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London & District Driving Tuition The Driving Force In London Discounts for block bookings Intensive courses available Pass Plus Full One Hour Lessons Motorway Driving And Much More! Latest Model Cars Automatic & Manual available High Pass Rate Most Areas Covered Over North & East London We have been serving the Hasidic Community for many years 25 years+ Experience

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a o t s y e K age i r r a M py


Due to the enormous success, we have invited for the

second time the inspiring international acclaimed ….




Rabbi Avrohom Plotkin ‘‫שי‬

Rebbetzin Goldie Plotkin ‘‫שתחי‬

Tuesday ’‫כ”ה אדר א‬ February 25 2014

Wednesday ’‫כ”ו אדר א‬ February 26th 2014

8:00 PM (doors open 7:45pm)

8:00 PM (doors open 7:45pm)

! !


in Lubavitch House

in Lubavitch House

‘They have given us lots of practical tips which has enriched our marriage’ Mrs D.P.

hops Works f a ge s o a u g lan . The 5 riage une   r a M -­‐t h Jew is ecome  more  in

Price if paid in advance £5, door-price £7.50 For more info and to prebook, please contact us.

ps to  b r     rtant  + ch  othe :30 with  ea 0 or 1

5  impo

- 12:0 10:30 y a d s Tue 3:00




ce by d l, entran ided a ti n e s s king e e prov Pre-boo creche can b


Lubavitch Children’s Centre!

1 NorthÞeld Road! London N16 5RL! 020 8809 9050!

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‫משנכנס‬ ‫אדר מרבין‬ ‫בשמחה‬ ting for you’ve been wai le sa e th st la At ain Come grab a barg

% OFF UP TO 70 red tichlech on a all colo Beautiful new


tion ion is our reputa

Personal attent


This Sunday 9 Febuary From 11 am Other times pls call

8800 6664


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We deliver within the hour



Only at E-Z Shop Call our office for our




*When spending over £25

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eautiful ride Rentals Sales

Your Day Your Dress Tiaras l Dresses l Veils Elisheva Kramer 020 8458 9259 Formerly Denise Frohwein, Bridal Direct London

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T’s & C’s APPLY


020 8800 4440 166 CLAPTON COMMON LONDON E5 9AG

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Course starting th bruary Thursday 13 Fe

ENGLISH COURSE for Absolute Beginners The course is designed for students with no knowledge of English. Starting date: Thursday 13th February (until Pessach)

To enroll or for more information please call 020 8800 7624 or email

Helping the community into employment

S.P.T. 97 St amford Hill, London N16 5D N Newsheet 39

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10 Timberwharf Road, London N16 6DB T: 020 8800 1139 E: W:

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Week of Feb. 5, 2014

QA Central

Your Source for

Tehillim Kollel


A common question has been asked:

Tehillim Kollel keeps speaking about the major “shmura” that a tehillim kollel brings to a city. Where is the source that a kollel for saying Tehillim brings a special shmura?

The shmura that is derived from saying Tehillim, for yourself and everyone around you, is not a new concept, and is spoken about in many Seforim. It has been accepted in all generations. Interestingly, the heilige Shl”uh tells a story, in the name of the Emek Hamelech, about an Ish Chusid V’zuken, who lived in a town near the city’s airport. It was in ‫שנת קי''ב‬, after the Jews experienced terrible gezeirus. With the help of Hashem, the yidden in this town were saved from the Sonai Yisroel. After this Yid passed on to the next world, he returned in a dream in one of the Chachamim of that town, wearing his Tachrichim and holding a sefer in his hand. The Chacham asked, “Why are you here and what sefer are you holding?” The Yid said, “This is the Sefer Tehillim. I came to warn you: tell everyone who lives in this town to run away and leave this place in order to save their lives. Bad times are coming to this place. In the time that I lived, I recited Tehillim every day for many years, and that is why they were saved until now. But now that I am no longer alive, there is nothing to rescue them.” Only the people who obeyed and left were saved.


Tehillim Minyunim Join us any day around the year at one of the local Tehillim Kollel branches at your area.

Contact Tehillim KollelToday:

020.3514.0553 58 ‫פארזעצונג אויף זייט‬ 58 Newsheet



Weekdays: 6:00 am Shabbos: 6:45 am

Weekdays: 6:00 am Shabbos: 6:45 am



Dinuv Shul 77 Wallabout St.

Boro Park Tosh Shul 4615 14th Ave.

Kehal Toldos Aron Shiveti Yisrael 35


At the Holy Grave of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai On Shabbos & Yom Tov:

Tzfas Monroe

Toldos Aron Shul 2 Shinev Court

Tolno Shul Rechov Reviei 38 Weekdays & Shabbos: 7:00 am

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‫ז׳ אדר א׳ תשע״ד לפ״ק‬


‫יזאדן‬ ‫עפ ָ‬ ‫ּ‬

‫קאלום‬ ‫וועכנטליכער ָ‬ ‫פון לעצטיגע ערציילונגען‬ ‫איבערגעגעבן דורכ'ן‬ ‫"תהלים כולל"‬

‫׳מיטגעזאגט‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫‪ 40‬טעג‬ ‫תהלים׳ און געזען‬ ‫וואונדער!‬ ‫ַאן ָאריגינעלער טרַאנסקריּפט פון ַא טעלעפָאן שמועס‪ :‬״ַא לענגערע צייט הָאבן מיר‬ ‫זיך גענויטיגט אין פַארשידענע ישועות און בעיקר מיט איין גרויסע ישועה‪ .‬מיין אידענע‬ ‫הָאט מיך געבעטן‪ ,‬אפשר זָאלן מיר איינשרייבן אין ׳תהלים כולל׳‪ָ ,‬אבער איך הָאב עּפעס‬ ‫נישט געהַאט קיין חשק‪...‬‬



‫תהלים‬ ‫מנינים‬

‫פונקציאנירט יעדן טאג פון‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫פאר אידישע קינדער‬ ‫ָיאר ַ‬

‫ניו‬ ‫ָיארק‬ ‫וואכנטעג‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 6:00‬בבוקר‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫שב"ק‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 6:45‬בבוקר‬

‫וויליאמסבורג‬ ‫ַ‬ ‫ביהמ"ד דינוב‬

‫‪77 Wallabout St.‬‬

‫קרית יואל‬

‫ביהמ"ד תולדות אהרן‬ ‫‪2 Shinev Court‬‬

‫ּפארק‬ ‫בארא ַ‬

‫ביהמ"ד טאהש‬

‫‪4615 14'th Ave.‬‬

‫ארץ‬ ‫ישראל‬ ‫וואכנטעג‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 6:00‬בבוקר‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫שב"ק‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 6:15‬בבוקר‬


‫ביהמ"ד הגדול תולדות אהרן‬ ‫רחוב שבטי ישראל ‪50‬‬


‫״נָאך ַא שטיק צייט הָאבן מיר ביידע בַאשלָאסן‬ ‫אז כ׳וועל זיך ּפערזענליך אונטערנעמען צו גיין ַאליין‬ ‫אויסזָאגן דעם תהלים בציבור פַאר ‪ 40‬טעג אין איין‬ ‫צו‪ .‬געלויבט דעם אויבירשטן ַאז מיר וואוינען אין איינע‬ ‫פון די געגנטער וואו ׳תהלים כולל׳ הָאט ַא לָאקַאלע‬ ‫טעגליכע מנין‪ ,‬הָאב איך טַאקע ָאנגעהויבן צו גיין יעדן‬ ‫טָאג מיטזָאגן תהלים בציבור יעדן צופרי‪.‬‬ ‫״אינדערמיט פון די ‪ 40‬טעג הָאב איך זיך דערזען אין‬ ‫ַא ּפרָאבלעם‪ .‬כ׳הָאב געברויכט וויילן ַאּפָאר טעג אין ַאן‬ ‫ַאנדערער געגנט‪ ,‬איז וויַאזוי וועל איך דָארט הָאבן ַא‬ ‫מנין תהלים? הָאב איך זיך שנעל דערוואוסט ַאז אויך‬ ‫דָארט איז דָא ַא לָאקַאלער ׳תהלים כולל׳‪ ,‬הָאב איך ב״ה‬ ‫נישט געדַארפט ברעכן מיין קבלה אפילו פַאר ‪ 1‬טָאג‪.‬‬ ‫״ווָאס זָאל איך אייך זָאגן? דָאס גיין יעדן טָאג ממש‬ ‫איז מיר ָאנגעקומען זייער שווער‪ ,‬געמוזט אויפשטיין פרי‬ ‫ָאנצוקומען בַאצייטנס צום מנין‪ָ ,‬אבער מיט סייעתא‬ ‫דשמיא און מיט די חיזוק פון מיין חשוב׳ע עקרת הבית‬ ‫בין איך ב״ה אנגעקומען צו די פערציגסטע טָאג און יעדן‬ ‫טָאג זוכה געווען מסיים צו זיין תהלים בציבור‪.‬‬ ‫״און מיינע רעזולטַאטן!? נָאך אינמיטן פון די ‪ 40‬טעג‬ ‫הָאבן טייל קלענערע ּפרָאבלעמען זיך ָאּפגעטון‪ ,‬און דער‬ ‫עיקר ישועה אויף וועלכן מיר הָאבן ַאזוי ַארויסגעקוקט‬ ‫איז ענדליך ָאנגעקומען אויף ַא וואונדערליכע אופן‪.‬‬ ‫איבער ַאלעם‪ ,‬בין איך זייער צופרידן אז כ׳הָאב ב״ה‬ ‫בַאקומען ַא מורא׳דיגע געשמַאק צום הייליגן תהלימ׳ל‪.‬‬ ‫״יישר כח אייך פון הַארצן טיפן!״‬

‫על יד ציון התנא האלקי‬ ‫הרשב"י‬

‫בשבתות וימים טובים‪ :‬בעיר צפת‬ ‫בביהמ"ד טאלנא רחוב רביעי ‪38‬‬

‫בכל יום אחר שחרית כוותיקין‪:‬‬ ‫בשעה ‪ 7:00‬בבוקר‬

‫קויפט ַא תהלים‪-‬כולל מעמבערשיּפ היינט‪:‬‬

‫‪020.3514.0553‬‬ ‫‪64 Newsheet‬‬

Newsheet 65

66 Newsheet

Newsheet 67

Looking To Rent a nice 1 bedroom flat for young couple From beginning of March to May (no DSS) Please call 07970 120 050 Looking for a 3/4/5 LARGE bedroom flat/house, in Stamford Hill + surroundings 07855 480 269

For Sale: If you are interested in purchasing a 4000+ SqFt warehouse in N17 for investment, Please call 07813 083 494 and leave a message or email

To Let: Studio room to let, in cazenove road £220pw 07830433333 Studio Flat To Let Fairholt Road area, £180 incl gas & electricity, No DSS 020 8802 5322 4 bedroom House, available for short term rent Please call after 9.30pm 07968 942 349 2 Bedroom Flat with access to garden Nortwold Road / corner Geldeston Road Heimishe neighbours £295.00 020 8806 3131 (If no answer please leave message) To Let In Tottenham Hale Warehouse including office with 3 phase electricity, electric shutter for loading, approximately 4,300sq ft £38,700 per annum including rates. Call 020 8885 9426 and leave a message

Looking to rent:

For Sale

Jobs Vacancies Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School are seeking to employ a teacher with appropriate training to teach Kodesh reading 1:1 for 1-2 hours, twice weekly. Flexible working hours. Send in your CV or contact the school office on 020 8826 5500 ob Opportunity Local Moised looking for fundraiser, Please leave a clear message on 020-3322 7879

For sale 3 PAINTERS purim costumes ages 3-8, with all accesories 07968 755 340 For sale an assortment of ladies hats at great prices good as new call 07507 550 575 For Sale Ink cartridges for Brother printer LC1100 Blk, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow at half price 8809 4303 Found Parker pen on Moundfield Road 2 weeks ago 8809 7193 For sale 2 beautiful blue adult sister of bride d resses sizes 12 and 16 07790 408 482

Local Chessed organisation seeking to employ a male office assistant, morning hours, Must be able to work on own initiate & under pressure, Writing and telephone skills are essential, 020 3322 8586 or email:

Looking Good cleaner, looking for work 07788 233 320

Services Auto care 8806 3311


Professional & Reliable

Pest control services Residential



‫בערל זילבער‬

07977 296 639

Initact, Professional web design, branding, advertising and marketing consulting, 020 3004 8234 SPT, Helping the community into employment 8800 7624 GPH Tsetlech Hengen @£24, All Printing, & Design services (2-8pm later by appt.) 8211 1724

Found a black umbrella, on 253 bus 07545 978 543

Found a torquise child's H&M

Found a boys hat, on Paget Road this week 8800 1545

Osbaldeston Road 8806 3020

Found at Reiss Getter Chassunah black evening bag, with pair of glasses 8802 7931 Found on St Kildas Road, pink daisy hair band 07960 963 516 Found in Emess minicab baby dummy on chain 8806 0968 Found black bow clip, outside Tottenham Police Station on night of Satmer Show 8442 8792 Found a new band, with pink bow with 74 label on it 07985 490 496

Lost keys, possibly on Bethune Rd or Heathland Rd 2 weeks ago 8800 4136 Lost Cigarettes, given at Airport on Aseres Yemei Tshuva and forgotten 07534369255

Found Found child's navy hat, on Durley Road 8802 7654

To give away, To give away mahogany dining table, 165cm x 100cm

Small Sidur, on Wilderton Road 8802 9427

To give away wooden

Found a bunch of keys, on Cazenove Rd 079816 835 127oa

Lost a diamond earring on Shabbos Parshes Terumah, between Wilderton Road and Heathland Road 8809 2682


Found necklace, with cream and silver flowers on Lingwood Road 8806 9565

Found a navy babies Capeli Hat, on Stamford Hill 8800 7639


hat, at the bottom part of

extendable 106cm 8800 1681

extendable, Ikea table in good condition 07968 755 340 To give away 3 lange reckel suits, hardly used immaculate condition size 44S 8442 9733

Someone dropped into my letter box a pack of "Its A Girl stickers" 8800 4351

To give away Binah/Mishpacha,

Found bottle of Advoscotch, in minicab on Friday 07929 186 831

To give away large mirror

Found on Moundfield Road, a Lascal buggy board strap 8800 9685 Found rings, at StobitzkiSteinheart Wedding 8809 7027 Found ladies knitted hat black, on corner Dareth - Portland 3 weeks ago 3632 4630 Found pink MAM dummy string and dummy, on corner Portland and Clapton Common 8806 0502 Found a pink hat, on Oldhill Street 8806 4520

magazines 07977 905 944

framed, scenery picture with electrical running water feature 07735 217 812

Misc. Looking to buy a set of Dining Room chairs in good condition 07545 978 543 Exchanges a red micro scooter at reheasals in Beis Yakov House 07800 971 733

Stamford Hill’s Calendar

all the whats and the whens

8° c


Some sun with a shower

7th February

‫פרייטאג‬ ‫ז' אדר א‬

4:45 ‫הדלקת הנרות‬

9° c


Very windy; a few showers

8th February

‫שבת קודש‬

‫פר‘ תצוה‬

‫ח' אדר א‬

6:15 ‫ ר‘‘ת‬5:55 ‫מוצאי שבת‬

‫זונטאג‬ ‫ט' אדר א‬

Clouds and sun with a shower Little People, Last 3 days of sale - see ad Jacquelyn Wigs, 2 hour synthetic sale 11am-1pm - see ad Exclusive Silks Tichlech, upto 70% off see ad Regal Gifts, Mega clearance sale - see ad

Showers in the afternoon

10th February

‫י' אדר א‬

6:14.............. ‫עלות השחר‬ 7:26.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:14........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:50.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:04......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬




6:16.............. ‫עלות השחר‬ 7:28.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:15........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:51.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:02......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬

8° c


9th February

6:17.............. ‫עלות השחר‬ 7:29.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:16........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:52.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:00......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬

Little People, Last 2 days of sale - see ad Regal Gifts, Mega clearance sale - see ad Kervan Banqueting Suite ‫ קערנקרויט באולם‬- ‫חתונה בערגער‬

6:12.............. ‫עלות השחר‬ 7:24.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:13........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:49.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:06......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬



26th January

Mostly cloudy, a little rain


6:10.............. ‫עלות השחר‬ 7:22.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:12........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:48.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:08......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬

‫י''א אדר א‬

Little People, Last day of sale - see ad 70 Newsheet



A little afternoon rain

11th February

6:08.............. ‫עלות השחר‬ 7:20.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:11........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:47.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:10......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬

‫מיטוואך‬ ‫י''ב אדר א‬

‫ אורזל באולם יסודי התורה‬- ‫חתונה ברוינער‬


Thurs 12th February ‫דאנערשטאג‬

Clouds, showers

6:07...............‫עלות השחר‬ 7:19.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:10........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:46.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:11......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬

‫י''ג אדר א‬



Decreasing clouds

13th February

‫פורים קטן‬

‫פרייטאג‬ ‫י''ד אדר א‬

4:58 ‫הדלקת הנרות‬

All week

6:05...............‫עלות השחר‬ 7:17.....................‫נץ החמה‬ 9:09........... ‫סוזק‘‘ש מג‘‘א‬ 9:45.........................‫סוזק‘‘ש‬ 5:13......... ‫שקיעת החמה‬

Kiddie Chic, Final sale - see ad Signature Clothing, Entire shop nothing over £79 Bootiue, 1/2 price sale Hat point, Final Sale - see ad Fuchs Hats, Multiply your savings - see ad The baby Corner, Winter clearance - see ad Unique Collection, Final clearence - see ad Matels ladies Fashions, Final Sale

Newsheet 71

Heimishe Newsheet Tetzaveh  

Heimishe Newsheet P' Tetzaveh 6th Feb 14 The Heimishe Newsheet is your most powerful advertising tool in Stamford hill London, with over 35...

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