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Oklahoma Main Street Center Announces 2016 Reinvestment Figures

Main Street Program totals for 2016 including local community program milestones p. 4

THE STATE OF TRADE SERVICES Trade & Exporting Assistance

Oklahoma’s Global Team, domestic and abroad, offers trade and export assistance to Oklahoma companies looking to sell their products and services in the global marketplace and promotes the state to international companies looking to relocate to or expand in the U.S.

Oklahoma International Trade Team can help your business expand to a global marketplace.

Our Services •

International Trade Counseling and Market Entry Strategy Consulting

Our Global team offers free counseling on international trade. Our staff can guide you in the process of taking your existing TX TX business international or starting your international trade business. From creating a comprehensive international business plan to getting ideas and cost-effective solutions to help achieve your business goals, we are here to help.

International Regulations, Certifications and Standards Assistance

Trade Show Assistance

Export Assistance (including financing and international trade resource referrals)

Comprehensive Market Research Reports

International Agent/Distributor/Partner Searches

Vetted International Trade Leads and Bidding Opportunities

International Business Seminars and Workshops

International Due Diligence Requests

Sourcing Assistance

When the time is right to consider exporting, our team provides trade assistance, access to partners, and funding opportunities for international marketing when applicable.


companies with international business needs assisted by Oklahoma’s global trade team in FY16

For more, information contact: Jesse Garcia Global Trade Manager 405-815-5136

How STEP Funding Services Help Local Companies Expand Q&A with Johnny “Bump” Grant, President of Consolidated Turbine Specialists, LLC, on STEP The support we have received from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce has been phenomenal. They are always available to answer questions, provide feedback, organize events, etc. It has overall been a great experience —we would recommend it to anyone considering applying.

Johnny “Bump” Grant, President Consolidated Turbine Specialists, LLC CTS is an independent business specializing in the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A, PT6T, and PW100 engine lines. Their consultants are factory trained, FAA licensed, and committed to insuring that the best quality, pricing, and turn times available. They recently used STEP funding to attend the Avalon Air Show.

grant. A: The assistance from the Department of Commerce allowed the application process for the STEP grant to go very smoothly. It took some time to write the proposal and export plan for our company, but it was a good learning process. It required us to formally put an export plan on paper, and think through the process.

The Oklahoma STEP Forward Enhancement Fund is part of the State Trade Expansion (STEP) Grant Program, an export promotion initiative to make matching-fund grants assisting small businesses in Oklahoma. The intent of this program is to increase the number of small businesses that are exporting, and to increase the value of exports for those small businesses that are currently exporting.

What recommendations would you give other companies looking to apply? A: If you think you may qualify, please go ahead and take the time to go through this process. The benefits are well worth the time it takes to fill out the application.

What initially made you decide to apply for the STEP grant? A: We applied for the STEP Grant, because we want to further expand our exporting in Australia and Europe, and the funding will help offset our costs. How did STEP help you attend an international trade show? A: The STEP Grant helped us attend Avalon in Australia by reimbursing us for a portion of our costs, organizing the trade show so that we could focus on customers, and by giving us the opportunity to make contacts with people that we would not have had the chance to meet. What has your company gained by attending this trade show? A: By attending Avalon, we made multiple contacts with current and existing customers, potentially leading to more than $1 million in sales.

What are some key takeaways from your experience? A: One of the most beneficial aspects of this process, is the contacts we’ve made. Many people are unaware of the help provided to small businesses in the State of Oklahoma by our government. Attending ExporTech has put us in contact with several resources that will be very valuable to us. Any other information you’d like to share about your STEP experience? A: The support we have received from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce has been phenomenal. They are always available to answer questions, provide feedback, organize events, etc. It has overall been a great experience —we would recommend it to anyone considering applying. For more information visit:

Please, describe your application process for the STEP


Oklahoma Main Street Center Announces 2016 Reinvestment Figures

The Oklahoma Main Street Center recently released figures announcing program totals for 2016, including local community program milestones “Since joining the Oklahoma Main Street Center last August, I’ve seen first-hand the hard work and dedication of the state’s Main Street programs to the revitalization of their communities and historic areas,” said Buffy Hughes, Oklahoma Main Street Center director. “Despite the trying economic times felt by all Oklahomans, in 2016 Main Streets across the state saw $63 million in total reinvestment spending, 130 building renovations, and citizens volunteered more than 81,000 hours for a variety of projects. Entrepreneurs continue to recognize the vitality and value of historic commercial districts and responded with more than 150 business openings, relocations, and expansions creating more than 500 jobs. We are proud of all the time and effort the program directors, board of directors and numerous volunteers contribute to the success of their local programs.”

For Perry Main Street, the $10 million represents the pride that is being shown in their historic district. “Hitting a milestone such as a total reinvestment of $10 million is remarkable for our town and specifically our historic downtown,” said Kayla Shrum, Main Street of Perry executive director. “It is proof that our community continues to work hard to improve ourselves. Through Main Street, Perry Pride and hard work, we will continue to revitalize and reinvest!” In Prague, the $10 million represents a “coming home,” of sorts. “This amount of reinvestment proves that businesses still consider Prague as a viable, progressive community and are willing to invest their money in improvements and new facilities. In turn, that helps provide and retain jobs locally and provides support for our local merchants,” said Teresa Steffy, former board member.

Community highlights include private reinvestment numbers and the year each was accepted into the state program: Main Street Community

Year Est.

Private Reinvestment Numbers


Perry, Okla.


$10 million


Prague, Okla.


$10 million


Bartlesville, Okla.


$15 million


Muskogee, Okla.


$15 million


Claremore, Okla.


$30 million


Ponca City , Okla.


$30 million


Sapulpa, Okla.


$30 million


Enid, Okla.


$40 million

“It shows that young professionals are moving back to reinvest as well,” said Jessica Benson, Main Street Prague board member. “It seems like there are a bunch of people ‘originally’ from Prague, that make their way back here to settle down for life. When they do that, they invest in the community. It is a booming, and boomerang city. Come Czech us out!” For Bartlesville Main Street, the $15 million milestone gives the program a good opportunity to share with others in the community. “We are delighted to pass the $15 million mark in investments downtown in the six years we have been a Main


2016 investment in Main Street programs including private sector and public improvement projects

Nearly 560 New Jobs 150+ Business Openings, Relocations and Expansions 81,500+ Volunteer Hours 130+ Building Façade Renovations

Street Community,” said Mark Haskell, board president for Bartlesville Main Street. “Passing milestones like this are helpful for a number of reasons. It is a great reminder of the progress we have made; a reminder that this an incremental process – one building, one investment at a time; and it gives us the opportunity to use the milestone for PR and to remind people of the difference we are making. Hopefully it will get them downtown to check out our businesses and newly renovated buildings and spaces.​” Ponca City Main Street reached the $30 million milestone over the last year. “This level of reinvestment shows a commitment to the future of Ponca City Main Street and our downtown district,” said Lori Henderson, board president. “We are so thankful for the people that understand the importance of investment in their community and the direct tie to their success as business owners. We look forward to the next $30 million!” Sapulpa also reached $30 million during 2016. “The fact that we have realized more than $30 million of private sector reinvestment in the downtown Sapulpa Main Street district just shows that as a city, and community, we are committed to continually investing in the financial, and historical aspects, of keeping the downtown alive with business and continued growth,” said Carl Prescott, board president of Sapulpa Main Street. “By continuing to reinvest, through monetary means, and especially the untold amount of voluntary time by Main Street board members, directors, and friends of Main Street over the past 27 years, this program will continue to thrive and continue to keep Sapulpa on top. I’m very proud to be a part of this organization for the past four years and look forward to continually helping in any way possible.” And last, but certainly not least, Main Street Enid hit the biggest milestone of the year at $40 million.

“Main Street Enid is thrilled to see the amount of private reinvestment downtown,” said Kelly Tompkins, Main Street Enid’s executive director. “It’s a testament to the confidence in our economy and continued dedication to our historic district.” In addition to the community news, information gathered for 2016 from the active communities, including three urban areas as well as five associate programs, includes: • More than $63 million in both private and public reinvestment • More than 130 building façade renovations • More than 81,500 volunteer hours • Nearly 560 jobs • More than 150 business openings, relocations or expansions Cumulative numbers for the entire statewide program since 1985 include: • More than $1.5 billion in both private and public reinvestment • More than 4,700 façade rehabilitations • Nearly 1.4 million volunteer hours • More than 18,100 jobs • Nearly 5,300 business openings, relocations or expansions The Oklahoma Main Street Center is one of 42 state coordinating programs around the nation. As a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, more than 2,000 Main Streets across the nation are committed to historic preservation-based community revitalization. Through education, outreach, and training, the National Main Street Center has equipped these local programs to operate using the Main Street Four Point Approach™ including Organization, Design, Promotion and Economic Restructuring. For more information on the Main Street Program call 405-815-6552 or visit

State Regents Recognize Institution, Business Partnerships Our colleges and universities partner with business and industry to link academic programs, including business, information technology, health care, aerospace, energy and bioscience, directly to employment needs in the state’s wealth-generating ecosystems. Chancellor Glen D. Johnson, Oklahoma State Regent for Higher Education

Twenty-eight business and higher education partnerships throughout the state were recently recognized as innovative collaborations that further the education of Oklahoma’s workforce. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s Regents Business Partnership Excellence Award is designed to highlight successful partnerships between higher education institutions and businesses and to further cultivate the higher learning environment through State Regents’ Economic Development Grants. Institutions involved in these partnerships provide $500 for tuition waivers to employees of the partnering businesses; internships that enable current students to work at the partnering businesses; faculty externships with the partnering businesses; and/or enhancement of the partnerships with additional equipment, materials or supplies. The State Regents provide a $500 match to the waivers. “Our colleges and universities partner with business and industry to link academic programs, including business, information technology, health care, aerospace, energy and bioscience, directly to employment needs in the state’s wealth-generating ecosystems,” said Chancellor Glen D. Johnson. “These partnerships create opportunities for students to expand their academic credentials with work experience, better preparing them for the workforce.”

Some of the partnerships recognized for 2017 include: Cameron University and Southwestern Medical Center Cameron University (CU) and Southwestern Medical Center’s partnership began in 1989 with the establishment of a scholarship benefiting students in medical fields, such as nursing and pre-med. In 2016 that program was replaced by the Southwestern Medical Center Endowed Lectureship in Sports and Exercise Science. This lectureship brings distinguished lecturers and workshops to CU, supports faculty development and instructional support, and facilitates student activities in exercise laboratories, which evaluates the effects of exercise and physical activity on health, disease and human performance. The center´s physicians, Drs. Ajay and Shireen Bhargava and Dr. Wayne Johnson, are also hands-on with the university. The center engages CU’s pre-nursing students, is actively involved with the CU Foundation and offers a wide spectrum of internship opportunities that lead to jobs for CU graduates. Eastern Oklahoma State College and Texas Instruments Inc. Texas Instruments (TI) and the Eastern Oklahoma State College (EOSC) GEAR UP grant program teamed up to help increase the number of low-income students who enter and successfully transition into postsecondary education. EOSC has received two GEAR UP grants. In 2006, it was granted a five-year, $6.7 million grant, and in 2011, a seven-year, $12.6 million grant. The federal grant requires an in-kind match each year, and TI has played a tremendous role in meeting the objective by providing nearly

Chancellor Glen D. Johnson and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb presenting an award to Cameron University and Southwestern Medical Center for their partnership.

Chancellor Glen D. Johnson and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb presenting an award to Redlands Community College and Savannah Station Therapeutic Riding Program for their partnership.

$184,000 for the 2006 grant and, to date, more than $1.5 million for the 2011 grant. TI has provided professional development, STEM workshops, and technical expertise and support. Through the partnership, 85 math and science teachers in 27 local schools now have TI-Nspire CX Navigators for use in the classroom. In addition, TI has provided registration and accommodations for 20 local teachers to attend the T3 International Conference.

Redlands Community College and Savannah Station Therapeutic Riding Program The collaborative partnership between Savannah Station Therapeutic Riding Program and Redlands Community College (RCC) was established in 2016 to provide a community between humans and horses. At the station, special-needs riders and their families can work to overcome life’s limitations; achieve optimal physical and mental well-being; cultivate cognitive, social and emotional confidence; and defy their disabilities. Savannah Station trains RCC students, along with other volunteers, to work alongside the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International, certified instructors, providing a vital service need for the surrounding communities. This partnership allows RCC students to continue working with horses while attaining an agriculture degree at the college. This partnership works to provide hope and healing through interaction with the horses.

Northeastern State University and the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation The Northeastern State University (NSU) College of Education Robotics Academy for Critical Engagement (RACE) was established in 2013 to prepare educators to facilitate criticalthinking skills in their students by utilizing robotics. RACE, the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation (REC) and NSU have partnered using VEX Robotics the last four years. With financial support from REC, NSU faculty designed the rubrics for VEX’s regional, state and world championships. REC and VEX assist NSU by providing staff and equipment for international internships, support and equipment for regional and state public school competitions, and support for a Summer Robotics Academy for Youth grant. In 2015 and 2016, NSU and REC partnered to establish an all-girl robotics curriculum and team in Haiti. The Haitian students were granted a bid to the world championship and attended with the help of sponsors Dr. Allyson Watson; Miller Roberts III, REC vice president; Barbara Fuller, RACE; and the NSU College of Education.

Rogers State University and the Cherokee Nation In 2013, Rogers State University (RSU) and the Cherokee Nation partnered to expand opportunities for Cherokee citizens to get a quality education. The Cherokee Promise program aims to create a cohesive, living-learning community among the scholarship recipients by providing housing for them together in RSU’s student apartments, along with special programing provided by RSU Residential Life staff and an academic adviser who is familiar with their needs. The Cherokee Nation College Resource Center also provides mentorship for the students. In addition to meeting academic benchmarks, scholarship recipients will

5 7

be expected to complete a number of courses offered at RSU that focus on Cherokee history and culture, including Cherokee language classes. For both traditional students and those returning to school, the Cherokee Promise Scholarship provides a unique avenue for pursuing a college degree. Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Envoy The partnership between Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Envoy began in 2013 with the creation of the American Eagle Pipeline Program. This program prepares professional pilot students at Southeastern to enter American Eagle Airlines as first officers. Those selected for the program receive mentoring and, upon graduation, become Envoy employees. While employed, the graduates remain at Southeastern and work as full-time flight instructors until they accumulate the FAA-required 1,000 hours of flight time, and they then move on to the next class of Envoy first officers. The program benefits students by providing a clear career path after graduation, benefits Southeastern by providing a recruiting tool for prospective students, and provides a reliable source of well-trained professional pilots for Envoy. Furthermore, Envoy graduates receive a $10,000 scholarship incentive and a competitive compensation package. To date, 24 Southeastern students have participated in the program. University Center of Southern Oklahoma and the City of Ardmore When the University Center of Southern Oklahoma was able to acquire 100 acres of property through the financial support of some local businesses and individuals, the city of Ardmore provided its pledged property, assistance in getting the property properly zoned and platted for campus development and $4 million to help underwrite the first phase of the new campus project. The University Center was able to leverage the city’s financial support and commitment for a new higher education campus into a $15 million capital campaign program to construct the Health, Science and Math Center, which opened for classes with the spring 2017 semester. Additionally, the Ardmore Police Department mobilizes a team of off-duty officers each semester to provide a comprehensive security force for the University Center. University of Oklahoma and The Harris Foundation The University of Oklahoma; The Harris Foundation, headed by Dr. Bernard Harris Jr.; and ExxonMobil have partnered for 10 years to provide the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp for underrepresented middle school students throughout Oklahoma. This partnership broadens the diversity of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) majors and professionals by increasing STEM awareness at the middle

Western Oklahoma State College and Southwest Technology Center’s Biomedical Science Program Excellence Award school level, while giving parents and community members the tools to support the students. The Harris Foundation and ExxonMobil helped to fund the two-week summer experience for 36 students, as well as follow-up programs throughout the year for alumni and their families. These students were able to attend classes and conduct experiments in college classrooms and laboratories headed by OU faculty in geology and geophysics. Students interacted with and asked questions of an ExxonMobil geophysicist, a former astronaut, Dr. Bernard Harris Jr., and other STEM professionals. Western Oklahoma State College and Southwest Technology Center’s Biomedical Science Program Western Oklahoma State College (WOSC) and Southwest Technology Center in Altus developed an agreement to allow students to concurrently enroll in approved WOSC courses in conjunction with the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) biomedical science program hosted at SWTC. Students receive college credit toward an Associate in Science degree in mathematics and sciences as a concurrent high school student. These students are able to complete the courses – general chemistry I, general biology, college algebra and elementary statistics, which equate to 15 credit hours – at no cost. This partnership allows students to receive college credit during the program instead of through advanced placement courses traditionally offered by these PLTW programs. This partnership encourages students to pursue education in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics areas and streamlines credentialed faculty. Learn about all of this year’s honorees at

Vallourec to Add 100+ New Employees in Muskogee We’ve seen signs of improvement in the U.S. oil and gas market for the first time since the end of 2014. This progressive market recovery is anticipated for 2017. We’ve also experienced significant business successes in the region and have seen our market share grow. The increased demand has resulted in increased production volumes.

Mike Wild, General Manager for Vallourec Star Muskogee Vallourec Star, a subsidiary of the Vallourec Group, has announced plans to add more than 100 new employees, over the next 36 months, to support increased production at its Muskogee facility. The company operates a heat treatment, threading and finishing operation for seamless steel pipe, located on 116 acres at the Port of Muskogee.

to companies with qualifying job creation and/or qualifying investment in new or expanded facilities.

“We’ve seen signs of improvement in the U.S. oil and gas market for the first time since the end of 2014. This progressive market recovery is anticipated for 2017,” explained Mike Wild, General Manager for Vallourec Star Muskogee. “We’ve also experienced significant business successes in the region and have seen our market share grow. The increased demand has resulted in increased production volumes.”

“We are pleased to be able to support the growth of Vallourec Star’s Muskogee facility through our Strategic Investment Program. Vallourec Star has been a tremendous corporate and civic partner in Muskogee for more than three decades, and we are delighted they will be providing our citizens access to good-paying, quality jobs,” said Marie Synar, Interim Director of Industrial Development for the Port of Muskogee. “Their expansion reinforces that which we already know to be true… Muskogee is a great place for business!”

The new hires will increase the number of full time equivalent employees to approximately 200. As a result of their planned workforce expansion, Vallourec Star was awarded a $455,000 incentive, approved by the Muskogee City-County Port Authority’s Board of Directors, and issued through its Strategic Investment Program (SIP). “We are very appreciative of this incentive and the assistance given by the Muskogee City-County Port Authority throughout the application process,” Wild stated. “We expect to complete our internal plans and approvals in the very near future and begin the first phase of hiring new team members.” The Muskogee City-County Port Authority’s Strategic Investment Program is funded by a grant from the City of Muskogee Foundation, and allows the Port to consider incentive awards

To date, three companies have received payment under the performance-based program, which has generated more than $100 million in new investment within the community.

About Vallourec Star: Vallourec Star is a leading producer of premium seamless pipes (Oil Country Tubular Goods – OCTG) used primarily in oil and gas applications. Vallourec Star offers the latest technology in steel making and pipe mill production, heat treatment and threading facilities and customized specialty service products. With operations in Muskogee, Oklahoma; Youngstown, Ohio; and Houston, Texas, its facilities are ideally positioned to serve U.S. oil and natural gas markets. Vallourec Star is a joint venture between Vallourec and Sumitomo Corporation. For more information about the Port of Muskogee or the SIP program, contact Marie Synar, Interim Director of Industrial Development, Port of Muskogee, at 918-682-7887 or email


Expanded Broadband Service in Rural Oklahoma USDA is awarding $19.3 million in loans to portions of Illinois and Oklahoma.

Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Roger Glendenning announced that USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is awarding $19.3 million in loans to provide broadband in rural portions of Illinois and Oklahoma. “These loans will help bring high-speed internet service to rural communities in downstate Illinois and south-central Oklahoma,” Glendenning said. “Many rural areas still lack access to the type of reliable, affordable broadband service that can offer better access to jobs, educational, health care and business services.” In Oklahoma, Southern Plains Cable, LLC will receive a $15.3 million loan to build a fiber-optic broadband network serving a 55-square-mile area that includes the communities of Anadarko, Verden, and Chickasha. The loan is being provided through USDA’s Telecommunications Programs of the Rural Utilities Service. Telecommunications Programs funds equipment and infrastructure to deliver broadband and distance learning and telemedicine services to rural areas. USDA’s Rural Utilities Service also offers infrastructure programs that bring electric service, safe drinking water and improved wastewater treatment facilities to rural communities.

These loans will help bring high-speed internet service to rural communities in downstate Illinois and south-central Oklahoma. Many rural areas still lack access to the type of reliable, affordable broadband service that can offer better access to jobs, educational, health care and business services.

Roger Glendenning, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development USDA Rural Development provides economic opportunities to citizens and businesses in rural areas. Programs help improve infrastructure; start or expand businesses; help residents buy homes; fund community facilities such as schools, public safety and health care facilities; and bring high-speed Internet access to rural areas. For more information, visit

Photo: Oklahomans proudly showcase their efforts made in the 2016 Trash-OFF

Put Some Spring in Your Step and Help Clean Up Oklahoma Earth Day (April 22) will mark the 29th annual Trash-OFF event Signs of spring are on the way to Oklahoma. Skies are blue, trees are budding and flowers are blooming. The time is now for Oklahomans to come together and beautify our state. This year the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is partnering with Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB) on Earth Day for the 29th annual Trash-OFF event scheduled for April 22. The statewide, one-day cleanup activity is Oklahoma’s signature event in the Great American Cleanup which is the nation’s largest community beautification program. Beginning March 1 through May 31 communities, counties and volunteers may participate in the Great American Cleanup within the three-month span. “This one-day event is a time for all Oklahomans to work together to help keep our state beautiful,” Melody Johnson, ODOT Beautification coordinator said.

“The Trash-OFF and Great American Cleanup usually have participation from all 77 counties which helps bring awareness to littering issues.” KOB will provide free supplies and promotional items to registered Trash-OFF participants. Those items include trash bags provided by Glad, gloves and safety vests (in limited quantities) from Warren CAT, water and much more. ODOT additionally supports the Trash-OFF by housing KOB’s supplies for the event at its Oklahoma City warehouse. The items are then distributed to each ODOT county maintenance yard where they are picked up by volunteer groups. In 2016, Oklahoma’s Great American Cleanup included 504 events throughout the state during the March through May timeframe. More than 55,000 volunteers and participants in all 77 counties were able to fill more than 260,000 trash

bags, which held more than 2.2 million pounds of litter. According to KOB, nearly $6.5 million was saved or costs were avoided by the state, county and local governments as a result of the 2016 Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma. The efforts of ODOT and KOB have been so successful that ODOT received national recognition from Keep America Beautiful and the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2016, 2014 and 2012. Oklahoma’s Trash-OFF is sponsored by the ODOT, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, OGE Energy Corp., Warren CAT, P&K Equipment, OK Environmental Management Authority and the Oklahoma Beverage Association. To register for the Great American Cleanup and Trash-OFF groups, counties and individuals can go online at www. or call 405286-9141.

5 11

Upcoming Events and Important Dates COMPLETING RFPS WITH CENSUS AND OTHER DATABASES Thursday, April 13, 2017, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Rockwell Campus, Oklahoma City Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center, Fort Cobb


Costs: Free to attend, registration required

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Kimberly Hickerson

Filling out Requests for Proposal can be a daunting task, but is critical in attracting businesses to your location. Learn how to find the data you need with a free two-hour interactive workshop with direct application for business recruitment and development in your community. The workshop will include an overview of major data sources such as Census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, followed by a hands-on session working with our researchers to find the information that companies request about your own town, city, or county. Registration and additional details at: For questions, contact Jon Chiappe, Director, Research & Economic Analysis Services at or 405-815-5210 EXPORTECH Spring ExporTech April 27; May 25; June 22, 2017 Meridian Technology Center, Stillwater

CONTRIBUTORS: Stefanie Appleton,Bryan Boone PHOTO CREDITS: Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

FOR NEW PIONEER SUBMISSIONS AND STORY IDEAS CONTACT: Kimberly Hickerson Editor-in-Chief - New Pioneer (405) 815-5240 Oklahoma Department of Commerce 900 N. Stiles Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Fall ExporTech July 18; August 22; September 19, 2017 The ExporTech program helps companies develop a customized international growth plan so they can enter or expand into global markets and begin selling quickly. STEP will pay 75% of the $1,200 registration costs for up to two attendees for qualifying companies. For questions, contact Jesse Garcia, Global Trade Manager 405-8155136 or Register at: MEMORIAL DAY Monday, May 29, 2017 State Offices Closed @OKcommerce

Issue 4 2017  

Oklahoma Main Street Center Announces 2016 Reinvestment Figures, Trade & Exporting Assistance, How STEP Funding Services Help Local Compani...

Issue 4 2017  

Oklahoma Main Street Center Announces 2016 Reinvestment Figures, Trade & Exporting Assistance, How STEP Funding Services Help Local Compani...