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Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

“I’m just not ready to say goodbye.”


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness, HospiceCare in The Berkshires is here for the whole family. From understanding your options to offering home health aides, spiritual guidance, and grief counseling, our team will create a personalized plan for you. We’ll take care of the stressful tasks, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones, on your own terms.

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The difference is in our care

The mission of Elder Services of Berkshire County, Inc. is to provide Berkshire elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live with dignity, independence, and self-determination, and to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Enough Pay to Stay

By Christopher McLaughlin, Executive Director of Elder Services Hoping all is well with you and that you are Statement of Inclusivity enjoying the summer. I was relieved when Governor Baker Elder Services practices non-discrimination in employment announced the reopening of the Massachusetts practices and service delivery. Embracing diversity, our in-home and economy and the accompanying end to mask community-based services are available to all without regard to race, mandates and social distancing. Like you, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or lifestyle. I had been looking forward to the end of the state of emergency for more than a year. While I was focused on “getting to the other side” of Twitter: FB/BerkshireSenior COVID-19, I don’t believe I fully appreciated the @Berkshire Senior lasting impact the pandemic would have on our economy and in particular, the workforce. The formal end to the State of Emergency in Massachusetts on Instagram: LinkedIn: Elder Services June 15 resulted in thousands of “new” positions that had been vacant berkshiresenior of Berkshire County during the active months of the pandemic. You have probably seen the many billboards and signs at local businesses offering increased wages to fill many open positions. You may have also read the news about enhanced unemployment benefits and how some people cannot return to work because their childcare providers cannot hire people to care for their children. I don’t claim to fully understand the reasons for the current employment challenges but can tell you that they are real and unfortunately, they affect Berkshire seniors. The home health aides, homemakers and others who provide care in the homes of our clients are employed by local home care agencies we contract with. These individuals, most of whom are women, provide Editorial Board: Deb Aldrich, Bonny DiTomasso, Laura Feakes, Christopher companionship and compassion while performing physically, mentally McLaughlin, Kathleen Cleary, Kathleen Phillips and Susan Guerrero and emotionally draining work in the homes of Berkshire seniors. Prior to the pandemic, there was acknowledgement throughout the Advertising: To place an advertisement in Berkshire Senior, please contact Commonwealth that the wages these direct care professionals receive Kate Teutsch at (413) 496-6324 or e-mail do not adequately compensate them for the invaluable services they Berkshire Senior is published bi-monthly by Elder Services of Berkshire provide. We have a relatively limited labor pool in Berkshire County and County, Inc., 877 South Street, Suite 4E, Pittsfield, MA 01201, 499-0524 or the number of individuals willing to provide in-home support is very 1-800-544-5242, e-mail: or on the internet at small due to the demanding nature of the work and the rate of pay. Challenges with finding child care, concerns about being in clients’ NOTICE homes during the pandemic and other issues forced some individuals Berkshire Senior advertising helps to the defray the costs of producing out of the work force and make it difficult for them to return. This the newspaper. Inclusion of advertisers in no way implies that Elder results in our home care agencies not always being able to deploy individuals to provide in-home care to our clients as soon as we would Services endorses any product or service. like. This scenario is not unique to Elder Services. Our sister agencies Signed columns are the opinion of the writers and not necessarily the throughout the State face similar workforce challenges. Acknowledging the importance of a stable direct care workforce opinion of Elder Services. For medical, financial or other advice, seek a to the health and well-being of Massachusetts’ seniors, the Executive qualified professional in the appropriate field. Office of Elder Affairs, our funding source for the State Home Care Elder Services and its programs are funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Program, provided wage enhancements during the pandemic to strengthen the direct care workforce. More to the point, on July 16 Executive Office of Elder Affairs. Governor Baker signed the Commonwealth’s FY 2022 budget, which State and federal funds provided to Elder Services are limited. Elder includes a $28 million Enough Pay to Stay line item. The Enough Pay Services welcomes charitable donations to help meet the growing needs to Stay provision will provide temporary funding to increase the wages and benefits of the Commonwealth’s direct care workforce so aides


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Volume 39, Number 4 August 2021 The bi-monthly newspaper for Berkshire County seniors


Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

of Berkshire seniors, and gratefully acknowledges all donations.


HEALTHY LIVING Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021 4

Autumn & Apples Go Hand in Hand As skies turn brilliant blue, with huge mounds of white clouds, and leaves transform to splendorous shades of orange, red, and deep yellow, it’s time for all things apple. Apple betty, apple cider donuts, apple muffins, apple pie, applesauce, apple strudel, and apple turnovers are just a few of the delicious creations people make from apples in kitchens throughout Berkshire County. Many people also have childhood memories of flaky-crusted apple pies made by mothers and grandmothers. The home of Marianne Rennie, a Pittsfield native, is already filled with the cinnamon fragrance of apples as she transforms mounds of the fruit into applesauce. Then, the sauce gets mixed into tasty cookies that have quite a history. Marianne’s late mother, Gertrude, who lived in Pittsfield most of her life, used to perform magic in the kitchen with apples, too. Marianne remembers her mother gathering apples from the family homestead’s side yard and transforming them into applesauce and apple pies. One of Marianne’s brothers lives in the homestead now and the generous apple trees still produce a bounty of the fruit. It’s turned into delectable apple desserts, thanks to Marianne. Marianne came across an article that contained the recipe for the applesauce cookies she has perfected. It’s dated 2007. In addition to containing the recipe, the article tells the story of a certain apple tree, “the Algeo tree,” in Mansfield, Ohio, and some fascinating lore about Johnny Appleseed. Mention that name to most older people and they will be familiar with it. Johnny Appleseed, aka John Chapman, was born right here in Massachusetts, in Leominster, in September of 1774 (according to the Internet’s Ohio History Central site). His mother’s name was Elizabeth. His father, Nathanial, happened to be a minuteman in the Continental

Army during the American Revolution. History tells that Elizabeth died and Nathanial eventually re-married. He and his second wife had 10 more children! When he was just 13 years old, Johnny’s father helped him get an apprenticeship to a man who managed apple trees, it has been documented. He learned a lot about planting and growing all kinds of apples. Then, when he was 18, he and a half-brother left the kid-filled home to travel throughout the west. Throughout his early life, Johnny logged more than 4,000 miles around the country. H e s p e n t m a ny ye a r s i n Ohio. According to published information, Johnny Appleseed lived out his life as a vegetarian. He was a very peaceful man who never married or had children. He wore raggedy clothes that he bartered for with apples, according to reports. In the article Marianne Rennie found, it was noted that he planted hundreds of apple trees throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In Mansfield, near by the Algeo family farm, Johnny Appleseed planted a tree that had Rambo apples. Apparently, that type of apple tree was brought to America in 1640 by Peter Gunnarsson Rambo, a Swedish immigrant. “These tart, flavorful heirloom apples are particularly good for pies and dumplings,” the old article notes. “They also make good applesauce, which Phyllis, 81, prepares by cooking down chopped, peeled and cored apples, putting the mixture through a sieve, and then freezing it. Her grandkids love the applesauce and she uses it in cookies, following a recipe that has been handed down for generations.” The Ohio family matriarch is quoted as saying this about the ancient tree: “Every spring I think it’s the last year but Johnny’s watching over it.” Marianne graciously gave a copy of the Algeo Family Applesauce Cookieso it could be

shared with readers. Here it is:

The Algeo Family Applesauce Cookies These simple cookies can be made by hand ---no mixer required Cookies: ¾ cup of shortening 1 cup of packed brown sugar 1 egg ½ cup applesauce 2 and 1/4 cups of all-purpose flour, sifted ½ teaspoon of baking soda ½ teaspoon salt ¾ teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground cloves 1 cup raisins ½ cup chopped walnuts Topping: ¼ cup of granulated sugar 1 teaspoon of cinnamon Preheat oven to 375F To prepare cookies, combine shortening, brown sugar and egg; stir well. Stir in applesauce. Combine dry ingredients. Add to shortening mixture; stir well. Fold in raisins and nuts. Drop by tablespoons onto a greased

baking sheet. To prepare topping, combine sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl and sprinkle on cookies. Bake 10 to 12 minutes. While cookies are warm, press down slightly to create a crinkly appearance. Makes 32 cookies. (Per cookie: 120 calories, 6g fat, 5mg chol., 1gprot., 17g carbs., 1g fiber, 60mg sodium) The online version of the recipe can be found here: https:// In her spotless kitchen, first Marianne makes applesauce from the apples that come from trees on the family Pittsfield homestead lawn. She’s not sure what kind of apples they are but they make a delicious sauce. Then, using that homemade applesauce, she makes the Algeo Family Applesauce Cookies. She especially loves making them when she has the out-oftown company of her two young grandchildren. Luckily for Berkshire County residents, there are apples aplenty and apple baked goods available for many weeks in autumn.

Enough Pay to Stay continued from page 3

and homemakers will “stay” on the job and help attract new workers. Implementation of the 2022 Enough Pay to Stay is a great place to start to address our workforce challenges. As the increase in wages associated with the 2022 version of Enough Pay to Stay is temporary, our hope is that a future “structural fix” will have a more lasting impact in stabilizing the workforce. My purpose in talking about Berkshire County’s workforce challenges is not to alarm you. I believe you are probably aware

that a shortage of workers sometimes results in a delay in filling cases. However, I do want to make you aware that this problem is not unique to Berkshire County and that our legislators and State agencies are aware of these challenges and are being proactive in trying to address them. I will keep you updated on the status of Enough Pay to Stay and other developments regarding the direct care workforce. Until next time be good, be kind and be careful.

by Christian Tenczar Inter net connectivity at home has become increasingly more important throughout the years. These days having Internet service in your home is practically a required utility, as important as running water or electricity. Even still, many people don’t know much about how their home Internet works could improve their signal and service just by making some basic adjustments to their home.

Internet Providers & Wi-Fi Router It would be amazing if Internet service at home just came out of the tap or the plug like water and electricity. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. First, you must have an Internet Service Provider and subscribe to Internet service. In our area Spectrum is the most common internet provider and you can

also get television and phone service bundled with it. Your Internet Service Provider will give you a router to connect to the internet. Most of these routers have Wi-Fi or wireless internet built in although sometimes you may have to purchase your own Wi-Fi router, your Internet Provider can help you with this. Make sure you place your router in a central location in your home so that you get good signal to all your rooms. It might be tempting to place your router in a corner or a closet, but this could result in some areas of your home being not fully covered.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips If your Internet stops working don’t panic. Start by restarting the router, a simple process. Just unplug the power to the router from the wall or power strip, wait a few seconds for the router to fully power off, then plug it back in. You should see

the lights on your router slowly turn back on, it can take 2-3 minutes to fully power back on and your Internet to return. If this doesn’t work, give your Internet Service Provider a call. If there’s an Internet outage in your area there will be a recorded voice letting you know, then the automated voice will walk you through a remote reset of your router. In many cases the reset will do the trick, but if not then a service technician will be sent out to help.


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Home Wi-Fi and Internet Tips

Wi-Fi Extenders If you have a large home and some areas don’t get good signal then you can install a WiFi Extender. These are small boxes which you can buy online or in the electronics department of stores. All extenders are different, so make sure you follow the instructions when setting it up or ask for help from a friend or family member.

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Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021




Berkshire Senior Spotlight

A Treasure Among Us, Irene Willis

Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

by Kathleen Cleary Although I’ve rarely been a poetry reader, over this past year I found myself turning to poetry often, like so many others, to find some comfort, solace and humor while we traveled along this lonely pandemic journey. I recently discovered a unique gem in Irene Willis’ latest poetry book, Green Dialogue. C h o ck f u l l o f p e r s o n a l thoughts, memories, reflections, re g re t s a n d h u m o r f ro m childhood right through the journey of a long and fulfilling life. Written with such honesty and openness, one feels the losses and joys and ironies as Irene so craft-fully captures thoughts and emotions in her poems. A real delight! My husband and I first met Irene when we owned The

Lamplighter in Great Barrington and she was a frequent customer. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Irene on a personal basis this year and have come to realize she is a true treasure among the many talented Seniors who live in Berkshire County. Although she began writing poetry at age six, award-winning poet Irene Willis was a published prose writer long before she published a single poem. With her first husband, Richard Willis, she co-authored a children’s book and edited two best-selling textbooks. The latter were among the first in the U.S. that allowed black and brown children to see themselves in stories and pictures as they learned reading skills. Later, with psychoanalyst Arlene Kramer Richards, she published three books for young adults, dealing with topics such

a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from New England College. Having taught for many years in high schools, colleges and graduate schools, most recently at Westfield State University and American International College, she is now retired and living in the Berkshires where she works from home as a free-lance writer and editor. Currently, she is finishing a new book: Allow Me: New and Selected Poems, 19752021), forthcoming from IPBooks. An emeritus member of the Authors’Guild, she is also an Educator Associate of the International Psychoanalytic Association and Poetry Editor of the online p u bl i c at i o n , I n t e r n at i o n a l Psychoanalysis ( w w w., where she has a monthly column called Poetry Monday. Irene happily offers poetry readings for groups and delivers her readings with passion, enthusiasm and humor.


We have always believed that everyone deserves to have their story told and their life acknowledged.

234 Wahconah Street Pittsfield MA 01201

Let us help design the best way to honor your cherished family member.

Fri e nds he l p i ng f rien d s sinc e 1 9 1 5 40 MAPLE WOOD AVEN UE • PI T T S F I E L D, M A 0 1 2 0 1

C A LL U S: 41 3.4 45 .59 88


as parents’ divorce, teenage pregnancy and friendship. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that her poems appeared in print. Since then, she has published six collections: They Tell Me You Danced (University Press of Florida, 1995); At the Fortune Café recipient of the Violet Reed Haas Award and nominated for a National Book Award; Those Flames (Bay Oak Publishers, Ltd., 2009); Reminder (Word Poetry, 2014); Rehearsal (IPBooks,2018) and Green Dialogue (IPBooks, 2020). She has also edited two anthologies: Climate of Opinion: Sigmund F reud in Poetry (IPBooks, 2017) and What They Bring: The Poetry of Migration and Immigration, co-edited with Jim Haba (IPBooks, 2020). The latter was featured at a recent fund-raising project for the Immigrant Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Irene Willis’ poems have also appeared in many journals and anthologies, both print and online. Awards for her poetry include a Distinguished Artist Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a residency fellowship from the Millay Colony for the Arts, and grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Berkshire/Taconic Foundation. She attended St. Lawrence University, holds a B.S. in Education from SUNY Fredonia, a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from New York University and

Pro ud affi l i ate o f C arri ag e S e rvice s | Jo h n W. Bre s n a h a n


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NUTRITION PROGRAM SENIOR COMMUNITY DINING CENTERS Due to the end of the State of Emergency, the status and offerings of the Senior BERKSHIRE COUNTY

Community Dining Centers are likely to evolve. Please call for the latest update.




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Eligible seniors 60 years or older are welcome to attend any Senior Community Dining Center. Reservations are requested 24 hours in advance. A suggested donation is $2.00 per meal. All contributions are returned to the community toward the cost of the Nutrition Program and Services. Those 59 or under are welcome at a required fee of $7.00 per meal.

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Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021


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Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021




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Dear Friends of Elder Services: The mission of Elder Services of Berkshire County, Inc. (Elder Services) continued during the Coronavirus pandemic as the Agency offered its full complement of services without interruption. Elder Services provides a wide variety of programs and services to more than 10,000 Berkshire County residents each year. The various programs range from Meals on Wheels to Home Care Case Management. Over 32.6% of Berkshire County’s population is comprised of residents 60 years of age and older. The aging population will continue to increase. Unfortunately, one of the realities of the aging population is suicide. Berkshire Health System’s most recent Berkshire County Community Health Needs Assessment cites a Massachusetts Department of Public Health statistic that the rate of suicide in Massachusetts during 20122016 for individuals age 65 and over was 7.8%. In Berkshire County, death by suicide during the same period was 14.1% for our residents age 65 and older.


877 South Street, Suite 4E, Pittsfield, MA 01201 Telephone (413) 499-0524 Fax (413) 442-6443 E-Mail

Elder Services newest program is the EMHOT (the Elder Mental Health Outreach Team). Elder Services EMOT began providing services in Berkshire County less than six months before the pandemic began. EMHOT provides intensive, short-term, solutions focused casework for those 60 and over who are at risk of self-neglect and are socially isolated by geography, fractured relationships with family and friends or by choice. During the height of the pandemic, the need for flexible intervention in the Berkshires increased dramatically, leaving our most vulnerable citizens at even greater risk. The goal of the EMHOT Program is to transition clients out of crisis mode, help them to live safely and be better able to manage their daily lives. There are many stories about how the EMHOT assists Berkshire seniors with unmet or undertreated behavioral health needs. I would like to share one of those stories with you. “John”, a 71-year old Vietnam Vet was referred to the EMHOT Program. When the EMHOT clinician first met John, he appeared disheveled and anxious. His speech was impoverished and it was difficult for him to make eye contact. John reported to the clinician that he was on probation because of criminal activity during blackouts from excessive alcohol use. While there was no evidence he was actively drinking at the time of their meeting, he had not left his home for several days, but could not remember exactly when. John reported he ran out of food and had not eaten “in a while”. In addition, he was not taking his medication and showed the clinician two expired prescriptions for his bipolar disorder. During weekly counseling sessions with John, the clinician worked to ease his hesitancy about accepting home delivered meals and eventually, other in-home services. As a result, he not only received a nutritious noon meal 5-days a week, but a daily well-being check from his Meals on Wheels driver during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is but one story of how the services Elder Services provides enable Berkshire seniors and people with disabilities to live with dignity, independence and self-determination to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Your support helps ensure that Berkshire seniors continue to receive the programs and services they need to help them live the most fulfilling lives possible in the homes of their choice. We are grateful for your donation in any amount. Thank you in advance for your gift in support of the many valuable programs offered by Elder Services. Here are ways to donate: 1. Visit for an online donation form 2. Send your check in the enclosed envelope 3. Call Elder Services’ Fiscal Department at (413) 499-0524 Thank you again, and if you may have an interest in helping Elder Services as a volunteer, your assistance will be most helpful and appreciated. Call us any time for volunteer opportunities. Sincerely,

John Philpott, President Board of Directors

A member agency of... Funding for the EMHOT Program has been provided in part from a grant awarded to the Massachusetts Councils on Aging by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.


Northern Berkshire United Way

Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

When John began receiving in-patient psychiatric care, his clinician collaborated with hospital staff, his family and other community behavioral health providers to ensure his discharge plan would be successful. After six months, he transitioned to another agency where he would receive longer term mental health support from multiple disciplines. John was taking new prescribed medications as ordered, had energy in his voice and reported he was doing fine. At their final counseling session, the clinician told John that she was very proud of him and that he had made great strides. John thanked the clinician for her help. He continues to do well with the depth of services the clinician helped to establish for him.



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Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

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It’s not too early to think about how to pay your home heating bills through next spring. Plan ahead for the impending cold weather don’t wait until your heat is not working and your time and options are limited. You can call your utility company to ask about a budget payment plan. In addition, you can contact Berkshire Community Action Council (BCAC) to apply for fuel assistance. BCAC is the local agency that administers the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). LIHEAP helps low-income people pay part of the cost of their primary source of heat from November 1st through April 30th. For more information go to BCAC’s website or call them at 413-445-4503, for North County 413-663-3014, or toll free 1-866-216-6200. You can also contact Elder Services’ Information and Referral Dept at 413-4990524 for more important money saving tips to help you manage your heating budget this coming winter season.

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“Need a FREE ride to a Health-related wellness visit? Call us at RSVP!” -Mike, a proud volunteer for RSVP’s Wheels for Wellness program

Call 413.442.0907

More Clarity. More hearing.

Hear the sounds that shouldn’t be missed Introducing Oticon More™ a life-changing hearing device with BrainHearing™ technology

Science shows that we hear with our brains and not our ears. Oticon More helps your brain decipher intricate details of relevant sounds for better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more. All in a rechargeable hearing aid that delivers direct streaming from iPhone® and Android™*.


This program is also sponsored by the Berkshire Community Action Council, Berkshire Fallon Health Collaborative, and Berkshire Interfaith Organizing

We are looking for new drivers for our Wheels for Wellness team. Use your own car, choose your own times to drive your neighbors to their wellness appointments anywhere in Berkshire County.

Why not join us today? If you are 55+ years old, reside in Berkshire County, and desire to give back to the community, RSVP is for you.

• Better sound quality • 15% increase in speech understanding** • Available in rechargeable • 3 year warranty & 3 year loss coverage

*Android devices need to support ASHA to allow direct connectivity to Oticon More. Please visit for more information. ** Compared to industry leading Oticon Opn S™

16 Bartlett Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201 - 413-499-9345

Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

More life.

RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, has a new program, in addition to its established van transport in the Pittsfield area. The new Wheels for Wellness program is available to all county residents, of any age, who need a ride to health-related or wellness destinations anywhere within Berkshire County. To hear all the details, and/or make an appointment, call us at 413-395-0109




Congressman Richard Neal 50 Independence Ave. SW Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-5610 Senior aide: William.tranghese@mail. 300 State Street Springfield, MA 01105-1711 (413) 785-0325 Aide:

Senator Adam Hinds 24 Beacon Street, Room 109E Boston, MA 02133 (617) 722-1625 District Office: (413) 344-4561

Rep. Smitty Pignatelli 24 Beacon Street, Room 473F Boston, MA 02133 (617) 722-2210 District Office: (413) 637-0631

Rep. John Barrett, III 24 Beacon Street, Room 237 Boston, MA 02133 (617) 722-2305 District Office: (413) 743-8300

Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier


24 Beacon Street, Room 156 Boston, MA 02133 (627) 722-2240 District Office: (413) 442-4300

Rep. Paul Mark 24 Beacon Street, Room 160 Boston, MA 02133 (617) 722-2304 District Office: (413) 464-5635

AARP NEEDS YOU! Volunteer in Your Community You’ve got just what it takes to help your neighbors in need. Many older, low income taxpayers miss out on credits and deductions they’ve earned because they can’t afford to pay for professional tax preparation. With the help of neighbors like you, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide offers free tax preparation and filing help to those who need it most. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life. We can show you how. We’re looking for compassionate and friendly individuals to join our team of local Berkshire volunteers for the 2022 tax season. Our volunteers

receive training, IRS Certification and continued support in a welcoming environment. And, as our current volunteers say, “you’ll not only learn new skills, but also get that great feeling from helping someone else.” Apply at and follow Become a Volunteer prompts or call 1-888-227-7669 or call locally at 413-446-7483 Recent volunteers include a homemaker, engineer, doctor, lawyer, teacher, student, professor, accountant, military and more. Sites include Williamstown, North Adams, Adams, Dalton, Pittsfield, Lenox, Lee and Great Barrington

Become a Brown Bag: Food for Elders Member The Food Bank’s Brown Bag: Food for Elders membership program provides a free bag of groceries to qualified seniors ages 55 and up as well as other adults who qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This monthly bag of mostly non-perishable foods helps ensure that seniors have additional staples in their pantries when they need them most. Distribution sites are located in Berkshire County. Learn more and find out if you or your loved one qualify for this free program today. Application assistance is available five days a week.

Visit, or call our Brown Bag team at

(800) 247-9632, ext. #110

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Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021




Elder Services’ Berkshire Senior, August-September 2021

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