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February 2013

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Westminster Christian Academy

t i r i Sp ek We tion Edi

Seniors Win! Westminster









The Class of 2013 seniors join together to celebrate taking first place in Lip Sync, Boys Poms, and second place in Blue Man Stomp to win them first place overall. Photo by: Tammy Woodward After long hours of practice class came together and worked so Poms’ performers put in long hours as middle schoolers they were Blue Man and I’m glad I did it. and dedication, the Class of hard. Everyone did their absolute during the week and gave up their competitng for one of the top three The best part was making a new 2013 seniors claimed the title of best and I think that we will be a Saturdays to perfect their dances, spots. group of friends and collaborating “The boys would show up for music and theatrics. Spirit week class to remember,” said Mary which paid off for them. champions of spirit week. “Even though practicing for Boys Poms with a vested interest was awesome overall. It was As the seniors struggled through Snapp, senior. It was first time ever that the Boys Poms was pretty much my in the routine and a desire to work super busy, but when we won it some of the games during the Class of 2013 placed first in Lip life for three weeks, it was totally hard. It is a lot of work and it is made it all worth it,” said Brendan Sync, and they were able to do it worth it because the performances time consuming, but it is the most Solomon, senior. with their dance to “A Night to were a blast,” said Bryce Bell, rewarding experience and I would The seniors got to enjoy their not trade a minute with those boys last spirit week as a class walking Remember” from High School senior. The boys were able to make for anything,” said Grace Linton, in together, competing in games, Musical 3. “I’ve never been such a big part this their third year winning Boys senior. week, other grades thought they performing, and watching the The senior Blue Man Stomp teachers have their fun. had a chance to pull through and of Lip Sync, and I’m so happy that Poms. I had the opportunity this year. “My favorite part of Boys Poms tied for second with the juniors. It become victorious. “My favorite part of spirit week Although each grade worked Working with all of the girls was was performing for the last time was hard for them to get everyone besides getting first was seeing very hard, the seniors managed to a blessing, and I’m still amazed Friday night knowing that we got together to practice because of the teachers play musical chairs. get first place in Boys Poms and at how hard everyone worked. first because we put so much hard people’s busy schedules. They There’s nothing like watching Lip Sync, putting them in first Each girl brought great attributes work into it,” said Taylor Deves, spent Monday and Tuesday night Mr. Haas and Dr. Sefrit get of spirit week practicing for about competitive,” said Deves. place overall. to our dance. This was by far the senior. Each year parents and students five hours to get ready for their “We all had such a great time best spirit week we have had,” said The Class of 2013 was able look forward to seeing their performance on Wednesday. during spirit week, especially with Della Woodward, senior. to make spirit week “A week to “This was my first time doing remember.” Lip Sync this year. I loved how our All of the Lip Sync and Boys Boys Poms routine because even

lipsync p. 16-17

2 first place

February 2013

Westminster Christian Academy

Senior Champions


The seniors battle the juniors in the traditional cheer-off chant of “We Got Spirit.” Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

Hunter Hughes and Jesse Gruneisen, seniors, dance in the senior boys poms. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Seniors cheer their classmates on in the Boys Poms performace on Thursday. Photo by: Nina Thampy





Mary Snapp performs to “A Night to Remember” from High School Musical 3 in the senior Lip Sync. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht



Mitch Penning and Alex Beard, seniors, celebrate as they hear the good news of their class earning first in Lip Sync and Boys Poms. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht





first place February 2013


Westminster Christian Academy

The senior Lip Sync strikes their ending pose on Friday. The seniors got first place in the Lip Sync competition. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

Ciara Younger and Brooke Cusumano, seniors, cheer on their class during games on Tuesday. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Sarah Levenhagen is the anchor for the senior girls tug-of-war while the rest of her class stands by and cheers the girls on to victory. The seniors won first in both the boys’ and girls’ tug-of-war. Photo by: Elise Hearne

The senior Boys Poms finishes their performance with their final pose for a picture. Their theme was the 2013 50th year renuion. Photo by: Elise Hearne

The senior class walks into their walk-in song on Monday, preparing for the events of the day. The seniors were excited for their last Spirit Week. Photo by: Eichel Davis

Brendan Solomon and Eric Witherspoon perform the senior class’s Blue Man Stomp on Wednesday. Their Blue Man Stomp was a classroom theme. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Mitch Penning competes in the game human shuffle board with his partner TJ Noa. Penning was victorious in the event and helped bring the seniors to a victory. Photo by: Elise Hearne

4 spirit week

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Westminster Christian Academy

February 2013

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second place

February 2013

Westminster Christian Academy

Second Place: the Juniors Reaction to Results Photo ----->

The junior class cheers as they find out they are in the lead for Spirit Week--on Wednesday, that is. “I felt like we had a chance to win Spirit Week at first, but by the end I was actually afraid we’d get third,” said Victoria Weldon, junior. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Tug of War

Caleb Krumsieg, Jordan Smith, and Jared Muenks, juniors, participate in Tug of War against the Sophomores. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

Left: Caleb Krumsieg, Brendan Sabadell, Danny Dwyer, and Christian Lindgren perform in an Alcatraz-themed Blue Man/Stomp. The bars of the jail, plastic tubs, and PVC-panpipes were used as instruments. “I think the hardest part of bringing blue man together is working with 12 completely different people, with completely different backgrounds, and ideas and combining them into one performance. But at the same time I believe this is the reason our performances have come together so well, and so creatively,” said Danny Dwyer, junior. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Blue Man

Below: Mary Wynn dances in this year’s Lip Sync. The song performed by the juniors was “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. “The hardest part about Lip Sync was definitely time management. We ended up having to switch songs at the last minute, and between choreography, props, and costumes on top of academics and dance team I hardly got any sleep,” said Bekah Sharp. Photo by: Megan Galvin

Hannah Hickman and Matt Sheehan perform in the “Back to the Future” themed film project. “We actually had to meet with Ladue Middle School to see if we could use the [old WCA] campus for our project,” said Jonny Kinney, junior. Screenshot by: Eli Parham

Jeff Camp mattress surfs across other participating juniors. “I had a great time. The hardest part was doing it with my arm cast on,” said Camp. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Boys Poms

Art Board Left: Andy Thomas, Corey Faulkner, Robert Rasche and Jordan Smith strike a pose in their Boys Poms Routine, which had a Game Show theme. “[A] trying point [in the performance] was when we found out that our music was censored as being inappropriate, because it sounded similar to a Kanye West song. We all were speechless, and had no clue where to go from there. Luckily, Jensen [Holt] and Cailyn [McCarthy] used their quick wit and replaced it with a similar beat from the song ‘Barbara Streisand,’” said Andy Thomas, junior. Photo by: Elise Hearne

The Art Board theme for the Junior Class was Washington, D.C. “This year’s board went a lot smoother than last year’s and I feel more confident about this year’s design,” said Abigail Smith. Photo: Chrissy Talent

Page by: Catherine Bakewell

6 m o n d ay

Westminster Christian Academy

February 2013

Monday: Kids TV Character

Monday started the week off strong with wacky costumes and props based off the theme of “childhood characters”. Varieties of customized outfits walked through the halls of Westminster as Cindy Lou Who, Winnie the Pooh and frineds, and Minnie Mouse. “It was so much fun dressing up. I loved Monday’s theme because I’m a sucker for kid’s shows. I was Marie from the Aristocats,” said Paige Arnold, junior. The day also consisted of games such as the famous balloon stomp, the caterpillar race, and tug of war. The first assembly of the week was filled with excitement, adreneline, and an all-around good time to set the bar high for the remaining four days.

Page by: Andrea Reed Photos by: Andrea Reed, Eichel Davis


February 2013


Westminster Christian Academy

Presenting This Year’s Hosts: r r e n is K



Warr en


On Friday, Knerr and Smith enter as Justin Bieber.

And they’re back! Spirit Week’s favorite “dynamic duo” has once again brought their energy and charisma to the gym floor. Chris Knerr, upper school history teacher, and Warren Smith, upper school science teacher, were this year’s hosts, charming the crowd with their effortless, quality

entertainment. Knerr and Smith’s main focus was engaging the crowd. “[Being a host] is the opportunity to use my seemingly limitless capacity for self-embarrassment for the good of humankind,” said Knerr. “We’ve always just tried to make people laugh- that’s what our goal has always been,” said Smith. Knerr and Smith love to see students come together and embrace Spirit Week. “[Spirit Week is the chance to enjoy the relationships with students. I mean, it’s really hard to talk seriously about the French Revolution when you have somebody in the front row with a rainbow wig. You just kind of have to roll with it and enjoy the experience,” said Knerr. “My favorite part of Spirit Week would have to be just watching

the many, many, many students participating; whether in games, dressing up or so on, it’s fun watching the students buy into it,” said Smith. Some years, the two will sit down to plan out what they will do each day and to come up with ideas. This year was different. “We just went out shopping to see if anything came to us or sparked spur-of-the-moment ideas,” said Smith. Smith and Knerr have done many funny things in the past, including their parody on the Varsity Dance

Team, but many have not gone over well with the Spirit Club. “Sometimes after we get done with Spirit Week, [the Spirit Club] comes up with new rules and restrictions,” said Smith. Overall, Knerr and Smith were impressed with the talent shown during Spirit Week 2013. “I think the boys’ poms were the best I’ve seen in ten years here. Also, I think it’s great to see the middle school come up and win some events. It’s fun to see the upsets,” said Knerr.

Smith resembles a sumo wrestler on Tuesday in honor of the Sumo Wrestling game.


Smith and Knerr present themselves as Blue Men on Wednesday for the Blue Man Stomp performances.


One South Memorial Drive Twelfth Floor St. Louis, MO 63102 314.588.7000 314.588.1965 (fax) Smith and Knerr act as “Wildcat Trainers” on Thursday. Photos by: Scott Rupprecht and Eichel Davis

866.588.7001 (toll free)

8 games

February 2013

Westminster Christian Academy

:: s s e e m m a a G G e e TThh Highlights:

Balloon Stomp: The Juniors won with three teammates remaining, while the freshman came in second. Tug of War: The Seniors dominated, sweeping the Boys and Girls. Chariot Race: The freshmen won the event originally, but got penalized for not racing enough teams and were moved down to third. TJ Noa: TJ Noa was the MVP of the week. He lead the senior class to wins in Tug of War, Human Shuffleboard, and single handedly won the Sumo Wrestling.

Musical Chairs: Howard Warren was the champion of a competitive musical chairs competition, with Craig Walsth coming in second. Sumo: The matchup between Min Sok Lee and Mary Kathryn Hancock featured the biggest difference in weight between two competitors in the games history.

Syndey Arnold and Reed Schick, sophomores, frantically ďŹ nish the Minute to Win it challenge.

The Victors: Tug of War (Boys): 1. Seniors 2. Sophomores Tug of War (Girls): 1. Seniors 2. Juniors The Floor is Lava: 1. Seniors 2. Sophomores Minute to Win It: 1. Juniors Chariot Relay: 1. Seniors 2. Juniors 5-Legged Race 1. Sophomores 2. Juniors

(Left): Gripping for every inch, Carson Burke, sophomore, participates in the Tug of War. (Right): Hulk leads the freshmen in enthusiasm.

Balloon Stomp: 1. Freshmen, Juniors 2. Eighth Grade Mattress Surfing: 1. Seniors 2. Juniors Sumo Wrestling: 1. Seniors 2. Juniors Human Shuffleboard: 1. Seniors 2. Freshmen Caterpillar Race: 1. Juniors 2. Seniors Photos By: Eichel Davis, Scott Rupprecht, and Elise Hearn.

Andrew Montgomery, freshman, streches for a few extra feet in the game Human Shufeboard on Monday.

Mary Kathryn Hancock, sophomore, and Minsok Lee, freshman, duke it out in the Sumo Wrestling game on Tuesday.

Kyrstin Pritchett, eighth grade, dodges a blow in the Balloon Stomp on Monday.

February 2013

t u e s d ay


Westminster Christian Academy

Tuesday: Famous Duos and Trios

Mattie Drury, Kaylie Duke, Emily Heyl, Katie Boesch, and Jabri Boyd, seniors, dressed as the Spice Girls. Photo by: Elise Hearne

“I was dressed as Sharpay and Lauren Ramos was dressed as Gabriella,” said Katherine Galvin, freshman. Photo by: Maggi Eachus Bryce Bell and Abby Andres, seniors, dressed as Mickey and Minnie mouse. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Page by: Maggi Eachus

Zach Hughes and Andrew Montgomery, freshmen, stroll around the hallway as two out of the three blind mice. Photo courtesy of Eicle Davis.

FACULTY FACES OF THE DAY Ben Meyers, art teacher

Meyers sports duck lips as he watches Tuesday’s games. Photo by: Maggi Eachus

Evan Munger, upper school science teaher

Mallory Scholten, upper school science teacher

10 b e s t d r e s s e d Westminster Christian Academy

february 2013

Cos Ense Dis O

best dressed February 2013


Westminster Christian Academy

stumes, embles, sguises Oh my!

Photos by Robert Davis, Morgan Koetting, Scott Ruprecht, and Nina Thampy.

12 b l u e m a n s t o m p February 2013

Westminster Christian Academy

The Story Rules At ‘Blue Man’

(From left to Right) 1.Ricky Brenemen, dressed as Batman, and Riley Adkisson,both sophomores, bring the beat in their performance. Photo By: Eichel Davis

Westminster students from all grades got a special treat from Blue Man Stomp this year, instead of doing regular rhythm fueled beats, almost all of the performances had a story to them. The Juniors went with a rhythm fueled tale of a convict’s time in prison, showcasing an opening that played a beat familiar to AWOL Nation’s, “Sail”. The Sophomores told a story that a true Batman fan could love, featuring sounds attune to Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack of the famed Batman film franchise. The Seniors went with a class hour gone wrong, showing off class fights as well as some class pride. The 8th grade delivered a lesson worthy of Blue man Stomp. A science lab rhythm session from the 7th graders showed off an interesting setting and colorful props. The Freshmen’s memorable walk down movie lane showcased theme songs from movie classics such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Mission Impossible.

2. Jared Orange, freshmen, bangs it up on a barrel drum in the freshmen Blue Man Stomp. Photo By: Eichel Davis 3. Danny Dwyer, junior, plays a makeshift whisle-blower. Photo By Eichel Davis 4. Hunter Hughes, senior, dumps the recycling bin onto Brennen Solomon. head, senior. Photo By: Elise Hearne



The newcomers put on a great show as mad scientists with tons of energy and fun. For a 7th grade performance, it pianted a bright future for these hopefuls for the next five years.



The eighth graders had a classroom themed number, and even with their limited numbers made one heck of a show. The squid head was a nice touch.





It was all about the hero and quest for the freshmen, who provided a great story including some of the greatest heroes of our time. Here Ehtan Cross steals the Golden Rod from an unexpecting Indiana Jones.

The 10th grade put some flare into their performance, giving the floor to DC Comics most beloved hero-villian groups. The performance provided some great beats and a great battle of the drums between our villian and hero.



1.The juniors brought it again this year, putting together the musical prison they named Alcatraz. The juniors were coming off a surprise first place win in 2011. 2. The Seniors took control of the class room, making great sounds out of everything from glasses to chimes. Here Eric Witherspoon taps away at some old fashion glass bottles. Photos By: Eichel Davis and Elise Hearne



BLUE MAN STOMP 2013 Photos By: Eichel Davis and Elise Hearne


art/film February 2013


Westminster Christian Academy

Art Board 2013

This year’s Art Board theme was “America”. Each grade chose their own city or state to represent on their art boards. Surprisingly, the eighth grade took first place with their decorative portrayal of Hawaii. The Seniors came right behind them with their L.A. beach, and the freshan secured third. The Juniors got fourth place in the Art Board competition. Their artboard theme was Washington D.C. Their art board featured the Washington and Lincoln monnuments “The most rewarding part about art board was seeing peoples reactions to it,” said Abigal Smith, junior. The seventh grade’s art board theme was Missouri and the sophomore theme was New Orleans.

First Place

The eighth grade won the Art Board competition this year with their colorful portrayal of Hawaii. Photo Credit: Chrissy Talent

Second Place

Third Place

The freshmen got third place. Their art board showed a street in New The Seniors got second place this year. Their Art Board depicted a beach in York City, the Empire State building, and the Statue of Liberty. “It’s fun Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Chrissy Talent to see your idea translate onto the art board,” said Hannah-Grace Smith, who was in charge of the freshmen’s art board.

Film Project

Josh Behm, sophomore video director, explains the backround story of the production of spirit week videos. Whereas Blue Man Stomp, Lip Sync, and Boys Poms seem to be the most anticipated performances that define Spirit Week, the Spirit Week videos serve as understated side-projects. This is significant considering the great amount of work and artistic abilities required for such a difficult task of creating a movie.

From a points perspective, the video is equal to all the other performances and projects. “In terms of points, the Spirit Week video is about as important as any of the other big competitions: Blue Man Stomp, Boys Poms, Lip Sync, and the Art Board,” said Josh Behm, director of the sophomore’s video project. A common misconception is that the video takes very little effort to film, when the reality is just as much time and artistic ability, whether it be acting or script writing, goes into the video. “A lot of things went into creating the video. The editing was definitely the hard part; I spent three to four hours a night for an

entire week constantly editing and tweaking the project to perfection,” said Behm. Also, the due dates and time schedule are insane, giving the students who make the movie a minimal amount of time to write a plot, film their video, and edit it. Furthermore, the movie’s time restrictions limited plot depth. “One of the most frustrating rules for me was the time restrictions. The video could only be two to three minutes long, giving almost no time to develop the story. If we were allotted more time, we could have been much more in depth and not as rushed,” said Behm. More specific requirements and rules can be counterproductive to creativity. “Each grade had a certain set of requirements for their video. This year, each class video needed to include four lines in a row without any interruption from other lines. Also, we were required to include a traffic cone, a biker, and a character named Henry or Helena,” said Behm. With these rules and restrictions in mind, the video project proved to be especially difficult for Behm with his small crew of six. “We only had a crew of six, which is a lot less than that of last year. As a result, it was pretty difficult, but we managed to make it work,” said Behm.

es h T le ru 1

No one outside of the grade is allowed in the video


No filming on sundays


Time Limit: 2-3 minutes


ideas must be original


Actors must be appropriately dressed


No dangerous or harmful actions

Page Credit: Chrissy Talent

1st 1st 2nd 3rd The seniors’ video staring a wimpy biker along with the juniors’ video about time travel tie for first place in this year’s movie project. Their videos were followed by the freshman taking second place with their Office remake. The sophomores took third place with their video about a wimp conquering a bully’s thumb wrestling titles. Photos by: Eli Parham

14 b o y s p o m s February 2013

Westminster Christian Academy

First Place: Seniors The seniors lift up Travis Brandt to make a tunnel that others go under.. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

The seniors had a classic boy’s pom performance. Acting as senior citizens at their 50th high school reunion, the class of 2013 danced their way to first place for the third year in a row. With a combination of great costumes, great dancing and a great theme, the seniors were hard to beat. Grace Linton choreographed the dance. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Hunter Hughes and others dance in unison in their suspenders. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

Jacob Hicks and Bryce Bell contribute to the outstanding first place performance by the seniors. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

Second Place: Juniors

The seniors point to the crowd in their winning performance. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

Austin Benefield stares toward the eighth grade in the Boys Poms performance. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

The junior class took second place with a great performance. The juniors theme was a game show and used many different songs, dance moves, and techniques to get their theme across and challenge the talented Seniors. While the juniors were hoping for a first place finish, they realized that the seniors performance out did theirs in the end. Photo by: Elise Hearne

In the front, Andy Thomas and Robert Loaney dance in unison with the rest of their team. Photo by: Elise Hearne

The juniors get ready to flip. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

Third Place: Sophomores

Matt Goebel, sophomore. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

The sophomore class put up a great performance in their third place finish behind the seniors and juniors. Their theme of video games was portrayed through their shirts and dance moves. Here, Treyvon Gooch leads his other dance partners. Photo by: Elise Hearne

The sophomores dance together acting as if they are in a video game. Photo by: Elise Hearne

The sophomores show off their acrobatic talents as one of the sophomores flips over one of his dance teammates. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

February 2013

b o y s p o m s 15 Westminster Christian Academy

Fourth Place: Seventh Grade

During one part of the seventh grade Boys Poms, the group gathered in the middle of the gym and did an air guitar swing. Photo by: Elise Hearne

The theme of the seventh grade Boys Poms was the mailman. They used large white envelopes as props and played music like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” and “Please Mr. Postman.” Photo by: Elise Hearne

George Myer, seventh grade. Photo by: Elise Hearne

One of the props of the seventh grade Boys Poms team was huge white postcards. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Fifth Place: Eighth Grade

They based their Boys Poms performance around the “Avengers” movie. Some of the dancers dressed up as Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye. The rest of the performers wore military costumes. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

They separated into groups of four to address the whole crowd during their performance. Photo by: Sam Parham

Sixth Place: Freshmen The freshman Boys Poms was based around Mario and Luigi. It involved plenty of music from the video game and numerous green dancers. Dancers included Tommy Regan who dressed up as Mario. During one part of the performance, Mario walked up the backs of his fellow classmates and landed on their hands. Photo by: Scott Rupprecht

During one part, the boys dropped to the pushup position and held it for a few seconds before springing back up to continue their dance. Photo by: Sam Parham

Super heroes included Josh Pottebaum as Thor and Cooper Moore as Captain America. Photo by: Sam Parham

At the end, everyone dropped to the ground as if they had run out of lives in the real Mario and Luigi game. Photo by: Sam Parham

They had some crazy different moves and routines including splitting into two groups and running to either side of the gym. Photo by: Elise Hearne

Harrison Greer and Brennan Murphy, freshmen. Photo by: Elise Hearne



Lip Sync Westminster Christian Academy

February 2013

Second Place: 7th Grade

The seventh grade made history by tying for second place with the sophomore class in Lip Sync. Their dance was choreographed to a medley of gospel songs. “Winning second was so unexpected but really exciting,” said Elizabeth Meeks, seventh grade. Photo by: Eichel Davis

The seventh grade lip sync was very pleasing to the eye with colorful costumes and well-executed dance steps. Photo by: Megan Galvin

Sixth Place: 8th Grade

Photo by: Megan Galvin

Fifth Place: Freshmen

The freshmen wowed the audience with a medley of songs from the musical Peter Pan. “Our Lip Sync is different because all the girls got along and worked really hard,” said Lexie Einertson and Gracie Nye. Photo by: Megan Galvin

The eighth grade performed the song“Dig A Little Deeper” from the Disney movie“The Princess and the Frog.” Photo By: Eichel Davis

Morgan Brasier, freshman, acted as Wendy in the 9th grade lip sync. In this photo, she is being lifted up by her classmates to illustrate that she is flying around the gym. Photo by: Megan Galvin

Page By: Mary Wynn

February 2013



Westminster Christian Academy

Second Place: Sophomores

Page By: Megan Galvin

The sophomores performed the song “NYC” from “Annie” the musical. They tied for second with the seventh grade. Because they finished in second, they were able to come back on Friday night after the basketball game and perform again. “I loved performing it even though I was nervous at first, and the fedoras came through and it was just a lot of fun. I was surprised we got 2nd, but I was most surprised that we tied with the seventh graders,” said Courtney Beat, sophomore. Mary Heyl and Erika Wilson choreographed the dance.

The sophomre girls sweep their arms in a circle. The sophomores tied witht the seventh graders for second place.

Fourth Place: Juniors

Janie Hughes, sophomore, flashes a pose while lip syncing to the song NYC from Annie. This was Hughes fourth year doing lip sync. “My favorite part about lip sync was having a solo because I love to be in front of everyone and show my school spirit,” said Hughes.

Brendan Almus, junior, shows his passion while lip syncing. Photo By: Megan Galvin.

The Juniors lip synced to the song “Under the Sea” fron “The Little Mermaid”. The dance was coreographed by Kendall Macdonald and Bekah Sharp. “I loved lip sync! I think it is super neat how our grade united together Even though we were very upset that we lost Blue Man Stomp abd Boys Poms, they invited us to perform with them. Just wait for next year! The Class of 2014 is coming for you! See ya next year seventh grade,” said Emma Bailey, junior, who acted as Sebastian. Kendall McDonald, junior, strikes a pose while dancing. Photo By: Megan Galvin

The Seniors performed “A Night to Remember” from High School Musical 3”. The dance was coreographed by Della Woodward, senior. The seniors got first place so they also performed Friday Night, “Our Lip Sync is good becuase we had so much fun while performing it, but we also practiced a lot, so it was a good mix,” said Alexis Harvey, senior, who acted as Gabriella.

Mary Snapp, senior, dances. The seniors won first place in lip sync. “The best part about our lip sync is the theme because it ties in swith us being seniors and our costumes are glitzy and fun,” said Snapp. Photo By: Megan Galvin

First Place: Seniors

Grace Linton, senior, acted as Sharpay in the seniors’ Lip Sync.“I will miss the commmunity of spirit week and how our classes came together. Some of my faorite memories from high school happened during spirit week, “ said Linton. Photo By: Megan Galvin

18 S P O R T S

February 2013

Westminster Christian Academy

Wildcats Fall to A T H L E T E Crusaders on Spirit Night O F T H E W E E K

TJ “The Ark Builder” Noa The Blue Crew comes out in full force during the boys basketball game on Spirit Night on Feb, 1. Photo By: Steven Davis

The Wildcats played a hardfought game against the Lutheran North Crusaders on Spirit Night but ultimately lost 50-49 in a nailbiter. North led by as much as ten

towards the end of the third period but was forced to withstand a furious rally by the Wildcats. Jack Dohr, senior, scored 15 points in the fourth quarter, including 10 straight to give the Wildcats a 4442 lead with 2:39 to play, their first since the opening minutes of the game. “Jack played great. He is a key part of our team and an incredibly good player. He is a great rebounder, passer, and scorer,” said John Eric Steiner, senior.

Lutheran North retook the lead late on a pair of free throws by Isaiah Holman, junior. They then kept their hard-earned lead with a pair of rebounds and successful free throws by Renell Wren, junior, making the score 50-46. The game ended with Dohr sinking a long three-pointer to make the final score 50-49. While the Wildcats lost, they still can build off the things that they did well against the Crusaders. “It was a bummer to lose but we did get good experience playing a good team. We continued to capitalize on good opportunities and moved the ball around well. Along with that, defensive efficiency was evident in the game,” said Steiner. The Wildcats will have the opportunity to put their loss behind them with two games in the next week, both against teams they have already beaten. They host MICDS on Tuesday the 5th and travel to

Lutheran South on Friday the 8th. The game was played on Spirit Night, which brought a huge student section to the game. The bleachers were packed with a crowd of enthusiastic students and other members of the Westminster community. The crowd stayed loud in their support for the Wildcats, which the players were grateful for. “I love playing in front of big crowds, It gets the blood pumping and adrenaline going. I love when I have to yell at people on the court to get their attention because the gym is so loud,” said Steiner. The regulars in the Blue Crew were also grateful for the student body’s increased participation in support of the team. “The Spirit Night game was more fun than usual because we had a ton more students show up,” said Blue Crew regular Jonny Kinney, junior.

Noa, senior, takes first place in a classic WCA spirit week game: Sumo Wrestling. Nick Zintel, junior, came in second place. Photo by: Elise Hearne

John Eric Steiner, senior, takes a shot during the first quarter of the basketball game on Spirit Night on Feb. 1. Photo by: Steven Davis

Jack Dohr, senior, looks to pass the ball during the first quarter of the game against Lutheran North on Spirit Night. Photo By: Steven Davis

“My motto for all the games I’ve participated in is: Go hard or go home,” said TJ Noa, senior.

Spirit night

Spirit Night February 2013


Westminster Christian Academy

Spirit Night 2013 was a spectacle for all despite the loss on the basketball court.

20 s p i r i t w e e k 2 0 1 3 February 2013

Westminster Christian Academy

WILDCAT PRIDE WEEK 2013 Day 1 Dress Ups - Kids Show Human Shuffleboard Caterpillar Race 5-Leged Race Balloon Stomp Penalties/Bonus DAY 1 SUBTOTAL






50.0 60.0 50.0 40.0 25.0


10.0 35.0 30.0 30.0 0.0 30.0

40.0 15.0 10.0 50.0 0.0 40.0

30.0 50.0 50.0 0.0 60.0 50.0

50.0 60.0 60.0 60.0 0.0 60.0







10.0 0.0 75.0 0.0 0.0

30.0 0.0 50.0 0.0 0.0

55.0 0.0 250.0 0.0 0.0

40.0 0.0 100.0 0.0 0.0

20.0 0.0 175.0 0.0 0.0

55.0 0.0 175.0 0.0 0.0








Day 4 Dressups - America Art Board Film Project Boys Poms Art Board Bonus Pts. Penalties

50.0 239.0 75.0 275.0 20.0 0.0

50.0 282.0 75.0 250.0 120.0 0.0

20.0 266.0 150.0 225.0 80.0 0.0

50.0 261.0 100.0 300.0 40.0 0.0

30.0 264.0 225.0 350.0 60.0 0.0

10.0 279.0 225.0 400.0 100.0 0.0








Hall Maintenance AM Cleanup 3pm Tug of War-Boys Tug of War-Girls Penalties

55.0 0.0 325.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 10.0 30.0 0.0

10.0 0.0 225.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 20.0 20.0 0.0

40.0 0.0 250.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 30.0 10.0 0.0

30.0 0.0 325.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 50.0 40.0 0.0

20.0 0.0 275.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 40.0 50.0 0.0

55.0 0.0 400.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 60.0 60.0 0.0










DAY 2 SUBTOTAL Day 3 Dressups - Class Color Blue Man Stomp

Day 5 Dressups - Blue/White Lip Sync

To Date Total


20.0 15.0 20.0 30.0 40.0

60.0 50.0 30.0 10.0 55.0

10.0 15.0 10.0 60.0 0.0




60.0 35.0 40.0 20.0 0.0 20.0

20.0 15.0 20.0 40.0 0.0 10.0


12 40.0 40.0 60.0 50.0 55.0 30.0 275

Day 2 Dressups - Famous Pair/Grp Sumo Wrestling Mattress Surfing The Floor is Lava Minute to Win It Chariot Relay Penalties

30.0 30.0 40.0 20.0 25.0

Teacher Musical Chairs
















Scott Vonder Brugge, upper school journalism teacher, scrambles to sit in the last chair while trying to beat Chris Pederson, upper school Learning Center teacher. “I think that it was a good fight. Seeing Von and Coach Pederson wrestle over a chair and completely break it was totally awesome.” said Mackenzie Yeager, junior.

2334.0 1

Page Credit: Scott Rupprecht

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