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Message from the Board of Directors December2019 Dear USPTA New England Members, As we are preparing to celebrate the Holiday Season with loved ones, we would like to take this moment to reflect on our 2-year term. Yes, two years, since the current Board of Directors is saying farewell and is welcoming our new Board of Directors for 2020 and 2021 under the leadership of Patricio Misitrano. We appreciate all the hard work that Michael Mercier and his officers have done for the Division and we would like to thank all of them for their dedication, passion and devotion. One major accomplishment is that we now have State Presidents again in each of our six States and their involvement has been a hugh part of the success over the last 24 months. While cherishing the memories of a well attended USPTA New England Spring Conference in Falmouth, ME we are already preparing for our 2020 Spring Conference early May at he International Hall of Fame in Newport RI. We look forward to co-hosting this conference once again with our friends from the USPTA Eastern Division. Mark your calendars. With the finish line in sight we encourage those professionals that have not met their educational requirements to get online and watch some educational videos for credit at tennisresources.com. Lastly, we are wishing everyone a safe and peaceful Holiday Season and the very best wishes for 2020, with much tennis!

Your New E ngland Bo

President Michael L. Mercier 978-273-6500 mercier@fas.harvard.edu Regional Vice President Chris Stevens 603-969-2648 stevens10spro@gmail.com Treasurer Patricio Misitrano 305-766-9369 patricio.misitrano@gmail.com Secretary Nancy Lally 203-834-9475 tnsprolally@gmail.com Vice President Chantalle Arsenault 207-xxx-xxxx

cjlavert@gmail.com Vice President Mike Kolendo 413-374-9738

m_kolendo@charter.net Vice President Jennifer Callen Beveridge 617-834-9475


ard Of Dir


Immediate Past President Phil Parrish 508-358-7355 lftennisdirector@hotmail.com Head Tester Wayne Turner 401-862-6801 wayne.turner54@icloud.com Executive Director Hans Rรถmer 207-310-8656 hans.romer@uspta.org

Yankee PROse December 2019

How to Ace your Tennis Interview B y P a t r i c i o A . M i s i t r a n o - U S P TA E l i t e P r o f e s s i o n a l

Do you remember when Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) told Jerry McGuire (Tom Cruise) to show him the money? Well, if that is your first concern when being interviewed for a new position you are in for a surprise. Theodore Roosevelt once said that “nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. In your next tennis interview you should not ask about compensation, benefits and time off right off the bat. That time will come. Your interviewer could be a club owner, Director of Athletics, a Director of Racquets or any other person in a management position. All of them will want to know what added value you bring to the table. It’s not about you! What? Actually, it is about them and also it is about you. It is about both. There is a time to make it about you. Not at first. The interview begins even before you apply for the job Step 1: Get a resume checkup A grammar wiz, an HR Person or a leader in the industry can help you. Remember that there is not a single way to create a perfect resume. Step 2: What should go on your resume? It should be tailored to the position, include numbers, be clean and concise, easy to read, list your experience in chronological order (most recent first). You should avoid typos and use a font that is easily readable. Unless you are applying for a hitting partner position and/or you were a top WTA/ATP player you should downplay your tennis skills. Step 3: Get a cover letter checkup Same as with the resume, it should be tailored to the position. Go straight to the point and tell them how you can help them. Provide examples and be personal. End with a call for action: what’s next?

Make sure that you save both your cover letter and resume with a professional format and save it as a PDF (it can’t be changed and is easy to open on a phone/tablet/computer). Step 4: How/when to submit list of references Submit them if they ask for one but submit them too even if they don’t ask. You should submit a list and not letter. This list should include name, position, contact info and how they know you. Make sure your reference knows about it so they won’t be surprised when being contacted. Make sure that they like you! Step 5: Research the club, A LOT Learn about their facilities and program, learn about the staff, learn about their management and learn about the membership and/or students.

Yankee PROse December 2019

Step 6: What questions will they ask you? At this point, if you have done your research you should know the type of questions that they will ask you. Be prepared and practice. Learn about the process so you know if there will be more interviews and how many people will be in the room with you. Be confident but not cocky. There is a fine line that you should not cross. Same goes for being enthusiastic but not too friendly. Step 7. What to wear? Wear athletic apparel if the interview is on court. Wear business casual or jacket and a tie apparel if the interview is off court. Inquire about hats, collared shirts, tennis whites. Wear your better/newer tennis shoes. Be professional and don’t try to look like Rafael Nadal when he won his first Roland Garros. You are a coach now. Step 8: What should I bring? Bring a racquet and other equipment if you are expected to teach. Bring your resume and cover letter (a few extra copies won’t hurt). Bring your professional portfolio and any other additional documents that you think might help you. You can ask if it’s okay to bring these things prior to your interview.

Step 9: What should I say? Not say? You should not inquire about compensation until your interviewer does. Explain why they should hire you and how you can help them versus why you are so good. You should also have a good answer to why you want to leave my current employer but avoid criticizing them. Always answer their questions in a trust-worthy matter. Step 10: Follow up Send a quick email/note and thank them for their time. It doesn’t need to be too long. This is your opportunity to emphasize or mention something that you forgot. BONUS #1: Why you were not chosen Maybe your skills or experience weren’t quite what they needed, maybe you didn’t make it about THEM, maybe you couldn’t explain why you want their specific job or you didn’t show excitement/ enthusiasm. Maybe you were too humble (be careful, there is a fine line here) or you didn’t seem “coachable.” Maybe you gave inconsistent answers, lied, or didn’t seem trust-worthy. Maybe you didn’t ask them many questions or didn’t send a thank you email. Maybe it was a combination of them all. BONUS #2: What’s next? Re-read this article and repeat

With over 20 years of experience as a highly-valued Tennis and Platform Tennis Director Patricio has worked in many areas of the tennis industry including media, college coaching, resorts, private country clubs and public facilities. Patricio is the USPTA New England Treasurer, and the only PPTA and USPTA Tester in the country. He is also a published author in numerous industry publications. He is the current Director of Tennis at Wee Burn Country Club (Darien, CT) and has directed at many prestigious clubs in the tri-state area including Greenwich Country Club, Country Club of New Canaan and Tamarack Country Club.

Yankee PROse December 2019



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USPTA New England Tester Doug Eng busy with another certification weekend at the A-Copi Tennis Center in Augusta, Maine - November 2019

“Thanks for Making Me a Better Coach” by Nancy Joy Lally USPTA NE Executive Secretary 2018-2020

I have been thinking lately about how grateful I am, having chosen my career as a tennis professional and am truly indebted to those who passionately contribute to the many facets in my particular world of tennis. Many coaches have just finished a session, some have a few weeks to go, some coaches are training and traveling with elite players, some preparing their players for high school tennis, some who coach USTA Junior Team Tennis, others who are college coaches, some on the pro tour, traveling and coaching players, and some of the most patient and encouraging coaches devote their lives to developing players though the Net Gen ROGY program. No matter the program, age, or the level we coach, it is important that we show gratitude towards our students, those we learn from, our club owners, league directors, fellow professionals, our families, seminar presenters, players parents, those who book our courts, our USPTA Governing Board of Directors at the sectional and national level, college players, ITF and Futures players, players on the WTA/ATP pro tour, organizers of major tournaments, sponsors and the venue CEO’s, all around the world. And not to forget our brand sponsors and territory reps, as they travel all over, promoting their brand, giving all of us demos and those fun little freebies! Think about how all of the above impacts our professions on a daily basis. We’re all busy making our careers in this tennis world as fulfilling and successful as the effort we exert physically and mentally. And who is to thank? Let’s break it down -and please add more to your list!

Gratitude towards your students for making the commitment to learn this incredible lifetime sport and their parents, for driving them to clinics, matchAAAWWplay, JTT matches and tournaments. To the adults who trust our coaching and make changes in their technique and strive to improve week by week.

After every private and clinic, I tell the players and coaches, “Thanks for making me a better coach.” Gratitude for our fellow professionals with whom we work so closely, sharing ideas, drills, lesson plans, decisions about player developmental changes, helping one another out on sick days or when we have to travel, supporting one another in times of need - I could go on and on. Personally grateful for our incredibly dedicated team at Intensity Tennis Academy! Gratitude for your club owners for providing us a safe and healthy work environment and a schedule to sustain our lives outside of the club. For the entire staff for making it all work.

Yankee PROse December 2019

Gratitude towards your USTA JTT league directors for their endless seasons of organizing hundreds of schedules, state, sectional and national championships and having the passion to make this happen on a national level. Also for the hundreds of tournament directors and volunteers throughout the country, making these competitions possible for our future champions we work so hard to produce. Gratitude for the players striking out on the ITF tour, Futures, WTA, ATP, collegiate players. If not for their dedication, life passion and mission, we would not have present and future world class players, inspirations and examples for our current players to follow while mapping out their own dreams and aspirations. Think about the responsibilities they have in their lives. Their nutrition, training, mental health upkeep, travel schedules, publicity re s p o n s i b i l i t i e s , a re b e y o n d w h a t w e comprehend.

Gratitude for the organizers, CEO’s and volunteers, ATP/WTA Boards of Directors and sponsors at tour naments such as the US OPEN series tournaments, all televised tournament venues all over the world, and all the grand slams. This is what we love! To watch these great events on tv - to get the commentary and see the players. It’s all a huge year round process. Gratitude for the thousands of volunteers and organizers starting up and running Grassroots Tennis Programs throughout the world. Gratitude for the opportunity to watch and listen to the best in the game on The Tennis Channel and the various sports channels - the anchors, hosts, former professional commentators who fill our minds with ideas, while breaking down matches, to bring to our hungry students. I myself listen to every match possible and bring a ton of valuable info back to my students.

Gratitude for our governing bodies of tennis, the USTA along with the National United States Professional Tennis Association, its President, CEO, and Board of Directors, and most importantly, its members, who all as a whole, have hundreds of years of experience and knowledge to coach and govern our sport in a fair, professional and prosperous manner.

Yankee PROse December 2019

Gratitude for our sectional USPTA Board of Directors and members who encourage all to join and keep this magnificent sport going! The conferences and workshops happen because we work as a team and invite top speakers, host tournaments, Board meetings to help improve ourselves as a section and to encourage professionals to learn from the best and become USPTA certified as a tennis professional, pickleball professional, squash professional, wheelchair professional and paddle professional. Gratitude to those who have encouraged you and who have pushed you to limits once thought impossible. This list could go on and on. I feel it is a good time for reflection of our careers and a time to give thanks for the wonderful people who “get” our crazy tennis lives. From my court to yours, wishing you all a wonderful 2020 filled with many goals, including furthering your tennis knowledge by educating yourself through our great USPTA organization.

“There is so much to be grateful for, heading into a new decade. It’s 2020, let’s get it!” Nancy Lally has served on the USPTA New England Board of Directors since 2018. She is Director of he Varsity Quest Program and coaches five teams who play USTA JTT at INTENSITY Tennis Academy in Norwalk, CT. Nancy has been coaching for 40 years and is a 34 year USPTA member.

Yankee PROse December 2019

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USPTA is the first and only USTA accredited tennis teaching professional organization. Together, we will set a new standard of excellence and provide even more opportunities for those who teach tennis to grow and advance.

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Wayne St. Peter’s “Grand Slam Tennis” receives USTA New England “Organization of the Year” Award Over the last few years, the annual USTA New E n g l a n d Te n n i s Weekend has grown into a “must attend” event. Attending allows for some great networking, learning and recognizing those who stand out in our section. One of those that stood out at the 2019 edition last November in Newton, MA was USPTA Elite Professional Wayne St. Peter. Wayne has been going strong for over 30 years in the State of Maine and by now thousands of juniors and adults have enjoyed his passionate and enthusiastic teaching style. Yankee PROse recently sat down with Wayne to find out what made him so successful. Yankee PROse: Wayne, first and foremost, congrats with well-deserved Award! What does this Award mean to you and your organization? Wayne “It validates a life-long passion for tennis and the joy we bring to others in our game.”

Yankee PROse: When and where did this all start? Being a player first and then evolve into a passionate coach? Wayne ”It all started when a couple of Middle School Teachers asked me if I wanted to learn to play tennis and I attended a park and Recreation program on Munjoy Hill in Portland, Me. Then I started playing the Maine Tennis Association weekly tournaments. I wasn’t that good at the time, but I had fun competing.”

“Everyone wants to have

fun while they’re learning”

Yankee PROse: Looking back at this long commitment to tennis in Maine, what have been the key ingredients for your success? Wayne “Continuing Education as a teaching pro and the enjoyment of seeing my students having success learning this great game.”

Wayne St. Peter (far left) pictured with fellow USTA New England Award winners

Yankee PROse December 2019

Yankee PROse: W ith all the distractions today (e.g. iPhones, iPads, television, video games, other sports), how do you keep engaging your clientele/members to keep coming back and how you do keep attracting new players? Wayne “Creativity. Keeping it fun for the student. Everyone wants t o h a v e f u n w h i l e t h e y ’ re learning. Have a good attitude and remember they are there because they want to be. Your students will bring more people to the courts if they are having a good time.” Yankee PROse: And that leads us to the next obvious question. How do you see the future of American Tennis? Wayne “It’s all in the numbers. The more of young athletes we can get into the game the stronger American tennis will be. If we continue to have more and more affordable programming the players will come.” Yankee PROse: Lastly, would you have any valuable tips for your fellow USPTA Tennis Professionals here in New England? Wayne “You know you’re doing a good job when your student keeps coming back for more tennis and remember if you can’t teach someone to play tennis: “Ask yourself what you are doing wrong?” Yankee PROse: Thanks Wayne! Once again, congrats and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I guess for now, back on court?

Scan QR Code above or click below for short Youtube video on the succes of Wayne and his Grand Slam Tennis.


Yankee PROse December 2019

Jacques Faulise did it again in July 2019! He has been doing for oh so many years now, but each year is a guaranteed success. And 2019 was no exception! Thanks to his team of dedicated volunteers FREE Clinics were enjoyed by over 250 participants! Thanks to Jacques Faulise RI, Steve O’Connell CT, Tim Oneill RI, Tom Callaghan RI, Ian Griffin TX, Bob Greene ME, Chris Stevens ME, Mike Mercier MA and Rhode Island College

State Presidents 2019 Do you have any interesting news, cool pictures or other highlights that you would like to share? Please contact your State President. If you need any assistance with your membership, upgrading or educational requirements don’t hesitate to reach out to us as well.


Northern Maine Wilbur Shardlow shardlowtennis@roadrunner.com

Vermont Milan Kubala milan@topnotchresort.com

Southern Maine Lisa Wilcott metennis@comcast.net

New Hampshire Dick Lane rlaneii@comcast.net Massachusetts Stuart Lehr stuartklehr@gmail.com

Rhode Island Nestor Barnabe nestortennis@gmail.com

Connecticut Steve O’Connell steveoconnellrs@gmail.com

Yankee PROse December 2019

In addition to teaching tennis, our Executive Director Hans Rรถmer loves photography and recently traveled to The Netherlands, Belgium and France. While in Europe he shot some pictures during the Rolex Paris Masters. * Front cover picture also by Hans Rรถmer

Yankee PROse December 2019

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