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Tending Our Little Flock— It’s All It’s Cracked Up To Be Dear Readers,


t shouldn’t be this much fun to keep happy healthy chickens in your own backyard… but it is!” (from the online Janice Doyle, blog: Chicken Editor Keeping Secrets) These days if I wonder where Dear Husband is, there’s a good chance he’s out back on a “tour de coup.” Our mixed-breeds “girls”—hens named Katarina and Ophelia (blacks), Click and Cluck (reds) and Dominique (black and white)—require some sort of checking on five or six times a day. Reality? Nothing much changes in their coop or attached chicken yard during any 24-hour period. We find it fun, however, to just go out and watch their antics. Or toss them some (quite expensive) cracked corn. Or just stand and talk to or about our girls. How we became suburban chicken ranchers is one of those marriage things. I said: “I always loved chickens growing up on a farm.” DH heard: “Janice wants chickens.”

The new-aluminum-porch-salesman said: “Hauling away the old wood is included in the cost.” DH heard: “We’re planning to take cedar 4 x 4s and 2 x 8s to the dump! Some of it is past using, but the rest…” A day later I asked: “What’s your new book?”

DH replied: “Raising Chickens for Dummies.” And that’s how DH became Facilities and Maintenance Director for our little chicken ranch and I became Acquisitions and Distribution Manager. His hand sketches and lists of supplies were free. Wire fencing, nails, hinges and locks were definitely not. He was “man, the provider” as Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 2

with the other girls. he flashed his credit To say “sounds like card at Home Depot a bunch of old hens” and wielded his power makes sense as we listen saw on boards stretched to their universal sound over sawhorses. The of braaaaap, braaaap. man and his tools beA good alpha rooster came a thing to behold. tells the world when the And then one day our sun is about to rise and pleasant chicken kingthen crows again when the dom was completed. sun has followed up on Our future girls would the statement. We don’t go in and out from think our neighbors would coop to yard on a clever Katarina enjoy that information, so ladder; their covered there will be no alpha rooster on our yard fence would allow no predators. ranch. That means no fertilized eggs. A wire floor on the raised coop area I never explained that to Katarina, and offered the Maintenance Director she recently tried to “brood,” sitting on easy cleanup for the anticipated six a nest day and night like a good “mothor seven pounds of manure each er hen.” We didn’t leave her “nest egg” chicken is predicted to provide each under her (lest it become “a bad egg”). year (think flower beds here). You get the picture. We have We took DH’s credit card and made our way to the Tractor Supply store in fresh eggs which I, as Distribution Manager, figure are now costing us Plant City to shop for supplies. Waabout $5 each considering expenses terer? Check. Feeder? Check. Grower mash? Check. Magazines for backyard to date. Because of the girls’ mixed heritage, one red hen lays dark brown chicken people like us? Check. eggs, the other lays large creamIt was time to find our first girls. colored eggs, and our little black From ads on Craigslist, we finally hens lay small creamy white eggs. chose four babies and settled in to get For us – empty nesters that we connected in a small way to the earth, to the reality of food sources, to nature. are – raising chickens has become a point of conversation, a joint Cliches based on chickens come endeavor we created together. to mind. The fresh eggs? Well, they’re “Pecking order”: Katarina and really all they’re cracked up to be. Ophelia were—and still are—at the And, if this makes you homesick top of the pecking order. Guess what? to have chickens, it’s cheaper to They’re just a family of siblings watch a flock live on who’ve had to work out how to I’m not kidding! Someone put a live together, as one writer said. webcam on their backyard flock. We added Dominique recently We’ll not be doing that. and discovered that our girls didn’t want a stepsister and the pecking became real. She now has her own little coop next to the bigger yard, and Cluck sometimes still rushes the fence trying to henpeck her. In the ad “Great Senior Events” Ophelia was “mad as a wet hen” that ran in last month’s edition, the when we carelessly left the nest box date for the Senior Fun Fest at the door open and she “flew the coop.” I St. Petersburg Coliseum was incorfound her circling the chicken yard, rectly listed as March 28. The event rushing headlong at the fence every will be held on March 27, 2012. few feet trying desperately to get back


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Join The Florida Orchestra for

Music in the Mornings John Shaw, Principal Percussionist © Thomas Bruce Studio

at one of our two matinee series!

Coffee Concert

Viennese Delights Stuart Malina conducts this matinee concert featuring Strauss Jr’s Tritsch Tratsch Polka, Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro Overture, Lehar’s The Merry Widow Overture. Complimentary coffee and doughnuts will be served. Sponsored by:

Thu, Mar 8, 11am

Progress Energy Center for the Arts Mahaffey Theater

New Progress Energy Morning Masterworks

Voices of Spring

© JM Lennon

Embrace the promise of springtime, the spirit of renewal and the carefree days of warmer weather with Copland’s Appalachian Spring, Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915 and Schumann’s Symphony No. 1, “Spring.” Featuring soprano Indra Thomas, Stefan Sanderling conducts. Join us after the concert for “Lunch with the Musicians” for $25. Concert tickets start at $15. Sponsored by:

Fri, Mar 16, 10 am

Progress Energy Center for the Arts Mahaffey Theater

727.892.3337 or For group benefits (10 or more) : 727.362.5443

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2/6/2012 11:19:09 AM

St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art Celebrates Human Creativity



ven if you’ve never before been held spellbound by a study of ancient Egypt, the current special exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg is likely to do just that. “Ancient Egypt – Art and Magic: Treasures from the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art” is at the museum until April 29. The private collection—here in its world premiere—tells the story of how the elite of a society prepared for their journey into the afterlife. Art pieces on exhibit provide insights to the key ideas of Egyptian civilization: the materials (stone, alabaster, papyrus, wood), colors (from natural sources and preserved by the dry Egyptian climate for thousands of years) and writing. Much of the art of the culture portrayed in various ways the magical powers of regeneration around them. The color black, for example, represents fertility because black was the color of the silt deposited in the Nile Valley during annual floods which regenerated the desert soil for crops. The exhibit’s first gallery traces the 14 periods of Egyptian history over 4,000 years. One gallery shows impressive stone and alabaster vessels. Another room contains a collection of shabtis, small figures placed in a tomb to do the ritual work in the deceased’s afterlife. There’s a granite statue of Rameses the Great and, in the last gallery, two notable sarcophagus lids. Museum Director Kent Lydecker said the exhibition contains 101 objects, all telling stories and “. . . each story is more fascinating than the one before.” Of the Museum of Fine Arts, Lydecker said, “I’m enormously proud of this museum. Nobody does it better (than this staff). We offer quality, excellence and engagement.”

He described the museum as “encyclopedic,” meaning that it has a comprehensive art collection which “celebrates human creativity of all times and all places throughout history.” Lydecker came to the museum a year ago as director, he said, in part because of its extensive collection. He also complimented the vision of the museum’s founders who emphasized having an education component which serves the area well. (All school children who visit with their classes leave with a family pass, for example.) On a museum tour, Lydecker pointed out that as visitors move from room to room, they also move from one part of the world to another through art: India, China and Japan, Greek theater, America, Europe. One unique piece I found was a Medieval ivory piece. A lovely little collection of photography puts the old photos we have as family into perspective as art. On the second floor, nineteenth century photographs of Egypt from the museum’s collection capture the land of the pyramids before tourism. “Give yourself permission to slow down,” Lydecker suggested, as a way to really appreciate the true treasures which make up the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. Good advice. And you won’t be sorry you did. Through April 29: “Ancient Egypt: Art and Magic” special exhibition. Open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Info at (727) 896-2667 or online at

Around Town

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G M A R C H 2 0 1 2


uesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays Free. Third Sundays, 2 to 4 p.m. Kids and Kubs Three Quarter Light refreshments, dancing, socialCentury Softball Club games. 9 a.m. izing. Pre-register: (727) 363-9245. practices; 10 a.m. games. For more Debby Boone’s “Swing This” information, cal (727) 893-7108 or concert. Big Band, swingvisit style sounds, songs like “You and hrough April 11 Free Tax the Night and the Music.” Ruth Assistance available, Tues., 3 – Eckerd Hall. $18 and $25 tickets. 7 p.m. and Wed., 9 a.m. –1 p.m. in Call (727) 791-7400 for tickets. TECO Hall, Oldsmar. First come, first served. Bring a copy of last year’s Opera, Broadway and Italian return and social security numbers for Love Songs presented by Tamyourself and all dependents. For more pa Bay Opera with Artistic Director information, call 1-888-687-2277. Maestro Mario Laurenti. 3 p.m. Free (donation appreciated). Pinellas Park Gardening Class at Palm Harbor Performing Arts Center, 4951 78th Library, 2330 Nebraska Ave., Ave N, Pinellas Park. For more info or Palm Harbor. Free. Register at to make group reservations, e-mail or phone (727) 582-2109. Information: (813) 447-9152. “Orchid Hunting in the Senior Fun Fest at St. Pete Philippines” program at Florida Coliseum. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. West Coast Orchid Society meeting. Veterans Pinning Ceremony, 1:30 p.m. 7 p.m. at Pinellas County Extension Center, 12520 Ulmerton Road, Largo. Entertainment, free stuff. More information at (813) 653-1988. Call (727) 420-7230.



presents “Night,” “In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated” and “Age of Innocence”




8 9


10 16


Yard Sale at St. Pete Beach Community Center. 8 a.m. to noon. Details: (727) 363-9245. Ballet Folklórico De Antioquia, Colombia celebrates classical and contemporary styles. Mahaffey Theatre. Tickets at (727) 892-5767.


– 18 Exhibit: America’s largest needlepoint rug: 12’ x 15’ with over 1 million stitches. $7 admission includes donation to All Children’s Hospital. Deckelman Performing Arts Studio, Tarpon Springs. More info: (727) 278-3482.


Irish Times with Tomaseen Foley, St. Patrick’s Day Irish music, song, dancing and stories drawn from rural Ireland in 1940s. Largo Cultural Center. 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. shows. Tickets available online LargoArts. com or box office at (727) 587-6793.


“Music in the Afternoon” at St. Pete Beach Community Center, 7701 Boca Ciega Dr., St. Pete Beach.

– Apr 1 Fine Arts Festival in Craig Park, Tarpon Springs. Art, food, music. $3 admission. Info at or (727) 937-6109.

Send Around Town news to Senior Connection Magazine, 1602 S. Parsons Ave., Seffner, FL 33584; please fax (813) 651-1989. News must be received by the 10th of the month prior to event (i.e. March 10 for April event.)

Tickets: 813.229.STAR (7827) STRAZCENTER.ORG Group Services: 813.222.1018 or 1016

Events, days, dates, times, performers and prices are subject to change without notice.





April 20 7:30 p.m.

April 22 2 p.m.

Senior Trips with Seminole Seniors

15 22 30

2011 – 2012 SEASON


Spring Training (Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers) $21 (lunch not included).

$29.50 - $89.50


Lipizzan Stallions $11 plus Cracker Barrel lunch.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Pittsburg Pirates $23 (lunch not included).

Call (727) 391-8345 for info.

813.229.STAR (7827) • OPERATAMPA.ORG OUTSIDE TAMPA BAY: 800.955.1045 GROUP SERVICES: 813.222.1018 or 1016


Events, days, dates, times, performers and prices are subject to change without notice.

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Hey Seniors! Join Us For the Best

Presents the...

Premiere Sponsor

Event of the Year!


March 27, 2012 • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. St. Pete Coliseum • 535 Fourth Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33701

FREE BINGO! $1000s in Prizes & Giveaways! Call 1-888-670-0040 for information.

Richie Merritt Fritzy

Denise Looney

Bill Castner



Senior Friendly Lunch Available

William “Duece” Hulett

• FREE HEALTH SCREENINGS • FREE Bingo Games for Prizes • Senior Friendly Exhibitors!


Veteran’s Pinning Ceremony Presented By:

Senior Friendly Sports Center

Play & Win!

Call 727-892-5202 or 1-888-670-0040 • Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 6

Live the Sporting Life for



hen all is said and done, it’s not the shots that won the championship that you remember, but the friendships you made along the way.” Seniors universally know that regular exercise, along with a good diet, good medical care, good genes and a bit of luck, can postpone getting to that place called “old.” And today’s seniors are redefining “sports” as they accommodate damaged knees or hips—or as their bodies just plain say “slow it down, buddy.” The thing is that they want to be outside living the sporting life because they still enjoy competing. An added bonus is that they don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore as they adapt to less strenuous sports. Here are some of the sports enjoyed in Florida:

Paddling Kayaking has become the favorite water sport for senior paddlers. Kayaks are faster, easier to steer (because of the low profile) and easier to manage in strong wind than canoes. SOTs (Sit On Top) kayaks even come with a small wheel mounted under the stern to make it easy for one person to pick up and walk it to or from the water. Paddle boats are yet another type of kayak propelled by your feet on pedals much like a cyclist would pedal—especially good for those with arm or shoulder problems who can’t wield the conventional paddle.

Lawn Bowling The sport of lawn bowling takes on the look of a scene straight out of The Great Gatsby with people dressed in white moving gracefully around a green court. It’s a fun lawn or court game where the objective is to roll slightly asymmetric balls so they stop close to a smaller ball (or bowl). Here in Florida it’s an outdoor sport which draws dozens of people who enjoy it as a low impact, therapeutic form of exercise.

Pickleball Pickleball is a court sport, sort of a combination of tennis and ping pong. It’s played with lightweight paddles and whiffleballs with four players per court. Look around for a local group.

Shuffleboard Now being considered a “retro” sport by a younger generation, shuffleboard is a peaceful sport.

Health Fun and

There’s a soothing, quieting effect to the gentle scraping sound of the pucks on the court. Players use broom-shaped paddles to push weighted pucks down a narrow and elongated court hoping they’ll come to rest within a marked scoring area. Of interest: The world-famous St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club is experiencing a surge in popularity by turning the club into a complete Friday night experience for all ages. Hundreds attend for food, music, dance and a feeling of acceptance. Trivia: In its heyday of the ‘30s through the ‘60s, the St. Pete club had 110 playing courts and a membership of over 5,000.

Horseshoes Horseshoes is an old sport, historically played most anywhere horses were found. The goal is to throw horseshoes at a stake in the ground with scoring based on how close the horseshoe gets to the stake. Men and women who love this sport attest to its physical and mental attributes as an aid to staying young. Physically there’s lots of walking, bending, resistance, etc. The mental workout includes using mental math, thinking for strategy, decision-making skills and much more. Add the social component and it sounds like the perfect sport!


Cornhole Toss Cornhole or Corn Toss is a great driveway sport for ages 2 to 102. It’s similar to horseshoes except you use wooden boxes called platforms and corn bags. Contestants take turns pitching their corn bags at the platform until a contestant reaches the score of 21 points. This sport is more portable than horseshoes because it doesn’t require sandpits, so once you have your platform it becomes a takealong sport which builds flexibility and balance. It’s also great for those with mobility issues. Other sports to consider are bocce ball, disc golf, badminton, archery—and good, old, free walking! Helen Hayes was right when she proclaimed, “Resting is rusting.” We can’t stop the clock, but we can slow its tick and enjoy life with sports and teammates. Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 7

Vinyl Siding: Cost Factors V

We Have A Ton of Manufacturer’s incentives to share with you! • Receive a FREE in home estimate and get dinner for two! • 60% off labor • $200.00 gas card with purchase • In order to qualify, your windows must be at least 10 years old Hurry! These factory rebates end March 21, 2012.

inyl siding was introduced in the late 1950s as a substitute for aluminum siding. Ongoing changes in the product’s chemistry and installation techniques have improved its performance and furthered its acceptance by builders and homeowners. It is known for easy installation and reduced maintenance, especially when compared to wood siding. Vinyl siding costs can vary widely based on the manufacturer, the specific product type (Premium Dutch Lap, Vinyl Shake, Board & Batten, etc.), warranty details, the thickness of siding, the installer you use, the scope of your project and more. Installation costs for any exterior siding depend on the quality of the contractor and the architecture of your home. For typical products, installation will normally cost about $1.60 per square foot, since it is a much easier process for vinyl than other products. (Cedar clapboard siding, for example, requires painting and more labor time, which costs about 2.5 times more than vinyl to install.) Because installation is so important, check references of any contractor you’re considering. Request written estimates, then visit past jobs and a current project to give them a thorough once-over.

Factory rebates up to $200.00!

813-931-4663 • 727-502-5300 Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 8

• Vinyl can range from .035 to .055 inches thick. Premium brands will be from .040 to .048 inches. Thinner, less expensive panels can sag, crack or be pulled off with high winds.

• Vinyl warranties will give you a better idea of what kind of product you are purchasing. Longer, higher coverage warranties will speak to how the manufacturer feels about its product.

• Contractors and suppliers will give you cost estimates based on the size of your home. For example, you may have a 1,200 square foot home that is 10’ tall, 40’ long and 30’ wide. This means that you have 1,400’ of exterior space that needs to be covered with fourteen 10’ by 10’ vinyl panels. You may need more or less, but this is what the supplier will estimate. • Removing existing siding can cost between $200 for DIY and up to $3,000 for a large home with a contractor.

16011 N. Nebraska Ave., #107 Lutz, FL 33549

HURRY Call today for your free estimate!

Listed below are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing and installing vinyl siding:

You need to know Expect to pay $1.60 to $2.50 per square foot (or $160 to $250 per square-100 sq. ft.) for a quality vinyl product over rigid insulation. For a typical job, installation will normally cost about $1.60 per square foot.

• Any trim, crown moldings and soffits can add to the overall expense of the project. Make sure that this additional expense is included in your initial estimate, regardless of the siding choice that you make. • You’ll need a competent contractor. Proper installation is at least as important as product quality.

Shuffleboard—A Game for All and a Game for Health BY MARY BETH RUSSELL


rive by any mobile home park that has shuffleboard courts and you will likely see residents out in the fresh air enjoying the game in our beautiful Florida weather. Shuffleboard is a challenging game that is gentle on your joints, stimulating to your mind, economical to play and gives you a social outing. Many mobile home communities have shuffleboard leagues that are designed to provide opportunities for players at all different skill and experience levels. Categories range from basic play in a “Friendship League” to the more competitive “A” and “B” teams which typically compete weekly in “Park against Park” competitions. Who shuffles and why? Both men and women can play this game. Size and strength is not a factor.

An experienced 90-year-old player can make it look easy while a novice 50-year-old has a lot to learn! Seniors who have had hip, knee and/or shoulder surgery find shuffleboard gentle on their joints. Those with arthritis and aching backs find the weight-bearing exercise improves their mobility and balance. What is shuffleboard? Shuffleboard is a game of strategy, skill and luck! It is played on a long unique cement “court” with a large painted triangle outlined at each end. Points are gained in certain areas with 10s, 8s, or 7s being scored. Landing in the dreaded “kitchen” is 10 points off the score. Most courts require the sprinkling of special “beads” that facilitate the smooth sliding action of the disc as

it is shot toward the opposite end of the court. Players use long cues or “shuffleboard sticks” to shoot yellow or black round discs down the court to score by having their disc stop in one of the specially marked areas of the triangle. Players use four discs each for a round of play. The game can be played as “singles” (one player opposes one other player) or can be played as “doubles” (two players are a team). Scoring is done in frames and most games are comprised of 10 frames or the first person/ team to reach 75 points completes the game. Focus and strategy are important parts of the game. Making the right shot to clear an opponent’s disc and to score your own keeps one’s mind alert!

The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club, located at 1020 Calumet Street offers 26 indoor and 26 outdoor courts for play. Here, 150 members all at different skill levels enjoy this challenging game as well as the social interaction. The club offers free lessons by a previous world champion Wednesdays at 1 p.m. The club also hosts numerous tournaments for both amateurs and pro players as well as “fun–shuffling days” for members. The large clubhouse, complete with full kitchen facilities and clean restrooms, also houses the world “Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.” Here the history of the game is told, world tournament winners are acknowledged and trophies are displayed. You may contact the club at (727) 446-3306 for further information.

Affordable Housing For Senior Citizens

Creekside Manor I & II

are federally subsidized apartments for persons 62 and above. Special access apartments are also available. Studio & 1 Bdrm. Apartments. Rent is based on income. Located in a quiet Clearwater neighborhood For appointment

Call (727) 441-8400

TDD: 727-447-3018 TOTAL INCOME LIMIT One person $19,750 u Two persons $22,600 YOUR MONTHLY RENT IS NO MORE THAN 30% OF YOUR ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME. 1318 Franklin Street u Clearwater, Fla. Office Hrs. Mon.–Fri. 8–12 & 1–4 Closed Saturday & Sunday Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 9

The only Florida-based nCi Comprehensive CanCer CenTer There’s an eliTe group oF CanCer CenTers who have aChieved disTinCTion From The naTional CanCer insTiTuTe. an exCepTional Few oFFering aCCess To The laTesT TreaTmenTs. wiTh doCTors ThaT provide The highesT levels oF paTienT Care. where The mosT promising researCh is being done. and when iT Comes To The pursuiT oF a Cure, They’re The ones ineviTably leading The way. moFFiTT CanCer CenTer. Closer To our paTienTs. Closer To a Cure.™ Follow The momenTum aT InsIdeMoffItt.coM

h. lee moFFiTT CanCer CenTer & researCh insTiTuTe, an nCi Comprehensive CanCer CenTer , Tampa, Fl | 1-888-moFFiTT

Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 10

Yearning for the Past While Driving into the Future BY JOHN C. LIBURDI


ven though many decades have passed since the Beatles song “Drive My Car” was a hit, Paul McCartney’s words still ring in our collective ears: “Baby you can drive my car.” Given that Paul was to be chauffeuring a lady star of the screen, the car had to be a grand automobile. Such a car was easy enough to find back then, but a magnificent automobile might be rather difficult to find in this era of advanced technology and futuristic vehicles. My senility notwithstanding, one would have to agree that most of today’s cars look to be cold techno toys, not unlike scary UFOs. Back in the day, cars had real personality and powerful presence. I yearn for the elegance of the sculptured fenders that graced my postwar Pontiac Torpedo, beautifully flared out with sweeping curves. Like many other cars of the ‘40s, 50s and ‘60s era, its wheels were

adorned with big silver hubcaps, looking like four huge jewels. I also miss the art deco hood ornaments that used to be on those cars, gleaming figures of jet aircraft, exotic animals and semi-nude women, all truly inspiring. Then there were those massive, curvy chrome bumpers of yesteryear, each one heavier than a trendy Smart car. And much like that grouchy old lady at the counter in the burger joint once asked, “Where’s the beef?” I’m asking today’s automakers, “where’s the fins?” The dramatic evolution of the automobile is clearly evident in today’s advertising hype. Forget about the car’s mechanical attributes; instead, everyone is excited about how many channels the satellite radio receives, how the navigation system leads the driver by the nose to a given destination, and how upscale cars autonomously maneuver into a parking spot while the stupid humans inside just watch.

Now everyone is suddenly fascinated with those highly innovative push-button starters, like our cars had way back when. Of course, people who market high tech autos hide the fact that a driver can’t yell at his kids in the back seat anymore; to do so would get the car’s computer all confused about the voice commands he previously screamed into the dashboard. It’s true that my lingering love for old cars is largely a matter of infatuation, but it’s not that I’m stubbornly stuck in the past. The new cars are just becoming stranger and stranger to me as technology evolves. I guess some of us are simply destined to suffer from future-shock. Indeed, the day is coming when cars will travel without a driver at the wheel.

Research engineers are eagerly working to bring that concept into being. When it happens, we’ll all be relegated to mere passenger status and, sad to say, Paul McCartney won’t be able to drive that big car for his Hollywood diva anymore. On the bright side however, the two of them will be able to enjoy more time together in the rear seat, just like we did back in the good old days! (Liburdi lives in the Charlotte, NC metro area. His recent book ItalianAmerican Fusion: Italy’s Influence on the Evolution of America is available at internet bookstores and on the Kindle e-reader.)

The Pontiac Torpedo.

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West Palm Beach, FL – Many individuals who did not set up the proper safeguards have seen half or more of their life savings “disappear” back during the 2000 – 2002 market bubble. Much of what took many a lifetime to save and accumulate literally VAPORIZED in just a matter of months! Many who came to depend on the markets for their retirement were left frustrated and disillusioned as the “high-tech” economy devoured HALF or more of their hard-earned retirement nest eggs.

Do Not Make This Same Mistake A THIRD Time!

under with sovereign debt loads in excess of 100% national GDP! ...Any one of these crises have the power to send U.S. and global markets into a massive tailspin. Together, they have the potential to leave the Nasdaq, the Dow and the S&P 500 – in a state of total havoc! You deserve the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing all there is to know about safeguarding your money and retirement from the coming sovereign debt crisis and the power hungry politicians who created it! And you can do so by getting your copy of a recently published FREE Report that will teach you:

Just when many thought it was safe to dive back in, an easy money lending real estate bubble was slowly preparing to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy. Then, in 2007 the unexpected happened; the U.S real estate bubble blew wide open, ushering in a massive tidal wave of foreclosures not seen since the Great Depression. U.S. stock markets followed next, plunging to their lowest levels in recent history! What’s more, research facts strongly suggest we may yet be headed for the wildest ride of our lifetimes as U.S. and European sovereign debt explodes at alarming rates. Many economists now warn of dire economic consequences as the sovereign debt contagion converges upon the U.S. and European economies.

Find Out What You Must Know About Protecting Your Wealth… Before The DEBT Bubble Bursts!

Those who have not established proper safeguards stand to risk even more in what may become the most painful erosion of personal wealth in in our lifetimes. Don’t let this happen to you! You need to discover how to avoid what may yet become the most corrosive economy in our lifetimes. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. According to the U.S. Debt Clock, the U.S. alone carries a colossal sovereign debt load of greater than $15,000,000,000.00 (15 TRILLON Dollars) which equals nearly 100% of U.S. GDP. Worse yet, several European economies are already buckling

• What you must do IMMEDIATELY to prepare!… • The perfect way to a more profitable, more enjoyable and more secure retirement! • A completely GUARANTEED technique that turned double digit gains before, during and after the 2000-2002 crash – with ZERO market risk or costs! • The ONLY method that suffered no market losses during the 2000-2002 bear market and the latest Great Recession! • A little-known ZERO risk strategy many have safely used since 1994! • The Secret Weapon many are using to grow their savings in these crazy markets – and you can too! • All weather methods that will keep your nest egg safe from the sovereign debt mess yet to come - And much, much more!

FREE Report Reveals The Retirement Survival Secrets You Must Know! If you’re nearing or already retired you must get this report before it’s too late! It reveals what’s not being told and the steps you can take to safeguard your money, income and assets during any economic downturn! Get your FREE copy rushed to you today by calling 1-888-274-5950, 24 hrs., for a FREE recorded message. It will give you quick, easy ways to insulate your family, C


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All New Senior Fun Fest Comes to the Coliseum!


ey Seniors! Join us for the annual Senior Fun Fest! at the St. Petersburg Coliseum, March 27, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Historic Coliseum is located at 535 Fourth Avenue North, St Petersburg. This event features “Senior Friendly” exhibitors with information on senior services, lifestyles, health and wellness, travel and more. A Senior Friendly lunch of a hot dog, chips and soda will be available along with other menu items. Free coffee and goodies will be offered throughout the day. Health Screenings Free health screenings will include hearing and vision screenings, spinal checks, glucose, blood pressure and bone density checks, and other important health screenings.

Entertainment Enjoy live performances on stage throughout the day. Celebrate the ‘60s with Richie Merritt of The Marcels, William “Duece” Hulett—the “Best in Country Entertainment” as well as Denise Looney, “The DJ with a Twist!” Don’t miss Bill Castner, “King of Dance,” and Luis of A1Magic with his amazing balloon art. Of course, Fritzy the “One Man Circus” will be there, along with many more entertainers! Games and Prizes Activities of the day include free Bingo games and the Senior Friendly

The EASY BOARDING Bicycle by • Unisex step-through design engineered in Germany • Cross bar is only six inches from the ground, so you can easily step-through the bicycle • Upright seating position for less back pain & clear view of the road • Relaxed arm position for more control

Trail Sport 6201 Seminole Blvd. Seminole, FL 33772


Sports Area. Try your sports skills to win prizes! Thousands of dollars in prizes will be given away throughout the day, including tickets to Busch Gardens and the Florida Orchestra. The Grand Prize drawing at the end of the day will be a two-night stay at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi, including round trip airline tickets compliments of the St. PetersburgClearwater International Airport. Honor our Veterans At 1:30 p.m. we will hold the most important highlight of the day. Help us show our gratitude to our esteemed military veterans for their service. Veterans Funeral Care and Suncoast Hospice will present a special pinning ceremony. We encourage everyone to join us and witness this ceremony, which will include the following:

• An Honor Guard to call appointed veterans to the stage • Speech by a military veteran • Presentation by an active-duty officer • Gift of an antique 48-star flag to the oldest veteran on stage • National anthem

“Grandkids are the Greatest” Again this year we present the “Grandkids are the Greatest” Photo Contest. The photos will be on display throughout the day. Winners will be announced at 2 p.m. The entry deadline is March 20.

Easter Egg Hunt Since Easter is late this year we decided to have our Easter Egg Hunt early. Official Senior Connection Easter Eggs will be hidden in the Coliseum throughout the day. Find one and win a prize! Admission and parking are free. For more info, call (813) 653-1988, or for directions, call (727) 892-5202. Visit See you there!

Did you know?

You can move into Grand Villa Senior Living from your current assisted living community without interrupting your Veteran, Diversion or Private Pay Benefits. Call 727-493-2723 to learn how.

Beach Cyclist Sports Ctr. 7517 Blind Pass Rd. St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Largo’s #1 Assisted Living Community!

(727) 493-2723


Assisted Living Facility License #7301

For more dealers contact Biria USA: Tel: 201-461-1980 Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 12

Assisted Living • Alzheimer’s Care • Short-term Stays Senior Day and Overnight Programs

750 Starkey Rd., Largo, FL 33771

BOOST® Sampling Tour Coming To You!


eople in the U.S. are living longer than ever before. Many seniors live active and healthy lives. But the simple fact is that, as we age, our health and nutrition needs change. To stay fit, it’s important to get the right amount of nutrition in your daily diet. But even if you know which nutrients you need every day, if you don’t have much of an appetite or if health problems make eating difficult, it’s sometimes hard to fit in the calories, protein, vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy aging. Complete Nutritional Drinks can help seniors fill the nutritional gap that their meals don’t cover. BOOST® is offering samples of their product at upcoming Senior Fun Fests in St. Petersburg and Port Charlotte. (Learn more about BOOST Complete Nutritional Drinks at As part of a 20-week Florida Sampling Tour, a number of expos and events attended by senior communities will be offering samples of different BOOST flavors and formulations.

BOOST is also partnering with Walmart to sample the product at more than 70 stores. Giveaways include coupons, educational materials and a BOOST reusable tote bag. In addition, consumers can try the “Which BOOST is Right for You” iPad app. “We are pleased to reach out to the Florida senior community through the BOOST Sampling Tour,” said Abigail Buckwalter, Marketing Manager. “The tour will offer an immersive experience that educates seniors about the benefits of BOOST and inspires them on the road to healthy living.” Join us for a great opportunity to meet our friends from BOOST at these upcoming Senior Fun Fests. March 27 at the St. Pete Coliseum, 535 Fourth Avenue North, St. Petersburg from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m, (727) 892-5202. Also on April 12 at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (941) 625-4175. For more information about the Senior Fun Fests, call 1-888-670-0040.

Phone: 727-586-2999

901 N. Clearwater Largo Road • Largo, FL 33770 Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 13

Normal T-Score? Skip the Bone Density Test


Recognized by cMS and aHca aS a 5-StaR Facility We offer Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation: • PT/OT/ST Services • Specialized Rehabilitation Programs: • Wound Care/ Mist Therapy • Lymphedema Management

Pre-registration is available for you! Come tour with us, see your room and meet your team. Just call TOLL FREE 866-442-5624 and ask for Chris or Ryan.

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation • Vital-Stim for Dysphagia • Post-Operative Orthopedic Aftercare • Transportation Available • 24/7 RN Coverage

4470 East Bay Drive Clearwater, FL 33764 866-442-5624

• Full-Time Dietitian on Staff

Insurance Discounts

For Mature Drivers Have a Florida’s Driver’s License and are 55 years of age or older? Take Your Class Online!

• Study at your leisure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Simply read the course materials online and then answer a few quiz questions. • There is no need to attend boring classes or listen to long lectures. • After completion, of course we will issue a state-certified certificate for you to turn into your insurance company to receive your discount for a three year period.

Take Your Mature Driver Course On The Internet! If you have a Florida Driver’s License and are 55 years of age or older, you are now eligible to complete motor vehicle accident prevention course that will allow you to receive a mandatory reduction on your insurance rate for three years.

Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle Approved Course

To Register go to:

or call 1-800-771-2255 Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 14

omen over 67 with normal bone mineral density scores may not need screening again for 15 years, according to a new study. Prior to this, how often women should be screened was a topic that remained controversial and undecided. “If a woman’s bone density at age 67 is very good, then she doesn’t need to be re-screened in two years or three years, because we’re not likely to see much change,” Margaret Gourlay, M.D. said. “Our study found it would take about 15 years for 10 percent of women in the highest bone density ranges to develop osteoporosis. That was longer than we expected, and it’s great news for this group of women,” Gourlay said.

They also learned that older postmenopausal women with a T-score -2.0 and below will transition to osteoporosis more rapidly, while women with T-scores higher than -2.0 may not need screening again for 5 to 15 years, Information from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine.

PROSPECT TOWERS of Clearwater, Inc.

Affordable Senior Living 801 Chestnut Street Clearwater, FL 33756

Intersection of Chestnut St. and S. Myrtle Ave.

727-447-5701 Efficiency $432 - $506 One Bedroom $554 - $649

Utilities included in the rent. Cable is an additional $18/mo.

Admission Qualifications • At least one person 62 or older • Or disabled under 62 Must be capable of caring for your apartment.

Building Features

• Fire sprinklers throughout • Limited entrances to building • Smoke detectors in every apartment • Emergency call buttons in every apartment • 24-hour desk clerks • Library • Coin operated laundry • All electric kitchen • Central heat & air conditioning • Ample closets & kitchen cabinets

Prospect Towers is a 17 story apartment community for 208 residences.

Non-Profit housing for the elderly. • Close to beaches • Grocery store within walking distance • On the busline • Close to medical facilities Visit: • On Site Wellness Center • Heat lamps and grab bars in tubs and showers • Maintenance work orders completed within 24 to 48 hours • Lighted parking on site • Exterior windows open for fresh air • Small pets welcome (15 lbs. limit) • Subsidized TV cable.

Quick Facts About Aging

An Upsurge in the 90-Plus Population ver the last 30 years, the ranks of Americans 90 and older have tripled, with three women for each man. They now total 1.9 million, and a report from the U.S. Census Bureau says the number could reach 9 million by 2050. Factors fueling the aging boom include the decline in smoking, improved nutrition and public health, diabetes control and fewer strokes. Another factor: a higher educational level, which has been linked to better health. Forty percent of the men in the 90-plus group were married; 80 percent of the women were widows. “Ranks of people reaching age 90 tripled since 1980: report” Reuters, Nov. 2011

Marathon RecordBreaker Is 100 Years Old It took him eight hours, and he came in dead last, but Fauja Singh was smiling when he crossed the finish line at the Toronto marathon. No wonder. At the age of 100, he had become the oldest person to ever complete the 26-mile run. Singh, who was born in rural India and wore a yellow turban for the race, entered his first marathon at age 89. He attributes his good health and longevity to his vegetarian diet, which does not include alcohol or cigarettes, and daily exercise—a walk or run of up to 10 miles a day. Ed Payne, “Centenarian completes marathon, sets record” CNN, Oct. 2011

Lifestyle Changes May Boost the Memory Some basic lifestyle changes may help with age-related memory loss and perhaps more serious cognitive problems, according to a recent study published in the journal Lancet Neurology. Summarizing evidence from hundreds of studies, the findings indicate that up to half of all Alzheimer’s cases are associated with a group of risk factors that people can control including midlife obesity, depression, smoking and a couch-potato body and brain. Experts also point out that occasional memory lapses are rarely signs of incipient Alzheimer’s or dementia. When younger people are forgetful, it’s usually because they’re distracted and not creating memories efficiently. “Forgetfulness at an early age is rarely a sign of early dementia” The Washington Post, Oct. 2011

International Aging Traditionally, younger members of Canadian families have seen to the care of their parents as they aged. In fact, Canadian friends and family provide 80 percent of such caregiving. But according to a new report from the Institute for Research on Public Policy, that arrangement may be threatened for a number of reasons, including an insufficient number of family members available to provide care. It is estimated that by 2031, 25 percent of women aged 65 or older will have no surviving children. “Caregiver shortage ‘major cause of concern’” The Montreal Gazette, Nov. 2011


Information from MetLife:


Are you 62 years old or mobility impaired on a limited income? Check the quality at...MLF Towers Rent based on income • Fully equipped 1BR apt. • Carpeted & spacious • Library & community room. • Wellness center w/doctor & nurse • Weekly bus to shopping • Optional noon meal service 7 days/wk.

• Free basic cable • Water, sewer, & trash service provided • Individual climate control • Active resident council • Reserved Parking Other features offered at Minimal fee: • Tray service • Guest dining • Laundry room • Housekeeping

Call (727) 823-1575 • 1-800-955-8771

FLA Relay Service For a tour of our modern community. 540 Second Avenue South • St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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What Is It About Coffee?

Health The caffeine content of coffee varies greatly depending on the beans, how they’re roasted and other factors, but the average for an 8-ounce cup is about 100 milligrams (mg). Tea has about half as much caffeine as coffee. Decaffeinated coffee has some caffeine, but the 2 to 4 mg in an

FL LIC# HHA299992542

Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 16

8-ounce cup is a smidgen compared with the caffeinated version. The lethal dose of caffeine is about 10 grams, which is equivalent to the amount of caffeine in 100 cups of coffee. Caffeine gets absorbed in the stomach and small intestine and then distributed throughout the body, including the brain. The amount circulating in the blood peaks 30 to 45 minutes after it’s ingested and only small amounts are around eight to 10 hours later. In between, the amount circulating declines as caffeine gets metabolized in the liver. Tobacco and marijuana accelerate caffeine metabolism, which reduces the time caffeine circulates in the body. Oral contraceptives slow it down, so they have the opposite effect. Researchers have identified genes that influence a person’s natural risk of caffeine metabolism, which might explain why some people are


150 exquisitely sensitive to caffeine while others are not. Caffeine probably has 80** 100 multiple targets in the brain, but the main one seems to be adenosine receptors. 35* 50 Adenosine is a brain chemical that dampens brain activity. By hogging ad0 8 oz. “short” 8.4 oz. can 8 oz. cup enosine’s receptors, caffeine cup of Starbucks’ of Red Bull of Lipton sets off a chain of events “bold” coffee green tea that affects the activity of single tea bag steeped in 8-ounce cup dopamine, another important *35 mg presumes a**Per 8.4-ounce can brain chemical, and the the physiological and psychological areas of the brain involved effects of physical exertion. But, in arousal, pleasure and thinking. especially in the short term, it also has A part of the brain affected by negative effects that include raising Parkinson’s disease, called the striablood pressure, making arteries stiffer tum, has many adenosine receptors; and increasing levels of homocysteine, by docking on them, caffeine seems insulin, and possibly cholesterol. to have some protective effects. Habitual use may cause some of these Outside the brain, caffeine effects to wear off. For some conditions, can be a performance enhancer, though, coffee may have some benefit boosting the strength of muscle despite, rather than because of, caffeine. contraction and offsetting some of



affeine is the most commonly consumed psychoactive drug in the world, and some of its behavioral effects (such as arousal) may resemble those produced by cocaine, amphetamines and other stimulants. Coffee consumption accounts for about 75 percent of the adult intake of caffeine in the United States, although that might be changing among younger adults with the growing popularity of energy drinks.

Caffeine Content 200

The Healthy Geezer



. I’m getting heartburn a lot since I turned 60. Is more heartburn something that comes with more years?

A: More than 60 million Americans experience heartburn at least once a month and more than 15 million Americans experience heartburn daily. Heartburn is more common among the elderly. Heartburn two or more times weekly may be caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. See a doctor if you have heartburn too often. The doctor can test for GERD. GERD makes stomach acid flow up into your esophagus. There is a valve at the lower end of the esophagus that is designed to keep acid in the stomach. In GERD, the valve relaxes too frequently, which allows acid to reflux, or flow backward. A hiatal hernia may contribute to GERD. A hiatal hernia occurs when the

upper part of the stomach is above the diaphragm, which is the muscle wall separating the stomach from the chest. The diaphragm helps the valve keep acid from coming up into the esophagus. When GERD is not treated, you can suffer from severe chest pain, narrowing or obstruction of the esophagus, bleeding, or a pre-malignant change in the lining of the esophagus. One study showed that patients with chronic, untreated heartburn were at substantially greater risk of developing esophageal cancer. The following are some symptoms that may mean there has been damage to your esophagus: difficulty swallowing, a feeling that food is trapped behind the breast bone, bleeding, black bowel movements, choking, shortness of breath, coughing, hoarseness, weight loss. You can control infrequent heartburn by changing your habits and using over-the-counter medicines. For example, you should avoid heartburn-producers such as chocolate, coffee, peppermint, tomato products,

alcoholic beverages, greasy or spicy dishes. Quit smoking because tobacco inhibits saliva that helps with digestion. Tobacco may also stimulate acid production and relax the esophageal valve. Lose weight. And, don’t eat two hours before you go to sleep. For infrequent episodes of heartburn, take over-the-counter antacids, such as Alka-Seltzer and Rolaids. Or, you can take an H2 blocker. H2 blockers are available in both over-the-counter and prescription forms. For example, Pepcid and Zantac are over-the-counter H2 blockers which are available by prescription at higher doses. Then there are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), a group of prescription medications that prevent the release of acid in the stomach and intestines. Doctors prescribe PPIs to treat people with heartburn, ulcers of the stomach or intestine or excess stomach acid. PPIs include Prilosec and Prevacid. GERD is a chronic disease that calls for continuous long-term therapy. To

decrease the acid in your esophagus, raise the head of your bed or place a foam wedge under the mattress to elevate the head about 6 – 10 inches. Avoid lying down for two hours after eating. And don’t wear tight clothing. Surgery is an option if other measures fail. A surgeon can improve the natural barrier between the stomach and the esophagus that prevents acid reflux. If you would like to read more columns, you can order a copy of “How To Be A Healthy Geezer” at All Rights Reserved © 2012 by Fred Cicetti.


4:00 pm to 5:30 pm “Finding Freedom in Caregiving: Emotional Freedom Therapy” Featuring Guest Speaker Juli Steinocher, MA, LMHC, LMT Mind Body Therapist Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including: • Acupuncture • Neuro-linguistic programming • Thought Field Therapy If you are a caregiver of a loved one living with memory loss who often feels guilty, angry, stressed or frustrated, EFT can help to improve your emotional and physical health.

9300 Antilles Drive • Seminole, FL 33776

To RSVP for this event, call 727-517-7800.

6680_FLClust_10x4.8056_1.indd 1


arden coUrts

Thursday, March 15th

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm “Food for Thought: Focus on Diabetes” Featuring Dr. Kimberly Bender, DC, DACBN, CCN of Bender Chiropractic Center Cooking Demonstration from Chef Erwin of E & E Stakeout Grill Everyone loves to eat – after all – it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures. Just because you may have diabetes does not mean that you can enjoy delicious, flavorful foods just like anyone else. During this seminar, Dr. Bender will discuss: • The nutritional needs for those living with diabetes • How people with diabetes can control urges to eat foods that would affect one’s diabetes • How food affects the body of one living with diabetes • Serving ideas to incorporate these foods into your everyday diet

Monday, March 19th

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Alzheimer‘s and Lewy Body Dementia Support Group Facilitated by Deborah Langrock,RN,CSA The informational and supportive group design makes it possible for families to learn more about the disease as well as understand their feelings about the changes dementia has made on their daily lives. Family caregiver support groups will help you: • Learn practical caregiving information • Get mutual support • Learn about your local community resources • Find solutions to challenging behaviors

2895 Tampa Road • Palm Harbor, FL 34684

To RSVP for this event, call (727) 771-1600. 300 Highland Avenue NE • Largo, FL 33770

To RSVP for this event, call 727-559-8411.

Make your reservations today. Adult day care will be provided at all events by qualified staff. Please ask for this service when making your reservation. Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Assisted Living Facility License #9403, 9248 and 9193

U p c o m i n g F r e e e d U c at i o n e v e n t s

Senior Connection • March 2/20/12 2012 •10:29:33 pageAM 17

Finally, a cell phone that’s… a phone with rates as low as $3.75 per week!

st ne Be Pho 2 ll 201 Ce of

o act N tr n o C

“Well, I finally did it. I finally decided to enter the digital age and get a cell phone. Affordable plans that I can understand – and no contract to sign! Unlike My kids have been bugging me, my book group made fun of me, and the last other cell phones, Jitterbug has plans that make sense. Why should I pay for minutes I’m never going to use? And if I do talk more than I plan, I won’t find straw was when my car broke down, and I was stuck by the highway for myself with no minutes like my friend who has a prepaid phone. Best of all, an hour before someone stopped to help. But when I went to the cell there is no contract to sign – so I’m not locked in for years at a time or phone store, I almost changed my mind. The phones are so small subject to termination fees. The U.S.–based customer service is second I can’t see the numbers, much less push the right one. They all to none, and the phone gets service virtually anywhere in the country. have cameras, computers and a “global-positioning” something or other that’s supposed to spot me from space. Goodness, all I want to do is to be able to talk to my grandkids! The people 100 Monthly Minutes 50 at the store weren’t much help. They couldn’t understand why Monthly Rate $14.99 $19.99 someone wouldn’t want a phone the size of a postage stamp. Operator Assistance 24/7 24/7 And the rate plans! They were complicated, confusing, and 911 Access FREE FREE expensive… and the contract lasted for two years! I’d almost Long Distance Calls No add’l charge No add’l charge given up when a friend told me about her new Jitterbug Voice Dial FREE FREE phone. Now, I have the convenience and safety of being able Nationwide Coverage Yes Yes to stay in touch… with a phone I can actually use.” 1 Friendly Return Policy

Sometimes I think the people who designed this phone and the rate plans had me in mind. The phone fits easily in my pocket, and it flips open to reach from my mouth to my ear. The display is large and backlit, so I can actually see who is calling. With a push of a button I can amplify the volume, and if I don’t know a number, I can simply push “0” for a friendly, helpful operator that will look it up and even dial it for me. The Jitterbug also reduces background noise, making the sound loud and clear. There’s even a dial tone, so I know the phone is ready to use.

Call now and receive a FREE gift just for ordering. Hurry…this is a limited time offer. Call now!

30 days

30 days

More minute plans available. Ask your Jitterbug expert for details.

Call now and get a FREE gift when you order. Try Jitterbug for 30 days and if you don't love it, just return it1. Why wait, the Jitterbug comes ready to use right out of the box. If you aren’t as happy with it as I am, you can return it for a refund of the purchase price. Call now, the Jitterbug product experts are ready to answer your questions. Available in Graphite and Red.

Jitterbug Cell Phone

Call today to get your own Jitterbug phone. Please mention promotional code 44023. 43967.



We proudly accept the following credit cards.

IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Jitterbug is owned by GreatCall, Inc. Your invoices will come from GreatCall. All rate plans and services require the purchase of a Jitterbug phone and a one-time set up fee of $35. Coverage and service is not available everywhere. Other charges and restrictions may apply. Screen images simulated. There are no additional fees to call Jitterbug’s 24-hour U.S. Based Customer Service. However, for calls to an Operator in which a service is completed, minutes will be deducted from your monthly balance equal to the length of the call and any call connected by the Operator, plus an additional 5 minutes. Monthly rate plans do not include government taxes or assessment surcharges. Prices and fees subject to change. 1We will refund the full price of the Jitterbug phone if it is returned within 30 days of purchase in like-new condition. We will also refund your first monthly service charge if you have less than 30 minutes of usage. If you have more than 30 minutes of usage, a per minute charge of 35 cents will apply for each minute over 30 minutes. The activation fee and shipping charges are not refundable. Jitterbug is a registered trademark of GreatCall, Inc. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and/or its related entities. Copyright © 2011 GreatCall, Inc. Copyright © 2011 by firstSTREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Veterans Corner

Ex-POWs: Surviving the Unimaginable and Dealing With It POWs He talked about POWs. “Two things dward Dement, 88, is Commander are foremost in the memories of of the Florida Gulf Coast ChapWWII POWs held in Europe: winter’s ter of the American Ex-POWs and cold and the lack of food. The POWs former National Director of were young, but the the group. It is an elite group ones who suffered who have survived the unmost were the men imaginable and lived to talk who had a wife and about it, if not to outsiders, child back home. then at least to each other. I was assigned to DeMent’s easy smile and deliver mail and I articulate speech make it easy saw their agony.” to forget that, during WWII, Some ex-POWs he and five others parachuted don’t want to join, from a damaged B-24 (part DeMent said, of the 456th Bomb Group) because they don’t in April 1944. He weighed like groups, but he Edward DeMent and 160 pounds that day over feels that as you framed memories of Yugoslavia and remembers get older there’s his POW days. hearing a dog bark as he more locked in landed in a fir tree and fell to the your mind and sharing helps you deal ground, dislocating both kneecaps with it. Men often don’t talk about and suffering many other injuries. their experiences to non-members but The captured men were treated enjoy sharing with other ex-POWs. well for a time in a camp supplied A few years ago, the director of the with food rations by the Red Cross National Prisoner of War Museum and with books and athletic equip(at Andersonville, Georgia) asked ment by the YMCA. (The pilot told DeMent to help them find a way the men to bail out, thinking he to extend the impact of the POW would go down with the plane.) Museum. DeMent has worked with When Russia closed in to liberate the museum in planning and developthe camp, the men were forced ing a new mobile museum called to leave in twenty below zero “Victory from Within: The American weather, marching toward Stalag Prisoner of War Museum.” Luft III outside of Munich. When DeMent will be honored later this that camp was liberated by General year at the unveiling of the 1,200 Patton himself on April 29, 1945, square foot traveling exhibit which DeMent weighed only 110 pounds. will introduce the public to the He went back to Chicago, married, prisoner of war story through worked and raised a family. Like present-day experiences. most POWs, Dement experienced Edward DeMent and others who flashbacks. A picture on the wall survived the unimaginable will of his Temple Terrace, Florida, then have a part of their story told apartment shows the crew of nine more widely. Other parts of their who flew over Yugoslavia on the story they talk about only among fateful day in 1944. Dement is the others who, like them, survived. only one still living. Also on the Other Ex POW chapters meet in wall are his Silver Star, three Purple Spring Hill, Port Charlotte, Sarasota Hearts, two Presidential Citations, and Dunnellon. For information, call four Battle Stars and much more. Edward DeMent at (813) 985-3783. BY JANICE DOYLE


Come Discover One of Florida’s Premier Age 50 & Up Independent/ Active Apartment Community Homes.

The Lexington Club has the Best of what you need and want! Large one bedroom with den 769 sq. ft. Two bedroom/two bath 870 sq. ft. Highceilingswithceilingfanineveryroom Fullsizewasher/dryerhookupsineveryapartment

Special Spring Offer Rentreducedto


permonth onselect units

 ComplimentaryContinentalBreakfast•FitnessCenter ComputerRoom&Library•ConvenienceStore&HairSalon PlaygroundforVisitingGrandkids•Arts/CraftsRoom PartyRoom•ClimateControlHalls&Stairways PlannedWeekly&MonthlyEvents•SparklingPool GamesRoom•WeeklyGamesincludingBingo ElevatorsForEasyAccess•LaundromatsonSite

Lexington Club is in a Non-Evacuation Zone Pet Friendly Community


1200SouthMissouriAve. Clearwater,FL33756 (oppositeGeorgieBoyRestaurant) We also accept Clearwater Housing Section 8 voucher. Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 19

New Audiology Center Improves Hearing, Quality of Life

Hearing loss may prevent you from hearing important conversations with family and friends, watching your favorite TV show, listening in noisy environments or talking on the phone. Island Audiology’s goal is to provide the most technologically advanced solutions to the communication challenges of the hearing impaired through expert diagnosis and treatment. We Offer: • Free Hearing Screening • Comprehensive Diagnostic Audiological Testing • Tinnitus Assessment and Management • Hearing Aid Batteries • Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection • Hearing Aid Repair/Service/Cleaning • Hearing Protection • Custom Earmolds • Swimplugs • Hunter’s Earplugs • Musician Earplugs • Assistive Listening Devices • Bluetooth Accessories • Aural Rehabilitation

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Wireless connectivity is now available to connect to electronic devices. The proper hearing device can prevent loud noises from damaging your hearing when used properly.

13999 Gulf Blvd. Suite C-4 Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Phone: (727) 329-8683


earing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults.Did you know that 15 percent of “baby boomers” (ages 45 – 64) and 29 percent of people over age 65 have hearing loss? “Many people struggle with hearing loss for several years before seeking help,” said Island Audiology owner Dr. Heidi Roberts, “I have a passion for working with the hearing impaired and am excited to share today’s hearing technology with my patients to help improve their quality of life.” Hearing loss treatment was shown to improve: earning power, communication in relationships, intimacy and warmth in family relationships, ease in communication, emotional stability, sense of control over life events, perception of mental functioning and physical health. Continued research in the field of hearing loss coupled with techno-

logical advancements has created breakthroughs in the identification of how we hear. This greater understanding has led to audiological advances for hearing loss treatment, making help available for almost anyone with hearing loss. The audiologists at Island Audiology can help determine the type and degree of your hearing loss, as well as the style and type of hearing aid that would most appropriately fit your hearing loss. “Dr. Roberts has made a significant difference in my life,” said George F. of Seminole. “Being able to hear is wonderful!” Located at 13999 Gulf Blvd. Suite C-4, Island Audiology, LLC is an audiology center serving the hearing impaired of Pinellas county beaches and surrounding communities. For additional information on Island Audiology, visit or call (727) 329-8683.

Expert? What Makes an Expert?


he following are quotes by those considered “experts” in their fields at one time: “Drill for oil? You mean drill into the ground to try and find oil? You’re crazy.” ~ Drillers who Edwin L. Drake tried to enlist to his project to drill for oil in 1859. “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The

device is inherently of no value to us.” ~ Western Union internal memo, 1876. “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” ~ Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899.

“Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.” ~ Marechal Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy, Ecole Superieure de Guerre, France.



• Voted top Oculoplastic surgeon 10 years in a row by Consumer’s Research Council of America • Board Certified/Fellowship trained Oculoplastic Surgeon • 30 years of surgical expertise • Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida College of Medicine • National & international lecturer and instructor • Outpatient procedure • Often covered by Medicare & most insurances Award Winning

800.282.9905 Offices in:

South Pasadenaʼs Hidden Treasure

Welcome to The Springs at Boca Ciega Bay, located in beautiful South Pasadena on the campus of The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay. We’re not your typical skilled nursing facility. We are a 109 bed Medicare certified Rehab Center offering a variety of health care services: • Skilled Nursing • Wound Care • Social Services • Full scale beauty salon • Individualized activities • State-of-the-art Rehab. We offer Customized Rehab programs 7 days a week both in-patient and out-patient including Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. We specialize in: • Orthopedic • Stroke/Neuro • Cardiac programs by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment including Anodyne therapy and Natilus equipment, just to name a few. We make admissions easy! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced and licensed Nurse Liaison, will meet you at hospital bedside or in your home. If you have a surgery planned, why not come in for a tour and take the mystery out of the admission process. Call (727) 599-1390.

The Springs At Boca Ciega Bay

Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Spring Hill

Discover The Springs

1255 Pasadena Ave. St. Petersburg, FL 33707 John T. LiVecchi, MD

(727) 828-3500

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Help Me Stop Presents...

Enter Now!

Nothing Captures the love of a grandparent for a grandchild more than a great photo!


Could Your Grandchild’s Photo be a Winner?

Selected photos will be published in upcoming issues of Senior Connection magazine. Photos will be on display at the Senior Fun Fest, March 27, 2012 at the St. Petersburg Coliseum, 535 Fourth Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 X 1st Place Winner $75 X 2nd Place Winner $50 X 3rd Place - Tickets to the Clearwater Aquarium X Grand Prize Winner Two Tickets to Busch Gardens

ou think you’ve tried everything and your question now is: What can I do to stop smoking if the “standard” treatments don’t work for me?


Photos can be: 3” x 5” up to maximum size 8 1/2” x 11”, printed on photo paper only. Maximum 3 entries per person. NO professional photos. Please no photos by e-mail.

Please enclose this form with your entry. (make sure to sign the bottom) Mail to: News Connection USA, P.O. Box 638, Seffner, FL 33583-0638

recently had stents placed in two coronary arteries. The doctors, of course, told me to quit smoking. I told them, as I have told all of my other doctors, that I have tried to quit but just can’t. I have tried the patch and Chantix, but neither worked. Support groups aren’t for me. I have cut back, but that’s as far as so-called willpower goes. Hearing over and over again that I need to quit leaves me feeling depressed and weak. Is there some news about current or future approaches that might give me and others like me some hope?

A. Before I answer your question,

Grandparent Name Address City Phone

Q. I am an 84-year-old woman who




Photo Title Sender’s Age(s)

Subject’s Age(s)

Subject’s Name Photo release signature Entries must be received by Mar. 20, 2012 to be entered in the Photo Contest. (Send your photos in early so we can share them with our readers). Photos will be returned within 45 days after contest ends, if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope (large enough to fit your photo) and name and address on the back of the photo.

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let me congratulate you for having tried to quit smoking and urge you to try again. It often takes smokers several “tries” before one takes hold. As you have discovered, nicotine is a highly addictive substance. For most smokers, “willpower” alone is not enough. Fortunately, smokers today have a number of tools to fight tobacco addiction. Quit-smoking aids include nicotine replacement (nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, inhalers, and sprays), bupropion (Zyban, Wellbutrin), varenicline (Chantix), counseling and behavior-change therapy, and social support. None are miracle workers. You mentioned having tried the nicotine patch. Dr. Nancy Rigotti, director of the Tobacco Research and Treatment Center at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, said that some smokers find success


by adding to the patch a short-acting nicotine replacement product, like nicotine gum, lozenges or an inhaler to handle breakthrough cravings the patch can’t counteract. You also mentioned that Chantix didn’t help you. Some people find that Zyban works better for them than Chantix. Researchers are testing whether combining Zyban or Chantix with nicotine replacement is a safe and effective treatment for smoking cessation. You also said that support groups aren’t for you. You don’t have to join a group to get support. You can get free, helpful support from the comfort of your home by calling the national quit line at 800-QUIT-NOW. For some people, support is the missing piece of the solution, says Dr. Rigotti.

For most smokers, “willpower” alone is not enough. Fortunately, smokers today have a number of tools to fight tobacco addiction. Several new treatments are under development and investigation. On the medication front, a class of drugs called cannabinoid receptor antagonists may someday be used to help smokers quit. Also in the development pipeline are several anti-nicotine vaccines. They prompt the body to make antibodies to nicotine. When nicotine enters the bloodstream, these antibodies bind to it. If cannabinoid receptor antagonists or vaccines pan out as safe and effective smoking cessation aids—and that is a big if—it will be years before they are on the market. Please don’t wait for treatments that may never materialize. You have already made a good start by cutting back. Now work with someone who specializes in smoking cessation to figure out a plan tailored for you. I hope this answer doesn’t make you feel weak but that it gives you some hope and power. —Thomas Lee, M.D., Editor in Chief, Harvard Heart Letter.

When Should You Worry about “Senior Moments?” E

veryone experiences occasional episodes of forgetfulness. When an older loved one has a few episodes of forgetfulness, friends and family members may wonder whether those misplaced keys or trouble finding the right word in a conversation is the result of normal age-related changes in memory or an early sign of something more serious. The characteristics of these forgetful moments often offer clues as to whether Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia may be the underlying problem. For example: Recognizing and discussing episodes of memory loss. If the person complains about memory loss and can provide details about the episode of forgetfulness, normal aging is more likely. With dementia, it’s common that the person affected will only complain about memory problems if she’s asked about them and won’t be able to recall specific instances. Worry about memory loss. When dementia occurs, the person affected is often much less concerned about memory loss than her family members are. The reverse is true for normal age-related memory problems. Losing the way. If your loved one doesn’t get lost in familiar surroundings but does sometimes pause momentarily to remember the way, normal aging is likely. But if

she gets lost in familiar territory while walking or driving and takes hours to return, Alzheimer’s or dementia should be a concern. Word-finding problems. Occasional trouble finding the right word probably isn’t worth worrying over, but frequent wordfinding pauses and substitutions—for example, calling the telephone “the ringer” or “that thing I use to call you”—are typical of dementia.

Changes in abilities and social skills. While it isn’t uncommon for an older adult to be unwilling to operate new devices or to fumble a bit with their cell phone or DVR, it’s a warning sign if the person has trouble operating common appliances like the dishwasher or has trouble using even simple new devices. Also, if the person has lost interest in social activities or if his or her social skills are in decline, it’s worth noting. Of course, while these tips can help distinguish between normal age-related memory changes and dementia, concerns about memory problems should be brought to the attention of a doctor. The above is from the book“A Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease,” available for $18 from Harvard Health Publications, online at or by calling 877-649-9457 (toll-free)

Honor Flight Scheduled T

he next Honor Flight of West Central Florida (HFWCF) is scheduled for Tues., April 3. The one-day flight will take 75 World War II veterans to Washington, D.C., to see the memorials built on the National Mall as a tribute to their service. Veterans will fly free and will be

accompanied by a guardian. Volunteer guardians must be under age 76 and make a $400 tax deductible donation to help cover expenses. Both guardians and veterans go to to complete the application. Mail to HFWCF, P.O. Box 55661, St. Petersburg, FL 33732.

Free Events at Barrington Terrace

C 29 A

heck out this calendar of events at Barrington Terrace Assisted Living & Memory Care Community: —Family Caregivers Support Group, 10 – 11 a.m. pril 3—Learn about Assisted Living Services and VA’s Best Kept Secret! 2 – 3:30 p.m. (VA Benefits that pay towards Assisted Living Costs). Tours of the community will be provided Reservations required; please call 588-0020. Location: Barrington Terrace 333 16th Ave. SE., Largo, FL 33771 RSVP – (727) 588-0020.

Direct Cremation Service no funeral services $915 Complete Including death certificate Plan-ahead arrangements available Mark Grande, President 888-405-7735 (24 hrs) 29399 US Hwy. 19 N., Suite 270 Clearwater, FL 33761 Member of Better Living for Seniors and Guardian Association of Pinellas Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 23

Medicare Answers Dear Marci, I just found out I am eligible for a Medicare Savings Program. How do I apply? —Yvonne


✦ Free 24 Hour Front Desk Coverage ✦ Free Scheduled Shuttle Bus Service ✦ Katz Korner Café/ Mini-Mart on Site ✦ Activities, Activities and More Activities!

Studios from $474 One Bedroom from $584 Utilities included!

$100 OFF

First Month’s Rent Philip Quality Apartment Benjamin Home Rentals Tower Expires: 3/31/2012 SC

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICANTS 55+ Stop by Mon - Fri from 8 am - 2:30 pm for a FREE cup of coffee and a danish. We will be glad to take you for a tour of our Beautiful Property.

☎ 727-347-5191

250 58th Street N. St. Petersburg, Florida 33710



Change Your Life by Changing Your Shoes Remember walks on the beach, shopping with friends, dancing with your spouse? Enjoy those things again after a visit to Foot Solutions. Our trained consultants will fit you properly in stylish top-quality shoes for dress, work and play, and then will digitally scan your feet to create custom arch supports that can help ease foot, back and knee pain.

FREE Computer Foot Scan & Evaluation Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 24

LARGO MALL PALM HARBOR ST. PETE 727-585-4200 727-781-3668 727-345-3668

edicare Savings Programs (MSPs) help pay your Medicare costs if you have limited finances. There are three main programs: QMB, SLMB and QI. Each program has different income eligibility limits. You should call your local Medicaid office for exact rules on how to apply for an MSP in your state. Many states allow you to submit your application online, through the mail or through community health centers or other organizations. The list of documents that you will need to include with your application varies by state. Contact your local Medicaid office to find out what documents you need. Examples of documentation that may be required include:

• Social Security card • Medicare card • Birth certificate, passport or green card • Proof of your address, such as an electric bill • Proof of your income, such as a Social Security Administration award letter, income tax return or pay stub • Information about your assets, such as bank statements, stock certificates or life insurance policies —Marci Marci’s Medicare Answers is a service of the Medicare Rights Center ( To speak with a counselor, call (800) 333-4114.


Aging In Place Solutions

ost everyone wants to stay in their own home as they age. Today, that is referred to as “aging in place.” Often a simple solution can make that possible for you or someone you love.

Challenge: Difficulty getting up from a seated position from a chair or sofa.

Solution: Furniture risers can lift the legs of a couch up 3 – 4 inches. Ask a carpenter to put 4-inch risers on the back legs of a sofa and 3-inch risers on the front legs of a sofa.

Challenge: Getting in or out of bed

Solution: A bedrail/bedcane slides easily between the mattress and box springs of most beds. A bed pull-up strap will also enable someone to pull up (or turn to the side) of a bed from a prone position.

Solution: An electric seat assist is best used on a sofa or seat with a softer cushion.

Solution: Have a handyman build a 3-inch platform under a recliner to make getting up and down simpler.

Information by Adam Fine, Accessible Design & Consulting, Inc.

EZride: The key to senior independence.

EZride: getting seniors where they want to go at the lowest rates in town. • Friendly drivers attentive to special needs • 65 and older or disabled 55 and older • Wheelchair accessible • 8am-6pm, Monday through Saturday • Available throughout Pinellas County (Hillsborough and Pasco also available at a flat rate)

• • • • • • • •

Spacious Studio, 1 & 2 BR apts. Walk or Kayak to Honeymoon Island FREE Sewer, Water & Cable Rich Social Activities Elevators Beautiful Clubhouse Heated Swimming Pool Prompt & Courteous Maintenance Staff • FREE scheduled Call Toll Free transportation services 727-734-8479 (Save Gasoline) • Prices start at just 444 North Paula Drive $615 per month Dunedin, Florida 34698 • NO BUY-IN FEES


Want to help seniors in our community? Volunteers are needed.



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Free Tax Preparation Assistance M ore than 12,000 free tax preparation sites are open nationwide this year. The IRS sponsors both the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs. The VITA program offers free tax help to people who earn less than $50,000. Most locations offer free electronic filing. The TCE program offers free tax help to people who are age 60 or older. Taxpayers can search the word “VITA” in and click on the option “Free Tax Return Preparation For You by Volunteers,” followed by ”Find a VITA site near you” to find site info, or call the IRS toll-free number: 1-800-906-9887. AARP Foundation Tax-Aide offers free help for older taxpayers and people with limited incomes. Go to the site listed during the following times to schedule an appointment unless a phone number is given. Do not call a public library to make an appointment. For addresses, please visit Locator/taxAideLocations.action.

Gulf Beaches Library, Madeira Beach (Tue. and Thu. 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.)

Pinellas Park Library (Mon. and Tue. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.; Thu. 2:30 – 6:30 p.m.; Sat. 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) Palm Harbor Comm. Center (Tue. and Fri. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

Safety Harbor Library (727) 724-1525 (Mon. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Thu. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Sunshine Senior Center (Fri. 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

Clearwater East Library (Mon. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Fri. noon – 4 p.m.)

St. Cecelia Catholic Church, Clearwater (Tue. 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Gulfport Library (Mon. and Fri.10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Seminole Library at SPC (Tue. and Wed. 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Thu. 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) Dunedin Comm. Center (727) 298-3286 (Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) Bank of America – Eagles Park (Wed., Thu., Fri. 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.) St. Petersburg Library (Wed. and Thu. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) Saint Mark Village, Palm Harbor (727) 785-2577 (Fri. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) Oldsmar Library (813) 749-1178 (Tue. 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.; Wed. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) Largo Library (Mon. and Wed. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Fri. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Tarpon Springs Library (727) 943-4922 (Mon. and Tue. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

Tai Chi Classes T

ake Tai Chi classes taught by Gary Israel and Natalie Flank: St. Pete Beach Community Center and The Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Instructor Israel describes being in debilitating pain and poor health five years ago. Today he is pain free and his knees and hip joints are completely flexible. St. Pete Beach classes are offered Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 6 p.m. 7701 Boca Ciega Drive. Boyd Hill classes: Thursdays, 10:30 a.m. Classes are $10 each, or you can purchase a “Ten Class Pass” for $69. Your first class is free! To register for classes, call (609) 432-4243.

Seven Ways to Exercise on the Cheap



f you’re having trouble keeping up with highimpact aerobics and jogging, maybe you can still find ways to get your exercise. Try these tips:

1. Go It Alone: It takes discipline to maintain your own workout schedule, but joining an expensive health club isn’t really a necessity. We tell ourselves paying for membership will force us to exercise, but the thinning crowds after January attest to the fallacy of this concept. 2. Bring It Home: More than 10 million Americans use elliptical trainers. An equal number prefer a reclining stationary bike. Both

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machines reduce stress on joints while eliminating the aching-back syndrome. Fortunately, a lot of people buy such equipment and then use them as expensive clothes hangers. That means you should never have to buy a new machine. Craigslist is just filled with ads for home exercise equipment and some dealers offer refurbished machines. The key is to give it a whirl before handing over your cash or you, too, might end up with a pricey coat rack. If you don’t already have an MP3 player, this should be your second investment. Nothing impels you through a home workout like hot tunes or an hour-long podcast of “Car Talk.” 3. Stay Limber: Stress is not the only province of youth; nor is muscle elas-

ticity. Yoga helps soothe frayed nerves, improves flexibility and, not incidentally, provides a great aerobic workout. Pilates has many of the same advantages, but without all that Nirvana stuff. There are countless DVDs and CDs to lead you through these exercises at home, but it’s important to be selective. You want an instructor who gives detailed instructions, like “keep your stomach flat,” “push away from the floor,” etc.

4. Get Outside: Recumbent road bikes are fairly expensive, but you can always pick up a traditional bike for cheap at garage sales, thrift stores, or the inevitable Craigslist. If you have shoulder or back problems, invest in high-rise handlebars and have a professional adjust the bike to your body shape and size.

5. Walk It Off: It costs nothing to cruise the neighborhood, checking out houses for sale while listening to music that moves you. Walking regularly with

a friend is a great motivator and maintaining a conversation while keeping a steady pace allows you to monitor the amount of exercise you actually get. An article in AARP reports overweight people who walk 30 minutes per day, five days per week, can reduce their risk of diabetes by nearly 60 percent.

6. Pump It Up: Even if you just add weights to your arms and legs when walking, you’ll increase your body strength while getting a good cardio workout. 7. Mix and Match: Performing just one form of exercise won’t ensure you stay fit. A full regimen combines strength, flexibility and balance training (the latter provided by yoga and Pilates). Mixing it up each day also keeps the doldrums away. The author is a Baby Boomer consumer specialist for Kinoli Inc. She has written about senior issues for 11 years as a Cooperative Extension specialist and for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines.

Don’t Miss These March Matinees



f you don’t drive at night any more, don’t miss these matinee opportunities. First off, on March 6 Maurice Hines sings and dances in Cole and Sinatra with Love at the Mahaffey. Tickets start at $19.50. Call (727) 892-5798 for reservations. The Florida Orchestra has 10 a.m. Coffee Concerts – March 6: “Vienese Delights” and March 16: “Voices of Spring.” Eight O’Clock Theatre at the Largo Cultural Center features Funny Girl, the biography of Fanny Brice, in matinees March 4 and 11. Call (727) 587-6793 for tickets.

The mystery/ comedy matinee See How They Run plays at St. Petersburg’s City Theatre March 4, 11, and 18. Call (727) 866-1973 for tickets.

Yentl, the classic story made famous in a film with Barbra Streisand is now adapted for the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota. A girl who wants to learn has no opportunity in Poland, so she dons men’s clothes and becomes Ansel. March 11, 15 and 24 performances begin at 2 p.m. Call 800-361-8388 for reservations.

You Can Teach an Old Hear the Voices of Spring Dog—or Cat—New Tricks! at the Florida Orchestra H S ure, the old expression reads that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But, when it comes to showing unconditional love and being ready to move into a new home, the older animals have it all over the younger ones. That’s why Pinellas County Animal Services is starting their Seniorto-Senior program— an effort to match older pets with more experienced owners. If you want a new pet without issues of chewing, housebreaking and all that energy, this is for you. These could also be perfect for young, active families who want to get right at the enjoyment features of having a pet.

Pinellas County’s shelters have many older pets up for adoption which—tragically—have a difficult time finding a new home. Cats and small-breed dogs chosen for the program are at least eight years old, with largebreed dogs at least six. All pets selected for the Senior-to-Senior program have been spayed or neutered, had all of their necessary shots and were selected for their loving and friendly personalities, and there is a special half-off $20 adoption fee. If you are interested in the Senior to Senior program or adopting a pet from Pinellas County Animal Services, visit or call (727) 582-2600.

ere’s what’s new at the Florida Orchestra this month: ar. 8: Coffee Concert – Viennese Delights. This program includes Strauss Jr’s Tritsch Tratsch Polka, Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro Overture and Lehar’s The Merry Widow Overture, along with music by Brahms, Schubert and Von Suppé. Enjoy free coffee and donuts. 11 a.m. at Mahaffey Theater. ar. 9 – 11: Pops Concert – Rock On Broadway. Broadway vocalists Andréa Burns and Ron Bohmer sing hits from rock musicals: Rent, Chess, Hair, Little Shop of Horrors, Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Godspell. Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater. ar. 16 – 18: Masterworks – Voices of Spring. Stefan Sanderling and the orchestra share the stage with soprano Indra Thomas in Samuel Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915




on a program of spring-themed works, including Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring in the original 13instrument composition. The concert also features Robert Schumann’s Symphony No. 1, Spring. 16 at Mahaffey; 17 and 18 at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Offering the same affordable ticket prices of $15, $30 and $45, the 2012/ 2013 season will feature concertos and symphonies by Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and more. The two Coffee Concert series and the Morning Masterworks will offer familiar symphonic favorites, and the Pops Concert series covers a scope of swing dance hits, holiday favorites, Latin rhythms, Broadway show tunes, best-loved film scores and more.

For tickets or concert info, visit or call 1-800-662-7286. Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 27

Age Discrimination: Do You Know What To Do? C

An Active 55+ Adult Community Spacious 1 and 2 bedroom homes with large screened lanais Variable lease terms available to meet your individual needs FREE cable television, water, pest control and rubbish collection included in your rent FREE daily transportation to local grocery stores, pharmacies, library, area shopping malls and the new Largo Community Center

lose your eyes and imagine: A woman is replaced after 15 years of employment with a company because, as her boss reasons, she is close to retirement anyway. A man is denied membership in a club due to his age. A family is confused as to where to find help for their aging family members. Do you know where to go if these incidents happen to you? Seniors are often discriminated against due to misconceptions about their abilities. The Florida Commission on Human Relations is the state agency responsible for investigating and resolving discrimination complaints regarding employment, housing, public accommodations and state employee whistle-blower retaliation. If you feel you have been discriminated against, they can help.

How come some folks in nursing homes pay almost nothing? What do they know that you don't?

FREE membership to the Bonsai Holistic Spa & Fitness Center Two recreational clubhouses that include computers with Internet access, billiards and heated outdoor swimming pools An active social calendar including resident parties, travel excursions, health expos, group classes and activities galore Optional concierge services available: dinner meal delivery, housekeeping and laundry


Pet friendly up to 25 lbs.

Protect Your Assets From Devastating Long-Term Care Expenses.

Located next door to Largo’s New Community Center!

Call Today for More Information (727) 585-3723 101 Imperial Palm Drive • Largo, Florida 33771 • Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 28

Reporting an act of discrimination is the first step to ending it. In addition to investigating discrimination complaints, the Commission serves as an invaluable resource for the state of Florida. They are responsible for maintaining the directory of 55+ housing communities. Additionally, they are working to establish partnerships with community organizations to ensure that everyone’s civil rights are protected and that employers understand their legal responsibilities. By the year 2015, Florida is predicted to be the state with the highest percentage of adults over the age of 65. The Florida Commission on Human Relations is ensuring that your rights as a senior are not being ignored. For more information on the Commission or their services, please call 1-800-342-8170 or visit their website at

Call 727.322.6400 3663 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Email: Our site:

Common Mistakes in Medicaid Avoiding Ruffled Feathers: Asset Protection Planning Safety And Tech Tips For Snowbirds BY BOB DECKER, RFC®, CSA®, CRFA™ Pres. of Bob Decker & Associates, LLC, A Registered Investment Advisor;

• Failing to disclose all gifts or transfers made in the 60 months prior to the Medicaid application.


• Confusing the IRS $13,000 yearly gift tax exclusion with Medicaid rules concerning disqualification penalties caused by the transfer of assets.

Retirement & Cash Flow Planning Specialists

edicaid planning is not a matter of greed as some mistakenly believe. It is wise to preserve a reserve fund to pay for expenses not paid by Medicaid. Following is a list of many other mistakes made when it comes to Asset Protection Planning: • Spending down assets by waiting too long to begin asset protection planning.

• Thinking that assets in any type of trust will not be counted in the available asset total.

• Thinking that it is too late to begin the planning process. • Believing that Medicare pays for long term nursing home care.

• Missing the use of exempt assets in the planning process.

• Relying on advice from someone who is not an expert in the Medicaid program.

• Confusing gross income with net income, the amount actually received after deductions for such things as income taxes, health insurance premiums, etc.

• Failing to get a durable power of attorney signed before a person is incompetent. • Neglecting the possibility that the well spouse may die before the sick spouse. • Skipping the fact that both spouses may need nursing home care. • Failing to take advantage of spousal protection regulations. • Confusing the look-back period and the transfer disqualification period. • Causing an extension of the transfer disqualification period by applying too soon. • Transferring the home to the children without understanding the homestead laws in Florida. • Ignoring exempt transfers that do not result in a period of disqualification.

service provider is different in each location. The best part is, once you are ready to return, you can use the same service again to reverse the process.”

• Failing to consider the tax consequences during the planning process.

• Lacking knowledge about how annuities can be used to gain Medicaid qualification quickly.

• Transferring assets without understanding the Medicaid transfer rules and penalties.


f you’ve spent the winter here, you’ve joined almost 1 million North American “snowbirds.” With technology has come new considerations for closing up the winter house and heading north. Best tips for leaving a house behind until next winter include:

• Applying for Medicaid for a person whose gross income is greater than Florida’s income cap and who does not have a Qualified Income Trust. • Failing to fund the Qualified Income Trust each month of Medicaid benefits.

Security and Remote Monitoring Before the bags are packed, you may want to investigate new products that put technology to work while you’re gone. For peace of mind, new services now remotely monitor and control your home’s security and thermostat from a smartphone or computer. You can remotely arm or disarm the alarm system and control lighting, household appliances and the thermostat. With connected cameras, you can monitor the home from anywhere in the worldeven receive instant text messages when doors are opened or closed.

Retirement Living

• Omitting any asset or source of income in the Medicaid application. • Failing to keep accurate records for submission to DCF. • Neglecting to notify DCF of any changes in assets or income after approval. Hopefully, this article provides some insight about how to approach planning for medical issues that are often overlooked in retirement planning. The information in this article should not be interpreted as giving legal advice. The author may be contacted with questions at (800) 913-9660 or

Freshen Up! A dormant home will inevitably become stuffy. Keep it return-ready with a new type of air purifier that cleans the air and prevents the spread of allergens such as mold or mildew. Air purifiers with true HEPA filters capture 99.9 percent of particles and impurities. Put the unit on a timer and your air purifier automatically senses air quality levels and neutralizes viruses/ bacteria, keeping your indoor air clean.

Telecommunications Services David Gregg, of behindthebuy. com, shares the following advice on telephone, cable TV and Internet services: “Instead of making two separate calls, check out cablemover. com for disconnecting your TV, phone and Internet at your current home and reconnecting at your summer address. And it doesn’t matter if your cable

Don’t Forget the Basics Gizmos are great, but remember to turn off your refrigerator or turn it down to the lowest setting and unplug your electronics. For those items that can’t be unplugged, be sure to use a surge protector. Consider new devices that power down appliances and tech devices that consume phantom power (power you continue to use even after you hit the off button) saving you money on your electric bill. For more tips and ideas on how to smooth your annual snowbird migration, check out (NAPSA) Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 29

Win Tickets to the Florida Orchestra!


o you know the name of Yogi Bear’s sidekick? Relive your childhood memories and test your cartoon savvy in our fun online trivia contest! Can you tell who’s who? You can find the contest on our website: Click on the “Contests” tab to learn how to play. Answer the questions correctly and you’ll be entered into our drawing to win two ticket exchange passes to the Florida Orchestra! You choose the show you would like to attend. You can check out upcoming shows at The contest will run until April 1, 2012 at noon. Good luck!

Continuum of care – allowing you and your family peace of mind as lifestyle needs change. Pets Welcome Call For More Information 727-669-5261 2855 Gulf to Bay Blvd. • Clearwater, FL 33759 Single Story Villas for Independent Living

Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 30

Prices starting at $1035/mo.

Accepting Medicaid Diversion Assisted Living Facility Lic. # AL11209

Enjoy a Savory Springtime Brunch W

hen spring is in the air, it’s the perfect time to bring family and friends together for a welcoming brunch. When planning your menu, be sure to have plenty of savory dishes on hand to satisfy your guests. And rest easy, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare your feast. Using ingredients already full of flavor, such as Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage, lets you create memorable brunch dishes without a lot of work.

Recipe These recipes are simple yet satisfying—and leave you plenty of time to enjoy the company gathered around your table. For more savory brunch recipes, visit

Amazing Muffin Cups

Prep Time: 20 minutes; Cook Time: 25 minutes; Yield: 12 servings. 3 cups refrigerated shredded hash browns 3 tablespoons melted butter 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 12 links Johnsonville Original Breakfast Sausage 6 eggs 2 cups (8 ounces) shredded 4-cheese Mexican blend cheese 1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper Chopped fresh chives or green onions, for garnish

Place 12 paper liners in a muffin pan; spray liners with cooking spray. In bowl, combine hash browns, butter, salt and pepper. Press hash brown mixture into the bottom and up the sides of the muffin cups. Bake at 400°F for 12 minutes or until lightly browned. Meanwhile, cook sausage according to package directions; cut into 1/2-inch pieces. Divide sausage between muffin cups. Combine eggs, cheese and bell pepper. Pour over sausage. Sprinkle with chives. Bake for 13 to 15 minutes or until set.

Easy Sausage Roll-Ups

Prep Time: 15 minutes; Cook Time: 15 minutes; Yield: 16 roll-ups 1 package (12 ounces) Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage Links 2 containers refrigerated crescent rolls (16 rolls total) 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 2 tablespoons sugar

Prepare sausage according to package directions. Drain and set aside. Unroll crescent roll dough according to directions on package. Place one cooked sausage onto one end of a dough triangle. Roll dough around sausage according to directions on dough package and place on jelly-roll pan with the seam side down. Repeat with remaining sausage and dough. (You will have 2 extra rolls. Bake and enjoy with jam.) Mix cinnamon and sugar together and sprinkle evenly over roll-ups. Bake according to directions on dough package. Serve hot. Suggestion: Serve with warm maple syrup, honey or your favorite preserves for dipping. (

DRIVE IN. DENTS OUT. Carsmetics has revolutionized the auto body repair industry by creating a fast, efficient, hassle-free option for drivable accident repairs. We promise to make your car look just like new – on time and for less. And you won’t pay a cent until you’re satisfied.

• FREE EXACT Quote in 10 Minutes • ONE DAY Repairs on Most Vehicles

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Any Repair Over $650

Excluding parts and tax. Must present coupon at time of quote. 1 coupon per visit. Expires 4/10/12.



On Repairs Over $250 Must present coupon at time of quote. 1 coupon per visit. Expires 4/10/12.

From accidents to dents and every ding in between! • Insurance and non-insurance repairs • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs


CLEARWATER/FEATHER SOUND 3990 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, FL 33762

727.572.9500 PALM HARBOR

32898 U.S. Hwy. 19 N. Palm Harbor, FL 34684


Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 31

FREE INFORMATION SERVICE Senior Connection & Mature Lifestyles


From The American Contract Bridge League

for information please return completed form to:

News Connection USA, Inc. • P.O. Box 278 • Laurel FL 34272-0278




his month we take a look at “trump promotion.” Put yourself in the West seat, defending 4♠.





Zip: Date:

E-mail: ❏ Single ❏ Married ❏ Are you a Group Leader? Please contact me by: ❏ Mail ❏ Phone ❏ E-mail Counties of interest: ❏ Lee ❏ Charlotte ❏ Collier ❏ Hillsborough ❏ Pinellas ❏ Pasco ❏ Lake ❏ Marion ❏ Sarasota ❏ Manatee SEND INFORMATION ON AREAS(S) CHECKED BELOW AUTOMOBILES: TRAVEL: ❏ Automobile Sales ❏ Cruises ❏ Land Tours ❏ Maintenance and Repairs ❏ Hotels/ Resorts ❏ Recreational Vehicles ❏ Local Attractions ❏ Getaway Packages RESIDENTIAL LIVING: ❏ Mfd/FactoryBuilt Homes HOUSING OPTIONS ❏ RV Resort ❏ Independent ❏ Apartments ❏ Assisted Living ❏ Villa/Condo/Single Family ❏ Senior Apartment ❏ Golf Community ❏ Continuing Care/LifeCare PERSONAL HEALTH: FINANCIAL/ LAW: ❏ Physicians ❏ Reverse Mortgages ❏ Dentists ❏ Retirement planning ❏ Eye Care ❏ Trusts/Wills ❏ Foot Care/Arch Supports ❏ Estate planning ❏ Weight Loss ❏ Guardianships ❏ Supplements ❏ Elder Law ❏ Home Health LEISURE TIME: ❏ Prescription Drugs ❏ Golf ❏ Hearing ❏ Gambling ❏ Spas/Gym ❏ Boating ❏ Medical Supplies ❏ Theater INSURANCE: ❏ Dining In/Out Art O’Connor ❏ Medicare HOME IMPROVEMENTS: Won a $25 Gift ❏ Health Certificate to ❏ Long-term care ❏ Sunrooms ❏ Pools/spas Home Depot! ❏ Auto ❏ Contractor ❏ Life ❏ Home Modifications ❏ Home OTHER: All entries will be collected by News Connection U.S.A. for future promotions, special offers, and marketing.

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Home Depot! When you complete this form and mail it back, your name will be entered to win a $25 gift certficate to Home Depot. (Drawing held the 20th of each month.) SC/SUN

Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 32


To start with, please locate a sheet of paper or your morning slice of toast (marmalade side facing up). Place it diagonally across the diagram, so that only the West and North hands are showing. As West, your opening lead is the ♣A on which Partner plays the Seven and Declarer the Nine. Next, you cash the ♣K (everyone following the suit), then the ♥A. You’ve cashed your three winners, where’s the setting trick? A Diamond ruff? No, Partner

A Couple Of Upper-Cuts had two Clubs, and can hardly have more than two Spades. He cannot have 2=9=0=2 distribution, with that shape he would surely have pushed on to 5♥. The only other possibility is a trump trick. Yes, indeed! The magic card here, amazingly enough, is the Spade Six! You lead another Club, and if East ruffs with the Six he forces Declarer to overruff with an honor, promoting a trick for your ♠J! This form of trump promotion is known as an upper-cut, and East must ruff with the Smashing Six to deliver the knock-out blow. Ruffing with the Feeble Four would be no more than a tickle under Declarer’s chin. A Second Upper-Cut! Next, imagine that East is Declarer, playing in 4♥. South cashes the ♠A, ♠K, and leads a third Spade, which North ruffs with the ♥J. Another upper-cut, promoting South’s ♥T? No, Declarer simply pitches away his Diamond loser and makes his contract. Let’s have a do over. After cashing the top two Spades, South cashes the ♦K, and then leads the third Spade. Now Declarer really is done for, this time the upper-cut sets the contract. Visit for more about the fascinating game of bridge or email To find a bridge club in Florida, go to Bridge article provided courtesy of St. Petersburg Bridge Club:

Check Us Out Online!

Senior Connection Is Now On and


Visit or click the Facebook icon on for the latest news, contests and fun events in your area. Share your comments with us!

Social Media Explained



t’s hard to keep up with new technology since today’s technological world requires conveying a message in several styles and methods, depending on which social media you’re using. Let me try to explain. We’ll start with something we understand: an old fashioned, handwritten (in perfect cursive penmanship!) touristy postcard to Aunt Suzy. Dear Aunt Suzy, I’m back in Iowa visiting the old hometown. Since Mom died, the house here has sold and the new owners have painted it a horrible blue color. A few changes in town – Main St. Donut Shop is long gone. I’m sitting in a Dunkin’ Donuts next to the super WalMart north of town on the new bypass. See you in June. —Love, Betty

Here’s the way that it’s done in social media: Twitter: I’m eating a donut. Facebook: I like donuts. Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts. Instagram: This is a vintage photo of where I eat donuts. YouTube: Here I am eating a donut. LinkedIn: My skills include eating donuts. Pinterest: Here’s a donut recipe. Last FM: Listening to “Donuts.” G+: I’m a Google employee who eats donuts. Whew! Now the world knows!

Word Search Mar. 2012

In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category for today. Circle each answer that you find and list it in the space provided at the right of the grid. Answers can be found in all directions – forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. An example is given to get you started. Can you find the twenty answers in this puzzle?

Last Month’s Answers

February Sudoku Jim McMillan is last month’s winner! Congratulations!

Win Great Prizes!

New winner selected each month

Good Luck!

Mar. Sudoku

Sudoku requires no arithmetic skills.The object of the game is to fill all the blank squares with the correct numbers. Each row and each column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order. Each 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9 as well. Good luck! The first correct answers selected from the drawing on Mar. 21 will win. Send your answers along with your name, address and telephone number to: SENIOR CONNECTION OR MATURE LIFESTYLES 1602 S. PARSONS AVE., SEFFNER, FL 33584



Word Search Answers From

February 2012

Send your answers along with your name, address and telephone number to:

The first correct answers selected from the drawing on March 21 will win.


Veronica Devine is last month’s winner! Congratulations!


Florida’s Award Winning Senior Magazine

Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 33

Y ’all Come. Let’s Go to Callaway Gardens! New at the Gardens is an adventurous two hours on the TreeTop Adventure. All four of us are in the very late 60s to mid-70s age range, but there we were lined up in helmets and safety harnesses letting guides get us started on the obstacle ropes and zip line course for all ages. The brochure says you can “leap, swing and whiz” your way through it. We didn’t do any of those specifically, but we took it one challenge at a time, cheered each other on, laughed a lot at ourselves and enjoyed the whole thing immensely.



’all come.” The words are the Song of the South. It might be an invitation to experience places with a long history, beautiful flowers, long walks on wooded paths and charming cottages amidst pines and azaleas. So, y’all come and meet us at Callaway Gardens!

Travel If you have friends you’d like to relax with—or if you want to just stop on your way to somewhere else—there’s no place like Callaway Gardens. Any time of year is a good time to be there, but the Gardens are especially wonderful in the spring as the azaleas bloom. It’s time to go! Located on I-85 southwest of Atlanta, it’s a day’s drive from west Florida to Callaway Gardens. My husband and I joined our good friends there. We stayed in one of the two-bedroom, two-bath cottages nestled into the woods, brought our own food, and everywhere we looked for two days, the woods were full of azalea bushes. An inn and villas are also available for lodging, and you’ll find several restaurants on the grounds. Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 34

Cabins at Callaway

Year-round fun Every season provides a great reason to visit Callaway Gardens! Beyond ongoing superb golf and tennis possibilities, there’s a full schedule of things to do. Don’t think it’s all about spring azaleas, by any means. Robin Lake Beach turns into the center of activity for family activities and festivals. There’s a hot air balloon festival for Labor Day, a Spangled Beach Party for the 4th of July, a Fall Festival and, during the Christmas season, Fantasy in Lights has become an annual tradition for many people.

Winter at the Gardens (January through March) finds programs which connect people socially—think of staying in a cozy cottage with a fireplace by night and enjoying social activities like bridge or tennis by day. Maybe you’d like a class or a Mystery Dinner Weekend. The calendar is packed with possibilities, and many special rates are available throughout the winter.

FDR’s “Little White House”

A don’t-miss side trip Warm Springs, a hidden jewel in central Georgia, is a 15-minute drive from Callaway. Franklin Roosevelt’s Little White House is there. It is where he came to soak in the springs. You’ll enjoy the history and learn how the Georgia mountain people affected his presidential decisions. Warm Springs Village is lined with quaint streets and 100-year-old restored buildings—just lovely. For more information, call 1-800-CALLAWAY (225-5292) or visit

What’s at Callaway Gardens? You’ll find floral beauty in the 40-acres of azaleas and other garden delights as you drive the roads or hike the trails through the property. Better yet, pick up a bike and follow the 10-mile paved trail that winds through the woods, with stops at all the major attractions. At the John A Sibley Horticultural Center, it’s easy to spend an hour or more wandering through the five acres of gardens: a tropical rain forest, a Mediterranean garden, a desert plot and much more. We loved the sculptures and the indoor waterfall. Landscape Photography – Azaleas: March 31 – April 1: $115. The Gardens include the Virginia Close-up and Macro Photography – Butterfly: April 21 – 22: $115 Hand Callaway Discovery Center, a lovely building full of Herbaceous Plant Propagation: March 10 or March 17: $75 displays and informaPlant Fair and Sale: March 22 – 25, tion. A Backyard Callaway Gardening School: March 22 – 23, Fees vary. Wildlife Habitat and Vegetable Gardening A to Z: March 30: $55 Birds of Prey program interest the critter Planting your Season Vegetable Garden: April 21: $45 crew in a group. Spring Watercolor Painting: April 21 – 22: $225 More than 1000 Special 3-Day Plein Air Painting: April 23 – 25: $395 The Butterfly Center butterflies live in Pine Needle Basket Making: April 28: $65 the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center. After spotting Gemstones & Freshwater Pearls Jewelry Design and Making: May 5: $115 four or five, we slowed our steps Workshop fees include admission to Callaway Gardens. To register, and looked more closely to find the call 1-800-225-5292 or email hidden beauties among the plants.

Spring Workshops and Classes at Callaway Gardens

Senior Idol Show

April 4, 2012 - 7:00 p.m. Ruth Eckerd Hall 1111 McMullen Booth Road • Clearwater, FL 33759

For Information call: Pinellas: 727-329-2618 – Susan Juhl and Nicole Woodring Hillsborough: 813-436-2296 – Andrea White and Chrissy Crumpton Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 35

Seniors Getting Together WOMEN SEEKING MEN 4093 CHRISTIAN WWBF, 63, ATTRACTIVE, honest, sincere, who loves the Lord. ISO a true Christian black gentleman who believes in the same. Love good home cooking, sports, fishing. A good SOH. 55 – 72. FF, write. Tampa. 4103 TALL GERMAN WOMAN Heart of gold, loyal, fun, likes travel, nature, arts and museums. Looking for same cultured men. Military or Fed. retiree. Picture please. NS, NDrg, TLC. Tampa. 4106 SEEKING CUTE 59 – 65 YO HONEST, one-woman man. IQ, “Patriotic,” conservative with SOH. Love travel? Rent RV? Love Ford Mustangs (rear-drive), beaches, sm dogs! NS/ SD/NDrg. I’m 5-5”, HWP, pretty w/blonde hair. Let’s dance—make bucket list! Bay area. 4110 KIND, COMPASSIONATE ITALIAN WWF, FF with a sincere, generous, honest man, 68 – 72 years young. I like outdoors, dining out, going to church, country music, good conversation. Send photo.

4112 SLENDER, ATTRACTIVE W, WW seeks lovable 75 plus gent for sharing good times. Enjoy dining, dancing, travel, movies, thrift stores, togetherness, caring for each other. St. Petersburg. 4115 SEEKING NICE GENTLEMAN Petite, single, educated Filipina, NS/ND, kind, honest, caring, loving and sincere Likes church, nature, music, travel and home life. ISO honest, decent gentleman 60 – 70 for friendship. Tampa.

MEN SEEKING WOMEN 4094 SEEKING A LOVING LADY, 70+ YY, enjoys movies, dining out, travel, dancing and more. I’m W, M, WW, 5’8”, 175 lbs., NS, SD, Zephyrhills. 4109 SWM 59YY, LOOKING FOR SOMEONE who likes music, boat rides, sunsets, car racing and movies. NS, ND, friendship or more.



Deadline for ads is the 15th of the month prior to placement.

Only $6 to place an ad!

Mark The Edition(s) You Would Like To Run Your Ad In: Hillsborough & Suncoast (Pinellas/Pasco) Lake/Marion Counties Southwest/Charlotte (Fort Myers/Port Charlotte)

Ad Copy • Please Print Neatly • 30 Word Limit Title (First 4 Words):

4113 SCM, 57, ISO HEALTHY YOUNG attitude Christian lady who wishes respect, total love. Let’s travel, walk, talk. Your age unimportant; interest in fitness is. I’m finanially secure. Send photo and phone. St. Petersburg.

SEEKING TRAVEL COMPANION 4107 WOMAN SEEKING FEMALE TRAVEL COMPANION for Italy in my condo. I have one lady and I need two more for a great time. May 5 – 18. She will share expenses and have an unforgettable vacation! I live in Largo, FL.

Commonly Used Abbreviations: F-Female, M-Male, S-Single, D-Divorced, WWWidow, A-Asian, B-Black, H-Hispanic, I-Indian, W-White, C-Christian, J-Jewish, YO-Years Old, YY-Years Young, ISO-In Search Of, SOHSense Of Humor, SM-Smokes, S-Light Smoker, NS-Non Smoker, ND-Non Drinker, SD-Social (Light) Drinker, DR-Drinks, NDrg- No Drugs, LTR-Long Term Relationship, HWP-Height & Weight Proportional, R-Retired, P-Professional, FF-Friendship First, TLC-Tender Loving Care.

Stroll Downe Memory Lapn To The Ho

Fabulous 50s Parties & Dances

Class Reunions • Birthdays • Anniversaries Sock Hop Dances • Community Events Retirement Parties • Senior Adult Events School Events • Office or Home/Backyard Parties Original Decorations • Live 50s Characters Dancers • Original 50s Music Contact Us For Your Next Event:


Write a letter to the person you want to contact. Place that letter in a stamped envelope and write the ad number on the bottom left hand side of the envelope. Place your stamped, numbered envelope(s), along with $2 for each letter enclosed, into another envelope and address it to: News Connection USA, Inc. Seniors Getting Together 1602 S. Parsons Ave.,Seffner, FL. 33584 TO PLACE AN AD

Send your ad, stating what category you would like it placed in, your edition(s), along with a $6 fee for 30 words (25¢ for each additional word, abbreviations not charged) to the News Connection USA, Inc. address listed above. Ads received by the 15th of the month will appear in the following issue. No more than three ads will be accepted each month per person. The editor reserves the right to edit any ads for space or content. In order to protect our readers’ privacy, we will not include phone numbers, e-mail or home addresses in the ad copy. City or area included at no charge.

Senior Trips with Seminole Seniors

15 22 30

Spring Training (Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers) $21 (lunch not included).

727.348.7532 ✭ 727.277.1355                     

City (No Charge):

If more room is needed, please use separate sheet. Mail this form along with $6 for each ad per month (add $4 for each additional edition/market in the same month). We cannot accept your ad without it. This information is confidential.

Name: Address: City: Phone:





Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 36

Lipizzan Stallions $11 plus Cracker Barrel lunch.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Pittsburg Pirates $23 (lunch not included).

Call (727) 391-8345 for info.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Last Month’s Answers

Enter to Win!

Last Month’s Winner Is





Marguerite Rinaldi




This Enter To Win! month’s winner is

ONLY 25 $



Myron L. Guisewite


Congratulations !!!

.9 5

ADD LINE-CUT PROTECTION FOR ONLY 99 + 4 / month more $




Last Month’s Answers

CALL NOW AND SAVE BIG! See more AlarmForce advantages at Certain conditions may apply.

Perfect For Seniors

wanting to live independently in their own home.


Send your answers for a drawing. First correct answers selected from the drawing on Mar. 19 will receive $20 cash! Send to: News Connection USA, Inc., 1602 S. Parsons Ave, Seffner, FL 33584

I want information on: Travel / Cruises Recreation / Leisure Entertainment / Events

Insurance Elder Law / Financial Housing Options Reverse Mortgages

Personal Health & Fitness Home Improvements Automobiles

Name Address City




State Zip


Help is yours with the push of a button!

1.800.267.2001 Personal Emergency Response System Only $28/month. With No Annual Contract. FREE Live Two-Way Voice, Installation, Activation and Warranty.

Certain conditions may apply.

SC/Hills and Sun


Send your answers for a drawing. First correct answers selected from the drawing on June 19th will receive $20 cash! Send to: Mature Lifestyles, 220 W. Brandon Blvd., Suite 203, Brandon, FL 33511

Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 37

Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 38


Personalized Computer Training In the Security of your Home

H How to Login – Create Your ID & Password H Create, Read, and Send Emails H How to Open & Navigate Through a Website H Group Classes Now Forming Call for more information


Debt Counsel for Seniors & the Disabled Representing Seniors And The Disabled Who Are Living On Social Security, Disability, Pensions Or Federal Benefits And Who Can No Longer Pay Their Credit Card Debt In The Following Practice Areas: • Debt collection abuse • Harassing phone calls • Threats of arrest • Unlawful garnishment of federally protected funds

800-992-3275 ext. 1304 Attorney James S. Giardina Offices: Tampa, FL

BRANDON Auto Clinic of Brandon ...... 813-654-8686 Xtreme Powersports ......... 813-626-6060 BROOKSVILLE Sunrunner Automotive ...... 352-596-2314 Napa Auto Parts ............... 352-796-4936 Master Auto/Air ................. 352-799-6444 Brooksville Transmission.. 352-796-6544 General Auto Parts ........... 352-796-2522 CLEARWATER M & M Ultrasports ............. 727-412-8020 Stouts Auto Service .......... 727-216-6622 DADE CITY Reliance Auto Center ....... 352-567-5281 HOLIDAY NAPA Auto Parts .............. 727-934-4651 HUDSON White’s Quality Trans ........ 727-862-1968 County Line Collision........ 727-861-7009

OLDSMAR Murray Motive ................... 813- 854-5115 PINELLAS PARK George’s Performance ..... 727- 521-2206 PORT RICHEY Parts Depot ....................... 727-844-5588 RUSKIN Thompson’s Auto Parts .... 813-645-3204 Walker’s Tire & Auto ......... 813-645-0736 ST. PETE Park Auto Service ............727-521-2910 Royal Edger ......................727-573-1700 Bob Lee’s Tires.................727-822-3981 Complete Auto Parts ........727-895-3821 Miles Automotive ..............727-323-0180 J.C. Automotive ................727-866-0044 St. Pete Power Sports ......727-456-6088 Suncoast Auto & Tire .......727-520-1148 SEFFNER Schembries Auto Serv...... 813-685-5654

SUN CITY Killingsworth Automotive .. 813-634-4758 Sun City Automotive ......... 813-634-4758 TAMPA John Erb’s ......................... 813-908-3333 Storm Automotive ............. 813-469-0055 Atlantic Automotive ........... 813-936-1510 Tony’s RamTech................ 813-877-6642 Insty Tune & Lube ............. 813-960-3908 Santiago Chopper ............. 813-671-9097 Xtreme Powersports ......... 813-626-6060 Mad Hatter ........................ 813-933-4179 Mad Hatter ........................ 813-374-9230 Mobile Auto Serv. ............. 813-892-3603 ZEPHYRHILLS “A” Team Cycles................ 813-763-3013

If you or your business would like to get AMSOIL products at Wholesale CALL 800-411-6160



With a




$2 OFF for


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Your Singing Telegram is

Only $75

Includes: Four Songs, autographed scarf and your choice of rose or teddy bear (Additional $25 for out of the local area)



Call: 727-785-7947 or 727- 455-1237

e-mail: • website:

Come meet “Winter” the dolphin who lost her tail in a crab trap, now swims freely.

Senior $2offAdmission


Good forGood up to Not Not valid with other for6uppeople. to 6 people. valid with otheroffers. offers. Expires December 2011. Code Code XSCA Expires Mar. 31,31,2012. XSCA

Clearwater Marine Aquarium 249 Windward Passage • Clearwater, FL 33767

(727) 441-1790 Senior Connection • March 2012 • page 39

SrConnectionsAd_31372 0112:File&Use01252012


11:49 AM

Page 1

Eligible for Medicare? *

Look what


has for you.

Monthly Plan premiums on BlueMedicare Regional PPO and HMO** plans!

• Prescription Drug, Dental, Hearing and Vision coverage included • Large Network of participating doctors, hospitals and pharmacies • Exclusive member discount programs and online coupons for popular products

We’ll help you find a Medicare Regional PPO, HMO, or Rx plan that’s right for you

Call toll-free 1-800-876-2227, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET, seven days a week. TTY users dial 1-800-955-8771.

Visit us at a Florida Blue center.

Contact your local agent.

*You must continue to pay the Medicare Part B Premium unless paid by Medicaid or another third party. ** In select counties. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) and Health Options, Inc. (HOI) is a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and Medicare approved Part D sponsor. These contracts are renewed annually and availability beyond the end of the current contract year is not guaranteed. Exclusions and limitations may apply. The benefit information provided herein is a brief summary, not a comprehensive description of benefits. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Y0011_31372 0112 File & Use 01252012 BMRPPO, BMHMO, BMPDP

Senior Connection Mar. 2012 Suncoast edition  

Monthly magazine for adults 50 and older

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