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New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021


July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Albuquerque/Belen/Rio Rancho

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New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

RIO RANCHO 4005 High Resort Blvd SE 3777 NM Highway 528 NE

ALBUQUERQUE 6100 Pan American Fwy NE 401 San Mateo Blvd SE 3630 Las Estancias Dr SW

Give better health a better chance. Call (844) 505-PRES for an appointment.

What’s in this issue for you! July/August 2021

Vol. 30 No. 4



Kids! Calendar pg 15

Families Explore“Urban Ecologies” pg 6

Young Scientist pg 18

eSports pg 10

Guest Columns pg 19, 20

NM Schools Offer Competitive Gaming Fun and Edu

Let’s Read! pg 22

Donkey Hodie pg 12

Kids’ Art pg 24

New PBS Show Features Granddaugther of Original ‘Donkey Hodie’ From Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Let’s Draw pg 25 Check out our “ONLINE DIRECTORY of FAMILY RESOURCES” at newmexico-kids.com!

Afterschool Activities Directory pg 26

Cover Story Hi. My name is Gabe. I am 12 years old and I was born and raised in Albuquerque. I like cars, sports and playing ideo games. I made this when I was 11 years old, in the fifth grade at Inspira Learning Community. We were studying Germany and learned that Garden Gnomes originated there in the 1800s. This art was made with watercolors. I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to submit art to be considered for a New Mexico Kids! cover, please email a copy to kids@newmexico-kids.com or send a snapshot of the work to New Mexico Kids!, 9100 Galaxia Way NE, Alb. NM 87111. Don’t forget to include your phone number!

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July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Families Explore “Urban Ecologies” at the SF Railyard By DEBORAH BEGEL

On my first visit to see “Urban Ecologies” at the Railyard Park in Santa Fe, I had trouble finding four of the exhibits. One wasn’t installed yet and a couple others were in progress. As I wandered, I wondered what it’s about. Later, I returned with map in hand and hunted down all the letters on the guide. Gradually I realized that the installations ask visitors to dig a little deeper to find meaning, with a loose theme rooted in the relationships of humans to the web of life. Or in this case, in Railyard Park, a 13-acre wedge that runs along Cerrillos Road a bit east of St. Francis Drive.

Tiffany Black (left) and Christine Wilson (right) created “Infinite Green” with Leticia Bajuyo, (not pictured). They want people to re-examine their lawn care practices. Photos by Deborah Begel.

A partnership of three organizations sponsored the exhibit: ArtPark21, the Railyard Park Conservancy and Railyard Art Project. Kathryn York, the conservancy’s marketing director, expanded on the role of the exhibit. “I think we'd like to let people know that learning about environmental issues and learning about botany, learning about your local ecosystem is fun,” she said. “It can be playful, it can be serious and it's also really important.” For example, the work “Rootwalk,” by Albuquerque artist Hollis Moore “honors the relations between people and plants,” as stated in her web description. She has placed her exhibit in and above the community garden. Perched on the fence is a wooden box with a large latch. Inside, when available, are beautifully written and artistically laid out printed zines with 21 stories written by locals about Southwestern plants. People also can scan the QR code inside the box to see the zine online. Below the box in the garden, yerba mansa (or lizard tail) has been planted. Moore calls it “the heart of the project.” She explains, “It has a lot of medicinal uses that people in the Southwest have used for many, many years.” She calls it a “metaphor for community.” The author of the story about the herb, Dara Saville, writes that this species probably existed “very early in the evolution of flowering plants.” She believes dinosaurs stepped on it!


New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

Fully above ground is Albuquerque sculptor John Davis’ “A Drop of Water.” Davis collaborated with Dane Hjeresen, an electronic artist, to build a structure of tree posts on which a holding tank and a water catchment apparatus are perched, along with pipes, sensors and other equipment. Below is a two-ton boulder with a small water basin that Davis carved into its flat top. When the water in the basin evaporates, sensors are supposed to tell the tank to release a small amount of water. A visitor can also push a button to release water if the basin is dry. The message, Davis says, is that Some of the plinths in “(not pictured)” have been dam“it’s a bit like we aged and signs stolen. The artists plan to replace the signs. are living on a piece of stone, savoring every drop of water that comes our way.” He notes another correlation. “That’s a bit of a theme of ‘Urban Ecologies’ too,” he says, “understanding that the human element is just one component of all these organisms that are living together.” On a lighter note, it’s fun to come across “Infinite Green,” whose centerpiece is an old manual lawn mower decked out in green paint and AstroTurf. It has been placed on a runway of AstroTurf between two large rolls of it. It’s the creation of TLC Art Collective: Leticia R. Bajuyo, who does “site-specific installations,” mural painter Tiffany Black and landscape architect Christine Wilson. The goal of their exhibit, says Wilson, is to encourage viewers to pose for photos with the piece, “so they're on this sort of hamster wheel of never-ending lawn care. It's really meant to raise questions about the amount of resources that go into lawn maintenance.” Wilson offers an alternative to growing and mowing grass. “Native plants are definitely the route to go,” she said. “One, they're going to be easier to maintain because they naturally want to be here, but also they are just one piece of the puzzle with all the bugs and the bees and the butterflies.” Richard Lowenberg is a planner and architect who designed “Mushroom Economics.” He wants to encourage people to think about the relationships of humans to both economics and nature. His project is designed for travel, meaning that the mushrooms he hides will disappear from the park, which seems to be a subtheme in “Urban Ecologies.” He’s creating 300 Amenita-like ceramic mushrooms. Their white stems are topped with bright red caps decorated with small white splotches. Lowenberg is hiding them sporadically until the show ends Sept. 22. Inside each stem is a note that invites the person who found the mushroom to take it home, and once there, go to a website and record the person’s zip code or country and the number on the paper. From those entries, he will make a graph and a pie chart that show how many mushrooms ended up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the United States and other countries. Santa Fe artist Paula Castillo’s project, “All Felled,” reflects “the diaspora of the Douglas fir harvested from Jicarita Peak near Peñasco at the beginning of the 20th century to supply ties to the AT&SF Railroad.” She has taken glow in the dark chalk and written on the sidewalk the following words, which are, yet again, intended to disappear: “I can read like a clock from here that my flesh and bones are somehow parceled continued on page 8

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July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!



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A Great Family Activity!



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with the bulging forests that surround us.” I wasn’t sure what this meant. “I’ll think about it later,” I thought. I couldn’t miss “Industry,” which looks like a big rusty water tank. Visitors can look through a peephole to see a large-scale kaleidoscope inside that produces an illusion of a 3-D sphere. “Collectively we have lost our relationship with play, with nature and discovery,” writes artist Lance Ryan McGoldrick. “Oh dear,” I think. “Have we?” He urges us to consider how “we reflect, re-establish, and re-wild.” “Is there a blueprint for this?” I ask. An exhibit titled “(not pictured)” consists of five plinths scattered about the park, each with a sign on top. These signs tell the story of what happens when one culture or entity appears and dominates another. The trio who created this exhibit are nicholas b jacobsen, Catherine Page Harris and laura “bug” carlson. Jacobsen says they chose their title in response to a sign at Railyard Park thanking some families for their efforts to settle this part of Santa Fe. It included a photo. “Two of the brothers were listed as (not pictured),” he said, “and so we started to think about all the other aspects of that land and that park which are also not pictured.” When the three artists made the plinths, they wanted the layers to reflect the geological layers below the Railyard Park. As a result, they built a form for each plinth and then filled in one layer at a time with clay, gravel, sand and water. Then they carefully – forcefully – tamped down each layer. This rammed earth method is ancient, Harris explained. “Almost all civilization happens next to water,” she pointed out, “and alluvial valleys and water move soil and gravel and dirt and so one of the ways this particular project looked to me was like a cross section or a core sample of the way the river would have moved through the Santa Fe valley and dropped off sediments and gravels and clays.” “Are you familiar with multi-colored soil maps?” she asked me. I nodded. “I love them. They’re so beautiful, all these different colors, and they sort of have these different forms, and I think we were kind of trying for a three-dimensionality of that.” Jacobsen added a bigger picture comment: “My experience with a lot of the conversations in ecologies currently is that they are about disappearances. They are about what we are losing or what we have already lost or hope not to lose in the near future.” Eco- means habitat or environment and comes from the Latin word that means household, “oeco,” and from the Greek word that means home as in vicinity, “oik” or “oiko.” Richard Lowenberg noted that the “concept of ‘ecos’ is important to all of us, whether we use that root term or not. It’s that relational thinking, that understanding, eco-mindedness that I think is the basis for everything for our future.” That future is, in fact, on Shannon Palermo’s mind. As executive director of the Railyard Park Conservancy, she commented, “We really value community engagement in public space, but also environmental sustainability, so all of our work sort of intersects at those two things.” More connections. Intersections. Exploration of relationships to come. The bonus is that, while contemplating such matters, I can walk around the park and observe how human intervention meets the natural state, intersecting in so many delightful and pleasing ways. Worth the trip. Urban Ecologies will be up until Sept. 22. More info: railyardpark.org/urbanecologies Rootzine: hollislmoore.com/rootwalk + QR code

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New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

Hollis Moore’s “Rootwalk” invites people to look at her zine, which has information and stories about 21 traditional N.M. plants.



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July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


eSports NM Schools Offer Competitive Gaming By KELSEY SINCLAIR Gone are the days when kids played video games alone, clacking on the keyboard in their rooms. Today, talented eSports players can join New Mexico high school and collegiate teams to win big bucks and sizable scholarships. The New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) recognizes eSports as a K-12 activity and local college students are honing their skills to dominate video game tournaments. Gaming is growing fast and New Mexico students are leading the way. eSports refers to the world of competitive gaming, usually with popular titles like “League of Legends,” “Call of Duty,” “Super Smash Bros,” “Fortnite” and “OverWatch.” Once a fringe hobby saved for LAN parties and arcades, eSports is now a multibilliondollar industry where top athletes can earn seven-figure salaries and lucrative sponsorships. There is a strong spectator component, and gamers can build an audience of millions of passionate fans over video platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Even for students who aren’t interested in stardom, the exploding eSports industry has countless career opportunities for students to explore, including marketing, production, tech support and coaching. In the past few years, collegiate eSports exploded in popularity and many colleges announced new eSports teams and scholarships. More than 200 colleges offer a combined $15 million in scholarships, according to the eSports infrastructure organization PlayVS. Student Dylan Bowman is well acquainted with the putdowns of eSports naysayers: “Is that really a sport?” “That’s just a hobby.” “You can’t make that a career.” He’s a member of the University of New Mexico eSports club and helps manage their events. While these doubts often arise when he speaks about the club to new students, it has attracted 600 members since its founding in 2018. Eighty of those members compete in eSports tournaments. “There is a lot of genuine interest from people,” Bowman said. “At least to some extent, everyone understands gaming whether




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New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

you went to an arcade or had an older sibling you played video games against. There is this interest from both faculty and students. The more we’ve been able to get out the word to students, the more people have joined the club.” Like other sports, there is a regular season in the fall and spring and teams practice throughout the semester. While the club values competition, many members join just to play games and share memes with new friends. The club hosts game nights during the semester and other social activities. “As long as you have an interest and are willing to participate in the community, you are welcome here with open arms,” Bowman said. Not only does the team provide community to students but also it helps them develop skills. “We encourage academics and development of the students while they’re here in this setting but they also develop the skills and marketability for someone who wants to enter eSports as a career. We take a holistic approach with academics at the forefront,” said Bernardo Gallegos, staff adviser for UNM eSports. Bowman credits eSports with keeping him in college. “I not only like the club and the community environment and support that comes with it but also the motivation of wanting to be a part of this and get a career in this field,” Bowman said. “How do I do that? I have to maintain good grades and attendance.” The team will have a larger percentage of students with high school eSports experience than ever before due to the expansion of high school eSports teams in New Mexico, Bowman said. At one “League of Legends” tournament, about half the teams were from high schools. “It was kind of like, ‘Wow! I wish I had (had) that in high school.’” At Rio Rancho High School, the eSports program began six years ago and now has about 100 active members, 25 of whom compete. “We see (students) from varsity swimming, tennis, basketball and football to drama, marching band, theater and debate. It really does run the gamut of who shows up. Once you put controllers in their hands and get them playing a game together though, those differences don't matter; they all become gamers,” said Michael Mascone, head of the Rio Rancho High School eSports program. Students must meet grade requirements for eSports as in other sports, Mascone said. “We have seen some really positive things in relation to grades for some of our players,” he said. “The NMAA mandates a 2.0 and no Fs for students to be able to play on competitive teams, and I push that even further by requiring a 2.5. If my players don't have that, then they have meetings and study sessions with me, either at school or virtually, until their grades come up. Esports has also been a great way to level the playing field for all ages and physical abilities. It doesn't matter if you are the fastest on the football field, the strongest in wrestling or the tallest on the volleyball court, everyone has the same starting point in esports,” Mascone said. Coaches agreed that some parents have trouble understanding gaming as a sport, but they can see their child blossom by participating in a school activity. JD Mead, a member of the NMAA eSports Advisory Board and a coach at Portales High School, has encountered some skeptical parents. His advice? Just show the child support. Parental support will boost confidence, help playing ability and improve academic performance. “One of my players told me that their family members were so excited that this student wanted to nail an upcoming test to make sure that they can continue to play, even though they had As and Bs,” Mead said. “I think some parents have a better understanding of what gaming looks like versus what it used to be back in the late ‘90s/early 2000s. I think the big thing that helped parents out was watching their child compete on our Twitch stream and being able to cheer them on. They may not fully understand the sport but the kids knowing that their family and friends are cheering them on is nice.”



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July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Donkey Hodie

New PBS Puppet Show Features Granddaugther of Original ‘Donkey Hodie’ From Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

for New Mexico PBS. “With puppets, it’s so much more tactile, more present.” As they began developing the show several years ago, the team from Fred Rogers Productions and Spiffy Pictures talked about the themes of perseverance and resilience. They couldn’t have foreseen how the COVID-19 pandemic would make those values even more vital.

By TANIA SOUSSAN As Donkey Hodie and Purple Panda climb toward the tippy top peak of Mount Really High Up, they find their energy waning. Donkey, a bright yellow donkey with a magenta mane, encourages her loyal and empathetic best friend to keep going. “We’re strong and we’re brave and we’ve done really hard things before,” she says. Later she suggests that instead of thinking of their

Purple Panda and Donkey Hodie. Courtesy photo.

Fred Rogers and the original Donkey Hodie entertain children. Courtesy archival photo taken before 1971.

tired toesies and tired thumbsies, they should count their steps along the trail. It’s just the kind of thing Donkey does. She’s a can-do girl who helps inspire kids to dream big, be resourceful and persevere to realize their goals. Donkey and Panda are two of the main characters in “Donkey Hodie,” a new PBS Kids puppet series for preschoolers that premiered in May. Donkey is the granddaughter of the original Donkey Hodie character, now known as Grampy Hodie, a puppet that appeared in the Land of Make Believe in “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Parents might remember Grampy as the character who had a recycling factory and created such inventions as a potato washer. He went to Someplace Else – now the setting for “Donkey Hodie” – to build a windmill after King Friday said it would be too noisy and messy. Inspired by the quirky, funny side of Fred Rogers, the new “Donkey Hodie” show furthers his mission of helping kids navigate the challenges of childhood. The series features original new music along with reimagined versions of Rogers’ songs. “I’m really excited they decided to make it a puppet show instead of an animated show,” said Laurel Wyckoff, education and outreach manager


New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

“It has taken on a whole new meaning,” said Ellen Doherty, chief creative officer of Fred Rogers Productions and executive producer of “Donkey Hodie.” “We hope Donkey and her pals will inspire kids to keep trying even when tasks get hard and to face challenges with an ‘I can do this’ attitude.” The show also has appeal for grown-ups who remember watching “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” There are Easter eggs, or hidden references, in the production design, set pieces and music, Doherty said. For example, an episode in which Donkey and the energetic Bob Dog want to create a “rest nest” for yodel birds features the song “I Like to Take My Time,” which was written by Fred Rogers. “I hope that adults watching it do get inspiration,” Doherty said. The creators hope the show will help parents guide their children in becoming strong critical thinkers and problem solvers. Of course, Donkey gets frustrated at times. In the Mount Really High Up episode, Grampy Hodie appears to give her and Panda a much-needed boost. He tells them that he didn’t make it to the peak on his very first try and explains that just because you can’t do something now doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it it later. “It’s a really joyful show,” Doherty said. “With Donkey’s upbeat attitude, she’s really modeling ways of resilience.... Donkey is resilient because she has the love and support of family and friends around her.” Wyckoff said, “Donkey Hodie” helps kids practice kindness and face their fears. Donkey also models asking for help, something children need during these difficult times. She added that it’s not just a show but it also comes with a suite of online content. Kids and parents can find games, activities and full episodes on pbskids.org and on the free PBS KIDS Games and Videos apps. Parent resources such as tips and hands-on activities to extend the learning at home will be available on PBS KIDS for Parents. PBS LearningMedia will offer classroom-ready materials for teachers, including video excerpts, games, teaching tips and printable activities. Airtimes: 11 am Monday through Friday on Ch.5.1 and various times on New Mexico PBS Kids Ch.5.2

Santa Fe

Santa Fe

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July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!





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July/August 2021



New Mexico Kids! Calendar & Virtual Activities New Mexico Kids! has compiled a list of inperson and virtual events, activities and resources. Most businesses, schools, organizations and programs have social media accounts and channels that can be found by searching for their names. As of press time, listings were up to date but things are changing rapidly and schedules can change. To have your events listed for free in the September/October issue, fill out our calendar form at newmexico-kids.com, or send date, time, place, cost, description of activity, sponsoring organization and contact phone to kids@newmexico-kids.com. The deadline is Aug 18. Calendar listings are not guaranteed due to space limitations. All phone numbers have a 505 area code unless otherwise noted.

Arts & Crafts July 7, Hand-Built Mug Workshop, 4-5pm. Make a mug for hot drinks. Clay and tools provided, mug will take a week to dry and will be fired for pick up; ages 8+. $25, Creativity Warehouse, 1950 Juan Tabo NE, ABQ, creativitywarehouse.com/ register-classes%2Fparties/ola/services/ copy-of-hand-built-mug-workshop. July 7, 14, 21, Children’s Summer Take and Makes, 9am-5pm. Celebrate this year’s reading program by bringing home crafts and science activities. Pick up a kit and follow instructions on the YouTube page; ages 5-12, registration required, quantities limited. Free, Rio Rancho Libraries, riorancholibraries.evanced.info/signup/calendar. July 9, Online: Introduction to Block Printing, noon-2pm. A Zoom workshop offers an intimate virtual class focusing on creating a block print. See website for supplies needed; ages 12+ (children are welcome to participate alongside adults), space is limited, reservations required. $5/$20/$30, okeeffemuseum.org/event/online-introduction-to-block-printing-2. July 13, Online: Drawing Class, 56:30pm. Try drawing methods that guided the young Georgia O’Keeffe in her student days. Supplies needed are a pencil or pen, paper; colored pencils, pastels, colored markers or crayons are optional; discussion is via Zoom; ages 12+ (children are welcome to participate alongside adults), space is limited, reservations required. $5/$20/$30, okeeffemuseum.org /event/online-drawing-class-17. July 15, 28, Online Class: Botanical Watercolor, noon-1:30pm, Thu; 56:30pm, Wed. An exploration of botanical drawing and painting through watercolor, inspired by the art of O’Keeffe. See website for supplies needed; ages 12+ (children are welcome to participate alongside adults), space is limited, reservations required. $5/$20/$30, okeeffemuseum.org/event/online-classbotanical-watercolor-3. July 29, Online Class: Drawing with Color, noon-1:30pm. Deep-dive into the world of color and explore how O’Keeffe used color in her artwork. Supplies needed are a pencil or pen, paper and either colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels or pastels; ages 12+ (children are welcome to participate with adults), space is limited, reservations required. $5/$20/

$30, okeeffemuseum.org/event/onlineclass-drawing-with-color-15. Folk Art for You by Museum of International Folk Art offers DIY projects to make at home including “Corn Husk Dolls/Figures,” “Clay Animals” and “Amate Paintings.” Check for lesson plans, exhibits, blogs and virtual tours. Visit the Facebook page for virtual “Family Mornings @ Folk Art” and other videos & activities also check out the YouTube channel, moifa.org/visit/online.html. Trending @abqmuseum offers family art projects with mediums found at home, coloring pages, videos, online exhibits and podcasts, cabq.gov/culturalservices/albuquerque-museum/trending. Virtual Visiting Artist Series: Vital Spaces. This YouTube channel offers something creative to do at home with a child or inner child. It features video art workshops created by artists living and working in and around Santa Fe. Search for Vital Spaces and ARTsmart Virtual Visiting Artist Series.

Classes & Workshops July 4, 11, 18, 25 & Aug 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Kadampa Center Meditation for Kids Online, 10-11:30am. In this lighthearted and fun class, children will build inner strength and confidence by developing good qualities with a short meditation, teaching and activities to help increase patience, respect, giving and kindness; ages 4-13. Free, meditationinnewmexico.org/calendar. July 9, Aug 13, Colcha Community Stitch-Along via Zoom, 1pm. This workshop is open to all levels of experience in an informal setting, wherever participants are. There will be demonstrations and a Q&A; share what you are working on. Free, National Hispanic Cultural Center, nhccnm.org/event/colchacommunity-stitch-along-51.

Cultural Centers & Museums July 2, 10, 17, 24, 31 & Aug 7, 14, 21, 28, Santa Fe Children’s Museum Outdoor Space and Garden: The Back Yard, 9am-3pm, Sats. The outdoor area is open with new features that include a nature playground, big bubbles, sand pit with water play, adobe playhouse and pirate ship among others. Guidelines for visits are found online, SF Children’s Museum, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, 989-8359, santafechildrensmuseum.org/explore/calendar/visit-themuseum-garden. ABQ Zoo, Botanic Garden and Tingley Beach are open 9am-5pm, WedsSuns; The BUGarium is open Weds-Suns 9am-5pm, closed 1:30-2pm for cleaning; Tingley Beach is open daily dawn to dusk. Timed tickets must be purchased online and are limited. cabq.gov/artsculture/biopark/about-the-biopark/ticket, abqbiopark.holdmyticket.com. Albuquerque Museum is open for visitors with tickets purchased online, abqmuseum.holdmyticket.com,

cabq.gov/culturalservices/albuquerquemuseum. Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum is open and visits can be booked in advance at holdmyticket.com, cabq.gov/culturalservices/balloonmuseum. El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe’s NW gallery space is open. The featured exhibit, “Voices Along a North South Corridor” includes selections from the permanent collection and will be open 15pm, Tues-Fris. Masks are required for entry. 555 Camino de La Familia, Santa Fe, 992-0591, elmuseocultural.org. El Rancho De Las Golondrinas is open for self guided tours, 10am-4pm, Weds-Suns. Docent-guided tours are offered Weds-Suns by reservation only. See website for details, El Rancho De Las Golondrinas, 334 Los Pinos, Santa Fe, 4712261, golondrinas.org. Explora is open 10am-6pm, Tues-Sats; noon-6pm, Suns. Explora is an innovative experiential learning center, 1701 Mountain NW, ABQ, 600-6072, explora.us. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Creative Activities Online: Break out the water colors, colored pencils, or whatever you have and try O’Keeffe’s techniques, okeeffemuseum.org/education/creativeactivities. Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is open 9am-4pm, Tues-Suns. The Center is comprised of museum and gallery space, collection of murals and other Native arts and artifacts, library, archives, education department, teaching kitchen/ restaurant and cultural programming and events. Advanced purchase of tickets required, 2401 12th NW, ABQ, 8437270, indianpueblo.org/welcome. Museum of International Folk Art is open 10am-5pm, daily. The museum shapes a humane world by connecting people through creative expression and artistic traditions, 706 Camino Lejo, On Museum Hill, Santa Fe, 476-1200, internationalfolkart.org, moifa.org. National Hispanic Cultural Center offers virtual experiences including online building visits on its website, social media and YouTube channel. The Visual Arts Museum is now open 10am4pm, Tues-Suns; The Historic and Literary arts building is open 10am-4pm, Thus, Fris

and a guided Torreón Tours of the “Mundos de Mestizaje” fresco are offered 11am, Thus, Fris. Timed tickets are limited and available online; those not fully vaccinated must wear a mask or multilayer cloth face covering in public, 1701 4th SW, ABQ, 246-2261, nhccnm.org. NM Dept of Cultural Affairs has links with information like reopenings for museums, historic sites and other institutions that have resources, activities and exhibits online. The “Visit Virtually” section includes links to NM museums, cultural centers and libraries, newmexicoculture.org. NM Museum of Art is open 10am-5pm, Sats-Thus. All visitors and employees are required to wear a mask or cloth face covering at all times. NM Museum of Art, 107 W Palace Ave, Santa Fe, 476-5072, nmartmuseum.org. NM Museum of Natural History & Science is open 10am-4pm, Weds-Suns and features 8 permanent exhibit halls that take guests through time. Tickets must be purchased online, 1801 Mountain NW, ABQ, 841-2869, nmnaturalhistory.org /visitors/visitor-information. The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is open to the public at 100% capacity, 9am-5pm, daily. Visit the nation’s only congressionally chartered museum in its field. Purchase tickets in advance, online or in person. National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, 601 Eubank SE, ABQ, 245-2137, nuclearmuseum.org/visit. The Santa Fe Botanical Garden is now open 9am-5pm, Thus-Mons, credit cards only, 725 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, 471-9103, santafebotanicalgarden.org.

Dance July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Summer Weekly Online Dance Party, 4:30-5pm. All ages and abilities are welcome to dance via Zoom. Free, Keshet Dance Center, keshetarts.org. July 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 & Aug 1, Cultural Dances, 23pm, Fris; 11am-noon, Sats & Suns. Celebrate the seasonal cycles through prayer, song and dance that connect to ances-


July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


New Mexico Kids! Calendar & Virtual Activities tors, community and traditions. Online, advanced tickets required, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Courtyard, 2401 12th NW, ABQ, indianpueblo.org/welcome. July 13-17, Festival Flamenco Alburquerque 34. This festival is the oldest, largest and most significant flamenco event outside of Spain. This year’s festival features seven US premiers by 45 world-class flamenco artists. Check website for details. 20 First Plaza Ctr NW #601, ffiabq.org. July 24, Keshet Dance Company “25 Years of History + Virtual World Premier,” 2pm. Enjoy archival footage, and wrap up the event with new works by Keshet Dance Company. $0-$15, keshetarts.org/calendar-of-events. Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts has a YouTube channel for online dance classes for kids ranging from fitness to hip-hop and jazz, keshetarts.org.

Education and Tutoring APS@Home supports at-home learning for grades K-5 and their families by broadcasting a weekday morning schedule of televised APS classes on their YouTube channel, newmexicopbs.org/ what-we-do/education/aps-at-home. NM Educational Resources can be found at different websites that include activities, facts, coloring pages, games, printables and trivia all centered around the state of NM, apples4theteacher.com.

Exhibits Ongoing through-Sep 5, “Focus on Youth 2021” Online Exhibit. This annual exhibit of ABQ student photography is now online. In partnership with APS Fine Arts program, artwork is showcased from high school students enrolled in photography programs across the district, cabq.gov/artsculture/albuquerquemuseum/exhibitions/focus-on-youth. OffCenter Community Arts is open noon-3pm, Mon-Weds and first Fris for art kit and box pickup, donations and to shop the mini gallery. Free art kits and boxes will be taped to the window for contactless pickup. OffCenter Community Arts, 808 Park SW, 247-1172, offcenterarts.org.

Fairs & Festivals July 3, 10, 17, 24, Art Tent Saturdays, 11am-3pm. Meet outdoors behind the gallery and newly renovated back parking area for an array of artwork, gifts, jewelry and fashion in the art tent. Free, Eye of the Mountain Art Gallery, 614 Agua Fria, Santa Fe, 928-308-0319, eyeonthemountangallery.com. July 4, Fireworks in the Metro, 6pm. Picnic on the grass, bring your own food/food vendors onsite; no alcohol, glass, outside fireworks, weather permitting. Those not fully vaccinated must wear a mask, advanced ticket sales only; all ages. Fireworks begin at 9:15pm. $20 per vehicle, Balloon Fiesta Park, San


New Mexico Kids!

Mateo entrance only, 500 Balloon Fiesta Parkway NE, 768-6043, holdmyticket.com/event/372490-fireworks-in-the-metro. July 4, Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration, noon. Music, food trucks, carnival, face painting and magician among others. Check website for updating details. Santa Fe Mall Place, 4250 Cerrillos, Santa Fe, 473-4253, santafeplacemall.com/event/4th-of-JulyFireworks-Celebration/2145551542. July 4, Taos Hometown Fourth of July Celebration with Los Lobos, 4:30pm. Reservations required, live music with fireworks to follow. Pets are sensitive to fireworks, please keep them indoors after dusk. Free, reservations required, Kit Carson Park, 211 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, ampconcerts.org. July 6, 13, 20, 27, Aug 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Tasty Tuesdays, 4:30-8pm. Community gathering with food trucks. Free, Hyder Park, 700 Persing SE, ABQ, 768-5353, daysintheparkabq.com/tasty-tuesday. July 7, 14, 21, 28, Netherwood Park Bites, 5-8pm. A rotating selection of local food trucks and open space with a large lawn for children to play. Netherwood Park, near Menaul & Girard, ABQ, daysintheparkabq.com/netherwoodpark-bites. July 7-10, 15-17, International Folk Market, 10am-5pm. Timed entries, limited crowds, intimate experience. Enjoy the sights, sounds and shopping the largest and most diverse folk arts festival of its kind. Check website for info and ticket availability. Museum Hill, Santa Fe, folkartmarket.org. July 17, Aug 7, 28, Chuckwagon Supper Shows, 6pm. Suppers include a traditional BBQ dinner (vegetarian available), wildlife presentation, a falcon show and live music; rain or shine. $28/$26/$15 ages 5-11/free under age 4, Wildlife West Nature Park, 87 N Frontage Rd, Edgewood, 281-7655, wildlifewest.org. July 24-25, Traditional Spanish Market, 8am-5pm. The oldest and largest juried Spanish Market in the United States. The celebration includes festivals, music and cultural events centered around Santa Fe's historic Plaza. Details pending, spanishcolonial.org. July 31, Heights Summerfest 2021, 510:30pm. This family-friendly event features an artisan market, food trucks, beer garden and live entertainment. Free, North Domingo Baca Park, 7521 Carmel NE, ABQ, 768-3556, cabq.gov/artsculture/things-to-do/annual-events/summerfest/heights-summerfest. Aug 7, Rt 66 Summerfest 2021, 310pm. Fun for the whole family with Old Route 66 Car Show, Mother Road Art Market, Kids Zone & Youth Central, food trucks and live entertainment. Free, Nob Hill, Central Ave, ABQ, cabq.gov/artsculture/things-to-do/annual-events/summerfest/route-66-summerfest. Aug 7, 8, SW Antique & Vintage Show, 9am-5pm, Sat; 10am-7pm, Sun. Quality art and antiques from around the world and charitable funding to local non-profits. Expo NM, Lujan Center, 300 San Pedro NE, ABQ, gswevents.com. Aug 14, Westside Summerfest 2021,

July/August 2021

5-10pm. A family-friendly event with an artisan market, microbrew garden, food trucks and live entertainment by local and national acts. Free, Ventana Ranch Community Park, 10000 Universe NW, ABQ, 768-3556, cabq.gov/artsculture/ things-to-do/annual-events/summerfest/westside-summerfest. Aug 21, Music del Sol, 5-9pm. Music, food and fun at this back-to-school fundraiser concert. Bring a picnic basket and small outdoor chairs. Bands, food trucks, raffle. Now enrolling preschoolhigh school. $10/free, Santa Fe Waldorf School, 26 Puesta del Sol, Santa Fe, 9839727, santafewaldorf.org/SOL. Aug 21-22, 99th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market, 8am-5pm. Meet the artists and learn about contemporary Indian arts and cultures. Most events are free and open to the public, Santa Fe Historic Plaza, swaia.org. Aug 29, Sagebrush Auto Show, 9am3pm. Cassic cars, hotrods, customs and motorcycles. Events, food and drink are free, Sagebrush Church, 6400 Coors NW, ABQ, 922-9200, sagebrush.church.

Libraries ABQ and Bernalillo Public Libraries: Most libraries are open with new hours and guidelines. There are lists on websites with links for book fans, homework help, exercise games & indoor activities. There is also a YouTube channel with do-it-yourself crafts and story times, abqlibrary.org, rrnm.gov/4217 /Library-Information-Services. Binge Bags are themed sets of books in a bag ready to go; ask a staff member for the bag you want to check out. Vista Grande Public Library, 14 Avenida Torreon, Santa Fe, 466-7323, vglibrary.org. Grab & Go Bags: Concierge Service for Children, Teens and Adults. The library will create a selection of items based on interest. Email forms or drop at the library to participate. Vista Grande Library, 7 Avenida Vista Grande, Santa Fe, 466-7323, libasst@vglibrary.org, vglibrary.org. Santa Fe Public Libraries have resumed In-Person Service. All three branches (Main, La Farge and Southside). Curbside pickup is still available, staff and library users are required to wear masks that cover the mouth and nose while in library buildings, regardless of vaccination status, santafelibrary.org. Vista Grande Public Library in Santa Fe is open and appointments are no longer required. Open 11:30am4:30pm, Tues-Fris; 11am-4pm, Sats. Masks are still required. Kids Activity Grab Bags with crafts and ideas for family fun during open hours, 7 Avenida Vista Grande, Santa Fe, 466-7323, vglibrary.org. “What Do You Want To Learn?” is a resource offered by Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Libraries. Find links and information about STEM activities, arts & crafts, history & geography, computing, home & garden DIY, new languages, food & cooking and inspiration, abqlibrary.org/whatdoyouwanttolearn.

Music July 16-17, 2021 Mariachi Spectacular de ABQ Virtual Showcase. The virtual event will be viewable via the website, social media and YouTube, mariachispectacular.com. Jul 26, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival Summer Youth Concert, 10am. “Music of Mendelssohn:” Nicolas Namoradze, piano; Paul Huang, violin; Peter Stumpf, cello. Free, St. Francis Auditorium, 107 W Palace, Santa Fe, 4765072, santafesymphonyorg, ldevane@sfcnm.org. Aug 2, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival Summer Youth Concert, 10am. “Music of Haydn” Miami String Quartet. Free, St. Francis Auditorium, 107 W Palace, Santa Fe, 476-5072, santafesymphonyorg, ldevane@sfcnm.org. Aug 21, Music del Sol, 5-9pm. A celebratory night of music, food, dancing and fundraising. Live bands and food trucks; all welcome. $10/free kids, Santa Fe Waldorf School, 26 Puesta del Sol, SFe, 983-8727, santafewaldorf.org/sol. Aug 23-30, Santa Fe Music Week, featuring local and national artists performing every afternoon and evening, from jazz to Latin, rock to country; familyfriendly. Free, Santa Fe Bandstand in the Plaza, santafe.org/musicweek.

Open House Aug 28, Rio Rancho Creative Crossroads Youth Chorus Open House. Learn about a challenging and exciting catalog of music, live performance, and high quality professional music instruction at a low cost in a safe and fun environment where our members are encouraged to be themselves and accept everyone's contributions equally. 4311 Sara, Suite 201, Rio Rancho, 977-4160, rryouthchorus@gmail.com, rr-cc.org.

Science & Nature July 4 & Aug 21, Community Day at Santa Fe Botanical Garden, 9am-5pm. Free admission to the Garden for NM residents and students, 715 Camino Lejo, SFe, 471-9103, santafebotanicalgarden.org. July 7, Summer Family Evenings: , 67:30pm. Meet bugs and creepy crawlies. $5 non-mem/free mem, Pajarito Environmental Education Center, Los Alamos Nature Center, 2600 Canyon Rd, Los Alamos, 662-0460, peecnature.org/events. July 9, Audubon Society Online Animal Show, 1-2pm. Take a virtual trip and learn about some of the wild birds found at the Sanctuary. Kids learn about migration, feathers and flight, santafelibrary.org/event/audubansociety/?instance_id=4365. July 13, 27, Twilight Tour at the Zoo, 6:30-8:30pm. Observe animal behavior while taking a tour of the zoo in a small group led by a personal guide. Check-in 6:30pm, tours start at 7pm; rain or shine, online registration required. $15/$10, ABQ BioPark Zoo, 903 10th SW, ABQ, 764-6214,

New Mexico Kids! Calendar & Virtual Activities cabq.gov. July 20, Night Walk at the Botanic Garden, 6:30-8:30pm, Explore the wonders of nightfall with a guided tour in search of night-blooming plants, nocturnal animals and night pollinators. $15/$10, ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, 2601 Central NW, 848-7180, cabq.gov. July 21, Summer Family Evening: International Rattlesnake Museum, 6-7:30pm. See rattlesnakes up-close and learn more about these reptiles. $5 nonmember/free member, Pajarito Environmental Education Center, Los Alamos Nature Center, 2600 Canyon, 662-0460, peecnature.org/events. BioPark Connect has interactive educational resources for parents and teachers about ABQ BioPark’s plants and animals with activities and resources focused on things that can be done at home, cabq.gov/culturalservices/biopark/biopa rk-connect. Fractal Fridays Online, some of the same fractal graphics shown under the planetarium dome can be enjoyed on a computer monitor at home. See Facebook and YouTube, nmnaturalhistory.org. New Mexico Wildlife Center is open 9am-4pm, Mons-Sats. Animal encounters include “Feeding Furry Friends,” 10am, Mons-Sats; “Raptor Rapture,” 1pm, MonsSats; “Creature Feature,” 3pm, Mons-Sats and “Wildlife Walk Tour,” 11am, TuesSats. 19 Wheat St, Española, 753-9505, newmexicowildlifecenter.org. Take It Outside! The Pajarito Environmental Education Center’s online series has daily activities and challenges for all ages, peecnature.org/take-it-outside.

Sports July 24-25, Level Up Athletics Summer Basketball Tournament, 7am11pm. This event is intended to bring the state and surrounding state’s athletes together for a fun, family-friendly and competitive tournament play with face painting and jumpers. $7/free under 7, ABQ Convention Center, 401 2nd NW, levelupnm.com.

Storytelling July 1, 15, 29, Outdoor Story Time, 9:30-10am. A socially-distanced, outdoor story time. Please wear masks and meet under the portal. Free, Santa Fe Main Library, 145 Washington, 955-6781, santafelibrary.org. July 8, Outdoor Children’s Craft, 9:30-10:30am. A socially-distanced, outdoor craft program. Please wear masks and meet under the portal. Free, Santa Fe Main Library, 145 Washington, 9556781, santafelibrary.org.

Also of Interest July 4, 11, 18, 25, Aug 8, 15, 22, 29, ABQ Railyard Market, 10am-2pm. The market is open at 75% capacity, unvaccinated visitors please wear a mask. Produce, coffee, jewelry, art, clothes among

others. Free, Barelas Railyards, 777 1st SW, 600-1109, railyardsmarket.org. July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug 7, 14, 21, 28, Downtown Growers’ Market, 8amnoon. ABQ’s longest running farmers’ market offers local meat, produce, drinks and art. Free, Robinson Park, 810 Copper NW, ABQ, downtowngrowers.org. July 3, 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug 7, 14, 21, 28, Saturday Farmers Market, 7am1pm. Fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, cheeses, meats, baked goods, chile, teas, herbs, original crafts and body care products. Free, Market Pavilion, 1607 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, 983-7726, railyardsantafe.com. July 3, Sensory Friendly Movie: “Peter Rabbit 2,” 11am-12:30pm. (Movie subject to change). Lights stay dim, sound is lowered and no previews. Masks required if not vaccinated unless eating or drinking. $5.75, Mitchell Theatre Starlight 8, 2226 Sun Ranch Village Loop SW, Los Lunas, nmautismsociety.org/calendar/sensoryfriendly-movie-peter-rabbit-2. July 3-4, 10-11, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, 8am-4pm, Sats; 10am-4pm, Suns. Art. antiques, folk & tribal art, books, jewelry, beads, glass, hides, rugs and memorabilia. Free, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, 555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, 250-8969, elmuseoculturalwintermarket.org. July 3, 1o, 17, 24, 31, Aug 7, 14, 21, 28, Los Poblanos Harvest Farm Stand, 9am-noon. From fragrant herbs and heirloom tomatoes to poblanos and blue corn. Free, Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm, 4803 Rio Grande NW, Los Ranchos, 344-9297, lospoblanos.comevents/harvest-farm-stand. July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Sand Play Saturday, 10am-noon. Sand play as well as activities like Chalk Art, Storytelling and Scavenger Hunts. Be prepared to get dirty, wear a mask and social distance. Free, Santa Fe, Railyard Park, 740 Cerrillos Rd, 982-3373, railyardpark.org. July 10, “Lady and the Tramp” [PG], 8pm. Chairs and blankets welcome, no umbrellas or alcohol, masks required; see website for other guidelines, reservations required. $10 donation suggested, Railyard Park, 740 Cerrillos, Santa Fe, ampconcerts.org. July 17, Movies in the Park: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” [PG-13], 7:30pm. Food trucks, music and a movie. Reserved ticket required (for up to six people). See website for rules and guidelines. Free, Los Vecinos Community Center, 478 NM-333 Tijeras, bernco.gov/community-services/movies-in-the-park.aspx. July 19, Movies in the Park: “Wonder Woman 1984,” [PG-13], 7:30pm. Food trucks, music and a movie; reserve online. Free, Westside Community Center, 1250 Isleta SW, ABQ, bernco.gov/community-services/cultural-services/cultural-services-events/movies-in-the-park. July 24, Camp Corazón Day Camp, 10am. A camp for grieving young people ages 7-HS seniors, transportation available via bus from Zuni and Gallup, lunch and snacks provided, 20 Cousins Rd, Vanderwagen. Free but space limited, 3230478, childrensgrief.org/eventspage/camp-corazon-day-camp.

July 24, Movies in the Park: “Lion King” [PG], 7:30pm. Food trucks, music and movie. Reserved ticket required. See website for rules and guidelines. Free, Paradise Hills Community Center, 5901 Paradise NW, ABQ, bernco.gov/community-services/movies-in-the-park.aspx. July 24, “The Milagro Beanfield War” [PG], 8pm. Chairs and blankets welcome, no umbrellas or alcohol, masks required; see website for other guidelines. Reservations are required. $10 donation suggested, Railyard Park, 740 Cerrillos, Santa Fe, ampconcerts.org. July 31, Movies in the Park: “Cars” [G], 7:30pm. Food trucks, music and a movie. Reserved ticket required. See website for rules and guidelines. Free, Los Vecinos Community Center, 478 NM333 Tijeras, bernco.gov/community-services/movies-in-the-park.aspx. Aug 7, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” [PG], 8pm. Chairs, blankets welcome, no umbrellas, alcohol, see website for guidelines. Reservations required. $10 suggested donation, Railyard Park, 740 Cerrillos, SFe, ampconcerts.org. Aug 7, 14, 21, 28, Downtown Growers’ Market, 8am-noon. ABQ’s longest running farmers’ market offers local meat, produce, drinks and art. Free, Robinson Park, 810 Copper NW, ABQ, downtowngrowers.org. Aug 7, 14, 21, 28, Sand Play Saturday, 10am-noon. Sand play as well as activities like Chalk Art, Storytelling and Scavenger Hunts. Be prepared to get dirty, wear a mask and social distance. Free, Railyard Park, 740 Cerrillos, Santa Fe, railyardpark.org. New Mexico Farmers’ Markets have ever changing information. Find the most up-to-date info at farmersmarketsnm.org/find-a-market. The Children’s Hour provides weekly educational and entertaining public radio programing and podcasts for listeners of all ages, created by and for kids and families, ChildrensHour.org, 89.9 fm KUNM.

Just for Teens July 1-7, Nuestra Santa Fe Library Summer Program. Ages 15-18 enrolled at Capital High, Santa Fe High or Santa Fe Indian School can apply. The program develops perspectives about NM history, understanding and application of oral history methods, cataloging and engaging community members. Five to 10 hours required, each participant will receive a $500 stipend. The program will likely be virtual with some in-person meetings depending on state guidelines, santafelibrary.org/teens. July 1-Aug 6, “Teen Video Challenge” submissions accepted. This annual video contest is open to all teens (librarian and teacher support is encouraged). The challenge is to create a public service announcement-type video that shows a unique interpretation of the slogan, “Tails and Tales.” slpreads.org/programs/teen-program/2021teen-video-challenge. July 7, 14, 21, Take-n-Make Craft for

Teens, 9am-3pm. Take home everything you need to make a different craft each week. Ages 13-19, registration required. Free, Rio Rancho Libraries, riorancholibraries.evanced.info/signup/calendar. July 12-16, 19-23, 26-30, Virtual Classroom: How Museums Work, 24pm. A virtual, collaborative, teen, summer program live via Zoom. Register online and a link will be sent out before the first session. Free, nhccnm.org/events. July 16, Self-Care Workshop for Bereaved Tweens + Teens, 10am. A half-day workshop for bereaved young adults ages 11-seniors in high school with guest presenter Reina David. Topics and activities include self-care and creating self-care bags, boundary discussions and creating a graffiti wall. Free, Children’s Grief Center, 4125 Carlisle NE, ABQ, 3230478, childrensgrief.org. July 1-30, Junior Docents 2021: Dinosaurs, Computers, Space and Much More... For teens entering 7th12th grade in the 2021/22 school year and ages 13-17 during the summer. Join likeminded teens curious about science and wanting to hone customer service skills and engage with the public while working as educators in the Museum's exhibit halls. Three options are being considered: onsite, virtual and a combination. $175, NM Museum of Natural History and Science, 1801 Mountain NW, nmnaturalhistory.org/youth-and-family-programsvolunteers/junior-docents. Teen Recommend through Santa Fe Libraries asks teens to write about library materials they would recommend others check out and become a published reviewer. Reviews can be seen on the website, FaceBook and blogs, santafelibrary.org/teens.

Especially for Parents July 1, Science on Tap, 6-7pm. A series of informal talks on a wide range of topics in science and technology, 21+ event. Hear about the process of making beer by a local Brew Master from Bombs Away Brewery. Bombs Away will have a beer station onsite, and your first beer is free, donuts for sale. Free, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, 601 Eubank SE, ABQ, 245-2137, ext 103, nuclearmuseum.org. Aug 5, Virtual ¡Happy Arte Hour!, 6:30pm. This is an adult-only art making program and social gathering. Register to receive an email with the Zoom link and items/supplies to gather from around your house. Free, National Hispanic Cultural Center, nhccnm.org.

July/August 2021

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NEW LOCATION! 4333 Pan American Freeway, NE, • Suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87107 P: 505-266-3835 • F: 505-266-3340 www.bebecare.org


Genesis Caspi at Rockit Hair Studio! Genesis is skilled in Kid’s, Women’s & Men’s cuts as well as color & styling services. Get 10% off your first service when you text the code #NMkids to 505-250-4570. (valid until September 1, 2021 )

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New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

The Young Scientist By AILEEN O’CATHERINE

What makes your heart stronger, builds strong bones and muscles, helps control weight and helps you stay healthy? What helps you learn better, improves your memory, helps you focus better on tasks and increases your motor skills? What makes you happier? Exercise. Scientists who study the effects of exercise on kids have found that even 4 minutes of high intensity interval activity (like jumping jacks or push-ups) in the classroom can improve attention. Science also tells us that being in good shape increases your ability to learn. A 2007 study by German researchers found that people learn vocabulary words 20 percent faster after exercise. Another study showed that as little as 15 Photo courtesy U.S. Department of Education. minutes of cardiovascular exercise, or exercise that raises the heart rate, increases brain connectivity and efficiency. Kids love to exercise, and many don’t know they’re doing it when climbing the monkey bars at the playground or riding a bicycle around the block. The decline in time spent on physical activity at schools has been on the rise, and many schools have dropped their physical education programs. With the onset of COVID-19 and the restrictions that followed, many kids couldn’t get exercise at school playgrounds during recess anymore. Some kids may have continued to play outside their homes, but some may also have gone inside and played video games for longer stretches of time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 take part in 60 minutes or more of moderate to intense physical activity every day. Does that sound like a lot of time? Consider that 8- to 18-year-olds spend an average of 7.5 hours a day using computers, video games and cell phones. One of the biggest payoffs for building healthy exercise habits when young is the huge impact it can have later in life. Kids who exercise regularly are less likely to be at risk for developing high blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Kids who exercise regularly have healthier bone density, so they are less likely to have osteoporosis, or weak bones, when they’re older. According to the CDC, only 24 percent of kids from 6 to 17 years do 60 minutes of exercise a day. In March 2020, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a report with its recommendations on exercise. Kids ages 3 to 5 years should have three or more hours of physical activity a day. Kids from 6 to 17 years should have 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Even infants should move several times a day through interactive, floor-based play. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, but something that kids love to do. Kids who love karate can exercise by practicing their moves. Kids who love sports can join a team for baseball, soccer or swimming. As kids get older, fitness apps can turn movement into a game where you compete against yourself. No matter how kids exercise, the benefits are with them for both the short and the long term. Learn more about kids and exercise at the American Academy of Pediatrics: pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/145/3/e20193992

Guest Column:

Children Need Daily Doses of Nature By JULIET STAVELEY “When can I go outside? Is it ‘now’ time yet?” I heard a child say recently. It’s a familiar question from our children. And it’s fun to see them burst out of the door as if they are going outside for the first time, so eager to be back in the freedom of space -- space to move, to feel, to explore, to wonder. That place is where they experience possibility and connection on their own terms. What is it about the outdoors that we love so much? Have you ever heard of “biophilia?” It essentially means that we humans have an innate and genetically determined love for the natural world. Does that ring a bell for you and your own childhood or your observations of children playing in nature? It turns out that hands-on experiences and learning outcomes for children are enhanced by being outdoors in semi-wild and wild nature. Among the many gifts that children gain from nature is development of their own eco-identity and social, emotional learning. An eco-identity is an appreciation of, empathy for and interest in what is going on in

Santa Fe



Nurturing life-long learners who will work to build diverse, just and peaceful communities

NOW ENROLLING Children 2-8 years

Apply online LittleEarthSchool.org



nature. It is developed through meaningful experiences and connections with nature. Socially and emotionally, nature serves as a healer. As studies show, children selfregulate more easily in nature, building the skills to manage their big energy while increasing their opportunities for positive social interactions. Of all the ways to engage with the natural world, there’s almost nothing that tops unstructured play. Time to dig, explore, investigate and discover in nature cultivates young researchers and scientists. Unstructured play allows children the freedom to be creative, use their imagination, and work together, all of which contribute to building their understanding of their world. Nature nurtures children’s enthusiasm, their energy, their readiness to take in what the world teaches. We can provide children with “healthy daily doses” of lizards, ants, birds, desert plants, trees, sand, rocks, blue skies, sunshine, rain and more. If we embed nature into children’s everyday activities, we do a great service to not only children as they are now, but also to their future. We equip children to be stewards to protect the outdoors we all love. With the benefits of nature-based play in mind, through a grant from the Brindle Foundation, I am collaborating with the Railyard Park Conservancy to host Safe Summer Fun in the Railyard Park every Saturday through the end of August from 10 a.m. to noon. And it’s free! Santa Fe An adaptation of the Conservancy’s popular Sand Play Saturday program, Safe Summer Fun features activity areas sprinkled throughout the Railyard Park. Families are invited to play in sand, go on a scavenger hunt, do chalk art, participate in storytelling, cook up a mud pie, touch worms and more. Each week there’s a different sampling of areas based on volunteer support. As we emerge again this sumM ERRY G O R OUND mer, remember to get your “daily dose” of nature and take a child ‡&ORWKLQJ,QIDQWWR‡ Welcome back! with you! &RZER\%RRWV‡*DPHV Please visit railyardpark.org for ‡+(//2.,77<‡ Games  LEGO up-to-date information on COVID/(*2‡+$%$ Science Kits  Puzzles safe measures at Safe Summer Fun. :DVKLQJWRQ$YHQXH At the time of this writing masks Wooden Toys EORFN1RRIWKH3OD]D are required at all activity areas.  Clothing Infant to 14 Juliet Staveley is an early childhood educator working with Santa Fe’s Railyard Park early childhood initiative and is studying for New Mexico Wildlife Federation’s early childhood certificate. She has a BA in early childhood arts education and a MA in early childhood education with a focus on nature-based education.


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Open Daily 150 Washington Avenue 1/2 block north of the Santa Fe Plaza



July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!



Everyone Deserves A Chance To Fly!!!

Concerned about the development of your child age 0-3? Call us at 505-262-0801 for a free developmental screening.


Guest Column:

Early Intervention Services Support N.M. Children With Developmental Delays By KATIE WYLIE

Albuquerque Congregation Albert Early Childhood Center Creating joyful learners from 2 years of age through kindergarten since 1982 FREE membership to Congregation Albert for ECC families

A 5 Star Accredited School

Learn. Play. Grow.

All faiths and families welcome We are COVID safe, and happily OPEN for in person learning

3800 Louisiana Boulevard NE/www.congregationalbert.org/505.883.0306


Early Intervention (EI) in New Mexico is a wonderful support for families who have children between birth and three years old. EI is designed to provide families with developmental strategies to ensure that their child is meeting developmental milestones. Alta Mira’s services target children with significant birth trauma, developmental disabilities and children who are demonstrating delays in all or some areas of their development. Any family can refer their child to EI for an evaluation. Pediatricians may also refer families to EI services. The process begins with an evaluation to determine if children are showing delays that would make them eligible for services. Delays in speech and language, cognition, motor skills (rolling over, sitting up, walking), emotions and/or several other areas of development are evaluated. EI provides in-home services (when permitted due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Developmental Specialists and therapists provide strategies to parents by examining children in their natural environment (home, daycare, foster care, etc.) and then incorporating those strategies into the family’s everyday routines. EI specialists know that children learn best through play and our goal is to ensure that children and families gain skills in the most natural way, playing and being together. Services are free to families through their insurance providers. No copay is ever be charged. Children can be determined eligible for services in different ways: If children are showing a 25 percent delay or greater in their development, if they have a qualifying medical or biological concern, such as prematurity, or if they have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability at birth or shortly after. New Mexico is unique in that children can also be eligible for EI services due to environmental risks such as being placed in foster care, having New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department involvement or a combination of other risk factors that could potentially affect typical development. Once a child is determined eligible, the EI team, along with the family, develops an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). This plan is unique to each child’s developmental needs and highlights the goals that the family has for their child while in our program. Children approaching their third birthday will be provided with transition services. If a child is still in need of developmental support after that, our staff will ensure that families are aware of the options available to them in their community. Alta Mira has been providing EI services in Bernalillo and Torrance counties for more than 35 years. Our well-qualified staff is our greatest asset. We understand that being a new parent or having a child with different developmental needs or trajectories can be scary for families. Our EI staff is here to support you in your child’s developmental journey. Empowering and educating families is always at the forefront of what we do. Please contact Alta Mira if you have concerns about your child’s development or are interested in learning more about our program. We are part of the New Mexico Early Care and Early Childhood Education & Care Department’s Family Infant Toddler Program. For more information: nmececd.org. Katie Wylie is the Director of Alta Mira’s Early Childhood Program. She is a native New Mexican who has been serving families and individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities/delays for more than 15 years. She is also a licensed social worker and a graduate of both the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University.


New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021


GIVE YOUR KIDS A BRIGHTER AND BETTER FUTURE WITH A 529 As this school year ends, we look forward to a brighter and better future for our children. Opening a 529 college savings plan with The Education Plan is a step in the right direction. A 529 offers the flexibility to be used for qualified expenses associated with in-person or online college or vocational school including tuition, room & board, books, computers, and so much more. It’s never too late to get started with The Education Plan, New Mexico’s state-sponsored 529 plan.

TheEducationPlan.com | 1-877-337-5268 For more information about The Education Plan, call 1.877.337.5268 or visit theeducationplan.com to obtain a Plan Description and Participation Agreement, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information; read and consider it carefully before investing. The Education Plan® and The Education Plan® Logo are registered trademarks of The Education Trust Board of New Mexico used under license. TEP.0001.NMK.0621

July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Let’s Read Let’s Read Let’s Read These book reviews were written by Christine Laffler’s 4th grade students at Manzano Day school.

Black Panther: My Mighty Marvel First Book

Author: Marvel Entertainment Ages: Baby and older This Black Panther board book is definitely a good book for younger kids. The illustrations are really good and the book is full of facts

kids who may be interested in learning about this Marvel character. I think this is a really good book for little kids. By Nikolai S., 10

El Deafo: Superpowered Edition! Author & Illustrator: Cece Bell Publisher: Amulet Books Ages: 8-12 years “El Deafo” is a graphic novel about a girl named Cece, who is deaf. At her

old school, everyone was deaf, but at her new school, she is the only one. Cece has a hard time making friends and then she finds out that with her giant hearing aid, the Phonic Ear, she can hear everything everywhere! Will this new superpower help her make friends? This book reminds you that a disability doesn't define you. El Deafo is a funny and amazing book. This special new edition includes 40 pages with the story, the author’s childhood photos, sketches and more. By Vivienne H., 10

Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature

about Black Panther. You can learn about his abilities and about his friends. It is a beginner book for

Author: Rachel Williams Illustrator: Freya Hartas Publisher: Harry N. Abrams Ages: 8-12 years This book is about serenity in nature. It explains the process of many things, including a tadpole turning into a frog, a caterpillar going into and emerging from its chrysalis and a duck teaching her ducklings how


to swim. It is not only about these things, but also it includes much more, like dewdrops collecting on a leaf and a thunderstorm on a summer’s day. “Slow Down” was very peaceful to read and has beautiful illustrations. I highly recommend it! By Charlotte A., 10

What’s up, Fire Truck? (A Pop Magic Book) Authors: Matthew Reinhart & Toby Leigh Publisher: Harry N. Abrams Ages: 3-5 years This is a story about what happens inside a fire truck. It shows a lot of the things that firefighters do when managing, controlling and using the fire truck. It gives you a basic guide


New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

through the fire truck and has many features packed in. The book even turns into a 3-D fire truck! This book is great for any preschooler who loves firetrucks and pop-up books. By Rowyn K., 10

Brown: The Many Shades of Love Author: Nancy Johnson James Illustrator: Constance Moore Publisher: Harry N. Abrams Ages: 3-5 years I love this book! “Brown: The Many Shades of Love” shows all of the beautiful shades of brown in one boy’s family. I think it shows that no matter what shade your skin is, you are beautiful and everyone in the

world around you is, too. The illustrations are simple and wonderful and I think they show many of the beautiful shades of brown in this world. By Chloe D.G., 10

Drew, 7



A Very Smart Start! And where the love of learning begins.

Accepting Applications for 2021-2022 Preschool & Grades K-5

Sunset Mesa School Excellence in Preschool & K-5 Education

505-298-7626 | sunset-mesa.com


Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Kids’ Art! Ezekiel, 7

Sanjoli, 10


New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021


Let ’s A page for kids’ party places, entertainers, services and supplies! “Let’s Party” ads cost $80 plus tax for each 2-inch by 2-inch space. Color is an additional $60 plus tax. To place your ad in our next issue, ad and payment are due by August 18. For more information call 505-797-2708

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

Let’s Draw! Let’s Draw Become a published artist! Create your own drawing here and send it to: New Mexico Kids!, 9100 Galaxia Way NE, Abq, NM 87111. Or you can scan your drawing and email it to kids@newmexicokids.com. Some drawings will be selected to illustrate future issues of New Mexico Kids! Please draw with black ink and include your name, ages and hometown.

July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


New Mexico Kids! 2021/2022

Afterschool Activities Directory Santa Fe Area Circus Arts

and up. Belisama Irish Dance is a program for kids and adults. NEW! Creative Movement (age 3+) and Parent & Me (age 18mo+) classes. Irish Dance classes for ages 5 and up. Dance for fun, perform, and/or compete if you choose. Classes in Santa Fe and Los Alamos. Small class sizes. Get your name on the waiting list for fall!

NDI New Mexico at The Dance Barns in Santa Fe, IN-PERSON CLASSES! Wise Fool New Mexico Afterschool, 1131 Siler Rd., SF, NM 87505. Phone: 505Registration for Fall August 2; Phone: 505-983-7646; Contact: Elizabeth; Email: 992-2588; Contact: Kristen Woods; Email: kristen@wisefoolnm.org; Website: eyoung@ndi-nm.org; https://wisefoolnewmexiWebsite: ndi-nm.org. co.org/classes/youth-proAges: 3-Adult; Cost: $5 grams-2/. Ages: 4-12 Registration, sliding scale years old. Youth of all for all classes. We have levels play and learn cirmany exciting offerings cus in a safe environthis Fall: creative movement. Afterschool classes ment, ballet, hip hop, are fun and active and jazz, tap, plus workshops include instruction in targeted for specific age aerial fabric, trapeze, groups and interests, and clowning, unicycling, jugonline master classes gling, acrobatics & more! with national and interCircus builds self confinational guest artists. dence while participants learn and practice teamwork and mutual respect, develop trust in themselves and others, Santa Fe Children's explore their unique Museum’s Virtual self-expression, and Field Trips, 1050 Old develop belief in their Pecos Trail, SF, NM, ability as artists and per87505. Phone: 505-989formers. It also provides 8359; Contact: Asis non-competitive physical Gonzalez, Planetarium activity and helps youth Coordinator; Email: virtudevelop a positive relaalfieldtrips@santafechiltionship with their boddrensmuseum.org; ies through balance, Website: santafechilphysical strength, and drensmuseum.org; healthy risk-taking. Grades: K-6; Cost: Free; Classes end in a showMondays-Fridays, 8:30am and-try where parents – 5pm. We have develcan come see what kids An Assistance Dogs of the West student trainer makes friends during the Santa Fe organization’s Afterschool Program. oped NEW Virtual Field learned. Financial aid Courtesy photo. Trips for all for FREE! available: Apply at Join us for a dynamic https://forms.gle/ interactive learning experience. Have one of our museum educators come right R76PC1U3g7Xo9Wea7. Our programming has been adapted to maintain COVIDto your screen to deliver live-streamed education on a variety of STEM-related safety standards. We are wearing masks and maintaining 6-foot distance at all topics. A Virtual Field Trip is the perfect interactive activity for schools, virtual times. We are taking temperatures upon arrival and asking students to wash birthday parties, or for any organization! Every show meets NM Public their hands immediately upon entry to the building. We are following state Education Department standards for curriculum using Common Core and NM guidelines for public health. STEM Ready! Standards per grade level. Choose one of our pre-designed programs. Topics Include Grades K-2 (specific content varies and is tailored based on grade level). Fun in Space: An Introduction to Space Science. Plants and Animals: An Introduction to Life Science. Grades 3-8 (specific content varies and is tailored based on grade level). Physical Science: Earth and Planetary Santa Fe Climbing Center’s After School Climbing, 3008 Cielo Court, SF, Science. Life Science: Biology and Ecosystems Science. Or let us customize one NM 87507. Phone: 505-986-8944; Contact: Jaclyn; Email: info@climbsantafe.com; just for you! *Spanish Only Programs available. Website: climbsantafe.com/classes-programs/youth-programs. Ages: 5-16 Year Olds; Enrollment: 12; Cost: $180 for 9 weeks; Days/Hours: Monday-Friday, 3:305pm & Saturday-Sunday, 12:30-2pm. The After School program at the Santa Fe Climbing Center creates a stimulating environment in which climbers at all levels will push their physical and mental limits while having fun and exploring Assistance Dogs of the West After-School Student Training, Address: the world of indoor rock climbing! The challenges and climbing games led by TBD, SF, NM 87505. Phone: 505-986-9748; Contact: John Todd; Email: info@assisour experienced instructors promote team work, confidence, flexibility, baltancedogsofthewest.org; Website: assistancedogsofthewest.org. Ages: 8-18; ance, problem solving and more. Our After School programs meet once a week Enrollment: 8-10. Students have the opportunity to enjoy in-depth, hands-on for 8-9 weeks and begin the week of August 23. learning with ADW professional assistance dog trainers. Curriculum includes:



Service Dog Training

Dance Belisama Irish Dance, SF, NM. Phone: 505-670-2152; Contact: Adrienne Bellis; Email: info@belisamadance.com; Website: belisamairishdance.com. Ages: 3


New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021

Training in classroom settings and in the field, leadership and assertiveness skills, basic dog obedience training, service dog commands and skills, public access training, disability awareness education and community interaction. Limited financial aid available, please contact office. Please check for Registration Info and Forms in mid-August at assistancedogsofthewest.org.

Santa Fe

Albuquerque Area Acting New Mexico Young Actors, Inc. Drama Classes, 2701 San Pedro Dr. NE, Ste. 21, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-821-8055; Contact: Paul Bower; Email: info@nmyoungactors.org; Website: nmyoungactors.org. Ages: 9-19. Enrollment: 50; Cost: $405/semester; Days/Hours: Monday-Friday, 6-8pm, depending on the class. Since 1979, NMYA has been training children and youth in the theater arts. We offer drama classes and performances of plays and musicals to 14,000 people annually. Classes start in August for our fall program! Learn acting skills such as improvisation, stage stunts, voice and diction, emotional recall, and much more from professional artists and educators. Advanced Drama students audition for our play and musical productions. Registration form and fall schedule available at our website. Financial Aid Available.


Santa Fe

Albuquerque Museum School, 2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Abq, NM 87104. Phone: 505-243-7255; Contact: Elizabeth Becker, email: ebecker@cabq.gov; Website: cabq.gov/museum-school; Ages: 4 to 14. The Education Department at Albuquerque Museum seeks to increase community involvement in art and history. The Museum offers a wide range of learning experiences for visitors of all ages. Make the Museum School your classroom!


Painted Iguana Art Classes, 142 Big Horn Ridge Ct. NE, Abq, NM 87122. Phone: 505-720-1906 & 505-796-0601; Contact: Theresa Hall, Artist & Educator; Email: paintediguana@gmail.com; Website: paintediguana.com; Ages: 6-18 years. Small group classes; Tuition: $100 monthly. ALL supplies included. Weekday afternoons – 1 1/2 hour long classes. Small classes in NE Albuquerque where students receive expert instruction on the use of quality art materials, & create in a studio setting. We work with watercolors, acrylics, clay, pastels, & more. Come learn sketching skills, create with fabric, & make pottery in our kiln. For the young explorers to the experienced young artists, each student receives a continued on page 28

Albuquerque/Santa Fe

Come to Assistance Dogs of the West for a ƵŶŝƋƵĞĂŌĞƌͲƐĐŚŽŽůƉƌŽŐƌĂŵǁŚĞƌĞƐƚƵĚĞŶƚƐ ĂŐĞƐϴͲϭϴůĞĂƌŶƚŽƚƌĂŝŶƐĞƌǀŝĐĞĚŽŐƐĨŽƌƉĞŽƉůĞ ǁŝƚŚĚŝƐĂďŝůŝƟĞƐ͘ • Meet our Working Canines ͻ >ĞĂƌŶĨƌŽŵWƌŽĨĞƐƐŝŽŶĂůdƌĂŝŶĞƌƐ ͻ ůĂƐƐĞƐůŝŵŝƚĞĚƚŽϴͲϭϬƐƚƵĚĞŶƚƐ



July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


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high quality art experience in a creative, fun, nurturing environment. Art classes encompass a complete comprehensive art program that students really enjoy. Join us for our fun fall session, & see why students never want our art adventure to end each day. Call or check the website in August for the Fall 2021 after-school schedule. Classes start after Labor Day in September. Come celebrate with us another ten plus years in the studio!

Chorus Rio Rancho Creative Crossroads Youth Chorus, 4311 Sara Rd., Suite 201, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. Phone: 505-977-4160; Contact: Neal Shotwell; Email: rryouthchorus@gmail.com; Website: rr-yc.org. Grades 6-12; Unlimited Enrollment; Cost: $100; Days/Hours: Saturdays, 2pm-4pm. Rio Rancho Youth Chorus is Rio Rancho's premier community youth chorus. Directed by one of the areas most respected Artistic Directors, Aaron Howe, we offer a challenging and exciting catalog of music, live performance, and provide high quality professional music instruction at a low cost in a safe and fun environment where our members are encouraged to be themselves and accept everyone's contributions equally. RRYC welcomes singers of all backgrounds, styles, cultures, orientations, abilities, identities (Grades 6-12) who successfully audition with us. No previous chorus experience is required. Payment plans, partial & full scholarships are available. Auditions: Aug. 21, Open House: Aug. 28. Rehearsals Every Saturday 2pm-4pm, Aug. 28 - Nov. 27 & Friday Dec. 3. Concerts Dec. 4 & 5.


Dance Theatre Southwest: Moving Forward!! 3805 Academy Parkway S, NE, Abq, NM 87122. Phone: 505-296-9465; Contact: Patricia Dickinson Wells; Email: dancetheatresouthwest@gmail.com; Website: dtsw.com; All Ages: Toddler-Professional-Mature Adults; Days/Hours: M-F: 4pm-7:30pm, Sat: 9:30am1:45pm. Ballet-all levels, Pointe and Pre-Pointe; Adv. and Int. Partnering, Toddlers, Discovering Dance, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Flamenco, and large Adult and Mature Adult Program. Under the direction of Patricia Dickinson Wells, Dance Theatre Southwest has always valued quality over quantity. Patricia and Faculty adhere to safe kinesthetically sound dance instruction in a nurturing environment. Many of her students have gone on to professional dance careers around the world and many alumni have found successful fields outside of dance. DTSW will continue to provide all students with their regular Full Curriculum through hybrid classes – in-studio as well as online virtual classes. DTSW has continued all classes virtually during NM’s shut-down since March and continues to bring the best in dance arts education to everyone, be it in-studio or on ZOOM. The students and parents continued believing in the quality DTSW has always provided — no classes were cancelled throughout the pandemic. Dance Theatre Southwest will continue safe COVID-19 protocols! Scholarships are available for families who cannot afford to pay full tuition due to job layoffs, furloughs, etc., and can provide tuition relief on a case-by-case basis. New Mexico is re-opening but COVID-19 has not gone away.

New Mexico Kids!

Keshet Dance + Center for the Arts Community Dance Classes, 4121 Cutler Ave. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-224-9808; Contact: frontdesk@keshetarts.org; Website: keshetarts.org/dance-education. Ages 2 thru Adults. Cost: $0-$15 per class. Keshet Community Dance Classes: Fall Session (Aug-Dec) - Ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz and creative movement classes. All abilities welcome. Mixed Ability/Adaptive Dance and Fine Wine Dance (ages 55+) are also available. Unlimited noncompetitive scholarships and 55+ flexible pricing/class-trade options. Registration is ongoing. Financial aid available.

Rio Rancho Youth Chorus members work on choreography for an end-of-season concert. Courtesy photo.

Ballet Repertory Theatre of NM's Ballet Academy, 6913 Natalie Ave. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-888-1054; Email: brt@brtnm.com; Website: brtnm.com. Ages: 3 years - Adults. Variety of classes available Monday - Saturday. BRT's focus is on the training of classical ballet which is paired with a Modern Dance program. At Ballet Repertory Theatre, our professionally trained teachers guide each student using a well-developed syllabus. Ballet Repertory Theatre’s goal is to create an environment that is challenging, disciplined, and rigorous while, at the same time, safe, healthy, and nurturing...providing a welcoming environment where every student is valued while pursuing excellence in dance.


Please consider Dance Theatre Southwest as a safe place for dance arts education. All DTSW Faculty and Staff are vaccinated, and everyone wants to keep all students safe and healthy until this pandemic is completely over — however long it takes! DTSW has added medical-grade air filtration units in all studios. All CDC sanitation protocols will be strictly adhered to (go to dtsw.com for full list.) New summer and fall schedule will be available by July 1 and can be found at dtsw.com or by calling 505-296-9465. So here we go. Moving forward together! Financial aid available.

July/August 2021

NDI New Mexico at The Hiland in ABQ, IN-PERSON CLASSES! Registration for Fall August 2. Phone: 505-340-0200; Contact: Wendy; Email: wbarker@ndi-nm.org; Website: ndi-nm.org; Ages: 3-Adult; Cost: $5 Registration, sliding scale for all classes. We have many exciting offerings this Fall: creative movement, ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, plus workshops targeted for specific age groups and interests, and online master classes with national and international guest artists.

Fencing Duke City Fencing’s Olympic Epee Fencing, 2840 Girard Blvd. NE, Abq, NM 87107. Phone: 505-872-0048; Contact: Toby Tolley; Email: info@dukecityfencing.net; Website: dukecityfencing.net. Ages: 6 years and up; Enrollment: Class size averages 12 children; Cost: Average cost $130 per month depending on the class; Days/Hours: Monday–Saturday; weekday afternoons and weekend mornings. Duke City Fencing has been teaching the Olympic sport of fencing for over 16 years. The perfect sport for our distance conscious times – we already wear masks and if you get to close, your opponent pokes you! A wonderful and safe sport that teaches concentration and confidence, discipline and dedication. Appropriate for ages 6 years through adult. Financial aid on a case by case basis.

Horseback Riding Liz Sanchez Stables Riding Lessons, 7622 Rio Grande NW, Los Ranchos de Abq, NM 87107. Phone: 505-898-1810; Contact: Liz Sanchez. Website: lizsanchezstables.com. Ages: 6-86; Tues-Sun, 8am-5pm; closed Mon. We are COVID compliant. Afterschool and weekend Academy riding lesson program in a covered arena. Also, full-day horse and pony camps on all APS holidays. Tax deductible. Lessons suitable for the first-time rider to the advanced student. Group & private riding lessons also available all year. Learn how to care, groom, communicate and ride your horse. All disciplines as well as English & Western. Also bareback for balance. Riders progress at own pace and are placed in groups according to skill level. Check out our Child, Family & Adult Specials!! Visa and Mastercard accepted. “This is the place where people dream and horses fly.” Call the Stables for pricing and reservations.


Martial Arts Bates Premier Taekwondo Martial Arts Classes, 3880 Menaul Blvd. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-985-9091; Contact: Coach Chee Bates; Email: batespremiertaekwondo@gmail.com; Website: batespremiertkd.com; Ages: 2adult. Taekwondo classes for ages 2-adult. No contracts, unlimited classes. We focus on family, fitness & fun, Come in for a free trial class! We are located just east of Carlisle on the south side of Menaul between Sonic & Thrifttown. We have a traveling competitive team and some of the best athletes in the nation!

Multi-Activity/Enrichment La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC, 5740 Night Whisper Rd. NW, Suite 200, Abq, NM 87114. Phone: 505-896-6765; Contact: Alejandra Nevarez; Email: info@laesperanzapreschool.com; Website: laesperanzacdc.com. Grades: Kindergarten to 5th grade; Enrollment: 40; Cost: $100 per week; Days/Hours: Monday to Friday, 7am to 8:30m and 2pm to 5:30pm. Finding a safe, nurturing place for your child to go before and after school isn’t always easy. If you are looking for superior before and after school care for your child near North West Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC is an ideal choice. Our program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum and Spanish. Fortunately, children are born engineers. They are fascinated with building, with taking things apart, and with how things work. Our project-based curriculum, STEMScopes, harnesses children’s natural curiosity to promote the learning of science, engineering and technology concepts. We provide nutritional breakfast and afternoon snack. We help students with homework. We provide transportation from La Esperanza to your child’s elementary school and from school to La Esperanza. ECECD Childcare Assistance and Childcare Aware. We are nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young children.

Music KinderGuitar New Mexico, Abq, NM 87109. Phone: 505-304-0528; Contact: Rod Burr; Email: rod@kinderguitarnm.com; Website: kinderguitarnm.com. Ages: 5-16. Weekly Afternoons. KinderGuitar is a nationally recognized music education program designed to start children between the ages of 5-16 on the guitar. KinderGuitar classes are structured into small, age-specific group lessons (2-3 children in a class), and each class is one half hour long. The KinderGuitar curriculum emphasizes music’s social side even though they will learn solo skills. Group guitar playing leads children to develop musicianship skills, listening skills, and enables children to become integrated into a Musical Community. Further, playing part music as a group enables students to learn from each other, and ultimately develop life skills. Join us! Music is a social activity. The reward is a happiness moment. It is play in the purest sense for a child – exploration, discovery, insight – which leads to mastery of skills and recognition not only from family but also friends and the larger community. You might call it a “confidence cycle.”


Mad Hatter School of Music, 5405 White Reserve Ave. SW, Abq, NM 871055959. Phone: 505-544-6950; Contact: Director Anna Luthi; Email: instrumentlady24@gmail.com; Website: Facebook: Mad Hatter School of Music, LLC./www.thumbtack.com. Ages: 2-92; Enrollment: Group of 5 per class; Cost: Depends on Age Group; Tuesdays - Fridays. We offer a program for beginners through intermediate for Piano, Violin, and Guitar. We give an assessment before the classes begin. Learning Styles are used as a tool within the curriculum so that students get the most out of the lessons as possible. Our prices are based on the assessment and the difficulty of the instrument. We teach the student(s) the very basics of music including how to read, write, and compose their own songs through music games, theory, technique, and playing for their peers. We ask our performers when they are prepared to participate in recitals and salons through the year. New Mexico School of Music Lessons for Kids and Adults, 136-J Washington St. SE, Abq, NM 87108. Phone: 505-266-3474; Contact: Lawrence Blind; Email: music@nmschoolofmusic.com; Website: nmschoolofmusic.com; Grades/Ages: 2 yrs old – K-12; New Mexico School of Music offers music instruction on virtually all instruments. We are open for in-person and online lessons. There are two convenient locations - Southeast and Northeast Heights. Students have the option to continue online as long as they desire, or to come to the School. We are observing social distancing protocols and safety measures for those who come in person for lessons at the school. Our teachers are talented, experienced, and dedicated professionals. And they are fun! This is the right time to start a musical journey with us! continued on page 30

July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!


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Religious Education


The Academy of Jewish Learning @ Congregation B'nai Israel, 4401 Indian School Rd. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-266-0155; Contact: Sarah Egelman, School Director; Email: cbi.abq.school@gmail.com; Website: bnaiisrael-nm.org. Grades: K-10th; Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. The Academy of Jewish Learning offers innovative, creative, and thoughtful curriculum that fosters Jewish identity and celebrates our diverse community for students kindergarten through 10th grade. From Hebrew language and liturgy, to Jewish history and ethics, to art and service learning, we provide engaging, fun, innovative, inquiry/project based small group learning along with traditional Jewish education in a welcoming and supportive setting. Classes will meet in person on Sunday mornings and virtually on Tuesday evenings for the 2021-22 school year. Financial aid available. Congregation B'nai Israel is New Mexico's only Conservative synagogue with over 100 years experience educating Jewish youth!

ABC Wellness, 324 Adams SE, Abq, NM 87108. Phone: 505-266-6039; Website: abcwellness.com; Contact: Mae Lynn Spahr, MA, Owner/Counselor. Ages: 18 months–adult. Mae Lynn Spahr, MA, provides a drug-free treatment alternative for children and adults who have ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, headache/migraine and chronic pain.

Science Explora Fall Afterschool Activities, 1701 Mountain Rd. NW, Abq, NM 87104. Phone: 505-600-6072; Contact: Reservations Manager, email: reservations@explora.us; Website: explora.us; Grades: preK-12; Science and Engineering Classes at Explora! Fall semester programs for Growing a Scientist™ (ages 2½–5 with adult companion), weekend programs for Science to Grow On™ (grades K-3), and for Engineering Investigators (grades 3-5). Each program runs September through December. Advance registration required; dates and fee details on website. Home School and Afterschool STEAM Classes: Fall Semester for Grades K-12 at Explora begin September and run through December. Advance registration required; fees: 505-600-6072, explora.us. Explora School’s Out Camps! Fun, educational single-day camp for K-5th graders keeps imaginations active during APS break! Details/fees: 505-600-6072, explora.us. Financial Aid Available for all programs.

Huntington Learning Center, 8201 Golf Course Rd. NW, Ste. B-3, Abq, NM 87120. Phone: 505-797-3073; Contact: Sohale Mufti; Website: huntingtonhelps.com. Grades: K-12; Days/Hours: Monday to Saturday. Year after year we continue to offer children, ages 5-17, supplemental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, phonics and related areas, as well as SAT/ACT test preparation. The positive encouragement of our staff and certified teachers, combined with individualized instruction based on our diagnostic testing, is what we believe sets us apart and continues to make our program a success. Rio Grande Learning Solutions, LLC, Dyslexia, Attention Mastery, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, 10401 Montgomery Parkway NE, Abq, NM 87111. Phone: 505-321-4486; Contact: Melanie Overbay; Email: riograndelearningsolutions@gmail.com; Website: riograndelearningsolutions.com; Ages: 5-105. Our mission is to guide people of all ages in overcoming the challenges associated with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and ADD. Tutor-Me, 5528 Eubank NE, Ste. 6, Abq, NM 87111. Phone: 505-307-4170; Contact: Sandra Akkad, Founder. Website: mytutorme.com. Register now for summer classes. Daily Covid-safe live in-house sessions. Ongoing online tutoring. Focusing on K-12. Homework Help and Enrichment in All Math: Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Biology. Tutor-Me is a premier learning center that offers a hands-on approach when helping students. We stimulate & motivate while enriching and helping our students. Tutor-Me provides a safe, conducive, and nurturing environment. We offer classes in all Math, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Phonics, English, Science, standardized testing, PSAT, ACT, SAT and more. We also have classes in Spanish, French and Arabic. We offer a free trial. Check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/mytutorme.

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

Voice Los Ranchos Voice Studio: Lessons for all Ages and Abilities! 625 Ranchitos Rd., Abq, NM 87114. Phone: 505-900-1808; Contact: Jennifer Kuchar, voice teacher; Email: losranchosvoicestudio@gmail.com; Website: losranchosvoicestudio.com. All Ages and Abilities; Cost: $50 an hour, $35 for 30 mins. Open enrollment; Flexible scheduling. Now Offering In-Person Voice lessons and Beginning Piano Lessons! Jennifer Kuchar is an experienced voice teacher with over 6 years of music teaching experience. Please reach out if you or your child is interested in improving your musical skills. Financial Aid Available. Ask about COVID-19 safety protocols and our online lesson options.

Yoga Nose to Toes Yoga, 1918 Washington St. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-4140801; Contact: Liz Fitzgerald; Email: nosetotoesyoga@gmail.com; Website on Facebook at: Nose to Toes Yoga. Ages: 2-20. Days/Hours: Mon-Friday, 9am5:30pm. We offer small group, private or after-school classes for kids ages 2-20. We host yoga birthday parties at our studio or your location! Our day classes run M-F from 9am-2:30pm. Afterschool classes start at 2:45pm. Camp programs available for school breaks. Our studio welcomes neuro-typical and neurodiverse kids and can work with your school's schedule. Homeschoolers always welcome. Parents and kids find that yoga not only builds strength, flexibility and balance but also teaches children how to self-regulate and build resilience and confidence. We teach breathing strategies, fun yoga poses, meditation and mindfulness. We offer 6 or 8 class passes. We make yoga accessible for all. Information for this directory comes from the advertisers and does not constitute an endorsement by New Mexico Kids!


New Mexico Kids!

July/August 2021



art. history. people.

Come to Albuquerque Museum for Inspiration! Art classes for children ages 4 to 14 at the Museum School begin in September. Registration opens mid-July. PRESCHOOL ADVENTURES IN ART (Ages 4–5) YOUTH STUDIOS (Ages 6–14)

For more information and to register: cabq.gov/museum-school Albuquerque Museum 2000 Mountain Road NW (in Old Town) 505-243-7255



Dance with

Bates Premier Taekwondo We focus on Family, Fitness & Fun!! Best Training Facility in Albuquerque!

SUMMER DANCE CONTINUES... Live Zoom Community Classes (Thru July 31, 2021) Learn more: keshetarts.org/dance-education

Summer Dance In-a-Bag (Week-long virtual activities) • Each bag includes: creative movement supplies, activities, and crafts for safe summer fun for movers of all ages and abilities! • Start your week on Monday with a drive-thru bag pickup at Keshet Center for the Arts, 4121 Cutler Ave NE, ABQ! • Each day starts with a group Zoom warmup, every week culminates with a Zoom live performance! • Each week’s activities are different! • No dance experience necessary. All abilities welcome. Adjustable for ages 4-12.

July 5th-9th - Jazz and Hip Hop July 12th-16th - Build Your Own Dance July 19th-23rd - Dance Sampler Sliding scale pricing per week, with scholarships available.

FALL COMMUNITY CLASSES SESSION: August - December 2021 Visit KeshetArts.org

Register today at KeshetArts.org or email Sadie@KeshetArts.org for more information.

Classes for ages 2-adult No contracts, unlimited classes

Call NOW for your FREE Trial Class!

3880 Menaul Blvd NE (just east of Carlisle between Thriftown & Sonic)

(505) 985-9091 www.batespremiertkd.com batespremiertkd@yahoo.com

July/August 2021

New Mexico Kids!



Keep Them Healthy At CHRISTUS St. Vincent, we are always committed to providing the best and safest health care to you and your family. From routine check-ups or vaccinations to acute illnesses – we are always ready to care for you and your loved ones. Visit us in one of our five conveniently located Primary Care locations. Adult & Family Care Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Family Medicine for newborns, children, adults and seniors 465 St. Michael’s Dr. Suite 230 Santa Fe, NM 87505

Family Medicine Center Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Family Medicine for newborns, children, adults and seniors 2025 Galisteo St. Santa Fe, NM 87505

Arroyo Chamiso Pediatrics Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Pediatric Care for newborns through18 years of age 465 St. Michael’s Dr., Suite 200 Santa Fe, NM 87505

Pojoaque Primary Care Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Family Medicine for newborns, children, adults and seniors 5 Petroglyph Circle, Suite A Pojoaque, New Mexico 87506 .

Entrada Contenta Health Center Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Urgent Care 5501 Herrera Dr. Santa Fe, NM 87507

Call (505) 913-DOCS (3627) to schedule your primary care appointment today. We accept most health insurance plans. A mask is a must at all CHRISTUS St. Vincent facilities

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New Mexico Kids! July August 2021  

New Mexico Kids! July August 2021  


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