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Saturday, May 30, 2020 | Summer Enrichment Guide


9 Ways to Help Your Student Adapt to Learning at Home When you bring learning home, it can take some time for your child (and you!) to adjust to this new way of learning and being in the world. Some students adapt quickly, but others need a longer transition period. If your child is still struggling or needs help navigating the transition, here are some suggestions that may help:

1. Take it slow.

and how you can support each other in getting it.

6. Offer safe space for your child’s feelings.

Things may need to slow down for a while as you switch gears, but you’ll build up momentum in time. It takes time to settle into a new way of doing things, especially when the change is a big one.

Allow your child to talk frankly about their fears and frustrations. They may be grieving the things they liked about school even as they are relieved to leave behind the things they didn’t like. Listen supportively as they process their feelings.

2. Celebrate every day!

7. Keep your sense of humor!

Each day moves you to new possibilities, greater health and healing, and a stronger sense of togetherness as a family. Be thankful together for these wonderful opportunities.

Laugh at your mistakes and misunderstandings. Keep your attitude light and positive, and chances are good that your child will follow your example.

3. Be flexible in your expecta- 8. Acknowledge all kinds of tions. progress.

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Home learning almost never looks the way you might have imagined. Each day might be very different from the one before. In trying out new things, you can eliminate what doesn’t work while finding what does. Roll with the unexpected, and see where it takes you.


Celebrate your child’s good effort and positive attitude just as much as a correct answer or a passing test score. As your family adjusts and embraces a new rhythm, give yourselves a pat on the back for making it happen.

9. You are the expert on your 4. Ask your child what matters own child! most to them Honor the differences and similarities that feel most important to your child as you define a new approach to learning. Ask them what they disliked about their previous situation, and create a more comfortable way of doing things as you move forward.

5. Make comfort a priority. Change is hard! Help buffer that stress with comfort measures. Comfort may mean something different for each family member, so talk openly about what you need

Even if you’ve never done this sort of thing before, you can trust your instincts about what your child needs. Homeschooling is a big adventure, and most of us have no previous experience with anything like it. If you’re not sure where to start or how to proceed, there are many resources and curriculum packages available to take the guesswork out of it. Oak Meadow curriculum is designed to make it easy for parents and students to make sure they are not missing anything along the way.

Homeschool on your own terms!

Homeschool on your own terms!

Keep school at home, and rediscover the joy of learning. Our �lexible curriculum and accredited distance school will challenge, inspire, and support Keep schoolyou. at home, and

rediscover the joy of learning. Our �lexible curriculum and accredited distance school will challenge, inspire, and support you. oakmeadow.com 802-251-7250

Whether instead of summer camps or in addition, visit our activity resource page for ideas. While the formal study of music is important there are many ways to engage musically.

Did you know you can: Make a banjo with a box? Make a dandelion flute orchestra? Make a glass harmonica? (carefully!) Identify birds by just their song? Starting June 29th we will post weekly activities, designed to keep you and your youngsters musically involved, at bmcvt.org/summer-resource-guide/ Individual lessons are another way to keep exploring music and will be available for some instruments.

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Summer Enrichment Guide | Saturday, May 30, 2020

Looking for musical activities for the summer?

Why is Art Important?

“While I am in the act of making art, I am in another world, totally consumed.”

A simple collage project where the only tools needed are magazines, paper, scissors and a glue stick is easily accessible at home. The goal is to reconnect with that creative side of yourself. To take a deep breath and play, focussing more on the process than the outcome of the art. Check out River Gallery School’s short Art For Kids video to help you get inspired: https://youtu.be/vZufe_OcCEE

--River Gallery School

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In times of unease and financial insecurity, our whole culture shows signs of stress and the most vulnerable populations, including children and their caregivers, can suffer the most. Social isolation and dramatic changes in daily life need the balance of calming and grounding activities. Children and their parents can enjoy activities together that allow them to get lost in the immediate joy and wonder of the moment. The focus on the senses and physicality of art can be very helpful.


Saturday, May 30, 2020 | Summer Enrichment Guide

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We hope to be able to run classes in July and part of August, but due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, we ask that you do not pay at the time of booking. Please let us know of your interest and enroll.When we are closer to that time, you will receive more info about the course and payment. Thanks for your understanding, and stay safe!

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Online offerings at rivergalleryschool.org


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