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University recognized for clinic creation BETHANY CIANCOLO | STAFF REPORTER Students and faculty have garnered distinctions for their charitable work around the globe. University of Cincinnati students in the colleges of Medicine; Engineering and Applied Science; and Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) are once again being recognized for their work in the development of a new health center in Tanzania. The ACSA (American Collegiate Schools of Architecture) — a membership association that works to enhance architectural education — has chosen the project to be one of three recipients of the 2011-2012 Collaborative Practice Award, slated for March 2. “[ACSA looks] for educationally

based programs that are engaging students with the practice of architecture,” said Michael Zaretsky, an assistant professor of architecture and interior design who has been involved in the project since 2008. “It’s a great honor, and we are thrilled to receive that recognition from our peers.” The health center in Roche, Tanzania, opened April 1, 2011, but has been in development for several years, Zaretsky said. Dr. Chris Lewis — a UC medical school alumnus who visited a hospital in rural Tanzania in 2002 — said he became committed to the communities there and was determined to involve other medical students, nursing students and faculty in medical brigades. “[Lewis] also recognized the importance of not just doing outreach, but of trying to see what was going to

benefit those communities long-term by asking them,” Zaretsky said. Lewis founded the project’s sponsor, Village Life Outreach Project — a nonprofit organization that works to unite communities to promote health and education — in 2004. The recent recognition by the ACSA is not the first accolade the project has received. Last year, the project received an award for creative integration from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) — an organization that oversees the licensure of architects. “Traveling to Tanzania was a chance for every student to test what he or she had learned in classes at UC in a foreign and desperately un-served pocket of the globe,” said Nate Hammitt, a fourthyear architecture student who traveled SEE TANZANIA | 5

Research earns UC bronze


THE GROUND UP Liz Baverman took first place for her overall design of a Sephora store in an international competition.

KYLE STONE | STAFF REPORTER A team of University of Cincinnati student researchers brought home the bronze from the finals of the Acara Challenge this past weekend. The Araca Challenge is a competition to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable design for social change. The team is attempting to improve living conditions in a small Indian village. Their sustainable product, titled “Renew Trash Compactor,” is motivated by the abilities to reduce trash, increase recycling, improve sanitation and generate income for the Padli Gujar village in India. The team, consisting of Mark Schutte, a third-year civil engineering student; Carmen Ostermann, a first-year fine arts student; and Autumn Utley, a third-year marketing and international business student, earned two full scholarships to attend the Acara institute in Bangalore, India, for two weeks and the opportunity for $1,000 in matched funding, said Ratee Apana, an associate professor of international business. “I think we impressed a lot of people with our ideas, but we also received a lot of useful criticism,” Schutte said. “We are only as good as our presentation, and our judges were very helpful in pointing out what parts of our business plan were unclear and which parts were strong.” The competition consisted of teams from five other U.S. universities, including Cornell University and the University of Minnesota, as well their Indian and Mexican partner schools. The UC students were able to pursue this opportunity through a Carl H. Lindner College of Business (LCB, formerly known as COB) class,“Take the Challenge for Sustainable Development,” taught by Apana and Rajan Kamath. The class is offered in autumn to both honors and non-honors students, Apana said. So far, the team has had the opportunity to meet other people SEE ACARA | 5

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MISSION MOVE APPROVED City Gospel Mission is currently located at 1419 Elm St. in Over-theRhine, but Judge Pat DeWine has ruled in favor of allowing the mission to move to Queensgate.

Judge rules in favor of City Gospel relocation RYAN HOFFMAN | SENIOR REPORTER


ruling has been made in a case that pitted Queensgate business owners against new-location-seeking City Gospel Mission and the group aiding that relocation. The aiding group is Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation [3CDC]. Judge Pat DeWine gave his ruling in favor of City Gospel Mission’s relocation to Queensgate in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas on Feb. 2. “This clears the path for us to move forward on the construction of City Gospel Mission,” said Anastasia Mileham, vice president of communications for 3CDC. The case was brought up initially in June 2011 because several Queensgate business owners believed the mission’s relocation to an industrial park was not in the best interest of the homeless, said attorney Peter Koenig, a partner with Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co., who represented the Queensgate businesses. City Gospel Mission is set to leave its current location at 1419 Elm St. in Over-the-Rhine for 1801 Dalton Ave., a highly industrial area between York and Findlay streets in Queensgate. “Judge DeWine’s ruling is further confirmation of what we have known since the day we discovered the Queensgate parcel — it is absolutely the right location for City Gospel Mission,” said City Gospel Mission spokesman Jason Williams, in an email. The controversy that brought about the






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KICKING THE HABIT Sherman Bradley, vice president of City Gospel Mission, addresses men in the mission’s Exodus residential addiction-recovery program. lawsuit dealt with the constitutionality of the move to Queensgate. Moving an organization like City Gospel Mission to Queensgate would have violated zoning laws that designated Queensgate a high-density industrial and manufacturing sector. Those pre-existing laws were circumvented when Cincinnati City Council and the City Planning Commission approved an ordinance in June 2011 that allowed the shelter to relocate to Queensgate. “The court has made it clear that the SEE GOSPEL | 5

Students ‘pave’ way in design contest


The University of Cincinnati swept the four top prizes in an international design competition. UC design students prevailed at the 2011 Planning and Visual Education (PAVE) design competition — a sponsored event that PAVE holds each year for two- and four-year design students across the globe. The competition challenges students to envision and create solutions for real life retail situations. UC’s top-ranked interior design program at DAAP took home four of 12 total prizes; a first-place finish, two secondplace finishes, and an honorable mention. DAAP beat out all other schools in number of prizes won as well in prize money granted, totaling in more than $10,000. The concept was to create a ‘pop-up’ location for Sephora, a leading chain of perfume and cosmetic stores in France, along with more than 400 stores in nine different countries. The ‘pop-up’ idea is based on a free standing or traveling location for the store. The challenge was to design a 1,000-square-foot Sephora store. Liz Baverman, a fourth-year interior design student, took home first place in the Overall Store Design category, followed by Kayla Reinbold, another fourthyear interior design student who took home second place. Diana Stercula, a third-year interior design student, gained an honorable mention in the same category. Joanna Chen, a fourth-year interior design SEE PAVE | 5

Key to brain aneurysm in genetics




LAYING THE FOUNDATION Assistant professor Michael Zaretsky demonstrates the Roche Health, which has garnered national attention, Center’s new CFL bulbs to members of the Roche Village Council and other Roche citizens Tanzania.


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New technology has shown a process of exome sequencing UC researchers that intracranial which looks at a small part of aneurysms — which can rupture the genetic “blue print” — that Progress made at the and cause bleeding in and provides information on protein University of Cincinnati around the brain — are linked to structure and function — and Medical School is leading gene mutations. determines if there is a variation to advancements in solving The study, which began in of the standard “blue print” we brain bleeds. 2002, was presented Friday, have available, Broderick said. Feb. 3, at the American Stroke The technology is being Association’s 2012 International tested on families that have a Stroke Conference in New significant number of people in Orleans, along with many other their family affected by brain UC stroke findings. aneurysms, Broderick said. “This is a brand new We have 500 families from technology that is being released North America, New Zealand and for the first time and being Australia the sequencing found used for patients with brain who had a significant number aneurysms,” said Dr. Joseph of intracranial aneurysms, Broderick, chair of the College Broderick said. COURTESY OF UC.EDU Medicine’s department From those families, Broderick IN YOUR GENES Dr. Joseph of Broderick, a researcher at UC’s of neurology and research then narrowed his subjects. “Of those families with College of Medicine has found director of the UC Neuroscience Institute, who presented the significant number of individuals genetic markers in families that research in New Orleans. with intracranial aneurysms, we have histories of brain aneurysms. The new innovation includes chose seven families we thought NEWSRECORDNEWS@GMAIL.COM | 513.556.5908

were the best to study, and chose 32 people from those families to study,” Broderick said. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the National Institutes of Health are currently funding the study that will continue searching for a genetic marker for brain aneurysms. “It is just the tip of the iceberg … we are just getting started,” Broderick said. “We just presented data from one of the seven families and found some abnormalities in the collagen proteins.” The research was made possible by Indiana University, which served as the statistical genetics group, the Center of Inherit Disease in Baltimore and the many individuals at UC who contributed to the study, Broderick said.


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Ohio on GOP radar once again

For the first time since 2000, Ohio will play a key role in the Republican primary race — but you probably won’t have a say. The Buckeye State last mattered to the GOP in 2008, when John McCain declared Sarah Palin to be his running mate at Wright State University’s Nutter Center — a decision that will forever cement his political legacy. This time around, a conglomeration of presidential suitors will convene to see who will gain momentum before the primary ends in July — however, if you aren’t a registered Republican, you won’t decide who challenges President Barack Obama in November. You are probably unaware of that in order to vote in the GOP primaries, you must be a registered Republican voter — due to Ohio being a closedprimary state. Don’t worry; they don’t advertise this for a reason. In 2008, Rush Limbaugh ran a campaign called “Operation Mayhem” where he encouraged his listeners to register as Democrats in order to sway the vote away from Hillary Clinton — guess that one kind of back fired. Ohio has a 30-day voter registration requirement, meaning voters needed to update their registration in Ohio by Feb. 6 to vote in time for the March 6 deadline. While many of us registered from campus or other places throughout the city by volunteer workers, we were registered as an unaffiliated voter — it’s your responsibility to declare your affiliation. As the pack of contendors approach Ohio, it’s important to know who’s still in the race. The current Republican leader, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, has often been accused of flipflopping on issues. Yet he puts up a clear fight to change Obamacare and create more jobs to “get America back to work.” Newt Gingrich, the old GOP warhorse, is currently situated just behind Romney but is losing ground as the days tick away. Gingrich has had his fair share of political experience and has garnered media attention from the revelations of how his previous marriages ended — interesting factoids that make his “restoring marriage” dreams questionable. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex.), the anti-GOPestablishment candidate, draws support from demographics that might otherwise be Obama supporters. He seeks to balance the federal budget, legalize drugs, repeal ObamaCare, end wars and return to a strictly Constitutional government. The long shot, Rick Santorum, is gaining momentum following victories in Missouri and Minnesota, but still sits behind Gingrich. Santorum has been a Pennsylvania representative, Senator and lawyer. While the republican candidates battle out their issues to gain support, Ohio voters should be aware of the overwhelming wave of smear campaigns. Smack talking politicians will be weaving through your airwaves via radio, Internet, and television. During the elections in 2008, $195 million were spent on political ads. A recent report from MediaVest, a media research firm, predicts that political ad spending could rise more than 30 percent this year compared to four years ago. This rise means ad spending could reach $4 billion this time around. No Republican has lost Ohio and won the presidency since Abraham Lincoln. The candidate who wins Ohio, regardless of party, usually wins the highest office. Some even say that as goes Ohio, so goes the nation. It is important for all voters to stay informed on voting processes, especially if you are willing to go the extra mile to support or stop a certain presidential candidate. Be sure to have your voice be heard. After all, your vote could have altered the course of history. Had you known you could influence the Republican field, how far would you have gone to change it? Read more about the GOP primary at

Madonna mediocre during halftime KATIE GRIFFITH | TNR CONTRIBUTOR Year after year, the Super Bowl halftime show fails to impress. I wasn’t expecting much for XLVI either, especially after hearing Madonna was scheduled to perform. The show fell short of my lowest expectations. It was subpar, to say the least. The lights were bright, and the fog provided a neat effect, but Madonna was lost in the middle. Back-up dancers are supposed to enhance the over all appearance of performance, hence “back-up”. Instead, Madonna was consumed by them, and not just because of their number.

Cupid and his tight-rope stole the show. “Strike a pose there’s nothing to it”, couldn’t have been translated more clearly. We all know you’ve been performing for years Madonna, but could you at least smile? Or sing for that matter? Her awkward motion and struggle to keep up with the beat was apparent from the moment she emerged from her giant gold throne. Considering Madonna is the creator of ‘vogue-ing’, one would assume she would be good at it. Sadly, this was not the case. Four-inch heels might not have been the best choice of footwear, either. Good thing a railing was installed behind that set of bleachers, or next time the DJ “put a record on ... and the music starts”,

she would have no choice but to stop. Madonna has had a remarkable and powerful career; it’s too bad she didn’t quit before putting such a dent in that reputation. The simple rhyme scheme and undeveloped lyrics crafted an amateur feel to her newest song, which was unfortunately included in the show. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj were a surprising treat, but not enough to salvage the song. Maybe if Madonna had leaned in for a kiss, it would have been more exciting. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at her over exaggerated gospel performance of “Like A Prayer.” Flailing arms, clenched fist, she ‘thinks she’s falling…down on her knees’ (literally), then poof! she was gone, best trick of the show.



Iranian tension unnecessary, built on lies ADAM CROXTON | STAFF REPORTER It seems that around every corner, there is propaganda building up an Iranian threat to the U.S. and Israel. Take one look at the numbers though, and it’s clear there is no real threat. Defense officials continue to peddle their claim that Iran has or is developing a nuclear weapon — a misconstrued fact at best. That aside, even if Iran did have a nuclear weapon, it would stand no chance of a nuclear war with either Israel or the U.S. Iran has allowed U.N. inspectors into its nuclear facilities on several occasions, and there is no credible intelligence available to the public that would infer that their intention is toward a nuclear weapon. Israel has approximately 400 nuclear weapons, and the U.S. has more than 5,000, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). So, what exactly is the reason for this “fear” of Iran? It is difficult to answer a question like this with logic, as Iran is a third-world nation without the capability of producing enough gasoline for its own people. Prominent figures in Israel have repeatedly stated that Iran poses no threat to Israel. Efraim Halevy, the former Chief of Mossad (Israel’s intelligence agency), recently stated that: “Israel is strong enough to protect itself, to take care of itself […] it is not in the power of Iran to destroy the state of Israel.” Despite evidence to the contrary, the political class in the U.S. are moving toward military action in Iran. President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are all promoting

military action in Iran, whether it be from the Oval Office or the campaign trail. With a recent executive order, placing economic sanctions on Iran, military action is more likely than ever. The only presidential hopeful not advocating military action is Ron Paul. Many people may currently buy into the theme of Iran being a “threat”, but military action should always be a last resort. Iran has close ties with Russia, North Korea and China, namely soon-to-be Russian President Vladimir Putin, have warned against U.S. involvement in Iran. If Israel, backed by the U.S., or vice-versa, decide to attack Iran, it is a likely possibility that China and Russia would come to the aid of Iran. With the reluctance of America’s NATO allies to enter Iraq and Afghanistan, it is hard to believe they would commit themselves to a war of this magnitude without a direct threat to their territory. China has approximately 400 nuclear weapons, and Russia has more than 12,000, according to the IAEA. Both of these countries maintain a large naval fleet and air force, and China has more active military personnel than the United States. Iran having a nuclear weapon could possibly mean war with Israel given the recent posturing from leaders on both sides. If this happened, damage to Israel would be far less impactful than the fate Iran would suffer given the lobsided arsenals. Contrarily, if the U.S. were to take military action against Iran, World War III among other scenarios all come into play given the aformentioned alliances on either side. The amount of deaths in this scenario is not only higher, but farther-reaching.

The U.S. cannot currently afford a war of that magnitude, and, quite honestly, can’t afford the initial military action against Iran the political class seems hopeful for. If America survived the Cold War against a more formidable opponent without ever firing a nuclear missile, it stands to reason nuclear war is not necessary with Iran. The American people need to be wary of the alleged “evidence” that Iran is striving toward nuclear weapons. Not too long ago, the same political class — with many of the same players — was saying the same thing about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Those claims turned out to be false, and millions of Iraqi citizens, and thousands of U.S. service members paid the ultimate price for that propaganda. It is in the best interest of the U.S. to allow Israel to deal with its neighbors however they see fit, and to not intervene. It is not in Israel’s interest to ask for permission from the U.S. every time they want to do anything militarily. If you support Israel, you should respect their sovereignty. If Israel decides to attack Iran, that is their business. If Iran conducts attacks on U.S. soil, then this becomes a situation for the American military. Until then, President Barack Obama and the rest of the political class inside the beltway should leave things in the former Persian Empire well enough alone. As Ron Paul recently said in a GOP debate: “We have 12,000 diplomats in our government. I suggest we start using our diplomats and do a little bit of diplomacy once in awhile.” I whole heartily agree — if we aren’t going to ever use them, why are they employed?

Tazing incident fell from our campus radar We live in a world of cause and effect, and the decisions we make sometimes don’t always result in a favorable outcome for anyone involved. Last August, a campus police officer deployed his X26 model Taser device on 18-year-old Everette Howard during an altercation that resulted in his death. Howard’s official cause of death has yet to be found, but the most recent report from Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Anant Bhati, seems to point to the Taser strike as the most likely cause. The event took place while campus was mostly void of students, which might have been responsible for the lack of a reaction from the student body, but local and national news outlets took notice. The controversial death was a main headline in Cincinnati until just a few days later, when 16-year-old Davon Mullins was shot and killed by a Cincinnati Police officer on downtown’s Fountain Square after resisting arrest and pulling a handgun on the officer. In the case of Mullins, the officer’s

decision to employ deadly force was clear and justifiable to most. It doesn’t take a criminal justice expert to understand that pointing a gun at a cop will result in you being shot, and probably killed. Police officers are not trained to shoot to subdue, or inflict less-than-lethal wounds. The role of less-than-lethal force is left to the popular Taser device and to great success STAFF more often than not. While the cause EDITORIAL of Howard’s death hasn’t been determined, it was officially ruled that the officer’s use of his Taser was justified, and no charges were filed. The officer’s report states, Howard was approaching him with “balled fists” and “appeared agitated,” despite the officer’s commands to stop, leading to the deployment of the usually less-than-lethal weapon. To the non-expert, fists don’t constitute a dangerous enough weapon to warrant a Taser strike, and most people can’t hold a knife or



The News Record, an independent, student-run news organization of the University of Cincinnati’s Communication Board, is printed during the school year every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, except holidays and examination periods, from its office located in 509 Swift Hall and is distributed to the UC community. The News Record distributes to more than 80 locations and has a weekly circulation of 22,500. One copy per person is free. Additional copies can be picked up at The News Record office for $1.


gun with their hands balled but apparently the officer felt that Howard was “agitated” enough to threaten his life and the experts investigating the case agreed. Who are we to argue? Police officers are trained that a Taser is a safer means of stopping people from hurting themselves or people around them. Officers also aren’t allowed to carry the device until after they’ve been on the receiving end of its shock so they know what it does to its victims. Taser strikes resulting in deaths are certainly not common and are absolutely the exception, but do their advantages out-weigh their risks? Life is about making decisions. Lost in the action of the night is the reason why the police were called to the scene in the first place. The dispute and fight the officer responded to was over a hat. A fight started over a hat inevitably resulted in the death of Howard, and it does not get much more senseless than that. Just something to keep in mind next time you think something is important enough to fight over.














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COLLEGES CELEBRATE WOMEN Colleges across the country will perform their own productions of “The Vagina Monologues” as part of the V-Day campaign. All proceeds from each production go toward charitable causes locally and nationwide.

The University of Cincinnati will perform the play as part of V-Day


Eve Ensler wrote the first draft of the play in 1996 after interviewing 200 women about their views on sex, relationships and violence against women. Every monologue somehow relates to the vagina, be it through sex, love, rape, birth or simply as a physical aspect of the body. A recurring theme throughout the piece is female empowerment and the embodiment of individuality. It is the cornerstone of the V-Day movement campaign, whose participants perform the show world wide as a means to educate their communities about women’s rights and violence against women. HOLLY ROUSE | SPOTLIGHT EDITOR Stripped down to just a spotlight and a message, more than 30 women will take the stage of Zimmer Auditorium this weekend. Their cause? To tell the stories of real women and their most intimate experience and attributes. In hopes of creating an atmosphere of acceptance and activism, the University of Cincinnati is hosting its third production of “The Vagina Monologues,” just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend. The production, which is open and accessible to people across all colleges at the UC, as well as surrounding schools, offers the Cincinnati community an outlet to find out what feminism and activism mean to them — the production coordinator, Brandy Turnbow, encourages anyone and everyone to attend, even if the word “vagina” makes them squeamish. “It’s a chance for women and men in the community to learn about what feminism really is; a chance to hear reallife stories about what it means to be a woman — to hear the stories of real women,” she said. “Our goal is to bring awareness toward violence against women and girls, as well as to raise profits for local nonprofits in the field of antiviolence efforts.” The production, which features monologues ranging from topics of assault, childhood memories, discoveries, and some moments of pure bliss from women spans the gamut of emotion all for a charitable cause. This year, 100 percent of proceeds from the production

at the births of my four grandchildren. I cut my grandson’s umbilical chord, which really rocked my world because you’re really in there and in the moment.” Brown’s history as an activist and feminist is rich, which added to her desire to take a more active role in the production. “As the oldest staff member at the Women’s Center, I was a woman activist before there was even a movement,” Brown said, whose vigor for feminism has been lifelong.“I wanted to sell papers on the corner as a kid, but I couldn’t because I was a girl. I wanted to do a lot of things that I couldn’t do because I was a girl, so I’ve always wanted to stand up for myself and other women — and I always have, even as a kid.” Although she has maintained a decidedly activist stance throughout her lifetime, Brown said that she has learned something new with each UC production of “The Vagina Monologues” — some of which were surprising. “Last year there were some very elderly No matter your age — you should be proud couples present,” she said. “It’s made me realize and stand firm and say, ‘I am a woman, I have that — no matter your age — you should be these rights, and no one is going to take them proud and stand firm and say, ‘I am a woman, away,’ and be proud of being a woman. I have these rights, and no one is going to take them away,’ and be proud of being a woman — —ANN BROWN “THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES” PARTICIPANT or, if you are a man, be proud of the women in your life. Some women who can’t even use the word, ‘vagina.’ But I think it’s time for people to This year’s production boasts student and staff recognize that it’s not a bad word or an embarrassing word, representation from each college within UC, as well as and that some people feel that we need to shout it because it’s students and staff from other colleges in the area. Acting something we need to honor and become comfortable with.” Brown hopes that people of any and every age will be experience is not required, or even encouraged, making for able to take something away from the production; she went a truly diverse cast. “We have people who have theater experience,”Turnbow on to say that she thinks it is especially important for college said. “But we also have people who are nervous as all get students to experience the production. “When you are in college, you have the opportunity to out, but who want to take part in the production because they believe in the cause. I think that’s the beauty and the do a lot of things that people have thought that you are too appeal behind the production. It gives everyone an equal young or too inexperienced to understand, and in college, those opportunities are rare and you need to seize them,” she opportunity to express themselves.” Ann Brown is evidence of this. The 63-year-old will make said.“As far as activism, this is a very visual way to be active. her on-stage debut during this weekend’s performances of There are a lot of students who are just learning what it is The Vagina Monologues. As the administrator of the campus to be an activist. You don’t have to be in your face, carrying Women’s Center, she participated behind the scenes for the signs. This is a way to get your message out that’s reaching a past two productions, but after collecting money and tickets lot of people and your community.” Brown’s ultimate hope for the production is that it will fill at the front door of past performances, she knew that this people with a new sense of acceptance and empowerment, year was her chance to step into the spotlight. “My monologue, ‘I was in the Room,’ hits close to home she said. for me, because it deals with someone witness a child being born. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to be on stage SEE VAGINA | 5 this year,” Brown said. “I have three children and was present go to benefit local and global charities, Turnbow said. “Locally, our proceeds will go toward Women Helping Women,” she said. “We are partnered with the national V-Day campaign. This year, the campaign has chosen to cast a spotlight on the women of Haiti, so 10 percent of our proceeds will go toward them, while 90 percent will go toward local causes.” Although the monologues can be preformed with just five people, this year’s production will showcase as many as possible. “We have more than 30 people in our cast right now, but this number will continue to fluctuate right up until show time,” she said. “As people express interest in the show, each and every one of them must be given the opportunity to participate, regardless of their gender identity. This has been a huge goal of the production ever since it was created.”




CELEBRATING V-DAY The national V-Day campaign celebrates women while raising awareness about violence against them with productions of “The Vagina Monologues” across the country. This year, proceeds from its productions benefit the women of Haiti, as well as local charities of each production’s choosing. The UC production’s proceeds will go toward Women Helping Women, a Cincinnati charity.



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A season in review: Five best bets Well, my gambling season ended on a sour note, thanks to the New York Giants’ defense stepping up and Wes Welker’s overrated hands being unable to function in the waning moments of Super Bowl XLVI. On the bright side, had I competed in the Hilton NFL Super Picks Contest, I would have tied for third place by winning 55.5 percent of my bets — that’s right folks, picking against the spread ain’t easy. So here in the final football-related edition of the “Armchair Fullback,” I am going to rank the five most memorable gambling moments of the season and give out some honorable mentions. 5. Cam Newton: There is no single game to look back on and talk about the effect Cam Newton had on the NFL and its bettors this season, so he gets his own rating. For a rookie quarterback to come out and carry a terrible squad to four victories this season was simply incredible. Newton broke Peyton Manning’s rookie records for both passing yards and touchdowns, as well as Michael Vick’s single-season record for all-purpose yards. Simply put, Newton proved all doubters wrong — myself included — by finding ways to win in the most competitive professional sports league in the world. 4. Cincinnati Bengals: It wouldn’t be a wrap-up column without mentioning the enigmatic season the gents in stripes experienced in their 2011-12 campaign. Once again, the Bengals failed to cover the spread in more than half of their games, making them the only team for 11 consecutive years to have a sub-.500 winning season against the spread (ATS). Note to all of you out there contemplating gambling on football anytime in your life: If the Bengals are playing a team and there is less than a five-point spread, go with the other team no matter the circumstance. Marvin Lewis has one of the worst coaching records in the NFL when either coming off a bye, or coaching a team after Thanksgiving. 3. Super Bowl XLVI: This game wasn’t that big of a surprise when you figure the Giants were actually the underdog. What makes this game No. 3 on the countdown is that Vegas actually allowed the game to start without reversing the action to give the Patriots points. Although the figures aren’t in yet, it’s expected that the legal sports books in Las Vegas lost somewhere in the ballpark of $30 million on the game because most of the betting public stayed with the Giants even after the spread narrowed to two points the morning of the game. Here’s looking at you, Tom Coughlin. 2. New York Giants (2.5) over SAN FRANCISCO: The NFC title game was the second-most dangerous game I put skin on this year. The Giants rolled into Candlestick Park and survived against the upstart 49ers and their fiery leader, Jim Harbaugh. This game should have been the reason I didn’t take the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but that’s water under the bridge. 1. KANSAS CITY (7.5) over Pittsburgh: Tyler Palko’s only evening in the limelight might not have had the storybook ending he envisioned, but the Chiefs held their own, hurt Ben Roethlisberger and covered the spread despite losing the game that many think led to the firing of Chiefs’ head coach Todd Haley — now the Steelers’ offensive coordinator. This game was the one that brought me the most joy out of the season because of all the things mentioned above, but basically because Roethlisberger took a savage beating and was rendered useless against the beleaguered Chiefs. Honorable Mentions: The New Orleans Saints’ covering the spread in all but one game at home all season, the Philadelphia Eagles’ inability to get to the playoffs despite a roster that could have been made on a video game and Jim Caldwell’s limitless plethora of emoticons throughout the year all make the list. Have fun in Baltimore, Jim. You’ll be coaching a mediocre quarterback with a porn ‘stache.

Cats make history in RI WOMEN’S BASKETBALL



SENIOR HELPING HANDS Chanel Chisholm scored a game-high 17 points and nine rebounds against Marquette.

For the first time in program history, the University of Cincinnati women’s basketball team pulled a Big East hat trick away from Fifth Third Arena. With their 60-56 win against the Providence Friars Tuesday night in Providence, R.I., the Bearcats notched their third-straight Big East road win, while also recording their 12th win of the season — tying last season’s record for most wins under third-year head coach Jamelle Elliott. Cincinnati’s streak started with its narrow 55-54 win against Syracuse Jan. 28 and continued with a big 64-52 win against Marquette Feb. 1. Entering Tuesday’s game, the Bearcats were coming off a close 65-54 loss to No. 17/15 Georgetown at Fifth Third Arena. “We talked a little before the game about our efforts the last three or four games,” Elliott said. “Winning at Syracuse and at Marquette and giving a top-15 team a run for their money on our home court; the common denominator is that we’ve been playing as a team.” The Bearcats’ team effort that has catapulted them to new levels in their past four games once again proved to be the deciding factor against Providence, as Cincinnati had four players net double-digit points.

Cincinnati senior guard Chanel Chisholm led the Bearcats with a game-high 17 points and nine rebounds. Senior guard Bjonee Reaves contributed 13 points, while freshman guard Dayeesha Hollins and sophomore forward Tiffany Turner added 11 each. “The person I’m most happy for is Chanel Chisholm,” Elliott said. “For a senior who works as hard as she does to come in here and have 17 points, nine rebounds— I couldn’t be happier for her.” Both teams started the game slow offensively, scoring just four points each, five minutes into the game. By the first half’s six minute mark, however, the Friars had jumped to a 19-13 advantage. The Bearcats responded by going on a 12-7 run to enter halftime trailing by just one point, and with an 11-4 run to open the second half, Cincinnati claimed the lead from Providence. Cincinnati wouldn’t relinquish its lead for the rest of the game, but with 45 seconds remaining in the game, the Friars closed within two points of the Bearcats; however, four buckets from the charity stripe by Reaves and one from Turner was enough to seal the deal for Cincinnati. The Bearcats return to action at 2 p.m. Saturday against Pittsburgh at Fifth Third Arena.



RUN FINAN RUN University of CIncinnati senior runner Eric Finan was named American Eagle Outfitters Big East Male Scholar Athlete of the Year Wednesday for his success on the track and his academic success in the classroom.



He is one of the most decorated student-athletes on campus and most students have no idea who he is. Eric Finan, who competes for both the Cross Country and Track teams, is a two-time All American, a Big East champion, holds multiple school records and is a track and field team captain. Last year he finished 10th in the 5,000-meter run at the 2011 NCAA Outdoor track and field championship (earning him All-American status), was the NCAA Great Lakes Regional Cross Country champion, was named MVP of the cross country team and finished 60th at the NCAA Cross Country Finals. He also set records in the 3,000 meters (indoors) 5,000m (indoor) 5,000m (outdoor) and 10,000m (outdoor). “It’s an honor to hold those records, but records were meant to be broken. If anything, I’d like to see those records inspire other individuals who come after me to say, ‘This guy did it here, while at UC. That means I have the same opportunities he does, and I’d like to run that fast as well,’” Finan said. After such a productive season, Finan dedicated his summer to improving his craft. While most athletes do the same, few can say they ran a total of 110-115 miles per week — while simultaneously working. “It worked out well. I’d get up and do my

morning runs at 5 [a.m.]; and once I got off for the track and field season, they are work, I’d do my second run at like 6 [p.m.]. only slight. “I shifted down a little bit in terms of Three days a week (Monday, Wednesday volume, so it’s now closer to 90-100 miles per Friday) on top of my morning run I would do a strength routine before heading into work,” week. The quality goes up a little bit, so runs in general may be a little faster but not by Finan said. much,” Finan said. His performance this fall proved that those Currently, Finan is working hard to 5 a.m. runs and two-a-days were all worth overcome a somewhat minor injury. Mass it. Finan was the Big East Cross Country champion, runner up at the NCAA Great amounts of inflammation in his left foot forced the doctors to sentence him to various forms of Lakes Regional event and finished 20th at cross training until it calms down. this year’s national Cross Country, earning “It’s been really him All-American status again. difficult to stay Women’s track motivated,” he said. and field team “It’s also been pretty captain Jenna Heaton difficult to maintain believes Finan’s a good cardio base —ERIC FINAN accomplishments are while doing those UC TRACK STANDOUT an inspiration to all other activities, but athletes, but especially the thing that keeps to those on the team me going is that I with him. have this vision and this goal that things are “What Eric has accomplished in the past going to work out — the ultimate goal being five years here at UC has impacted so many racing well at the National Championships — people,” Heaton said. “He has such heart and but also making the Olympic Trials, and I can’t dedication, and anyone who encounters him let that slip away. ” immediately sees that. With him as one of In order to secure a definite spot at the the captains, he will no doubt help the UC OlympicTrials in the 5,000 m., Finan would need to track and field team accomplish great things qualify for the “A standard,” which is recording this year.” a time of 13.33 seconds at any meet this While there are changes between training SEE FINAN | 5 for the cross country season versus training

It’s an honor to hold those records, but records are meant to be broken.


Memphis Tigers join Big East in all sports BRITTANY YORK | SPORTS EDITOR The University of Memphis accepted its invitation to join the Big East conference Wednesday, making the Tigers the seventh school since December to sign up for future membership. The Tigers will compete in all Big East sports once the move takes effect in 2013. Memphis has been trying to upgrade its conference affiliation for years; and with the departures of West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, the door was left wide open. Three other Conference USA teams will accompany the Tigers in Big East play next year, including Houston, Southern

Methodist University and the University of Central Florida. Other additions to the conference include Boise State and San Diego State as football-only schools in 2013, as well as Navy in 2015. Memphis makes the 11th football-playing member for the Big East, which leaves the conference one team shy of the 12 members needed to host a conference championship game, according to NCAA rules. Though WVU, Pittsburgh and Syracuse want to get out of the conference as soon as possible, they are required by law to give a 27-month notification; so it is unclear as to when they will officially leave. The there are still uncertain elements with regard to the Big East’s future, the conference continues to make solid rebuilding efforts.





*Current roster. Schools listed are for all sports.


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from tanzania | 1 to Tanzania over the summer as part of Zaretsky’s Humanitarian Design course. “It was a collaborative effort of all 16 students on team projects, working together to address the needs of rural Tanzanian health, education, life, and shelter. That made our time in Africa truly unforgettable.” The project is increasing awareness of the Roche community, Zaretsky said. The local government now hopes to bring electricity to the village within the next year. “What it’s doing is exactly what we hoped, which is providing health care for people who previously did not

have access to health care,” he said. “People who were previously walking four to six hours for health care are now only walking a few minutes to 20 minutes.” The project has brought together great collaborations across UC, Zaretsky said. “It’s taught us a lot about what we can put to work in our design education. [It] benefits communities in need, while at the same time inspiring students to do their best work,” he said. “Students get very excited and engaged in this type of project. If we disseminate what we learn, then others learn.”

Great Location on quiet street; 2 Blocks from Campus. Home Security System, New windows, Doors, Furnace, and Deck. Many custom built-ins. 2547 Vestry Ave (one block behind Deaconess Hospital) Available for August 1st school year. Always rents quick. 508-4001, 309-3032 Now leasing for August. SIX-BEDROOM, THREEBATH, THREE-STORY HOUSE. Two blocks to campus. Just finished being COMPLETELY REMODELLED!! Eat-in kitchen with dishwasher, free laundry, A/C, ceiling fans, window blinds, free parking, cats welcome free, available beginning August, $2095.00. Call Jeff at 513-3795300. “” No text messages, please. SPECTACULAR SEVENBEDROOM, FOUR-BATH, THREE-STORY. Remodeled house, two blocks to campus, 16’x20’ hardwood living room with fireplace. 16’x24’ eat-in kitchen with dishwasher. BONUS COMPUTER ROOM. Free laundry, A/C, ceiling fans, window blinds, two-car garage +additional free parking, cats welcome free. Available beginning August. $2095.00. Call Jeff at 513379-5300. “gray5393@mailstation. com” No text messages, please. FOUR-BEDROOM, THREE-BATH HOUSE. Three blocks to campus. Beautiful new eat-in kitchen with

program allows students to get their engineering degree while simultaneously earning their MBA. Finan has been named to the dean’s list every quarter since he’s been here, finishing his undergraduate degree with a 3.897 grade point average. “Eric is an absolute work-horse. The reason why he is an outstanding student and an All-American is because of his dedication,” Heaton said. His impressive dedication to athletics and academics is why he was recently named the American Eagle Outfitters Big East Male


dishwasher. Restored hardwood floors, free laundry, A/C, ceiling fans, window blinds, PRIVATE DECK! Free parking, cats welcome free, available beginning August. $1495.00. Call Jeff at 513-3795300. “” No text messages, please. FIVE-BEDROOM, THREE-BATH, THREE-STORY HOUSE. Three blocks to campus. Remodeled eat-in kitchen with dishwasher. Hardwood floors. Free laundry, A/C, ceiling fans, window blinds, free parking, cats welcome free. Available beginning August. $1695.00. Call Jeff at 513-3795300. “” No text messages, please.

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EMPLOYMENT BARTENDING. $250/DAY POTENTIAL. No experience necessary, training provided. Call 1-800-965-6520 ext. 225. $10-$13 Per Hour. 15-30 Hours Per Week. Paid canvass positions available for Democratic campaign. Contact CovingtonCampaignJobs@ We are currently looking for parttime reps for business to business phone sales. The position pays an hourly plus commission. Perfect opportunity for college students who may be looking for a flexible work schedule. Call Scott today to arrange an interview. 513-244-6542.

from acara | 1

from PAVE | 1

with similar motives. “It was such an incredible opportunity to network with other excited and talented students,” Schutte said. “There was enough downtime that we were able to make fantastic new networks and a lot of new friends.” The team is looking forward to the summer, as it should be an opportunity to take action in actually implementing their product at the village. “We are planning on moving forward with our business,” Schutte said. “Our teammates from IIT (Indian Institute for Technology) have already begun searching for funding, and we hope to send two of our teammates to go for the month of June and put our dreams into reality.”

student took home second place in the visual merchandising category. “Designing a complete brand experience from the inside out in just two months was the challenge,” Baverman said. Reinbold adds, “The most challenging part [of the competition] was creating a beautiful and well-executed design, while keeping both the design standards of Sephora and my own personal design style in mind.” Baverman is currently working at architecture firm Gensler in San Francisco; Reinbold is interning at FRCH Design downtown; Stercula is working at Scripps Network Interactive.

from finan | 4 this season. If he were to get anything between that and 13.5 seconds, he would qualify for the “B standard,” which allows athletes the opportunity to be selected to race in order to fill out the field. Finan is looking to improve upon his fastest time of last season, a 13.44. On top of all of his athletic commitments and honors, Finan is also an exceptional student. He is in enrolled in the ACCEND program through UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. This


Scholar Athlete of the Year. Finan is the first Bearcat to ever receive this award. If everything goes according to planned, Finan will be back in competing action for the track and field team’s outdoor season opener on March 17, but Finan isn’t even looking that far in advance. “Right now my only goal is to get healthy. Once I get healthy, I can start thinking about which races I’m going to run,” Finan said. Be sure to catch Finan and the rest of the team in action March 17 at Gettler Stadium for the Early Bird Relays.

from GOSPEL | 1 homeless can be provided with shelter on that site, as City Council approved,” said Timothy Burke, President of Manley Burke LPA, who represented City Gospel Mission and 3CDC. “There’s nothing unconstitutional about that, and frankly, there’s nothing to be feared from it.” An appeal is expected from the Queensgate businesses involved in the suit, according to several local media organizations. Peter Koenig, the attorney representing the Queensgate businesses and a partner with Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co. LPA, could not be reached for comment. City Gospel Mission already has a good-neighbor agreement with the Cincinnati Museum Center, and hopes to add to that list rather than continue on with litigation. “As we have said all along, we are looking forward to working with our new neighbors in Queensgate and hope to establish a Good

Neighbor Agreement as soon as possible,” Williams said. “We are confident that the small number of business owners who currently oppose us soon will embrace a $9.5-million, state-of-the-art campus replacing an abandoned lot — facilities that will be used to provide hope for people who are hurting in our community.” City Gospel Mission officials have been looking to relocate since 2003, when it became apparent that the current building couldn’t provide all the services needed, Williams said. “We know the Gospel Mission has been seeking a new site for the majority of the past decade, and they have found their new site that works for them and allows them to double their capacity,” said Josh Spring, executive director of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless. Ground breaking for the new center is set for April 16, with construction expected to take 12 to 14 months, Williams said.

From Vagina | 3 “No matter who you are or what your gender preference is, everybody has a right to be who he or she wants to be,” Brown said. “No one has a right to trample on your rights or freedoms, and that’s something that this show expresses very well.” The cast of “The Vagina Monologues” is as diverse as the experiences of the women it chronicles. From seasoned performers to feminists with years of experience behind them to college students who are just beginning to articulate their beliefs, there is a monologue for every woman. “I have always been interested in speaking out about women’s rights, and this production gives me the chance to showcase that interest,” said Melissa Muchmore, a second-year health promotion and communication student.“It’s a chance for women’s voices to be heard who may not have been heard otherwise. It will be my first time performing, or doing anything

on stage, really, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.” Muchmore, who will be reading a monologue about the experiences of a female sexual assault victim during the Bosnian War, said that the experience has fostered her beliefs about health and women’s rights and allowed her to voice those beliefs. “It’s going to be difficult to go to such a dark place,” she said. “I’m not an actor, but I am just trying to bring out the experience and words of someone else, not a character, but a real woman.” Although “The Vagina Monologues” chronicles the experiences of women, there is room in the production for people of any gender. The production itself only has speaking roles for women, but there are men supporting the cause from behind the scenes as well. Nadarai Jommalagadda, a second-year aerospace engineering graduate student, is

proof of this. “When I started working on this project, I started to understand human behavior and how women are treated around the world,” said Jommalagadda, whose role is to research the Spotlight on Haiti campaign and do the production’s graphic design work. “What I see in Haiti is that a lot of suffering, especially women. It is heartbreaking. There are parts in the world like the Congo and Bosnia where you can’t speak your truth or express yourself, which is a crime. I’m trying to fight against this by working with this campaign.” Jommalagadda, who is from India, said that his work with the UC V-Day campaign has made him into both a humanist and a feminist. “My thinking is that we are all human and all equal,” he said. “A woman or man in any part of the world should be treated equally, and I think this campaign is working to solve

the injustice of inequality. I chose to volunteer about this cause to help women in any way I can.” Despite the diverse backgrounds of its cast, “The Vagina Monologues” has managed to bring like-minded individuals together to celebrate and educate about their cause: empowering people of any gender. By using the stories of real-life women, those involved with the production hope to spark a conversation about equality and freedom around the world. “Women should be able to use words that maybe they haven’t been able to use or talk about — it allows you to talk about your body and express yourself through their words,” Muchmore said. “I think it’s empowering to talk about these things, and this is a way to get that conversation flowing – it can be an empowering experience for both men and women.”


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