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Kristen Ziter Taylor was honored in 2018 as Remarkable Women Entrepreneur of the year. Recognized for integrity and dedication, Kristen’s firm, Brattleboro Area Realty, since 1973, has consistently been voted Best Real Estate Agency and Office by both the Reformer’s Readers Choice and Market Surveys of America. During these many challenging months, BAR’s dedicated team has worked, without exception, to ensure the safety and well-being of their clientele. Buyers and Sellers can be assured of her agency’s uncompromised adherence to VT’s strict regulations and requirements, with the safety of all as their highest priority. Since Kristen took ownership in 2011, her company has grown from an office of 4 to a team of 13 agents. BAR is committed and dedicated to our profession like no other, and we absolutely love what we do. Let us prove this to you.

If you are thinking of buying or selling this spring please give us an opportunity to assist you. We’ll help you take those first steps. It would be our pleasure!

Kristen Ziter Taylor, Broker/Owner Angela Sherman, Office Manager/VT Realtor Christine Lewis, Broker VT & NH Victoria Woods, Realtor VT & NH Rebecca Seymour, Realtor VT & NH Kerry Mulverhill, Realtor VT & NH Randi Ziter, Realtor VT & NH

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Windham County Meet Your Realtor Saturday, March 27, 2021 |

Sally Fegley


Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, The Masiello Group

Hi, there - During my many years in real estate, I have put my customers first. I provide many services others realtors do not provide. Licensed in both Vermont and New Hampshire, I complete comparative market analyses at no charge. I seek out detailed information on my buyers’ and sellers’ needs, so I can work hard to meet those needs. I work on marketing strategies and develop property fliers, which I post on For Sale signs and distribute in the neighborhood. I communicate frequently, including sending written biweekly property status reports to my sellers. I respond quickly to inquiries. My listings are detailed and thorough. I pay for Home Warranty coverage for residential sellers. My recent sales of the Maple Valley Ski Resort and the River Bend Lodge as well as many homes speak to my expertise. Overall, I feel very protective of my clients. I bring high energy to do whatever I can to achieve their goals expeditiously. I would like to help you with your real estate needs. Let’s talk. Best, Sally

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Contact Sally at 802-380-8272 or Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Masiello Group |”

How families can comfortably share close quarters Some patience and cooperation can help families make the most of spending so much time together at home. As the COVID-19 pandemic stretched on, families had to adapt to changing situations. Quarantine proved challenging even for the most resilient people, and families sharing close quarters had to find ways to stay calm and comfortable under one roof. During the pandemic, families have spent more time together thanks to school closures, remote working and social dis-

tancing restrictions that limited contact between people who live in different households. The home improvement resource says that the average home in the United States is around 1,760 square feet, but when everyone is clamoring for a spot to spend most of their days, even the most expansive home can begin to feel a bit too confined. The following are some ways

families can live comfortably when sharing close quarters for extended periods of time.

Designate personal spaces Bedrooms can be private respites, but they’re not necessarily the best places for people to spend the majority of their time. Try to create nooks that family members can call their own, like a man

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Designate times for common areas Make a schedule that designates spaces for specific times, particularly for those who may need uninterrupted study or work periods.

Establish defined routines Stick to a routine so that everyone at home knows what to expect and when. Parents can work around children’s school schedules when they know how school days are arranged. Children can avoid interrupting

meetings if they realize that meetings occur at the same time each day. Set break times for meals so everyone can take a break and spend time together each day.

Keep communication open Family members should be able to freely express frustrations, anger or even fear of situations without being judged, according to the wellness resource Step to Health. Make sure everyone in the home recognizes others’ feelings are valid.

Get out when you can. Family members can opt for safe interactions

with friends or peers when needed. Engaging in conversation or getting a perspective from someone outside of the home can be beneficial. Even a short stroll alone outdoors can help to reduce stress. Parents of young children may want to establish a “quaranteam” with other caregivers so they can get a respite outside the home and leave the kids with trusted help.

Use this as an opportunity to grow Spending more time together can be beneficial. Use the time together to make meals as a family, talk more, engage in family game nights, and build stronger relationships.


Robert has been in real estate since 1985 and is consistently one of the top producers for southern Vermont in both listings and sales. He is always among the highest producing agents in Windham County achieving an impressive sales volume currently in excess of $188,000,000 and counting. In 2013, ‘14, ‘15 and ‘16 he was the top producing agent for Berkley & Veller Greenwood Country Realtors and currently continues to be among the top producing agents companywide. Robert has been named the 2020 Top Agent in Vermont, by RateMyAgent. Robert received only the highest ratings from his customers and clients to gain this recognition. Contact Robert at Berkley & Veller Greenwood Country Realtors Office: 802-254-6400 ext.133 • Cell: 802-258-1101 Office Fax: 802-254-6403 • Email is

Helping folks navigate one of the most complex and exciting processes of their life is so rewarding. Buying or selling a home can be challenging, I am a problem solver by nature and find ways to make those challenges a little less overwhelming, maybe even having a little fun along the way. I am licensed in VT and NH, and am certified as a Real Estate Negotiation Expert. Call today to start your search, or get your home ready for sale!

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Now is a great time to buy or sell your home! Ask me why.

Karen Hoppe • 802-258-1902 • Licensed in VT & NH

Karen Hoppe, Realtor™

| Saturday, March 27, 2021

cave in the garage or a desk in a spare room for school lessons.

Windham County Meet Your Realtor

Robert Doyle



Windham County Meet Your Realtor Saturday, March 27, 2021 |

The benefits of working with an interior designer Home is where the heart is, and it’s also where homeowners express their style. Though interior design may come naturally to some homeowners, many more can benefit from a little help defining their style and translating that style into a beautiful home. In such instances, interior designers can be the most valuable investments homeowners make in their homes. Homeowners may hear “interior designer” and immediately hear the sound of cash registers ringing in their heads. However, many interior designers offer various services, including hourly consultations, that can make them cost-effective, especially for homeowners who are still trying to define their style and decide just how they want their homes to look. That’s just one of the many benefits of working with interior design professionals.

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Interior designers can save you money Much like it’s best for homeowners with no DIY experience to hire professional contractors when renovating their homes, paying an interior designer when you have little experience with design can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes. Interior designers are skilled at transforming homeowners’ visions into finished products, and that’s a valuable skill homeowners don’t necessarily have. Trial and error when designing a home’s interior can be costly, even if you’re not knocking down any walls or swinging any hammers. For example, after renovating on their own, homeowners may find they need to replace a

new couch or dining table that they realize contradicts their design scheme. Interior designers can help homeowners avoid such costly mistakes and get it right the first time.

Interior designers are well-connected Interior designers often collaborate with contractors. Those professional relationships can help homeowners avoid the headaches of finding the right professionals to work with when renovating their homes.

Interior designers can help you coordinate your style Each and every component of a home’s interior says something about its owner. Whether it’s their choice of lighting fixtures, furniture or even appliances, homeowners make a statement any time they choose a design component for their homes. Interior designers can help home-


owners coordinate their styles so each room seamlessly transitions to the next one. An ultra-modern living room may stick out like a sore thumb in a home that’s predominantly rustic, and interior designers can help homeowners avoid such mistakes.

David Brown For 34 years, David has always enjoyed working with buyers and sellers to best meet their needs and developing long term relationships in the process. Comments from past clients: “David Brown is a wonderful agent! Friendly, courteous, helpful & knowledgeable. I couldn’t imagine working with another agent. Thank you!” Jennifer H.; “David is The Best! Who could ask for anything more?” Ronald W. His community involvements have included serving on the Southern Vermont Board of Realtors, Brattleboro Area Affordable Housing, RSVP, past Realtor of The Year, Court Diversion Panel Member, and on the Board of Youth Services.

David Brown • office phone : 802-254-6400 ext. 150• cell phone: 802-579-9966

Interior designers know what’s trending Interior designers tend to be up-to-date on the latest trends. That can be incredibly valuable, especially for homeowners who are anticipating putting their homes on

the market in the near future. In such instances, designers can help homeowners invest in updates or renovations that will appeal to today’s buyers, increasing the likelihood that their homes will sell more quickly, and potentially for more money.

Heidi Bernier

Realtor, CBR, Licensed VT & NH

As a lifelong native of VT, with nearly 25 years of experience as a Real Estate Agent, licensed in both VT and NH, I offer my customers and clients a keen familiarity of the area and the local real estate market. I take pride in providing personalized service, catering to the individual requirements of my clients and customers, along with a creative marketing approach. Trained in representation of homebuyers, as well as sellers, I earned my CBR designation (certified buyer representative) in 1996. Many people and services are required to bring a transaction to a successful closing. My years of working full-time in the field of Real Estate have gained me the contacts and experience needed to guide my clients and customers through the process. If you are considering selling or buying property, I would welcome the opportunity to be of assistance.

Contact Heidi at Berkley & Veller Greenwood Country Realtors Office is 802-254-6400 x135 Cell is 802-380-1585 Email is

Multi-functional spaces figure to be hot commodities in the years ahead Home renovation trends are ever-changing. Renovations that might have been de rigueur 20 years ago may seem dated now. Recognizing the potentially popular trends of tomorrow is a great way for homeowners to give their homes a fresh new

look and put themselves in position to capitalize on popular trends when they put their homes on the market. That’s especially so after 2020, a year when millions of people spent more time at home than ever before. All that time working from home

and relaxing at home gave millions of homeowners ideas about what they like about their homes and what they hope to change. The following are some renovation trends that various experts suspect could emerge in 2021.


Large windows can provide stunning views of the outdoors and allow ample natural light into a home.

The anticipated popularity of minimalism in 2021 may also be connected to the pandemic. As professionals were forced to work from home and many families spent more time together inside their homes then ever before, they may have recognized a need to cut back on clutter, including extra furniture. A minimalist approach is both simple and clean, which can make homes feel less claustrophobic.

Emily Zak Webb


Christine Lewis I love real estate and the community we live in and how it has supported me for over 30 years. I practice with passion and represent my buyers and sellers with unmatched dedication. Enthusiastic, loyal customer and client support keeps me #1 in local sales most years. My personal goal is to help buyers and sellers fulfill their dreams. I would love to have you call me when you are ready to make your next move in real estate.

Voted Best Real Estate Agent 2020 by Brattleboro Reformers Readers Choice.

Christine Lewis, Broker 802-380-2088 Licensed in Vermont & New Hampshire 402 Canal St, Brattleboro, VT 05301


“Home is where the heart is,” and I love envisioning how to turn a house into a home. I grew up in Dummerston, VT in a home built by my parents. As an adult, I have lived all over the US, and abroad, and am thrilled to once again call southern Vermont my home. There is a wealth of historic architecture and details in homes in this area, and my experiences updating my own 1880’s farmhouse can help you imagine the possibilities. I have a wide range of professional experience and connections in the real estate industry, most recently focusing on management of multi-family properties. Listening to your needs is key to me, and my background in marketing gives me a constructive, critical eye when helping you sell your home. I understand what a personal and emotional experience homeownership can be, and I would love to help you find a smooth pathway to your next home!

Contact Emily at Brattleboro Area Realty Licensed in VT and NH 802-246-7110 Email is

Multi-functional spaces Homeowners asked a lot of their homes in 2020, as rooms were transformed into multi-functional spaces seemingly overnight. HGTV notes that spending more time at home showed homeowners that it may not make sense to dedicate entire rooms of a home to a single purpose.

Brattleboro Reformer |

Large windows

| Saturday, March 27, 2021

Climate change, and how to combat it, was a hot button issue during the 2020 presidential election in the United States. So it should come as no surprise that, a web magazine that showcases creative trends in design, architecture, art, technology, and fashion, predicts that ecofriendly living solutions figure to be hot commodities in 2021. Eco-friendly appliances, furniture and designs can help to conserve energy and reduce waste, which environmentalists and government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency note are two critical components in the fight against climate change.

It may not be a coincidence if large windows prove to be a hot trend in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic that dominated much of 2020 forced many people to spend considerably more time at home. Darker homes without much natural light can adversely affect mood, especially when people are spending more time at home. HGTV predicts that homeowners will seek ways to bring more natural light into their homes in 2021, and large windows naturally brighten homes while making rooms appear bigger, helping people feel less cramped. That’s an especially beneficial characteristic when spending more time indoors at home.

Eco-friendly living

Windham County Meet Your Realtor

Renovation trends that figure to be popular in the year ahead


Windham County Meet Your Realtor

Home buying during the COVID-19 outbreak

Saturday, March 27, 2021 |

Homeowners know that the process of buying a home can be both exciting and nervewracking. The anxiety associated with buying a home has hit new heights during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Historically low interest rates and limited inventory has made 2020 an especially unique time to buy a home. It's also a competitive and potentially expensive time to buy a home. While the economic consequences of COVID-19 have been severe, the Federal National Mortgage Association, also known as Fannie Mae, forecasted a significant increase in median home prices in March 2020. City dwellers have scrambled to buy homes

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Amy Powling

Amy joined Ski Home Realty in May of 2016. She is a native, born and raised southern Vermonter with strong local ties. Amy studied criminal justice and psychology as well as the creative arts at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. After over a decade of payroll processing for numerous local businesses, and working for the local Chamber of Commerce, she has moved on to marketing and real estate sales. She enjoys writing poetry and has authored chap books in her spare time.

Amy lives with her husband and two daughters in Newfane, where she was born and raised and would like to help her neighbors in the Deerfield Valley and West River Valley regions. This includes but is not limited to: Newfane, Dover, Wilmington, Brookline, Marlboro, and Townshend.

125 Route 100 Dover, VT • 802-380-4828

Prema Fitzpatrick


Prema grew up right here in Southern Vermont, and has great familiarity with the local market. She moved away in 1998 to attend college at Boston University, graduating with a degree in Business Administration, with a focus in Finance. Over the last 20 years, she has enjoyed living in many places, including New York City, where she pursued her career in Finance. From there, she relocated to beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii and in 2004, Prema obtained her real estate license and launched her career in Real Estate, including residential real estate, as well as working for two Fortune 500 companies, Marriott and Disney respectively. While living in Hawaii, she met her husband Adam and started their family. After their son Finn was born, they felt it was the right time to move back to the East Coast to live closer to family. Prema, her husband Adam and son Finn returned back to her home in the beautiful state of Vermont, where they have since grown their family with their second child, Sawyer. With a background in finance, real estate and mortgage lending, Prema has the knowledge and experience to help guide you and your family in finding the perfect home to create your memories.

125 Route 100 Dover, VT • 802-753-8316

outside of cities, where social distancing is more difficult and the risk of getting COVID-19 appears greater than it is in suburban or rural settings. That's led to a lot of competition among prospective buyers. Prospective home buyers willing to enter the hectic fray and shop for a home during the COVID-19 outbreak may benefit from knowing what to expect as they search for their next home.

Get ready for virtual tours. Buyers might once have scoffed at the notion of buying a home they'd only seen in videos, but virtual tours have become the new normal in the wake of the pandemic. An April survey from the National Association of Realtors® found that home tours had declined sharply. While 98 percent of realtors reported taking clients on home tours as recently as February, that number had declined to 63 percent by April. As many regions pause their reopening plans, prospective home buyers should ready themselves for virtual tours as opposed to in-person home tours.

Expect limited inventory. While home prices are up, many people are holding onto their homes. The NAR reports that total housing inventory at the end of May 2020 was down nearly 19 percent from the end of May 2019.

Expect to move quickly.

Make the best down payment you can afford. A high down payment makes buyers look better no matter the state of the economy. An offer with a high down payment looks like a stronger offer, and that can make the difference between winning and losing a potential bidding war.

Data published by the Vermont Association of Realtors shows that the number of available homes on the market fell significantly between January 2020 and January 2021. The house that did go on the market were, on average, more expensive and sold more quickly than the year before. SOURCE: VERMONT ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS JANUARY INDICATORS REPORT

Active listing count

Average listing price

Median days in RPR*




Jan 2020

Jan 2020

Jan 2020







Jan 2021

Jan 2021

Jan 2021

AJ Bellville

Jim Bellville

Number of days property displays as active on Realtors Property Resource, before accepted offer is noted.

A.J. is the first e-PRO REALTOR® in the area and prides himself in the use of technology to not only improve the marketing of properties, but also in assisting buyers to find their next home as soon as it hits the market. He also prides himself on furthering his education by earning the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), ABR® (Accredited Buyer Representative), e-PRO®, EcoBroker®, RSPS (Resort and Second Home) and SFR (Short Sale and Foreclosure) designations. Previously affiliated with Coldwell Banker, A.J. earned national sales awards with inclusion in the International Diamond Society, as well as the International Sterling Society. Born and raised in Vermont, A.J. took a seven year sabbatical from the area to attend college and work in the Washington, D.C. area. While there, he earned a double degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Maryland (“Fear the Turtle”), while also managing stock market and bank accounts. After seven years of traffic and the “big city”, A.J. decided to return to his roots.

Contact AJ at Bellville Realty Office: 802-257-7979 x1 Cell: 802.380.5514 Email: Serving VT and NH

Bellville Realty

“Jim prides himself on being the real estate agent that really cares and puts the needs of his clients first. He also understands the power of online marketing, driving him to have a personal real estate website in addition to using dozens of real estate portals and launch sites to market his listings. A native of the Brattleboro area, Jim grew up in Guilford, Vermont wandering the woods and exploring the hills surrounding his home. As he got older, his natural wander-lust kept him travelling the roads of Windham and Cheshire Counties, exploring places he hadn’t been and making new friends along the way. Jim attended Lehigh University before transferring to the University of Vermont to double major in English and Technical Theatre. While at UVM, Jim was proud to serve with several volunteer organizations, including The Vermont Children’s Magazine and Volunteers in Action as well as serving in several leadership positions in the UVM chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a coed community service fraternity. After college, Jim served as Sales Manager and Sales Trainer for several national companies, including supervising eleven satellite stores throughout Vermont, New York and Massachusetts during the holiday season. Jim’s whole approach to real estate is to provide the best and most complete possible information to his clients and to allow them to make the decision best for them. He is not afraid to work on his client’s timeline, sometimes working with them for years before the perfect home was found.”

| Saturday, March 27, 2021

Realtors have seen homes sell within days of being listed, and that has put pressure on buyers to move quickly. It also highlights the importance of finding a home inspector before your search begins as well as a lender who can handle quick closings. Ask around for recommendations, but make sure you have these two important professionals lined up before beginning your search. Doing so will give you a better chance of buying in an unusual time.

Vermont real estate, by the numbers

Windham County Meet Your Realtor

Buyers will have less inventory to choose from, so those intent on buying may need to prioritize what they need in a home and focus on finding properties that can fulfill those needs.

Contact Jim at Bellville Realty Cell: 802-380-0684 Website:

Whether you are planning to sell or buy a home, land or commercial property we can help.

255 Western Ave., Brattleboro, VT • 802-257-7979 •

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Bellville Realty is proud to serve the real estate needs of Brattleboro, Vermont, and the surrounding area. A full service real estate agency, we provide services throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.


Windham County Meet Your Realtor Saturday, March 27, 2021 |

What are the differences between real estate agents and brokers? Real estate transactions often involve significant amounts of money. As a result, it's common for both buyers and sellers to enlist the services of a host of professionals with real estate experience. Both buyers and sellers may work with real estate agents and/or real estate brokers en route to buying or selling their homes. Agents and brokers are not one and the same, and there are some important distinctions between the two.

Real estate agent According to Realtor. com, real estate agents are professionally licensed individuals who can help both buyers and sellers. Agents also may help property owners rent their homes. The amount of training real estate agents need to earn their licenses varies by state. Once individuals finish their required training, they must take a written exam that tests their knowledge of federal real estate laws and

Your real estate agent did their job, now it’s my turn.

general principles as well as the laws specific to the state in which they want to become licensed. Only after passing this exam do individuals become recognized real estate agents. Investopedia notes that achieving agent status is the starting point for most real estate professionals.

Real estate broker Real estate brokers are those professionals who have continued their education past the agent

level and obtained a broker's license. Each state has its own requirements in regard to becoming a licensed broker, but education and examinations are necessary regardless of where a person lives. notes that the extra coursework to earn a broker's license focuses on various topics, including ethics, contracts, taxes, and insurance. Agents may learn about these topics as well, but coursework for prospective brokers goes into more depth than it does at the agent level. Brokers also will study and learn about legal issues in regard to real estate. The legal issues brokers may learn about include brokerage

operations, real estate investments, construction, and property management. Requirements vary, but notes that brokers often must work as licensed real estate agents for no less than three years before they can earn their broker's license. There is more than one type of real estate broker. Principal/designated brokers oversee all agents at a given firm and ensure the agents act in compliance with all real estate laws. Managing brokers tend to focus on the hiring and training of agents. Associate brokers have their broker's license but work directly under a managing broker.

Cathy Eakins, VP Residential Lending Officer, CMP NMLS # 515966 802 258 4050

Voted Best Mortgage Lender 2020 by the Brattleboro Reformer Readers Choice Awards and Market Surveys of America!

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List with the Leader! Just look at our CLOSED TRANSACTIONS for 2020 compared to our closest competition!* B H&G T HE MA S I EL L O G R O UP — 851 Berkley & Veller — 625 Four Seasons Sotheby’s — 391 Re/Max Town & County — 353 Brattleboro Area Realty — 289 * Based on closed units from MLS Statistical Reporting for 2020 for all towns in Windham County, VT & Cheshire County, NH