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Full-time Intensive Certificate Program English Language Studies at The New School offers a unique program for intensive study of English as a Second Language. Students consult with an advisor to build a full-time personal curriculum (18 hours per week) based on a selection of courses at an appropriate level. All international students who have a student visa to study English at The New School are enrolled in the certificate program. Students who need an official transcript of record of their English language studies must enroll for the Certificate in English as a Second Language. The certificate is awarded for successful completion of a minimum of 100 hours of ESL coursework. Students who enroll as certificate students but do not complete 100 hours of coursework are still entitled to an official transcript of the courses they have taken. Certificate students pay a $60 registration fee per term. They receive grades of AP (Approved) or NA (Not Approved) for each course. Fees Tuition for English Language Studies courses at The New School is competitive with other comparable programs in New York City. Total fees for the 18-hour intensive study program are $4,520 for 12 weeks plus a $60 certificate registration fee. Tuition is pro-rated if the program is taken for 6 weeks (fall or spring) or 5 weeks (summer term, $3,700 for 10 weeks).

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