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Table of Contents Page 2: Director's Letter About ALSA Page 3: Law Student 101: How to Survive Law School Page 5: Fun Facts About FHUI Page 6: Events Page 7: Organization in FHUI Page 14: Why Organization is Important Page 15: Legal Movies List Legal TV Shows List Legal Books List

Page 20: Legal Professions

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Places that Law Students Should Visit

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Internship for Law Students

from the magazine team Person in Charge

Hiyal & Vanya

EXTERNAL PUBLIC RELATIONS Manager: Hannan Abdallah | Vice Manager: Luthfi Prasetya | Newsletter and Magazine Coordinator: Sonia Dhan Partap Kaur | Multimedia Coordinator: Abdilla Lahuddin | Reporter: Rizabella Anggiani and Vanya Edria | Editor: Tara Krizia Dodds and Thalia Priscilla | Layouter: Hiyal Ulya Fillah and Nadia Shabira Putri | Photographer: Muhammad Aditya Putra and Bernard Ekki

Hello ALSAians,

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Welcome to ALSA LC UI Magazine July Edition! The magazine

Alumni Profile

you're holding right now is our very first issue this year. This

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month, we will be talking about everything related to law.

How to Write a Good Essay

We would also like to introduce all of the new member of

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FHUI to our campus, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia by

Law Review Article

putting together articles such as How to Survive Law School,

Page 27:

Organizations in FHUI and why those organizations are important

Legal Research and Development Article

for us as college student. There would be watching and reading

Page 29:

Games and Law Profile

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lists related to law and tips on how to write a good essay for all of you. Dont forget to check them out! Have a nice day and Vaarwel! The Magazine Team



Director's Letter

Director's Letter

Hello ALSAians

First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Bagus Joko Puruitomo, and I am the Director of Asian Law Students’ Association Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia (ALSA LC UI). On behalf of ALSA LC UI, I really want to welcome the new members of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia, Batch 2013! In order to enrich your knowledge about Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia, and spesifically ALSA, we have put some tips and tricks in this magazine’s article that hopefully can help all of you to survive in law school. By publishing this magazine, ALSA LC UI is trying to introduce the wonderful activities and life as an undergraduate student in our Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia to the new member of this Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia, Batch 2013. Moreover, we’re really hoping for the freshmen of Batch 2013 can participate OLMA, which is ALSA LC UI’s annual recruitment event. Last but not least, good luck for your new adventure in

Best Regards,

Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia. Having ALSA LC UI as your family while you’re obtaining and gaining various experiences in this campus is a great decision by the way. So please do enjoy your journey by reading our magazine. ALSA Always Be One!



The Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA)

External Public Relation team openly accepts

is a non-political association and a rising

articles from any ALSA members, be it legal

student organization. It currently composed

review or other articles, as long as it does



not contain any form of discrimination or

including Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia,



underlying campaigns and is not more than



1000 words. Any interested party who wishes

Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Laos, and Vietnam.

their work to be published may email their






writing to ALSA LC UI’s email mentioned below.


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Bagus Joko Puruitomo Director of ALSA LC UI

Law Student 101

law student


How to Survive Law School For New Students

1. barel

Need anything? Have a limited budget? Barel is always be the answer. Barel could be anything you want it to be. You could buy books, bag, food, rent dorm or even household

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

there. It is located in front of Faculty of Law after the railroad.

2. abang? mbak? Feeling odd calling your senior with different nicknames from your high school? In FHUI, you will have to adapt to new nicknames where you have to call your seniors at FHUI with Abang and Mbak. As this is one of the tradisions in FHUI


Law Student 101

3. siak war


What is SIAK WAR? SIAK War will determine your future in the faculty. You will have to sit for 12 hours in front of your computer with the internet on to be able to access SIAK, so you could fill your course with your chosen lecturer. Or else you will have to spend the rest of your semester with an undesired lecturer. Even worse, you might have to wait for another semester to take that class, because the quota of the class is already full.

4. car?! Are new students allowed to bring car to FHUI? Yes! But pay attention, you are prohibited to park at FHUI parking lot simply because the space is not big enough to accommodate the entire campus of FHUI. So, if you plan on bringing cars the campus it is recommended to park it outside FHUI and the nearest space is at Masjid Universitas Indonesia (MUI)

5. organization

Life is too short to be spending all your time on studying. Join some organizations! Be a part of something to add more fun to your days in FHUI. You can always try out ALSA!

For Law Students in General

1. Planning!

Start planning on your future in legal career by choosing vocational program or start making a 5 year plan of your life. If you really want to succeed, you have to know what you want to do and what will you do

2. understand, not memorize!

Most people’s approach to overcome this is by memorizing them. This method is not going to make you a straight A student. Rather than memorizing, try to understand the concept. By doing that, you’re giving a huge favor for yourself and your brain!

3. bulletin board

As a university student, there are many opportunities that will be offered to you. Finding the right information is an important step to grasp these opportunities. Information about competitions, internship at a law firm, and scholarships are published in the bulletin board. Make sure you dont miss them by paying attention to the board!


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

It is inevitable for law students to have tons of reading materials on their hands.

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

FHUI's Fun Facts



Events Past and Upcoming


alsa summer school 2013 This year’s Summer School, with the tagline “Learn English with Excitement and Curiosity” was held on 8th-9th June 2013. The Project Officer for this event was Stephanie Pretty from English Training Division. This event was made with the purpose to endorse the subjects of Science and Culture. The first day of Summer School was held at Panti Asuhan At-Tien and the second day was held at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. For the culture theme, we created kites and visited Anjungan. For the science theme, we created miniature volcanic eruptions, went to PPIPTEK, watched a Science Show and 4 Dimension movie called “Salamander”. Last but not least, all participants that consist of ALSAians member and also participants from Panti Asuhan At-Tien really enjoyed this event.

OLMA Organization, Leadership, and Management of ALSA is a once a year event which will be held for new members who intend to join ALSA. In order for you to be a part of ALSA, you have to attend OLMA. The purpose of the event is to introduce ALSA to new members so they could get a picture of what ALSA is about.


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ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:




ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:




ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:



ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:


Legal Movies

legal movies Watching List for Law Students Learning doesn’t always have to be in a classroom, where teachers or professors are the ones who give you information. In fact, there are other learning methods that are more amusing and exciting. Movies not only amuse and excite, but also educate and inform. After all, what better way to learn about legal ideas and concept than through movies! Here is a list of four movie titles for you to watch on your spare time. Watch and rate it yourself! In the end, do tell us which one of these is your absolute favorite.


We know what you’re thinking, and yes it is a black and white movie. Don’t be fooled at first glance. It might seem too dated for your taste, but you know what they say, the older the better. To Kill a Mockingbird is a timeless classic that continues to speak to new generations. The movie it self is an adaptation of a book with the same title, its story revolves around Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, who defends a

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his kids against prejudice. To Kill a Mockingbird is easily placed top on most of Greatest Legal Movies lists, and can you blame it? Interested? Watch it for yourself!

I rate this :



Legal Movies Who doesn’t love a good argument? Moreover, if its delivered by a lawyer in uniform. Tom Cruise played a Navy lawyer, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, who is assigned to defend two Marines accused of the murder of fellow leatherneck at the U.S Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A Few Good Men has the most popular courtroom scenes ever filmed, with its best-know movie quotes of all time, “You can’t handle the truth!” delivered by actor Jack Nicholson.

I rate this :


Philadephia is considered to be one of the greatest legal movies of all time. It ranked #8 on the Aba Journal’s famous Top 25 Legal Movies list. It starred Tom Hanks and Denzel Washinton as two competing lawyers who join forces to sue a prestigious law firm for AIDS discrimination. More than a decade after AIDS was first identified as a disease, Philadelphia marks the first time Hollywood has risked a big-budget film on the subject.

I rate this :

What would you do if you get framed for a murder on your way to college? Calling a cousin who graduated from law school six years ago, who only recently managed to pass the bar exam on his sixth try would definitely be your last option. Well, that’s what William and Stanley did in My Cousin Vinny. It is amusing to see Vinny as an attorney who is working on his very first case. His unique style in court is downright funny by how he treated the judge and delivered his opening argument. The movie packs in cinema’s briefiest opening argument such as “Everthing that guy just said is a bullshit”, its best ever introduction to the rules of criminal procedure.

I rate this : Out of all these movies, My favorite legal movie is


(write it it here) .........................................................


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

4. my cousin vinny

Legal TV Shows

legal tv shows Other than movies, TV shows can certainly be another way for you to have a peek at what you’re currently studying right now, which is law. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend hours in front of your TV, watching legal TV shows while not being so guilty? Since you’re not just entertaining yourself, but also enriching your knowledge of law. Here’s a list of six legal TV Shows for you to watch and rate it for your self!

1. Law and Order Law & Order is one of the longest running TV drama series ever. Law & Order actually uses real case law to prosecute their cases and make real legal arguments. They say that you can’t fully appreciate how good “Law & Order” is unless you’ve attended law school. In fact, if you watch enough Law & Order, you could probably pass a criminal procedure class in law school.

I rate this :

2. L.A Law

L.A Law inspired nearly all of the current lawyer shows. It was the first TV Show to recognize that law is a business, practiced for profit in large

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

firms. Arguably no drama did as good a job tackling issues such as race, gay rights, and the drug war during the last 80s and early 90s. Though the show may seem dated for today’s law students, the show is still very funny and well acted. L.A Law is considered as one of the greatest legal TV shows.

3. Boston Legal

: I rate this

Boston Legal is actually a spin-off of The Practice. The show revolves around the Boston litigation law firm of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt. It portrays two eccentric and flawed attorneys.

I rate this : 17

Legal TV Shows

4. Suits While running from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant young collegedropout slips into a job interview with one of New York’s best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes his raw talent and photographic memory. Mike and Harvey are a winning team. Even though Mike is a genius, he still has a lot to learn about the law. And while Harvey may seem like an emotionless, cold-blooded shark, Mike Ross will help remind Harvey that everything is not just about winning.

I rate this :

5. Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal was goofy, but downright funny. The show was a slapstick soap opera whose law office served as a setting for anorexic fashion, sex-driven dialogue and never ending cycle of relationships. Who could forget the remote toilet flusher for the unisex bathroom of the dancing babies that haunted Ally?

: I rate this

6. The Practice Created by the same person who developed Ally McBeal, The Practice had its share of glory for eight seasons from 1997 to 2004. The Practice focused on the law firm of Robert Donnel and Associates. The first three seasons honestly represent the pinnacle of legal dramas of television. The writing for this show is consistently funny and thought provoking, even if you find yourself disagreeing with half of the show’s closing argument. You might not like the idea of a TV

rapist, and scumbags for money, but The Practice is too entertaining to miss.

I rate this : Out of all these TV Shows, My favorite Legal TV Show is ........................................................................................... (write it here)


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Show that idealize trial attorneys, which are people who defend murderers,

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Legal Books



ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Legal Jobs

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Places that Law Students Should Visit



ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Internship Program

Alumni Profile



difficulties to cope up when you

What skills do you still need to develop during only started working, but the key is

Hello Bang Ferdy! First of all, congratulations for your recent graduation and your new job! We from ALSA are very proud of your






I believe it would be analytical skill. During still be able to enjoy your life. my

achievement as the former Director of ALSA

university, we are often forced to memorize coworkers will feel the impacts of

LC UI! However, we as the current member of

instead of analyze, but in practice we do not all my actions. Here, I realize I have

ALSA as well as student of FHUI are curious of

have to memorize everything. Because we are been given a very big responsibility in

how life is after the exams, the all-nighters,

used to memorize during university, we are most comparison to during university life.

and the fun events. As a recent graduate, how

likely to be textbook oriented and lack the skill

does work life differ from school life?

to solve the cases we face. Therefore, I personally

the biggest difference that I experience is the


Thank you for the greetings, ALSA! Personally,

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

your career that you have not gain during always on time management. With

you can only feel the max advantage if you also put max effort in what you do

feel I still need to develop this one skill of mine. There are other options after graduation

degree of responsibility that I hold against

instead of directly working, such as taking

other people. During university, you are only

master degree or traveling the world. Why

responsible to yourself. When you skip classes

did you choose to work instead of doing those

or not get your homework done, the one who

other possible options?

will feel the impact of your actions is yourself.

I can more or less say my decision of working

However, in work life, I am responsible to

right after graduation was accidental. I joined a

my partners for my coworkers will feel the

workshop and at first got a chance for internship, Lastly, any message for the new

impacts of all my actions. Here, I realize I

and then slowly became a permanent partner. students of FHUI and current ALSA

have been given a very big responsibility

Although as a result I did not have the chance members regarding the transition

What soft skill did you gain in ALSA that is

to enjoy holiday after graduation like most of from

most advantageous for your work?

my friends, I believe such big opportunity does

I believe there are 2 most important soft skills

not come twice, therefore after I thought it over

that I gained in ALSA, which are how to work in

and consulted with my family, I took the offer. I

a chain of command and how to work with new

believe I made the right decision for the long run.

people. In law firms, there is a structure much

There are myths about how laborious being a

like the one in ALSA, where staff will submit to their manager and the manager will report to the BODs. In ALSA also, I learned to work with new people, and even people I don't like to begin with, but because I have experienced these I know how to handle it now, in work life, and it is very helpful for me.

lawyer is, how tiring the work is that you have no time to sleep, and others negative talks. How do you justify these rumors?










I believe you made a great decision if you choose to join ALSA, because there are a lot of advantages that you will gain, whether knowledge-wise, organization-wise, or social-wise. I have experienced it myself and all the things

To be honest, it’s true; the work will take over I gained from ALSA were not in vain; it is your life. However do not fear the responsibility very rewarding. However, you can only that will be burdened to you because once feel the maximum advantage if you also you are committed to your job, anything put maximum effort in what you do. can be done. It is true that there will be


How to: Article

How to Write

a good essay In the field of law, one of the most necessary skills a person must have to be able to do well is writing. Being able to express and convey one’s ideas in a comprehensive, eloquent, and most importantly persuasive manner is a strong attribute that will help them to thrive in almost any career in the legal arena. The good news is, this skill can be developed and improved, and college is the best time to prepare brushing up your writing skills through essays.

1. A Suitable Topic Find a suitable topic which you feel strongly about and have sufficient access to the necessary resources. In order to do this, it is recommended that you choose an area of concentration that is of interest to you and then narrow it down to a specific issue.

2. Research Start researching on three to four literary works by credible authors on the subject. Make sure to read thoroughly, while still being focused on your topic.

3. Concrete Thesis Statement As to the more technical aspect of writing the essay, always make sure to have a concrete thesis statement that will prove your argument in the beginning of the essay. A persuasive thesis statement will prevent you from going off-topic. The thesis statement should be put in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

4. Relevant Evidence As to the more technical aspect of writing the essay, always make sure to have

the essay. A persuasive thesis statement will prevent you from going off-topic. The thesis statement should be put in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

5. The Scope of The Essay The scope of the essay must also be paid careful attention to. If we are not careful, we may end up discussing a wider scope with less substance rather than a smaller scope with large substance. This is where structuring your essay helps. The standard essay has three major points, with an introductory and a concluding paragraph.

6. Be Clear Finally, for those who tend to use complicated jargon, which at times may not even fit into context; it is wise to be clear rather than clever. Nevertheless, if your intention is to impress the reader as opposed to actually displaying genuine knowledge, you should refrain from doing so.


ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

a concrete thesis statement that will prove your argument in the beginning of

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Law Review



ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Law Review

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

LRND Article



ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

LRND Article

ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:

Games & Law Profile



ALSA Magazine July Edition l Website:


CP: Nimas (081294055989), Ruby (081284427242)

visit or ALSA LC UI on Facebook for more info!



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