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‘A really big milestone’

Moorestown ‘s Leo Ladik restores Patton-era tank for Eagle Scout project

Moorestown High School senior Leo Ladik and some volunteers recently refurbished a retired Patton battle tank from the National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey for Ladik’s Eagle Scout project.

A Scout since sixth grade, Ladik will reach the Eagle rank before his 18th birthday. While he loves the activities of Boy Scouts like being outdoors and going camping, he also appreciates what Scouting has taught him about self-management, leadership and working with others.

“That’s the below-the-surface level that you get, that’s all the bonus that you would get after you’re like, ‘Oh, hiking and camping,’” he said. “Throughout my entire highschool career, I know I’ve always tried to be a bit more in charge.

“I like to be in control of things,” he added. “I like to manage my friends, I like to manage events, and I don’t think that I would’ve been able to learn those skills if I didn’t practice with Boy Scouts and teach younger Scouts.

“It’s all part of a process,

ed safety equipment, and the work of volunteers, but his Scouting experience served

him well in pulling everything together.

“Going into it, I didn’t quite understand the full scope of the project,” he recalled, “until I did some research.

I did some looking, I talked to some people at hardware stores, I talked to a friend who works in the ‘restoration of vehicles’ industry, and I realized, ‘Oh, there’s a lot more steps to this that I have to do.’

“ … It takes a lot of managing, but this is a skill that I’ve learned from being a Boy Scout.”

Ladik participated this summer in American Legion Jersey Boys State, a program that educates youth on the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship. He took part in a field trip to a museum that featured memorabilia and relics from past wars, and as he looked at the retired military vehicles, a sergeant pointed out wear and tear on a specific tank.

The sergeant asked if any Life Scouts were interested in working on a service project, and Ladik jumped on board. Eventually the officer connected Ladik with the New Jersey museum, and the rest

please see TANK, page 2

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and I think it’s leading me into becoming who I am today.”
Ladik’s project required accounting for details such as potential hazards, need-
SPECIAL TO THE SUN Ladik (second from right) is shown with Aiden Murawski (left to right), assistant Scout leader Jim Murawski and Scout Nolan Murawski. Some of Ladik’s family members and friends helped with the tank restoration.

& Solar

Tank: Eagle Scout project

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Preparations for the restoration included planning, fundraising and buying items, but the work – cleaning off the tank as well as priming and painting it – was completed in six, five-hour days. Ladik credits the peers and volunteers who helped him.

“I would not have been able to do that without all of my volunteers,” Ladik noted. “I had so many of my friends and so many family members, and so many people I know donated money to help. And so many of my friends and crewmates from rowing came out to help me do the physical labor.”

Ladik was recently awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and a Challenge Coin from the

state museum for the restoration. Happy that he was able to partner with the museum, the youth said he feels a mix of pride and relief to see the project completed.

“I think it’s really a sense of completion of my hard work, because not only through all of Scouting have I been working to becoming this final rank of Eagle Scout, but also this past year in school, and this was one of the final big hurdles of senior year that I have to get over,” Ladik explained.

“It felt like a really big milestone towards my senior year checklist, so I’m super excited, because it means that the end is near in terms of high school.”

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It’s about the animals


of Burlington County Animal Shelter hosts its largest fundraiser

The Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter hosted its annual Paw Prints PetFest & 5K earlier this month to raise funds for advanced medical care and other animal services and fund efforts to find homes for shelter animals.

The fundraiser also helped the nonprofit expand its reach into the community and further the goal of a no-kill Burlington County by 2025.

“It’s a really fun event and it’s a really great vibe,” said Ann Rapisarda, chair of the nonprofit. “There’s something about animal-loving people … A lot of them are just really warm and fuzzy, and when you have thousands of them in one spot and everybody’s happy with

their pet, it’s just a different vibe to go into other festivals …

“You just have a lot of warm-hearted people there.”

According to the Friends’ website, the organization’s mission is to save the lives of homeless animals and promote adoption by working with the county shelter and community toward the no-kill vision. The Friends’ strategic goals include reducing the number of homeless animals within the community by sponsoring low cost spay/ neuter strategies and building a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness.

This year, the Friends worked on different initiatives, including the start of a shelter diversion program.

“If you call the shelter and you want to surrender your

animal … we try to help,” Rapisarda explained, “whether it’s being a temporary home for your animal for some reason … or maybe your animal has a $1,000 vet bill you can’t handle, but you love your pet, so maybe we can help pay for that.

“Or help you find a rescue rather than going into the shelter that’s already overcrowded, let’s try to find rescues for you,” she added. “We’re trying to divert animals from the shelter as best we can … We started that initiative this year, so that’s been helpful.”

Paw Prints PetFest & 5K – the Friends’ largest annual fundraiser – included a pet costume parade, doggie contests, dog-training demos and activities for kids, all in an effort to spread the message about what

NM-00018957 3 SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2023 — THE MOORESTOWN SUN
SPECIAL TO THE SUN Larz, a male Pit Bull Terrier mix, is currently up for adoption at the Burlington County Animal Shelter, beneficiary of the 5K fundraiser. please see ANIMALS, page 9

Fall headliner roster includes a mobster, drag queens and a movie star

I could swear on the proverbial stack of Bibles that the first day of summer occurred about a week-and-a-half ago, but the reality is autumn is barreling towards us at warp speed. As such, a look at some highlights of the upcoming season’s regional casino bookings is definitely merited.

Below (in chronological order) are 10 noteworthy engagements scheduled for local gambling dens as 2023 heads toward its expiration date:

Michael Franzese (Sept. 23, Casears Atlantic City)

It’s an absolute lock that Atlantic City has never seen a headliner quite like Franzese (although there probably have been plenty like him in showroom audiences). That’s because the 73-year-old New York native spent decades as a major figure in the notorious Colombo mob family for whom he engineered, among other things, a gasoline-tax scam that earned him and his associates hundreds of millions of dollars.

But, in the 1990s, after serving a federal sentence for his role in the gas-tax swindle, Franzese renounced his criminal ways and today is an entrepreneur, big-time YouTube star and a public speaker who enthralls audiences with his first-person tales and insights about organized crime. Tailoring his presentation to the gig, he’ll be speaking about the roles AyCee and Philadelphia have played in the annals of gangsterdom.

Dire Straits Legacy Tour (Sept. 30, Golden Nugget Atlantic City)

Not just another “tribute band,” Dire Straits Legacy is comprised of musicians who, at one point or another, performed and/or recorded with the British band whose signatures include “Sultans of Swing,” “Money For Nothing” and “Walk of Life.”

Fans of classic “prog rock” should be advised that among those in the band are brass man Mel Collins (King Crimson) and Trevor Horn (Yes), who’s playing bass on the tour.

RuPaul’s Drag Race -Night of the Living Dead (Oct. 6, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City).

Fans of the groundbreaking TV competition series may be disappointed that the show’s nominal star won’t be in attendance, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of the naughty, bawdy and gaudy gender-bending fun that has made “Drag Race” so popular. That the program has a Halloween theme promises even more fun.

Dogstar (Oct. 8, Hard Rock).

There are an incalculable number of people who want to be movie stars. And, it seems, there are a similar amount of movie stars who want to be rock stars. Case in point: Keanu Reeves (“The Matrix”) who, when he wasn’t making the bigscreen scene, played bass in Dogstar, an L.A.-based alt-rock band which he co-founded in the 1990s. The trio’s local gig is part of its revival after calling

it quits in 2002. Also on tap is an album, “Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees,” which is due out next month.

Foreigner (Oct. 27 and 28, Hard Rock)

Normally, a casino date by the 1970s-and-’80s arena-rock titans wouldn’t merit inclusion in this list given that they have been regulars on the gaming-hall circuit for years. But (if the billing is to be believed), the Hard Rock shows are part of what has been dubbed the “Feels Like the Last Time Final Tour.”

Randy Rainbow (Oct. 27, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City) Granted, the brilliant song parodist may not be a par-


ticular favorite of MAGA World (check out any of his Donald Trump-eviscerating tunes on YouTube for confirmation), but there’s no denying Rainbow is extraordinarily talented and exactly the kind of not-thesame-old-same-old type of headliner of which Atlantic City needs more.

Johnny Mathis (Oct. 28, Caesars)

It’s almost impossible to process, but the 87-year-old, velvet-voiced crooner is now in his eighth (yes, eighth!) decade as an entertainer. And by all accounts, he’s still got it. And those are just two reasons why this gig should not be missed by any fan of classic American pop

music. You want another? Fine; how often do you get to share a physical space with a show business immortal?

Sebastian Maniscalco (Nov. 9-11/16-18, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa)

The Chicago-born standup comic’s star may not be burning quite as brightly as it did a few years ago (for instance, his movie, “About My Father,” in which he co-starred with Robert De Niro—it was released last winter–was a major bust). But he obviously still has enough currency to head back to the Big B for yet another 10-show run.

Howie Mandel (Nov. 17, Parx)

A whole generation may only know the chrome-domed Canadian as an “America’s Got Talent” judge, but he is also a oneof-a-kind standup act thanks to his almost-supernatural ability to hilariously ad-lib with audience members. If you’ve never seen Mandel live, do yourself a favor and catch his Parx show.

Chicago & Friends (Nov. 17 and 18, Ocean Casino Resort)

The pioneering jazz-rock outfit Chicago is another act that’s been depositing casino paychecks for many years, but their two-night Ocean engagement comes with a cool twist: It’s a celebration of the 55th anniversary of the band’s debut LP, and to mark the festivities, the horn-heavy unit will not only perform, but will have a bunch of their songs delivered by a diverse roster of artists including guitar god Steve Vai, popster Robin Thicke, “American Idol” alum Chris Daughtry and the a capella quintet VoicePlay.

PAGE 4 SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2023
Eighty-seven-year-old Johnny Mathis will perform Oct. 28 at Caesars.

County parks system hosts oaks program

Nature walkers explore abundant tree species

The Burlington County Parks System hosted its All About Oaks nature program earlier this month, when residents identified a variety of oak species along the trails of Willingboro Lakes Park.

Naturalist Gina DiMaio explained that the idea came after a nature walk participant requested a program that focused on oaks, an idea that DiMaio liked.

“We typically do tree ID and talk about trees in general, but there is just such a wealth of biodiversity of oaks in North America, and especially in New Jersey,” she noted.

Oaks found at the park included the following: Dwarf Chinkapin Oak (Quercus prinoides); Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor); Post Oak (Quercus

stellata); White Oak (Quercus Alba); and Chestnut Oak (Quercus prinus) and red oaks: Black Oak (Quercus velutina); Willow Oak (Quercus phellos); Blackjack Oak (Quercus marilandica); and Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata); among others.

According to ScienceDirect’s website, oaks belong to the tree family Fagaceae and to one of the most important genera worldwide, Quercus. That genus is found in almost all the temperate forests of the Northern hemisphere, as well as in some tropical and subtropical regions of the same.

DiMaio leads other nature programs with the parks system and works hard to communicate the correct science to participants.

“I do spend a few hours of priority for each program planning,” she explained, “and that’s not only just researching

and looking at field guides, or maybe looking at scientific literature online, but I also will go out to whatever park I’m going to be at the week before, the day before, and maybe plan my route. Stop, look and see what’s going on … Is something fruiting? Is something flowering? …

“I plan both by having my head in a book and by walking around within the park.”

According to DiMaio there are more than 400 species of oaks globally, and nearly 100 species throughout North America. Oaks are a keystone species, meaning that they play an important role in the environment.

“A lot of things rely on them, they tie everything else together,” DiMaio noted. “If you were to remove oaks from habitat it would set off a chain of events that would transform things, and the habitat ecosystem

wouldn’t function properly without oaks, at least not in our area.”

People visit the county’s

parks for different reasons, whether it’s to clear their mind, take their dog for a walk or en-

please see OAK, page 12

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CHRISTINE HARKINSON/THE SUN: County residents identified a variety of oak species, an idea that came from a walk participant.

The prison of unemployment

Hiring the recently incarcerated can be good for business

Is it safe to hire someone who just got out of prison?

That’s a question that would be answered in the affirmative by at least four entities: state courts, Rowan College of South Jersey, the Gloucester County Board of Commissioners and the Workforce Development Board.

All four sponsored the recent Gloucester County Reentry Job and Resource Fair at Rowan. That event marked a second chance for recently incarcerated men and women in the area to meet employers and access resources.

It’s not a far-fetched idea. Consider the numbers: 80 million Americans have a criminal record, a potentially large pool of talent. Yet studies also show that a record alone can reduce the chances of a second job interview by 50%. Events like the Rowan employment fair are a good way to reverse that trend locally.

“Research shows that recidivism rates are cut in half for returning citizens when they become gainfully employed,” said Board of Commissioners Deputy Director Heather Simmons of the fair.

That sentiment reaches higher in government. The Biden administration has laid out a strategy to get more former prisoners into jobs that will not only benefit them, but also the general economy. According to the administration, every year more than 600,000 people are released from prison to a freedom that gets them only so far without jobs.

A 2018 study shows the formerly incarcerated have a 27% unemployment rate, exponentially higher than the overall U.S. unemployment rate.

“Not only does high unemployment impede successful reentry, it also increases the chances of recidivism,” the administration maintains.

Barriers to steady employment and entrepreneurial ventures can also be a disadvantage to employers who might benefit from the formerly incarcerated and the skills they can bring to the

table. According to the Center for Economic and Police Research in Washington, D.C., preventing people with a criminal record from fully reentering the workforce could cost the U.S. economy between $78 billion and $87 billion in projected economic output.

Biden signed an executive order in 2021 that made equity in federal hiring a priority, including by expanding federal employment opportunities for former prisoners. He has also called upon employers to leverage federal tax credits that can be an incentive for them to hire someone in that population.

So what benefits have businesses experienced by hiring the recently incarcerated? According to the D.C.based Second Chance Business Coalition – a group of large, private firms committed to expanding hiring of former prisoners - 82% of managers re -

port that the value Second Chance employees bring to their organizations is high or higher than workers without records.

Hiring returning citizens also leads to a more diverse workforce by opening the door to unique perspectives. And employers who have done so report that the recently incarcerated are less likely to quit than other employees, according to the Virginia-based Prison Fellowship.

“By securing full-time employment that is high quality, stable, and long term, people attain economic security,” Simmons noted. “Achieving economic security provides reentry individuals with self-esteem, a positive sense of identity and ultimately a more stable lifestyle out of crime.”

And that can’t help but be a good thing for the community.

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Weichert Realtors’ Moorestown office cited for sales

Weichert Realtors has announced that its Moorestown office, a top-producing sales associate and a top sales team have been recognized for exceptional performance in August.

The township office, managed by Aileen Konzelmann, had the most revenue units in the entire company and the Weichert sales region. It shared top honors for the most sales in the company and the region and had the highest dollar volume and most listings in the sales region for the month, according to President Michele Church.

Lisa Gardiner had the highest dollar volume and the most listings in the Weichert sales region. Among teams in the region, Michelle Carite’s team had the highest dollar volume and shared top honors for having the most revenue units in the company and region.

We’re a licensed collision repair facility and we service a vast array of all makes and models of vehicles. We can also assist you with any insurance claim, as we work with all insurance carriers.

Full Service Mechanical Shop

We will greet you with a smile and, give you an honest and fair evaluation of your vehicle’s needs, at an affordable price. Our estimates are free and, we guarantee our craftsmanship for the life of you owning the vehicle.

Friendly, Personal, Customer Service

We also have one of the lowest mechanical rates in the whole region. So, why pay more if you don’t have to?

We’ve been at the same location for 32 years, and counting. Give us a try, so we can earn your trust.

26 E Camden Ave, Moorestown, NJ 08057 • 856-235-3733 7 SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2023 — THE MOORESTOWN SUN
SPECIAL TO THE SUN Lisa Gardiner, a sales associate for the Realtor, was cited for exceptional performance in August.


5:30 PM — 8:30 PM

Come out for Ladies Night, hosted by the Sun Newspapers.

Pre-registration is requested. Discount tickets available until August 15. More information on activities and vendors coming soon!

Portion of the proceeds to benefit American Cancer Society

Presenting sponsor:

16 E. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057

Semper Five: Run benefits

Marine Raider Foundation Event’s anniversary honored late Maj. John P. Pryor, other Gold Star families

The Marine Raider Foundation hosted its annual Seaside Semper Five 5K/1-mile fun run along the Seaside Heights boardwalk earlier this month.

Thirty Gold Star Families were honored, including late Moorestown resident Maj. John P. Pryor, who was killed on Dec. 25, 2008, in Mosul, Iraq. He was a member of the 1st Medical Detachment, Forward Surgical Team based out of Fort Totten, New York.

This year’s run marked Seaside Semper Five’s 10th anniversary. According to the Marine Raider Foundation’s website, the event originated in 2014 to benefit the nonprofit itself. Semper Five supports Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), Marines and sailors, World War II Marine Raiders who are ill or were injured and Marine Raider families whose loved ones died during their service.

“To have people from Moorestown … We’re a good way’s off in Seaside, but we must have had 30 people from our little community that have supported it (the run) this year,” said Frank Costello, race director and Moorestown resident.

“It’s a large number, and most of the people here are senior citizens,” he added. “Some of them will come down and walk, a couple will run, and I would say a lot of the people just walk and support. But a lot of them are serious runners, too.”

The Seaside Semper Five was held virtually at the nonprofit’s Kabul, Afghanistan, embassy for eight years, until American forces left the country. It has also happened virtually at five other U.S. embassies: Kigali, Rwanda; Bangkok, Thailand; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Bogota, Columbia; and Baghdad, Iraq.

According to the foundation, over the past decade, participants from all over the world –27 states and four U.S. embassies – have made the Seaside Semper Five one of the largest 5K/1mile events in the state, empowering the foundation to provide its military with support for needs unmet by the government and other agencies.

The run has raised more than $375,000 since 2014.

“All the money goes to support Marines and sailors who have been either killed or seriously injured defending our country, and that’s what … all their (the foundation’s) money does,” Costello said of the Seaside Semper Five. He also described honoring the Gold Star Families as something special.

“That’s going to be pretty emotional …” he acknowledged. “We’re going to put pictures of them (the honorees) 10 feet apart, and they’ll all be surrounded by American flags on both sides.”

Since its inception the Marine Raider Foundation has provided more than $7 million in support to its military members and their families. Its four main programs are: Raider Support, including transition assistance, funding for award ceremonies and receptions, and funding for events that focus on personal and professional resiliency; Family Resiliency Support, including assisting Raider families experiencing health and welfare challenges and with events that enhance personal and family resiliency; Tragedy Assistance and Survivor Support, including assistance for wounded, ill and injured Raiders, Gold Star families and funeral services and commemorations for MARSOC personnel; and Raider Legacy and Preservation Support, including construction and upkeep of memorial structures

please see RUN, page 9

For sponsorship and vendor opportunities contact

Run: 5K

continued from page 8

and commemorative items, as well as funding for events that commemorate WWII and MARSOC Raiders.

“What people say is how patriotic they feel participating, and that’s a phrase that’s repeated many times,” Costello observed of the run. “You’ve got flags all along the boardwalk, and every year we have about 16 Marines that come from McGuire Air Force Base (Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst) and they run carrying the American flag. And they’ve got the race shirts on and everybody always cheers when they come.”

For more information on the Seaside Semper Five or the Marine Raider Foundation, visit

Animals: Annual fundraiser benefits shelter

continued from page 3

Friends does to benefit shelter animals, something important to Rapisarda.

“ … When you see all these people and they’re volunteering and everybody is all about the animals, it’s a great way to get that vibe out to people like, ‘Hey this is a great thing. You should either join us or maybe adopt or foster an animal …’

“It’s a great community event, even (for) the kids that come, teaching them the importance of animal welfare.”

Friends’ co-founder Penny Legg has been fostering a dog named Larz since summer. She encourages people to foster, not just for the dog or cat, but also to save kennel space for another shelter animal.

“Let’s say the shelter is full, and if Larz had to go back into the shelter, you have to make room for him, and making room for him means another dog goes down to make room,”

Legg noted.

“That’s why we like to have dogs in foster, … not to mention it’s hard to tell a dog’s personality all the time in the shelter,” she added, “so when you get them in a home, that’s when you can really start to tell things about their personality.”

Legg echoed Rapisarda’s account of the fundraiser and sees it as a great event for community members, not only to emphasize shelter adoption over buying from a breeder but to see people come out with their animals.

“It’s a really good time, especially if you have a dog that’s really friendly around people and other dogs,” Legg observed. “It’s just amazing, all the dogs that you get to see.”

Rapisarda said it’s a good feeling to see people support the shelter by joining the 5K or just observing.

“What’s really cool is, when

Is your family outgrowing your home?

You don't have to move to get more space for making memories.

the race starts and you see all these people running for us, running for our mission with their dogs … They could’ve just ran around their house for free, but they chose to come and bring their dog, so that’s really a great feeling,” she said.

“We are a nonprofit volunteer organization, so to see people come out for us is humbling.” For more information on the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, visit https://

when you use NEWSPAPERMEDIAGROUP promo code 25% Off registration 856.316.1600
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Cambridge residents party like it’s the ’70s

Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living is celebrating National Assisted Living Week with a week-long exploration of the ’70s that has residents celebrating the decade’s memorable and meaningful moments.

“Active, fun and educational programming is essential to the fulfilling lifestyle our residents enjoy here at Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living,” said Executive Director Kathy Leypoldt. “The theme of this year’s Assisted Living Week – Season of Reflection –inspired our life enrichment team to come up with some

truly unique ways to entertain, engage and deepen our sense of community.”

Cambridge Life Enrichment

Lead Julia Jackson noted that the choice of the ‘70s best reflects the personality of the senior living community.‚ Throughout the week, daily themed events encourage residents to share special moments like weddings and anniversaries and recall childhood experiences. Other activities focus on key historical events, and an “Outrageous Friday” party will close out the celebration in the true spirit of the decade.

Send us your Moorestown news

Have a news tip? Want to send us a press release or photos? Shoot an interesting video? Drop us an email at news@moorestownsun. com. Call the editor at (856) 779-3800.

SPECIAL TO THE SUN Cambridge resident’s enjoying a colorful ‘70s celebration during Assisted Living Week are Ruth Jenkison (left to right), Satish Gupta, Bette Salmon and Joy Fagan.

Join Sun Newspapers at third annual ladies night

Event to include music and vendors

Looking for a fun night out to celebrate the change in seasons with your girlfriends? Join the Sun Newspapers at our third annual Ladies Night, presented by PALMS & Therapeutic Touch, Thursday, Sept. 28.

The fun will run from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Moorestown Community House, 16 E. Main St., Moorestown. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased in advance at ln23. Use the exclusive promo code paper to access discounted tickets. A portion of all ticket proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Promotional partner THIS IS IT NETWORK will be on-site hosting an intimate media lounge with sponsors and special guests. THIS IS IT is a global, female, and minority-owned digital streaming platform that shares inspiring stories of remarkable women.

“With this event, we are bringing together women from throughout South Jersey,” said Michelle Donnelly, NMG’s director of marketing and events. “Through the activities and the<br>various vendors, we hope all of our attendees enjoy a night of fun and relaxation.”

A few fun activities are already planned, including wine samples with Wagonhouse Winery; psychic-medium readings

with Jeanann International Psychic Medium; permanent jewelry with Emily Keifer Jewels; unique relaxation time with PALMS & Therapeutic Touch; and photo stations sponsored by Ready Set Balloons.

Additional vendors confirmed to help our local ladies enjoy a night out include: Everette Wilson Designs; Cynplicity; Retrochic Beauty; New York Life; Polestar Philadelphia; Marlton Business Association; Mary Kay (Lauren Buchanan); Edward Jones; Impact100 South Jersey; Styles by Sloane; Wellness by Wendy; Apricot Lane Boutique; Norwex (Swati Marner); Miss to Mrs. Bridal Boutique; and Beautiful Reflections Nurse Concierge LLC.

“We’re excited to host our Ladies Night once again at the Moorestown Community House,” Donnelly said. “It’s a beautiful facility with so much to offer, and it’s the perfect backdrop to our event.”

For an updated list of participating vendors and featured activities, directions, tickets and more information, please visit And don’t forget to use your promo code!

For questions or for those who want to be a vendor, please email

More information coming soon! If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, email Octob 25, 5:30-8:30 300 E Evesham Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 at Ticket prices include premium cigars, open bar, tapas, and more! Discounted tickets are available until September 1. Tickets are required; please note due to the nature of this event, we kindly ask for guests 21+ only. CIPRIANI BUILDERS A Portion of the Proceeds to Benefit: Cigars Provided By: Food Sponsor: Cutter & Lighter Sponsor: Join the Sun Newspapers for our Second Annual Smoke 'N Sip on the Green at The Legacy at Woodcrest. 11 SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2023 — THE MOORESTOWN SUN

Oaks: Walkers explore tree species

continued from page 5 gage in recreation, but DiMaio believes that participating in a program like this will give them a new outlook on species that call the parks home.

“When you start to recognize and know what species are, it really changes your perspective of things because after a while you start to recognize them and they become familiar to you

and it becomes exciting,” she observed. “When you go to a different location, maybe you see those same species or maybe you see something you haven’t seen before.

“You really draw a deeper connection,” DiMaio added, “and then you notice patterns that, ‘Okay, why do these trees grow over here in one certain

area, but I’m not finding them in a different part of the park?’

“It makes the park come alive, and I think it’s more fulfilling, honestly.”

The next All About Oaks program will be held at Smith’s Woods on Thursday, Oct. 19, at noon. Registration is required at



Mah Jongg at 1 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Registration is required at https://www.

Moorestown Chess Club at 7 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Registration is required at https://

Enviromental Advisory Committee meeting at 7 p.m. at 111 West Second Street.


“Miss Angela” at 2 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. The remarkable story of 91-year-old Cuban American singer-songwriter Angela Alvarez whose lifetime of songs were nearly lost to the world.


STEAM Time at 9:30 a.m. at the Moorestown Library.

Curious George Story Time at 10 a.m. at the Moorestown Library. This event celebrates Curiosity Day (September 17) with stories, activities and crafts. Registration is required at https://www.

Kids’ Chess with Scott Gorman at 10 a.m. at the Moorestown Library. For children in third grade and up. Join Gorman for lessons in chess rules and strategy, then pair up with an opponent to play a game or two. Registration is required at https://www.

ESL Conversation Group at 11:30 a.m. at the Moorestown Library. The goal of this program is to help participants increase vocabulary, improve pronunciation, apply appropriate grammar and learn idioms. This class is for intermediate/ advanced ESL students. Registration is required at

https://www.moorestownlibrary. org.

Sirens, Songbirds, and Showgirls at 2 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. This event will also be held online. Join the library for an afternoon cabaret of songs from the Golden Age of Hollywood and musical theatre. Emily Byrne, mezzo soprano, will perform with Timothy Crawford on piano. Presented by Roundtable Productions-Delaware Valley and sponsored by the Friends of Moorestown Library. Registration is required at https://www.


STEAM Time at 1 p.m. at the Moorestown Library.


Moorestown Knit and Crochet 2gether: a virtual program at 1 p.m. Facilitated by Marilyn Fishman. Registration is required at https://www.moorestownlibrary. org.


Learn to Weave on a Cardboard Loom with Schuyler McClain at 10 a.m. at the Moorestown Library. Join local artist Schuyler McClain for an introduction to loom weaving using a lightweight cardboard loom. All skill levels from beginner to intermediate are welcome. All materials are provided, but feel free to bring your own yarn, ribbons, or beads. Sponsored by the Friends of the Moorestown Library. Registration is required at https://

COFFEE: Should it be your mug of choice? at 10:30 a.m. In partnership with the Monmouth County Library, this session will be conducted on Zoom and is free of

charge. Registration is required at

Beginner ESL at 4 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Free in-person English class for beginners in speaking, reading and writing English. Text materials will be provided.

Literacy NJ is teaching the class and will be testing students before they can attend. This will ensure the class is the right level for the student. New students must contact Literacy NJ at (609) 877-5566 to schedule a test before coming to a class. Please contact Joanne Parra at jparra@ or (856) 234-0333 ext. 4011 for more information.


Puzzle Competition at 2 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Celebrate Library Card Sign-up Month with a banned book themed puzzle competition. Adult participants will be divided into four groups of two to four people. Each team will have two hours to complete a 500-piece puzzle. The team with the fewest pieces left at the end of the program will be named the winner. Each member of the winning team will receive a coupon for a free book at the Friends book sale in December. Registration is required at https://www.

Dungeons and Dragons for Kids

(Fourth through sixth grades) at 6 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Registration is required at https://www.moorestownlibrary. org.

Library Board of Trustees meeting at 7 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. A copy of the agenda is available at https://www.

Full Throttle Field Dedication at 6 p.m. at Memorial Field at 254 S. Church Street. The field is dedicated in memory of Jack Casey Hannon, who was best described as ‘full throttle’. He gave 100% of himself 100% of the time. He was a jolt of energy and love to all who knew him. The hope is that Hannon’s enthusiasm and love of baseball lives on through all who play there.


Mah Jongg at 1 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Registration is required at https://www.

Knit and Crochet Meetup at 1 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Registration is required at https://

MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival at 6 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Join the library for the return of the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. Discover your inner film critic by casting your vote for Best Film and Best Actor in the 26th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival screening through Wednesday, Oct. 4. Ballots supplied upon entry. These films are not yet rated. Please be aware that some shorts may not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised. Registration is required at https://www.

Anime Night (Grades six through twelve) at 6:30 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Participants will make candy sushi and watch anime. Participants can also bring their favorite manga to share or swap. Registration is required at https://


Moorestown Library.

Curious George Story Time at 10 a.m. at the Moorestown Library. For ages three and up. This event celebrates Curiosity Day (September 17) with stories, activities and crafts. Registration is required at https://www.

Kids’ Chess with Scott Gorman at 10 a.m. at the Moorestown Library. For children in third grade and up. Join Gorman for lessons in chess rules and strategy, then pair up with an opponent to play a game or two. Registration is required at https://www.

ESL Conversation Group at 11:30 a.m. at the Moorestown Library. The goal of this program is to help participants increase vocabulary, improve pronunciation, apply appropriate grammar and learn idioms. This class is for intermediate/ advanced ESL students. Registration is required at https://www.moorestownlibrary. org.

Resources for Mars Exploration and Settlement at 2 p.m. at the Moorestown Library. Participants will hear about natural resources available on Mars, the chemistry to make use of them and related topics. A Q&A session will follow the presentation. Registration is required at https://www.moorestownlibrary. org.

Music on Main: Wreckless Eric at 7:30 p.m. at 5 W. Main Street. Event link is index.html. SUNDAY, OCT.


STEAM Time at
a.m. at
1 STEAM Time at
p.m. at the Moorestown
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With yearsofexperienceinsales,design,construction andstaging, we haveyoucoveredfromstartto close!

Just Listed! Enjoy the Ultimate in Luxury Townhome Living


110 Sarazen Dr., Moorestown

Nestled within the serene Mews at Laurel Creek, an active adult community, this end-unit townhome offers a luxurious lifestyle and unmatched tranquility. With 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, a 2-car garage, over 2,500+ sq. ft. of living space, and a first-floor primary retreat, this home is designed for ultimate comfort. The gourmet kitchen, vaulted living room with a fireplace, formal dining room, sunroom, second-floor loft, and finished basement provide ample living space and versatility. Residents enjoy access to a clubhouse equipped with a fitness center and pool, all conveniently situated within walking distance of the Laurel Creek Arnold Palmer signature golf course. For more details, please reach out to Gina Kassak.

Realtor-Associate GlobalLuxurySpecialist AccreditedStagingProfessional C.609.220.3917
Thepropertyinformationhereinisderivedfromvarioussourcesthatmayinclude,butnotbelimitedto,county recordsandtheMultipleListingService,anditmayincludeapproximations.Althoughtheinformation isbelievedtobeaccurate,itisnotwarrantedandyoushouldnot relyuponitwithoutpersonalverification.Affiliated realestateagentsareindependentcontractorsalesassociates,notemployees.©2021Coldwell Banker.AllRightsReserved.ColdwellBankerandtheColdwellBankerlogosaretrademarksofColdwellBankerRealEstateLLC.TheColdwellBanker®Systemiscomprisedofcompanyownedofficeswhichare ownedbyasubsidiaryofRealogyBrokerageGroupLLCandfranchisedofficeswhichareindependentlyownedandoperated.TheColdwellBankerSystemfullysupportstheprinciplesoftheFairHousingActand theEqualOpportunityAct. 21B5HR-DC_PHL_3/21