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A daily dose of Medicare copay savings. Target Pharmacy is a Medicare Part D Preferred Network Pharmacy for: ®

– AARP MedicareRx Plans, insured through UnitedHealthcare – Coventry Health Care ®

– Florida Blue, Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan Members of one of these Part D plans could save money by filling their prescriptions at a preferred pharmacy, like Target Pharmacy, in 2013. Medicare open enrollment ends December 7. To learn about all the services we offer, stop in to any Target Pharmacy, call us at 1-877-798-2743 or visit

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CD: Name CM: Mark Saunders

Pharm Adv Networks/Medicare ROP MP: Name PM: Brynna Kelley

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New Technology Allows Doctors to Replace Aortic Valve without “Cracking” the Chest I ’m old enough (just barely) to remember when the original Star Trek came on television. My favorite character was Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. I was fascinated that he could find some hapless Red Shirt and pull out his Tricorder and cure him, just like that! Maybe we don’t have tricorders (yet), but we have some really fantastic technology now that is helping to save more lives, even those that, not long ago, couldn’t be saved. Take the new procedure called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (or TAVR for short) now available at Blake Medical Center. The Aortic Valve opens to permit blood flow out of the heart into the aorta, which leads to all parts of the body. It closes between beats to prevent backflow. Sometimes, due to illness, aging or other conditions, the aortic valve narrows and becomes stiff. Malfunction of the valve decreases blood flow out and permits backup of blood into the heart and lungs, causing sufferers to often experience the symptoms of extreme fatigue, problems breathing, chest pain/ pressure, dizziness/fainting, irregular heart rhythms and an increased risk of an infection in the heart. Bottom line…their quality of life is very low. The standard treatment for patients with mild symptoms is medication and monitoring by a cardiologist, but those with severe aortic valve stenosis (AVS) need surgical intervention to replace the valve, or they risk heart failure. Of course, there are risks to any surgery, but without surgical treatment, 50 percent of AVS patients die within two years. Usually, in Aortic Valve Replacement surgery, the patient’s breastbone is divided, the heart’s pumping function is diverted to a machine, and the heart is stopped or slowed so that the surgeon has a clear visual field for surgery. The procedure has a high rate of success and a low risk of causing other problems. However, sometimes a person is just too sick to survive “open-heart” surgery.

Up until now, the only choice for those high-risk patients was to wait… TAVR, designed for patients who have no other options, does not require a large chest incision, division of the sternum or bypassing the heart. Using the same technology that permits heart catherization and stent placement to open blocked arteries, the surgeon fits a new artificial aortic valve into the catheter and threads it up through the femoral artery (in the groin area) into the heart. The artificial valve is placed using the damaged valve as an anchor.

The TAVR procedure currently is available in only about 150 hospitals in the United States, 8 hospitals in Florida, and only one hospital in Manatee County. Blake Medical Center has a state-of-the-art CATH LAB and is busy with site construction for a “Heart Pavilion” which will include the latest in medical technology and patientcentered care. The Hybrid Room, a specialized surgical suite, was slated for completion in November, 2012. Eventually the Pavilion will include a cardiac intensive care unit and eight high-amenity patient rooms. For those needing to come long distances to benefit from TAVR, plans are in place to facilitate patient travel and find accommodations for family members. I think Dr. McCoy would approve! For more information, visit or for information about free Heart/Valve Seminars, call 1-888-359-3552. Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 3

So, Here Is Christmas Again!

Dear Readers,


nto us a child is born...” Those simple words announcing the birth of Christ over two thousand years ago Janice Doyle, have endured through Editor the ages to represent the season embracing late December. But what we all know is that from August in the craft stores to New Years Day on the football fields, the common theme of Christmas is commerce, and the air is full of images to make our heads spin with expectations. Surely you, too, can expect one of those happy early morning family reunions over the aroma of Folgers coffee in a beautifully decorated home! Perhaps you’d like to simplify. Keep the basic carols. Watch a few light, familiar (or Hallmark Channel) movies. Give a friend or spouse another unneeded item to unwrap. Call old friends and family. The problem is how to deal with the expectations—yours and others. (I did hear about a man who smiled as he reported that last year his wife had not asked him to get the 25 boxes of Christmas decorations from the attic. He never said a word about it—smart man!) I’m not anti-Christmas; I just believe that by having such a long, commercialized season children especially are the real losers instead of the winners, and that makes me sad.

There’s just no way to match the expectations set up by the ads and stories and visual images which surround us. It’s what makes a child keep opening gifts until there are no more and then say, “What else?” (And then he’s apt to be scolded for his attitude of ingratitude.) I am a retired middle school language arts teacher (it used to be called English class). Each year on the day before the school Christmas vacation I gave each of my classes a little talk. I explained that although movies and TV would have us believe that the Christmas season was going to be a time of perfect families, I knew that would not always be the case. I would then lower my voice to a confidential tone and say that some of them would have less-than-ideal vacations because of alcohol, drugs, shouting, arguing, neglect and loneliness in their homes. As I spoke of behaviors which happen in homes somewhere in every neighborhood, I would see faces identifying—and hurting—with my message.

My little talk with them always ended the same way: “I wish I could magically make all of your homes into the wonderfully lovely and happy places we see on TV, but I can’t. And if you experience any of this, I want you to know I am so sorry. Please know that I care. Try to be the very best person you can be, maybe even the only peacemaker in the house, no matter what.” Invariably, one little guy—who maybe hadn’t said much all year— would mutter “Thanks, Mrs. Doyle” on his way out of the room. And I remember one year a girl sat in the back saying softly through the whole talk: “Uh huh. You got it, Ms. D. Uh huh.” Let’s all promise this year to help alleviate unhappiness and suffering wherever we find it. Our world is hurting at every level and let’s each find ways to help, ways to bring peace to someone who is hurting. So, yes, here is Christmas again. Our gift to you would be what was said two thousand years ago: Peace on earth, good will to men.

Letter to the Editor

Hi there, I can’t thank you enough for the monthly editions of Lifestyles After 50. It’s very informative and has helped many people in this age category go forth in the everyday challenges in our lives.

It’s with great pleasure I go to the “Fun Fest” events and I greatly appreciate all of you and all that you do! You definitely have put a lot of fun and joy in my life and many of my friends have enjoyed participating in the many events. Thank you and God bless you all. —Ruth Peterson

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Around Town

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2


aturdays Adult Singles Club of Sarasota/Manatee Open Dance Party. 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the Payne Park Auditorium, 2100 Laurel St., Sarasota. Cost: $10. Come with or without partner. Live music. Free snacks, BYOB. (941) 756-8303.


Holiday Dinner and Dance at the Senior Enrichment Center at Renaissance on 9th, 1816 9th St. W., Bradenton. A fun-filled evening, complete with musical entertainment, dinner, dancing and holiday cheer. Reminisce with old friends and make new ones! 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. $23. (941) 749-0100.

lenged visitors. Laurel Community Center, Laurel Park, 509 Collins Road, Nokomis. Preregister at Info at (941) 861-5000.


Film Friday—Special Holiday Screening—It’s A Wonderful Life. 6 – 8 p.m. South Florida Museum, 201 10th Street West, Bradenton. $5. (941) 746-4131.


SHINE ( Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders). Meet with a counselor, learn about your Medicare options and plan your care. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Senior Friendship Center, 1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota. (941) 955-2122.







to 16 Nate Jacobs’ ‘50s Jukebox Revue, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe. Swing to upbeat music from Fats Domino, Little Richard and Muddy Waters. $28. 1646 10th Way, Sarasota. Times/info: (941) 366-1505.

– 22 “It’s A Country Christmas.” Christmas carol hayrides ($5) and “Live Manger” family photos (costumes available) for $5. Old-fashioned picnic, farm tours and more separately priced. Dakin Dairy Farms, 30771 Betts Rd., Sarasota. (941) 322-2802.

Sugarcane Harvest. Cane grinding and syrup boiling, wild hog sausage and pancake sandwiches, handson craft demos and more. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Crowley Museum and Nature Center, 16405 Myakka Rd., Sarasota. Free. $2 parking donation to Sarasota Military Academy. (941) 322-1000.


36th Annual Sandy Claws Beach Run. 7 a.m. registration, 8 a.m. one-mile fun run, 8:20 a.m. 5K. Siesta Key Beach, 946 Beach Rd., Sarasota. One mile fun run. $25. Info at (941) 861-5000 or


A Taste of Chanukah. A festival of food, entertainment, artisans and vendors. 3 – 8 p.m. at Phillippi Estate Park, 5500 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Free. (941) 925-0770.


Free surrey bike ride on the Legacy Trail for mobility-chal-

Pine Needle Weaving, art class, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the art studio at the Friendship Center, 1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota. More info at (941) 955-2122.

– 23 Jazz Juvenocracy Presents Ellington’s Nutcracker’s Suite. The music of Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, the Sultans of Swing and more comes alive in this reimagining of a holiday tradition. $25, 8 p.m. Glenridge Performing Arts Center, 7333 Scotland Way, Sarasota. (941) 552-5325. Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. An outdoor, candle-lit traditional service with live music at Selby Five Points Park, 1331 First St., Sarasota. Free. 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (941) 677-2872.

31 J

New Year’s Eve Fireworks on the Bay. 11:30 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. Bayfront Park, (941) 809-3094.

an. 3 – 6 15th Annual Thunder By The Bay Motorcycle Festival. Scenic rides and bike shows, silent auctions, parties and more. Schedule of events at or (941) 371-8820 Ext. 1800.

Send Around Town news to News Connection USA, Inc. P.O. Box 638 Seffner, FL 33583; please fax (813) 651-1989. News must be received by the 10th of the month prior to event (i.e. Dec. 10 for January event.)

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Come See How Much Fun Life After 50 Can Be!

Open Christmas Eve until 2PM Closed Christmas Day Buy 3 Get 3 Free Cookies or Muffins

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DAY TRIPS Dec. 3 - ICE! $75 Dec. 4 - Shopping Int’l Plaza $25 Dec. 5 - Windsor Rose Tea- $49 Dec. 6 - Arabian Nights- $54 Dec. 7 - Christmas Light Cruise $39 Dec. 8 - Celebration, FL $72 Dec. 12 - Edison Home $56 Dec. 20 - A Christmas Carol $65 Jan. 17 - Dixie Swim Club $65 Jan. 21 or 22 - Angel Tea Room $49 Jan. 22 - Tarpon Springs $79

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 6


WANTED 20 SENIORS! With little or no musical experience

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EAST COAST OVERNIGHT CASINO TRIP Dec. 24 – 25, Jan. 14 – 15, Feb. 4 – 5, Mar. 11 – 12 - Overnight Casino - Double $99, Single $129 Included…Immokalee, Hollywood Hard Rock. Coconut Creek, Isle of Capri, and one night accommodations MULTIPLE BUS CASINO PICK UPS IN: with continental breakfast, plus $90 in free • Pt. Charlotte • Sarasota play and $21 in food vouchers. • Punta Gorda • Venice OVERNIGHT TRIPS (CALL FOR FLYER) • North Port and Bradenton! Dec. 23 – 27 - Christmas in New Orleans • Englewood Dec. 24 – 25 - Casino (Christmas) Jan. 28 – 30 - St. Augustine Call Us For a MORE DATES AVAILABLE Brochure CALL FOR DETAILS.


Also, Fritzy “the one oin us for the man circus” will amaze FREE 2nd annual and surprise everyone. Lifestyles After 50 Fun Try the all new Prize-AFest! Jan 10 from 10 a.m. Palooza for a chance to win to 3 p.m. at Robarts $100 throughout the day! Arena, 3000 Ringling Plus, there will also be Blvd., Sarasota. $1,000s in other prizes Enjoy free admission and giveaways. Play and free parking as well for fun and prizes as free coffee and goodies at the Senior Fun from our friends at Perkins Sports area and play and Sams Club. Lunch will free Bingo for prizes. be available starting at $4.50 Take advantage of at the concession stand. Featuring the Silv er Stars! free health screenings Check out the “DJ offered throughout with a Twist” Denise the day. This is a great time to get Looney singing and playing great your bone density checked, along with Music from the ‘50s, ‘60s and your ears, and other important health ‘70s along with some Trivia fun. checks to stay healthy in the new year. Don’t’ miss the fabulous “Knock Join us, bring a friend and enjoy the Outs” on the main stage. These day. Call (941) 685-1676 or for direcgirls will knock your socks off with tions (941) 365-0818. See you there! great singing and entertainment.

Lic. # ST313558

Includes all class materials and guest membership to all music club events!

Learn the basic fundamentals of any keyboard style instrument! You’ll be playing your favorite songs in six weeks!

Learn to play 6 songs for the holidays! Southbay Fashion Center

DeSoto Square Mall

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303 301 Blvd. West • Bradenton

We’ve Taught Thousands to Play!

(941) 748-0323

A F T E R 50

Presents the annual...

Robarts Arena

Join Us!


Premier Sponsor:

January 10, 2013 • 10 – 3 pm

g the Featurin onal: Sensati



Denise Looney “The D.J. with a Twist”

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Fritzy “The One Man Circus” Sponsored by...

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Chances to Win $100 Throughout the Day

Lunch Available

$3.50 – $5.75

FREE Admission! Free Parking!

Directions: 941-365-0818 Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 7

Join The Florida Orchestra for

Music in the Mornings at one of our Coffee Concerts!

Holiday Concerts


here’s nothing like holiday music to get you into the spirit. Christmas and Hanukkah music, jazz and ballet are a few of the offerings at these local venues:


© Thomas Bruce Studio

2012/2013 Season

– 8 “Winter Wonderland,” Sarasota Orchestra. Christmas and Hanukkah music. Excerpts from the “Nutcracker,” “Fantasia on Greensleeves,” “The Polar Express” and more. Times vary. Holley Hall, 709 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, (941) 925-3183.


Sarasota Ballet—“The Nutcracker” combines the classic story with a Ringling circus spin. 8 – 10 p.m. at Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, 777 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Tickets and info: (941) 953-3368.


“Swinging under the Stars” Holiday Jazz concert. 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. at Centennial Park Gazebo, 200

Coffee Concerts

Winter Wonderland Stuart Malina leads the orchestra in a holiday themed program with Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on Green Sleeves, Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Snow Maiden Suite, Mozart’s “Sleigh Ride” from Three German Dances and music from Sponsored by: Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. Progress Energy Center for the Arts Mahaffey Theater

Coffee Concerts

Live Entertainment

Symphonic Shakespeare

Nov. 26th–Dec. 13th 10% added bonus to any Sharky’s Gift Card purchase.

Enjoy complimentary coffee and doughnuts with Stuart Malina leading the orchestra in a program of Beethoven’s Coriolan Overture and music from Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Nicolai’s Merry Wives of Windsor, among other works. Progress Energy Center for the Arts Mahaffey Theater

Live Entertainment Nightly, Dec. 26th – 31st. New Years Eve Party from 8 p.m.-12:30 a.m. call the restaurant for more information! Now Taking Reservations through 12/20. Lunch & Dinner Served from 11:30 a.m.

Sponsored by:

© Alan Wycheck

727.892.3337 or For group savings (10 or more) : 727.362.5443 Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 8 TFO-Lifestyle50-Dec.indd 1


15 16

New Men Items u

Thu, Dec 20, 11am

Thurs, Jan 3, 11am

W. Venice Avenue, Venice. Free. Bring your folding chair. (941) 484-6722. and 15 “Holiday Concert.” The Venice Symphony performs seasonal favorites at the Church of the Nazarene, 1535 East Venice Ave., Bradenton. 8 – 10 a.m. Tickets and info (941) 484-9229. – 16 “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” Holiday review featuring dancing girls, skits and celebrity guests. Ramada Waterfront Hotel, 7040 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. $15. Dec. 15: 2 p.m. Dec. 16: 2 and 6 p.m. (941) 360-6777. “Music of the Season.” The First Church Singers perform with members of the Sarasota Orchestra along with dancers from the Sarasota Ballet. First United Methodist Church, 104 S. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota. 7 p.m. Free will offering. (941) 955-0935.

11/6/2012 5:01:10 PM

(1.4 miles south of Venice Ave.)

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary Smack Dab On The Gulf!

The For Sock Monkey: Insurance Discounts Mature Drivers Sharing Holidays Past

e d i s n I y Part rary

I eagerly ordered sock monkey It is always fun to see this affable pajamas and slipper-socks online for little sock fellow sitting atop heads myself and Donna and got smaller and being wrapped around jackets as of the socks for each of he keeps people warm. But mostly, the BY CJ GOLDEN Take Your Class Online! versions the grandchildren. Donna ordered thrill I get from seeing the rebirth of ec. 25 is a day to bring two pairs of Rockford Red Heel the sock monkey is in sharing a piece • Study at your leisure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. families and friends together, socks with instructions for us to of my childhood with my children and • Simply read the course materials online and then answer a few quiz questions. share good food and cheer and remake our own sock monkey dolls. grandchildren. They understand that • There is no need classes or listen towere long lectures. member Christmases past. to attend boring Much to my pleasure, the kids in their sock monkey items they are And•that is justcompletion, what occurred of lastcourse year quite amused when and I ap- certificate experiencing bit oftothe young girl After we will issue a Donna state-certified forayou when I turn spent Christmas with my children peared into ourreceive pajamas your and slippers. And for Grams was so many years ago. And into your insurance company discount a three year period. and grandkids—and a sock monkey. they were delighted at receiving their that is what holidays are all about— Let me explain: While rifling through own pairs of sock monkey foot wear. bridging the years and bringing the Take YourlastMature Driver On The Internet! holiday catalogues year, I noticed the Course The piece de resistance came when generations together. (SENIOR WIRE) resurgence of the once ubiquitous sock Donna produced the sock monkey kits If you have a Florida Driver’s License and are 55 years of age or older, you are now monkey. These charming little creatures and we spent much of the morning eligibleintothecomplete motor vehicle accident little prevention first appeared early 1900sawhen making personable dolls— course that will allow you tovery receive a mandatory on your insurance for three years. several ingenious and talented reduction complete with the hair color,rate button women started fashioning Rockford eyes and hats of the kid’s choices. Red Heel work socks into monkey And thus, this charming little fellow, dolls for their children. The fad caught having been reborn, gave to my Florida Department of Highway Safety on and in short order children around family’s newest generation the same & Motor Vehicle Approved Course the country began toting their own great pleasure he had given to me so sock monkey dolls, each with its own many years ago when I was a child. personal touches and characteristics. They were charming, soft, cuddly and a favorite of many children—myself included. And then they disappeared, going the plus much, much more. arty inside Selby way of Gumby and Pokey, Mr. Bill and Cash bars will be available Library at a casual Mr. Potato Head. Yet there they were from Libby’s Cafe+Bar. friend-raising fundraiser, again—the appealing little dolls in an Event proceeds will “Looking Into the Crystal assortment of colors and sizes, replicas Ball,” sponsored by support the hundreds embroidered onto cuddly lap blankets of free Selby Library Friends of the Selby Puband fashioned into scarves, winter hats programs that focus on lic Library, on Wednesday, and slippers. They were the perfect teens and children’s January 9, 2013, from gift for two of my friends, gals who I activities and events. 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Over two knew would enjoy the whimsy of these dozen local restaurants Attend this 3rd annual items and would be able to recall their fundraiser produced and and food vendors, includown childhood sock monkey dolls. hosted by Kenney Deing Chef Craig Chasky It wasn’t long before I started spotting with Gordon Food Services, will Camp, Selby Friends Board President. adults and teens alike wearing all “Looking Into the Crystal Ball” has offer tasty bites of their specialties. manner of sock monkey paraphernalia. drawn over 1,500 attendees in the past, The Library’s signature staircases I saw that this was a gift my grandwill become a swirl of mega-fun as the resulting in rave reviews from those children would appreciate as well. who were enthralled by the eclectic rotunda stage will be brimming with Be a Guardian ad Litem I hadn’t realized, however, the variety of quality performances and more than 20 continuous performancChild Advocate! profound significance of sharing this Sarasota cuisine samplings—all es by entertainers including singer/ little guy with the children. Gearing up at an inclusive low cost! performer Jimmy Mazz, returning for my Christmas Eve overnight stay Tickets are $20 in advance in from his successful smash show in Las with my husband and daughter Donna Selby Library Friends Bookstore, Vegas. Enjoy the talents of the Fred at another of our kids’ house, I knew I Astaire Ballroom Dancers, belly danc- 1331 First St., Sarasota, or $25 at wanted to appear on Christmas morning ers, musicians, palm readers, intuitive the door. For more information, in a unique pair of pajamas—it is fun call (941) 861-1140 or email readers and specialty acts. Art, be the “outrageous” grandmother. ness and author exhibits will be there,

Have a Florida’s Driver’s License and are 55 years of age or older?


To Register go to: or call 1-800-771-2255

Looking Into The Crystal Ball P

Speak Up for a Child!

lic b u P y b l The Se


a 501 (c) (3) organization


Looking Into the Crystal Ball A Fundraiser at Selby Public Library 1331 First Street • Downtown Sarasota

Artists/Exhibitors Cash Bar

Performances Delicious Bites Wed. January 9th 2013 7 PM - 10 PM Advance Tickets: $20 At Door: $25 Fundraiser to Benefit the Friends of Selby Public Library Ticket Orders, Information or Sponsorship

Contact 941.861.1140

Proud Sponsors



A Happy KDC Show

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 9

e id u G y a d li o H r u o Y Gifts With Character— Geek Turns Chic Gifts Not Your Typical Gift Ideas Education The gift of education is the greatest gift and something your grandkids will not outgrow. A Florida Prepaid College Plan or Florida 529 Plan are tax-exempt plans and offer a variety of savings options to suit any budget. With the Florida Prepaid College Plan, families have the ability to lock in today’s plan prices and prepay tuition and fees at Florida’s 11 universities and 28 colleges.

Where Do Missing Things Go When They Just Disappear? “Where Do Missing Things Go?” is a kid’s book full of gentle illustrations and a text that not only makes sense, but tells kids how to keep track of their stuff. And it solves the mystery of where the socks go in the washing machine. The end is touching – telling kids that while stuff is good, it’s not, in the final analysis, what really matters

For The Foodie How about a gift box of 6 handmade 2 oz. jumbo lump blue crab cakes plus a pint of Maryland Red Vegetable Crab Soup. The products are from the Kent Island Crab Cake plant on Chesapeake Bay.

For Someone With Arthritis Pick a Pilot pen with Dr. Grip Center of Gravity (COG) to make writing simple again. The pens are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the hand for a comfortable, effortless writing experience.

Pilot Pen “Where Do Missing Things Go?” by Cynthia Drew

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch (around $399)

Ho, Ho, Ho: Give A New Recliner

Being a tech-obsessed geek has never been more fashionable and col lines form for the latest candy- colcomput ored phones, cameras and computers. Young and old alike have an eye for style and an affinity for gadgets. You may not know what a tablet is in today’s gadget world, but if “they” have one, their gadgets can go stylish in one of these trendy cases.

It’s a classic holiday gift—a new recliner. But it’s easy to get stumped by all the choices today. Recliners are not your dad’s favorite plaidcovered chair anymore. Here are some tips: When choosing a recliner, consider the size, shape and fit of the chair. Here are five tips from Ekornes, makers of the Stressless recliner, to help you easily choose a recliner that fits your physical and aesthetic needs:

1. Choose a size. Keep in mind not only how much physical space you have for a new recliner but also the size of recliner that will fit your shape as well. “Recliners with attached ottomans will never fit your exact shape and size,” says Janet Odum, of Ekornes. “Choose a chair with a feature that allows you to unlock the ottoman so it tilts when you recline, which takes pressure off your knees, ensuring a more comfortable position.” And make sure the piece fits your personal size needs. 2. Consider longevity. Consider the quality of fabrics, leathers, woods and metals and remember that while quality recliners cost more up front, the right recliner will provide years of comfort and support. (Stressless recliners are built to last between 20 and 25 years.)

3. Narrow down your style preferences. No longer bulky pieces, new designs and materials offer a variety of modern and sleek chairs or love seats. 4. List your must-have features. Recliners now also offer a variety of features, including lumbar support and articulating headrests to cradle the head and neck in the reclining position. Also look for a sleep function to fully recline and a dual support base, ensuring that the base of the recliner will provide even support whether you’re sitting or in the full reclining position. 5. Still stumped? Go with a classic model to last through any future home décor preferences.

To learn more about the variety of recliners available, and to find a store near you, visit (Family Features)

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Rugby by Ralph Lauren (about $100)

Boden Women’s Tablet Case (about $25)

Haute and Healthy For the fitness friends among us, get the Fitbit Ultra Wellness Monitor to measure steps, distance and calories and then upload wirelessly to a website for graphs and charts of steps, active steps, distance and sleep quality. It helps track diet, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and works with both PC and Mac – no additional subscription fee to track activity online. It has an iPhone app and an Android app and integrates with an increasing number of other apps and fitness tracking sites. High-Tech Watch Many different types of high-tech watches from GPS watches to health watches that monitor heart are available. Many also double as USB flash drives, phones, SD card readers and even spy cameras!


A choice of floor plans, elegant dining with chef-prepared meals,

Your Life

recreation, clubs and social activities.

Great retirement living means upsizing your life without downsizing your lifestyle. That’s why you’ll find an active, fulfilling retirement lifestyle right here with all the comforts of single-family living and without the hassles of home maintenance. You’ll enjoy great food, great neighbors and great times. We’ve thought of everything you may want today or need tomorrow to enjoy an Optimum Life® and it’s all here, waiting for you to arrive.

Call 1-888-505-6854 today to schedule your personal tour or to be added to our mailing list. A Life Care Community 6406 21st Avenue West Your story continues here...

Bradenton, Florida 34209 ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office. 51280EF-ROP01-1212-LB

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All Faiths Food Bank, Volunteers Give Hope To The Hungry



unger is an issue that many in our community struggle with on a yearly basis—especially our seniors—and that need is felt all the more keenly during the holidays. “The biggest challenge is keeping our shelves filled; as fast as the food goes in, it comes out,” says Aundria Castleberry, Director of Development at All Faiths Food Bank, an organization that has distributed 5.5 million pounds of food to 190 partner agencies and programs throughout Sarasota county, from the airport to North Port, Englewood to Arcadia. “The donations every year seem to be a little harder to get, or a little smaller; it’s always a challenge to be able to feed all the people that need feeding during the holidays,” says Pauline Cook, one of the volunteers at All Faiths Food Bank. “The food bank doesn’t just feed individuals; it supplies food for other organizations as well.”

over the years; bowls It is through the efforts are made by a lot of of staff like Castleberry, professionals in town, dedicated volunteers like schools, art centers. Cook and the donations of People buy them as individuals and businesses Christmas gifts.” that local food banks can Cook has also been reach so many people. invaluable at Giving Cook, originally from Hunger the Blues England, moved to Saraand other events, sota in 1975 and has been and she encourages working in the health care others to volunteer field for most of her life. whenever they can. Her current position is at Pauline Cook (L) and “It’s life enrichSavannah Grand senior Aundria Castleberry (R) ing,” she says. “It’s living, but when she is not working, she spends much of her time always fun, and you always get to volunteering for various organizations. meet so many great people. The most rewarding is what you get out of it, She fell in with All Faiths Food Bank knowing that you are helping somein 1996, where she regularly lends a body somewhere. For many seniors, hand with their fundraising events. they can either afford to eat or buy “At Bowls of Hope, I put together medicine. I volunteer most for seniors and man a specialty bowls table that because that’s the kind of life I’m in. sells bowls made by a variety of I’ll do anything for my seniors.” people,” she says. “For the past four or five years we’ve made around How You Can Help $1,000 or S1,200 for the food bank Donations, whether you offer food, just by selling the bowls. It’s grown

funds or time, are the best way to support your local food bank. Food drives are going on all over the county, held by local businesses and organizations, Castleberry says. The best way to drop food off is at any Goodwill location—All Faiths Food Bank always has barrels on hand for non-perishable donations. You can even host your own food drive. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can call All Faiths at (941) 379-6333 or visit allfaithsfoodbank. org. Duties can include helping with their children’s program, sorting and boxing food, assisting at events and more, and it truly makes a difference. According to All Faiths, one volunteer working one hour can sort enough food to create 130 meals, and a donation of $100 can provide 159 meals for individuals and families in need. “We want the community to know that hunger has no season,” Castleberry implores. If you have been blessed, extend the gift of giving this season into the year to come.


Maintenance-free, active living along Bradenton’s beautiful riverwalk.

Westminster Towers & Shores



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Veterans Corner

“Tell Me About Simple Cremation”

Simple cremation may sound simple but often that is not the case. Please visit our website and click on “Tell Me About Simple Cremation” or call us and we will be glad to send you detailed information. • 941-377-1060 Veterans Funeral Service & Cremation

“Serving All Families ~ Always Honoring Veterans” 7275 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL 34241 941-377-1060

Spotlight On All Veterans

The Hero Next Door

EMT in Salem, Arkansas and Ashland, Tenwo doors down from nessee; and he Veterans Funeral also managed Service and Cremation is to squeeze in Sarasota’s DAV Chapter thirty years as 97. I could not ask for a long-distance better neighbors. truck driver. He The Treasurer, Adjutant has also served Service Officer is Ed as the Executive Beard. Born in Plant Officer for Ed Beard, DAV Chapter 97 City, Florida, Ed moved the Viet Nam to Sarasota in 1965 and Brotherhood. For the last two graduated from Riverview High and a half years he has served as School. He served in the U.S. Army the Treasurer, Adjutant Service and served with the Fifth Division Officer at DAV Chapter 97. Infantry at Quang Tri at the DMZ. Ed and his wife Diane have two Wounded while serving there, he was children and four grandchildren. awarded many decorations including To our dismay, Ed and Diane will the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and be moving to South Carolina next the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. year. We wish them the very best Since that time, Ed has had a very and extend our deepest thanks and interesting life with occupations such gratitude for his service to us all. as Sarasota County Volunteer Fire —By Don Terry, Veterans Funeral Fighter; Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher; Service and Cremation, Sarasota, FL Town Marshall in Hardy, Arkansas;


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Thirty Days With My Father—A Memoir of the Effects of Generational PTSD


hristal Presley was Presley says, “Over the 30, overwhelmed by 30 days, we began to form life and feeling unworthy, a relationship, and I got to when she called her father ask him a lot of really hard and asked him to answer questions about his behavior her questions about the when I was a kid. I wanted to Vietnam War for 30 days. know why he hated me—be“I had thought my cause I thought he did—and family was the only family why he would close himself haunted by the after effects in a room and not let us in.” of war,” she says, recountAs he talked, she realized ing a childhood spent in she thought he still hated her. Christal Presley fear of her father’s rage, In fact, it shifted Presley’s threats, isolation and dewhole life to pression. After the conversations, learn that he she started blogging about what felt his wife she’d learned, and it opened the and daughter floodgates for other children “were his very of veterans to say “That’s my soul, and he story, too.” The emails she gets hadn’t locked now number in the thousands. himself away Without knowing quite because he hated how it happened, Presley us but because has become the voice for a he loved us and generation of children of knew that he Vietnam War veterans. They was dangerous, are victims of “generational gravitating from PTSD,” suffering PTSD as depression to a result of a parent’s sufferrage. He knew he ing. Many haven’t spoken was capable of to their fathers in 20 or 30 years. hurting us and Presley started therapy at 18. Over was protecting us from himself.” time she discovered there were As the 30 days progressed, she could unhappy pieces of her life she “needed tell he was glad to talk. At first his to deconstruct” which could only be voice was shaky and Presley said done with her dad’s input. So she she “cried a lot.” She finally asked asked him for 30 days. “I wanted to him how he felt about the conversahave an ending point. I was taking tions they were having. “He said he a huge risk that it would be a total loved talking to me. He said was so disaster, and I wanted to be able to proud of me. I never knew that.” say that I’d seen it through. I knew I Knowing that now, she wrote could stand anything for 30 days.” her story for others to see the pain The first call ended in his hanging and reconciliation of the effects of up on her. But she called back—and wartime trauma and its aftermath. kept calling. By day five they were The memoir Thirty Days With My face to face. She says, “He was Father: Finding Peace From Wartime talking about the war and it wasn’t PTSD is Christal Presley’s memoir. all horrible things like I thought it The daughter and father now talk three would be. He told me about the war or four times a week, and she says, from a historical perspective. I hadn’t “He’s interested in my life and he realized he understood that part of it.” and my mother both love the book.”

Your Plan Humana $0 monthly Plan Premium Doctor’s office visits and hospital coverage Prescription drug coverage Convenient mail-order delivery of prescriptions Fitness program – gym membership at no additional cost Rides to your doctors+ Dental, Vision and Hearing coverage Preventive coverage

Give your Medicare plan its annual checkup!

24-hour nurse advice line Over-the-counter medication benefit Wellness program Emergency coverage at home and when you travel And more we haven’t listed!

To find out if a Humana plan is right for you, call to schedule an in-home appointment or to find a neighborhood meeting.

1-800-421-7870 (TTY: 711) 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., 7 days a week

Compare your current plan with Humana Gold Plus® (HMO). You’ll find that Humana may give you the benefits you really want.

With more than 50 years of healthcare experience, you can count on Humana to help you get more of the benefits you want in a Medicare plan. DON’T FORGET! The Medicare Advantage annual enrollment dates are Oct. 15 – Dec. 7.*

Humana is a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B Premium. If you are a member of a qualified State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program, please contact the program to verify that the mail-order pharmacy will coordinate with that program. The benefit information provided here is a brief summary, but not a comprehensive description. For more information contact the plan. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. A sales person will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call 1-800-421-7870 (TTY: 711), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. Applicable to Humana Gold Plus® (HMO) plans: H1036-065, 074, 141, 146, H2012-008 and 029. *Medicare beneficiaries may enroll in the plan only during specific times of the year. Contact Humana for more information. +Transportation to plan-approved locations, some limitations and restrictions may apply. Y0040_GHHHCPTHH CMS Accepted

TMP 12/12

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Fur Pet’s Sake

The EASY BOARDING Bicycle by Biria Backyard Bike Shop 5610 Gulf Of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, FL 34228

941-383-5184 Louie’s Bicycle Shop 14580 Tamiami Trl., Unit C North Port, FL 34287

941-423-2613 • Unisex step-through design engineered in Germany • Cross bar is only six inches from the ground, so you can easily step-through the bicycle • Upright seating position for less back pain and clear view of the road • Relaxed arm position for more control

Bicycles International 1744 Tamiami Trl. S Venice, FL 34293

941-497-1590 Ringling Bicycles 3606 Manatee Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205

941-749-1442 Sarasota Schwinn Cyclery Inc. 3800 S. Osprey Ave Sarasota, FL 34239

For more dealers contact Biria USA:

Tel: 201-461-1980 •

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easier to care for, require less of your time, and don’t tend to watch Can’t Have a Pet? HUMBUG! the clock as much as a dog would. For the dog-only crowd, Let Me Show You How. choosing a small breed, installing a doggie door ast month I relayed the to a secured fenced area, many benefits to your and the use of automatic health and happiness that feeders can maintain your opening your heart and home freedom if you don’t to a pet can provide. This have a trusted neighbor to month, we’ll begin our series call on. Local pet sitters about reasons for not havand dog walkers may be ing a pet during this stage of Kate Brown, DVM, available on short notice. our lives, and explore how and Maya the dog. Can you have a pet to overcome these obstacles. and still travel? Believe it or not, there is a Of course you can. There are many solution to each of these concerns. options available if you leave your According to a recent American pet behind, such as boarding facilities Humane Association study and my and pet resorts (your veterinarian thirty plus years working with pet parents, the most common reasons are: may even have accommodations), pet sitters, friends and neighbors. 1. I want to travel and not be Your pet can easily adjust to these tied down. alternatives, especially if socialized to them when they are young. Although 2. I don’t have the time. small dogs and some cats and birds 3. I don’t like cleaning up after a pet. can fly in the cabin with you (check with your airline), I feel this option 4. I am allergic to cats. is most suitable for small dogs. 5. I haven’t gotten over the loss of Did you know there are a host my last pet. of pet-friendly accommodations and airlines for the traveling pet? 6. I don’t want the additional expense Next month, you’ll learn about of a pet. these and other tips about traveling 7. Cats don’t appeal to me. with your pet by land and by air. 8. I am afraid I will trip over my pet Kate Brown, DVM is the owner and and hurt myself. medical director of Brandt Veterinary Clinic in Nokomis Florida. Visit their 9. I worry about my pet if I become website at or ill, need to move, or die. email her at How to Maintain Your Freedom and Flexibility in Your Daily Life The type of pet you choose is the most important factor that determines the level of time and commitment needed from you to care for your pet. If you are an active over-50’er, you might not want to cut short your game of golf or decline that dinner invitation because you have to be home to walk and feed the dog. Many former dog parents have discovered the joy that a cat or bird can provide. They are considerably BY KATE BROWN, DVM


Convert PDF Files to Word Format


Mr. Modem

needs more assistance. I have a large screen, but I need larger buttons. Help!

by Richard Sherman Is there a way of converting a PDF file into a standard Word Document? Yes, there sure is. I use the free online PDF to Word (www. converter. It’s self explanatory and very easy to use: You browse to and select the PDF file you want to convert, provide your email address, and the converted DOC file will be emailed to you. For users who need to convert Word DOC files to PDF format, it will probably come as no surprise that there is also a free Word to PDF converter, located at How can I enlarge my Quick Launch bar buttons? I’m using Windows XP and my aging vision

We can relate and by “we,” I am referring to my trifocals and me. You can definitely enlarge the Quick Launch buttons. In fact, you have a vast selection of sizes to choose from ranging from Small to Large. On second thought, that IS the vast selection, Small or Large. Once you have mulled the choices over and made a decision, right click an empty area of the Quick Launch bar (to the right of the last icon that appears, for example), then select View > Large Icons. The icons will instantly enlarge to a much more reasonable size, if you ask me. You do not have to restart your computer for this change to take effect. What is the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps?

enal airborne view of the planet from which you can zoom in—like you’re free falling from outer space—to an address or other selected location. If you want to see Google Earth in action without actually installing it, go to and search for “Google Earth.” There are lots of Google Earth videos that will demonstrate how it works and how it zooms in using satellite photography. Google Maps provides road maps from which you can obtain driving directions, for example. It’s web-based, so there is nothing to install. The best way to get a handle on it is to simply visit Google Maps at maps, and have fun exploring. Mr. Modem’s DME (Don’t Miss ‘Em) Sites of the Month Geni is a free genealogy service that enables families to learn about

Besides the spelling (I couldn’t resist), Google Earth (www. presents a phenom-

their ancestry and discover new relatives, who will undoubtedly want to borrow money or move into the spare bedroom. More than 100 million people have created their respective family trees and are sharing photos, videos and documents by inviting relatives to join the collaboration. is browser based, so there is no software to install. Simply click a person’s profile in the tree, then edit, add or delete information as you go. The Basic plan lets you add up to 100 people and offers 1GB of storage for photos, documents, and videos. Plus and Pro plans, which offer more features and storage, are available for a monthly fee. For more information about Mr. Modem’s technology tips eBooks and award winning weekly computer help newsletter, featuring his personal answers to your questions by email, visit (SENIOR WIRE)

Tired of the Tired of the Tired of Coaster? theCoaster? Financial Roller Financial Roller

TiredRoller of theCoaster? Financial

Consider All Children’s Hospital Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity Program. Consider the All the Children’s Hospital Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity Program.

Financial Roller Coaster?

Consider the All Children’s Hospital Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity Program. Consider the All Children’s Hospital Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity Program.

Calculate your benefits at Make a gift and receive guaranteed, Charitable Charitable Charitable GiftGift Gift Charitable Gift Annuity Rates Annuity Rates Rates To requestCalculate a your personalized illustration or at giftMake and areceive guaranteed, fixed income for life.Annuity your benefits fixed income for life. MakeMake a gift aand receive guaranteed, fixed income for life. Calculate benefits at Annuity Rates as of 1/1/2012 as ofas1/1/2012 of 1/1/2012 gift and receive guaranteed, fixed income for life. Calculate your benefits at Age

Age Rate

learn as ofto 1/1/2012 Rate

more, please contact:

Rate Toa request Age Fund a Charitable Gift Annuity with a gift of $10,000 (cash or and Rate Age a personalized illustration or or request personalized orillustration Fund a Charitable Gifta with Annuity with aAnnuity gift of $10,000 (cash$10,000 or appreciated securities) Fund a Charitable Gift Annuity a gift of $10,000 (cash appreciated securities) and 9.0% To To request aillustration personalized 90 and 9.0%90 E. Bailey, CFRE Fund Charitable Gift with aorgift (cash or appreciated securities) 9.0% 90 Lydia appreciated securities) and of enjoy the following benefits: 9.0% 90 to learn more, please contact: 7.8% to 85 learn more, please contact: the following benefits: 7.8% 85 enjoy theenjoy following benefits: All Children’s Hospital Foundation to learn more, please contact: 7.8% 85 enjoy the following benefits: • Guaranteed, fixed payments for life to 6.8% 80 80 85 6.8%7.8% 6.8% 80 727-767-8914 • Guaranteed, fixed payments for to youa and/or loved one a loved one • Guaranteed, fixed payments for life tofixed youlife and/or loved • Guaranteed, payments life one toa you and/or Bailey, CFRE you and/or for a loved one Bailey,E. CFRE 5.8% Lydia E. Bailey, CFRE 75 5.8%E. Lydia 75 80 5.8%6.8% 75 Lydia • tax-free Partiallyincome tax-free income tax-free income • Partially • Partially 5.1% 70 70 All 5.1% All Children’s Hospital Foundation 70 75 5.1%5.8% All Children’s Hospital Foundation Children’s Hospital Foundation • Partially tax-free income • Immediate forthe a portion • Immediate deduction for adeduction gift of the gift • Immediate charitablecharitable deduction for charitable a portion ofportion the giftof 4.7% 4.7% 65 65 65 70 4.7%5.1% 727-767-8914 727-767-8914 727-767-8914 • Immediate charitable deduction for a portion of the gift Favorable treatment if donated asset is appreciated • Favorable ofgains, capital gains,ofifcapital donated asset is appreciated securities securities advice from a tax professional • Favorable treatmenttreatment of •capital if donated asset isgains, appreciated securities Seekprofessional advice from aSeek tax professional Seek advice from 4.7% 65 a tax into a gift entering intobefore a giftentering annuity •contribution Favorable capitalto gains, if donatedFoundation asset is before entering into before a gift annuity Satisfaction of making contribution AllHospital Children’s Hospital Foundation • Satisfaction a lasting to AllofChildren’s agreement. All Children’s Hospital • Satisfaction of makingofa•making lasting contribution toa lasting All treatment Children’s Hospital Foundation agreement. All Children’s Hospital agreement. All Children’s Hospital Seek advice from a atax professional before Seek advice from tax professional

appreciated securities

• Satisfaction of making a lasting contribution to All Children’s Hospital Foundation

Foundation gift annuities are not

Foundation annuities are not Foundation gift annuities notgift before entering into aare gift annuity available in all states. entering into a gift annuity agreement. available in all states. agreement. Hospital available inAllallChildren’s states. All Children’s Foundation gift FoundationHospital gift annuities are not in all states. annuities areavailable not available in all states.

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7 Tips for Choosing a Retirement Community


f you’re here just visiting, you may be thinking you’d like to buy your own place. No doubt you’ve discovered that there are many choices to consider when it comes to retirement living. Whether researching a retirement community for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to ask the right questions, keeping in mind factors such as present and future needs, community location and financial situation, among other considerations.

Retirement Living Here are some tips from ACTS Retirement-Life Communities that will put you on the right path toward finding a retirement community to best meet your needs now and for the long-term.

1. Check the background of the community: Find out who owns and manages the community, as well as the track record of management. Determine if the community is accredited for meeting high standards in services, operations and finances. Review the financial performance of the organization, including any credit ratings the company has received from agencies like Standard & Poor’s or Fitch. 2. Consider future health needs: Retirement communities today offer many amenities and services but

not all provide medical care, making another move a possibility should health needs change. Continuing care retirement communities are the only type of senior community that offers independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care on a single campus. Some CCRCs even offer specialized programs such as memory care, home health care and adult day programs as part of their services.

3. Get detailed information about fees: Learn what all fees do and do not include, when fees are subject to increase and under what conditions. Ask about the average fee increase over the past five years. Consider the financial advantages and disadvantages of the contract options the community offers. 4. Meet with residents and tour the community: Arrange an appointment to tour the community, meet with residents and staff and sample the food and the service. Notice if the community is clean, well maintained and secure.

5. Use a services and amenities check list: Get a complete information packet that includes application for admission, fee schedules, floor plans and the resident contract. Compare each community’s pricing to amenities, programs and services that are important to you.

6. Ask about recreational and social activities: Find out what kind of social, cultural, educational, spiritual and wellness activities are available. Is there an activities director on staff to plan entertainment, events and trips? Is transportation available? 7. Consider location and find out if there is a waiting list: Is the community located near family, friends, doctor’s office, place of worship and shopping? Find out if there is a waiting list to move into the community and how it works.

Once you’re here, you’ll want to stay forever. And you can. hen you choose Kobernick-Anchin, you are welcomed for life. Our beautiful campus offers spacious independent living apartments, excellent dining options and endless on-site amenities. Depending on your interests, we also offer a myriad of activities and excursions that inspire the mind, body and spirit.

What may be most comforting to know is that should you ever need higher levels of care, we also have an assisted living community with a memory care unit, and a 5-star rated skilled nursing and rehabilitation center right on the same campus. So once you move here, you’re family, and you’ll never need to worry about moving again.

Independent L iv ing • Assisted L iv ing • Sk i l led Nursing and Rehabi l itation

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call: 941.377.0781. Sponsored by Sarasota Manatee Jewish Housing Council, Inc.

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Assisted Living Facility #8951 • Skilled Nursing Facility #130471046

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A new generation of plans for your generation.



Regional PPO & HMO** Plans

• You can take advantage of a $0 monthly plan premium*. • You have the freedom to choose your primary care physician. • You have access to a large network of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. • There’s no deductible on prescriptions. • Dental, hearing and vision coverage included. ® • You can join SilverSneakers, a special member fitness program (new for 2013). • As a member, you can enjoy all the services of our Florida Blue Centers.

Call toll-free 1-800-876-2227 24 hours a day, every day (TTY users dial 1-800-955-8771.


or contact your local agency for Florida Blue.

Florida Blue is Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan. *You must continue to pay the Medicare Part B premium. If it is determined that you owe a late enrollment penalty, you will still have to continue to pay this amount. **In select counties. Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information, contact the plan. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium and/or co-payments/co-insurance may change on January 1 of each year. Florida Blue is a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. A Medicare-approved Part D sponsor. Health insurance is offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, D/B/A Florida Blue. HMO coverage is offered by Health Options, Inc., D/B/A Florida Blue HMO, an HMO subsidiary of Florida Blue. These companies are Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Y0011_74369 0812 CMS Accepted Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 19

omer Custo ite: Fav PrPER JELLY


Enter To Win a $25 Gift Certificate Drawn Daily from Dec. 17 – Dec. 22nd. Name Phone E-mail

Eat Fresh For Less! Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 20

Detwiler’s Has All Your Holiday Needs W

ow, it seems Get a taste of our fresh hard to believe turkey or spiral ham it’s Christmas time we our featuring on the already …but at weekends so you can order Detwiler’s we can one for your holiday meals. feel it in the air and Holidays are busy—let smell the scents of us help you make it easier. fresh pine as we Order a fruit tray or a meat Merry Christmas look for a fresh-cut and cheese platter for your from the Detwilers! Christmas tree or party; just talk to one of the a fresh-made wreath for our door. We deli crew see what they can do for you. see the bright red or soft white and pink The weekend before Christmas, poinsettias, or the twinkle in the Jingle Dec. 20 and 22, we set up a table Bell Poinsettia that’s red and splashed and create fruit baskets so you can with white all in the same flower. give the fresh and healthy gift of We step inside the market to see the fruit. Amish-made jams or jellies bins and tables brimming full with fresh are great additions to any basket. produce. Just now, lots of Florida’s Our deli is full of fresh-cut meats and local produce is coming in fresh from cheeses that you are sure to love. Check the fields so you get extra goodness and out our baked goods and pick up some freshness. Pick up your fresh Florida fresh-made breads and cookies, or pick strawberries, tomatoes, green beans and up one of our fresh-made sandwiches. sweet corn and so much more at Detwil- Finally, remember what’s important— er‘s today… And don’t forget the fresh the birth of Jesus, family and friends. Florida citrus; you’ll want to fill a bag Stop by Detwiler’s Farm Market at with this juicy sweet Florida sunshine 6000 Palmer Blvd., Sarasota. Call or some fresh squeezed orange juice. (941) 378-2727 for more information.






W in Cash N ot C a rd s



Classic 7’s, Rockin Slots, Keno & More!




with only $10 purchase. Limit one per person daily

No purchase nescessary. See store for details PLAY & WIN • (Business Center) NEW




OPEN 7 DAYS 9AM – MIDNIGHT (or later) 3990 N. Lockwood Ridge , Sarasota, 34235 • 941.355.4777


WIN UP TO $10,000 CASH!





with only $10 purchase Limit one per person daily

Play & Win Sweepstakes • No Purchase Necesssary • See Store For Details • (Business Center)




3990 North Lockwood Ridge Rd. • 941.355.4777

5955 Clark Center Ave. • 941.706.1798

6500 14th St. W. (U.S. 41) • 941.756.6747



SUNDAY - THURSDAY: 8:00 AM-1AM FRIDAY - SATURDAY: 8:00AM-2:00AM? Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 21


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Is your life controlled by alcohol or drugs? If you answered yes, take the first step to recovery.

The healing starts by admitting you have a problem. Pick up the phone and make the most important call of your life. Give your life a new option of hope and happiness. We can help with qualified medical treatment.

Entries will be collected by News Connection U.S.A. for future promotions, special offers, and marketing.

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Home Depot! When you complete this form and mail it back, your name will be entered to win a $25 gift certficate to Home Depot. (Drawing held the 20th of each month.)

P Last Month’s Winner Is: P

P Ferne Lamb — Congratulations! P Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 22

1-941-473-7256 Or 1-800-939-2273 SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation operates this service for the hospital, and has a financial interest in this service.The diagnosis of need for patient admission can only be made by a licensed physician.

The Time to Act is Now BY ROSEMARIE HURLEY, CSA Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist


hen you have worked in an industry as long as I have, certain questions repeat themselves. In this case, there are two questions that are on opposite sides of the issue. My answer is always the same. The best age for looking into Long-Term Care insurance is now. Too often when people are considering retirement or just retired a few years ago, they feel as if it is “much too soon” to consider Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI). There is a very prevalent misconception that you should wait until you are “old” to buy this. That is very wrong. For one thing, LTCI is much less expensive when you buy it younger. Age is a considerable factor when calculating premiums. But even more important is the fact that if you wait too long, you can preclude yourself from qualifying. This is the biggest mistake of all. Your current state of health when you look into purchasing LTCI is even a more important factor than age. And of course, since we cannot change the age we are (although we wish we could sometimes), we certainly can take advantage of our state of health. Long-Term Care Insurance is a retirement planning tool. It is a very important piece of asset preservation planning. Once you retire, you have worked all your life to be able to kick back and enjoy things—to do whatever you please. If you have

a LTC plan in place, you have the peace of mind to do just that. If you do not have a plan, then you have the worry and financial burden of being concerned with where the money will come from and how long your money will last. One spouse with an LTC illness or injury of a significant timeframe can totally wipe out the hard-earned nest egg. Now, you don’t have to have perfect health in order to qualify for LongTerm Care Insurance. There are many health conditions that are perfectly acceptable. Let’s be wise shoppers and investigate the plans and pricing of all of the major companies. While plans have similar benefits, they are clearly not all the same policies. Compare with the help of an expert. Be proactive. Look into this very important type of insurance now while you can still afford it and while you are relatively healthy. Plan ahead and you will have a better shot at enjoying those golden years.

Rosemarie Hurley, president of Senior Insurance Solutions has been a LongTerm Care Insurance Specialist for over 17 years and brokers with only the finest insurance companies in the industry. She is a Certified Senior Advisor and Past President of the local chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters. She is a member of the Bonita and the Estero Chambers, current PastPresident of the Rotary Club of Estero. She can be reached at (239) 274-6678, in Estero, or please visit her website:

Raise Your Voices


Belle Canto, all female choral group, presents “A Very Merry Holiday Concert” at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center, 7333 Scotland Way, at 8 p.m. $15 tickets available at or (941) 552-5325.


Musica Sacra Cantorum, choral chamber ensemble presents sacred Christmas music in “A Cathedral Christmas.” Discussion at 2:30, concert

at 3 p.m. St. Boniface Episcopal Church, 5615 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota. $15 tickets, or $20 at the door.


“Holiday Harmonies,” Chorus of the Keys. Barbershop quartets perform; free holiday dessert reception after show. Tickets: $15. 2 – 4 p.m. at Glenridge Performing Arts Center. Call (941) 552-5325..

NEED HELP NAVIGATING MEDICARE? LET US BE YOUR GUIDE! FREE, Confidential, and Unbiased Help With: • Medicare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Coverage Options • Long-Term Care Planning • Prescription Assistance Resources For assistance or to become a SHINE volunteer, call

1-800-963-5337 WWW.FLORIDASHINE.ORG SHINE is a Florida Department of Elder Affairs program operated in partnership with your local Area Agency on Aging to provide information and assistance with Medicare. All services are free, objective and confidential. WE DO NOT SELL INSURANCE OR REPRESENT ANY INSURANCE ENTITY.

Planning for Long-Term Care is so important. Learn all you can about something that can jeopardize the financial future of your entire family.

Rosemarie Hurley, CSA, has 18 years experience as a Long-Term Care Specialist. She brokers with many fine insurance companies and can find the right company to suit your needs.

For a FREE packet of information call today...

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The Christmas Synagogues Open House alling all snowbirds! The SynaCinvites gogue Council of Sarasota-ManaStory Told In Art tee you to open house events in


he Nativity has been a popular subject in the history of art. Join a special Gallery Walk and Talk on Dec. 13 at the Ringling Museum of Art with Dr. Virginia Brilliant, Curator of European Art, and Maureen Zaremba, Curator of Education. Museum staff will explore the narrative of the birth of Christ using paintings from the Museum’s collection. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota. Tickets and info at (941) 358-3180 This tour is included with Art After 5 admission.


area synagogues over Shabbat Dec. 14 and 15. Meet and greet Temple clergy, see facilities and attend a service at the same time. More info: (941) 927-3636. Check their websites for events: • Congregation for Humanistic Judaism ( • Congregation Kol HaNeshama ( • Congregation Ner Tamid ( • Jewish Congregation of Venice ( • Temple Beth El (Bradenton, • Temple Beth El (North Port, • Temple Beth Israel ( • Temple Beth Sholom ( • Temple Emanu-El ( • Temple Sinai (

Celebrating 21 Years of Excellence!

Supreme Quality at an Excellent Price! Keep Your Home’s Floors & Surfaces Looking Fresh and New! We Never Cut Corners. All Services Include Pre-Spray & Deep Clean. Remember that settling for less can become your expense.

We Are Green




941.365.1458 CARPET CLEANING Whole House


*Combination Rooms are 2 rooms

Up to 5 Rooms

Expires 1.31.13

Expires 1.31.13

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Per Room *Minimum 2 Rooms Expires 1.31.13



Flat Fee Any Home – Any Size Expires 1.31.13


Consignment Shopping Find Consignment Shops, Resale Shops,Thrift Shops and Antique Shops conveniently located in Sarasota/Manatee Counties.

Fine Resale Furniture Home Decor and Apparel Monday thru Saturday 10 – 7 Sunday 10 – 3

Creekwood Crossing Plaza (near Lowes and Bealls)

7343 52nd Place East (SR 70, just west of I-75)


8322 Market Street, Lakewood Ranch (Off University Parkway next to Publix)

941-907-8900 •

170 James Street Venice, FL 34293 941-485-3366 Tues. – Sat. 10 am – 4pm

203 Miami Ave. West Venice, FL 34285 941-488-3219 Mon. – Sat. 10 am – 4pm Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 25

For the Car-Lover: The Gift of Speed and Performance


he experience is unique,” says David Lalmond, 71, who drove a black Lamborghini for 8 laps at the Exotic Driving Experience on the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando. “There are no intersections and no speedometers. It’s just driving one of the world’s finest automobiles.” Marie, 65, from Ohio, checked an item off her bucket list by driving a yellow Lamborghini. Two dads and their three 30-something sons from Boston drove Porsches and

then gave high fives all around while comparing the speeds they’d achieved on the track straightaway. Now, in addition to the long-time stock car driving experience offered at the Richard Petty Driving Experience (next to Magic Kingdom), anyone with a driver’s license can get behind the wheel of a “supercar” and live the dream of going from 0 to 60 in 3 to 4 seconds, braking on a dime and taking corners like a pro. The Exotic Driving Experience makes a great gift! Driving Experiences start at $169. Thrill Rides with a professional driver behind the wheel are available for $99. Junior Rides are available, too. Reservations can be made at or by calling (855) 822-0149.

Getting the Most for Your Travel Dollar


s prices for flights go up, getting the most for your travel dollar becomes a challenge. Looking around online may be time consuming but dollarwise. Flight prices can vary significantly depending on the day or time of departure, so being truly flexible with travel dates and time of booking is the best way for consumers to reap financial benefits, according to Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 26, which compares up to 16 flight comparison sites. It stands to reason that Fridays and Sunday evenings are popular times for people to fly because weekend travelers want to maximize the period they are away without having extra days off work. Therefore, flying on these days will often be the most expensive, but in fact no day should be ruled out if the maximum saving is to be made. Wednesday is usually the cheapest day of the week to fly, followed by Tuesday. When booking any flight, the more flexible you can be, the more likely it is that a savings can be made; this often includes repeating searches as costs can go up and down, day to day, just as exchange rates do. Information from

Venice Theatre: THE Destination for the Holidays!


et into the spirit with music and fun for all ages! Venice Theatre cordially invites you to three special events that will be sure to put you in the holiday spirit. First, enjoy a cozy evening that will take your mind off shopping, cooking and the holiday rush. The traditional “Sounds of Christmas” concert returns on Saturday, Dec. 15 (with an encore performance on Dec. 22). It features Venice Theatre’s most talented vocalists singing beautiful renditions of wintertime favorites old and new. Then, join us as we celebrate the diversity in our community with our 2nd Annual Multicultural Holiday Extravaganza on Dec. 16. Don’t miss an all-star line-up of our area’s best musicians and performers from a variety of traditions and backgrounds. The program will include cantors Debbi White and Marci Victus, soprano

Deborah Beriolli, The Palm Strings Quartet, the Gulf Coast Ringers, Exsultate and more! Finally, the Venice tradition continues with our annual production of “A Christmas Carol” starring Eric Watters as Scrooge. This musical based on the classic Dickens’ story runs Dec. 19 – 22. “This may be my favorite thing to do each season,” says Director Murray Chase. “Kids come back each year playing new parts as they get older. College students plan their Christmas breaks around this show. And we have entire families working together in the cast and crew. It’s a great family tradition.” The theatre will be collecting nonperishable food items for All Faiths Food Bank/South County Pantry at all performances. Tickets range from $10 – $24 and are on sale now at the Box Office: 140 W. Tampa Ave. (941) 488-1115.

THE destination for holiday entertainment! How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Thru Dec 2

Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical Thru Dec 16

Sounds of Soul Dec 2 & 3

Sounds of Christmas Dec 15 & 22

Multicultural Holiday Extravaganza Dec 16

A Christmas Carol Dec 19-22

Let’s Hang On (Frankie Valli Tribute) Dec 29-31

TICKETS & MORE INFO: (941) 488 488--1115 ●

Give The Gift Of Live Theatre This Holiday Season! BY MICHELLE RINACA


ooking for that great holiday gift? Why not give the gift of live theatre? The Players Theatre is thrilled to offer a winter subscription to the final four shows of the Broadway Season. Now you can see the exciting shows Sunset Blvd., 9 to 5, Harvey, and Side Show for the low price of $80! What’s even more exciting is that you can pass along this tremendous discount as a gift to your loved ones by purchasing a gift certificate in the amount of $80. Looking for more to do this holiday season? Try the Blend Forever Doo-Wop, a tribute to the 50’s and 60’s. This amazing acappella quartet will sing hit songs from some of

the era’s more popular artists including: the Temptations, the Shirelles, and the Sha-na-nas. Blend will be playing one night only on December 28 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $18. The Players Theatre offers yearround, award-winning live theatre with a Broadway Series, Summer Series, and now an edgy Backstage Series in the black-box theatre. For more information or to purchase a gift certificate or tickets to a specific show, please call the box office at (941) 365-2494.

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 27




3:13 PM











































F E B R U A RY 3

















0 3-2






CALL: 1-888-852-9987 • E-MAIL: • VISIT: |

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 28

Stretch Your Strategy Untilalarm It Whimpers This medical may a royal, and your payday will be BY MARK PILARSKI considerably more than can’t what you’d save your life when others be making while trying to slug it out EE FR IFT t $35 G da

Revolutionary Emergency Alert Technology…

lue va


ear Mark: Where I play, all the on a blackjack at $10 a whack. Lifeline withonAutoAlert the only Medicaltable Alarm pendant table games the weekendishave minimum of $10 – $25 call for help even if you can’t. thattable canlimits automatically Dear Mark: Does losing a a hand, which is far too expensive hand to need lousy it play from a fellow ave –you thought about I have for my $50 $100 bankroll. Help when you most: player alter the cards on the what you would do actually lost my entire bankroll in less – Medical Emergency following hands? —Alex B. in case of than 20 minutes. What is your recoman emergency in “Good mendation for a game thatmorning. will at least – Accident Your question, Alex, highlights or around your This is Brenda with M. give meYou’re some staying power? —Jay Burglary home? one– of many popular myths when


Lifeline with AutoAlert**… for an added layer of protection. Luckily for Arlene, her doctor had recommended Lifeline with AutoAlert. This revolutionary system features the only Medical Alarm pendant that can automatically call Lifeline’s state-of-the-art response center, if it detects your fall. Then if you need help or can’t respond, expert emergency response operators quickly call friends, family or local ambulance, police or firefighters to When playing perfectand basic stratsummon help… quickly reliably.

egy on a machine with a decent pay Remarkably sophisticated… easy to use. schedule, you introduced can reduceAutoAlert. the houseAll Now, they’ve advantage to well under one percent. you do is plug the base unit into a Look a 9/6 for land the full powerfor outlet and(nine a phone line. Then, you wear pendant. If you house, six the for AutoAlert a flush) non-progressive experience kind of(same emergency, from machine or any an 8/5-er as above) fires to falls, a break-in or even just with a progressive meter attached that shortness of breath, press the button and reads at least, $2,200 on a quarter it calls the Lifeline Emergency Response and $8,800 on a dollar machine. Center. If you fall and can’t press the Both and dollar machines buttonthe forquarter any reason, AutoAlert with will give you decent long-term advanced fall adetection technology can payback, but ifcall youforwant playiffor automatically you,toeven you an extended period of time, hours can’t. Lifeline Response Centerlike Associates areend, trained to assess thedenomination situation and will on a drop in the summon help quickly. to a quarter machine with give you some serious staying power. Hit

it comes to playing blackjack, – Fire which is that poor play from one hand influences future cards. The remaining cards in any deck(s) do not recognize the play of previous hands. The next hand remains an independent event, and your chances of winning or losing are the same whether you, or• aFree fellow player, shipping won, lost, or even misplayed, the • Free activation preceding 5,• 10, or 15 hands. No equipment cost Don’t Mark: wait another call now! Dear Does minute… picking numbers firstSTREET is proud to offer Lifeline at video keno involve luck, patterns, with AutoAlert at a special introductory or is it based on previous numbers price. There’s no equipment to buy, no that have or have not been drawn? I long-term contract and the setup takes usually play nine only seconds. Callspots now and and have find yet out to hityou myornumbers solid. —Fred G. how a loved one can get this added layer of protection to help you stay living Picking numbers video keno, independently in yourat home.

Fred, is based strictly on luck. The andatreceive numbersCall are now chosen random with Free equipment, activation, each draw being anFree independent event, Free shipping and a Free gift– or so playing past numbers, patterns, at $35. numbers youvalued feel are “due,” does not work. Video keno uses microprocessor technology and randomized sequencing. On a properly functioning video keno machine, no specific number or combination of numbers is any with AutoAlert more likely to appear than any other now! for number orCall combination of anumbers. special price. The upshotintroductory here, Fred, is that video 49441 Please promotional code 45509. keno ismention a negative-expectation game with a hefty house edge. Additionally, the odds of hitting a nine of nine ticket are one in 1,380,687. Based on the astronomical odds of hitting your ticket *Button range may vary based on range test in and around solid, a friendly suggestion would your home. **AutoAlert does not detect 100% of all falls. If able usersto should always to push buttonlike when video they need help. be switch a their game Copyright © 2012 by first STREET for Boomers and Beyond, Inc. All rights reserved.has a far, far lower poker, which house edge. (SENIOR WIRE)

1-888-834-8022 1-888-837-0331


Lifeline. Do you need

not alone. help Mrs. Jones?” For starters, Many people Jay, let’s change up the game you’re playing: lower your bet have tried to protect size, but maintain making bets that themselves by purchasing have a casino advantage of less than PERS, or Personal Emergency Response Systems. That’s two percent. Sticking toathis strategy smart move, butinonly one longer and will keep you action system offers the extra temper the flow of your hard-earned protection of AutoAlert. money into the house’s catch-basin. That’s what a lucky subscriber Since where and when you play have named Arlene experienced when she such high limits,She allow fell in hertable driveway.* hit me her to head lead you to the video poker trough. It and was so dazed that she didn’t think does involve some skill of identifying to press the button on her PERS pendant. Suddenly she to tosee paytables, plus,was youamazed will need usean ambulance street. She your noggincoming to play up the the game smart. wondered, “How did they know I fell?”

Plan your transformation from the everyday with

room rates starting at only $89 per night.* Purchase your tickets today for these big acts coming to Beau Rivage.


Dec 7


Feb 1-2

Dec 11-30


Feb 22


Mar 16


Mar 22





No shows Dec 17 or Dec 26

Dec 31 Jan 4 Jan 18


May 3 Jun 7

For hotel reservations and show tickets, visit Entertainment show ticket purchases can also be made by calling 1.888.566.7469.

A Feeling Like No Other.®

Resort & Casino • Biloxi, MS

dining • gaming • entertainment • shopping • golf • pool • spa

*Some restrictions apply and is subject to availability. Beau Rivage Resort & Casino reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time.Additional restrictions may apply. Entertainment tickets not included. **Must be 21. Tickets based on availability and schedule subject to change. For complete details visit When you need to win, you need to quit. Gambling problem? Call 1.888.777.9696 ©2012 MGM Resorts International®

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San Diego: This Time, Leave the Port and Head over the Hills for



f hearing “Anchors Aweigh” stirs your soul, San Diego may be in your past. A trip back to the port can offer a trip down memory lane as well as some new adventures. Generations of men have either trained at a Navy or Marine facility in the San Diego area or shipped out on one of the ships attached to the Pacific Fleet. The San Diego area is home to the largest military complex in the world, with an estimated 170,000 military and family members.


We enjoyed the drive on Route 79 with charming mountain communities. Here are some suggestions about what to see and do:

• First stop: San Vicente Resort near the town of Ramona for golf, tennis, swimming and hiking plus restaurants on site for true relaxation. • Ramona, the town, embraces its Wild West and pioneer roots through displays at the Guy B. Woodward Museum in town. Check the town’s website for rodeos and pow wows.

• Dudley’s Bakery as you drive through the village of Santa Ysabel is known for yummy breads and pastries!

Naval Base San Diego is homeport to more than 50 ships. And you can tour the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier with a long and noble history. Movies featuring the area include Top Gun with Tom Cruise, who flew out of Miramar Naval Air Station, and Sands of Iwo Jima where John Wayne raced up a hill at Camp Pendleton, the setting for the WWII battle. Hotel Del Coronado

Across a bridge from downtown, be sure to see one of the last of the great hotels, the Hotel Del Coronado. Central to the complex is the 1888 original turreted wooden hotel with its sparkling white clapboards and red tile roof. This landmark has been the site of numerous movies such as Some Like it Hot. San Diego County Ready for a new adventure? Then do what we did and head for the mountains east of the city and the Anzo-Borrego Desert.

Desert Adventure California Overland Tours

The Gold Rush Hotel

• Julian is a hilly town known for gold mines in the past and apple orchards today. Stay at the legendary Gold Rush Hotel (fabulous breakfast!) right in the middle of town. Eat apple pie at one of the cafes early because the town closes up at dark and is a haven for restful sleep. Check the Julian website for the many festivals they hold.

• The nearby California Wolf Center offers understanding of both the Mexican and Alaskan wolves. There’s a great education center and easy live viewing of both species. Only open weekends. Then it was over the mountain and down, down, down via switchbacks to the town of Borrego Springs on the floor of Borrego Valley in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The town is fast turning into a haven for retirees and boomers. We stayed at the Santa Fe-style Borrego Valley Inn with an aviary of finches. There are two pools, one with “clothing optional” designation.

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 30

• We took a California Overland offroad excursion in an open air military truck to experience the desert. Our guide pointed out where Patton’s army trained before heading to Africa and where training is still held by the military at times. The tour bounced us along rough roads, dry lake beds and into the Badlands, wind caves, slot canyons and more. Jeep tours are also available. • Don’t miss the Anza-Borrego Park Headquarters, literally built into the desert to conserve energy and to be unobtrusive. Great displays inside and outside hiking trails radiate from the visitor center.

Communities in the world. Ask around for stargazing opportunities offered by various groups.

On your way either in or out of San Diego proper, you’ll pass within a few feet of the Olaf Wieghorst Museum and Western Heritage Center in El Cajon. His famous paintings portray the 19th century American West and the museum has collections of memorabilia to bring alive memories of Western heroes. You’ll recognize his paintings. Great collection—don’t miss it. For more info, see

• If you’re not prepared, the sight is startling. What are those creatures in the middle of the desert? Galleta Meadows sculptures are a giant welded metal managerie by Ricardi Breceda. Dozens of statues through the valley now include notable humans as well. • When the sun goes down, the desert wakes up. Stargazing is popular in Borrego Springs, one of three certified Dark Sky

Dragon sculpture by Ricardi Breceda

Enjoy Pie, Pie and More Pie!


ince 1995, amateur, commercial and professional bakers have competed in the National Pie Championships to determine who makes the best pies in America. The new book, America’s Best Pies: Nearly 200 Recipes You’ll Love is a collection of some of the award-winning pies from the American Pie Council/Crisco national Pie Championships.

Recipe Inside the book, you’ll find sections for apple pie recipes, cherry pie recipes, followed by sections of chocolates, custards, peanut butter, pumpkin, raisin, special dietary and much, much more. Most have pictures alongside the recipe. Each recipe comes with a recipe for crust and there are numerous variations on your mother’s basic pie dough recipe—like this one:


2 c flour 1 c cake flour 1 1/2 Tbsp sugar 1 tsp salt 8 Tbsp frozen butter, cut up 1/2 c plus 2 Tbsp frozen Crisco, cut up 2 Tbsp vinegar 1 large egg yolk 4-5 Tbsp ice water 1/2 c crushed cornflakes Egg glaze: 1 egg white plus 1 Tbsp water To make crust: blend dry ingredients; cut in butter and shortening with a pastry blender. Add egg yolk, vinegar and minimum amount water. Toss until mix begins to clump together. If it looks dry, sprinkle on more water. Form dough into ball and flatten into a 6-inch disk for single shell or divide in half and make two disks for double-crust pie. Wrap dough and chill 1 hour or overnight. Soften to room temp, roll out for crusts. Here’s a sample of a pie that could grace any holiday table:

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Pie

Oreo Almond Crust 24 Oreo cookies 1 c almond slivers 4 Tbsp butter, melted Filling 8 oz cream cheese, softened and cut in half 4 oz dark chocolate melted in the microwave 4 oz milk chocolate melted in microwave (do not melt until ready to prepare 3rd layer) 3/4 c Cool Whip 12 oz jar red raspberry preserves (seedless) To make crust, grind cookies and almonds in food processor. Add melted butter. Press into pie tin; bake 10 minutes. Cool before adding filling. To make filling: beat 4 oz cream cheese. Add melted dark chocolate. Beat until smooth and spread into crust. Freeze

until set. Meanwhile, microwave preserve 30 seconds or until liquid. Cool slightly and pour over chocolate layer. Freeze until preserves are cool and have returned to gel state. Beat remaining cream cheese until smooth and add melted milk chocolate. Beat til smooth. Beat in Cool Whip. Spread over raspberry layer. Freeze until set. Garnish with Cool Whip rosettes, chocolate curls and shavings. Enter to win a copy of the book “Americaʼs Best Pies.” Enter early! Weʼll draw a winnerʼs name on Dec. 18 and mail the book in time for you to use as a Christmas gift if youʼd like. Submit your name, address and phone number by mail: News Connection USA, Inc., P.O. Box 638, Seffner, FL 33583, Attn: Pies. Or by email: (subject line: Pies). Drawing Dec. 18.

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 31



Bradenton • February 15, 2013 Bradenton Municipal Auditorium

A F T E R 50

1005 Barcarrota Boulevard, Bradenton

10am – 3pm

Premier Sponsor:

Chances to Win $100 Throughout the Day!

Live Entertainment Throughout the Day! FREE Health Screenings


Magic & Balloon Art Throughout the Day


Great For Any Room!




LUNCH Only $4.50

Coffee & Goodies

Luis Campaneria “A-1 Magic”

Denise Looney “DJ with a Twist”

Call: 941-685-1676 or 941-375-6260

Venice • March 7, 2013 Venice Community Center Lic# CGC025622

Light Up Dark Rooms! Call or Visit 941-378-8823

753 Cattlemen Sarasota, Fl Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 32

326 Nokomis Ave. S., Venice

10am – 3pm

Live Entertainment Throughout the Day!

Premier Sponsor:

FREE Health Screenings Exhibitors!


Save EnergyChances to Win $100 Coffee & Goodies

• Travel • Shopping Clubs • Pharmacies • Home Improvement • Retirement Lifestyles • Physicians • Restaurants

Throughout the Day!

Call: 941-685-1676 or 941-375-6260


The Library Goes Digital M

aybe a Kindle, Nook or IPad is on your Christmas list this year, or perhaps you receive one from a gadgetsavvy child or grandchild and are unsure what to do next. Fear not! Sarasota county libraries are on hand to help you make the most of your new e-reader. A new system called Overdrive allows you to check out and download library books in digital format to your new device, wherever you are, so you can read them at your leisure. With internet access and a library card, you can select from a wide range of digital books, magazines, graphic novels, audio books and videos and check them out just as you would a physical book. You can check out up to ten titles at a time, and the lending period can vary from title to title. When your lending time expires, the book will automatically be removed from your device, but can be checked out again later as availability allows. It’s free to use the Overdrive system and download books—all you need is a library card and your personal identification number (PIN). If you do not have one, you can apply for one at any Sarasota county library, or online at sclibs. net/Services/LibraryCard.aspx. If you would like to learn more or get started downloading books, visit the library system’s Overdrive site at Instructive videos will get you started. A free, hands-on class on how to use the system is also being offered this month on Dec. 14 at the Gulf Gate Library, 7112 Curtiss Avenue, Sarasota, from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Call (941) 861-1230 for more info..

Free Light

Smart Financial Moves for Late 2012/Early 2013 BY BILL LOSEY, CFP®


hat can you do to lower your 2012 taxes? Before the year fades away, you have plenty of options. Here are a few that may prove convenient: • Make a charitable gift before New Year’s Day. If you give cash, you need to document it. If you pledge $2,000 to a charity in December but only end up gifting $500 before 2012 ends, you can only deduct $500. Does the value of your gift exceed $250? If so, document it and file Form 8283 when your total deduction for non-cash contributions or property in a year exceeds $500.

Finance • Contribute more to your retirement plan. If you haven’t turned 70½ and you participate in a traditional (i.e., non-Roth) qualified retirement plan or have a traditional IRA, you can reduce your 2012 taxable income by the amount of your contribution. If you are self-employed and don’t have a solo 401(k), a SIMPLE plan or something similar, consider establishing and funding one before the end of the year. In 2012, you can contribute up to $17,000 in a 401(k), 403(b) or profit-sharing plan, with a $5,500 catch-up contribution also allowed if you are age 50 or older. You can put up to $11,500 in a SIMPLE IRA in 2012, $14,000 if you are 50 or older.

• Practice tax loss harvesting. You could sell underperforming stocks in your portfolio—enough to rack up at least $3,000 in capital losses. If it ends up that your total capital losses top all of your capital gains in 2012, you can deduct up to $3,000 of capital losses from your 2012 ordinary income. If you have over $3,000 in capital losses, the excess rolls over into 2013. Are there other major moves that you should consider? Your to-do list might be long, for much financial change may occur in 2013… • Pay attention to asset location. Here are two big reasons why tax efficiency should be a priority as 2012 leads into 2013: Next year, dividend income is slated to be taxed as regular income. So tax on qualified stock dividends could nearly triple for the wealthiest Americans. Capital gains taxes for high earners are scheduled to jump 33% in 2013. Long-term capital gains are now taxed at 15% for those in the highest four income brackets; that rate is supposed to rise to 20% next year. Federal taxes are poised to rise next year, but one little detail isn’t getting enough publicity: the planned 3.8% Medicare surtax scheduled to hit single/joint filers with AGIs over $200,000/$250,000 will not apply to qualified payouts from Roth accounts.

Talk with a qualified financial or tax professional today. Vow to focus on being healthy and wealthy in the New Year.

AARP Presents: You’ve Earned A Say


fter years of paying into Medicare and Social Security, you deserve a voice in their future. You’ve Earned a Say is a national conversation committed to providing you with information—both pro and con—about the proposals on the table in Washington. AARP is taking the debate about Medicare and Social Security to the public and making sure that all Americans have a voice in the discussion about their future.

AARP is providing balanced information, without the political jargon and spin, about the Medicare and Social Security options. Tell Washington how you would strengthen Social Security. And have your say about 10 options on the table in Washington to strengthen Medicare. Make your voice heard. Join the discussion at Selby Library, 1331 1st Street, Sarasota from 2 – 3 p.m. For more info, call (941) 346-3335.

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Humor For The Holidays

Unknown Reindeer


he game show contestant was only 200 points behind the leader and about to answer the final question—worth 500 points! “To be today’s champion,” the show’s smiling host intoned, “name two of Santa’s reindeer.” The contestant, a man in his early thirties, gave a sigh of relief, gratified that he had drawn such an easy question. “Rudolph!” he said confidently, “and... Olive!” The studio audience started to applaud (like the little sign above their heads said to do) but the clapping quickly faded into mumbling, and the confused host replied, “Yes, we’ll accept Rudolph, but could you please explain... ‘Olive?!’” “You know,” the man circled his hand forward impatiently and began to sing, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer—had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glowed. *Olive,* the other reindeer...”

All I Need To Know I Learned From Santa

1. Encourage people to believe in you. 2. Always remember who’s naughty and who’s nice. 3. Don’t pout.

4. It’s as much fun to give as it is to receive.

Last Month’s Answers

November Sudoku Alberta Maltby is last month’s winner! Congratulations!

Win Great Prizes!

New winner selected each month

Dec. Sudoku

5. Some days it’s ok to feel a little chubby.

Sudoku requires no arithmetic skills.The object of the game is to fill all the blank squares with the correct numbers. Each row and each column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order. Each 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9 as well. Good luck! The first correct answers selected from the drawing on Dec. 21 will win. Send your answers along with your name, address and telephone number to: NEWS CONNECTION USA, INC. P.O. BOX 638, SEFFNER, FL 33583

6. Make your presents known.

7. Always ask for a little bit more than what you really want. 8. Bright red can make anyone look good.

9. Wear a wide belt and no-one will notice how many pounds you’ve gained. 10. If you only show up once a year, everyone will think you’re very important. 11. Whenever you’re at a loss for words, say “HO, HO, HO!”

Word Search December

In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category for today. Circle each answer that you find and list it in the space provided at the right of the grid. Answers can be found in all directions – forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. An example is given to get you started. Can you find the twenty answers in this puzzle?

Good Luck!



Word Search Answers From


Send your answers along with your name, address and telephone number to: NEWS CONNECTION USA, INC. P.O. BOX 638, SEFFNER, FL 33583

The first correct answers selected from the drawing on December 21 will win. MYSTERY PRIZE!



(Puzzles must be received by Dec. 21, 2012.)

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 34

Beverly Gould is last month’s winner! Congratulations!


From The American Contract Bridge League



his month we feature a terrific opening lead, found in real life by John Brady of Jacksonville, FL (known to some as Dr. Goodlead).

Imagine yourself as East, if you will, looking at the N-E hands. West, the good doctor, leads the Spade Ten. A strange-looking lead, don’t you think? It’s not fourth best, not top of a sequence. Has the doctor’s legendary common-sense finally deserted him? While you are puzzling over that bizarre opening lead, Dummy plays the ♠Q and you gleefully ruff. What next, Mr East? West found a grand opening lead, and life would be even grander if only you could get back

Introducing Dr. Goodlead to West’s hand for a second ruff. If that is to happen, West must have ♦A or ♣A. Any clues as to which? The opening lead is your muchneeded clue. West led an unnecessarily high Spade, and is trying to tell you something. Yes, he is advertising the Ace in the higher-ranking sidesuit! So, after ruffing, you shoot back a Diamond to West’s Ace and get your second Spade ruff. Down one! Doctor G’s lead from ♠KT5432 was not without risk, but he saw no appealing alternative, and he reasonably concluded that East had no more than two Spades (due to non-support in the auction). He didn’t necessarily expect a void, but singleton was also a possibility (in which case West would later win the ♥A and give East a second-round Spade ruff). What just happened was a Suit Preference signal, whereby, in certain situations, the play of a high card says “I have the higher-ranking suit,” vice versa with a low card. This defensive signal is a rare bird on opening lead, it usually comes later in the hand and even then only in specialized situations. Dr. Goodlead gave us the caviar, we’ll have some meat-and-potatoes examples in later Bridge Bites. Visit for more about the fascinating game of bridge or email To find a bridge club in Florida, go to district9acbl. org/D9Clubsmap.htm. Bridge article provided courtesy of St. Petersburg Bridge Club:

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The Healthy Geezer BY FRED CICETTI


. I’ve noticed that I can’t drink a cup of regular coffee after mid-afternoon. It keeps me awake at night. I used to be able to drink coffee at dinnertime and it never bothered me. Is this another age thing? Uh-huh. Sensitivity to caffeine—the pick-me-up in coffee—tends to increase as you get older. Children metabolize caffeine quicker than adults. About 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine daily. More than half of all American adults consume more than 300 milligrams of caffeine every day, making it America’s most popular drug. Caffeine occurs naturally in many plants, including coffee beans, tea leaves and cocoa nuts. It is therefore found in a wide range of food products. Caffeine is added artificially to many others, including a variety of beverages. The most common sources of caffeine for Americans are coffee, tea, colas, chocolate and some over-the-counter medications. Here are some useful numbers to help you determine how much caffeine you take in: A 6-ounce cup of coffee—100 mg A 6-ounce cup of tea—70 mg A 12-ounce can of cola—50 mg An ounce of chocolate—6 mg One tablet of Extra Strength Excedrin—65mg One tablet of Anacin—32 mg One tablet of Maximum Strength NoDoz—200 mg For most people, 200 to 300 milligrams a day aren’t harmful. But, if you are sensitive to caffeine or use certain drugs, you may want to cut down or eliminate caffeine from your diet. Your caffeine consumption is worth discussing with your doctor. Caffeine can cause restlessness, anxiety, irritability, muscle tremors,

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 36

sleeplessness, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and abnormal heart rhythms. Some medicines and supplements interact negatively with caffeine. These include some antibiotics and bronchodilators. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about whether caffeine might affect the medicines you take. In the practice of medicine, caffeine is useful as a cardiac stimulant and also as a mild diuretic. Caffeine is an addictive drug. It stimulates like amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin. If you feel you have to have caffeine every day, then you are addicted to it. Eliminating caffeine suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue. These symptoms usually pass after several days.

Here are some tips if you want to chase the caffeine monkey: • Read labels carefully for ingredients and keep track of the caffeine you consume.

• Gradually reduce the amount of caffeine you take in. This will enable you to acclimate to less caffeine and reduce the effects of withdrawal. • Start drinking decaffeinated coffee, tea and soda.

• Brew your tea for less time to cut down on caffeine. Or try herbal teas, which are caffeine-free.

• Check the caffeine content in overthe-counter medications that you take. If you can, switch to caffeine-free forms of the medications you need. If you would like to read more columns, you can order a copy of “How To Be A Healthy Geezer” at All Rights Reserved © 2012 by Fred Cicetti.

Last Month’s Answers


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Last Month’s Answers

We understand that the holidays can be hard, but sometimes, you have more than just the blues. If you, a friend or family member are having a hard time coping, the first step to feeling better is getting help.


Send your answers for a drawing. First correct answers selected from the drawing on Dec. 19 will receive $20 cash! Send to: News Connection USA, Inc., P.O. Box 638, Seffner, FL 33583

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Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 37

AUDITIONS January 18, 2013

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Senior Enrichment Center at Renaissance on 9th 1816 9th Street West • Bradenton, FL 34205 Fifty-five years young or more! Single or duo acts only, no groups please. Audition acts must be no longer than three minutes. There will be a piano, cassette tape and CD player available

The Show February 10, 2013

3:00 p.m. Neel Performing Arts Center State College of Florida 5840 26th Street West • Bradenton, FL 34207

SENIOR IDOL SHOW April 1, 2013 at 7 p.m.

A F T E R 50

Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 38

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Lifestyles After 50 • December 2012 • page 39

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