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New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Get ready for the new season. Get their sports physicals now.

As school sports start back up, it’s time to get your kids in for sports physicals. We made in-person care safer so your kids can get pediatric care, immunizations and sports physicals now – protecting their long-term health. We’ve also added more telehealth options to get the care you need from home. Our pediatric primary care clinics are accepting new patients. Children and teens with a history of COVID-19 illness should be evaluated before starting any school athletics. Sports physicals can be done with your child’s pediatrician or by appointment at one of our pediatric urgent care locations.

Give better health a better chance. Call (844) 505-PRES for an appointment.


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021



Corrales International School is a tuition-free APS, grade-A, public charter school, serving K-12 students in Albuquerque. All secondary-school students, 8th grade and up, are on an accelerated learning track that includes PLTW’s Biomedical Sciences POS, with a transition into concurrent and dual-enrollment with CNM/UNM. CIS provides students with a unique opportunity to enroll in a school dedicated to creating an environment rich in intellectual stimulation, that promotes a sense of wonder, curiosity, and motivation that will prepare students to be life-long learners. A dynamic Art, Music, and Drama program Full immersion program for Spanish High quality programming which supports development of inquiring and knowledgeable students. World Civilizations, Cultures, and Global Citizenship Disney Academy Service-Learning partnered with UNM Disney Innovation PLTW Biomedical Sciences Innovative “Leaders in Training” program Natural Helper Program

For more information or to apply: Please visit our website! May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!



Albuquerque/Rio Rancho


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


What’s in this issue for you! May/June 2021

Vol. 30 No. 3



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Don’t Yuck My Yum!

Young Scientist pg 24

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Kids’ Crossword pg 25

Head To This Natural Treasure For A Day of Family Fun!

Great Kids! pg 26

Clay Kids! pg 14

Guest Column pg 27

Cochiti Clay Artist Continues to Volunteer Teaching Youngsters Despite COVID

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I am Mella, a 15-year-old high school student at Sandia High School, Albuquerque NM. I really enjoy music, volleyball and art. Most of my free time is spent drawing and improving my art skills. For this specific piece, my art class had an art assignment to make a watercolor painting of a sunflower in November of 2020. I was reminded of the song “Sunflower” from the movie “Sierra Burgess is a Loser.” That song has such an impactful message, so this art piece is based off of it.

New Mexico Kids! seeks experienced freelance calendar editor.

Must be proficient in Quark, great with deadlines, excellent writer and proof reader, interested in seeking out in-person and virtual events for kids, teens, parents and educators in central and northern New Mexico. Work from home. If interested, call Nancy at 505-797-2708 or email


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

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May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Cooking Kids Don’t Yuck My Yum! By EFRAIN VILLA That kids do not come with an instruction manual is one of the most often lamented truths of parenthood, especially when trying to nurture a healthy relationship with food early on in a child’s life. Too often, parental decisions large and small seem to come imprinted with assumptions that every choice made on behalf of children has everlasting, unalterable repercussions. Uncertainty about how to address children’s eating habits, table manners and food attitudes can be especially stressful for parents when compounded by social pressures of both the digital and nondigital varieties. Online forums are filled with contradictory advice on how to best raise healthy, adventurous eaters. While some social media influencers urge parents to pressure fussy kids to try new foods, others say shaming children for exercising personal preferences can make them all the pickier. Even common classroom catchphrases such as “Don’t yuck someone

A Cooking With Kids student from Turquoise Trail Charter School and her dad make vegetable paella during a virtual Family Cooking Night led by a CWK educator.

else’s yum” can take on charged overtones online and in person with opinionated, self-proclaimed gurus accusing the adults in the room of shaming the shamers. So where can a conflicted parent turn to get sound, kitchen-friendly child rearing advice? Fortunately for New Mexicans, the answer is not far. For decades, several New Mexico organizations have been helping to develop healthy eating habits in children. Their aim is to demystify the process of embracing nutritious, varied cuisines for both parents and kids. One of the starting points deals with dispelling false notions that playing with one’s food should be avoided. Play is the ultimate experiential learning activity for children in both the playground and the classroom and there is mounting evidence it can also be an important childhood development tool in the kitchen. The logic follows that when what happens in the kitchen is experienced by children from the sidelines, they are less likely to be open to eating what they are served than if they were allowed and encouraged to engage in their own food preparation.

Evan Doughty, a volunteer Cooking with Kids chef, makes Asian noodles and vegetables pre-COVID with elementary school kids at Gonzales Community School. Photo by Gabriella Marks.

The concept of learning by doing is, of course, not new. Hands-on activities are an excellent way to solidify knowledge because they allow disparate elements of wisdom to gel in a single activity that engages the body and mind simultaneously. “As a dietician, I think it’s really interesting that in the last few years, especially in the younger generation, we are seeing that people are watching a lot more food channels, but most studies show that hasn’t really translated to their homelife,” says Sara Robbins, executive director at Kids Cook, a nonprofit organization that offers hands-on health and cooking instruction to elementary and middle school children and their families in the greater Albuquerque area. “At Kids Cook, we want to see that kids are experiencing new and different foods and that they aren’t just watching them on television. We want them trying foods, so they gain confidence in exploration. Being a mom myself, I see that it’s really important that kids get exposed to different flavors early in life, so they don’t see food as an enemy.” Kids Cook is one of several organizations in the state funded in part through Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) allocations. Cooking with Kids is another group supported by SNAP-Ed with a similar mission to improve the health and nutrition of New Mexican children and their families by making learning about food fun. Kids Cook collaborates with a dozen Albuquerque schools and Cooking with Kids has focused on Santa Fe and Rio Arriba counties for 25 years. Collectively, both organizations directly serve approximately 8,500 children and their families through their presence in classrooms and cafeterias. Because of the parameters of SNAP Ed funding, the primary emphasis of these organizations is on schools in which a majority of students receive free or reduced-price meals. To serve a broader demographic of students and schools, donations, community partnerships, grants and volunteer support are welcome elements of their operational budgets. The organizations also provide free online resources, including howto videos, teacher lesson plans and recipes developed with special attention to ensuring that the ingredients are budget-friendly. In a classic example of good intentions gone awry, Rachel Shreve, communications coordinator for Cooking with Kids, tells the story of how the organization was founded. “Lynn Walters, our founder, was trying to improve school food, so she did research, consulted with chefs and produced a wonderful, nutritious school lunch … and the kids didn’t eat it,” Shreve says. “When kids don’t recognize foods, they’re less likely to eat them. Lynn later found studies that showed that when kids help prepare food, they’re more interested in eating that food. She asked if she could start cooking with her son’s class and the program grew from there.” The cognitive bias that people love what they help build is not unique to children or cooking. In the retail world, the labor of love phenomecontinued on page 10


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021



Serving Albuquerque for over 35 years!

Healthy Kids... Happy Family!

Hours: 10:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday Closed Sundays NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS! Up to age 18 We accept most insurance plans


'RUVH\ %HJJV 0' +LHQ 7UDQ 0' 0DGLVRQ /XW] &3 13 .LP +DUW &3 13


1400 San Pedro NE

• ADHD • Allergy testing and treatment • Asthma • Anxiety and depression • Diabetes • Eczema • Most complex medical conditions • Obesity

Call today to make your appointment for your child’s fall sports physical. HOURS: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm Closed for lunch 12-1pm.

er yd v E / y a ll D


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99 – Arink) . 1 $ r o d 's Eat F cludes (in



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May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


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they just went and grabbed an apple. It’s those kinds of things that excite us educators.” To harness some of the uplifting effects of community during a pandemic, Kids Cook has focused on getting families with young children to use Fūdrr, a supportive online space, to share videos, recipes and tips and win points through challenges and quizzes that can be used to buy fruits and vegetables at participating grocers. Anyone can sign up and participate at Because both organizations incorporate cuisines from various regions of the world, the multicultural curriculums also give children the opportunity to learn about how life is lived in other countries. This fosters empathy for people with different customs from their own. “We make Indian lentils with chapati and kids go, ‘This looks like beans and tortillas,’” says Shreve. “Finding the connection between something that looks slightly different than what they’ve seen before but also having a way to make that part of what they know goes a long way in creating human connections.”

Third-grader Adriela proudly displays a pizza she made for Kids Cook Family Pizza Night. Courtesy photo.

non is often referred to as the Ikea Effect, named after the Swedish furniture manufacturer whose products usually require assembly by the customer. We tend to place a higher value on things we had a part in creating, regardless of the result’s intrinsic quality. Tapping into innate human behavior goes further than the Ikea Effect for organizations catering to children’s health. “Getting suspicious of foods is a natural part of child development,” says Shreve. “Forcing kids to taste things or being pushy can work against you, since they can sometimes develop a resistance. Sometimes our job as grownups is to step back and let kids learn from each other because peer pressure works in amazing ways.” Being able to participate in problem solving in a group setting builds social skills and helps create a sense of community for young chefs. “Playing with your food in a kitchen or classroom in really positive ways and then not having the pressure of having to eat something only because it’s good for you allows kids to eat things because they made them and want to enjoy them with friends,” says Robbins. Because sharing physical spaces has become much more challenging since the pandemic began, Cooking with Kids and Kids Cook have adapted by expanding their online offerings, including online classes taught live. “When schools first shut down in March, we were struggling to figure out how we were going to do this online,” says Shreve. “Some of our schools reached out and because of that relationship with our educators, we were able to do what we call Family Nights. We send out an invitation to all participating families with a Google Meet link and a recipe. Everybody signs on at the same time and we all cook together. The kids are so excited to see their cooking teacher. It’s different from signing onto a YouTube video and watching a cooking how-to because this is their cooking teacher who they know and it has this wonderful community feel. Through a partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market, we were even able to safely provide kits of ingredients to families who might have trouble getting those ingredients.” Since starting Family Nights, Cooking with Kids has had more than 30 sessions with 11 schools and more than 500 participating families. Because of safety concerns, these sessions are not conducted during inschool hours and always require parental supervision. Time dedicated to nutrition education during in-school class sessions tends to be geared toward food literacy, which involves learning about how food grows, why it is good for us and why we celebrate with it. Although not ideal, both organizations continue to execute cooking and nutrition classes through live online platforms because they are seeing valuable results. “We have so many principals and teachers telling us that kids are coming to class just to get to participate in our Kids Cook session,” says Robbins. “We spent a whole month just talking about apples and probably half of the kids who had an apple in their house,


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

Enoch, a 5th-grader, proudly stirs dough for homemade bread, which he made all by himself with virtual guidance from his Kids Cook! Educator. Courtesy photo.

Whether online or in person, both Shreve and Robbins say that learning to cook transcends kitchen topics and can improve children’s math and science skills as well. “Once we were making paella on an electric skillet and a child noticed that when the lid was closed, steam caused water droplets to form on the lid and then come back down as if it were ‘raining inside the paella pan, just like a little planet with its own water cycle,’” recalls Shreve. Doubling and halving recipes also helps children understand how fractions work. Perhaps the most important piece of wisdom children take away from learning to cook is that making mistakes is not something to fear. All the world’s culinary masterpieces were derived from a long history of adults playing with food, so it makes sense to extend that freedom to children as well. For more information visit and

Miles, 7

Santa Fe

Book Review:

The Big Book of Plant-Based Baby Food: 300 Healthy, Plant-Based Recipes Perfect for Your Baby and Toddler, by Tamika L Gardner By Albuquerque Mom, CHARLA Five stars! My husband and I are very happy with this book. We constantly hear “but where will your baby get his protein” when we tell folks we plan to raise our son vegetarian. This book makes it clear that protein isn’t all that difficult to find! The author includes brown rice, quinoa, chickpeas, beans, and even tofu into the puree recipes showcasing that protein is more than just animal products! We also loved that this book uses some of the opening pages to introduce plant-based eating, “The Clean 15”, and “The Dirty Dozen.” Finally, we love the transitional “fingerling” foods the author provides for the 12+ month stages. Some of the recipes sound so good we can’t wait to make them for the whole family: Garlic Naan Vegetable Pizza Squares, Chocolate-Pomegranate Dip, and Barbecue Tofu and Quinoa to name a few. We definitely recommend to vegan/vegetarian and animaleaters alike!

Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Sunflower Summer Camp For children ages 5-7. Explore, dig, climb trees, plant a garden, hike, play with friends and enjoy the freedom of sunny summer days! Seven weeks starting June 21 Monday - Thursdays, 9am - 3pm

More info and to register:

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Valles Caldera

Head To This Natural Treasure For A Day of Family Fun! By TANIA SOUSSAN

For everything from hiking and mountain biking to prairie dog watching and old-fashioned outdoor exploring, the Valles Caldera National Preserve can’t be beat. The 89,000-acre gem of the Jemez Mountains boasts hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, scenic backcountry drives, bird watching and wildlife viewing, fishing, horseback riding and historic sites. “For kids as well as adults, there’s lots of gorgeous country,” said Park Guide Dave Jones. “It’s just an incredible, wild place.” The area around the visitor center is open year-round and offers easy access to a handful of hiking trails as well as opportunities to see some of the 2,500 elk and other animals that call the preserve home.

A herd of elk At Valles Caldera.

predatory coyotes and badgers. “There are literally thousands of prairie dogs right near the entrance station,” Jones said. “They are really fun to watch.” Hiking is perhaps the most popular activity at the Valles Caldera. Options include three hikes accessible from the entrance station without a backcountry permit: u The 3.4-mile out and back Hidden Valley Trail passes an old cabin used in a movie set, follows the East Fork of the Jemez River and passes interesting volcanic formations. “It feels kind of mystical if you’re a kid,” Rae said. u La Jara, an easy 1.5-mile loop around the Cerro La Jara lava dome, passes through a prairie dog colony, has views of Valle Grande and South Mountain, offers good opportunities to see wildflowers, has picnic spots and is pet friendly. u The flat, 1-mile Pond Trail leads into the heart of Valle Grande and a stock pond with good bird watching, elk viewing and wildflowers. “You get the full effect of that huge space,” Rae said. For older kids interested in rockhounding and up for a longer hike, the Cerro del Medio Loop leads to large obsidian specimens about two miles in. The full trail goes 13.8 miles up Obsidian Valley, circles Cerro del Medio lava dome and passes through the rarely visited Rincon de los Soldados, but hikers can turn around at any point.

Golden eagles, bald eagles and ravens on a kill at Valles Caldera. Courtesy photos.

Starting May 15, the backcountry opens. To drive the backcountry roads, visitors must snag one of the 35 free permits that are available on a first-come, first-served basis each day. On summer weekends, they go fast, so arrive early to avoid disappointment. Even without a permit, however, it’s possible to walk or bike from the visitor center. Coco Rae, a Valles Caldera volunteer and Los Alamos resident, has explored much of the backcountry and written a book about the preserve. “Summer is a beautiful time to be there,” she said. “You don’t have to have a plan. Just show up, go play.” Rae’s book, “Hiking Trails in the Valles Caldera National Preserve,” includes detailed descriptions and maps as well as general information about the preserve. Find locations where you can buy a copy at The 13-mile-wide circular depression known as the Valles Caldera was formed about 1.25 million years ago by a massive volcanic eruption. The preserve features interesting geology in its vast mountain meadows, beautiful valleys, lava domes and meandering streams. The area is the homeland of ancestral native peoples and more recently was used for ranching. The preserve offers a junior ranger program, but other ranger-led activities are up in the air because of COVID-19 restrictions and staffing changes. A popular program in the past was a walking tour of the historic cabin district. Visitors can check the website at for updated information. Kids and adults alike enjoy watching the large and healthy prairie dog colony as the animals pop out of their burrows, eat grasses and watch for


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

A bobcat on a downed tree at Valles Caldera.

“You’re not allowed to take any of that obsidian, but it’s really cool to go see,” Rae said. For mountain bikers, Jones recommends exploring the miles and miles of old logging and ranch roads that have been turned into trails rather than riding on the dirt roads that are open to vehicles. Banco Bonito, Sulphur Canyon and Redondo Meadows are good bets, he said. For those with mobility issues or for families with young children, Rae said just taking the backcountry drive is wonderful and allows visitors to stop wherever they want to picnic, trudge along streams or explore. “Every valley has a different feel,” she said. Visitors also can access the preserve from anywhere along NM 4 by parking in a pullout and climbing over the fence, Jones said. “That is perfectly legal and appropriate,” he said. “It belongs to all of us.”




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May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Clay Kids!

Cochiti Lake Clay Artist Keeps Kids Learning Despite COVID By TANIA SOUSSAN Sandy Kadisak hasn’t let the challenges of COVID-19 derail the ceramic art program she’s nurtured in the small town of Cochiti Lake for the last 10 years. Kadisak, an awardwinning clay artist and art educator, volunteers at the town’s Irene S. Sweetkind Public Library to organize a monthly "Kid's Day in the Library" and an annual six-week summer reading program. She integrates lessons in clay art into many of the events and brings in community guest speakThese stoneware tiles were made by young people ages 4 to 18 ers for preand shown in an outdoor exhibit at Cochiti Lake Town Hall. sentations on Courtesy photos. poetry, astronomy, geology and other topics. “It’s really about how to make things engaging and fun and also about education,” she said. In March 2020, the kids gathered at a picnic table under huge ponderosa pines at the library for a lesson Faith Rosetta, 10, handbuilds a coil heart bowl. in crafting bas relief tiles. Kadisak taught them about the technique and how it is


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

Cody Kadisak, 14, applies underglaze for his tile titled “Raven in Flight“ for the Children's Art Tile Mosaic Project.

used around the world. Then COVID hit, the library closed and people were staying home. “We had to adapt,” Kadisak said. “I’m having them work independently at home.” The program already was operating on a shoestring budget of $300 a year supplemented by bake sales and donations. Financial support from the Friends of Cochiti Fire Department Vibrant frog art tile by Samantha Paul, 14, was created from raw made the new approach posstoneware clay. sible by paying for clay and tool kits that Kadisak dropped off along with instructions for the families to finish their tiles at home. She provided feed-

Luminous stoneware bowl by Persephone Simmons, 11. continued on page 16



A Very Smart Start! And where the love of learning begins.

Accepting Applications for 2021-2022 Preschool & Grades K-5

Sunset Mesa School Excellence in Preschool & K-5 Education

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May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!



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Everyone Deserves A Chance To Fly!!!

Concerned about the development of your child age 0-3? Call us at 505-262-0801 for a free developmental screening.


climbing higher E



early childhood education & nature immersion 12 mo-Kinder for more info

back and help by text, then picked up the tiles for firing once they were done. Andrea Rosetta and her five kids, ages 5 to 18, have been working from their home in nearby Sile. Like many of the participants, they have Stoneware art tile by Hope Rosetta, 15, using the design technique of been sgraffito. studying with Kadisak for years and are familiar with clay techniques.

505-433-8289 Albuquerque Congregation Albert Early Childhood Center Creating joyful learners from 2 years of age through kindergarten since 1982 FREE membership to Congregation Albert for ECC families

A 5 Star Accredited School

Learn. Play. Grow.

All faiths and families welcome Convenient NE Heights location near Uptown, minutes from I40

3800 Louisiana Boulevard NE/

Shell fossil press mould art tile by Ashlynn Calabaza, 9.


“They get a lot out of the program, and it’s been a highlight of my home schooling,” Rosetta said, adding that there are not many programs for kids in the rural area. “It has really kept us connected.” In the past, Kadisak has entered the children’s work in the former New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, where they won some awards and benefitted from an uplifting experience. That’s no longer possible, so over a weekend last October, she showed off their tiles in an outdoor display case at the town hall. Now, Kadisak and the kids – including her 14-year-old son, Cody – have embarked on a new and more ambitious project, a tile mosaic that will be permanently installed at the library with support from a $500 New Mexico Library Foundation community relief micro grant. The children are using bird and plant guides from Tent Rocks National Monument to inspire their designs, which will become part of the larger depiction of the area’s birds, flora and fauna, Kadisak said.


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021



Join us at Escape In Time for Girls’ Victorian Tea Camps this summer! For more information go to or call us at 505-386-1386. Albuquerque


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505-250-4570 May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Let’s Read Let’s Read Let’s Read These book reviews were written by Christine Laffler’s 4th grade students at Manzano Day school.

The Dragon Ark: Join the Quest to Save the Rarest Dragon on Earth Author: Curatoria Draconis Illustrator: Tomislav Tomic Publisher: Magic Cat Ages: 8-12 years Do you want to join the quest to save the rarest dragon on earth?

will meet other species of dragons and fantastic people who work for the Dragon Ark. You will witness an entirely new species of dragon that no one knew existed. The illustrations are very detailed. It is like they step out of the book into real life and you are there standing right next to them. But will you be able to find a dragon that many have sought before and failed? Will you get to see a baby dragon and a mother? You'll have to wait and see. Read “The Dragon Ark” to find out more. By Iris K., 10


Then you are in the right place! “The Dragon Ark” is an amazing book with amazing illustrations. In this book, you will embark on a quest to save the rarest dragon on earth. You

Author: Ruth Forman Illustrator: Geneva Bowers Publisher: Little Simon Ages: Baby and older “Curls” celebrates identity and selflove. This board book is filled with pictures that are filled with colors and beautiful details, and although there aren’t a lot of words, the writing is still amazing. It teaches kids to

Santa Fe

" %



/+( " " /.,(, &,(,' 0/*$++0-

$ $

% !


# 18

New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

for ages 3 through 12. This author is telling you to never give up on your dreams, like being a baseball player or playing the violin. The power of yet will always be there when you're struggling with something. The im-

love themselves and that they are perfect just the way they are. I was astounded when I read this book because of how much meaning there is in just a few words. “Curls” is a beautiful book with a beautiful meaning. I hope you decide to read it and experience all of the wonder, gorgeous pictures and important messages. By Kate S., 10

portant thing is to say, “I can’t do this YET!” This is honestly a great book to read. The illustrations are amazing and the book has such a great message. By Maggie A., 10

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: I Love Them All! Author & Illustrator: Chad Geran Publisher: POW! Kids Books; Illustrated edition Ages 1-3 years This board book is about a little girl who loves all kinds of dogs. My little sister loved it. She loved the vibrant colors and the creativity in the images. She loved the rhyming words when I read it aloud to her. I like

Pepito Has a Doll: Pepito Tiene una Muñeca Authors: Jesús Canchola Sánchez & Armando Minjárez Monárrez Publisher: BookBaby; Bilingual edition Ages: 6-9 years In this bilingual story, Pepito has a doll. He is lonely and doesn’t have any friends except for Lola, his doll. He and his grandmother are worried that people at school will tease him if they learn that he has a doll. Every night, Pepito prays that everyone will be well, that Lola will not be discovered and that he will get a new friend at school. One day, a new boy named Miguel starts at his school. Read the book to find out if

how it’s kind of goofy and silly. I would recommend this book for toddlers and preschoolers who want to learn more about dogs. By Craig W., 10

The Power of Yet Author: Maryann Cocca-Leffler Publisher: Harry N. Abrams Ages: 3-5 years This book tells you the importance of never giving up and believing in the power of yet. I think it is great

Miguel and Pepito become friends. I like that this book is written in English and Spanish and that it shows how everyone is different! By Sara H., 10

Santa Fe

Santa Fe


Openin June 2021

Santa Fe

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Santa Fe

New Mexico Kids! seeks experienced freelance calendar editor.

Must be proficient in Quark, great with deadlines, excellent writer and proof reader, interested in seeking out in-person and virtual events for kids, teens, parents and educators in central and northern New Mexico. Work from home. If interested, call Nancy at 505-797-2708 or email

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!





SUMMER ART CAMP Harwood Art Center June - July 2021 | grades 1 - 9

Harwood’s Summer Art Camp inspires imaginations! Young artists take creativity to new heights with online classes in painting, drawing, movement, theater, printmaking, and more. 1 week sessions | pay what you can



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New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids! Calendar & Virtual Activities In addition to May/June events, we have compiled a list of virtual events, activities and resources for parents and children to turn to in May, June.and beyond. Most businesses, schools, organizations and programs have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as YouTube channels that are easy to find by searching the organization name. As of press time, these events and links were up to date, but as things are changing rapidly, schedules and listings are subject to change. To have your events listed for free in the July/August issue, fill out our calendar form at, or send date, time, place, cost, description of activity, sponsoring organization and contact phone to The deadline is June 16. Calendar listings are not guaranteed due to space limitations. All phone numbers have a 505 area code unless otherwise noted.

Arts & Crafts May 18, Online: Watercolor Class, 5:30-7pm. A Zoom webinar workshop exploring the works of Georgia O’Keeffe. All levels welcome, materials needed: watercolor paints, round paintbrush, watercolor or drawing paper. For ages 12+, space limited, reservations required. $5/$20/$30, online-watercolor-class-10. Cinco De Mayo arts and crafts activities can be found online at various sites like and Family Art from Home & Downloadable Coloring Pages for all ages can be found at ABQ Museum’s “Trending@abqmuseum” page, Folk Art for You by Museum of International Folk Art offers DIY projects to make at home including “Corn Husk Dolls/Figures,” “Clay Animals” and “Amate Paintings.” Check for lesson plans, exhibits, blogs and virtual tours. Visit the Facebook page for virtual “Family Mornings @ Folk Art” and other videos & activities. Also check out the YouTube channel, Virtual Visiting Artist Series: Vital Spaces. This YouTube channel offers something creative to do at home with a child or inner child. It features video art workshops created by artists living and working in and around Santa Fe. Search for Vital Spaces and ARTsmart Virtual Visiting Artist Series.

Classes & Workshops May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 & June 6, 13, 20, 27, Kadampa Center Meditation for Kids Online, 10-11:30am. In this lighthearted and fun class, children will build inner strength and confidence by developing good qualities with a short meditation, teaching and activities to help increase patience, respect, giving and kindness; ages 4-13. Free, May 14, June 11, Colcha Community Stitch-Along via Zoom, 1pm. This workshop is open to all levels of experi-

ence in an informal setting, wherever participants are. There will be demonstrations and Q&A; share what you are working on. Free, National Hispanic Cultural Center,

Cultural Centers & Museums May 8, Virtual Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Day, 10am. Cultural performances and music from local Asian communities plus Japanese floral arrangements and Chinese art activities. Virtual guests will be live and pre-recorded. Pre-registration is required. email, May 28, The Harrell House Bug Museum opens, after moving to Santa Fe Place. This is a unique, family friendly experience with 4,700 mounted insects from around the world and 150 live animals including insects, spiders, scorpions and millipedes. ABQ Museum Online has familyfriendly activities including art projects made from materials around the house, coloring pages, art collections and podcasts as well as family-friendly activities on Facebook, ABQ Zoo, Botanic Garden and Tingley Beach. The Zoo and Botanic Gardens are open 9am-5pm, Weds-Suns; The BUGarium is open Fris, Sats & Suns; Tingley Beach is open daily sunrise until sunset, all visitors must wear a mask and socially distance. Timed tickets must be purchased online and are limited. Choose a time & date and arrive within 30 minutes. ABQ Zoo,,, Albuquerque Museum is open to NM residents only and tickets must be purchased online. $10 adults/$5 mems/free 12 and under, 2000 Mountain NW, 243-7255, 877-466-3404 (online ticket help),, Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum is open to NM residents only. To visit, timed tickets must be booked in advance at, Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe is now streaming. CCA celebrates creativity across the arts, humanities and sciences with virtual programming, El Rancho De Las Golondrinas Social Distancing in the Great Outdoors will be opening in June. More than 200 acres, 34 historical buildings and family fun exploring natural New Mexico. See website for details, El Rancho De Las Golondrinas, 334 Los Pinos Road, Santa Fe, 471-2261, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Creative Activities Online offers artistic and compositional techniques with familyfriendly activities. education/creative-activities. Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Vir-

tual Culture Guide offers resources including videos of the center’s cultural Native dance performances, suggested reading and a short feature on the exhibits, Museum of International Folk Art is open 10am-4pm, Tues-Suns. 706 Camino Lejo, On Museum Hill, Santa Fe, 476-1200,, National Hispanic Cultural Center offers virtual experiences including online building visits on its website, social media and YouTube channel. The Visual Arts Museum is open Tue-Sun, 10am-4pm, while the remaining facilities continued to be closed, NM Dept of Cultural Affairs has links with info like museum reopenings, historic sites & other institutions that have resources, activities and exhibits online. The “Visit Virtually” section includes links to NM museums, cultural centers and libraries, NM Museum of Natural History & Science is open 10am-4pm, Wed-Sun. Purchasing tickets online is encouraged. Group size is limited to five, no more than five tickets can be purchased at a time. $8/$7/$5, 1801 Mountain NW, ABQ, 841-2869, The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is open to the public allowing up to 75 guests at a time. Visit the nation’s only congressionally chartered museum in its field, National Muse-

um of Nuclear Science & History, 601 Eubank SE, 245-2137, The Santa Fe Botanical Garden is now open 10am-5pm, Thus-Mons, credit cards only, 725 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, 471-9103, The Searchable Art Museum (SAM) is an online site dedicated to a growing collection of 20,000 works of art, allowing everyone to experience the collection,

Dance May 8, Keshet’s 25th Annual Spring Concert, 2pm. Reimagined in a virtual format, the 25th Annual Spring Community Dance Concert highlights the work of dancers young and young-at-heart within all of Keshet’s varied education programs. Free-$10, May 8, NDI NM Virtual Gala, 5:30pm. This livestreaming program is a celebration of hope and joy. See hundreds of children dancing from around the state. “Brand New Day!” features inspiring testimonials and original choreography, June 13, 20, 27, Children’s Flamenco on the Hill, 4-5pm; doors 3:30pm. Picnic-style outdoor flamenco show on the lawn by the EAFA Youth company. Refreshments and concessions, some chairs and umbrellas provided; no per-


May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


New Mexico Kids! Calendar & Virtual Activities sonal umbrellas will be allowed. This show features students ages 3-16 dancing traditional flamenco. $20 adults/$15 kids/free under age 5, The Lodge at Santa Fe, 750 N. St Francis, Santa Fe, 660-9122, June 23, Keshet & Israel - International Arts Exchange. Conversations and recorded performance footage from Israeli guest artists and friends, Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts has a YouTube channel for online dance classes for kids ranging from fitness to hip-hop and jazz,

Education and Tutoring APS@Home supports at-home learning for grades K-5 and their families by broadcasting a weekday morning schedule of televised APS classes on their YouTube channel, NM Educational Resources can be found at different websites that include activities, facts, coloring pages, games, printables and trivia all centered around the state of NM, Rio Grande Learning Solutions has an online 1-on-1 reading program to help students gain confidence, self-esteem & jump ahead in reading with support training for parents on Facebook,, 321-4486.

Exhibits May 8-Sep 5, “Focus on Youth 2021” Online Exhibit. This annual exhibit of student photography is now online. In partnership with APS Fine Arts program, artwork is showcased from high school students enrolled in photography programs across the district, Albuquerque Museum Online Exhibition Page has links to the Sculpture Gardens, West Atrium and Lobby, East Atrium and Patio, Cuarto Centenario, Amphitheater and a comment book, Museum of International Folk Art’s Online Experiences lists links to its YouTube channel, virtual tours, online collection of objects and exhibits, DIY folk art projects, lesson plans and blogs,Ω OffCenter Community Arts is open noon-3pm, Tues & Weds for art kit and box pickup, donations and to shop the mini gallery. Free art kits and boxes will be taped to the window for contactless pickup. OffCenter Community Arts, 808 Park SW, 247-1172,

Fairs & Festivals May 1, Spring at the Marketplace, 10:30am-3pm. The Marketplace features local artisans, food trucks and giveaways. Free, Poulin Marketplace, 8600 Pan American Fwy NE, ABQ,


New Mexico Kids! May 1, 2, Wind Festival, 10am. Join as kites fill the skies with all shapes and sizes. Visitors can bring their own kite, buy one or watch professional stunt kite fliers. All ages can participate in the kite flying contests. $9 adults/$7 seniors/$5 students/free ages 4 and under, younger are free, Wildlife West Zoo, 87 N Frontage Rd, Edgewood, 281-7655, May 7, 14, 21, 28, The Friday Night Market at El Vado, 5-7pm. Local growers, artisans and musicians, El Vado Motel, 2500 Central SW, June 5 & 7, Spring & Fiber Festival, 10am-2:30pm Sat; 11am-2:30pm, Sun. Traditional demonstrations & entertainers including Entreflamenco Youth Dancers, Española Valley Fiber Arts and Santa Fe Tandy Leather. El Rancho de las Golondrinas, 334 Los Pinos, Santa Fe, 471-2261, June 19 & 20, Herb & Lavender Festival, El Rancho de las Golondrinas, 334 Los Pinos Rd, Santa Fe, 471-2261,

Libraries ABQ and Bernalillo Public Libraries: Most libraries are open with new hours and guidelines. There are lists on websites with links for book fans, homework help, exercise games & indoor activities. There is also a YouTube channel with do-it-yourself crafts and story times,, Library-Information-Services. SF Library’s Children’s Chess Club Online, 5:45-7:45pm, Weds. Free opensource softwares allows for two components to virtual chess: videocon and online chess site. Write to for info to connect to the online chat room chess club with a lecture at 5:45pm and game play at 6:05pm. Online play for Santa Fe students pre-k-12th go to Placitas Community Library offers material for pick-up during special operating hours & limited meeting room hours. Reserve items via the library catalog, email, phone or in person; “Children’s Virtual Programs” can be found on their site, 453 Hwy 165, Placitas, 8673355, programs/childrens-virtual-programs-at-the-library. Rio Rancho Libraries hours are now 9am-3pm, Mon, Wed-Fri; noon-6pm, Tues. Loma Colorado Library, 891-5013, 755 Loma Colorado NE, Rio Rancho; Esther Bone Library, 950 Pinetree SE, 891-5012, Santa Fe Public Libraries now offer curbside pickup of library materials at all 3 locations Tues-Thus & Sats noon5:30pm. The website offers home and online learning, e-resources, links for card holders, webinars, live stream “Garden Sprouts at Home,” “Bilingual Books and Babies,” “Music Movement” videos & other activities on Facebook, santafeli-

May/June 2021,, Vista Grande Santa Fe Public Library Online Book Show Now Open with more than 200 titles. Place an order online, pick up and pay for books in person at the library, Vista Grande Public Library, 14 Avenida Torreon, 466-7323, Vista Grande Santa Fe Public Library Amazon Wish List includes books, comics and DVDs that the library can’t purchase due to the financial strains of the pandemic. Donations can be mailed to the library, Vista Grande Public Library has programs for children and families including stories and online resources. Free Kids Activity Grab Bags have a new theme every two weeks with crafts and ideas for family fun. It is open for pickup service 11am-4pm, Tue-Sat; return items to outside drop box, free WiFi 8am-8pm daily in parking lot, Santa Fe, “What Do You Want To Learn?” is a resource offered by Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Libraries. Find links and information about STEM activities, arts & crafts, history & geography, computing, home & garden DIY, new languages, food & cooking and inspiration,

Music May 2, “Icky:” A Radio Musical via Zoom, 4pm. A premier event exclusively for players and special guests. Hear the full, uninterrupted debut before anyone else, May 20, Lone Piñon, 7pm. Lone Piñon is a New Mexican string band, or "orquesta típica," whose music celebrates the the region's cultural roots. With fiddles, upright bass, accordions, mandolin, guitars and bilingual vocals, they play a wide spectrum of the traditional music. Donation,

Science & Nature May 7 & June 20, Community Day at Santa Fe Botanical Garden, 9am-5pm. Free admission to the Garden for NM residents and students. Free, SF Botanical Garden, 715 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, 471-9103, May 8, 22, Home Composting Basics, 9am-noon. A hands-on discussion of the science, art, materials, methods and benefits of homestead composting. Free, Open Space Visitor Center, 6500 Coors NW, ABQ, 768-4950, May 22, “Nature Up Close” Insects! Arachnids! Myriapods! Oh My!, 11amnoon. Build the best shelter for a bee or butterfly. Pick up a bag of materials for experiments 1-5pm, Sat, May 15; 3-7pm, Tues May 18; Thu, 10am-2pm, May 20. Bags are first-come, first-serve but can be requested with advanced notice: email each child and guardian’s names to Free,

Placitas Library, 453 Hwy 165, Placitas, 867-3355, BioPark Connect has interactive educational resources for parents & teachers with activities & resources focused on things that can be done at home, rk-connect. Explora’s Virtual Outreach Educational Programs consist of virtual field trips and family nights; classes with hands-on student kits, STEAM demos, family science events and non-digital STEM kits, Fractal Fridays Online, some of the same fractal graphics shown under the planetarium dome can be enjoyed on a computer monitor at home. See Facebook and YouTube, New Mexico Wildlife Center provides Stay-At-Home Resources and Virtual Visits where viewers can meet animals from home including hawks, falcons, turtles, snakes and owls, Public Library STEM Programs with Mr. Josh. Keep young scientists busy with science experiments and STEM activities including NASA at Home, Nasa Kid’s Club, Science Experiments for Kids, STEM in Libraries and Interactive Simulations, Santa Fe Mini Seed Libraries, weekends through May 31, 10am-5pm. These libraries are 11 self-serve boxes throughout the county. Up to five packs of seeds can be taken home by wearing masks, observing six feet social distancing and hand disinfection, Science at Home: Find videos, experiments and activities to do at home. These range from Natural History Coloring Sheets, Virtual Field Trips and Scavenger Hunts, Take It Outside! The Pajarito Environmental Education Center’s online series has daily activities and challenges for all ages,

Stage May 12-18, National Theatre Live Online: “42nd Street,” 11am, 2, 5 & 8pm. A Broadway classic tale comes to the big screen from London’s Theatre Royal in a stunning musical production. Set in 1933, 42nd Street tells the story of Peggy Sawyer, a talented young performer with stars in her eyes who gets her big break on Broadway (see website for viewing instructions). $15,

Storytelling Cuentos Infantiles en Español, Spanish Children’s Stories. Wellknown children’s stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Great for kids and adults. Read along in Spanish or English stories like “Pollo Tito” (“Chicken Little”) and “Los Tres Cerditos,” (“The Three Little Pigs”),

New Mexico Kids! Calendar & Virtual Activities Story Time, NM Museum of Natural History & Science. Museum educator Misty Carty reads weekly story time books and demonstrates related activities on Facebook and YouTube,

Support Groups June 12, Virtual Grieving Children, Grieving Families Workshop, 1011:30am. The death of a family member is challenging under any circumstance; but traumatic loss carries a higher risk for long-term dysfunction in the family unit. Our families are where we go to heal – but when the whole family is grieving, how do we heal together?

Also of Interest May 1, 8, 15, One ABQ Cleanup Month, Various Quadrants, 8amnoon. Celebrate Earth Day and Keep Burque Clean by organizing a cleanup day in your neighborhood. Participants can sign up on their own or as part of a group. Neighbors and teams will clean the area around their homes, sidewalks and surrounding areas while social distancing, wearing masks and not being in groups of more than 10. Waste can be brought to the central ABQ drop-off locations; supplies vailable and must be picked up in advance, May 2-9, Virtual Run for the Zoo. Register for the 1-Mile, 5K, 10K, HalfMarathon or Full Marathon. Walk, run, bike or skate; indoors or outdoors anywhere. Find downloadable bibs and finisher certificates, as well as optional medals; choose the color of your race shirt. Price varies and pre-registration is required, biopark/events/run-for-the-zoo. May 3, “Donkey Hodie” inspired by “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” Premier, 11 & 11:30am, Ch.5.1; 4 & 4:30pm, Ch.5.2; & 11:30 am on PBS Kids Ch. 5.1. The imaginative puppet series follows the adventures of Donkey Hodie, the granddaughter of the original Donkey Hodie character (now known as “Grampy Hodie”), a puppet from “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,”who appeared in 59 episodes of the classic children’s show from 1968-1993. The episodes include “Flying Flapjacks/Pickle Penguin Problem” and “A Big Favor for Grampy/A Fair Way to Bounce.” This series encourages preschoolers to aim high, embrace challenges and work hard to achieve their goals, Ch 5.1, NMPBS/KNME-TV. May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, Kids Capoeira, 9:30-11am. Dance, music, martial arts and games. Eight sessions on Sats, inside and outside, next to the Santa Fe Farmers Market; ages 5-12 with COVID-safe practices. $5/free, sliding scale, Railyard Performance Center, 1611 Paseo de Peralta, 474-3060, May 3-14, Registration for Lottery

for Community and Multigenerational Center Summer Programs. The City of ABQ has full-day youth programs in a COVID-Safe environment. Enrollment for community/multigenerational centers is through a lottery process, May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23, Kids Capoeira, 5-6pm. Dance, music, martial arts and games. Eight sessions on Weds, with parallel class for teens and parents; ages 5-12 with COVID-safe practices. $5/free, sliding scale, Railyard Performance Center, 1611 Paseo de Peralta, 474-3060, June 25, Summer Institutes Performances: “VOCES 2021,” 6pm. This reading and performance is the culminating event for the VOCES Summer Reading Institute for Teens. Live via Zoom, CABQ Youth Connect has links to many different activities and information including BioPark Connect, Citizen Science, Covid Resources and Balloon Museum Activities, DIG: A New Mexico History Remix on YouTube, features Hakim Bellamy & New Mexico Youth. Search African American Performing Arts Center New Mexico or AAPAC New Mexico. Free WiFi Hotspots In Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The cities have extended public access to free WiFi hotspots by providing additional locations in areas where social distancing is possible. WiFi can be accessed from the locations listed online. Available times and network names vary by locations, no password needed,, call 311 and Kid-Tested Recipes & Videos: Cooking with Kids is a local organization that provides nutrition education to schools across Northern NM and have recipes, video tutorials and eduction tools for free, New Mexico Farmers’ Markets have ever changing information. Find the most up-to-date info including locations and hours at NM Historic Sites Virtual Classroom offers lessons and activities for grades K4, 5-8 and 9-12. Learn about sites like Jemez, Fort Stanton and Colorado, Petroglyph National Monument Virtual Visit offers videos of the petroglyphs and a park orientation film, tual-visit.htm. Santa Fe Google Treks offers exploration of outdoor destinations in Santa Fe through images captured by new Google technology filmed with a panoramic camera with 15 lenses, Santa Fe Jigsaw Puzzles are digital puzzles featuring some of Santa Fe’s iconic location and landscapes, The Children’s Hour provides weekly educational and entertaining public

radio programing and podcasts for listeners of all ages, created by and for kids and families,, 89.9 fm KUNM. Youth Ballooning Resources are listed on the Balloon Fiesta’s website to help young people get involved in local ballooning activities. ABQ Aerostat Ascension Assoc: about-us/committees/education/youthballooning/; Ballooning Federation of America:; Rio Grande Balloon Camp: VLA Webcam shows a live view of the Very Large Array satellites from a camera that faces the NE and updates every 15 seconds,

Just for Teens May 4, NEA Big Read Teen Poetry Zoom Workshop, 5pm, Tues; 6pm,. Thus. Join Santa Fe Poet Laureate Elizabeth Jacobson in an online poetry workshop for ages 13-18. No experience necessary, all levels welcome, May 31-June 25, VOCES Summer Writing Institute for Teens, 9:30am4pm, Mons-Fris. Teens (rising 9th graders-graduating seniors) are inspired to write prose, poetry and monologues through a wide range of experiential activities. The program culminates with chapbooks and a public reading/performance; limit 15 teens. Free, June 1-Aug 6, “Teen Video Challenge” submissions accepted. The Teen Video Challenge is an annual video contest and is open to all teens (librarian and teacher support is encouraged). The challenge is for teens to create a public service announcement-type video that shows their unique interpretation of the 2021 CSLP slogan, “Tails and Tales.” There will be five national winners, teens submit a link to their video and complete an online form, June 2-July 7, Nuestra Santa Fe Library Summer Program. Ages 15-18 enrolled at Capital High, Santa Fe High or Santa Fe Indian School can apply. The program develops perspectives about NM history, understanding and application of oral history methods, cataloging and engaging community members. Five to 10 hours required, each participant will receive a $500 stipend, June 7-July 30, Junior Docents 2021: Dinosaurs, Computers, Space and Much More... For teens entering 7th12th grade in the 2021/22 school year and ages 13-17 during the summer. Join likeminded teens curious about science and wanting to hone customer service skills and engage with the public while working as educators in the Museum's exhibit halls. Three options are being considered: onsite, virtual and a combination. $175, NM Museum of Natural History and Science, 1801 Mountain NW,

volunteers/junior-docents. Teen Recommend through Santa Fe Libraries asks teens to write about library materials they would recommend others check out and become a published reviewer. Reviews can be seen on the website, FaceBook and blogs, Tween + Teen Support from Children’s Grief Center to provide hope and healing to grieving families happens via Zoom, early evenings, weekdays, 3230478, Youth Intern Program at Explora involves high school students in a threeyear internship where they will experience an engaging approach to learning and become educators. This is a mix of in-person and virtual engagements,

Especially for Parents May 6, June 3, Virtual ¡Happy Arte Hour!, 6:30pm. This is an adult-only art making program and social gathering. Register to receive an email with the Zoom link and items/supplies to gather from around your house. Free, National Hispanic Cultural Center, May 8, “An Enchanted Cabaret Musical Theatre SW Fundraiser, This YouTube event will include favorite fairy tale characters during the retelling of decades of music from the 1950s-2019; auction items are part of the event, The City of ABQ offers info regarding COVID health, status of City Services and community resources can be found on the website and briefings and updates can be found on YouTube under One Albuquerque Media Gov-TV 16, coronavirus-updates. The City of Santa Fe and Bernalillo County offer Covid-19 updates and information regarding playgrounds, cancellations and other info regarding city closures,,

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


The Young Scientist By AILEEN O’CATHERINE

Food waste is a worldwide problem. The United Nations (UN) has issued a food waste index report that shows how much food goes to waste. The report is the most comprehensive one ever created for this global problem. The UN report states about 17 percent of all the food produced goes to waste — roughly a billion tons a year. Sometimes it is wasted in peoples’ homes. Sometimes it is wasted at restaurants or at retail locations. It isn’t just a problem of food going to waste. About 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food that does not get consumed. It is tempting to think that the world’s richest countries waste the most food. But the UN report found that food waste is a problem in all but the poorest countries. Food that is wasted ends up in the trash or garbage, which in turn ends up in landfills. Landfills are places where trash gets dumped. Food waste includes the parts of food that are eaten and the inedible parts that aren’t, such as rinds, bones, pits and stones. Most food waste comes from peoples’ homes, about 61 percent. Restaurants waste about 26 percent of food. The rest, 13 percent, is thrown out by stores. Sometimes people waste food because they believe the “Best by” or “Sell by” date means the food must be thrown out. Sometimes food is thrown out in countries where families don’t have a way to refrigerate food. When millions of people go hungry, food waste is a real problem. There are ways we can help reduce wasted food. Fruits and vegetables that aren’t perfect don’t make it to the grocery shelves. That food

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

Compost. Photo from

can be sold at a reduced rate or used to feed animals. Food can be turned into compost to help grow crops. Food can also be burned to create energy. What can kids do to cut back on food waste at home? Work with your family to only buy what’s needed from the store. Plan your menu for the week and list the ingredients to see what’s needed so there’s no food left over or wasted. Growing food in a garden is a good way to have just the right amount of food for your family. What you don’t eat can be donated to a food bank. One of the best ways to keep food from being wasted is to turn it into compost. Compost is created by food waste that is left to break down until it becomes rich soil. Building a compost bin in your yard is a good project. Compost the waste that is left over from your meals. Once the compost is broken down, it can go into the garden or in the flower beds. If you don’t have a garden, maybe some people in your neighborhood do. They could use your compost. In some cities, neighborhoods have a composter who picks up the food waste from neighbors to put in the compost bin at a community garden. Compost can break down in a jar on the kitchen countertop. Some families keep a small galvanized can under the sink and put worms in it. Worms break down the scraps. When making compost, leave out bones, meat, dairy and fat but put in eggshells, coffee, tea, asparagus ends, orange rinds and even peach pits. Gardeners call broken down compost “black gold” because it enriches the soil. Compost is good not only for helping the soil, but also for reducing food waste. Compost Facts for Kids: Composting at Home:

Tatum, 8


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021


Kids’ Crossword “Famous Places” By MYLES MELLOR for ages 8-15

Across 1. Where New Year's Eve is celebrated in New York, ____ Square 4. Huge valley in Colorado, ____ Canyon 7. Piece of corn 8. ______ Falls, massive waterfalls 9. City where Hollywood is (2 words) 12. Music controller at clubs 14. Baby word for mother 15. San Francisco's Golden ____ 17. St Louis ____ 19. Desert valley in California, ____ Valley 21. Exist 22. President's home, The ___ House 23. Arts degree


Down 1. Site of an historic Texas battle 2. Mountain where you can see the heads of major presidents 3. It rises in the east 4. Elvis Presley's mansion 5. Surprise 6. It's where neither team wins 10. ___ Doubt, rock band 11. State where Badlands National Park is, for short 13. Desert tree in California 16. Period of history 17. What you see in the Metropolitan Museum in New York 18. Word meaning "Yeah, right!" 20. Look at Solutionononpage page27 xx Solution

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Great Kids!

A Series about Local Kids who are Changing the World By KELSEY SINCLAIR

As most kids wind down for summer break, anticipating a few months of rest and relaxation, two Albuquerque teens are gearing up to attend a life-changing scholarship program. The Air Force Junior ROTC Flight Academy scholarship is a prestigious aviation program for exceptional high school students. Veronica Bearup and Luke Vaughn, two Albuquerque high school students, earned this coveted U.S. Air Force scholarship. It allows students to attend an eight-week flight academy program. Students who are successful earn a private pilot license. The $22,000 scholarship was founded as a collaboration between the Air Force and the commercial aviation industry as a response to the national shortage of pilots in both the commercial and military sectors. From her first few weeks in high school, Veronica knew she wanted to be as involved as possible in her new school, so she joined every club that piqued her interest. She is now in her junior year at both Del Norte High School and Nex+Gen Academy High School. Her long list of extracurriculars includes Del Norte’s Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) program as physical training captain and cadet master sergeant, the Academic Bowl and the precision marksmanship team. She’s also vice president of Nex+Gen’s student council and she’s in the honor society for both schools. “My high school experience has been exhilarating,” Veronica said.


Bates Premier Taekwondo We focus on Family, Fitness & Fun!! Best Training Facility in Albuquerque!

Classes for ages 2-adult No contracts, unlimited classes

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3880 Menaul Blvd NE (just east of Carlisle between Thriftown & Sonic)

(505) 985-9091


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

“From the get-go, I wanted to be involved in my community. I signed up for as much as I could and I continue to do that now. I love both my schools, the teachers are really supporting and I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without them. I like the challenge of being a part of so many things that are bigger than myself that have such an impact on the community.” As soon as she learned about the flight academy scholarship, Veronica gathered all the cadets interested in applying and created a study team. Her group studied everything that might be included on the test like flight terms, mathematics and parts of the aircraft. With the help of a teacher, they were even able to take orientation flights at the Double Eagle Airport. “Once summer starts, I’ll make Veronica Bearup my way to (a flight school in North Carolina) and the studying will begin,” Veronica said. “We only have eight weeks to take a semesterlong course, so our days will be jam-packed with information. Sixteen students, including myself, will be in dorms studying and flying on campus.” Veronica’s parents are proud of their daughter’s achievements. “My parents are beyond excited that I have the opportunity to get my Private Pilot License, especially because both of them were in the Air Force,” Veronica said. Luke Vaughn grew up in a military family and always knew he wanted a military life. His father was in the Air Force, which was a source of inspiration and support as he went through the extensive application process. His older brother is currently in the Air Force. “I want to follow in my brother’s footsteps and go into the aviation field through the Air Force. I think that would be really good for me,” Luke said. “I’ve just always had such an interest in aviation and knew this scholarship would be a good way to get into that.” This summer, Luke will attend a school in North Dakota, where he will fly a plane for the first time. He heard about the scholarship through the JROTC program at Volcano Vista High School, where he is a junior. He applied as a sophomore but was rejected on his first try. Luke’s family is Luke Vaughn thrilled. “It was pretty exciting because he knows how challenging it is to get in,” said dad Vince. “It was almost like getting your choice of college. It was that kind of feeling.” The application process was rigorous with a flight knowledge test, ACT/SAT scores, GPA, leadership examples and a list of extracurricular activities. Like Veronica, Luke is involved in many school activities. “I am in multiple honors societies, JROTC, track and field and I am really interested in science, so science and math are my strong suits, which I think will help me with the aviation path,” Luke said. Luke’s goal after high school is to attend the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Guest Column:

Plan Ahead to Decrease Your Child’s On-Line Learning Stress By ERIC WYNN Parents and students knew last spring that the switch to online learning would be an adjustment and that school would look different for students. One consequence of learning in the pandemic is the marked uptick in student stress levels. Students across the country have been bewildered by online assignments, confused by due dates and unable to reach out to teachers in the same way they did during in-person learning. The result of these mounting tensions is a noticeable increase in students reporting stress and anxiety. Students who were struggling to get organized before the pandemic have now experienced more than a year of the additional pressure of not only navigating their coursework but also doing so from in front of a computer screen. This has not helped their confidence as learners, and in some cases has left them feeling even more adrift in their learning experiences. But there are ways that parents and students can be proactive about these situations. Here are a few techniques and strategies that can reduce the stress that’s brought about from this new style of learning: ● Prepare the Physical Workspace: Make sure students have a dedicated place to work in the house; it should be a place that’s as free of distractions as possible. Also make sure that they have the materials they will need for that day’s work. ● Prep the Digital Workspace: Make sure all unnecessary tabs are closed on a student’s browser and that other programs are not running in the background. Make sure the camera and audio are working ahead of the school start time. Headphones can be helpful, but if you’re working from home as well, consider encouraging students to leave headphones off from time to time. This is a unique opportunity to observe what your children are seeing and learning! ● Start Right Away: Students should begin working on an assignment the day it is assigned. This doesn’t mean they have to finish it that day, but it will relieve them of the pressure of completing the entire assignment the night before it’s due. Last-minute work is a major stressor for most students. ● Plan the Week: Make a schedule of your students’ week. Include all the study time, but don’t forget fun activities like walking the dog or watching a movie. Ideally, students should be studying all of their subjects each night, even if it’s only for a few minutes to review what they learned that day. ● Schedule Study Breaks: This is especially important for older students engaged in long-term projects or studying for tests/exams. Make sure that studying is “chunked” into measurable stretches of time and that breaks are included in your study plan. Breaks should be screen-free and active or enjoyable. Most of all, remember that being proactive and planning ahead are two of the best ways to reduce stress levels in students. When students know what’s ahead, there are fewer chances for unanticipated surprises and more chances to seek out support and find success.

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May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


Kids’ Art!


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

Le t’s A page for kids’ party places, entertainers, services and supplies! “Let’s Party” ads cost $80 plus tax for each 2-inch by 2-inch space. Color is an additional $60 plus tax. To place your ad in our next issue, ad and payment are due by June 16. For more information call 505-797-2708

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May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


New Mexico Kids! 2021

Summer Fun! Activities Directory! Residential Camps & Overnight Expeditions

Day Programs

Black Range Horsemanship Camp, PO Box 152, Winston, NM 87943. Phone: 575-743-1602 or 575-740-1778; Website:; Contact: Greg Evans, Camp Director; Email: A residential camp for boys & girls ages 8-18. 2021 Session: July 11–17 ($500); On the beautiful Chihenne Ranch, our program includes: horseback riding for all levels, hiking, arts & crafts, Indian lore, sports & games, rifle shooting, archery, cave and mine exploring, field trips, drama, skits and dancing. Hike at the Gila National Forest. Visit a turn of the century mine. Explore Ghost Towns. Serving boys & girls since 1991.

Santa Fe and Surrounding Areas

Hummingbird Art Camp, 104 Hummingbird Rd., Jemez Springs, NM 87025. Phone: 575-829-3060, Email:; Website: Contact: Secretaries. Hummingbird Art Camp is nestled in the Jemez Mountains where nature, friends, and experienced instructors inspire creativity and fun. Six weeks of overnight Art Camp are offered in June and July. Campers, ages 8-14, explore a variety of art projects in different media, and contribute to installations or murals at the camp. The fun of summer camp in the mountains include fishing, waterwalking, overnight hikes, campfires, moonlight hike to a waterfall. Skits & storytelling with a fun dance on Saturday night celebrating friendships that can last a life time. Campers stay in clean, comfortable dormitories, gather for meals in the dining hall, create art in studios and outdoors, and sing in the choir in the band shell. Explore the website and register online, view photos on facebook/hummingbird Art Camp or call for more info. Tuition is $685 +tax,and additional art supplies fee of $37.60. Hummingbird Chess Camp, 104 Hummingbird Rd., Jemez Springs, NM 87025. Phone: 575-829-3060, Email:; Website: Contact: Secretaries. Hummingbird Chess Camp is nestled in the Jemez Mountains. Children, ages 8-14, have expert instructors and tournaments. Chess Camp is Sunday to Sunday, week 3, June 20 through June 27. Other activities include fishing, water-walking, overnight hikes, campfires, moonlight hike to a waterfall. Skits & storytelling with a fun dance on Saturday night. Campers stay in clean, comfortable dormitories, gather for meals in the dining hall. Camp fee is $685 + tax.

Architecture + Design Summer Academy, organized by University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning, in Albuquerque (Session 1, June 21-July 2) and Santa Fe (Session 2, July 12-23), Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Venues: George Pearl Hall, UNM campus and Santa Fe (venue TBD) Phone: 505277-2903; Email:; Website:; Contact: Are you interested in designing buildings, landscapes, and cities? UNM’s new Architecture + Design Summer Academy will introduce High School Juniors and Seniors to SPACING (Architecture), SCAPING (Landscape Architecture), URBING (Urban Design and City Planning) and ZERVING (Historic Preservation) through hands-on design workshops led by guest instructors and SA+P faculty, plus lectures on diverse topics, and field trips including a Rail Runner ride to explore urban design in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. You’ll present your designs to local professionals and community leaders at the end of each session, and in a public exhibition at UNM's George Pearl Hall in September. UNM follows COVID-19 protocols based on State and University mandates. Cost: $300 per session, Deposit $150, fully refundable till start of Session. Capoeira Santa Fe’s Kids Capoeira Online Classes, SF, NM. Phone: 505474-3060; Email:; Website:; Contact: Helmut Hillenkamp, teacher. Movement, music and games! Our kids capoeira classes will be happening 3 times/week online July 10 – Aug. 14. Wake up and get moving! Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 9:30am-10:30am MST. Sliding scale free$5. This is a great way to get acquainted with Capoeira. In-person classes will start up again in late August.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas Living History Museum, 334 Los Pinos Rd., SF, NM 87507. Phone: 505471-2261; Email:; Website: Visit New Mexico's only Living History Museum! El Gran Molino at El Rancho de las Golondrinas living history museum. Photo by Richard Open Wednesday-Sunday, June Gonzales. October. Daily self-guided tours 10am 4pm. Admission: $6 Adults; $4 Seniors, Veterans and Teens (ages 13-17). Kids 12 and under always free. NM residents free with valid ID every Wednesday. For information on special events and festivals visit our website at Hummingbird Music Camp, 104 Hummingbird Rd., Jemez Springs, NM 87025. Our NM Covid-Safe Certified facility requires everyone over 2 to wear a mask Phone: 575-829-3060, Email:; Website: hummingbirdmusicwhile on our property. Water stations available - bring a refillable water Contact: Secretaries. Hummingbird Music Camp is nestled in the tle. Museum Store and Cantina open during business hours. Picnics and outside Jemez Mountains. The Camp is family owned and operated and celebrated its food permitted. No firearms, alcoholic beverages or pets allowed. 60th year in 2018. Children, ages 8-14, receive private and group lessons, from new beginner to advanced musicians in band, orchestra, piano, guitar or voice. In addition to recitals and concerts, activities include fishing, water-walking, overnight hikes, campfires, moonlight hike to a waterfall. Skits & storytelling with a fun dance on Saturday night. Campers stay in clean, comfortable dormitories, gather for meals in the dining hall. A new camp begins every Sunday, June 6 to Aug. 1. Camp tuition is $685 + tax.

Hands-on Heritage: Exploring New Mexico's Lands and Cultures, 1300 Camino Sierra Vista, Rm. 109. SF, NM 87507. Phone: 505-795-2933; Email:; Website:; Camp Contact: Ashley Zappe, Director. Hands-on Heritage is a 5-week summer program for students in grades 4-8. We go on two field trips every week, have amazing guest speakers and interactive STEAM projects, and learn continued on page 32


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021

Santa Fe

Winston, NM

Santo Niño Summer Day Camp Open to PreK (4 Yrs) – 6th Grade June 14–July 23, 2021 Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm Contact Santo Niño Regional Catholic School 505-424-1766

SINCE 1991

Does your chhild love the outdooors? Do on the

Beautiful Chihenne Ranch in Winston,, NM %R\V %R\V * *LUOV LUOV 6 6HVVLRQ HVVLRQ --XO\ XO\ -XO\ -XO\ &RVW

Jemez Springs

Summer Camp

rips p


Music, Art or Chess Overnight (Sunday-Sunday) Camps

Beginning Summer 2021

Santa Fe

Boys and girls Ages Eight through Fourteen

Now - Eight weeks of Music Camp Weeks #1 through #8 Music Camp June 6 - Aug. 1

Now - Six weeks of Art Camp Weeks #1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 Art Camp June 6 - July 25 Maximum of 30 Art campers per week

Chess Camp Now - Week #3 Novice, Intermediate, and Advance Chess Camp June 20 - June 27 Maximum of 30 Chess campers

QUEEN BEE summer camps for kids

Register early - space limited! More information please: Call 1-575-829-3060 Mail to: 104 Hummingbird Rd. Jemez Springs, N.M. 87025 Online:

ages 5-7

ages 7-15

May/June 2021

ages 8-12

New Mexico Kids!


continued from page 30

about the natural beauty and cultural richness of our home state. We make New Mexico traditional arts and crafts, explore local nature with STEM experiments and adventure outdoors. Santa Fe Public School Locations and June/July dates to be announced. Please keep in contact through Facebook or email Se habla Español! NDI New Mexico’s Dance Barns Summer Programs, 1140 Alto St., SF, NM 87501. Phone: 505-795-7088; Contact: Elizabeth Young, Program Producer. Ages 3-18. Young Children’s Division, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz, & Modern. Check for more details on summer programs. Queen Bee Music Association’s Kids Summer Camps, SF, NM 87505. Phone: 505-287-0012; Email:; Website:; Contact: Lindsay Taylor, Executive Director. Kids unleash their musical curiosity in a fun environment with Queen Bee Music Association's week-long summer camps in Santa Fe. Day camps include our Kids Bluegrass Camp (ages 7-14), Impact Music Camp (ages 5-9), and Summer Jam Camp (ages 8-12). Check our website for dates, COVID-19 restrictions, and registration information! Rio Grande School Summer Camp, 715 Camino Cabra, SF, NM 87505-5964. Phone: 505-983-1621; Email:; Website:; Contact: Rachel Gantt – Associate Head of School. Rio Grande School Summer Camp is available for children ages 3 through sixth grade. We offer daily outdoor and indoor activities such as cooking, art, yoga, water play, hiking, and more. Rio Grande School Summer Camp runs from 9am4pm with extended care hours from 8:30am and until 5:30pm. We offer full and half day options. Summer Camp runs from June 14–Aug. 13. Check us out at

Wise Fool New Mexico Summer Camp, 1131 Siler Rd, Suite B, SF, NM 87507. Phone: 505-992-2588; Email:; Website:; Camp Contact: Kristen Woods - Youth Camps Coordinator. Ages: 5-18. Wise Fool is offering in-person summer camps in June and July. Kids can run away with the circus, without leaving home! Students learn acrobatics, unicycling, aerial fabric, trapeze, juggling, puppet-making, clowning and more! All in a safe, non-competitive environment. Wee Kids Camp: Ages 5 to 7, June 14-18, 9am-12:30pm. Teen Circus Camp: Ages 13 to 18, June 14-25, 1:30-5pm. Summer Camp: Ages 7 to 12, All Levels, July 5-16, 9am3:30pm. Summer Camp: Ages 8 to 13, Continuing, July 19-30, 9am-3:30pm. Our programming has been adapted to maintain high COVID-safety standards. Camps fill up quickly! Visit our website or email us to get on our mailing list and to find out about camp registration.

Albuquerque and Surrounding Areas 1st Class Learning Center, 5111 Homestead Circle NW, Abq, NM 87120. Phone: 505-898-5702; Email:; Website:; Contact: Leann C. Gordinier, Owner/Director. We are now enrolling! We have affordable prices and available discounts. No state tax. We accept CYFD. Ages 6 Weeks To School Age. Please feel free to stop by to have a tour of the center. Open Monday-Friday 6:30am6pm. Our Mission Statement: To provide a learning environment that is safe, enjoyable, interesting and peaceful for all children, their families and community. Philosophy: We believe each child develops according to age and capacity, having the freedom to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually without any pressure. We also believe children learn best when rules and limits are clear and consistent. Most importantly, we believe that children learn best by staff members who create an atmosphere that is loving, warm, caring and friendly by which all children feel accepted, safe, and a part of 1st Class Learning Center.

Santa Fe Waldorf School’s Sunflower Summer Camp, 26 Puesta del Sol, SF, NM 87505. Phone: 505-467-6430; Email: ABC Wellness, 324 Adams SE,; Abq, NM 87108. Phone: 505Gonzalo and Elijah, both 6, harvest seeds at Santa Fe Waldorf School’s Sunflowers Summer Camp. Photo Website: 266-6039; Website: abcwellby Arina Pittman.;; Contact: Mae Lynn Contact: Arina Pittman, Spahr, MA, Owner/Counselor. Summer Camp Teacher. For Ages: 18 months–adult. Mae children ages 5-7. Explore, dig, plant a garden, climb trees, swing, hike, build Lynn Spahr, MA, provides a drug-free treatment alternative for children & adults fairy houses, look for interesting rocks, play with friends, and enjoy the freewho have ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, sleep disorders, anxiety, dom of sunny summer days. We offer 7 weeks of camp beginning June 21, 2021. depression, stress, headache/migraine & chronic pain. Camp weeks are Monday-Thursday, 9am- 3pm, $250 per week. Academy of Jewish Learning @ Congregation B'nai Israel’s Gesher Santo Niño Regional Catholic School’s Summer Day Camp, 23 College Summer Hebrew Program, 4401 Indian School Rd. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: Ave., SF, NM 87508. Phone: 505-424-1766; Email: 505-266-0155; Email:; Website:;; Website:; Contact: Contact: Sarah Egelman, School Director. Welcome to Gesher: Special Hebrew Robert Apodaca, Program Director. We here at Santo Niño are pleased to offer language and liturgy courses for students grades 3 through 7. This program, your child a unique and memorable summer day camp experience beginning meeting virtually for two hours a week for two or three weeks in July (4-6 June 14 and ending July 23. Our camp is available to children entering Prehours total), is designed to give learners the opportunity to review their Kinder (4 years old) through 6th grade only. Our mission is to provide a Hebrew decoding skills, improve their familiarity with Hebrew liturgy, and preprogram with a variety of learning and fun that nurture curiosity, confidence pare them for the more advanced Hebrew skills of the upcoming school year. and a love of learning. We are committed to offering our campers an enjoyable Free for CBI member families and just $36/student for non-member families. and enriching summer experience in a physically safe, emotionally supportive, Now more than ever we are focused on offering innovative, creative, and and fun-filled environment. We believe our high-quality instruction and cheerthoughtful curriculum that fosters Jewish identity and celebrates our diverse ful faculty create the perfect environment for exploration, growth, and most of community. Contact School Director Sarah Egelman at all the fun. Whether it’s for a few weeks, or full-time, Santo Niño’s summer profor more information. gram is sure to provide just what you need. Children may be dropped off between 8-8:30am. Camp will begin each morning 8:30am and will end promptly Albuquerque Museum School Summer Art Camp, 2000 Mountain Rd. NW, at 4pm. There is a non-refundable deposit of $50 per student. The cost is $150 Abq, NM 87104. Phone: 505-243-7255; Email:; Website: per week, per child. A late fee of $15 will be charged for late pick-ups. All fees; Contact: Jody Vanesky, Education Assistant. Ages: MUST be paid prior to the week your child will be attending. 4–14. Make the Museum your classroom. Adventures in Art: Children, ages 4–6, with their caregivers, discover new materials to build and create. Youth Studios: continued on page 34


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021


Santa Fe

Wise Fool New Mexico’s Kids Summer Camps Wee Kids Camp - Ages 5 to 7 June 14-18, 9am to 12:30pm Teen Circus Camp - Ages 13 to 18 June 14-25. 1:30 - 5pm Summer Camp - Ages 7 to 12 - All Levels July 5-16, 9am to 12:30 or 1:00 3:30 pm Summer Camp - Ages 8 to 13 - Continuing July 19-30, 9am to 12:30 or 1:00 to 3:30pm Our programming has been adapted to maintain high COVID-safety standards. More info and registration: youth-programs

Contact with questions 505-992-2588

Albuquerque/Santa Fe

Albuquerque/Santa Fe

University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning presents a new program for high school Juniors and Seniors

Architecture + Design Summer Academy Renowned instructors will lead hands-on design studios in

SPACING (architecture) SCAPING (landscape architecture) URBING (city and regional planning) ZERVING (historic preservation) June 21-July 2, 2021 in Albuquerque Session 2 July 12-July 23, 2021 in Santa Fe Session 1

$300 per session / $ 150 deposit, refundable until start of Session Registration: Enquiries:

May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


continued from page 32

Students, ages 6–14, choose from a variety of art-making processes and themes to make it a creative summer. Virtual Class: Students, ages 11–14, use technology to create and share their own stories. Registration is required. Architecture + Design Summer Academy, organized by University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning, in Albuquerque (Session 1, June 21-July 2) and Santa Fe (Session 2, July 12-23), Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Venues: George Pearl Hall, UNM campus and Santa Fe (venue TBD) Phone: 505277-2903; Email:; Website:; Contact: Are you interested in designing buildings, landscapes, and cities? UNM’s new Architecture + Design Summer Academy will introduce High School Juniors and Seniors to SPACING (Architecture), SCAPING (Landscape Architecture), URBING (Urban Design and City Planning) and ZERVING (Historic Preservation) through hands-on design workshops led by guest instructors and SA+P faculty, plus lectures on diverse topics, and field trips including a Rail Runner ride to explore urban design in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. You’ll present your designs to local professionals and community leaders at the end of each session, and in a public exhibition at UNM's George Pearl Hall in September. UNM follows COVID-19 protocols based on State and University mandates. Cost: $300 per session, Deposit $150, fully refundable till start of Session. Ballet Repertory Theatre of NM, 6913 Natalie NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-888-1054; Email:; Website:; Contact: Katherine Giese, Executive/Artistic Director. Ballet Repertory Theatre’s Academy has ballet, modern, and special classes offered online throughout the summer. Please email if you are interested and check our website for more information. Bates Premier Taekwondo Ages 2-Adult, 3880 Menaul Blvd. NE: Just east of Carlisle on the south side of Menaul between Thrifttown and Sonic. Phone: 505985-9091; Email:; Website:; Contact: Coach Chee. Ages 2-adult, Mon-Sat, 48pm, traveling competition team.

Congregation Albert Early Childhood Center, 3800 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-883-0306; Email:; Web site:; Contact: Dale S. Cooperman, Director of Early Childhood Education. Explore And Dscover The World Around Us: Ourselves, Our Families, Our Community And Our World! Ages: 2–kindergarten. Are you seeking an early learning community taught by experienced, qualified and nurturing early childhood educators who foster a love of learning, and where children learn that education is both fun and important? Join our FOCUS 5 star accredited school community, where since 1982, our school has provided families with emergent, inspiring and developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ages 2 – K.. During the school year, we also provide exciting enrichment classes that enhance our already rich curriculum. Stringent COVID guidance is followed in our efforts to provide a safe space for you and your children. All faiths and families welcome. Our community is here to welcome you and your family. Call and inquire about part time and full time choices. Duke City Fencing’s Introduction to Sport of Olympic Fencing, 2840 Girard Blvd. NE, Abq, NM 87107. Phone: 505-872-0048; Email:; Website:; Contact: Toby Tolley, owner Duke City Fencing. Our camp teaches new fencers the basics of Olympic style epee fencing. Ages 9 – 15. Half day program with all gear included. Duke City Fencing is an accredited club within the USA Fencing Association. Escape In Time Victorian Tea Camp, 1100 San Mateo Blvd. NE, Unit 21, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505386-1386; Email:; Website:; Contact: Penny Cox, Director. Virginia Reel, parlor games, cross-stitching, art and tea lessons are just the beginning! Study American women of the Victorian Age (inventions, arts, culture). Each girl is dressed in her own Victorian skirt, petticoat and blouse. 6-12 year olds, Weekly Camps (May 31-July 30), M-F 1-4 pm, Groups of 6 girls/1 adult Gibson Girl, $250/girl, camps are limited to 12 girls. Pre-plan your own group: Each girl receives $25 off! Sibling discounts, too. (Discounts cannot be combined.)

Explora Virtual & In-Person Bosque School Summer, 4000 Nathaniel, Beck, David, Avi, Meira and Lilith (left to right), students at the Academy of Jewish Summer Camps, 1701 Mountain Bosque School Rd. NW, Abq, NM Learning @ Congregation B’nai Israel in Albuquerque, work on their Hebrew skills. Photo by Sarah Rd. NW, Abq, NM. 87104. Phone: 87120. Phone: 505-898-6388; Email: Egelman. 505-600-6734; Email:;; Website: exploWebsite:; Contact: Reservations munity-engagement/bosque-sumManager, email: mer; Contact: Zach Lang, Summer Program Director. We are excited to offer Weekly virtual summer camps include all the materials person summer programs! With Bosque Summer, your child can build their own needed to participate; parents can pick up the materials curbside or have them adventure with the flexibility of our half-day and full-day programs for stushipped directly to their homes. In addition to the virtual option, Explora is dents entering grades K–12. Our small, dynamic and immersive programs continuing to offer its more traditional in-person camps, with a limited number will let imaginations soar while maintaining COVID-safer practices. Whether you of students. These five-day programs provide a robust curriculum and allow the seek academic enrichment, creative adventures, skill development, meaningful students to safely interact with educators, classmates, and the materials in a movement or just plain fun, Bosque Summer has your child covered. Voted face-to-face setting. Readers’ Choice winner for Summer Camp in the Albuquerque Journal for three years running. Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Day Camp, 4000 Jefferson Plaza NE, Abq, NM 87109. Phone: 505-343-1040; Email:; Website: Childrens' Grief Center of New Mexico’s Camp Corazon, NM. Phone:; Contact: Melissa Bruney, 323-0478; Email:; Website:; COO. Summer day camp at Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails provides an opporContact: Mia Mendoza, Program Director. Since 2013, the Children's Grief Center tunity for girls to meet new friends, learn skills while taking part in fun activihas offered our Camp Corazon to over 200 bereaved children across the state of ties, and grow her courage, confidence, and character in a safe environment. New Mexico, and beyond! In 2020, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, our camp went online, and we offered our first ever "Camp-in-a-Box!" allowing us to serve young people in their own homes. In 2021, CGC is paying close attention to the ever-changing pandemic situation and public health orders, and we have yet to determine if this camp will be virtual or in-person. We anticipate holding camp October, 2021 and space will be limited to about 50 campers regardless of the platform. To hold your spot, please send an email to

Harwood Art Center’s Summer Art Camp, 1114 7th St. NW, Abq, NM 87102. Phone: 505-242-6367; Email:; Website:; Contact: Dani Belvin, Director of Education. Summer Art Camp offers in-depth skill building as well as opportunities for both individual and collaborative creative exploration for campers ages 6 – 14. Given the extraordinary circumstances of now, Harwood Art Center staff and teaching artists adapted to create 6 weeks of Summer Art Camp programming to engage campers online in a range of visual and performing arts activities. We are makcontinued on page 36


New Mexico Kids!

May/June 2021



New Mexico Young Actors Summer Theater Workshop June 7—July 1, 2021 For Youth, Ages 9—19

Albuquerque Musical Theater amp Camp —Thursday Monday—Thursday 30 ($410) 1:00—3:30

Musical Theater Drama I

Camp and Drama I


Enroll for both and

3:30—5:30 ($330)

receive a 20%

BFit505 * Burque CrossFit FREE Classes For Kids! 505-308-3930

discount! ($590)

students each. afe,, and limited to 10 studen COVID-safe, Classes are in-person, COVID-sa ons from NM DOH are modified.) rictio restrictions (Capacity may increase as restrictio

Avoid the registration fee and ensure your spot: go to: to register by May 21.; 821-8055


Summer Dance with Live Zoom Community Classes (June 7 - July 31, 2021) Learn more:

Summer Dance In-a-Bag (Week-long virtual activities, June 14 - July 24, 2021) • Each bag includes: creative movement supplies, activities, and crafts for safe summer fun for movers of all ages and abilities! • Start your week on Monday with a drive-thru bag pickup at Keshet Center for the Arts, 4121 Cutler Ave NE, ABQ! • Each day starts with a group Zoom warmup, every week culminates with a Zoom live performance! • Each week is different! • No dance experience necessary. All abilities welcome. Adjustable for ages 4-12.

In May: Middle and High School Kids: Tuesdays 4pm-5pm Elementary School Kids: Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm In June & July: Middle and High School Kids 3-4:30pm Elementary School Kids 4-5:30pm See our listing in the Summer Directory for summer youth program!

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC

2021 Summer Camp Fun & Educational Fieldtrips Christian Spanish STEM

June 14th-18th - Dance Sampler June 21st-25th - Ballet and Contemporary June 28th-July 2nd - Build Your Own Dance July 5th-9th - Jazz and Hip Hop July 12th-16th - Build Your Own Dance July 19th-23rd - Dance Sampler Sliding scale pricing per week, with scholarships available.

Register today at or email for more information.

Serving NW Albuquerque & Rio Rancho

505-896-6764 May/June 2021

New Mexico Kids!


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ing this modified distance program available to families with a ‘contribute what you can’ option. Hope Christian School’s HOPE Engage, 6721 Palomas Ave. NE, Abq, NM 87109. Phone: 505-822-5409; Email:; Website:; Contact: Christine Harrison, Summer Programs Director. HOPE Engage is an educational and interactive summer program for all ages. Consisting of both an Elementary (rising 1st - 5th grade) day camp as well as week-long enrichment courses (academic and elective, for grades K-12), students will grow, learn and create through hands-on activities. Join us for Home Economics, Zoology, Water Dodgeball and more! Camp hours are 9am-3pm, while enrichment courses are 3 hours a day. Program dates: June 7-July 30. See our website: for details and registration.

week's worth of creative movement supplies, prerecorded dance activities, and crafts. Drive thru pickup will be Mondays from 7:30am-9:30am. Each week includes daily Zoom morning warmups and the opportunity for dancers to showcase what they've learned at the end of the week with an optional live Zoom performance. No dance experience necessary. All abilities welcome. Each Dance-In-a-Bag is adjustable for ages 4-12 years. June 14-18 - Dance Sampler including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and Afro-Brazilian and Samba. June 21-25 - Ballet and Contemporary. June 28-July 2 - Build Your Own Dance. July 5-9 - Jazz and Hip Hop. July 12-16 - Build Your Own Dance. July 19-23 - Dance Sampler. Dance In-a Bag Pricing options: $100 One Week plus a donation to Fund a Friend for their own bag; $50 One Week; $25 One Week – Half Scholarship; $0 One Week – Full Scholarship.

La Esperanza, two locations: 5740 Night Whisper Rd. NW, Ste. 200, Abq, NM 87114 (505-896 6764) and 1721 Wellspring Ave. SE, Rio Huntington Learning Center, Rancho, NM 87124 (505-891-2755). 8201 Golf Course Rd. NW, Ste. B-3, Website:; Abq, NM 87120. Phone: 505-797Email: info@laesperanza3073; Contact: Sohale Mufti; La Esperanza CDC Website: is a 5-star nationally accredited Grades: K-12; Days/Hours: Bilingual & Christian education Monday to Saturday. Year after program. We provide high-quality year we continue to offer chilcare, and well planned and develdren, ages 5-17, supplemental opmentally appropriate activities, instruction in reading, writing, within COVID safety practices and mathematics, study skills, phonics a healthy environment. We employ and related areas, as well as qualified professionals to provide SAT/ACT test preparation. The posthat care and teach and use the itive encouragement of our staff most effective research-based curand certified teachers combined riculum in early childhood educawith individualized instruction tion. We specialize in Spanishbased on our diagnostic testing, is Immersion for children from 6 what we believe sets us apart and weeks to 5 years of age. We continues to make our program a also provide a Bilingual Beforesuccess. and After-School and Summer Program for children up to 12 Inspira Learning Community, years old. La Esperanza nurtures 1913 Lomas Blvd. NW, Abq, NM children in a loving environment 87104. Phone: 505-610-5804; Email: Five-year-olds Anya (L) and Alessandra study boat building and the properties of floating at allowing them to grow both in; Inspira Learning Community in Albuquerque’s Old Town. Courtesy photo. faith and learning. We are a yearWebsite:; round program open Monday Contact: Rosalie Hipple, through Friday from 7am to Founder/Lead Teacher. Inspire 5:30pm. We offer full-time care and participate in the NM Early PreK, NM PreK, Summer Fun! Ages: entering K-6th. Camp Fizz: The Science of Soda Pop (6/28ECECD, CNM and Military child care assistance programs. Now enrolling for 7/1, 9-2 Mon-Thurs, 9-noon Fri.) $170. Discover the science of soda using chemi2021-2022 School Year. Please call to schedule your tour today. cal reactions to create your very own tasty soda pop! Budding chemists and entrepreneurs will experiment, market and test their own brand of soda as well Liz Sanchez Stables Horse Camp, 7622 Rio Grande NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107. as other fizzy concoctions. Campy Camp: The Art of Camping (7/12-7/16, 9-2 MonPhone: 505-898-1810; Website:; Contact: Liz Sanchez. Thurs. 9-noon Fri.) $170. Spend a fun-filled week exploring the fine art of campWeekly Trot to the Top Summer Riding Camp sessions–better than ever! ing. We’ll create great art, cook, play games and move, all with a camping Sessions are Mon-Fri, June 7 to Aug. 9. Children ages 7-15 come for a week or theme! Drama Camp: A Rumplestiltskin Learning Musical (7/19-7/23, 9-2 Mon.-Fri. for the summer! Liz says, “It’s all about kids. They learn to be the best they can 9-noon Fri.) $170. Your little star will develop the basics of musical theatre be.” Monday is Registration Day. Campers receive T-shirts. Thursday is Photo while at the same time picking up a tried and tested learning method while havDay. We are starting a Photo and Video virtual album as a history of their horse ing a blast! Among Us IRL (7/26-7/30, 9-2 Mon-Thurs, 9-noon Fri.) $170. Calling all riding. Graduate certificates are passed out. Kids can give the horses a bubble imposters and crew mates to real life Among Us! Hone your deductive reasonbath! Group & private riding lessons available year round for all ages. Learn ing skills. Develop your investigative and forensic science techniques to eject how to care, groom, communicate & ride. English & Western style available. the imposter in a grand whodunnit mystery. Sibling and early registration disAlso bareback for balance. Riders progress at own pace and are placed accordcounts available ing to skill level. All credit cards accepted. “We are the farm where people dream and horses fly.” Always COVID-compliant. Kay's All Swim School, 9737 4th St. NW, Abq NM 87114. Website: Kay's All Swim School provides excellent personalized swim instruction for infants, children & adults. The water is always warm in Mad Hatter School of Music’s Exploring Music with The Mad Hatter!, an enclosed, 100 percent UV-protected pool. When your children are ready to 5405 White Reserve Ave. SW, Abq, NM 87105-5959. Phone: 505-544-6950; Email: receive the best in swim instruction take them to Kay's!; Website:; Contact: Director Anna Swim Lessons Save Lives! Luthi. An in-depth program focused on your choice of Piano, Violin, or Guitar from June 7-18, 1pm-5pm; June 21-July 2, 1pm-5pm; July 5-16, 1pm-5pm; July 19-30 Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts’ Summer Dance-In-A-Bag, Virtual 1pm-5pm. Ages: 4-5 year olds; K-3; 4-6 (elementary).Online or in person; with drive thru pickup at 4121 Cutler Ave. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-224Limited capacity of 10 students per class. Cost: $12 registration plus $150/week. 9808; Email:; Website:; Contact: Sadie Gelb, Community Education Director. Dance In-a-Bag is a Manzano Day School Summer Discovery, 1801 Central Ave. NW, Abq, NM fun, virtual, social distanced summer activity for movers of all ages and abili87104. Phone: 505-243-6659; Website:; The Summer ties. These weeklong activities are offered from June 14 to July 24. Each week Discovery program ignites joy in learning! Manzano Day School’s summer prooffers individualized engaging activities inspired by dance. In each bag is a continued on page 38


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May/June 2021



art. history. people.

Museum School Summer Art Camp Adventures in Art Children, ages 4–6, with their caregivers, discover new materials to build and create. Youth Studios Students, ages 6–14, choose from a variety of art-making processes and themes to make it a creative summer. Virtual Class Students, ages 11–14, use technology to create and share their own stories. REGISTER TODAY! Albuquerque Museum 505-243-7255



Manzano Day School Summer Discovery 2021 June 7 - July 16

Duke City Fencing 2840 Girard Blvd NE, ABQ 505-872-0048 En Garde! We’re on Fencing Girard! for Kids ages 6 & up

Full and Half Day Summer Program Options Ages 31/2 to entering 5th grade

Explore! Experiment! Problem-Solve! Create! Students will enjoy: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Art, Movement & Games, Music and more!

Register Now! (505) 243-6659

May/June 2021

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gram stimulates critical and creative thinking in its participants. It is a 6-week program offering experiences with math, reading, writing, science, movement and games, music, and more! Children are guided through exploring, experimenting and problem-solving by highly qualified teachers, providing them with many opportunities to gain confidence and experience success. Manzano Day School’s educational philosophy inspires excitement for self-discovery and the development of life-long learners. The academic focus of our Summer Discovery program is to further prepare children for the grade they will be entering for the upcoming school year. Summer Discovery is open to all children ages 3 1/2 to 11 years old from the Albuquerque area. Children enrolled in the Apple Seeds program must be at least 3½ years old and potty-trained by March 31. Other classes are available for students rising into the first through fifth grades for the 2021-2022 school year. The 2021 summer program will be presented from June 7 – July 16. Program hours are 9am – 3pm, Monday through Friday. Before- and after-care may be available for an additional charge depending on current health orders for the State of NM and Bernalillo County and CDC guidelines during the program session. NDI New Mexico’s Hiland Summer Programs, 4800 Central Ave. SE, Abq, NM 87108. Phone: 505-430-0200; Contact: Wendy Barker, Program Producer. Ages 3-18. Young Children’s Division, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Pre-HipHop, Ballet, Jazz, & Modern. Check for details on summer programs. National Inventors Hall of Fame Camp Invention, Multiple Locations: Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, Roswell, Las Cruces, Carlsbad, NM. Phone: 800-968-4332; Email:; Website:; Contact: Customer Service. Energize your kid’s creativity and confidence with our new Camp Invention® program, Recharge! When this nationally acclaimed program returns to New Mexico, campers in grades K-6 will collaborate with friends in handson, open-ended STEM challenges. They’ll take apart a microphone to explore its inner workings, build and test a device to launch rubber ducks, and design morphing vehicles for the Super Road Rally! Each activity is designed to inspire curiosity, spark imaginations and give your young innovator the best summer ever. Visit to secure your spot and save! New Mexico School of Music, 136-J Washington St. SE, Abq, NM 87108. Phone: 505-266-3474; Email:; Website:; Contact: Tatiana Vetrinskaya. Ages: 2-adult. New Mexico School of Music offers exciting music lessons on all instruments and voice. We have music summer camps for children K-12 as well as an early childhood program, Music FunTime, for children 2-5 years old. New Mexico Young Actors, Inc. Theater Workshop, 2701 San Pedro Dr. NE, Ste. 21, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-821-8055; Email:; Website:; Contact: Paul Bower, Executive Director. Ages: 919. NMYA will offer its popular summer theater workshop again Monday – Thursday, June 7–July 1, 2021. Students can take the Musical Theater Workshop (1–3:30pm) ($410), Drama I (3:30–5:30pm) ($330), or both ($590). Classes are COVID-safe and limited to 10 students each. Register by May 21 to avoid the registration fee and to ensure your spot! Nose to Toes Yoga, 1918 Washington St. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-4140801; Email:; Website: Face Book Nose to Toes Yoga; Contact: Liz Fitzgerald, Studio Owner and Instructor. Limited spaces available for our Summer Yoga & Art Camp starts 6/22-6/25 (4-8 years) and 7/13-7/16 (9-13 years). Call today for pricing and times. We also offer small group and private yoga classes for kids ages 2-18. Day programs run Monday-Friday from 9am to 3pm. We teach fun poses, breathing practices, meditation, music, dance and cool arts & crafts. Request brochure at 505-414-0801 or Making Yoga Accessible for all! Painted Iguana Art Classes: Summer Painting for Kids! 142 Big Horn Ridge Ct. NE, Abq, NM 87122. Phone: 505-720-1906 & 505-796-0601; Email:; Website:; Contact: Theresa Hall, Artist & Educator. Paint parties designed just for kids! Bring out the Van Gogh when your children go to the studio. Foster a love of the arts in your child & fill your home with acrylic creations this summer. Choose from up to four painting sessions during the months of June & July. Each session lasts for two weeks. Students attend once a week during the two week session. Each class is two hours long. Choose to attend Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday OR Thursday. Afternoon class times, 3-5pm, for busy families. All supplies are furnished brushes, acrylic paint, & canvas. Students receive instruction on brush use, color mixing, and sketching. Which paintings will you choose? I. Watermelon Art - a refreshingly fun intro to acrylic painting. II. This Little Piggy - a popular favorite to paint, a sweet swine! III. Roasting Marshmallows - bringing a campfire vacation to you. IV. Sunflowers & Bees - end the summer with flowers & bees that won't sting! Call for session dates, or check the website. Cost: $60


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May/June 2021

plus tax for each two week session. Always customized & encouraging art instruction for ages 6-16. Come see why art is the adventure children never want to end! Implementing small class sizes & Covid safety for our students. Rio Grande Learning Solutions Dyslexia Bootcamp, 10401 Montgomery Parkway NE, Abq, NM 87111. Phone: 505-321-4486; Email:; Website:; Contact: Melanie Overbay, Owner/Facilitator. Do you want to spend your entire summer with tutoring, just to maintain/not lose reading gains? Or do you want to spend one week and jump ahead? One-on-one, multi-sensory, strength-based, & confidence-boosting program! Ages 6 and up. Salam Academy Summer Camp, 8015 Mountain Rd. Pl. NE, Abq, NM 87110. Phone: 505-888-7688; Email:; Website:; Contact: Fedah Abdelhack- Administrator. Children will be immersed in fun at Salam Academy. Coding, cooking and of course proper safety measures will be taken during the program. For fun, friendship and a safe environment, check out Salam Academy Summer Camp. This camp is for Kindergarten through 8th grade students. M-F 9 am to 3 pm with before care and after care options available. Sandia Prep’s SummerPrep, 532 Osuna Rd. NE, Abq, NM 87113. Phone: 505338-3045; Email:; Website:; Contact: Andrew O'Cleireachain, SummerPrep Director. SummerPrep offers small and safe summer camp classes for students from any school in Pre-K through high school. With over 50 tech, art, academic, and athletic classes, students learn new skills and build on existing talents. We foster discovery and exploration in a safe, supportive environment. Classes include App & Video Game Design, Weird & Wacky Science, Archery, Clay Studio, Geometry, Princesses & Fairy Tales, and Outdoor Adventurer. Register and learn about our COVID safe practices, class offerings, and more at SpringStone Montessori Schools, Abq and Rio Rancho, NM. Website: Nationally accredited schools accepting children infant–6 years. Schools are open Mon-Fri, 6:30am–6pm. Four state-of-the-art facilities: N. Abq Acres–7940 Carmel Ave NE, 505-821-8181; UNM Area–1615 Randolph Ct. SE, 505-242-1234; Paradise Hills–4598 Paradise Blvd. NW, 505-897-8111; Rio Rancho– 2441 Grande SE, 505-994-8111. Enrichment Programs. Strong Kids Fitness Classes, 11817 Central Ave. SW, Suite C, Abq, NM 87123. Phone: 505-308-3930; Email:; Website:; Contact: Melani Farmer, Director. Month of June 2021: Tuesdays (June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29) 1-3pm, Kindergarten-2nd Grade. Thursdays (June 3, 10, 17, 24) 1-3pm, 3rd-5th Grade. $150 June Session. *Limited Space Available. *Sign up soon on website. Each day includes: Age-Appropriate Lessons related to physical, nutritional, social-emotional topics. Healthy snacks provided. Sunset Mesa Preschool Summer Zone, 2900 Morris St. NE, Abq, NM 87112. Phone: 505-298-7626; Website:; Contacts: Renee Humphrey or Nicole Maxwell, Preschool Office Assistants. Join the magic and adventure of our Preschool Summer Zone for children ages 2½-6. Exciting full and half day programs. Enter our "Summer Zone" for preschoolers, with class choices such as: Creative Kids, Gardening, The ABC’s of STEM, and Summer Bookworms. Preschool Summer Zone runs four weeks, June 7 through July 1, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Children enrolled for a full day should bring a morning and afternoon snack, water bottle, lunch, and a drink. For more information, please visit our website or contact our Preschool Office at 505-298-7626. Tutor-Me, 5528 Eubank NE, Ste. 6, Abq, NM 87111. Phone: 505-307-4170; Contact: Sandra Akkad, Founder. Web site: Register now for summer classes. Covid-safe live in-house sessions. Ongoing online tutoring. Focusing on K-12. Homework Help. Tutor-Me is a premier learning center that offers a hands-on approach when helping students. We stimulate & motivate while enriching and helping our students. Tutor-Me provides a safe, conducive, and nurturing environment. We offer classes in all Math, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Phonics, English, Science, standardized testing, PSAT, ACT, SAT and more. We also have classes in Spanish, French and Arabic. We offer a free trial. Check us out on Facebook at Youth Development Inc. Head Start, 3451 Candelaria Rd. NE, Ste. A, Abq, NM 87107. Phone: 505-212-7239; Email:; Website:; Contact: Ernestine Padilla. Early Head Start/Head Start are two of the most successful federally funded childhood education programs ever created. It promotes the school readiness of children ages 6 weeks-5 years from lowincome families by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development. YDI has more than 30 centers throughout NM and is completely free.

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Keep Them Healthy At CHRISTUS St. Vincent, we are always committed to providing the best and safest health care to you and your family. From routine check-ups or vaccinations to acute illnesses – we are taking every precaution necessary to deliver safe and secure care in a COVID-free environment. Arroyo Chamiso Pediatrics Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Pediatric Care for newborns through18 years of age 465 St. Michael’s Dr., Suite 200 Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505) 913-4901

Family Medicine Center Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Family Medicine for newborns, children, adults and seniors 2025 Galisteo St. Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505) 913-3450

Entrada Contenta Health Center Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Urgent Care 5501 Herrera Dr. Santa Fe, NM 87507 Provider Offices: (505) 913-3233 Urgent Care: (505) 913-4180

Adult & Family Care Accepting Virtual Visits Offering Family Medicine for newborns, children, adults and seniors 465 St. Michael’s Dr. Suite 230 Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505) 913-4710

We accept most health insurance plans. A mask is a must at all CHRISTUS St. Vincent facilities.


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