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• Happy Spring from USPTA New England • May 3-5 Spring Conference Portland, Maine • Exciting New Articles • Welcome New Members! • What’s Happening in our Division? Visiting our web site usptanewengland.com has never been easier. Just grab your smart phone and scan this QR-code and you are there!



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Dear USPTA New England Membership, Yes, there is still a little snow. But let’s face it, spring is just around the corner! After a round of well attended High School Tennis Workshops throughout New England early March we are re-energized and ready for longer days, hope you are too? In this issue we would like to direct your attention to our pages that contain plenty information on our May 3-5, 2019 Spring Conference in the picturesque settings of Portland, Maine. Adjust your schedule, take a short break, learn and network, but make sure to mark off May 3-5 in your smart phone right now! All the licks are active now! We look forward to hosting a great arsenal of awesome speakers this year that include Stan Oley, Traci Green, Bill Mountford, Frank Korting, Jeff Bearup, Tim Donovan, Tom Parkes and many, many others. Trust us, this is not all about tennis! In addition to the great networking opportunities we are excited to invite you to an authentic taste of “lobstah” in the Old Port of downtown Portland at Porthole Restaurant. Last, but not least, we hope to see you in person in 2019 at one, or more, of our events. Your enthusiastic participation motivates us to do what we are doing. Any thoughts, ideas and suggestions are always welcome and if you like to get involved please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Board of Directors USPTA New England

Treasurer Patricio Misitrano 305-766-9369 patricio.misitrano@gmail.com Secretary Nancy Lally 203-834-9475 tnsprolally@gmail.com Vice President Chantalle Arsenault 207-xxx-xxxx

cjlavert@gmail.com Vice President Mike Kolendo 413-374-9738

m_kolendo@charter.net Vice President Jennifer Callen Beveridge 617-834-9475

jenncallen@yahoo.com Immediate Past President Phil Parrish 508-358-7355 lftennisdirector@hotmail.com Head Tester Wayne Turner 401-862-6801 wayne.turner54@icloud.com Executive Director Hans Römer 207-310-8656 newengland-ed@uspta.org

Yankee PROse March 2019

Dealing with that Difficult Client …as they are not always right!

By Chris Stevens USPTA Elite Professional After having several encounters with club members who were unhappy with policy or acted in a negative fashion towards other members, I started taking notes on how to handle these difficult situations effectively. 1. Set up a face to face meeting. When your client does something that goes against the rules of your facility or program, it is time for you to talk in person to discuss the situation. Never discuss a sensitive matter in a text, email or phone call if you can help it. Information can be misconstrued in writing and you will be able to read your members emotions more easily through facial expressions. Choose a private location for the meeting where you won't be disturbed and both of you can express your emotions verbally. The tennis pro’s office is ideal as this puts the meeting on your turf and makes the member aware that the situation is of a serious nature, as well as giving both parties some privacy. 2. Listen. Let your client explain their side of the story. Don't interrupt them unless it is to get clarification. Take notes so that you have precise talking points. This part of the process should be 90/10. They talk 90 percent of the time and you chime in briefly at 10 percent. I think this is the most important part of your discussion as it gives your client an opportunity to vent, tell their side of the story and overall decompress their emotions, all while you listen. This “therapy” session will be beneficial to them and give you a chance to better understand the entire situation.

3. Review the Problem. Once they have exhausted their story, tell the client your concerns, discuss any inaccuracies in their explanation and clearly state why their behavior was inappropriate at your facility. Your facility may have a mission or vision statement that it promotes and you can point to this if your client’s behavior went against these beliefs. If the situation involved another member, make sure to avoid mentioning specific names as this can cause stress in current relationships. Be sympathetic to their feelings, but be very clear that their actions were not acceptable and won't be tolerated at your facility. Confirm that they understand your concerns as often they will be in denial or not accept responsibility.

4. Listen again.

Now we get ready for a 50/50 discussion. Both parties may re-iterate their main talking points in order to establish their position. You may go round in circles but this is a healthy way for both sides to clear their conscience. Ideally, though you may still have a spirited conversation at this point, you (as the pro) want to steer the conversation to a calmer mood where you can talk about fixing the problem.

Yankee PROse March 2019


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5. Resolution. It is time to end the meeting and for the pro to clearly state the issue with resolution. We are done talking about feelings and “he said, she said.” The resolution may include a suspension or another enforceable penalty. Use a tactful but understanding tone so the member receives a clear message but doesn't feel threatened. You have handled yourself professionally and clearly conveyed your message so the matter is finished…almost. Confirm that you will follow up with the client in a few weeks to ensure closure. Use these steps the next time you come across a difficult client or situation at your facility and hopefully you will have success in keeping the peace!

Chris Stevens is a USPTA Elite Pro and USTA High Performance coach in his fifteenth year as the Director of Racquet Sports at Wentworth By The Sea CC in Rye, NH. He was the Men's and Women's Head Tennis Coach at NCAA Division II Merrimack College in North Andover, MA for 8 years and at Cedardale Health and Fitness as the Tennis Director for 4 years. At Wentworth, Chris is responsible for the entire tennis department, including managing the pro staff, running special events, coaching the Women's USTA teams and teaching lessons. As a certified Paddle Pro he is in charge of the platform tennis program as well.

Yankee PROse March 2019

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Adam Zaccara (L) recently joined forces with Richard Spurling of “ACING AUTISM” High School Tennis Coaches Clinic at International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport RI. Including Todd Martin, Jerri DiCamillo, Michael Mercier and many others. USPTA/IPTPA Pickleball Certification in New Canaan, CT with Seymour Rifkind, Len Simard and Steve O’ Connell and many enthusiastic participants.

Massachusetts High School Coaches Conference at the Longfellow Tennis & Health Club in Wayland, MA. Great job Lance Andersen and Phil Parrish

Yankee PROse March 2019

Meet Kris Elien By Lisa Wilcott ~ USPTA Elite Professional

Kris Elien, originally from St Croix, US Virgin Islands, has been the Head Teaching Pro at the York Golf & Tennis Club in York Maine since 2012. Kris played on the pro circuit/ATP Tour for 5 years and also competed on the US Virgin Islands Davis Cup team as a player for 9 years, and as Captain of the team for 5 years. He was a hitting partner for Maria Sharapova, Donald Young, as well as a few other players on the tour. Kris also played collegiate tennis at Jackson State in Mississippi and Georgia State. Kris relocated to Maine to work with Lisa Wilcott, Tennis Director at the York Golf & Tennis Club and USPTA Maine State President. “Kris has grown in so many ways and learned so much since his move to Maine. Kris is a big asset to our club and the area. He is very easygoing and enjoyable to be around and works well teaching all ages and levels of players. Besides learning how to like the winter and the seasons, he has had to adjust to playing and teaching indoor tennis. He won the very competitive Ingard Tournament a few years ago, and it rained for the finals. He competed against and won against a top Florida pro while playing indoors for only the second time in his life.” Kris teaches locally at 3 area clubs during the winter months and enjoys competing in indoor tennis. “There are no elements; no wind or sun, and to me its like luxury! I love the area, the people, and the seasons here. I even like the snow!” Kris is a certified USPTA Professional, and a PTR Master of Tennis in Performance Development for Adults & Juniors, and was selected to be one of 20 top professionals for an exclusive learning experience at Wimbledon in 2018. Kris can be reached at tennis@yorkgolfandtennis.com and Lisa can be reached at metennis@comcast.net Yankee PROse March 2019


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Meet Tom Hopewell By Milan Kubala~ USPTA Elite Professional

Tom Hopewell and his family moved to Woodstock in the 1980s with a love for skiing and tennis. Tom began his professional career in Vermont as Executive Chef at the Kedron Valley Inn. In the 1990s Tom became certified by the USPTA and began his service as assistant director at the Woodstock Sports Center (now called the Woodstock Athletic Club or WAC), which is part of the Woodstock Resort Corporation. He became coach of the Woodstock Union High School Girls Tennis Team in 1998, the year his daughter entered high school, and has held that post ever since.

Many of the high school players that Tom has coached began learning tennis from him as youngsters through the youth programs at the WAC. Under Coach Hopewell, the high school team has made it to at least the semi-finals every year, and has played in the finals 10 times. Tom has coached this teams to three state titles, most recently in 2017 and 2018. Tom is active in the USPTA and has held a number of leadership positions with the organization. He is currently making preparations for what many expect to be an exciting 2019 season.

Yankee PROse March 2019

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have found the perfect location for our annual Spring Conference! Foreside Fitness & Tennis in Falmouth, ME and the Sable Oaks Marriott in Portland, ME will be the sites of learning, networking and good times. Our Executive Director Hans Römer will serve as our hosting professional at his very prestigious indoor club. The impressive list of speakers include Stan Oley, Frank Korting, Jeff Bearup, Tim Donovan, Traci Green, Tom Parks and many many more… In addition to our regular USPTA certification & testing on Friday May 3, we are offering the official IPTPA Pickleball certification program.

Link to Registration

Here’s the basic lay-out of our Conference. The exact details regarding speakers, times etc will be announced regularly through our frequent e-Blast News Ace. Friday May 3 9:00am-Noon 9:00am-4:30pm 2:00pm-6:00pm 6:00pm-10:00pm

Wilson Golf Tournament USPTA Certification Seminars Trade Show & Awards

Saturday May 4 8:00am-Noon Noon-6:00pm 6:00pm-10:00pm

Seminars Seminars “Lobstah & Drinks”

Sunday May 5 8:00am-Noon Seminars 10:00am-11:30am Pickleball Tournament 10:00am-3:00pm IPTPA Pickleball Cert. Separate Fee (see link)

Link to Official Hotel Link to Pickleball Certification Yankee PROse March 2019

Love of Learning “A Necessary Skill for All Players and Coaches” B y B r i a n L o m a x , M . E d . , U S P TA

When I think of the most powerful mindsets that a tennis player or coach can have, this one stands out: You have to LOVE to learn more about your sport. The best competitors in the world are great students of tennis without exception. Are you? Do you have a love for learning in tennis? The Learning Process When I talk to young tennis players about having a love of learning, the reaction isn’t always great. I get it. When kids hear the word learning, they automatically associate it with school and for many of them, they don’t exactly love to go to school. But tennis isn’t the same as school, and hopefully you do love to play tennis. And if you want to get better at it, you have to learn some stuff. Some of that stuff will be hard like learning how to hit forehand with a semi-western grip or how to hit a kick serve. It takes time and patience, and it can be frustrating. But if you love the learning process, you’ll master those skills eventually. Competitive Lessons As players improve and solidify their technique, a different set of hard lessons presents itself. They are competitive lessons. The most difficult of these lessons to learn from are those losses or performances that stir up negative emotions such as disappointment and frustration. It’s not fun to go back and review a bad performance, and no one loves to do that, but you must. Check out this 1 minute video with Kobe Bryant on the value of going through that exercise.

If you are to improve competitively, it’s imperative that you have a process for learning from all of your matches, good and bad. Don’t let the emotional impact of a performance be a barrier to examining it. If that happens, you’ll get stuck at your current level or slow down your growth. Perhaps you can turn that one bad performance into motivation to never let it happen again. Think about what that could do to your upcoming performances. I have experienced the power of this personally. In 2014, I played poorly at a national event and was very disappointed in myself. I committed to correcting that and learning from it, and the result was one of the best seasons of my competitive career.

“But if you love the learning process, you’ll master those skills eventually” Barriers An additional barrier to learning is the statement “I know that.” It’s a sign of closemindedness or perhaps even a bit of arrogance. Do you really know that? For while you may know some bit of information, perhaps you don’t know as much as you think you do. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get a refresher on the concept being discussed. You might actually learn something new. Have you ever noticed that the people at the top of their profession are the best listeners and want to learn from everyone they meet?

Yankee PROse March 2019

We also have to recognize that there is a difference between knowing and doing. Having knowledge in your head, but not applying it in your performances is useless. For example, some years ago I visited a tennis academy and I was working with the players on an in-between points routine. One of the players said he already knew the routine, and he was right. He did know it. But then I asked him if he was using the routine on the court in his matches, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He wasn’t using it. In tennis, you have to apply your knowledge.

That’s where the actual learning happens, and that’s how you improve. While arrogance may be one barrier to learning, there are others such as peer pressure, unwillingness to get out of your comfort zone, and lack of motivation. Be on the lookout for these barriers, and remind yourself that if you want to be great, you have to do the things most people are unwilling to do. You have to be special. Special people love to learn. Loving to learn will make you even more special. What can you learn today?

Brian Lomax is an expert mental skills trainer, competitive tennis player, and USPTA Professional. He is also the author of The Mentally Tough Competitor: Mindsets and Perspectives to Achieve Excellence. His students include locally and nationally ranked junior players as well as a number of Division 1 college sports teams. To learn more about Brian and his services, visit http://www.performancextra.com. You can also follow him on Twitter at @PerformanceXtra.

Yankee PROse March 2019



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We are family! All my brothers sisters and me! Our testers Wayne, Doug, Patricio and Steve have been extremely busy and welcomed many new members to our USPTA New England family recently. We would like to introduce you to some of them. Welcome again to all those great tennis professionals that have joined our great association.

Kent Friedman played varsity collegiate tennis for the University of Vermont and has held the #3 year end ranking in Men’s 45 age bracket for singles USTA Eastern Division. One of the highlights of his playing career has been the privilege and honor representing Team USA reaching the quarterfinals in the Pan Am Games (Buenos Aires) and winning a Silver Medal in the Maccabi Games (Tel Aviv). he began his teaching career as Head Pro at the Quarry Hill Club (Burlington, VT) and then worked as a Senior Tennis Professional at Saratoga Springs Regional YMCA. Kent is currently working full time as a Teaching Pro for Greenwich Racquet Club in Greenwich, CT. GRC has a robust tennis program for all ages and abilities.

Emily Manion is currently Professor of Movement Arts and Leisure Studies at Bridgewater State University and additionally coaches the Girls Tennis Team and is the Men’s & Women’s Swimming Coach.

“By obtaining a USPTA Professional certification, I will continue my quest to share my love for the game with my passion for higher education. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to further enhance my skills as a professor in the professional tennis management and physical education teaching programs at Bridgewater State University”

Yankee PROse March 2019

Theodor Rich is currently working as a Head Coach at Cambridge Rindge and Latin Girls High School. He is also a volunteer assistant coach at Somerville High School for second year. Theodor played four years at Somerville High School at the number one and two singles positions and he was a three year captain. He spent October of 2018 volunteer coaching at Tianjin University, Tianjin, China.

Kim Ton “Fourteen years is the magic number, I came to America for fourteen years ago from Vietnam, it was a little difficult for me while always working two jobs and still reserve the time at night for tennis, people called me Crazy. I guess the love for chasing the green ball won’t never die. I am really struggle understanding the world around me, everything seemed complicated until I connected life problems to tennis problems, it turns out its quite easy and more simple than I thought. The Godfather story impressed me by confirming that woman should not involve into any real business. I think it is partially correct, as a woman I think it is okay to do and complete what a person want to be or to do but with the limits. We see life different at different ages. It is so obvious that young girl sees life with just a little meaning and a lot of color, she assumes all people understand her needs and passion. In her 30s, she realized life has more meaning and just black and white color remaining, and value more the mental strength. She talks less and no longer in the need of going somewhere or being somebody because life keeps going regardless where she stands.�

Yankee PROse March 2019

“Good and bad always exist together, one complete

If someone really put themselves in this experiment

the other. Right and wrong intertwined, it is hardly

of learning to play tennis from my father, he would

to separate them. Tennis is a sport and also a life

be a horrible teacher. My father did not show the

teacher for anyone at any age. In tennis, shy children

interest and passion in teaching. The most

and cranky old men gave out their hand for a sweaty

important thing about teaching is how to

handshakes. An obsolete knees become more active

communicate with your students and how to

and run faster to catch the corner ball, a young

motivate them to learn the skillsets. Being a tennis

women feels her athletic

body cover with a sexy

teacher to me is how I help my students know about

and classy tennis dress, she has a chance to show off

his or her physical and mental strengths, so they can

her talents and beauty on court. A man feels his

apply and utilize what they have effectively. In

adrenalin runs quickly through his body like a young

tennis, the body strength helps to win the games

teenager playing in school team with thousand pairs

sometimes, but the mental strength helps players

of eyes watching him moving.

win the games without playing and sweating their

There is always a

reason for one to learn how to play tennis and how to really enjoy this sport. I have been playing tennis and taking lessons from many teachers and coaches. Learning is a building block method, one thing is a foundation for the next beautiful thing to happen. Tennis came to me not as an accidental act, my father has been playing tennis since he was in his thirties, after he retired from being professional soccer player in Dalat Vietnam. He is now seventy two years old, a happy young man who likes to lop and drop as much as he can. As I mentioned, I have been learning tennis from many

teachers not

actually my father. He just paid for the lesson only.

pant off. There are two big loses at being an adult. Most of us loose our imagination. We don’t have flight of fantasy dreams about far far away lands anymore. Second, we become someone else, we lost the looks of a child cuteness and innocent.

I always

remind myself to be happy and kind, so life is not too much suffering, it is a tough lesson because I still sometime get mad and upset about a tiny problem, personal problems such as loveship, familyship and strangership. So funny that most of our anger and madness is caused by some strangers on the street, such as somebody drove too fast and their recklessness made me feel so unsafe. I developed a human phobia, my eyes and ear get fuzzy and sharped pain like pointy pen pushed hard into those senses. I start losing my control and patience.

If the world were a logical place,” Rita Mae Brown notes, “men would ride side-saddle.”

Benjamin Disraeli observed, “It is much easier to be critical than to be correct.”

Yankee PROse March 2019

Our Story A passionate company with unique history Led by founder Jim Fromuth and CEO Pat Shields, we are a tennis wholesale distributor based in West Lawn, PA. We first opened our doors nearly 50 years ago. The Fromuth Family liked and played the game of tennis, so they bought a stringing machine and had a few tennis frames to sell in the shop. In the late 1970s, tennis began to be televised and business took a different direction. Fromuth Tennis was born. As the tennis industry grew, so did our selection of racquets, strings and apparel. We began helping small pro shops get the product they needed to boost their own business. Then & Now CEO Pat Shields and Founder Jim Fromuth

Today, we have a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse. On a busy day in August, UPS trucks are lined up outside waiting to load more than 800 packages. Although bigger, we are still a family-owned operation with more than 70 employees who share a passionate drive for tennis and helping our customers.

USTA National Campus Pro Shop

Since 2006 Fromuth is the Official Distributor of Nike Footwear and Apparel to the USPTA

We lead all operations including staffing, merchandising and stringing services at the USTA National Campus Pro Shop. This 2,800 sq. ft. store in the Welcome Center of USTA National Campus features the newest product releases from top tennis brands such as Nike, adidas, Babolat, HEAD and Wilson, as well as unique National Campus memorabilia. For more then 10 years we have provided Nike product to USPTA members. We are proud of our relationship with an exclusive community of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches promoting excellence in the tennis industry. USPTA members receive a 30 percent discount off retail prices when purchasing Nike goods through Fromuth. The Official Distributor of Nike Footwear & Apparel to the USPTA.



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TIE-UP FEATURE: Built-in hook & loop strips at top allow one person to roll up and secure entire unit in less than 30 seconds. Also useful for better tournament viewing.

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Theodor Rich

Brad Carney

John Cangelosi

Yankee PROse March 2019

ThanksUSA More than 4,500 scholarships awarded, total value $14.5 million

Introducing 2018-2019 USPTA/ThanksUSA Scholarship Recipient

Sarah Moehling Army dependent Sarah Moehling was awarded a $3,000 USPTA/ThanksUSA scholarship to begin undergraduate studies at Clemson University. Planning to attend medical school and become a pediatric physical therapist, Sarah is majoring in Biological Science with a concentration in PreRehabilitation Science. Working as a lifeguard helped Sarah discover a passion for helping others and a desire to increase her medical knowledge. She is looking forward to a medical mission trip to Coast Rica during the summer of 2019. When Sarah was just three years old, her father was killed while serving in Kuwait. “Though this event is very traumatic, I have not let it hold me back from pursuing any of my goals. Your donations to ThanksUSA have given me the ability to go to a top university, study biological science, and eventually change the lives of many children through physical therapy. I know my father would be proud of all my hard work. You guys are truly amazing!�


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