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monday , may 10, 2010 happy birthday

commandos keep charging

Cincinnati wins seventh straight, besting rival Marion 38-20. page 4


Episode V of the Star Wars saga celebrates its 30th anniversary. page 2

Williams’ salary safe from evaluation Gin a. ando the news record

Regardless of the results of an administrative evaluation assessing his first six months in office, University of Cincinnati $ 410,000 / year base $100,000 / year for retirement $ 1,250 / month for automobile $60,000 one-time signing bonus presidential perks

President Greg Williams is entitled to keep every penny of his $410,000 base salary. Williams’ self-evaluation, which is due Saturday, May 15, will outline his first six months in office and include his personal views on successes and shortcomings with “performance goals” of the fiscal year. Under initial contract agreements, Williams receives approximately $34,167 per month. Regardless of his and the UC Board of Trustees’ Board Compensation Committee’s appraisal, under Williams’ five-and-a-half-year contract, the committee is not authorized to decrease the base $410,000 salary. The only way to go is up. If Williams succeeds in many of his set goals and the Board Compensation Committee agrees,


he is entitled to a bonus anywhere from 10 to UC has also taken steps to ensure Williams 25 percent of his annual base maintains a public image. salary — $41,000 and $102,500 “As a condition of his employment respectively, to be paid out within as president, the university requires the 75 days of the end of the fiscal year. president to drive, in the performance The average salary of all UC of his duties, an automobile that educators, including tenured appropriately reflects his position,” professors, at UC comes in at just according to the contract. “Therefore, above $80,460, according to Office the university will pay to the president of Institutional Research statistics. a vehicle allowance of $1,250 per Aside from the $60,000 that month for the president to lease was to be paid to Williams as a Greg williams or purchase and maintain such “signing bonus,” former chair of UC’s an automobile.” Board of Trustees H.C. Buck Niehoff and wife Williams was also given a membership to Patti donated a high-rise condominium worth Cincinnati’s exclusive Queen City Club. $2.7 million to the university in 2008 for A club representative declined to give exclusive use as the president’s residence. information regarding membership costs.

CoB nearing final stretch in dean hunt

please don’t hit me

of mice and men when:

8 p.m. to 10 p.m. May 13,14, 15


Corbett Auditorium

The College-Conservatory of Music presents “Of Mice and Men,” based on the classic novel by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck. Directed by Nicholas Muni, conducted by Mark Gibson and with music and libretto by Carlisle Floyd, the opera tells the timeless story of George and Lenny, two farms hands chasing the American dream. Tickets are $15 and $17 for students, $26 and $28 for general admission. Call 513-556-4183 for more information.

gin a. ando the news record

billiards tournament when:

7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday, May 13



Think you’re Minnesota Fats? Get your stick and chalk ready and come try your hand in Catskeller’s billiards tournament. Entry to the tournament is free with prizes awarded to the winners. All skill levels are encouraged to participate. Get out from behind that eight ball and e-mail Ebahi Ejerekhile at for more information. mcmicken alumni gala when:

6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday, May 14


Westin Hotel 21 E. Fifth Street, Cincinnati

Enjoy an evening of dinner, dancing and a program honoring distinguished University of Cincinnati alumni and students. Cocktails and Hors d’œuvres will be served from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., with the program from 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Dinner and dancing will take place afterward. RSVP online at or by phone at 513-556-0912.

Student loan lender cuts interest rates


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Coulter loeb | the news record

the lone centurion A Cincinnati Police officer directs traffic on McMillan Avenue Saturday, May 8, as construction takes place to resurface the Clifton Heights thoroughfare.



Higher education loan giant Sallie Mae announced May 4 it will be cutting interest rates on student loans. Beginning May 10, the company will lower interest rates on its Smart Option Student Loans and eliminate disbursement fees. The Smart Option Student Loans are set up so students will have to pay their debts faster, but the plan allows students to save 52 percent on loans, according to Sallie Mae officials. The announcement also states that starting in the next academic year, Sallie Mae will introduce a plan that will let students make back 2 percent of their in-school interest payments just by paying back their loans on time. “Our experience shows that our student customers are successfully managing their monthly payments,” said Joe DePaulo, executive vice president of Sallie Mae. “In fact, customers who selected Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan over the last year and continue to

“Our experience shows that our student customers are successfully managing their monthly payments.”






The University of Cincinnati’s College of Business is zeroing in on its future dean. Monday, May 10, will mark the final day in which administrators are interviewing potential candidates. Currently, Ralph Katerberg, an associate professor of organizational behavior and head of the management department within CoB holds the post of interim dean. Katerberg was officially appointed to the position Aug. 12, 2009, when former dean Will McIntosh resigned from the post July 1, 2009, after holding the position for fewer than four years. Carlo Montemagno, dean of UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science is chairing the committee, which met and interviewed three applicants during College of Business dean search luncheons. As of press time, Montemagno was unavailable for comment. Witt/Kieffer, a national executive search firm with offices all over the United States, is leading the effort and has been accepting applications since March 1. Although dozens of candidate applications were filed, four were accepted as possibilities until one dropped out, said Teri Ambrosius, executive staff assistant of the CoB dean’s office. The search will continue, however, until the position is considered filled, according to Witt/ Kieffer announcements. The incoming dean will oversee academics for the College of Business’ approximate 2,800 students, seven separate affiliate centers and 123 faculty members. CoB operates on an annual $20 million budget, according to the job description. Among other requirements, the new dean must have a “strong record of leadership and advocacy in the university context” and possess “grace under pressure and an unfailing sense of humor,” according to Witt/Kieffer’s official job description. The next dean will be CoB’s ninth in its almost 100-year history.

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College living online Check out the College Living section of today’s paper as it examines intimate partner violence and Mustache May.

Senior send-offs

make on-time payments are on track to save an estimated $1.1 billion in total over the life of their loans.” The good news for students is coming largely thanks to better economic conditions, DePaulo said. A report by Wells Fargo agrees that the economy’s turnaround is loosening up credit, stating that credit is “likely hitting a turning point.” The shift in the economy created a slight rise in consumer credit in March, and it will allow financial institutions to make loans more freely in the future, the report said. The news also comes at a time when Sallie Mae is facing competition from the federal government. With the passage of the health care law, the federal government created a student loans plan that will cut subsidies to private lenders and let the federal government directly give loans. The plan would let the government set lower interest rates on student loans by cutting out the middleman, said President Barack Obama. The plan will also let Americans who file for bankruptcy have their student loans forgiven, something that wasn’t possible in the past, Obama said. Sallie Mae, however, is critical of the government’s new plan. This past month, Sallie Mae announced that the new plan would force the company to cut 2,500 jobs to make up for the lost subsidies. Obama singled out Sallie Mae when he said the plan will hurt private lenders, but it will ultimately be better for students.


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coulter loeb | the news record

the many affected UC students are a part of the thousands impacted by Sallie Mae’s loan plan.

pride week Go online and check out a photo slideshow of LGBQ’s Pride and Visibility Week events on campus.


Monday May 10, 2010

entertainment covering campus and beyond

Happy birthday, Episode V robert kirchgassner the news record

This year marks the 30th anniversary of “The Empire Strikes Back.” I think it’s safe to say that most everyone has heard of “Star Wars” and its huge cultural influence. There’s even a “Star Wars Day” which fans now celebrate every May 4, even though all six “Star Wars” films were released on or near May 25. The date was changeds because “May the 4th be with you” just has more of a ring to it than “May the 25th be with you.” In the years since “The Empire Strikes Back,” there have been many science fiction/fantasy films, some of which have been more successful financially, but almost none of which have had the same cultural impact. Some have argued that the characters in many of those later films just haven’t struck a chord with people the way Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and their comrades have. The then-cutting-edge special effects that “Empire” and the other “Star Wars” films have had were simply the icing on the cake. This reasoning, however, has never stopped other filmmakers from basically doing their darnedest to recreate “Star Wars” in another form. In virtually all these cases, the emphasis is mainly on the technical side of the film over character interaction. Some have said that “Avatar” (2009), which is now the biggest moneymaking film in history, also fits this description. More nonsensical, though, is that some people have actually blamed “Star Wars” for this supposed descent of the art of film production. An infamous example is Peter Biskind’s 1998 book “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.” The overrated book chronicles how

rising filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese helped make the 1970s the finest decade for American films, according to many. Biskind then basically states that the industry began to decline in 1977, following the massive, unprecedented success of “Star Wars.” This view is backed by quotes from people he interviewed, including William Friedkin (Yes, the guy who made that 1973 character study “The Exorcist”) who actually likened “Star Wars” to McDonalds in terms of lowering the public’s tastes. Putting aside the fact that there were such movies that were blockbusters prior to 1977 (such as the James Bond films, which Biskind never refers to in his book), it is an exaggeration to pin the decline of the entire film industry on just one film. If there is blame to be laid down, it should be not on George Lucas for successfully balancing characterization with production values in his landmark film, but on narrow-minded filmmakers and studios too concerned with specific aspects of cinema they view as a sure-fire way to make money rather than focusing on the larger picture. Sadly or not, there have been some directors who have been financially successful by simply focusing on the technical aspects of film in their works. One example is Michael Bay who has given us dazzling but dumb films such as “Armageddon” (1998) and “Pearl Harbor” (2001). My favorite film of his is “The Rock” (1996). The plot is almost as ludicrous as that of “Armageddon,” but what makes it better is the interesting characterization and dialogue, especially from the three leads (Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage and Ed Harris). What we need is another year like 1982, which was a

photo courtesy of MCT Campus

tauntauns smell bad Luke Skywalker (played by Mark Hamill) rides a tauntaun on the ice planet Hoth, in “The Empire Strikes Back,” a film that’s turned 30 years old.

fabulous year for the science fiction/fantasy genre. That year alone gave us classics like “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,” “Blade Runner,” “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” “The Dark Crystal,” “The Secret of NIMH,” “Poltergeist” and (John Carpenter’s version of) “The Thing.” None of these were concerned with duplicating “Star Wars,” but rather with just being good, interesting films. “E.T.” was a touching coming-of-age movie, which just happened to have a science fiction angle to it. “Star Trek II” was made for only a fraction of the budget of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” (1979), and yet it is viewed as the finest “Trek” movie. “The Dark Crystal,” made by Muppet master Jim Henson, had no human beings anywhere in sight. The ambition that went into making these classics is what films could use more of, and, if that requires using less CGI, so be it.

Bearcast and Baba Budan’s host a great night of drinks and dancing kelly tucker the news record

Despite the monsoon-like rains Friday night, dedicated local music supporters and bar hoppers poured into Baba Budan’s for the monthly Brews and Bands performance. Each newcomer arrived wet and shivering, but ready for a beer and some laid back local music. Members of Bearcast, the University of Cincinnati’s student Internet radio station, put together the event each month in order to promote lesser-known local bands. Although musicians make a percentage of bar’s profits, Bearcast receives nothing but some free publicity for its efforts. Bearcast members Mike Hamer and Brett Valls were excited to be able to film the entire performance for the bands for the first time. Footage will be available at for those too timid to brave the rainy streets last weekend. Hamer and Valls selected a unique blend of artists for the night, making for a colorful, albeit not entirely outstanding evening of music. Uzi opened the lineup with an unconventional blend of hip-hop and electro-pop. Despite some initial technical difficulties, the group pulled off a generally passionate performance of angsty rap ballads about love and addiction. One chilling song about a girl unable to face her issues with lying and drug use showcased the artists’ lyrical talent. The blend of two vocalists, however,

was decent at best. If the boys could create full, passionate harmonies to compete with the powerful instrumental backing provided by their live drums and guitar, Uzi would be a refreshing new sound to reckon with. Following the young rappers, Matthew Tyler Ray and The Franklins brought some reggae-inspired acoustic soul to the mix. Ray’s charismatic banter with the audience kept them engaged as he navigated between Sublime-esque hip-hop tunes to free-spirited, jazzy acoustic songs. While the hip-hop seemed slightly forced and unoriginal, there were several meaningful songs with a laid-back, uplifting vibe that kept the audience captivated. For one particular song, Ray called upon his female friend, an opera student, from the audience to assist with vocals. Her voice added depth and harmony and the two worked well as a passionately enthusiastic duet. Local ska group Duppy à Jamba rounded out the night of musical diversity with their upbeat, highenergy reggae. With too many instruments and members for the small bar stage, the band overflowed onto a floor of dancing, moderately intoxicated observers. Although the vocalist’s growling shouts rivaled Tim Armstrong’s of Rancid, the saxophone and trombone players stole the show. The group had no planned set list, so they opted to continue playing songs until the bar closed, much to their more die-hard fans’ delight. photos courtesy of brett valls

Matthew tyler ray (above) plays to a packed house in Baba Budan’s, Friday, May 7. Uzi (below) get freaky with their fiendish selves. Their hip-hop was a solid start to the night. To see video footage of the concert, check

“Iron Man 2” starts blockbuster season off right nick grever the news record

I am Iron Man. OK, maybe I’m not, but after seeing “Iron Man 2” I really, really want to be. But to be fair, who doesn’t want to have a super powered suit of armor that can fly, shoot laser beams and have super strength? But since technology hasn’t caught up to Tony Stark’s level, I’ll have to settle with a movie version. Lucky for me, “Iron Man 2” is a great super hero movie and a great start to the summer movie season. “Iron Man 2” can easily be summed up as: more “Iron Man,” but with more War Machine. The government wants Stark to share his technology. Not a good scene. But you know what? That’s just dandy. The first “Iron Man” was a great action movie. But more importantly, it had great characterization: Robert Downey Jr. in particular nailed the part of Tony Stark. But the various supporting actors all performed admirably, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Terrence Howard. And in the sequel, the level of acting is maintained. RDJ has once again captured Tony Stark in all of his forms. He’s able to deftly transition from the narcissistic socialite to the beaten down alcoholic with grace. His performance never felt forced or overworked. And Don Cheadle as Lt. Col. James Rhodes (replacing Terrence Howard) is a great counterpoint to Tony. His performance outpaces Howard’s, with more depth and a greater adherence to the character. A quick note for the guys: Gwyneth Paltrow is still hot. Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow is hot and dangerous. And for the ladies: Sam Rockwell pulls of a sleazy but excitable Justin Hammer in his own nerdy way. He puts a unique spin on an Iron Man staple. While it doesn’t

follow the comic book convention, Rockwell’s Hammer is entertaining, shady and quirky, all at the same time. In regards to Whiplash, Mickey Rourke plays his part well. It is a little hard to swallow the fact that Rourke’s character is a brilliant physicist when he’s covered in prison tattoos. But, then you see him cracking skulls and it starts to all make sense. However, the real reason that Whiplash is utilized, in my opinion, is to help solidify a theme of leaving a legacy. Both Whiplash and Stark learn something important from their fathers (both deceased) in the film. It’s an intriguing mechanic, to see the theme from the light and dark vantage points. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the action sequences. The film is bookended with very solid action sequences. The first is when Stark first runs into Whiplash (it’s in the trailers, so no spoilers) and ends with Iron Man teaming up with War Machine to kick some metallic ass. And once again, they’re thrilling, with all the unibeam blasts and War Machine mini-gun shots you’d hope for. Judging from the trailers, I did expect for Whiplash (or Crimson Dynamo, which the movie’s Whiplash is an amalgamation of) to have more of a fighting role in the film. However, the enemies that are present do their job. For any comic book fans, just knowing that Justin Hammer is in the movie gives you a hint as to whom Stark and Rhodey will be fighting at the end. Overall, “Iron Man 2” is a great way to start off the summer blockbuster season. It is simply more of the same, but I’m all right with that. The film got my blood pumping, fulfilled my nerdy fantasies and the enthusiasm from the cast is both apparent and appreciated. And really, what more can you ask for? Other than an Iron Man suit to call my own of course.

photo courtesy of mct campus

I am iron man Wouldn’t it be great to see Robert Downey Jr. sing Black Sabbath’s proto-metal rock and roll hit “Iron Man” at a karaoke bar? If you think that’s a good idea, send a short explanation as to why you think Robert Downey Jr. should record himself singing “Iron Man” and post it on YouTube. E-mail | 513.556.5913



Monday May 10, 2010



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Wednesday May 10, 2010

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Commandos win again, move to 7-0 Sam Elliott the news record

Close the strip clubs, Pacman in Cincinnati

With news of Adam “Pacman” Jones expected to officially sign with the Cincinnati Bengals Monday, May 9, reaction has been mixed. For me, it’s simple: Jones adds depth to the bottom of the depth chart, creates more competition for training camp and was dirt cheap to obtain. Everybody knows about Jones’ past and most agree he doesn’t deserve a third — maybe fourth — chance in the NFL, but he must have shown the Bengals something at his workout. When Cincinnati worked him out in February, scouts said Jones looked slow and confused but told him to keep working and not to give up on this opportunity. Less than three months later, the Bengals gave Pacman that opportunity and he didn’t let them down. For them to offer him a contract, he must have done something that impressed them. He must have kept working and improved. That shows dedication and a love for the game: two of the most critical attributes for any good player. The guy is only 26 years old, the same age as fellow cornerback Johnathan Joseph (a free agent after the 2010 season) and was a former first-round draft pick out of West Virginia. With the Bengals’ top-two cornerbacks nearing the end of their contracts, if Jones happens to work out and stay out of trouble, at minimum he gives you a serviceable backup. I’m not saying he’ll replace Joseph or Leon Hall, but depth at a critical position like cornerback is a must in the NFL. With David Jones, Morgan Trent and rookie Brandon Ghee all competing for playing time at corner, Jones’ presence will push them all to compete against each other at an even higher level, hopefully leading to improvement for all. If you look at the Bengals’ roster to begin the 2009 season at the running back position, there sat Cedric Benson, DeDe Dorsey, Brian Leonard and rookie Bernard Scott. All we heard was, “When is DeDe Dorsey going to get his chance?” or, “Why don’t we give the ball to DeDe more?” After the intensity of competing with three other quality NFL athletes in training camp, Dorsey was the one the Bengals determined he could cut it. Dorsey made the team, but was cut in mid-September and spent the majority of the 2009 season in the United Football League. My point is, when competition plays a role and your career is at risk, it brings out the best in you, we find out who the best players are and which players are deserving of a precious spot on the 53-man roster. Oh yeah, and he signed an incentive-laden minimum salary contract. If Pacman performs well, he’ll be paid well. If he “makes it rain” at Déjà vu, the Bengals will cut him quicker than you can say strip club. There’s really no downside to the contract Jones is expected to sign, because the Bengals hold the keys to his future if he can stay clean. Even if he manages that, there are no guarantees Jones will even make the club out of training camp. So, why all the fuss? Because the guy has only played in nine of the past 42 NFL games due to off-field issues. I understand those worries and also the concern raised over whether or not he will screw up this teams’ locker room chemistry. Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said, “We’ve got a bunch of strong character guys on defense; I’m not going to let this kid screw up our chemistry.” While I applaud the bull-headed answer by Zimmer, he’s going to have to do more than just state what most of us don’t believe. He is going to have his hands full with Pacman, but with a locker room full of “second chance” guys. Maybe this is the perfect fit for Jones. If this deal works out for the Bengals, they could have stumbled upon a cheap talent for two years that could prove to be crucial for their defense down the road. For Jones, it’s a matter of dedication and staying clean. But that could be a lot to ask from a guy who hasn’t been relevant since 2006. Only time will tell.

It was out of character, but the Cincinnati Commandos got off to a bad start Saturday, May 8. Playing at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Marion, Ohio, Cincinnati’s first offensive play saw the ball snapped high over quarterback Ben Mauk’s head. “Ben had to display his vertical leap to get the first snap and then he had to keep it and take a hit on the first play,” said Commandos head coach Billy Back. “He was able to make an athletic play to save it and get a yard out of it.” That play would go on to serve as a microcosm of Cincinnati’s 38-20 win against the Marion Mayhem: mistake-prone, but still making forward progress. The Commandos kicked a field goal on their opening possession for an early 3-0 lead and never trailed the Mayhem, but the Cincinnati offense didn’t live up to Back’s expectations. Cincinnati’s 38 points was its lowest output of the season and the Commandos failed to break the 40-point barrier for the first time. “We did have a bad game,” Back said. “We didn’t perform as well as we should have on offense.” Mauk completed 12 of 28 pass attempts for 149 yards, four touchdowns and a pair of interceptions. The former Bearcat ran the ball four times for nine yards and another score. For the first time this season, wide receiver and fellow former

Pat Strang | the news record

boot it in Travis Johnson was named Special Teams Player of the Week May 6. Against Marion, Johnson made a 46-yard field goal May 8. Bearcat Dominick “Goody” Goodman failed to reach the end zone. The wide out finished Saturday’s game with a team-high four receptions for 36 yards. “We tried to get him in the end zone, but Goody does more than just catch touchdown passes for us,” Back said. “It’s his mannerisms in the locker room also and those big fourth-and-12 catches.” Robert Redd, Brandon Boehm, Greg Moore and Jesse Wendt caught Mauk’s touchdowns in place of Goodman. Wendt’s second touchdown of the season gave the Commandos their largest lead of the night, a 38-14 advantage with less than four minutes to play.

Marion kept it close prior to the game’s fourth quarter, trailing by just 10 points with less than six minutes left in the third. The Mayhem’s defense kept the home team in the game and, although they got the win, Cincinnati’s offensive line was upset with its performance. “Our offensive line was pretty upset at the end of the game and I like that,” Back said. “[Lineman] Frank Straub was mad. His cheeks were red and he came in and said, ‘We have to play better. We didn’t play very well tonight.’ That’s pretty good when you’ve got three big offensive lineman, we got the victory, yet they’re mad because they didn’t play well.”

Thankfully for Cincinnati, Marion wasn’t the only team Saturday with a successful defense. The Commandos limited the Mayhem to 103 yards passing and 55 on the ground. Cornerback E.J. Underwood, playing in just his second game, grabbed his third interception of the season, lineman James Frazier made three tackles for loss and defensive back Chris Respress made three pass breakups. But as well as Cincinnati’s defense has played of late, Back expects the squad to improve as injuries heal. Cornerback Jeff Franklin should return from an ankle injury next week, but the status of linebacker Clayton Mullins is unknown. Mullins, the Continental Indoor Football League’s leading tackler, left Saturday’s game in the second quarter with an injured knee. “They’re pretty sure there’s nothing major to it, but it may be something that keeps him out for a week,” Back said. “He strained it and we didn’t want to push it and make him injure it more. We’ll get into the doctor Monday.” After a two-game road stint, the Commandos will return home to the Cincinnati Gardens to face the winless Chicago Cardinals at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, May 15. “Chicago has got some great athletes. They’re bound to win some game and our goal that night is to not let it be us,” Back said. “Our goal is to proclaim our dominance, get our offense back on track and put up more points.”

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Beating the tag The University of Cincinnati baseball team will play its final non-conference games of the season against Miami (OH) Tuesday, May 11, at Marge Schott Stadium and Wednesday, May 12, at McKie Field at Hayden Park in Oxford, Ohio.

Rivalry renewed Bearcats meet Redhawks to end non-conference slate Sam Weinberg the news record

In an in-state rivalry grudge match, the University of Cincinnati baseball team will play its final non-conference games of the season in a two-game series against the Miami (OH) Redhawks, beginning Tuesday, May 11. The series will mark the second meeting this season for the two teams. In their last encounter, the Bearcats (25-23, 9-12 Big East) came out ahead with a narrow 3-2 win against the Redhawks in the championship game of the 2010 Joe Nuxhall Classic. The Bearcats head into this series after picking up a crucial 3-2 win in the final game of a three-game series against the No. 20 UConn Huskies. Cincinnati head coach Brian Cleary has preached consistency all year and, with only eight games remaining this season, the Bearcats are still competing for a Big East tournament invite. Staying consistent will be as important as ever for Cincinnat as the team tries to extend its wining streak against Miami and go into its final conference games with momentum.

“We just have to show up and play well,” Cleary said. “We’ve just got to try and be consistent on the mound and at the plate.“ The Bearcats have relied heavily on strong pitching this season and going into the series against the Redhawks, the Bearcats are going to need strong performances from the mound to stop a hot Miami offense that is averaging 9.6 runs per game in their last five outings. The Redhawks (23-23, 10-11 MAC) are tied for the most home runs in the Mid-American Conference (58) and have four players in their starting lineup batting better than .300. Miami’s offense is led by outfielder Adam Eaton. The junior is batting .381 with 11 home runs and 47 RBIs. To do battle against Eaton and the Miami sluggers, the Bearcats will likely send freshman right-hander Zach Isler to the mound. Isler is 0-2 this season with a 5.08 ERA. “It’s probably going to be Isler, but we haven’t decided for sure yet,” Cleary said. There is no word yet on who will start on the mound in game two Wednesday, but with a team ERA of 4.05 — the best in the Big East — the Bearcats have shown they have depth in the bullpen. Bearcat junior outfielder Justin Riddell heads into the series hot, coming off strong performances against the Huskies where he recorded two home runs and three RBIs. The opening pitch is set for 6:30 p.m, Tuesday, May 11, at Marge Schott Stadium. Game two is set to begin at 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 12, at McKie Field at Hayden Park in Oxford, Ohio.


Former Bearcat signs with Dayton

Judson McKinney, a former University of Cincinnati soccer standout, signed with the Dayton Dutch Lions Wednesday, May 5. The Lions are entering their inaugural season as an expansion franchise in the Premier Development League, considered the top men’s league in North America for players younger than 23. McKinney was a four-year starter as a Bearcat and helped Cincinnati reach a Big East Red Division Championship and a trip to the NCAA tournament as a freshman. The right back and midfielder started 75 of 76 career matches at Cincinnati, including 72-straight before an injury caused him to come of the bench against Rutgers in 2009. The Dayton Dutch Lions tied the Cincinnati Kings 3-3 in their season opener Saturday, May 8, at the Miami Valley South Stadium in Bellbrook, Ohio. The Lions will next host the Cleveland Internationals Saturday, May 15.

Strenge throws complete-game win

After 113 pitches Sunday, May 9, freshman Andrew Strege threw his first career complete game and the University of Cincinnati baseball team beat the No. 20 Connecticut Huskies 3-2 at J.O. Christian Field in Storrs, Conn. Making his first career start, Strenge threw 76 strikes and became the first Cincinnati freshman pitcher to throw a complete game since Dan Osterbrock against Villanova May 6, 2006. In nine innings, Strenge allowed seven hits and one earned run while striking out six Connecticut batters and allowing no walks. Strenge earned his team-high fifth win of the season and owns a team-best 2.27 ERA. Freshman Jake Proctor hit his first career home run to give the Bearcats a 1-0 lead to begin the sixth inning. Justin Riddell hit his fifth home run of the season later in the inning to extend the Cincinnati lead to three and UConn’s two-run eighth inning came up just short. | 513.556.5913

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