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A Bright Future for Hawaii “'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” - Jeremiah 29:11


ew Hope has been used by God for more than 21 years to transform thousands of lives for Christ. We represent church families that span the islands and extend throughout the globe. Since our “Greater Together” Building Initiative kicked off in 2015, hundreds of hearts have joined together and through generous giving, we have raised more than $4.2 million. Since then, we’ve also made a lot of progress. We’re nearly done with the permitting process with the state and have begun construction on our new restrooms and temporary offices. As we celebrate our 21st Anniversary, we are introducing the second phase of the Building Initiative called “Future + Hope.” As Phase 2 unfolds, you’ll see a lot more construction and changes taking place. If you’ve been faithfully giving to the building initiative – thank you! And, if you are new to New Hope or have not yet had a chance to participate, we invite you to join us! My prayer is that God would bind us together as a close family of believers here at New Hope, and that everyone will be involved in working toward a bright hope for the future; seeing lives transformed, our community cared for and young leaders trained and equipped to shine the love of Christ in this world. The hope for a better tomorrow exists for Hawaii and beyond. Your participation counts in a huge way toward the advancement of the Kingdom! Much love and aloha,

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro Senior Pastor, New Hope Oahu 2

Greater Together: Future + Hope

What a joy to serve under Pastor Wayne's leadership in seeing this new chapter in the history of New Hope Oahu coming to pass! We join together in building our new home. Say "Welcome Home" to Oahu and beyond. In his Adventure,

Pastor Jon Burgess Sand Island Campus Pastor, New Hope Oahu

Timeline to Our Future Over the past 21 years, New Hope has invested in leadership building, church planting, prison ministries, Bible colleges, missions, homeless feeding programs and dozens of other programs to invest in people and bring hope.


od told us in the beginning not to build big buildings, but to build big people. Since we first started in 1995, we’ve done exactly that. New Hope Oahu has always been a “nomadic” church, moving to various venues as our ‘ohana has continued to grow and expand.

Fulfilling our Mission Since then, we’ve seen countless miracles, lives transformed, and leaders trained and deployed around the globe. Recently, God opened the doors for New Hope to have a place to call home, and God


wants us to forge together to fulfill His plan for a bright tomorrow in Hawaii and are honored to be a part of a legacy that was started years ago.

Standing on His Promises In 1999, when we moved into our current location, we covered the walls and floors of our current auditorium with Scriptures and God’s promises for our future. Little did we know that this very facility would one day become our permanent church home.




After years of closed doors, we were finally able to purchase our current facility. Purchase finalized in December.

Pastor Wayne casts vision for our new facility and the "Walk of Faith." Planning and permitting begins.

Offices moved to facilitate new restrooms; construction begins.

Greater Together: Future + Hope

Our vision at New Hope Oahu is to reach future generations with the Gospel of Christ. With a brand-new Main Auditorium, not only will we have a magnificent facility for our weekend services, but we will also have a place to mentor and equip potential leaders to reach the world and impact others with God’s love.

FALL 2016


END OF 2018

New restrooms completed; five new ministry rooms built in Mauka Annex. Launch of "Future + Hope."

New entryway into current building complete. Foundation work for new building begins.

Anticipated project completion. More than 289 parking stalls available and tons of room for ministry to happen!


We are Greater Together!

This is more than a building; it’s a people-project. We are Greater Together! Through your investment in this initiative, you can leave a legacy that will inspire and bring hope to those who will come after us. Together, let’s invest in the future and reach generations to come.


Greater Together: Future + Hope


ur best days are still ahead and we are called to prepare for them. We are in great need of facilities and parking. Together, we can be a part of this new season of building our future.

The Children’s Area is where Enjoy a fresh, healthy meal our keiki will learn about Jesus CAFE FUSION with your small group or in a fun and safe environment. grab a quick bite before/ All of our classrooms will be centrally located and after service. This will also serve as an evangelism creatively themed. Your kids won’t want to leave! opportunity for our neighboring businesses throughout the week. CHILDREN

A state-of-the-art facility with This will serve as overflow MAUKA seating for more than 1,200. seating for our weekend AUDITORIUM AUDITORIUM Our mezzanine level will be services and be a facility expanded to wrap around the for our youth ministry and sides of the building and will include a room just for smaller events. Our ministry capacity is currently nursing mothers! limited, due to the lack of space. MAIN


New Hope Oahu's Prison Ministry


Greater Together: Future + Hope

Giving Hope to Those in Prison New Hope Oahu’s Prison Ministry ministers to imprisoned men and women in both the state and federal prisons, along with Hawaii youth.


ach week, members of the NHO Prison Ministry go into five state prisons to minister to the inmates and share God’s Word. “We put a TV and DVD player inside the prisons so we can show the messages from the weekend services,” says Carlos Munguia, NHO Prison Ministry Director. “We also bring in materials like journals for them to use; we teach the inmates how to do devotions. Our main purpose is to go in there and share the Gospel with those in prison.” A growing ministry activity is the Prison Ministry’s “New Start” program. This program is designed for those coming out of prison or for families with a loved one who is currently in prison. “Right now, about 45-50 men and 14-15 women come on a weekly basis,” Munguia shares. “For the men, we have a good problem of trying to find space to host the growing men’s attendance.” Munguia is excited for the “Greater Together” building campaign for a number of reasons, but primarily because the expansion will provide a more spacious area for the NHO Prison Ministry members to meet at during the week. “In this new facility, we’ll have better resources where we can easily have more people,” Munguia says. “We look forward to having more light and air conditioning, as well has having the facility to show our videos and capture our audiences in a more powerful way.”

The NHO Prison Ministry volunteers also host video visitation at the Ministry Center, during which families of the incarcerated can connect with their loved ones in Saguaro Correctional Center in Arizona. The NHO Prison Ministry is active in other outreach events throughout the year. In December, they host the Angel Tree outreach, which provides children of incarcerated parents with Christmas gifts. “Last year we had a list of 140 children that were given to us and we were able to collect gifts for 200,” Munguia recalls. “This year, we anticipate that we’ll get even more kids. New Hope has been really giving to our ministry and what we do for Angel Tree; it was a blessing to receive so much help and support.” “God is doing great things,” Munguia summarizes. “The biggest need I have at this point is for volunteer laborers, financing and space to meet. Above all, we need the prayers of our brothers and sisters for those who Jesus Christ has asked us to serve. I reference Matthew 25:36 all the time: ‘I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’”


Hope for Our Community


s Honolulu continues to grow, there is an urgent need for churches to become a pillar and source of hope for our community. More than 290,000 people live within five miles of our facility. However, without parking, many have driven to our church and then left without ever coming in, due to no available parking, and they possibly missed an opportunity to change their future or bring hope to their marriage,

“We were soooo excited to visit New Hope but there wasn’t a parking space ANYWHERE within 5 blocks of the church. Just signs saying 'parking lot full.' We were very sad we had no choice but to leave. Not even the greeter or parking attendant could find a spot.” - Review from Google User


Greater Together: Future + Hope

family, finances and more. Our expanded facility will allow us to host clinics, seminars and productions for youth, veterans, families of inmates and victims of domestic abuse. The parking garage will remove the major hurdle that we hear time and again - “It is so hard to find parking at New Hope!”

New Hope Express


he 276 parking stalls in our new parking structure will make it easy for young families and kupuna to get to church safely and easily, it will allow us to welcome our guests with VIP parking and best of all, it will give our shuttles a new purpose! By consolidating our parking, our New Hope shuttles will gain an outward focus. We’ll send our

shuttles into the community to pick up people in neighboring housing subdivisions and visitors in Waikiki. When the Middle Street rail station opens, we’ll send a shuttle there for a quick five-minute commute to our church. Not only will we gain 289 convenient parking stalls, but we’ll also gain a new ministry that will enable us to pick up those in our community.


InFUSE-ing Food with God’s Love


ochi Waffles, Spicy Ahi Bowl and Shoyu Carbonara Pasta. These are just some of the breakfast and lunch items that you’ll find at Café Fusion. Justin and Lisa Youn, the founders of Ninja Sushi and current overseers of the Café, said that a lot of thought went into the concept, branding and name. “Fusion is a mix of different nationalities and people,” Lisa says. “We feature a mixture of everything - Italian and Japanese, Korean and Japanese, Chinese and Korean.” Because they were in the restaurant industry for the past 11 years, the Youns have lots of practical experience they can apply at Café Fusion. To say that the Youns are excited for the new building is an understatement. They have big dreams for Café Fusion once the building initiative is completed. “We’re hoping to have a big kitchen for the restaurant,” Lisa says, her eyes sparkling. “When


Greater Together: Future + Hope

the new building is finished, we want to cater and do a lot of events because it’s going to have a commercial kitchen. There will be lots of tables and seating, so people can come, do devotions, meet with their small group and have a nice meal and coffee.” The vision for Cafe Fusion is for it to be a place where people can meet and our neighboring businesses can experience New Hope on a daily basis through a delicous meal and we'll be able to feed even more of our neighbors. “Hopefully, we can do this mission right and do God’s work through Café Fusion at New Hope,” says Lisa. The Youns have regularly attended New Hope Oahu for the past three years. However, Lisa remembers she got baptized 10 years ago by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro. “We didn’t know that we were going to come to New Hope and help with this Café,” she continues, “but God had a plan for us to be here.”

Willl you partner with us in building our future? We are asking for 100 percent participation. Even if we may not give equal gifts, we can all give equal sacrifice! Below is a chart that was provided by an independent consulting agency as to how we can achieve our vision of fully funding Phase 2 of our Building Initiative. FUNDING OUR FUTURE

Phase Two Goal Amount - $6.5 Million # of People

Gift Level

Group Total

Cumulative Total





























































$900 or less





Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why are there two phases for the Building Initiative? A: Since we launched in 2015, we have been blessed with many new members, along with those who may have not been able to participate in the first phase: "Walk of Faith" or those who need to adjust their initial pledge. We want to give everyone an opportunity to participate through phase two: "Future + Hope." God loves a cheerful giver, and invites us to participate in this season of giving.

Q: Will those who donate to the building fund be acknowledged? Yes, the desire for the second phase, “Greater Together: Future + Hope,” is for each to give sacrificially. Everyone who gives, regardless of amount, will be acknowledged on the “Wall of Gratefulness.”

Q: What is the financial goal? A: Our goal in this second phase is to raise $6.5 million, which, along with what was raised in Phase One, will cover structural costs. Our first phase brought raised $4.2 million.


Greater Together: Future + Hope

Q: What will the new building have? A: The finished building will have a four-story parking structure with approximately 289 stalls, an expo center called the ‘Ohana Lanai, a 1200-seat Main Auditorium, an additional 400-seat auditorium (for youth services, ministry use, and overflow), a dining cafè, resource center, and new restrooms. Due to the proximity to the airport, the height limit for buildings in the area is 60 feet, so we are maximizing our vertical space.

Q: How can I help? A: We are asking for everyone to be involved, through finances, serving in the manpower portion if able, and prayer. If you are a contractor or can provide manpower, we’d love to have your help. Please contact Ken Silva at

Q: Who do I call if I have questions? A: Contact the Legacy Department at (808) 842-4242 ext. 777


290 Sand Island Access Road Honolulu, HI 96819 808.842.4242

Future + Hope Brochure