, highly pigmented & extreme long-wear: Rouge Velvet The Lipstick. Thanks to its ground-breaking formula, Rouge Velvet The Lipstick will give your lips an intense matte colour that will not dry them out, so light weight you will not even feel it. Its high precision bullet makes the application smooth and easy, leaving your lips with an irresistible velvety soft finish.








Rouge Velvet The Lipstick Bourjois Paris Makeup Collection



FITNESS Nawaz Khoyrattee Life has been tough. Nawaz Khoyrattee has overcome hardships and failures through hardwork. Today, the Fitness Athlete is one of the founders of Body-Fx and wish to create a fitness platform in Mauritius.

Model Nawaz Khoyrattee Photography Saachin Sagar Location Saachin Sagar Studio / Botanical Garden - Curepipe 79


Nawaz Khoyrattee

At 16, Nawaz Khoyrattee decided to go for bodybuilding. He learnt the basics Kadafi (Hossen Aukauloo) in Belle-Rose. Four years later, Nawaz switched to Executive Gym and he benefited from the help of Stephan Noyau. Afterwards, Clyde Lamport inspired him to move from bodybuilding to functional workout. “Shane Li was my personal coach at Sweatbox in Port Louis. He taught me some workouts, fitness challenges and The 31-year old has an aim. It is to create a fitness how to maintain the body”. Functional workout has platform in Mauritius, “The objective is to reunite changed Nawaz Khoyrattee’s life. The actual Head all the athletes that is, Bodybuilder, Strongman, of Sales at New Gnox Contracting is more relaxed. Crossfitter, Weightlifter and Functional athlete. This He has also been in the banking sector. platform will give them the opportunity to compete and promote fitness as a leisure. Fitness helps in Nawaz got married to Aamira Amboorallee-Khoyfighting against social evils. We will also provide rattee at the age of 25. “At this time, I only possupport to atheletes, in terms of sponsorship, to sessed a motorcycle. It was not easy. A few even help them achieve their goals”. Nawaz Khoyrattee some family members were judging me. But my can be contacted on or wife stood by my side. She is always here to make me become a better man”. through his Facebook account. is the ambassador of the brand, Motivation Man. He is a sponsored athlete of Body-Fx, “Body-Fx is a company created by those who care about healthy nutrition and lifestyle. There are Laval Law, Didier Quirin, Pascal Quirin, Deni Ayen, Didier Etiennette, Bernard Pontil and myself. Body-Fx is considered as one of the best bodybuilding supplements in Mauritius”.

The world of Fitness has encouraged Nawaz to face life’s hardships. He has a twin brother and suffers from asthma since his birth. His father is a driver and her mother, a housewife, “I come from a low-income family. My parents have been striving to lead a normal life”. At the age of 8, Nawaz started to learn martial arts. He then discovered the world of bodybuilding through his uncle, Noorani Khoyrattee, “I was inspired by my uncle”. He was twelve when he was compelled to work as a storekeeper. He then bought his school materials, “My parents couldn’t afford these. I would go to the store everyday after school hours and even during holidays. This situation helped become a mature person despite my young age”.

In January 2017, Nawaz injured his right knee. He had to undergo an ACL replacement surgery. Gradually, he resumed to his training, “The team of Sweatbox, Body-Fx and Moving as well as Guillaum Cassadin, Ashley Pitchia, Anil Seeperson and Dr Narraidu made me regain the use of my knee”. For Nawaz Khoyrattee, it is important to keep fit, “Working out helps one to become proactive and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It helps us to stay focus and positive”.

Few tips from Nawaz : 20 minutes of exercices each day can help keep you healthy as well as a balanced breakfast, drinking water and some functional movements such as Press up, Squat, Cardio, Jumping Jack or Jumping rope. Opting for a sauna regularly, stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems and keeps you motivated



‘‘ Muscled by Motivation ”

Nawaz Khoyrattee





ABOUT BODY FX Inspiring to make healthy and active living a lifetime habit BodyFx is a company that is founded on true passion to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Not just to live longer, but to remain active in mind, body, and to simply live better. We strongly believe that at our healthiest, we can unlock all what life has to offer. The overwhelming number of supplement types and brands on the market makes it hard to make the right choice. As the steward of our community, we dedicate time to research and evaluate the healthiest and the best value products. Our promise to our clients is to work hard to make the best solutions accessible for all. For the past 8 years, we made every effort to help our clients be their maximized selves. We recognize that each individual is unique, so we listen and assess before we can give them a set of products and guidance that are customized to help them meet their goals. Our growth is shaped by an established set of values; customer commitment, quality, integrity, respect, good citizenship, and accountability. We are mindful of each decision and direction that we take to stay true to the Body FX brand. We want to build and maintain a culture that we are proud to carry forward as a legacy. We strive to stay agile and innovative. We embrace change to ensure we offer the latest and best solutions for our society’s evolving lifestyle and needs. However, our mission remains the same: Inspire to make healthy and active living a lifetime habit.


The 31-year old has an aim. It is to create a fitness platform in Mauritius, “The objective is to reunite all the athletes that is, Bodybuilder, Strongman, Crossfitter, Weightlifter and Functional athlete. This platform will give them the opportunity to compete and promote fitness as a leisure. Fitness helps in fighting against social evils. We will also provide support to atheletes, in terms of sponsorship, to help them achieve their goals�.

Nawaz Khoyrattee




“Working out helps one to become proactive and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It helps us to stay focus and positive�. Nawaz Khoyrattee



Art of the lips Model Kevalina & Lucy Belluna Make Up Ashish Rughoobur Photography Saachin Sagar











It masters the art of hide and seek. It reveals not more than it covers. The white towel has the power to evoke sensuality as well as modesty. Saachin Sagar captures the essence of the soft towel drapped around pretty women. Their confidence steals the show.


Hair and Make-Up Sandrine Joseph Model Lucy Belluna by Gold Models Photography Saachin Sagar Location Henessy Park Hotel








Wheat flour

...its incredible benefits!

A healthy diet is not only made up of fruits, vegetables and less refined foods. Wheat flour is one such basic food which is rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. The dietitian Nirusha Pahladi explains the benefits of wheat flour. Wholemeal , brown and white flour are among the most common types of flour. Nirusha Pahladi explains that wholemeal is made from the whole wheat grain with nothing added or taken away. Brown flour usually contains about 85% of the original grain. Some bran and germ have been removed. Whereas white flour contains around 75% of the wheat grain. Most of the bran and wheatgerm have been removed during the milling process.

Nirusha Pahladi holds a bachelor degree with Honours in Nutrition from the United-Kingdom. She is now a Registered Associate Nutritionist who is accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) in the UK. Her aims, professionalisms and experiences are to help people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, managing diseases and achieve their life goals in Mauritius. Nirusha’s work combines her commitment to continuous scientific evidence-based research to deliver the most updated nutrition services with her belief that every individual can succeed, be healthy and feel inspired about oneself. Recent years ago, she also gained experience within an international exposure in her expertise in Singapore and now she is a nutrition consultant in Mauritius.

According to research, one of the primary nutritional differences between whole-wheat and white flour is the fibre content. “Dietary fibre has a number of health benefits that is, prevents constipation, lowers blood cholesterol and might even help you lose weight” says Nirusha Pahladi. Whole-wheat flour also contains several vitamins, including folate, riboflavin and vitamins B1, B3 and B5, “Wholewheat flour provides a nutritional advantage over some white flours due to its vitamin content. Some types of white flour contain lower levels of these vitamins, since the processing involved in making white flour destroys the grains’ vitamin content”. Nirusha Pahladi advises to check the nutrition label to determine if a bag of white flour has added vitamins, and to compare different brands of flour so as to maximize your vitamin intake. The wholewheat as the white flour contain carbohydrates. Thus, it has an effect on your blood sugar. “After you eat a meal, your body breaks the carbohydrates from your food into glucose, a simple sugar. This glucose then enters your bloodstream, so it can circulate throughout your body and provide fuel to your cells. The glycemic index, or GI, of a food serves as a measure of how quickly this process occurs” she explains. According to studies, bread made with 100 % whole-wheat flour has a lower GI than white wheat flour. Therefore, low-GI foods absorb more slowly to prevent blood sugar spikes, so it improves satiety for longer and prevent the process of overeating rather than high-GI foods lead to rapid blood sugar spikes that leave you hungry and irritable shortly after eating. 110

T : 57 71 63 77 Consultation at Quatre-Bornes ‘Pharmacy St-Jean’ building Upon appointment only

Rolled tofu, green peas and mushroom crepes Duration: 5-10 min • 100 g whole wheat flour • 150 ml milk (skimmed) • 2 egg whites • 1 tbsp mashed avocado • A pinch of salt and sugar • 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms • 1/4 cup grated tofu • 3 tbsp thinly sliced onions • 1 tbsp fresh green peas, steamed • 1 tsp finely chopped green chillies • 1 tbsp olive oil • Salt and pepper to taste Sift whole wheat flour and salt into a bowl. Mix well. In a separate bowl, mix the eggs, milk, avocado and sugar. Fold the flour mixture into the egg mixture. Pour a ladleful of the mixture on to a pre-heated non-stick pan to make thin pancakes. Keep them aside. Heat olive oil and add the onion and tofu, fry for 1 min, then add mushroom, green peas and green chillies. Fry for 2 mins. Add salt and pepper and fry for another 2 min. Let cool. Spread the filling on the pancakes. Roll them, then place each one on a heated pan and cook it on both sides for 1 min. Serve with tomato salsa.


Manz la farine di blé, reste en bonne santé!

55, Business Zone, Ebène Cybercity 72201, Ebène, Mauritius | Tel : +230 401 08 00 | Fax : +230 489 18 61






Newstyle Issue 15  

Issue 15 of Newstyle magazine - your premier styling, fashion and talent discovery online magazine in Mauritius and Indian Ocean.

Newstyle Issue 15  

Issue 15 of Newstyle magazine - your premier styling, fashion and talent discovery online magazine in Mauritius and Indian Ocean.