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IN THE TIMES Cleaning up Volunteers pay visit to Pennypack Park to pick up trash and debris. Page 18

Donald Campbell is hopeful to get back on his bike once he recovers from hit and run. Page 19

Homes wanted

By Logan Krum

Are you in the market for a new pet? We have some great options who need a home. Page 21

Pa.'s finest The St. Hubert High School cheerleading team wins state championship in Hershey. Page 24


Cleaning up the town �Rhawnhurst resident Ed Colfer, who turns 80 on Thursday, is a common sight in the neighborhood as he has been removing graffiti and picking up trash nearly every day for half a century.

Getting back


Northeast Times

For Ed Colfer, it’s been the same story nearly every day for the last 50 years. Grab a garbage picker and a few plastic bags, and take a walk around the neighborhood. Like clockwork, a new dusting of litter will have appeared overnight around Rhawnhurst or other Northeast Philadelphia neighsee CLEAN UP / Page 10


Mr. Clean: Ed Colfer, 80, goes out on daily walks with a garbage picker and bag to clean up trash around the neighborhood. It’s been a common ritual for 50 years.

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Northeast Philadelphia residents offer their opinions in letters to the editor. Page 6, 7 LOCAL NEWS

What’s happening

Find out what’s going on in your backyard and what’s on deck in our briefs package. Page 22-23 SPORTS

Title hunting

After winning a softball title as a freshman, Ryan senior Dana Bell has high hopes for senior year. Page 25 SPORTS

New attitude

St. Hubert senior Emily Murphy has her say on helping lead the the Bambies softball team. Page 26

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Vaccinate those who want it

The white population of Philadelphia is a minority. Yet it’s vaccinated at twice the rate as the black population. It’s not for lack of trying. The city has redlined the city twice so far to benefit the black population. Once for the Black Doctors Consortium 24-hour vaccination marathon and then again for the Convention Center when they opened it to walk-ups from certain ZIP codes. It took until late March for the city to open a mass inoculation site in the Northeast. With the forced availability of the vaccine in the black and outside neighborhoods there is definitely no reason for the 2-to-1 ratio other than the black population not accepting the vaccine. Maybe instead of trying to force the vaccine, they should vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible to reach herd immunity. RichaRd donofRy East Torresdale

Bringing back memories

Barb Haldis’ letter on growing up in the ‘60s in NE Philly brought back memories of my teenage years in NE Philly. Some of the memories were good, some bad, and some I rather forget. But it was a different era than the one we live in today. The ‘60s were not a politically correct era; there was racial and social unrest with the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. Protests against the Vietnam War were raging across the college campuses. But it was a more sanguine and safer era, since society was much more stable. There were no cell phones or personal computers, no Facebook or social media, at least in my opinion. The murder rate in Philly was much lower than today; there were no mass shootings in the country. I grew up in Olney and went to St. Helena Catholic grade school and Cardinal Dougherty High School. I graduated in 1969, the same year as Barb Haldis graduated from Lincoln. The Catholic school system was very disciplined, and the nuns and priests ruled the roost. But the tradeoff was that there were no shootings, robberies or rapes in those schools; at least when you graduated, you could read and write, and get a job. I also loved to travel by bus and trolley; and also went to Boulevard Pools, and the dances at Cardinal Dougherty. I also went to the Mayfair and Merben theaters, but mostly to the Fern Rock theater for its afternoon shows. It was safe enough to walk anywhere, and also safe enough to travel by bus or the rickety old Market EL trains. Sad to say, those days are long gone, but not forgot-

Speak your mind 6

NE 1-7

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ten. Thanks to Bark Haldis, at least we can bring back old memories. Bill Scicchitano Parkwood Manor

Happy days ahead

Finally, it appears that our favorite district attorney, Mt. Larry Krasner, will be voted out of the office that he has single-handedly destroyed, brought it to its knees and disrespected the laws that have been written decades ago. Finally, the Republican Party is nominating a formidable candidate who knows the legal system and the do’s and don’ts as well as the rights and wrongs. Charles Peruto may not be our saving grace or even the best person available. However, his track record goes without suggesting that Mr. Peruto will do a fine job and perhaps bring some sense of peace to the onetime City of Brotherly Love. Look at what he will inherit. A homicide rate that has increased this year by 30%. Philadelphia was second only to Chicago in murder rates in 2020 at a staggering 499 deaths. Unacceptable, Krasner, Jimbo and Outlaw. Another strong, viable Democratic opponent who will make a run at Krasner goes by the name of Carlos Vega, a former assistant district attorney. Look, Philly, it’s no secret everyone wants Krasner to disappear. May the best man win. Bill heiSeR Bensalem

Show us the money

Our city government has been hunting for revenue in the wake of the pandemic, and has made some bad choices with consequences for citizens. Since the city employed speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, traffic has increased on Bustleton Avenue -- including many driving too fast for a road that winds tightly through neighborhoods. What did they think would happen? The speed limit trigger on the Blvd. is unrealistic. Revenue, not safe driving, was the main goal. The city will get less-than-expected camera ticket revenues -- and we now have a much more dangerous avenue for kids and seniors. A classic lose-lose. The city is also attempting to raise water bills by about 18 percent over the next two years, in a city where

one-third of customers do not pay their bills. Can’t they understand a big rate increase will result in even fewer residents paying? Duh. That means the rest of us will have to foot even more increases down the line. Another loser. The city/school district is soon getting big cash from the COVID relief bill. In return, how about re-thinking some budgets and giving the taxpaying citizens some relief, too? RichaRd iaconelli Rhawnhurst

No transgenders in girls sports

I have read all the articles both pro & con regarding transgenders playing women’s sports. I coached youth sports for at least 30 years, both male and female. I want to pose a question to those who are in favor of this. Your daughter plays on a high school basketball team. The opposing team has a trangender player who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds and has a 36-inch vertical leap. Is this really fair? We always seem to favor the few at the expense of the many. Why? This is somewhat similar to the ruling that males can use both ladies restrooms and locker rooms. Really? Instead of being idealistic, try thinking about practical reality. They are not discriminating against transgenders, just trying to be fair to all the girls playing sports such as basketball and track. anthony dello RuSSo JR. Fox Chase

Women hurt by ignoring biological reality

For decades women fought for the passage of Title IX, which made tremendous strides in leveling the playing field to give women the opportunity to play sports and receive funding to support women’s athletics. But President Joe Biden’s recent executive order to mandate schools allow biological men to compete against biological girls puts female athletes at a physical disadvantage and risks their safety. Science and common sense tell us that males are generally bigger, faster and stronger than females. They have larger hearts and lungs, denser bones, stronger muscles and generate more force in athletics. These are all advantages that cannot be undone. Imagine the loss a young girl would experience if she missed a roster spot on her high school soccer team to

Please see LETTERS / Page 7

Letters should be 300 words or fewer. All letters are subject to editing and must include the writer’s full name and a phone number for verification purposes. Anonymous letters will not be published. Mail to: Letters to the Editor, Northeast Times, 130 Twinbridge Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08110 or email news@northeasttimes.com. NORTHEASTTIMES.COM




➤ Continued from Page 7 a biological male. She loses more than an opportunity to compete on a level playing field. She loses potential friendships and life lessons that come from being part of a team. Worse, imagine a talented high school freshman who makes her varsity softball team as a catcher. With the president’s executive order, she could find herself standing at home plate ready to tag a runner who is a much bigger and faster biological male. A collision like this in softball does happen and the injuries the young girl suffers could be life-changing. These are just a few of the reasons why we must ensure only biological females are competing in the female category. Having separate teams for men and women is the time-tested way to ensure women have the opportunity to showcase their talents and be champions. That is why I, along with four of my colleagues, introduced the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which would ensure all female athletes have a level playing field to compete and win. Under the law we are proposing, a student who is deprived of an athletic opportunity or who suffers direct or indirect harm as a result of a violation of this act by a college or public school would be able to bring a cause of action for injunctive relief, psychological and physical damage, and the costs involved in filing the lawsuit against the college or high school. Even prominent members of the LGBTQ community like Martina Navratilova have advocated for this position as a matter of fairness. Yet, Gov. Tom Wolf stated he would veto the legislation. I’m very disappointed President Biden and Gov. Wolf have chosen not to protect women and have dismissed women’s legitimate concerns after nearly 50 years of progress made on the field. But we will push forward and stand up for young girls, so they have the opportunities that women fought for and were promised to them by Congress under Title IX. Martina White 170th Legislative District

Not an even playing field

In response to Paul Kaplan’s views regarding transgender males playing on female sports teams (April 7 NET Opinion), he is missing the point. It’s not about 7 the person but the physical attributes involved, e.g., males are physically stronger than females and putting a person who is biologically physically stronger to compete against females is not on an even playing field. Due to their physical strength, males competing with females

in sports will always present a disadvantage to the females. Therefore, a female will not be able to excel in the sport solely as a female and possibly lose future opportunities related to sports. Lorraine KoLibabeK Walton Park

Larger conversation needed

As a new arrival to Northeast Philly, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the brief yet ill informed piece written about Rep. White’s anti-trans bill in your 4/7 issue. I found the citation about the 275 high school boys to be … confounding, as it assumes trans women live the same biological reality as cis men (men who identify with their assigned gender). However, the majority of trans women undergo therapy that brings their hormone levels within similar range to a cis woman. The “feminizing” effects of this on things like muscle distribution/gain and metabolism is significant and complex and doesn’t necessarily leave trans women with a clear advantage. For example, the Olympics have allowed trans athletes to compete with others of their gender since 2004 if they’ve undergone 2 years of hormone treatment, yet we’ve yet to see any trans athlete win a single medal. Additionally, this bill fails to even recognize the existence of transgender men (like me, for example). Even if we take Rep. White’s arguments at face value, wouldn’t forcing a transgender man to compete in women’s sports hurt the opportunities of cis women? After all, trans men are female assigned at birth and often undergo testosterone therapy. To see how this can turn out, one only needs to look to trans man Mack Beggs’ high school wrestling career when he was forced to compete in the girls division. I’m not arguing that biological differences don’t exist, they exist even among cis folk and are often celebrated. We don’t decry Michael Phelps for genetically possessing freakishly large hands and feet, for example, despite that being an inarguable advantage while swimming. I think there is a larger, more nuanced conversation to be had here about the ways in which sports are segregated in the first place, and how it can evolve beyond a simple man/woman divide into something more fair, interesting and inclusive to all athletes regardless of gender. JacK Shen Tacony

No respect for life

Black lives matter. We have these words posted and seen everywhere: a mantra, slogan, attention getter. My thoughts about this phrase: A teenage boy wants a snack at 12:30 a.m. He rides

his bike to a convenience store. He is shot. Does that black life matter? A teenager in a car with a gun at 3-4 a.m. - shot. Does that black life matter? A man trying to make a video about helping with violence - gets shot. Does that black life matter? A mother tells her son to get a gun from her car - he shoots his sister. Does that matter? Mother, father do a bed check at 11 p.m. - none there. Does that matter? A boy released from prison waiting for a pickup shot. Does that matter? These all are not just shot, they are killed. Blacks killing blacks. Does that matter? Not sad, but tragic. Virginia M. Murphy Lawndale

Illegal border surge no laughing matter

Uncle Joe Biden said that by the Fourth of July we can have a family cookout, maybe with 6 people. But at the Texas/Mexico border, hundreds maybe a thousand illegal men, women and children are coming across the border now, carrying COVID and other disease, not wearing masks. Also, Uncle Joe put Aunt Kamala in charge of the border. A minor problem, as she laughed about visiting the border, but not today. Haha. This is an example, like placing Uncle Bill Clinton in charge of a female chicken farm (henhouse).

richard b. KrzaczeK Lexington Park

No promotion for Jimbo

Mayor Kenney wants to run for another office after this one even though he has disappointed so many people in so many ways. He grew up in South Philly and has all the Italians upset about his handling of Frank Rizzo and Christopher Columbus statues, etc. When I was a kid, my Italian friends would say there are only two types of people, Italians and people who wish they were Italian. That was true except on St. Patty’s Day, when there were two types of people, Irish and those who wish they were Irish. He may lose some large voting blocs, so, yo Jimbo, save your money and don’t run. Mayer Krain Modena Park


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Colfer appeared in the Northeast Times in 1999 in an article focusing on his graffiti removal.


➤ Cont. from Page 1 borhoods. And, one by one, Colfer will pinch the crumpled wrappers, cigarette butts or whatever else may line the streets that day between two plastic claws, place them in his bag, and move on to the next discarded item. He’s half a century into this daily routine and will celebrate his 80th birthday this week. And he has no plans of slowing down. Colfer’s Rhawnhurst home has a view of the back of Rhawnhurst Elementary School. Decades ago, Colfer was bothered by graffiti that appeared on the back of the building – he didn’t want to wake up every morning and see a “graffiti Bugs Bunny” from his porch, he recalled. So he went over and scrubbed the building clean of the vandalism. “I must have painted that 10

NE 1-7

building there over 200 times,” he said. It was the start of his daily routines. Focusing at first on removing graffiti, he drove around the city with 8 gallons of paint in the back of his car in case he happens upon vandalism while out and about. “I ruined three cars that way,” he said with a laugh. “But it was for a good cause.” He served as block captain for several years and would request trash bags and other supplies from City Council, enough where they asked what he was doing with all of it. In 2006 the city awarded him a citation recognizing him as a Hometown Hero for his efforts. “He’s modest, but he’s spent practically his entire life cleaning,” said Allison Kane, his daughter. She recalled driving with him as a teenager in one of his “anti-graffiti” cars. He would pull over and clean stop signs


Colfer on one of his daily walks cleaning trash along Castor Avenue NORTHEASTTIMES.COM

or any other vandalism that may have had the misfortune of entering his line of view. Kane said she’s lost count of the number of times someone has told her they saw her father cleaning trash around the neighborhood that day. Today, he’s retired from graffiti removal, focusing on litter – which recently includes an influx of discarded masks that people toss into the street when they’re done using them. About to cap off his eighth decade, he could still fill a garbage bag of trash on a given walk. “I’m way over the line. I know that,” said Colfer, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that can restrict airflow from the lungs and make walking difficult. He has a specific routine that has always made his outings solo – oftentimes when he and his wife go out, she’ll go in the store and he’ll stay outside and clean. He walks several different routes, but mostly commonly walks a few blocks along Castor Avenue. He’s a common sight to business owners along the street like Peter Tsoflias, who owns Pete’s Auto Services Center on the 7800 block of the street. “I’ve been there 42 years and I’ve known him since I came here,” Tsoflias said. On the same walk, he’ll greet Rachel Gabay at Jerusalem Israeli Gift Shop and Lynn Biddle at A Step Ahead Preschool, both of whom will come out to greet and thank him. “He’s out here all the time,” Gabay said. Despite his efforts, Colfer said the state of the neighborhood has only gotten worse over time, with graffiti becoming a more common sight. But he couldn’t imagine stopping this early. “I’ll keep doing this as long as I can,” he said. Here’s to many more years. •• WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2021

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Cleaning up Pennypack Park

From left: George Scholl, Ken Dando, state Rep. Joe Hohenstein, Andrew Broden and Nance Kerns filled 20 bags of trash at one of the park’s party sites. State Rep. Joe Hohenstein organized a series of cleanups on Saturday. The locations were Little City, near Rhawn Street and Holmehurst Avenue in Pennypack Park; Bridesburg Recreation Center; and Cione Recreation Center, in Port Richmond. Volunteers cleared debris from the Little City area and hope the city does something about the massive potholes in the parking lot. Hohenstein said cleanups are needed now more than ever after Friends of Pennypack Park had to go dormant last year when it lost its insurance following the settlement of lawsuits it had nothing to do with. Attorneys included FOPP in lawsuits against the park system because the group had “Pennypack Park” in its name. Nance Kerns and George Scholl, formerly of FOPP, led a cleanup of beer bottles and 18

NE 6

cans in a portion of the park near the Winchester Park neighborhood. That secluded popular party spot is across the street and up a steep, unpaved hill from Little City. A Hohenstein-organized group cleaned the same area last October, but there’s been plenty of partying since then. On Saturday, volunteers filled 20 bags, estimated to weigh 1,000 pounds. “I’ve never seen it this bad,” Kerns said. All agree that a volunteer group similar to Friends of Pennypack Park needs to emerge to beautify the park. Hohenstein and Rep. Mike Driscoll back legislation that would remove liability for volunteer park organizations. Jim Hunsberger, Mike Deputy and Mark Schaefer, all of the city Department of Parks and Recreation, hauled away the collected trash. ••

Tara Gontek, president of Holmesburg Civic Association, cleans up the park area near Little City.

Volunteers encountered an especially messy party area. NORTHEASTTIMES.COM

The party site looks a lot cleaner after volunteers removed beer bottles and other debris. WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2021

Hit-and-run victim seeking answers �Donald Campbell is recovering from a hit-and-run incident back in October, and is seeking information about the driver. By Logan Krum Northeast Times

On the morning of Oct. 24, Donald Campbell had just embarked on what would have been a 54-mile bike ride when he was struck by a vehicle on the 12400 block of McNulty Road. The hitand-run incident left him comatose for several weeks, and police are still investigating to identify the driver of the black Chevy Suburban. The incident left Campbell, a 63-yearold Somerton resident, comatose for several weeks. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, three broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder and other, less serious injuries. Campbell said the only reason he survived was because he was wearing a good helmet. After a month and a half at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital, he spent two and a

half weeks performing physical therapy at MossRehab before going home and starting outpatient care, which he finished in late March. His flexibility was impeded and he suffers from memory loss, but he’s back to being fully mobile on his own. The morning of the incident, Campbell had been biking with a group and pulled out ahead of everyone. He was traveling westbound on McNulty Road when he was struck around 10:40 a.m. The vehicle did not stop and none of the other bikers were able to get a look at the license plate. https://youtu.be/LkakQRYpNu8 “I’m not trying to get back at this person, but just trying to do the right

Donald Campbell thing,” Campbell said. He is involved in bike safety groups in the city and said he frequently sees lack of respect for bikers on the road. Police are still searching for leads.

The front grille and hood of the vehicle were likely damaged in the collision, meaning the driver likely had to stop at a repair shop. Anyone with information should call the Accident Investigation Division at 215-685-3180. Campbell works out at his house five days a week. His plan is to get back to being the cyclist he was before the accident. “It’s one thing for me to internally decide to stop – it’s a totally different thing for it to be taken away from me,” he said. •• View Campbell’s GoFundMe https://gofund.me/562de942.


ESTATES Probate Estates & Power of Attorney

WILLS Understanding Personal Attention.



Samer Abdelsamie, DMD Paul Deitrick, DMD MD Allen Fielding, DMD MD Joseph P Mulligan, DMD NEW LOCATION 2301 E. Allegheny Ave, Suite 206, Phila., Pa. 19134 Tel: 267-367-5009

2414 Rhawn Street Phila. PA 19152



Will Travel To Your Location NM-00458381


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The best medicine �Maria Meirzon, nurse navigator at Einstein Healthcare Network, volunteered her time to deliver important treatments to patients’ homes during the pandemic. By Logan Krum Northeast Times

Before she started working at Einstein Healthcare Network, Maria Meirzon spent a decade visiting patients’ homes to provide care as a home healthcare nurse. So when COVID-19 happened and her patients found themselves unable to leave their homes, driving out to them to provide essential medicine or any other care seemed like second nature. Meirzon works as a nurse navigator for Einstein’s Department of Endocrinology, meaning her job description only entails accommodating patients who come into Einstein Center One in Bustleton and Einstein Holmesburg Outpatient Center. She mostly works with patients with osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become brittle and weak. A bone fracture for an elderly patient could be catastrophic, especially if they hadn’t been able to come into the office and receive their bone-strengthening injection to prevent frac20

NE 6

The Northeast Times would like to congratulate the following college graduates, students who were named to their school’s dean’s list, and area residents who recently received special honors.

Just what the doctor ordered: Maria Meirzon, nurse navigator at Einstein Healthcare Network, volunteered her time during the pandemic to drive to patients’ homes and give them much needed treatment while they quarantined. tures. Injections are often taken every six months. For Meirzon, it was a simple solution. She voluntarily traveled to patients’ homes to provide them with the injections, a service Einstein doesn’t officially offer. “I thought we had no choice, those patients had to get their treatment,” Meirzon said. Over the span of several months Meirzon made more than 60 home trips to provide care for patients, sometimes traveling as far as 40 minutes to see a patient. Instead of viewing it as more work, it was something she looked forward to. “I did it on my own time,” she said. She would go either during her lunch break or wait until after work. The trips were about more than just receiving the treatment. Some patients probably hadn’t been able to see family and friends for months, so Meirzon used the opportunity to socialize with the patients. Many would show her pictures of grandchildren and would just be grateful to have someone to talk to, she said. “You understand a person

better when you see them in their own environment instead of the office,” she said. Earlier in the year, Meirzon was awarded Einstein’s Martin Luther King Keeper of the Dream award for her dedication to the community, having been nominated by advisers from two different offices who hadn’t consulted each other about the nomination. She didn’t learn about the award until a few days before she was named the recipient. “I didn’t have to do it, nobody asked me to do it, but I really wanted to help these people,” she said. Born in Russia, she moved to Israel with her mother to earn a degree from Tel Aviv University and begin a career in nursing. After marrying and starting a family, she moved to the United States in 2004, working as a home healthcare nurse before joining Einstein two years ago. Einstein currently offers drive-through injections that allow patients to stay right in their cars, so Meirzon no longer needs to make the home trips. But if she’s needed again, Meirzon is sure to step up and help. •• NORTHEASTTIMES.COM

Evan Calvo was among the members of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine's MD Class of 2024 who volunteered to help clean up downtown Scranton. Working in the rain, the students cleaned out the planters found in several blocks of Scranton's downtown area and planted fresh flowers that will beautify the city all spring and summer. •• More than 100 local students have been named to the fall 2020 dean's list at University of the Sciences. Selection for this award is based on completing and passing all assigned courses with no grade below a "C" and attaining an academic average of at least 3.4 for courses taken in the fall of 2020. Area members are Omar Alhaj, Shon Biju, Sean Dyson, Jillian Halbiger, Joely Halbiger, Emily Laov, Reuben Sam, Muhammad Shahroz Ul Haq, Mary Grace Berchick, Camila Bohorquez Ramirez, Moises Cuevas-Frias, Mikayla Dennis, Valeriia Gurtovaia, Anastasiya Hrytsay, Sajjaf Malik, Michael Okhman, Sapna Patel, Erick Pellecer, Eleni Pieces, Siby Soju, David Broytman, Samantha Poniatovski, Kristen Gilmore, Emily Capece, Julianna Herff, Camly Nguyen, Kristine Macatantan, Alexander Chokas, Christopher Pisiechko, Erik Cauley, Ryan Creamer, Emily Pisiechko, Gowry Sudarsanan, Delaney McDonnell, Gianna Mingo, Christina Thomas, Gianna Torres, Tessa Glennon, Caleigh Noss, Mooniba Abdul, Joshua Abraham, Joseph Dantes, Jenny James, Jenna Januszka, Kevin Lee, Kelvin

Lu, Jithin Paul, Zixuan Yang, James Abraham, Yasmine Awad, Betcy Benny, Julia Chang, Julia Dang, Dawson Do, Hannah Filbert, Ann George, Sandra Georgekutty, Hannah Higgins, Brigid Hurst, Janice Jaison, Cheryl John, Julia Johnson, Ashley Joseph, Kevin Lin, Matthew Lor, Judy Luong, John McCrane, Mariamol Nelson, Merlin Rajan, Lincy Reji, Nancy Reji, Leah Roy, Sheba Roy, Jubin Saji, Yun Su, Lisa Sy, Rohan Nainan, Richard Wilkes, Brianna Chachoute, Ciara Dubeck, Merin George, Lena Idrissi, Tamara Jenkins, Tammy Megedyuk, Mary Minkovski, Xhesika Muskaj, Mariya Paul, Angelica Rivera, Shane Thomas, Russel Volosov, Chloe Wong, Naomi Zamot, Jillian Chiodo, Emily Shellenberger, Olivia Carter, Calvin Jim, Dawen Chen, Christ Do, Anina Johnson, Devin Chen, Prenin George and Ance Maria Thankachan. ••

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS April 14 Loretta Lynn, Country Singer (89) Baker Mayfield, Football Player (26) April 15 Emma Watson, Movie Actress (31) Cooper Barnes, TV Actor (42) April 16 Pope Benedict XVI, Religious Leader (94) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Basketball Player (74) April 17 Jennifer Garner, Movie Actress (49) Victoria Beckham, Pop Singer (47) April 18 James Woods, Movie Actor (74) Kourtney Kardashian, Reality Star (42) April 19 Joanna Gaines, Reality Star (43) Maria Sharapova, Tennis Player (34) April 20 Luke Kuechly, Football Player (30) Joey Lawrence, TV Actor (45) WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2021

Ice cream for Moonshine, popcorn for Nugget and Murph

Moonshine is an extra-large 95-pound gorgeous girl who is super fun and wiggly. She is a 2-year-old mixed breed who looks like a pitty/Corso. She’s never met a person she didn’t like and she does well with dogs, too. She is fully vetted and ready to be adopted. No kids under 10 due to age and playfulness. Also, no cats. Visit www.bellareedpbr.com. •• Nugget and Murph are female guinea pigs who are about 18 months old. The girls arrived at Northeast Animal Rescue on March 27, as an owner surrendered them due to the health of a family member. The girls are sweet but need time to acclimate and get used to their new person or persons. Guinea pigs are prey animals, so it’s natural for them

to hide. They need an extra large habitat so they can “popcorn” and play. Potential adopters will be asked to prove the habitat they have. NAR asks that you research owning guinea pigs and be fully aware of what’s involved to own and care for. They require lots of time and lots of space. Make sure you have no allergies to them or hay that’s fed. Guinea pigs are extremely social animals, especially with pigs of the same sex. Guinea pigs live an average of 5 to 8 years, sometimes longer. Take this time commitment into consideration when looking to adopt a guinea pig. For more information, to fill out an application or to volunteer at Northeast Animal Rescue, visit nar.rescuegroups. org. •• Final Phase Almost Sold Out



22 doctors and 16 locations in PA, NJ & DE Visit our offices that service NE Philadelphia & Bucks Cty:

8025 E. Roosevelt Blvd | 1st Floor Philadelphia, PA 19152 820 Town Center Drive | Ste 200-1 Langhorne, PA 19047 Providing state-of-the-art retina care for over 50 years Internationally recognized as leaders in vitreoretinal disease by top ophthalmology and medical societies

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Low taxes • From the low -$300’s • No closing costs For information and to see models, please call 610-313-9000 Directions: PA Turnpike to Norristown Exit #333 to Germantown Pike W; right onto 202N ; cross Rt. 73 ; Blue Bell Springs approx. 3/4 mile on right.

Developed by Latham Realty Associates

For information call



Access to cutting edge medical and surgical treatments through our participation in all major clinical trials

Make Your First Opinion the Wills Eye Opinion 844-MAR-DOCS midatlanticretina.com


NE 6


AROUND THE TOWN Broza performing benefit concert

Singer-songwriter David Broza will perform at the Sellersville Theater on April 17 at 8 p.m. following a 14-month hiatus due to Coronavirus social distancing requirements. As a tribute to the healthcare workers and the community of Sellersville, Broza will contribute his share of the concert’s proceeds to Grand View Hospital’s COVID relief efforts. Although the theater normally seats 325, capacity for the show will be limited to a little more than 100 people. For those who would prefer to watch the concert online, Sellersville Theater is providing a virtual link. Tickets are priced $29.50 - $40 and available at https://rb.gy/r30fzr. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. The theater is located at 24 W. Temple Ave. in Sellersville. Call 215-257-5808. ••

Donate old clothes

The Bustleton Bengals are having their semi-annual clothing drive on Saturday, April 24, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the corner of President Street and Conwell Avenue. For details, visit www.bustletonbengals.org. ••

Fundraiser for police/fire football team

The Philadelphia Police and Fire Football Club will hold a fundraiser on April 18, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Fraternal Order of Police, 11630 Caroline Road. Admission is free. There will be raffle baskets and more than 60 vendors and crafters. DJ Wireless Mike will be playing music. The cash for gold party buyer will be on hand to pay for old, broken and used jewelry, coins and flatware. ••

Local hoopsters in all-star game

The Philadelphia All-Star Labor Classic, the annual basketball showcase sponsored by the Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council, will take place Sunday, April 18, at Ridley High School. Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, the game is closed to the general public. Only referees, coaches, players and their parents will be admitted. Local participants include Luca Verello of Archbishop Ryan and Payton Pugh of St. Hubert in the girls game and Father Judge’s Justin Blythe and Nasheer Johnson and Ryan’s Dom Vasquez and Dylan Maloney in the boys game. "As usual, Northeast Philadelphia has produced several outstanding young basketball players," said John J. Dougherty, business manager of the Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council. "We look 22

NE 1-7

forward to seeing them show off their hoops skills on Sunday, April 18." Every selected player receives a partial college scholarship. Other proceeds raised through event sponsorships benefit the Greater Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. ••

St. Hubert taking summer trip

The sixth annual St. Hubert Summer Fun Trip will take place on Tuesday, June 22. The day will start with a one-hour ride on an Atlantic City cruise ship. Next is a four-hour stay at Resorts Casino, with $10 back in slot cash. The day will end with a sitdown dinner and wine tasting at Tomasello Winery, in Hammonton. A bus will depart St. Hubert at 8:45 a.m. and return at about 9 p.m. Masks must be worn on the trip. Eating and drinking on the bus are prohibited, and there is no bathroom use. Temperatures will be taken as you enter the bus. The cost is $90, paid in full by May 15. To reserve your seat, contact Mary Clifford at 267-2317367 or mclifford@huberts.org. ••

Holy Family students to walk for suicide prevention

Holy Family University’s Social and Behavioral Sciences Club will host an Out of the Darkness Campus Walk, sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, to raise awareness of suicide and mental health issues. The event is set for Saturday, April 17, from noon to 3 p.m., outside the Campus Center at Holy Family, 9801 Frankford Ave. “Our Social and Behavioral Sciences Club students plan this event each year because they are so passionate about suicide prevention,” said Kimberly Dasch-Yee, associate professor of psychology at Holy Family and faculty adviser of the club. “I am proud that our students raise thousands of dollars each year for AFSP, and I’m even prouder that they help people on campus and in the community feel supported and less alone.” The walk will start at the Campus Center and progress to Fluehr Park. There is no cost to participate in the walk, but registration is encouraged to allow participants to join a team or engage in individual fundraising efforts. Registration is available at http://www.afsp.org/holyfamily through April 16 at noon. In-person registration is available at the walk from 10 to 10:30 a.m. Donations are also being accepted online through June 30. Walkers who raise $100 by April 17 will receive NORTHEASTTIMES.COM

a “Hope Walks Here” T-shirt. Money will also be raised through raffles. “The Social and Behavioral Sciences Club’s Out of the Darkness Campus Walk has been an event that I have participated in for the past four years at Holy Family University,” said Shannon McCombs, co-president of the club. “I hold it close to my heart because suicide should not be the end of anyone’s story.” ••

Enroll at Maternity BVM

Maternity BVM Catholic School is accepting new students in all grades for the 2021-22 academic year. To register, call Mr. McDonough at 215-908-3329 or visit the rectory, 9220 Old Bustleton Ave., on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, visit www.maternitybvm.net. ••

Outdoor painting party

The Chaverim of Congregations of Shaare Shamayim is holding a mobile painting party on Sunday, April 25, at 1 p.m. in the parking lot (9768 Verree Road). The rain date is May 2. The cost is $30 per person and includes individually wrapped snacks, drinks and a wine bottle to decorate. Masks must be worn at all times. Makes checks payable to CSS – Art and mail to the above address. RSVPs must be received in the office no later than April 22. For further details, call Lynn at 215-677-1600. ••

Way to go, Declan

Normandy’s Declan Cassidy, 11, a sixth-grader at Baldi Middle School, was one of 15 recipients of a Mayor’s Day of Service Recognition Award for his initiative, Socks for the Streets. “I want to acknowledge the time, effort and dedication of every single person who gave back in service, especially those who supported our city’s response to COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, volunteers became essential personnel and Philadelphians stepped up in a way that exemplified what it means for us to be the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection,” said Mayor Kenney. “This is why I’m happy to recognize 15 exceptional Philadelphia volunteers and national service members, who work tirelessly to make their communities better.” Declan earned the Mayor’s Youth Hero Award. He started Declan's Socks for the Streets in 2019 to help the homeless. His 2020 sock drive collected 9,223 pairs of socks. •• WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2021

AROUND THE TOWN Secondhand shop seeks donations

Ann’s Attic, Holmesburg United Methodist Church’s secondhand shop, is asking the public to donate clothes, knickknacks, household goods, toys, jewelry and collectibles. These items will be displayed in the shop to help raise funds to support outreach projects offered by the church. These mission projects include The King’s Kitchen food pantry, which provides daily free bags of food. Items can be dropped off at any time in the back of the church, 8118 Frankford Ave. Call 215-624-6900. ••

Farmers’ market to open at KleinLife

KleinLife, 10100 Jamison Ave., will open its annual farmers’ market on Wednesdays from noon to 3 p.m., beginning April 21 and continuing through the fall.. All customers will be required to wear a mask and will be spaced apart using chalk lines marked as a guide on the ground. Call 267-345-7787. ••

Vote by mail

To apply for a mail-in ballot for the May 18 primary, go to https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/. Once voters return their mail-in ballot application, the city will send them a mail-in ballot as soon as ballots have been finalized and printed. Mail-in and absentee ballot applications must be received by 5 p.m. on May 11. Voted mail ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on election day. For more information, call 215-MU6-3469 or go to votespa.com. ••

Grants for student jobs

State Rep. Jared Solomon announced the Department of Labor and Industry has allocated $2.6 million for the Schools-to-Work program, which was formed through bipartisan legislation the representatives jointly created, to prepare students for good, well-paying jobs. Schools-to-Work grants will be awarded and funded competitively in increments up to $250,000 to create educational opportunities for students that will include classroom training, workplace visits, internships, apprenticeships, mentorships, employment opportunities, job shadowing or externships. Proposals from applicants must focus on building programs that will fill current and anticipated labor market needs in a given geographic area.

“It’s time we re-imagine workforce development to prepare students and youth for the future. Having spent significant time with young folks when I was leading a civic association, I realized that traditional, in-classroom instruction doesn’t necessarily equip students with all the skills essential for the workforce. The School-to-Work program merges classroom instruction with hands-on, real-life job experience. The $2.6 million comes at a crucial time as we work toward building our economy even stronger than pre-pandemic and investing in the workforce that drives it,” Solomon said. Grant applications are due at 4 p.m. on April 14, and the 2021 Schools-to-Work program will operate from June 1, 2021, through Dec. 31, 2023. Visit https://www. dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Workforce-Development/grants/ Pages/default.aspx. ••

Tea will celebrate Golda Meir

The Sisterhood of the Congregations of Shaare Shamayim invites you to join them for their virtual Tea with Golda on Monday, May 10, at 7:30 p.m. The cost is $18 per person. The program will be a presentation on the life of Golda Meir, presented by Maxine Goldman. Each participant will receive a packet of pictures and data. RSVPs are needed by April 15. Mail your checks payable to the Sisterhood of CSS, along with your email address, to 9768 Verree Road, Philadelphia, PA 19115. For further information, call Gita Farbman at 215-677-1600. ••

Middle schools reopening

Students in grades three through five and students with complex needs in grades six through eight whose families select the hybrid learning model will transition to a mix of in-person and digital learning beginning April 26 in 23 School District of Philadelphia schools. All staff supporting grades three through eight returned to school buildings on April 12. The list of 23 schools includes Baldi, Warren G. Harding and Woodrow Wilson middle schools. ••

Locals backing Street

State Sen. Sharif Street has formed an exploratory committee for a possible run for U.S. Senate. Members of the committee include state Sens. Tina Tartaglione and John Sabatina Jr.; John Sabatina, Democratic leader of the 56th Ward; and Robert Rudnitsky, president of Philly NORML, a marijuana law reform group, and head of the Take Back Your Neighborhood civic association.

Meanwhile, Democrat Val Arkoosh, chairwoman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, has launched a campaign for Senate. Arkoosh, a married mother of three, is a physician who ran in what was the 13th Congressional District primary in 2014. She finished last in a four-way race won by Brendan Boyle. In 2015, after Gov. Tom Wolf named Montgomery County Commissioner Leslie Richards to head PennDOT, Common Pleas Court judges appointed Arkoosh to replace her. Other Democrats running are Jenkintown Borough Councilwoman Alex Khalil, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, Brandaun Dean, Lew Tapera, Dr. Larry E. Johnson, Dr. Kevin Baumlin, John McGuigan, Kyle Norton and Alan Shank. Republican candidates are Jeff Bartos, Sean Gale, Kathy Barnette, Everett Stern, Martin Rosenfeld, Bobby Jeffries and John DeBellis. ••

Sports Hall of Fame ballot released

The Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame has released the ballot for its 17th class of inductees. The field consists of 39 people representing achievement in 13 sports. Brief career profiles for the nominees can be found at http://phillyhall.org/profiles.pdf. The nominees are Al Holbert (auto racing), Anthony Black (horse racing), Bobby Abreu (baseball), Bonnie Rosen (lacrosse), Brendan Hansen (swimming), Clyde Simmons (football), Dallas Green (baseball), Dwight Muhammad Qawi (boxing), Frank Wycheck (football), Gary Williams (basketball), George Benton (boxing), Joan Moore (gymnastics), Mark Recchi (hockey), Mike Teti (rowing), Nikki Franke (fencing), Richard Hamilton (basketball), Rod Brind’Amour (hockey), Seth Joyner (football), Sue Day Stahl (lacrosse), Susan Francia (rowing) and Yolanda Laney (basketball). Wycheck played football at Archbishop Ryan. Heritage nominees are Adele Boyd (field hockey), Alice Putnam Willetts (field hockey), Battling Levinsky (boxing), Bill Bradley (football), Bill Knecht (rowing), Charles Moore (track and field), Ed Bolden (baseball), Frank Spellman (weightlifting), Harry Davis (baseball), Jim Katakavge (football), Jimmie Wilson (baseball), Kid Keinath (basketball/football), Larry Foust (basketball), Lew Tendler (boxing), Olga Dorfner (swimming), Sherry Magee (baseball), Willie Jones (baseball) and Zachary “Zack” Clayton (basketball). Though not part of the official selection process, fans can vote at http://phillyhall.org/fansvoice. The induction ceremony and reception will be Nov. 4. ••


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Sweet states! By Joe Mason

Times Sports Editor

In a year that has had a lot of obstacles, they finally have something to cheer about. The St. Hubert High School cheerleading team won a state championship on Saturday when the Bambies took first place at the 2021 PIAA Competitive Spirit Championships, held at the Giant Center. It was the second time in three years that Hubert won the 3A Large Division Championship. This year, it finished above second-place Cumberland Valley. The Bambies scored 94.55, CV had 89.52. What’s even more impressive is that the Bambies did it with just four seniors on the roster -- Marissa Kramer, Emily Livewell, Alyssa Heron and Irelynn McClernand. “Our four seniors led our young team to a state championship,” said Paul Ballentine‫‏‬, an assistant coach and brother of head coach Lisa McNesby. “It’s not easy, winning this competition. From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, the competition is tough and the teams are very talented. We are so grateful and honored to represent St. Hubert. Our girls love their school and are true representations of young women with faith and integrity.” The Bambies are used to success. Every year, they’re among the top in the Catholic League, the state and the nation. But this year was different. This was a year when there were no crowds. No sport needs fans as much as cheerleading, but the Bambies were able to win the Catholic League championship earlier this year and now the state title. “Being state champions is an amazing feeling, but scoring highest overall is even better,” said Kramer, who lives in Abington. “After such a hard season, we have come so far and pushed ourselves day in and day out. There were amazing teams at the state championships and having the honor to come out on top is a feeling that is unbeatable.” “This was my first state championship title and winning as a senior feels absolutely amazing,” said Heron, who lives in Parkwood. “This was by far one of the toughest seasons I’ve ever had, which makes this mean more than ever before. I was in shock when I found out we had the highest score. There were so many amazing teams there so it was an honor to be on top.” “It definitely was amazing to be able to compete in person with my team,” said McClernand, who lives in Mayfair. 24

NE 6


Top scorers: The St. Hubert cheerleading team earned a chocolate bar by winning the 3A championship “Being in our gym filming for virtual nationals gets repetitive and frustrating, so to be able to leave the gym to perform was refreshing and exciting.” The Bambies were one of many Catholic League teams to star at Hershey. Also winning a state championship was Lansdale Catholic. Archbishop Wood took second. And Archbishop Ryan came in fourth in its category, which is a great showing at the state meet. Winning is always sweet, but the Bambies have made a habit of it. So when the girls had a chance to join the team, they jumped at it. “Cheering at St. Hubert’s means making your best friends for life while representing our school’s competitive spirit,” McClernand said. “My coaches and my teammates are my family, and I would be lost without them. We all have so much fun doing what we love, but nothing makes us happier than getting the opportunity to win district, state and national titles for our school that we love so dearly.” “Cheering for St. Hubert means the world to me,” Heron said. “I came from Crispin cheerleading and dreamed of being a Hubert’s cheerleader one day. Being with my team and coaches makes me feel at home, and we all share such a strong love for cheerleading. We inspire and motivate each other, and it is an awesome feeling being surrounded by such amazing people.” “Cheering for St. Hubert’s is like a dream come true for me. Ever since I was a little Crispin cheerleader, I dreamed of one day being a Bambie,” Kramer said. “Having the opportunity to cheer for St. Hubert’s has changed my life. NORTHEASTTIMES.COM

Being around the coaches and the girls just gives me a warm-at-home feeling. The passion for this sport that not only the cheerleaders have but the coaches have as well make this experience twice as good. It really is the best feeling when you walk around with that St. Hubert’s uniform on.” Now that states are done, the girls still have work to do. They are virtually competing for a national championship. The meet is usually held at Disney, but this year because of coronavirus, they’re streaming the competition to the judges, and that will be how the championship is decided. The goal is to win, but if they don’t, Kramer, Heron and McClernand are proud of what they accomplished. All three will go on to great things after high school. All three plan to study nursing next year. And they’ll also all go out winners no matter what after what they did Saturday. “Our routine this year was a combination of difficultly and execution,” Ballentine‫ ‏‬said. “We highlighted our elite tumbling skills while showcasing our strongest stunts.” The team consists of freshmen Alivia Murphy, Caitlin Cranston, Layla Mastrangelo, Angelina Kinniry, Jenni Leneghan, Camryn Klepczynski, Leah Brace, Samantha Kinniry, and Alexa Wright; sophomores Kait Wilson, Alyssa Cooper, Gab Marzullo, Frankie D’Andrea, Kate Tomes, Jess Burgher and Kyleigh Taylor; juniors Olivia Ovington, Sophia Bowen, Shea Quinn and Mikayla Vallone; and seniors Marissa Kramer, Emily Livewell, Alyssa Heron and Irelynn McClernand. •• WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2021

Bell answers the call at shortstop for Ryan By Joe Mason Times Sports Editor

Dana Bell is still one of the best players in the area. But she’s doing it a different way now. Bell is a senior on the Archbishop Ryan High School softball team, and when she was a freshman, she pitched the Ragdolls to a Catholic League championship. But after that season, she decided to try a new position, and it couldn’t have worked out better. Not only was she a great pitcher, she can do pretty much anything there is to do on the softball field. “There was a lot going on for me, personally, and I was struggling with some things, mostly mentally,” said Bell, who lives in Bensalem. “I took a year off from pitching, I started playing third base and outfield. “I went through a time where I wasn’t doing well for myself, and it stemmed from me pitching. It was a personal decision for me. I needed to do it. I’m very open about it because it really helped me. I still love softball and I’ve been doing other things.” Not only has she been doing other things, she’s been doing other things just as well, if not better, than she did when she was the top player during her ninthgrade year. And just like always, she’s putting the team first. For her club team, Bell played mostly corner infield and outfield. But this year, the Ragdolls, who have aspirations of winning another Catholic League championship or at least being in the mix for the title, needed a shortstop. Bell stepped up and filled the position. That helped the team fill out the lineup card with a stud up the middle, and Bell is having fun. Winning is fun, and Bell loves being a part of this team. “I’m having so much fun, it’s just a great team to be around and we’re all having fun,” said Bell, who, like every player, was disappointed to have last year nixed because of coronavirus. “I think we’re all excited to be back together as a team. We’re really close this year, a lot of seniors, so we’re able to at different times be leaders. We can all be stern with the younger players, but we can take turns so nobody is the bad cop. We are all good teammates.


Dana does it all: Dana Bell pitched Ryan to a Catholic League championship as a freshman. This year, she’ll star at shortstop for the Ragdolls. “It’s working out really well because we have a lot of seniors on this team, but we also have a lot of really good underclassmen. Young freshmen and sophomores who are really good. I try to help them because I remember playing when I was younger. It was hard, so I want to make sure I’m there for them.” Bell hopes softball season is one to remember, but this entire school year has been exciting and memorable. In some ways, it’s been difficult because the school has been forced to go virtual a lot of the time, but Bell has made sure she’s been able to stay con-

nected to her teammates and all of her friends. In fact, she picked up a new sport to spend more time with some of her buddies. “A few of my best friends played volleyball, so I tried out and played just so I could see them and spend time with them,” Bell said. “It was pretty good. We had a good year. Some schools didn’t play because of COVID, but I thought we did pretty well. It was fun, I was happy with it. “We go to school on different days, so I was able to see them more by playing.


It was tough because a lot of the schools that we go neck in neck with didn’t play, so we played mostly the really good teams, but it was a lot of fun.” That’s not the only new thing Bell took part in recently. When she was a pitcher, Bell was constantly busy, but when she switched positions, she carved out some free time. She has put it to good use. “I was able to get my first job, I work at McDonald’s and I love it there,” said Bell, who works at the one in Southampton. “I work with two of my cousins. I do a little bit of everything, so everything is kind of exciting. I like assembly, making sandwiches and putting them all together. It gets hot, so I don’t like cooking. I make a mean McFlurry, though!” As great as her dessert-making skills are, she’s even better in the classroom. She’s ranked in the top 1 percent of her senior class, and she’s all set to take those good grades to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she’ll continue her softball career. “Ever since I was a young kid, I traveled a lot for softball and I got comfortable with airplanes and I was fascinated with them,” Bell said. “And I watch the Smithsonian channel and watch all the different crashes and stuff. In high school, I took advanced math classes, I knew I wanted to do something with engineering. This is definitely me, it’s something I’ll really enjoy. “Ever since I was in school, it was important. Having an older sister, she was one year ahead of me, I always tried to see if I could beat her. So I fell in love with school.” As much as she loves to beat her sister on report cards, she’s very close to her. When the world was shut down due to the pandemic, they became even closer. “We did a lot of family things, played games, and I spent a lot of time with my sister (Kristin), going to the gym and watching TV, and I spent a lot of time with my chocolate lab, Beatrice. Beatrice is my best friend. My sister wouldn’t be mad, she’d say the same thing. We joke she’s the love of our lives until we meet our future husbands.” Maybe not as much as Beatrice, but Bell would love to leave Ryan with another PCL championship. “We’re chasing the chip,” Bell said. “That’s our goal. We have a great team, our goal is to win. We want to go as far as we can.” •• NE 6


Murphy ready to shine for St. Hubert By Joe Mason Times Sports Editor

You wouldn’t even know they’re the same person. If you attended a St. Hubert High School softball game four years ago and you saw a young freshman who was standing in the background, not talking too much, you were looking at Emily Murphy. She was the youngest player on the team, and although she was a starter and a key cog on that team, she was shy and not the most confident player on the field. My, how things have changed. Now Murphy is no longer playing first base, she’s the Bambies’ starting pitcher. But the biggest change has been in her personality. She went from being quiet to being the most demonstrative player on the field, and that pays dividends for her teammates. “I’ve changed a lot, when I got here, I almost never spoke,” said Murphy, who lives in Rhawnhurst. “I think I was intimidated, being the youngest one on the team and I really didn’t know anyone. They took me in fairly fast, the upperclassmen made sure to make me feel comfortable. That helped a lot. “Now that I’m a senior, I try to help the underclassmen who don’t know as many people. I remember how it feels, and how much of a difference that made. I just try to get them to feel more comfortable and help them get more confidence. A lot like they did for me.” She learned from the best, too. Two years ago, when Murphy was a sophomore, she learned a lot from star pitcher Lindsey Davies. As much as Davies’ pitching helped the Bambies, she was just as valuable serving as a coach on the field. “I learned a lot from her, definitely the leadership part,” Murphy said. “I remember how if someone made an error or something, she would call us all in and make sure they weren’t getting down. She would tell them it’s not their fault and make sure we were organized.” Now, that’s Murphy’s job. It would have been her role last year, but the season was canceled because of coronavirus. It certainly wasn’t the way anyone wanted it, but it gave Murphy some extra time to prepare. “I was really upset because I thought I would get my season, finally, but now I have it and it’s going to be great,” said Murphy, whose team had to quarantine for two weeks during the preseason because someone on the team had coronavirus. “It was really hard, last year, because we all wanted to play. We were the defending champs, so we wanted to get a chance to defend it, but we’ll do it this year.” Murphy isn’t the only one expecting big things. Dan Milio, the Bambies coach, was supposed to get his career as head coach started last year, but since the season was nixed, this is his inaugural year at Hubert. He’s happy to have Murphy lead his squad. “In a weird way, the pandemic helped her,” Milio said. “She became more focused on her senior year, she’s 26

NE 1-7


Mounds of success: Emily Murphy is a star in the circle and at the plate for St. Hubert. hungrier, she knows what it means to her, she knows what “Science is my favorite and I do pretty well in school, it means to the team. We’re still the defending Catholic so I think I can do it,” Murphy said. “I’m happy I’m going League champions. She’ll be a big part of how well we’ll to Wilkes. I was there for a camp and I loved the campus. do. My dad went to King’s College, and that’s really close. And “We had great pitching ahead of her, she knew she had when I told the softball coach I was going there, she was to wait her turn. She did. She’s relentless with preparation. excited, so I was happy she told me that.” If there’s a mistake made on her part, I don’t have to tell She’s excited about the future, but in no rush to leave her. She knows it, she is looking for ways to improve it. Hubert. She’s looking forward to her final year, not just Very coachable kid. I could talk about her all day.” winning, but being around her friends. Milio is also proud of Murphy off the field, and he has a “We do a lot of things to stay close,” Murphy said. “We lot to be proud of there. text and we’re having a pasta party, and we’re also doing Murphy is a member of the National Honor Society some Olympic-type contest where we team up and do and she is ranked in the top 10 in her senior class. She’s fun games instead of practice one day. I’m paired up with also a member of student council. a freshman (Michaela Stopa). We are all close, so that “I’m a class rep,” Murphy said. “I ran my sophomore year should be fun.” and I won the past three years. I love doing it. It was hard for You know what else is fun? Winning a championship. me to run, I feel a lot more comfortable pitching than run“We really want to win because we won two years ago ning in an election, but I wanted to represent our class.” and didn’t get to play,” said Murphy, who credits her Next year, she’ll represent Wilkes College, where she’ll parents for helping her reach the levels she has. “We are continue her softball career with hopes of becoming a pharmacist. happy to play, but we also want to win.” •• NORTHEASTTIMES.COM




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Black Top Driveways

Patios • Curbs • Steps Driveways • Slabs Sidewalks • Footings Drainage System

(References Given Upon Request) (PA Lic. & Ins.) If you are looking for quality work at a reasonable price, give us a call.


267-202-6571 215-760-0257


Walt Matienko

All major credit cards accepted


      Free Estimates   

Air Conditioning

Call Mike 215-939-7154

Central Air Conditioning SALE! FINANCING AVAILABLE

CARPET POWER Restretch, repairs, installs. 35 yrs. experience. Gary, 267-210-0108

              Lic. & Insured


(215)673-3444 GLENLOCH LOCKS Install, Re-Key, Lock Outs 267-979-6133

Carpet Sales/Install



Fully Ins./Free est. & Design


Brick Pointing

All Plumbing Services - Heating Drain Cleaning - Hot Water Heaters

We Accept Checks, All Major Credit And Debit Cards

Call Ed Hughes…215-425-4737 for Service Calls and Sales Made EASY!



Waterproofing, repair steps & sidewalks, also driveways, concrete or blacktop.

Dan 215-251-5919

JOE KEENAN LOCKSMITH All types of lock work. Free Estimate. Bonded. Call: 215-632-5173

Air Conditioning

Moving & Hauling

ALL MAKES & MODELS Sales & Service • Heat Pumps FREE ESTIMATES


A/C CHECK-UP $69.95


APT & SMALL MOVES, Etc Man w/pickup truck. Moving, furn/appl, pickup + del, cleanouts. Call Jack 267-312-5948

CLEAN OUTS Houses, Apts, Garages Lowest Prices Guaranteed. Bill Douglas 610-348-1691

Cement Work


Air Cond & Heating

215-464-9667 Since 1985








NO JOB TOO SMALL Basement Waterproofing • Sump Pumps Foundation Repair • Concrete Work • Brick Pointing

267.581.4873 LICENSE & INSURED • PA LIC. #134963



All Types of Concrete Work Driveways • Sidewalks • Curbs • Steps • Basement Walls Patios • Brick Block & Pointing Specializing in Stamped Concrete FREE ESTIMATES 215-824-0202 Lic. & Insured


All Types of Concrete Work Since 1923 Retaining Walls, Fireplace, Stone, Brick & Block Work, Stucco, Basements, Additions, Insurance Work. 4th Generation - Lic#6170153

FREE ESTIMATES! 215-533-1934

Cement Work


Dynamite Contractors





Brick & Stone Pointing, Basement Walls, Chimneys. Free estimates. Lic/ Ins.


TONY A. CONCRETE All Types of Concrete Work Stamped Concrete · Brick & Block Work · Stucco Basements · Waterproofing Licensed & Insured Free est's. 215-969-1462

A. Colella Cement Work Blocks, stucco, patios, steps, driveways, pavements. Certified, bonded. Free est. 215-745-2951 or 215-778-6123 ALL TYPES OF MASONRY Repairs, sidewalks, retaining walls, stucco, waterproofing. No job too big or too small. Brian 215-378-6508


Sidewalks Driveways Patios Shingle & Rubber Roofing NM-00458670

Concrete / Roofing

Lic. & Ins.


K.A.W. Home Improvements Licensed/Insured. No job too big/small. Windows, doors, roofs, siding, decks, floors, remodels, etc. Call for free estimate. 267-636-3823

Shap's Home Remodeling LLC Kitchens, bathrooms, flat roofs, doors, floors, trash cleanouts, paint and more. Lic'd. & Ins'd. 267-686-1125 Decks

CJ’s HOME REMODELING Custom Decks Designed With Your Personal Preference in Mind! CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE



(215) 672-1144 Lic. & Ins. • All Work Guar. “I Do My Own Work” HIC#PA00725

PHILADELPHIA (215) 927-0234

Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Sales & Service Honest work Reasonable Rates


Ornamental Iron

READER ENTERPRISES Iron work of all types: Railings, Window Guards, Fences. Free estimates. 215-537-0420

Veneziale's Fence and Iron Works All Types of Iron Work. Free Estimates Call 267.549.3649 Garage Doors



Since 1964 Garage Doors & Electric Operators

FREE ESTIMATES 215-757-7413

PA067710 All Major Credit Cards Accepted



*Electrical * Power Washing *Doors *Locks *Plumbing *Carpentry *Odd Jobs All type of Home Repairs No job too small • Free Estimates, Reasonable

Mr. Nixon




HANDYMAN Painting, drywall, electrical, plumbing, etc. Insurance. Free estimate Chuck 215-672-8875 Nick's Handyman Services Kitchens, baths, carpentry, flooring. Drywall, painting. No job too small. Call Nick 267-407-8437




Reg#2665 • PA 051871 All credit cards accepted Serving Phila for over 50 years







Senior Discount

Interior/Exterior Commercial/Residential



(267) 844-6100

No job too big or too small!







ALL PLUMBING SERVICES Heating-Central Air Conditioning Drain Cleaning-Hot Water Heaters FINANCING AVAILABLE

267-252-4779 Licensed & Insured

100+200 Amp Svcs - Troubleshooting LICENSED & INSURED Senior Dis - 24 Hr Emergency Srvc


Call Ed Hughes…215-425-4737


STANISKIS ELECTRICAL SERVICES If you need it we will power it. No job too Big or too Small, we will enlighten you. Senior and Military Discounts available. All work 100% Guaranteed. 215335-3829 or 267-345-5404.

Emergency Service • City Violations Corrected • Lic#4189 • Lic#4466


We Accept Checks, All Major Credit And Debit Cards

Service & Installation Seasonal Tune-Ups Preventative Maintenance


267-259-2848 215-552-9507



Heating & A/C




Call 215-667-3734




House Painting & Drywall - Room Painting starts at $75 - Drywall installation-Free Est. - Minor Repairs - #1 on Bing Photos at www.homedrywallinstaller.com - No Down Payment - Refs NE Phila. Call Bill at 267-529-4247

Karl Fritz Painting & Wallscraping Contractor. Over 35 yrs of exp. Free est. Owner operated. Sr. Citizens disc. Lic/Ins. Call Karl 215-739-0139


Immediate Service • FHA & VA Certified PA040852 • E73281 • Over 42 Years



•Senior Discount •BBB •PA012830

• 100 AMP Circuit Breakers • Ceiling Fans Installed • Outlets • A/C, Washer & Dryer Lines • Licensed/Insured


Free Estimates Lic. 215-338-1000 Ins.











Cement Work


Hot Water Heaters Replaced Service 7 Days • 24•Hour Service7 a Week •• Hot Toilets & Faucets • Certifications Water Heaters Replaced Water Heaters Replaced Toilets & Faucets• Faucets •Corrected Certifications • City Violations • Toilets& Certifications Violations Corrected CityGas Violations Corrected • •New & Oil Heaters Installed New Gas Oil Heaters •N O • All&Work Done By Installed • All Work Done By Registered Master Plumber Registered Master Plumber Registered 3rd 3rd Generation Registered Generation#3922 #3922


CELL: 267-984-3088 OFFICE: 215-673-7700 215-673-7700 C LL: 2 7-984-3088

BILL'S Plumbing, Heating & A/C. Drain Cleaning Specialist $85 RMP#4606. 215-742-4071


• Hot Water Heaters • City Violations Corrected • Sewer Lines Replaced Drain Cleaning - $99 Cash Only (Res. Only) With this coupon. 8AM to 5pm Mon.-Fri. Some Restrictions Apply.

(215) 379-8300

Insured/Free Estimates • Sen. Citz. Discounts PA LIC# PA061458 • MASTER LIC# 13740

BEST WAY TO GO Any Residential Drain Cleaning $65.00. Ninety Day Guarantee. Lic/Ins. 20 years exp. Call Joe 215-303-4723. Power Washing Pressure Washing Exp. Licensed, & Insured Call David (267) 333-8502

There’s no place like home!

Be sureto to check out the Times to find local contractors, painters, Be sure check out The Northeast Times to find and all things to make your house a home. and locallandscapers contractors, painters, landscapers all things to make your house a home.

Painting, Drywall, & Misc. Handyman Repairs Exp. Licensed, & Insured Call David (267) 333-8502 William Stanton Painting Interior/exterior, all types of wall repair, wallpaper removal. 40 yrs. exp. 267-780-8889

BRUCE JON Painting, drywall, wallpaper, water & mold damage specialist. 267-577-7271


To advertise, call 215-354-3000 NE 6






Notice of Initiation of the Section 106 Process: Public Participation




For Sale

$400 & Up For Running Vehicles

Refrigerators & Stoves gas & elec. dryers, washers + appliance repairs. Buying used appl's, antiques, coins, vintage guitars, old guns. WW II stuff. Cleanouts avail. 267-808-7066

Highest Cash Paid for Junk Vehicles



T-Mobile proposes the upWe sell new and used parts. SAME DAY Services grade of a water tank telecommunications facility at 2001 Constitution Ave, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Licensed & 20 YEAR GUARANTEE ON A • Rubber • Shingles County, PA. Additionally, TSHUFFLEBOARD TABLE Insured Junk Cars Junk Cars Mobile proposes the up16 Foot. Like new condition. HOT WHITE RUBBER ROOF • Roof Repairs grade of three rooftop teleQuoits included. Rubber • Shingles communications facilities at WE BUY CARS & TRUCKS TOP $$$ PAID FOR JUNK $4000. Negotiable. ••Sky Lights • Coatings 2117 N 33rd St, 3451 Wal& HEAVY EQUIPMENT CARS FREE PICK UP 24HR 215-742-6110 • Roof Repairs • Certifications nut St, and 2805 N 47th St, SERVICE NJ 609-367-4437 $200 to $5000 Cash • Sky Lights • Coatings Philadelphia, Philadelphia OR IN PA 215-730-0900 Garage Sale Paid Guaranteed!!! County, PA. Members of the • Certifications Any Condition public interested in submitHuge Garage Sale - Sat. 4/17 WE BUY CARS Free Towing ting comments on the pos8am-2pm. 3445 Stanwood St. Please call 267-738-5175. Same Day Service “I Will Find Your Leak!” sible effects on historic propNM-00458488 PA062531 19136 (on Leon St. in the Same day towing. 267-229-1970 erties included in or eligible driveway). Tools, jewelry, hshld www.secodastowing.com SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT for inclusion in the National items, clothes, toys & more. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Register of Historic Places CASH 4 CARS Call Johnny's Junk - Cash for may send their comments to We buy all cars. Multi Family Yard Sale Junk Cars. $250 to $1500. Andrew Smith, RESCOM Income Tax / Accounting 2743 Bellview Dr. (2700-2900 215-999-8188 Free Pick-up. 215-429-4008 Environmental Corp., PO Over 20 Years Experience - Owner Operated Blk) 19020. Sat. 4/17, 8amBox 361 Petoskey, MI Federal, State & Local       1pm. Rain Date Sun. 4/18. 49770 or call 260-385-6999. N TTIMES Income Taxes professionally Lower Bucks Times NORTHEAST ORTHEAST IMES      TAr prepared by CPA. In-Home      Wanted to Buy Notice is hereby given that, service. Reasonable rates.      in the estate of the decedent Call Don@ 215-603-1790 Diabetic Test Strips & Insured & Lic #46941 set forth below, the Register of Insulin needed. Pay up to $50 email: FAXsendclassifieds@bsmphilly.com US! 856-288-7433 Wills has granted Letters Testper box. 610-453-2525 Income Tax / Accounting amentary to the person named. Lower Bucks Times Northeast Times PAMidweek Midweek WireAll Publications: NJor WirePublications: Publications: Star Star FREE ESTIMATES Wire Publications: NJ Wire Star Northeast Times persons having claims Smith BookkeepingPA Financial Classified Display, Thursday Classified Display, Friday 3pm Classified Display, Monday 3pm Classifi edDisplay, Display, Thursday NoonNoon Classified edDisplay, Display,Thursday Thursday 3pm 3pm Classifi ed Display, Display, Friday Friday 3pm 3pm Classifi ed Display, Display, Monday 3pm 3pm Classifi ed Thursday Noon Classifi Classifi ed Classifi ed Monday demands against said estate Classifi ed Line Ads, Thursday 3pm Classifi ed Line Ads, Thursday 4pm Classifi ed Line Ads, Monday Noon Classifi ed Line Ads, Ads, Tuesday Noon Noon Classified Line Ads, Thursday 3pm Classified Line Ads, Monday Noon Classified Line Ads, Tuesday Noon Accounting & Classifi Taxes ed Line Ads, Thursday 3pm Classified Line Ads, Thursday 4pm Classified Line Ads, Monday Noon Classified Line Tuesday are requested to make known 215-745-2713 the same, and all info@sbfsllc.com persons indebted to said www.sbfsllc.com ROOFING estate are requested to make payment without delay, to the Trouble Finding PERSONALS executor or administrator or Your Leak? their attorney named below. Call for Spring Special If You Want to Know, Call a PRO Estate of Freda R. Mortimer, at 215-934-5309 anytime, FREE ESTIMATES. deceased Late of Philadelphia, for an exciting time. Pennsylvania NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL. Executor: Barry Mortimer, Lic 267-593-9699 Ins ADULT SERVICES NM-00456611 1857 Fox Run Mention This Ad For 10% Off Terrace, Warrington, PA 18976 Massage Attorney: Adrian L. Meyer, Windows 62 N. Church Street, As no Man is an Island on the Doylestown, PA 18901 desert of life, find your oasis! Window Installation FREE ESTIMATES Eden, here to fix & repair u, my INCORPORATION NOTICE Small/Medium Residential Grtr NE priv loc. 267-642-0682 I n s t a l l a t i o n s NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVDH, Sliders, Basement Glass New Masseuse - Stressed? EN THAT Articles of Incor141 S. Woodbourne Rd Blocks, etc. poration were filed with and Langhorne 215-395-6984 267-984-7029 approved by the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the 11th day of February, I’VE NEVER 2021, for the purpose of creUNDERSTOOD WHY MY ating a business corporation which has been incorHUMAN WON’T LEAVE porated under the proviTHE HOUSE WITHOUT sions of the Business CorHER LEASH. I THINK poration Law of 1988. The name of the corporation is SHE’S AFRAlD OF GETTING Behavioral & Educational LOST. BUT IT’S OK, I KIND Solutions, Inc.

(215) 203-0993








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at how much more exposure you will get.

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NOTICE OF STORAGE UNITS PUBLIC SALE The following public sale shall take place online on or after April 15, 2021: at www.storagetreasures.com to satisfy the liens of Frank Leone, PO Box 296, Abington, PA 19001, 215-658-0123, on Occupant's stored property. 920 E. Ontario St, 19134: Joel Mendez #20 1218 Overington St, 19124: Edwin Feleciano #2


— HARPER adopted 08-18-09


DiscoverTheForest.org WEDNESDAY APRIL 14, 2021

CROSSWORD THEME: FICTIONAL MONSTERS ACROSS 1. "Turkey" dance 5. X minus III 8. Accounting acronym 11. Angel's glow 12. Like list of chores 13. Inside info 15. "National Velvet" author Bagnold 16. Heavy Metal band Quiet ____ 17. *Worn by monster hunters and dragonslayers 18. *Sea monster with atomic breath 20. Brooms and cauldrons to a witch, e.g. 21. Subject of biographies, pl. 22. ____ of Aquarius 23. Saudi's southern neighbor 26. Ceremonial flight 30. "I" problem 31. Sweet-talk 34. Marine eagle 35. The Revenge of the ____, 1984 37. ____ you sure? 38. Desires 39. Russia's Romanov, e.g. 40. Comfy pants 42. Preceding month 43. Google Maps predecessor, pl. 45. Blackbird-like birds 47. Crow sound 48. Group of professionals 50. Like a bow string 52. *Witch of Russian fairytales 55. ____ con carne 56. G in 1000 g., e.g. 57. Loose hood 59. Was rebroadcasted 60. Prospector's mother? 61. Bassoon cousin 62. Nod up and down 63. *He played Dracula and Count Dooku 64. *Like Sendak's Things

DOWN 1. England's favorite drink, in French 2. *Addams Family's Lurch: "You ____?" 3. A dish of stewed meat 4. Waddle 5. Bridal veil fabric 6. Objects of worship 7. Just a little 8. Michael Douglas' 1978 mystery thriller 9. Like the Weasleys of "Harry Potter" 10. Second qtr. calendar month 12. Alex Trebek's forte 13. Drooping 14. *Jeepers ____, sing. 19. Coats with Zn 22. Tap order 23. Yiddish busybody 24. Opposite of digest 25. Like high ground 26. Pestilence pest 27. Lock horns 28. Darlene or Jacob of Ozark 29. MCAT and LSAT 32. *Amity Island fish 33. Bonanza find 36. *Transylvanian bloodsucker 38. Shylock's practice 40. Use a Singer 41. Up until now, 2 words 44. Like luxurious sheets 46. Another name for manatee, 2 words 48. Not kayak 49. Follow rules 50. Shakespearean "you" 51. What snob puts on 52. *Minotaur is half man, half ____ 53. Mongolian desert 54. Deserter's acronym 55. ____, The Beloved Country 58. Zeppelin predecessor



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Mark Weir, MBChB, MRCP Temple Pulmonologist

AT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL—JEANES CAMPUS The Temple Lung Center is a recognized leader in the clinical care of serious lung disease. Now, with the addition of a new location at Temple University Hospital - Jeanes Campus, patients will have access to Temple pulmonologists and services closer to home. Temple pulmonologist Dr. Mark Weir specializes in the use of minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat conditions that affect airways and lungs. This gives local residents easy access to high-quality lung care.

215-728-CARE 7600 Central Avenue

Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus is Northeast Philadelphia and Eastern Montgomery County’s only academic medical center.

Temple Health refers to the health, education and research activities carried out by the affiliates of Temple University Health System (TUHS) and by the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. TUHS neither provides nor controls the provision of health care. All health care is provided by its member organizations or independent health care providers affiliated with TUHS member organizations. Each TUHS member organization is owned and operated pursuant to its governing documents. Non-discrimination notice: It is the policy of Temple University Hospital, Inc. that there shall be no exclusion from, or participation in, and no one denied the benefits of, the delivery of quality medical care on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, disability, age, ancestry, color, national origin, physical ability, level of education, or source of payment.



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