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IT’S OUR BEST KEPT SECRET Gary Gibbs on Elim’s School of Ministry I believe God took her in

Jim Duell talks about his faith and the murder of his daughter

Kensington Temple revival

Hundreds turn to Christ during a month of miracles and healings

Using the new Gospel Net

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The 67-year-old pastor who’s using the Internet to spread the Word



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CONTENTS 5 editorial John Glass talks about green issues 6 i believe god took her in Ipswich member Jim Duell reveals his faith after his daughter’s murder 9 launchpad of evangelism Southport’s Hope over major festival 10 news from Elim and the wider church 12 out and about with the GS John Glass opens his diary 14 THE NET CATCHING SOULS Pastor Jim Davies is using the Internet to spread the Word 16 a month of miracles We report on great signs and wonders at Kensington Temple 20 CLUES TO GOD’S PURPOSE How an ex-detective weighed up the evidence before coming to faith 22 hope ‘emerges’ from project Elim member Jude Simpson sees the work of a youth outreach 25 LET GOD BREAK THROUGH Says Aspire’s Elaine Johnston

26 WALK IN BIBLE WONDERLAND Motherwell Elim uses a novel way to get the Gospel across to children 29 OUR BEST KEPT SECRET Elim’s School of Ministry is just brilliant, says Gary Gibbs 30 teaching the love of god How Judith Ellis is heading up an international school in Nepal 32 The top ten of LEADERship Paul Hudson lists the qualities he says are essential for good leaders 36 RECAPTURE OUR ROOTS with church planter Dave Betts 39 mark pugh on serving God 40 hungry bank on church Members of Bude Elim reach out to people who find themselves in crisis 43 BookCASE the latest reviews 44 CHURCH FINDER 45 TOP TEN CDs with David Waite 46 answers with Rajinder Buxton 47 CLASSIFIEDS 50 AND FINALLY with John Lancaster

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Aspire to be all God’s destined you to be and do all God’s purposed you to do

Elim’s Revolutionary National Initiative for Women Aspire will provide · National Conferences · Support and recognition for local initiatives · Teaching resources · Advice for starting and running a local Aspire ministry · Inspiration for future generations to step into their calling

Ambitious to make a difference in women’s lives Selfless serving of God’s leading ladies Passionate about our God Influential in all the right places Resourceful in all that we provide Excellent in all that we present Aspire to Celebrate The official launch of Aspire will take place at Elim’s Bible Week in Minehead with Guest FutureSpeaker Aspire Ruth Conferences Haslam. to be held

Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Aspire to Greatness A Day Conference at Birmingham Christian Full details be announced. Centre on 30 June 2007 with to ministry from the Aspire Team and much more. The cost will be £10 per person and our booking forms Visit website at are available from Sharon Millar at: Elim International Office PO Box 38, forCheltenham updates. GL503HN

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Green issues Having been advised by a well-known mobile phone operator that ‘the future is orange’, the question now being asked most frequently is, ‘Is God green?’ It’s hard to imagine that the Green Party, which was launched in Germany less than 30 years ago, could have had such a saturating influence upon global culture. Although they are less than likely to form a government in any country any time soon, they have set the environmental agenda for virtually every political party in the West. So much so that all our politicians appear to compete with one another in an attempt to present their policies as ‘greener than anyone else’s’. Green has become a new world religion. Total strangers have brought up the subject with me; with nothing less than evangelistic fervour, they tell me how they visit their local bottle bank ‘religiously’, suffering pangs of guilt if a bottle is absentmindedly placed into the wrong refuse receptacle. On a train recently, I entered into conversation with a top accountant who told me that her role was doing ‘green audits’ in large corporations. She is employed to ensure that those who engage her make decisions, not only on the quality of goods and services from suppliers, but also on whether the company is green enough to do business with. There are billions of pounds of revenue at stake. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, went further when he argued in a recent edition of Time magazine that world peace depended on a ‘greener planet’. So how green should a Christian be? In the opening account of Creation in Genesis, man is told by God to fill the earth and subdue it. I understand that as adopting a sensible and responsible attitude to the care of the environment. I, like many citizens, would be among those who take recycling seriously. However, I am also numbered among those who listen to politicians with a degree of incredulity when they launch campaigns to save the

planet from the destruction caused by plastic bags and stand at the dispatch box to speak in favour of the slaughter of the unborn child through abortion. I know of nobody who would not argue that if seals have to be culled it should happen with the minimum of suffering to the animal. I am also aware that parallel passions are not mutually exclusive, and that it is possible for Christians both to care for the environment and have a heart for evangelism. Yet even the saving of seals is not as important as the saving as souls. Chemical additives in the food chain lead to disease and should be minimised, yet we as Christians should never lose sight of the fact that the most toxic substance in society is sin, and that the blood of Jesus remains the only antidote.

John Glass General Superintendent Elim Pentecostal Church


12/05/2008 09:57:39


Jim Duell warned his daughter that if she carried on working as a prostitute she could end up dead. But the Elim Ipswich member’s words would come back to haunt him as Tania Nicol became the victim of serial killer Stephen Wright

I told her she should cry out in the name of Jesus... Above Tania Nicol, who often asked questions about the Bible Main image An emotional Jim Duell speaks at a police press conference Inset Tania’s murderer Stephen Wright, who became known as the ‘Suffolk Strangler’

Brave Jim Duell clings on to the eternal hope that his daughter cried out the name of Jesus as murderer Stephen Wright brutally snatched her life. Months before the tragedy, the committed father told Tania that Jesus would be there to save her soul, even though the bondage of heroin had so clearly ruined her life. Little did Jim know how prophetic his words were to become. In December 2006, 19year-old Tania’s body was found in Ipswich, as she became the second of five street girls to have been fatally attacked by Wright.

Devout Christian Jim says he will never forget sharing his faith with Tania, and despite her obvious addictions, the 60-year-old is certain she turned to Christ in those awful final moments. ‘To become born again only takes one second,’ the griefstricken father explains. ‘All I can think about is that Tania’s life was planned by God. When she was doing these bad things, I once said to her that she’d either end up in hospital, in jail or dead. ‘I also said that if anything ever happened to her she should cry out in the name of Jesus. ‘She knew about Jesus and I would tell her about him regu-

larly. She often asked questions about my faith and about the Bible, as she’d seen how it had changed me. Tania was a goodhearted girl and I believe God took her in.’ Jim, who at tends Elim’s Ipswich International Church, based on the estate where Wright lived, believes his precious daughter is now in heaven, and claims to have had supernatural confirmation that her soul has been saved. ‘When she went missing I had a vision of a thick piece of rope, and I could see the frayed ends but beyond it was gold. The next night I had the same


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Church that’s evangelising to town’s pimps

vision again, and began to think that the Lord was speaking to me. It came to me that he broke down this bondage that she was in. ‘Also, a woman from the church prophesied over me and said she saw a picture of Jesus with his arms outstretched. She could see people walking over his arms, and turned to me and said that my daughter was in that picture. I’ve had assurances before, but it’s always nice to hear it from someone else.’ Jim recalls the day he locked eyes with Wright during the court case earlier this year. But despite the months of pain and

‘If I say the Lord’s prayer and I can’t forgive, then who am I?’

anguish, Jim says he forgives the killer. ‘When we say the Lord’s Prayer, we ask the Lord to forgive us our sins as we forgive others,’ he says. ‘If I say the Lord’s Prayer and I can’t forgive, then who am I? If I hold something against him, then how can I ask God for forgiveness when I do things that are wrong? ‘This man has got to serve his punishment; people who do this kind of thing can’t be in their right mind. If he doesn’t repent that’s up to him, but I do forgive him. I stuck going to court for two or three days but couldn’t handle it. I saw him in court 

Members of an Elim church are praying with prostitutes and evangelising pimps as part of a gutsy initiative in Ipswich. A handful of Christians from Ipswich International Church volunteered for the Ipswich Project, a women’s ministry led by radical preacher Alison Fenning. The team holds a drop-in for the girls at the Elim church each Monday, and is aiming to launch a Sunday afternoon church service. The team members talk to the girls, pray for them and build up relationships. Alison has even visited brothel owners in the hope of setting up a chaplaincy team in some of Ipswich’s darkest environments. ‘I’d even pray for the clients if we had the chance,’ she says. ‘The people from Elim are a real fire to our ministry. They are my missionaries and are much more than helpers. They do what I do, and have been a real asset. ‘There isn’t much happening on the streets since the murders, so we go to homes and even brothels. ‘We pray for the girls and simply accept them for who they are. Most of them pray to God and have a faith; the problem is that they have these addictions. ‘God is doing great things, and we’re constantly praying for a bigger breakthrough.’ You can find out more at


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It’s a world service for Ipswich church members Above Ipswich Pastor Mick Reynolds Top Worship at the church

and he looked like he couldn’t care less.’ Jim says although life has been difficult since Tania’s death, he believes the Lord has given him strength. He claims that speaking in tongues, a unique language Christians receive through the infilling of the Holy Spirit, has helped him to overcome the

A multi-cultural Elim church has completed a 40-day prayer campaign for the different nations represented in its Fellowship. As well as many British people, Ipswich International Church has members from all parts of the world, including many African nations, the Caribbean, India, Eastern Europe and South America. Church pastor Mick Reynolds, who joined the church about 18 months ago, believes

God is asking the church to celebrate the fact that it is so diverse. There are more than 35 nations represented through church members, while the different congregation members liaise with missionaries in about ten other nations. Pastor Mick says, ‘We gave the church a booklet and for each of the 40 days there was a flag with information about a particular country. We prayed for that country,

and on some days, there were two nations, because there are just so many different countries we are associated with. ‘The Holy Spirit has told us to celebrate the fact that we’re international,’ adds Mick. ‘We’re living in a multi-cultural community, as many towns and cities are, and we believe that God wants us to show that all these people can worship together, fellowship together and build God’s kingdom together.’

loss. ‘My life continues OK because of the strength of God. I know that God is looking after my daughter. ‘While all this tragedy was going on, God was putting a lot of strength in me. ‘I would sit in my room and experience the power of God coming into me and strengthening me. I started talking in

tongues, and I’m not one of those who talks a lot in tongues. We don’t know what we’re saying but God can understand it. That really helped me at crucial times.’ Jim has also found strength in attending the Elim church, a Fellowship he has been associated with for some years but has only permanently at-

tended since earlier this year. ‘My boy Aaron and his friend go with me. ‘Although I was going to another church, I knew lots of people from the Elim church. ‘I even took Tania to a service once. I’ve noticed a real difference in Pentecostal people to the traditional church. It’s more on the pulse of God.’


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Big names are lined up as part of Southport’s Hope08 celebrations

Major festival will be ‘launchpad for years of evangelism...’ High-profile Christians, including Mike Pilavachi and The Band With No Name, will visit Southport this year as the town’s Elim church throws its weight behind Hope08. Mike, who heads up Soul Survivor, will speak at an event planned for November, while The Band With No Name will perform at a two-day charity Fun Fest this month, on 7th and 8th June. The Fun Fest, which will raise cash for a handful of local charities, is being organised by local newspaper, The Southport Visitor, radio station Dune FM and the town’s evangelical churches. On the organisation committee is Elim minister Richard Vernon, who is expecting big things. He tells Direction that there will be typical fairground attractions at the Fun Fest, including specialist stalls and fun activities. There will

also be a catwalk involving Christian models arranged by Debenhams, and food and drink stalls will be available. Pastor Richard says the churches will become more involved on the Sunday, helping to arrange an ‘It’s a Knockout’ tournament and putting on a 20-minute thanksgiving service. He explains that it is most important not to overpower people with hardcore preaching, and believes that the Fun Fest will be more about giving a good impression of church and Christianity. ‘We want to do something non-religious,’ he says. ‘The goal we have for the day is for people to come to a well-run event, but to go away thinking that God is good and that Christians are OK people! It doesn’t need preaching or a big service. We will say a few prayers for the charities and thank God for his blessing on

‘The goal we have is for people to come to a wellrun event but to go away thinking that God is good and that Christians are OK people!’

Below The Band With No Name performing live

Southport, but we don’t need to overdo things at this stage. ‘When The Band With No Name come on, they will bring a Gospel message in their performance, so that will hopefully make people ask questions about faith and join local churches. ‘It’s worked so well because the local newspaper already puts on the Fun Fest. We thought of doing something similar for Hope08, but figured we might as well just join together and support this event.’ Hope08 initiatives in Southport are being called ‘Hope Southport’, as Richard stresses he wants it to continue long after 2008. ‘We love Hope08 and are passionate about churches working together, but this is not just about 2008. We’re using this year as the launchpad, but want this to go on into 2009, 2010 and for ever.’


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Every word of God spoken aloud Don’t build More than 100 voices took part in the BIG Read recently at Elim’s Regents Theological College. Students and staff at the college read the Bible aloud from cover to cover in the chapel – in less than 75 hours! College Principal Nigel Tween began the reading with Genesis 1:1 on the Thursday at 2pm, and Revelation 22 was

read out by everyone on the Sunday afternoon. The idea was thought up by third year student, Nick Whittome, in November last year. Unsure whether he’d heard from God or if it was just his own idea, Nick kept the plan quiet for a while. He recalls, ‘To be honest, I thought the idea was completely

bonkers at first. But it kept on coming back and coming back – so I started taking it a bit more seriously. I often have this question with things like this – is it God, or is it me? But I really feel this one was continually prompted by God.’ Passages were read in slots of 20 minutes in a variety of languages and translations.

Pastor arrives at place of oasis in Elim Long Eaton The Oasis Christian Centre in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, held a special induction service recently to welcome its new senior pastor, Adrian Mancini. This came after the departure of Michael Williams to Swansea’s City Church last summer. Adrian Mancini joins the church congregation with his wife Helen, and children Leanne, Katie and Hannah, from Elim Church Newcastle, their home for ten-and-a-half years. The decision to leave didn’t come easily, he says. ‘Helen had a great job and friends outside of church in Newcastle, and the children had grown up there, but we knew God was moving us on to new things,’ Adrian explained. Elim Church Newcastle has also expressed its sadness over the family’s departure. Over the years, they’d built a strong

New pastor Adrian Mancini and family are welcomed at Elim Long Eaton

structure there, with full-time staff and a wealth of volunteers. It now averages an attendance of over 150 people. Adrian and Helen are excited by the great vision of the ministry team at Oasis and the openness that they have to God. The couple,

who originally met at Bible college, are also passionate about the new start. ‘We anticipate and look forward to seeing our ministry continue to grow in Long Eaton, and believe there is something fresh to come,’ said Adrian.

Political parties unite in prayer for Parliament Daily prayer walks and constant prayer were on the agenda of Christians all around the country last month, as they joined together to pray for our MPs. The Week of Prayer for Parliament and Whitehall saw people praying in and around Westminster

with some churches arranging to pray at different times to make a chain of continuous prayer. The event, which is now in its fifth year, was backed by MPs and peers from all the major political parties and culminated in the Global Day of Prayer on 11th May.

mosques, says leader

A Christian leader has called for there to be a ban on new mosques being built in the Uk until Muslims nations stop persecuting Christians. Speaking on Premier Christian Radio, Alison Ruoff, member of the Bishop of London’s diocesan council and General Synod said; ‘New mosques are regularly being built, which are paid for by the money that comes from the oil states. ‘This country only has, as far as we know, three-and-a-half to four million Muslims. There are enough mosques for Muslims in the UK – they don’t need any more.’ According to Premier Christian Radio, in the same week around 350 Christian churches in London said that they’re experiencing rapid growth but are being hindered by planning regulations. Alison added, ‘We are still a Christian country; we need to hold on to that. If we don’t watch out, we will become an Islamic state, it’s that serious.’

Leadership summit Christians across the world will have the chance to be part of a leadership event of global renown later this year. The Leadership Summit, organised by Chicago’s Willow Creek Community Church, takes place on 7–8th August, and will then be replayed in 115 cities worldwide by videocast – ­including 17 venues in the UK and Ireland – during October and November. Speakers include Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Church.


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Nine saddled up for mission trip to Israel Nine Elim members from around the country got together recently to embark on a mission trip of a different kind. The team travelled to Israel in April, and cycled 400 kilometres in one week across roads, tracks and desert – often in temperatures of over 35 degrees – to raise funds for Elim Mission projects . In addition to the £350 paid for expenses, each participant

Get back to black with church’s aid More than 500 churches have signed up to an initiative to help those affected by this year’s credit crunch. The Red2Black campaign will enable churches to help those in the congregation and wider community tackle their debt through education and practical action. A spokesperson for Stewardship, the Christian charity behind the campaign, said, ‘The church is perhaps not the first place that people with money worries would usually think of turning, yet Jesus had more to say about money and possessions than almost any other subject. Red2Black is about reconnecting the church to these issues, and equipping them to respond practically.’ The credit crunch is mainly affecting property owners, because borrowing has become harder and interest rates have risen because of changes in the US mor tgage markets. See for details.

is raising £1,650 in sponsorship to go towards City Gates Academy, Philippines; Hope Village, Malawi; and Widow’s Mite, Kosovo. Plans are now in place for next year’s fundraiser, ‘Hike the Camino Trail’ – a 100kilometre trek in the beautiful Spanish countryside. For more information, contact Sarah on 01242 519904; email

Seven NZ Elim college people die in flash flood Six pupils and a teacher from the New Zealand Elim Christian College have died in a freak accident recently. They drowned while on a canyoning expedition, when heavy rain caused a flash flood at an outdoor pursuits centre. The three boys and three girls, all aged 16, and their teacher, 29, were part of a 40-strong group on the trip. They were from Manukau, a city in the Auckland region, and the third most populous in the country. The deaths were the first at the centre for more than three decades. Speaking in a school assembly shortly after the tragedy, the Principal Murray Burton said, ‘If our

faith means anything at all, it must mean everything now. This process is long, but it’s going to be good because we believe in God who created this world. He is a God worthy of your trust – he gave his own son. You hold on to him today, be angry. I don’t mind if you’re angry, be angry at God; he can handle that, but keep trusting.’ The story has grabbed the attention of many in the country, and national news reporters are said to have been visibly moved by the attitude of the bereaved families and the supportiveness of the local church. Elim UK superintendent John Glass has sent his condolences and prayers to the Elim Movement in New Zealand.

Trumpet Call to release the Gospel The Elim Prayer Network, along with a number of other national prayer streams, will be supporting Trumpet Call VII later this month. Thousands of people from across the UK are expected to gather on Saturday, 21st June at Birmingham’s NEC Arena for a national day of prayer, proclamation, and worship. The event is being hosted by the World

Prayer Centre, working in close collaboration with Hope08, Prayer Week and Global Day of Prayer. The timing coincides with the longest day of the year and the middle weekend of Hope08. From its inception, Hope08 has had a powerful prayer base, and this platform of prayer was launched at Trumpet Call V back

in October 2006. At a set time during the event in June, seven trumpets will be sounded. At the sound of the trumpets there will be a declaration of the lordship of Christ and the release of the Gospel over the nation. For more information, email or contact the Elim Prayer Network:, 01457 866177 / 866213.


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12/05/2008 10:04:02


Out and about with the GS A glimpse into the diary of General Superintendent John Glass as he meets Elim people in the UK and abroad


UCB Partners Day

Mervyn and Edna Tilley have been in Leyton over 20 years, and have seen the church develop to become one of our key churches in the London area. Like so many of our Elim churches, it has a heart for the community and missions as well as concentrating on its own needs as a Fellowship. Though retired as a member of the NLT and as a regional leader, Mervyn has lost none of his energy for the local church. It was a joy to be with a group of people that is so open to God’s word and with such a desire for spiritual growth.

Sycamore Chapel Marilyn and I live in a small Cotswold village. Our close neighbours are Geoff and Liz Brown who, apart from owning a local farm, have been an incredible witness in the area for a long time. Geoff is an elder at the church his father founded, and which recently became networked to Elim via ECI. I have been conducting a series of mid-week meetings there on the subject ‘21st-century Church’.

United Christian Broadcasters based in Hanchurch, Stokeon-Trent, is an organisation for which I have the highest regard. It was a privilege to minister to the senior staff, partners and supporters. There are several groups within the UK that are deserving of the financial and prayer support of local churches and UCB is most certainly one of them.

Liverpool leaders

River Dream Centre Exeter This was my first visit to our church in Exeter since Michael and Mar ion M eyer s have been in leadership, and my first impression was one of transformation. The building is unrecognisable, having been given a great contemporary feel, and the whole place exudes a sense of excellence at every level. The average age of this dynamic an d vibr a nt co ngreg atio n appeared to be around 30 years

of age. One of the great joys of visiting our churches week by week is spending quality time with members of the minister’s family and this occasion was no exception. Their children Gr ace- A nne and Gregor y (pictured above with Michael and Marion) are not only gifted but passionately committed to all that is going on at church level. River Dream Centre is an exciting place to be!

Holy Trinity Weston It’s always a pleasure to visit our churches and spend time with our leaders and congregations. On this weekend, however, I was with one of my closest friends, Claude Ellerington (pictured here with wife Sue). Both their sons, Richard and Steve, are Elim ministers and part of the ministry team. Weston is a creative and innovative church.


p12.indd 12

I a l w ay s a p p r e c i a t e t h e opportunity to speak to leaders across the denominations. The Liverpool venue was Grace Family Church and the group to which I had been invited covered Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, Rhema and independent churches.

Alloa Colin and Laura Shreenan pastor one of Elim’s smallest churches, but through tenacity and commitment are beginning to see a breakthrough. Committed to the people and with the belief that this Fellowship can break out of its history, they are faithfully planting for God in this small Scottish town. I enjoyed being in Alloa and their church over my weekend with them.

As the reports take some time to get from ‘meeting to magazine’ you can update on what is taking place in the ministry of the GS in ‘real time’ by visiting

12/05/2008 10:04:57




GZaZVhZndjgi VaZci

SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS Kensington Temple’s School of Performing Arts

Now taking applications for September 2008 Full-time 1 or 3 Year Performance Course includes:

• Dance Theatre • Musical Theatre • Singing • Acting SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS Top class training from industry professionals

For more information call 020 8799 6168 or email

Passionate about

Christian discipleship and leadership?


International Bible Institute of London

Courses now available: • 1 Year Diploma in Christian Ministries • 1 Year Higher Diploma in Christian Ministries

Enrol now!

Over 20 years of first class training for first class ministry

13 Call 020 8799 6168, email or visit for further details. p13.indd 13

07/05/2008 16:24:26


Pastor Jim Davies may not know how the Internet works, but that’s not stopping him using this modern means of communication to reach the multitudes for Christ

Internet TV channel shows people God is still moving

Above Pastor Jim Davies in full flow during his TV show

Main image As seen on PC! Pastor Jim being filmed for his Mon TV Network slot

Pastor Jim Davies likens the Internet to driving a car. ‘I can use it, but don’t know how it works!’ the 67-year-old Elim minister chuckles. But despite being what you might call a computer novice, Pastor Jim is preaching the Gospel to hundreds of people each week through his recently launched Internet TV ministry. As part of the newly formed Mon TV Network, an online television channel for Monmouthshire, Pastor Jim is heading up the channel’s faith section. He films a new clip each week, which is immediately put online and made available for the whole world to see. Jim, Pastor of Caldicot Elim Pentecostal Church, says he never dreamed of being a televangelist, but admits he is enjoying his new role. ‘At my

age, it’s not the type of thing you expect to be launched into, but I’m loving it. ‘It’s a wonderful opportunity to display what God is doing and to network together the different churches and denominations. We can show the people of Monmouthshire that God is alive and is still moving in their area.’ So far, Pastor Jim has posted his own life story on Mon TV; of how he was raised in foster homes and suffered great depression before finding Christ in 1954. He also tells of how his faith helped him recover after the death of his wife, Glenis, in 2004. Guest ministers from other local churches have also been filmed, and Pastor Jim has many more ideas for the rest of 2008 and beyond. ‘I got the local rec-

tor to do the Easter message, and he flagged it up through the diocese and got all his mates to watch him,’ Jim recalls. ‘We’ve also filmed in Caldicot Market, and interviewed a Baptist minister and got other people talking about their faith. ‘I’ve a girl who was with Teen Challenge giving her testimony soon. She was selling the Big Issue but is now travelling Britain as an evangelist. ‘There’s a guy who goes on the Mercy Ships helping needy people in the Third World who has agreed to be filmed, so we’ve some exciting things in store. ‘We’ll also put up conferences and church events that are going on. ‘This year is Hope08 and is a year of mission, so it’s a great time to be telling people about


p14-15.indd 14

12/05/2008 10:07:51


Dial ‘P’ for prayer

Jesus. It’s something that God has opened up to us, so we’re just going to carry on and see where it goes. ‘I’d never thought about TV ministry, but the guys heading up Mon TV reckon Internet television is the way forward. They’re convinced its popularity will grow over the years.’ Pastor Jim said he was approached to head the faith section of Mon TV when they were filming a Christian event. They immediately offered him the position, to which he willingly agreed. He has encouraged more churches to get involved in media ministry, saying it is a great way to reach the masses. ‘Mon TV reckon they’d had 600 views in the first month or two,’ he says. ‘He who has ears let him

‘He who has ears let him ’ear, and he who has the Internet, let him tune in!’

’ear, and he who has the Internet, let him tune in! ‘In this day and age it’s essential to use modern means to preach the Gospel to this new generation.’ Jim says that Caldicot Elim, which is a small church with fewer than 20 members, is busier in the week, through community outreach, than on a Sunday. ‘Since I came here three and a half years ago, I’ve felt a real urgency to get out there into the community. ‘The council is behind us and the people are behind us, so we’re happy. ‘It’s not all about us on a Sunday, but it’s about what we can do with what God’s put inside us for the rest of the week.’ To view Pastor Jim’s weekly show, visit

The Dial-a-Prayer service at Caldicot Elim has boomed since the launch of Pastor Jim’s television series. Jim reports that calls to the 24-hour line have increased, as have testimonies of healing. He says the line regularly receives calls from people in the local area, as well as from people as far afield as Scotland. ‘One girl fell into a coma for 14 days after having her drink spiked. Her grandmother called the prayer line, we prayed and the girl came out of the coma. ‘A n o t h e r g u y w a s healed of meningitis, and we’ve seen prodigals return home after praying for them. ‘We get calls about all sorts, from sickness, to financial needs, depression and relationship issues. ‘It gives people the chance to get something off their chest. ‘Because we’re a small church, we can invest the time into praying for them. ‘ T here are lot s of prayer lines around, so you can’t say it’s our prayers that change things, but it’s Almighty God! When we get feedback, it’s very encouraging, however. ‘There’s no such thing as an average week, sometimes we get six messages in a day, sometimes we have nothing for three weeks. ‘But this is one of those services that’ll never finish until the Lord comes.’ You can call the prayer line on 01291 424166.


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12/05/2008 10:07:53


Hundreds of people have turned to Christ during a month of revival meetings with healing miracles that have been taking place at London’s Kensington Temple Church

Church’s revival meetings ‘are part of God’s vision’ Above Jingle, who was healed of deafness in her left ear Main image Gypsy William Lee prays for the sick; and drama ‘Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames’ takes place at Kensington Temple during a month of powerful outreach

Aches, pains, broken bones and deaf ears were all healed as evangelist Gypsy William Lee held nightly revival crusades in Elim’s Kensington Temple Church recently. Hundreds of testimonies have been flooding into the church since the meetings, which were held throughout March and April. The church reports that 300 people gave their lives to Christ for the first time, with more than 200 pledging to make a new commitment to follow God after backsliding. A performance of the powerful ‘Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames’ drama was held over Easter, with hundreds more becoming Christians. The March meetings proved so powerful and popular, they

were extended into April, when a New Beginners’ Course was launched to deal with the converts. Gypsy William Lee has seen thousands of miracles as his healing ministry has expanded over the last few years. He believes that the Kensington Temple move of God is part of a vision God once gave him for London. ‘A while ago the Lord showed me a vision for London, Lee explains. ‘He showed how an invading army would always go for the capital. ‘That’s when he also spoke to me about a month-long miracle crusade in London – not just a meeting, but a month to see God move in a mighty way. If you drop a stone in the water, there will always be a ripple

effect. I spoke to KT’s senior pastor, Colin Dye, about that, thinking about coming to KT for a few days. Instead, he invited me for a whole month!’ Some of the miracles have been breathtaking. ‘I was playing rugby and was tackled, which broke my collarbone,’ says one convert, called Alex. ‘After, I couldn’t move my arm at all. It was stuck in one place, and I had to use a sling. When someone prayed for me, it felt weird. Then I realised that I could move my arm properly. Also, the pain was gone!’ Mercy was also healed. ‘I had an injury due to running,’ she explains. ‘If I stood on my right leg, it felt painful and I had to sit down. I’ve suffered from this for around eight years now, and I had to stop running due to 


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Church where president’s wife is a member

Sierra Leone’s president Ernest Bai Koroma

 the injury. When Gypsy William Lee asked for people to come forward, I felt an urge to go. It was, in fact, a former classmate who prayed for me. The pain is gone now!’ Another person, Leonard, was healed of dreadful ear pain. ‘My ear was blocked two years ago, and I felt this sharp pain,’ he claims. ‘I kept on going back to my GP but they couldn’t find what was wrong. When Gypsy William Lee prayed for me the pain went away and the ear was unblocked.’ Jingle had more severe ear problems. ‘My left ear was deaf since birth,’ she explains. ‘I couldn’t hear anything at all. The minute Gypsy William Lee asked us to stand up and worship God, I started to shake, and I couldn’t stop. Then he asked all the people with a hearing problem

The wife of the president of Sierra Leone is a member of Elim’s Kensington Temple church in London. A professional nurse, Sia Nyama Koroma played a key role in ministry at Kensington Temple for a number of years, before suddenly becoming the First Lady of Sierra Leone in September. Her husband, Ernest Bai Koroma, was victorious in his fight for leadership after a two-round election last year, despite having no previous experience in politics. Mrs Koroma grew up in a prominent political family in the Kono district of Sierra Leone, but fled the nation in 1997 during the height of the brutal rebel war where thousands were killed. As well as being a loyal wife and mother of two daughters, Alice and Dankay, she is a well-educated nurse, gaining qualifications at several universities and colleges. Shortly after arriving in the UK during

‘God will also set people free from all kinds of addictions.’

the war, Mrs Koroma joined Kensington Temple, and has been very much part of the church’s Sierra Leone Fellowship through the years, serving in many different roles. She also served faithfully on the Watchman programme as an intercessor in the church. Only a few months before the election, Mrs Koroma was involved in organising the Sierra Leone Independence Day celebrations at Kensington Temple, reports the church’s own publication, Revival Times. In February this year, during a visit to the UK by the President and First Lady, the KT Sierra Leone Fellowship hosted a special service of thanksgiving for Sierra Leone. Mrs Koroma was, of course, the guest of honour. Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner and Deputy High Commissioner were in the congregation, and were addressed by KT’s Amanda Dye.

to come forward. I walked down, and on my way, I said to God, “I’m expecting something.” Gypsy William Lee put his fingers on my ear. I fell down. Initially, I thought nothing happened, and went back to my seat. Then I noticed that I could hear with my left ear! Now, when my friends call me, I use my left ear for my phone!’ Evangelist Lee said he always sees miracles in his services. ‘I have seen people healed from every kind of disease,’ he claims. ‘Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, terminal cancer, meningitis, blindness, deafness and so on. People can expect miracles and will see their lives transformed. God will also set people free from all kinds of addictions. ‘I became a Christian in March 1991, and God called me into ministry around 18 months later. As I grew in faith I started

to see that God is still the same God as the God of Acts. The real acid test was when I started to pray for the sick and they were healed. I knew then that God had definitely called me into the healing ministry!’ Lee believes the spiritual state of Britain is ‘abysmal’ but reckons a significant move of God is on the way. ‘Many people can handle “church”, but they can’t handle God. With many of the churches across all denominations, Jesus is on the outside, looking in. We need a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and to see the signs and wonders of the New Testament. I believe that God is up for that, and that we will see a mighty move of God in this nation! The glory of the latter house will be greater than the glory of the former!’


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Former detective Graham Morgan, member of Longton Elim Church in Stoke-on-Trent, tells Philip Parsons how he tried to weigh up the evidence before coming to God

How two words from God ended my struggle with faith Above Graham Morgan, who can’t get enough of God’s Word

Weighing up the evidence was a daily task for 45 years for detective Graham Morgan. That’s because during 30 years in the Police Force and 15 years as a Coroner’s Officer, Graham investigated many violent deaths. But he never applied his investigative skills to God and Christianity. Many years ago, Graham had an idea that there might be a God, and that he might be watching over him. As a 17-year-old in the Royal Navy, Graham had some amazing escapes from death in the Korean War. ‘One Sunday afternoon we had entered the Yellow River looking for drifting mines when we came under heavy gunfire from shore on both the port and starboard sides,’ he recalls. ‘Heavy shrapnel came down on

the bridge where I was standing, causing injuries among the crew. I escaped with just a broken nose, though.’ They were under fire for two hours, unable to manoeuvre the ship due to mines on both sides. By the time they got through into the China Sea she was heavily holed on both sides and had to go to Hong Kong for a refit. ‘We left Hong Kong to go to our base in Japan but became caught in a typhoon in the South China Sea,’ Graham continues. ‘The seas were so heavy, the gun below the bridge was swept overboard and some torpedo tubes broke free. ‘I was part of the middle watch on deck and had to secure the tubes with wire ropes. As the ship listed heavily to port

I was struck by the sliding torpedo tubes and knocked over the side. Miraculously, I managed to grab hold of the guardrail and hung there precariously. With the ship listing heavily I knew the next wave would take me away. But then a big Scottish able-seaman reached over, took hold and pulled me back on board.’ Graham thought then that perhaps God had protected him. Many years later he again saw God at work, this time in his wife’s life. He noticed that, since she’d begun going to church, Valerie coped much better with the pressures of life. ‘She would come home from church much more peaceful and happy, free from worry and with a calm attitude,’ says Graham. ‘I saw her reading the Bible and benefiting from it.


p20-21.indd 20

12/05/2008 10:11:07


About the same time I spotted an advert for the Alpha course on the back of a bus. A couple of days later I saw the same advert. Then, the next Sunday, Valerie came home from church and said, “They’re starting an Alpha course. Do you mind if I go?” I started to wonder what it was all about and decided I would go with her.’ Graham’s police training and experience over many years concerned gathering and processing evidence in order to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Although he had solved many complicated crimes, he struggled to understand the things he heard at the Alpha course. But despite his doubts, Graham persisted with his daily Bible readings and weekly Alpha studies. He tried to pray but couldn’t

‘From the depths of my heart I prayed aloud for the first time and said, “My heart is open, Lord. Please come to me”.’

find the words. His struggle increased when the study group came to the teaching about the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Graham found it quite beyond his comprehension. ‘A heavy cloud descended on me and I felt dreadful. My teachers recognised this, and with great understanding and love prayed for me. ‘These things weighed heavily upon me as I went home that evening. I had a restless night and felt awful the next morning. It was if God was trying to take me forward and the enemy was dragging me back. A battle was raging within me.’ For the rest of the day, Graham and Valerie prayed, read the Bible and discussed his struggles. He went to bed that night still distraught and confused. ‘Some time during the early

hours of that night I suddenly woke from a light sleep. Almost immediately, I heard two words spoken by a deep voice, which seemed to reverberate around the room. “Seek, knock”, the voice said twice. ‘I got out of bed and went into the dining-room where I felt a need to pick up the Bible. It fell open at Luke 11, where one of the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. My eyes were immediately drawn to the verses: “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened”. ‘I realised then what the Lord was saying. I felt very humbled and dropped forward onto the table, quite overwhelmed that God was speaking to me. From the depths of my heart I prayed aloud for the first time and said, “My heart is open, Lord. Please come to me.” I gave myself to him and asked him to fill me with the Holy Spirit. ‘I prayed long and hard and, at 6am, went back to bed elated, joyful and feeling warm inside. The struggle was over. I slept soundly the rest of the morning and woke up with a peace and warmth filling my whole being. It was so wonderful, I find it hard to describe. ‘I told Val how joyful and peaceful I felt. We hugged and praised the Lord as we cried with joy.’ Graham immediately gave witness to his faith by calling the Alpha group leader, who rejoiced with him. The next week at the course meeting, Graham told everybody what had happened to him. Graham and Valerie continue to attend Longton Elim Church, Stoke-on-Trent, on Sunday mornings and evenings as well as twice during the week. ‘I just can’t get enough of God’s Word,’ smiles Graham. ‘I’m loving it and it is making such a difference to my life. I’ve found God and I’ll never let him go.’


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Letchworth Garden City Church member Jude Simpson explains how a visit to an inner-city youth group led to her writing an inspiring book about her experience

They were bringing people to Jesus... I had to write about it

Above Author Jude Simpson is a stand-up poet, writer and entertainer with a unique performance blend of poetry, comedy and song. She has won three national ‘slam poetry’ titles, and appeared at gigs, theatres and festivals around the country, as well as on Radio 4. She has also appeared at Youthwork the conference, New Wine and Greenbelt. Find out more about Jude Simpson at www.

Here’s the scenario. A 14-year old girl, Chantelle, has been coming to your youth group for almost a year. Tonight for the first time, she has volunteered to read out the Bible passage. You can see she’s nervous. Her hands are shaking and she’s staring at the paper as she reads. She gets to the word ‘Isaiah’ and stumbles. ‘Oh ****,’ she says, then tries again. She gets it just about right on the third try, then finishes the passage, breathes a sigh of relief and sits down, her face bright red. What do you say to her? ‘That language isn’t acceptable in church’? ‘You should try to find a different way to express your frustration’? or simply, ‘Well done, you did a great job tonight. Would you like to read again some time’? And would your answer be the same if you

knew that Chantelle’s father had just gone to jail, her mother was an alcoholic and Chantelle had been expelled from school for violent behaviour? Two years ago I was approached by a youth work project in inner-city Bradford, which wanted to tell their story and wondered if I could help them write a book. I wasn’t sure about the idea, but I agreed to visit the project to find out more about the story they wanted to tell. I arrived in what felt to me (having grown up in beautiful Cambridgeshire) like an urban wasteland. There were wide roads with cooling towers and factories on one side, and a cut-in-half terrace of run-down houses on the other. In the middle was a dark, old church building with a sign outside

proclaiming ‘e:merge’. I rang the doorbell uncertainly. Six hours later, I knew what the story was. Here was a project where people were carrying out Jesus’ commands to look after the poor, to get alongside hurting people and help them believe in a more hope-filled future. I didn’t see self-congratulation or even confidence. I saw men and women who were sacrificing their own comforts in the service of young people, making mistakes as they went along but never giving up on the quest to make Jesus’ love real in a community that had often only known mistrust and hardship. The story that needing writing was this – that these very people who were bringing Jesus’ love to so-called difficult children and teenagers were frequently 


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How to help troubled young people through youth work is the subject of Jude’s book ‘Just Walk With Me’ Image courtesy of; cover design


p22-24.indd 23


12/05/2008 10:12:11


Powerful testimonies at book’s launch WIN a copy A launch event was held in Jude’s home church, Letchworth Garden City Church (LGCC), to mark the publication of ‘Just Walk With Me’. ‘My pastor Mark Ryan is very supportive of what I do, without ever dictating my agenda as an artiste,’ says Jude. ‘Last year, I recorded my live CD at church. This year, Mark agreed to host a launch event for the book. It’s important to me that my home church feels part of what I’m doing.’ At the launch, Jude talked about writing the book and read out some passages, but the most powerful aspect of the evening was hearing direct from two young people from the e:merge project. Sammy, 20, and Shaun, 18, spoke about the serious issues they had had to address in life, such as drugs, exclusion from school, family pressures and violence in their community.  misunderstood by the Christians and churches who should have been supporting them. Too often, as they walked a long road to recovery with a drug addict, or took tiny steps to win the trust of an abused teenager, churches would blithely demand, ‘How many people have become Christians because of your work?’ or ‘Why don’t you talk more about the Bible?’ Sometimes all that was needed was for someone to say, ‘I don’t understand everything you do, but I can see you’re doing God’s work and I’d like to support you.’ That didn’t often happen. So I took on the task, and the result is ‘Just Walk with Me: A True Story of Inner-City Youth Work’. The book follows a year in the life of the project seen

of Jude’s book

We have six copies of Just Walk with Me to give away. To enter, send your name and address on a postcard or sealed envelope, marked ‘Jude Simpson competition’ and send it to Direction Magazine, New Life Publishing Company, PO Box 777, Nottingham NG11 6ZZ. This offer is open to UK residents only. Last date for entries: 21 July 2008.

They had both benefited from the long-term, patient approach of the e:merge project, where they could be themselves and take their time to discover God. Both young people now describe themselves as Christians and can talk confidently of the difference God has made in their lives.

Jude says, ‘It was a great event, but I hope it wasn’t a one-off. I want it to be the start of a relationship. ‘We’re hoping to involve e:merge in the Elim youth conference being held at LGCC in September, as I think we have a lot to learn from them and share with them.’

Above all, this is a book about the hope of God winning through.

through the eyes of its Director, Yan, and through the diary of youth worker, Niki. At the start of the book, Niki has recently joined e:merge, only to find that, not only does she have to throw out many of her practised ways of ‘doing’ youth work, but almost all the assumptions she had about life and faith are being challenged. There are some very funny stories here, and some very poignant ones, too, but above all, this is a book about the hope of God winning through. In many ways, it is not about the e:merge project, or Yan, or Niki. It’s about the many people up and down the country doing similar work in difficult circumstances, without shouting about it or seeking glory. The Church needs to suppor t and understand these

people, because they are out there taking God’s love to hurting communities. I believe that ‘Just Walk With Me’ will be an inspiration and encouragement to youth workers everywhere, because they will recognise much of what is in the book and realise they are not alone. My wider hope for the book is that many Christians will read it and be brave enough to ask themselves some difficult questions about their faith and its interfaces with today’s world. By doing this, I think our faith becomes richer, deeper and more relevant. If you want easy answers, don’t read this book. But if you want to know that Jesus’ love is alive and well, reaching even the most alienated young people, then ‘Just Walk With Me’ is for you.


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A passionate ministry for women in Elim

Dare to let God break into your life by Elaine Johnston, Aspire team member Aspire’s third national conference was held this year on St David’s Day – appropriately enough in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Host church City Temple served in a magnificent manner, and the venue was full to capacity with women from all over the UK. The theme, ‘Aspire 2 Breakthrough’, was inspired by St David himself, who saw breakthrough in the miraculous during his life. Mandy James of the City Temple ministered in song in a profound way, both in Welsh and English. We were also blessed by the worship team and a Welsh recitation.

In particular, we were incredibly honoured to welcome Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill from Abundant Life Church as our speaker for the day. In the morning session, Charlotte challenged us to consider the inconveniences that serving God brings to our lives, asking ‘Does God have permission to interrupt your life?’ and ‘How do we respond to the inconvenience the call of God brings to our lives at certain times?’ She highlighted the adjustments we need to make in our lives in order to allow God to do what he needs to do within us. Taking the lives of Zechariah, Elizabeth and Mary as examples, Charlotte showed how uniquely our hearts can respond to a visitation of the Holy Spirit. Do we mean what we say when we pray? Are we prepared for the status quo of our lives to get messed up when God answers our prayers? Charlotte challenged us to know when not to allow our negativity and unbelief to influence others. She then continued with a call for all those women who may feel alone as

Conference delegates in Cardiff City Temple

they wait for their inheritance. As women, we were instructed to be a recipient and a giver of encouragement in the process of achieving our dream. In the afternoon session, Charlotte brought us another challenging message. She encouraged us, in all our churches, to make a house into a home – a home for the lost. Mary and Joseph brought their own inconvenience to the inn. How many times has Jesus tried to arrive in our lives and churches, only to be placed in the stable because the inn was full? Do we prepare room for him in our churches to accommodate all that he wishes to do? Charlotte then spoke of the gift of hospitality, one of the most understated biblical gifts, which has to be extended to people in a lost world. She challenged us to ask ourselves, ‘Who is sitting at my table? Who have I prepared

Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill speaking at Aspire 2 Breakthrough

p25.indd 25

a table for today?’ Charlotte described the skills needed to make a house a home for the lost, asking ‘Is your church too predictable or too comfortable? Is your table laid for the unknown guests that may arrive without invitation one day? Are we friendly and polite? Do others want to be around us? Are we a church that people want to join?’ The way we welcome people on their initial visit to our church can determine whether we win or lose them. It’s the welcome and the atmosphere that makes a house into a home. The challenge for us is to have all the necessary qualities of hospitality that we need to accommodate the unexpected guests that arrive in our lives. We are immensely indebted to Charlotte for ministering in a powerful, practical way at our Aspire 2 Breakthrough Conference.


12/05/2008 10:12:55


We’re walking in a Bible Wonderland! Above The Bible Wonderland website Main image Children come face to face with the Bible Wonderland exhibition

To find out when and where the next Bible Wonderland takes place, call Ivan Potts on 01698 269308 or visit www.

Put yourself in the shoes of an eight year-old who’s never heard any of the Bible stories. Now imagine the scene; you’re on a school trip and are taken to a local church only to find the inside is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You are split into a small group with four of your classmates and given an MP3 player. You’re then whisked away and taken on a journey. As you walk around, the lovely lady in your ears tells you about a man called Jesus who performs miracles and loves little children just like you. You see the stories unfold before your eyes, with big cartoon-like figures making you feel as if this man called Jesus and

his 12 friends really are standing in front of you. They are big, tall men who look really nice and friendly. This is a microscopic taster of what the Bible Wonderland Roadshow experience is like. Set up by Motherwell Elim minister You see the stories unfold before your eyes, with big cartoon-like figures making you feel as if they’re in front of you Ivan Potts, the roadshow is based on the Gospel of John and is a 15-scene exhibition of the life of Jesus. Ivan thought of the idea a long time before he started ministering at Motherwell Elim in

Scotland nearly 20 years ago. ‘When I was based in Hastings,’ he explains, ‘we used to take the Sunday school children to the Treasure Island exhibition there, and I thought, “Why not do the same for Jesus?”’ Many years later and hundreds of miles further north, his idea has become a reality. It has taken the help of artists, joiners and many volunteers to get the show on the road, but the unique programme is now fully established. Since its opening in 2001, around 5,000 children – mainly living in Scotland – have seen the inspiring presentation. The display boards are seven feet high and doused with bright colours. The paths are speckled


p26-28.indd 26

12/05/2008 10:13:53


with hundreds of fairy lights, while large polystyrene figures bring the characters alive. One scene is further brought to life with an air machine and lights to give the impression of flames! The roadshow visits local churches in Scotland, which then invite schools to bring their pupils along. Coach operator Stagecoach provides free transport, and up to 90 children can attend during a school day, with more coming along in the evening with their parents. According to Ivan, schools have responded well to it. ‘We’ve had many favourable comments,’ he says. ‘One headteacher once said, “Isn’t it good to get the full story?”

‘Because children only learn chunks of Bible stories at school, it’s nice for them to get a complete overview of the Gospel’

‘Because children only learn chunks of Bible stories at school, it’s nice for them to get a complete overview of the Gospel. ‘At the same school, a survey was given out to the pupils and the findings showed that over 70 per cent of the children went home and told their parents about the roadshow. ‘Apparently, children don’t usually tell their parents very much about their day.’ The target audience is children aged five to 12, and those in the older end of this bracket can be harder to please, but Ivan has been left surprised by some of their responses. ‘ We once had a Primary Seven class go round [the oldest primary school year in

Scotland]. They all were very serious-­looking, so I thought they weren’t enjoying it. ‘At the end, though, some of them said, “Oh my, doesn’t it make you think!”’ After the presentation, an entertainment show is put on for the pupils, which includes a Bible storytelling time with children’s evangelist Brian Lowrie. There’s also an opportunity for questions to be asked. One teacher believes this part of the programme is very important, as the performances relaxes them. It’s enough to make you want to be eight again!  Find out what visitors to the roadshow thought of the experience overleaf


p26-28.indd 27

12/05/2008 10:13:55


My class spoke about it all the way home... they were bowled over Praise for Elim Motherwell’s Bible Wonderland has been exceptionally high. Lorna Bradshaw, teacher at Tannochside Primary School, North Lanarkshire, has taken her class to the exhibition, as well as her seven-year-old son. She says, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed going to the roadshow. My class spoke about it all the way home and other teachers I work with have also been bowled over! ‘I think it’s really educational because it ties in with all the modules we teach. Each class left having consolidated something they’d learned at school. ‘The exhibition is very childfriendly with lots of helpers to support the children. The entertainment show provided an opportunity for them to ask ‘I believe this is a unique presentation of the Gospel. The programme’s visual but not too hi-tech.’ questions, and this put them at ease. The set was absolutely brilliant, with a pretend fire and stuffed animals. Everything was so big – I’m a tall person and the set was higher than me. It was larger than life! ‘Everything was done in such a way that didn’t push the message of Christ down the children’s throats. It kept the naughty ones entertained, too; not one of them played up. ‘My son wants to go back. He hears the stories at Sunday school, and when I read them to him, but it was better for him to see them brought to life.’ Brian Lowrie, children’s evangelist and head of outreach ministry

MAD in Scotland, helps out at the exhibition. He explains, ‘I believe that this is a unique presentation of the Gospel. ‘The programme’s ver y visual but it isn’t too hi-tech, and the children are still children when they go through it. It gives them an awareness of the Bible

‘It reinforces the creation message, and gives them a sense of value’ Above Lorna Bradshaw with son Jared

and reinforces the creation message to them, which then gives them a sense of value. ‘While the children are on the journey, I invite teachers to have a break and a coffee. I’ve found that the exhibition provides a good platform for us to go back and do work in the schools in the future.’


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12/05/2008 10:13:58


Discover the jewel in the crown of Regents Theological College...

‘It’s our best kept secret!’ Gary Gibbs, the course leader for Elim’s School of Ministry, doesn’t pull his punches. ‘I believe that there are hundreds of people in our churches who have known God’s call on them to get trained and equipped and have so far delayed doing anything about it,’ he challenges. ‘The correct description for that is sin!’ Nearly two years into running the school, he exudes an insatiable satisfaction. He has had the pleasure of seeing many people more fully released into the purposes of God for their lives. He adds, ‘I can’t help thinking that the school is perhaps our best kept secret!’ The aim of the school is to develop mission leaders. Over the course of eight months, students are intensively equipped to serve God more effectively; either through their church or in the marketplace. A number of students go on to ministerial training within the Elim Movement, or into church leadership in other parts of the body of Christ. Others sense God’s call to be involved in planting brand-new churches. Still others choose to re-enter their previous occupations, but now feel

For information about Regents go to or contact the admissions team on 01270 615400. p29.indd 29

‘It really is remarkable to see lives changed so quickly...’

Above Gary Gibbs Below Regents Theological College

far greater confidence in what they believe and why. Added to this is a fresh passion for Jesus and his mission. ‘It really is remarkable to see lives changed so quickly and completely,’ explains Gary. ‘Something radical seems to take place when a person takes the brave decision to put himself or herself into this environment. A new confidence in the Lord and his word emerges. Timidity is replaced by boldness and a fresh proactive approach to living as a believer emerges. It’s so fantastic to observe!’ This coming academic year begins in September, and students at the school will benefit from receiving an externally accredited award from the Open College Network; this vocational certificate is equivalent to two ‘A’ level passes. Another new development will allow people to opt in to a four-week module for training in a particular ministry area, such as evangelism, prophecy or becoming a pastor. ‘It’s important that we act on God’s word,’ concludes Gary.

Students tell all about college ‘I chose to go to Regents,’ says Paul Martin from Blackpool, ‘when I realised that God wanted me to do some form of ministry. ‘The mix of academic study in theology and ministry, which we received by the various guest speakers, was a wealth of invaluable information given to me, and at times it was almost too much to take in! ‘The lessons I learned have been very useful in my present position, and I find myself drawing from things that I heard or experienced over the year.’  ‘When God calls, go,’ urges Elizabeth Jack, from Glasgow. ‘I had no money, no qualifications but I knew he had called me; it was a done deal. God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. The School of Ministry gives a foundation that prepares you for life, developing your gifts and calling for God.’


12/05/2008 10:15:11


Would you give up a highly paid job and the safety of your church to travel across the world and work as a volunteer? That’s what Elim Loughborough member Judith Ellis did. Barry Killick reports

And the lesson today is... teaching the love of Christ

Above Judith Ellis, Senior Principal of Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC). Visit for more information about the school

Judith Ellis is a remarkable woman by anyone’s standards. She is Senior Principal of one of Nepal’s most successful schools, using a combined English and American educational system. No fewer than 45 per cent of her students get top grades at ‘A’ level, and 97 per cent get an A to C rating in their GCSE exams. However, exam results are not Judith’s main criterion for success. It was eight years ago that Judith left her highly paid job, and her Elim church in Loughborough, to work as a volunteer in the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC). KISC’s vision statement is ‘To be living witnesses of Christ’s love through excellent education for all’; its mission is to enable all who come to KISC to ‘positively

impact their worlds’. The staff and students do this through the kind of people that they are, and sharing the truths that they have learnt. Amidst her busy schedule, Judith gave us an hour of her time and immediately said she reads Direction magazine from cover to cover every month, as it helps her to maintain her Elim roots in the unstable environment of the constantly changing nation of Nepal. Judith came to KISC at a time when the staff wanted to improve the school. She has enabled it to become a thriving community, providing excellence in education, and such high moral and spiritual values that now even Muslims want to send their children to it, even if it is overtly Christian. ‘KISC is the

best school I have ever worked in, due to its family atmosphere and the excellent values that are lived out by the staff and students on a daily basis,’ claims Judith. ‘It also has small classes, enabling individual students’ needs to be catered for.’ The local staff receive a set wage from the school, but the highly qualified foreign teachers are all Christians who have to raise their own finance from their home churches. All the staff have the same allowance to live on, even the principal. This ensures that the fees for children of missionaries from around the world are kept low. The Elim missionaries in Nepal, Steve and Helen Kempton, send their two children, Iona and Sian, to KISC. As Steve explains, ‘Having both a school like KISC


p30-31.indd 30

12/05/2008 10:18:47


and a principal like Judith is a winwin scenario for us. Her vision and professionalism, coupled with the staff’s high standards, life experience and dedication, is such a rich mix for our children. Judith has been inspirational, not only in leading the school to its very high academic standards, but also inspiring both staff and parents to excel in all they do for God.’ Judith is only in her 40s, but has achieved so much. She was saved at the age of ten and comes from a Christian home whose parents believed in miracles. She studied at Loughborough University and joined the Elim church there. After becoming a teacher she quickly rose in the ranks of her chosen profession. Judith’s MBA may well have been in education, but her passion has

‘Judith has been inspirational, not only in leading the school... but also inspiring both staff and parents to excel in all they do for God’

Above KISC students at work, and enjoying their lunchbreak!

always been for excellence in the work of God. A chance social visit to a doctor friend in Nepal in 1999 opened Judith’s eyes to the incredible need in the developing world. It could have been anywhere, but God had singled out Kathmandu. Many young Nepalese have no hope for the future and every three and a half hours one of them commits suicide. Judith’s experience in deliverance ministry and cell church structure had prepared her well. She met Grace Penny, the incumbent principal of the school at the time, and was set ablaze with a vision of God opening gateways to this desperate community. She clearly saw seven gateways into Nepal – government, priesthood, media, marriage,

finances, education and mindset. The call to establish a place of educational excellence based on sound Christian principles became crystal clear. One of the remarkable areas of expansion for KISC recently has been its Education Quality Improvement Programmes for schools in Kathmandu and rural areas. ‘More than 2,000 Nepali teachers received training last year,’ says Judith. ‘Education is the key to bringing health, healing and justice to Nepal. We are here to provide an international, quality education, based on the sovereignty of Christ and Christian values.’ So is Judith a missionary or a teacher? Since ‘missionary’ means ‘sent one’, Judith seems to be making an incredibly good job of it.


p30-31.indd 31

12/05/2008 10:18:50


Elim minister Paul Hudson is launching the Generate programme, designed to equip and train future church leaders. Here he gives a preview, revealing the top ten qualities he believes are essential

On course to inspire the next generation of leaders Above Paul Hudson, Senior Pastor of Dewsbury Elim Pentecostal Church, West Yorkshire Main image Any time you seek to influence the thinking or development of people you take on the role of a leader

Before you turn the page because you don’t class yourself as a leader, read the following quote from Ken Blanchard: ‘Leadership is a process of influence. Any time you seek to influence the thinking, behaviour, development of people toward accomplishing a goal in their personal or professional lives, you are taking on the role of a leader.’ Now, unless you are a hermit, I think that you fall into this category of leadership and this article is for you! Leadership is everything. Some leaders lay the blame for their struggles at the door of many things that may attract a sympathetic ear. However, the truth is that it all boils down to leadership. It is an uncomfortable thought that

the greatest problem which a leader faces may well indeed be within their own leadership skill. The need today is not only for more people to recognise they actually are leaders but for those of us that do to become great leaders. Here, then, are my top ten tips for becoming a great church leader: 1 Problem solve by    thinking bigger This is the ability to hold two opposing thoughts and then create a new thought or solution which is superior, yet contains an element of each (see 1 Kings 3:16-28). A great leader is open to the different and the daring. Solutions are found in their creativity of thinking. However, we must

do all we can to develop this important trait. A survey was done to discover the creativity level of people at various ages. The resulting statistics indicated that two per cent of men and women who were in their 40s were highly creative. As they looked at younger people, the results emerged that two per cent of 35-year-olds were highly creative, and two per cent of 30-year-olds were highly creative. This went on down each age group until they reached the seven-year-olds – ten per cent of them were highly creative. However, fur ther study showed that 90 per cent of the five-year-olds were highly creative. Between the ages of five and seven, 80 per cent of us


p32-34.indd 32

12/05/2008 10:20:04


who are highly creative develop an image, a picture, an attitude that we are not creative, and we begin to deny that particular part of our God-given equipment. 2 Process successful change This is the ability to spot the need, to see how the future can be different and then, through clear communication, inspire others to initiate the change (see Joshua 1:1-5, 10-11). A great leader is unusually curious and observant. But not everyone will be happy with the changes that are being made. They never have been. A contemporary of Bach wrote in 1732 – three years after Bach had written his St Matthew Passion – ‘When in a large town his Passion music was performed for the first time, with 12

‘It is an uncomfortable thought that the greatest problem a leader faces may well indeed be within their own leadership skill.’

violins, many oboes, bassoons and other instruments, many people were astonished and did not know what to make of it. ‘In the pew of a noble family in church, many ministers and noble ladies were present, who sang the first Passion chorale out of their books with great devotion. ‘But when this theatrical music began, all these people were thrown into the greatest bewilderment, looked at each other and said, “What will become of this?” ‘An old widow of nobility said, “God save us, my children! It’s just as if one were at an opera comedy!”’ 3 Live in unity with yourself This is the ability to pull one’s public and private world to-

gether to live truthfully (see Psalm 51:6). Just about everywhere you look, you see a breakdown of integrity, from the heads of government, to abuse in the home, to preachers with prostitutes. A great leader holds integrity as one of the greatest commodities that is never for sale. 4 Kick some leaves This is the ability regularly to be alone, to walk out from the place of responsibility in order to think and know who really is the boss (see Luke 6:12). In C S Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew, Digory and Polly come to a place they call ‘the wood between the worlds’. Here they would jump into pools of water and end in a completely different place. There is a place 


p32-34.indd 33

12/05/2008 10:20:06


 that will take you into a whole new way of life. It’s not ‘the wood between the worlds’. It’s a secret place. You cannot do the right things until you are in the right place. The right thing is to stay in the right place. That is why everything will distract you from building a true life of prayer. For your enemy knows that, if you do the right thing in the right place, you will arrive at your destiny; and you will then become a great leader. 5 Focus on ‘who’ not ‘what’ This is the ability to make people great, who will then make your vision great (see Acts 1:8). A great leader knows their calling is for people. It is never about them, and the first thing is not the vision, no matter how great we think it is. Only great people will make the vision great. Our task is, first, to make people great by creating enthusiasm for the things of God (John 2:13-17). Second, it is to serve unselfishly and sacrificially (Mark 10:45). Third, it is to preach good news of hope to the hopeless, to heal those with crushed hearts and shattered emotions, to release captives from satanic prisons and to set at liberty the bitter-hearted (Luke 4:18). 6 Endure at all costs This is the ability to keep walking through the pain which will then equip you to walk in power (see Luke 4:1-2, 14). The great leader knows they have to step into pain before they step into power, and the Spirit is with them in each occasion. The Holy Spirit didn’t drop Jesus off at the entrance to the desert and then pick him up at the exit 40 days later! He was with him in that horrible place. In the isolation, temptation and the place of hunger, the Spirit

‘A great leader knows their calling is for people. It is never about us, and the first thing is not the vision, no matter how great we think it is. Only great people will make the vision great’

Below The great leader knows how to serve

was leading Jesus. The occasion of power cannot produce in us what the occasion of pain can. Pain is for us; power is for others. We are often not ready, and unable to handle power if we’ve not first experienced the pain. 7 Understand what    others miss This is the ability to know the ‘time’ for leadership, to see when leadership is needed and naturally rise to the challenge in a particular setting (see 1 Chronicles 12:32). The great leader knows that now is their time. They know there is no other chance to be a great leader. This is your time to stop blaming your enemies as the excuse for not being what you are. This is your time to come from behind the scenes of failure and obscurity. This is your time to stop pretending and face reality. This is your time to stop hiding, holding back what lies within you. 8 Believe, no matter    what happens This is the ability to remain with hope and in hope when all around there is no reason to do so (see Job 13: 15-16). God is more than the sum total of the things that we or others are conscious about. He is beyond and behind God. He is above and absolute God. He

is the owner and omnipotent God. And the Sovereign Lord is in control of you. 9 Move down, not up This is the ability to serve for absolutely no personal gain (see John 13:1-17). The great leader knows how to serve. To serve means to leave your elevated place. That may be the place God has given you (v 3) or where man has placed you (v 12). To serve means you forego your own appetite (v 4). To serve means you may actually look like a servant (v 4). To serve means your work of service may not be appreciated at the time (v 7). To serve means some of your closest friends may insist you don’t (v 8). To serve means you may have to serve someone who will later hurt you (v 11). 10 Protect enthusiasm This is the ability to get people to do what they are passionate about, instead of trying to get them to be passionate about what they are doing (see Romans 12:6-8). We get tired by focusing on stuff that is not what we were created for, not God-given and not honouring to God, Stop looking at your weaknesses and what you don’t have, and instead strengthen your strengths.


p32-34.indd 34

12/05/2008 10:20:09




RICH BLACK: C:30 M:20 Y:10 K:100


RED: C:0 M:100 Y:100 K:0 GREEN: C:100 M:0 Y:100 K:0


Â…01&3"5*0/$)3*45."4$)*-%%7% Â…130.05*0/"--&"'-&5 Â…130.05*0/"-1045&34




SAM526508OCCAd(133dX186w)ST4.indd 1

Independent, Supported Living Your own flat in a newly built Christian neighbourhood, with support and advice from our onsite management team, including help in arranging assessment and funding for personal care, when needed. Designed as an extra care housing scheme, Royd Court is home to a community of Christians from different backgrounds and Protestant denominations, with a shared love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


24/4/08 18:12:06

“We rejoice in the fact that it’s a secure, Christian neighbourhood. The fellowship is good.� “We love the flat and love Royd Court, but especially the fellowship.� “When we’re coming back after a trip out, and see Royd Court coming up, we say to each other – we’re so blessed to be living here!�

Telephone for brochure and DVD, or arrange to visit: Tel: Email:

01924 489015 Lynne Yule, Manager, Royd Court, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, W. Yorkshire WF14 9DJ


p35.indd 35

07/05/2008 10:55:17



We’ve the chance to recapture ou r p


he book of Genesis sets out God’s idea of success: filling the earth, subduing the enemy, making disciples through nurturing families. Is this what we are doing? In order to think in the right way, we need to redefine what success is. It’s said that many businessmen look back at their life after doing well, but feel they climbed the ladder only to find it leaning against the wrong wall. This is also true of many people who set out in ministry. Their heart is set on building a big ministry, but after many years they realise that the ministry will never satisfy; that there will never be enough people in the church; that things will never be good enough. True satisfaction doesn’t come from producing a ministry, but instead through reproducing people. When viewed through the lens of family, everything we do must be with reproducing in mind. The way we bring up, model to and discipline our kids is all in the context of what they will become. The opposite approach is to see everything with a ‘produce’ mindset. This judges everything by immediate deliverables; we count seats, programmes, money – anything – to help us ‘feel’ successful, because most of what we do is

‘If we want to reproduce disciples, then our values (our DNA) must be good. Jesus’ ministry was not about producing miracles; rather, his goal was to reproduce himself in the lives of 12 other people so that they could change the world’

seated in produce. Many families today are crippled because parents try to ‘produce’ certain things in their children for their own ends, rather than with the children’s real interest in mind. Reproduction is based upon our values, which make up who we are. If we want to reproduce disciples, then our values (our DNA) must be good. We see this in Jesus’ life. His ministry was not about producing miracles; rather, his goal was to reproduce himself in the lives of 12 other people so that they could change the world. What he did was a natural outflow of who he was. The Bible starts with a family, and quickly grows into clans, tribes and, eventually, a nation. Each is dependent upon the other; each is a part of the other. Israel is a nation made up of 12 tribes: each distinct in its culture and function, but united together. This is a great picture of the Church: many tribes, but one nation under God. It’s also a pattern of how we should plant churches in our cities. Rick Warren uses the phrase ‘little and large’, describing the method of continually reproducing families while at the same time bringing them together to form a large tribe or church. However, this can only be successfully done if

we get the first family DNA right, otherwise it quickly becomes another organisational monster. Getting that DNA right means focusing on becoming spiritual parents, not business leaders. First, this means leadership, not management. It means keeping the end in mind at all times; not looking at what is, but at what is to come; not interested in maintaining a status quo, but rather an environment for growth. Second, it means effectiveness over efficiency. If we are dealing with very large numbers we often fall into the trap of efficiency. When we work on a reproducible mindset, we are only concerned with effectiveness. We are never dealing with large numbers, but rather a core group. As we start to change our thinking, the questions we ask of our ministry change also. The third element is spontaneity over structure. We often hold on to our structures because they provide a sense of security, but in fact all they do is mask our insecurity. Our security needs to come from the depth of the relationship we have with one another, and not upon any external structure. The Holy Spirit is spontaneous; he often enjoys doing things differently. Just when you think you have it he changes the rules.


p36-37.indd 36

12/05/2008 10:20:53

Appointment of

CHIEF EXECUTIVE PILGRIM HOMES is a registered charity and housing association, established in 1807 to meet the needs of elderly Protestant Christians. It is a progressive organisation with a history of successfully adapting to meeting changing conditions in this challenging sector. There are currently nine Pilgrim Homes’ care schemes in different parts of the country, with plans for more in the future, as God leads. In 2007 overall billing was £5.5 million.


ou r pioneering roots How spontaneous are you able to be with your spiritual family? Fourth, we must discern rather than simply measure. Measurement is good in that it shows us how things have physically grown, for example, our children’s height, or our spending. But we can’t measure our maturity (our spiritual depth); this can only be discerned. If we were to spend more time discerning, we would be surprised at what we find. Discernment is centred in the other person, not upon our own personal growth. It puts the other person’s development at the heart of what we are doing. Fifth, we should look at the cause, not effect. A trap that many leaders and parents fall into is to react to the fruit or effect instead of responding to the root or cause. But real parenting requires taking the time to unearth the roots that bring about bad behaviour; it requires understanding and much patience. In most busy, programme-driven church environments there isn’t the time to do this, so we find ourselves chasing the effects over and over again. We need to ask, ‘What is the root of this?’ and make time to work it through. Finally, we need to release or empower, rather than con-

trol. A controlling parent will always breed insecure kids, and this can be seen in church family situations. A controlling leader produces either rebels or robots – neither are secure, readjusted disciples. People who are not heard or given room to grow often rebel or just give up and toe the party line. Everything about making disciples is about empowering and releasing, but to be able to ‘release’ people we must become secure ourselves first. If you need people you can’t lead people. If you need people around you to qualify you for your job you will never be able to release them. It is often much easier to do something yourself, but if this happens all the time, who learns? We always have to lead and parent with the end in mind. If we are not releasing people to try out ministry and be given opportunities, then all we are doing is breeding potential rebels or producing robots. So, let’s always keep our eyes on the big picture: a transformed and changed world; a vibrant, reproducing, spiritual community in every street, village, town and city. We have a really fantastic opportunity in Elim to recapture our pioneering roots.

THE POSITION is head of the Society’s executive staff and advisor to the Trustee body on all matters relating to operation and development. The post-holder, who will provide clear leadership to the staff, has overall responsibility for the financial management and operation of the Society and ensures that all statutory requirements are met. The person appointed will lead the Society into the coming decades under its strategic ‘Forward Together’ plan. THE PERSON we are seeking is a mature Christian, who is innovative and self-motivated, with a proven track record in senior management and able to liaise effectively with statutory bodies, as well as Pilgrim Homes’ constituency. A sense of vocation is important. More information about Pilgrim Homes is available at Application forms and further details about the post are obtainable from Pilgrim Homes, 175 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2AL or email Closing date 18th June 2008. If you would like to talk informally about the position, please ring the current (retiring) Chief Executive, Peter Tervet, on 0207 407 5466.


p36-37.indd 37

12/05/2008 10:20:57

The Elim Conference 2008 Buy One Get One Half Price* on selected albums!




on selected theological books!






VISIT THE BOOKSTALL FOR MORE GREAT OFFERS! / 0800 83 43 15 Offers are only available at the event. *While stocks last. Cheaper item half price.

Wesley Owen is a division of IBS-STL U.K., limited by guarantee, with its registered office at Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle, CA3 0HA. Registered in England and Wales No. 1216232. Registered charity 270162.

p02.indd 2

13/05/2008 10:46:11

Church project means the hungry can bank on it... Above Elim Bude’s pastor, Roger Rowland Main image Members of Elim Bude Christian Fellowship hold donations for their Food Bank

Expecting to be thrown in a cell and cautioned, a couple got more than they bargained for when they were caught shoplifting recently. Instead of being driven to the police station for charging, they were taken to Elim’s Bude Christian Fellowship Life Centre in Cornwall, where they received food for three days and information about further longterm support. This is just one story of the hundreds of lives being touched

by the church’s Food Bank project, which has been a successful method of evangelism for the last two years. Clients – those in crisis who need food – are referred to the church via the Job Centre, Social Services, community nurses, doctors, schools and even the police. Church pastor Roger Rowland says the church has brought aid to 300 different families over a two-year period, and clients have ranged from drug addicts and alcoholics to people in suits

who had lost their jobs. ‘It’s been quite a remarkable story,’ he explains. ‘We get a lot of immediate thank-you notes from people. Sometimes they want to talk about their circumstances, and other times they don’t. We don’t see it as our role to discuss the cause of the crisis, but just to stop the crisis for an initial threeday period. ‘It’s not particularly an evangelistic project, although each food bag contains a leaflet about the church and explains our


p40-41.indd 40

12/05/2008 10:22:54

motivation and goals. It’s about showing people the love of God in a very practical way. ‘We live in an area that has quite seasonal employment, and some people get caught up in the delays of the benefits system. There are other cases where a family member could be ill, so there’s simply no money to buy food. ‘Whether it’s people in suits or the destitute, we’re here to help them. It’s been one of the church’s successes in the last few years, and we aim to carry it on indefinitely.’ ‘One guy dashed past us quickly and said he would be back shortly. He was in such a rush, we thought he’d forgotten about us when he came back out with a full trolley’ Roger says members of the church stand outside local supermarkets and, while shoppers are entering, they give them the Food Bank shopping list for the week and ask them to make a donation. The response has been fantastic, he claims. ‘We get great feedback from shoppers. One guy dashed past us quickly and said he would be back shortly. He was in such a rush, we thought he’d forgotten

Dementia Conference

Looking at practical and spiritual issues within a Christian context Wednesday 12th November City Temple, Holborn Viaduct, LONDON

about us when he came back out with a full trolley. But he handed the whole lot to us and said he wanted us to have it all. ‘We have a warehouse of food, containing long-life and tinned goods. We also stock things like pasta and rice, which last a long time. We have about 15 to 20 volunteers and they are such hard workers.’ Roger brought the Food Bank to Bude after seeing its success in Salisbury, where the scheme was born through Christian charity, The Trussell Trust. The trust now has more than 20 Food Banks in operation throughout the UK and, last year, 12,000 people were fed through its work. Roger adds, ‘I was on the pastoral team at Salisbury Elim, and the Trussell Trust used the Elim church as their Food Bank drop-in. I saw it work there and when I moved to Bude five years ago, it was always on the agenda to make it work here, too.’

Following our popular 1st major conference, ‘The World, the Church and Older People’ last November, we are holding a conference on dementia to look at practical and spiritual aspects within a Christian context. Dementia affects everyone - friends, families and churches and, with something like a new diagnosis every two minutes, it is a growing issue for concerned Christians.

Available with discount at the conference

It is an opportunity to talk to the authors of our new book and buy copies at a discount. But above all, to be encouraged, uplifted and better enabled to help those with dementia. Cost £48; £40 for advance booking before 31 August. Cost includes lunch. For booking forms, send to ‘Dementia Conference’, Pilgrim Homes, 175 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2AL, or email, giving full postal details

Bognor Regis Bible Week 20th - 26th September 2008 “Casting Up a Highway”

Isaiah 62:10

Speakers Lyndon Bowring, Clifford Hill, David and Mary Pytches, Roger and Sue Mitchell and Greg Haslam.

Lou Fellingham and Phatfish in concert on Wednesday evening. Saltmine on Friday evening. For guaranteed seats at all the main events... BOOK NOW! Day visitors welcome

A client finds support as well as food (above), and volunteer Charlie helps sort food supplies (top)

Excellent residential accommodation

Derek Tidball - Headline Speaker


All enquiries to: Christ for the Nations UK • The Royal Norfolk • The Esplanade • Bognor Regis • PO21 2LH

p40-41.indd 41


12/05/2008 10:23:04




“A must have book to guide new Christians from new birth to maturity� Dr. Ngozi Okike

Your New Life A Handy Guide to Successful Christian Living

BE SEEN BY THOUSANDS Over 150,000 people waiting to see your message in print, from as little as ÂŁ8. Phone now for your personal quote:

Dr Ngozi Okike

' P S F X P S E  C Z  1B T U P S  , F O  ( P U U

0115 921 7280

#6:*5/08$"-- þúĄôĀĆÿąĂˇÄ€ÄƒĂ¸ÄƒÄ€Ä†Ä Ä€ÄƒĂľĂśÄƒÄ„

Ĉ Ĉ Ĉ ò Ä„ Ä„ Ć ă ò Ăż Ă´ Ăś Ä Ä† Ăł Ă˝ Ăş Ă´ òą Ăş Ä€ Ăż Ä„  Ă´ Ä€ Ăž

and ask for Barry, or email


G P S  N P S F  J O G P S N BU J P O  W J T J U

Assurance Publications

New Life Publishing, PO Box 777, Nottingham NG11 6ZZ


Take part in the TURN ON THE TAP Harvest Weekend this year and see how it transforms lives in your church, community and among some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people who have no easy access to safe water. HERE ARE JUST THREE IDEAS FOR THE WEEKEND – Do feel welcome to do more (or less!).

1 2 3

TURN ON THE TAP on a 4 mile walk – Raise awareness and funds by going on a TURN ON THE TAP Challenge Walk – great fun and good for all the church family to do together on either the Saturday or Sunday. Use our walk guide to plan your event. TURN ON THE TAP Harvest Supper – Invite friends and neighbours to a special Harvest Supper on the Saturday evening. Provide entertainment including our water sketch that is available for download from TURN ON THE TAP at a Harvest Festival Celebration – Use our Harvest resource guide to focus hearts and minds during your Harvest services. Designed to take the pressure off preparation and give you more time to organise the rest of your TURN ON THE TAP Harvest Weekend.





4BNBSJUBOÂľT1VSTF 7JDUPSJB)PVTF 7JDUPSJB3PBE #VDLIVSTU)JMM &TTFY*(&95XXXUVSOPOUIFUBQPSH .&&5*/($3*5*$"-/&&%40'7*$5*.40'8"3 107&35: '".*/& %*4&"4& "/%/"563"-%*4"45&38)*-&4)"3*/(5)&(00%/&840'+&464$)3*45

Samaritan’s Purse registered as a charity, number 1001349 (England and Wales), SC039251 (Scotland).

42 SAM502107TOTTchallengeAdIdea(133dX186w).indd 1

p42Revised.indd 42

28/3/08 12:54:00

08/05/2008 14:02:17

BOOK CASE Second Chance RT Kendall Hodder & Stoughton This is an extremely hardhitting and powerful book. And it needs to be, because it addresses the issue of falling from grace (backsliding) against the backdrop of the judgment seat of Christ. Kendall’s two strengths shine through every page: first, his searing honesty with himself and those in ministry with him; second, his gift in putting scriptural truths and profound theology into everyday language. I would wholeheartedly recommend this important book to the whole Christian Church. 212 pages, paperback Price: £10.99 Reviewed by Richard Taylor, Elim pastor Re:Mission Andrew Perriman Paternoster Press Perriman, a leading figure in the ‘emerging church’ movement, at tempts to understand the New Testament as it was originally intended, and then to suggest what mission today should be about. Anyone expecting a light bedtime read on evangelism is in for a shock. Deeply thought-provoking, disturbing even. Like me, you may not like or agree with some of it, but it will certainly make you think. 156 pages, paperback Price: £12.99 Reviewed by Simon Fullylove, Elim pastor, Oxford Iran: Open Hearts in a Closed Land Mark Bradley Authentic This is an excellent short history of Iran, with information for further study. Since the

return of Ayatollah Khomeini in February 1979, Iran has become a closed land to the Gospel. Despite this, more Muslims are coming to Christ than in any other Middle Eastern country. I was moved to tears reading how Christians are persecuted for their faith. We must constantly pray for them and for our Muslim neighbours that we are able to reach them too! 116 pages, paperback Price: £5.99 Reviewed by Richard Dodge Bit Part Players of the Bible Ray Markham CWR Most of us are familiar with the stories of the main characters in the Bible – Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Paul, etc. But what about others such as Korah, Asa and Ehud? In this fascinating book, Markham delves into the lives of over 100 characters, and then shows how we can learn from their experiences. A great book which will fill in a lot of biblical gaps, without being too taxing. 259 pages, paperback Price: £6.99 Reviewed by David Waite, Direction music editor An Agenda for Change Joel Edwards Zondervan A really useful overview of the challenges facing evangelical churches today. Edwards, until recently General Director of EA, in calling for a commitment to the Gospel lived out in the way of Jesus, outlines ways that we need to present this Gospel. Shouting louder is never effective! The second section looks at the current range of evangelicalism and the need to recognise in each other the work of Christ. The third section outlines the interplay

between the proclamation of the Gospel and social change. 136 pages, paperback Price: £7.99 Reviewed by Neil Hudson, Elim pastor and church consultant A Life to Die For Andy Peck CWR A wonderfully clear, practical book on Christian growth and becoming more like Jesus in our daily life. It is written from the viewpoint of our part in God’s drama of this life in preparation for the next, and seeing ourselves as actors with a part to play under his direction by the Holy Spirit. Ideal for new Christians and those seeking to follow Jesus more closely and wanting more. It is very readable with useful summaries, action suggestions and recommended further reading. 192 pages, paperback Price: £8.99 Reviewed by David Holland, group leader Punk Monk Andy Freeman & Pete Greig Survivor The title of this book fascinated me, and I was unsure what to expect. What a pleasant surprise to read about the origins of the Boiler Room Movement, which came from 24-7 prayer principles! I was so inspired that I am now keen to find out the existence of any boiler rooms in my area. The book also includes relevant liturgy and ideas for futher action. I would urge everyone who is looking for a new way of ‘doing church’ to read this book. You may feel inspired to join them! 333 pages, paperback Price: £6.99 Reviewed by Pat Hedges, mum of three


p43.indd 43

12/05/2008 10:24:22


SUNDAY 10:30 Communion Service 18:00 Encounter Jesus TUESDAY 19:30 Hour of Power For more details

Parade (off Summer Row) Sunday services: 10.30 & 6.30

Senior Pastor: Barry Killick

Telephone: 0121

236 2997 Request map at Congregations: Winson Green, Ethiopian Church

35a Longcroft Road, Caldicot NP26 4EX

A warm welcomes awaits you this summer


Tel Pastor Jim Davies 01291 425 442 or call the Prayer line 01291 424 166


Sunday Services: 11.00 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. Mid-week Prayer Meeting: Weds 8.00 p.m.

Sunday: 10am Wednesday: Bible Study/Prayer, 7pm First Friday: 10pm – Night Vigil

MINISTERS: MERVYN TILLEY & SAMUEL GILL Telephone 0208 539 2286 E-mail (FG25)

City Church


9.15am & 11.15am – Worship and Communion 6.30pm – Evening Celebration

invites you to our services: 10.30am & 6.00pm Sunday


Mike Sherwood, Tony Tween, Gareth Sherwood and Penny Upson Telephone: 01245 358855 Website: Email:


Pastor Alan Drake & Friends at New Waters Christian Fellowship offer you a warm friendly welcome

LEYTONSTONE ELIM PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Hainault Road, Leytonstone, London E11

0208 887 8989

Sunday Services:


Unit C30, Hastingwood Trading Estate, Harbet Road, Edmonton, London N18 3HT (Same road as Costco)

Pastor Kenny Macarthy

Elim Christian Centre, Hall Street, Essex.


Christ Harvest Centre

(plus many other activities)

“A great place to be”

City Church, Jubilee Drive, Liverpool L7 3BA

Tel: 0151 2649995


Christian Centre



Welcome to


Listed here are just a few of the hundreds of Elim chu



We meet in Sharples Hall, Bosworth Place, Squires Gate, Blackpool, FY4 1SH For further information and map visit:

email us at:



Chilterns Christian Fellowship CHILTERNS FELLOWSHIP 28 HighCHRISTIAN Street, Princes Risborough Bucks, HP27 0AX

01844-275822 AT THE HEART OF THE CHILTERNS email:

For details of where we meet

visit ourInweb siteof the or Chilterns give us a call. the Heart We offer you a warm invitation to come and enjoy fellowship 28 High Street, Princes Risborough, during the week in our Oasis Coffee Lounge and Bookshop Bucks HP27 0AX Sunday morning meetings held at :The01844 Community Centre; Wades Park; Stratton Road; Princes 275822 Risborough from 10:30am. River Meetings and Soaking Senior Pastor: Centres on Sunday evenings. Phone for more information Geoff Blease 344556 Senior Pastor – Geoff 01844 Blease 01844-344556

e@b sunday services: 9.00am & 11.00am

(EN54) (EM66)

Kensington Temple


Kensington Park Road, London W11 3BY

Nr. Notting Hill Gate Underground

elim @ bristol city church

Tel: 020 7908 1700 Web: Email: Senior minister: Colin Dye


IF YOU ARE VISITING SUFFOLK, GIVE US A CALL Tel: 01473 281614 01473 429965 (Admin Office) or Email:

44 p44-45.indd 44


9am & 11am Celebration 2.30pm Teaching 5pm Equipping Service 7pm Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Listed here are just a few of the hundreds of Elim churches.

Wednesdays 6.45pm Prayer Meeting

Fridays 7pm Refuel

Saturdays 7pm Saturday Night Praise Party


 Sound Bible Teaching Contemporary Worship Friendly Atmosphere Children’s Programme



Sunday services

For full details visit:

To advertise on this page, tel: 0115 921 7280, or email: 12/05/2008 10:25:31

David Waite’s


The best music this month 1 DAVID PHELPS No More Night: Live CD & DVD

of Elim churches. For full details visit:

For details contact Pastor Ivan Potts

01698 269 308



Join us while you are on Holiday in our area


Sundays 9am & 11am - Celebration 6.30pm - Seekers Service


A satellite of Kensington Temple Pentecostal Church at Twickenham Road, Isleworth Meet Sundays 11am at Isleworth Town Primary School, TW7 6AB (opp. West Middlesex Hospital)

Tel: 020 8570 4265

PARKSIDE Elim Pentecostal Church

173 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, London SW14 8DU

Sunday Service: 10.30am Manchester Road, Southport

Tel: 01704 544 419 Web:


(Next to Civic Centre) Gives you the opportunity to have a great retreat in the Heart of Scotland. Ideal for youth groups (Bring your sleeping bag).



Tel: 020 8878 7252


Elim Christian Centre MOTHERWELL

Something good has happened to David Phelps; it’s as though he’s stepped up a gear! You’ll love this ‘live’ performance in Birmingham, England, with David at his peak. Music 10 Lyrics 10 Total 20 £14.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 8873302

Reach thousands of Direction readers with an advert in

2 CARMAN Instrument of Praise

The first recording from Carman for some time. Mr C is in good voice, and has guests like Andrae Crouch and Deitrick Haddon to help him along. Music 10 Lyrics 9 Total 19 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 9841622


Not just real faith, but real melodies and lyrics too! Award-winning Brian raises the bar yet again. Music 9 Lyrics 9 Total 18 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 8715332


Tender and tumultuous – you get both on this album with so much atmosphere it takes your breath away. Fabulous music too! Music 9 Lyrics 8 Total 17 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 9315182

5 RPM Give my All: Live CD & DVD

It’s a pity that this album doesn’t come with jump leads – I could live off their energy levels for the next few months. Not for those of a nervous disposition! Music 8 Lyrics 8 Total 16 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 8204602


What a choir! What a wonderful CD, and what a skillfully shot DVD. Gospel music doesn’t get much better than this! Music 7 Lyrics 8 Total 15 £16.99 Kingsway Music, Reference No. KMCD2844

Churchfinder Helping them find YOUR church, when they’re visiting YOUR area. Prices start from only £30.00, with discounts of up to 20% available for series bookings. Our design department can even create your advert FREE OF CHARGE. For further details or to book your advert

Tel: 0115 921 7280 Email:

7 FINCHLEY No Clouds

The words ‘no clouds’ and ‘Finchley’ rarely go together, but check out this great album with its wellcrafted and mature lyrics and music from the talented Ian Finch. Music 7 Lyrics 7 Total 14 £13.00 ICC Music, Reference No. FM0002


Delicate and reflective, this album of modern pop folk songs will stay with you long after your music system has been tucked away for the night. Music 7 Lyrics 6 Total 13 £12.00 Furious Music, Reference No. POD1403

9 VARIOUS Lover of my Soul

Eleven tracks giving songs old and new an easy listening and contemporary touch. The theme of our relationship with our heavenly Father has just the right feel to it. Music 6 Lyrics 6 Total 12 £9.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 8203672


It’s lively, action-packed and colourful. It also teaches memory verses and features real-life stories of Christian children. What an amazing DVD! Music 5 Lyrics 6 Total 11 £14.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. HMADVD209


p44-45.indd 45

12/05/2008 10:25:45



You ask the questions for Elim experts to answer. This month’s writer: Rajinder Buxton, a member of the pastoral team at Ealing Christian Centre, London.

Can I give an offering, as well as my tithe? I understand the Bible says we should tithe, but what about giving offerings? Do I do that on top of my tithe? Rajinder: A tithe is the giving of a tenth of all our income, before tax, back to the Lord, which is presented to our ‘storehouse’, our local church where we receive our spiritual nurturing and input (Malachi 3:10-12). An offering is the freewill giving of money after we have tithed. It can be given to the local church, to missions, to Christian organisations, or wherever the Lord leads us to contribute after we have carefully prayed for his guidance. Recently, we built a three-storey extension on to our existing church building to provide much-needed room. It was such a blessing to see our people give generously above and beyond their tithes so that we could pay for the new project. See Philippians 4:19 and 2 Corinthians 9:6. I’m a Christian but no one else in my family is, and they often give me a hard time about it. How should I handle their often hurtful comments? Rajinder: A young Nepalese girl recently walked into our church in great distress, as her Hindu father was constantly abusing her verbally because of her faith in the Lord. We prayed that the Lord would speak to him and allow his daughter to come to church. Miraculously, the father then had a dream about Jesus telling him not to be worried about his daughter attending church. He realised it was Jesus speaking to him, and now he has allowed his daughter to attend church freely, and the verbal abuse has stopped. Prayer worked for her almost instantly. In


p46.indd 46

my own case, for four years after becoming a Christian – the first in a family of six and born into a Sikh home in Malaysia – I went through a difficult time of being belittled, criticised and verbally threatened for following Jesus. Although it was one of the most difficult times, it also built my faith. I found that arguing was not the best tactic. Instead, I started praying for their salvation. I was kind and generous to my family. When I was belittled I did my best to bite my tongue. Even after coming to this country to study and later to work, I continued to help them in every way I could. After marrying a good English Christian husband and watching his character, they were even more impressed with him because he did not touch alcohol, which was a problem with many in my community. I believe our prayers and our love for them won the victory at the end. After a number of years, they started giving their lives to Jesus as the Holy Spirit started working in them. Today many are Christians, loving the Lord. Be encouraged, pray and remain steadfast in the Lord. Recently, lots of homeless people have started attending our church. How do I deal with my prejudices towards them? Rajinder: Jesus reached out to the poor, helpless and sick, even touching the leprous, in compassion. Behind the poverty and rejection he saw the value of human lives that needed to be saved from their sins so that they could receive eternal life in him. Pray that the Lord will help you cultivate compassion in your heart for them, looking not at the outward appearance only, but with

eyes to see behind their poverty, the real them. But be practical, too. Find out if there are organisations or shelter homes for the homeless that will take them in or be able to provide them with skills to find a job. Many who are in this situation have lost hope, and feel dejected and useless. Come alongside them and encourage them that the Lord is able to give them hope, guide them and make something of their lives. If they do not know Jesus as their Saviour, such practical compassion may be a wonderful opportunity to lead them to the Lord. I have a Christian friend who thinks he may be gay. What should I do? Rajinder: The scriptures show us that any sexual union outside the covenant of marriage is wrong, whether that is fornication, adultery, bestiality or homosexuality. However, temptation is not a sin; giving in to it is. Let your friend know you will continue to show him the same concern and respect. Jesus was a friend of sinners and prostitutes, loving them without agreeing with that lifestyle. In case your friend is confused about his sexual identity, encourage him to talk with a trusted Christian counsellor. There may be something from his background that may have given rise to this situation, perhaps sexual abuse or an absent father figure, which sometimes may confuse thoughts of homosexuality with other issues. We have seen those in bondage to homosexuality and transvestism, delivered, bringing healing and wholeness in people’s lives and restoring marriages. The power of the Lord can transform this person’s life and make him whole.

If you have a question, email it to:

If you have a question, email it to:

12/05/2008 10:26:43

Tel: 0115 921 7280 • Email: financial


Independent Mortgage Advisor Honest mortgage and remortgage advice provided by Christian leader. Call Richard on 07790 618765 to see if I can help. Silverton (FS53) House.

C A R M A R T H E N S H I R E , near Llanelli. Beautifully appointed and equipped bungalow. Outstanding coastal views. 2 ensuite bedrooms. Sleeps max 7. Tel 01554 758876. (EI58)

Kernow Trek Lodge Mawgan Porth. Bed And Breakfast from £25.50 pppn. On the beautifull North Cornwall Coast. Families and Groups Welcome. 01637 860437 (FS94)


cyprus Peyia, near Paphos, 1bedroom apartment (Sleeps 4), on small complex with shared swimming pool. Contact Tony Batchelor. (FO64) Tel: 0118 956 9470.

KESWICK , L AKE DISTRICT Primrose Cottage. Self catering. Well equipped. Sleeps 5/6. 2 double bedrooms and single bedroom. Cot and high chair if needed. 10 minutes walk on level ground to the town centre. For further details contact Steve Jones (CE93) 01768 774 463

Excellent policies for: Churches – Christian Organisations Charities – Minibuses – Trustees Indemnity Bookshops – House Buildings & Contents – Cars All our staff are comitted Christians whose aim is to find you the best policy for your needs

W. Brian Wilson & Son

CZECH REPUBLIC Large flat near Petrovice village on the German / Polish borders. Protected scenic region. tel 08444 620 620 followed by (FM97) 00420 487 521 115 (2p/min)

3 Portland Grove, Heaton Moor, Stockport SK4 4AA

Telephone: 0161 432 2407 Email: Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (CV26)


F R A N C E B R I T TA N Y P o n t Aven. Charming historical town. Beautiful Natural sandy beaches. Cliff walks. Delightful apartments from £240.00 Per week. Email: (FN12) Tel: 0033 (0) 298 091 506 

3-DAYs FEAST OF TABERNACLES CONFERENCE 24-26th October 2008 “Raise up the Tabernacle of David” Hitchin Christian Centre, Bedford Road, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 1HF Whole Conference £25. Concessions £20. Contact Annette Powell for more information & booking form 01462 622986 / 07854642062 email: (EQ01)

ISLE OF ARRAN Farm accommodation. 3 bedrooms plus spa bathroom, sleeping 8. Private troutfishing, alpacas, sea views. 01770 700488 (EQ47) israel , mediterranean, Europe, UK ‘weekend breaks’. All excellent value (ATOL 3669); brochure Lifetime Christian Holidays, PO Box 55, Newport, NP19 8XT. Tel: 01633 277167 Email: (CJ11) 

Abersoch & Nefyn, North Wales Self-catering holiday accommodation for families and groups. Tel 01758 721630. Cambrian Coast Evangelical Trust. (FB87)














ere sold


£1 (wh


LANCASTER - LITTLE ACORNS Homely B&B. In pretty riverside village close M6 Junction 34. Ideal North/South Stop over. Tel: Alison 01524 811 408 


LLANDUDNO. Beth Eden Christian Guest house with superb views overlooking sea and Snowdonia mountains. We welcome individuals, families and groups of up to 30. Times of fellowship and bible ministry. 01492 877057 (CJ13) LONDON HAMMERSMITH Nice B&B. Comfortable, central, quiet ­family home. Direct line to all attractions, ­airports/ Eurostar. Double/twin £50p.n. Single £36p.n. Children’s reductions. Tel: 020 7385 49 0 4 (EH35) LOV E LY A R D E N N E S region of Belguim: Christian B&B (from £19) plus self catering apartment. email: Tel: 0032 843 87800 (FC02) N ear Cromer N orth Norfolk 4/6 Berth Caravan. Quiet site. Near to Beach. Lovely walks near to National Trust properties. Tel: Nigel 01502 560 457 or email: (FQ45)  NORTH NORFOLK modern Bungalow sleeps 3 / 4. Near sea, bird reserves and other holiday attractions. (FF86) Young. 07702 747 218.

L I FGE N E WL I S H I N d by




NL -









.chris www ays and



er conf



You can now find

2008 visit

P E AC E , P E R F E C T P E AC E . Attractive bungalows (Sleeps 2-6) pool, gardens, glorious panoramic rural views, idyllic looking. Near Looe. Tel 01503 272 570 (CJ07)




on the web: and find the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones.

Shoresh Study Tours 20th to 31st August 2008. A Narrow Bridge: Jewish Life in Poland Then & Now We are offering our second tour to Poland, formerly home to the second largest Jewish community in the world. Join us as we embark on an in-depth study tour of this once vibrant society and how it has been lost forever. Other tours available.For more Information contact or 01727 (EH82) 810817/833114 

SPAIN east coast Self-catering by the sea. Sunny all seasons. Special rates couples and long term. Bus/ tram service. Christian fellowship nearby. Contact 028427 38559. Also accommodation in USA/N. Ireland. See  (EJ10) SPAIN LA MANGA Award winning development. Luxury 2 bedroom airconditioned apartment, satellite/TV, pool, playground. Beach, 2 min walk, water sports nearby. Tel. 0282 8270865 (FB95) SPANISH VILLA for rent on the Costa Blanca coast. For more details visit our website or call Sheena on 01481 248221. (FM27) TORQUAY DE VON Receive a warm Christian welcome at our 10 bedroom licensed accommodation, situated in quiet central location, seafront 400m rail station 600m Good sized rooms all en-suite with teamaking, CTV Home-cooked food with choice breakfast and dinner Colour brochure from Nigel and Angela Pearce Grosvenor House Falkland Road Torquay TQ25JP 01803-294110 (EW41) WALES - GOWER. Port Eynon. Self-catering holiday bungalow on a quiet site close to good beaches, country walks, shops and restaurants. Ideal for families, up to six people. The Gower Peninsula is Britain’s leading area of outstanding natural beauty. Weekly lets from March to October. Telephone 01792 207145. (DS03) WARM CHRISTIAN WELCOME at Victorian guest house between Worcester and Stratford. BB from £18, DBB from £25. Brochure, Bryan and Julie Conway 01386 792 531 or (EC42) 07743 619 315 WEST DONEGAL, MOUNT ZION. Christian Guest House situated in beautiful countryside near beaches. Comfortable rooms with tea/ coffee making facilities in each room. Telephone Maurice & Chris Mulreany (EJ89) 00353 7495 41842


8th – 17th September 2008 Join us in Israel See Jesus’ world – the place of miracles Work on a BFP Project to change lives (Space Limited)

11 Bethania Street, Maesteg CF34 9DJ

Tel: 01656 739 494 email:

With prices from as little as £10.00, can you afford not to advertise? Phone: 0115 921 7280  Email:

p47-49.indd 47


07/05/2008 15:48:22




Four Swiss Resorts Dec to Apr. Unbeatable value, fully inclusive, with lift pass, etc

WALKING Swiss – 23 May - 01 Jun: £408 Jul - 10 Aug 08: £448 ‘The31Venture’ Lakes The story of – Sep/Oct the week vision 08: £198

given to me concerning Multi-Activity spring water from Bank holiday weekends Wales with a touch&ofSept week (CS12) Welsh gold, where the royal wedding rings come from. A venture of faith into the unknown, a prophetic insight. ‘The Venture’ is now available by mail order from: Cyril Jones Ministries

Write for details: Bâsar Blessings, PO BOX 5937, Bournemouth BH6 4WY or visit

‘The Venture’

The story of the vision given to me concerning spring water from Wales with a touch of Welsh gold, where the royal wedding rings come from. A venture of faith into the unknown, a prophetic insight. ‘The Venture’ is now available by mail order from:

Cyril Jones Ministries:Tel: 01341 423281 (EW87) (EW87)

An outline of God’s plan for the recovery of all mankind


From: Bible Fellowship Union

DuNAMIS GALLERy . Original and affordable abstract art by the Chr i s t i a n ar t i s t A l a n Fr e e m a n. For viewing and sales see (FP97)

Dept D, 4 Manor Gardens, Barnstone, Nottingham NG13 9JL

A bi-monthly magazine available for fREE six month’s trial on request.

To purchase your copy, please send a cheque for £2.50 made payable to: Debra C Rufini, 24 New Road East, Copnor, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 7RS. Email: Quote New Life


PERSONAL c O M P AT I b L E S . S i n g l e a n d Christian? We will help you find love and arrange your first meeting Phone 0151 327 6229 (EL48) LOOKING fOR SOMEONE SPEcIAL? Then join friendsfirst to meet other single Christians whatever your age/marital status. Caring + offline = successful. Call 0121 427 1286 or 0207 100 1220 today. (EG76)

SINGER-SONGWRITER. Evangelist - Des Pilling. New album ‘King of kings’ 13 worship songs £6.50. Also 1-day course on evangelism reaching your community. 07787 513235 - Des (FR50) TOUCANDO 4.4X5CM 11/12/07’s better together!

Christian Introductions


Looking for a life partner? For born again Christians of all ages and denominations, Beulah offers introductions to find that special friend or marriage partner you have been looking for.

For more details, send a large SAE to:

Tel: 01584 876 116 e-mail: Toucan House, 8 Sycamore Close, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2PE

PO Box 17, Basildon, Essex SS15 5JN (CV39)


MINIbuS SALES Speak to Colin Baker. Southampton (023) 8078 3820. Nationwide delivery. Established in 1977. (CQ30)

REDLANDS cHRISTIAN RESIDENTIAL HOME Single/double rooms. Large garden, qualified staff, activities programme and fellowship. For details write or ring Redlands (J), Rock Hill, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 2JP Tel: 01623 621042 Fax: 01623 429710.



SINGLE CHRISTIANS LOOKING FOR A LASTING RELATIONSHIP? God sets the lonely into families (Psalm 68:6) This is your chance don’t miss it! email: tel: 07756 030265 (FN91)

Phone: 0115 921 7280


LOOK & LISTEN MuLTIMEDIA Specialists for Churches High quality - low budget Song software- Screens Laptops – Install - Hire Tel: 01895 624 774 Email: (CR67) Web:



JARROD cOOPERS Music, Free Resources, Television Listings, Online Radio, Books, Missions, Worship Courses, Conferences, Articles, Webshop, Podcasts, Sheet Music, (CG65)


RETIRED AIDWORKER (ex Oxfam engineer) experienced Africa/Middle East / S.America ;available short missions 4 to 6 weeks; surveys / investigations / needs assessments. (EV52)

fREE MINISTRy, TESTIMONy cD’S Please contact Powerhouse Ministry for a list at: Old Post Office, Holyhead Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands WS10 7DF (ER66) HOME INfORMATION PAcKS Personal, portable HIP with free online ad from email: Highgrove Property Search Agency (FF90) 01588 672881




Publishers of Bible Study Monthly

What Happens when Professor Richard Dawkins seeks therapy, but his “wonderful counsellor” turns out to be the man whom he helped place on the cross?

Tel: 01341 423281

Send for your FREE copy of



GOING fOR bROKE ON JESuS True moving stor y of how Jesus turned beer bottles into furniture. £7.50 p&p free. Tel: 01978-290297 (FN03)

It is easier than you think to understand the Book of Revelation! (EW13) 01 753 880 753


Quality chairs & tables

Compare our prices Floor plans available free of charge

Contact: Angela Gorton Tel/fax: 01745 859 223 Mob: 07970 661135

E: W: (EJ64)


Web: Write: Direction Ad Sales, PO box 777, Nottingham, NG11 6ZZ

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TRAINING HE ALING ScHOOL . Learn at home. Practical and informative.   9 ㄰ Months c our se. £15 Monthly. w w w. h e a l i n g s c h o o l o n l i n e.o r g Tel 01908 501 543 for free brochure 㤵


S T u D y f R O M H O M E for a 㜵 fair priced Diploma in Theology. Details: mallon.detc@bigfoot. com or Rev. Steve H Hakes (PhD) 46 Croftlands, WF17 6DH. (CP66)

Christian Internet Marketing Service

Regents English Language centre 㔀 ㈵

Need help getting your website higher up in the search engines or would you like more visitors to your website?

PENTEcOSTAL bIbLE ScHOOL School of Christ International, 4 week (or part thereof) residential course, Limerick, Ireland. For more information contact: +447855368515 or email: (FO97)

Reach your Community Train as an English teacher   At National Elim Training Centre 4 Week Courses Available Tel: 01270 615 410 Email:


Call 0845 688 0320 or visit to discuss

b I b L E S T u D y AT H O M E . User friendly course material. Tutor a s s e s s e d . We s t S u s s ex B i b l e Correspondence College - telephone P e t e r 012 9 3 5 2 0 2 8 8 , w e b s i t e (EU85)


Mini Bus & Taxi Services Private & Contract Hire Phone: 0207 0600604 London Area Only



Do you need a Health and Safety Audit - do you / your premises comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974? Churches are not an exception to the Law. I can offer advice and support to ensure legal compliance (Midlands area). Mary Morrison MbIfM Tech IOSH MRM Safety T: 07972 762657 email: (EY87)

Study the bible in your own home with tuition from an internationally renowned bible teacher. t First 20 students get the course (used in more than 60 different countries) free. e-mail:


 Y

ou will find the dress that precisely meets your requirements, in a variety of choices at a reasonable price. And there is much more to discover (accessories, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses etc.) Please call on

07733 183 655 or Email: We are here to help to make your dream come true! (FO55)

      ENJOy A SEcOND INcOME, new career challenge or pension top-up with established UK company. Flexible hours. For free information call 080 0 0 40 79 81 (24hr s) or (EI58)

Career opportunities with

New Life Publishing

Freelance editorial designer Can you help our editorial team design exciting and eye-catching pages? Based in our Nottingham office, you will also be able to edit stories using InDesign. Write to: Peter Wreford, Editorial Director, New Life Publishing, PO Box 777, Nottingham, NG11 6ZZ. Or email:

G O D - I N S PI R E D b u S I N E S S OPPORTuNITy Worldwide team include Paul J. Meyer - mentor to Zig Ziglar & John. C. Maxwell!! Improve your health & your wealth. Contact (EW48) Margaret on 07803 388211 uNIQuE & RARE OPPORTuNITy to partner with an industry giant, work. Your own home internet business. Benefit from explosion in Broadband & Internet. (FH47)





1 8

For information, phone: Daytime: 0161 339 4819 Evening: 0161 338 5392 Children and young people’s work – what is your church doing?  Building friendships  Opening new doors  Fun & achievement  Exciting programme  Learning new skills REACH, TEACH, AND KEEP BOYS & GIRLS FOR JESUS

With prices from as little as £10.00, can you afford not to advertise? Phone: 0115 921 7280 Email:

p47-49.indd 49


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And finally... Riding the thermals of the Spirit by John Lancaster

In a stunning piece of TV footage, a brightly coloured paraglider hung seemingly motionless among the towering peaks of the Andes mountains. Just beyond it, a condor hovered, spreading its huge black wings against the blue of the sky. Then, suddenly, both bird and man soared skyward, borne by invisible currents of warm air. Riding the thermals, they became a fascinating illustration of the power of ‘powerless’ flight. Watching it, I remembered an occasion when, through the gifts of the Spirit, a local church was given an imaginative insight into the possibilities open to it through responding to ‘the thermals of the Spirit’. The concept of the Christian life in terms of flight, rising as a bird does on the unseen movements of thermal currents, gives a feeling of vitality and mobility, of true aspiration and freedom, of exhilaration in the exploration of the wide open spaces of the spiritual realm. ‘Soar we now

where Christ hath led, / Following our exalted Head.’ To this we have been called: ‘It is for freedom that Christ has set us free’ (Galatians 5:1). We are no longer caged in earthbound captivity, we are called to the heights. The sky’s the limit! Too many Christians, however, live like spiritual moles, grubbing away through dark tunnels of earthly ambition – their time/space restricted goals of professional, social and material achievement – instead of enjoying the freedom of the lark that ‘arising from sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven’s gate’. Such an attitude is as absurd as that of an eagle swooping to join in a rat race. We need to realise to what ‘species’ we belong; to see our true identity as men and women adapted by grace to live ‘in the heavenly places’ (Ephesians 1:3; 2:6). The ‘thermals of the Spirit’ are those occasions when he moves within us, perhaps through a verse of Scripture, a sentence in a sermon, the

words of a hymn or song, a ‘word’ through the gifts of the Spirit, or an indefinable inner prompting which moves us to praise or pray, write a letter, use the phone or decide to act in a particular way. They sometimes come through some deep personal experience, joyous or tragic, which has a profound effect upon us. The movements of the Spirit, who, like the wind, ‘blows where he wills’ (John 3:8), provide a particular upward thrust to lift us nearer to God and into a higher dimension of spiritual experience. It is vital that we take advantage of them. The impulse to pray should never be postponed to ‘some more convenient time’; the response to some challenge of the Word of God should never be deferred. As the winds of God lift our hearts to some new awareness of his grace, or blow us off our intended course in some unexpected direction, let us not be guilty of resisting him. These

are spiritual thermals, unseen movements of the Spirit, which have the power to lift us into a higher level of encounter with the glory of God and a more meaningful relationship with him. We need to learn the ‘aerodynamics’ of the Spirit, to become more sensitive to the ever-changing patterns of his ceaseless activity, to respond to the upward law of gravity which will pull us Godward. In this context it is worth remembering that ‘those who wait upon the Lord… shall mount up with wings like eagles’ (Isaiah 40:31, NKJV). Let us stretch our wings and feel for the thermals of the Spirit, listening to C Day Lewis’s advice to the skylark: ‘Be strong your fervent soaring, your skyward air… / Float up there where voice and wing are one. / A singing star, a note of light!’ One thing is certain: that’s where God wants us to be (Isaiah 57:15)!


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