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Thursday, 17 May, 2018


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Another Return & Earn

Official Opening of Centre

On The World’s Stage

FFA Cup Dreams

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Marathon for Darren By Rachael VAUGHAN

q Darren Bisson at Raymond Terrace Parkrun, preparing for the Marathon in New York.

ONE in two Australian men have had a mental health problem at some point in their lives and three out of four suicides are men, according to the Movember Foundation. As the nation becomes more and more accepting of speaking out about mental health, it is our men that are still being left behind as they continue to build on the statistics of being comfortable enough to raise their hand and bravely say, ‘I need help’. One Port Stephens man is ensuring that he provides a strong role model for men with mental health concerns, as he shared his story with News Of The Area. For Darren Bisson, an event in February 2017 shook his family to the core. For the next 18 months, Darren did what any typical husband and father would

Positive Learning By Rachael VAUGHAN THE Raymond Community


Terrace Positive

Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Awards have kicked off for 2018, with a star studded presentation night

at MarketPlace Raymond Terrace. Commonwealth Games athlete and Gold Medallist,

Natasha Scott gave up time from her busy schedule to attend the event and present the first Award winners from

+ +

local schools for the 2018 PBL program. This year, the Raymond Terrace PBL program


welcomes a number of new CONTINUED Page 3

CENTRAL WARD of PORT STEPHENS - “It’s the People’s Paper”

For all your

passenger & 4WD tyres


OPEN 7 Days for your OPENconvenience 7 Days for your convenience TRIM TO COLOUR

Gavin&&Margaret-Anne Margaret-Anne Gavin 1485 Smith , B.Pharm.MPS Smith, B.Pharm.MPS

Find us at the BP Service station on Medowie Road



“Servingthe thelocal localCommunity Community “Serving for3634years years- since - since1982” 1982” for



Ph: (02) 4982 8304 c

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

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.30 $ $5.40

David Smith

Gavin Smith

* PENSION & CONCESSION CUSTOMERS ONLY Gavin Smith Shop 17 Medowie Shopping David Village,Smith MEDOWIE PH: 4982 8564 PHARMACY 37C Ferodale Road, MEDOWIE c




Shop 17 Medowie Shopping Village, PH: 4982 8564 37C Ferodale Road, MEDOWIE NEWS OF THE AREA 1 News Of The Area Graphics - Ref: MPHA_180118_neni

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Office: 4997 5297 Restaurant: 4997 5960

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$5 for 1yr / $12 for 5yr


Tuesdays 10am Thursdays 10am Fridays 4.30pm Name in 1/2 hour before

Sunday Funday Bowls 10am


Tuesdays 6:30pm: Meat worth $250 Thursdays 6:30pm: Meat worth $250 Fridays 6:30pm: $1100 of prizes Sundays 12:30pm: $1300 meat & vouchers

FREE COURTESY BUS Come to the RSL this week!

Tea Gardens: Thursday to Sunday - Please Book. Limited Numbers North Arm Cove to MEDOWIE Road Fire Station: Thursday to Sunday Local area: Daily Ph: 4997 5297 for bookings

Port Stephens Darren Bisson preparing for the Marathon in New York FROM Page 1

do, and he focused on his family, at what turned out to be at the cost of his own physical and mental wellbeing. In February 2018, it all came to a head, and Darren realised he needed help, and he put up his hand and asked for it. On a particularly dark day, Darren received an email from the Movember Foundation asking if he would be interested in nominating to run the NYC Marathon in November as part of a 25 person team. Not thinking he had a chance, having not run more than 10km in

his adult life, Darren submitted a nomination. To his shock, he was accepted as part of an International team of 25 people to run the NYC Marathon on behalf of the Movember Foundation. Darren told News Of The Area, “With no experience in running, I was not sure what I had gotten into.” “With my weight ballooning to 108kg, I started a 6 month marathon training program to begin preparations.” “To assist in my journey, I’ve taken a sledgehammer to my diet to bring my weight down, which is assisting my training,” he said. Since starting his training, Darren has improved his running time by five minutes. He said, “Still a long way to go, but each improvement counts.” Darren will compete

in the NYC Marathon in November, and is using his Facebook page and GoFundMe page in the meantime to use his training story to shed light on Men’s mental health. His Facebook page for this event, to keep track of his progress is; NovocastrianRunsNYCMarathonForMovember Foundation/ News Of The Area will keep up to date on Darren’s progress as he prepares for this important event.

residents of NSW. This kind of news is music to the ears of Charities and community groups, including Tilligerry Peninsula’s own Youth Group, the Centre For Hope Drop In Centre. Staff member Jamie Brewster told News Of The Area, “We’re very excited by this, as we are currently collecting bottles and cans and using the funds raised to create activities for local kids.” “Club Lemon Tree has come on board, as well as a number of residents, by collecting their cans for us

to pick up and put through the machines, and we are so grateful.” “The fact we have our own machine means the added cost of having to travel elsewhere no longer exists,” he said. Drink containers eligible for the 10-cent refund include most containers between 150ml and three litres. Containers should not be crushed or broken and have the original label attached to be eligible for the refund. To find out more, visit

THE good people of the Tilligerry Peninsula now have their own Return and Earn Reverse Vending machine. The machine, located at the Tanilba Bay Coles supermarket, will save residents time and fuel as they will no longer need to drive their eligible recyclables to the already established Medowie, Tomaree or Raymond Terrace facilities. The new addition to the local Return and Earn network will also take the pressure off of the other locations, allowing the population of each locality better access to their own facility. The Return and Earn initiative gives back 10 cents for every eligible drink container, primarily glass and plastic bottles and cans, that is recycled. To date, the initiative has recycled over 312 million containers which means $31.2 million has been paid out to the

Open every day from 11.30am-2.30pm & 5.30pm-9pm. Bookings essential Friday & Saturday nights.We cater for all Special Occasions. Party menu available on request. c NOTA Graphics - Karuah RSL_M81_170518_neni





q Darren Bisson is focused on his preparation for the NYC Movember Marathon.

Heather SHARP 0408 153 134

REPORTER and Deputy Mayor Chris Doohan told News Of The Area, “This is great news for the people on the Tilligerry Peninsula, because they’ll now be able to recycle locally, saving them travel time and costs and ultimately helping the environment.” “This, coupled with the new machine in Raymond Terrace will take a huge burden off the one in Medowie, and will dramatically reduce waiting times and line ups, and hopefully reinvigorate the system and it’s intentions in our town.”

Marian SAMPSON 0414 521 180


Daniel SAHYOUN 0404 934 820 POSTAL ADDRESS

P.O.Box 1000, Raymond Terrace, NSW, 2324

ACCOUNTS enquiry EDITORIAL News Desk ADVERTISING enquiry q Jamie Brewster from the Tilligerry Youth Drop in Centre, with Malakai Wilcox at the Tilligerry machine while it is being set up.

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COMPASS Sheds & Garages

Local people, serving the community since 1893


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1 Groongal St, Mayfield West |

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Ring direct 4997 5960 $9.90 Lunches everyday Non Members $10.90


When the time comes for assistance with a funeral or to pre-pay or pre-arrange, whether church, chapel, crematorium, graveside or intercity, call us 24 hours, for personal service.



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Swipe card between 10am – 4.30pm Drawn at 4.45pm. Conditions apply

News Of The Area


More Return and Earn

By Rachael VAUGHAN


Thursday, 17 May, 2018

News Of The Area

n the O Couch

PBL kicks off for 2018

FROM Page 1 Email Jasminda:


o you have a pressing problem, annoying anxiety or community conundrum? Jasminda Featherlight, our resident roving Agony Aunt, is here to help. Jasminda will be responding to questions from readers throughout the circulation area of our FOUR News Of The Area papers on a rotating basis. SEND your concerns to Jasminda care of and include your title, initials and suburb.

Dear Jasminda,

My husband likes to hold my hand when we are walking in public, but I can’t stand it. What should I do? Perplexed Mrs PR, Tea Gardens Dear Mrs PR,

We all have individual reactions to PDA (Public Displays of Affection). Hand holding seems pretty low on the list of things that I have witnessed couples doing in public, and quite innocent and cute. We vary in our feelings towards PDA depending on a whole range of things including our upbringing, our cultural differences and our social values. Hand holding could be a sign of your husband protecting you (a bit like walking on the side nearest the road, which is a very honourable and gentlemanly thing to do). It could also be viewed as a sign of ownership (this is my wife, buddy, get your roving eyes off her), which may sit well with you or not, depending on a whole host of things. My husband likes to hold my hand when we are looking at plants in our garden. I’m not sure whether he is being affectionate, or trying to keep me there long enough to finish the weeding, but I’m not complaining either way. I do, however, find it difficult to hold hands when walking, because we are different heights and he takes one stride to each of my two. Hand holding feels a bit like a three-legged race. The only time I do want to hold his hand in public is when we are in Bunnings because I always seem to lose him. In fact, I would quite like to put him in one of those harnesses that used to be all the rage with frazzled parents so their kids wouldn’t take off in public. Perhaps you can show your husband affection in another way. A casual rub on the arm or a peck on the cheek now and then should keep him happy. Otherwise, make sure your hands are full, so the option isn’t there.

schools on board, bringing the total to nine. These schools are Grahamstown Public School, Hunter River High School, Irrawang High School, Karuah Public School, Medowie Public School, Raymond Terrace Public School, Salt Ash Public School, and Seaham Public School. The students awarded this week are as follows. Piper Griffiths from Grahamstown Public School for always following the road safety rules when walking to and from school. Dean Langdon from Hunter River High School for offering to pay for a student he didn’t know at a sporting event when that student didn’t have enough money to purchase lunch. Amber Bradford from Irrawang High School for giving up her seat on the bus to a new year seven

student in term one. Leo Stevens from Irrawang Public School for displaying strong public speaking and leadership skills whilst representing his school at the Raymond Terrace Anzac Service. Emma Fowler from Karuah Public School for her outstanding representation of the school at the Karuah ANZAC Day Dawn Service. Shanay Dawson from Medowie

Official Opening of Centre By Rachael VAUGHAN

MEDOWIE Sports and Business

Centre hosted their grand opening last weekend, along with special guests, market

MARKS Professional Oven Cleaning

“Let Us Do The Dirty Work”

Services Include: Ovens, Cooktops, Grills, Rangehoods 0405319931

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Ash Public School for always displaying positive values and leadership skills in all settings. Including the community and at school. Travis Charlton from Seaham Public School for delivering an inspiring speech on the meaning of Armistice at the Seaham Community ANZAC Service.

q The first PBL stars for 2018 with Commonwealth Gold Medallist Natasha Scott and the Principals of the participating PBL schools.

Carpe diem, Jasminda

Call Mark Today for an Obligation

Public School for always striving to help others when she is at school, on an excursion or in the wider community. Jarvis Jennings-Elemes from Raymond Terrace Public School for his contribution to the local environment by ensuring that recycling is taking place and nature is preserved. Gabby Rooney from Salt

q Mayor Ryan Palmer cut the ribbon to officially open the new Centre.

stalls and free activities. The old Medowie ‘Squashies’ have undergone a complete transformation, with the new Centre set up so far welcoming a cafe, creche, 24 hour gym, physio, dietitian/nutritionist, squash courts, gymnastics, martial arts, STEM kids club and conference rooms. The renovations so far encompass the stage one renovations of the building, and now make way for stage two to begin. Kylie Smiley from the Centre said, “We would like to extend our thanks to Mayor Ryan Palmer, Kate Washington MP, Councillor Sarah Smith and Councillor Chris Doohan for joining us for the official opening and cutting of the ribbon.” The Marching Koalas were special guests as well on the day, marching down Ferodale road to the Centre, making an appropriate fuss on the special event. The community was treated to free jumping castle rides,

face painting and activities, and all businesses within the centre contributed something to the day. There were martial arts and gymnastics demonstrations, healthy living stalls and delicious spit roast by Sportz Cafe staff. Another special moment was a private ‘turning of the soil’ ceremony by Ryan Palmer and the Port Stephens Councillors, to mark the commencement of the building of Medowie’s very own pool. Kylie Smiley said, “With stage one now complete, we look forward to the stage two beginning, including the Aquatic Centre, children’s playground, and even more additional activities coming into our Centre, as well as upgrades to the facade and so many more changes to come.” “We are so pleased with how this event went, and are so pleased with the funds we raised for our chosen Charity on the day.” The Open Day saw raffle tickets sold in support of FoodWay, that support over 1200 families here in Medowie and across Port Stephens, with over 300 hot meals served, pantry goods and pre-loved clothing for those in need.

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For domestic, commercial or industrial project, the Team at Raymond Terrace


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Notice is hereby given of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Myall Community Arts & Craft Centre, to be held at 2pm on Saturday 16th June 2018. At the MCACC, 245 Myall St, Tea Gardens.

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BOX trailer 7x4 Heavy duty VG condition $550 0412478882

GUITAR & BASS Tuition Theory &   Musicianship. Studio Fantabulous N/Bay. 25yrs exp 49844731

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Position Vacant

After Hours Caretaker

Palm Lake Resort Tea Gardens Sleepovers and weekends required A varied role which includes responding to emergency situations, cleaning, administration, security. Email resume to teagardens@ TUTOR Year 11/12, Uni, Or suitable person to assit a Year 3 student with reading/homework. Medowie area 0422070333

For Sale 1940’s upholstered 2seater lounge and 2 chairs call 49970694 to inspect $200 ono

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LOUNGE suite dark blue leather 3seater and 2 armchairs in good cond. $500. Lg timber extendable 49820432 Salamander.

OAK Dining Table $190 Extension with LD 6 chairsSO Like new 0405 388 607

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News Of The Area

On the World’s stage

Cardiac Arrest for


an emergency call had an ambulance on the course a short time later. “I’M not feeling very well.” Quite by chance, the vehicle These were the last words was on its way to Tilligerry Barry Gale remembers saying for another call out and was before he collapsed on the first diverted to the Club. fairway at Tanilba Golf Club Their defibrillator brought recently. Barry back to life. Another Mr Gale told News Of The Area ambulance specialising in he was later to discover that he intensive care then arrived. had suffered a Cardiac Arrest, a After an initial scan and testing medical event that has a huge at the Mater hospital he was fatality rate unless instant care transferred to The Hunter is given. where emergency surgery was Barry was in luck. His golfing performed. partner Kevin Lancaster The 74 year old Tanilba Bay administered CPR but more resident cannot believe his help was on the way. good fortune and was gushing Max Harrison who was waiting in his praise for those who on the tee saw the unfolding saved his life. drama and was on the scene “Max, Kevin and Amanda within moments. Kailie from the Club were He took over the CPR and magnificent in their initial response as were the ambos,” he said. “The hospital care was first class.” “I’d also like to thank local medico Dr Haines and his staff for the ongoing attention they have given me after I came home,” he added. Barry is currently recuperating and has adopted a toned down exercise regime along with prescribed q On the mend – Barry at his medication to assist Tanilba home. with his condition.



By Rachael VAUGHAN

GEORGIA Almond has taken her love and passion for Cheerleading to the world stage, showing that hard work really does pay off. This talented athlete has been training in Cheerleading for nearly five years, and clearly has a great passion and talent for her chosen career. Georgia has previously competed at a National level, and with enviable results. Last year at the National Dance and Cheer competition in Melbourne, Georgia came away with two National Titles for Lyrical and Jazz in the dance section, and two National Titles for Level 2 Senior and Level 2 Open in Cheer.

NBN Rollout update PATERSON MP Meryl Swanson has announced that Tanilba Bay, Mallabula and Lemon Tree Passage would receive FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) connections from the NBN when the roll-out commenced. This is despite previous plans that showed that the Tilligerry was set to receive

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Items SPEAKERS Logitech X220 $30. Oztrail swag double $200. 0428450925 RGM 100w angle grinder $30. B&D 1hp router $40. Roof racks $100. Aluminium platform 120kg capacity $150 Hand tools $10. Two wooden planes $20. each 3 in 1 red spotlight $30. 2 rollaway beds $50 each. 6 power boards best offer. 49973143 SINGLE 2 Single bed and mattress $40. Electric recliner $350. Must sell. 49845586 TOOLS, Fishing Gear, Extra Large Eski. 49849456 VINTAGE Pedal Organ $250. Dual Keyboard Electronic Organ $100. Full size carpenters bench $200. 1940s dressing table $100. 4988 6988

Caravans 22FT Opal RV Chrystal caravan 2010 off roaster, Air con, oven, lrg shower, Separate toilet, lrg washer, 4 solar panels, roll out pantry Tv, stereo, 2 spare tyres, Fold down inner and outer table, Mesh annex $40,000 Ono. 0418975072 Tea Gardens

Georgia also achieved National Grand Champion in Level 2 and was fortunate enough to be asked to compete in the invitation only Pinnacle Championships, which sees the best of the best go head to head. In the Pinnacle Championships, she completed in various sections, and came away with a First in Cheer, and a Third in Cheer. All of this hard work paid off when Georgia and her fellow squad mates were offered a very special chance to compete on the world stage. This prestigious event was held in Orlando, Florida in early May, and involved hundreds of teams from all over the world. Georgia’s Mum accompanied Georgia and her squad mates as one of the chaperones. They achieved 8th in the world for Level 3 and 12th in the world for level 2. News Of The Area congratulates Georgia Almond and her squad mates at MCPD Studio on these wonderful results.

FTTN (Fibre To The Node). “I’m pleased that my advocacy to NBN has resulted in the Tilligerry Peninsula being switched to FTTP technology,” Ms Swanson said. In Medowie, however, most NBN connections will still be FTTN, with some FTTC (Fibre To The Curb). Ms Swanson said users of the NBN on FTTP connections

q Georgia Almond competes at Summit World Cheerleading Championships.

would receive a superior connection that would be future-proof, deliver much higher speeds and experience fewer connection problems than a connection utilising part of the copper network. The Tilligerry and Medowie NBN builds are expected to be complete in the first half of 2019. “I am calling on NBN to scrap the rollout of FTTN in Medowie and offer these communities FTTC

connections, if not FTTP,” Ms Swanson said. “What is sorely needed in these communities is a decent internet connection, and FTTN will not deliver for the needs of many people today, let alone into the future.” Locals are encouraged to check the NBN website to confirm the technology they will be receiving and their expected connection date.

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2009 Newlands Concept 20ft. 2 solar panels, Reversing camera, air con, tv, radio, sound system, gas oven & 4 burner Cooktop, 150l fridge/ freezer, Microwave, QB, L shaped Lounge and dining, full ensuite + extras. Excellent condition. 12m rego $36,500 0416091234

COROMAL 505 Seka 2001 16ft single axle New roll out awning, Solar and air con. Three new tyres, DB, microwave, pop top, Gas stove, water filters, Tv/aerial, cover, Two way fridge portable toilet $15,500 0419989850

2002 475 Quintrex Coast runner with 70hp 2 stroke Yamaha Motor 160hrs Immac. Maintained Great family boat For fishing or fun One owner Lots more extras $17,500 0439160159

LIFE jackets x2 YAIK CALLISTA 50N. Price tags of $129 still attached. Best offer. 0417821805

2002 Hyundai Santa Fe, Station wagon, manual Rego 1/19 YKG777 Mechanically sound, New tyres, service history, log books. $3,500 negotiable 0406185362

CITROEN Xsara coupe 2002, 5 speed manual YGU065, Deep blue 73,000km Books, rego 10/18 Good order $2,500 49886058

NISSAN el Grand 1998 4x4 auto 8 seater Rego 6/18 CL75BQ $7,850 Ono 0411030928

2006 Peugeot sports cabriolet NXP07T 11 mths rego 74,000 klms immaculate $9,000 0410454415

MAZDA Tribute 2001 4WD XFG208 $3,000ono 49824026, 0432186668

2010 Jayco Sterling 21.65-3 caravan, in as new cond, front leather lounge, 190Lt 2-door fridge, oven, microwave, water fitler, slide-out queen bed, full ens incl wash mach, rollout awn, solar, wineguard arial & TV. Non smoking original owners. Ready for any advertures. $39,500 Ring 4982 8321 COLONIAL caravan 2002 18ft6, $18,000 ono, Dual wheels, double bed, Stereo and three way fridge Full annex - roll out awning, Many extra, low mileage, Very good cond. ready to go, Contact Peter 49820362 REDUCED: 17’ 6” Golf Pop Top Van. Tare 1180. 2001. O6mths Rego. LD S Ph 49979727 $16,000 or 0429433103


REGENT Roystan Caravan 22’. Built September 2009.Rego NSW 9/2017. Complete with all necessary items for travel. Hot dipped Galvanise chassis. $40,000. Ph: 0417 224 017 ROADSTAR poptop 2001. Limited edition 17ft6inch Single axle with D two full annexesSOL- Winter & summer. Double island inner spring bed & Few extras $15,000. 0249811896 / 0408492421

Motorcycles HARLEY Low Rider 7th Mnth 84 Shovel motor excl cond nothing to spend $13,500 Ph 0499227821 HARLEY 2007 Sportster 50th annv no 471 of 2000 world wide. As new cond & new battery $12,500 Ph 0499227821

28FT yacht fibreglass Swing keel with 9.9merc +dinghy. In Salamander Bay. Lots of extras A1 cond. $28,900 0418682806 CARIBBEAN Corsair 5m fishing boat 90hp outboard trailer, Bikini top, fish finder, Safety gear, $6,200 ono 49886058

OUTBOARD 5HP Yamaha 2 Stroke 5CMH, near new, 1 yr and 10 hrs only $1050 0410 480 859 Tea Gardens QUINTREX 450 Escape 40hp 2 stroke Yamaha motor, Telwater trailer Bimini boat cover. Safety gear, all Rego’d as new. $17,900 Ono 0418407616

2006 Mitsubishi 380 Series 2 Model VRX Auto, all leather-Top of Line. VG Cond, Rego 30/06/18, Local service history available. $3,500 NEG. BF65WQ Contact 49828727.


QUINTREX V-nose punt 3.85m 15Hp Evinrude. Gd Cond. Reg. $2600ono Ph 0418 863 088

FORMOSA 480 Plate alum. Boat 75hp Merc. Alum. Trailer Bimini, rocket SOLDlauncher, Sounder, radio, GPS and more. 75 hours. $22,500 Ono 49871101

STEGCRRAFT 15ft halfcabin New canopy and 55hp evinrude motor And radio and safety. gear. Elec start. Registered. Great condition. $2,600 49971651

HALF cabin timber 6m River and lake boat Fibreglass hull, LD panel, fish finder,OSolar sleeps S 2 portaloo $4,900 ono

TINNY Aluminium, new


2011 Great Wall 240X 4WD manual. Air, Power steer, reverse camera, SUV awning tent, BP84DM Rego 7/18 exc cond. $7,000 0400831611 Or 49831619

JETSKI Seadoo Bombadier, Gtx 3 seater, trailer, $3,500 49886058

2003 Audi convertable. Auto. No rego. Runs well. Damaged interior. $7000 Ph 0412194099

2012 Ford Kluger Auto 2.5l turbo. Silver CMJ88Q $17,500 Ono 0427282189

trailer, 15HP Yamaha only 8hrs running, $2950 ono 49973429

2007 Ford Territory, 6 cylinder auto RWD, LD Black, 7 seaterO166k S rego til 5/18 BDA81U $5,500 0419468050 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Hatch BHR622 reg 11/18 Auto. 148,700k’s good Condition. $6,500 One owner 0448499000

MG ZS180 2004 sedan, one of last Built by MG factory In UK. Delivered New in Gosford 12/2004. V6 2.5litre LD quad SO 5 speed cam motor. GETRAG Trans. Beautiful car, low Mileage. CGF53R $8,875 ono MITSUBISHI Pajero 1993/94 3.5 litre. Auto manual, CB radio, 148,000k LDOriginal, Good SO tyres Very gd.cond. $6,000 Ono. BD68NP.

SUZUKI Grand Vitara 2000 V6, rego 10/18 BQ64GS Good tyres. Fair cond. $2,500 49971270 SUZUKI Jimny 1999 4WD auto, 131,000k’s D 12 months rego OL Good Scondition XCS 899 $5,500 Ono 0427151954 CLASSIFIEDS TOYOTA Hilux 2007 BCX66A 4x4 Twin cab turbo Diesel 151,000km Air Con, window tint, Exc vehicle $21,000 Ono 0401256843

Vehicles Mercedes Benz CLC 200

Kompressor 2010 Evolution Coupe Low Mileage: only 78,000klms. March 2018 Rego. Log books. Brand new tyres. Excellent condition. Always garaged. Rego til 03/19. Rego No: DKB-94X Price: $17,500ono Ph: 0412 947 996

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List yo busines ur (02)49 s here 81 8882

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Qualified arborists, Fully insured. Tree removals, Pruning, Stump grinding, Block & land clearing, Post-track with slasher for hire. PROMPT, RELIABLE SERVICE

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Advertising within the News Of The Area reaches your local customers. Connect with them from next edition. Print media has never been as affordable for your business. Call (02) 4981 8882 or email PLUS - INCLUDED are Online adverts. You get website and social media advertising all included within your print advertising when using News Of The Area.




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q Support the Raymond Terrace Lions on their FFA Cup journey.

FFA Cup Dreams

By Rachael VAUGHAN

SOCCER fans, it is time to come out of the woodwork and support your team. The Raymond Terrace Lions Soccer Club is attempting to advance into the next round of the nation-wide FFA Cup competition. Standing between them and the next round is Northern NSW Premier League team,

Adamstown Rosebud. However, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. And this is what the FFA Cup is all about. Based on the English FA Cup, this competition allows lower level clubs the opportunity to mix it with some of this country’s best. This even includes the A-League clubs. Your Raymond Terrace Lions won’t be taking on the likes of the

Newcastle Jets or Sydney FC unless they can get past Adamstown and then some. And that’s why they need your support as they take on some big clubs over the coming weeks. Peter Petryk from Raymond Terrace Soccer Club told News Of The Area, “Our FFA cup journey this year started with a 4-2 victory over Zone league one side Newcastle University , next up was Beresfield who play

a division higher in the Zone Premier league, 4-1 was the result after Beresfield had taken the lead early in the game, the team consisted of a mixture of first and reserve graders to give the younger guys coming through the club an experience playing in the Cup.” “The next game saw us draw out Garden Suburb who play in the same division as

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the Terrace this season and we took out the game 5-1.” “This Wednesday night we have drawn a home game Adamstown Rosebud who play in the Newcastle 1st division (NBN Premier League),” he said. Adamstown sit three Divisions higher than the Lions, and It has been a while since a Newcastle Premier League side have had to come to the Terrace for a game and the boys are looking forward to the experience. Kickoff is 7pm at King Park and the club is hoping to get a decent crowd to support the boys during the game. Peter said, “The Terrace are having a great season so far sitting equal top position in First grade, our reserve grade is sitting in second position, and with the 4-0 win on the weekend, our third grade team has moved into 3rd position on the ladder.” A win in this weeks FFA Cup could See Raymond Terrace through to the semi finals with the final six teams from the Hunter Valley, along with two teams from North NSW.

Two teams will remain after the semi finals to represent NNSW football in the round of 32 teams Australia wide. This is where the A League teams come into the FFA Cup competition. Edgeworth, Broadmeadow Magic and Lambton Jaffas have previously represented the Newcastle region in the round of 32 Next Saturday 19 May, Raymond Terrace take on Cooks Hill United at King Park in the top of the table clash and match of the round. Third grade 11am, reserve grade 12.45pm and first grade 2.30pm. This will be a home game for the Lions, so they need a big home crowd to help get them through. The FFA Cup is a terrific competition as it allows the little guys to dream. To dream of not only going up against the professionals, but to even get one over on them. After all, this is sport we’re talking about. And if sport has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen.

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Medowie news of the area 17 may 2018  
Medowie news of the area 17 may 2018