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SEPTEMBER 9 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Board Room - CA Office - 9 a.m. 11 Board Meeting Rollins Theater - 9 a.m. 17 Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room – 9 a.m. 23 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room – 2 p.m. 25 Bandstand Concert w/Dave “Motown” Morris 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 26 Membership Budget Review Florida Room – 9 a.m. OCTOBER 7 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Board Room – CA Office - 9 a.m. 10 Board Meeting Rollins Theater - 9 a.m. Note: Day changed to Thursday 15 Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room – 9 a.m. 23 Membership Meeting Community Hall – 3 p.m. 28 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room – 2 p.m.

Agendas for the monthly Board Meetings will be posted on the Official Bulletin Board in the Atrium the Monday before and on the CA website ( – under “Residents” – Upcoming Meeting Agendas). They will also be sent via “What’s New in the CA” email. Every Wednesday: Orientation for new members in the Board Room in the CA office starting at 1 p.m. sharp.

CA Contact Information

Administration Office 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd, SCC Phone: 813.633.3500 Hours – 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., M-F Website: Information Center: 813.633.4670

SCC China Painters

By Paula Lickfeldt In years past, china painting was an artistic hobby for wealthy women. They would gather at each other’s homes and paint on porcelain. Today, everyone can participate in china painting. Sun City Center is fortunate to still have an active china painting club. Around 1987, SCC resident Mary Kindall taught classes on making porcelain dolls in her home. The students would make a head, hands and arms and legs and feet in molds. They would paint the parts, put them together and dress them. To dress the dolls, they would use cotton lace dipped in liquid porcelain slip. When the clothing was fired in the kiln, the cotton would burn away leaving only the very beautiful porcelain costume behind. Mary eventually moved to the Masons Retirement Home in St. Pete. She took her dolls with her and they are still on display at the home.

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September 2019

Books, Tapes, Puzzles and Computers: All Right Here on Our Campus

By Diane M. Loeffler Sun City Center is a great place for book lovers! How many other senior communities can boast a library like ours that is right on our central campus? Thanks to the Community Association, we have a wonderful facility that is easy to reach by foot, golf cart, scooter, motorcycle, car, or bicycle. We also should be grateful to the Hillsborough County Library System for working cooperatively with our private library. Our library houses hardcover books including a sizable collection of largeprint books. You can also check out paperbacks, DVDs, Blue Ray disks, music CDs, audio book CDs, magazines, and jigsaw puzzles. Two low-sight readers are available. There are three computers you can use, although you cannot print anything at our library. Are grandchildren or greatgrandchildren visiting? The library does have a section with books for them as well as many family-friendly movies. The library also has a conference room that can seat six people. This room should be reserved in advance. Interested in being in a book club? The library even allows an informal book

Librarian Joanne Gilray is in charge of the SCC Library. She loves her job and the people she meets.

club to meet in the reference room on the second Thursday of the month. You can learn more about this group from the library volunteers. The reference room in the library contains general reference books such as dictionaries, art references, World War II books, the bible, bus schedules, assisted living information, and pamphlets addressing various topics. The SCC

Library also houses some items that are unique to our community, including a binder with John Bowker’s e-newsletter, the Community Association budget, our by-laws and Sun City Center’s history. If you are a Sun City Center resident, your fees help support the library. If you live in Kings Point you can purchase a one-year membership for $24. Show

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Long Term Planning Committee Report

By Doug Seipelt, Chairman, Long Range Planning Committee Our Committee is charged to evaluate our current capital assets and future needs over the next five to seven years, for new projects and replacing outdated facilities with new buildings or facilities. We have a 10-person group representing the Board, Staff, and members from both North and South of SR-674. Our group has been meeting now for about two months and we have developed a process which we will follow in doing our job to produce a report for the membership and CA Board’s evaluation. This process will share with you our recommendations

and your input as to what you think about space for: clubs, facility use, new amenities, aquatic issues, functional aspects of existing buildings, and other ideas to keep our community viable as a long-term home. Our plan is to do this project in phases. Phase One is to develop a new electronic survey for the whole community to share what we are thinking and get your input on other ideas you might think we need to do over the next few years. We will be developing this survey over the next few months and will be sending it to you in November when our friends get back so we have the broadest coverage of information. This is your notice to

watch for it and participate. Phase Two will then develop recommendations for B oard consideration and sharing with you our thoughts. We anticipate having electronic information as well as town hall meetings. Phase Three will be decision time for all parties involved, where we present our final recommendations for membership approval, financial and timing decisions. Phase Four is Implementation. This is our future, so file this away and be prepared to work with us! And stay tuned for Long Range Planning Committee updates each month in The News.

SCC Parents Very Proud of Their Daughter

By Paula Lickfeldt George and Veronica Bonelli are extremely proud of their daughter, Master Chief Carla Kelly. Master Chief Kelly is only the third woman to reach the rank of Master Chief in the U.S. Navy. Carla is a native of Tampa, Florida. She enlisted in the United States Navy in 1994 and reported for recruit training at Orlando, Florida. She holds an Associate of Arts in general studies from Central Texas College and is a graduate of the Navy Senior Enlisted Academy. Carla graduated from AG “A” School in Biloxi, Mississippi in July 1994. She was then assigned to Naval Atlantic Meteorolog y and Oceanography detachment Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico from August 1998 to March 2001. She reported to AG “C” School and completed training in October 2001.

Carla completed a tour from October 2001 to October 2002 at Naval Central Meteorology and Oceanography Center Bahrain in support of Operation

Enduring Freedom where she was promoted to Petty Officer First Class. She then transferred November 2006 as a plank owner to Naval Oceanography ASW Center, Stennis Space Center, MS. She deployed with NOAT on the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Stennis, USS Bainbridge, USS Normandy, USS Truman, and USS Eisenhower. In June 2009, she reported as an AG “C” School instructor at CNATTU Keesler AFB and where she was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. During her tour, she was hand selected to serve as AG-C1 Course Supervisor. In June 2012, she accepted a position to fill a 3MC billet onboard USS Pearl Harbor (LSD-52), where she deployed in support of Pacific Partnership in 2014 and was promoted to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. In 2015,

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September 2019

The News of Sun City Center





AVAILABLE IN THE CA OFFICE There are three positions open for three-year terms January 2, 2020 – January 4, 2023 Completed applications must be returned to the CA office by 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Dues and Facility Use

By Diane M. Loeffler After the formal board meetings, area residents have the opportunity to address the board. Recent discussions centered on the issue of our dues. Should others be allowed to use our facilities even though they do not pay dues to maintain them? What do our dues entitle us to? The Kings Point yearly charge of $125 will allow their residents to join Community Association (CA) clubs but not to use our pools or Fitness Center. There is a precedent for charging fees. The CA has an agreement allowing residents of Freedom Plaza to join our clubs and also use our pools and fitness center. There were questions on how this would affect national organizations who use our facilities. Some of these memberships run through June. One resident says that she and her husband would like to dance in empty rooms and use the pickle ball and shuffleboard courts without having to join clubs or plan in advance. These issues will be addressed in future meetings.

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L to R: Pam Cardwell, Lois Wilson and Joan Fawcett.

The Porcelain Doll Group moved from Mary’s home to the Community Association Campus. For a time, they shared space with the pottery club. When the Arts and Crafts Building was built the China Painters Club was able to move across the street into their own space. The cost for membership in the China Painters Club is $15 per year. There are no classes required for membership. Members of the club are very willing to help new members get started. Classes, however, are available. A new person is loaned a kit with paint, brushes and other necessities. When the decision is made to join the club, the “loaner kit” is returned and supplies that the new member may

Our dues remain relatively low because we have so many volunteers and because we have been careful about spending and diligent in maintaining and protecting our facilities. There have been some problems with unscheduled room use. In one instance, a room had been reserved. The maintenance staff set up the room to the requested specifications and waxed the floor. Later someone decided to use the room while the wax was still wet, move the furniture, and leave trash behind. The room was in poor condition for the group who reserved it. There have been several instances of vandalism to rooms by individuals who have not reserved them. Also, signs and gates have been torn down and once the temperature on the walking pool was turned up from the state mandated 88-89 degrees to 106 degrees. Will we continue to volunteer and to treat our facilities with respect? Failure to do one or both could undermine the framework that allows us to keep our fees low.

want are purchased. Supplies: paints, brushes, and other necessities are kept by the club for purchase by the members. The club has a lot of white ware that members may purchase and there are also catalogues for the purchase of supplies and white ware. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the club room is open for working on projects. Thursday is a teaching day. A monthly club meeting is held on the First Tuesday of the month. Members may go to the club room to paint at any time. The SCC China Painters Club is always wellrepresented at the Florida State Fair each year. Many ribbons including best of show have been awarded to SCC residents. China painted pieces are on display in the club room on Cherry Hills. The public is invited to visit the showroom and make any purchase they would like. The money made on the sold pieces benefit the club and the member who made the piece. After the cost of making the piece is returned to the artist, any remaining funds are given to the club treasurer for club expenses. Pieces are also voluntarily donated by club members for sale in the showroom and at FunFest. Ten percent of the profits made through the sale of these projects is donated to the CA. The club also donates to other organizations during the year.


List prepared by Linda Bowker from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Trail Blazing By John Lampkin

Houdini made an elephant disappear. Not to be outdone, Penn & Teller made Elsie the Cow disappear. Even more impressive is a disappearing act on the Sun City Center Nature Trails starring of all things, plume moths! Imagine that you’re a dragonfly or Blue-gray Gnatcatcher looking for your next morsel. You spot a promising little moth moving through the clearing and just as you are about to pounce, it’s gone. Poof, it is now a twig or piece of dried grass. And even more maddening is when the flying fluff is a mated pair, a tasty twofer, as in the photo. Camouflage in one form or another is a main line of defense for many species. Moths especially are masters of duplicity, mimicking tree bark, bird poop or debris. In fact, one large group is called “grass veneers” because they hug the stems and disappear as just part of foliage. There are 147 maddeningly similar species of plume moths in 26 genera in North America and it’s safe to say that our pair is one of those. Each head is immediately under the twig and each has one wing hanging down and one wing angled upwards at an angle. Who needs an elephant or Elsie the Cow? This is magic! The Nature Trails is an ongoing project of the SCC Audubon Club in cooperation with the SCC CA. The trailhead is located opposite North Lake on Del Webb West between Vincennes and Seton Hall. Join us for interpretive walks on the first Tuesday of the month at 9 am.

Statement of Purpose

The Sun City Center Community Association serves the residents of Sun City Center by providing assistance for the elderly, assistance and essential services to tax exempt entities, and operates in lieu of a municipal government, thereby lessening the burdens of government (Hillsborough County, Florida).

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September 2019

CA - 3

The News of Sun City Center

August Board Meeting: The County, the Rain, Fees, and Opportunities for You

President’s Report

Important Local Development Updates By Sam Sudman, CA President A recent news story entitled “County Commissioners Need Your Feedback” generated a lot of comments from our members and others, especially on social media. The workshop, held in Tampa on August 13 at the County Center, resulted in one of the projects noted on the meeting agenda, G-3, CR 672/Balm planned development, being denied and the other, G-1 (18-1048), the Wimauma rezoning for a planned development being remanded to the September 16 Zoning Hearing Master Meeting to be held at 6 p.m. at the County Center. There are some issues with the compatibility of this planned development and the Wimauma Comprehensive Plan that need to be addressed. If you are unable to make the meeting, you can still make your voice be heard by contacting officials. Written statements may now be submitted electronically via email to “”, or by mail at least two business days prior to the hearing. Denial of the G-3 project means that the developer will have to go back to step 1 and resubmit a new rezoning request, if they wish to proceed. They have not indicated at this point what they intend to do. We have been advised that we are welcome to speak “for” or “against” the Wimauma PD 18-1048 at the September Zoning meeting and become a party of record, so that we will be able to speak again before the board at the November land use meeting. We will review the updated file in the coming weeks to make that determination. We received a call from the Director of Public Works in response to my comments on the above projects to the commissioners, which were broader than just those projects. He wanted to follow up on our concerns. He and I will be meeting to discuss options. The storms in August also generated a lot of comments. Roadway flooding was noted. Seasoned residents are aware that this occurs during the rainy season, because the capacity of the storm water inlets in the older sections of SCC have been overwhelmed but will generally subside within hours. On rare occasions, there may be a systemic problem, such as an obstructed or collapsed culvert or a manipulated pond level. If we are notified, we can get expedited service from Hillsborough County. A brief primer on flood control may be helpful at this point. Storm water is controlled by myriad retention ponds throughout the community. Water travels by gravity from the roadways into the inlets to the ponds and lakes to Cypress Creek to the Manatee to the Gulf. If a retention pond has been artificially elevated for aesthetic purposes, the County will adjust it to the proper level so that gravity can clear the roadways. Social media was abuzz with comments and criticism about the trucks located at the pumping station recently, collecting and hauling off waste. This is routine when replacing underground pipes, in this case at SR-674 and W. Del Webb. Wastewater continues to be generated and the trucks relieve the flow while the pipes are being replaced.

By Diane M. Loeffler Our Community Association Board (CA) continues to reach out to the county for the to let them know our needs. CA President Sam Sudman says the housing project proposed for the area near Balm and 672 has been defeated. The county will hold a meeting about proposed development in the Wimauma area. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. on September 16 and will take place on the second floor of the County Center at 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa. Some concerns are the effect further development would have on the water table and on traffic congestion. You are encouraged to attend and offer your input to the county. Sudman is meeting with the Hillsborough County Director of Public Works. He says they are discussing “how to improve things that are starting to break down due to the age of our community.” The CA’s 2020 budget process has begun. Community Manager Lyn Reitz says clubs need to wait until the end of the year to learn if their request for help with operational funds has been approved. After CA members vote on the dues, the CA will know how much money they have to work with. Everyone who applied will be notified by the close of the year. The first Budget presentation to the membership will be Thursday, September 26 at 9 a.m. in the Florida Room.

This summer has been a rainy one. Streets flooded during some of the heaviest rains. Sudman says, “The flooding usually subsides within hours. Notify the CA if expedited service (from the county to alleviate flooding) is needed.” Call the CA office at 813.633.3500. The rain has caused delays in roofing, asphalt, and landscape projects this summer. When these projects are underway, be sure to stay away from any areas marked with ropes or cones. The CA Board continues to work on the details of the $125 fee for Kings Point Residents to participate in CA clubs. The Board says the fee will not apply to non-CA Clubs such as the Emergency Squad, the Security Patrol, and Samaritan Services. There are many opportunities for anyone interested in learning more, participating in activities, or taking on leadership roles. If you want to learn more about your health, mark your calendars for October 22 or 29. The Emergency Squad and South Bay Hospital will be the main sponsors of symposiums on those dates. Topics covered will include mystery gut pain, fall prevention, arthritis, and knee, hip, shoulder, or elbow problems. The symposium on the 22nd will be held in Kings Point’s Veterans Hall and the one on the 29th in Community Hall on South Pebble Beach. Both will have the same agenda. KP and CA members may attend whichever one is more

convenient. Doors open at 11 a.m. with presentations beginning at 11:45 and ending by 3 p.m. In just over three months, the December 14 holiday golf cart parade will be held. There will be over $1,000 in prizes plus awards, cookies and lemonade. CA Director Larry Smith is this year’s parade chair. He says the categories for awards will be groups, individuals and commercial. Groups may be clubs, HOAs or other groupings of individuals. Plan to attend the Holiday Breakfast and Walk on December 7. You may also wish to volunteer to help with the breakfast by working a shift in the kitchen, serving area or ticket area. If you think you would like to be a future coordinator of the event, meet with Floyd and Brenda Curvin. They will be in charge this year and would be glad to train someone to head up next year’s event. Sudman says, “The Chairman of the Audit Committee, David Floyd, is stepping down. Bob Sullivan will be covering for the rest of the year. Barbara Gingrich will be the chair of the Elections Committee for the rest of 2019.” If you are interested in helping in either role in 2020, please contact anyone on the CA Board. Treasurer Dave Birkett says 47 homes were sold in July, four more than average. As of July, 11,447 people resided in Sun City Center’s Community Association.

Since the SCC Community Association Veterans Photo Project began in September 2015, it has accumulated about 750 photos of CA member veterans. Bill Hodges, who leads the effort with photographer Andy Ledoux, said, “The photos are displayed on our Wall of Honor television in the Atrium 24/7 and at special events such as the July 4 community breakfast. Our goal is to make this an ongoing project to seek out CA member veterans who have served in any branch of the U.S. military; that includes National Guard, Reserves and Coast Guard.” The next photo session is set for September 21, from 10 a.m. to noon, in the Photo Clubroom on the CA Central Campus (N. Pebble Beach Blvd.). Veterans should call Carol Donner at the CA office (813.633.3500) to be assigned an appointment time.

Hodges said that CA members in good standing living in local assisted living facilities who are unable to come to the Photo Club sessions are encouraged to participate as well; he and Ledoux will arrange to go to the facility for the photo. He also is

requesting that anyone with knowledge about a veteran being deceased to please call him. The photos will not be removed, but a RIP ribbon will be added to the display. Hodges can be reached at 813.641.0816 or bill@

If you are in this situation, contact the library to see if someone is available to bring materials to your home. The Sun City Library is a private library. In addition to receiving funds from the Community Association, the library sometimes receives funds from trusts. You may donate books to the library. If it is a book that the library needs, it will be put into circulation. If it isn’t, the book will be offered for sale in a room near the front of the library or brought to the Caper Room for its annual book sale. The 2020 sale will be on January 31 and February 1. Although the SCC Library is an independent library, it has a wonderful partnership with the Hillsborough County Library System. You can request materials from any of the county libraries and have it delivered to the SCC Library. The county has a third-party subcontractor that delivers books to our library around 1:30 or 2:30 on Monday,

Wednesday and Friday afternoons. After the book is delivered to the library, one of the volunteers will contact you to let you know your book has arrived. The book drop is strictly for returning books you have checked out. Donations should be brought into the library during its regular hours. Over the holidays, items are back dated, so you don’t need to return them until after the holiday. Hillsborough County no longer charges late fees, but the Sun City Center Library still does. If you return a book late, you pay ten cents a day. If it is a DVD, the charge is 75 cents a day. The Sun City Center Library is open from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is located on the east side of North Pebble Beach Boulevard and is the second building north of Cherry Hills Drive. If you have never been to the library, you will be amazed at all it has to offer.

CA Veterans’ Photos Resume

Books continued from page 1. your CA identification card or your library membership card when you check out books. Gilray is originally from New Jersey. She earned a BS at Michigan State and her masters in library science from Florida State in 2012. She says, “I like that the library is very personal. I know my patrons, many of them by name, others by sight. I know what they like, and try to provide that. Everything is geared toward the Sun City Center demographic.” Gilray is assisted by about 45 volunteers. Most of them work at the front circulation desks checking Sun City Center and Hillsborough County Library books in and out. Some volunteers help people who are searching for items. A few are more specialized and do things like fix catalogs and label puzzles. Sometimes volunteers will deliver books to the homes of people who have just gone through surgery or are home-bound.

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September 2019

The News of Sun City Center

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

SCC Poker Club #1 Accepting New Members

New members welcome. Come any Monday or Friday between 6 and 9:30 p.m. at the royal room in the Atrium, central SCCCA campus. Our September meeting and high hand night will be Friday, September 27. Refreshments will be served.

Metaphysical Society Fundraiser

10 a.m. Wednesdays in the Heritage Room Entry fee $1 with love offering requested to benefit our Society. Show your Community ID card. September 4 • “Staying Centered Amidst the Whirling Dervish of Life” September 11 • “Florida Paranormal Places by Numerology” September 18 • “Holy Whole – Integrating Our Spiritual and Human Selves” September 25 • “Connect to Spirit using Metaphysical Tools”

Needlecrafters Celebration

Needlecrafters had the privilege of celebrating a 100-year birthday with our member Helen Ianazzi. Helen is still an active member at the club, she loves doing plastic canvas and some knitting projects. You can find her at the club most every Wednesday, enjoying coffee, cake, and conversation. Happy 100th birthday, Helen!

Art Club Artist of the Month

The Art Club in Sun City Center has chosen accomplished watercolor artist Jane Tuttle as Artist of the Month for September 2019. In fourth grade, Jane took a sketch into class for a show & tell and was surprised when the teacher announced to the class, “We have a future artist in the class.” From that moment on, Jane was inspired to practice drawing and painting. After high school, Jane went on to Columbia College, MO where she earned her Associates Degree with Honors in Art. She returned to her home in Indianapolis IN and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and later returned to earn her Master’s Degree in Art. Her degrees in art gave her a new “life license” and she began a career as an art educator Hamilton Southeastern High in Indianapolis she taught classes in drawing, painting, ceramics and art history. While teaching at Park Tudor School, Jane and her students built sets and designed costumes for such musicals as “Alice in Wonderland” and the “King & I.” Jane took an early retirement and during this time was employed by an engineering firm where she worked with county commissioners painting depictions of county buildings and covered bridges. In 2015 Jane retired to Sun City Center where as a member of the Art Club she finds joy and inspiration taking watercolor classes. In 2017, she won Best of Show for entry in the Sun City Center Annual Art Show. Jane Tuttle’s watercolor paintings will be displayed during September at SCC Library, the SCC Information Center, La Beautique Salon, SCC Samaritan Services, Cadence Bank, Fiores’s Sunshine Café, and the Art Room Window. Visit www. for more information.

Etching Fun Day

MOVIES at the Rollins Theater

Dave “Motown” Morris to Play at SCCCA Bandstand

Movies are normally shown the second and fourth Monday each month in the Rollins Theater at 1 p.m. The dates and times may change as necessary. Per the Fire Code of Hillsborough County, seating capacity is limited to 145 attendees. Seating is reserved for Sun City Center Community Association members/guests who present current cards or a Kings Point ID badge.

Some of the members of the Sun City Center Stained Glass Club got together on July 25 to learn the technique of etching designs on glass bevels from Instructor Darlene Baker. The SCCCA’s September Bandstand concert will feature Dave “Motown” Morris. The event will be held on September 25 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Dave plays the keys and sings, with vocal influences resplendent of the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Also participating in this event will be the very popular Chief ’s Chill Out Soft Ice Cream, available for purchase. Bring your lawn chair or come in your golf cart. Sun City Center Community Association members are invited to attend the event, and should be sure to bring your membership card. Guest passes are available at the Office for $2 for non-SCCCA members.

Computer Club Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, September 11 at 7 p.m. at the Community Hall, on the South Campus. Phil Sorrentino, a club member and instructor, will present “Cut the Cord.” These days most of us get our information and entertainment from our cable provider either Spectrum or Frontier. This presentation will review the triple play and discuss Broadcast Television, and Streaming Devices and Services as alternatives to TV channels. Computer Club Classes: Sign up for classes can be done on-line or in the Computer Lab, (Atrium Building) Monday through Saturday, 12:30 - 5 p.m. Student must be a member in good standing at Sun City Center or Kings Point. Tuition is payable upon registration. For additional information email Beverly Hiller, Education Director at “”. Listed here are brief descriptions of the classes being offered. For all the details, go to the Computer Club website Detailed information is also available in the computer lab. Buying and Using a Chromebook • Tuesday, September 3, from 9 – 11:30 a.m. Pain Free Backup for Your Computer • Tuesday, September 10, from 8:30 – Noon iPad/iPhone for Seniors • Wednesday, September 11, from 9 – Noon Introduction to File Explorer • Friday, September 13, from 9 – Noon Tuning Your PC Workshop • Tuesday, September 17, from 8:30 – Noon Why Type It When You Can Say It • Friday, September 20, from 10:30 – Noon Beginners Semi-Private Tutoring • Wednesday, September 25, from 9 - 10 or 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. Buying a Computer • Friday, September 27, from 9 – 11 a.m.

One Showing Only at 1 p.m.

September 9 • Fighting with my Family • 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

This biographical dramedy tells the story of English WWE champion, Raya Knight. Having grown up in a professional wrestling family, she uproots herself from small-town England as a teenager to pursue her dreams of WWE glory in Los Angeles. Starring: Florence Pugh, Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Vince Vaughn, Dwayne Johnson Rating: PG-13 for drug use, language, and sexual situations.

September 23 • A Dog’s Journey • 1 Hour, 48 Minutes

Having aged through the years, Bailey promises his owner he will find and protect the owner’s granddaughter no matter what. As the dog’s soul jumps through multiple lives, he always finds his way to her as she goes through the highs and lows of life. Starring: Josh Gad, Betty Gilpin, Dennis Quaid, Kathryn Prescott, Marg Helgenberger Rating: PG for crude humor, peril, and thematic elements.

Proud continued from page 1. she reported to Fleet Weather Center San Diego where she served in the Strike Group Oceanography Team of Readiness and Training Departments. She also served as the Senior Enlisted Advisor during her tenure. In 2018, she reported to Fleet Weather Center Norfolk and was selected to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, where she currently serves as the Command Master Chief. Master Chief Petty Officer Kelly’s

personal awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (four awards), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals (seven awards) and multiple Unit and Campaign Awards. Additionally, she earned the Information Warfare, the Aviation Warfare, and the Surface Warfare qualifications and is a designated Master Training Specialist. She is married to Kenneth Kelly, Engineman Chief Petty Officer, and has two children, Tyler and Jayden.

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Emergency Squad: Handymen and Mechanics

By Diane M. Loeffler In this issue of our continuing series on volunteer opportunities at the SCC Emergency Squad, we meet some handymen and mechanics. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the maintenance crews arrive at 6:30 a.m. and concentrate on cleaning and sterilizing the Emergency Squad vehicles. Sunday volunteers show up a little later, around 7 a.m., and wash the outside of the vehicles. Throughout the week, volunteers come in to do the upkeep every household needs, only this “household” is much larger than a typical home. The person in charge is Dick Schneider, Assistant Chief of Maintenance. He says he volunteers, “To keep myself busy. Once you’ve been a mechanic, you can’t leave it. You’re drawn to mechanical work.” Schneider says, “I find it rewarding to fix something and have it work. I have to have some accomplishment every day. It is very rewarding helping

gurney has a power lift. In addition to wiping down all surfaces in the Squad vehicles, they use an autoclave cleaning machine system. Schneider says, “Medical people can put it inside a room or inside an ambulance. There is no residue and it doesn’t hurt plastics.”

Dick Schneider (right) has volunteered for the Squad for 22 years and is the Assistant Chief of Maintenance.

your neighbor. There is a job for everybody (here). You just need to be willing to learn. Some people volunteer for a couple of hours, two days a week. Typically, volunteers work two hours, but it depends on the workload.” “The captain will write down what needs to be fixed. There

County Considers Solid Waste Pickup Changes

By Bob Sanchez On July 23 and 24, representatives from the Hillsborough County Solid Waste department answered questions about potential changes in the solid waste program to HOA and Club presidents. Hillsborough County is considering changes including on-call curbside bulk pickup, trash collection once per week instead of twice, and service only Monday through Friday. Contracts Manager Antonia Bailey and Solid Waste Section Manager Damien Tramel both stressed that the County does not necessarily intend to take any of these actions, but is looking for citizen input countywide. Project Coordinator Evelin Ocampo explained the on-call bulk pickup concept. Residents would call the County for a specific day to arrange sameday pick up for as many as six bulk items on the sidewalk. They could use the free service twice per year. The County’s seven-year contract with trash haulers will expire in 2020. A rewritten contract is expected to go out for bids in August, with County


Scan the code with your smartphone to find us online.

Ten representatives from Hillsborough County Solid Waste Department answered SCC residents’ questions and concerns on July 24 in Community Hall.

Commissioners to award a new contract in November for implementation in September 2020. The contract will go to three or more haulers to cover the County. Waste Connections is the current hauler for SCC. According to Tramel, a large majority of SCC residents so far have told him and his staff that they do not want solid waste

Waste continued on 11.

will be a paper in the mailbox. It might say the toilet is plugged up or a light needs to be replaced. We then decide what we can do and what we need to have someone else do. I have a list of vendors I’ve accumulated for the jobs we cannot do.” The equipment the Emergency Squad has is impressive. Each

Ambulance chassis need to be replaced after so many years. However, the ‘box’ on it does not. Schneider says, “We are replacing the chassis of the ambulances on a staggered basis. The box on the back is all aluminum. It was designed so that it can be moved to a new chassis three times.” Sometimes there are emergencies. A January storm caused a leak in the roof right over where the Squad has its computers. Robin Watt, Assistant Chief, Public Relations, says, “Dick Schneider got out of bed and came down to the Squad to find a temporary fix. Then he oversaw the work of the

E Squad continued on 11.

Three Wonderful Surprises at The Dali

By Kai Rambow Three exhibits – all under one roof. Each wonderfully different. Dali Lives. If you’re not paying attention, you could walk right past these cool displays. The panels are life size and Dali has been recreated. This is not an actor playing Dali. Instead, archive film footage was used to recreate Dali. My favorite is the display by the exit. Dali will offer to take a selfie with you. I was laughing so hard; I needed a few takes. No two expressions of Dali were the same. There are 125 interactive

A recreated Dali from film footage, not an actor will take a selfie with you. This interactive panel is a lot of fun.

videos with over 190,000 possible combinations. If you’re with a group of friends, have each one of you take an

Dali continued on 15.

We’re “Makin’ a List” of Holiday Decorations The News wants to hear from you!

By Ilona Merritt The News of Sun City Center would like to hear from all residents, who work so hard to decorate the outside of their homes for the Holidays. It takes many hours of hard work to put up those displays, but sadly many of us do not get to see them, simply because we don’t know where they are. This year the News would like to publish a list of homes and neighborhoods where these magnificently decorated homes are located. Simply send a note to “” with the subject “Holiday Lights.” List your house number and street name, or just the street name if it’s a neighborhood effort. Deadline for publication in our December issue is November 10.

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September 2019

The News

The Editor’s Corner

Simmering Down

By E. Adam Porter, Editor My 10-year-old budding chef slipped into the kitchen just as I dropped the ‘prize’ into the pasta sauce simmering on the stove. It had been a while since I made my Super Secret Sauce, and Little Chef was curious about what just landed in the steaming sea of red. I explained that it was a bay leaf, meant to give the sauce some extra flavor to savor. He picked another leaf out of the jar and gave it a sniff. The boy is an aroma computer, filing away every scent he can, especially in the kitchen. As I chopped green peppers and onions, Little Chef breathed in the sweet-savory bouquet of the bay leaf and smiled. “That’s going to be goo-ooood!” he declared, tossing the extra leaf in the trash, spinning around, and bopping out of the kitchen. He made it a few steps before stopping and turning back around. He returned to the counter next to the stove and surveyed the ingredients lined up, waiting their turn to be sprinkled into the sauce. “That’s a lot of different stuff…” he paused, pondering. “Will the sauce really taste good with all that different stuff in there?” “No,” I said, “It will taste better than good. Each one of the ingredients goes in at a specific time and for a specific reason. Individually, they’re pretty good. Together, they’re delicious.” Little Chef nodded, accepting the concept quickly, but taking an additional moment or two to ponder the implications. Finally, he nodded again. “I trust you, Dad.” And away he went. I grinned, basking in that comment, and reminding myself to be ready when, sometime later and out of the blue, he asks me what each ingredient brings to the sauce and why it’s important to the flavor. I probably won’t have as specific an answer as he will want, but I think I have one he

will appreciate. The secret to the secret sauce is as much about technique as it is about ingredients. You get everything together, let it simmer and, occasionally, stir. Moving the ingredients all around opens up the flavors and combines them in ways that simple simmering will not. Some will stand out, and some will melt into the sauce, becoming one with the bubbly, red deliciousness. It’s all those ingredients working together that puts a smile on your face when you get that first taste. While the sauce simmered, I went back to my home office to go over some of this month’s submissions. Over and over and over again, I see photos of smiling faces. I read stories of folks in this community sharing their time and talent to make Greater Sun City Center and South Hillsborough County better. It’s been said, time and again, for many years now: “This community runs on volunteers.” Having been a part of many things happening here, and seeing so much of what’s going on come across my desk each month for inclusion in The News, I am regularly impressed with the way folks around here step up to invest in their adopted home, whether they’re introducing friends and strangers to a hobby they love, leading one of the countless clubs, groups, or games; caring for facilities and amenities; looking after natural systems and resources; managing fiscal or administrative matters; giving people plenty of opportunities to enjoy their day; working to keep the community running well; teaching something new and interesting; helping someone in distress; lending a hand; and sharing stories that their neighbors will want to read. All of these volunteers, in their own way, bring unique, valuable talents and perspectives to the table. And, when they all come together, everyone benefits. Looking outside our community at the wider world, it sometimes feels like we’ve lost that sense of ‘We’re all in this together.’ But, as children’s TV host Fred Rogers was famous for saying, if you look closer, you will see the helpers. To Mr. Rogers’ truth,

KNOX ALUMINUM 720 4th Street SW • Ruskin, FL 33570


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I would add: you will also see the entertainers and creators, the public servants, the first responders, the teachers, the laborers, builders, and innovators. All the folks who provide us with what we need to live, as well as those who sprinkle in the spice that makes life worth living. Here we all are, simmering together. Once in a while someone gets a little too heated and pops like sauce just starting to boil. When that

happens, it’s easy to give the steam all our attention. After all, when the sauce pops, it’s easy to get scalded. But, aside from that, when we all do our best to simmer down and keep working together, life really can be pretty delicious. Maybe one day, my Little Chef will make that connection. In the meantime, I just hope he remembers to stop every once in a while, appreciate the spice of life, and give the sauce a little stir.

Southwest Florida Rheumatology Specializing in treatment of:

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Accepting New Patients most insurance accepted

11954 Boyette Rd., Riverview


Dr. Priya Reddy, MD, FACR Board Certified Rheumatologist


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A1 September 2019

The News


1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403 MARGARET “MARGE” CONNOLLY, Lic R.E. Broker • Excellence and Integrity

Sun City Center & Kings Point For Sale


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Caloosa GC PENDING Laguna - WATER View POOL – SPLISH SPLASH SOLD Golf / Water - Upgrades + Nature +, Kitchen ++, Furnished PENDING Dead End St. SOLD POND SOLD White Kitchen SOLD POOL PENDING Cypressview PENDING Fireplace SOLD SOLD Snap this UP PENDING Cape Cod SOLD BACKYARD + PENDING + WATERFRONT + PENDING Corner - Sahara PENDING WATERFRONT Nice LOT w CREEK WATERFRONT

Unfurnished Annual Tenancy

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New & Convenient Close to Recreation Spotless - Perfect NO Carpet/Close In New Kitchen on GOLF Private Knolls Pool Cute As a Button Spacious on GOLF Cute as Button

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September 2019

The News

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Save The Date Wisconsinites

All you Badger state alumni and club members, please save the following dates for our 2019-2020 social calendar. All events begin at 5 p.m. and specific event details follow later in publication and email. Thursday, November 14, 2019 Tailgate/Welcome Back Party at Community Hall in SCC; Wednesday, January 22, 2020 Annual Meeting/Dinner at Community Hall in SCC; Thursday, March 19, 2020 Spring Event at Community Hall. If you would like to become a club member, please contact Membership Chair, Bev Hetzel, “” or at 309.236.2900. We look forward to seeing you and having a great time together.

Sun City Center Photo Club September Competition

The Sun City Center Photo Club welcomes members and their guests to attend their September competition to be held in the Caper Room, located in the Atrium Building on September 10 at 6:30 p.m. All club members are encouraged to submit their digital or print entries to be judged by expert, Al Churilla. For more information about our club, please visit our website at

Art Club in Sun City Center September Demo

The Art Club in Sun City Center is delighted to feature Harvey (Harv) Berman as the demo artist for the month of September. Join Harv on Monday, September 16, at 1 p.m. in Rollins Theater as he demonstrates effective watercolor techniques that will also have application to other paint mediums. Harv’s extensive education includes an Associate of Arts Degree from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, in Illustration and Commercial Art, a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education, English Literature and Psychology from Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN), and a Master’s Degree from The George Washington University (Washington, DC) in Secondary Education. His professional experience ranges from working in advertising to teaching art education at middle school, high school, and college levels. The demonstration is free and open to Community Association and Kings Point members. It will take place immediately following a brief member meeting.

No “Summer Slump” for SCC Audubon Club

Although monthly meetings are suspended for the summer, the SCC Audubon Club remains busy with field trips and other activities. The club has partnered with the SCC Community Association to have professional ecologists develop a Habitat Management Plan (HMP) for the entire 37 acres of the Nature Trails property. The plan will define a recommended maintenance regime for the restored portion of the property. Bluebird nest box monitoring is in full swing. Twenty-five boxes are monitored weekly by five teams of two people each. Bluebirds start nesting at the end of February and some are already on their third brood. They will continue to nest until about the end of August or early September. As of last month, over 50 bluebirds had fledged! A baby bird of a different feather that was rescued this summer was recently released from rehab. A pre-fledgling Great Horned Owl fell from the nest on the corner of Pebble Beach Blvd. and La Jolla Drive. Audubon Master Birder Ray Webb called the Raptor Center of Tampa Bay, whose staff retrieved the owlet. She was dubbed “Sunny” and was held in rehab until she could fly and catch live prey. Regular Audubon Club meetings start up again in October. The full schedule is available on the club website at http://www.

SCC Men’s Chorus to Sing at Raymond James

The Sun City Center Men’s Chorus has been invited to sing the National Anthem at the Tampa Bay Rays’ game on September 4. The ball game, which has been designated “Senior’s Day,” begins at 1:10 p.m. against the Baltimore Orioles. This event will mark the Chorus’ sixth appearance at the Trop. The Rays have never lost a game at which the SCC Men’s Chorus has sung. “We’re hoping to keep the streak alive,” said Tom Hinkebein, the chorus president. “So, come out to the park and help root for our Rays!”

Bulletin continued on page 6.

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Organ Keyboard Club Offering Free Lessons

Attention new Organ and Keyboard Club members! We’re having a sale in September and October. Free music lessons including sheet music! No reservations necessary, and no instrument needed. This is a group lesson for both beginners and advanced students. Bring a pencil to take notes on your music. We meet every Thursday in the Armstrong Room. Gather at 9 a.m. Lesson from 9:30 to 11. All SCC and Kings Point residents welcome. For more information, contact Club President Barb Carlini at 813.633.2022.

813-877-4811 Jeff Moulton PA-C

720 Cortaro Drive, Sun City Center

September 2019

The News


Remember when you could walk your dog without pain? If you’ve stopped doing the things you love because of chronic joint pain, you’re not alone. BayCare can help. Call or visit the website today for a referral to an expert physician. It’s time to start doing the things you love again. For a physician referral: (844) 260-7155 or


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September 2019

The News

Star Samaritan

Bulletin continued from page 4.

SCC Woman’s Club Meeting & Mystery Fundraiser

On Thursday, September 19, 2019, the GFWC SCC Woman’s Club will hold their meeting in Community Hall on South Pebble Beach Boulevard. Check-in and meet and greet time starts at 11 a.m. with the meeting, catered lunch and program beginning at 11:30 a.m. The speaker will be Carole Weaver, Past GFWC Florida President and Current President of GFWC Fabulous Flamingo Flock (a Florida Cyber Club) and her subject is “General Federation of Women’s Clubs and Me”. This will be an entertaining topic covering how the organization helps communities and charities, but in the process members find new lifetime friends with similar interests and the same goals. “Lethal Luau” a Murder Mystery Luncheon, a club fundraiser in conjunction with The Pelican Players, will be held on Saturday, October 12. Tickets will be available at the SCC Atrium.

S-Selfless; T-Trustworthy; A-Accomplished; R-Reliable Meet Nancy Portz, the Star Samaritan for the third quarter of 2019. Nancy is a three-year volunteer at Samaritan Services, and currently handles dual duties of receptionist and dispatcher on different shifts. She wanted everyone to know that the summer has been busier than normal for rides, and that the last pick-up has been moved to 3 p.m. from 3:30 p.m. since there are fewer volunteer drivers to handle the increased volume. She is also quick to remind everyone the organization can always use more volunteers. Nancy’s volunteer work follows the mold of her career path, first as a children’s advocate lawyer in California, and then as a special education teacher in Florida. She truly cares about helping others. She feels that her work at Samaritan not only benefits those who use the services offered, but also herself grow more as a caring person.

L to R: Bob Miller and Gayle Fischer.

L to R: Bob Miller and Jack Migliore.

Sun City Center Photo Club Grand Master Awards

Samaritan Services Donation From SCC Ohio Club

Sun City Center Ohio Club donates a check for $600 to Samaritan Services. From left are Chuck Dyer, Carol Dyer, and President Jim Rottman of the Ohio Club presenting check to Julie Floyd and Jackie Potts of Samaritan Services. Samaritan Services, a 501(c)3 charity, provides many support services needed by residents of Greater Sun City Center. Call 813-634-9283 for more information.

Gayle Fischer and Jack Migliore have joined the exclusive group of Grand Master Photographers in the Sun City Center Photo Club. In order to receive this accomplished reward, a photographer must receive ten perfect scores in club competitions. At the July 9 club meeting, Gayle and Jack were recognized with their names being engraved on this honorable plaque. For more information about our club, visit our website at

Bulletin continued on page 7.

MARY & MARTHA HOUSE Fashion and Home Goods

Shop and Make a Difference! Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p. m.

Clothing and Accessories, Housewares, Furniture, Children’s Toys, and so much more! You can help to sustain our programs by shopping with us and by donating your gently used items.

1009 1st Street SW • Ruskin, FL


September 2019

The News


Bulletin continued from page 6.

Bridge Education

The Duplicate Bridge Association of Sun City Center is home to almost five hundred bridge players! The continuing education program is available to all members through classes, practice play, individual mentoring and mentor/mentee games sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. (In ACBL games players win “master points” and those points accumulate to grant particular status as to level of playing ability.) The club’s website - - has all the information about game results and normally scheduled games.

The Soap Box Opera Company of Freedom Frolics: L to R: Joe Birnbaum, Sue Stephens, Stan DeVoe, Shirley Schubert and Jim Brandt.

News of Freedom Plaza

1st Annual Verona “Water/Olympic” Games

On Saturday August 3, over 65 residents of Verona@Renaissance participated in or watched the 1st Annual Verona Water Games/ Olympics at their community pool. There were 2 teams, the Red Team comprised of the even numbered homes and the Blue Team, the odd numbered homes who participated in 12 different events. The Blue team got off to an early lead by winning the first 5 events such as the cornhole toss, the back-to-back ball across the pool relay and pass the egg on a spoon across the pool relay. The Red team came back to win the last 6 events to win the 2019 Verona Cup.

Freedom Frolics began in January of 1993, when Freedom Plaza had been open less than a year and the Freedom Plaza Scholarship program was newly established. A charitable organization, it needed funds to begin operation and a resident talent show, with admission charged, seemed a good idea. Several comic scenarios were devised and, as the event was to take place on April 1. There were no auditions; any resident who wished to do so could sign up to “frolic for a good cause.” And they had so much fun “frolicking” they asked that “Freedom Frolics” be repeated the next April...and the next.. and a precedent was set that lasted for 23 years. Freedom Frolics productions expanded year by year, acquiring complete scripts (always comedies), music, stage sets, scenery, props and costumes. The shows quickly grew to two performances with tickets even sold for dress rehearsals. All this frolicking attracted larger and larger casts — over 50 for one show! — and true to the original intent, there were no auditions; all residents, even those using walkers, who wanted to be in the show were, somehow, put into a 75-minute show. Thus, at various times walkers were transformed into food barrows, or flower carts, or Roman chariots or horses for a posse. There are still nearly 100 residents living on the Freedom Plaza campus who were involved in Freedom Frolics productions, and on September 13, these Frolickers will be celebrated with “Freedom Frolics in Review,” a narrated program of DVD excerpts on the Auditorium screen. As all Frolics shows were benefits for the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund, 50/50 raffle tickets will be sold with profits going to the Fund. Non-residents interested in attending the event may call 813.634.8046 during business hours for more information.

Less Waiting. More Warrior. South Bay Hospital is dedicated to less waiting, to get you back faster to doing what you love, with those who mean the most. Nobody plans an emergency, but when one occurs, you need access to high quality ER services, fast. That’s why our experienced physicians, nurses and technicians are available 24/7 ready to take care of you or a loved one whenever a medical emergency unexpectedly interrupts your life. Visit to see average ER wait times and learn more about why less is more when it comes to emergency care.

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ER 24/7


4016 Sun City Center Boulevard Sun City Center, Florida 33573 I 813-634-3301


September 2019

The News

South Bay Genealogical Society Meeting

On Tuesday, September 17, the South Bay Genealogical Society will meet at the United Methodist Church in the Life Enrichment Center (LEC), 1210 W Del Webb Blvd, Sun City Center. We begin at 10:30 a.m. with a round table discussion. That will be followed by a sit-down luncheon at noon, and then the main presentation by our guest speaker at 1 p.m. This month’s speaker will be Amy Crabill Lay. She will be presenting “County and Local Histories: Putting Your Ancestors in Context.” The cost is $15 per person for lunch. For reservations and information, call Dotty Love at 813-634-2749. Mail check to SBGS P.O. Box 5202, Sun City Center, Fl. 33571. Your check must be received by September 5, 2019.

Dem Club September Meeting

Join the South Shore Democratic Club for the September meeting, held at the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza on the first Thursday of the month, September 5. Meet ‘n Mingle with your Democratic neighbors from 1-1:30pm; general meeting starts at 1:30 p.m. Join fellow Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and Independents to welcome Robin Lockett with Organize Florida. All Democrats and like-minded individuals are invited and encouraged to attend this free event. Please visit www. for more information.

DAR Meeting Special Speaker

Wednesday, September 18 at 12:30 p.m. The Colonel George Mercer Brooke Chapter DAR will have Ted Van Aulen, Jr., as guest speaker. His program will be “War Dog Soldier.” Refreshments will be provided by DAR. Meeting is open to all DAR and prospective members and interested residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point. Meeting is located in the Florida Room at the Atrium.

Lethal Luau Murder Mystery Luncheon Tickets on Sale

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, the GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club will be holding a fundraiser in conjunction with The Pelican Players. The “Lethal Luau” will be an afternoon of mystery and fun where the audience helps solve the murder. Best detectives will be declared. The doors will open at 11 a.m. Tickets will be sold in advance at the SCC Atrium on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from August 16 through September 30 during the hours of 9 a.m. until 12 noon. A three-course delicious luncheon will be served with coffee and iced tea. Tickets are $30 per person and entrée selection will be made when tickets are purchased. Tables of 8 are available and will be reserved for you. Come and enjoy a mysterious afternoon.

Hope Fund’s Summer Reading Program a Success

The Hope Fund’s summer reading program showed great results. When tested, all children’s reading was improved. The Hope Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization run entirely by volunteers dedicated to helping Wimauma school children learn, grow and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment. Anyone interested in joining or obtaining more information can call 813-634-4268 or 413335-6345 or visit their website:

L to R: Marcie McKee, Linda Hughes, Mary Bramel and Barry McKee.

Squad Recognizes 20 Year Volunteer

It was the hot Summer of 1999 and Mary Bramel had been listening to husband Connie Abbott talk about the Squad since the previous summer, when he joined. They had just retired to Sun City Center after living 28 years in Japan. After much cajoling, Mary Bramel signed up and has been giving her time and energy to the community ever since. When Mary first joined the Squad, she trained and served as a First Responder on the ambulance (now called an Emergency Medical Responder.) After many years in this role, she decided to audit the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) classes and the following year, she became an EMT. Thank you Mary Bramel, for your dedication and service to the Squad and the community.

Carolyn De Carbo and student.

Jan Heuman and student.

Hope Summer Program.

Community continued on page 7.

DISCOVER WATERFRONT SENIOR LIVING Watch the sun set over the water at Westminster Point Pleasant. Our active senior living community, close to the Manatee River and Riverwalk, offers spectacular views! Choose from a variety of spacious, newly renovated studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans, offering up to 1,440 square feet. Enjoy services like restaurant-style dining, housekeeping, scheduled transportation and an active lifestyle emphasizing wellness and lifelong learning. Plus, you’ll have the added assurance of a full complement of healthcare services. Call us today at (941) 749-6760 to discover gracious waterfront living.

Live Well Be Happy 1533 4th Avenue West, Bradenton, FL

September 2019

The News

Community continued from page 6.

Don’t Trash That Smartphone

Recycle your old cells or smartphones and keep the landfills green. Center 4LifeLearning is collecting old phones. The school works directly with a firm that takes the phones and finds homes for them and/or disposes of them to produce useful recycling materials. Drop off any type of wireless phone. We are also accepting old Android and/or iPads to recycle. Equipment may be dropped off at the Center 4LifeLearning office at 1210 West Del Webb in SCC.

Sun City Center Lions Club News

The Sun City Center Lions Club thanks the community for their support this past year. Without their generous donations, we would not have been able to help those in need of cataract surgery, eye glasses, and hearing aids. In addition, we donate back to other charitable organizations in the area who depend on donations to continue to exist. The Sun City Center Lions Club has changed their meeting day and location beginning with the September 9 meeting. The Lions now meet at the United Methodist Church, 1201 West Del Webb Boulevard, on the second and fourth Monday of the month at 11:45 a.m. Please call 609-694-8235 or 609-668-5767 to make a reservation and make choice of lunch.

Sun City Center Emergency Squad Open House

For 55 years, the Emergency Squad has transported Sun City Center residents to hospitals, dialysis appointments, etc. Not one person has ever received a bill for any of these services. Who are the people on those ambulances and vans? They are your neighbors and friends who give freely of their time to help their neighbors in need. Now, think of what would happen if those same ambulances and people were not there to help. Keeping ambulances staffed and ready to go is not a given. The Squad is always looking for those special individuals who are willing to give of their time to help their neighbors. If working on an ambulance is not for you, there are many more opportunities to serve. Front desk (reception), cooks, dispatchers, vehicle maintenance and IT are areas available. You are invited to drop by at our Open House where you will meet some of the wonderful people who give of their time at the Squad. They will be more than happy to tell you about what they do and answer any questions you may have. An Open House is held on the second Wednesday of each month at our Training Center, 120 S. Pebble Beach Boulevard from 6 to 8 p.m. There is ample parking in the rear of the building.


Campaign Against Human Trafficking Supports PACE Center

By Annie Garrison CAHT volunteers provided a fun art expression session for PACE Center for Girls summer high school student at the end of July. The craft project consisted of creating their own flowers out of glass and ceramics plates. The project was organized by CAHT CAHT board member, Jean Harrison board member, Jean Harrison. with some of the PACE teens PACE Center for Girls is an working on their plate flowers. alternative high school and counseling center for teens struggling with behavioral and school issues.

ABWC Elected Board 2019-2020 L to R: Claudia Gassett, President; Beverley Brooks, 1st VP of Programs; Liz Pedersen, 2nd VP of Membership; Sharon Vasquez, 3rd VP of Membership Meetings; Sheila May, Treasurer; Sandy Dobratz, Secretary.

Apollo Beach Woman’s Club Monthly Luncheon September 11

The Apollo Beach Woman’s Club (ABWC) will be welcoming new and returning members to the Wednesday, September 11 luncheon meeting to be held at the Apollo’s Bistro. The Bistro is located at 6520 Richies Way, Apollo Beach, FL 33572. Reservations and payments must be received by the Friday prior to the luncheon. The luncheon is $18, except for the December holiday luncheon, which is $20 and held at a different location. For menu details and reservations contact Sharon Vasquez 813-641-7856 or email sharonlvasquez@ This luncheon will begin at 11:30 a.m. for socializing, and lunch will be served at 12 p.m. The program speaker Jim Williams, VP of Goodwill Industries, will talk about how Goodwill serves our community. More information: www.apollobeachwomansclub. com or contact Liz Pedersen at 813.777.8215 or kenlizpedersen@

Senior Living Demystified

Our professionals answer common qustions.

Call Today! 813-634-1824

Your story continues here... FL 33573 1010 American Eagle Blvd.Sun City Center, Q. What is an Active Living Community? What is a CCRC? A. Freedom Plaza offers a community that places priority on remaining active and staying engaged with maintenance-free residences and a full continuum of care available. Freedom Plaza offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and other health services. Q. What’s the difference between a rental community and a Life Care* community? A. Rental communities do not require the upfront fees of a Life Care* community. Renting gives you the ability to pay for services if, and only if, the services are needed. You can also terminate the lease without significant financial loss. On the other hand, the upfront fee of a Life Care* community can be thought of as a down payment for your future, as it can guarantee your accommodations, even if your financial resources are eventually exhausted due to no fault of your own. Q. What is the true benefit to moving to a senior living community? A. This can be different for each individual. Freedom Plaza offers a wide variety of lifestyle activities, lifelong learning and the ability to fill your social calendar. Residents often tell us that the biggest factor in their decision was the peace of mind that comes with having a complete plan for the future.

Q. Will I qualify to live at Freedom Plaza? A. In order to enjoy the lifestyle and Peace of Mind that Freedom Plaza offers you must be at least 62 years of age or older. A future resident must also meet physical and mental requirements, including a physician’s opinion and medical records indicating you are able to live independently. A financial qualification will also be required. Q. Does Freedom Plaza require prior military service? A. Everyone is welcome at Freedom Plaza. In Fact, out of 529 Independent Living Residents, 210 have served in the military. Q. Why should a person move to Freedom Plaza rather that waiting to hire help at home? A. When one stays at home, there are still a lot of obstacles and “housekeeping” items, such as cooking, laundry and yard work that need to be done. The cost of paying for assistance in all these areas can be many times greater than the cost of Freedom Plaza. Q. What is the financial status of Freedom Plaza? A. Freedom Plaza is owned by Joint Venture, consisting of a 51% ownership from Brookdale and 49% from HCP, Inc. Freedom Plaza has a 2018 YTD Net Operating Income of $2,808,748 and is in good standing with the FL Office of Insurance Regulations.

Sponsored by the Retired Officers’ Corporation. Open to all walks of life. ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office. Exceptional Senior Living is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA.


south County Events

By Debbie Caneen South County Events is provided by Debbie Caneen, Director of Admissions, Sun Towers from items submitted for publication. To submit events for future publications, send them by the 15th of the prior month. Debbie also publishes Ads and Events, a weekly e-mail containing information about what’s happening in 33573. Your event will also appear in the weekly Ads and Events e-mail and on the website Send all events by e-mail to You only need to submit your Event one time each month for it to appear in both The News of Kings Point and SCC Ads and Events. SPECIAL EVENTS Please include all basic information, especially Price (or list it’s Free) and Contact Information (phone, e-Mail, or website). Six lines maximum. Send to: sccfreeads@ As soon as space permits, we will put it in the weekly e-Mail and it will run until event date passes. You do not need to submit it again. PLEASE NOTE: This area is for SPECIAL EVENTS only. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or ONGOING EVENTS are listed on our website under WEEKLY & MONTHLY MEETINGS at which is updated every weekend.

TUE. SEP 3, 10, 17, 24 - LINE DANCING WITH A BALANCE EVERY TUESDAY 9:30 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Sun City Center. Do you like to dance but are worried about falling? Join our FREE line dancing class lead by trained therapists. This weekly class will improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. We can boot scoot and boogie safely together and make exercise fun! TUE. SEP 3, 10, 17, 24 - SOCIAL BALLROOM DANCE CLASS 5:45 PM Beginning Swing; 6:45 PM Intermediate I Tango; 7:45 PM Intermediate II Rumba; 8:45 PM Advanced I Silver Foxtrot. Classes are held at the SCC Chamber of Commerce Building located at 1651 Sun City Center Plaza in Sun City Center. Open to everyone. Couples and Singles welcome. $30/month per person or $8 per class. For more information call Bernice DuBro at 634-3205 or George Hawn at 330-770-0442. WED. SEP 4 - ONE DAY CLOTHING BOUTIQUE AT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the lobby at the United Methodist Church, 1210 W. Del Webb Blvd. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to get some quality clothing at bargain prices! The Sun City Center United Methodist Church will be having a oneday clothing boutique sale in the LEC Lobby. The big Timely Treasures sale will be held on

September 2019

The News October 31, November 1 & 2. If you have any questions, please call 813-217-1602. WED. SEP. 4, 11, 18, 25 THERAPEUTIC TAI CHI FOR HEALTH 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, Sun City Center. Our therapists have advanced training in therapeutic Tai Chi for Seniors and will provide guidance in this healthy exercise. Tai Chi has been proven to increase strength and balance! MON. SEP 9, 16, 23, 30 - SOCIAL BALLROOM DANCE CLASS 12:45 PM Beginning – Waltz; 1:45 PM Intermediate I Rumba; 2:45 PM Intermediate II Cha-cha; 3:45 PM Beginning NightClub 2-Step. Classes are held at the SCC Chamber of Commerce Building located at 1651 Sun City Center Plaza in Sun City Center. Open to everyone. Couples and Singles welcome. $30/month per person or $8 per class. For information call Bernice DuBro at 634-3205 or George Hawn at 330-770-0442. MON. SEP 9 – SOUTH SHORE CONCERT BAND 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd W., Sun City Center where the concert band will begin rehearsals for the Fall and Spring concert season on Mondays. If you play a musical instrument we invite you to join us for rehearsal. Musicians range from high school to professional level. We especially need percussion and clarinet players. For more information visit our website “www.” or call Jack Edison 813-6348684 or Leah Micklatcher 813633-3986. TUE. SEP 10 - BACK TO SCHOOL BETH ISRAEL CONGREGATION MEETING 1:00 p.m. held at the Temple in the Henry Gibson Social hall. Join us for our opening meeting as Marylyn Butcher leads us in a program of “school days revisited.“ It will be fun to travel back in time when school was all about reading, writing, and arithmetic, and of course recess! Refreshments will be served, and this meeting is open to all, no charge. If you are not a sisterhood member and would like to attend, please call Barbara Grossman at 813938-3531. WED. SEP 11 - DIABETES EDUCATION SUPPORT GROUP 10:00 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Sponsored by the Men’s Club of SCC. Take a holistic approach to your Diabetes! Join our facilitator: Shirley Sullivan, Nutritionist and Founder of Southshore Wellness, LLC. Who integrates her love of education and health through personalized nutritional workshops and programs. Questions? Call 813892-2990. SAT. SEP 14 - FESTIVAL CALIENTE 12:00 noon - 7:00 p.m. at E.G. Simmons Park, 2401 19th Ave NW, Ruskin. Vendors wanted to participate in Celebrating Hispanic Heritage and Mexican Independence Day! Live Music, Tacos, Vendors, Mariachis, Folkloric Dancers, Beer.

Information: FestivalCanienteInfo@gmail. com Vendors: FestivalCalienteVendor@gmail. com. MON. SEP 16 - PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP OF SUN CITY CENTER 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. This month, we are fortunate to have Sean and Emily Rooks as our presenters. This couple grew up with family members who suffered from health issues resulting in a hyper awareness of the benefit of high quality food for nutrition. If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring for someone with this disease, be sure to attend this support group! Complimentary valet parking available at the entrance. For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. TUE. SEP 17 - FREE MEMORY SCREENINGS 9:30 a.m. in Creason Hall at the United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd West, Sun City Center. Did you know that a vitamin deficiency can exhibit the same symptoms as dementia? With annual memory screenings, you will be able to identify a decline in memory in order to address it and hopefully reverse it altogether. Make your appointment today to have your memory screened along with your hearing. By appointment only. To schedule, call the Coalition at 813-4194902 Interested in learning

more about Clinical? Receive information during the screening to learn more. TUE. SEP 17 - SOUTH BAY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY MEETING 10:30 a.m. with a Round Table Discussion at the United Methodist Church in the Life Enrichment Center (LEC), 1210 W Del Webb Blvd, Sun City Center. That will be followed by a sit-down luncheon at noon, and then the main presentation by our guest speaker at 1 p.m. This month’s speaker will be Amy Crabill Lay. She will be presenting “County and Local Histories: Putting your ancestors in Context.” The cost is $15 per person for lunch. For reservations and information, call Dotty Love at 813-634-2749. Mail check to SBGS P.O. Box 5202, Sun City Center, Fl. 33571. Your check must be received by September 5, 2019. TUE. SEP 17 - ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, Sun City Center for this Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Group. Bring your loved one for a welldeserved break. You will receive information while your loved one is cared for in our Secured Memory Care. Please RSVP no less than three days prior to 813677-1400. WED. SEP 18 - LOW VISION SUPPORT GROUP 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement

South County continued on 11.

A RETIREMENT & REHABILITATION COMMUNITY Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing

Schedule a tour of our

MEMORY CARE and receive a complimentary copy of Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving: an ABC Guide by author Kathy Laurenhue

Call (813) 634-3347 “My hope for my Mom is that she finds a little JOY every day and the Memory Care Staff at Sun Towers make that possible. Sun Towers is my mom’s home now and the staff treat her like family, they show her compassion and go out of their way to make sure all of her needs are met every single day.” Kathy D

101 Trinity Lakes Drive,Sun City Center, FL Assisted Living Facility #4991

September 2019

South County from 10.

Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Do you wonder how others with Low Vision advance through their day? Do they receive care from outside sources? What adaptive vision devices successfully assist them? Learn what assistance there may be for you if you have low vision in order to maintain your independence. Free valet parking for cars and golf carts. If you have low vision, then this meeting is for you! For more info call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. THU. SEP 19 - FREE MEMORY SCREENINGS Beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the Coalition office at Sun Towers, 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, Sun City Center, Suite 254. With annual memory screenings, you will be able to identify a decline in memory in order to address it and hopefully reverse it altogether. By appointment only. To schedule, call the Coalition at 813-419-4902 Interested in learning more about Clinical? Receive information during the screening to learn more. MON. SEP 23 - CHRONIC PAIN, ARTHRITIS AND NEUROPATHY GROUP 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. This month we have a special guest, we have a special guest for this meeting. Glenna Tanner from “Glenna on the Go” will present travel tips when dealing with pain. Learn what you can do to reduce your pain today.

The News Session located in the theater. Questions? Call 813-892-2990. THU. SEP 26 - ARE YOU AT RISK OF A FALL? 12:00 noon - 4:00 p.m. in the Kings Point Ripple Room, Main Clubhouse by appointment. Our therapists at Sun Towers Retirement Community are on a quest to reduce the risk of falls before they happen. Have your fall risk screened at no cost to you! This simple screening takes less than ten minutes. See the results before your eyes through biofeedback. Call to schedule today - 813-892-2990. FRI. SEP 27 - VETERANS HISTORY PROJECT 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. by appointment only. The Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross in partnership with the Veterans History Project, a program of the Library of Congress, is seeking Veterans to participate in this project. The program captures through a video interview, firsthand account of Veterans who served in any branch of the US military in any capacity, from World War I through the present, and are no longer serving are eligible to participate. Civilians who served in support of a US war effort in a professional capacity are also welcome to participate. If you are a Veteran or know Veterans that would like to share their stories, please call Sun Towers to schedule your interview time at 813-634-3347.

Waste continued from page 1. pickups reduced to once per week. At the July 23 meeting, one resident noted that he would need a larger container for a once-weekly pickup. Others expressed concerns about smelly trash sitting around in the summer heat. Ocampo said the County does not know yet how a onceweekly pickup would affect residents’ tax bills. She also noted that trash and recycling might or might not be picked up on different days. Contacted by the News of Sun City Center, CA president

Sam Sudman noted that resident turnout “was better than expected given the late notice of the meeting and the fact that the snowbirds have migrated. We appreciate the County holding a hearing in SCC. Residents shared many different points with County staff that will help fine tune the new solid waste contract.” Residents may call 813-2725680 with requests for solid waste services, or visit https:// en/government/departments/ solid-waste.

Literally Well-Read By Andrea L.T. Peterson


Reviewing: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Don Miguel Ruiz was born into a family of natural and shamanic healers. The expectation was that he, the last of 13 children, would continue the family legacy, Instead, Miguel chose to pursue modern medicine, and after med school, he became a surgeon. As with so many of us, the universe had different plans for Miguel. Late one night, a near-fatal car accident caused when he fell asleep at the wheel of his car, changed his life. This experience motivated him to turn his focus from modern medicine and devote himself to mastering the ancient wisdom practiced by his mother and his ancestors, He first studied with his mother, then apprenticed with a shaman in the Mexican desert. Perhaps the most profound, yet simple; result of his dedication is the book The Four Agreements. The book is based first on the premise that everything that we do in this life is the result of “agreements” we make--first with ourselves, then with our families, with our partners, with our communities, with our God. In this way, we come to understand what we can and cannot do. Some agreements limit us, some liberate us. The Four Agreements is really just a simple way of life, or code of conduct, that if adhered to, can result in a life filled with more joy and contentment than fear and anxiety. The First Agreement: “Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” A simple word, well placed, can change a mood, a day, even a life. The Second Agreement: “Don’t take anything personally. Taking things personally makes you easy prey for predators who try to send you emotional poison. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” The gift of this agreement is immeasurable. Think of the emotional baggage/garbage that attaches to you every time you hear someone say something or see someone do something you thing is about you. Your self-worth takes a hit; your attitude changes, Sometimes an entire day, or a long-time friendship is ruined when it wasn’t even about you to begin with. The Third Agreement: “Don’t make assumptions.” Clarification is always helpful. Assume nothing always is a good basic practice, and in some ways it ties in to the Second Agreement. Many a relationship has ended because one party or the other failed to ask a simple question: “Did you mean...?” or “Can you repeat that?” The Fourth Agreement: “Always do your best.” From day to day, hour to hour, your best might change. But your best, is always your best. When you know you have done what you said, and you have done your best, you can walk away with a smile on you face and leave smiles behind you.

E Squad continued from page 1. contractor to make sure it was fixed correctly.” Chris McCann, Assistant Chief, Human Resources says, “They’re the best. They are in before dawn. If you need something done, they are read to do it, even things like hanging a picture or screwing something in. They are great people to deal with. The volunteers here are the best.” Do you think this is something you might like to do? You can stop by the Emergency Squad Training Center at 6 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month. This center is located across the street from CVS at 124 South Pebble Beach Boulevard. You can also stop by the Emergency Squad building at 720 Ray Watson Drive, just in front of the strip mall that is at the corner of 674 and North Pebble Beach Boulevard.

The individuals who volunteer with the Emergency Squad’s maintenance department, perform maintenance chores for the building as well as for the vehicles. Many of them help for two hours a day a couple of days a week.

Emergency Squad volunteers come from all over the area, not just from one community. Hairdresser, Cathy Harrison, helps clean ambulances early on Wednesdays and Thursdays before she starts her workday at City Salon.

Everything in the ambulances needs to be wiped down.


The News

Sheltering in Place During the Storm

By Diane M. Loeffler “Sheltering in place” means staying in your home. If you live in a non-evacuation zone and you do not live in a mobile home or flood zone, staying in your own home is generally recommended. You should make sure that your family and friends know well in advance if you plan to leave before a storm approaches or if you plan to stay in your home. Also, have a plan of how you will contact them afterwards. Be sure they know that the police, Chamber of Commerce, Association and Kings Point Federation will be busy with recovery efforts and will not be available to make welfare checks. If you plan to stay home, you need to assess your home. Do you have hurricane windows? Do you have storm shutters? If you have storm shutters, find them now and make sure they are in a place where you can reach them. If you hope to have a handyman or neighbor help you put them up, make sure that you have these arrangements finalized before a storm approaches. Some neighborhoods, HOAs and POAs have organized volunteers to help their neighbors install their shutters. See if yours has such a plan. If not, you may wish to organize one. The Community Association, Kings

What to Know If You Plan to Leave When a Hurricane Approaches

By Diane M. Loeffler Continuing our summer-long series on hurricane preparedness, a question: What do you plan to do if a hurricane is heading our way? Now is the time to decide if you plan to stay in your home or head north. Make sure your friends, neighbors and family know your plan now. Then stick with that plan. If you are going to leave, head out several days in advance and make sure your gas tank is full. Deputy Merry says, “Hurricane Irma hit on a Sunday. By Wednesday of the week before, there were no rooms available in Florida. There was also no fuel along Interstates 75 and 95.” Merry says, “Make sure you aren’t in the path of the hurricane. Often it seems as though storms follow the path of 75 and 95.” Take important paperwork with you. You may wish to have your social security card, insurance documents, and passports. If you want to check on your home afterwards, make arrangements with your neighbors but be aware that it may be several days before you can contact them. Do not call the Community Association, the Kings Point Federation, the Sheriff’s Office or any Chamber of Commerce. They will be very busy with recovery efforts. Point Federation, police and Chamber of Commerce cannot help you. Do you have what you need to survive for 72 hours or more? You should have enough water and food that you can comfortably get along without electricity for at least three days. Also, remember that without electricity, your cell phones will soon lose power. Do you know where your flashlights are? Can you quickly grab your important personal documents (social security card, passport,

etc.), put them in a zippered plastic container, and put them someplace waterproof. Deputy Merry recommends storing items in the dishwasher and says with a smile, “Just make sure you don’t turn the dishwasher on.” He also says, “If you hope to eat canned goods that do not have a pop top, make sure you have a non-electric can opener.” You may also wish to have a battery-operated radio with fresh batteries. Fill up your bathtub for washing up, flushing the toilet and other

September 2019

non-drinking purposes. Be sure to check now to see if your bathtub drain seals completely or if the water slowly leaks out. Purchase a rubber stopper if the seal is not complete. Put water in water-safe containers or purchase bottled water for drinking. All supplies need to be purchased well before the hurricane approaches. Be sure to have enough medicine and cash to last for a week or so after a storm passes. If there is a hurricane on the way, pharmacies will let you pick up a few days’ supply of medicine even if your prescription calls for refilling it a few days later. Remember that it is not safe for ambulances or police cars to be out on the road when wind speeds are over 35 mph, so you need to be prepared to manage on your own.

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With cool AC in our electric vehicles!

Don’t’ travel around the neighborhood in sweltering heat! Drive in comfort in one of our AIR CONDITIONED electric vehicles.

Choose from a 2-door or 4 door CROWN VIEW

Come in and check it out! It’s time to cool off while driving!

Included Features

• Adjustable Front Seat System • True Air Conditioning 3 Speed Control • Heating System 3 Speed Control • Premium Street Tires & 12” Mag Wheels • 60 Volt Maintenance Free Batteries • Intelligent On-board Charging System • DOT Safety Rated Windshield • Windshield Wiper System • Digital Instrument Panel • Toyota 350A Advanced Controller • Padded Slip Proof Floor Mat • Laser Cut Aluminum 12" Rally Wheels • Ergonomic Fixed Seating • DOT Rated 2 Passenger Safety Belts • Simulated Burled Wood Dashboard • Trigger Lock Braking - Parking System • Premium Stereo System MP3/AUX FM • Reverse Gear Audible Safety Alarm • Adjustable Car Style Rear Side Mirrors

Model # CV-2 Crown View

Colors Available: Shining White •Red •Purple •Green •Pink •Gold

• Chrome Plated Classic Side Mirrors • Latch Lock/Release Sun Roof • Four Wheel Hydraulic Brake System • High Visibility Head Lights- Tail Lights • Steering Column Mounted Controls • In-Dash 12 Volt Accessory/Charging Plug • Premium Rear Mount Stereo • Locking Rear Truck Storage Space

Model # CV-4 Crown View

Battery Filler Bottle and 1 Gallon Distilled Water Both For




Expires 09/30/19

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• 1605 Sun City Center Plaza (813) 633-7843

SPORTS September 2019

The News



Ruskin Recreation Announces Fall Daily Activities

By Bob Monahan Sports Writer Now that the kids are back in school the Ruskin Recreation Center, SE 6th Street in Ruskin, announces its lineup for all Hillsborough County residents. These activities are free except where noted. The facility is an air conditioned, modern building with hardwood floors that are easy on the knees. You can call Joy Robinson, Director, at 813-672-7881 or to register. Over 50 Basketball is half court, Mondays 9:15 to 11:15 a.m., and seniors have the gym until 12:30 for shooting. Wednesdays it is from 9 to 10:15 a.m., and Saturdays 1 to 2:30 p.m. Indoor Pickleball has both beginners and intermediate/ advanced. Tuesdays at 9:30 to 12:30 is intermediate/advanced. Beginner instruction is on Thursdays from 9:30 to 12:30. New this year is Saturday adult open pickleball play from 2:45 to 4:30. Over 30 basketball is Saturdays 10:45 to 12:45. Also 6:30 to 8:30 on Wednesdays. Teen basketball, ages 13 to 17, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays. Adult open gym basketball Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Adult open volleyball 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Tuition Programs are: Zumba for adults Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 to 7:30, $7 per class. Weight room open 9 a.m. to 8:30 Monday through Saturdays $10.85 per month. After school program ages 5 to 15 from 2 to 6 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays (see staff for price). Football - skills and drills 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays $25 for 8-week session ages 5 to 12.

SCC Table Tennis Club Donates to USA Table Tennis

Tara Profitt (seated), two time USA Team Paralympian and member of the Sun City Center table tennis club, is presented with a check from the club to help defray some of the cost for Team USA Parapan table tennis athletes traveling to Lima, Peru. Tara is helping to coordinate the training camp in conjunction with USA Table Tennis and the Sunrise Table Tennis Club of Clearwater for the Parapan American Games being held in Lima from August 23 through September 1. The Parapan American Games is an international multisport event for athletes with physical disabilities held every four years after every Pan American Games. The excitement surrounding the 2019 Parapan American Games is at a fever pitch as a record 1850 athletes will be competing in 17 sports making the 2019 games the biggest to date. A gold medal in any singles event of the table tennis competition in Lima allows an athlete to be a direct qualifier to the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

The SCC Thunderbowls: Joel Dieitch, Russ Clewley, Bob Rose, Bob Fladung, Larry Johnson, and Joe Mattia capture the 2019 CFL Cup.

SCC Sweeps Mount Dora for Championship

In the Championship Round of the Central Florida Lawn Bowling League (CFL), the Sun City Center Thunderbowls defeated the Mount Dora Backhand, three games straight in a best of five series. The CFL, now in its second season, has a 14-game schedule with seven teams that form the Grass Division and the Rubico Division. The division winners compete for the championship. The teams participating were the Sun City Center Thunderbowls, Sarasota Surge, Sun City Center High Rollers, Sun City Center Hog Liners, Mount Dora Backhand, Mount Dora Storm, and the Clearwater Headhunters. For more information about lawn bowling in Sun City Center, visit They welcome members from Sun City Center and Kings Point.


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Senior Basketball

Senior basketball is alive and well at the Ruskin Rec Center where seniors age 50 and above can play half court pickup games or just practice shooting. There is no cost to play. Text Bob Monahan volunteer coordinator at SCC basketball for more details.


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September 2019

The News


NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Moonglow Dance Club

DANCING KP Line Dancers

Join the KP Line Dancers for a social dance on Wednesday, September 18, at 7 p.m., Veterans Theater. Free for KP and SCC residents, guests must purchase a $2.50 pass from Security to attend. Costume is a nautical theme, or casual dress. Appropriate dance shoes, please. BYOB. Tips to DJ appreciated. For more info call Jan 634-6226.

Singles Social Dance Club

The Singles Social Dance Club will meet on September 1 and September 22 in the Atrium Building, Florida Room, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Live music for your dancing and listening pleasure presented by Thor Stevens and his saxophone. Members $4; guests $6. BYOB and snacks. Ice, water, cups and napkins provided. Proper attire requested (please no shorts or jeans). For further information call Janet at 813.633.3558. The September 22 dance replaces one that was scheduled for September 28.

Let’s Dance Inaugural Dance

Saturday, September 7, from 7 to 9 p.m. Be a part of history with the inaugural dance of this new and exciting club. This fabulous dance is presented by the “Let’s Dance” club, in the South Community Hall, 1910 So. Pebble Beach Blvd., SCC, 33573. Dance to a remarkable playlist developed by Alan Silverman and Sue Hicks. There will be a dessert table. Dressy casual attire. NO shorts! BYOB. There is open seating and a singles table. Members free, guests $6 at the door; membership applications for 2019 and 2020 will be available. Sun City Center and Kings Point members only are invited to attend. For additional information: contact Tom Hart at 810.923.8446 or Misty Taylor at 813.922.8149.

Sun City Line Dancers Club

Sun City Center Line Dancers welcome CA members returning this fall and remind you that Line Dancing is a fun way to make friends and get exercise. Beginners are welcome to take group lessons at Community Hall on South Pebble Beach each Tuesday evening. Wear comfortable shoes and join us at 6:30 p.m. for “Absolute Beginners” and/or 7:30 p.m. for “Beyond Beginners”. Classes also run from 2 until 4 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Atrium Building Dance Studio (next to the “Walking Pool”). Lessons are $2, except for your very first one, which is complimentary. Or with club membership (annual dues of $22) you can attend any and all classes that are offered. Don’t wait any longer. Plan now to join us this Tuesday.

Oldies But Goodies Dance Club

The Oldies but Goodies Dance Club will be enjoying the music of Flashback on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. The cost is free for members and $6 per person for guests. No advance ticket needed, pay at the door. The doors will open at 6 p.m. for members and 6:30 p.m. for guests. Flashback, a six-piece dance band, will be playing jazz standards and favorite dance music from the 50’s through the 70’s. They will be playing 7 to 10 p.m. BYOB and snacks, the club will provide water, ice, cups and napkins. As always, residents of Kings Point as well as Sun City Center are welcome. Members and guests are reminded of the request not to arrive at the Hall before 6 p.m. as earlier arrivals interrupt the set up in the lobby to allow people in on time. Members please bring your $25 per person checks to make reservations for our Members Only 20th Anniversary Dinner and Dance Party being held on October 27. Any questions contact Club President Joanne at 813.728.1147 or email “” You may also check out our website: “” or join us on Facebook at “”.

Moonglow Ballroom Dance Club invites everyone who enjoys dancing and/or listening to a variety of live music to join them at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City Center from 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 26. Dance music will be provided by “Good Stuff”, (Tony, Tricia & Jen), who are well-known to area dancers from their entertainment over the years at “Oldies But Goodies”. The attire at Moonglow Dances is dressy casual. No shorts or tank tops, please. Members are free, and visitors are welcome for $5 per person at the door. Singles tables available. Please BYOB and snacks, and the club provides ice, water, cups, and napkins. For more information please call 813-633-1297 or 813-642-8120, or email “”.

Dancing continued on page 15.

Entertainment Corner By Renee Bray, SCCCA Entertainment Director

The 2019-2020 Entertainment Series promises to be a good one. From variety show to comedy, from rock to oldies, the series has it all. If you have not seen the lineup of performances, visit the SCCCA website at (go to Activities/ Entertainment) or visit the “Ticket Talk” Bulletin board in the Atrium where brochures are available on the Kiosk desk. Renee Bray Season ticket holders should have received renewal notices which were mailed in early August. Renewals must be returned to the SCCCA by September 9, no exceptions. Renewals not returned by September 9, will result in your seat being made available to sell to others. If you are not currently a season ticket holder, but are still interested in purchasing series or individual tickets, they are available at the Atrium KIOSK off N. Course Lane as follows: CA Membership Season Ticket Sales begin:........ Sept. 30, 2019 Non-CA Season Ticket Sales begin:......................... Oct. 7, 2019 CA Membership Individual Ticket Sales begin:.... Oct. 14, 2019 Non-CA Individual Ticket Sales begin:.................. Oct. 21, 2019 The SCCCA Kiosk will open officially on September 13 when ticket sales begin for the SCCCA sponsored dance outside the series on October 11 and a Comedy Hypnosis Cabaret night on October 17. Please contact me at “entertainment@” or call 813.642.2001 for questions.

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September 2019

The News

SCCCA Friday Night Dance Features Nunes at Night

The SCCCA presents a Friday night dance featuring Nunes at Night on Friday October 11, 2019. Tickets are just $10 per person for this BYOB, reserved table of 10 event. The band, which plays a wide variety of music including reggae, beach, jazz, classic, country, rock, and island will play from 7 to 10 p.m. Tickets are available at the Atrium Kiosk off N. Course Lane starting September 13 for SCCCA members and September 21 for the public. Tickets will be available at the door as well.

Dancing continued from page 14.

Rockin’ Thru the Years Dance Club

Join us for a Rockin’ Good Time! Our September dance will be held Sunday, September 29, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in Veterans Theater in the Kings Point North Clubhouse located at 1900 Clubhouse Drive, Sun City Center. The Veterans Theater door will be opened at 6 p.m. Admission is $6. per person for non-members. You may bring snacks and BYOB. The Club provides cups, napkins, water, and ice. Music will be provided by Glenda and Dee, aka Taylor & Taylor. Listeners will hear top 40 (new and old), rock, originals and a bit of country thrown in with a blazing fiddle covering Irish stomp to Cajun. Please email Sandi at “” no later than Saturday morning, September 28, if you would like to attend the dance. Please include your full name in the email. Sandi will put your name on the list that she must send to the Kings Point Front Gate Security Guards to make it easier for you to get through the Kings Point Front Security Gate to attend the RTTY dance.

Dali continued from page 1.

You can watch several of Dali’s best known paintings come to life in the Augmented Reality exhibit. This is one of three exhibits taking place at the Dali now.

individual selfie with Dali, and you’ll notice the different Dali poses. To get the photo, you will need your cell phone. Tip: There are a total of three panels. One before you enter, a second on the top floor landing, and a third by the exit. Before Dali Goya. Francisco Jose de Goya is considered one of the most important Spanish painters. He is considered to be the last of the old masters and the first of the moderns. Dali studied and was influenced by Goya’s work. The main exhibit is 80 satirical prints. You may notice how small but highly detailed the prints are. Incredible detail in small paintings was one of the biggest surprises I had when I first saw Dali’s artwork. You may also notice how traditional subjects are accurately drawn and enhanced by imaginative figures. Dali lived 150 years after Goya, so his surrealistic interpretations extended well past the mythical. Tip: Read a little about Goya on the internet to have some understanding of his importance as a painter. Also search “prints by Goya” and “paintings by Goya.” Be sure to listen to the audio guide included with your admission.

Visual Magic: Dali’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality. Several of Dali’s well-known paintings have been recreated for this exhibit. By holding your audio guide or your own phone with the Dali app, you can watch the painting come to life. After the video display, a few items will be highlighted. Tap on these to learn more about aspects of Dali’s work. Normally Dali does a very good job with their interactive displays. Dali Lives is very easy to use. This one presents a few challenges. You will need to hold the audio/video display in the right position to activate it. If during the animation you shift position, even slightly, it will disengage and you will have to start from the beginning. An alternative is to patiently watch the screen beside the replicated painting for the animation without the audio. It’s a little tiring holding the audio in the right position. It would have been nice if one could simply tap and play the animation. Tip: If you’re having difficulty, ask for help from a staff member or someone who seems to be having no problems. Until November 3, 2019 Dali Museum (727) 823-3767


Comedy Hypnosis Act Coming to SCC

The SCCCA presents a humorous look into the myths and mysteries surrounding the ancient art of hypnotism on Thursday, October 17. Larry White brings a fun and interactive experience including audience participation. Be ready to roll in the aisles and laugh ‘til you cry for this event! The evening is BYOB, reserved tables of 10. Event held in the SCCCA Community Hall on 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. The cost is just $10 per person and starts at 7 p.m. Tickets go on sale at the Atrium Kiosk off N. Course Lane, September 13 for SCCCA members and September 21 to the public.

Firehouse Cultural Center

September Schedule Firehouse Pub Live Music & Comedy, 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. Adult beverages and refreshments, cabaret seating. Reservations Recommended: Advanced Tickets: $23 non-members, $18 members Day of show: $28 non-members, $23 members Saturday, September 7: Valerie Gillespie & John Puhl Blues in The Night Friday, September 13: Theater – Death Trap Saturday, September 14: Theater – Death Trap, 3 and 7:30 p.m. Sunday, September 15: Theater – Death Trap, 3 p.m. For more information, registration or tickets, call: 813.645.7651, 1st Ave NE at Shell Point Road, Ruskin FL 33570.

Billy “Elvis” Lindsey Alzheimer Benefit Concert

The United Methodist Church of SCC, 1210 Del Webb Blvd West, welcomes Billy “Elvis” Lindsey to campus for a 7 p.m. concert Friday, September 20, 2019 to benefit the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Tickets are available up to the day of the concert for $10 at the United Methodist Church of SCC office, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. Office hours are 8:30 – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8:30 – 12:30 p.m. on Fridays (813.634.2539). Tickets at the door the night of the concert will be $15, and are subject to availability. For additional information about this and other concerts and recitals at the United Methodist Church of SCC, please contact Kevin Goodenow, Concert Series Coordinator, at 813.362.0956. To learn more about the United Methodist Church of SCC please visit our website at

September 2019

The News


h eW t n o i

d is rl

Whe r


r e t n e C y t i C Sun

The News of

Jim and Cheryl Sari took their copy of The News to Giza, Egypt, where they saw the Pyramid of Cheops, the oldest of the three pyramids constructed between 2580-2560 BCE.

Jack and Nancy Phillips and Linda Torchia took The News to the Southernmost Post Office in the world in Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.

Pete and Jan Lichtenberg took their copy of The News to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Cathy and Mike Lauro celebrating life on the Viking Sea in St. Lucia with their copy of The News.

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At Affordable Prices! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lived alone and there was an emergency? Or do you like to take your dog for a walk but are concerned about falling and no one being there to assist you? For Greater SCC residents who think they need a medical alert button and don't believe they can afford it, the Men's Club of Sun City Center would like for you to contact our office. Because the Men's Club is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit club, we offer the Philips Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) at a more competitive rate than what Philips charges at the national level. Our pricing is comparable to other systems in the market as well – just compare systems with similar capabilities. Installation and all service calls are completed by Men's Club volunteers at no charge to the Subscriber. The Men's Club was formed in the early 1960's. In 1991, the Men's Club decided to offer Philips Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point with no annual contract. The PERS offering began with the purchase of four units with installation provided by Men's Club volunteers. This offering continues today with multiple systems from which to choose - including one that will work anywhere in the U.S., a dedicated office staff, and over 25 trained Men's Club volunteers who provide personable and knowledgeable service for our Subscribers. Get prompt caring assistance at the push of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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TRAVEL September 2019

The News


Will the Force Be with You? - Star Wars at Disney World

By Kai Rambow Do you have your costume and lightsaber ready? Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is the latest attraction to open at Disney. Built at Hollywood Studios, it just opened a few days ago. Star Wars fans will love it. For the rest, it is very well done and the main ride is fun. Fans will love the full-size replicas of the various spaceships; the rest will enjoy the feeling that you’re on another planet. You’ll Enter Another World Walking into the Star Wars area, the scenery gradually transforms to the point where it looks like you’re on another planet. Be sure to walk all the way around and through everything. There are 14 acres dedicated to this latest addition. Checking out everything is fun. You’ll want to stop and take pictures at several points. Recommend keeping alert and your eyes open. Towards the end of our visit we encountered storm troopers on a mission tracking rebels. It felt a bit like being transported into a movie.

There Will Be Lines As with all things popular at Disney, there will be lines. Ideally try to arrive early for the main ride to reduce waiting times. No word on fast passes yet. Good news is most of the wait is undercover or indoors. Similar to Pandora, the line snakes through some interesting things to see, so time passes fairly quickly. The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is an interactive ride. Six people are grouped, with two being assigned as pilots, two as gunners and two as engineers. You’ll be called for your ride fairly quickly at the point, so you won’t have much time for pictures while waiting in the interior of the Falcon. Recommendations If you are a fan and want to check this new addition, try to pick a midweek day this fall. If you’re just curious, you can work this into your plans whenever you next head to Disney World. Note: A second ride is scheduled to be opened in December.

Tips for a Great Trip Put Together Your Own Group If you can, try to put together your own group of six. Decide in advance who will be a pilot, gunner or engineer. The ride is interactive, but if people don’t listen it can cause a few challenges. Our pilots weren’t very good at following instructions, so we had a bumpy ride.

This is One Activity If the Star Wars fans in your family just have to experience this, realize this will only take one to two hours. Plan on spending the rest of the day at Hollywood Studios or another Disney park, if you have park hopping privileges. Special thanks to Evelyn Peyton for her invaluable assistance.

Chewbacca checking out the Falcon. We spotted him while waiting in line for the ride.

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Kathy Suter

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September 2019

The News

Sun City Center Photo Club Summer Winners

Earlier this summer, SCC Photo Club members submitted images to be judged by fine art photographer, Jim Johnson. In the Digital Color category, at the Master Level, four photographers received perfect scores. Rolf Sulzberger received gold awards for “Blackberry Bush Pollinator” and “Have We Got Rhythm.” Bobbie Ray received a gold for “Headed for the Finish.” Jack Migliore received a gold for “Hide Your Face in Shame.” Gayle Fischer received two gold awards for “Liquid 3-Drop Collision” and “Refraction Drops.” At the Advanced Level, Ron Shackelford received a silver award for “Lake Moraine, Canada.” At the Intermediate Level, two photographers received perfect scores. Harold Sisken received two gold awards for “A Tree in The Rocks” and “I Am Looking at You.” Ann Jacques

Blackberry Bush Pollinator by Rolf Sulzberger

also received two gold awards for, “Finally Caught Dinner” and “Great Day On The Water.” At the Unassigned Level, Joe Sciafani received two silver awards for “Jump” and “Lily.” In the Monochrome Digital category, at the Master level, Bobbi Ray received two perfect scores for “Bold” and “Who Me?” In the Digital Creative category, at the Master Level, Madlyn Blom received a perfect score for “Freak Out.“ Robert Miller received the silver award for “Stained Glass Globe.” At the Advanced Level, Kathy Vitale received two perfect scores for “Cauldron of Treasures” and “Twisted Flowers.” At the Intermediate Level, Bob Sanchez received a perfect

score for “Skull and Roses,” and Rose Stack won the silver for “Start Of New Planet.” And, at the Unassigned Level, Sue McBride received a gold award for “Yesterday” and also a silver for “Send in The Clones.” In the Color Print category at the Masters level, Jack Migliore received a gold for “Wood Duck Reflection.” Pat Jones received the silver award for “Monarch Resting on Daisies.” At the Advanced level, Barbara Klimczak received a silver for “Evil Eyes.” In the Monochrome Print Category, at the Master Level, Robert Miller received a perfect score for “Dirty Dancing.” He also received two silver awards for “Misty Roots” and” Mystic

Road Forsaken by Christina Brittain

Greeting Me Gladly by Christina Brittain

Castle.” At the Advanced Level, Christina Brittain received three perfect scores for “Between Friends,” “Greeting Me Gladly” and “Road Forsaken.” In the Creative Print Category, at the Master Level, Robert Miller received the gold for “Chihuly Bowl Fractal” and also the silver award for “Magic Castle.” At the Advanced Level, Christina Brittain received two perfect scores for “Blood Of My Fathers” and “Tender Travels.” At the Intermediate Level, Bill McDonald received the silver award for “Egg Shell Stack.” Congratulations to all of our club winners! For more information about our club, visit

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September 2019

The News

Veterans Day Ball


Military News

By B. Frank Kepley, CAPT USN (Ret.) Sun City Center Community Hall 4:30 p.m. Saturday, November 10, 2018 It’s not too late to make your reservations. The Sun City Center Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW), will once again be hosting the Annual Formal Veterans Day Ball. We have changed the name from Military Ball to Veterans Day Ball as a military background is not necessary to attend. Everyone is welcome. The Ball will start with a Social Hour at 4:30 p.m. at the Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. There will be a cake cutting ceremony marking the 243rd birthday of the Marine Corps. BYOB, glasses and ice will be provided. The Ball will feature a Patriotic Program, hors d’oeuvres before a served dinner, entertainment, and dancing. It will be limited to 40 tables of eight, so reserve your tickets now by emailing John Glynn at “”. Formal dress is encouraged (military, black tie, dark business suit) — wearing military decorations is encouraged. Check should be made payable to MOWW. Attendance is open to all—prior military service is not a requirement. Individual tickets, for singles or couples are available. A self-appointed table captain can reserve a table of eight.

DAV Sponsors Program Describing VA Home and Community Based Services

On August 14 in the Florida Room of the North Side Atrium Building, the Sun City Center Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter 110, and the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital presented a program describing the available VA Health Care Programs that help the veteran receive home care. A panel of Representatives from the James A. Haley Hospital, representing all aspects of the various programs, provided information on each home and community-based program. Alicia Burden, James A. Haley Public Affairs Specialist in the Office of the Director, introduced Alicia Burden knowledgeable individuals from each program. The programs offered include: Respite Care, Adult Day Health Care, VeteranDirected Home and Community Based Care, Skilled Home Health Care, Home Based Primary Care, Palliative Care, Hospice Care, and Remote Monitoring Care.

“Give Back” Backpacks

The Military Family Support Trust and the Retired Officers Corporation at Freedom Plaza, the Sun City Area Chamber of Commerce Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, and Humana are working together to provide backpacks filled with supplies for homeless veterans. Items needed include: Socks: ankle, crew, men’s, women’s; cereal bars, granola bars; small packages of Kleenex tissues; sealed hand wipes, like wet naps; hand sanitizer; toothbrushes Military Family Support Trust Executive Director Jane Keegan and toothpaste; lip balm or and Retired Officers Corporation ChapStick; brushes, combs; and Business Development Director cough drops, gum, or Lifesavers. Connie Lesko are kicking off the Tax deductible checks made “Give Back” program. out to MFST, a 501c3 nonprofit, will also be accepted and used to purchase items. Please stop by the Chamber of Commerce with your donations or Freedom Plaza. Any questions can be directed to Jane Keegan at 813.380.4788 Connie Lesko at 813.927.1147.

703 Del Webb Blvd. W., Suite B Sun City Center • 813-634-3396


Michelle Halcomb, D.D.S. General Dentistry

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September 2019

The News

Creative Person: Tom Haverfield Painting With Watercolors for 60 Years

By Paula Lickfeldt Tom Haverford was born in Toledo, Ohio. While he was a student at Bowling Green State University, he entered the Spring Art Show in watercolors. He won first prize for his art, and that showed him that he could paint in watercolors with confidence. After Tom graduated from Bowling Green, he took a job teaching in Canton, Ohio, where he taught art, coached baseball and was the assistant coach for the football team. In the Spring of 1961, Tom entered the Spring Art Show of Cleveland. He won first prize with his watercolor named “Church Fantasy.” As of 2019, Tom has won 203 art awards; 73 were first prizes. He was named one of Ohio’s top ten watercolor artists and held the title until he moved to Florida fourteen years ago. Three years ago, Tom was mentioned by “Tallahassee Art Club News” as one of Florida’s top 25 watercolor artists. Tom has had eleven one-man

shows, six of which have been in Florida. Six years ago, Tom held a one-man show in Sun City Center with 24 pieces of art. He sold eleven of the pieces at the show. His art is displayed in 16 galleries in six different states. Tom has given over 200 demonstrations and speeches

to Tampa Area art clubs, church groups and special clinics in Tampa, North Tampa, Orlando, Winter Park, Ellenton and Zephyrhills. If your group would be interested in having watercolor classes or workshops be in contact with Tom at 813382-1585.

Tom teaches watercolor painting classes, to people living outside of SCC, in his home on Mondays. He teaches on Thursdays from 1 to 3 p.m. at the SCC art building. There are usually 25 to 30 students in his classes during the winter months. Tom loves the Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Lightning. He sent paintings to the coaches and the players. The teams loved the paintings and each sent a team jersey with signatures of all of the players as a thank you. The Lightning also sent a hockey stick and puck which hang proudly in his living room. Three years ago, his wife of 52 years passed away. Tom now lives with his dog, Fox, named because he looks just like a fox. Tom says he loves it here and would not live any other place. Sixty years of practicing his art has been very rewarding to him. He loves painting and teaching. His students are glad that he lives and teaches in SCC.


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Aluminium roof supports



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Sun City Center’s Only Golf Cart Superstore


• 1605 Sun City Center Plaza (813) 633-7843

KINGSPoint September 2019

The News


NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Italian Club Oktoberfest

Join the Italian Club as we journey over the Alps to Munich, Germany, to enjoy their fun-filled celebration of Oktoberfest on October 15. Yodeling by our members is permitted when they come to purchase their tickets at the North Clubhouse lobby on October 1 and 2. From 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Member tickets are $25 per person and guest price is $28 per person. On the day of the event, October 15, doors of the Veterans Theater North Club will open at 4:30 p.m. Lebensmittel (dinner) will be served by Banquet Masters at 5. Music for dancing will be provided by THE NU SOUNDS BAND. Menu: knockwurst, Wiener schnitzel with lemon wedges, roast pork loin with rosemary shallot sauce, warm German potato salad, red cabbage, salad bar, rye and pumpernickel breads and butter. Buffet style. Chef is preparing German chocolate cake and apple strudel for dessert. Beverage choices are coffee, iced tea, and soda. BYOB if desired. Sun City Center residents please remember to bring your ID Badge in order to gain entry through our security gate for both ticket purchases as well as the evening of the event. The cut-off date for ticket sales is October 9. Call May Fleming 813-419-4790 or Terry Devoti 813-260-3220 if you have questions. Costumes are encouraged, but not required.

Kings Point Mixed Chorus Welcomes New Director & Accompanist

By Stephanie Casey The Kings Point Mixed Chorus will resume rehearsals on Monday, September 9, at 12:15 p.m., in the East/West Social Room in the Kings Point North Clubhouse. We will begin practice for the annual Holiday Concert. This year’s program, “Holiday Magic,” will be presented in the KP Veterans Theater on Tuesday, December 10, at 5 p.m. The Chorus, under the direction of Sharon Henry and accompanied by Ines Hertz, is looking forward to greeting old members and welcoming new voices to their ranks. Due to venue constraints, our number is limited to 80 singers who will be accepted on a first come/first serve basis. There is no pre-registration. The cut-off date is Monday, September 23, unless the maximum number is reached before then. Dues are $20 per season and membership is open to any South Shore Area soprano, alto, tenor or bass singer who is interested in Choral music performance. There are no try-outs and previous experience is not a requisite. The Chorus meets every Monday afternoon in the KP North Clubhouse, from 12:15 to approximately 2:30, allowing time for check-in and announcements before rehearsal. This hard working, congenial group makes music fun and the end result is always rewarding. We invite you to join us on September 9. You must be available to sing in the concert in order to participate. For more information, please contact Mary Anne at 813-634-8747 or email “”. Find out more by visiting the Chorus website at

Are you searching for a Financial Advisor?

New York Club Dinner Dance

The New York Club will be having their dinner dance on September 3, 2019, in the Kings Point Veterans Theater at 5 p.m., music by Kevin Brooks. Food by Banquet Masters which consists of crab stuffed filet of sole, chicken parmesan, stuffed shells, salad bar, dessert, coffee, and soda. $25 for members, $28.50 for guests. For further information please contact Frank Gatto at 633-8942.

Kings Point Dance Club

Kings Point Dance Club Presents: “Back to the Dance Floor” dance. To be held Friday, Sept. 13, 2019 at the Kings Point Veteran’s Theater, 1900 Clubhouse Drive. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Dancing from 7 to 9 p.m. Ballroom Music by: DJs Mike & Peg. All KP, SCC, singles and guests welcome. Dressy Casual, no shorts. BYOB. Members free, guests $5 per person. If you have questions call Eileen 203.907.6111.

Friends of History September Meeting

Please mark your calendar for the next meeting of the Friends of History Group meeting that will be held Monday, September 9, located in the Banquet Room in Kings Point. There will be a social gathering starting at 9:30 a.m. with the meeting starting at 10 a.m. All residents of Kings Point and Sun City Center are welcome. Those who reside in Sun City Center, but not Kings Point, can enter through the visitor entrance and tell Security that you want to attend Friends of History Group. The topic of discussion is "Holland under Nazi rule during the Winter of 1944-1945." Peter Beyersbergen will speak about this troubling time through his own personal experiences when he was ten years old at the time. Please take time to RSVP to Ron Browning at “” if you have further questions, know of any speakers that may want to speak before the club or have a friend that may have an interest in joining the club.

September is Here! Your northern friends will be returning!

Now is the Time to replace those old floors!


brighten your world with new floors! •Carpet •Tile •Wood •Laminate •Vinyl

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John Moore

John Moore Flooring

er Ov

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633-7116 3 1

the 87 area since 19


1629 Sun City Center Plaza (Near SCC Post Office) Sun City Center’s Oldest & Most Trusted Flooring Dealer • Golf Cart Accessible • Family Owned & Operated ®

Catch The NEWS on the web at



Sun City Center Has a New Veterinarian

By Paula Lickfeldt Sun City Center has a veterinarian. Steve Harris DVM has been practicing veterinary medicine for 35 years. He was educated at Auburn University. He practiced in North Georgia for two-and-a-half years, nine years in the lower Keys and 18 years at Boyette Animal Clinic in Riverview. While at Boyette, he decided that it was time to have a clinic of his own. When the building at 971 Del Webb East in SCC became available, he decided to take the leap. Dr. Harris took one half of the building for a veterinary clinic and three dentists who had an office on the west side of SCC decided to

September 2019

The News

take the other half. I for one, am glad to not have to travel so far for a veterinary check-up for my Bailey. We can go in a golf cart to see the Vet. Great news for Sun City Center!

German American Club Travel Raffle

German American Club Raffle for a Trip to Germany September 2020. The German American Club is offering raffle tickets for a trip to Germany with an opportunity to experience the world-famous Passion Play. This unique performance is only offered once every 10 years in the quaint Bavarian village of Oberammergau. The trip commences on Friday, September 18, at the Munich airport and ends on Saturday, September 26. Included will be: all transportation by deluxe motor coach in Germany, visits to the Ramasu, the Magic Forest, Lake Hintersee, Lake Koenigssee, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, a stop at a distillery to taste Schnapps, an afternoon at Oktoberfest in Munich, and a full day in the Mozart City of Salzburg where you’ll tour all the sights made famous by “The Sound of Music”. Your stay will include 8 days and 7 nights at the charming Hotel Gruenberger in the romantic Bavarian Alpine village of Berchtesgaden, nestled between the mountains and the Austrian border. Meals at the hotel include a daily sumptuous buffet breakfast and a three-course dinner. Tickets may be purchased by calling Paul Buerkle at 813.938.3049; Lenny Crooks at 813.642.9975; or Fred Rathke at 813.938.4845. Beginning in September, club members will also be selling tickets in the Kiosk at the Atrium Building on the North Sun City Center Campus.

Get Off the Couch and Ride a Bike

By Paula Lickfeldt Phyllis Laufer rode her bicycle eighteen miles to work each day while she was living in Pennsylvania. When she came to Sun City Center, she wanted to get a bicycle club started. She put out a notice about a meeting, and 60 people showed up for a meeting in her home. The bicycle club does not have regular meetings but instead has occasional bike safety or bike maintenance meetings. When they do meet, the meetings have been in the Security Patrol Building. At this time, there are no membership dues to belong to the Bicycle Club. An email newsletter is sent out periodically. The club members go on casual rides. Vice President Jim Wheeler organizes the long rides. Every year or two, Bike Walk Tampa comes to Sun City Center with their bike safety seminar. Watch for an announcement for an upcoming event. Phyllis told me that she believes that bicycle safety needs to be taken more seriously in SCC. She sees too many people riding and not wearing a helmet. Also, too many riders do not understand that when riding a bicycle, they are to follow the same rules that they would follow when driving their car. Bicycle riders ride with

Glenn Carlson enjoys riding his bicycle.

traffic. Walkers walk against traffic. Never ride your bicycle against traffic. The Bicycle Club is looking for someone who would be interested in coming to an SCC meeting to help the club members with basic bicycle maintenance. If you are looking for a group of people to ride with, contact Phyllis Laufer, Phyllis.laufer@ She will give you all of the information that you need to help you get started.

Do you Facebook?

Get “social” in Sun City Center. Share your favorite SCC pictures and news and view pictures from fun SCC events. “LIKE” the News of Sun City Center Facebook page at “www.”.

My Warrior’s Place: A Retreat for Those Who Keep Us Safe By Diane M. Loeffler My Warrior’s Place is an easy 15-minute drive from the Community Association Administration Building. The goal of My Warrior’s Place (MWP) is “Giving the gift of hope and healing to those who give us the gift of freedom! Proudly supporting our American heroes and their families.” My Warrior’s Place was founded by Kelly Kowall whose son, SPC. Corey Kowall, was killed on a combat mission on September 20, 2009, in Afghanistan. MWP’s facilities and services are for veterans, current military members, fire fighters, law enforcement personnel and their families. Blue, silver and gold star families are among those who find MWP to be a place of comfort. I was invited to visit MWP by some of the members of Bob’s Vets, an informal group that meets for breakfast at the Ruskin Bob Evans Restaurant at 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays. My husband and I drove down to West Shell Point Road where we saw a wall with the words My Warrior’s Place. We turned onto the narrow street and head back to the office, located in a small cottage with the address 101 22nd Street West, Ruskin. Although the retreat center is open around the clock, if you want to speak with someone

LGI home builders hand a check to Kelly Kowall, founder and president of My Warrior’s Place. Their outreach program, Building Better Communities, was in the process of building gazebos.

in the office, come between 9 and 4 Monday through Friday. We arrived at around 11 a.m. and met the founder of My Warrior’s Place, Kelly Kowall. She took us on a tour of the facility explaining the history, services, and facilities of MWP. We saw handicap accessible cottages near the Little Manatee River. These are available for $45 a night during the off season, $55 during the winter. We were told if someone stays six nights, the seventh night is free. There are kayaks and other types of boats that the heroes and their families can use free of charge. If someone prefers to come there for a day visit, they have access to a shared kitchen and a bathroom. If overnight or day visitors wish to use paddle

boards, canoes, kayaks or paddle boats, they are asked to make their request 24 hours in advance. On the first Tuesday of the month veterans meet at 9 a.m. for coffee, donuts, and conversation. Gold Star Mothers and other grief groups meet at MWP as well. Some meeting areas already exist, others are in process. Among the services offered there are fitness programs, music concerns, grief education and training, and boating expeditions. During our tour, we passed a group of volunteers from LGI Homes, a Texas based company. LGI has a charity outreach program called Building Better Communities. They asked Kowall to pose for a photo with them.

Then they resumed their work of building gazebos. We learned that MWP has no paid staff. The President and Founder, Kelly Kowall; the lady who cleans the cabins; Captain John Baty who takes the veterans out on the boat; those who garden and those help with maintenance and one time projects; are all volunteers. If you wish to donate your time, talents or money, you can go on the My Warrior’s Place website,, stop by during office hours, or call 813.321.0880. The story behind My Warrior’s Place is amazing and will be reported in another article.

My Warrior’s Place has cabins for vets and their families. They also have this “day kitchen” for those people who are not spending the night, but who would like access to kitchen facilities.

September 2019

Adogable Pets Pet Salon & Spa

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To show our support Adogable Pets is offering Law Enforcement & 1st Responders a 15% discount on all Grooming services for your civilian pets. K-9 Officers Grooming services are 100% on us! In lieu of our services, Officers are welcome to use our facility to bathe their own police dog ! For an appointment call 813-419-4972

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Answers to Puzzles on Page 27

By Andrea Peterson If you are ambitious enough to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, several days in a row, you might catch your night-blooming cactus. Be quick! Within the hour, the blossom is closed up and the wait for the next one begins. Photo by Andrea L. T. Peterson.







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Visit us at our Design Center at 601 6th Avenue West • Bradenton, Florida | (941) 248-0767


FAITH &service 24

September 2019

The News

Interfaith Council Accepting Grant Applications

The Sun City Center Interfaith Social Action Council is accepting grant applications through September 15. Any nonprofit group qualifying as a 501(c)3 organization or any school with an 858012621971 (c) 8 designation may apply. Last year, the council awarded more than $150,000 in grants ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars each. Groups and schools that have been funded previously may apply again, but only one grant will be awarded to an organization during a calendar year. You can view and download applications, cover sheets, and instructions from our website, or you may request them directly by emailing the council at “”.

Beth Israel Congregation: Welcome Back to School

Join us for our opening meeting as Marylyn Butcher leads us in a program of “school days revisited.” The program will be held at the temple in the Henry Gibson Social Hall on Tuesday, September 10, at 1 p.m. It will be fun to travel back in time when school was all about reading, writing, and arithmetic, and of course recess! Refreshments will be served and this meeting is open to all at no charge. If you are not a sisterhood member and would like to attend, please call Barbara Grossman at 813.938.3531.

Barbara Wiegand, Kathy Bastion, Diana Lea, Jane Keegan, Sam Rorer, SCC UMC Pastor and Cindy Slaughter.

Galaxy Bridge Members Donate

Redeemer Lutheran Donates School Supplies

The members of the Galaxy bridge club of Sun City Center met in August to present the United Methodist church with a donation to the pastor’s discretionary fund. At that time, the church also received food items to be given to those in need. Galaxy bridge meets the third Thursday of each month and has lunch at the Sun City Center United Methodist Church and then play bridge during the afternoon. All those interested in playing bridge are welcome to join; please contact one of the officers as above.

Members of Redeemer Lutheran Church recently collected and donated school supplies and backpacks to three area elementary schools: Thompson, Ruskin, and Reddick. Through funding from Thrivent Financial, additional supplies were also purchased and donated to them. The picture is from delivery of the supplies to Thompson, and from left to right are Jeanne Pruett, Principal Milady Astacio and Nancy Carrier. Jeanne and Nancy are members of Redeemer’s Social Ministry Committee.

South Shore

UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST An Open and Affirming beloved faith community where God is still speaking

8:30 am Sunday - Chapel Communion

10:00 am - Sunday Worship

1501 La Jolla Ave., Sun City Center 813-634-1304 Welcoming and Inclusive

Theologically Progressive

Southwest Florida Rheumatology

Introduces PA Victoria Capezza

Victoria joined Southwest Florida Rheumatology in November 2017. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and later graduated with Honors from Nova Southeastern University’s Physician Assistant program with a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences. She is licensed as a Certified Physician Assistant by the state of Florida. She is an active member of Florida Academy of Physician Assistants, American Academy of Physician Assistants, and PA Victoria Capezza Florida Society of Rheumatology. Victoria worked for 1 year in the field of Neurology in Tallahassee, FL and then moved back to central Florida. Victoria grew up in Plant City, Florida, the Winter Strawberry Capital of the world, and she likes to spend time with her parents whenever she gets the chance. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, writing, and exercising. Victoria has quickly fallen in love with rheumatology and is excited to be practicing medicine here and giving back to the community.

11954 Boyette Rd., Riverview



One of the Easiest Ways

TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY Planning your funeral arrangements in advance is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for them, and we’re here to help you at Sun City Center Funeral Home. Making your wishes known shouldn’t be a depressing process – it’s an empowering one that provides the comfort of knowing you have freed your loved ones from future stress and worry.

Burial, Cremation, Out-of-State Transfers

1851 Rickenbacker Dr. Sun City Center 33573


September 2019

A Veteran Nurse is Honored

In 1937, Agatha Sylvia Barden Henderson became a Registered Nurse at Syracuse Memorial Hospital, when she took the oath known as the Florence Nightingale Pledge. She will be 104 in November and still remembers some words in the pledge, “I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.” Agatha is currently a resident at Homewood Assisted Living and under the palliative care of Seasons Hospice, who performed the Pinning Ceremony. Agatha received a certificate of appreciation for her service and a pin in the shape of a lit oil lamp, which represents the lamp that Florence Nightingale carried while visiting her patients at night during the Crimean War (1853-1856). Florence Nightingale is considered to be the founder of modern nursing. She believed that hygiene and a temperaturecontrolled environment were essential to patient health, and her Environmental Theory is still practiced in hospitals and care facilities today. Agatha married Dr. Allen Henderson in 1938 and worked as a general duty nurse until her husband was called to duty during World War II as a Lieutenant Commander in

The News

the Navy. He was a physician who served on the USS Refuge, commissioned as a hospital ship that embarked patients in the British Isles, France, Italy, Korea, China and the South Pacific. Dr. Henderson passed away in 2011, just before his 101st birthday. During the war, Agatha Henderson worked with the Red Cross in Syracuse, NY, while living with her parents in nearby Jordan. She still has her nurse’s hats and wonders why modernday nurses do not wear the white uniforms anymore. The Pinning Ceremony brought back many happy memories to Agatha Henderson, who says that her nursing background was not only a bond to her husband, but was the pledge that shaped her life.

Family Connections to SCC Meet the McNamaras

By Paula Lickfeldt Nan and Terrie McNamara were raised in Toledo, Ohio. They were part of a family of five boys and three girls. Their mother was a coach of girls’ sports, so she encouraged the girls to play. Terrie played tennis, and Nan played tennis and basketball. Nan moved to Fort Lauderdale for a job and ultimately became a nurse. When her parents retired, they moved to Ellenton, Florida. Nan moved to Ellenton to help her mom and dad. A year later, her dad passed away. While living in Ellenton, Nan met and married Ken Romain, who lived in the same mobile home community as Nan’s mom. Terrie ended up living in New York City for the next 26 years. One block from where Terrie lived, was a pottery studio that offered classes. Terrie took pottery classes and loved them. In 1999, Terrie took Nan’s place in helping take care of her mother in Ellenton. In 2004, the year of four menacing hurricanes, Terrie called her boss who lived in SCC to ask if she could bring her mom to SCC for protection from the first storm. Terrie’s mom needed extra care that the local shelter did not have. Terrie’s boss agreed to have Terrie bring her mother and told her to just plan on bringing her to SCC in the case of future storms. Neither Nan nor Terrie knew anything about SCC and what it had to offer. After their mother died in 2004,

Nan McNamara, Ken Romain and Terrie McNamara.

Nan and Ken moved to SCC. In the year 2005, Terrie visited Nan and Ken and when she saw the pottery studio, she knew she had to live in SCC. She was able to find a home right behind Nan and Ken on the next street. Terrie bought the home, and now Terrie and Nan and Ken are backyard neighbors. Terrie and Nan share interests in pottery, pickleball, and volunteering for the Emergency Squad. Terrie is president of the Potters Wheel Club, enjoys Aquasizers, and is learning to play the ukulele. She also volunteers at the Straz Theater and drives for the Security Patrol. Nan plays volleyball. Ken has painted many homes in SCC until medical issues caught up with him. He retired, but still helps his associate painter when she needs him. He enjoys playing poker, reading and traveling. These three enjoy their back up homes and their lives in SCC. They celebrate the path that brought the McNamara sisters and Ken to Sun City Center. Do you have a family connection to SCC? Call Paula 813-633-6739.

The New Da Vinci® XI® Surgical System at Manatee Memorial Hospital Offers Patients Surgical Options that are Less Invasive

When pain from a recurrent abdominal hernia began holding back the moves of professional dancer and instructor John Dembiec, he received a robotic-assisted, minimally invasive treatment to help put the spring back into his step.

Robotic surgery is performed using smaller incisions than traditional surgery. Therefore, patients often experience less pain and a shorter recovery time. John had three small incisions and was able to go home the same day of his procedure. He’s now dancing again and hopes to get back to top dancing form as his recovery progresses.

Robotic-assisted surgery is offered at Manatee Memorial Hospital for a wide range of conditions. Learn more at

206 Second Street East Bradenton, FL 34208

Get social with us Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if robotic surgery is right for you. Physicians are on the medical staff of Manatee Memorial Hospital, but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Manatee Memorial Hospital. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. For language assistance, disability accommodations and the non-discrimination notice, visit our website. 190197-7155 8/19


A Member of the Manatee Healthcare System


September 2019

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BE HUGE! 813-865-4232



Will also cover Golf Carts

September 2019

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Comprehensive Eye Care by Trusted Specialists • Comprehensive Eye Exams • Retinal Disease • Laser Cataract Surgery • Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery • Advanced Lens Implants • Glaucoma Management • Macular Degeneration • Corneal Disease • Diabetic Eye Care • Dry Eye Treatment • Neuro-Ophthalmology

813-633-3065 1515 Sun City Center Plaza

Dr. Jeffrey Davis • Dr. Anita Shane • Dr. Robert Edelman

Medicare & Most Insurance Accepted


September 2019

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Custom Window Fashions

941-782-9118 Family Owned & Operated

Eclipse Shutters | Plantation Shutters | Wood & Fauxwood Blinds | Aluminum & Vertical Blinds Woven Wood Shades | Roman Shades | Indoor/Outdoor Shades | Cordless & Motorized Options Available!


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News of Sun City Center September 2019  

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News of Sun City Center September 2019  

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