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Spreading the Gospel in Iran The people risking death to distribute the Good News

UK REVIVAL SPECIAL Reports of miracles, signs and wonders from across the nation Elim Bible Week • Exeter Dream Centre Kensington Temple, London

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SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS Kensington Temple’s School of Performing Arts

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• Dance Theatre • Musical Theatre • Singing • Acting SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS Top class training from industry professionals

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International Bible Institute of London

Courses now available: • 1 Year Diploma in Christian Ministries • 1 Year Higher Diploma in Christian Ministries

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Over 20 years of first class training for first class ministry

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EDITORIAL John Glass on evangelical hijabs


RISKING DEATH FOR THE GOSPEL Distributing the Scriptures is outlawed in Iran but the Word is reaching Muslims

10 NEWS from Elim and the wider church

26 SIZZLING READS FOR SUMMER Two-page special feature on what to take with you on your hols 28 LONDON CALLING FOR SALVATION Some of Elim’s leaders believe that there is a major change starting in the Capital

12 OUT AND ABOUT WITH THE GS John Glass opens his diary

30 BAND GATHERING MOMENTUM The Gathering Band talk to Direction about their latest album

14 FRESH TOUCH OF GOD Tommy Barnett was thrilled over the response of Elim Bible Week crowds

32 THE NOT-SO-GOOD OLD DAYS 96-year-old George Canty reckons the best is still to come for Elim

17 WAVES OF HEALING AT BIBLE WEEK An outbreak of signs and wonders sweep the Conference at Prestatyn

34 ANSWERS with Andrew Fadoju

19 APOSTLE EXCITED ABOUT ELIM Bible Week speaker Dr Michael Ntumy is excited by what God is doing in Elim 20 GOD WILL SHAKE THE UK Revivalist Rodney Howard-Browne talks to Direction after a meeting in Exeter

36 RELEASE THE BEST PEOPLE says church planter Dave Betts 39 MARK PUGH says we’re not alone 40 GROWING IN GAP YEAR How Elim’s Serious? Gap Year scheme is really helping students 43 BOOKCASE the latest reviews

23 YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL – IT’S TRUE Aspire reflects on Elim Bible Week


24 HEALING REVIVAL IN KENSINGTON More than 1,000 have turned to Christ in a move of God at Kensington Temple


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4 M U S I C


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Evangelical hijab I have just left Dixons at Birmingham Airport, where an assistant has invited me to sample ‘noise-cancelling headphones’. He assures me that it’s like being transported into another room, and guarantees it will cut out 90 per cent of ambient sound. ‘What is more,’ he continues, ‘you don’t even have to listen to music – you can listen to “white noise” instead, that severs you from virtually any connection to what is going on around you.’ As I contemplate this encounter while waiting to board my plane, I am taken back to a conversation many years earlier when I was in a pastorate. The town in which the church was situated had, in a previous generation, included a mining community. A story was being related to me about a member who attended the church many years earlier, and who was described to me as someone of particular godliness. The proof that was being offered to me was that when the miners retired to their canteen for a break, and relaxed with mugs of tea and a copy of the Daily Mirror, he would ‘witness’ by making a point of sitting apart from them and reading his New Testament. ‘He really sent out a signal when it came to “separation”,’ enthused those who were relating the story. I have no doubt at all that he sent out a signal, but am not entirely sure that what he communicated was anything that should have been commended! Sadly, on that occasion, his Bible had become his noise-cancelling headphones – an evangelical hijab that pronounced a separation of which he felt proud, but that bore no resemblance to the sense of separation that is referred to in 1 Corinthians. Separation from godless values is to be commended. Separation from ungodly people pronounces the demise of evangelism,

given that it is impossible to reach people we cannot touch. This is especially true given that Christians are no more than ‘sinners saved by grace’ themselves. We may not be what we once were, but neither are we yet what we should be. We remain wearers of ‘L-plates’, or the current equivalent. That is the essence of what it means to be a disciple. We may be ‘perfect in Christ’, but all of us have some way to go on our journey to be like Jesus. Jesus did not tolerate sinners in order to get his message across. He was – and remains – the sinner’s friend. No noise-cancelling headphones for him or evangelical hijabs. He was veiled in flesh in order to be known by us, not because he wanted to erect obstacles of separation. John Glass General Superintendent Elim Pentecostal Church


03/07/2008 11:50:54


Distributing the Scriptures in Iran is outlawed and Muslims who wants to become a Christian in the country can be tried and punished with death. But Elam Ministries’ Ruth Rogers says God is moving in the Muslim world, and the underground church is growing

The people who risk death to distribute the Gospel Above Muslim women in Iran Main image Distributing the Gospels is outlawed in Iran. But some Christians are helping Elam Ministires put copies of the Elam New Testament into the hands of Muslims Additional reporting by Matthew Rogers and Tom Hawksley

Mention ‘Iran’, and words such as persecution, extremism, nuclear programmes, violent city protests, hardships, and even terrorism probably come to mind. Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, many Christians have been imprisoned, eight key church leaders have been murdered, the printing and distribution of Scripture has been made illegal, and witnessing to Iranian Muslims is outlawed. Any Iranian Muslim who declares themselves as a Christian can be tried and punished with death. Many Christians, therefore, think that Iran is one of the hardest countries to reach with the

Gospel. If you are one of them, then think again! God is on the move in the heart of the Muslim world. The underground church in Iran is one of the fastest growing in the world today, and many Iranian Muslims are very open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More Iranians have given their lives to Christ in the last 29 years than the previous 1,300 years put together. It is estimated that the church in Iran today is where China was 15 years ago. The vast majority of people in Iran are tired of the Islamic regime and have seen the true face of Islam. They want freedom from what has trapped them and what controls them. The under-

ground church there is full of passionate, strong people who are willing to risk all to pursue the goal of making Jesus known in their country and beyond. They are natural evangelists who share Jesus with those they come into contact with while riding on the bus, in a taxi, in the shops, or even stopped at a red traffic light. Last October, a graduate of Elam Ministries, ‘Ali’, and his wife ‘Shadi’ were driving in Tehran at 1am and stopped at a red light. Noticing the man in the car next to them, Shadi said to her husband, ‘I’m prompted that we should give this man a New Testament.’ Agreeing with 


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 Shadi, Ali jumped out of the car, knocked on the man’s window and said, ‘I am a Christian and would like to give you a copy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’ The startled man, who we’ll call ‘Reza’, shared his amazement and appreciation at receiving the gift. The men exchanged phone numbers, hoping to meet again. Then in July, Ali got a message from Reza asking if they could get together. They arranged to meet somewhere safe to talk. Reza declared that he had read the New Testament right through and believed Jesus is who he said he is. He knelt down, repented and yielded his life to Christ. Just before he left, Reza said, ‘You don’t know what happened that night we met at the red light, do you?’ ‘No,’ Ali replied, puzzled. ‘That night as I was driving home something in my heart told me to follow your car,’ Reza explained. ‘I felt compelled to do so. In fact, I was following you for 20 minutes through the streets of Tehran until we both stopped at the red light and you stepped out to give me a New Testament.’ A member of another underground church heard about a boy who was very sick in hospital. She wanted to pray for him in the name of Jesus, but was told that the mother was hostile to Christianity. Nevertheless, she told her church to pray and fast, and then set out for the hospital. When she arrived and saw the mother standing guard over her son, nerves overcame her and she went to the next bed instead. There she told the surprised family that she was a Christian and she liked to visit the sick and pray for them. They were happy for her to do so. Passing the bed of the boy she really wanted to pray for, nerves again overcame her, and she felt unable to make

‘God is at work in Iran and the church is growing daily; so much so that the expectation of the underground church is that, at every meeting, new people will come and repent’

Above Elam Ministries evangelises to many in the streets around the Iran region Elim Pentecostal Church is pleased to support the work of Elam Ministries

an approach. But the mother did. In desperation she told the Christian that the doctors had little hope for her son – he was going to die – and asked, ‘Will you pray for him?’ ‘Of course,’ smiled the Christian, ‘but I only pray in the name of Jesus Christ? Do you mind?’ The mother didn’t mind, and so the Christian prayed. A few days later she learned that the boy was completely healed. God is at work in Iran and the church is growing daily; so much so that the expectation of the underground church is that, at every meeting, new people will come and repent. For the last 15 years Elam Ministries has been seeking to help the church in Iran. Elam’s goal is to ‘strengthen and expand the church in Iran and beyond’, and is committed to training church planters and making sure the New Testament – which it translated and published together with Wycliffe Bible Translators – is put in the hands of Persianspeaking Muslims.

The history of Elam Ministries Elam Ministries was founded, and is led by Sam Yeghnazar, a senior Iranian church leader. Sam was born in Tehran, in 1944 into a devoted Christian family. Aged 11, Sam had an encounter with the Lord, and helped pioneer a church in Isfahan, Iran. He travelled to India to complete his theological training, then returned to his country and joined the Bible Society of Iran in 1968. In 1974 Sam became the United Bible Societies (UBS) Distribution Consultant for Asia and the Pacific and was sent to several places around the world. Sensing the openness of Iranians to the Gospel, Sam left the UBS in 1986 to dedicate his life to ministry among Iranians, and established Elam Ministries in 1988. Visit


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Hundreds give lives to Christ at Hope event Hundreds of people decided to follow Jesus Christ at an Elim-backed Hope08 event in Wigan recently. The Hope in Wigan event took place on 5-11th May, including an evangelistic crusade at the JJB Stadium, with South African evangelist Suzette Hattingh as the highlight. Suzette, guest speaker at this year's Elim Conference, said that there were healings, signs and wonders at the crusade, and after the programme, she personally telephoned each person who claimed to be healed, to ensure the miracles were genuine.

Hunt on for volunteers to help missions Elim Missions and a missionary within the Movement are on the look out for volunteers to help two separate projects. Missionary Gordon McKillop is looking for someone who would be able to train people in basic IT skills in Zambia for around four weeks. A hospital in Belfast has donated seven PCs and a computer room has already been set up. If you believe you could help, please get in touch with

Gordon at Elim Missions is also looking for a couple to join its growing ministry in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2009. The ministry currently includes a daycare centre, English teaching classes, international church, Khmer church, Good News Club and a trainee programme. For more information about the ministry, email

Community bowled over as Elim church launches club

Debt warning to churches As the UK economy takes a downturn, churches must be ready to help those in financial difficulty, says Christians Against Poverty (CAP). The debt counselling charity's advice came after warnings from the Bank of England. Matt Barlow, the Chief Executive of CAP UK, said, ‘We have seen an increase in those previously financially secure seeking help.'

Search on for newshounds New Life Publishing is looking for a freelance reporter to gather news for Direction and Joy magazines. You’ll need to have experience in this field and have an ear to the ground for stories relevant to the publications. If you're interested, email

Pastor Michael Williams from Swansea City Temple at the club's launch; inset, Anne Edwards

A new bowls club set up by an Elim member has got off to a highly successful start. The Oasis Bowls Club is the only activity exclusively for the over-50s at the Swansea City Temple in Wales. Retired Anne Edwards, the brains behind the idea, believes there was a need for such a club. She explains, ‘Sometimes older people haven’t got enough

to do within the church, so we wanted to offer something to this group. Research shows that over-50s is the largest group in the area so the club is open to the local community, too.’ Those who aren’t able to play have also found they get something out of it. Anne adds, ‘Some people come along and ser ve the coffee and biscuits, or do the register. I really believe God can

use this. The main aim is to offer people somewhere to socialise and have a way of getting exercise – and maybe we can win them for the Lord, too!’ After applying for and receiving a grant of £5,000 from the local council, the club was launched in May. It is now attended by more than 40 people. The club has also had interest from the Swansea Mat Bowl Association.

Conference to help develop worship skills

A conference for those wanting to broaden and develop their worship skills takes place on 11-13th September at the London School of Theology. Guest speakers include Graham Kendrick, Stuart Townend and Geraldine Latty. For more information go to symposium or call 01923 456004.


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EVENTS 26 July–9 August Fraisthorpe Elim family camp, Fraisthorpe, Yorkshire

David Campbell and others pray for Kojo Wood during his induction at Stevenage

An Elim church in Stevenage ha s wi tnessed signif icant growth over the last couple of months. At the start of the year, the Elim church had a regular congregation of about 30 people and this has more than doubled with numbers up to 70. Pastor Kojo Wood says it has been an interesting time. He explains, ‘It’s evident that

2–9 August Isle of Wight Youth Camp Elim youth camp, Whitecliff Bay, Bembridge

Congregation is rising this work is growing. There’s no debate that God has blessed us and increased our numbers.’ Pastor Wood was inducted into the pastorate earlier this year and was brought on board to take over from Pastor John Sainsbury, who planted the church seven years ago.

John adds, ‘This church began as a pioneer venture and is growing. God’s given us a thriving congregation of enthusiastic worshippers meeting to glorify his name.’ Both pastors believe there will be a congregation of 100 by the end of the year.

‘Vumba Massacre’ anniversary is remembered by politicians Thirty years ago this June, nine British Elim missionaries and four children were brutally murdered in Vumba, Zimbabwe, by the country’s National Liberation Army. To mark the anniversary of this tragedy, Ald. David Simpson MLA MP made the following statement in the House of Commons: ‘We are grateful to our Member of Parliament for drawing the attention of Parliament to what happened in Zimbabwe, on this the 30th anniversary. ‘It would be our prayer that members of the House would reflect on the sacrifice paid by our missionaries, when their lives were taken in the service of the One whom they loved and served. ‘That this House notes that the 23rd of June 2008 will mark the 30th anniversary of the “Vumba Massacre” of British missionaries by members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation Army in the former Rhodesia that resulted in the murder of nine missionaries and four children;

it further notes that all were associated with the Elim Pentecostal Church; and those murdered were: Peter McCann, his wife, Sandra, son Phillip aged six and daughter Joy aged five; Phillip Evans, his wife, Suzanne, and their daughter Rebecca aged four; Catherine Picken; Elizabeth Wendy Hamilton-White; Mary Fisher; and Roy Lynn, his wife, Joyce and their daughter Pamela Grace, aged three weeks old. ‘That according to witnesses the missionaries were praying for their killers as they died, that since then, several of those terrorists have become Christians, and the work that the missionaries started is being carried on today by Zimbabwean nationals; this House expresses its gratitude to all who have imperilled their lives in order to carry the Gospel to those in need; and takes comfort in the promise contained in the book of Revelation chapter fourteen and verse thirteen that says: “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth… that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.”’

9–16 August Infuse Elim family camp Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset 01270 611550

22–25 August RIVERcamp Elim family camp with Mark Stibbe, Ken Gott, Kevin Peat, David Campbell & 29th Chapter Evesham, Worcestershire 0845 644 7721

26–27 September Enlarge 08 Youth and children's workers conference Letchworth Garden City Church 01270 611550

1 October London City Regional Day With GS John Glass Lower Hall, Kensington Temple, London 0208 799 6100 1–31 October MAX Unleashed Outreach event 01270 611550

21–22 October Making the Most of Retirement Conference For Ministers and spouses due to reach age of 65 between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2010 With John Glass and Nigel Tween Regent's Theological College, Nantwich Details: Sharon Millar on 01242 519904


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Out and about with the GS A glimpse into the diary of General Superintendent John Glass as he meets Elim people in the UK and abroad

Elim Conference Italy

The Elim Conference in Italy was hosted by Elim’s President Giuseppe Piccolo (pictured below, left, with his wife Antonietta) in Palermo, Sicily. This was the third occasion I had spoken at the conference in recent years, and it has become one of my favourite parts of Europe to minister in – not just because of the beauty of the landscape but also because of the warmth of the people. I spoke to the leaders and wives on five occasions during the time I was there, and Marilyn spoke to the women’s meeting; a meeting that has such an impact it over-ran the time schedule as there were so many who requested personal ministry subse-


p12.indd 12

quently. Phillip Niblett, who has ministered extensively throughout Italy in recent years, was present for the Conference and spoke with great effect at the youth service. On each of my visits my interpreter has been Luciana (pictured below, right, with me and her husband Giovani-baptiste). Apart from being police inspectors (Luciana is a chief inspector) they also jointly pastor an Elim church in the north of Italy. During the conference there was a visit from a member of the Italian Government, the newly elected member of Parliament, Alessandro Pagano. He spoke eloquently and extensively about his Christian commitment and the

need for a well-articulated Christian voice and presence in the life of the country. I have heard many politicians speak during our services and he was by far the most impressive. My message during that service addressed the issue of integrity in Church and State, and we heard later that the text of it was to be added to his personal website. There is very much to be encouraged about in Elim Italy. They really have fine leaders with a great hunger for God’s best for their lives. I have just received an invitation to be the principle speaker at their conference next year, and am very much looking forward to being with them again.

As the reports take some time to get from ‘meeting to magazine’ you can update on what is taking place in the ministry of the GS in ‘real time’ by visiting

03/07/2008 11:57:02

A Cherishing the Earth

How to care for God’s creation Martin J. Hodson & Margot R. Hodson ‘Readable and inspiring.’

– Sir John Houghton,

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 256pp Colour photos. ISBN 978-1-85424-841-1, £8.99



g t n h i e h s E i r ar e

bette A Future and a Hope

The story of Tearfund and why God wants the church to change the world Mike Hollow

r way of li

Living With The Planet Poor No More Making a difference in a time of climate change Catherine von Ruhland

‘We are rational crea‘Tearfund … reflects the tures… fully capable of controlling… our footvery heart of the print upon the world.’ Christian gospel.’

– Sir Cliff Richard, OBE

216pp Colour photos. ISBN 978-1-85424-865-7, £12.99

From the Foreword by Peter Wadhams, Professor

of Ocean Physics at the University of Cambridge

256pp Colour photos. ISBN 978-0-7459-5255-0, £10.99

Be part of a miracle Peter Grant, Tearfund

International Director

! g n vi

Kingfisher’s Fire

A story of hope for God’s earth Peter Harris

Reflections from the Scorched Earth

A witness from some of the world’s toughest war zones ‘For over 25 years I have Ed Walker

‘A wonderful inspiration and guide to action been an enthusiastic against poverty. Biblical, supporter of A Rocha.’ – Revd Dr John Stott, CBE factual, concise, up-to date.’ – Dr Ron Sider

of Hull

256pp Colour photos. ISBN 978-1-85424-840-4, £8.99

224pp Colour photos. ISBN 978-1-85424-833-6, £7.99

224pp Colour photos. ISBN 978-1-85424-848-0, £7.99

‘Simultaneously harrowing and heart-warming.’ – Rt

Revd Richard Frith, Bishop

Publishing to make a world of difference

Order Direct: Marston Books 0800 121 8830

order ref: DIR08 or Also available through your local bookshop.



Veteran preacher Tommy Barnett said the 3,000-plus crowd at this year’s Bible Week was one of the most responsive he had ever seen. Matthew Murray looks back at the Conference

‘There’s a fresh touch of God on this Movement’ Above Godfrey Birtill during the Conference Main image Clockwise, worshippers during Bible Week, a worship leader and veteran preacher Tommy Barnett Photos by Peter Wreford and Ray Smith

Hungry-for-God Christians left well fed after the power-packed 2008 Elim Bible Week. The spiritual temperature of the Conference was truly hot as God moved upon the 3,000 people gathered at the Pontins holiday resor t in Prestatyn, North Wales. Guest preachers including Tommy Barnett, Sy Rogers, Michael Ntumy, Suzette Hattingh and James McConnell all brought different styles, but delivered similar messages. Veteran preacher Tommy – who runs the huge social action project, Dream Centre, in the USA – said it was one of the most responsive crowds he had ever ministered to. ‘There’s an obvious fresh touch of God on

this Movement. This has to be one of the great conferences I’ve been at,’ he told Direction. The receptiveness was evident during regular times of ministry, when pastors, leaders and congregation members would soak in God’s presence long after the services were scheduled to finish. The weeklong event offered a great variety to delegates, with sessions being held throughout the day to cater for a person’s favoured choice. Healing meetings took place, as did evangelism, health and prayer sessions. Throughout the camp, God was moving in different ways among various groups. A large marquee was erected in the grounds, where Dave Ritchie

and his Serious4Kids team were sharing the Gospel with up to 150 children twice a day. Dave, youth pastor at Fraserburgh Community Church in Scotland, reported that God moved powerfully among the youngsters. ‘One night we did an altar call and 75 per cent of the kids came out wanting prayer,’ he recalled. ‘We also did sports sessions and lively worship; it’s been remarkable.’ Elsewhere, Serious4God, Elim’s youth department, were holding Spirit-filled services. Director Mark Pugh told Direction, ‘God has moved in every one of our services. We had young people truly meeting with God and encountering him, and there were reports of young people


p14-17.indd 14

03/07/2008 15:33:22


Humbled and honoured

praying for each other and then being healed.’ Elim National Leadership Team member Geoff Feasey was impressed. Geoff, attending his 40th Elim Conference, said, ‘There’s a fresh touch of God which has been building for years. There’s a different style of meetings taking place but a new move of God. ‘There’s something happening in our Movement that is very precious. I sense God is here for something big.’ Kevin Peat added, ‘It’s one of the best Conferences we’ve had for many years. The speakers have been diverse yet there has been a sense of unity. The Movement is in a healthy condition.’

‘There’s something happening in our Movement that is very precious. I sense God is here for something big’

‘Waves of healing’ sweep Conference – full report page 17

John Glass has become the first General Superintendent in Elim history to be elected for a third term. John, 59, is set to lead the Movement until at least 2012 after being affirmed by an 87 per cent ‘yes’ vote at this year’s Conference. He told delegates, ‘I feel honoured and humbled. To become the first General Superintendent to be elected for a third term is one of the greatest privileges of my life.’ Having been appointed GS in 2000, John has seen the Movement flourish and expand during his eight years’ service. However he refused to take credit for Elim’s success, putting it down to the favour of God and the high calibre of the people working alongside him. ‘My strength is in my team. Not just the NLT but in the wider spectrum of incredible leaders that God has blessed our Movement with. I sometimes feel like a football manager who has an awesome set of players and whose challenge is to know who to field and who to sign.’ John Glass To others, John has become a father figure – especially to the many young men and women coming through the ranks in Elim. ‘I want to use these remaining years to see these people emerge to be their very best for God. ‘Rather than promoting my own ministry I want to see ministry released in their lives. I am thrilled that we saw 42 accepted as ministers at Conference – our highest number in a single year.’ Elim has a great future John believes. ‘We’re in a fantastic position at the moment and there is such a buzz throughout the Movement. Elim is like several tribes but one nation. ‘You can be traditional and no one will criticise you, or you can be radical and no one will criticise you either. Our doctrine remains the same but our ways of doing church can differ. It’s an amazing privilege to be leading Elim at this time.’


p14-17.indd 15

03/07/2008 15:33:39



Couple are honoured for their friendly welcome As I was interviewing Ivor and Hazel Herbert at the end of the Elim Bible Week, a lady came up spontaneously and thanked them for all they had done to help the week run so smoothly, writes Derek Green. This was exactly why I was talking to them. For 19 years, Ivor and Hazel have been the first people many meet when they arrive at the annual meeting of Elim people. Now nearly 85 years of age, Ivor could pass for a sprightly 65-year-old. He and Hazel have been married for 52 years, and live in Newport, South Wales. Ivor has managed to keep his health, in spite of spending his working life in the coal-

mines. He became a Christian in his youth, and has enjoyed serving God ever since. He and his wife are never happier than when they are joining in the worship at the Elim Bible Week each year. Stewards from churches around the country would do well to watch these ‘Master Greeters’ in action. Long before the people arrive, Ivor will have ensured that all the seats are straight and the building is tidy, and water will be on the platform for the speakers. As people arrive they are greeted with a welcome smile and a chat. The work is done voluntarily with as much enthusiasm as if they were being paid a fortune!

Ivor and Hazel Herbert who have been Bible Week ‘Meeter Greeters’ for the past 19 years Photo by Ray Smith

‘Inspiring teaching showed how to handle people with grace’ Controversial teaching on how to treat those with sexual problems proved helpful at Elim’s Conference. American communicator Sy Rogers, a former homosexual, shared how he found freedom following a life of torment and sexual addiction. His daily teaching sessions proved popular among church workers, as he gave principles on how to counsel people who are battling various addictions. Jim Davies, pastor at Caldicot Elim, said the teaching was inspiring. ‘He tackled complex issues which are so important in this world. We have to know how to handle people with grace, love, mercy and wisdom.’ Youth leader Andrea Mat-

thews agreed. ‘Sy has been honest, down-to-earth and practical. The principles he’s talked about are not just sexual, but can be applied to all addictions.’ Tina Russell-Mott, a Bible College student at Regents Theological College, added, ‘Sy has dealt with issues that we talk about in close friendship groups, but don’t address in church. He has reinforced my belief that we need to love and encourage new believers rather than preaching at them.’ Joy and Gerald Seavers are elders at York Elim and were greatly impacted. Joy told Direction, ‘Right from the first day Sy’s teaching has been important. He taught how people with

Sy Rogers during his teaching

addiction have to change their minds. You have to retrain your brain to teach yourself to go in another direction.’ Sy himself said it was a great joy to speak at the Conference. ‘Not only have I had a great reception here, but people have been enthusiastic and quite welcoming about the material I’ve been teaching. We’ve had a great time and I’ve also enjoyed the comradeship and encouragement for one another. You don’t always observe that at a conference and it’s been wonderful to see that here.’


p14-17.indd 16

03/07/2008 15:33:48

‘God did so many miracles. We saw backs healed, bones healed, necks healed...’ Suzette Hattingh

ally in the meeting. Sally Livingstone was healed of severe ankle pain while watching Suzette preach via T V in her camp bedroom. Sally, who spoke in some daytime sessions at the conference for her organisation Livingstone House, told Direction the pain vanished as Suzette began to pray. ‘I couldn’t walk properly and had to stay in my room. We turned on the TV and didn’t even know who Suzette Hattingh was. ‘But as she prayed, the pain disappeared. I was able to preach that night and could dance all day long. I was still dancing at 11pm that night!’ Meanwhile, Birmingham resident Ken Forrester, 83, was healed of a painful leg. His wife, Barbara, told Direction he had struggled to walk because of

the pain. ‘It doesn’t appear to be giving him any trouble since the Conference,’ she said. ‘He was healed and is totally fine now – he’s even out playing golf! He’s so delighted that the pain has gone.’ New Zealand Elim guest pastor Bob Lawson said his wife had witnessed a leg grow in one of the sessions. ‘This has become a common miracle in our ministry. I preached on breakthrough and we saw instant healing, and other reports came through the following day.’ Suzette said she sensed a willingness in the people to see miracles. ‘I did not see this same hunger for God last time I was here,’ she insisted. ‘God did so many miracles. We saw backs healed, bones healed, necks healed and knees healed. The people came and started testifying and we saw freedom, joy and the miraculous. I even saw a couple who I had prayed for a while back because they couldn’t have children. They brought their baby to Conference with them and I was so thrilled. ‘At the end of the Monday night meeting, God spoke to me to pray for everybody in leadership. It was a real Pentecostal upside-down meeting! The place was roaring and people were being impacted.’ Elim’s Prayer Network Director Alistair Cole said ‘waves of healings’ swept through the Conference. ‘People weren’t necessarily coming forward for prayer, but God was touching them in their seats, particularly in the Suzette Hattingh meetings. ‘Leading up to the Conference, the Elim Prayer Network prayed for God’s blessing on the week. It’s evident those prayers were answered.’




Es se nt ia lE lim


An outbreak of signs and wonders swept through Elim’s Bible Week, with many testifying to being healed by the power of God. The Monday evening service, taken by South African Suzette Hattingh, was particularly touched by the miraculous, with healing taking place without the laying on of hands. Remarkably, the healings were not limited to those actu-

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‘Waves of healing’ sweep Conference

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LEARNING TO BUILD ACTS 2 CHURCHES with Bill Hybels Florida outpouring

Meet evangelist Todd Bentley, who’s leading a healing revival

Cliff Richard

The Christian pop superstar turns his hand to a book of Bible stories for children

Sun, sea, sand and spirituality Top tips for ‘doing’ church this summer


John & Carol Arnott Global Day of Prayer Elim reaches out to Zimbabwe Prophecy helps Beeston church grow

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WIN an MP4 player and Hillsong Goodies! see product for details k or visit

.uk This Is Our God Hillsong £14.99 / CD / HMACD216

The latest live worship album from Hillsong Church in Sydney This Is Our God is the 17th album from this remarkable church. ALSO AVAILABLE DVD / £17.99 / HMADVD216 CD-ROM Music Book / £13.99 / HMAMBCD216

Available August Music Book / £13.99 / HMAMB216 MEDIA

Available now from your local Christian bookshop or by calling 0870 420 8188 or Authentic Media is a division of IBS-STL U.K., limited by guarantee, with its registered office at Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle, CA3 0HA. Registered in England and Wales No. 1216232. Registered charity 270162.


Bible Week guest speaker Apostle Dr Michael Ntumy talks about the friendship between Elim and the Church of Pentecost in Ghana

Apostle who’s excited about Elim Tell us about yourself, and how God is moving in the Church of Pentecost. Michael: I’m Chairman of the Church of Pentecost, a Movement started in 1937 by an Irishman, James McKeown. The message of Jesus spread like wildfire when he came. In Ghana, we now have 10,634 local churches with a membership of over 1.4million worldwide. The church has spread throughout Africa, to many parts of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and, recently, Pakistan. I’m also President of the Ghana Pentecostal Council, an umbrella organisation for more than 220 Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations in Ghana. In total, this forms more than 25 per cent of Ghana’s entire population, so I have a very big constituency! The church in Ghana can more or less determine who governs the nation. We are in a wonderful move of God. You’re also spiritual advisor to the President of Ghana. What does this role entail? Michael: His Excellency the President of Ghana, Mr John Agyekum Kufuor, is a Christian. Before making certain decisions he takes spiritual advice. Sometimes he’ll invite me, but at other times I just visit him whenever I have something I feel I have to share with him. He has such a heart that he will ask all of his other officials to go out of his office, including his security men, so that the two of us can be alone. I often tell him

that if he listens to us in private, there is no point me advising him in public. Do you believe this kind of political influence will ever come to Christian leaders in Britain? Michael: It’s possible! I have lived in the West, and have pastored in France, too. What I know is that in the West it’s easy for some ministers to say that it’s not possible without even making an attempt. It begins by mutual relationship building, and also prayer. Why not invite a mayor or a key political figure to occasions such as conferences? We use these as bridge-building exercises and this opens further doors. Tell us about the assassination attempt on your life in July 2006. Michael: I heard a voice within me saying there was danger ahead, so I set aside three days to pray and fast to discover more. Then an 86-year-old prophetess sent for me, warning me to be careful because some people had plotted to kill me. The day after, I came home and went out jogging with three of my children. Just as we were returning to the house, I saw a motorbike that had been trailing us. It stopped right in front of me and, before I knew what was happening, the person riding pillion jumped down, drew a machete and aimed right for my head. I threw both hands in the air and shouted ‘Jesus!’ I had never shouted that way and

was praying in tongues. We live next to the German Embassy of Ghana, and their security guards rushed to the scene. When the attackers saw them, they jumped on their bike and rode away. I was rushed to hospital but, by the grace of God, I didn’t even lose a finger. None of the strokes touched me on the head while I was a defenceless target, surely miraculous intervention!

‘I see these conferences as wonderful times of spiritual nourishment. The atmosphere is good and I’m excited about how God is moving in Elim’

Above Dr Michael Ntumy preaches at Elim’s Bible Week, June 2008

You are coming to the end of your term as chairman. What is next for you? Michael: I hand over on 31st August to my successor, Dr Opuku Onyinah. I am the first of the chairmen to have finished a stint of office and then to go back to the field to be a pastor. I am going as an apostle to head the Church of Pentecost’s branches in Germany. What are your impressions of Elim and the Bible Week? Michael: Our relationship with Elim started back in 1966 when Elim sent a missionary, David Mills, to Ghana and he preached in a Church of Pentecost meeting. Our people loved him so much that the connection began there. Iron sharpens iron! When they heard how David preached, they knew he must have come from a good church. When John Glass became the Superintendent, the level of our friendship increased. I see these conferences as wonderful times of spiritual nourishment. The atmosphere is good and I’m excited about how God is moving in Elim.


p19.indd 19

03/07/2008 12:10:03


World renowned revivalist Rodney Howard-Browne fulfilled an 11-year promise by holding a one-off anointing service in Exeter recently. Matthew Murray was there to experience it

‘God is going to shake the UK from top to bottom’ Above Exeter Christian Centre’s Pastor Michael Meyers

A terrorist bomb may have gone off in Exeter days before the visit of Rodney Howard-Browne, but the real explosion came when the South African evangelist stepped on to the pulpit at the River Dream Centre. Rodney, known for unusual manifestations and outbreaks of laughter during his services, ministered under a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit, with most of the 500 people gathered experiencing God in a real and tangible way. Remarkably, the one-off service wasn’t advertised, as Rodney only gave host pastor and long-term friend Michael Meyers two weeks’ notice. In the middle of a family holi-

day in London, Rodney stopped by for the Saturday night, accepting an invitation that goes back to the mid-1990s, when fellow South African Meyers and wife Marion moved to the UK. Such was the expectation of the people, packing the place out wasn’t difficult, though. Hungry Christians began gathering outside at 2pm, five hours before the start of the service, to queue and ensure they had a prime seat. In typical Rodney fashion, the unusual happenings began as soon as stepped onto the platform, with people uncontrollably laughing, falling to the floor and shaking as the power of God touched them. But in the

middle of noise, praise and Holy Spirit chaos, Rodney suddenly silenced the crowd, sharing a five-minute Gospel message. The response was amazing, as 130 people ran to the altar and made decisions to follow Jesus Christ. Some were brandnew commitments, while others were backslidden Christians who were rededicating their lives to God. Following this, Rodney asked everyone in full-time leadership to stand, and he personally prayed over each of them, praying that the fire of God would give them a fresh vision to see their communities changed by the power of God. The four-hour meeting end-


p20-22.indd 20

03/07/2008 12:12:17


ed at about 11pm, and Rodney’s flying visit came to an end. Pastor Michael was delighted, saying it was the biggest attendance he had ever seen in the church. ‘It was obvious that people were being touched. Rodney was warm, loving and downto-earth. He didn’t arrive in a big, fancy car, but in a self-hire minibus with his wife, family and a few friends. ‘He had no bodyguards. He shook hands with every person in the queue. He didn’t force an hour’s offering and squeeze money out of anybody. ‘We need this kind of ministry because Rodney eats, drinks, lives and breathes for souls.

‘We need this kind of ministry... Rodney eats, drinks breathes for souls’

Above Rodney Howard-Browne preaching in Exeter; inset: people grounded by God’s power as 130 respond to an altar call

No matter what manifestation takes place or what happens in church, God touches you for a reason and the reason is that we will get the lost in, so that we will get this harvest in which is disappearing right before our very eyes. ‘We had a Baptist and a United Reformed guy, who theologically were miles apart, yet both of them were laid on the floor being touched by the Holy Spirit, wanting to see Britain shaken by the power of God.’ Pastor Michael believes Rodney’s visit sparked outrage in hell, with a series of uncanny circumstances taking place in the build-up to the event.

Michael told Direction magazine how he was in Exeter’s Giraffe restaurant just an hour before a suicide bomber entered the building. ‘I was in the restaurant having a meeting with a pastor. One hour after we left, a suicide bomber walked in and, as he was strapping the bomb to himself, in the toilets, part of it exploded in his face. It was enough to take him out of action and expose him, meaning that no one else was hurt. ‘It could have quite easily been us, or the 30 other people in the place. We pray over our city and ask God to give us our city. Prayer power certainly exposed the bomber, and I believe 


p20-22.indd 21

03/07/2008 12:12:28


 an angel stepped up so he could be exposed. The devil wants to take people out but we believe God had mercy and saved the people in there.’ Amazingly, that wasn’t the only incident in Exeter in the build-up to Rodney’s visit. Immediately after leaving the restaurant, Michael was knocked off his motorbike in an accident. But God warned him of the danger beforehand, he claims. ‘As I got on my bike the Lord spoke to me and told me I would be in an accident but not to worry as I would be okay. ‘I prayed and did everything I could and, sure enough, a woman knocked me off my bike two minutes later. I was fine, although my bike was worse for

‘God wanted to do something big and the devil didn’t like it!’

wear and had to go the repair shop. That same day my youth pastor went into the city and he said people were fighting everywhere. It was like all hell had been loose in our city just before Rodney came. ‘I don’t believe that’s a coincidence. God wanted to do something big and the devil didn’t like it!’ After the event in Exeter, Rodney spoke to Direction

Magazine, saying he believed that great revival was coming to the UK. ‘We loved the meeting in Exeter,’ he enthused. ‘People came and were so hungry. ‘The UK is on the brink of the greatest outpouring it has ever seen. God is going to shake the UK from top to bottom. He is raising a generation of people who carry the fire of God just like in the days of Wesley.’

Spreading revival and the Gospel Above Rodney with his wife Adonica and Marion and Michael Meyers

The charismatic Rodney Howard-Browne lives in Tampa, Florida, and pastors at The River at Tampa Bay, a church he and his wife founded in 1996. He also heads Revival Ministry International, which aims to spread revival and the Gospel. Find out more at


p20-22.indd 22

03/07/2008 12:12:32


A passionate ministry for women in Elim


Two further Aspire conferences are currently in preparation. First, ‘Aspire 2 Purity’, to be held November 1, 2008, in Dundonald, Ireland. Second, ‘Aspire 2 Excellence’, to be held April 25, 2009, Glasgow. Details to follow.

You’re beautiful – it’s true! Lynda Heron preaching at Aspire’s ‘She’s Beautiful’ event

The Aspire event ‘She’s Beautiful’ took place on Wednesday afternoon at Elim’s Bible Week in Prestatyn. Dave Wellington and his band led us into powerful praise, with over 500 women joining the celebration. Aspire is now a year old. The ministry has held three national day conferences, and an increasing number of churches are linking to the concept. At the Prestatyn celebration, a group of young women took part in a short fashion show. They looked and dressed in a beautiful manner. Aspire team member Elaine Johnston spoke over this presentation (see panel below). Then, in an amazing message, guest speaker Lynda Heron, from Northampton Elim Christian Centre, stressed that the beauty God desires of us is not just external but is also the beauty that lies within.

She unravelled the story of Leah and Rachel, who both desired what the other one had. Lynda explained that a competitive spirit is prevalent today and takes away from our lives instead of adding to them. Leah was not outwardly beautiful and felt overlooked by her husband, Jacob. She felt Jacob was not listening to her; as she desired his attention she began to get angry inside. Lynda reminded us that God sees our inward pain, and only he can fully give us the security we need. God pursued Leah to captivate her attention. Our dreams and desires lie not in any person other than our God. Finally, Leah responded to God’s love and confidence, and security and peace pervaded her life. When God is our focus we feel beautiful, act beautiful and, despite our circumstances, our world looks beautiful.

Follow me and you will not fail ‘Listen, my daughter, and give me your ear. Your King is enthralled by your beauty. I see you like a lily among thorns. Hear my voice. Arise, my beautiful one, and come with me. Don’t turn your face away from me. Don’t be silent in my presence, for your face is lovely and your voice is sweet. I have loved you with an eternal love. It’s with my love I draw you close to me. Who you are is enough; you are worthy of my love. ‘My love is able to reach into the deepest pit and pull you out and set your feet on a rock. You are the object of my love. Love will cause you to function. Love will drive you to fruitfulness and bring multiplication to everything you carry. ‘Make your requests and desires known to me. Do you not know that it pleases me to grant your petition? This is my gift to you because I love you. I know fathers abandon

p23.indd 23

you, husbands leave you desolate, and sons reject you, but my love will not desert you – not even though death. ‘I know at times it is hard to be a woman and you are expected to be many things, but above all these, I have called you to be a woman. When you cry I feel your tears; when you laugh I embrace your joy. ‘Don’t allow your pain to be your compass any longer. By my Spirit I will guide you. Let my word light up your path, for I have ordered your steps. Follow me and you will not fail. All your yesterdays are in a tomb, but all your tomorrows are in a womb. ‘A time will come when it will take more strength to remain a bud than the faith it will take to blossom. I have called you to a great adventure. Are you willing to embark on the journey? Take your place in the royal position I have called you to. Beautiful you are, my darling, O how beautiful!’ Extract taken from Elaine Johnston’s prophetic word during Aspire’s ‘She’s Beautiful’ event.


03/07/2008 12:13:41


Revival is touching Kensington Temple with signs and wonders each night. The meetings started as a ‘month of miracles’ in March, but evangelist Gypsy William Lee is so convinced that this move of God will continue, he has cleared his diary for 2008

Healing revival sees more than 1,000 turn to Christ Above Associate Minister Bruce Atkinson says KT has witnessed outstanding miracles Main image Gypsy William Lee during one of the nights of miracles

More than 1,000 people have made a decision to become Christians as a healing revival flows through Kensington Temple in London. Hundreds of people have testified to being healed, as evangelist Gypsy William Lee preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ each night. William started the meetings as a special ‘month of miracles for March’ programme, but the testimonies were so powerful the meetings have been extended. They are now running six nights a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, while William has cancelled his previous itinerary up until Christmas as he prepares for months of revival. William, who is living in a flat in London during this time, describes it as ‘an authentic Bible-

based revival’. He says there has been a range of miracles, from the deaf hearing to people getting out of wheelchairs. ‘I’ve hungered for this for so many years,’ he smiles. ‘I want to see Acts of the Apostles stuff taking place. He’s the same God now as he was then, and the Book of Acts hasn’t finished. ‘I’ve been in revivals before, but nothing like the scale of this,’ William continues. ‘ We’ve seen more than 1,000 people give their lives to Christ, and the miracles are so consistent. There’s no revival unless you see salvation and we – like they did in the Book of Acts – are seeing numbers added to the kingdom on a daily basis. ‘It’s fantastic, it’s amazing and it’s wonderful to see God moving like this. I don’t know when

we will stop – only when God says – but I’ve wiped my plans for the rest of 2008 because God is doing such great things!’ However, despite the miraculous reports and awesome times of refreshing, William says a great price was being paid by the Kensington Temple team to see the move of God. ‘It’s hard work,’ he admits. ‘I recently went home for a day for the first time since February. But it’s worth it, because times like this will mean my grandchildren and other people’s grandchildren will grow up in a better world. God is being put back on his throne in England. ‘I’m just one cog in the wheel at KT. We have a fantastic team who are working so hard to make this possible.’ Associate Minister of Kensington Temple, Bruce Atkinson,


p24-25.indd 24

03/07/2008 12:15:48


says there has been a great buzz about the place since the revival began. ‘During the month of miracles in March we were having a great time, with 600 people saved in the build-up to Easter. The quality of miracles was getting stronger, too. ‘We saw a whole Muslim family come and their daughter had a spinal injury. They told us that they didn’t believe in our God, but we prayed for them and the daughter’s back straightened and she was healed! ‘The miracles are outstanding, and they’re happening on a nightly basis. They’re just getting stronger! It’s literally the blind, deaf and lame being healed. Also, every night people are giving their lives to Jesus. ‘It’s raw Gospel preaching, with Jesus as saviour and healer.

‘The miracles are outstanding, and they’re happening on a nightly basis. They’re just getting stronger! It’s literally the blind, deaf and lame being healed’

It’s in your face. It’s telling people to come and get saved and to believe in God for miracles. ‘We’re preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick. We don’t know how long it will go on. As long as we’re getting this quality of miracles and there’s a stream of new souls, we’ll keep going.’ Bruce says the attendances can reach up to 800 at weekends, with around 400 now attending each midweek service. Friday nights are special youth services, although William still preaches. About 15 per cent of the new converts have been integr ated into cell groups, where they are being discipled. Other converts are still being followed up. Bruce insists that the revival isn’t linked to the Florida Heal-

ing Outpouring, having started on 2nd March. He does say, however, that he believes God is releasing a new healing anointing in this hour: ‘God’s moving in healing all over the world, it’s so exciting!’ Elim General Superintendent, John Glass, is also delighted at the revival reports from Kensington Temple. ‘Amazing miracles are taking place,’ he enthuses. ‘One night William called me and said they had seen the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk. It’s going on and on, and I’m truly thankful to God for what he is doing there.’

Find out more about Kensington Temple at


p24-25.indd 25

03/07/2008 12:15:53


Sizzling books and sounds for summer Phil Raby looks at some of the best books to pack for your hols

In today’s busy world it’s easy to say you don’t have time to read. But with the holiday season upon us, now’s the chance to make amends and catch up on some good books as you sit in a bus or aeroplane, relax on the beach, or simply chill out in the garden with a welldeserved cup of tea. To help you choose some great reading matter, here’s a selection of our favourite new books from Christian publishing companies. And we’ve also included some CDs, too, so you’ll have some inspiring sounds on your iPod while you read! Must Know Stories This is a great idea – ten of the most iconic tales from the Bible repack-

aged as easy-to-read stories that will appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike. Author Robert Harrison has done an excellent job of rewriting Bible favourites, such as The Good Samaritan, David and Goliath, the Feeding of the 5000, and Adam and Eve. You could argue that his choice of stories is a bit obvious but that’s the whole point – they’re the ones everyone needs to know. Sensibly, the original passages from the New International Bible are included at the end of the book. Scripture Union, £7.99 A Future and a Hope This inspir ing book tells the stor y of Tearfund, the Christian aid agency that began 40 years ago. Written by Tearfund’s own Mike Hollow, it describes how


p26-27.indd 26

03/07/2008 12:20:21


the clumsily titled Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund Committee became Tearfund and grew into the worldwide force it is today. The book is very well presented, in full colour and with photos and quotes from over the years. It’s an enjoyable and uplifting story, and all royalties from the book go to Tearfund. Monarch Books, £12.99 Poor no More This is a tough read but one you shouldn’t shy away from. Author Peter Grant explains the reasons for poverty and how it can be reduced. He then challenges us to take action to help. He gives us a nine-point action plan to adopt, and goes into practical detail; explaining how to do everything from praying for change, living more simply, to campaigning for action. There’s a lot to take in because he’s asking you to make life-changing commitments, which is why it’s a good book to read when you have some time to think. Monarch Books, £8.99 Cherishing the Earth Probably not a book you’d want to read on a plane, but with global warming being on everyone’s minds, it’s good to find a Christian take on

the subject. Authors Martin and Margot Hodson take the angle that we should care for God’s creation which we have custody of, and the book is peppered with biblical references. There’s a lot of practical advice on being ‘green’ but it’s the same you’ll have heard many times over – cycling, recycling and so on. It would be nice to see some original thinking and perhaps some questioning of the fashionable thinking. That said, the Christian angle is interesting and thought-provoking. Monarch Books, £8.99 Twenty Four Inspired by the television series, 24, t h i s b o o k wonders what it would be like to live 100 per cent for God, 24 hours a day. Which, let’s be honest, few of us do. Author Krish Kandiah helps us to make every second of every day count, with plenty of practical advice for all aspects of our lives, from getting up in the mornings, to commuting to work, to having fun. It’s an easy and inspiring read. Authentic Media, £8.99 Sons of Thunder This is a great book. It’s a novel that is a retelling of the Gospel set in modern-day Cornwall. Josh Churchill is an ordinary guy who

gets a group of lads together and miracles start to happen. If you only read one book this summer, make it this one. Authentic Media, £8.99 Kingfisher’s Fire Any book with a chapter called ‘Why Theology Matters to Tree Frogs’ has to be worth a look! Author Peter Harris runs A Rocha, a Christian conservation organisation that helps protect and restore sensitive wildlife sites. This book is the second part of A Rocha’s story, told from Peter’s personal perspective. Ideally, you need to read the prequel, Under the Bright Wings first, but this volume does stand alone. Monarch Books, £7.99

FOR YOUNGER READERS... 10 Must Know Stories Fo ll ow i ng t h e concept of the adult version, this little book tells the same 10 Bible stories but this time for children. There are simple black-andwhite illustrations and the book will appeal to children aged from about eight to 14. Scripture Union, £3.99

The Red and Green Book of Must Know Stories Once again, the top ten Bible stories, this time spread over two books and made for younger children, with fewer words and some colourful – and very funny –cartoons. Scripture Union, £3.99 each Jack and the Wardrobe Although aimed at children, this is a book that adults won’t be able to resist, especially if they grew up with the Narnia stories. Written by Nicola Jemphrey, it’s about Jack, a Belfast teenager who’s struggling with a father who drinks too much and a mother who’s walked out on the family. For a school project, Jack researches the life of author CS Lewis, who was born in Belfast, and through this is inspired to track down his mother and learn more about prayer and faith. What you don’t get is any Narnia-type magic – the only wardrobe Jack walks into is part of CS Lewis sculpture in Belfast, and that just gives him a bruise on the head! Scripture Union, £4.99

Be wired for sound with these great CDs Jon Foreman, Fall and Winter A pair of short CDs from the lead singer of Californian band, Switchfoot. Although a Christian, Jon doesn’t like to be thought of as a Christian singer, and his music has a wider appeal. Jon’s mellow voice makes this perfect for a relaxing day on the beach!

Encounter Worship, volumes one, two and three A trio of CDs of worship songs by various artists. There are plenty of old favourites mixed with a few less-known songs. With 18 tracks per CD, there’s plenty to keep you feeling uplifted and joyful while on your holidays.

The Afters, Never Going Back to OK Hailing from San Francisco, The Afters nevertheless have a modern, British sound. This is their second album and has an upbeat, rocky sound. This is definitely one for driving to, rather than relaxing with.

Worth Dying For Another California band with an upbeat, West Coast thrash sound. This is their first album. Robin Mark, The Mandate Robin’s mix of worship and Irish folk makes this an ideal album for holidays.


p26-27.indd 27

03/07/2008 12:20:42


Gordon Brown and Boris Johnson threw their backing behind the recent Global Day of Prayer event in London. And things are changing in the nation’s capital, say some of Elim’s leading men

London’s calling for salvation and the change has started Above Pastor Dave Campbell, Elim regional leader, who was invited to meet Gordon Brown

A ‘significant’ change has occurred in London with the influx of foreign Christians, Elim regional leader Dave Campbell

says. He believes that God has brought ‘praying nations’ together in order to bring salvation to the city. Following the success of the Global Day of Prayer in May, where 23,000 people gathered at Millwall Football Club’s ground, Dave believes the spiritual climate is beginning to change. He was one of six Elim leaders invited to 10 Downing

Street before the event to meet the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. ‘Something significant is happening,’ Dave insists. ‘The Government is realising that churches in London play a major part in peacekeeping, particularly in the black communities. ‘I don’t think that Gordon Brown invited us because we’re all Christians, I think he invited us because we have a social


p28-29.indd 28

03/07/2008 12:23:23


impact on London. The area inside the M25 is the only place in Europe that has seen church growth in the last ten years. God is bringing people in from Africa and South America. The praying nations of the world are coming to London, and that has to be having an effect. ‘It’s now not unusual, at some of the bigger churches, to get thousands of people turning out to weekly prayer meetings. ‘And the white churches are not being left behind; they’re growing too. We had 23,000 people come out to pray on the Global Day of Prayer. How incredible!’ Dave says Christians need to pray that Gordon Brown will turn to God during his stint as Prime Minister. ‘Mr Brown’s father was a Church of Scotland minister, and I felt that the Prime Minister was open to us spiritually. I think he has a knowledge of the truth, but I can’t judge whether or not a man is born again. ‘Some of his advisors definitely are born-again people, and it’s one of our prayers that God will influence the influencers. His advisors were the ones who told him to meet with the people from the Global Day of Prayer.’ Elim pastor Sam Larbie,

‘When leaders seek biblical advice from men of God, it has to be good for the nation’

Above Six Elim ministers were invited by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to a meeting at No10

who oversees the Elim church in Camber well, South East London, and other branches, was delighted that newly elected London Mayor, Boris Johnson, attended the GDOP. ‘We all stretched out our hands and prayed over him,’ he recalls. ‘The previous Mayor didn’t care about this, but this year, we get the Prime Minister inviting us to his office, and the Mayor of London attending the Day of Prayer. London is changing direction and the spiritual climate is excellent! ‘For me, to get such recognition among political leaders is a sign that God is moving. It shows that they are people who need spiritual help. The wisdom from above is better than any worldly wisdom. When leaders seek biblical advice from men of God, it has to be good for the nation. Revival is already here. We are seeing people healed and giving their lives to Jesus every day. These are exciting days to be a Christian!’

Pastor Sam isn’t concerned about the rise of Islam in the nation. ‘God loves everyone. I don’t fear Islam, the Muslims cannot take over the nation – it will not happen. When you call on the name of Jesus people are healed and delivered. We have something positive – our religion is a religion of love.’ Dave Campbell echoed his sentiments. ‘Islam is a powerful thing and some people are afraid of it, so we have to turn our attention to it. ‘We’re hearing more and more stories of Muslims in London having visions of Jesus and getting saved. Muslims who have never been evangelised are having dreams where a man in white is coming to them and telling them they must be saved. ‘The next thing we will see is God beginning to raise up Muslim evangelists. We are making inroads there.’


p28-29.indd 29

03/07/2008 12:23:25


Elim’s The Gathering Band talk to Direction about their new album

The band that’s really Gathering momentum! Above The Gathering Band’s latest album ‘Redeemed from Emptiness’ features 11 new songs and a bonus DVD live from the NEC Arena Main image The Gathering Band performing earlier this year

The album ‘Reedemed from Emptiness’ is available from and most Christian retailers

‘Energetic’; ‘ fresh’; ‘techno Christian rock’; ‘devotional’ – these are just some of the words used by The Gathering Band to describe their eagerly awaited new album. ‘Redeemed from Emptiness’ is the follow-up to their debut album ‘Rise Up’, and the band hope it will inspire young musicians within Elim and provide more worship material for churches and youth groups to use. Born out of Elim’s first annual youth event, The Gathering, in 2004, the band started with a few people who were asked to lead worship for the camp. Lead singer Tim Sanders, of the Oasis Christian Centre

in Nottingham, was part of that group. ‘It was just me and a few others, really,’ he recalls. ‘As the years progressed, we’ve added more elements and our experience has grown. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been writing songs and performing them, and in 2007 it seemed a natural step to make a recording which became our debut album, “Rise Up”.’ The band aren’t your regular music group, having up to 15 performers, including percussionists and rappers. However, fewer artists were involved in recording the new album. In addition to Tim, the band includes songwriter and acoustic guitar player Ryan Griffith, from

Carrickfergus Elim in Northern Ireland; keyboard player Andy Cogdon of Derby City Church; drummer Tom Hickling from the Kennet Christian Centre in Berkshire; and brothers Colin and Mike Swinburne, from Oasis Christian Centre in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire, who play bass and lead guitar respectively. Tim believes ‘Redeemed from Emptiness’ has built on the first album. ‘We went to great lengths to make it sound dynamically similar to our live sound, because I feel our ministry is to equip people rather than show them what we can do. ‘I hope it’s accessible for people to use in their church or youth group. I also think the


p30-31.indd 30

03/07/2008 12:28:40


songs are stronger and an example of our maturing as writers.’ Ryan agrees: ‘The songs on this album are better written and there’s a maturity to them.’ The album developed organically, explains Tim. ‘It wasn’t something we’d planned for a long time, it just so happened that Ryan and I had written ten or so new songs, which we’d been using in our churches, and thought it would be good to record some new material. We went down to our producer Paul Burton’s studio armed with finished and incomplete songs, and he put a lot of input into them and tightened them up.’ Tim believes that their time with Paul Burton – who also produced their first album and

‘We want to make music that points beyond ourselves to the maker of all things’

has worked with bands like Delirious?, Snow Patrol and Athlete – was significant. ‘Creatively, we really stepped up a level after our week in the studio. We had to think about our parts and breathe life into the songs, and we hope that’s come through on the album.’ In spite of the glamour that being in a band can bring, the guys stay humble and fixed on God, and a strong sense of abandonment to God is expressed by them all. They all have aspirations for the group but recognise why they do what they do. As Andy, 26, who’s been in the band since it formed, explains, ‘We want to make music that points beyond ourselves to the maker of all things.’ Tom, who’s

the same age and has also been a band member since the start, expresses a similar sentiment. ‘For me, it’s about what God wants. I’m willing to follow this for as long as God’s involved. That may mean a few more albums or, if he says that’s it, then I’ll be happy to stop.’ Mark Pugh, National Director of Serious4God, Elim’s youth section, was an Executive Director on the album. He says, ‘I love the way God has raised up some great songwriters within Elim, and given us the opportunity to work with top producers to get these songs to a wider audience. The bonus DVD from the Gathering MAX is also really special. So many people prayed and invested in this special event.’


p30-31.indd 31

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Were the so-called good old days all they were cracked up to be? George Canty was there, and reckons that although he lived through legendary times, things are much better today

There were wonderful times, but the best is yet to come...

Above George Canty, who believes Pentecostal centres will one day be at the heart of towns and cities Main image The 1920s were ‘glamorous times’ with legendary evangelists such as Stephen Jeffreys, left, and Smith Wigglesworth

If someone could trawl the waters of past years, the information gathered could be a useful polemic in discussions. Well (ahem!) I have long sailed those seas. My story begins on 10th August,1924 in Hull’s Elim Hall; I was 12 years old and Elim just nine. That day I was ‘saved’ and immediately drafted into Elim activity. In England, the Pentecostals then numbered 1,000 or so, and I was perhaps the youngest. Now, 84 years later, I suspect I am the last of that pioneer generation. Fortunately, though, my recollections remain undimmed and may, I hope, be of some use to today’s generation. Popular opinions about past halcyon days need some correction. Obviously I must have lived through such legendary and

glamorous times without realising it – I always expected better. Talk of ‘the good old days’ curls me up – as if God has slacked off a bit! My God never changes, winter or summer. It is our human peculiarity to see the past as better than the present, with all great men dead. This, though, is a jaundiced outlook and not the way to appreciate today’s blessings. There were wonderful times – sometimes. They certainly began with the first Pentecostal healing evangelists; George Jeffreys, Stephen Jeffreys and his son Edward, with Fred Squires, Smith Wigglesworth and others never mentioned in despatches. Public healing in the 1920s attracted crowds because it was daringly innovative. I thought such revivals, as they were

called, would go on for ever. It has been assumed that these great campaigns were borne along nationally on religious upsurge, but it wasn’t so. On the contrary, the frost of religious depression was blighting the churches in the 1920s. The first Pentecostals defied contrary winds and inclement conditions and went ahead sowing and reaping. Soon their barns were filled with harvest. The word of God is the key to revival for all seasons. However, the ordinary Pentecostal Sunday evening Gospel service followed a conventional pattern with hymns, ‘chorus time’ in the middle and the traditional Gospel sermon, and was adver tised as a ‘bright Gospel service’. Churches now are now far more alive. Young people are aggressive and their


p32-33B.indd 32

03/07/2008 15:07:25


boldness for God impresses me. The ‘good old days’ stressed Christian separation from the world and such total exclusiveness erected walls too hard for prospective converts to climb, and few made it. The sick did come forward for prayer, but most churches seemed to have little expectation of God doing anything – the devil, yes, bad things, but not God. Ordinary local pastors were not considered to have ‘the gift’. Instead, one had to go to one of the great healing evangelists. I did hear of churches where Pentecostal happenings were frequent – but I never found one. I became a pastor and the same outlook existed in my own church. Only a shattering visitation of the Spirit changed such negativism for myself.

‘I visualise more than mega-churches... but rather Pentecostal centres which are the beating spiritual heart of an entire town, area or city’

It was assumed that the weekly Communion service was for believers only – almost a cult occasion. But Communion was ministered – in fact it was served, not presented as a casual cafeteria ‘come forward and help yourself’ occasion. It was a worship meeting with leadership by the pastor, not trusted to whoever happened to be able to play a guitar. In fact, it was a major responsibility of the pastor himself. He guided the ‘freedom of the Spirit’ in congregation participation in free spontaneous prayer and singing. This ‘freedom’, however, was often deadly sluggish. Over my first 40 years, Pentecostals bore constant prejudice and press vitriol. Attitudes began to warm only when the 1960s renewal or charismatic movement began revolutionising

churches. In 1930, Birmingham congregations were warned against George Jeffreys. However, 10,000 decisions were registered and 1,000 written testimonies of healing handed in. Those were good old days, because George Jeffreys made them good. The times were unpropitious religiously, but he boldly preached what few Christians then believed – a miracle Gospel. There were early times of throbbing enthusiasm, although I see now they rested mainly on George Jeffreys’ ‘revival’ successes. He (and others) planted many churches, some with several hundreds of members. However, with no training, there was no waiting list of ministers. ‘Principal’ George Jeffreys had, like the apostle Paul, to send his own new converts to lead new congregations, and so attendances often fell away. Like all developing bodies, Elim had to organise. For a long time, 200 people were concluded as the normal limit for a church. Drab years of discouragement were suffered. Critics mocked our claims of Pentecostal power because our churches were small. Today, I gaze amazed at Pentecost impacting the nations. In the recent BBC Elim programme, Joel Edwards of the Evangelical Alliance predicted that by 2050 there would be one billion Pentecostals in the world. I remember when a world total of one million staggered us. From my perspective, seeing the possibilities of Pentecostal outreach, I visualise more than churches or mega-churches, but rather Pentecostal centres which are the beating spiritual heart of an entire town, area or city – compassionate, caring, concerned and catering for all ages and needs. The Holy Spirit is a creative force and is dedicated to work through the Church alone – us!


p32-33B.indd 33

03/07/2008 15:07:51



Put your questions to Elim experts for them to answer. This month’s writer: Andrew Fadoju, Pastor of Elim Christian Fellowship, Worthing

How do I show God my gratitude? I love God and am so grateful for all he’s done in my life. How can I show him my gratitude? Andrew: You can show your gratitude to God simply by living in such a way that everyone who comes into contact with you realises that God is the very centre of your being. This can be reflected, for example, in the way you treat people and possessions. How do I keep believing God has the right person for me to share my life with, when I’ve been single for more than 17 years? Andrew: The very first story in the Bible is about relationships. We know God exists in relationship when he says, ‘Let us make man in our image’; and we clearly see that God is the author of relationship when he says, ‘It is not good for Adam to be alone’. So your desire for a relationship is God-given and I believe God will grant you the desires of your heart. However, on a practical note, I believe we need to be pro-active about seeing our desire fulfilled. Abraham did not just leave it to chance when it came to finding a partner for his son Isaac (see Genesis 24). I know your friends at church and your leadership team are aware of your desire, so don’t be afraid of speaking to them and agreeing through prayer and matchmaking for God to bring someone your way. I will be praying for you also.

What’s the key to being an effective leader? Andrew: There are so many adjectives that can be used to describe an effective leader; both secularly and within the Church. Words such as visionary, good communicator, courageous, focused, loving, confident, faith-filled, faithful. While I agree with those descriptions, I will narrow my answer down to two characteristics; effective leaders are people who love God with their whole being, and who also love people and see them as worthy recipients of God’s love. I believe that, when a man or a woman knows God and loves God, they will inevitably learn to see people from God’s perspective and, in turn, lead people to God. The Bible says we should drink in moderation. How do I monitor this in my life? Andrew: Your question is difficult to answer because drink affects people in different ways. While I am not advocating that people become teetotallers, I believe that in today’s climate in this country, we need to display a responsible and exemplary attitude towards drinking. I believe that this should include never drinking and driving, never getting drunk, and never using drink as a solution for stressful situations. You will know how drink affects you,

so if two pints of beer make you feel light-headed but still in control of all your faculties, then only drink one pint. My advice is never to drink to the edge of your limit. I have evidence that my wife is cheating on me. Should I confront her? Andrew: I am assuming that you have concrete evidence of your wife’s unfaithfulness to you. If this is the case, then I believe you have no other option but to confront her. How you do this is very important, though, and I would advise speaking to your church leadership team and involving them to help you with this difficult situation. My advice to you – and please consult with your church leadership team on this – is not to confront in an accusatory manner, but rather in a way that allows your wife to speak the truth without pressure. Real repentance always come out of discovering that we have done something wrong, rather than been forced to admit our wrong. I hope you discover God’s strength during this time, and pray that the promises you both made to each other, while broken, find a new resolution in God. If you have a question, email it to: Keep your questions coming so that thousands can benefit from the answers!


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The Delusion of

EVOLUTION • Read how the latest research clearly points to an Intelligent Designer. • Evolutionary dating exposed. • Get this into the hands of everyone in your community. “An excellent booklet! It covers the topics in a very clear and accessible way.” Colin Garner PhD, Professor of Applied Thermodynamics, Loughborough University


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Release the best people into th


he continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for the numerical growth of the body of Christ in any city and the continual, corporate renewal and revival of the existing churches in a city. Nothing else – crusades, outreach programmes, parachurch ministries, growing mega-churches, congregational consulting or church renewal processes – will have the consistent impact of dynamic, extensive church planting. This may seem like a radical statement, but to those who have carried out research in this area, it is not even controversial. The normal response to discussions about church planting goes something like this: ‘We already have plenty of churches that have lots and lots of room for all the new people who have come to the area. Let’s get them filled before we go off building any new ones.’ This statement appears to be ‘common sense’ to many people, but it rests on several wrong assumptions. The error of this way of thinking becomes clear if we ask, ‘Why is church planting so crucially important?’ In response, first, we want

‘Virtually all the great evangelistic challenges of the New Testament are basically calls to plant churches, not simply to share the faith’

to be true to the biblical mandate; Jesus’ essential call was to plant churches. Virtually all the great evangelistic challenges of the New Testament are basically calls to plant churches, not simply to share the faith. For example, the ‘Great Commission’ (Mat thew 28:18-20) is not just a call to ‘make disciples’ but also to ‘baptise’. In the book of Acts, it is clear that baptism means incorporation into a worshipping community (2:41-47). The only way truly to be sure you are increasing the number of Christians in a town is to increase the number of churches. Why? Much traditional evangelism aims to get a ‘decision’ for Christ. Experience, however, shows us that many of these ‘decisions’ disappear and never result in changed lives. Why? Many, many decisions are not really conversions, but often only the beginning of a journey of seeking God. Only a person who is being ‘evangelised’ in the context of an ongoing worshipping and shepherding community can be sure of finally coming into vital, saving faith. As leading missiologist C. Peter Wagner says, ‘Planting new churches is the most effective

evangelistic methodology known under heaven.’ Second, we want to be true to the Great Commission. Some facts: new churches best reach new generations, new residents, and new people groups. Younger adults have always been disproportionately found in newer congregations. Long-established congregations develop traditions (such as time of worship, length of service, sermon topics, leadership style, emotional atmosphere, and thousands of other tiny customs) that reflect the sensibilities of long-time leaders from the older generation, who have the influence and money to control the church life. This does not reach younger generations. (Often, a new congregation for a new peoplegroup can be planted within the overall structure of an existing church. It may be a new Sunday service at another time, or a new network of house churches that are connected to a larger, already existing congregation. Nevertheless, although it may technically not be a new independent congregation, it serves the same function.) New churches best reach the unchurched. Dozens of denomi-


p36-37.indd 36

03/07/2008 12:30:59


Suppliers of New & Used cars to Churches, Church members & Charities. � Free “Door to Door” delivery to you anywhere in the U.K. � Nationwide used car vehicle search. Thousands to choose from. � “Armchair Service”. No need to visit different dealers to get the best price.

to the harvest field national studies have confirmed that the average new church gains most of its new members (60–80 per cent) from the ranks of people who are not attending any worshipping body, while churches over 10 to 15 years of age gain 80–90 per cent of new members by transfer from other congregations. This means that the average new congregation will bring six to eight times more new people into the life of the body of Christ than an older congregation of the same size. So, although established congregations provide many things that newer churches often cannot, older churches in general will never be able to match the effectiveness of new bodies in reaching people for the kingdom. Why? As a congregation ages, internal pressures lead it to allocate most of its resources and energy towards the concerns of its members, rather than towards those outside its walls. This is natural and, to a great degree, desirable. Older congregations, therefore, have a stability and steadiness that many people thrive on and need. This does not mean that established churches cannot win new people. In fact, many non-

Christians will only be reached by churches with long roots in the community that have stability and respectability. However, new congregations, in general, are forced to focus on the needs of their non-members, simply in order to get off the ground. So many of their leaders have come very recently from the ranks of the unchurched, that they are far more sensitive to the concerns of the non-believer. Also, in the first two years of our Christian walk, we have far more close, face-to-face relationships with non-Christians than we do later. Thus a congregation of people, fresh from the ranks of the unchurched, will have the power to invite and attract many more non-believers into the events and life of the church, than will the members of the typical established body. In conclusion, in every country and in every mission-focused Movement around the world the call to church plant has never been louder. The evidence for church planting is overwhelming. We need to release the resources and our best people into the harvest field. Next month: does church planting detract from helping existing churches?

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Reach more

 NT ‘EXCELLE H’ E R AC FOR OUT thorne Andy Haw e g The Messa


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Whatever else you plan to do for Hope08 make sure you take the Gospel to every home in your area at least twice during the year

Easy-to-use, proven outreach newspapers to help you give away the Gospel.

new life and hope 08V3A4.indd 1



02/04/2008 14:19:50


Bible Week reminded me that we are not alone... Have you seen that TV advert that shows families packing up their cars ready for holidays? They have packed so many things that when they close the boot, the car explodes under the pressure! I relate to this image really well; it reminds me how my Elim Conference experience began. With three young children and a wife who loves to pack for every conceivable weather scenario, we loaded up the car, ready to head off to the best holiday park in Prestatyn. We were greeted by a grinning, blue-coated tiger on the welcome sign as the sun shone down favourably upon the arriving workers and delegates. We obtained the keys to our ‘club-class’ chalet (don’t be jealous, it just means we had the honour of using a microwave for the week and some soft padding on our plastic dining chairs!), and began to go through the reverse of what we had done only a few hours earlier when packing. The food was now in the fridge, the clothes were in the cupboards

Children enjoying activities at Prestatyn. Picture by Mark Pugh

p39.indd 39

There are millions of Christians in the world today, says Mark Pugh and we were ready to begin. But where were the kids? Looking out of our patio windows (OK, there is another advantage to the club chalets) I saw all three of them playing and chatting with a large group of new-found friends on the grass in front of the chalets. It seemed that most people who were staying in this part of the site had kids with them. It was a joy to watch and even get involved with them as they formed friendships and enjoyed each other’s company throughout the week. As Christians, we sometimes feel very alone. We think we are the only ones at our work, university, school or

neighbourhood who love Jesus. We get excited when we see a fish symbol on the boot of another car, or when we find out that someone is carrying their daily Bible notes around in their bag, because we have found ‘another one’. But the reality is that there are millions of us across the globe. It’s said that because of the significant growth in world population and the amazing advance of the Gospel in places such as Africa, South Korea and China, there are probably more Christians alive today than throughout the entire history of the world. If we could add together all those who have become followers of Jesus over

the last 2,000 years it would probably be a smaller number than all those living their lives to follow him today. Conference is a great reminder of this truth. We meet friends, old and new, who face the same challenges, are interested in the same issues and are working towards the same goals. It was wonderful to see these kids be reminded that they are not alone. We had a great team of workers throughout the week, who put on quality ministry for children and young people. While there were many highlights, my most moving experience was visiting the 6–10-year-olds’ evening meeting. They had been encouraged to ask God to speak to them, and were then encouraged to share with others what God had said. There was no hype, the kids just began to share some of the things they believed God had said. I couldn’t keep my eyes from watering. These kids were hearing from the King of kings, their loving heavenly Father. They will be among those taking the Church forward when I am long gone. They represent the future – but not in an intangible way. We can see, converse and give them opportunities today. The future may be closer than we think! As the week drew to a close, it was time to pack the car again, this time with our dirty washing. The kids swapped contact details with their new-found members of God’s family and waved goodbye. It was over for another year, but the memories and effects will be felt for many years to come...  For all the latest from Serious4God visit


03/07/2008 12:31:48


Exams are over and many young people will be taking a gap year before pursuing higher education or employment. Direction talks to people who’ve taken a year out through the Serious? Gap Year programme and looks at how they did it

Gap year scheme that’s a serious way to grow... Above John Raftery, who believes his gap year has stood him in good stead for the future

More and more young people are choosing to take a break from education between finishing A levels and starting in higher education – the so-called gap year. For some, it’s an opportunity to earn some money, travel the world, or simply relax. For others, though, a gap year is a chance to help others less privileged than themselves. A number of Christian organisations encourage young people to make good use of their gap years in this way, including Elim’s own youth arm, Serious4God, which runs the Serious? Gap Year programme with Elim Missions managing the overseas elements. Here we meet some young people who have taken part to

find out how they’ve benefited and grown as Christians.

Lesley Telfer Age: 18. September 2007 – April 2008: Philippines, Kosovo and Macedonia. Currently working. I felt as if God was calling me to do the gap year programme. I was prayed for in my church two years ago, and the person praying for me said they felt God was saying I was going to work abroad in a gap year. I started to think about it and then my pastor mentioned Serious4God and it all went from there. When I first went to the Philippines, I struggled because the children I was working with

were really poor, but they were always smiling and showing so much love. I wondered why they were so happy, but it’s the way they’ve always lived. After a few weeks, I adapted to the culture and food – which was fantastic! Another thing I found challenging was the heat because I’m from Scotland, and there were a few times I had to go to hospital suffering from dehydration. In the Philippines I helped the team there put on a concert for the community, which was attended by over 200 people. Around 50 young people gave their hearts to Jesus that night. It was just fantastic to see all these young people worshipping God. I learned a lot during my gap


p40-41.indd 40

03/07/2008 12:33:06

year. Before I went away, I was shy around people I didn’t really know but now my confidence has grown. I had an amazing experience which brought me closer to God and really built me up.

STACEY HUNTLY Age: 20. January–July 2007: Kosovo, Macedonia and the Philippines. Currently training to be a children’s nurse I spent six weeks in Kosovo and five in Macedonia before going to the Philippines for three months. I worked with children and young people and made good friendships with the youth. There’s a lot of unemployment there and many young people don’t have much to do so we hung out with them. We also re-painted bridges; this was a good evangelism tool because if anybody came and asked us what we were doing, we were able to explain it to them. It was a lot of fun! Having done the gap year programme, I’m better at speaking in front of a large crowd because I did talks while I was abroad. I think I’ll have to go back to the mission field in the future. That’s partly why I’m doing child nursing at university, because I know I can use it abroad and that’s definitely what I want to do. One of the biggest shocks for me was seeing the poverty in the Philippines. There’s a huge gap between the rich and poor. We had to do things like handwash our clothes, so we got a firsthand experience of what the locals’ lives were like. I’ve always loved travelling and different cultures, and I’m from an international church so I didn’t find it difficult to adjust to the culture. I really grew during my year out because I had to depend on God. The reason I didn’t go straight to university was because my dad died and I wanted to take some time out

with God to strengthen myself and be built back up. At the star t of the programme I was really scared because I didn’t know the team or what I was going to be doing. Through it all I had to rely on God. I drew closer to him and emotionally I grew stronger as a person. I changed through the different things I experienced. It was humbling because I saw what people in other countries go through.

Stacey Huntly (in black top), above, in Kosovo

JOHN rAFTErY Age: 19. SeptemberDecember 2007: The Krunch, a voluntary youth organisation that provides alternative education for 14- to 19-year-olds in Birmingham. Going to Imperial College, London, in October. I spent the first three months of my gap year in the UK because I thought it would be beneficial; and it cost less money! It was a really valuable experience. I spent my time doing a youth placement with a local church and I ran two youth groups. There was one time that we’d been praying that God would break through and, at the end of the meeting, some of the kids wanted to make a decision to commit their lives to Jesus. That was so exciting – probably one of the best experiences of my life! The children I was working with had very different life experiences to me, so it was a challenge to connect with them and find middle ground, but I think I met that challenge. Once I got to know them it got a lot easier and it helped so much to be ‘real’ with them. I thought it would be a really fantastic thing to take a gap year before going to university so I could mature, and I think it’s stood me in good stead to go off to university.

Lesley Telfer during her Gap Year in the Phillipines


p40-41.indd 41

03/07/2008 12:33:12

Building For Your Future Today!

Dementia Conference

An opportunity to live in a unique, fully secure, Christian community. Reservations for this quality, unique and exclusive retirement development in Eastbourne are now being taken, with a completion date in October 2008.

Looking at practical and spiritual issues within a Christian context Dementia, not cancer, is now the greatest fear for the over 55s, a new poll (May 08) shows. Around 700,000 Britons suffer from it, and it affects the lives of more than 25 million people in one way or another. Dementia poses questions for Christians perhaps more than any other condition. The Dementia Conference in November is designed to help practically, and spiritually.

Available with discount at the conference

You are invited to bring questions on issues that affect you, and your church. Wednesday 12th November City Temple, Holborn Viaduct, LONDON

For a brochure contact: The Administrator, Elim Family Centre, Hartfield Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 2AD. Tel: 01323 731843 Web: Email:

Cost £48; £40 for advance booking before 31 August. Cost includes lunch. For booking forms, send to ‘Dementia Conference’, Pilgrim Homes, 175 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2AL, or email, giving full postal details

Tel: 0300 303 1400



Yei]dd]b[  YadckYf]b[ your W\ifW\ Thursday , Friday , Saturday  gYdhYaVYf&$$,

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_bck your cb]cbg

BOOK NOW AND SAVE UP TO 20% ON TICKETS Visit or call 0800 061 2772

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02/07/2008 12:23:08

BOOK CASE Jesus, Man of Many Names Steve Maltz Authentic This is excellent – well written and well researched. Most importantly, Maltz presents the subject from a Jewish-roots perspective, vital to a proper understanding of Jesus. Another feature is highlighting the scourge of anti-Semitism, which has damaged Jewish–Christian relations over the centuries. The study of some of the key names attributed to Jesus is very revealing, and enhances our understanding of his person from both the divine/eternal and human perspectives. 206 pages, paperback Price: £7.99 Reviewed by Mervyn Tilley Christians and Sexuality in the Time of AIDS Various contributors Continuum This book is translated from French, and I wonder if something has been lost in translation. It raises interesting, thought-provoking issues, and seeks to encourage a compassionate attitude to those suffering. Yet it left me feeling somewhat dissatisfied, perhaps because the views presented were not always clearly expressed and failed to really engage with scriptural teaching in controversial areas. 122 pages, paperback Price: £10.99 Reviewed by Simon Fullylove What Are We Waiting For? Stephen Holmes & Russell Rook (eds) Paternoster Press A serious discussion of eschatology, including chapters on heaven, hell and Christ’s return, examining our hopes for our long-term future in a new heaven

and earth. Views by different authors are expressed, leaving us to make our own conclusions. Dull, academic theology at times, but a helpful contemporary addition to this topic. 240 pages, paperback Price: £9.99 Reviewed by David Holland The Road Trip Dave Hopwood Authentic This is like ‘The Hairy Bikers’ meets ‘Every Day with Jesus’! Twenty-nine short reflections on various biblical passages, each including a paraphrase of the text and then a short reflection on it. It would work well as a help for individual men in their devotional life or for those preparing for men’s groups. Well worth giving to those who want to kick their way out of the tweeness of much Christian devotional writing. 212 pages, paperback Price: £7.99 Reviewed by Neil Hudson The Disciple-Making Pastor Bill Hull Baker Books USA Extensively revised and expanded version of the 1988 original edition, this book is essential reading for every Christian who seeks fruit in their ministry. The three dimensions of discipleship (deliverance, development and deployment) and the principle that it is more important to be a disciple than to have a plan to make disciples are the foundation of this powerful book. We are faced with the truth about church life and leadership and the desperate need of true disciples who will obey the commands of the risen Lord to do his work. I wish I had been given a copy of this book when I went into the ministry! 317 pages, paperback Price: £9.99 Reviewed by Richard Dodge

The Cutting Edge Jess Wilson Authentic Subtitled ‘clinging to God in the face of self-harm’, I was very interested to read this book, as some churches are uncomfortable with the issue and unsure of how to help. Wilson takes us through her journey as a self-harmer. She not only charts her recovery, but also offers tips, advice and suggestions for coping with thoughts of selfharm, and advice for those wanting to know how best to help a self-harmer. 73 pages, paperback Price: £5.99 Reviewed by Pat Hedges The Lord’s Prayer John Young, York Courses CD/Booklet/Transcript This is a five-part course designed for discussion groups. The CD includes discussion with Margaret Sentamu, Bishop Kenneth Stevenson and Dr David Wilkinson. The booklet contains content guidance and discussion questions. I think this would work best with more experienced Christians who were able to listen to the 15-minute CD discussion first before the group session began. Thoughtful, inspiring. Price: £13.95; see Reviewed by Neil Hudson Letting God Be Judge Thomas J Sappington Sovereign World Explores the vital distinction between Godly discernment and ungodly judgments, and how to practise discernment and recognise a judgmental attitude. Most of the NT texts are covered and analysed. Sometimes repetitious, but a very worthwhile book nonetheless. 153 pages Price: £7.99 Reviewed by Richard Taylor


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03/07/2008 12:35:23



SUNDAY 10:30 Communion Service 18:00 Encounter Jesus TUESDAY 19:30 Hour of Power For more details

Parade (off Summer Row) Sunday services: 10.30 & 6.30

Senior Pastor: Barry Killick

Telephone: 0121

236 2997 Request map at Congregations: Winson Green, Ethiopian Church

35a Longcroft Road, Caldicot NP26 4EX

A warm welcomes awaits you this summer


Tel Pastor Jim Davies 01291 425 442 or call the Prayer line 01291 424 166




MINISTERS: MERVYN TILLEY & SAMUEL GILL Telephone 0208 539 2286 E-mail (FG25)

City Church

invites you to our services: 10.30am & 6.00pm Sunday



Sunday Services: 11.00 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. Mid-week Prayer Meeting: Weds 8.00 p.m.

Sunday: 10am Wednesday: Bible Study/Prayer, 7pm First Friday: 10pm – Night Vigil


9.15am & 11.15am – Worship and Communion 6.30pm – Evening Celebration Mike Sherwood, Tony Tween, Gareth Sherwood and Penny Upson Telephone: 01245 358855 Website: Email:



LEYTONSTONE ELIM PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Hainault Road, Leytonstone, London E11

0208 887 8989

Sunday Services:

Pastor Alan Drake & Friends offer you a warm friendly welcome. Our new meeting place is: Frank Townend Community Centre Kensington Road (off Beach Road) Thornton Cleveleys FY5 1ER Sunday morning 10.30am For further information and map visit:

Unit C30, Hastingwood Trading Estate, Harbet Road, Edmonton, London N18 3HT (Same road as Costco)

Pastor Kenny Macarthy

Elim Christian Centre, Hall Street, Essex.


Christ Harvest Centre

(plus many other activities)

“A great place to be”

City Church, Jubilee Drive, Liverpool L7 3BA

Tel: 0151 2649995


Christian Centre



Welcome to


Listed here are just a few of the hundreds of Elim chu



Chilterns Christian Fellowship CHILTERNS FELLOWSHIP 28 HighCHRISTIAN Street, Princes Risborough Bucks, HP27 0AX

01844-275822 AT THE HEART OF THE CHILTERNS email:

For details of where we meet

visit ourInweb siteof the or Chilterns give us a call. the Heart We offer you a warm invitation to come and enjoy fellowship 28 High Street, Princes Risborough, during the week in our Oasis Coffee Lounge and Bookshop Bucks HP27 0AX Sunday morning meetings held at :The01844 Community Centre; Wades Park; Stratton Road; Princes 275822 Risborough from 10:30am. River Meetings and Soaking Senior Pastor: Centres on Sunday evenings. Phone for more information Geoff Blease 344556 Senior Pastor – Geoff 01844 Blease 01844-344556

e@b sunday services: 9.00am & 11.00am

(EN54) (EM66)

Kensington Temple


Kensington Park Road, London W11 3BY

elim @ bristol city church

Nr. Notting Hill Gate Underground

Tel: 020 7908 1700 Web: Email: Senior minister: Colin Dye


IF YOU ARE VISITING SUFFOLK, GIVE US A CALL Tel: 01473 281614 01473 429965 (Admin Office) or Email:

44 44 p44-45.indd 44


9am & 11am Celebration 2.30pm Teaching 5pm Equipping Service 7pm Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Listed here are just a few of the hundreds of Elim churches.

Wednesdays 6.45pm Prayer Meeting

Fridays 7pm Refuel

Saturdays 7pm Saturday Night Praise Party


 Sound Bible Teaching Contemporary Worship Friendly Atmosphere Children’s Programme



Sunday services

For full details visit:

To advertise on this page, tel: 0115 921 7280, or email: 03/07/2008 12:37:08


David Waite’s


The best music this month 1 JARS OF CLAY Greatest Hits

of Elim churches. For full details visit:

For details contact Pastor Ivan Potts

01698 269 308



Join us while you are on Holiday in our area


Sundays 9am & 11am - Celebration 6.30pm - Seekers Service


A satellite of Kensington Temple Pentecostal Church at Twickenham Road, Isleworth Meet Sundays 11am at Isleworth Town Primary School, TW7 6AB (opp. West Middlesex Hospital)


(Next to Civic Centre) Gives you the opportunity to have a great retreat in the Heart of Scotland. Ideal for youth groups (Bring your sleeping bag).



Tel: 020 8570 4265

PARKSIDE Elim Pentecostal Church

173 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, London SW14 8DU

Sunday Service: 10.30am Manchester Road, Southport Tel: 01704 544 419 Web:

Tel: 020 8878 7252


Elim Christian Centre MOTHERWELL

Reach thousands of Direction readers with an advert in

They are award-winning, multi-million selling artists, and have been around since 1995. This album gives you the reason why. Music 10 Lyrics 10 Total 20 £14.99 Integrity Music, Reference No. 083061088026

2 SAM COOKE & THE SOUL STIRRERS The Hem of his Garment

He’s got one of the most identifiable voices in soul music, and has got style he ain’t used yet! The 23 tracks show just how good he is. Music 10 Lyrics 9 Total 19 £9.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. RMB75124

3 JOSH GROBAN Awake Live CD and DVD

This album and DVD ooze class and professionalism. Sung in English and Italian, it’s the perfect music for a warm summer’s evening. Music 9 Lyrics 9 Total 18 £16.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 2498871

4 ANGELLA CHRISTIE The Breath of Life

It’s official: Angella Christie has sax(ophone) appeal! She almost makes her saxophone speak on these ten tracks, and I like what I hear. Music 17 Total 17 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 231004

5 BLUETREE Greater Things

You’ll never get more difference than Life’s Noise and When I Survey, but they’re both sung perfectly by this Belfast-based band, starting to make Gospel waves. Music 8 Lyrics 8 Total 16 £12.99 Furious Music, Reference No. BTCD001

6 STELLAR KART Expect the Impossible

All the big subjects of life are covered on this album, but in an easily accessible way, with a beat that just bowls along! Music 8 Lyrics 7 Total 15 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 887296

Churchfinder Helping them find YOUR church, when they’re visiting YOUR area. Prices start from only £30.00, with discounts of up to 20% available for series bookings. Our design department can even create your advert FREE OF CHARGE. For further details or to book your advert

Tel: 0115 921 7280 Email:


They are up there with the big guys, and are fast becoming the big guys. Each track a work of art. Gospel with a Latino beat. Music 7 Lyrics 7 Total 14 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 8873762


Andy Baker has produced this album for Philippa, allowing her to put her personality into each faithbased song on this, her debut album. Music 7 Lyrics 6 Total 13 £10.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 8204592

9 PLANETSHAKERS Saviour of the World CD and DVD

They are still around, and still shaking the planet – but in the nicest possible way! Thirteen new songs, and clips from their conference on the DVD. Music 6 Lyrics 6 Total 12 £12.99 Authentic Music, Reference No. 8204512

10 VARIOUS Just Worship

It does what it says on the tin! Three CDs containing 50 worship songs, instantly updating and refreshing your worship collection. Music 6 Lyrics 5 Total 11 £16.99 Kingsway Music, Reference No. KMCD2861


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03/07/2008 12:37:25

Tel: 0115 921 7280 • Email: financial


Independent Mortgage Advisor Mortgage and remortgage advice provided by Christian leader. Call Richard on 07790 618765 to see (FS53) if I can help. Silverton House

CZECH REPUBLIC Large flat near Petrovice village on the German / Polish borders. Protected scenic region. tel 08444 620 620 followed by (FM97) 00420 487 521 115 (2p/min)


ISLE OF ARRAN Farm accommodation. 3 bedrooms plus spa bathroom, sleeping 8. Private troutfishing, alpacas, sea views. 01770 700488 (EQ47)

W. Brian Wilson & Son

israel , mediterranean, Europe, UK ‘weekend breaks’. All excellent value (ATOL 3669); brochure Lifetime Christian Holidays, PO Box 55, Newport, NP19 8XT. Tel: 01633 277167 Email: (CJ11)  KESWICK , L AKE DISTRICT Primrose Cottage. Self catering. Well equipped. Sleeps 5/6. 2 double bedrooms and single bedroom. Cot and high chair if needed. 10 minutes walk on level ground to the town centre. For further details contact Steve Jones (CE93) 01768 774 463

Excellent policies for: Churches – Christian Organisations Charities – Minibuses – Trustees Indemnity Bookshops – House Buildings & Contents – Cars All our staff are comitted Christians whose aim is to find you the best policy for your needs 3 Portland Grove, Heaton Moor, Stockport SK4 4AA

Telephone: 0161 432 2407 Email:

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (CV26)

HOLIDAYS Abersoch & Nefyn, North Wales Self-catering holiday accommodation for families and groups. Tel 01758 721630. Cambrian Coast Evangelical Trust. (FB87)

NORTHE R N IR E L A ND Self catering. Views over water, qui et. Mins into town / golf courses / churches. 20mins drive Giant’s Causeway. Contact 0284 273 8559. Also accommodation USA/Spain. See web

C A R M A R T H E N S H I R E , near Llanelli. Beautifully appointed and equipped bungalow. Outstanding coastal views. 2 ensuite bedrooms. Sleeps max 7. Tel 01554 758876. (EI58)

















ere sold

£1 (wh

LANCASTER - LITTLE ACORNS Homely B&B. In pretty riverside village close M6 Junction 34. Ideal North/South Stop over. Tel: Alison 01524 811 408


LLANDUDNO. Beth Eden Christian Guest house with superb views overlooking sea and Snowdonia mountains. We welcome individuals, families and groups of up to 30. Times of fellowship and bible ministry. 01492 877057 (CJ13) LONDON HAMMERSMITH Nice B&B. Comfortable, central, quiet ­family home. Direct line to all attractions, ­airports/ Eurostar. Double/twin £50p.n. Single £36p.n. Children’s reductions. Tel: 020 7385 49 0 4 (EH35) N ear L agos , P ortugal English Christian couple offer their lovely one bedroom poolside apartment within beautiful walled garden. Countryside location. Pool, BBQ, 10 minutes to beach. Car essential. 330 Euros per week. Tel: (00351) 282 687800 or email: (FT38)  P E AC E , P E R F E C T P E AC E . Attractive bungalows (Sleeps 2-6) pool, gardens, glorious panoramic rural views, idyllic looking. Near Looe. Tel 01503 272 570 (CJ07)




ays and

NL -












.chris www

Shoresh Study Tours 20th to 31st August 2008. A Narrow Bridge: Jewish Life in Poland Then & Now We are offering our second tour to Poland, formerly home to the second largest Jewish community in the world. Join us as we embark on an in-depth study tour of this once vibrant society and how it has been lost forever. Other tours available. For more Information contact or 01727 (EH82) 810817/833114 






You can now find

2008 visit

Kernow Trek Lodge Mawgan Porth. Bed And Breakfast from £25.50 pppn. On the beautifull North Cornwall Coast. Families and Groups Welcome. 01637 860437 (FS94)

on the web: and find the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones.

don’t forget to BOOK YOUR ADVERT IN THE 2009 GUIDE:

shropshire Nr. Ludlow, 4* Holiday Cottages, sleep 2 + cot. Converted 18th C. stone & timber barns. Level site, private parking, s t u n n i n g v i ew s . 015 8 8 6 73113 (FF90) SPAIN LA MANGA Award winning development. Luxury 2 bedroom airconditioned apartment, satellite/TV, pool, playground. Beach, 2 min walk, water sports nearby. Tel. 0282 8270865 (FB95)

SPANISH VILLA for rent on the Costa Blanca coast. For more details visit our website or call Sheena on 01481 248221. (FM27) TORQUAY DE VON Receive a warm Christian welcome at our 10 bedroom licensed accommodation, situated in quiet central location, seafront 400m rail station 600m Good sized rooms all en-suite with teamaking, CTV Home-cooked food with choice breakfast and dinner Colour brochure from Nigel and Angela Pearce Grosvenor House Falkland Road Torquay TQ25JP 01803-294110 (EW41) WARM CHRISTIAN WELCOME at Victorian guest house between Worcester and Stratford. BB from £18, DBB from £25. Brochure, Bryan and Julie Conway 01386 792 531 or (EC42) 07743 619 315 France – Brittany

Pont Aven Charming historical town Beautiful Natural sandy beaches Cliff walks. Delightful apartments from £240.00 per week Email: Tel: 0033 (0) 298 091 508 (FN12) 01 753 880 753

SKIING Four Swiss Resorts Dec to Apr. Unbeatable value, fully inclusive, with lift pass, etc

walkING Swiss – 23 May - 01 Jun: £408 31 Jul - 10 Aug 08: £448 Lakes – Sep/Oct week 08: £198

Multi-Activity Bank holiday weekends & Sept week



8th – 17th September 2008 Join us in Israel See Jesus’ world – the place of miracles Work on a BFP Project to change lives (Space Limited)

11 Bethania Street, Maesteg CF34 9DJ

Tel: 01656 739 494 email: (FN82)

Phone: 0115 921 7280  Email:


Web: Write: Direction Ad Sales, PO Box 777, Nottingham, NG11 6ZZ

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Looking for a life partner? For born again Christians of all ages and denominations, Beulah offers introductions to find that special friend or marriage partner you have been looking for.

For more details, send a large SAE to:



c O M P AT I B L E S . S i n g l e a n d Christian? We will help you find love and arrange your first meeting Phone 0151 327 6229 (EL48) LOOKING fOR SOMEONE SPEcIAL? Then join friendsfirst to meet other single Christians whatever your age/marital status. Caring + offline = successful. Call 0121 427 1286 or 0207 100 1220 today. (EG76) RETIRED AIDWORKER (ex Oxfam engineer) experienced Africa/Middle East / S.America ;available short missions 4 to 6 weeks; surveys / investigations / needs assessments. (EV52) SINGER-SONGWRITER. Evangelist - Des Pilling. New album ‘King of kings’ 13 worship songs £6.50. Also 1-day course on evangelism reaching your community. 07787 513235 - Des (FR50)

‘The Venture’

The story of the vision given to me concerning spring water from Wales with a touch of Welsh gold, where the royal wedding rings come from. A venture of faith into the unknown, a prophetic insight. ‘The Venture’ is now available by mail order from: Cyril Jones Ministries

Tel: 01341 423281 (EW87)



WE ORGANISE EVENTS JUST FOR YOU God sets the lonely into families (Psalm 68:6) This is your chance don’t miss it! email: tel: 07756 030265 (FN91)

Call 0845 688 0320 or visit to discuss (FS95)

Write for details: Bâsar Blessings, PO BOX 5937, Bournemouth BH6 4WY or visit

‘The Venture’ Venture’ ‘The

The story of the vision given to me concerning spring water from Wales with a touch of Welsh gold, where the royal wedding rings come from. A venture of faith into the unknown, a prophetic insight. ‘The Venture’ is now available by mail order from:

Cyril Jones Ministries:Tel: 01341 423281 (EW87) (EW87)

The Delusion of

EVOLUTION • Read how the latest research clearly points to 13:09 an Intelligent Designer • Get this into the hands of everyone in your community



n re



E VODelusion LUT of ION

Lates supp t scientif Intell orts the thic evidenc igent e Desigeory of n



Toucan House, 8 Sycamore Close, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2PE



• Wha t your • Natu biolo gy teac re’s nano her • Rich tech neve ard Daw nolo r told gy show • So-c you kins s ever p7 alled conf esse y sign ‘apemen • New s he of desig can’t ’ skull rese n p10 arch prov s foun • Evid show e evol d to ence s mut ution be ‘mod leads p13 top athe ations don’ ern’ hum t caus ist to ans p14 e evol rejec t his ution faith p25 in evol ution p27





SALES & SERVIcES DUNAMIS GALLERy . Original and affordable abstract art by the Chr i s t i a n ar t i s t A l a n Fr e e m a n. For viewing and sales see (FP97) HOME INfORMATION PAcKS Personal, portable HIP with free online ad from email: Highgrove Property Search Agency (FF90) 01588 672881 JARROD cOOPERS Music, Free Resources, Television Listings, Online Radio, Books, Missions, Worship Courses, Conferences, Articles, Webshop, Podcasts, Sheet Music, (CG65) LOOK & LISTEN MULTIMEDIA Specialists for Churches High quality - low budget Song software- Screens Laptops – Install - Hire Tel: 01895 624 774 Email: (CR67) Web:


Tel: 01584 876 116 e-mail:

Need help getting your website higher up in the search engines or would you like more visitors to your website?

The Book of Revelation is easier than you think!

Christian Introductions

Christian Internet Marketing Service

fREE BOOK “Going for Broke on Jesus” - True moving story of how Jesus restored a broken home and turned beer bottles into furniture. (FN03)

• Evolutionary dating exposed’s better together!






ION EDexpITanded D and ised THIR rev 1 01/08/200 7 15:30:22

921 7280 or email:

MINIBUS SALES Speak to Colin Baker. Southampton (023) 8078 3820. Nationwide delivery. Established in 1977. (CQ30)

REDLANDS cHRISTIAN RESIDENTIAL HOME Single/double rooms. Large garden, qualified staff, activities programme and fellowship. For details write or ring Redlands (J), Rock Hill, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 2JP Tel: 01623 621042 Fax: 01623 429710. (CU59)

Can you give a clear reason for your faith in Christ Jesus, explain why God allows suffering and answer other questions from unbelievers? Join this unique internationally popular bible study course. (EI21) e-mail: right now


ou will find the dress that precisely meets your requirements, in a variety of choices at a reasonable price. And there is much more to discover (accessories, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses etc.) Please call on

07733 183 655 or Email: We are here to help to make your dream come true! (FO55)

With prices from as little as £10.00, can you afford not to advertise? Phone: 0115 921 7280 Email:

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02/07/2008 13:16:31



in co-operation with North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus), South Africa ACCREDITED IN THE UK BY THE OPEN DISTANCE LEARNING QUALITY COUNCIL

BA(Hons) / MA / PhD BTh(Hons) / MTh / DipTh • All courses are by distance learning • Wide range of options available • Personal tutoring • Moderate fees • Study in your own time • Flexible payment plans • Students may begin at any time Enquiries in the first instance to: Registrar GST Dr. Chris Woodall, BA(Hons) MA, 8 Foxdale Avenue Thorpe Willoughby Selby North Yorkshire YO8 9NW


Tel: 01757 702191 Email:

Qua programma et propositum conveniunt

Do you need a Health and Safety Audit - do you / your premises comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974? Churches are not an exception to the Law. I can offer advice and support to ensure legal compliance (Midlands area). Mary Morrison MBIfM Tech IOSH MRM Safety T: 07972 762657 email: (EY87) ㄰



B I B L E S T U D y AT H O M E . User friendly course material. Tutor a s s e s s e d . We s t S u s s ex B i b l e Correspondence College - telephone P e t e r 012 9 3 5 2 0 2 8 8 , w e b s i t e (EU85)


Quality chairs & tables 㔀

Compare our prices Floor plans available free of charge  

Contact: Angela Gorton Tel/fax: 01745 859 223 Mob: 07970 661135

E: W: (FP72)

A㈸ ⁁ 灲 R 楬 ′

汩 〰

Kㄶ 㨱 㐺 aㄵ













Considering a new, beautiful, well-designed, purpose-built community facility for 200 to 700 capacity but concerned about the costs and fees? We specialize in and have developed our own form of construction to reduce costs and accelerate the scheme. We can prepare a design within 21 days. Initial site visit: £450 anywhere in UK.

Call Les Cooper-Dean on 01629 735959. Advertise in Direction Magazine call 0115 921 7280 or email

HE ALING ScHOOL . Learn at home. Practical and informative. 9 Months c our se. £15 Monthly. w w w. h e a l i n g s c h o o l o n l i n e.o r g Tel 01908 501 643 for free brochure (EK23)

PENTEcOSTAL BIBLE ScHOOL School of Christ International, 4 week (or part thereof) residential course, Limerick, Ireland. For more information contact: +447855368515 or email: (FO97) S T U D y f R O M H O M E for a fair priced Diploma in Theology. Details: mallon.detc@bigfoot. com or Rev. Steve H Hakes (PhD) 46 Croftlands, WF17 6DH. (CP66)

Regents English Language centre Reach your Community Train as an English teacher At National Elim Training Centre 4 Week Courses Available Tel: 01270 615 410 Email:







1 8

For information, phone: Daytime: 0161 339 4819 Evening: 0161 338 5392 Children and young people’s work – what is your church doing?  Building friendships  Opening new doors  Fun & achievement  Exciting programme  Learning new skills REACH, TEACH, AND KEEP BOYS & GIRLS FOR JESUS

Phone: 0115 921 7280



Web: Write: Direction Ad Sales, PO Box 777, Nottingham, NG11 6ZZ

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02/07/2008 13:16:36

VAcANcIES ENJOy A SEcOND INcOME, new career challenge or pension top-up with established UK company. Flexible hours. For free information call 080 0 0 40 79 81 (24hr s) or (EI58) G O D - I N S PI R E D B U S I N E S S OPPORTUNITy Worldwide team include Paul J. Meyer - mentor to Zig Ziglar & John. C. Maxwell!! Improve your health & your wealth. Contact (EW48) Margaret on 07803 388211 UNIQUE & RARE OPPORTUNITy to partner with an industry giant, work. Your own home internet business. Benefit from explosion in Broadband & Internet. (FH47)

Career opportunities with

New Life Publishing

Freelance editorial designer Can you help our editorial team design exciting and eye-catching pages? Based in our Nottingham office, you will also be able to edit stories using InDesign. Write to: Peter Wreford, Editorial Director, New Life Publishing, PO Box 777, Nottingham, NG11 6ZZ. Email:

Christian Life Centre, South Birmingham


Christian Life Centre is a large and vibrant Pentecostal Church in South Birmingham. We are looking for a spirit-filled, committed, visionary children’s worker. Our church is dedicated to reaching and discipling children in a creative and energetic way. The role would involve leading all our children’s programme (aged 0-11yrs) and the development of an imaginative outreach into schools and our community in South Birmingham. For further information, please contact Stuart Blount (Senior Pastor) Tel: (0121) 471 3677 Email: Christian Life Centre, 2 Frederick Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6PB




NEW LIFE Issue 173




To advertise in the classfied pages of our publications please complete this coupon and ppost with payment to: Advertising, New life Publishing Co., PO BOX 777, Nottingham, NG11 6ZZ. Tel: 0115 921 7280. Alternatively email to and we will invoice you.


hope back to




JULY 2008



Name ....................................................................................................................................................................






Address ................................................................................................................................................................ .................................................................................................... Postcode ......................................................... Tel ............................................................................................. Email ..............................................................

Gilmour INJURED... Lee

The Archbishop of York skydives with instructor Lance Cpl Lee Reid


Murray daily by Matthew is leading a has and landed A MOTHER who of her son over the handlebars will he flipped his vigil at the bedside head. General believes prayer heavily on taken to Newcastle told how she consciousness. He was initially stayed until April, beforel he faith has been help him regain neurologica Hospital, where unshakeable Ann Gilmour’s in her home town of Midto people urged people admired by where she has dlesbrough, Lee. has been uncon-a pray for son 21-year-old after The popular for five months scious in hospital left him with a fractured BMX bike accident skull.

July 2008 price) (Introductory Issue 166 £1.75

the Hawthorns switching to centre in Peterlee, County on rehabilitati the first call Durham. “When I got Mum Ann said: happened, I had no idea 24 had told the next to tell me what it was. We were the next 48 - now how severe be crucial, then be like until he hours would what he will they don’t know MethodBRAVELY Zetland Park if wakes up.” the will recover Ann, who attendssays her faith, and believes he her But his mum comfort. bravely opened her ist Church, Redcar, are a major for Lee – and family and attention on people pray prayers of others, a Christian media to focus the country heart to the She added: “We’re People all over on his way it can help. son’s plight. Tyneside, feel I him. the for anything?’ Lee was in Newcastle, university when have been praying ‘can we do at the city’s February. to visit pals “I’m often asked 5 happened in on Page plumber was freak accident  Continued apprentice bike when The 6ft 3ins BMX his a stunt on performing

Cpl Photo by Lance Steve Candlish, courtesy of the Red Devils. www.reddevilson

JULY 2008 Issue 82 £1.70

TRUST IN ARCHBISHOP PUTS Sentamu, of York, John raise THE Archbishop of a plane to 13,000ft out injured in has jumped of soldiers money for families at . Afghanistan second attempt It was Dr Sentamu’s the Red Devils jump with last the parachute His first was cancelled display team.


He said: “I of bad weather. business up month because like anybody’s was praying experience.” an amazing place at RAF there. It was skydive took said The tandem . Dr Sentamu Nottingham it was imLangar, near because he felt he had skydived the lives of soldiers. portant to value

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ring Florida outpou Todd Bentley, t Meet evangelis healing revival who’s leading a

Cliff Richard

pop superstar The Christian to a book of turns his hand children Bible stories for


Sun, sea, sand and spirituality Top tips for ‘doing’ church this summer



John & Carol Arnott Prayer Global Day of to Zimbabwe Elim reaches out grow Beeston church Prophecy helps



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rriors Rousing the wa y(7HB3F5*QRKKMQ( +z!_

g a powerful army, God is buildin

Cliff and the Bible

Superstar launches kids’ story book

Preston AoG |

John Andrews|

a revival| Treasure


Box advert












Emailing Advert


Miracles in Cuba

AoG churches see huge growth

Christine Caine|

Kids | Cavanna|

Lineage with Logo


Disk Attached

says Steve Uppal

Hungary for God!

Footballer prays top his way to the


Steve Hill| John




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And finally... Watch ‘The Apprentice’ and discover the secret of life! by John Lancaster Grey, grizzled and grumpy, Sir Alan Sugar casts a baleful eye over the ambitious young hopefuls who aspire to join his company, then one by one he tears apart their pretentious claims to business acumen and with a pointing finger at some wilting would-be entrepreneur growls, ‘You’re fired!’ ‘The Apprentice’, watched by millions of fascinated viewers, presents the harsh face of the ruthless competitiveness of the modern world, where the lives of multitudes of young men and women – and sometimes their families – are sacrificed on the altars of professional and commercial success. It was, I think, the biblical scholar C H Dodd who, in a completely different context, coined the term ‘apprenticeship’ to describe the meaning of Jesus’ words in John’s Gospel: ‘… the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does…’ (5:19-20). Dodd suggested that what the boy Jesus had been in his earthly father’s carpenter’s shop in Nazareth, watching a master craftsman at his work and serving an apprenticeship in shaping wood, the man Jesus became in the cosmic workshop of his heavenly Father; still watching and working in partnership, but now shaping the lives of damaged human beings and a

broken world into ‘something beautiful, something good’. It’s a pleasing thought, not least because we, too, as Christ’s disciples, are called to be apprentices in the same ‘firm’. Jesus said, ‘Take my yoke upon you and learn from me…’ (Matthew 11:29) – accept an ap-

Father loves the Son and shows him all he does’, so that the Son can reproduce the Father’s custom-built designs and quality workmanship. As I know from my apprenticeship days, watching a master craftsman at work will teach you more than all the ‘how to do it’ books in the

‘Instead of rasping “You’re fired!” at people who are “not fit for purpose”, Jesus offers grace to the hopeless’ Left: Sir Alan Sugar

prenticeship with me and come and ‘learn the trade’! But what a different kind of apprenticeship! In contrast to the aggressive competitiveness of the modern world, Jesus calls us to work with him as he worked with his father. The workshop may be global, but this is no soulless multinational corporation engaged in ruthless exploitation of resources and people for the sake of sheer profit, but a ‘family business’ in which ‘the

world. The Master is far better than the manual. But you do have to watch him. In contrast to Sir Alan Sugar’s unsweetened man-management (surely, only for the cameras?), Jesus actually calls failing people into partnership: ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.’ Instead of rasping ‘You’re fired!’ at people who are ‘not fit for purpose’, Jesus offers grace to the hopeless: ‘A bruised reed

he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out’ (Matthew 12:20). He doesn’t discard people who have failed to make the grade, but calls them into a transforming relationship with himself. Jesus is not a ‘control-freak’ or an office bully. He is ‘gentle and humble’. God loves him and points to him as a perfect example of spiritual leadership, delighted at his refusal, unlike some of his followers who claim such leadership, to posture in ostentatious public displays of self-importance (Matthew 12:15-19). Here is ‘the apprentice’ who wins the Father’s approval and receives the ultimate prize (Philippians 2:8-11). And here is the divine role-model on whom our own apprenticeship and leadership must be moulded. We must allow him to take the reins; we must ‘take his yoke’ and ‘learn from’ his example and teaching. In so doing, we will discover the secret of a liberated life. In the words of Matthew 12:20, ‘Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn how to live freely and lightly’ (the Message). But we must keep watching ‘The Apprentice’ – the person, not the programme!


p50.indd 50

03/07/2008 14:53:18



SC SHOULD WE CONDONE HYBRID EMBRYOS? There are many good reasons why not, says Dr Daniel Boucher Onward Christian soldier

Still eager to fulfil dreams God gave Singer Nia Price on music, marriage and faith

p01A.indd 1


Serving the water of life

Meet the couple who sold up everything to give boating holidays to needy people


An Elim minister finds plenty of believers among the US military personnel in Iraq

04/04/2008 09:42:14

Reaching out with social action Freed from sexual bondage

The amazing story of Bible Week speaker Sy Rogers

I thought God was ‘dead in a box’

An atheist finds faith after getting stuck in Kenya



10 0+ fin Eli d m ble ren min ssin ew iste g ed rs

Merseyside church gains credibility in the community


p01.indd 1



07/03/2008 12:17:54

JUNE 2008 ISSUE 81 £1.70

IT’S OUR BEST KEPT SECRET Gary Gibbs on Elim’s School of Ministry I believe God took her in

Jim Duell talks about his faith and the murder of his daughter

Kensington Temple revival

Hundreds turn to Christ during a month of miracles and healings

Using the new Gospel Net

The 67-year-old pastor who’s using the Internet to spread the Word


MAY 2008 ISSUE 80 £1.70

ne D w B fro boo IG P m k E Gla Jo extr OP ss hn act LE


12/02/2008 15:09:06

Hope08 initiative adopted by Culture Clash youth conference







Thank God for my Dad

The moving letter that 16-year-old Leona wrote to her Dad when he died from cancer

to us lls as ca st oss – ju re e cr rist e a Th Ch w


M EW oth O no erw N D v ou el w ell ER tre ay Eli LA ac o m’s ND h f

Question time

We’re quick to criticise politicians but are we quick to pray for them?



Lyndon Bowring takes up new post for Elim’s Bible College


There are no short cuts on the road to holiness Regents steps forward




APRIL 2008 ISSUE 79 £1.70

p01.indd 1

14/05/2008 16:10:34



re ad in g Es se nt ia lE lim


MARCH 2008 Issue 78 £1.70

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Become the Direction rep for your church. Call today: 0115 9217280

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JULY 2008 Issue 82 £1.70

LEARNING TO BUILD ACTS 2 CHURCHES with Bill Hybels Florida outpouring

Get your

Meet evangelist Todd Bentley, who’s leading a healing revival

Cliff Richard

Direction Magazine

The Christian pop superstar turns his hand to a book of Bible stories for children

Sun, sea, sand and spirituality Top tips for ‘doing’ church this summer

ever y mon th


John & Carol Arnott Global Day of Prayer Elim reaches out to Zimbabwe Prophecy helps Beeston church grow

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Direction Magazine August 2008 issue  

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