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BILL MARYKUCA The Art Behind The Sound


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A brush with serious illness launched a new career for Bill Marykuca with his first Guillaume bow in 2000. Page 6. NEW THE LOOK AND TEXTURE OF A PREMIUM PAINTED FINISH WITH HALF THE GLOSS

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Page 12 – Samara Vandersloot heads to Far East as part of Junior Team Canada trade mission Page 16 – New travel writer Lorraine Simpson samples BC wine country while selling a Niagara exchange Page 23 – Summertime: and Chef Jan says the cookin’ is easy.... JULY/AUGUST EDITION 2017

ON THE COVER Writer Joanne McDonald spins an excellent tale of Bill Marykuca, who developed a rare craft from his creative passion. McDonald - Photo

BILL MARYKUCA The Art Behind The Sound


Meets Niagara West's Best

SELLING NIAGARA in other wine regions Special Supplement to

"Serving West Niagara & Winona"

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2 | July/August 2017

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2 Main St West, Grimsby ON (905)309 - 9100 - ................................... 4 | July/August 2017

- Benjamin Franklin In my line of work - on a daily basis - calls, email, and dropins at the office are received, many of which start with, “have I got a story for you”. Such was the case when shooting photos weeks ago for Lincoln Garden Club’s plant sale in Vineland. Louise Marykuca tugged on my arm as I walked by and said, ‘If you’re looking for a story, you might want to talk to my husband. He makes his own bows and is quite accomplished.” My first thought was “bow ties?”. Little did I know....Thinking it through and listening to her story, it sounded like a neat little feature, so I put it in motion. Then when I read the story which Joanne McDonald came back with, the feature took on a life of its own. That is a great read! Bill Marykuca really is a gifted man. Few people can build a major going concerned from their garage, but he did it with Red-D-Arc. Few people have a natural talent for craftsmanship, too, but Bill explored the world of violin and bow making in 2000. Sure enough, that hobby took off and he quickly became renowned for his creations. At the other end of the spectrum, we have Samara Vandersloot. She is just getting started. At 18, she has been to Nunavut, she is working on modelling and, in the meantime, she is taking part in Junior Team Canada’s trade mission to China this summer. I don’t know about you, good reader, but I was more worried about my weekends when I was 18 than career establishment. Maybe when Samara is ready to travel for leisure she may call ClubWest’s new travel writer, Lorraine Simpson. As a former resident and merchant on Main Street in Jordan for many years, Lorraine is keenly aware of the interests of Niagara West residents as well as the tourist set. Her experience in world travel is second to none and Clubwest readers will see - first-hand - some unique and off-the-beaten path locations to which they may choose to visit in the near future. Her stories will inspire the lengthening of bucket lists across Niagara West you can be assured! And with this edition, ClubWest wraps up its third full year of publishing. A ton has materialized and changed in three years including the popularity of this publication. It is great to see voracious readers lined up in the office to get it on the day it comes out - in case they aren’t among the 15,000 who get it at home. We love doing it and we’re glad our readers love it right back. Publisher, ClubWest Magazine Mike Williscraft


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July/August 2017 |


Bill Marykuca’s craftsmanship has “something so special about it.” McDonald - Photo

Good Vibrations: The Art Behind The Sound Bill Marykuca’s bows will be treasured for years to come By Joanne McDonald philosopher, fiddler, and bow maker with a Rube Goldberg bent, Bill Marykuca thinks outside the box and his innovative techniques for making bows give musicians the poetic power to make their instruments sing. The accomplished Beamsville luthier


6 | July/August 2017

will modestly tell you that what makes the violin sound good is a good player. But his musical colleagues tell a different story about what happens when a Guillaume bow meets the strings. “When you put Bill’s bow to the fiddle and you hear the vibration….there is something unreal, something so special,” says Waterdown Jam Session organizer

and fiddler Howard Alderson. “There are very few people that have the ability to make fiddle bows.” Technically, a bow is a tensioned stick which is strung with hair and used to pull across the strings of a musical instrument causing vibration which the instrument emits as sound.

Continued From Page 6 Artistically, it is the very life breath of the instrument and every stroke can draw deep emotion from the soul of an audience. The key to great violin playing is in the bow. Everyone is given gifts says Bill and it has been his joy to recognize his God-given gift and make it useful to other people. It was also the gift of a new life for Bill when a brush with a rare and serious illness not only changed his life and marked the start of his bow making career, but became the signature name for his musical creations. He was stricken with Guillame Barré Syndrome. It rendered him paralyzed and in hospital for one month followed by four months of therapy while he recovered and learned to walk again. It was 1990 and Bill at the time was an

executive with Red-D-Arc, the company he had founded and built to international reputation through the decades. Bill credits the creative and innovative team of people who helped him build his business from a single car garage in Hamilton in 1957 to its present location in Grimsby, now as the largest provider of welding and welding-related rental products and services in North America. And therein lies the Rube Goldberg reference. Bill, always an innovator, developed industrial patents in 14 countries. He retired in 1998 and made his first violin and bow in 2000. It was a “focused challenge” Bill recalls when he created the first bow, and like Frank Sinatra, “I did it my way.” He developed a technique that would allow the wood to work in his favour, to keep the hairs in a tightened position rather than going back to the

original cutout. Each creation, from violins to bridges and bows, is printed with the name Guillaume. It’s French for his name William and a testament to the illness which gave him a new start. “The violins, all my bows and bridges are printed with Guillaume.” “There is a tremendous joy for me, that tremendous satisfaction that I created something people can really hear and know what to look for.” Recalling the moment when his first bow played across the strings in the hands of a professional. Bill said was like the thrill of hearing the sound of a new baby’s first cry. It’s a demanding craft and Bill uses the highest quality materials. The bows are made from pernambucco wood, a highlyvalued dense and heavy wood

Bill made his first violin and bow in 2000. It was a “focused challenge” and, like Frank Sinatra, “I did it my way,” he says. July/August 2017 |


PASSIONS Innovation Continued From Page 7 that comes from the Amazon and is no longer available. It is twice the weight of oak and does not float. The horse hair is from Mongolia and most specifically, from the tail of a stallion. Bill is also well known for his moose antler bridges. The bridge he explains is the most effective filter on the violin. While a maple wood bridge weighs about three to four grams, the bridge made from moose antler weighs about six or seven grams, much more dense and able to filter the bright sharp sound. Bill’s bows and bridges have been studied and analysed and coveted by professionals from Europe to North America. The bows are precious and their value will continue to increase over time. But along with the many violins, a collection of musical instruments and workshop specialty tools, they will soon be in the hands of others who will make music to touch the souls of all who listen. “The bows are sitting here and nobody is hearing them. I want to see them go out and make beautiful music forever.” Bill and his wife Louise are downsizing to a new home and the precious collection will be sold at auction July 15. “This is such a major step for them to part with their beautiful home,” says Iva Alderson, Howard’s wife and partner in organizing the weekly and wildly popular jam session. “They have the right attitude and I admire them.” But she doesn’t know how Bill can part with his treasured collec-

Bill holds an authenticated Guillaume bow. McDonald - Photo tion. “There’s no doubt these bows will ard say he’s got quite a following at the be treasured for years to come.” weekly jam session and they couldn’t do A pause, and then Howard softens the without him. heartbreak with his rationale. “Well, you “Bill is so talented and we couldn’t opercan only play one at a time.” ate the jam sessions if it wasn’t for him,” And you can be sure, Bill will always says Iva. “He’s always been willing to offer have a bow to the fiddle. Iva and How-

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Check out where summer fun begins!

8 | July/August 2017

Continued From Page 8 us a hand. He is right there ready for the asking and will even take musicians’ instruments home and fix them. He’s so knowledgeable.” “Bill and Louise are a great pair. They love people and they work the crowd well,” says Iva. “They’re so very kind to everyone.” Every Thursday afternoon, about 30 to 40 musicians take the stage together, and from 1-4 p.m. they rock the house and pack the Waterdown Legion Branch 551. Be warned the crowd of 150 or so arrives early. The parking lot starts to fill just after noon and the dance floor is jumping as soon the musicians start to jam. Bill has been a member for the past eight years. “Iva and Howard have given

Bill Marykuca has a Rube Goldberg bent in both business and the arts.

so much of themselves freely,” says Bill, of the musical duo’s work to organize the weekly gigs. “People come because they like the fiddle music and they like the people that come even more.” The Waterdown Jam Session is celebrating its 10th anniversary starting in July and there will be special events each week. It’s the largest weekly fiddler group in North America and considered the best jam session in southern Ontario. It’s good to know a few more Mongolian stallions will find their tail hairs strung into a Guillaume bow. Bill’s got two more projects he would like to finish. “It’s not to say I won’t be puttering around.” Bill and Louise will soon be moving and their beautiful home and property,

furnishings, outdoor equipment, luthier equipment and Bill’s outstanding collection of violins, bows and musical instruments will be sold at auction, Saturday, July 15. The address is 5215 McLeod St., Beamsville. The sale starts at 10:30 a.m. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for musicians and collectors with a remarkable collection of instruments, from the Rembert Wurlitzer violin circa 1920s and a Jacobus Stainer signed and played by Boxcar Willy 1995, to a circa 1900 S.S. Stewart Banjo Mandolin, and 15 authenticated Guillaume bows. For specific details visit: cgi-bin/

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July/August 2017 |


East meets west and Niagara’s best Young ambassador to showcase region’s bounty before Chinese marketplace By Joanne McDonald olid roots in Grimsby have given Samara Vandersloot wings to travel to China this summer as part of a trade mission with Global Vision’s Junior Team Canada. Just 18, Samara is packing her bags for a boots on-the-ground experience that will showcase the Niagara’s unique viticulture and agriculture industry to the world’s largest economy and bring home some lucrative contacts for her local sponsors and partners here in Niagara. “I am very confident that what Niagara has to offer is world class and has a rightful place on the world stage,” she said. Samara was selected from hundreds of applicants in a nation-wide competition to represent their communities and will join 40 of Canada’s most talented youth on the trade mission that will take the team from Shanghai to Hong Kong, July 28 to Aug. 15. She’s ecstatic, she’s nervous, grateful; it’s going to


Samara Vandersloot is packed and ready. McDonald - Photo

A sampling of what Samara saw first-hand during a trip to Nunavut. Continued From Page 12 be a completely different cultural experience. But then Samara is already a veteran young ambassador with Junior Team Canada. She was just 16 when she went to Nunavut to learn about culture and education and witnessed the enormity of poverty, high food prices and food insecurity for Inuit people in the north. A highlight was spending time with some children at their elementary school. And this summer she is working as a youth project coordinator and credits Global Vision Director Amy Giroux, “she has put me on the less traveled road and is an amazing mentor,” and Terrence Clifford, former educator, Member of Parliament and Global Vision founder who puts Canada’s youth on the international stage. “He is passionate about youth empowerment.” It was Blessed Trinity Secondary School teacher Tony Gambale who put Vandersloot on the path to Global Vision through a pilot course on aboriginal studies. “Blessed Trinity really helped me focus my passion for First Nations, Inuit people, and guided me to find avenues to help and be aware of the situation.” During a recent graduation trip to Cuba she worked with other volunteers to help replace a roof on a school.

And Vandersloot’s parents, Deanine and Adriaan and her sisters – well they are all stars in her eyes. “My mom is charismatic. She has really shown me how to make the best of a situation. She is the strongest woman I know. My Dad has given me the gift of holding my own. He taught me to have my own voice. They have supported me and loved me. I couldn’t have better parents.” The middle of three girls, the youngest Teyla and the eldest, Elisa, “my oldest sister is an incredible NCAA athlete. She rows for Tulsa University. She teaches me to work hard. She has a work ethic that I aspire to and my little sister teaches me about unconditional love, all the time.” Vandersloot grew up riding horses and playing outdoors, her childhood defined by the freedom of youth in a safe community. Attending St. John School until Grade 7, she was at Central Public School for Grade 8, then Blessed Trinity Secondary School for her high school years. A cheerleader captain and coach, Vandersloot has worked as a model for Vogue Models and Talent throughout her teen years. Her “super passion” for education, youth and community gave her the con-

fidence to grow as a vibrant and talented teen, with a portfolio that already is a testament to her tenacity and drive. She will be off to Brock University this fall for her first year in political science. She hopes to continue those studies in Ottawa, and after that, law school. “Samara has always been a hard worker whether it was with the horses at Shady Maples in Smithville, or modeling since she was 13,” says her mom Deanine. Both parents are proud of their daughter and they encourage her every step of the way. “It’s a big world and there’s lots for Samara to see.” Those sights are set on China, where Vandersloot will work with Canadian Embassy officials to coordinate opportunities to meet with Chinese business, government and community leaders. Right now the crunch is on to raise funds for the trip through corporate and community sponsorship. Vandersloot is responsible for partnering with local businesses and organizations to raise $6,000 in sponsorships. “I want to call it a partnership where I will work to further my partner’s brand in China and deliver on specific mandates such as obtaining on-the-ground contacts and market intelligence.” July/August 2017 |


PURSUITS Education Continued From Page 13 Samara said Niagara West MP Dean Allison, vice-chair standing committee Foreign Affairs and International Development has taken time to meet and help identify opportunities as well as discuss how Niagara West and Niagara can benefit. “It’s encouraging to see the participation of Samara who will be representing Canada as part of the ‘Global Junior Team’ promoting Canada to China and the world,” said Allison. “Canada is a trading nation, so looking for other markets for our goods and services is always important for our local businesses as they continue to grow.” Upon her return, Vandersloot will debrief with her partners and produce a market sector report to include a summary of the mission, the opportunities and key contacts she made for her Canadian partners. Global Vision is recognized as one of the top entrepreneurship programs for young Canadians. “We’re young and we’re going to do something that can really make a difference.” For more information on partnership opportunities and benefits contact Samara Vandersloot at 289-407-5356 or

Benefits of Sponsoring Junior Team Canada · Help a youth from the area gain work and community leadership experience · Receive key contacts in industry and government in China and Canada · Obtain branding opportunities and a high level of publicity for your organization · Test the market cost-effectively · Charitable tax receipt

14 | July/August 2017

Samara has also gained experience in the modelling industry.

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July/August 2017 |


Selling Niagara in other wine regions ClubWest travel writer Lorraine Simpson’s Okanagan venture fosters wine lovers’ exchange with Niagara wineries

A scenic shot from Diala’s travels to Lima, Peru.

16 | July/August 2017

Lorraine is ready for take off at Ex Nihilo.

By Lorraine Simpson s a travel professional and former Jordan resident, I never fail to delight my guests as we sip, swirl and eat our way around the Niagara Peninsula wineries. Spending an afternoon wine tasting is truly a wonderful experience which can be repeated all around the world. As the owner of Concierge Travel Group my position allows me to call my personal travel “research” and one of the divisions of the business specializes in travel for the lover of fine wine and food - yes that’s me! I don’t even feel like I work at all as I get to sell the best in “foodie travel” and experience it first-hand. How can you possibly call this work? My latest travel adventure took me to the Okanagan Valley in B.C. as I wanted to find unique ways to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and discover more of what this beautiful country has to offer.


Also part of the plan is to bring at least 24 groups each season into the Niagara wine region and each group will visit 12 Niagara wineries over the course of five days. This will bring extra tourism into the region and expose our stunning wineries to people from out of province. It is a project set for expansion once it gets going and moves into other regions selling the features of Ontario wineries and offering group travel into this region. Results include extra visitors who are wine buyers, increased tourism so increased sales and, of course, as local suppliers will be utilized this helps jobs and local businesses. On my venture west, I flew into Vancouver and took the breathtakingly scenic drive to the valley. Flights are also direct to Kelowna, although I recommend the gorgeous drive. Like Niagara, wine is booming in the Okanagan. Twenty years ago, there were only 31 wineries in the region; now there

are more than 130. The area is dominated by the spectacularly beautiful 135 km-long Okanagan Lake, which runs from Vernon in the north down to the semi-desert region of Osoyoos. It’s even reputed to have its own equivalent of the Loch Ness monster, the Ogopogo. The plan was to visit 12 wineries in five days, sell Ontario to them and experience what BC has to offer but it was so difficult to choose which 12 as there are so many amazing options in the Okanagan, many with a unique attraction. My central base for the week was a suite at the Villas at Hester Creek. Tucked against rugged desert bluffs on the Golden Mile Bench, The Villa Suites at Hester Creek overlook a spectacular panorama of lush vineyards and orchards: a luxurious home base from which to explore and experience the Okanagan Valley. The Mediterraneaninspired suites come with comfortable July/August 2017 |


Continued From Page 17 amenities, a homemade, locally sourced breakfast and the best sunrise in B.C. Hester Creek Estate Winery has its roots deep in the province. The oldest vines were planted in the rich soil of the Golden Mile Bench in 1968. Today, the estate vineyard produces wines that are a lively, intensely flavoured expression of the place they call home. Visitors can enjoy a cooking class, browse in the wine shop or dine at Tuscan-inspired Terrafina at Hester Creek by RauDZ. Come see why Hester Creek is a “True Wine Experience”. Next stop, Quails’ Gate, a family-run operation that boasts not one but two lakeside retreats. The Lake House, a luxury four-bedroom property fit for 10, has a sprawling kitchen, multiple patios, and a private dock. The Nest offers cosier comfort for seven, plus access to a private beach. Lunch was pure heaven with a seat on the patio overlooking the vineyard and the lake, we enjoyed every bite of our farm to table tasting menu by winery Chef Roger Sleiman. My favourite item was the Cache Creek Beef Coppa with baby romaine, dehydrated local Muscat grapes, Pinot Noir dressing and herb aioli which arrived looking like a piece of art and tasting fabulous. On to the modern winery, Liquidity, with its expansive views of vineyards, valley, mountains, blue sky and mouth-watering wine country cuisine. The Bistro’s patio at Liquidity Wines in Okanagan Falls has been named one of the 100 best

One of the villas at Hester Creek Winery on the Golden Mile Bench in BC’s Okanagan wine region. outdoor dining restaurants in Canada. I would certainly agree. This summer, Liquidity will be joining forces with Noble Ridge Winery and the Federation of Canadian Artists for Art & Wine in the Vines. This encompassing weekend of art and viticulture will feature an art walk through the two adjoining vineyards, artists demonstrating plein-air painting and showcasing their works, plus wine tasting stations. I missed their restaurant opening hours but the menu looked amazing and when you go according to Chef Simon Bouchard you have to try the Goat Cheese & Tarragon Ravioli Olive Oil Confit Celery, Parsnip Chips and Fennel Sauce.

The stunning surroundings of Painted Rock Winery.

18 | July/August 2017

In Lake Country, the one winery you can’t miss is 50th Parallel Estate Winery. Owned by Curtis and Sheri-Lee Krouzel, a dynamic duo from Alberta, this state-of-the-art, gravity-fed winery is a modern architectural stunner. Specializing in pinot noir and already racking up international awards, the couple are in the process of building a restaurant which is set to open before the end of the summer and given their exquisite taste I am sure it will be an instant hit. An absolute highlight of the trip was a full-day wine tour by helicopter. Many of the wineries in the Okanagen valley have helipads and it was so cool to land right in the middle of the vineyards and walk up to the tasting room where they had set out a private VIP tasting for our small group. Landing at Painted Rock Winery was spectacular. Painted Rock has achieved huge success in a relatively short period of time, so it showed amazing restraint to eschew a big flashy tasting room in favour of elegant simplicity. Its gleaming white facade channels Richard Meier and, at a compact 1,700 sq ft, it modestly complements the perfect setting of vines that terrace down to Skaha Lake. Painted Rock is owned by the Skinner Family and they all participate in the

Continued From Page 18 day to day operation of the winery. Lauren Skinner was preparing to get married there over looking the vineyards that weekend and I was a little envious I must admit as it looked perfect. One of the wineries we visited in Lake Country, Ex Nihilo, was just setting up in the vineyard for one of their famed concerts with Jim Cuddy. The owner Jeff Hardner makes wines for The Rolling Stones among others and is as colourful and entertaining as his clients! Wine Club Concierge offers custom travel solutions around the globe for lovers of great food and wine by creating exclusive travel itineraries rich in luxurious and unusual experiences for the “foodie traveler”. Wine Club Concierge will also be arranging exchange trips across provinces to celebrate Canadian wines and, of course, with our typical penchant for the unusual out-of-the-box experiential travel you can expect to take part in a cooking class at Hester Creek Winery, taste direct from the barrel and eat alfresco at Painted Rock and enjoy private hosted wine tastings at the regions top wineries. (For more details on unique travel experiences, Lorraine Simpson can be reached at 289-273-8095 or check out:

A quiet spot among the vines at Quail’s Gate Winery.

About Lorraine... Lorraine Simpson is the go-to luxury travel planner for

high-level business and leisure travelers worldwide. She founded her first Canadian company The Travel Expert in 2005 in response to the growing demand for a unique type of luxury travel firm and personal knowledge & understanding of today’s definition of luxury travel. A year later she started The Wedding Holiday and built this business from her home to plan more than 100 Destination weddings annually. She has won a total of 21 awards in the industry including top Destination Wedding Planner and top agency worldwide for Karisma Hotels and Resorts many years running. Nicknamed the “Google of Travel” by her clients and agents she hosts, Lorraine has written many articles for dozens of publications about luxury hotels, cruises, airlines, spas, as well as the latest, greatest trends in luxury travel. Taking her skill set and knowledge of luxury travel to

the next level, Simpson now spends the bulk of her time curating and planning trips for a small portfolio of clients which includes a mix of celebrities and high-net-worth individuals and bucket list clients looking for inspiration. Lorraine has traveled to 89 countries and many destinations inher career. Her contacts include British Royalty as her eldest daughter went to school with Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, and she spent many years living in Hong kong working as a volunteer for a large children’s charity. Lorraine loves to teach new people to be niche travel agents working from home and now has 14 agents across Canada and enjoys mentoring them and training them to become successful in their chosen niche. She loves to host private familiarization tours around the world for her agents introducing them to the exceptional contacts she has made in her many years of experience and proving that you have not traveled until you travel with Lorraine! July/August 2017 |


Brittney lands her first musky trophy sized to boot! - with local fishing expert, Brent Bochek.

First-time whopper! Musky can provide great fish tales By Brent Bochek hy do people fish? Is it to relax? Is It for sport or food? Or perhaps it’s for the challenge. There is no species more challenging than the mighty musky. No other fish can take you as high or bring you down like a musky. It’s a fish that was once considered “the fish of a thousand casts.” Using today’s technology can help reduce the cast count between fish. We have plenty of information at our fingertips. You can research


20 | July/August 2017

all kinds of fish catching techniques online and in magazines, along with potential areas to catch a musky. Attending fishing seminars is also a great way to learn about these toothy critters as it also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation with experienced anglers. Another way to help put the odds in your favour is to hire a guide for the day. Most musky guides will charge a flat rate based on two people for an eight-hour day. What better way to learn about musky fishing than your own, on-the-water personal

seminar. You can tap into years of experience and ask all the questions you want while having a great opportunity to catch a big one. Your guide will supply all equipment, baits and years of knowledge. Not only will you be educated on how to catch a musky, but also proper landing, handling and release techniques. Handling and release techniques are very important. musky make up less than one percent of our overall fish population and although they are big strong aggressive fish, poor

PASTIMES Fishing Continued From Page 20 handling can be devastating to them. A Musky is like a sprinter. It can fight very hard for a short period of time and can be unpredictable. One reason that we use heavy action rods and heavy line is to get them to the boat as quickly as possible reducing the amount of stress on the fish. Here in the Niagara Region, we are fortunate to have the Upper and Lower Niagara River that play host to the mighty musky. Beamsville resident Mark Counsell owns and operates SMC Musky Guiding and concentrates on the Niagara River. I don’t think there is anyone who spends as much time on the River chasing musky or knows it any better than Mark. I had the pleasure of fishing with Mark on the Lower River last December during a major cold front. Cold fronts usually shut the bite down, but thinking outside the norm, Mark put us on fish and landed a nice mid 40” musky. Mark can be contacted through his website at My favorite place to chase these toothy crit-

ters is in the Kawartha Lakes. Casting weedlines, rock points and transition areas have put many fish in the boat for my clients and me over the years. I use a variety of baits, but there are three that have put more fish in my boat than any other. A Handlebarz, Suick Thriller and Suick’s Suzy Sucker. Handlebarz is an in-line spinner bait that is made by Musky enthusiast Mike Parker who live in Chatham Ontario. The Suick Thriller is a wooden jerkbait and has been producing fish for over 70 years. Originally designed by Frank Suick in Wisconsin, they are still proudly made today by his grandson Steve Suick and his great grandson Mike Suick. Steve and Mike also produce the Suzy Sucker, a big rubber bait with a paddle tail that looks just like a Sucker swimming through the water. So far this year we have had some great experiences on the water. In June, I had a father and son out for a day of musky fishing. The father Paul, had not caught a musky since he was 14 years old.

Now in his early 60s it was a great feeling to see him set the hooks into a beast of a Tiger Musky. (a tiger musky is a cross between an early spawning musky and a late spawning pike ) His son Joel also caught his biggest musky to date when he landed a 45-inch musky. It’s always a good day when someone that has never caught a musky hooks up. Such was the case when Cole and Brittny were in the boat a week later. On Brittny’s first-ever musky trip, she managed to land a trophy-sized Musky that gave her a battle she will never forget. It’s pretty cool to see how excited people get when the fish hits the net and their adrenalin kicks in. It may not be the fish of a thousand cast anymore, but the Musky being the apex predator of the warm water fishery, it is still the king. It can make your dreams come true and and has the ability to make grown men cry. (Brent Bochek is a multi-species angler who guides for musky, bass & walleye in the Kawartha Lakes and Salmon & Trout on Lake Ontario.) Check his website:



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and the cookin’ is easy….

By Jan-Willem Stulp don’t know about you but, between you and I, summertime isn’t nearly as relaxing as it could be; partly my own fault, I understand, as I tend to have lots of things on the go, and rarely take enough time to ‘relax’. I tend to relax when I’m doing things I enjoy. This includes work-ish things, oddly enough. Like cooking. In my career I have done some pretty intense things which are also enjoyable in their own way; much like winning a game in sports. The intensity can be a source of leisure enjoyment, even though some ‘leisure’ activities, might not seem leisurely at all! One of the things that impedes us from enjoying cooking is


not having the time or ingredients to create something that is delicious, healthy, satisfying (and impressive….). So I’ve embarked on a little plan to assemble and share some of the things that I have done at our house, after work, which take very little time and most of them allow for outside cooking, which is that much more enjoyable in my opinion. Store these little gems away for those times when you just want to grab one or two things from the grocery store, get home and relax, while you cook. I usually leave my ingredients at 5-6 at the most, but I assume that everyone has salt, pepper and oil. I don’t count those. (Chef Stulp co-owns, along with his wife Jane, Grand Oak Culinary Market in Vineland.)

Chef In Residence CUISINE

Summer-ey Carrot Salad 12 minutes Here’s a great, (grate?) way to get a quick, healthy and satisfying salad together, in less than 12 minutes. Unless you make a lot of this, just a hand-grater will do fine, and cleans up a lot quicker. I often use Heirloom Carrots, as the various colours make the salad pop! INGREDIENTS • 3 large carrots, peeled and grated • 2 green onions, chopped • 4 tbsp raisins • ¼ cup cider vinegar • ¾ cup sunflower oil • 1 tbsp grainy mustard • Salt and Pepper DIRECTIONS You can simply combine the carrot, raisins and green onions, in a bowl. Then, in a separate container,

combine the vinegar, oil, mustard, and mix. Then adjust with salt and pepper. Don’t just pour this on!

The quantity will be too much for the salad, but a smaller quantity is hard to mix; Keep this in your fridge, it’ll be fine for weeks!

To Make Summer Special, Go West

July • Poutine and Wine Eh? July 1, Noon5pm. Greenlane Estate Winery. 3751 King St., Vineland. $12+hst pp. Join the Greenlane crew to celebrate the 150th birthday of our home and native land. Enjoy a Canadian classic of fresh cut fries, yummy cheese curds from the Udderway Cheese Co., and good ol’ gravy. Paired perfectly with a glass of our wine. Reservations are recommended, 905-562-7207 or E: • Joy and Bubbles - July 1-3 at Featherstone Estate Winery. Noon–4 pm. Sparkling wine is the wine of celebration and no other wine is as closely associated with joy and festivity. To celebrate Canada Day, and winemaker David Johnson’s birthday, join us for a sip of Featherstone’s premium sparkling wines, which were made in strict adherence to the French méthod

24 | July/August 2017

traditionelle. This is the only time that both of our sparkling wines will be open and available for tasting. 2012 Cuvée Joy, made from 100 % estate- grown chardonnay; only 146 cases produced ($34.95/ bottle). Awarded Honours at the 2016 Intervin International Wine Awards. 3678 Victoria Avenue, Vineland. 905-562-1949 • Back to Baco - Join us on Saturday, July 1–Monday, July 3 from10am–6pm for our annual Back to Baco event! A special long weekend event for Baco Noir lovers! Visit our tasting bar for exclusive back vintages paired with strawberries rolled in black pepper to enhance the key flavours in this wine. This event is free of charge. Henry of Pelham Family Estate ,1469 Pelham Rd., R.R. #1 St. Catharines. 905.684.8423 • Special Dinner: Oh Canada Birthday Bash. Good Earth Food &Wine Co. July

1. 7 pm–11:55 pm. $60pp. All are invited to a celebratory dinner followed by a “barn dance” and live music. Don’t miss this 150th birthday bash! Reservations required. One seating at 7 pm followed by live country music from 8:30-11pm with Mike Lynch and his 5-piece band lined up. If you are a dinner guest, this concert is included with your dinner. For others (age 19 or older only) tickets can be purchased for $20 (includes HST). There’ll be beer, wine and snacks available for purchase as well! The Good Earth 4556 Lincoln Ave, Beamsville, Ph: 905.563.6333 • DIY by Julier Company and Wine, July 8 11 am. Join the crew as we make our very own jewelry while enjoying a cheese board and wine. Founder and talented local jeweller Mohria will take you through a step by step class

Chef In Residence CUISINE

Grilled vegetables I alluded to this earlier, another great and quick, summertime favorite at our house. And really, this is about what you like; as it is vegetable, you can determine the quantity you’ll consume. As a rule, I actually select vegetables that give a pleasing colour grouping. I rarely use these all at the same time, preferring to go with the season. You’ll know what’s fresh and local. INGREDIENTS • Your choice: asparagus, peppers, zucchini, fennel, red onion, mushrooms, eggplant, etc. • 1 small (80 gr) package of goat’s cheese DIRECTIONS This is just a typical range of what’s available, but don’t be afraid to try carrots, even tomatoes and beans! Preheat the grill, or BBQ, and simply

toss the vegetables in a little oil, salt and pepper, (I use a stainless steel bowl) and grill until done the way you like them. If you’re grilling zucchini, it’s delicious,

but eat it right away – it doesn’t handle sustained heat well. Top the warm vegetables with the goat’s cheese, and drizzle with a bit of olive oil.

To Make Summer Special, Go West Continued From Page 24 on how to create your very own vintage wrap bracelet. While creating your piece, enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious cheese board. $35.95 +hst pp. Limited Spaces. Greenlane Estate Winery. 3751 King St., Vineland. 905-562-7207 • Muddy Paws Wine Festival. July 8-9. Vineland Estates Winery Noon-5 pm. A unique opportunity to celebrate excellent wine and food in Niagara – and bring along your best (four legged) friend. Vineland Estates and Featherstone will open their doors to well-behaved dogs on-leash who wish to accompany their owners. There will be a canine theme to the weekend, with special events at each winery and a portion of wine sales will support National Service Dogs.Tickets $20 +HST and include access to the Festival area at both wineries; one glass of

wine and one commemorative glass. 3620 Moyer Road, Vineland. 905.562.7088 • Good Girth Supper Club: Niagara Farm House Chic, July 15 @ 6:30-8:30 pm. $60 pp. Gratuity, HST and all beverages extra. No membership required, but reservations are. 905.563.6333. Note: Reservations are available anytime between 6-8:30pm, with the last reservation time being 8:30pm! The Good Earth 4556 Lincoln Ave, Beamsville. 905.563.6333 • Belly Laughs on the Bench II. Saturday July 15. Come on out for laughs with the Staffs! You’re invited for a night of comedy, music, food, wine & fun on the farm. Proceeds will support the Howard V. Staff Memorial Fund at the Niagara Community Foundation. Doors open at 7 pm, Comedy by Joe Pillitteri & Friends at 8 pm. Music, complimentary light fare

and bonfire at 10 pm. Advance tickets $10 pp. Sue-AnnStaff Estate Winery 3210 Staff Ave. Jordan. 905-562-1719 • Celebrate Twenty Years at Creekside, July 20. No BYOB here! Complimentary back vintage tastings and yummy party nibbles provided by In The Smoke Cookery. Creekside Wines, 2170 Fourth Ave. Jordan. Ph: 905-562-0035 • Summer Concert Series, July 20 at Redstone. Set against the backdrop of our stunning estate vineyards, this al fresco concert evening features a live performance by Jason Collett. Collett is a Toronto-based Canadian singer-songwriter. Dinner is served at 6 pm and the show starts at 7 pm. Tickets are $69 + HST. Redstone, 4245 King Street, Beamsville. 905- 563-9463. • Watering Can Flower Workshop, July 22 11 am. Our friends and July/August 2017 |


Chef In Residence CUISINE

Wine-steamed Mussels 12- 15 minutes One of the things I’ve learned to enjoy much later in life, fresh mussels are so simple, delicious and relaxing to eat, especially with good company. When buying mussels, remember this; raw-closed & cooked-open. With some crusty bread, and a shot of heavy cream, this actually is pretty substantial meal! INGREDIENTS • 2 lb fresh mussels (firmly closed) washed • 1 leek, finely chopped and washed, including, separately, the green • 15 cherry tomatoes, ripe • chopped thyme • 2 large garlic cloves, chopped • salt and pepper • ½ cup white wine • Oil • ½ cup cream is optional DIRECTIONS In a large pot with a tight fitting lid, heat

some oil, on high, and saute the garlic until it becomes fragrant, then add the leek white. Move this around, then add the washed mussels, taking care not to add the water that has leaked off them. Stir briefly, then add the thyme tomatoes, and the white wine. Immediately cover with the lid. In about four minutes or so, the mussels

will have mostly opened, and you can open the pan, do a light seasoning with salt and pepper, and add the green leek part, (and the cream, if you wish). Once the leek is vibrant, and the cream (if using) is simmering, (3 min) you’re done already! Some bread is great with this, but not required – bon appetit!

Continued From Page 25 neighbours at The Watering Can Flower Market are coming for a visit and a workshop. They will be joining us on the vineyard side terrace for a floral workshop, a wine tastings and BBQ-themed lunch experience. After the workshop, if time allows, sit back, bask in the sunshine and enjoy a glass of your favourite GreenLane wine. $65 per person. Greenlane Estate Winery 3751 King St., Vineland. 905562-7207. Call early to book. • Everything you wanted to know about barrels …and Chardonnay July 22. Join us in the cellar at Tawse Winery for a structured barrel tasting of single-vineyard Chardonnay. We will demonstrate the impact of barrel aging and compare and contrast the effect of cooperage, toast level and time the in barrel. We will finish off in our private tasting room with a vertical

tasting of single-vineyard Chardonnay, highlighting the changes in oak regimen based on vintage.Tickets are $25pp. Pre-booking is required. Two sessions available: 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 pm. Tawse Winery, 3955 Cherry Avenue, Vineland. 905-562-9500 • Cork Dork Tour & Tasting. Sat. July 22. A small group of wine lovers taking a hike through the vineyards with Grant and Garett Westcott followed by a special tasting of our Chardonnays (pulled from our library & pre-release). This is a very special event that takes place during i4c and will give you enough time to attend our Chardonnay themed lunch directly following the hike. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing & footwear for the hike & the weather. The vineyards can get very muddy! 10-11:30am Maximum: 20 guests. $25pp + HST. Westcott Vineyards,

3180 Seventeenth Street, Lincoln. 905562-7517. • Paint on the Patio. July 29 11 am or 3 pm. Call today to reserve your spot in our paint on the patio workshop with ReChic Studio & Design. Owner and artist Amanda will take you through a step by step workshop on how to create your own original painting called ‘Birds on a Wire’. While you working on your master piece our staff will pour you a glass of wine to enjoy. $45.95+hst pp. Greenlane Estate Winery 3751 King St., Vineland. 905562-7207. • Niagara Jazz Festival – July 30. Megalomaniac Winery. 11 am – 8 pm. 3930 Cherry Ave., Vineland. Megalomaniac is proud to host the Niagara Jazz Festival final performance at the winery. It will mark the first time that Megalomaniac has hosted the Festival and they

To Make Summer Special, Go West

26 | July/August 2017

Chef In Residence

Quick-seared chicken 15-18 minutes Recipes for BBQ chicken abound, and many of them rely on sauces, rubs, marinades and brines to make them flavourful; not so here. I turn on the BBQ before I process the chicken, so it’s good and hot, and the chicken is ready to grill in a few minutes. I recommend buying pieces with skin-on, as there’s a lot of flavour there, even if you don’t eat it. Dark meat tastes richer as a rule, but takes longer to cook. INGREDIENTS • 2-3 lb chicken pieces, breasts or legs • Salt and Pepper • Cumin • Fresh Thyme, chopped • Oil (olive, or sunflower) DIRECTIONS In a shallow glass dish, put some oil,

and sprinkle the seasonings. Lay the chicken in this and coat the top side with the same seasoning, finishing with a light sprinkle of oil. Grill this, on about med-high, until crispy, and golden, allowing the fat from

the skin to constantly baste the chicken as it grills Watch for flare-ups. Serve this with a simple salad, on some grilled vegetables (see recipe elsewhere) or just on its own!

To Make Summer Special, Go West

Continued From Page 26 are looking forward to a day filled with jazz, wine, food and friends. For more information please contact the winery – 905-562-5155 or email: • Cruise In/Show’n Shire Car Show Sunday, July 30, 2017 at Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery. Live Rock’n Roll Music by The Ker Street Band. 10 am-4 pm rain or shine. Proceeds go toward Howard V. Staff Memorial Fund, Niagara Community Foundation. 3210 Staff Ave., Jordan. 905-562-1719. • Sheep in the Vineyard: they’re baa-ck, Saturday July 22 & Saturday Aug. 5. Tour begins at 1:30 pm. Winemaker David Johnson has added ‘shepherd’ to his job description. Each year, sheep are brought

into the Featherstone vineyard for a brief period to do leaf removal on the vines and provide weed control. Sip on our famous Featherstone Estate Black Sheep Riesling and enjoy a vineyard tour that is unique in Canada.Tour lasts about 50 minutes. Wear appropriate footwear to meet the sheep (high heels will be regretted). $12+HST pp, max. 20 people per session. Calling ahead with a credit card number to reserve: 905-562-1949. • Mala in the Vineyard. Sunday, Aug. 13, 10 am – 3 pm. Join us Sunday, Aug. 13 from 10 am – 3 pm for a one-hour yoga session in the beautiful Cave Spring Vineyard followed by a light & healthy lunch from Inn On The Twenty Restaurant paired with a glass of your favourite Cave Spring wine. $95 pp inclusive, cash

bar available. Includes yoga, lunch, glass of wine, mala making workshop and a bottle of wine to take home. Cave Spring Cellars, 3836 Main Street, Jordan. 905562-3581 • Riesling Revealed. Aug. 19-20. 11 a.m.– 4 p.m. Participating wineries: Vineland Estates, Back 10 Cellars, Kacaba, Greenlane, and Featherstone. Join us for The Great Riesling Reveal! This is a new opportunity to savour Niagara’s signature white wine in its many incarnations. Each participating winery will showcase a particular aspect of Riesling’s personality in a custom Riesling experience. Passports are $30 pp (+hst) and allow access to a special experience at all five participating wineries, including a wine tasting, and tasty nibble paired to the wine sample. July/August 2017 |


Chef In Residence CUISINE

Strawberry Gazpacho 6-8 minutes Gazpacho has a fascinating, colourful and often disputed history with versions of its origin including the New Americas, Napoleon III, and various invading cultures. However, one point is accepted as fact: hat it is a Spanish dish. Traditionally described as a soupsalad, it is always served cold and in its illustrious past has had week-old bread, almonds or even anchovy bones mixed in, and pounded with a mortar: a curious recipe, to say the least. Gazpacho in today’s culture refers mostly to cold soup, often made with tomatoes, peppers and garlic. At the Grand Oak, we serve all types of variations with popular ones including cucumber, peach or the one on this page made with fresh-picked strawberries!

A Blender and a bowl, and you’re pretty much set! INGREDIENTS • 1 quart fresh berries, washed and hulled • 2 tbsp honey • ½ tsp vanilla extract, (or ¼ vanilla bean if you have it) • ½ lemon, juiced, zested. That’s it!

DIRECTIONS The berries differ from day to day in sweetness, so I recommend waiting until you’ve pureed the other ingredients and tasted, before adding the lemon juice, but the zest can go in right away. I prefer smooth texture, but some of the cooks and customers here like a bit of structure. Your call!

Continued From Page 27 • Taste of Italy, Aug. 20. Come and enjoy Vieni Estate. Every summer we celebrate our anniversary with our Taste of Italy event. This will be our 4th year celebrating summer with Italian culture, food, wine and entertainment. Inquiries please contact 289-288-9330. Vieni Estate 4553 Fly Rd, Beamsville. • Good Girth Supper Club: Des Peches Modes, Aug. 26 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. $60 pp. Niagara Peaches take a star turn in every dish on this menu. $60 pp. (Gratuity, HST and all beverages extra). Reservations required. The Good Earth 4556 Lincoln Ave, Beamsville. 905.563.6333. • Sweet Yoga July 12 and August 15. Wine, yoga and dessert – what more could you ask for. Enjoy yoga in the vineyard instructed by Ganga Moon Yoga. Afterwards have a tasting in our retail store featuring desserts from Bella’s on the Bench. Inqui-

ries please contact 289-288-9330. Vieni Estate 4553 Fly Rd, Beamsville. • Rockway Vineyards Niagara Junior Golf Camp, Rockway Vineyards is once again putting on its Junior Golf Camp this summer for kids aged 5 and older. There are two camp dates this year and we are partnering with Niagara Golf Warehouse in order to provide the best experience possible for all future Sergio Garcias or Brooke Hendersons. The camps take place over three days, Monday-Wednesday. Each day 9 am-1 pm. The available dates are July 5-7 and Aug. 9-11. Cost is $125 per junior golfer. Taxes are included. 905-641-4536 to register or for more information. • Pizza Nights – July 27, Aug 10 & 24 come and enjoy Pizza Nights. $15 includes a personal wood oven pizza and a choice of Vieni Estate red or white wine. Reservations required. Contact Vieni Estates at 905-5633-6521. Vieni Estate, 4553 Fly

Rd, Beamsville. 905-563-6521. • Sunset Jazz Music Series, July 21st & Aug. 16, 7-9 PM. Join us for another great night of Jazz. $25 pp or $15 for My Way Wine Club Members. Price includes one glass of wine. Megalomaniac Winery, 3930 Cherry Ave. Vineland. 905-562-5155. • Friends & Neighbours Night, every Tues. Evening till Aug. 31, 5-8 pm. Bring your friends, family or even your coworkers to The Restaurant at Redstone for some great food and drink. Each week we are serving stone oven pizzas for $10. Chef Sider also creates a weekly feature showcasing the seasonal bounty of Niagara. Wash down your snacks with an ice cold pint, cider or glass of tap wine for $5 extra. This is a popular weekly event so reservations are highly recommended but not required. Redstone Winery, 4245 King St, Beamsville. Ph: 905-563-9463.

To Make Summer Special, Go West

28 | July/August 2017


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