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TECH Women Start up organization brings together professional women from northeast Wisconsin working in IT-related careers

Story by Lee Marie Reinsch

Women in Technology Wisconsin President-elect Vicki Leinbach described herself as an 18-year-old as “one of those people who took calculus in college just because it was an easy A.” She said she always liked math in school and fell in love with her very first computer programming class her senior year of high school. This was back in the 1980s, in the dark ages of the COBOL system, with its Magic Marker-green screen and bland black typeface. “When you’re programming, you know if you’ve done it right or wrong, so I love the logic piece of it,” said Leinbach, all grown up now and chief information officer with outdoor power equipment manufacturer Ariens Co. in Brillion. She oversees information technology for the multi-national company. “I always liked things that gave me an answer.” Before Leinbach came to Ariens a year ago, she spent 15 years as CIO at office furniture-maker KI in Green Bay.

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Aug 2015  

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