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Dear Readers,

This issues highlights . . .

Becca’s Best:


More innovative suggestions on staying slim and trim!

Quiz Corner:

We’d like to extend a big thank you to all of you who filled our mailboxes with kind comments about our new style magazines. In addition, the huge response to our Whittlebury Spa competition has also meant that we’ve been chained to our office desks over the last 6 weeks! With Summer now at a close and pupils back in school, it’s back to normality. Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us and another year will have flown by . . . it’s frightening! In this issue there’s the chance to win a trip to a London theatre and free tickets to a local Rock n Roll gig . . . . so best of luck, but above all, enjoy your read!


Can you solve these sports, maths & general knowledge brain teasers ?

Local History:


A ‘Jack the Lad’ tale that was always going to end in tears . . .

Competition Time: Win free tickets to this London Theatre production . . .






A look back at the life and times of the king of reggae . . . .




Considering the pro’s and cons concerning British summertime!

Ukelele Lady:

We chat with a local talent that’s worth keeping tabs on . . .

Bev & Dez

Abington & Around Magazine

Park Life:

More news from the Friends of Abington Park!

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Something to warm you up when the dark nights draw in!

What’s On:

A selection of local events for those who want to get out

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Front Cover Image: ‘Follow the leader - on the Rushmere Road lake’ by kind permission of swimmers. Taken by PSD Images.

Kids-Can You Find Abington Bear? Simply flick through this magazine and find the other seven pages that Abington bear is hiding on. Have more fun by timing how long it takes you . . . and see if Mum or Dad can beat you! 3


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Detoxing your body by Becca Mclachlan It’s no good doing a detox programme for just one week, two weeks or even a month you should be aiming to remove toxins from your body 365 days a year. Proper detoxification is so essential for health and fat loss, you’ll always struggle to lose weight and overcome health issues if you have a toxic body! Here are my top twelve tips to help detoxify your body. 1. Stop poisoning your body with sugar and processed foods — eat as clean as you can preferably organic produce and include lots of detoxifying foods into your diet like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, collards, kale, cabbage, Brussel sprouts) and the garlic family (garlic and onions), which help increase sulphur in the body and help detoxification. 2. Water — Drink plenty of clean water, aim for 2/3 litres of filtered water a day this will keep you urinating regularly throughout the day to flush out the toxins. 3. Eliminate Properly — It’s really important that you are having regular bowel movement at least once or twice a day. If you are dehydrated this will prevent your bowels from working regularly so this is another reason you need to drink loads of water. Including flax seed, chia seeds and lots of green veg in your diet will also help to keep you regular. 4. Minimise drugs & stimulants —  I’m not suggesting you stop taking your medication but often we don’t always need medication. The reality is that most of us are overmedicated and use medications to treat problems for which there are better solutions, such as lifestyle and diet. 5. Get Moving — Be as active as you can and exercise regularly. 6. Sweat — Sweat profusely at least three times a week through exercise or using a sauna or steam.

7. Removal of Amalgam fillings - this is a biggy if you have amalgam fillings. Mercury is constantly leaking into your body, it really is worth having a discussion with your dentist about getting these replaced. 8. Alcohol - Causes the pancreas to produce toxic substances and prevents proper digestion. It also weakens the immune system, inflames the liver and damages the heart. 9. Choose natural skin care products - We actually absorb 60-80% of all creams, lotions and potions that we put onto our skin. 10. R&R - Rest & Recovery is an important part of any detoxification programme, find time to relax whether its getting lost in a book, beauty treatments, reflexology, yoga, Tai chi, meditation or a walk in the countryside. Try to do something every day which will get your nervous system in a state of calm, rest, and relaxation. 11. Box breathing - this is something you can do every night when you get into bed before you go to sleep. Start by breathing in through your nose for 2 secs, hold for 2 secs, breath out through your mouth for 2 secs, hold for 2 secs, repeat again for a 3 sec cycle then a 4 sec cycle. Focus on taking each breath down to your belly. Box breathing will also assist you to have a decent nights sleep. 12. Learn to love yourself as well as others Anger, jealousy, and hostility, all create toxins in our system. Constantly beating yourself up will make your body and mind more toxic, focus on your good points and stop being so harsh on yourself, also try to distance yourself from people with toxic minds! Simply following these steps will help to correct problems caused by toxicity, maximise your body’s own detoxification capacity and help you safely eliminate toxins stored in your body. If you would like to join one of Becca Mclachlan’s fitness classes, visit her website: Brampton Health Golf Centre, Church Brampton, Northampton. NN6 8AX 5

Coffee time


Mindbogglers You’ll find all the answers on the events page at the back!



1. Introductory musical pieces (8) 6. Look or enter? (4) 8. Part of a loaf (5) 9. Eased up (9) 11. Endure (7) 12. Anglo-saxon monster (7) 13. Beyond the sound barrier (10) 15. Ignore (4) 17. Part of an ear (4) 19. Parcel wrap (5,5) 22. Californian port (7) 24. Eucharist psalm (7) 25. Type of pasta (9) 26. Homers epic (5) 27. An entry point (4) 28. Badly written comic verse (8)

Down 2. A cattle gathering (7) 3. A formal writing (8) 4. Stain (9) 5. Colloquialism (5) 6. Type of printer (6) 7. Found a frequency (5,2) 8. Advisors (11) 10. Arrived at a decision (11) 14. Type of application (2,7) 16. Legendary aircraft (8) 18. French or Turkish pastry (7) 20. Information on a person (7) 21. Girls name (6) 23. Took out? (5)

SPORTSWORD Answer questions 1-7, fill in the grid and use the initials to name a new recruit at the Etihad Stadium. Answers to all 3 puzzles are on the events page near the back of this magazine!

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1. Motorcyclist, known as the Prince of Speed. 2. Undefeated Mexican Light Welterweight. I Y 3. Australian cricket coach, E working in England. 4. Singles and doubles Grand Slam winner. 5. Liverpool’s all-time leading goalscorer. 6. Kiwi & Canterbury hooker destined for a bright future. 7. Striker currently in a third spell with Arsenal. 6 always welcome relevent contributions or articles

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Is it true?

serving on the Western Front in WW1 and had not regained consciousness until his hospital train passed through Bedford. As a result of this experience, his doctors recorded that he was easily excited and laughed immoderately at times. Above all, Rouse just could not stop talking and the grim irony was that when Rouse finally returned to Bedford, it was to be hanged. Had he not popped up from behind that hedge, there would have been no murder trial and no burial of an Unknown Man. What remained of Alfred Rouse, found in a blazing car, would have been interred, possibly in London where he had lived. Around 1930, Rouse, a commercial traveller, was one of a new breed. A dapper style, with sleeked back hair and one of those tiny Hitleresque moustaches. To top it off, Rouse had a car, a Morris which played a large part in the story. The one thing Rouse remembered about his victim was that he had hardly ever been in a car before. The car became instrumental in the life of Rouse as he took a wide variety of young women for trips and left a substantial slipstream of seduction behind him. With a documented income of £8 and his outgoings totalling in excess of £5 (for there was also a Mrs Rouse), outstanding paternity suits had gradually made life uncomfortable. Alfred Rouse became a man who needed to disappear. As he pondered his next move, he found himself engaging in social chatter with a total stranger in a north London pub and after hearing the man claim he’d no relations, the free drinks began to flow. Things were suddenly falling into place . . . the unemployed stranger, needed to journey north, and as sly as a fox, Rouse agreed to take him as far as Leicester without charge. He bought him a bottle of whisky, and in the vicinity of Northampton, in the early hours, he noticed his passenger had passed out. Now was his chance, so he parked the car, took a can of petrol from the boot and doused his passenger before laying a trail along the ground. He could so easily have got away with it. But that one remark to the two young men had revealed the presence at the scene of a second

In amongst the overgrown nettles and brambles you may find the little wooden cross that bears no name or date of birth, just the bland inscription, “In Memory of an Unknown Man, Died November 6th, 1936”. But then that is all that’s known, that and the fact that briefly, in Hardingstone churchyard, this was once the most famous grave in Britain! Forgive the pun, but graveyards are a dying culture with seven out of ten of us choosing cremation, allowing the grave as a family object to slip away into history as well as the future chore of tending a resting place that also denies weekly rememberances. Close by to that small wooden cross is a memorial to a man described simply as “Artist” with the inscription below reading “Remembered with Joy”. It’s a mystery in itself but only a few feet away, in the undergrowth, is a truly macabre story. Even in the mid 20th century, not many of us thought it possible for a man to disappear completely without trace, but in this small village it happened. Yet, in the full glare of publicity, this man was buried, with not a member of his family, with not a friend present . . . no one missed him . . . not even the slow trawl of bureaucracy revealed his absence. Even his murderer did not know his name. This is known because at two in the morning, two young men, coming from a dance that November evening, saw a car ablaze just outside of Hardingstone village. As the first thoughts of intrigue transformed into investigation a figure rose from behind a hedge and said in a strangely upbeat tone “Looks as if someone has had a bonfire.” Alfred Rouse had just started to talk his way to the gallows. At the age of 22, Rouse had been blown up whilst 9


man, and Rouse panicked. He hitchhiked back to London and then took a bus to South Wales, where there was yet another girl. And during all of this time he was talking, telling the booking clerk and the bus driver that his car had been stolen. By the next morning, the police had traced the car, and his name was in the papers. Still talking, he returned to London, and at Hammersmith the police were waiting. During questioning, he told them it had been an accident, that the two of them had run out of petrol and before he went to relieve himself, had asked his passenger to get some petrol from the can in the boot. The man had mentioned that he needed a smoke, and the next thing he knew was that the car had gone up in flames. He had tried to rescue him, but failed and afterwards he panicked and lost his head. It was a convincing story. The dead man had been drinking, which would explain the petrol spilt in the car. The police could not identify him meaning that they could not prove a connection between the two! They knew there was no motive so putting Rouse on trial at this stage was pointless.

The vital breakthrough came when, in a Northampton police station, Rouse (right) was relaxing with a few officers and continued talking, not noticing that one of them had his notebook open. This time he touched on his private life claiming that he was very friendly with several women, but that it was an expensive game! He said, grandly; “I was on my way to Leicester on Wednesday. I was then going on to Wales for the weekend. My harem takes me to several places!” ”Harem” . . . that one word doomed him. He was still talking in the death cell, where he admitted everything but claimed his victim was the sort of man no one would miss. That unknown man was buried near where he died. A metal box containing newspaper accounts of the trial was buried with him, and village children used to put flowers there every November. That custom died out during the Second World War, but his memory is preserved by a number of local archives.

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Firework failures!

The annual Bonfire night celebrations are now part of English heritage. It’s an evening where joy often fills the skies, but the occasion has always had its risks so care needs to taken with all pyrotechnics. In 1975, George Plimpton, a New York citizen, decided that it was going to be the year when he’d become famous. His idea was to break the world record for the most spectacular firework ever ignited. In order to achieve his aim, he devoted a great deal of time and money to the manufacture of a Roman Candle that weighed in at around 720 pounds. This ticking time bomb was nicknamed ‘Fat Man’ and was about 40 inches long.

collections of the century was set out along the banks of the River Thames in London. As a large audience waited with excitement, an over enthusiastic spark gave premature encouragement to the rest of the collection and inside one minute ultra loud banging and simultaneous wheezing created mayhem nearby. Dozens of spectators chose to take their sanctuary in the Thames.

Come the big night, Plimpton, who’d predicted that his firework of art would go higher than 3000 feet, stepped forward and set light to his pride and joy. As he raced for cover, a large ‘FUT’ echoed around the sky followed by a hissing and whistling noise just before the untested concoction exploded, leaving a ten foot crater in the earth.

Elsewhere, countless horses were spooked and became detached from their coachmen who had little option but to give chase!

Nearly 300 years earlier, King James II came to the throne and one of the most spectacular firework

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THEATRE TICKETS Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ has kept audiences guessing for six decades. Now in its 63rd incredible year, this world record-breaking production continues to attract audiences to the St. Martin’s Theatre from every corner of the globe. In her own inimitable style, Dame Agatha Christie has created an atmosphere of shuddering suspense and a brilliantly intricate plot where murder lurks around every corner! Here’s your chance to win a champagne package to see this legendary epic at St. Martin’s Theatre in the West End of London. The champagne package includes: . A pair of tickets (normal cost £90) . A Bottle of Champagne (normal cost £47) . Souvenir & standard Programmes In all, the prize value exceeds £150 and there are three of these packages to be won. Please note that the package can only be used Monday to Thursday (including Tuesday matinee), excluding bank holidays and travel or hotel expenses are NOT included. To enter this competition simply answer the question below and email your answer along with your name and full address by November 10th, 2015. All entries need to include “Northampton Magazines Mousetrap Competition” in the email header. All correct entries will then go into the hat and three lucky winners will be drawn. Winners need to use their prize within three months of their email notification. Q: Who wrote the Mousetrap? Send your entry to: Terms and Conditions apply. This prize is non-transferable and non-refundable, and has no cash equivalent. This prize cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Winners details will be shared with the promoter Should you be unsuccessful and still want to see this epic, visit or call the Box Office on 08444 991515. There are no additional charges when you buy direct from the theatre online or by phone. 14


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Lowdown on bullying!

The lowdown is a counselling and support service for 12-25 year olds. Providing free & confidential counselling, information and support on all issues including: Mental Health, Sexual Health, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. The lowdown also has school based services, an in-house Nurse (sponsored by First Point Insurance), plus does a lot of campaigning on behalf of young people. BULLYING affects all of us at some point and can happen at school, college, work or in the home. Bullying affects the mental health and well-being of those who experience it and the lowdown feel that NOW IS THE TIME to put a stop to it. Lots of schools/organisations have brilliant ways to address bullying but as yet no-one seems to be addressing it as a whole. The lowdown, are beginning this global war on bullying in our County, with the help of the NCC. To ensure that every school/college within the County becomes accountable for bullying and that every person within their walls feels safe to attend. The steps

we are taking are: . A countywide annual anonymous anti-bullying survey for 7-18 year olds, the results of which will be collated and published by the NCC. . A tool kit for schools/colleges to ensure that they all have and adhere to an agreed set of minimum standards for immediately and effectively dealing with bullying in an aim to reach a zero tolerance level for bullying. . An anti-bullying awards programme for schools/ colleges to attain . An anti-bullying conference on 20th November 2015 to bring together and launch the above points. For more information or to pledge your support please visit: or contact Dawn Wright. the lowdown’s

NOW IS THE TIME! Anti-bullying Campaign



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Massage therapy spans the centuries in various different forms. It is well known to promote health as well as increase energy levels, improve circulation, & remove toxins. It boosts the immune system, relieves injury & pain within the body, improves posture & increases the body’s natural ability to deal with stress. Single ovens Double ovens Aga’s Hobs Microwaves BBQ’s l l l l l l

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The lost king of reggae

Worshiped by millions, Rastafarian reggae superstar Bob Marley captivated audiences worldwide until he collapsed whilst performing in Pittsburgh in October, 1980. Originally named Nesta Robert Marley, his middle and first name were swapped around to preserve his masculinity after a comment was made that Nesta was seen as a girl’s name. Born on 6th February 1945, Bob turned out to be good at mathematics but his school life was truncated when he managed to secure himself employment as an apprentice welder. After a dangerous injury in which a piece of metal flew into his eye, he decided to leave, ultimately for the whole world’s benefit.

Reggae’s loping, hypnotic rhythms carried a catchy and unmistakable signature that rose to the fore of the music scene in the seventies, largely through the recorded work of Marley and the Wailers on the Island and Tuff Gong labels. Such albums as ‘Natty Dread’ and ‘Rastaman Vibration’ endure as reggae milestones that gave a voice to the poor and disfranchised citizens of Jamaica and, by extension, the world. In so doing, he also instilled them with pride and dignity in their heritage, however sorrowful the realities of their daily existence. Moreover, Marley’s reggae anthems provided rhythmic uplift that induced what Marley called “positive vibrations” in all who heard it. Regardless of how you heard it - political music suitable for dancing, or dance music with a potent political subtext – Marley’s music was a powerful potion for troubled times. After being arrested for possession of marijuana, the singer spent a month in prison, during which time he met many prisoners that he formed strong relationships with. These prisoners motivated him to write songs with a stronger political message.

In Kingston, he was known by the natives as a “white boy”. This was due to his mixed raced origins being clearly visible in his facial skin tone. This made Bob feel very alienated although it was a huge aid in helping him build confidence and selfesteem, turning him into the man he was. As a teenager, Marley formed a vocal trio in 1963 with friends Neville “Bunny” O’Riley Livingston (later Bunny Wailer) and Peter McIntosh (later Peter Tosh). The group members had grown up in Trench Town, a ghetto neighbourhood of Kingston, listening to rhythm and blues on American radio stations. They heard such R&B legends as Ray Charles, the Drifters, Fats Domino and Curtis Mayfield. They took the name the Wailing Wailers (shortened to the Wailers) because they were ghetto sufferers who’d been born “wailing.” As practicing Rastas, they grew their hair in dreadlocks and smoked ganja (marijuana), believing it to be a sacred herb that brought enlightenment.

Though the Wailers were popular in Jamaica, it was not until the group signed with Island Records in the early Seventies that they found an international audience. Their first recordings for Island, ‘Catch a Fire’ (1973) and ’Burnin’’ (1973), were hard-hitting albums full of melodic propaganda. The latter contained “I Shot the Sheriff.” Reggae aficionado Eric Clapton’s version of the song went to the top of some charts in 1974, which further carried the name of Marley and the Wailers beyond their Jamaican home base.

Marley became reggae’s foremost practitioner and emissary, embodying its spirit and spreading its gospel to all corners of the globe. His extraordinary body of work embraced the stylistic spectrum of modern Jamaican music - from ska to rock steady to reggae - while carrying the music to another level as a social force with universal appeal. Few others changed the musical and cultural landscape as profoundly as he did.

With the departure of founding members Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer after ‘Burnin’, Marley took centre stage as singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Backed by a first-rate band and the 19



I-Threes vocal trio – which included his wife, Rita – Marley rose to the occasion with 1974’s ‘Natty Dread’ (his first album to chart in America) and the string of politically charged albums that followed. By now Marley had become an influential and cultural icon on his home island and on December 5, 1976, he was scheduled to give a free “Smile Jamaica” concert, aimed at reducing tensions between warring political factions. Two days before the scheduled concert, he and his entourage were attacked by gunman. Though Bob and Rita Marley were grazed by bullets, they electrified a crowd of 80,000 when both took to the stage with the Wailers - a gesture of survival that only heightened Marley’s legendry status. It further galvanized his political outlook, resulting in the most militant albums of his career: ‘Exodus’, ‘Survival’ and ‘Uprising’. Given the violent culture that he survived and transcended, Marley’s death seems almost cruelly flukish. In 1977, surgeons removed part of a toe that had been injured in a soccer game, upon which a cancerous growth was found. This led to the discovery of spreading cancer in 1980,

that claimed his life less than a year later. Though he died prematurely at age 36, the heartbeat reggae rhythms of the enormous body of music that Bob Marley left behind have endured. Many Jamaicans believe that their country has been transformed by his charismatic personality and musical output. Marley was buried on the island with full state honours in May, 1981. In a crowning irony, given the reviled status that Rastafarians and their music had once suffered at the hands of the Jamaican government, Marley’s pacifist reggae anthem, ‘One Love,’ was adapted as a theme song by the Jamaican Tourist Board. Meanwhile, Marley’s music continues to find an audience. With sales of more than 12 million worldwide. Alone, ‘Legend’ - a best-of spanning the Island Records years (1972-1981) - remains the best-selling album by a Jamaican artist and the best-selling reggae album in history.

R.A.E. Garden Maintenance Regular Lawn Mowing, Weeding, Planting, Hedge Trimming, Slabs and Patio’s, Fencing, Trees Trimmed, Gravel Drives and Paths Decking laid & Repainted

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We’re Expanding We are excited to announce that we have taken over our neighbouring property and would like to give a warm welcome to the staff and clients of ‘Just curls’. The refit is now in progress and it is still

business as usual.

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Pandas have long been seen as a bit of a lost cause. The argument goes that it is an animal unwilling to help itself survive whilst funding is poured into saving it which could arguably be better spent elsewhere. Whilst stories about its incredibly fussy eating habits do not help its cause, the truth about wild populations breeding habits do.

Endangered species


So why should we save the panda? Well, the explanation lies in where the pandas natural habitat is . . . . China, one of the worlds fastest growing industrial nations. Population and industrial growth in China has inevitably fuelled a construction boom and one of the chief components in rural housing and scaffolding is bamboo, therefore with a massive growth in building comes a massive increase in bamboo harvesting. This has a knock on effect to panda populations as their habitat is destroyed to fuel this construction boom. Population growth is another factor too, pushing humans further and further into the pandas natural environments.

Over the last few years, experts have uncovered further evidence of the pandas’ general ineptitude when it comes to surviving as a species. It will come as no surprise to any of us that their exclusive diet is bamboo, but what is not common knowledge is how ill suited this diet is to this unique animal. It also offers an insight into why these strange bears spend all day sleeping and eating bamboo. Pandas can spend up to 14 hours a day consuming up to 12.5 kg of leaves and stems, but they digest less than 20% of it. To conserve energy, the bears can also spend up to 12 hours each day sleeping. All in all, their dietary habit appears to be yet another nail in the coffin for endangered species the only exception being that the pandas seem to be nailing themselves willingly into coffins. The other well known fact about pandas is that they avoid sex almost as comprehensively as a convention of nuns and their prudish behaviour is so well documented that Edinburgh Zoo even resorted to building a ‘ tunnel of love’ to encourage their captive pair to breed. This experiment met with little success as their pair stoically refused to consecrate their love tunnel. Building a tunnel to encourage pandas may seem a bit like placing a male rabbit in with a herd of female giraffes, but it shows how desperate officials are to get pandas to breed. It also feeds in to the assumption that pandas are the biggest prudes of the animal kingdom. This is remarkably untrue though; pandas unwillingness to breed is only confined to captive populations and wild Pandas have equivalent reproductive rates to the American black bear.

This construction boom in pandas natural habitat makes protecting pandas simply more important than just protecting the bear itself. Protection of the panda offers protection of wild and pristine bamboo forest that would otherwise go the same way as swathes of the Amazon have. Using pandas as cultural landmarks also helps bring money and investment to local communities who would otherwise be cut off from industrial China and engaging in the (often illegal) trade in bamboo. It is also worth noting that as China’s national animal, conserving pandas can bring a much needed voice of conservation into China, no matter how small this voice is, it is very important. The problem with panda conservation is it immediately conjures up images of slightly awkward bears, sleeping, munching on something that is not very good for them and completely failing to breed. Our impression of them and media images of them are dominated by the panda trade amongst zoos. Whilst zoos around the world build their love tunnels and other pointlessly expensive attractions, the real focus needs to be on those pandas out in the wild . . . . something we are all in danger of forgetting! 22



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For a reliable and professional service Call ACR Carpets on 01604 701226 Alistair Robinson: 07748 774324 Helen Robinson: 07787 158525 46 Tiffany Gardens, East Hunsbury, Northampton, NN4 0TJ please mention abington & around when responding to adverts please mention abington & around when responding to adverts

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Something to consider

Footie farce! With the new football season already well into its stride, the meaningless pre-season friendlies are now all but forgotten. However, for one West Midland team, the memory of one such friendly will never disappear after one of the most bizarre foul-ups in world football occurred back in 1973. It was decided that the lads of Oxbarn Social Club F.C. would get a bit of pre-season practice during a holiday trip to celebrate the marriage of two team members. A friendly match was arranged in Germany. It was an opportunity for the lads, who played in division seven of the Wolverhampton Sunday League, to get a holiday abroad and also meet some new opposition. Only when they entered their opponents luxury stadium did

they realise that they had mistakenly arranged a friendly with a top bundesliga side. For their part, SVW Mainz were expecting to play Wolverhampton Wanderers, one of the strongest teams in Britain at that time. The Oxbarn Club secretary said, “I thought it looked a bit posh, and when I heard the other side were on an £80 win bonus, I thought ‘this ent right’!” Naturally, the Mainz crowd were delighted to watch a team like Oxbarn rather than mighty Wolves and gave them a prolonged cheer on the rare occasion they got the ball. Oxbarn lost 21-0. The foul-up can be traced back to the Mayor of Mainz who received a hopeful letter from a team in Wolverhampton asking about the possibility of a friendly who he thought was the famous Wolves. Hurriedly, the game as well as a civic reception was arranged. Although Oxbarn didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory on the football field, they did repair some of the damage at the civic reception. When the alcohol began to flow there was only one team in it as they drunk the Germans under the table!

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HARMONY HOMECARE LIMITED Caring for you in the Community Help with Washing, Bathing, Dressing, Catheter Care, Cooking, Laundry, Cleaning, etc

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Escort to Hospital, Doctors, etc Shopping, Pension Collection, Home from Hospital 164, Birchfield Road East, Abington, Northampton, NN3 2HF

Telephone: 01604 711009 Fax: 01604 711033 Mobile: 07789896632 (24 hours) E-mail: 25

Should we stop turning our clocks back & forward? Ever since my earliest memories, policymakers have been urged to permanently adopt Daylight Savings Time, more commonly known as British Summer Time. This would put an end to gloomy winter evenings, making it feel a bit more like summer all year round. As usual, there are arguments for and against. Conserving energy was one of the main reasons summer clocks were moved forward in the first place; Britain changed its clocks during the Second World War to help save electricity and boost working hours. It would also bring the UK in line with Central European Time, which means London would work the same business hours as Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt and Milan. For businesses that operate internationally, this could cut down staff overtime costs - not to mention any confusion over scheduling, from conference calls to deliveries. It would also give the UK an extra hour of overlap with the growing economies of Asia. Though some parents may be concerned about children travelling to school in the dark, winter daylight savings could improve safety on the roads and reduce crime. A three-year experiment to keep British Summer Time year-round, held between 1968 and 1971, found an 11% reduction in road casualties in England and Wales during the hours affected by the time change - and a 17% reduction in Scotland. In addition, the Home Office believes crime would see a 3% drop, as crime is more likely to be committed in the evening than in the morning. Lighter and longer winter evenings could provide an annual boost of £3.5bn to the tourist industry, according to the Tourism Alliance. The yearly income boost from the 60,000 to 80,000 extra jobs this would create could amount to £720m. Businesses would be inclined to stay open longer, while tourists

and locals alike would have more time in the day to spend on outdoor recreational activities. This equates to approximately 235 hours of post-work daylight each year, something that the tourism industry would greet with open arms. Then there’s the sports industry to think about. The Football Association, The Lawn Tennis Association and the England and Wales Cricket Board have all backed year-round daylight savings, and with good reason. The extra hour of daytime increases the time available for exercise, makes people more likely to attend evening sporting events and means professional athletes can train for longer. In the 1980s, the golf industry estimated that one extra month of daylight savings could generate up to £246m a year in extra sales and fees. Although these facts present an overwhelming case in support of a permanent change, there is a valid argument for staying with the current format. In parts of Scotland, the sun wouldn’t rise until around 10am in winter. Some of the country’s 1,000 plus dairy farmers, whose working day starts as early as 5am, would in effect, almost be working a night shift. Based on the 5am start, these farmers would only see two to three daylight working hours. Other farmers and construction workers, who need sunlight to perform their jobs, would end up working later into the evening. Naturally, UK and Scottish parliamentarian, Alex Salmond strongly opposes a change, and says that any campaign for change would be an attempt to “plunge Scotland into morning darkness.” The debate about Daylight Savings Time stretches back into past years and the future of British time is still unclear. As they say, only time will tell. As winter draws closer and we are once more plunged into darkness, one can’t help but think of the benefits of lighter evenings, cheaper energy bills, reduced crime rates and maybe even some British sporting successes. Had the Scots voted in favour of independence, a decision may have been easier to make. For the time being, it’s on ice! 26

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IDENTITY Unit Unit 1, 1, Quarry Road, Road, Duston, Northampton Northampton NN5 6NT 6NT IDENTITY Unit 1, Quarry Quarry Road, Duston, Duston, Northampton NN5 NN5 6NT Check out our new website: BY KELLY FISHER BY KELLY FISHER Tel: 01604 759301

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One regular occupant of my fridge is a green pepper. Sometimes there are two or three of them and inevitably they end up in food waste. Like most people, we buy our peppers in a sealed pack that usually contains a red, a yellow and a green pepper and the least popular is the poor old green pepper. Annoyed by this waste, I decided to do a bit of research and found out that it is highly nutritious, more so than its more popular relatives.


green! peppers in general are packed with nutrients and are a good source of vitamins, key minerals and phytochemicals. Antioxidants can seriously slow down the buildup of cholesterol in your blood vessels which supresses the likelihood of stroke and heart disease. As they are also rich in fibre, the degree of exposure of colon cells to bacteria and toxins is greatly reduced. This is because it speeds up the transit time of waste matter through the gut. Research has shown that vitamins A, C and B9 significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer. In particular, green peppers are an excellent source of these vitamins. Go on, give ‘em a try!

In comparison, a cup full of chopped green pepper has a carb count of 2.5 grams, a fibre count of 1 gram and has a calorie count of 9. A similar amount of chopped red pepper has a carb count of 3 grams, a fibre count of 1.5 grams and has a calorie count of 23. The red pepper is merely a ripened version of the green but has a slightly fruity flavour, whereas its green rival has more of a tangy or sometimes, bitter taste. However, when chopped into small pieces and used in a salad, I am of the opinion that the difference in taste becomes negligiable, especially if eaten with tomato, cucumber or lettuce. Salad 29

LEDs are also increasingly popular as room lights, but “warm white” bulbs, with less blue, tend to be a better choice than “cool white” for evening use.

Are you

The Philips lighting company also makes a bulb, called ‘Hue’, that can change the intensity of its component colours via an app, and GE recently announced a reduced-blue LED bulb, meant to be used before bedtime.

suffering from


For those of you who are serious gamers, you may well want to follow the growing trend in the States where the entourage of online gamers are exhausting stocks of orange-tinted goggles. However, be aware that not all brands of orangetinted glasses have undergone independent testing for their ability to aid sleep. An industrialsafety brand called ‘Uvex’ is popular, but some say that they make some colours, notably blues and greens, harder to distinguish.

In today’s high tech world, one of the biggest health issues mankind faces is the amount of screen time we subject our eyes to every day. People nowadays are spending more and more time staring at computer screens, tablets and other handheld devices – a phenomenon that threatens to degrade our eyesight prematurely and inhibit sleep patterns.

If you are not willing to sit in your home looking like an extraterrestrial zombie wearing orange glasses then there are other options. Applications designed to alter the blue light impact of electronic devices depending on the time of day could be one answer. Look out for an app called ‘f.lux’ for computer and ‘Twilight’ for mobile phone. On offer at www. are filters said to block blue light by covering the screens of electronic devices like the iPhone or iPad. They also market “low blue” LED lights and orange eyewear.

Studies have shown that such light, especially from the blue part of the spectrum, slows down the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps us fall asleep. Options are growing for blocking blue light, though most experts stress that few have been adequately tested for effectiveness and the best solution is to avoid brightly lit electronic devices at night. Older adults may be less affected by blue light as the yellowing of the lens and other changes in the aged eye filters out increasing amounts of blue light. But blue light remains a problem for most people, and studies of adults aged between 18 and 68 proved that those who wore ambertinted glasses for three hours before they went to bed improved their sleep quality considerably. Experiments using yellow-tinted lenses, which only blocks ultraviolet light proved to be largely ineffective.

Daytime exposure to blue light is not overly frowned on, but the best is sunlight, which contains many different wavelengths of light. Short of cutting out all evening electronics, experts say, it’s advisable to use a small screen rather than a large one; dim the screen and keep it as far away from the eyes as possible; and reduce the amount of time spent reading the device – gawping at an iPhone for 10 minutes rather than three hours, could help you in the long run.

Devices such as smartphones and tablets are often illuminated by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), that tend to emit more blue light than incandescent products. Televisions with LED backlighting are another source of blue light, although because they are viewed from much farther away than phone screens etc., they may have less effect. 30

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It’s time to put your Pelargoniums to bed! by Emily Mitchell of Cramden Nursery I hope you have had a wonderful display from all your Pelargoniums this summer? As the days begin to draw in it is time to begin to think about putting the garden to bed for the winter and that includes your Pelargoniums. They are not frost hardy so will not survive our winters.  Ideally they would like you to pack them up and send them off to the Med for the winter months.  However if Mediterranean residency is not a possibility then I can give you some good advice on how to overwinter your Pelargoniums here in England.

They will look dreadful but by removing the aerial part of the plant you are removing the need to water them and all that material that would offer perfect conditions for botrytis (grey mould) to grow during the winter months. These ‘stumps’ now need to be kept frost free and dry for the winter, so no watering, not even a little bit!  You are putting them into hibernation for the winter. They do not need light so a garage will work or a spare room.  The most important point is to keep them dry and frost free from here on.

So, the most important point is that wherever you choose to keep your plants for the winter is that it is frost free and dry. So a cold greenhouse will not do, nor will a shed if we get a cold winter.  Neither will stay frost free for long.

Do not cover them in plastic to give them extra frost protection they will just sweat in there and the dampness will encourage grey mould which will just kill them off.

If you have a heated greenhouse or a conservatory that will be heated through the winter, these are ideal places for your Pelargoniums to be overwintered as green plants. Many will continue to flower well into the winter for you if they get enough winter sunshine and food.

Fleece can be used to offer a little extra protection but it would be good to make sure it is removed occasionally to allow fresh air round your plants to ward off any possibilities of grey mould. Now here is the tricky part: You have to leave them alone till the end of the winter, no well meaning watering after New Year when we all get that ‘January itch’ to start doing things in/for our gardens.  A well meaning watering at this point will just lead to a soggy mess of grey mould for you to find at the end of winter, leave well alone!

If neither of these are an option for you then a garage attached to the house (to benefit from some of your residual central heating warmth) or a spare room will do nicely. For this option you must prepare your plants for the winter. They need to be allowed to dry out in their pots and then with clean sharp secateurs cut them back hard.

Now this is not a failsafe system, sometimes for reasons unknown plants do not survive but if you can get say 50% through the winter then it is well worth a go.

Now, this is where you will need to be mentally strong, you will feel awful, after all summer feeding and watering your plants, I am now asking you to cut them right back. Cut them back to about 3inches and then take off any leaves that are left, you should be left with just stumps. 

For a video with step by step instructions showing you how hard to cut your plants back find the You Tube channel “GeraniumTv” and look for the video “How to cut back Pelargoniums (Geraniums)”. 35


The JETS ‘LIVE’ at the on Saturday A PAIR OF TICKETS Picturedrome 5th of December THE JETS are Northampton’s premier rockabilly band and in their early years secured a major recording contract with media giants EMI, achieving phenomenal success. Their hit records around the world, included “Love Makes the world go round”, ”Yes tonight Josephine” and “Rockin around the Christmas tree”. They have also appeared on hundreds of TV shows having performed alongside Sir Cliff Richard, Shakin Stevens, The Police, Boy George, Madness and even Led Zeppelin! With well over 2000 live shows to their credit, THE JETS have never failed to deliver a sensational show! To enter the draw for a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS to the show at Northampton’s Picturedrome in Kettering Road, simply answer the following question: Q: In what way are the band members related? Send answers via email to with the “Jets Picturedrome Competition” in the header or subject line, enclosing your full name and telephone number. Winners will be notified by email. Closing date for entries is the 20th of NOVEMBER. Terms and Conditions: This prize is nontransferable and non-refundable, and has no cash equivalent.


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I see that Jools Holland has said some nice things about you. Can you tell us more? We were playing a residency at the Boisdale Club of Belgravia in London. Afterwards he shook our hands and was effusive and excited about what he’d heard. It was a very special moment and I was so surprised to see him standing there in front of me! I was lost for words! We’ve also had a fantastic endorsement from Shadows legend, Hank Marvin who raved: “If you haven’t heard and seen Sara Spade & The Noisy Boys you haven’t lived – HEAR THEM! SEE THEM! ASAP!” At the recent ‘Let’s Celebrate Duston’ day,  I noticed that you offer Ukulele tuition and workshops. Tell us more:

Who is Sara Spade? THE UKULELE LADY . . . . . . Are you local? I was born in Northampton but grew up in Daventry, attending Southbrook Comprehensive where I played Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar when I was 13. That was some education for a 13 year old let me tell you! How long have you been playing the Ukulele? I taught myself guitar at the age of 10 or 11 and became obsessed. I made up funny little songs and recorded them in my bedroom using two separate tape decks to record multi-track harmonies. Then I met a lady who played the Uke, and was absolutely charmed by it’s character and was feeling the need to play music that was upbeat, got people dancing, made them smile and feel happy. The Uke seemed like the perfect candidate and offered me fresh inspiration. What music did you grow up with and who are your biggest musical influences? Pop music! Plus jazz, blues and classical. One Christmas I was given a Sony Walkman with bright orange foam earphones. I used to RollerSkate around my neighbourhood listening to the Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Queen and Barry Manilow! I was obsessed again. Somehow the word jazz has a weirdly negative connotation for some people and is misunderstood, so I brand my cover versions as ‘vintage’. Seriously though, they are jazz songs! . . . . I just don’t tell anyone. The jazz era was a glowing golden age of music. Who else is in the band? The core members of the band are myself, Jonny Mattock on snare drum (also from Northampton), Jonny Gee on the double bass and Rod Fogg on guitar (both from London). Natasha Thompson (from Towcester) also plays double bass.

When I’m not touring, I offer all kinds of brilliant Ukulele tuition for beginners to advanced, countywide. There’s one-to-one lessons, group workshops and private hen parties as well as corporate away days and even a special, full on interactive children’s show featuring myself and Katy Ashworth (pictured bottom left). I also run a weekly Ukulele Club at The Old Cherry Tree pub in Great Houghton and love to teach, having been judged as outstanding by OFSTED. I make sure that everything is fun, as well as progressive, creative and rewarding. Find out more at: So what have you been up to of late? During September I had a creative diversion and performed with my friend Katy Ashworth (of CBEEBIES) at Butlin’s Holiday camps! She has a childrens’ show called ‘Time with Katy’ and I played Ukulele and supported her. I was basically her side-kick! It was terrific fun! Have you got any local dates coming up? We have a few residencies including the Gin Parlour in St Giles Street, Northampton (a members club), the Blitz Tea Rooms in Kettering (a war-time themed café) and the Kings Arms in Farthingstone. There are quite a few local gigs working up to Christmas. All dates are listed at 39

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I’m still pinching myself and feel blessed to be back doing what I love the most - working with dogs. At the age of 19, I set up Top Dogs and in 1991 was working from the basement of my grandparents house in Kingsthorpe. Having out-grown the house and the salon, I moved the business further down the Harborough Road, near to the busy Cock Hotel junction. Business was thriving! I employed up to four staff, as well as students, and was about to branch out with a mobile van when my personal life hit the skids. I lost my beloved grandad, suffered a breakdown and had chronic thyroid problems. It didn’t take long for everything I had worked for to come down like a pack of cards! I was a homeless single mum of three and filing for bankruptcy. Fast forward six years and with the help of my Church and C2C (a local charity that helps vulnerable women), I began to groom dogs again on a part time basis and felt alive! I re-opened Top Dogs on Adnitt Road in May of this year, in a beautiful large shop and have been blown away by the support and friendliness of the local people. I grew up in Garrick Road and Allen Road, so I feel a real affinity to the area. It’s lovely to be have come full circle. I still hold a very firm view that dog grooming is not simply ‘cutting hair’. I encompass the whole dogs wellbeing including skincare etc., and most importantly that the dog is happy with us and looks forward to coming - not terrified. I do offer free sessions to help frightened dogs overcome their fears of grooming and clients are very welcome to wait should they so wish. Please feel free to pop in anytime to meet Jenna and I for a coffee and chat if you have concerns or any queries. Meeting with clients is another aspect I love about this job - I’m off to pinch myself again! I look forward to meeting you . .

(formerly in Harborough Rd, KIngsthorpe)



All Breeds Expertly Groomed Fully Insured & First Aid Trained Collection & Delivery Large Open Plan Air Conditioned Salon FREE Puppy Consultations Kind, Knowledgeable Handling Waiting with your Dog Welcomed 141 Adnitt Road, Abington, Northampton NN1 4NH (Behind the Cricket Ground)

Tel: 01604 622300 / 07512 827426

Are you ready for retirement?

as 96% of the population are not! We offer FREE consultation on: Pension Reviews Equity Release Options Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Will Writing Services Power of Attorney Completion Investment Options In the comfort of your own home find out for yourself how we can help Wise Investment Properties Ltd Unit 54 Rookery Lane, Spring Park Northampton NN2 8BX

Call: 01604 455903

Today to make an appointment or email: 40

Invitation Thinking of Selling Invitation or Letting?

Invitation Thinking of Selling This is your personal invitation to receive a free valuation of your property and to discuss all aspects of selling or letting your home with our local experienced sales and lettings teams.

or Letting? Thinking of Selling or Letting? All of our staff have a wealth of To arrange a convenient call: knowledge of the localappointment area and please To arrange a convenient appointment please call: would be delighted to spend time discussing a marketing package best suited to you.

01604 01604 76 76 33 33 33 33 or email us at or email us at 01604 76 33 33 01604 76 33 33 or email us at

or email us at

Thomas Patrick estate agents Peterbridge House

Thomas Patrick estate agents Northamptonshire Peterbridge House NN4 7HB The Lakes, Northampton, The Lakes, Northampton, Northamptonshire NN4 7HB

Thomas Patrick estate agents Peterbridge House To arrange a convenient appointment please call: Thomas Patrick estate agents Peterbridge House The Lakes, Northampton, Northamptonshire NN4 7HB ToThe arrange a convenient appointment please call: NN4 7HB Lakes, Northampton, Northamptonshire

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All Year Round Garden and House Maintenance… Expert Lawn Care, Hard & Soft Landscaping, Shrub & Hedge Pruning, Garden Clearance or Tidy

Ups, Gravel Beds Laid as well as Tree Surgery including Pruning & Felling.


We can water/ look after your garden while you’re away on holiday!

07990 888037 . . . www hunsburyhomeandgarden co uk


01604 451295

Call MARTIN for a FREE no obligation quotation today!

hunsbury HOME

u Friendly professional service

u Competitive prices u Honest advice u CRB checked & fully insured



Registered Waste Carrier CB/JE5433VK

Abington Roofing Limited Over 30 Years Experience

Commercial < Industrial < Domestic 20 Years Guarantee on Flat Roofs Council approved Contractors 40 Weston Way, Weston Favell, Northampton NN3 3BN Tel: 01604 404422 Mob: 07889 115196 Fax: 01604 406007 please mention abington & around when responding to adverts

Emergency Phones numbers on page 60

Park Life



For FREE no obligation advice on Home Security, please telephone or call into our shop


Collaborating with local community and volunteer groups is at the heart of our work. In these days of increasing austerity it is ever harder to gain funding for projects and improvements. Harnessing the goodwill and talents of helpers creates much good will as well as bringing practical solutions. Creating contacts and joint working can, though, be tricky – the Park Management Committee is a forum that brings users of the park together, so if you are a member of or know of anyone who would like to work alongside those of use who enjoy and use the park on a regular basis, do get in touch. One such group did just that this summer. We were contacted by the National Citizen Service – a scheme that aims to engage young people in community work of various sorts. It resembles the Duke of Edinburgh awards in that tasks are set for which awards are given. Young people volunteer via their schools and once the allocated task is completed, they gain their accreditation. Our group has been working in the Sensory Garden – a project that we have long wanted to activate. They have not only carried out hard gardening but also managed to obtain new plants and support from local companies based on plans they devised for an area in the garden. They have made a huge difference. They have been enthusiastic and keen and worked very hard – you can see the results for yourselves in the park – and let’s hope their example will inspire many others to follow in their footsteps! Anne Stevens, Secretary, Friends of Abington Park


A family business in Northampton for 50 years 107 Lutterworth Road, Abington Northampton

Tel: 01604 628154

GEO W BAKER PROPERTY MAINTENANCE & IMPROVEMENTS Restoration and Renovation Building work . Tiling . Plumbing Heating . Decorating . Electrical Telephone:

01604 639293 07711 772622 Free quotation. all work carried out to a high standard from changing tap washers to refurbishing the whole property inside and out 43

Don’t forget that you can advertise in our Duston, Kingsthorpe & Parklands magazines as well!



CHIROPODIST Over 30 Years Experience

Surgery Appointments: ‘Edenwood’ 39 St Matthews Parade Kingsley, Northampton

Specialising in

Conservatories, Windows & Doors in both UPVC & hardwood, with over 30 years experience in & around Northampton Personal Attention at all Times

“Many local references available”

07779 685484 01604 492940 Email:

Treatments for hard skin, corn removal, Ingrowing toe nails, diabetic and elderly foot care, also a toenail only cutting service when your feet are just out of reach.


01604 713042 07764 158555 Home Visits Available

K B S Interiors Ltd

Kitchen & Bedroom Specialists

Are You Looking for a New Kitchen or Bedroom? KBS quote honest prices


07786 194994 / 01604 371909

with no hidden costs or gimmicks! KBS design, supply & install your Kitchen or Bedroom, fully guaranteed with no hassle. KBS carry out plumbing inc gas, electrics, plastering, tiling etc., all by qualified professionals. KBS have a trustworthy team with over 40 years experience.

K B S Interiors Ltd

Based in Duston - Covering Northamptonshire please mention abington & around when responding to adverts

“Empowering stroke survivors, their families and friends to reclaim their lives and ambitions through active support.” Different Strokes Northampton was set up in 2010 with the aim of helping stroke survivors to optimise and take control of their own lives and regain as much independence as possible.

Our new season for 2015/16 starts on Thursday September 3rd 2015 from 10.00am until 1.00pm, every week at Spencer Dallington Community Centre.

We have weekly exercise sessions, aphasia conversations and guest speakers, mostly health professionals, who have relevant knowledge of stroke, for example speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians.

We ask for a weekly contribution of £3 but a range of refreshments are included. Come along and meet other stroke survivors, their families, carers and friends, where you will be given a warm welcome. STOP PRESS: Christmas Masquerade Ball on Sunday 13th of December at Marriott Hotel Northampton. 11.30am to 6.00pm. Non-members £30 but Membership Card holders and children 0-17 yrs are £20 per person.

We also have teachers of Yoga and Tai Chi and there is a ”Drop-In Cafe” and Carers support Group to continue the rehabilitation of stroke survivors. Our fun activities include trips out, walks, picnics, Ten pin bowling, boat trips, curry nights and a Christmas lunch.

Linda’s Decorating Services

Travel in style...

Rely on us to be on time, everytime

“formerly trading as Linda & Pru’s Decorating Services”

Airports & Sea Ports Theatre Trips Nights Out Local Village to Village Chauffeur Service 4-6-8 Seaters Specialist Courier Service Secured Airfreight Service

Interior Decorating Commercial & Domestic Including:

Paper Hanging, Renovation Work, General Painting, Plastering & Coving Free estimates at competitive rates Contact: Linda on 01604 647019 or 07939 522852

We move people and products in the UK and beyond...

10 years experience References available

01604 882 798

lsaundersdecorating 45

Abington Park Vets

helping to get your pets back on their feet.

Tel: 01604 628685 427 Wellingborough Road, Abington, Northampton, NN1 4EZ Open: Mon-Sun 8.30am to 10pm, 24hrs, 7 days a week. Emergency fees are payable between 8pm and 8am. The out of hours consultation fee is £28 - see website for full details - the only local magazines that support over 180 local businesses

Did you know that a running tap can use up to 6 litres of water a minute? Similarly, a dripping tap can waste around 15 litres in a day! Further savings in the kitchen include keeping a jug of water in the fridge so you don’t have to run the tap to get a cold drink and washing your vegetables in a bowl of water prior to cooking also cuts out that running tap. Venturing into a bathroom or cloakroom, always remember to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Wasted water = wasted money! By turning off the tap you could save enough water for a nice soak in the bath once a week. For a change, have a shower instead of a bath. A standard 5 minute shower uses less water than a bath, but be careful as a power shower can use a third more than the average bath! Lastly, place a cistern displacement device in your toilet cistern to reduce the volume of water used in each flush. You can get one of these from your water provider or use a sealed container filled with clean stones.

Don’t let your money go down the drain! If you’re on a water meter and need to make savings, you may want to read on. In these times of austerity, these tips may seem minimalistic, but over time, money will stay in your pocket! Did you know that washing machines use around 14% of the water used in the home so as an economy measure, fill the machine to its optimum load or use the half-load button. You’ll save water, energy and detergent! The same set of rules apply to dishwashers. Plus, if the dishwasher was purchased after the year 2000, use the Eco-setting and it’ll only use up to 10 litres per cycle. 46

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Birchfield Fish Bar Serving Daily Fresh Fish

Serving Fresh Cod Roe


2 Large Cod & Chips – Get a third cod FREE PLUS Mushy Peas FREE Any Quarter Pounder

Cheeseburger £3 Chicken Burger £3.40 Spicy Chicken Burger £3.10 In a bun with any sauce & salad with FREE cone of chips Chicken Leg & Chips with a choice of Peas or Curry in a box only £3.20 Any Pie & Chips for £3.90 Get Peas or Curry FREE Chips & Cheese £3


A Cone of Chips + 4 Chicken Nuggets A Cone of Chips + Fish Cake A Cone of Chips + A Small Plain or Battered Sausage A Cone of Chips + 4 Fish Bites Comes with Small Kids Drink in a Box and TOY - All for £3


Any Order over £20 get a FREE Bottle of POP

Telephone:01604 513436

184 Birchfield Road East, Northampton NN3 2HG Open: Mon-Sat 12 - 2pm & 4.30 -10pm Run by Paul and Maria Georgiou, a quick service in a friendly family environment. We thank you for your custom over the years.

Come and View

Lovely Watercolour Paintings

by Weston Favell artist Jenny Brabbins-White

An ideal as Gift! Christm ny to Call Jen a arrange time! viewing View anytime, just phone 01604 405923 please mention abington & around when responding to adverts

See this magazine and more online at

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Local Football Update by Andy Goldsmith

Photo by Paul Kingston

With the close season seemingly getting shorter each year, the UCL season 2015/16 started even earlier this year with the second UCL hop (a planned set of games over the weekend to allow ground hoppers/fans to see up to 6 local games in space of three days) commenced in July. Friday’s opener between Harborough and Yaxley was the first ever July league match in the competition and meant that UCL football has been played in every month of the calendar year - after the fierce winter of 1947 some matches were played in June. This season the UCL bids farewell to AFC Rushden & Diamonds, who have been promoted to the Southern League Central Division, with the void filled by Leicestershire side, Kirby Muxloe who have been moved sideways by the FA in a Pyramid reorganisation. The Premier Division will have two further new club’s with Northampton Spencer promoted after last season’s excellent campaign and runners up Rothwell Corinthians. Relegated Long Buckby are joined in Division one by Oakham United, the first club from Rutland to join the UCL. The Town now boasts two top flight UCL teams with Spencer joining Sileby after last season’s promotion, with the two sides scheduled to come head to head on Boxing Day and over the Easter weekend. Northampton Sileby Rangers have a new man in charge this season with Lee Duffy taking up the reigns after the departure of Darren Young. Sileby have added a couple of new faces to their strikeforce and have recruited possibly the league’s tallest player in 6 foot 9 inch striker Leon Simpson who joins from AFC Dunstable having played for a host of higher level clubs and joining him in attack is Brian Farrell who helped Corby Eagles win the Northants Combination last term. Rangers started the season with a draw on the opening day, but this has been followed by two defeats, the latest a narrow 2-1 reverse in the local derby against Cogenhoe. In the National competition FA Cup the club have progressed after seeing off Sun Postal Sports and now have an attractive home tie

against Southern League Leighton Town to look forward too. There has been little change in personnel for Northampton Spencer with boss Ben Stone giving his promotion winning squad their chance to establish the Millers back in the top flight. One player making a return to Kingsthorpe Mill is midfielder Sean McBride who has had spells with Newport Pagnell and AFC Rushden & Diamonds since his previous stint in Spencer colours. It’s a steady start for Spencer as they find their footings in their higher grade surroundings, with 3 draws and a single defeat from their opening 4 games. On a positive note, Spencer progressed in the FA Cup after a 3-0 away win at Whitworths of Wellingborough, but now face a difficult away tie against higher grade opponents - Uxbridge. Meanwhile the O.N. Chenecks Junior Cup winners will be back in action this season. The addition of some new faces will give Graham Cottle’s squad greater depth. Tom Caton and Ben Foster have switched from Bugbrooke while a trio of players have also been signed from Woodford. Goalkeeper Darren Smith, left back Perry Moore and striker Justin McKenzie are the new arrivals. The forthcoming season will see Chenecks make history as they compete in the FA Vase for the first time. Chenecks kicked off the campaign with a win, a draw, and a defeat in their opening three games, which have all been away because of cricket commitments at their Billing Road ground. The victory being a 3-2 victory at Woodford United, which also saw them score their first goals of the new campaign, Ben Foster and a brace from the marauding Ben Lewington secured three valuable points. 49

ANDREW DRAPER Garden Construction & Groundwork All aspects of hard landscaping, patios, driveways, block paving and soft landscaping For a professional & reliable service Telephone:

01604 720157 Mobile:

07810 513307 113, Birchfield Road, Northampton NN1 4RQ

Lancashire Hotpot

A succulent, slow-cooked classic for when only meat and potatoes will do!

Serves: 4 Cook time: Ready in about 2 hours Ready in: 60 Minutes Freezer friendly. Ingredients: Low calorie cooking spray; 8 lamb leg steaks, all visible fat removed, cut into bite-size pieces; 3 large onions, roughly chopped; 4 celery sticks, roughly chopped; 4 large carrots, peeled and roughly chopped; 1 level tbsp plain flour; 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce; 4 tbsp tomato purée; 500ml lamb stock; 2 bay leaves; 800g potatoes peeled and thinly sliced; A handful of fresh flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped, to garnish. Method: Preheat your oven to 160°C/140°C Fan/ Gas 3. Place a large casserole dish sprayed with low calorie cooking spray over a high heat. Cook the lamb in 2 batches for 3-4 minutes each, or until browned. Transfer to a plate with a slotted spoon, cover and set aside. Add the onions, celery and carrots to the dish and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes. Sprinkle over the flour and cook for a further 2 minutes. Add the Worcestershire sauce, tomato purée and stock, and bring to the boil.

Return the lamb to the dish, stir in the bay leaves and remove from the heat. Arrange the sliced potatoes on top of the meat and veg, cover and cook in the oven for 1½ hours, or until the potatoes and lamb are tender. Turn up the heat to 200°C/180°C Fan/Gas 6, spray the potato slices with low calorie cooking spray and cook the hotpot for a further 10 minutes, uncovered, until golden. Garnish with the parsley and serve. Tip: Make it a beef hotpot by using 800g beef stewing steak (all visible fat removed) in place of the lamb. 50


• Wide range of Kitchens • Easy Bath Solutions • Walk in Showers • Walk in Baths • Wide range of Kitchens • Easy Bath Solutions • Walk in Showers • Walk in Baths • Comfort-height WCs • Wet Rooms • Taps • Accessories • Design & Expert Fitting Service • Comfort-height WCs • Wet Rooms • Taps • Accessories • Design & Expert Fitting Service


• Wide range of Kitchens • Easy Bath Solutions • Walk in Showers • Walk in Baths • Comfort-height WCs • Wet Rooms • Taps • Accessories • Design & Expert Fitting Service

Free parking to the rear of the shop in St Michaels Car Park - a 1 minute walk! • Wide range of Kitchens • Easy Bath Solutions • Walk in Showers • Walk in Baths • Wide range of Kitchens • Easy Bath Solutions • Walk in Showers • Walk in Baths • Comfort-height WCs • Wet Rooms • Taps • Accessories • Design & Expert Fitting Service • Comfort-height WCs • Wet Rooms • Taps • Accessories • Design & Expert Fitting Service






FREE 3D Planning Service FREE App to FREE 3D view 360° at Planning Service FREE 3D home Planning FREE Service 3D FREE 3D FREE App to Planning Planning Service Service view App 360° to at FREE FREE App to home view 360° at FREE App to view 360° at home view 360° at home


1 Abington Square, Northampton, NN1 4AE Tel: 01604 622977

1 Abington Square, Northampton, NN14AE 4AE Tel: 01604 622977 1 Abington Square, Northampton, NN1 01604 622977 Wellingborough Road, Finedon, Northants NN9Tel: 5JS Tel: 01933 682381 18-10 Abington Square, Northampton, NN1 4AE Tel: 01604 622977 8-10 Wellingborough Road, Finedon, Northants Northants NN9 5JS Tel: 01933 682381 8-10 Wellingborough Road, Finedon, NN9 5JS Tel: 01933 682381 Open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm 8-10 Wellingborough Road, Finedon, Northants NN9 5JS Tel: 01933 682381

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm OpenOpen Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm please mention abington & around when responding to adverts

Thank god for the dyson! The man officially credited with inventing the vacuum cleaner was Hubert Cecil Booth who actually got the idea from a man who almost invented it! In October 1901, Booth visited a London Music hall. On the bill was an American inventor with his wonder machine for removing dust from carpets. The machine comprised of a box, about one foot square with a bag on top. However, the act didn’t quite go to plan as everyone in the front six rows began sneezing! Booth went round to the inventor’s dressing room to offer some friendly advice but got more than a dusty welcome. In Booth’s eyes, the machine needed to suck and not blow but his sensible suggestion enraged the inventor. ‘Your machine just moves the dust around the room’ Booth informed him and then demonstrated his point by kneeling down, pursing his lips and sucking the back of an armchair . . . . almost choking to death in the process. The unimpressed inventor dismissed the idea and its Family Run ss Busine

     

purveyor with a swift boot up the posterior but months later Booth returned with the Puffing Billy - a large vacuum cleaner first powered by an oil engine and later by an electric motor. However, he failed to achieve success mainly because of it’s large size – initially, it required a horse-drawn carriage for transport but later four wheels. Before vacuum cleaners existed, people had to take their carpets outside and beat the living daylights out of them. Some people cleaned their carpets only once a year usually in spring and this led to many dust mites taking their summer vacations earlier than planned!

Painting & Decorating

Plastering Re-Skirting Artexing Coving Roses Picture Rails

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Dado Rails Property Maintenance Painting & Decorating

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Internal & External

Papered Feature Walls To Complete Rooms

Free Written Quotations Up To Date References With All Quotations Insurance Work From Start To Finish Quality Service & Work - 20 Years Experience

Call Kerry or Tony Tel: 01604

464230 Mobile: 07858 456861


0800 5422134 or 07802 851437

Full Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services Wet & Dry Systems Stain Removal Environmentally Friendly Products



40 Moore Street, Kingsley, Northampton - Established in 1983


To advertise call Bev on 07747 632918 or email:

Charles Nunn Heating Services Integrity - Quality Of Service - Respect


Energy Efficient Condensing Boiler Installations Including Combi’s


New Central Heating Systems


Landlord Gas Certs & Boiler Servicing


Old Radiators Replaced/Upgraded

For A Free No Obligation Consultation Contact:

Mobile: 07805 555510

Rose House, 39 Kingswell Street, Northampton NN1 1PP

01604 620662 07515 985114


• Premium cleaning from a trusted local c • End of tenancy carpet cleans. Park Avenue North, Abington • Single room to a whole house • Domestic and commercial • The very best equipment guarantees th • Premium cleaning from a trusted local company. results. • Premium cleaning from a trusted • End of tenancy carpet cleans. local company. • Money back guarantee. Single room to a whole house carpet cleans. Qualified In Heating•SinceEnd 1989 of •tenancy • Fully trained and insured. • Domestic and commercial • Visit our website for genuine customer • Single room to a whole house • The very best equipment guarantees the best • Domesticresults. and commercial Fresh Clean • Money back guarantee. • The very best equipment guarantees the best carpets Fully trained and insured. Guaranteed. results.•• Visit our website for genuine customer testimonials. charlesnunnheatingservices

Undertaken with

Care & Dignity

sunflower car

• Money back guarantee. and p• eFully t trained c l eFresh aClean ninsured. ing carpets • Visit our website for genuine customer testimonials. Guaranteed.

Call Tony Now on

a Premium cleaning from a trusted local company. 01604 671757 or email Fresh Clean Visit a End of tenancy carpet cleans. carpets our website a Single room to a whole house. Guaranteed. Call Tony Now on nuine for a Domestic and Commercial. 01604 671757 or email customer ials a The very best equipment guarantees the best results. testimon a Money back guarantee. a Fully trained and insured.

Call Tony Now on Call Tony NOW on671757 01604or 671757 01604 email

or email: please mention abington & around when responding to adverts

On the street

You will find school term dates on page 60

Do you need assistance with your housework?

Our professional and efficient staff will give you more time to relax or spend with your family . Rate from only £9.50ph (area related) . Includes monthly management fee . Fully vetted cleaners . Insurance provided . Sickness & holiday cover provided on request . One off cleans available POA

0800 043 0231 : 07871 642 826 E:

For a free estimate please call Mick on

07947 647850 01604 456621 No job too small!!

If you live in a town or city, you’re likely to encounter people who ask you for money. You may also come across beggars when you are travelling overseas. Begging children, elderly people, or disabled people can be difficult to encounter and hard to walk away from without giving them some money or buying their wares. But according to many workers at homeless shelters, giving a beggar money will only provide a very short term solution to a long standing problem. Instead of giving a beggar money, try to treat them with polite dignity and if you want to help them, offer them food, or tell them that you will donate to a local charity or shelter that supports their needs. The argument over giving money to a beggar is complicated. Let’s face facts; it’s virtually impossible for us to detect a genuine need or a scam so giving money on the spot seems like you are rewarding their begging behaviour or enabling them to simply continue begging for a living. Offering food instead of money shows a beggar that you want to help them. A cup of coffee or a sandwich from a local shop nearby is adequate and if you tell the shop assistant who you are buying it for, it is always worth asking them if they can reduce the price – they can only say no! Always acknowledge a beggar with eye contact. Often, we view beggars as obstacles or as rude intrusions, but this creates a disconnect between you and the beggar, as a person. Though they are in a tough situation, beggars are also people and it’s important not to assume anything about their situation. It’s easy to think it’s their choice to live on the streets or that they may be drug addicts, but we can’t be certain. Offering food or charity donations is a safe way of helping them.

please mention abington & around when responding to adverts

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There's something missing from this picture.......

June / July Put on your apron and dust off those weighing scales and host a



..... YOU!

One 20 Recruitment Always require reliable Always requiregood, good, reliable


Cake sale, bake off, coffee morning, tea choose!

For a variety of contracts across Northants / Beds / Bucks Regular or Casual work available For further information, Please call our freefone number

For your FREE fundraising pack call Sue on 01604 678088 or email:

0800 1120 120

(or 01604 926120 from mobiles)

ÂŁ150.00 55

(discounted for concessions or when bought in advance). Not only will you enjoy a whole week and weekend of the incredible talent and diverse music that our town has to offer, you will also be helping to fight poverty across the world.

Oxjam Takeover Northampton 2015

Wrist band tickets costs £9 / £7 advance / £6 concessions.

Oxjam began in 2006, with the aim of creating a network of music-loving people across the UK, all united by a shared goal - to raise money to fight poverty and suffering around the world. Nine years on we’re still going strong, with hundreds of incredible gigs taking place each October.

Full details can be found at the Oxjam Northampton site Also there are many ways to get involved with Oxjam and be a part of the fun. You could organise your own event or help out at a local Oxjam gig?

The great thing about Oxjam is the diversity of the events on offer, this year in Northampton a Multivenue Takeover is happening on the 17th & 18th October at venues such as Charles Bradlaugh, Labour Club, Thomas a Becket, Barratts, The Vic Inn and featuring bands and artists from Northampton and surrounding area.

For more information contact Alison Frank on 07743 585948 or email: or find us on social media Facebook: oxjam northampton / twitter: oxjam_northants

You can go to the festival and gain access to a variety of venues across the town by buying a reasonably-priced wristband on our website 56

To advertise call Bev on 07747 632918 or email: You can advertise for as little as £20! terms & conditions apply, subject to space being available!

• All types of Windows and Doors • Fascias and Soffits • All Roofline Products • In a choice of colours Featuring Antique Pippy Oak in Traditional Shaker

Visit W Our NE m o


View our Trend Kitchen Collection From planning to completion Free quotations from no-pressure salesmen

Tel: 01604 791791 • Conservatories • Orangeries • Kitchen and Dining Room Extensions

From planning to completion From design to manufacturing Built to highest quality

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open Showroomweek 7 days a ri Mon-F 9am-5.30pm Sat & Sun 10am-3pm

Arthur Street, Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northampton NN2 6EG Tel: 01604 791791 Fax: 01604 791599 email:




Are you looking for professional window cleaners in Northampton to bring your home’s windows back to life? Do you wish your driveway or patio still looked freshly laid?

. . . TO THIS

Window Cleaning . Conservatories Gutter & Fascia Cleaning . Power Washing Internal High Level Vacuming

Call: 07920 486778 Email:


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What’s on in October & November 1-3 Oct Hairspray at Derngate 2 Oct Golden Gate of Magic at Royal 2 Oct Murder Mystery Eve at Wheatsheaf Dallington 3 Oct Right on Song at Abbey Centre Tel: 752771 3 Oct O.N’s 1st XV v Peterborough at Billing Rd (3pm) 3 Oct Antiques & Collectors Fair at Abington Church Rooms, Park Ave North 4 Oct Harvest festival at Abington Church in Pk 10am 5 Oct Jeeves & Wooster at the Royal 6 Oct Antiques & Collectors fair at Bugbrooke FC 6-10 Oct Days of Wine & Roses at 11 Derngate 7 Oct Buddy Holly Tribute at Derngate 8 Oct Paddy McGuiness at Derngate 8 Oct MacMillan Coffee Morning 10.30-12 noon at Abington Library 9 Oct Steve Hackett at Derngate 10 Oct Cobblers v Hartlepool at Sixfields 13 Oct All Star 60’s at Derngate 15 Oct Coffee Morning Mary Winslow - Living with dementia 10.30-12 noon at Abington Library 16 Oct-7 Nov Gaslight at the Royal 16 Oct Masquerade Ball in aid of Autism at Guildhall 17 Oct Mums Union Autm Fayre at Christchurch 10-12 18 Oct Oboe Recital at Abington Church in Park 3pm 20 Oct Cobblers v Carlisle at Sixfields 23 Oct Elvis Tribute at Derngate 24 Oct Cobblers v Stevenage at Sixfields 24 Oct Saints v Newcastle (AP) at Franklins Grdns 24 Oct Hansel & Gretel at the Deco 24 Oct O.N’s 1st XV v Scunthorpe at Billing Rd (3pm) 24-31 Oct Big Draw Event at Delapre Abbey

1 Nov Glen Miller Story at Derngate 2 Nov Paul Potts at Derngate 4-7 Nov Last Night a DJ saved my life at Derngate 5 Nov Comedy All Stars at Duston Sports Centre 7 Nov Fireworks at Parklands Community Ctre 8pm 7 Nov Saints v Saracens (AP) at Franklins Gardens 7 Nov Antiques & Collectors Fair at Abington Church Rooms, Park Ave North 8 Nov A Day to Remember at the Royal 9-14 Nov Daphne Du Mauriers Rebecca at Derngate 11 Nov Hal Cruttenden at the Royal 12 Nov Pam Ayers at the Royal 14 Nov Cobblers v Mansfield at Sixfields 14-15 Nov Xmas Craft Fairs at Hanger 1, Sywell Air 14 Nov Saints v Scarlets (HC) at Franklins Gardens 14 Nov O.N’s 1st XV v Birm’ham at Billing Rd (2.15pm) 15 Nov NMPAT (Young Musicians) at Derngate 15 Nov – 03 Jan 16 The Snow Queen at the Royal 17 Nov Glitz, Blitz & 70’s Hitz at Derngate 19 Nov Coffee morning - Mike Gibson ‘Elgar and Me’ 10.30-12 noon at Abington Library 21 Nov Strictly Northampton at Derngate 25 Nov Jools Holland at Derngate 26 Joe Brown at Derngate 27 Nov Sinatra Centenary at Derngate 28 Nov Cobblers v Yeovil at Sixfields 28 Nov Saints v Gloucester (AP) at Franklins Gardens 28 Nov O.N’s 1st XV v Hinckley at Billing Rd (2.15pm) 28 Nov That’ll be the Day at Derngate 28-29 Nov Christmas at Castle Ashby 29 Nov Steeleye Span at Derngate

QUIZ ANSWERS CROSSWORD: ACROSS 1. Preludes 6. Into 8. Crust 9. Slackened 11. Undergo 12. Grendel 13. Supersonic 15. Snub 17. Lobe 19. Brown Paper 22. Oakland 24. Introit 25. Spaghetti 26. Iliad 27. Gate 28. Doggerel DOWN: 2. Roundup 3. Literary 4. Discolour 5. Slang 6. Inkjet 7. Tuned in 8. Counsellors 10. Deliberated 14. In writing 16. Spitfire 18. Baklava 20. Profile 21. Daphne 23. Dated SPORTSWORD: 1. Phil Read 2. Antonio Orozco 3. Trevor Bayliss 4. Roy Emerson 5. Ian Rush 6. Codie Taylor 7. Kelly Smith. The new man at Manchester City is Patrick Roberts, signed from Fulham. Did you find Abington Bear? No? Take a closer look on pages 6, 15, 26, 40, 45, 53 & 60. 58

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World War 1:

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, and Royal & Derngate Theatre have been commemorating the World War 1 Centenary through a project titled ‘Conflict & Community’. The project involves gathering Northampton family stories from that period and a programme of family events and public talks held to remember the impact of the war on the Northampton community. As part of this project the Museum and Theatre are hosting a History Symposium from 9.30am to 3pm, on Saturday 10th October 2015. The symposium will include a wide range of talks, covering different Northamptonshire Regiments and their journeys, the effects of air raids on the county, the work of conscientious objectors and others left behind, as well as much more local wartime history. This will all be taking place at Northampton Guildhall, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, and Royal & Derngate Theatre. All are welcome, whether local history enthusiasts, researchers, or those with a general interest. For only £10 to attend the day, guests will be able to hear Professor Lloyd Clarke (Professor

of Modern War Studies, Buckingham University) deliver his keynote speech on the conflict and its impacts.There are a variety of speakers sharing their research into different aspects of WW1 Northampton. Explore a range of WW1 themed displays provided by local history organisations. View our exhibition about ‘The Battle of Aubers Ridge’. Local people are invited to attend and join in remembering Northampton during the First World War and can network with other researchers and the community over a buffet lunch. To book tickets call the Royal & Derngate Theatre on 01604 624811 or online:

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School Term Dates Term 1 (2015/16)

Thursday 3 September 2015 to Friday 23 October 2015

Term 2 (2015/16)

Tuesday 3 November 2015 to Friday 18 December 2015

Term 3 (2015/16)

Tuesday 5 January 2016 to Friday 12 Febuary 2016

Term 4 (2015/16)

Monday 22 February 2016 to Thursday 24 March 2016 (dates taken from N.C.C. website & may vary)

USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS Abington Medical Centre 01604 723420 Abington Park Surgery 01604 630396 Age UK Northants 01604 611200 Citizens Advice Bureau 0870 1202433 Electricity (power loss) 0800 056 8090 Gas (emergency) 0800 111 999 King Edward Medical Centre (Ardington Road) 01604 611600 Neighbour Watch 08453 700700 ext.7536 National Assoc Blind 01604 719193 Northampton General Hospital Main 01604 634700 A & E 01604 545601 Outpatients 01604 545485 Police Non - Emergency 101 New Landcross Post Office 01604 621377 Samaritans 08457 909090 Water (emergency) 08457 145 145



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history symposium

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30th Northampton Company

The 30th Northampton Company celebrates its 70th birthday this year having been founded at Park Avenue Methodist Church with many of the founder members transferring from the Bush Hill Company which closed due to lack of leaders following the war. On Sunday the 8th of November there will be a special 30th Northampton Remembrance Sunday Boys Brigade birthday celebration service at 10.30am at Park Avenue Church. All past members and officers are invited to come along and meet old friends. An important part of the service will be an act of Remembrance for those who gave their lives serving their country including many Boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Brigade members. Afterwards there will be tea, coffee and birthday cake served and the chance to talk about old times and meet the current boys and officers of the company. For further information, please contact Trevor Wood via the e-mail address pamc.youthworker@ or

Park Avenue

Methodist Church 90 years young!


30th Boys Brigade

70 years old!

In September 1925 the doors of Park Avenue opened and immediately the building became an important centre of the community in the Abington area. Large congregations attended on Sundays and weekdays were busy too with meetings for all ages. Of course the church has moved with the times instead of morning and evening worship we now have 2 services in the morning. One keeps a more traditional style with the organ and choir providing the music and the other service in the hall is more informal with a music group and a more modern style of worship. For the young people there is also Sunday club. For more info call on 01604 720624. 62

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In and around Abington Oct Nov 2015  
In and around Abington Oct Nov 2015