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Exterior renovations


Safety a vital component of


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Beautiful executive suite in the heart of downtown Fairbanks, Alaska 2500 sf Condo • Sleeps 6 2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms Minimum stay 3 nights 200 N. Cushman St. Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

www.vrbo.com/977044 Whether viewing the aurora, dog mushing or panning for gold, you’ll enjoy your experiences in this wonderful little town called the Golden Heart City in style. Located in central downtown Fairbanks, Alaska, close to the banks of the Chena River, this beautiful penthouse sits above the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (the local newspaper) offering a panoramic view of the city and surrounding areas. The modern, spacious kitchen is a cook’s dream, leading to the dining room which opens to a welcoming, warm living room. All bedrooms are amply sized with plenty of closet space, sleeping six comfortably. A central location, close to most amenities and adventures, makes this the perfect spot to stay while enjoying your interior Alaska visit.

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February–March 2020

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For Sale By Owner – 2220 Donald Avenue, Fairbanks



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RE/MAX Associates of Fairbanks; Ray Brasier


RE/MAX Associates of Fairbanks; Gene Duval


Somers & Associates; Lana Hebert


Agent Directory Crown Real Estate Inc.; Ginger Orem

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Vacation or Business Rental

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Exterior renovations tha can improve home value Safety a vital component of DIY projects Learn about DIY home security The connection between radon and lung cancer Debunking some myths about radon The gift of healing for Valentine’s day Quitting vaping may be a life-saving resolution Debunking some myths about Irish culture When to hire a dog trainer Choose safe & durable chew toys

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Agent directory How to give back to seniors in your community Stock the car for roadside emergencies Stop eye strain before it starts

To advertise, call Laurence Oakes at (907) 459-7531 • Cell 907-450-9559 loakes@newsminer.com yourfairbankshome.com


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renovations that can improve home value

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Renovating a home to improve its value can be a smart investment. Interior improvements, such as updating kitchens and baths, offer good return on investment, but there are plenty of exterior renovations that can add value to a home and give it that coveted “wow� factor.


Abundant and well-planned landscaping can instantly boost curb appeal. According to the landscaping company Lawn Starter, 71 percent of prospective home buyers say a home’s curb appeal is an important factor in their buying decisions. As buyers use the internet to look for their dream homes, there’s no denying a beautifully landscaped, nicely photographed property can entice buyers to click and read more about a house.

Address insects and minor repairs

and hidden water leaks are some things that might need fixing.

Improve the entryway

The front door is the focal point of a home’s exterior. Invest in a new door or paint it a striking color to add appeal. Remodeling magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report 2019” indicates changing an entry door to a steel replacement can offer 74.9 percent ROI. Such a door provides visual appeal and added security — things buyers look for. In addition to the front door, make sure that the entryway has a level walkway, steps that are in good repair, accents that are free from rust or tarnish, and decorative plants.

Improving home value may come down to fixing areas of the home that can negatively affect its appeal to buyers. Hire an inspector to look at key components of the house and recommend what needs to be fixed. This Outdoor lighting can add to the way it is discovered before home buyers ambiance of a property and serve as a come in and do their own inspections. security feature. Utilize different lights, Termite infestations, deteriorating roofs

Outdoor lighting

such as a bright light by the entry, uplighting in trees and shrubs for drama, a light-lined path to the door to improve visibility, and motion-detection lights to improve the security of the property.

Repaint (or reside) the exterior

A fresh coat of paint or new (or cleaned) siding can instantly give homes a facelift. Neutral, warm and inviting colors tend to have the widest appeal. Adding manufactured stone veneer to the home can offer a 94.9 percent ROI, says Remodeling. And after doing the front door and siding, investing in a garage door replacement offers the highest ROI of all exterior projects listed on the “Cost vs. Value Report 2019.” This improvement returns 97.5 percent when selling. Knowing which improvements add value to a home can help homeowners tailor their efforts to those that are most financially beneficial.


3 BD 2 bath.$238,500 Newly remodeled. 2 car garage. Corner lot.

LAND LISTINGS: 2 LOTS OFF STILL VALLEY ROAD Lakloey Water. 30,000 sq ft. $18,000 each



Janet Shafer Owner/Broker

CORNER OF REPP AND BADGER 1.84 acres. Great exposure for coffee or food stand, or small business. GU-1 zoned. Cleared. water. electric on site. 700 ft frontage on Badger Rd. Plus slough frontage. Asking $38,000



3 LOTS ON REFINERY LOOP On North Pole City Water and Sewer. Priced between $12,000-$17,000 each KEEP DRIVE OFF FARMERS LOOP 40,007 sq. ft lots, Great location. $20,000

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a vital component of DIY projects

Clamps or vice grips can secure work so that it doesn’t slip while using fastening or cutting tools.










Evan Hall, Patrice Case & Aaron Lautaret 6 homes.newsminer.com



907.452.1423 || 1991 Fox Ave. Off Phillips Field Road

Tools are vital for projects, but without proper understanding and usage, they can cause grave injuries. Studies published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that certain tools are more likely to cause injuries than others. Power nailers, for example, are among the most dangerous tools DIYers can use. Chain saws, table saws, circular saws, and riding mowers are some additional tools that have very high injury rates. The following are some safety guidelines all DIYers should heed when using power tools. • Use tools that are the right size and right type for the job. If you are uncertain about which tools to use, watch online tutorials, contact tool manufacturers or seek advice at home supply stores. • Always wear eye protection and the right safety equipment when manufacturers recommend doing so. Gloves, sturdy work boots, hearing protection, and hard hats can protect DIYers from injury. • Keep cutting tools sharp and in good condition to reduce kick back and potential injuries.


Many homeowners enjoy DIY projects around the house. Weekend warriors should recognize that having the right tools and using them in a correct manner is essential to successful, safe projects. • Regularly inspect tools to make sure they are in working order. • Never carry tools up a ladder by hand; use a bucket or bag to hoist tools. • Never leave tools lying out in any area where they can present a hazard. Unplug power tools when not in use. • Secure work with a clamp or vice grip when appropriate to keep things from slipping. • Ensure that the handles of tools like hammers and axes fit tightly into the head of the tool. • Keep work environments tidy to avoid clutter, as cluttered workspaces can contribute to accidents. • Read the manual and operate the power tool as instructed. • Do not force open a safety on a power tool or modify a tool to override safety features. • Cut away from yourself when using chisels and other edged tools. Let common sense prevail when using tools. If it doesn’t seem like a good idea, it probably isn’t. Safety is important to avoid injuries and help prevent delays on the job

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about DIY home security

Home is where the heart is. Not to mention all your stuff. Fairbanks Daily News-Miner introduces a new service to help you sell your event tickets online!

Your LOCAL source for event ticketing in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska!

Let us help you get the protection you need. We know home insurance. We can help you protect your home and everything in it. Call us today to discuss your coverage options.

Mongold Insurance Agency 907-452-4260

Subject to terms, conditions, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. Northbrook, IL. Š 2012 Allstate Insurance Co.

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230 OLD STEESE HWY FAIRBANKS davidmongold@allstate.com

To learn more about this great opportunity or to schedule a demo, please contact: Holden Fleming 907-459-7548 or email hfleming@AKTickets.com

Although the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics indicate property crime rates have seen a significant decline in the last few years, there are still roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year, 66 percent of which involve home break-ins. Break-ins are 6 percent more likely to occur between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., when people are out at work or running errands than at other times of day. Homes without a security system are 300 percent more likely to be burglarized, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security. Installing a security system may be the goal of homeowners looking to protect themselves and their belongings. Thanks to availability of new, user-friendly products, do-it-yourselfers can, in many instances, install their own home security systems.

Crown Real Estate AK, Inc.

2016 Affiliates Realtor of the Year When You Need Real Estate Advice Call:

Ginger Orem, Broker/Owner CRS, ABR

www.AskForGinger.com • (907) 452-8000


Homes are a safe haven and comfortable retreat for individuals and families. Home invasions can compromise that feeling of safety and security, making people feel uncomfortable and unsafe in their own homes. • Cameras:

While wired systems use existing electric and telephone lines to connect Working in conjunction with sensors, security components, wireless systems cameras can provide an eye on activity connect components to a main panel via in and outside of a home, adding another radio frequency. One of the benefits of layer of protection. wireless tech is that it enables DIYers to add components and replace them as needed without major hassle. In With smart home connectivity, security addition, wireless security systems do not require construction during the systems can be engaged and turned off installation process. from remote locations.

• Smart features:

Many DIY versions of home security systems work wirelessly and can be set up in a relatively short period of time

More and more homeowners are embracing DIY home security systems to keep their homes safe.

Safety.com says smart home integration, mobile apps and wireless connectivity are hallmarks of modern DIY home security systems. Many have the same components as traditional home security systems, but do not require professional installation or monitoring, even though such options are available. When shopping for home security systems, people can look for the following features to compare offerings.

• Sensors:

Sensors will detect motion and activity in the house. Sensors also may be attached to doors and windows to determine if either are open. Some systems are designed to send alerts to a phone when triggered. homes.newsminer.com 9

The connection

between radon and lung cancer

Products billed as “all-natural” or “organic” are increasingly popular among consumers. That’s understandable, as organic foods have been linked to a host of health benefits. For example, a 2014 metaanalysis published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that organically grown crops contained more antioxidants and were less likely than conventionally grown crops to contain detectable levels of pesticides. But as beneficial as all natural can be, it’s important that people recognize that not all naturally occurring things are good for their health. Radon is a radioactive gas found in the soil. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, radon forms when the radioactive metals uranium, thorium or radium break down in rocks, soil and groundwater. People are constantly exposed to radon because it comes naturally from the earth. However, when that exposure exceeds certain levels, the consequences can be severe.

How am I exposed to radon?

Many people are exposed to radon from breathing it in through the air that comes through cracks and gaps in buildings and homes. The CDC notes that, because it’s naturally occurring, radon is always present in the air. In

10 homes.newsminer.com

many instances, radon is present at levels that are harmless. However, homeowners, building owners and business owners should have radon levels checked periodically to ensure that the levels present in the air are not posing a threat. Levels can change, and levels can vary from home to home. But the EPA notes that testing for radon is both inexpensive and easy.

Are radon and cancer connected?

According to the CDC, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. People who smoke and live in homes with high radon levels are at an increased risk of developing lung cancer. In fact, estimates from the EPA and the U.S.

Surgeon General’s Office suggest that radon causes more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the United States. As radon is breathed in, radioactive particles from the gas can get trapped in the lungs. Over time, these particles increase a person’s risk for lung cancer. But it’s not just smokers who are vulnerable to lung cancer caused by radon. Estimates from the EPA indicate that radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, causing about 2,900 deaths each year in the United States among people who have never smoked. Radon is a significant threat that can increase a person’s risk of lung cancer. Testing for radon and taking action when exposure is high can reduce your risk for lung cancer.

Land for Sale

Associate Broker


gene@geneduval.com www.geneduval.com Associates of Fairbanks


$267,250 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage. Wonderful new ranch home in very private setting. 5 star construction.

• Greer S/D., by Nordale Rd and Peede, 4 lots left from $14,500. • Beaver Pond S/D., 19 mile CHSR, 4 lots left from $19,900. • Chena Ridge, 4 lots with a view, from $95,000. • Roland Acres S/D., by Chena Pump and Roland, 10 lots from $24,000. • Anders S/D., 22.5 mile CHSR, 8 lots each $28,000. • Polkadot Drive, near Goldmine Trail, 16 lots from $12,000. • Ridgepoint Drive on Chena Ridge, 2 lots from $95,000. • Clarkson Drive, by Chena Pump, 2 lots $30,000 each. • Lot 1 Great View Lane $47,500 • City Lights Blvd, by Birch Hill, 4 lots from $96,000. • Sky Summit S/D., by Summit Dr., 2 lots, $99,500 each. • Deere St., near Aurora Dr., 1.7 acres, $118,500. • Chena Pump & Nebula, 2.28 acres, $175,000. Price Reduced • Samson Hardware, Phillips Field Rd., $955,000

Visit our website to tour our wonderful homes!

Debunking some myths about radon Radon is a naturally occurring gas that forms when certain radioactive metals break down in rocks, soil and groundwater. Though radon is naturally occurring, when people are exposed to it at levels deemed to be excessive, the consequences can be dire. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Many people first learn of radon when buying a home. Home inspectors may ask prospective homeowners if they want radon tests conducted on a home they’ve made an offer on, leaving some to wonder what radon is and how, if it’s naturally occurring, it can pose such a potentially significant threat? That unfamiliarity may lead some prospective home buyers to begin researching radon, which unfortunately is not always so easy. That’s because there exists a host of misinformation about radon, so much so that the Environmental Protection Agency feels it necessary to debunk a host of myths regarding radon.

Myth: Scientists are not sure radon is a legitimate problem. Reality: All major health organizations, including the CDC and the American Medical Association, agree that radon causes thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths every year.


Gene DuVal

EPA notes that testing is the only way to determine if a home has a radon problem.

Myth: Homes with radon problems cannot be fixed.

Reality: House hunters can breathe a sigh of relief if a home they like has been determined to have high levels of radon. The EPA notes that radon issues cannot Myth: Radon only affects just be addressed, but addressed in a way certain types of homes. that should not bust homeowners’ budgets. Reality:No home is immune to Prospective home buyers might even be excessive radon levels. The way a home is able to negotiate radon remediation into constructed may affect its radon levels, but the terms of their buying agreements. even homes constructed in ways to prevent radon levels from becoming excessive are Myth: Radon is not immune to high levels of radon.

Myth: My neighbor’s home has low radon levels so mine must as well.


Reality: High levels of radon have been discovered in every state of the United States, a country so geographically diverse that it’s reasonable to conclude that Reality: Radon levels vary from home no place on Earth is immune to radon. to home. A neighboring home that is mere Radon can be deadly, but thankfully feet away from your own may have low it’s often easily fixed and should not radon levels, but that does not mean the necessarily deter home buyers from homes surrounding it do as well. The making an offer on homes they like. homes.newsminer.com 11

The gift

of healing for Valentine’s day

Hot stone massage is just one type of massage therapy offered today.

The gift of massage treats recipients to relaxation and the healing power of therapy and can serve as an escape from the stresses of daily life. In their 21st annual consumer survey, the American Massage Therapy Association says 19 percent of consumers reported receiving a massage from a professional therapist in the previous year. Many people rely on massage for medical relief, including to alleviate muscle soreness, stiffness or spasms. Massage can also aid in the recovery from migraines, help prevent injury and assist in general well-being. Gifting massage is easy when one knows the type of massage a

person desires and the place he or she frequently visits for massage therapy. However, those who are new to massage can use the FindaMassageTherapist.org locator to find professionals in their area. Brushing up on the types of massage therapies available can help gift-givers make more informed decisions.

(kneading, rolling and lifting), effleurage (long, smooth strokes), friction, tapotement (percussion-like movements), and vibration. Swedish massage is ideal for those who have never before visited a massage therapist.

Deep tissue massage

According to Massage Envy, a retail chain of massage therapy locations, deep This classic, standard massage offered tissue massage is similar to Swedish at many facilities has become massage, but the technique focuses on synonymous with the deepest layer of muscles to target massage therapy. knots and release chronic muscle Using lotion or oil, tension. This massage can work out therapists will begin kinks and is recommended for people with general, broad who like a deeper-pressure massage. strokes on the body and then move on address specific 2220 Donald Avenue • Fairbanks • $185,000 to When giving a hot stone massage, problem areas. massage therapists will use a form of 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,400 sf. TOTAL Remodel started in 2015. New sinks, The basic strokes therapy that follows the same principles cabinets, carpet/flooring, paint, Toyo Stove, well, electrical, new roof (2010) involved in Swedish and septic. 2/3 Acres, fenced, beautiful lawn. Interior weatherization of Swedish massage with the addition massage include upgrades. Serious Buyers Only, with Bank Pre-Approval/Letter of Intent. of heated stones, according to Hand & petrissage (907) 374-0848 Stone massage centers. Adding heat

Swedish massage

Hot stone massage


12 homes.newsminer.com

to specific areas of the body enhances feelings of relaxation. The heat also enables the massage to be delivered without extra exertion of pressure.


The health resource VeryWell states that shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that involves localized pressure by the therapist’s fingers or other body parts (elbows/arms) in a rhythmic sequence along the body. Each point is held for a few seconds. The practice has roots in traditional Chinese medicine, and can be used to stimulate acupressure points on the body.


Reflexology has ancient origins, but was refined by physiotherapist Eunice Ingram in the 1930s. It targets areas on the hands and feet believed to be connected with other areas of the body. Reflexologists apply pressure to these points and can stimulate the release of endorphins in the body to reduce stress and discomfort.

Aromatherapy massage

Many massage therapists will offer aromatherapy as part of massage packages. Scents may trigger certain responses, helping to invigorate, relax or recharge the body. Oils may be scented, or perfumed candles or incense may be present in the room.

Massage can help relax and heal. Many people see it as a luxury indulgence, making it a prized gift for Valentine’s Day.


vaping may be a life-saving resolution Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices were once described as potentially “safer” and “healthier” methods of smoking, even by leading health organizations. Many former tobacco smokers even turned to e-cigarettes as a method to quitting traditional cigarettes. However, recent research into vaping and a rash of mysterious lung illnesses and deaths recently linked to vaping has led many to question if vaping is safe. Those who suspect it’s not may be wise to quit.

The illness toll rises

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that, as of September 2019, there were 530 cases of vaping-related lung illnesses. Eight people also died in six states, with the first confirmed death occurring in April. The first known vapingrelated illness in Canada was documented on September 18, 2019, when a youth from Ontario was put into intensive care for respiratory illness. While federal and state investigators are largely focusing their investigations on vape cartridges that likely contained tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component linked to marijuana, as a potential source of these illnesses, all electronic cigarette devices are now under scrutiny.

A school epidemic

Vaping has quickly become an epidemic in schools. More than 3.6 million American middle and high school students currently use e-cigarettes, according to the latest National Youth Tobacco Study. Teen nicotine vaping rates in 2019 were double those of 2017, the National Institute on Drug Abuse says. Despite the installation of vaping detectors, and some schools going so far as to remove doors from bathroom stalls, opportunities to vape still abound. Older students may leave campus to vape in their cars during lunch breaks. Laws restricting sales of e-cigarettes to youth in certain states have

already been implemented. Lawmakers also plan to ban most flavored e-cigarettes and nicotine pods in an attempt to curtail their use among teenagers.

Mystery ingredients

Many adults look to e-cigarettes to reduce their dependence on tobacco products. However, Johns Hopkins Medical Center warns e-cigarettes are just as addictive. Also, many e-cigarette users get even more nicotine through extra-strength cartridges or by increasing the voltage to get a greater hit of the addictive substance. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved vaping as a smoking cessation method. People never can ber certain about the ingredients in vaping liquids. And as the popularity of e-cigarettes grows, newer, cheaper, and poorly regulated products are being imported from all over the world to meet the demand. According to the CDC, exposure to such products may cause a range of symptoms, including cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. There also have been cases of “popcorn lung,” which derived its name from a former chemical flavoring (diacetyl) used in microwave popcorn linked to scarring of the tiny air sacs in the lungs, resulting in suffocation. Popcorn lung also has been linked to vaping use. More evidence continues to point to vaping as an unsafe practice. Quitting the habit now can have profound, potentially life-saving effects. homes.newsminer.com 13


some myths about Irish culture

New Year. New Home. The first step to the home of your dreams starts here. Contact us today to get pre-qualified to begin your search.

324 Old Steese Hwy., Ste. 117 l (907) 452-8800 Inside Somers & Associates, 711 Gaffney Rd., Ste. 201 l (907) 456-8831 14 homes.newsminer.com



St. Patrick’s Day. The day pays homage to the patron saint of Ireland and has become a day of celebration for people from all walks of life.

Megan Quan

Melody K. Macchione

Realtor®; SRS, CMRS

Broker/Realtor®; Property Manager; SRS, VAMRES

Katie Champagne Office Manager/ Realtor®

Daedre Gibbens

Property Management Coordinator/ Realtor®

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We are experienced Real Estate Professionals specializing in Residential Sales and Property Management in the Fairbanks area market. If you are looking to purchase a home or property, choose us to represent you and we will work to find you exactly your dream home. If you are looking to sell your home or property, we’ll help you market and sell your home fast and at a price you’ll be happy with. Get the most out of your real estate deal with us by your side.

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815 2nd Ave, Suite 201 • Fairbanks, AK 99701 OFFICE HOURS – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY FairbanksHomeSource.net

While St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are all about fun, festivities may foster some misconceptions about Ireland and Irish culture. Debunking some of those myths may give people an even greater appreciation of the Emerald Isle.

However, this hasn’t been true since the conclusion of the Irish War of Independence. in 1921. The six counties known as Northern Ireland are still part of the UK, but the remainder of the island makes up the Republic of Ireland.

1. The Irish are not enamored with leprechauns.

3. Ireland is a world economic power.


Ireland garners significant attention each March, when people across the globe don green garb and celebrate

4. Ireland residents’ wardrobes are not exclusively green.

Known as the Emerald Isle for its awe-inspiring green countryside, Ireland has long been associated with the color green. As a result, St. Patrick’s Day celebrants often wear green clothing Ireland is one of the richest nations in on March 17. But the people of Ireland have more diverse sartorial tastes and the European Union. The World Atlas Come St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns ranks Ireland as the third richest country are just as likely to wear various colors as they are to wear green. are purported to be mischief makers who by GDP. Tourism and the beverage can rev-up the fun. But within Ireland, industry help solidify this ranking. the only places you’re liable to find leprechauns is in tourist gift shops. In fact, while the origins of leprechauns may date back to ancient Ireland, many people now believe the image of the fighting, ill-tempered leprechaun is offensive to the Irish people.

2. Ireland is not a part of the United Kingdom.

Many people mistakenly believe that Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. homes.newsminer.com 15


to hire a dog trainer People welcome dogs into their lives for many reasons. Some want to selflessly rescue dogs from poor situations and provide a forever home in which the animal can be loved and grow, while others may want to provide a companion for their kids and to teach lessons of devotion and responsibility.


ixty-seven percent of households in the United States own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. Ipsos says approximately 35 percent of Canadian households have a dog. While most dogs are inherently affable, affectionate creatures, not every puppy is obedient right out of the gate. Many dogs exhibit behaviors that may seem cute when dogs are young, but become problematic as the animal ages. Thanks to a wealth of readily available information, both online and in print, many dog owners can address minor issues on their own. However, when certain behaviors persist, a professional trainer may need to be brought in. ertified dog trainers have been taught how to recognize and interpret the unique language of dogs and educate others so owners can recognize how to interact with their pets more effectively. Dogs are committed to pleasing their owners, but they may not always realize what their owners are


16 homes.newsminer.com

asking. Trainers can help bridge this gap more quickly. rainers also are more likely than owners to see problem behaviors from an unbiased perspective. A pet owner may think their dog is acting out or being spiteful, while a trainer can explain that isn’t the case and that boredom or another factor may be behind the behavior. Putting problems in an objective light can make it easier to find solutions. ccording to the California-based Break It Down Dog Training, if more pet owners were proactive about seeking professional training from the start of the pet-owner relationship, that could preempt many of the problem behaviors that tend to spring up. rainers may specialize in treating certain behaviors, so it’s a good




idea to seek a recommendation from a veterinarian or speak with a rescue or humane society group. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends who have had success also is a smart idea. number of behavioral problems may indicate a trainer is needed. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following: • Resource guarding of food or toys • Separation anxiety • Pulling on the leash • Door-dashing • Pica, or eating inappropriate items • Jumping up on people • Nipping and growling • Severe fears and shyness any trainers can resolve common problems in a few sessions and give dog owners innovative techniques to try.





Your Hometown Realtor GRACE MINDER REALTY, INC.

safe and durable chew toys

(907) 378-8934 graceminder@yahoo.com www.graceminder.com

2500 Rossons Crossway New Construction! 4 beds 2.5 bath 2 car garage on 1/2 acre city lot. Custom built, double wall Construction, city water, paved roads. Move in Now!

Most dogs explore and learn about their world with their noses and mouths. Chewing is a normal part of canine development, and the ASPCA says that dogs will chew in many stages of life.

719 Bentley Dr. $169,900

2/1/1 ranch style home, fenced yard front and back, concrete patio and sidewalk, new windows, steel siding, crawlspace

665 10th Ave. #208 • $149,900

These units don’t come up that often. 55 and older secured bldg 2 beds, 2 baths, 2 parking spots- 1 inside and 1 outside. New fresh paint, some new fixtures. Pick out your new carpet.

Young dogs chew to alleviate pain caused by the eruption of adult teeth. Adult dogs chew to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean. Chewing also can alleviate boredom or tame mild anxiety or frustration. Chewing is a healthy response, but dogs will need to learn which items are appropriate to chew and which ones, such as furniture, are off limits. To encourage healthy chewing, pet owners should keep plenty of items that are safe to chew around the house. Here are suggestions on picking the best and safest options, courtesy of The Humane Society, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and other pet advocacy organizations.

• Consider age.

A young pup with baby teeth will need soft rubber toys or plush stuffed toys for their delicate teeth. But those same toys can be a hazard when bite strength increases, as parts of the toy can be bitten off and swallowed. As puppies age, their chew toys may need to be replaced with more ageappropriate items.

1070 Turner St. #102 • $111,900

CHEAPER THAN RENT • Secured Unit This unit has been completely remodeled and is move in ready. 2 beds, 1 bath, W/D in unit. New appliances, windows, flooring, cabinets & countertops. Pets welcomed.

1355 Grenac $249,900

This homes sits on 15.41 beautiful acres. With Borough approval this land can be subdivided. House is a serious fixer upper or a tear down. Call for details.

1167 Park Ave $315,000

3 bedroom 3 bath log home plus office and 2 car garage + basement could be mother-in-law on a 1/2 acre of land in the most sought after neighborhood


1170 Float Road $190,000 2 bedroom 1 bath extra Charming Log Home on 1.15 acres. Open floor plan with concrete painted floors, 2 beds plus office nook, shed plus, 12X24 pad for garage.

can direct its attention away from • Consider the size of pet furniture and shoes. the dog • Keep safety in A Yorkshire terrier will not have the same bite strength and jaw size as a mind. Labrador retriever. Look for toys that list the breed size or chewing strength on the package.

• Know your dog’s personality.

Is your dog a “gulper” who bites off large chunks of toys and swallows them fast? Does he or she nibble? What about a dog that seems to destroy every toy in a minute? A dog that bites off hunks of toys or tears them to shreds will need something very durable.

• Assess pet preferences.

Dogs gravitate to the same types of toys again and again. Some dogs like the feel of rope toys, while others may prefer edible toys and bones that simulate the aromas and flavors of real food. Selecting toys that interest the

Chew toys have their pros and cons. For example, a rawhide bone can provide hours of stimulating chew time, but for dogs who break off large pieces, the rawhide may become lodged in the trachea or intestines. Bully sticks, which are popular chews made from bull pizzle, tend to be expensive and are high in calories, so dogs shouldn’t eat too many in a short period of time. Rope toys or less durable items may break apart and cause obstruction hazards. Chew toys provide stimulation, alleviate pain and can even entertain dogs. When using chew toys with dogs, monitor the pet during play and replace the toy if it becomes dangerous.

homes.newsminer.com 17

18 homes.newsminer.com

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How to

give back to seniors in your community The strongest communities tend to be those in which members make a concerted effort to give as much as they get. Giving back to one’s community can foster strong relationships with fellow residents and ensure that everyone, including the less fortunate, is in position to live happy, healthy lives. Certain people in a community may be more vulnerable to issues that can adversely affect quality of life than others. For example, the National Institute on Aging notes that, as men and women age, many are alone more often than when they were younger, leaving them vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness. Such feelings can prove very harmful to their health, potentially contributing to problems such as depression, cognitive decline and heart disease. Volunteering to help the aging members of one’s community is a great way to give back, and such efforts can prove rewarding for both seniors and the volunteers who lend them a hand.

• Pull an extra chair up to the dinner table. Many a meaningful connection has been made and maintained over the dinner table. Breaking bread with a senior from your community is a great way to foster such connections and provide an avenue for social interaction

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for seniors. Seniors who live alone might not enjoy cooking for one each night, but they might jump at the chance to eat dinner with a neighbor and even help prepare the meal. Invite a senior over once per week, encouraging them to share stories about their lives as well as how the community has developed over the years.

• Help seniors manage their finances.

Many seniors struggle to manage their finances, as laws regarding taxes and investing are subject to routine changes. A little help in this area can go a long way for seniors. Adults who want to help but don’t know where to begin can do the legwork for their aging neighbors. Contact agencies such as AARP to determine if there are any financial assistance programs that can help seniors effectively manage their money and take advantage of agespecific perks, such as programs that may help seniors lower their energy costs.

• Offer to help around the house.

Seniors who reside in single-family homes may not be able to keep up with routine home maintenance. Neighbors who want to help can offer to mow the lawn, tend to the landscaping and tidy up inside. Keep an eye open for other issues, such as clogged gutters, that can be fixed easily but prove costly if they go ignored. Helping aging neighbors is a great way to give back and build strong communities.


the car for roadside emergencies Disasters can happen in a flash, and having a plan in place for common emergency situations can make it easier to handle adverse conditions, particularly when away from home. According to MFASCO Health and Safety, a supplier of first aid supplies and kits, 90 percent of people do not carry first aid supplies or other emergency gear in their vehicles. Among those who may carry supplies, 30 percent never check to determine if they’re in good working order. The National Safety Council says that drivers should always keep emergency supply kits in the trunks or cargo


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areas of their vehicles. Kits should be inspected every six months, and worn out items should be replaced. Roadside emergency kits can make the difference between getting back on the road safely or being stranded for hours. Such kits also may help prevent or treat injuries, potentially saving lives. Weather should be considered when preparing vehicle emergency kits, which should include the following. • A properly inflated spare tire and tire-changing equipment • Jumper cables • A multipurpose utility tool and/or tool kit • Flashlight and batteries • Flares or triangle reflectors • An extra quart of motor oil • A first-aid kit containing at the least, gauze, tape, bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, nonlatex gloves, scissors, hydrocortisone, thermometer, tweezers, and instant cold compress • A blanket • A tire pressure gauge • A portable tire inflator • Paper towels • Nonperishable, high-energy foods • Drinking water

• A reflective vest • Duct tape • A fire extinguisher • An ice scraper • A folding shovel • Coolant and washer fluid • A phone charger • Baby/child supplies, if pertinent • Rope Keep roadside emergency kits organized at all times. Store items securely in a milk crate, box or backpack so they are always readily available. People should familiarize themselves with the items in the kit so they know how to use them correctly and quickly. With some planning and organization, drivers can have the supplies they will need to make it through roadside emergencies safely.

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eye strain before it starts

3148 BROOKVIEW 2905 CIRCLE LOOP Great rental property!! This split level 2 bedroom, 1 bath units and Looking for a nice house with 5 bedrooms, look no further! This house is nestled back in a quiet area with a wonderful a shared 2 car garage has wonderful rental history. Tucked away manicured lawn and large fenced area in the back. alongside the slough for fun outdoor activities on just shy of two acres.

It’s that time of the year when many areas of the country are under the cold cloak of winter. Unforgiving temperatures can translate into an increase in hours spent indoors, whether at work or at home, and more time relying on devices to pass the hours. Spending more time watching television, playing video games, texting friends, or browsing the internet can lead to a condition known as “computer vision eye strain.” Eye strain also may be caused through intense eye use, such as while driving long distances or engaging in activities that require close attention, such as crafting or reading. The American Optometric Association says digital eye strain can result in various forms of discomfort, which increase with the amount of screen use. The most common symptoms include: • headaches; • blurred vision; • dry, watery or burning eyes; • increased sensitivity to light; and • neck and shoulder pain. The AOA says viewing a computer or digital screen often makes the eyes have to work harder. The AOA notes this is different from reading a printed page. The letters are not as precise or sharply defined, and areas of contrast can be muted. Also, the presence of glare and reflections on the screen may make








2960 NORTH POINT Gorgeous custom built home on lower Chena Ridge! This 3 bed, 3 1/2 bath, 2 car garage with a detached garage/workshop is raging with beauty.

$360,000 TOK CABIN Looking for a place to hunt, fish and trap or just plain relax... this is the cabin for you!! Outside Tok, Alaska on almost 5 acres of land.

3924 LYLE AVE.

Looking for a duplex or a single family house? This well maintained property can go either way! A 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage on over an acre has been used as a duplex over the last several years.


$229,000 REDUCED

2570 MISTLETOE Business property off the Richardson Highway!! This property consists of 3 lots that are visible from a major highway going through North Pole. Shop with apartment and lots of space.



2604 MERCIER Lovely 2 bed/2 bath home on a corner lot in town! Home has been well cared for over the years and it shows.

2760 EDDIE LANE Beautiful custom log home on 5 acres!! Step inside to this open kitchen and living room concept with vaulted ceilings. Three bedroom, two full baths with a laundry room and extra sink area.



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viewing difficult. Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic says people tend to blink less while using digital devices, and view them at less than ideal distances or angles. Alleviating eye strain from digital sources involves making changes in daily habits or the environment. Taking regular eye breaks, and looking at objects from different distances can help them focus. These tips may help as well. • Adjust the lighting to reduce glare on screens or your task. • Limit screen time as much as possible and engage in other activities. • Consider the use of artificial tears products to lubricate dry eyes. • Choose the right eyewear, and work with an eye professional to find products that can assist you. Specialized glasses or contact lenses are designed for computer work. Investigate tintings and coatings that also may help. • Blink often to refresh the eyes. • Talk to a doctor if eye strain persists or changes in severity.

When the weather gets cold, people may rely on digital devices for recreation more than they otherwise would. Avoiding eye strain in such situations can help people avoid discomfort.

Alleviate the potential for digital eye strain by limiting screen time and taking breaks homes.newsminer.com 23

Homes Listed by


(907) 750-3920 • HomesForSaleFairbanksAK.com GETTINGER'S FIELD

601 Bonnifield Street


This home has been remodeled over the last 7 years to include: new foundation, bathrooms, kitchen, lighting, flooring, Buderus boiler, as well as new wiring, plumbing, and windows. Original part of the home was built in 1946, addition and garage added in the 80’s, home has an effective age of 15 years with all the recent renovations. Property sits on a nice over-sized, fenced corner lot with asphalted parking in front and alongside of the garage. Owner is wife of listing licensee.


Lot 1 $375,000 - 47.56 Acres Lot 2 $295,000 - 35 Acres Lot 3 $175,000 - 10 Acres Lot 4 $325,000 - 55 Acres

Lot 5 $495,000 - 160 Acres Lot 6 $157,000 - 40 Acres Lot 7 $99,500 - 120 Acres

530 Bias Drive 1204 Kennicott

$208,550 836 Cloud Road

As close to a new home as you can get. This home has been upgraded from top to bottom to include, new shingles, furred out walls (now 8’ inch walls), new windows, new tubs, vanities, new electrical, updated boiler, new fuel tank, flooring’s, lights, etc. As close to new as you can get. The layout of this 4 bedroom 2 bathroom 1,848 sq ft home gives you plenty of space. The chef size kitchen has been updated to today’s modern design. The spacious master bedroom has lots of storage with it’s 2+ closets. Must see to truly appreciate



Brand new never lived in! Energy efficient 2 bedroom on over 4 1/2 acres. Open floor concept, must see to appreciate.


Spaciously laid out property, home is really a four bedroom but the fourth bedroom doesn’t have a closet. This property is an Alaskan dream come true, you sit in the middle of your almost 5 acres and can’t see your neighbors, room for your toys in your almost 1,200 sq. ft. shop. Home has been well cared for and has had some recent upgrades such as a new roof, windows, flooring, kitchen appliances, and lighting.

11333 Salcha Drive $50,000 Great recreational cabin, with the lake across the street. The home has a post on pad foundation with electricity, and set up with grey water system for shower and sinks with a small water holding tank for when cabin is being used. The sani can is privately owned and transfers with the sale of the property.


City of North Pole

2957 Santa Patricia Court


The City of North Pole is currently going through growth and expansion. If your business is looking for great exposure, then you would be hard pressed to beat this location. Currently, there is a lease with Allstate and Arctic Explores Preschool. Each side consists of 2,127 sq ft of (Class A) rental/office space.

1528 Cushman St.

$289,950 1533 Lacey St.


Good income producing property. Gross rent is $7500 per month. Mixed Was originally a hotel and with over 60 rooms and 24500 sq ft, it would be a great building to turn into a apartment complex. units- restaurant on main floor, other units are a mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms. F602357-1

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Fairbanks Homes and Real Estate - February-March 2020  

Homes and land for sale in and around Fairbanks and North Pole, Alaska.

Fairbanks Homes and Real Estate - February-March 2020  

Homes and land for sale in and around Fairbanks and North Pole, Alaska.

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