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Who We Are In October 2020, We started New Scene Magazine, an online and print magazine in hopes of entertaining, informing, and giving advice to anyone and everyone. And with a diverse, all-women team, we're doing just that. This year, we are excited to make new connections and continue to produce amazing content. We hope you enjoy this issue!


What Is In This Issue Page 1- Issue Introduction Page 2- Table of Contents Page 3- 'Turning Red' Feature Page 4- Cover Poster: Kate Godfrey Page 5- Interview Part 1 Music Page 6-Interview Part 2 Page 7-Friendship Timeline Page 8- What To Watch Beauty + Lifestyle Page 9-Alyssa Abate Feature Page 10- Spilling The Tea Page 11- Selena Gomez Page 12- Grammys Postponed Celebrity Page 13- Fashion Alert Page 14- Meet The Team Page 15- Continued Fashion Page 16- Opportunities @ NS Page 17-Closing


Ava Morse Has Us "Turning Red"! This young actress is back with another Disney feature! For years Ava Morse has been catching our eye in her live-action roles, from NBC's "Chicago P.D." to HBO's "Somebody Somewhere". But now, she's turning to a new venture: Voice Acting! After starring in Disney's "Ron's Gone Wrong" as 'Ava', she's back with Disney for their anticipated animated film "Turning Red". We asked her about her new character and if she sees any similarities between herself and Miriam. "Miriam is the ideal best friend, who is always there for you and always knows how to have a good time. Miriam came easy to me, I was basically just being an exaggerated version of myself!" See Ava shine as "Miriam" in "Turning Red" on Disney Plus!


Kate Godfrey: Young Actress Changing The Scene When did you first realize that you wanted to become an actress? K: "I first realized I wanted to be an actress when I was 8 years old. I played a cardboard fork in Beauty and the Beast at my local community theater in Arizona. I absolutely loved it, I did all the musicals that theater did until I was too old to participate."

Tell us about your amazing new character as ‘Ruby’ in Nickelodeon’s 'Warped!' K: "Ruby is so funny, she is always doing something completely random and getting the gang into trouble. I love playing Ruby because she has such a large personality, which I think is really fun to watch on screen. "

Do you have any funny stories on the set with your amazing co-stars? K: "Everyday we were doing something funny. The four of us (Chris, Ariana, Anton, and myself) would sneak into the studio’s lobby to get candy. We also played basketball during every break. Chris's mom bought us a basketball hoop so we could play Around the World. We even had a trailer decorating contest, and each tried to decorate our trailers the best. We had a lot of fun off and on screen while filming season 1."

You also played several roles in Nick’s “All That”. What was that experience like? K: "Being on All That was wonderful. It really feels like I am part of this fraternity of All That cast members now. It is definitely a challenging show, but I learned almost everything I know on the All That set. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world."

A new member of the Nickelodeon family, what is your all-time favorite Nick show? K: "When I was little I was wildly obsessed with Dora. I cut my bangs to look like Dora, I had Dora wallpaper in my room, and dressed as her for Halloween. So probably Dora. I will also always love iCarly and Victorious.

How have you balanced work and school life? K: "Balancing work and school is definitely challenging. I go to a college-prep school in LA, so it has been a tricky balance with school work. Luckily my teachers at school are super supportive and lenient. I also have amazing set teachers to help with the hard stuff while I am on set. I try to stay organized and on top of things.

If you could star in a TV show with any actress, who would it be and why? K: "100% Kate Mckinnon. Everything she does makes me laugh so hard. I would have the time of my life starring in a tv show with her."

When not acting, what are some of your favorite things to do? K: " I love photography, painting, and playing the piano. I am usually pretty busy, so it is nice to have hobbies that allow me to wind down."

Where can we follow your amazing journey? K: "You can follow my on Instagram @kategodfrey."

Taylor Swift & Avril Lavine: A Friendship Timeline Is this the most unexpected celebrity friendship? No. Are we complaining? Also no. The music icons have not always had a relationship that was sunshine and rainbows, but it is definitely one to note as one of the most enjoyable celeb-friendships of all time. It all started with the Tumblr fiasco of 2015. “Reputation” singer Taylor Swift liked a controversial social media post that compared the fan interaction between the two singers, and not in a good way. That quickly turned all Avril fans into combat mode. Luckily, the Canadian artist saw the truth a was fast to set the record straight by saying, “Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are. We all love our fans. So let’s keep it about the love and stay positive.” While many see her response as confirming a feud, others see it as a way of supporting Taylor and not leaving her to be the cause of a fan war. Whew, that was close. The girls didn’t stop there, either. To make sure everyone knew there is no ill-will against the two pop stars, a few months later Avril joined Taylor on her iconic 1989 tour to sing the hit “Complicated” as a duet. The two were clearly having a great time dueting with each other and that quickly put their fan bases at ease and hopeful for the future. And while we still haven’t gotten the “Complicated” performance on Spotify, we will get over it. 7 years later, the songwriters are still as close as can be. The “Evermore” singer recently sent flowers to Avril to celebrate her brand new album “Love Sux”. She signed the card with the kind words, “Avril, Been dancing around my kitchen to your fabulous new album! It’s amazing, like you. Your forever fan, Taylor”.


What To Watch This Spring 01 02 03 04 05

Cheaper By The Dozen The Batman The Dropout Uncharted Turning Red

06 07 08 09 10

Moon Knight The Adam Project Alice

Tall Girl 2 Marry Me




When did you first realize that you wanted to become an actress? A: “Ever since I was little I’ve always dreamed of acting in shows/movies! I would watch TV and say to myself, “I want to be on the screen doing that”! It was only until these past few years I started professional training.”

Tell us about your recent role of ‘Brittany’ in “The Trouble with Sugar & Spice”. A: “One of my acting schools I am apart of put together a short film that I was lucky enough to be apart of. We filmed during the middle of Covid so we took extra precautions and it was really fun to film with friends on this project! In preparation for my role as “Brittany” I had to prepare myself to portray the character on such a deep and emotional topic.”

If you could star in a movie with any actress, who would it be and why? A: “It would definitely have to be Madelyn Cline! Maddie is such an inspiration to me especially when it comes to acting. I would love it if I had the opportunity one day to work with her!”

What are your biggest goals for your acting career? A: “My biggest goal is to most importantly be thankful and enjoy every opportunity that is presented to me. While doing this I want to use my platform to be an inspiration to others!”

Where can we follow your amazing journey? A: “I mostly use Instagram to keep my followers up to date on what I’m up to. You can follow my journey @alyssaabate_! Stay tuned for an upcoming project that I will be working on!

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline: Their Relationship Timeline


After stealing the show in Netflix's 'Outer Banks', the co-stars announced that they are officially in a relationship. Madelyn noted on their off and on screen by saying “There were things that Chase and I specifically added to the script that felt personal."

2021 However, the power couple soon called it quits in November of 2021 on mutual terms.

The Fortunately, the costars have continuously kept a great friendship. Madelyn and Chase are to star in Season 3 of "Outer Banks" in 2022/2023.

Selena Gomez's New Boyfriend? Here's What We Know Is the Disney-Star dating again? While Selena Gomez has a long list of iconic movies and TV roles, she also has an iconic list of past and very public relationships. From Justin Beiber, Joe Jonas, to The Weekend, we have been invested in each and every one. But, this one, in particular, has been the most discreet. Yesterday night the internet blew up with photos of Selena enjoying the nightAnd also showing support to her fellow Pop star Dua Lipa by attending her tour- with a new man. That man is Zen Matoshi, an Entrepreneur and Investor who has chosen to live out of the spotlight. Well, until now. A picture of the two together was then posted on social media by Selena’s close friend Daniella Pierson, who also jumped in on the photo. While the singer’s fans are creating a relationship in their heads, nothing has been confirmed yet. Her love life was also recently brought up in the limelight after appearing to be in a relationship with Aaron Dominguez, her co-star on “Only Murders In the Building”. However, she quickly put those rumors to shame and even touched on her current standing with fame by saying, “We had just started working together. I honestly thought, ‘No wonder guys don’t want to date me! I think people only care because I’m young, and the older I get the less they’ll care. For now, it’s a part of the job that I don’t really like. I’m actually grateful that I’m not involved with anyone right now”. In fact, it doesn’t even seem like she’s interested in giving a relationship another goal. In an interview in 2021 she addressed her love life by saying that “I think most of my experiences in relationships have been cursed. I’ve been way too young to be exposed to certain things when I was in relationships. I felt so less than in past relationships, and never really felt equal.” But hey, never say never. So, is this a new relationship? Or is she simply living a single life? Time will tell.


Grammys Are Now Postponed The 2022 Grammys Is Happening,.....When?

On Jan 5. the world received a statement from both CBS and The Recording Academy revealing that the 64th Annual Grammys have been postponed until further notice. The companies cited the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic for the reason explaining that ‘Given the uncertainty surrounding the Omicron variant, holding the show on January 31st simply contains too many risks.’ There’s only one word to describe us all currently: Sour. Not only is this the biggest music event of the year, but we were booked and ready to celebrate this year’s event for being a year of firsts, including recognizing Olivia Rodrigo's 7 Grammys noms, Taylor being nominated for music she actually has rights to, and Selena Gomez’s first-ever nomination. While Twitter was naturally furious, most music fans are starting to genuinely feel bad for the artists. They’ve done everything in their part to release killer music for this moment, and the idea that their special night might be taken away is a hard boba to swallow.

New Date Weeks after the statement we received word that the 64th Grammys will commence on April 4th. However, when looking at its fellow award show, The Golden Globes, maybe opting to postpone this event wouldn't actually be such a bad thing. The 79th Golden Globes, which premiered on January 9th, was practically pointless. Not only was it a closed event with zero audience, but the event wasn't even live-streamed. So…are they going to always email us who wins? To make matters worse, for the first time, we didn't even get a red carpet. According to EW, The Golden Globes decided early in advance that they were ‘forgoing any live audience, red carpet, or media presence’ for the 2022 event. I’m sorry, but a world with a missed opportunity for another Zendaya-ruled red carpet is a cruel one. So maybe The Grammys taking a second to strategize to a safer time is what’s best for all of us. Because if we can’t see Olivia Rodrigo on the Grammy carpet for the first time? It’s all a waste.

Entertainment News

This might not be the award show season we were hoping for.


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The trends of the season are in! Here are two new style tips that you have to try.

It's always been a challenge on how much it takes to be overdressed. So, to add an elevation of class without overdoing anything, add a buckle slide to make even a pair of jeans and a blouse that much more upscale.

It's also time to bring out all of your flowly spring dresses! From the trendy Strawberry-print gown to the new gingham styles, there is truly a spring dress for every occasion.


New Announcement! We are happy to announce that we are officially on Tik Tok! Posting on a schedule, we are happy to release exclusive celebrity interviews every Monday and Friday! Enjoy our debut videos, including a hilarious clip from our Full Interview with 'Encanto's Jessica Darrow, live on New Scene!


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