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Enjoy a Great American Staycation This Summer Dear Readers,


ur snowbird friends are gone. Summer heat is upon us, and we bless the inventor Janice Doyle, of air conditioning. Editor Are you the only one left on your street? It’s interesting where people go. Your neighbors may have fled to their cabin in North Carolina, a cottage at the beach or the family’s lake camp in upstate New York. Maybe they’ve gone to a villa in France, a casita in Mexico, a pensione in Rome or a condo in Colorado. If they went back to their roots, they may be spending the summer on the family homestead or in a bungalow in small-town Indiana. Many of our neighbors are in motorhomes enjoying cooler climates. Here are the rest of us, tending our Florida homes. If that describes you, consider taking one or more “staycations” this summer. What’s a staycation? Staycation: a vacation in which the vacationer stays at or near home while creating the environment of a traditional vacation. The term first became popular in 2008 when the financial crush caused everyone to take a second (and third) look at spending money. Oh, and gas soared to $3.75 per gallon. People suddenly planned closeto-home vacations to spend less on fuel. Here we go again. It’s a good idea. Let’s take a fresh look at Florida and how we can enjoy our own backyard area. I know it’s hot, but I also know it’s nice to sleep in my own bed at night. So how can we make this work? Look at the definition again. The secret seems to be this: “Create the environment of a traditional vacation.” Hmmm. I did some research and found a few tips for making that happen.

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For a really sizzling staycation:

1. Plan ahead to unplug from your regular routine. Decide whether you want to stay local only or travel across the state for a few days. 2. Adopt the feeling of splurging even though you’re saving money when compared to a vacation to a distant place. It’s all about getting out of your rut. That means no cleaning out the garage. Maybe it means eating at a more expensive restaurant than usual.

3. Enjoy the home environs, particularly local places you’ve never visited, ethnic restaurants you’ve never tried. 4. Plan only what you and your spouse/companion can handle without stress—remember it’s hot outside.

5. Think outside the box for ideas. That might mean a behind-the-scenes tour of Disney or a local TV studio, etc.

6. Play tourist in your own hometown. Think small community museums, area winery tastings, historic homes. Maybe stay in a local B&B. 7. Think simple. Go bowling; play miniature golf; explore the local and state parks.

So, don’t stalk your neighbors and suffer from vacation envy as they drive off for the mountains or airport. Pull out the Florida map—how long has it been since you visited Jacksonville? St. Augustine? Tallahassee? Google your home town places of interest. Reserve a night at a resort on the beach you’ve heard about but never visited. Getting ready for a vacation was never easier. No shutting off the water, cleaning out the fridge or finding a sitter for your plants. You’ll be home every night or two—or maybe three. Now, isn’t that easy. Take out your iPhone or iPad and try some travel-related Apps:

• Urban Spoon is a restaurant guide for major cities in North America. Search by neighborhood, cuisine or price.

• Gas Buddy finds the cheapest gas on the go—for free! In one click, locate gas stations near you and see current gas prices. • Sutro Media has travel apps for cities across the United States; You’ll be amazed at the destinations right within your neighborhood. (Sutro Media is a free app. Within it are apps for Florida Gardens at $1.99, Florida State Parks at $1.99, etc.) Have a great summer whatever you decide to do. I’ll be home following staycation advice with a week in the Adirondacks to cool off in July.

Congratulations To Our “Lifestyle After 50” Winner!

Last month, we asked readers to tell us what they love about their lifestyle after 50 in 20 words or less for a chance to win a summertime getaway package to Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee. Here is the winning submission from Mrs. Carolyn V. Salzein of Ocala, FL! Thanks to all who entered—it was tough to pick just one winner. Look for more contests in upcoming issues!

“Kids are grown Home’s our own Time to kill Find new thrills Bed by ten Adventure again TOMORROW!”

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The Healthy Pleasure of Their Company—the Pets Among Us BY JANICE DOYLE


udy Elliott spends her afternoons at the Pinellas County Animal Services facility matching senior pets (over age 6) with senior citizens who want to adopt a pet. She says most of the seniors who adopt senior pets have had pets before and know the benefits of pets in the house. Life occurs in stages, and as we move from infancy to adulthood—and eventually into our senior years—our needs and wants change. A 50-year-old may choose a different breed of dog than he got when his children were small. An 88-year-old woman won’t want to worry with having to step carefully because of a Labrador dog that flops down in the middle of the floor or a kitten darting out from behind the chair.

Why get a pet in the first place? While the primary benefits to animals are obvious—to place them in loving homes and keep them from being destroyed—the benefits to seniors of all ages are ten-fold (versus non-pet owners). A person who has a pet usually has: • Lower blood pressure and pulse rate • 21 percent fewer visits to the doctor • Less depression • Enhanced ease in making friends • More active lifestyle with something to nurture and care for • Affection and unconditional love • Ease in the loss of a loved one • Less feeling of loneliness • Higher level of taking care of themselves • Sense of security Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 4

Why get an older pet? Puppies and kittens may be cute, but they also have high energy levels and can require almost constant attention. Adopting an older pet may be the best idea. Think about an older pet because: • Older animals love to sleep and cuddle. They are happy for you to join them in a nap.

What to consider before getting a pet Beware of making a decision based on “going down memory lane.” Just because you once loved a German shepherd doesn’t mean that breed is best for you at this point in life. If well trained, of course, it might be, but it might be too big for your surroundings or for the care you are able to give it. Go for your present comfort level so it’s a good fit for both you and the pet. Maybe, instead of adopting a pet, yours would make a good foster home for a pet. Sometimes animals need transition time and space (such as when they’re taking a round of heart worm medicine) and rescue facilities need temporary spaces.

You might also work with pet therapy dogs which are specially trained to be taken into nursing homes and schools. Many financial accommodations can be made if having a pet is beyond your means. Most local agencies have ways to help. (For example, Purina®Pets for People in Sarasota County qualifies anyone 60 years and over for reimbursement of adoption fees.) Besides county-run facilities, also look for smaller groups that adopt out pets. Adopting a senior pet can often open a new world for seniors. To find out how to adopt senior animals in our area, contact your local animal shelter. Adoption information by county: Charlotte (941) 833-5690 Hillsborough (813) 744-5660 Lee County (239) 533-7387 Lake County (352) 343-9688 Manatee County (941) 742-5933 Pasco (813) 929-1212 Pinellas (727) 595-5822 Sarasota (941) 955-4131

• Adult dogs have learned many life lessons. They know “shoes are for walking and bones are for chewing.” • They are mostly housebroken or litter box trained.

• Adult pets require less time than a puppy or kitten. • What you see is what you get; senior pets tend to settle into the household more easily.

In Sarasota County, Kristi Dorman, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Sarasota County, says a staff behaviorist assesses all incoming dogs “for temperament, likes and dislikes, how the animal responds to children. Do they play well with others? Are they aggressive or not?” Volunteers also walk the dogs and note behaviors, making matchmaking easier when a senior comes looking for a pet.

Macy Lives to be Petted B

ig dogs are hardest to find homes for. John Diehl walks his Great Danes Macy, 8, and Simon, 3, through his neighborhood. He and his wife, Michelle, found both dogs through Big Dog Rescue Ranch (BDRR) two years ago. John says, “Having the two of them is amazing. They are very affectionate dogs. Macy lives to be petted.” They “foster” Macy, which means BDRR covers all her medical bills including routine care. John and Michelle adopted Simon, who is still somewhat skittish from previous abuse, and fully expect to have him around for many years to come. BDRR is at (561) 791-6465 or online at

Attention Medicare Beneficiaries

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Mummies Of The World Comes To MOSI



he Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa is known for hosting some of the world’s most fascinating exhibits, including the controversial Bodies. Their newest exhibition, Mummies of the World, manages to cast this well-studied culture in a whole new light.

A mummy from South America, preserved in a seated postiion. Media sponsor:

Tickets: 813.229.STAR (7827) • STRAZCENTER.ORG Group Services (10+ get a discount): 813.222.1018 or 1016 .

IF YOU HAVE TEN PEOPLE OR MORE WE CAN PICK UP AT YOUR LOCATION. CALL FOR OUR PICK UP LOCATIONS. Sun City, pick up at parking lot north of library on North Pebble Beach, and Kings Point or ask about a pick up at your location.

June 5th, 13th, 25th 2012 & July 3rd, 11th, and 23rd, 2012 Hard Rock Tampa – Pick up 8:45 a.m., returns 3:30 p.m. Pay $15.00, get $15.00 free play and a $5.00 meal voucher. Evening pickup is at 3:45 p.m., returns 10:30 p.m. Pay $15.00, get $20.00 free play and a $5.00 meal voucher June 18th and 27th, 2012 & July 9th & 26th, 2012 Seminole Casino Immokalee Pay $25.00 and get $30.00 in free play and a $5.00 meal voucher Bus boards 8 a.m. and returns 6:30 p.m. June 8th, 19th and 29th, July 5th, 20th, and 31st, 2012 Tour of Tampa and Ybor City 8:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. See Tampa’s landmarks and sites, visit Ybor City and Ybor Visitors Center, have lunch on your own at a Cuban restaurant, stop at a Cuban bakery for bread and pastries. Pay $25.00

Minimum of 30 passengers required!

Anywhere Tours of Florida, Inc. For reservations or information – call Trudy at 813-620-3332 or our website • ***ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE*** Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 6

the afterlife. Egyptian citizens would work and save their whole lives to afford a copy of the book as well as the best possible embalming process. The exhibit includes a page torn from an actual Book of the Dead. Carlisle Stoup, a museum volunteer and an anthropology student at the University of South Florida, said that visitors’ reactions to the surprising collection vary greatly. “[The adults] are usually very fascinated,” she said. “Most are surprised to know about the mummies in the other parts of the world, and how they are mummified. Kids are very different. Sometimes it’s ‘ew,’ while others are excited about what they see.” Visitors can see a variety of one-of-a-kind specimens, including a howler monkey preserved on a pole and dressed in a grass skirt for unknown reasons. Perhaps one of the most fascinating specimens is a Peruvian mummified child that is estimated to be 6,500 years old.

The 20 mummies on display in this exhibit, lost since World War II, were recovered in 2004 from a vault in a German museum. The German Mummy Project used revolutionary new forensic methods, such as noninvasive DNA analysis, to preserve Pages from the them without further damage. Book of the Dead. Mummies of the World also displays several animal specimens found in environments that contribute to naturally occurring mummification, such as desert, bogs and caves. The animals on display include cats, squirrels, rats and even a hyena. The exhibit attempts to educate and often shock the visitor by revealing lesser-known facts about the familiar “What excites me about it is how subject of mummies. For example, much you can learn from a mummy,” many people know that ancient said Stoup. “How much you can Egyptians worshipped cats. What they learn from a culture’s way of life just may not know is that the animals were from studying their past people.” often bred specifically for the purpose Mummies of the World will be of sacrificing them to the gods. on display daily at MOSI through The most attention is given to the September 9. Tickets are $18.95 Egyptians, though they were not the for adults, $12.95 for children ages first peoples to mummify their dead 2-12, and $16.95 for seniors 60 and (that distinction actually goes to the older. Children under 2 receive free Peruvians). Egyptian culture held admission. Add-ons for the museum’s that in order to pass successfully regular exhibits, IMAX, and the from the world of the living, one ropes course are available. Group must have in their possession a copy rates for adults and seniors are availof the Book of the Dead, a detailed able. Call (813) 987-6320 to make instruction book for the journey to reservations or for more information.

Around Town

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G J U N E 2 0 1 2


hursdays in June “Chaos—The Impact of Addiction on Families” information and discussion at The Women’s Centre, 305 S. Hyde Park Ave., Tampa. 6 – 7:30 p.m. All workshops require reservations—call (813) 251-8437 between 1 – 4:30 p.m.


ridays Singles Dance at Stardust Dance Center, 1405 S. Collins St., Plant City. 8 to 11 p.m. $5/person; non-members $7. Sundays Dance 3 to 6 p.m. Bring covered dish for sharing. 2 – 3 p.m. $5/ Person. (863) 409-7714.


Master Gardener Water-Wise Workshop at Bloomingdale Library, Brandon. 6:30 p.m. Call (813) 273-3652.


Eastern Airlines Silverliners (or other former flight attendants) luncheon at Rusty Pelican Restaurant, 2425 Rocky Point Dr. N., Tampa. 1 p.m. Please contact Barbara Reed at (813) 671-3078 for information.


Honor Flight for West Central Florida World War II veterans to Washington, D.C.—volunteer as guardian or join the “Welcome Home” parade at airport. All information/guardian applications at (do not apply on national website). (727) 480-7112.


Northdale OWLS day trip to Hardee Phosphate Complex in Bowling Green, FL. 8:30 a.m. departure. $22. Information: Ruth at (813) 962-0397.


“Retro-Fitting A Traditional Irrigation System To Microirrigation” Workshop at Hillsborough County Extension Service, 5339 County Rd. 579, Seffner. Free. Required registration at hillsborough. or call (813) 744-5519.


Vintage Tampa Storefronts and Scenes by John Cinchett, book signing from noon to 3 p.m. at Ybor City State Museum, 1818 E. 9th Ave., Ybor City. 17 Tampa Bay History Center, 801 Old Water St., Downtown Tampa. 2 to 5 p.m. Info at (813) 841-4355.


Good Vibrations: A Tribute to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Rock bands, surf bands, jazz, Latin, percussion group, a laptop ensemble. 8 hours, 20 bands/performers, 75+ songs. Skipper’s Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Rd., Tampa. 4 p.m. to midnight music. $12 advance / $15 door. (813) 971-0666.



Free Father’s Day admission to American Victory Ship Mariners Museum, 705 Channelside Dr., Tampa. Call (813) 228-8766 or visit


Making Online Travel Reservations class at Town n Country Library Computer Lab. 12:30 p.m. Call (813) 273-3652.



ELVIS: Tampa Bay Festival/ Contest sponsored by TCB Fan Club. 20 tribute artists. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Strawberry Festival Fairgrounds Bldg., 303 E. Lemon St., Plant City. Free parking. Tickets: $10 to $30. See website for information: or ELVIS Hotline (813) 977-6011.


eBooks and eReaders Introduction and how to download from the library selection. Bloomingdale Library. Register day of class at library. 3:30 p.m. Info: (813) 273-3652.


“Murder on the Menu” murder mystery dinner theater at Spaghetti Warehouse Ybor, 1911 N. 13th St., Tampa. $35 tickets. 6:30 p.m. Phone (813) 248-1720.


Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella Musical at Cross Pointe Church, 919 Debuel Rd., Lutz. $8 tickets. To car pool with Northdale OWLS: 6:30 departure, call (813) 390-9436.

Send Around Town news to News Connection USA, Inc., P.O. Box 638, Seffner, FL 33583; please fax (813) 651-1989. News must be received by the 10th of the month prior to event (i.e. June 10 for July event.)

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COMPOSE YOUR OWN SERIES FOR $25 A TICKET! Mix and match any combination of an unlimited number of Masterworks, Pops and Coffee concerts for just $25 a concert. A minimum of three concerts is required. Order online today!

For more information: call 727.892.3337 or visit For group savings (10 or more) : 727.362.5443 TFO-Senior Connection-June.indd 1

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Get Ready for Sock Hops, Prom Night and Beach Parties “A

ll the singers on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise are not just going to be on the stage,” said Frankie Avalon. “You’re going to be rubbing elbows with them. It’s a very unique kind of cruise where you can talk to them and take photos with the performers out and about on the ship.” Legendary singer Frankie Avalon will return for his second Malt Shop Memories cruise when the ship sets sail October 27. The luxury liner, Holland America’s luxurious m/s Eurodam, will travel from Fort Lauderdale to Turks & Caicos, San Juan, St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay before it returns on November 3. Avalon, along with many other icons from the ‘50s and ‘60s, will perform and make special appearances throughout the journey. One of the talented members of the “Philadelphia school” of rock-n-rollers, Frankie Avalon was the reigning teen singing idol from 1958 through 1960. Devotees of American Bandstand hold affectionate memories of such Avalon top-tenners as “Gingerbread” and “Venus” and his later Beach Blanket movies. In an interview with Cinestar’s Brittany Umar, Avalon said that what is so special about the cruise is that the theme—‘50s and ‘60s music—has to do with a part of his life and that of many others who want to “reminisce, have a good time and hear some great performers.” Mention “Lifestyles After 50” when booking and receive $100 onboard credit! He remembered the first Malt Shop Memories cruise as a time when people talked to him about their memories. “They came and told me when they saw the movies I was in or heard me sing,” he said. “It’s unique to work with some of the singers I started out with, like Bobby Rydell and Dion.” Avalon considers this cruise an extension of all those years gone by, a time for the singers “to get together and have fun.”

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 8

Inspired by Time Life’s popular Malt Shop Memories CD series, the voyage “The reviews are will be highlighted by performances in and MSMC (Malt by some of the biggest artists of the Shop Memories Cruise) era. Look for Ronnie Spector and 2011 was the “pick hit” of the Drifters Darlene Love, The Original Drifters, week and has gone platinum.” The Duprees and many, many more. —Yahoo Group:

y l m ife...” f o k c a r t “It was the sound “. . . Frankie Avalon made an appearance at the Sail Away Beach Party and the memories had begun to accumulate by the time the ship sailed under the bridge.” — Linda Coffman, This 2012 cruise will also celebrate the memory of the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley. The Malt Shop Memories Cruise will host the richest Elvis contest at sea featuring some of the most well-known and talented tribute artists in the world competing for a cash prize of $5,000. So, ladies, get out the poodle skirt and crinoline and get ready for an incredi“The legendary ble line-up of concerts, parties and ‘50s era of the late 1950s to and ‘60s-themed activities throughout early 1960s boasts some of the ship for the entire length of the the most romantic lyrics and cruise. You’ll grab your blanket for engaging harmonies popular the beach party, kick off your shoes music has ever embraced.” for the sock hop, spin the hula hoop, —Lisa Torem, dress in your finest for Prom Night. 2010 cruise Tickets for the cruise are available at or call (877) 700-6258 (MALT). The cruise is nearly 80 percent sold but great verandah cabins are still available. Florida residents who book between now and July 15 will enjoy free deluxe motorcoach transportation between the port in Fort Lauderdale Passenger photos by Rhonda Lane and seven Florida locations..

“No bonding required; we were all of the same mindset and were soulmates before the first doowop note rang out. The fun, the dancin’, singin’, strollin’, twistin’, hoppin’ and boppin’ never stopped.” —Gay Nagle Myers for Travel Weekly, 2011 cruise

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Technology Simplified


WOW… A Computer Designed For YOU, Not Your Grandchildren!

…It’s easy to read. It’s easy to see. It’s even easier to understand and use!

Just plug it in!!!


Touch Screen Technology

designed for SENIORS Big Bright Screen One-touch “zoom” magnification No bulky tower ®

the normal computer screen. The “buttons” on the screen are Have you ever said to yourself “I’d love to get a computer, if easy to see and easy to understand. All you do is touch one of only I could figure out how to use it.” Well, you’re not alone. them, from the Web, Email, Calendar to Games– you name it… Computers were supposed to make our lives simpler, but and a new screen opens up. It’s so easy to use you won’t have to they’ve gotten so complicated that they are not worth the ask your children or grandchildren for help. trouble. With all of the “pointing and clicking” and “dragging Until now the very people who could benefit most from and dropping” you’re lucky if you can figure out where you are. E-mail, and the Internet are the Plus, you are constantly worrying about viruses, spam and freeze-ups. If this sounds familiar, we I just wanted to tell firstSTREET that ones that have had the hardest time I am having a great time on my accessing it. Now, thanks to the have great news for you. There is finally a computer WOW Computer. I am learning that’s designed for simplicity and ease of use. It’s something new everyday. I am 79 WOW Computer, countless older the WOW Computer, and it was designed with you years old and cannot believe that I Americans are discovering the in mind. am typing and sending e-mails to wonderful world of the Internet This computer is easy-to-use, worry-free and all my friends now. My daughter every day. Isn’t it time you took literally puts the world at your fingertips. From and granddaughter are so excited part? Call now, and a patient, the moment you open the box, you’ll realize how now that I have a computer. They knowledgeable product expert will different the WOW Computer is. The components use computers on their jobs tell you how you can try it in your are all connected; all you do is plug it into an everyday, but they cannot believe home for 30 days. If you are not outlet and your high-speed Internet connection. what you can do on this computer. totally satisfied, simply return it within 30 days for a refund of the Then you’ll see the screen. This is a completely new It is wonderful... Thanks. – Johnnie E., Ellijay, Ga product purchase price. Call today. touch screen system, without the cluttered look of

…”surf” the internet Get current weather & news. Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 10

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Call now and find out how to get your own WOW Computer! Please mention promotional code



…play games online hundreds to choose from!

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Simple navigation, so you never get lost!

Trim: 10” Live: 10”

For adults with Dupuytren’s contracture when a “cord” can be felt More than 25 doctors around Tampa can treat Dupuytren’s contracture without surgery. Find help today.




ZIP code


Surgery is not the only option. Visit for a tool that helps you connect with doctors in your area who have experience treating with prescription XIAFLEX®. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION XIAFLEX can cause serious side effects including tendon rupture (break), ligament damage, nerve injury or other serious injury of the hand, or allergic reaction. Call your doctor right away if you have trouble bending your injected finger after the swelling goes down, pain, tingling, numbness, or problems using your treated hand or if you get hives, swollen face, breathing trouble, or chest pain. It’s important to tell your doctor about a prior allergic reaction to XIAFLEX, or if you have a bleeding problem or use a blood thinner. Common side effects include hand swelling, bruising, injection site reaction or bleeding, and pain. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088. Please see Important Product Information on the following page.

For more information, call 1-877-XIAFLEX or visit

Within reach

© 2012 Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. All rights reserved. 0412-047.a

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 11

C4334_SeniorConnect.indd 1

5/22/12 12:26 PM

Trim: 9.8125”


Live: 9.8125”


Trim: 10” Live: 10”

Important Product Information XIAFLEX® (Zï a flex) (collagenase clostridium histolyticum) What is the most important information I should know about XIAFLEX? XIAFLEX can cause serious side effects, including: 1. Tendon rupture or ligament damage. Receiving an injection of XIAFLEX may cause damage to a tendon or ligament in your hand and cause it to break or weaken. This could require surgery to fix the damaged tendon or ligament. Call your healthcare provider right away if you have trouble bending your injected finger (towards the wrist) after the swelling goes down or you have problems using your treated hand after your follow-up visit. 2. Nerve injury or other serious injury of the hand. Call your healthcare provider right away if you get numbness, tingling, or increased pain in your treated finger or hand after your injection or after your follow-up visit.

• have had an allergic reaction to a previous XIAFLEX injection. • have a bleeding problem. • have any other medical conditions. • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if XIAFLEX will harm your unborn baby. • are breastfeeding. It is not known if XIAFLEX passes into your breast-milk. Talk to your healthcare provider about the best way to feed your baby if you receive XIAFLEX. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Especially tell your healthcare provider if you use: a blood thinner medicine such as aspirin, clopidogrel (PLAVIX®), prasugrel hydrochloride (EFFIENT®), or warfarin sodium (COUMADIN®). If you are told to stop taking a blood thinner before your XIAFLEX injection, your healthcare provider should tell you when to restart the blood thinner. How will I receive XIAFLEX?

What is XIAFLEX?

Your healthcare provider will inject XIAFLEX into the cord that is causing your finger to bend.

XIAFLEX is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with Dupuytren’s contracture when a “cord” can be felt.

After an injection of XIAFLEX, your affected hand will be wrapped with a bandage. You should limit moving and using the treated finger after the injection.

In people with Dupuytren’s contracture, there is thickening of the skin and tissue in the palm of your hand that is not normal. Over time, this thickened tissue can form a cord in your palm. This causes one or more of your fingers to bend toward the palm, so you can not straighten them.

Do not bend or straighten the fingers of the injected hand until your healthcare provider says it is okay. This will help prevent the medicine from leaking out of the cord.

XIAFLEX should be injected into a cord by a healthcare provider who is skilled in injection procedures of the hand and treating people with Dupuytren’s contracture. The proteins in XIAFLEX help to “break” the cord of tissue that is causing the finger to be bent.

Keep the injected hand elevated until bedtime.

It is not known if XIAFLEX is safe and effective in children under the age of 18.

Return to your healthcare provider’s office as directed on the day after your injection. During this first follow-up visit, if you still have the cord, your

Do not try to straighten the treated finger yourself. Call your healthcare provider right away if you have: signs of infection after your injection, such as fever, chills, increased redness, or swelling; numbness or tingling in the treated finger; trouble bending the injected finger after the swelling goes down.

Your healthcare provider will provide you with a splint to wear on the treated finger. Wear the splint as instructed by your healthcare provider at bedtime to keep your finger straight. Do finger exercises each day, as instructed by your healthcare provider. Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions about when you can start doing your normal activities with the injected hand. What are the possible side effects of XIAFLEX? XIAFLEX can cause serious side effects. See “What is the most important information I should know about XIAFLEX?”. Common side effects with XIAFLEX include: swelling of the injection site or the hand; bleeding or bruising at the injection site; pain or tenderness of the injection site or the hand; swelling of the lymph nodes (glands) in the elbow or underarm; itching; breaks in the skin; redness or warmth of the skin; pain in the underarm. These are not all of the possible side effects with XIAFLEX. Tell your healthcare provider about any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088. General information about XIAFLEX Medicines are sometimes prescribed for purposes other than those listed here. This is a summary of the most important information about XIAFLEX. If you would like more information, talk to your healthcare provider. You can ask your healthcare provider for information about XIAFLEX that is written for health professionals. For more information visit or call 1-877-663-0412. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

© 2012 Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. For US residents only. 40 Valley Stream Parkway Malvern, PA 19355 0412-047.a

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 12

C4334_SeniorConnect_PI.indd 1

5/22/12 12:24 PM

Trim: 9.8125”

Call your healthcare provider right away if you have any of these symptoms of an allergic reaction after an injection of XIAFLEX: hives, swollen face, breathing trouble, chest pain.

XIAFLEX may not be right for you. Before receiving XIAFLEX, tell your healthcare provider if you:

healthcare provider may try to extend the treated finger to “break” the cord and try to straighten your finger.

Live: 9.8125”

3. Allergic Reactions. Allergic reactions can happen in people who take XIAFLEX because it contains foreign proteins.

What should I tell my healthcare provider before starting treatment with XIAFLEX?

Where In the World Can I Take Yoga Tai Lates? BY JANICE DOYLE


oga Tai Lates” is the listing for classes offered by Carol Lana Stalder at three area locations. If you look at the word, you realize it’s a combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates. And that’s just what it is, Stalder says. The first important note is that Yoga Tai Lates is all done standing, which is important, Stalder says, “...because many people have issues with using the mat, getting up and down in typical yoga and pilates workouts.” The tai chi is good for balance and eases joint pain. “Then you add strength from the standing yoga poses,” says Stalder. And a portion of pilates builds in core strength. It creates a full body workout of strengthening and stretching. Meg Jordan, Ph.D., a spokeswoman for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, says that blending the best of yoga and pilates, “

time-efficient. You “I wanted to have can address all the something for those who major muscle groups” feared getting down in the combination. on the mat,” she says. Stalder then adds “By making the classes tai chi to those two all standing, those who exercise methods needed it most could and says bringing in enjoy the benefits. the tai chi, especially And it’s a really good for the over-60 age workout. Participants group, safely really love ending each improves balance and session on a positive physical strength. She note with end-of-class creates her classes stretch and reflection around a “flow” contime accompanied by cept, moving gently soft, classical music.” from one movement Having been a Carol Lana Stalder, to another so that lifetime professional Yoga Tai Lates instructor participants have an dancer, Stalder says, ideal workout for improving range of “Working all day with motion as my motion, balance and mobility. That tool is what I’ve always done.” means that Yoga Tai Lates exercises She says exercise builds energy, the body in an integrated way. so when you take a class like Yoga “Most people end a session feelTai Lates, you can add more walks, ing rejuvenated and come back classes, other activities to your life week after week,” says Stalder. as well. You’ll have the energy.


Patty takes pride in her service to the community, celebrating more than 45 years in Brandon and Sun City Center.

What will Yoga Tai Lates do for you? • Make you feel stretched by increasing flexibilty & range of motion • Make you feel relaxed by using great music and smooth transitions • Increase core strength • Improve posture and alignment Carol Lana Stalder’s classes are offered as follows:

Memorial Hospital: Thursdays at 10 a.m. Town ‘n’ Country Senior Center, Wednesdays at 2:15 p.m. Barksdale Senior Center, Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m.

For more information, please call (813) 465-9261.

Cataracts? Reading Glasses? Astigmatism? Visium Eye Institute can help. TM

Patty Paddock, BC-HIS

Best of Brandon & South Shore 2007-2011 “We work together to find the best Hearing Aid for your need.” –Patty Paddock

• Call for A FREE Hearing Test • Credit and debit cards accepted • We clean and service most makes and models of hearing aids. 2 locations to better serve you.


Beginners can start the classes at any time and there’s no background in yoga, tai chi or pilates necessary. If someone misses a class, it’s no worry since you just start where Stalder is.


205 E. Brandon Blvd., #C 1517 #C Shopping Center Dr. Brandon, FL 33511 Sun City Center, FL 33573 E-mail us at:

Medicare Patients Welcome! Attractive financing plans are available.

Call toll-free 1-855-441-2020 to schedule a consultation today. • To help you get rid of glasses and contacts*, we offer a wide range of treatment options that fit your needs, lifestyle & budget. • Our ophthalmologists are some of the most experienced surgeons in the Tampa area. ©2012 LCA-Vision Inc. dba Visium Eye Institute. *Individual results vary, glasses may still be needed. As with any surgery, there are possible risks. Call or visit our website for more information.

2202 North West Shore Blvd. Suite 100 Tampa, Florida 33607

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The only Florida-based nCi Comprehensive CanCer CenTer There’s an eliTe group oF CanCer CenTers who have aChieved disTinCTion From The naTional CanCer insTiTuTe. an exCepTional Few oFFering aCCess To The laTesT TreaTmenTs. wiTh doCTors ThaT provide The highesT levels oF paTienT Care. where The mosT promising researCh is being done. and when iT Comes To The pursuiT oF a Cure, They’re The ones ineviTably leading The way. moFFiTT CanCer CenTer. Closer To our paTienTs. Closer To a Cure.™ Follow The momenTum aT InsIdeMoffItt.coM

h. lee moFFiTT CanCer CenTer & researCh insTiTuTe, an nCi Comprehensive CanCer CenTer , Tampa, Fl | 1-888-moFFiTT

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 14

Veterans Corner

Veterans Benefits Questions and Answers


he following questions and answers may help readers in dealing with veterans benefits.

Q: How much are a VA widow’s

survivors benefits reduced by any earned income?

A: Widow’s dependency and

indemnity compensation (DIC) benefits are not reduced by any other income. Widow’s pension, however, is need-based, so it is reduced dollar-for-dollar against any Social Security or other income.

A: You cannot “force” the VA to give

you a disability rating, like it’s your right to have one! They have people that review your medical records to determine if you should have any disability rating; then, if you’re found to be disabled, they will assign a percentage rating to your disability. Once you have the percent that you’re disabled, then your payment is according to that percentage rating. Tables of such disability benefit payments can be found at the VA website. You might talk with a veteran service office or call/write the regional office to find out what the delay is. Have they told you they were going to schedule you for exams? However, I would NOT, if I were you, cop an attitude with the VA.

Q: My dad was a veteran and

Q: My mother is experiencing some early cognitive issues that make her unable to live on her own. She is now living with me in another state. My question is this: Does she have veteran military benefits from my dad being in the military for over 30 years (he is now deceased but she is receiving his Army pension.) If so, who would I contact to confirm or process? Also, would benefits vary by state? A: VA Benefits do not vary based on state residence. However, each state has an office of Veterans Services that may provide benefits separately. If your father was receiving or entitled to VA Benefits, dependent on his status, your mother may be eligible for DIC. Q: How can I force the VA to give me a disability rating? The VA has been delaying my claim for asinine excuses for more than 454 days.

passed away 10 years ago. My mom has never filed a claim for veterans benefits. Now she needs surgery and after care. Might she be qualified for some benefits?

A: Anyone at the VA helping your

mother will need more information. Be prepared to furnish the following: What were the dates of your father’s service, branch and type of discharge. Did your father ever apply for Benefits from the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs?

Q: I am receiving DIC (dependency and indemnity compensation) payments right now. Will it continue after I file for social security? Do I pay taxes on this? A: DIC should not affect your SSI. VA benefits are non-taxable, and your DIC will continue unless you re-marry. It also should not be affected by any other SS income you may be eligible for.

Questions and answers taken from and

Hawthorne Village Retirement Community Hawthorne Estates Independent Living Apartments Discover the Estates...and simplify your lifestyle. The Estates is an intimate, elegant community for those 55 or better. We offer our tenants freedom, comfort, convenience and best of all, affordability. At the Estates, our tenants enjoy an array of wonderful services, from our delicious meals served twice daily, to our housekeeping and linen services. We help lighten burdensome chores. Imagine the convenience of no utility bills, taxes or ongoing home repairs. More importantly, all you pay is an affordable monthly rent. For your safety, each elegant apartment is equipped with an emergency call system, smoke alarms, a complete sprinkler system, and a daily check-in system. Your spacious bathroom also includes many special safety features. At the Estates you will meet old friends and make new ones. We encourage participation in our recreational, social, and educational events to give our tenants the opportunity to enrich their lives, while respecting their desire for privacy. As the Estates Manager, I welcome you to come in for a tour of our lovely building. A variety of apartment styles are available on rental basis with no endowment fees. Let us help you simplify your lifestyle! We look forward to showing you all that we have to offer you here at Hawthorne Village.

Hawthorne Village

Patti Bramble Estates Manager


v Hawthorne Health & Rehabilitation Skilled Nursing & Out Patient Therapy Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living


Hawthorne Estates Retirement Apartments

851 W. Lumsden Road • Brandon, FL 33511

(813) 661-8998 AL License #9949

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Lifestyles After 50 Is On and


Visit or click the Facebook icon on for the latest news, contests and fun events in your area. Share your comments with us! Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 15

All New Fun Fest and Jamboree!


ey Seniors! Join

us for the 5th annual Fun Fest and Jamboree, June 28, 2012 at the Strawberry Festival Grounds in Plant City. This event will bring all the great things that our Fun Fests are known for, plus more!

BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST n Diagnosis & Treatment of Skin Cancer n Treatment for Spider Veins n Treatment for Rosacea n Treatment for Acne and Scarring n Glytone Peels & Facial Products n Botox and Restylane n Special line of Glycolic Products for the following: n Heel & Elbow Treatments n Fine Lines n Dry Skin

Specialist in Aging Skin Same Day Appointments Free skin screenings Call for an appointment

All appointments made through our Tampa office

Dr. Robert A. Norman Se Habla Español

Healthcare Physicians Hero Award 2008 Psoriasis Treatment



8002 Gunn Hwy.


10422 U.S. Hwy. 301 ACCEPTING MEDICARE & MEDICAID. Other Insurances accepted: Unitedhealthcare, Cigna, BC/BS, Humana, Tricare, Citruscare, Aetna, Cigna, Medipass, HCH, Pinellas Care and Amerigroup. Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 16

Riverview Zephyrhills 38034 Medical Ctr. Ave.

Sumterville 1425 South U.S. 301

Free Admission! Free Parking! Over 80 Senior Friendly exhibitors will provide information on services and programs in the area. Free health screenings will include bone density, blood pressure, glucose, video otoscope ear checks, eye checks and free memory screenings provided by the Alzheimer’s Association. Important health seminars will also be going on throughout the day. Great Prizes and Giveaways! There will be free coffee and goodies and $1,000s in giveaways at the event, including two round trip tickets to Biloxi for a two night stay at the Beau Rivage resort and casino! All new this year is “WinA-Palooza!”— a chance to win $100 every hour!

Enjoy a delicious Senior Friendly lunch for only $4.50 from “Mr. Bills Fine Foods.”

Great Entertainment Entertainment will include the popular Denise Looney, the “The Knockouts” “DJ with a Twist,” Singing Sensation! Fritzy the “One Man Circus,” Richie Merritt of the Marcels, Ken Brady of the Casinos, William “Duece” Hulett and a special appearance by The Knock-Outs. Of course, there will be free Bingo and a fun sports area with a putting green and beanbag toss for prizes. Come on out, bring a friend and enjoy the day inside the air conditioned Strawberry Festival Expo building located off Reynolds St. in Plant City. Doors open at 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Call (813) 653-1988 or 1-888-670-0040 for information. Call (813) 752-9194 for directions. Visit our website at

See you there!

Our Flag

There are many flags in many lands, There are flags of every hue; But there is no flag, however grand, Like our own Red, White, and Blue. ~ Mary Howliston

Happy Flag Day June 14

Grandpa’s Boy: How One Grandfather Learned to Connect with His Autistic Grandson



recently went back home to celebrate my parents’ anniversary. I love my parents but I must admit I was nervous to go back. I was concerned about how they would handle having my kids in their home for over a week, especially when one of those kids happens to have Asperger’s SyndromeHigh Functioning Autism. Asperger’s is a neurological disorder. My 11-year-old son is very verbal and extremely smart. Looking at him, you might not know there is anything different about him. There is a reason, though, that Autism is called the “invisible disability!” What you cannot see is that Jay’s senses work, but the information they send to his brain can get misfiled or come in on the wrong pathways. Imagine having a million radio stations playing at the same time and you don’t know how to filter out the unnecessary to hear what’s important. This is what my boy faces every day. Understanding other people’s body and indirect language or even intonation is a challenge for Jay. What can seem like common sense does not come naturally; it must be taught. He is anxious, frustrates easily and is prone to meltdowns if things change or he just feels overstimulated. He is also brilliant, loving and funny. You might have to look a little harder to see all that. But, when you find a way to connect, what happens is almost magical. This last trip home, I sat down and for the first time since my son was diagnosed really spoke with my father. We shed many tears and laughed so hard that my side ached. The result of that conversation was a mutual understanding that my father did not need to fix my son; there was nothing wrong with him to fix. He just needed to find a way to connect with

him, to accept him for the wonderful person he is now. He doesn’t need to feel sorry for him but he does need to recognize when he becomes frustrated and what to do when that happens (because it will happen). It wasn’t easy at first as Jay had no interest in watching a basketball game together or passing a football back and forth. What did pique his interest was the chess board he found in my father’s closet. When he asked my father if he would teach him how to play my dad knew he had found his “in.” Dad doesn’t let Jay win, but I have seen him make a bad move on purpose from time to time when he sees him starting to get frustrated. They even play chess via Skype now…their way to connect with one another even though we are 1,000 miles away. According to the CDC, one out of 88 children in the United States has a disorder on the autistic spectrum. Autism can be an isolating disorder... but it doesn’t have to be, especially if Grandpa and Grandma are around! Check out Sharon’s blog at

Insurance Discounts

For Mature Drivers Have a Florida’s Driver’s License and are 55 years of age or older? Take Your Class Online!

• Study at your leisure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Simply read the course materials online and then answer a few quiz questions. • There is no need to attend boring classes or listen to long lectures. • After completion, of course we will issue a state-certified certificate for you to turn into your insurance company to receive your discount for a three year period.

Take Your Mature Driver Course On The Internet! If you have a Florida Driver’s License and are 55 years of age or older, you are now eligible to complete motor vehicle accident prevention course that will allow you to receive a mandatory reduction on your insurance rate for three years.

Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle Approved Course

To Register go to:

or call 1-800-771-2255 Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 17

The Healthy Geezer: Secondhand Smoke



. I live with my

40-year-old son and he smokes like the proverbial chimney around the house. I’m afraid of what it’s doing to his health. What can I do to get him to quit?

A: Tell him he may be killing you

with his secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke—also called environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)—is made up of the “sidestream” smoke from the end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar, and the “mainstream” smoke that is exhaled. Nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke absorb the same 4,000 chemical compounds that smokers do. More than 60 of these compounds are known or suspected to cause cancer. About one in a hundred deaths worldwide is caused by secondhand

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 18

smoke, which kills an estimated 600,000 people a year, according to World Health Organization (WHO) researchers. Each year, in the United States alone, secondhand smoke is responsible for about 40,000 deaths from heart disease, and about 3,000 lung-cancer deaths. Secondhand smoke causes increased cardiovascular risks by damaging blood vessels, decreasing your ability to exercise and altering blood cholesterol levels. Some research indicates that people exposed to a spouse’s cigarette smoke for several decades are about 20 percent more likely to have lung cancer. Those who are exposed long-term to secondhand smoke in the workplace or social settings may increase their risk of lung cancer by about 25 percent. Some of the components found in tobacco smoke that are known to cause cancer or are suspected to be carcino-

genic include: formaldehyde, arsenic, cadmium, benzene and ethylene oxide. Here are a few other chemicals in tobacco smoke along with their effects: ammonia (irritates lungs), carbon monoxide (hampers breathing), methanol (toxic when inhaled) and hydrogen cyanide (interferes with respiration). Throughout the world, governments are taking action against smoking in public places, both indoors and outdoors. Smoking is either banned or restricted in public transportation. Several local communities have enacted nonsmokers’ rights laws, most of which are stricter than state laws. Although air-conditioning may remove the visible smoke in your home, it can’t remove the particles that continue to circulate and are hazardous to your health, so don’t delude yourself that running the AC is the answer to secondhand smoke dangers. To solve your problem, you should try to get your son to seek help in fighting his addiction to nicotine.

There are many programs available. Call your doctor for some recommendations. Meanwhile, for your own health, you should insist that he not smoke in your house. If you would like to read more columns, you can order a copy of “How To Be A Healthy Geezer” at All Rights Reserved © 2012 by Fred Cicetti.

It was painless.

No scar where the cancer was removed.

NO shots! NO stitches! NO pain!

As featured on “THE DOCTORS” NBC affiliate WFLA-8 and CBS affiliate WFTS-10 Seth B. Forman, MD Diplomate, The American Board of Dermatology 4915 Ehrlich Road • Tampa, FL 33624

813.960.2400 New Medicare Patients Welcome

WE LOVE OUR SENIORS. You built our great country. It is an honor to serve you! Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 19

How Are Baby Boomers Doing as Parents? They hover: Parents Weigh in on Children’s Job Hunt oomer helicopter parents’ intrusions in their children’s outside-the-home lives now extend to the workplace, according to a Michigan State University survey of employers who were hiring brecent college graduates. Almost a third of the employers said that parents had handed in their children’s resumes, sometimes without their children’s knowledge. A quarter of the employers said that parents had been in touch with them to plead their children’s cause. In some cases, parents sat in on their children’s job interviews. Enterprise, the car rental company, has adapted to the trend by mailing parents the same recruitment


materials it sends their children and inviting parents to hear their children present their final projects as Enterprise interns. —Jennifer Ludden, “Helicopter Parents Hover in the Workplace” NPR, March 1, 2012 They support: Many boomers are helping to financially support both their parents and their adult children. Almost a third (31 percent) of relatively wealthy Americans are supporting older and younger immediate family members at the same time, according to a new Merrill Lynch Wealth Management survey of 1,000 people with investable assets of $250,000 or more. They question: “As boomers we raised our kids to have the things we didn’t. Our parents came from the World War era and they wanted us to have the life they didn’t have. We in turn gave just

Neuropathy & Other Foot Problems? Yes, You Can Feel Great About Your Feet Again! We Have Your Treatment Plan New Location & Expanded Hours

Dr. Bonnie Sanchez

Bunions Heel Spurs Come See Orthotics My New Neuropathy Office Hammertoes Tendon Strain Plantar Fasciitis Ugly/Painful Toenails Diabetic Footcare & Shoes

Why suffer any longer? Come see us, your gentle touch Doctor of Podiatry.

Call to see the Doctor (727) 824-5100 or (813) 645-1993 Medicare, United healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Other Insurance

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 20

about everything to our children and I think this made a lot of them lazy and added to the “entitled” generation we see today. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Is it our job to keep supporting our adult children no matter where the economy is? Every family has to decide this question. —From the blog “Supporting their Adult Children.” They spend: According to a Vibrant Nation survey, a dramatic 84 percent of boomer women are paying more of their

over-18-year-old children’s expenses than their parents did for them: • 59 percent pay for an adult child’s cell phone. • 53 percent pay for insurance • Over 1/3 are paying for everyday expenses like rent, clothes, cars and computers. And these expenses add up quickly. 56 percent of boomer women respondents report that they pay more than $5,000 in annual expenses, not including tuition/education expenses, for each adult child, and 17 percent spend more than $10,000. They advise: Over 40 percent of boomer mom respondents report that their children consult them about financial services (including loans and banking relationships) and insurance. Over 1/3 influence their children’s purchase decision for car buying, small/large appliances and food.

Do You Have Foot, Ankle or Knee Pain? BY DR. BONNIE SANCHEZ, DPM Board Certified ABPOPPM


ou wake up in the morning dreading that painful first step. Your feet, ankles or knees ache at the end of the day. Often these symptoms can be relieved with orthotics. Orthotics are custom made braces for your foot. Like braces for your teeth, they offer realignment. Therapeutic orthotics require break-in periods and adjustments; however, they truly change lives. Here are excerpts from my patient‘s letters: “After years of sore knees and sore feet, I am now walking without pain…” “My back aches have diminished and my leg and foot cramps are gone.” “…After being on your feet all day, it is nice not to have pain at the end of the day!” Orthotics are an effective alternative to surgery for relieving foot, ankle, knee and back pain.

Dr. Bonnie Sanchez is a Board Certified Podiatrist by the ABPOPPM. She is a native of Tampa and trained at the New York College of Podiatry. Dr. Sanchez has been a health care professional since 1979. As seen on Channel 10 News and heard on 1250 WHNZ radio. Her telephone numbers are (727) 824-5100 in Pinellas and (813) 645-1993 in Hillsborough.

Kim Linder Host of The Caregiver Hour Radio Show 1250 AM WHNZ Mondays at 11 AM


Dear Kim, For the last 2 years I have been caring for my father who has Alzheimer’s. I am seriously considering moving him into a facility even though I promised my mother before she died that I would always take care of him. What was I thinking? Caregiving for a loved one is tough stuff. How do I begin? What should I be looking for at these places? I’m upset even thinking about it. Can you help me? Dear Conflicted Caregiver, Yes, I can help. Thank you for asking. Know that you are not alone. There are 60 million caregivers in the U.S. who are in the same boat as you, who never expected to be caring for a parent and having to make these major caregiving decisions. The good news is that there is an abundance of information, resources and guidance available to you as a caregiver in a variety of ways. Without knowing all the details of your situation, you can begin looking at Senior Living Guide’s website www. for a vast list of home care services and living options. A few things for you to ask when contacting a facility are: location, pricing, how many staff members are trained in memory care, how approachable is the management team, what activities do they offer? My last piece of advice is for you to be kind to yourself. I hope you can acknowledge that you are keeping your promise, it’s just that you are caring for your father in a different setting. You are still his main caregiver.

I’m proud to announce two exciting programs coming soon from The Caregiver Hour Radio Show

Coming this Summer An innovative FREE service that will provide information, resources and guidance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for Greater Tampa Bay’s caregivers.

Friday, November 16, 2012 The second annual gathering featuring great seminars, workshops, speakers and resources for hundreds of the area’s family and professional caregivers.

Caregivers and Sponsors: For more information about The Help Line or Symposium please call Kim Linder @ 727-798-2663 or email

Tampa • 813.930.9366 Brandon • 813.684.1972

We’re by your side so your parents can stay at home. To us, it’s personal. From a few hours a week to comprehensive assistance for • Personal Care Services • Companionship Services • Home Helper Services Lic HHA 299992190 • HCS 228510 Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated. ©2012 Home Instead, Inc.

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 21

Weight Loss in the Senior Cat BY MICHELLE FERRERA, DVM


t our hospital, I often carry out annual wellness exams on cats over ten years of age. One seemingly minor, but very important part of the exam, is to see if the pet has lost weight from the previous year. If I note a reduction in weight, I am sure to ask my the owners if they have noticed any changes, such as in the amount that the cat is eating or drinking, in the amount of urine produced, in the consistency of the bowel movements, or if the cat is vomiting. I also make note of whether the cat is a housecat exclusively or not.

performing a feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency (FIV) combination test—especially if the cat is allowed outdoors or has never been tested, and a senior screening blood profile. Results of testing can often be received during the office visit or at latest within twenty-four hours, Based upon the answers to my and treatment or further assessment is questions, I may decide to perform determined after3:32 analyzing the 1results. further testing. This may include ATW_50069_44230_10x4.75:ATW-50069_10x4.75 5/21/12 PM Page Intestinal parasites, feline leukemia checking a stool sample for the and feline immunodeficiency can presence of intestinal parasites,

Caring For Your Pet

be seen in cats of any age. However, certain diseases are more likely to affect the senior cat. These include kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, neoplasia (cancer) and cardiac disease. The first three can be diagnosed after assessing the blood profile results in most cases. The latter two usually require additional diagnostic tests. However, this list is certainly not all inclusive, but represents the more common disease processes that I see at our animal hospital. If you have a cat that has not had a veterinary examination within the past year, especially if your kitty is over ten years of age, you should call your veterinarian to schedule an appointment. Many diseases in senior cats can be treated, and early diagnosis leads to a longer better quality of life for our pets.

The simplest, most accurate watch on the planet!

10931 Boyette Road, Riverview


A Complete Medical, Dental and Surgical Facility

• Blood Analysis • Xrays • Behavioral Consultation • Lab Work • Boarding & Grooming Facilities • Reptiles & Birds welcome too! Office Hours By Appointment Mon. – Thurs. 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Fri. 7 – 6:30 p.m. Sat. 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

“Ten-ten AM, Thursday, May 31st, 2012”

You never have to set this watch… in fact you never even have to look at it

This new Talking Atomic Watch is the ultimate in simplicity, accuracy, and practicality. It’s accurate to within a billionth of a second… and it talks! a second! It never needs to be set, because it automatically adjusts itself for daylight savings time and leap years. Easy to read, even easier to hear. The most accurate watch in the world is of no use if you can’t read it. This timepiece is designed to tell you the correct time… anytime. It features a clear, uncluttered

“I bought the Atomic Talking Watch for my father, who is 95 years old and can barely see. The "talking" feature was the main reason I got it for him, since he can no longer "see" a regular watch. I was attracted to the "atomic" feature because all my father has to do is to place it in a window to update, if necessary. He uses the watch all of the time and shows it off to all of his friends - more than once... and has come to heavily rely upon it. So much so, that I bought him a "backup" talking watch just in case it would happen to fail. However, it has been running strong for the past 2 years.” R. Humphreys Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 22

analog display that you won’t need reading glasses to see. Best of all, you can press a button and it will tell you the time in a clear, easy-to-understand voice. So whether you’re driving to an appointment or dining in a candlelit restaurant… you are sure to know the exact time. Press the button again and it will even tell you the day and date if you want. There’s even an automatic hourly chime. Try it for yourself… it’s risk-free. The US Atomic Clock cost billions to build and maintain, but you can have the next best thing for less than one hundred dollars. Thanks to a special arrangement with the manufacturer, we can offer you this watch at a special price with our exclusive home trial. If you are not completely

amazed by the accuracy and quality of this product, simply return it within 90 days for a “No Questions Asked” refund of the product purchase price. Call now.

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1998 Ruffin Mill Road • Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Information Sources for Seniors

Disaster Preparedness Guide for Seniors (850) 414-2046 or (800) 963-5337 Home Repair Basics – AARP (888) 687-2277 Price Gouging During Disasters (800) 435-7352

Investing for Seniors [929K PDF] (800) 342-2762 Gift Giver’s Guide to all registered charities) (800) 435-7352 Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Department of Elder Affairs (888) 831-0404

Florida Department of Elder Affairs (850) 414-2000 Florida Do Not Call List (800) 435-7352 Recognize and Avoid Telemarketing Fraud (800) 435-7352 Florida Senior Safety Resource Center (transportation options) (850) 414-4100 National Center on Senior Transportation (866) 528-6278

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Options for Housing (202) 708-1112 Out AARP (888) 687-2277

and Cut ! Keep Handy

Twenty Ways to Go A

ttention Earthlings: Its never too late to help save our natural resources, time and money. Start here: 1. Sign up for the “no solicitation” registry.

2. Shop online to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

3. Get out of the gym and exercise outdoors. 4. Save on utility bills – close blinds on hot days. 5. Send an e-gift certificate for special occasions. 6. Eliminate paper invites and digitize your event announcement. 7. Use an irrigation controller to manage watering. 8. Swap your stuff on 9. Walk or bike to save on fuel. 10. Wash clothes with cold water if possible.


11. Use mobile coupons to cut paper clutter (Coupon Sherpa app). 12. Go paperless wherever possible.

13. Hang-dry your clothes.

14. Shop garage and estate sales for clothes and home goods. 15. Put the blow dryer down. 16. Take short showers.

17. Wash dishes the old fashioned way in a sink full of water instead of with the tap on. . 18. Get a water filter and reusable water bottle.


Hot! Hot! Just off the Press

Like Us

19. Plant native shrubs and plants.

20. Use an eco-friendly shower head. (For example, an Oxygenics PowerMassage Handheld Shower Head can save up to 70 percent in water and energy consumption.)

Presents the website • Local and World News • All Your Favorite Events

• Great Stories & Information • Travel, Finance, Health & More! Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 23

Can You Cut Your Insurance Costs? H igher fuel prices affect a lot of other expenses in the family budget, from heating to food. The government estimates the average household is spending $150 per month more this year because of higher oil prices. You can try to ease the pain at the pump by using your car less, but you should also look for other places to offset that extra $150. Car insurance is a good place to start. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the national average auto insurance premium is $850 per year. Can you reduce that? Here are six ways:

Finance • Shop around regularly. Your insurance agent doesn’t have a lot of incentive to reduce your premiums. The internet makes it easy compare costs for the same coverage, or you can get an independent insurance agent to shop for you.

• Bundle your coverage. Bundling is combining different types of policies (auto, homeowners, liability, etc.) with the same company. The theory is that the company will discount the premiums if they have all of your business. Bundled packages usually result in a 10 to 15 percent savings. • Ask for discounts. You may qualify for discounts, but you won’t know until you ask. They’re commonly offered for good driving records, anti-theft devices, vehicle safety features (anti-lock brakes, air bags, automatic seatbelts), low annual mileage and insuring more than one car.

• Take a defensive driving class. The amount of discount varies by insurance company and from state to state, although most insurers offer a 10 percent discount on your premium for three years. AARP offers a driver safety program for those over age 50, and it’s available online. • Increase your deductible. Do your auto and homeowners policies have low deductibles? If so, you may be able to reduce your premiums 15 to 30 percent by raising the deductible on your collision and comprehensive coverage. Be sure to check with your mortgage holder first; some specify maximums. • Change Cars. This is probably the most difficult savings tip to implement but may have the largest impact on your premium. surveyed 900 vehicles in the 2012 model year and lists the rankings from the most expensive to least expensive on their website. Six of the 10 cheapest were minivans.

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“Follow” us or “Friend” us to keep up with news, contests, the latest information and fun events in your area. Share your comments with us! Find our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon on Or visit us on Twitter at (without the “e”)


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1851 Rickenbacker Drive Sun City Center, FL

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Probate in Florida, Part Two BY WILLIAM R. MUMBAUER, Attorney


ast month, we talked about the three kinds of probate in Florida. This month, we will cover two other procedures that are not classified as probate, but do involve the court system, if only marginally:

The Law And You Disposition Without Administration If the estate consists entirely of personal property whose value does not exceed a specified small amount set by each court circuit, usually about $10,000, and the sum of the funeral expenses and medical expenses for the last 60 days prior to death exceeds the value of the estate, then the estate is exempt from probate. The beneficiaries need only make informal application on simplified forms provided by the probate clerk.

In a few weeks, a simple court order transferring the assets to the beneficiaries will be mailed. The assistance of an attorney is not necessary.

Petition to Determine Homestead Status of Real Property Article X, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution technically exempts homestead real property from probate. Florida courts have ruled, however, that the constitutional exemption applies only when the beneficiaries are heirs of the decedent or the beneficiary of a trust whose beneficiaries are heirs of the decedent. If an estate consists only of homestead real property and the ultimate beneficiaries are heirs of the decedent, a probate over the homestead real property is not required. This is true regardless of the value of the homestead. However, a Petition to Determine Homestead Status of Real Property must be filed and this petition must be accompanied by a Petition

Boomers Set to Inherit Trillions of Dollars


aby boomers stand to inherit $10 trillion in the next few years and women will get the bulk of it, according to a Cornell University study, because they outlive men an average of seven years. “Women already control 60 percent of the nation’s personal wealth. They outnumber men and they are traditionally the shoppers,” says financial expert Scott T. Schultz, author of Scott Schultz’s Guide to Closed-End Funds.

“It’s sad that, despite the fact that nearly a third make more money than their husbands and they’re starting businesses at twice the rate men are, 38 percent of women ages 30 to 55 worry they’ll eventually live in poverty because they can’t adequately save for retirement,” he says. With boomers hitting 65 at a steady pace, the nation will see an even greater number of retirement-aged women holding the country’s purse strings. “Many will inherit money and property from their parents and/or their husbands, and many will live another 30 to 40 years,” Schultz says, citing the Cornell study. “They’ll need to invest their money to ensure they have enough to avoid that impoverished retirement they fear.”

for Summary Administration. The process is inexpensive and usually takes less than a month to complete.

Mr. Mumbauer, a fifth generation Floridian, has maintained a law practice in Brandon, Florida since 1980 with emphasis on estate planning. He takes special pride in representing the senior community by maintaining a sensitive and practical approach to problem solving. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, the Elder Law Section of the Florida Bar and is a participating attorney in the AARP Legal Services Network. He is also a Mentor in probate law and has been qualified by the Second District Court of Appeal in Florida as an expert witness in matters involving the drafting of wills. Mr. Mumbauer’s MartindaleHubbell Peer Review Rating for Legal Ability is High to Very High and his General Recommendation Rating is Very High. His articles are based on general principles of law and are not intended to apply to individual circumstances.

Don’t put off estate planning any longer. Call

31 YRS

William R. Mumbauer, P.A.

205 N. Parsons Ave., Brandon

• Free, no obligation consultation. • Single will $150 • Husband and wife wills $200 Costs, if any, extra The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask the lawyer to send you free written information about his qualifications and experience.

Automobile Accidents

We provide prompt, aggressive representation for victims of automobile accidents.

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Insurance Elder Law / Financial Housing Options Reverse Mortgages

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The Sounds of Freedom



am, bang, hiss, sizzle! “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Fireworks, parades, barbeques, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family and friends’ reunions—all celebrating the history and traditions of the U.S.A. What a day! Make plans to enjoy the 4th of July. Remember back when the family went together to the local amusement park, probably called Playland, and watched a fireworks display being shot over a small lake? That can happen again for us with a family of old friends gathering on a local hill, watching the sky light up with joyful celebration. We can be kids again by lighting a few sparklers and setting off a string or two of miniature or ladybug firecrackers in the backyard during the barbeque. Just do it outside because they can make the indoors a mess. Ooh!! Ahh!!

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 28

“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better,” said Albert Camus, the French writer. “The basis of a democratic state is liberty,” said Aristotle the Greek philosopher. So you see, this thing called freedom is older than you and is international. That’s what we celebrate—our peace of mind and the battles it took to get there here in the good old U.S.A. And Mr. Webster defines freedom as “the quality or state of being free as the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action.” Now that doesn’t mean you can become that grumpy old person everyone dislikes and exercise your freedom of speech and say everything that comes to your mind just because you can. But it means you have the freedom to just think it. And then there is the sitting around back home after the food or fireworks display. “Do you recall when? … Remember where we used to? … Then there’s the time. … Did you know?

… Can you recall? … Do you think we’ll ever . . ?” The warm radiance of a slight beverage buzz—or it could be the ambiance of old friends calling to mind memories—fills the room along with the faded sun. Old friends who hadn’t gathered for a while, some for a year, slow down, take the weight off their feet and relax in a comfort zone built by years of experiences together. The distractions of the present are left at the door like muddy boots. The 4th of July is more than just about the past, it is enjoying the good times and friends of the present. You probably aren’t going to spend the day talking about Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson, although they were a big part of the original festivity. More than likely you will be talking about Pete the barber, or Joe the bartender, or even Gigi the checkout

lady at the market—people of your generation and an important part of the celebration of life all year long. That’s the real wham bam of freedom’s sound. (SENIOR WIRE)

Are You Ready for Swimsuit Season? Shopping Tips and Styles that Flatter Your Curves


ummer’s here again, ladies, and you know what that means—new swimsuits! Don’t hide your curves this year, flaunt them. Jeanne Grasso from Always For Me, an online retailer that designs swimwear, active wear and lingerie exclusively for plussized ladies, shares her swimsuit knowledge and offers shopping tips to help you find the suit that’s perfect for you.

on your body shape. Always For Me has a wonderful Shop by Body Type feature that lets you pick the most flattering styles to enhance your curves with the perfect swimsuit. You can find this online at alwaysforme. com/swimshopbybodytype.html.

Make this the anniversary to remember.

Q. What types of bathing suits does Always for Me offer, and what is your most popular style?

Grasso: Always For Me has something for suit styles changed everyone. Almost all our over the years? swimwear has hidden Grasso: The 1920s and features to support, slim 30s gave rise to bathing and ensure that women beauties like Dorothy look their best and feel Lamour and Esther confident. From one Williams in alluring but piece bathing suits and modest one piece swimswim dresses to tankinis suits—a style that continand mix-and-match The Miraclesuit ues to be trendy today. Ambassadress in Fuschia swimsuit separates, The modern bikini came Always For Me has into fashion in the 1940s. Once a racy you covered when it comes to and controversial fashion choice, the plus size swimsuit collections. bikini revolution gained One of Always For Me’s much popularity and acmost requested plus-size ceptance in the 1960s and swimsuits is the Illusion continues today. The ‘70s suit in black, brown, turbrought improvements in quoise, lilac, plum or red. fabrics and manufacturing Sexy and supportive, it that introduced nylon features a drop waist skirt, and lycra. These allowed shirred fabric, V-neck, fabrics to contour more gold ring bodice detail and easily to a women’s body. criss-crossable lingerie Today, swimwear style support straps. manufacturers use the Grasso adds: Through the latest trends in fabrics, years, most women who stretch control tummy have enjoyed swimsuits panels and better bust in their youth soon dread designs combined with the thought of wearing clever cutting to create a The Illusion suit in Plum a swimsuit and are now figure flattering silhouette. wishing to hide particular Q. What should a savvy shopper look body parts. We would love to banish for when buying a bathing suit? this thought and bring back the joy of summer. We want people to find styles Grasso: The right swimsuit is one that that they feel beautiful and confident is comfortable, flatters your body and in—to enjoy the water and all of the accentuates your positive features. The comfort and refreshment it offers. most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a swimsuit is fit. Don’t Always For Me sells swimsuits be a slave to the size on the tag. The online year round. To shop or learn most flattering swimsuit style depends more, visit

Q: How have bathing

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From The American Contract Bridge League

for information please return completed form to:

News Connection USA, Inc. • P.O. Box 278 • Laurel FL 34272-0278




Address: City:




his deal continues the theme of counting the opponents’ HCP.

Zip: Date:

E-mail: o Single o Married o Are you a Group Leader? Please contact me by: o Mail o Phone o E-mail SEND INFORMATION ON AREA(S) CHECKED BELOW TRAVEL: AUTOMOBILES: o Cruises o Land Tours o Automobile Sales o Hotels/ Resorts o Maintenance and Repairs o Local Attractions o Recreational Vehicles FINANCIAL/ LAW: RESIDENTIAL LIVING: o Retirement planning o Mfd/FactoryBuilt Homes o Trusts o RV Resort o Estate planning o Senior Apartments o Guardianships o Villa/Condo/Single Family o Elder Law o Golf Community o Funeral Planning PERSONAL HEALTH: INSURANCE: o Physicians o Medicare o Dentists o Health o Life o Eye Care o Long-term care o Skin Care CAREGIVER RESOURCES o Weight Loss o Family Counseling o Supplements o Caregiver Support o Home Health o Dementia Care o Prescription Drugs o Hearing HOUSING OPTIONS o Spas/Gym o Independent o Assisted Living LEISURE TIME: o Continuing Care/LifeCare o Golf o Gambling HOME IMPROVEMENTS: o Boating o Sunrooms o Theater o Pools/spas o Dining In/Out o Home Modifications OTHER:


Entries will be collected by News Connection U.S.A. for future promotions, special offers, and marketing.

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Home Depot! When you complete this form and mail it back, your name will be entered to win a $25 gift certficate to Home Depot. (Drawing held the 20th of each month.)

P Last Month’s Winner Was: P P Michael Mannossos — Congratulations! P

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 30

This is not the most swashbuckling auction ever to appear in Bridge Bites but the deal does provide a test for Declarer’s powers of deduction. Cover up the E-W hands if you would like to test your own powers. West leads the ♣J won by East’s Ace and it takes half a nano-second for East to find the ♥Q shift. You could duck Hearts twice, hoping that West has the doubleton ♥A, but that would give East 5 Hearts and he would be unlikely to sell out to 1♠ in that case. So, you hopefully play the ♥K, taken by West’s Ace. Two more

The Power of Deduction

Hearts are won by East’s ♥JT, then a Club which you win. The ♠A and ♠K are cashed, followed by the ♠J to East’s Queen (West following). Back comes East’s last trump, and decision time has arrived! You’ve already lost 5 tricks, and must avoid the loss of two Diamonds if you are to make your contract. A Diamond to the Jack? Or a Diamond to the King? Do you have your guessing shoes on? Guess? What guess? Let’s reflect upon East’s bidding. Oh, that’s right, he didn’t bid—which is the whole point of this hand. So far East has shown up with ♣A, ♥QJ, and ♠Q. That’s 9 High Card Points (HCP). Can East also have the ♦A? Absolutely not! He passed originally, that ♦A would give him 13 HCP and too much for said Pass. So, you lead a Diamond towards the board, West smoothly plays low, and you rise majestically with the ♦K. Making 7 tricks thanks to a little deduction. Post Script: Upon winning the ♥A, West would have done better to shift fiendishly to a low Diamond, putting Declarer to the test in that suit before all the clues had been collected! Visit for more about the fascinating game of bridge or email To find a bridge club in Florida, go to Bridge article provided courtesy of St. Petersburg Bridge Club:

Boomerang Kids


lmost a third of older adults have had adult children living at home. Three-in-ten parents of adult children (29 percent) report that a child of theirs has moved back in with them in the past few years because of the economy, according to a 2012 Pew survey. The recession

has hit young adults particularly hard. So hard that a whopping 85 percent of college seniors planned to move back home with their parents after graduation last May, according to a poll by Twentysomething Inc. That rate has steadily risen from 67 percent in 2006.

At Age 88, Another Mountain? F

red Beckey calls himself an alpinist/ author/media presenter/environmental specialist. At age 88, he’s still mountaineering, always looking for routes to the top that no one else has found—he’s discovered more of them than anyone in the history of the ascensionist sport.

He has also written several books about it—the most recent lists his 100 favorite climbs. Age, Beckey allows, has slowed his speed up a mountain, but he sees no reason why it should keep him, or anyone, at sea level. —“The Old Man, His Mountains” The Wall Street Journal, November 2011

Last Month’s Answers

May Sudoku

Charlotte Paollo is last month’s winner! Congratulations!

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June Sudoku

Sudoku requires no arithmetic skills.The object of the game is to fill all the blank squares with the correct numbers. Each row and each column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order. Each 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9 as well. Good luck! The first correct answers selected from the drawing on June 21 will win. Send your answers along with your name, address and telephone number to: NEWS CONNECTION USA, INC. P.O. BOX 638, SEFFNER, FL 33583

War of 1812 Remembered J

une is a good month to visit Baltimore and the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. It was the war that brought “The Star-Spangled Banner.” They’re hosting Star-Spangled Sailabration June 13 – 19 to celebrate. Experience these:

Word Search

Tall and U.S. Navy ships, patriotic fireworks, memorial ceremonies, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert, commemorative coins. There’ll be reenactments, home and fort tours. Experience history! Information at



Word Search June 2012

In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category for today. Circle each answer that you find and list it in the space provided at the right of the grid. Answers can be found in all directions – forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. An example is given to get you started. Can you find the twenty answers in this puzzle?

Answers From

May 2012

Marion McClain is last month’s winner! Congratulations!

Send your answers along with your name, address and telephone number to: NEWS CONNECTION USA, INC. P.O. BOX 638, SEFFNER, FL 33583

The first correct answers selected from the drawing on June 21 will win. MYSTERY PRIZE!



(Puzzles must be received by June 21, 2012.)

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Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 32

Tampa Bay’s Movie Channel DIGITAL 32.2 BRIGHTHOUSE 630 VERIZON 463 COMCAST 229

Seniors Getting Together


4119 SEEKING CHRISTIAN GENTLEMAN Former airline stewardess and model, 5’4”, 104 lbs., widow, slender, white with Ph.D. in healthcare. Fulbright scholar, eats healthy and exercises. Likes sports and animals. Loves the Lord. Florida. 4135 F,W SENIOR CHRISTIAN ISO man for companionship. Share home, loves to laugh, be happy laughing together, travel. Looks not important—happiness is everything. Largo. 4140 ATTRACTIVE ITALIAN SWF 64YY ISO active, sincere SWM with SOH. Possible LTR (age open). Enjoy outdoors, music, dancing, candlelight meals together, cooking, baking, exercise, simple lifestyle, frugality. 5’2”. HWP, R, NS, SD, NDrg, honest, loving, sincere, witty, health-conscious, spunky. Zephyrhills. 4144 SEEKING SINCERE GENTLEMAN I’m 55+, 5’4”, 120 lbs., NS, looking for understanding, caring man for friendship and more. I enjoy walking, reading, dining out, listening

to music, relaxing at home. Must be sincere. Send photo, phone. 4145 SEEKING GOOD-LOOKING, HONEST, tall gentleman for friendship and companionship. 57 to 66 YO. I am an asian lady—not overweight, young, loves good life and good foods. Sincere only please. No smokers. Thank you! 4146 PETITE EUROPEAN LADY, WW, C, NS, ND, HWP, ISO FF gentleman who is caring, Christian, honest, financially secure. I like travel, outdoors, mountains and clean fun. Age 66–72. Photo required. I can be devoted to the right friend. Tampa.

MEN SEEKING WOMEN 4113 SCM, 57, ISO HEALTHY YOUNG attitude Christian lady who wishes respect, total love. Let’s travel, walk, talk. Your age unimportant; interest in fitness is. I’m finanially secure. Send photo and phone. St. Petersburg. 4120 WANTED SLIM ROMANTIC FEMALE nonsmoker who’s tired of being alone to relocate to new home, share new life, love, companionship,

each other. I’m 68, 5’8”, 150 lbs. Send photo with description. 4132 DWM WANTS A, B OR I LADY for dating, day trips to interesting places, companionship, photo. Me – 70, full head of hair. Her – 60’s, good conversation. 4134 SEEKING TALL, SLIM, ACTIVE, fun-loving 70’s lady. Retired art director. Tall, active to share travel, tennis, walks, pool, dining, then I’m your guy! NS/P/ W/C. Send photo, phone, write. Holiday. 4142 SEEKING HEALTHY FEMALE 70 – 79. I am 75, WW, NS, ND, FF. Someone honest. Tired of being alone. Walking, talking, dining out, fitness. East Tampa.

Commonly Used Abbreviations: F-Female, M-Male, S-Single, D-Divorced, WWWidow, A-Asian, B-Black, H-Hispanic, I-Indian, W-White, C-Christian, J-Jewish, YO-Years Old, YY-Years Young, ISO-In Search Of, SOHSense Of Humor, SM-Smokes, S-Light Smoker, NS-Non Smoker, ND-Non Drinker, SD-Social (Light) Drinker, DR-Drinks, NDrg- No Drugs, LTR-Long Term Relationship, HWP-Height & Weight Proportional, R-Retired, P-Professional, FF-Friendship First, TLC-Tender Loving Care.


Send your ad, stating what category you would like it placed in, your edition(s), along with a $6 fee for 30 words (25¢ for each additional word, abbreviations not charged) to the News Connection USA, Inc. address listed above. Ads received by the 15th of the month will appear in the following issue. No more than three ads will be accepted each month per person. The editor reserves the right to edit any ads for space or content. In order to protect our readers’ privacy, we will not include phone numbers, e-mail or home addresses in the ad copy. City or area included at no charge. TO RESPOND TO AN AD

Write a letter to the person you want to contact. Place that letter in a stamped envelope and write the ad number on the bottom left hand side of the envelope. Place your stamped, numbered envelope(s), along with $2 for each letter enclosed, into another envelope and address it to: News Connection USA, Inc. Seniors Getting Together 1602 S. Parsons Ave.,Seffner, FL. 33584


Serving The Dental Needs of the Community Since 1974


New Patient Special

Deadline for ads is the 15th of the month prior to placement.

(0150, 0272, 0330)

Personal Ad Placement

Only $6 to place an ad!

Mark The Edition(s) You Would Like To Run Your Ad In: Hillsborough & Suncoast (Pinellas/Pasco) Lake/Marion Counties Southwest/Charlotte (Fort Myers/Port Charlotte)

Ad Copy • Please Print Neatly • 30 Word Limit

Title (First 4 Words):

$99.00 (reg $145) exam & xrays

Full Service General Dentist • In-House Lab

Open Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 5811 E. Broadway Ave. Insurance and Medicaid Accepted


Major Credit Cards Accepted

City (No Charge):

If more room is needed, please use separate sheet. Mail this form along with $6 for each ad per month (add $4 for each additional edition/market in the same month). We cannot accept your ad without it. This information is confidential.


$109.00 plus $20.00 xray (0220) (7140, 0220)

Surgical Extraction $209.00 plus $20.00 xray (0220) (7210, 0220)

Happy Father’s Day! June 17

Address: City: Phone:

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MAIL TO: ATTN. / SENIORS GETTING TOGETHER, NEWS CONNECTION, USA, INC. • P.O. BOX 638., SEFFNER, FL 33583 Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 33

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Humor Have a �Florida’s �� ������ ��������� Driver’s ����� ��������License ���� �������� and are 55 years �����of ���age �����or ���older? �������

To Register go to:

or call 1-800-771-2255

Summer Movie Classics

I Join the official Seniors Fan Club of the Tampa Bay Rays for only Season Ticket Holder Price $15


All Rays fans 55 and older can join the Golden Rays and receive: • Official Golden Rays T-Shirt • Official Golden Rays Tote Bag • Official Golden Rays Visor • Golden Rays Membership Card • Coupons for merchandise and concession items


• Invitations to exclusive Golden Rays events • Special offer for discounted tickets for select Rays home games

For More Information Visit

Or Contact 727-825-3403

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 34

t’s time once again for Tampa Theatre’s Summer Movie Classic series, Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. Enjoy the great old films in air conditioned comfort. For most movies, stay after to hear film expert Harriet Deer share her insights about the cast, production, themes and cultural significance. Tickets: $11.

10 Gilda 17 The 39 Steps directed

by Alfred Hitchcock

June 24 The Gang’s

All Here

July 1 Planet of the Apes

Tampa Theatre is at 711 N Franklin Street, Tampa: (813) 274-8981.

Free Rent Giveaway Contest


n July 13, the 3in4 Association and its spokesperson, elder care expert Dr. Marion, arrive in Tampa offering a free year-long stay at Emeritus Senior Living community for a contest winner or a loved one, worth $45,000. Promoting awareness for long-term health care planning, 3in4 will host

a “50-plus” talent contest for baby boomers, seniors and their caregivers at the Emeritus at Northdale, 3401 W Bearss Ave, Tampa. Dr. Marion stresses researching your options and creating a plan for long-term care needs. To learn more about the auditions and the contest, visit or call (609) 279-0050 x101.

LOW-COST Wedding Photography Looking for professional images at a really low price? I can capture your portrait/event. Same high quality, more money in your wallet. Call 813-716-8648/ email


ou have it easily in your

power to increase the sum total of this world’s happiness now. How? By giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who is lonely or discouraged. Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime. ~Dale Carnegie

Unique Vacation Hotel for Cats Only! ✦ Featured on Nationwide TV ✦ Reasonable rates ✦ Huge windows on tropical gardens ✦ Vet on call ✦ Soft music, lots of loving & petting

15501 Boyette Rd. Riverview

Full Service Tea Room & Restaurant Light Housekeeping Sitters in Home or Grocery Shopping Care Facility, Running Errands and much more! Companionship Flexible Schedules.

Seniors! u 212

Call 813-293-5369 or 813-419-4967 Lic. #232465

American Legion Hall

Hours Tuesday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Post 26

Used Jitterbug Phone Great Condition Includes car and electric chargers $50

Buy One Afternoon Tea, Get One 1/2 Off!

Plant City, FL Baker & Woodrow Wilson

Every Sat. night 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. Public Welcome

(813) 752-8608


2052 Badlands Drive Brandon, Florida 33511 • Senior Tuesday with live relaxing guitar instrumental music. • Over 50 varieties of the highest quality loose leaf teas to choose from • Gourmet Take Away Available

137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd., Ste. 104 Sun City Center 33573



Located in the Brandon Crossroads Shopping Plaza

Expires 7/1/12

Dine in only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One coupon per table.

(813) 438-8901

Want to Buy A Home But No One Will Lend You the Money?


No Credit? No Problem. Bad Credit? We Can Help Put You In A Home Owner Financed Homes in Pasco County $500 to $2000 Down • $0 Down For Handyperson Specials Zephyrhills +55 2 Bed/1 Bath • Doublewide CHA On ¼ Acre • $500 Down $498 month

Zephyrhills +55 2 Bed/1 Bath • Doublewide CHA On ¼ Acre • $500 Down $495.00 month

We Also Have Homes in Land O’Lakes • Wesley Chapel • Zephyrhills Areas Don’t Miss Out! Call Today!

813-991-1778 • 24 Hour Recording

Social Security Numbers Down


hree-quarters of eligible adults 62+ postponed Social Security in 2011. The Social Security retirement benefit take-up rate was lower in 2011 than any year since 1976. It has declined to 26.9 percent in 2011, from 30.8 percent in 2009,

according to a 2012 Urban Institute analysis of Social Security data. The take-up rate is defined as the number of new retirement awards in the year divided by the number of adults age 62 and older who had not yet begun collecting benefits at the start of the year.

Lifestyles After 50 • June 2012 • page 35

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Eligible for Medicare?

Look what Florida Blue has for you.


Monthly plan premiums on BlueMedicare Regional PPO and HMO** plans!

• Prescription drug, dental, hearing and vision coverage included • Large network of participating doctors, hospitals and pharmacies • Exclusive member discount programs and online coupons for popular products

We’ll help you find a Medicare Regional PPO, HMO, or Rx plan that’s right for you Call toll-free 1-800-876-2227, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET, 7 days a week. TTY users dial 1-800-955-8771.

Visit us at a Florida Blue center.

* You must continue to pay the Medicare Part B Premium unless paid by Medicaid or another third party. ** In select counties. A Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and Medicare approved Part D sponsor. Exclusions, limitations, copayments, coinsurance and deductibles may apply. The benefit information provided herein is a brief summary, not a comprehensive description of benefits. Florida Blue is a trade name of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Y0011_31372 0512R File & Use 05162012 BMRPPO, BMHMO, BMPDP

Contact your local agent.

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