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Check mates

East chess team captains reflect on victory as seniors

For the first time in four years, Cherry Hill East’s varsity chess team recently brought home trophies for winning the South Jersey Chess League Championship and taking first place in the league for this season.

The team is led by senior co-captains Eitan Koppelman and Jake Unterlack, coaching players Braden Lipman, Darsh Parmar and Soryu Vetrini. The junior varsity team includes Daridh Mao, Seth Bernstein, Jacob Yehuda, Liam Shilliday and Matthew Horowitz.

“(Chess) is a game, sometimes (considered) a sport, in which you have two players who are trying to checkmate the king,” Unterlack explained, “which is just making sure the king has no legal moves left and is in check. (That) means that one of your pieces is threatening to capture the king.”

When Koppelman and Unterlack started playing chess during COVID, they were admittedly “not good,” with an Elo (chess rating) score of around 600, estimated at around the 40th percentile, according to Unterlack. Today, they play within the top 1 per-

centile and their team saw victory in both the league championship and the yearend South Jersey Tournament Championship.

All told, the team finished 9-0 during their season, with 43 wins and two losses in individual games.

“These two captains have

been pretty special this year,” said Greg Rouen, the team’s coach. “They work really hard. Not only do they just help the other members, but they monitor other team members’ games and they analyze their games and they talk about their games after the matches, so they can prepare better

for the next ones.”

Upon becoming co-captains in their junior year, Koppelman and Unterlack knew they had the opportunity to make a difference, and decided to challenge the team by requiring them to notate their games. That means recording every move they and

their opponents make, and the co-captains then run the sheets through a computer that recreates the game.

“We can see where our mistakes went wrong, who played well, who didn’t play well and the next time we have a meeting as a team, we put the games on a smart board and we showcase everyone’s games so we can all learn from each other … and laugh sometimes when anyone makes a bad move,” Koppelman noted.

“It’s a lot of fun,” he added, “because it’s almost like you’re reliving the game that you played, and it’s fun because not only do we learn as a group, but we can also learn from the engine. So it’s something that I’m very happy that Cherry Hill East does, because no other schools do that.”

As the season drew to a close, Koppelman and Unterlack made another decision that impacted the team: They decided to make up a game against Moorestown.

Due to snow days and game cancellations, it had been unclear who would get first place for the season, and the winner was going to be decided at the year-end tournament, similar to the playoffs in football.

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Special to The Sun Cherry Hill East’s varsity chess team finished with a season record of 9-0, with 43 wins and two losses in individual games.

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It was a risky decision, because as their club advisor

Rouen explained, in order to get undisputed first place, the team not only had to beat Moorestown, but they needed a perfect 5-0.

“There didn’t seem to be that much to gain, but they did it anyway,” Rouen stated.

“They won 5-0; all the games were dramatic. The games were quite exciting, and it was the end of that day, before the tournament had started, that they knew they had secured first place for the season.”

In the past four years, Unterlack and Koppelman have grown their skills as both

chess players and leaders. Koppelman said the game has taught him patience and self-accountability. Unterlack acknowledged it has taught him to think with a plan.

“Chess is a way of thinking,” he observed. “It’s a way of responding to people’s moves. It’s also a way (to) deal with pressure, especially under time. You don’t want to let your team down, and there’s a lot riding on it, but you know that you can make the right move, so it’s a lot of thinking and a lot of mental capacity.

“But I think it’s really taught me how to push myself mentally to keep going.”

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Chess team co-captains Jake Unterlack (left) and Eitan Koppelman at the South Jersey Chess League Championship in February. Their team also took first place in the league this year.

Co-authors show how self-acceptance comes in all shapes

The Sun

Cherry Hill resident Susanne Munn and Amy Towers of Haddonfield have known each other for the last 13 years and were previously co-workers at an agency in Princeton where Munn worked as a writer and Towers a designer.

It was there that Munn shared with Towers a poem she’d written for her son. The result was the idea for their first book, “The Great Shape Debate.”

“When Susanne told me about the poem, immediately I just started picturing everything, and how I thought these different shapes (in the book) had so much personality and they kind of came to life for me visually,” Towers recalled. “And I really just wanted to do justice to this beautiful story that Susanne created.

“And so we both really worked together, collaborating on what


we felt the shapes represented and how we wanted to portray them, and they just really came to life.”

The book began with Munn creating her poem in a Word document – in one sitting. The poem itself has undergone minimal changes while being adapted into a book, but the visuals have changed drastically over the years.

Towers and Munn experimented with fonts, colors and faces for their book, all of which have undergone multiple revisions. The book was put on hold several times, but the two were determined to publish. The book be released on June 3.

“It’s been labor of love for the past decade between the two of us, and we just never lost sight of the passion we had,” Munn recounted. “Not only for the book – and obviously it’s an expression of creativity and ourselves – but it’s about the message we can share with the world.”


The story follows a group of six shapes who all share how they wish they were someone else, but ends with a message about self-acceptance and individuality.

“I think it was Theadore Roosevelt who said, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy,’ and especially in today’s world, in this age of digital and social media, constant comparison is rampant, and self-doubt and questioning who we are or what we are is pervasive,” Munn observed.

“It’s too easy to get lost in other’s attributes while we fail to recognize our own,” she added. “At the end of the day, we all have value, we all have purpose and some of the most important ones that we can have can stand for ourselves.”


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Special to The Sun The genesis of Susanne Munn and Amy Towers’ book was a poem the former shared with her son. “The Great Shape Debate” will be released on June 3.

Legion post 372 offers summer

American Legion Post 372 will host summer fun days int its picnic grove on Martin Avenue in Cherry Hill.

Activities will include music, outdoor games and classic board games. Summer fun days will take place beginning this Saturday – as well as June 22, July 13 and Aug. 10 – from 9 a.m. to noon. RSVP is required at least one week prior and can be done online at https://form.jotform. com/241146245848056?


Cancer care expanding in Cherry Hill

Access nationally ranked cancer care from our renowned specialists at Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital, part of Jefferson’s NCI-designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Patients benefit from advanced treatment plans, access to clinical trials and a supportive team.

4 THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1 — MAY 15-21, 2024
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Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting. 7:30 p.m. Virtual.


Planning Board Meeting. 7:30 p.m. Visit for meeting details.


West Spring Vocal Concert. 7 p.m. Cherry Hill West.


East Spring Choral Concert. 7:30 p.m. Cherry Hill East.

Al Fresco Affair Food Truck Series. 6 to 8 p.m. Croft Farm. Kick off summer with good food, good music and good company at Cherry Hill Township’s Al Fresco Affair Food Truck Festival! Admission is free, food and drinks are for purchase.


Memorial Day Ceremony. 10 to 11 a.m. Cherry Hill Municipal Complex


Board of Education Meeting. 6:30 p.m. Lewis Administration Building.

Cherry Hill Council Meeting. 7 p.m. Cherry Hill Municipal Building.


West Pops Concert. 7 p.m. Cherry Hill High School West.


Author Meet and Greet with Saadia Faruqi. 11 a.m. to noon. Cherry Hill Public Library. Join the Cherry Hill Public Library in welcoming author Saadia Faruqi, a Pakistani American author and interfaith activist who writes the popular children’s early reader series “Yasmin”, “Ali the Great” and other books for children, including chapter books, graphic novels, and picture books. Registration is required and limited to 160 people. A waitlist is enabled. Register at


Show and Tell with Items from Camden County. 1:30 to 3 p.m. Barclay Farmstead. Gather your cherished items and join us at Barclay Farmstead for a delightful journey through time. Come to the Barclay Farmstead share your items that have traveled through Camden County history. Admission is free.


An Hour with Cherry Hill High School West Jazz Combo. 11 a.m. to noon. Cherry Hill Public Library. The Cherry Hill High School West Jazz Combo will be performing jazz standards in a variety of styles including swing, samba, and bebop for the Cherry Hill community. Come enjoy listening to what the students have been working on in school all year!


To have your Cherry Hill meeting or affair listed in the Calendar or Meetings, information must be received, in writing, two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Send information by mail to: Calendar, The Cherry Hill Sun, 130 Twinbridge Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08110. Or by email:

We will run photos if space is available and the quality of the photo is sufficient. Every attempt is made to provide coverage to all organizations.

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‘Not just another bar’: How the VFW and American Legion serve their communities

Several people were recognized at the Mantua VFW late last month for their contributions to the community. They included a police officer of the year, teacher of the year and citizens of the year.

Joe Heitman, chairman of the township’s Veterans Commission, described how the awards and other programs it sponsors benefit the community, but also amplify the work done by the VFW itself.

” … It helps dispel the image that we’re just another bar,” he explained. “We want to promote the image that we’re a part of the community.”

There is more to VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and American Legion posts than pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners. First and foremost, both groups host gathering places for vets to find support and camaraderie, and they are probably the most wellknown military organizations in the country.

“The posts are places where the deep bonds begun in foxholes overseas can be woven stronger, where generations have not only healed, but chosen to give back to their communities,” notes

Established after the U.S. got involved in foreign wars abroad, both organizations do similar work –namely advocating for veterans – and community outreach; only their requirements for membership differ.

Eligibility for American Legion membership is limited to those honorably discharged and current personnel of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Air Force who have served at least one day of active service from World War I to the Gulf War, and more recent conflicts.

To be a member of the VFW, an individual must be a U.S. citizen or citizen with an honorary certificate from the

military or be serving in the same service branches as the American Legion. Membership also requires military service overseas during an operation or conflict and decoration with the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Campaign Medal or ribbon.

As of December, the number of VFW and its auxiliary members was 1.4 million, with 5,667 posts around the world. Legion members number nearly 2 million in more than 12,000 posts around the country.

But as veterans have aged, support groups for a younger generation of soldiers like Vietnam Veterans of America, Student Veterans of America and the Wounded Warriors Project are catering to different needs, and many traditional VFW and the American Legion groups have felt the effects, including closing posts.

“The newer organizations reflect cultural shifts in a smaller community of younger and increasingly diverse veterans who are replacing the older,

predominantly male veterans,” the New York Times noted in 2019.

Those VFW and Legion posts that remain, though, are still serving the community, with outreach that includes food drives and scholarship programs. In many places, they remain affordable venues for other groups, notes

“They bring veterans together, and through social, service and charitable opportunities, veterans can lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives and overcome loneliness, defeat purposelessness, and continue to make a difference in this world,” wrote Charles Pickett, of the American Legion in New Haven, Connecticut.

In Mantua, the VFW also boasts an honor guard that participates in township events like the annual Memorial Day parade.

“This (the guard) and the awards ceremony,” Heitman said, “are our opportunity to show we care about our municipality and county.”

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Going the distance for mental-health awareness

County walk will offer opportunities to connect with resources

On Saturday, May 18, Camden County and its prosecutor’s office will host the fifth annual Mental Health Awareness Walk from 10 a.m. to noon at Wiggins Park.

Collaborators for the event are the Municipal Alliance program and the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

“The goal ultimately is to raise awareness, decrease stigma and increase engagement with treatment for both mental-health persons who are in or need treatment and the public,” said John Pellicane, director of the county’s Office of Mental Health and Addiction.

“We know that mental health is a priority for the Camden County Commissioners,” he added. “People engage with treatment when they feel less stigmatized, so helping the community to be more aware is important for this.”

The walk will start at 10:45 a.m. Following the walk, there will also be opportunities to connect with 24 resource providers, including the Camden County Domestic Violence Center, the Camden County Youth Partnership and Stepping Stones to Resiliency.

Pellicane noted that some signs of a healthy mind include being able to experience, express and regulate a range of emotions; recover from hardships; and deal with uncertainty and change.

The event’s keynote speaker is Michele Kidd, a Gloucester City resident who founded the nonprofit Nate’s Story in memory of her son Nathaniel, who struggled with his mental health and ended his life in 2019.

Commissioners honor Mental Health Awareness Month

Each year during the month of May, the Board of Commissioners honors Mental Health Awareness Month to increase and amplify this critical topic that impacts the health and welfare of our residents. Established in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month is a national campaign to educate people on the vital role that mental health plays in their overall well-being.

From a parent’s perspective, Kidd recalled it was hard to know how to help her son. She tried asking him about what he was going through, but he did not want to talk. He had gone to therapy, but didn’t click with many of the therapists.

Michele acknowledged that Nathaniel was convinced no one could understand what he was going through.

“It’s one thing to identify (a mental-health issue), but what do you do when you identify it?” Kidd asked. “It’s not the stigma as far as I’m concerned, it’s teaching these kids how to live with these feelings, like what do you do when you reach out for help, that kind of thing.”

Kidd explained that being proactive is key, since it’s easier to identify solutions if you know in advance what poor mental health looks like than if you don’t. Today, she works through Nate’s Story to spread awareness for different resources available to people experiencing mental-health issues.

“According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), it is estimated that

approximately one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness,” Pellicane said. “Help and treatment are available. We need to increase understanding, compassion, education, so that more and more residents who may be dealing with poor mental health or even serious mental illness are able and willing to access treatment and support.”

As a teacher, Kidd shared that some of what her school does for Wellness Week is teach kids how make to make themselves feel better, regulate emotions for difficult feelings and know when and who you can ask for help.

“I have a son, who, I have his high-school diploma, but I don’t have him,” Kidd said. “What good is all this education that he received throughout all the years when he didn’t know how to deal with his own mental state?”

“I feel like we’re not doing the right thing for them by not educating them more about that.”

To learn more about Nate’s Story or mental health resources, visit

Mental and behavioral health conditions can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, or income level. Recent data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration show that the United States is facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. Nearly one out of every five people experienced anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions in the last year.

Mental health is incredibly important, yet it is often left out of the conversation when it comes to taking care of ourselves. You cannot be well if your mental health is unattended to and throughout this month, we really want to highlight the resources that are available for those struggling with their mental health.

The main event of Mental Health Awareness Month here in Camden County will be the annual Mental Health Walk. This event shows solidarity with those impacted by mental health challenges and will be held at Wiggins Park in Camden on May 18 at 10 a.m.

In 2023, the county expanded its mental health services, thanks to funds from the state’s opioid litigation settlement. These initiatives include:

• Provide school aged children who have been suspended/ expelled due to mental health/behavioral issues access to a licensed clinical mental health professional at no cost. They will have expedient access to mental health clearance evaluations to return to school.

• Socialization, recreation and support group services for boarding home residents

• Introduce mental health navigators in coordination with the Project SAVE Program in the Camden County Municipal Courts. Project SAVE is a program instituted in 2018 to focus on early intervention by a licensed social service professional in the municipal court system to combat the scourge of substance use disorder. These navigators will be an outgrowth of the program with a specific mental health component co-occurring challenges of both mental illness and opioid use disorder.

And unfortunately, talking about mental health is still pretty difficult for a lot of people. There is an element of shame or embarrassment attached with the topic, when there shouldn’t be. So, this month we also want to open up the conversation about mental health and emphasize that prioritizing your mental health is commendable and nothing to be ashamed of.

For residents seeking help, contact Camden County’s Office of Mental Health & Addiction at (856) 374-6361 or visit the website at camdencounty. com. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also has a treatment locater available at this link. If you or someone you know is in a crisis, call or text 988 for help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• Post crisis follow-up case management services after a patient has been discharged.

7 MAY 15-21, 2024 — THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1 NM-00024002
Special to The Sun The Mental Health Awareness Walk will feature speaker Michele Kidd, a Gloucester City resident who founded the nonprofit Nate’s Story in memory of her son Nathaniel, who struggled with his mental health and took his own life in 2019.
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11 MAY 15-21, 2024 — THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1
12 THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1 — MAY 15-21, 2024 CAMDEN Classified COUNTY All ads are based on a 5 line ad, 15-18 characters per line. Additional lines: $9. Add color to any box ad for $20. Deadline: Wednesday 5pm for the following week. All classified ads must be prepaid. Your classified ad will run in all 5 of The Sun newspapers each week! • Be sure to check your ad the first day it appears. We will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion, so call us immediately with any errors in your ad. No refunds are given, only advertising credit. SUN NEWSPAPERS Berlin • Cherry Hill • Haddonfield • Sicklerville • Voorhees Reaching 50,150 Homes TO ADVERTISE IN THE CLASSIFIED SECTION, PLEASE CALL 856.779.3800 EXT. 8103 DISPLAY ADS only $47 00 per week CLEANING BY STEPHANIE House & Office Cleaning • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly Linen Changes, Beds Made, Low Rates 20 years experience Call for appt. (609) 845-5922 NM-00000533 NEWCLIENTSONLY. MENTIONTHISWEEKSADFORDISCOUNT PLEASE CALL: (856)216-7400 PROUDLY SERVINGMAIN LINEAREAAND SOUTHJERSEY! YOUWILLLOVE OURSERVICE100% GUARANTEE! EXCELLENT QUALITY OF WORK VERYRELIABLE ANDHONEST FULLY INSUREDAND EXPERIENCED! CLEANING &LAUNDRY SAMEPRICE Old Fashioned Way of Cleaning Your Home European Style 28 Years in Business Responsible • Affordable • Honest • Good References • Free Estimates Call for special discount ZORAIDA: 856-200-5846 Best Cleaning in Town I will clean your house, including windows, kitchens and baths, dust, mop, and more! Responsible • Affordable • Honest • Good References • Free Est. Affordable • Honest • Good References • Free Estimates Call for special discount Cleaning in Town ZORAIDA: 856-200-5846 Let us help you Spring ahead with a new look using moldings! Our attention to details sets us apart! • Decorative Trims • Crown Moldings • Bookcases • Custom Mantles • Built-Ins CONSULTING - FREE ESTIMATES - REFERENCES - LICENSED & INSURED CALL TODAY! (609) 561-7751 Licensed # 13VH03033600 SIMPSON’S HEATING & COOLING 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 215-732-5339 856-728-3364 Email: Lic & Ins. Lic.#13VH09399900 (Owner) George Simpson III ***ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED*** Air Conditioning NM-00014185 WE CLEAN WINDOWS HANDYMAN SERVICES What’s on your list? 856-429-4882 AMERICAN SERVICES Window Cleaning • Pressure Washing GUTTER CLEANING GUTTER GUARDS INSTALLED Deck Cleaning and Sealing Asphalt Driveway Seal Coating $25 OFF HOUSE PRESSURE WASHING CALL OR TEXT TOM EST. 1985 Need Your Home Cleaned? Reliable results. Excellent references. HOMES OFFICES Life is too short. Enjoy your free time! Anne’s Cleaning 856-482-1327 A-List Concrete • Highest Quality Concrete Work • Stamped & Traditional • #1 in Service & Customer Satisfaction (856) 840-3058 Lic. # 13VH05511100 ALL PHASES OF CONCRETE & MASONRY WORK • Brick •Block • Stone • Stucco • Foundations & Chimney • Repairs Of All Types THOMPSON & SONS FREE ESTIMATES 856-236-5805 Fully Insured Owner Supervised Work • 40 Years Experience • References With All Estimates Concrete & Masonry Concrete & Masonry All Types of Repairs. No Job Too Small! (856) 931-1276 Family Owned & Operated Since 1983 All Aspects of Concrete, Masonry, Demos, Haul-Aways, Hardscapes. Prompt Personal Response • Free Est. Fully Insured • Senior Discounts NJ Lic.# 13VH01635900 NM-00021622 Mark Leuzzi Sr • Est. 1980 | 856-654-8444 SERVING HADDONFIELD & PHILADELPHIA Driveways Paths Exposed Concrete Stamped Concrete Haddonfield CONCRETE Concrete & Masonry Concrete & Masonry SHOP LOCAL! SUPPORT THE BUSINESSES IN YOUR COMMUNITY!! LET THE SUN WORK FOR YOU!! TO ADVERTISE, CALL 856.779.3800 EXT. 8103
13 MAY 15-21, 2024 — THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1 NJ HIC. #13VH00102300 Oil Tanks DECKS, DECKS, DECKS!!! Deck restoration services. Sanding, Staining, washing, repair. Removal/Rebuild Vinyl, Composite, Wood. 609-367-5176 FREE ESTIMATES LIC./INSURED. • All Electrical Services • Service & Panel Upgrades • Spotlights, Fans & More! 856-631-7519 Call Dmitriy Lic. # 34EB01395800 NM-00422733 “Let An Ace Fence In Your Place” Licensed •Fully Insured •NJLic# 13VH01983000 856-227-9477 856-784-2039 10% OFF With this coupon or mention this ad TopQuality /Family Owned Lowest Prices Guaranteed COMMERCIAL •RESIDENTIAL •INDUSTRIAL SNOW REMOVAL Vinyl •All Wood •Chain Link Aluminum PVC/Alm Railing Pressure Washing •Staining •All Repair Work NM-00000846 3-B HARDWOOD FLOORING Serving South Jersey & The Shore Areas for over 28 years! 609-929-5730 Call for a Free Estimate * Fully Insured Custom Refinishing • Installations Buff & ReCoats • Repairs Check Us Out On Google NM-00000479         Open & Working 7 Days A Week OUR 35TH YEAR IN BUSINESS Remodeling, Carpentry & Handyman Services NO JOB TOO SMALL Need a Handyman? 40 Eric’s Handyman Service Your list is our list 856-889-6235 Featured “A” rating on Angie’s List NM-00000972 Steve’s Home Repair Siding • Capping • Painting Gutters • Carpentry & More (856) 810-2182 NM-00016841 13VH06957800 ATLAS, LLC 856-571-1622 • Interior Renovations • Flooring • Tiling • Painting • Trim Work • Kitchens & Baths • Home Repairs Decks Electrical Services Fencing Handypersons Home Improvements GENTILI PAINTING & POWER WASHING LLC 856-228-2723 Insured Reg. #13VH00966900 Solutionsin Warehousing,inc. SystemsInstallation andService RegisteredandInsured Solutionsin Warehousing,inc. GloucesterCityNJ of North America Gloucester City NJ Contractors A&M 856-786-5229 FAST FREE ESTIMATES ammasonr yandconcr et MASONRY & CONCRETE LIC# 13VH03811200 SPECIALIZES IN: Driveways Patios Steps Foundations All Phases of Concrete & Masonry Work Stone & Brick Pointing Bluestone & Limestone Concrete & Masonry Handypersons Handypersons Home Improvements FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED FOR OVER 30 YEARS! (888) 463-3628 TERMITES • MOSQUITO • BEES LARKIN LANDSCAPING Shrub Removal * Design * Planting * Topsoil * Grading * Mulching * Stone Beds * Lands Ties * In-ground Drainage * Lighting * Decorative & Retaining Walls * Paver Patios & Walks * Sodding * Evergreen Screening Sprinkler Repairs OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE 856-234-6424 NM-00024910 NM-00017374 For all your Landscaping & Irrigation Needs 856-753-7007 856-627-5510 Lic# 13VH00991700 856-456-8232 • 856-384-8734 Free Estimates Full Insured Int / Ext / Res / Comm Prof. Spray Aluminum Siding, Stucco, Shingle Powerwash Deck Clean Reg. #13VH01299900 BRITMAR Wallpaper&Painting Resid.&Comm.•Int.&Ext. NeatnessGuaranteed NoJob TooSmall FREEEstimates•FREESizing WALLPAPERREMOVAL 856-582-2459 Lic#13VH08937100 609.914.0517 A1 CUSTOM PAINTING Neatness Counts Interior/Exterior • Wallpaper Removal • Install Vinyl Plank Flooring • Skim Coat • Power Wash Fully Insured/Free Estimates #13VH04329600 10% OFF ANY COMPLETE JOB • Interior/Exterior • Wallpaper Removal • Install Vinyl Plank Flooring • Skim Coat • Power Wash • Sheetrock Repair LET THE SUN WORK FOR YOU! TO ADVERTISE, CALL 856.779.3800 EXT. 8103 TO ADVERTISE CALL 856.779.3800 EXT. 8103
14 THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1 — MAY 15-21, 2024 24/7 TREE EXPERTS • 856-796-3536 Pavers & Concrete Hardscaping Fully Insured • Free Estimates New Customer Discount Cannot be combined with other offers. Must present at time of estimate. Expires 5/31/24. 10% OFF Complete Tree Care • Lot Clearing • Stump Removal LIC#13VH08823900 Tree Trimming•Pruning&Removal StumpGrinding BushPruning&Shaping 10%offwhenyoumentionthisad FREEESTIMATES! Based in Palmyra, NJ. Fully Insured. NJTC Registration #NJTC836080 (609)287-2699 NM-00025898 TAYLOR EXPERT ARBORISTS POWER WASHING SPRING SPECIALS HOUSE WASHING WITH FREE WINDOW WASHING • Soft Washing • House • Townhouse • Condo • Vinyl • Aluminum • Stucco • Concrete • Pavers • Fences • Roofs Fully Insured • Free Estimates 609-217-3424 Soft Washing Specialist NM-00014548 Power Washing Free Est. • NJ#13VH0325100 Houses...Decks...Patios Low Pressure Power Washing Specialist HANDS ON DECK LLC 856-428-9797 Tree Removal, Chipping, Stump Grinding, Full Landscape Service/Maintenance, Firewood Available for Pickup or Delivery 856-753-5513 NJ Tree Experts LTCO# 855 Lic NJTC928396 • NJ State Lic 13VH07980400 6.625% OFF for work over $500 We will pay the sales tax If You Schedule NOW! Coupon must be redeemed at time of estimate AMERICAN OWNED 24/7 MARCHESE RO OFINGLLC • Hot tar• Shingles • Rubberoid FREEESTIMATES SeniorCitizenDiscount Licensed& Insured 856-582-9221 856-466-3361 Roofing/Siding NM-00020073 Proud to be a Local Women Owned Small Business HIC# 13VH11412400 609-457-3959 CALL NOW for No Money Down Financing Options! • Roofing • Siding • Gutters • Concrete Roofing/Siding Roofing/Siding CHARLES WIGGINTON ~ Attorney at Law~ 856-742-5507 -TRAFFICVIOLATIONS -CRIMINALCHARGES -EXPUNGEMENTS -REALESTATE -BUSINESS LAW -GENERAL PRACTICE 32 South Broadway Gloucester City,NJ Professional Services $BUYING$ *GUITARS *OLD TOYS *TOOLS *FURNITURE *JEWELRY *WATCHES *MILITARY *POTTERY *VINTAGE ITEMS *COIN COLLECTIONS *MCM FURNITURE CHECK YOUR GARAGES, ATTICS, BASEMENTS & CLOSETS Call Jack 609-217-6188 1 ITEM OR THE ENTIRE ESTATE FULLY INSURED Uptown Antiques & Collectibles 67 S Broadway, Pitman, NJ 609-217-6188 | Insured & Bonded ESTATE CLEAN-OUTS & BUY-OUTS 1 Item or the ENTIRE ESTATE LET THE SUN WORK FOR YOU!! TO ADVERTISE, CALL 856.779.3800 EXT. 8103


On-site interviews will be conducted, on the spot interviews for DSP (Direct Support Professionals) positions on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, from 10am-3pm, at 700 Cinnaminson Avenue, Palmyra, NJ 08065. If you are interested but unable to attend please email us at or give us a call 856-735-1011

If you enjoy working with a supportive team in a respectful environment, consider joining us.


At Inspira, everyone has a genuine impact on patient care.

As the region’s leading network of health care providers, we offer excellent benefits and growth opportunities.

To apply please scan this QR code.

15 MAY 15-21, 2024 — THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1
NM-00027101 NM-00025643
If you’re thinking of finishing your high school diploma, you have more support than you realize. Find teachers and free adult education classes near you at LET THE SUN WORK FOR YOU!! TO ADVERTISE, CALL 856.779.3800 EXT. 8103 SHOP LOCAL! SUPPORT THE BUSINESSES IN YOUR COMMUNITY!!
16 THE CHERRY HILL SUN — ZONE 1 — MAY 15-21, 2024
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