New Jersey REALTOR® — January/February 2019

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Good Neighbor Award

2018 Recipients


ach year three members of New Jersey Realtors® are presented with the Good Neighbor Award. The candidates are judged based on their personal contribution of time and effort, the impact of their work, and their leadership skills. Each of the recipients is awarded with a donation to a charity as a thank you for their continued efforts.



Chris Dickson Rent Party Pantry

Who is your biggest inspiration? Our volunteers have always been my biggest source of inspiration. One of my favorite volunteers, Max Coey, is 11 years old and we all swear that he’s going to run the Garden one day! He’s been volunteering for a couple of years and knows the operation as well as any of the adults. It’s that kind of passion and commitment from our volunteers that inspires me. What is your favorite part about running Rent Party? I really enjoy curating the monthly shows and working with our volunteers to make each show a special event. As much as I really love that, my “happy place” is the Garden. There’s something really special about that place and how the seasons come and go. There’s something magical about literally seeing the fruits of our labors being delivered to those in need. I get goosebumps just talking about it. How do you balance work and community service? Lucille Ball said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.” I enjoy keeping busy. My wife Donna and I are a real estate team, so I am very lucky to be married to and work with someone who shares my passion for making a difference where we live. The best part about being a Realtor® is that you work in your community every day so you’re in a position to serve that community.

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Does being a Realtor® affect how you approach your community service in any way? My late aunt, Gertrude “Pat” Stefanik, was a Realtor® for many years. She was very involved in her community of Seaside Park, as well as her local board. I saw firsthand the role that Realtors® can play and the positive impact that they can have in their community. As I’ve said, I am proud to carry on that tradition of being a Realtor® and serving the community that I live in. What are you most proud of since the start of your organization? Most of all, I am very proud of the community that has grown around this organization. It’s a community of musicians and music lovers. It’s a community of gardeners and folks who care about their neighbors. I am proud to be part of that community.


Richard May New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home

Who is your biggest inspiration? Over 21 years ago, I lost my number one role model growing up, my biggest fan, my Mom. When she passed, I tried to sum up the essence of her life and I came up with MOM, Make Others Matter. Through many ongoing conversations with my other greatest role model impacting my life, Theresa, my wife, I realized I was being very judgmental.