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Why Songs of Praise’s Diane-Louise Jordan dares to be different

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Waste of money or worth every penny? Choosing the best headphones


The mother of all ready meals Yummy chicken & leek pie

Amy Grant



Youngest ever Miss America

New Jag flies flag for Brita in

KEEP WARM This winter’s hottest hats and coats


iBelieve November 2012


ON THE COVER Singing legend Amy Grant talks about faith, love and living life well

20 ON THE COVER Star of

Dragons’ Den Levi Roots on the presentation that changed his life

Amy Grant on living life well



24 ON THE COVER Warm Front This winter’s top coats

11 My actions speak louder 26 ON THE COVER Take

than words How Steve Murray tells others about his faith without talking

40 Pastor’s wife Lynda Heron’s

30 ON THE COVER Songs of

first church visit was as a kissagram

54 Julie Anderson, reveals

since retiring says Unsung Hero and Street Pastor Linda Freeman

Praise presenter Diane-Louise Jordan tells how she’s always dared to be different


what life was like as the bride of a rock legend, and life today

46 I’m working just as hard

hat! We pick this season’s best hats


ON THE COVER Youngest ever Miss America says faith helped



ON THE COVER The ready meals taking the market by storm


Why Levi’s rooted in his faith


Brightest gift ideas


The hottest hats & coats for winter



Heads up on headphones


Miss America talks about her beliefs




58 Men’s ministry leader Carl

have it! Settle down to the ultimate comfort food: chicken & leek pie


36 ON THE COVER The pies 36

How lemons are just one way Emily Roberts beats winter colds


28 Money John Kirkby, founder of

Christians Against Poverty, explains why you must budget

33 Agony Aunt Mandy Smith helps you solve your problems


9 You can’t hide anything

from God says best-selling novelist and broadcaster GP Taylor


Be faithful during your trials Evangelist Joyce Meyer explains that promotion often comes through trials

32 Why I believe... We speak to

Pearl Anekwe about how faith helps her

Beech tells why we have to put effort into our lives

8 Gifts We share some bright ideas 16 Rest days Why heading to Prague is worth Czech-ing out!

19 My favourite things Musician Luke Leighfield on what makes him tick

23 ON THE COVER Gadgets Choosing the best headphones

39 How to... Prepare cars for winter 42 ON THE COVER Jaguar F Type 43 Devotion How to beat the gloom as the winter nights draw in


Beyond Reasonable Doubt If there’s no God life is meaningless

48 iReview Books, DVDs and CDs 52 Puzzles Two packed pages


Songs of Praise’s Diane is daring to be different

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from the editor There are few things more personal than family. Each and every family unit has its individual quirks that make it unique. My clan likes to be on time… a lot! We’re normally ahead of schedule and five minutes early is late. If you’ve not made it to the restaurant within a couple of minutes of the booking, you’ll soon get a call to fi nd out what’s going on. At iBelieve we love family, and that’s part of the reason that I found Diane-Louise Jordan’s story so moving this month. It takes some real strength of character to adopt a little girl in need – particularly when that makes you a single mother. Diane’s testimony of a belief that changed the course of her ‘People of all life and made her a mother at the most shapes, sizes, inconvenient of times backgrounds shows just what real faith is all about. and colours Saints don’t just can fi nd live in abbeys – unconditional they walk the same streets as you and I love and and we rub shoulders acceptance’ with them. Diane is a shining example of an ordinary person inspired by her faith to do extraordinary things. Of course, there’s another family that we at iBelieve get involved with when it comes to faith – the Church – somewhere that people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours can fi nd unconditional love and acceptance. The best bit about families, though, is that they are always growing. Weddings and births are universally joyful occasions that bring additions – and smiles – all around. The Church family is growing in Great Britain too. Why not invite someone today?

Amy Grant has been most places and done most things, but there’s always more to discover when it comes to faith, she says. Meet the simple singer who’s got something serious to say…


ack in the days when it was a little less fashionable to wear your heart on your sleeve, Amy Grant made a mockery of the expectations of America by blazing a trail out of the safe harbour of Christian music into the Wild West that is the wider industry, creating a whole new genre in the process. If that sounds pretty hectic, you might be surprised to discover that behind the glitz, glamour and glory, she’s a pretty average Joe. Amy says: “A good friend once described me to somebody by saying, ‘She’s actually a very simple person.’ “I wondered if I should have been insulted. I said, ‘Look, I’m highly educated. I’ve travelled the world. I work hard.’ But then I got to thinking, ‘It’s true.’ I’m a simple person. Some people tend to live from trauma to trauma, and that energises them. I have a hectic schedule, but my mind seeks simplicity – like being in nature, a long bike ride or sitting on the back porch.” Simple she might be, but for a self acclaimed plain Jane, she’s got some serious insight to deliver. Like many of the best things in life, however, wisdom is one of those things that are worth waiting for – which is good, because it takes time to acquire. As Amy looks back over a career that has produced countless albums filled with anthems aplenty, she sees a few parallels between love and wisdom. “If the relationship with Christ to the Church is most reflected in a relation-

STAR: Amy with husband Vince Gill unveiling their plaques on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

ship between a husband and a wife,” she muses, “then my early Christian music and my early relationship with God, and what that meant, was not unlike my nine-yearold daughter Corinna coming home from school and saying, ‘I think Will likes me. I have long hair, and he says it’s beautiful.’ “Her idea of love is just any attention at all. How do I explain to her that this little thing that makes her flutter will change? Real relationship is gritty and earthy, the stuff that life is made of. “So when you take a kid singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’, they have no idea how raw and gritty this is going to get. They have no idea the depths of joy and the depths of vulnerability that will come. It would have been ludicrous to try to explain that to me when I was 17.” With the limelight life she has led since her late teen years, Amy’s

Amy in the early days of her career




my favourite things Musician Luke Leighfield on what makes him tick My favourite song

Right at this second, probably ‘Don’t Leave’ by Tyler James. It’s painfully beautiful.

My favourite place to play live

I can’t narrow it down to just one city, but shows in Germany tend to be great. I love those Germans! My favourite thing about being a musician Getting to travel to new places is a huge privilege. I wouldn’t have been to half the places I’ve been to otherwise.

My favourite book

Right now, I feel like it could be ‘A Million Miles In A Thousand Years’ by Donald Miller. It’s a really great book that encourages you to look at life like a story, with you as the main character.

My favourite Beatle

Paul, for sure. He wrote all my favourite Beatles hits – ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Blackbird’, ‘Yesterday’… the list goes on. I mean, John had skills too, but I’m more of a Paul guy.


My favourite Bible passage

Galatians 5:19-26. It’s all about living life God’s way, not our way, and what that brings into our lives. I especially like the version in The Message, which doesn’t pull any punches, but still advises people in a sensitive way.




Levi’s Rooted in his faith!

Life’s hot and spicy for Jamaican entrepreneur Levi Roots, whose famous Reggae Reggae sauce turned him into an overnight success. He talks to iBelieve about food, faith and the future


f you haven’t heard of Levi Roots, you probably have heard of his ever-popular Reggae Reggae sauce. The spicy barbecue marinade was invented by the lively Jamaican, who lives with his family in Brixton, South London, and has become one of the nation’s favourite celebrity chefs after gaining investment for his brand on BBC TV show Dragons’ Den. Roots, 54, sold 4,000 bottles of Reggae Reggae Sauce at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2006. He later took his creation to a food trade show where he was advised by a BBC producer to audition for Dragons’ Den. Following his TV appearance, Roots’ 20


life changed forever. He took the unusual step of singing to the Den’s entrepreneurs before persuading dragons Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh to invest £25,000 each in return for a 20 per cent stake in his company. Soon afterwards, supermarket chain Sainsbury’s announced they would be stocking the sauce in 600 of their stores and the product is now available in most British food shops. Roots claims the company is worth a staggering £30 million and he recently went into partnership with KFC for the launch of their limited edition Reggae Reggae burger. The clever businessman, however, remains down to earth about his

achievements. “In my life I’ve met three very inspirational people who have really moved me,” Roots says. “Bob Marley, who I played football with in Battersea Park. He was very good. He could have gone professional. Nelson Mandela, who shaped my identity and inspired me spiritually, and Peter Jones who, well, who found a celebrity in a sauce.” Aside from those three inspirations, Roots also credits a higher power for his success. He is a committed Christian who was happy to speak to iBelieve about his faith. “Being from the Caribbean, I was surrounded by churches, so it is inevitable that I would have no choice but to be brought up in the faith,” he says. “Without my faith I would not be where I am today. It has gotten me through some very rough times in my life. I tend to pray for others, for the wellbeing of mankind. And I pray for my friends and family.” Roots was born Keith Valentine Graham in Content, Jamaica. The youngest of five, he lived with his grandparents until he



t’s time for that all important winter coat purchase and this autumn/winter it’s all about making a big fi rst impression. There will be no skimping on fabric! Dropped shoulders and long lengths are in this season and they’re the perfect fit for a tomboy at heart. The catwalks of Jaeger, Paul&Joe and Michael Kors have been covered in floor sweeping dressing-gown designs, cocoon coats, loose wraps and oversized boyfriend items. The Duchess of Cambridge has been a great ambassador for the long classic coat and has shown us how to add a touch of drama and elegance by slipping them on over an outfit. If you’re looking for a timeless and luxurious quality number it can get pricey, but it might be worth the investment if you count how many seasons it will see you through. However, if you want the classic look without the cost you may be pleasantly surprised by what the supermarkets can offer! Tesco’s F&F range of winter coats is one to keep an eye on.

Why not try country style and pop on a wax jacket? There’s Barbour or there’s Tesco’s F&F label at £30.

Warm front 24



Jag bearer!

New sports


aguar may well be owned by an Indian company, but its cars are still true Brits. Built and designed in the Midlands, the iconic brand has seen its sales increase despite economic gloom around the world. The company now hopes its latest car – officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September – will add to its growing success. After five decades, the brand is returning to its sports roots with the F-Type. Although the XK – and before that the XJ-S – is sporty, it’s a four-seat grand tourer rather than a thoroughbred two-seater. You’ve got to fl ick back through decades of luxury saloons to fi nd the last two-seat sports machine to carry the Jaguar badge – the



car revealed to fly flag for Britain legendary E-Type. The F-Type bears a resemblance at the front to its famously fast forebear, but beyond that the aluminium-bodied machine is right up to date and doesn’t lean heavily on retro to make its powerful point. The aluminium architecture has been optimised to provide the stiffest possible underpinnings for the suspension with rigidity gains of more than 30 per cent in key areas compared to any other Jaguar. Three variants will be available at launch – F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type V8 S. Each is distinguished by the power output of its supercharged petrol engine with all engines featuring stop/start technology to maximise efficiency.

LEGEND: The E-Type Jaguar

A new 3.0-litre V6, developed from Jaguar’s highly acclaimed 5.0-litre V8, is available in either 340PS or 380PS variants, powering the F-Type and F-Type S respectively. Both will exhibit the same freerevving, willing nature that will suit the enthusiastic driver. The F-Type will hit the road in the middle of 2013, and expect prices to start at £58,500, rising to £79,950 for the V8 S.



Light in dark days Toffee apples, candy floss and bonfires all work best on cold, dark November evenings, but as the nights grow long it can be hard not to feel a sense of gloom. The Bible has plenty to say about hope...

Bible focus Psalm 62:5 – ‘Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.’ Hope is an incredibly important part of life. Without it, it’s impossible to be happy and fulfilled, because no matter how good today is, there’s nothing to look forward to. Without hope, it’s impossible to find rest – that is rest which restores

and refreshes you, not a brief break from the stress you spend most of the time carrying. As the Psalmist writes, it’s important for us to find both rest and hope in God. Furthermore, he is our only source. Christianity isn’t a mix and match religion, which you can bolt on to your life to use when needed. Salvation is much more than a life jacket – it’s intended for when you’re not

drowning too. Placing our hope in God and finding our rest in him can sound a bit mystical, but it means trusting him that the future is looked after and not needing to know every kink in the journey yourself. Today, why not try to take a minute to remind yourself that God knows what’s going on, has a plan and is carrying it out? Then rest in the knowledge that God is good – and he loves you. \



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Jordan dares to be

Waste of money or worth every penny? Choosing the best headphones

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NOVEMBER 2012 • Issue 10

• £2.90




The mother of all ready meals Yummy chicken & leek pie

Amy Grant


Youngest ever Miss America

ies fl New Jag fl for Brita in


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iBelie e

Why Songs of Prai


KEEP WARM This winter’s hottest hats and coats

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