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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

2023 Berkshire Nonprofi t Awards

Hosted by Nonprofi t Center of the Berkshires in partnership with The Berkshire Eagle

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– Anne Frank

The Berkshire Nonprofit Awards returns to a live celebration in its 6th year

Each year we look forward to celebrating the dedication, creativity and passion of the people who work in the Berkshires’ large nonprofit sector. A panel of 21 judges embarks on a challenging process of choosing one honoree in each of 7 categories from among many worthy nominations. It is clear that the nonprofit sector is home to many “rockstar” employees whose great work is so appreciated by their organizations. It is a privilege to gather in person this year at the 6th annual Berkshire Nonprofit Awards on May 23rd to recognize them all.

While the public may never see the extraordinary behind-the-scenes of nonprofit work, we know the positive impact on our community, and we can show our appreciation in a number of ways – through financial contributions, attending events, volunteering and advocacy. May is not the ”giving” season per se, but if you value our healthcare workers, teachers, caregivers, food pantry organizers, mental health and housing providers, among others, consider donating or volunteering if you are able. Together, we CAN improve our world. –

Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires


Kids 4 Harmony will perform at the 6th Annual Berkshire Nonprofit Awards. Kids 4 Harmony is a free, intensive classical music program for youth from some of the most under-resourced communities in Berkshire County.

These 21 judges from both the corporate and nonprofit sectors carefully ranked their choices from among 68 nominations, culminating in a virtual meeting to finalize 8 honorees. We thank them for their time and integrity.

2 Saturday, May 20, 2023 | Berkshire Nonprofit Awards 2023 The Berkshire Eagle |
Judges Clockwise from top left: Nelson Fernandez/Consultant, Liana Toscanini (facilitator), Maureen Baran/Adams Community Bank, Dan Stanyon/Salisbury Bank, Dan Bosley/Consultant, Patrick Danahey/Consultant, Caterina Penna/Berkshire Community College, Emily Daunis/Berkshire United Way, Beth Anne DeGeorgis/Berkshire Pride, Shela Levante/MCLA, Stephanie Steed/18 Degrees, Maria Nation/Screenwriter, Andy Wrba/Milltown Capital, John Halbreich/Volunteer New Marlborough Fire Dept, Kelly Sweet/Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Leslie Appleget/North Adams Public Schools, Brian Berkel/Board Berkshire Coalition for Suicide Prevention, Eleanore Velez/Diversity & Inclusion Champion (Missing from photo: Jennifer Connor Shumsky/Greylock Federal Credit Union, Auric Enchill/Elegant Stitches, Stacey Carver/Berkshire Money Management, Melissa Myers/Berkshire Bank)



Charles Bonenti/David & Joyce Milne

Public Library

Susie Crofut/Sandisfield Arts Center

Linda A. Febles/Ad Lib Inc

Rachel Melendez Mabee/Berkshire

United Way


Jason F. Cuyler/2nd Street Second


Leigh Doherty/Literacy Network

Melissa Helm/National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Berkshire County

Kathy Keeser/Louison House

Molly Merrihew/ WAM Theatre

Robert Mulhall/Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Jodi Shafi roff/Becket Athenaeum, Inc.

Ben Sosne/Berkshire Innovation Center

William P. Sturgeon/UCP of Western Massachusetts

Carolyn Valli/Central Berkshire

Habitat for Humanity

Gwendolyn Hampton VanSant/ Multicultural BRIDGE, Inc.

Susan Wissler/Edith Wharton



Julianne Boyd/Barrington Stage Company

Debbie Caiola/Berkshire County Arc

Ann Jon/SculptureNow

Gail M. Molari/MOLARI Employment and HealthCare Services

Anne Nemetz-Carlson/Child Care of the Berkshires, Inc.

Madison Quinn/Strong Little Souls

Ed Sedarbaum/Rainbow Seniors of Berkshire County


Abigail Allard/Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center

Kayla Allen/Berkshire County

Regional Housing Authority (BCRHA)

Haley Barbieri/ Ventfort Hall Mansion and Gilded Age Museum

Jackeline Gonzalez/Berkshire Food Project Inc.

Chris Handschuh/Mass MoCA

Melissa Helm/National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Berkshire County

Tyeesha R. Keele-Kedroe/18

Degrees, Inc.

Maggie LaMee/Barrington Stage Company

Ryan Mulcahy/AdLib, Inc.

Brenda Petell/Berkshire United Way

Lauren Smith/Fairview Hospital

Patricia Strauch/Dewey Memorial Hall


Benjamin Bailey/ The Brien Center

Susan Briggs/ Williamstown Chamber of Commerce

Amy Chin/Literacy Network of South Berkshire

Sheila Dargie/Berkshire Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Carmen Villalobos Guevara/ Latinas413

Chris Handschuh/MASS MoCA

Tracy Johnson/Multicultural BRIDGE, Inc.

Isabelle Kaplan/Berkshire Immigrant Center

Paul O’Brien/Sheffield Historical Society


Marianne J. Bailey/Berkshire Food Project Inc.

Shirley Edgerton/ROPE

Susan W. Gold/Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Foundation

Marc Hurel/Literacy Network

Anne Hutchinson/ The People’s Pantry

Catherine F Mayne/18 Degrees

Family Services of Western MA

Debra Miersma/Barrington Stage Company

Jennifer Connor Shumsky/Greylock Federal Credit Union


Florence Afanukoe/BRIDGE

Logan Baker/ YMCA

Deisy Escobar/Railroad Street Youth


Ben Gross/Monument Mountain Regional High School National Honor Society

Nicholas Hardcastle/ The People’s Pantry of Great Barrington

Emma Lezberg/Berkshire Immigrant Center

Dahlia Logan/Monument Mountain

Regional High School Student Adult Advisory Board

Juliana Lopez/Berkshire South Regional Community Center; Berkshire Immigration Center

Lucia Pantano/ Youth Health Collaborative


Jacob Shron/Monument Mountain Regional High School Student Adult Advisory Board

Jacob Tullo/AYJ Fund

*We celebrate 2 Lifetime Achievement honorees this year

The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires was founded in 2016 by Liana Toscanini to help nonprofits connect, learn and grow. Through workshops, networking events, research and advocacy, the NPC is always connecting nonprofits to resources, including grant opportunities, pro bono consultants and people just like YOU, ready to jump in and help! Call us anytime at (413) 441-9542 to get involved or visit

Liana Toscanini, Founder & Executive Director

NPC Board of Directors:

Dan Stanyon, Chair

Marianne Fresia, Treasurer

Katherine Grubbs, Secretary

Stephanie Bosley

Ilene Marcus

Cass Santos-China

Laurie Werner

Warrior Trading Gives Back

3 | Saturday, May 20, 2023 Berkshire Nonprofi t Awards 2023 The Berkshire Eagle |
$1,000,000 and counting
2023 Awards

Susan Crofut Sandisfield Arts Center

Demonstrates Prudent Use of Assets

As a longtime board member (and past co-chair), Susie has acted with unflagging and intelligent concern for our assets — chief among them our historic building and its ongoing preservation — by drafting a plan for an historically compliant renovation and engaging architectural historians to advise in the process.

Provides Oversight to Advance Effectiveness and Sustainability

Susie’s sage advice is sought on almost every major decision regarding the Arts Center. She remains committed to finding strong, well-qualified and well-informed individuals — with invaluable, often hidden skills — to serve the allvolunteer organization going forward.

Ensures Compliance While Advancing the Mission

Susie brings her even-keeled perspective to all facets of the nonprofit. She has been deemed, both formally and informally, the face of the Arts Center and indispensable to the advancement of our mission.

Service on Committees/Task Forces/Special Assignments

Susie’s willingness to donate countless hours of her time, energy and good thinking is unparalleled. She recently stepped up to lead a pair of special projects (the creation of a Memorial Garden and an Historical Wall in the building); she founded and manages the Bill Crofut Fund for Children and was instrumental in establishing and launching the Daniel Manacher Young Artists Prize last year — evidence of her ongoing commitment to recognizing and advancing young artists.

“[Susie] is a low-key but effective spokesperson and advocate for the organization in all the many activities she participates in [across] south Berkshire county.”

Leigh Doherty

Literacy Network of South Berkshire Inc.

Guiding Strategic Growth to Meet Community Needs

LitNet has grown and flourished under Leigh’s leadership. She has raised money to fill the new tutoring center with resources; grown tutoring activity by almost 25% in 2022; and launched a pair of programs to meet the needs of adult learners who did not finish high school and first-generation college applicants.

Elevating the Mission

Whether collaborating with partners to improve services to our learner community or working with businesses who employ immigrants to increase access to one-on-one tutoring, Leigh lives the LitNet mission every day. She is an advocate through and through.

Nurture and Inspire Staff, Board, Donors, and Community Partners

Leigh’s pursuit of excellence is dogged. She motivates those around her to accomplish the unimaginable and is a gifted multitasker; her boundless energy and infectious collaboration has led to an inclusive work environment that encourages innovation for all.

Creative or Innovative Strategies to Overcome Obstacles

An innovative leader who thinks outside the box, Leigh relies on creative problem solving. When a board member felt underutilized and subsequently resigned, Leigh called on her to serve as an expert educator and provide counsel to a staff member as a means of keeping her engaged while allowing others to benefit from her expertise.

“Leigh’s ardor and influence are everywhere. She approaches each project with a can-do attitude, knows how to make a vision reality and followsthrough on ambitious ideas.”


The Sandisfield Arts Center Board of Directors congratulates long-time board member

on winning the 2023 Board Leadership Award of the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires. Please go to for a preview of the 2023 season, a series of programs that Susie helped put together.

4 Saturday, May 20, 2023 | Berkshire Nonprofi t Awards 2023 The Berkshire Eagle |

Tyeesha R. Keele-Kedroe

18 Degrees, Inc.

Positive Impact on Organization

As a brand-new site director, Tyeesha was tasked with leading an understaffed childcare center amidst the chaos of COVID. She more than rose to the occasion — taking on more than 22 staff in less than a year and working with vulnerable families to achieve the lowest turnover in staff the agency has seen in four years.

Personal Attributes Contributing to Achievement

Tyeesha has strengthened our community with calm, grace and humility. She coaches new teachers in the fundamentals and problem solves with tenured staff — all in an effort to prepare kids for their educational journey.

Commitment and Dedication to Organization/Mission

Tyeesha exemplifies accountability, integrity, and courage in her work with children and families. When her approach to teaching requires a wider lens on the world than a simple classroom lesson plan, she applies trauma-informed care and extends compassion to individuals who are struggling.

Going “Above and Beyond” the Job

Tyeesha is a calm role model who rolls up her sleeves and joins in the work. While the pandemic called on so many to become their best selves and face unusual challenges, Tyeesha did this on many levels — stepping up to be in our emergency childcare, showing kiddos how to wear a mask, and keeping classrooms extra clean.

“Tyeesha makes the heavy lift look effortless and is always willing to do more. Teaching is her superpower and the classroom is her home.”

—John D. Cadiz, nominator

Florence Afanukoe

Multicultural BRIDGE

Impact on Organization and Community

From the beginning (as a Pittsfield High School student participating in a BRIDGE initiative with MCLA and Greylock Federal Credit Union), Florence has inspired others with her passion and intelligence. She has been with the organization as an intern since enrolling in college, assuming full leadership of the youth program — doubling capacity, enrollment and growth in the process — while meeting her vision that the BRIDGE model would reach kids in Pittsfield.

Demonstrates Passion and Commitment to Chosen Cause

Florence’s family migration story from Togo and her youth experience as a Black student in the Berkshires (featured in the UMASS public health documentary, Mosaic), is one of pain and sacrifice, triumph and hope. Through her work, Florence demonstrates leadership and voice for all — from peers and youth to adults in the community.

Makes a Difference in the Community

As a youth leader trained in trauma-informed practices and Undoing Racism® (both of which support the public health work she brings to the Race Task Force), Florence has impacted myriad BIPOC youth in the Berkshires.

Shows Young People Can Make a Difference

Florence has an impressive CV that includes ongoing work addressing racism, sexism, colorism, gay rights and the school-to-prison pipeline in her different school communities. She graduated magna cum laude from University of Bridgeport after just seven semesters of study.

“[Florence] models possibility — [she] is eager to learn and eager to continue to make a difference.”

—Gwendolyn VanSant, nominator

5 | Saturday, May 20, 2023 Berkshire Nonprofit Awards 2023 The Berkshire Eagle |

Sheila Dargie

Berkshire Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Importance of Role Within Organization

As the Center Director, Sheila serves as the liaison between the Berkshire AHEC, the Massachusetts Network and National Organization. Five years ago, she was tasked with implementing the Health Scholars’ Program in collaboration with Berkshire Community College, a grantfunded program for health career students.

Personal and Professional Qualities

Sheila is a details expert whose institutional knowledge is unheard of. Her unparalleled investment, in the success of every student she meets, suggests she probably should have been a teacher. Instead, she mentors AHECs around the country and jumps in when needed — even filling the role of interim executive director — all with humility.

Worthiness of Work and Attitude

Over the years, executive directors have come and gone; the board has evolved; the office location has changed (no fewer than five times, under Sheila’s expert guidance); and staff has turned over. Through it all, Sheila has remained a constant.

Recognition: Internal vs. Public

Sheila is fiercely committed to advocacy for the disability community in both her personal and professional life. Her official 25th anniversary at Berkshire AHEC will be celebrated in September — a milestone marking her myriad successes and contributions to the community at large.

“Sheila has been the glue that holds Berkshire AHEC up for many years now.…she fills in all the cracks without having to be asked to do so; it’s just her nature to keep things moving forward.”

—Gena Johnson, nominator

Shirley Edgerton

Rites of Passage & Empowerment (R.O.P.E.) Program

Annual Volunteer Hours: thousands

Volunteer Activities

Shirley’s legacy of local volunteerism began with Youth Alive Step Team and Drum Corps and includes the Women of Color Giving Circle of the Berkshires and R.O.P.E. She currently serves on the board of 18 Degrees and the executive committee of the N.A.A.C.P. In 2018 and 2019 respectively, Shirley was recognized for her community work with a pair of honorary doctorates from The College of Our Lady of the Elms and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Impact on Organization

In keeping with the R.O.P.E. mission, Shirley is committed to celebrating and honoring adolescent girls’ entry into womanhood and providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful, independent and responsible women.

Impact on Those Served

Whether organizing international service learning projects on the continent of Africa or driving local BIPOC youth on road trips to visit HBCUs (to see colleges full of students and professors who look like them), Shirley has supported and empowered many young women in the Berkshires to pursue their future dreams by attending college and/or reaching for the stars.

“Shirley has decades of extraordinary volunteer service in the Berkshires with a variety of organizations and initiatives…[and she] has provided extraordinary hope and support for local youth, especially young women of color, through her many years of volunteer work.”

6 Saturday, May 20, 2023 | Berkshire Nonprofit Awards 2023 The Berkshire Eagle |
UNSUNG HERO HONOREE VOLUNTEER HONOREE For additional information, contact Lisa Cardinal at (617) 510-4036 or CONNECTING ORGANIZATIONS to RETIREMENT ® The Massachusetts 401(k) CORE Plan for Small Nonprofits FREE Informational Webinar Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 11 a.m. ET To register, click here or scan QR code

Julianne Boyd

Barrington Stage Co.

Widespread and Ongoing Community Influence

After co-founding BSC in 1995, Julianne built her company into a major regional theatre — ultimately deemed “one of the jewels in the state’s crown” by the Boston Globe — putting Pittsfield on the Commonwealth’s cultural map in the process. Today, BSC remains an economic driver in the city where the nonprofit’s education and community engagement programs impact thousands of young people each year.

Individual’s Exceptional Accomplishments

Prior to arriving in the Berkshires, Julianne directed the Broadway musical Eubie! (which garnered three Tony nominations); co-conceived of and directed the Off Broadway musical revue A...My Name Is Alice; and served as President of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. In 2020, BSC was named Theatre of the Decade by BroadwayWorld.

Commitment to Highest Values

In 2000, Julianne created the Playwright Mentoring Project — BSC’s flagship youth program — that has impacted thousands of students struggling with seemingly insurmountable problems; the program went on to win the prestigious Coming Up Taller Award in 2007, the highest honor from the White House for an after school program. In 2021, Julianne launched Black Voices Matter, a year-round initiative that provides a platform for Black creativity and creates allyship with the Black community.

“Julie is tenacious, passionate, and determined to better herself, her organization, and her community… there is no challenge she won’t take on to better Pittsfield.”

Exhibits Long-Term Courage and Perseverance

In 2020, when BSC became the first national company to produce a professional play in the wake of the COVID-19, the NYT dubbed Julianne a “pandemic pioneer.” In September 2022, a block of Union Street in Pittsfield was renamed “Boyd-Quinson Way” in honor of Mary Ann Quinson, BSC board chair, and Boyd, the nonprofit’s founding artistic director — a fitting nod to her courage and perseverance, traits that have manifested over nearly three decades at the helm of BSC.

Anne Nemetz-Carlson

Child Care of the Berkshires, Inc.

Widespread and Ongoing Community Influence

During her 39-year tenure (which culminated at the close of 2022), Anne was a tireless advocate for the children and families of Berkshire County. In her role as President and CEO of CCB, Anne was a leader, mentor, teacher and friend to many — advocating for high quality child care programs, access for lowincome children and improved compensation for educators and family support specialists who work with this high-risk population.

Individual’s Exceptional Accomplishments

Over the course of her tenure, Anne grew the CCB budget by almost 500% — driven by a desire to deliver more programming and services for “her” kids and their families. Prior to the pandemic, Anne obtained a large State grant, in excess of $1 million, to renovate the Sarah Haskins Building (a former elementary school in need of significant renovations) which now provides a safe, welcoming space for children, families and staff in North Adams.

Commitment to Highest Values

Since 1974, Anne has been a strong leader in promoting high quality early education and care for young children and vulnerable parents. After serving five years as the director of Williamstown Community Daycare, she joined Child Care of the Berkshires and expanded the organization’s programming and diversified its funding to create a more stable and sustainable agency that has a large and positive impact in the community.

Exhibits Long-Term Courage and Perseverance

Anne and her team navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with compassion, dedication, and a spirit of partnership. Their “pivot” included transitioning traditional home-visiting staff members to focus on creative virtual coaching in parenting skills and supporting parents.

“[Anne] has been a dedicated and creative force of nature. She is dedicated, resourceful, [and] tireless… she devoted her life to children and families in this area and is their consummate advocate.”

*In a highly unusual “tie” situation, there are two Lifetime honorees this year – two forces of nature who have been at it for more than 30 years, making a huge impact in our community, starting from nothing and expanding to the huge and stable organizations they both retired from in the past year! The Berkshires is lucky to have had these two tireless women leading the way in their respective sectors for over three decades.

7 | Saturday, May 20, 2023 Berkshire Nonprofi t Awards 2023 The Berkshire Eagle |
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CONGRATULATIONS 2023 Berkshire Nonprofit Award Honorees!
congratulate this year’s recipients and nominees of the Berkshire Nonprofit Awards, and all the nonprofits whose work adds to the vitality, equity, and strength of our community in the Berkshires.
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18 Degrees

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