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Pinehurst Region: Home of American Golf

Northern Exposure Four Season Golf Communities

Named the #1 Family Resort by Golf Magazine


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Saddlebrook Resort • Tampa Bay Stay-N-Play packageS


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night of stay for travel November 12, 2020 – • 18 Holes per • VALIDPer Stay-n-Play Packages from $233 Person/Per Night January 31, 2021 • Grab–n–Go Breakfast Credit Double in Deluxe Guest Room -$142 per person/ • $10 Per Stay uPro-Shop Two Arnold Palmer Signature •Golf Courses per night plus 11% tax and Storage • Nightly ClubuCleaning Day) access Only Replay Rounds•(Same Double in Two Bedroom Suite -$179 per person/ • Resort amenityCart-Fee of Practice Facility per night plus 11% tax • Unlimited usage u Pro-Shop Discounts • Triple in 3 Bedroom Suite -$181per person/ Reservationsu Call 813-907-4401 Complimentary Welcome Cocktail per night plus 11% tax Groups of 12+ Call 813-907-4726 Quad in 3 Bedroom Suite -$157 per person/ Complimentary Golf Package for• Group Leader (Minimum 11 Paid Guests) per night plus 11% tax Reservations Call 813-907-4401•u AGroups of 12+ ROUNDS: Call 813-907-4726 DDITIONAL $65 plus 7% tax

Just 30 minutes from Tampa International Airport 5700 Saddlebrook Way u Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 u P: 813.973.1111 u F: 813.973.1312


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aboutGOLF: Indoor golf simulators today have evolved through advanced technology to

become multi-media centers for golf, fitness, sports, home theatre venues for the entire family.








Let’s Get Ready to Rumble on Lake Lure The little town of Lake Lure rocks with shops, restaurants and serves as the base of Chimney Rock State Park.
















Pinehurst Region is Golf’s Winter Wonderland


SkyTrak – Playing at Home Has Never Been Easier

39 48 50

Coach Joey D brings a body of An Offseason Is A Terrible work to golf-specific fitness Thing To Waste



The USGA’s “Golf House Pinehurst:”

The Bucket List

Three courses in three states

2019 NATIONAL GOLF COURSE OF THE YEAR The Heather BEST GOLF RESORTS IN AMERICA BOYNE Golf — — 100 GREATEST PUBLIC COURSES The Heather #92, Links/Quarry #80 — Golf Digest — EDITOR’S CHOICE BEST GOLF RESORTS IN AMERICA Bay Harbor Golf Club & Inn at Bay Harbor — Golf Digest — TOP 100 RESORTS Buddies Trip BOYNE Golf Luxury Bay Harbor Golf Club & Inn at Bay Harbor — GOLF Magazine & —

FAST FORWARD TO 2021 The time to book Northern Michigan’s Best is NOW!

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“Twenty years ago, only 15-20 indoor golf training facilities could be found in the entire Northeast. Today, there are well over 250 indoor golf simulators throughout the region...”

Positives from Negatives Golf & Life Mirror Each Other Perfectly in These Times


URPHY’S LAW is the name given to any adage stating that if anything can go wrong, it will, and in 2020 it certainly has at almost every imaginable level. It brings to the forefront that the only thing in life that is certain, is change itself; as we are challenged today, we will be challenged tomorrow. As it is in life, it too is in golf, nothing remains the same. The game of golf is a constant journey where we are improving or as the Irish say, “Disimproving.” The Irish are a special bunch that has a way of saying things that make us stop and think. If you live in the Northeast, the golf season is winding down and golf as we know it will not return for 4-6 months. This leaves you with two choices: get better and more prepared for the next season or accept the norm. For most players, the first 4-6 weeks of the new golf season becomes a preseason. It becomes apparent each spring what golfers have worked on their game in the offseason, we are usually handing them the money. The “Indoor Golf Issue” each year is all about indoor golf facilities, fitness, training, and game improvement products that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Twenty years ago, only 15-20 indoor golf training facilities could be found in the entire Northeast. Today, there are well over 250 indoor golf

simulators throughout the region in private clubs, indoor golf businesses, and golf fitness and training facilities. They offer the most advanced technology and realistic playing conditions at every level in the game. You can play bucket list courses and in many cases, even your home course. New systems with putting and chipping features make it a complete golf experience. Top Golf, Drive Shack, Big Shots and now even Spot Golf and OnCore have ventured into the multibillion-dollar golf entertainment industry. It has been a driving force in growing the game. Almost every golf professional in the world will tell you to make a plan for your game, your fitness, choose your goals, execute and follow through. Golf no longer has an off-season, and players should think in terms of target areas for improvement and professional help to get there. More and more players are playing their best golf more consistently by staying focused. It also comes in quite handy on the annual golf trips when everyone seems to struggle from downtime.!

Timothy R. Branco Editor, Northeast Golf

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BY NEG Staff

NDOOR GOLF SIMULATORS TODAY HAVE EVOLVED through advanced technology to become multi-media centers for golf, fitness, sports, home theatre and full entertainment venues for the entire family. They have become an integral part of primary living space in homes, great additions to indoor golf facilities, private clubs and corporate businesses for events, conferences, and training. Their diversity is only limited by the imagination of what’s next in interactive technology in golf and entertainment systems. It is no secret that aboutGOLF is the

distributor of computer golf simulation

indoor golf and entertainment platform

revolutionary technology. Characterized

world’s most authentic and accurate

and a market leader in technology and

applications as well. With over 25 years in

the golf simulation business, the company is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection of indoor golf. The company has deep roots as the world’s number one all-time

software and have blazed the trail to by an insatiable desire to push the envelope, the team challenges the

conventional and continues to innovate, create and enhance the experience of indoor golf while growing expanded applications and programs.

Over 25 years ago, aboutGolf was

founded by Bill Bales, a true innovator

in the golf world. The company started as a golf focused software company creating games like Microsoft

Golf and Greg Norman Golf; the natural evolution was to create golf games that gave golfers a

larger than life experience. The next

step was giving people the ability to hit real clubs and balls and real-life

accuracy to deliver what people see today with the aboutGolf Simulator. The aG Curve offers a fully immersive experience from tee to green. It also doubles as an amazing home entertainment center.

Instructors use aboutGOLF’s precise measurements to help their clients improve faster.


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF





Leadership and Innovation

The Ryder Cup

In 2017 Brett Campbell, co-founder of Nintex

In the summer of 2020, aboutGOLF

teamed up with Randall Henry and Austin

the Ryder Cup. With the new Ryder Cup

a workplace automation software firm,

announced a new 3-year partnership with

Fazio to look at investing in technology and

venues in tow, golf fans of all ages can

golf. Together they launched the formation of

“Our new team is focused on advancing and expanding the technology, software applications and partnerships to the next level...”

Overload Golf, an investment capital firm that acquired aboutGOLF in the summer of 2018. Brett Campbell said, “Our new team is

focused on advancing and expanding the technology, software applications and

partnerships to the next level in our indoor

— Brett Campbell, co-founder of Nintex

compete in the aG Tour, an online

competition infusing traditional golf with

Esports from any aG simulator. Finalist will attend the 43rd Ryder Cup at Whistling

Straits in Wisconsin and square off in an

aboutGOLF simulator to determine the aG Tour tournament champions.

golf and entertainment systems, providing

performance and up-to-date software

our users.

Microsoft, Epic Games, Drive Shack, The

Our Mission Statement to Our Customers

expanded our access and reach leading us

authentic and insightful indoor golf

applications for what’s next in the industry.”

aboutGolf is committed to providing an

the ultimate in performance and service to

Our new client service programs enable full operational monitoring and live updates to

existing and new user systems for optimum


enhancements. Our partnerships with

PGA of America and the Ryder Cup has to a new generation of products and

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

“Connect the world through the most

experience, anytime and anywhere.”

aboutGOLF has seen an increase in business office installations, enabling employees to compete and connect over golf.

unparalleled experience to our customers

residential marketplace, our products have

golf simulator in the world is only the

into the forefront as part of a home’s

no matter who they are. Making the best

come out of the basement or the garage


primary living space. Advanced multi-media in functions and applications have made

We employ knowledgeable individuals to

our products more universally used as

support our customers from the design

entertainment centers for golf, sports

process through using the simulator on a

viewing, movies, television and a host of

daily basis. Our customer service team is

available to answer questions and upgrade

interactive gaming and streaming systems.

systems to ensure that our customers are

New Global VP of Sales

passionate about golf, particularly indoor

team at aboutGOLF for almost 10 years

having the best experience possible. We are

Ken Reynolds who has been part of the

golf. It is our intention to continue to invest

has seen the evolution of the product over

in that experience, making it rival the

outdoor game in every way possible. With a strong commitment to research and

Our commercial installation with indoor golf

centers, private sporting and golf clubs

have created new opportunities for growth year-round in a sector that was once only seasonal. aboutGOLF focuses on an

the years from research, development,

authentic experience which we think is very

installation and sales and servicing.

Reynolds was recently promoted to Global

close to the real thing.

Vice President of Sales.

Our commercial applications are

and develop new software. New and

Ken said, “In the last 5 years there has

business, conventions, resort venues and

simulator will always remain exciting.�

commercial sectors for the company. In the

development, we continue to invest in new

technologies, add new games and courses, existing customers can be assured that their

been rapid growth in both residential and

expanding into new sectors in corporate

massive entertainment centers throughout the world. Becoming the Peloton of golf




simulators with a comprehensive

configuration, and aboutGOLF will do the

updated and running perfectly is just the

you’ll get a high-performance PC, 3Trak®

subscription model that keeps all systems

installation. In addition to a screen enclosure, technology, full turf, cables, and white-glove

beginning. We are moving into a much

installation service, starting at $32,500.

more diversified model fully capable of

unlimited integration for all levels of golf and entertainment.”

“In the residential marketplace, our products have come out of the basement or the garage into the forefront as part of a home’s primary living space.”

aboutGOLF Systems aG Links simulators are custom built for the space they’re meant for; in most cases it

takes approximately 8-weeks from the time you sign your sales agreement to final installation touches. The minimum

dimensions for a custom simulator with

— Ken Reynolds, New Global VP of Sales

single-hitter stance are 9’6” H x 12’ W x

the aG Curve and aG Max systems.

right-handed hitters, the width must

available on all full systems.

18’6” L. To accommodate both left and

increase to 15’. If you are exceptionally tall, the height can vary. All installations are

handled by factory trained teams; they are the best in the industry. Configurations

Options for split screen viewing are

The aG Trainer offers a DYI model that delivers the same technology at a lower price point and includes a high-performance laptop,

3Trak technology, hitting strip, stance mat, ®

come in flat screen, curved screen and the

cables, and step-by-step installation

Full systems start at just over $40,000 for

Trainer Pro with state-of-the-art technology

ultimate multi-player system, the aG Max. the flat screen model and increases with

instructions starting at $17,500. The aG

allows you to choose your add-ons and

aG Max lets multiple people play in a unified environment--creating the ideal setting for an indoor driving range.


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

The aG Platform for Modern Golf aG Links provides the most performant

experience on any aG Links simulator, giving

you a way to remotely connect to your game

and a community of passionate golfers via aG Locker. There are frequent new releases with

new aG Content like fresh courses and games for every skill level. aboutGOLF’s platform is

software-based and cloud-enabled, providing

you ways to play the game anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. aG Locker provides

cloud-based access to your game anytime and anywhere through your mobile device.

If a golf simulator is in your future for personal or business applications, then aboutGOLF is a great place to start (and finish) your search for the very best of the best. Reach out and make your dream a reality at:

Getting kids hooked on golf is easy with aboutGOLF’s fun putting challenges.




Indoor Retractable Sports Net and Golf Simulator Screen



is the patent-pending G-Trak system designed for multiple sports. G-Trak

is a sleekly designed industrial strength product for golf and other sports that can be used by the whole family in your garage. No longer will you have to find space to golf indoors, this large space is already available where your cars normally park. Other golf simulators for a room or basement in your house are big, bulky, take up wall space, extremely expensive, and cannot be stored away. There are baseball cages that can be set up in your yard but take up way too much space, very expensive, and are not sheltered from the weather. The G-Trak system combines them all for a reasonable price in the most accommodating and optimal place for indoor game improvement. G-Trak is based on easily installed brackets that go around the garage tracks and do not impede the actual garage door from opening and closing. However, it can be customized to almost any length and width and mounted to a ceiling or wall. This original and unique system can be set up and then stored in the up position making it the ideal spot for storage. G-Trak does not take up any floor or wall space when not in use. It can be stored with the push of a button in the up position for cars to park underneath. G-Trak is so versatile it can be used in reverse position from the driveway as a backstop for many sports. Another great feature is the built-in ball catcher, which keeps stray balls from traveling all over your garage. G-trak can be paired with your choice of golf launch monitor software to hone in on


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

your game, play real rounds, and have fun with family and friends. “When I’m stuck inside, G-Trak is my go to, I can develop my golf skills and then have the boys over to play a round,” said Richard Hyland of Nekoosa, WI. “My grandkids come over and play and we watch movies on the screen too.” Play and practice multiple sports anytime, day or night and in any weather; golf, baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, etc. Use G-Trak for family and neighborhood get togethers to watch ball games and movies. G-Trak is fun for the whole family. It is really the best bang for your buck. Visit for more information

and to buy your G-Trak system today. Use

“When I’m stuck inside, G-Trak is my go to, I can develop my golf skills and then have the boys over to play a round.” —­ Richard Hyland

code: GOLFMAG100 to get $100 off.




New England Fall Golf



Northern Exposure: 4 Season Golf Communities n the Northeast we are blessed with

living in the Northeast with four distinct

spectacular 4-season resort living

seasons is becoming a top choice.

communities that offer amenities ranging

The idea of being close to the very best

from golfing to boating, skiing and other

healthcare facilities in the world, some of

winter activities. If you love the change of

the finest and most cultural history in the

seasons, northeast golf course living can

world and even close to family, have a

offer it all. More than any time is history,

lot of retirees convinced that the

people are planning well ahead of retirement

Northeast is indeed a great place to

and exploring their living options for the

retire. The White Mountains in New

different stages in their lives. Golf course

Hampshire and the Green Mountains in

communities are focusing on active, engaging

Vermont offer a spectacular backdrop

options in every season and are attracting

for two of New England’s finest four-

more who cherish all the Northeast has to

season communities – the Owl’s Nest

offer. For many, warm weather locations are

Resort & Golf Club in Thornton, New

at the top of the list but for a growing

Hampshire and The Quechee Club in

number of second home buyers and retirees,

Hartford, Vermont.

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

The Quechee Club

Hartford Vermont

In the heart of the Green Mountains in Central Vermont, near the small historic town of Woodstock is The Quechee Club. The Club and community have become one of the most popular four-season, first and second home communities in New England. The Quechee Club offers resort style living on 5,200 acres of homes and amenities for more than 1,300 families. The adjacent village of Woodstock make it one of New England’s most picturesque regions. Quechee Lakes, located in Hartford, Vermont is a

Quechee Lakes & Golf Courses

renowned four-season facility. This living playground has two world-class

to retirees. There are few facilities anywhere

condominiums to single family homes and

championship golf courses, tennis facilities,

in Northern New England that have such a

mountainside estate homes. When you buy

downhill and cross-country skiing, indoor/

vast array of amenities on site along with

here, you’re buying into a lifestyle that

outdoor aquatics fitness center, biking,

casual to sophisticated dining options and

embraces the beauty and richness of this

hiking and recreational lakes for kayaking

close proximity to shopping in historic

wonderful community and all it has to offer

all on site for guest and homeowners.

Woodstock, Vermont. Quechee offers

to its residents. The quiet and pristine

numerous choices for stay and play packages

stature of Vermont’s majestic Green

who enjoy a well-rounded, recreational

from rental homes to partnerships with local

Mountains offer an unprecedented

lifestyle set in one of the most magnificent

inns and hotels as well.

backdrop for a rich and rewarding living

The Club is destination and home to those

regions in all of New England. Quechee offers a simple, yet active lifestyle for young families

For a second home or retirement home, Quechee offers unlimited choices from

experience in every season of the year.

Beautiful Mountainside Home at The Quechee Club

The Clubhouse/Restaurants & Activities Center Quechee Club




The Owl’s Nest

Thornton NH

Finishing Hole / Clubhouse Owls Nest

The Owl’s Nest is soon to become New England’s largest destination golf resort when the present redevelopment project is complete in Thornton, New Hampshire. Owl’s Nest Resort & Golf Club is developing a portion of their newly acquired 600-acre parcel geared toward all age groups. The new parcel on the site of a former

New Master Plan for Owls Nest quarry will feature a 10-acre lake, a nine-hole par 3 golf course, an activities center with aquatics, a boutique hotel with spa and a conference hotel. Also, as part of the expansion, 6 clay tennis courts, 2 paddle courts, a community barn and amphitheater, beaches and miles of cross country and recreation trails will be added. The master plan organizes the homes around communal outdoor spaces all connected by multi-use trails.

Home for Sale at The Owls Nest


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

The White Mountains provide a picturesque backdrop to homes loaded with modern amenities and luxury finishes at the Owl’s Nest.


OUR PHILOSOPHY Your stay at Owl’s Nest Resort has only one rule: Make it your own. Come to relax or come to be active. It’s your vacation, your way. Enjoy the privacy of your own, fully furnished rental home, just steps from New Hampshire’s only Nicklaus Design golf course. Bring your family, friends, or even dog to experience the mountains, charming local towns, and the Lakes Region. Whether you stay for a day or a week, you’ll remember it for a lifetime.

Course Homes at Owls Nest

The Lake House overlooking the new lake will open in the summer of 2021 for functions and special events. The panoramic Six82 restaurant and bar has great offerings, and a new indoor/outdoor pool complex will also offer dining options. In the spring of 2021, new model homes will be


opening with 52 new units available. Imagine a home within


25 minutes of three major ski areas (Waterville Valley, Loon

SPECTACULAR HOMES TO CALL YOUR OWN. Cradled by the majestic White Mountains and surrounded by hardwood forests that put each season’s beauty on display. Experience both indoor and outdoor activities. With restaurants, amenities, and an inn in the works, now is the perfect time to join the community and watch it blossom.

Mountain, Cannon Mountain) in winter and your own four-season, pet-friendly, recreation living and vacation community. Home to the only championship Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses and the newly added par-three course makes the Owl’s Nest a perfect choice for a great four-season living community in the Northeast. The newly added amenities and redevelopment, combined with the inspired living that can only be found in the White Mountains, creates the perfect opportunity for inspired mountain living just two hours north of Boston. At the Owl’s Nest, a weekend escape is never more than a short drive away. Condominiums, single family homes and energy efficient mountain modern cabins are offered.

For Resort Accommodations 603.726.3076 • For New and Existing Real Estate Opportunities TOM DEMATTEO 401-648-5308



SATURDAY 6:30 PM & SUNDAYS 7PM ON: The Bay Club Mattapoisett



Media Sponsor:

What’s better

than having this as your backyard? for one, we’ll do all the yard work. exquisitely landscaped,

lush British-style fescue, majestic trees, and wonderful views. The Bay Club is secretly nestled on 625 acres of tranquility close to the shores of Buzzards Bay. Brad Faxon and Brad Booth designed our Audubon International Silver Sanctuary Certified course to be as beautiful as it is challenging, with approach shots to well bunkered, tucked firm, fast bent greens. While golfers of all levels will enjoy playing here, it will challenge even the best players. Which is why we’ve been host to a number of amateur & professional golf tournaments. Consider joining The Bay Club. We think you’ll like spending a lot of time in your new backyard.


Bay Club life at your pace

63 County Road, Mattapoisett MA 02739 / 508.207.9232


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

Coastal Rhode Island & Southeastern, Massachusetts Most Innovating Real Estate Team To Bring You The Very Best in Service, Performance and Results

Renee M. Welchman, Associate Broker, CPA, Realtor Welchman Real Estate Group 401.649.1915 | Licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Oceanfront Estate | Little Compton, Rhode Island A timeless masterpiece of living art through modern architecture reminiscent of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. Situated on the highest point in town, the home was designed to capture 360-degree views of the coastal countryside & ocean from every room! This state of the art, fully automated home utilizes a clever mix of earthen products; concrete stone, teak, ebony, birch, fir, marble, terrazzo & steel. The finished product elevates modern luxurious living by stimulating the senses & embellishes an expression of a “life well-lived�. Ceiling to floor glass connects the open living/dining area to the terrace & pavilion, the office, 2nd floor sitting area & theater, glass bridge to the secluded sleeping quarters, where a 3 story, floating stainless stairway (elevator fitted) offers access the lower entrance, master suite, 2 beds, bath, & sitting room w/ access to an observation deck. The sprawling lush lawn, enclosed with gorgeous stone walls, has plenty of room for a pool and tennis courts. Located less than an hour to Boston and 30 minutes to Providence and Newport RI, this makes for the prefect year-round retreat. This home is fully automated to handle, on and off premise control of the home security, cameras, lighting, shades, sound system, heating and cooling, door locks, overhead doors and sprinklers, Serviced by radiant in floor heating, high efficiency on demand systems, 12K generator and equipped with premier luxury finishes. $7.85 Million NORTHE AS T.GOLF | D ECE MBE R 2020 / JAN UARY 2021



The little town of Lake Lure rocks with shops, restaurants and serves as the base of Chimney Rock State Park

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble on Lake Lure

THE DESTINATION Lake Lure is somewhat of a secret even in its own state of North Carolina which is incredible considering its beauty that has been showcased in many films. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, scenery is spectacular year-round. The little town of Lake Lure rocks with shops, restaurants and serves as the base of Chimney Rock State Park where The Last of the Mohicans was staged. The remote setting of the area is balanced with conveniences such as Ingles full grocery. The cross shaped Lake Lure itself spans 735 acres with views of all the surrounding mountains and impromptu waterfalls after heavy rains. A population of 1600 year-round swells to 20-30k in a normal summer. Lake lovers are fighting for the elusive real estate listings with 24 hour offers sealed. BY ALICE & DANNY SCOTT




The Venue

Hike mountain trails and Chimney Rock State Park with elevator access to the top. While downtown, shop for gems, gifts or eat, drink and be merry.

Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure offers nearly 150 vacation rentals from motor coach lots to studios, condos and private mountain homes with water frontage. All have access to the Wellness Center with a salon and spa, hiking/fitness trails, sports courts, mini golf, two incredible 18-hole courses, four pools, and the private, sandy North Shore Beach. The Gardens restaurant and Pinnacle Southern Kitchen overlook the

The Golf Bald Mountain and Apple Valley are both fabulous. Millie Loud will likely be your starter as she has for 30 years at Bald Mountain, designed by W.B. Lewis. She’ll note number 15, with a covered bridge and the Dirty Dancing film site on 16. Chimney Rock towers above the fall foliage on course. Apple Valley by Dan Maples reopened this fall to rave reviews. A proud resident who golfs around the world touts, “the back nine is as

golf courses while Legends on the Lake is

by the outside veranda where more tables

pretty as any I’ve seen.” A cozy gazebo sits

popular with locals and guests alike. Choose

overlook the marina and beach. A live

behind the tee of number 11 which is a

lakeview indoor tables with sports screens

webcam is positioned by the beach where our

downhill par 4 to an expansive pond which

and fireplace or seating in the adjoining bar

sis captured us with a screenshot.

skirts the greens of 11, 16 and 17. Streams and


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

Genoa Lakes

ponds are natural shopping malls for balls. A

wine tour? At Parker Binns a guitarist on a

The Journey

prancing deer over the 15th green sent grazing

drizzly Sunday livened up patrons overlooking

For flights, Lake Lure is 45 minutes south

turkeys a trotting. The dimension of scenery

the cosmos garden, llamas and vineyard. For

of Ashville and 90 minutes southeast of

and topography is truly extraordinary between

horse lovers the Tryon International Equestrian

Charlotte, North Carolina. Serendipity

the looming mountains, lush landscaping and

Center is nearby.

had us driving from the mountains of north Georgia and the fall foliage was as

forests even on a rainy, foggy day.

Our Takeaway

stunning as any we have ever witnessed.

And More

Northeasterners are flocking here like geese for

Whichever way you arrive, expect a

Bring your own boat to float on the lake, rent

good reasons. Flash flood warnings and a

winding road with exciting twisty hairpin

one at the marina or choose a Lake Cruise,

downpour couldn’t dampen our spirits at Rum-

turns. Written directions are

reasonably priced and full of history and

bling Bald Resort on Lake Lure. At a time when

recommended because gps service can be

million-dollar views. Hike mountain trails and

nature getaways are the safest, this is a sweet spot

spotty but if lost, simply keep driving and

Chimney Rock State Park with elevator access

we fully endorse. For the best experience, request a

you will see signs to trust.

to the top. While downtown, shop for gems,

fairway or lake view accommodation – location,

Go to

gifts or eat, drink and be merry. How about a

location. Let’s get ready to Rumble! NORTHE AS T.GOLF | D ECE MBE R 2020 / JAN UARY 2021





Golf’s Winter Wonderland

Home of American Golf boasts many seasonal values Around North Carolina’s Sandhills region of Pinehurst and Southern Pines, we’re pretty much blessed with yearround golfing weather. When winter rolls around, despite the cooler temperatures, people still want to get out of town and knock around the little white pill. And the winter months are “value (or bargain) time,” with green fee rates a fraction of their typical cost. While many of our friends from Canada and other points north head all the way to Florida during the winter months, numerous other local and budget conscious golfers suffering from cabin fever arrive in the Sandhills from easy driving distances all along the East Coast.

Pinehurst No. 2: Pinehurst No. 2 will host its fourth U.S. Open in 2024 plus 2029, 2035, 2041 and 2047


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF




Tobacco Road: This Mike Strantz design is as beautiful as it is diabolical and a Top 100 Course You Can Play

The golf courses generally aren’t terribly

announced four additional U.S. Open Champi-

crowded, so golfers can enjoy faster rounds.

onships to be contested on Pinehurst Resort &

And while the layouts may not be as green

Country Club’s famed Course No. 2 – in 2029,

as they are in the spring, the quality of golf

2035, 2041 and 2047 – joining the previously

is still pure.

scheduled 2024 national championship. The

As it is most of the time, golf is on every-

historic news means Pinehurst and the

one’s mind around the Pinehurst and

Sandhills of North Carolina will serve as the

Southern Pines area as we approach the

USGA’s first anchor site for the U.S. Open.

winter months. But, perhaps even a bit more these days. Most noteworthy has been the historic

Meanwhile, Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in Southern Pines is also prepping to host another national championship, this one

news in September that the United States

the 2022 U.S. Women’s Open. The previous

Golf Association (USGA) will be establishing

three U.S. Women’s Open Championships at

“Golf House Pinehurst” — which will

Pine Needles were captured by the uber-im-

include, by the end of 2023, a new equip-

pressive triumvirate of Annika Sörenstam

ment-testing facility, innovation hub, and a

(1996), Karrie Webb (2001) and Cristie Kerr

museum and visitor center. The $25 million

(2007). The 2019 U.S. Senior Women’s Open

investment includes the construction of two

at Pine Needles was won by 54-year-old

buildings that will house 50 full-time USGA

Swede Helen Alfredsson.

staff members near the clubhouse on the historic Pinehurst Resort property. Most exciting for golf fans, the USGA also 32

In 2021, The Country Club of North Carolina will play host to another USGA championship event, the U.S. Junior Amateur. This will

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

Pinehurst No. 4: Completely restored and debuted in new GOLF Magazine Top 100 rankings


be the third USGA event contested at CCNC since the club’s debut in 1963. CCNC also will

The Cradle:

become the 16th site to have hosted both the

Gil Hanse designed and created The Cradle before he worked on Pinehurst No. 4 restoration

U.S. Junior Amateur and U.S. Girls’ Junior. Along with its two previous USGA championships, CCNC played host to the 1972 U.S. Professional Match-Play Championship — won by Jack Nicklaus — seven Southern Amateurs, four Carolinas Amateurs and seven North Carolina Amateurs. Southern Pines Golf Club, a vintage Donald Ross-designed course dating to the early 1900s, is now under management of the company that owns and operates the Pine Needles and Mid Pines resorts nearby. An 18-month course improvement plan is being developed that is expected to include design tweaks from Ross restoration expert Kyle Franz, who has supervised restorations at Mid Pines (2013) and Pine Needles (2018),

from wide circles in the golfing community;

highly anticipated list of the Top 100 Courses in

both of which have drawn critical acclaim

resurfacing the greens; and rebuilding the

the United States, Pinehurst Resort was well

bunkers and cart paths.

represented. Images of No. 2 and No. 4 were

Franz said he fell in love with the property

featured on the cover of the issue, split national-

more than a decade ago when he worked on

ly with No. 2 on half the issues and No. 4 on

Pinehurst No. 2. Southern Pines GC will

the other half. No. 2 was ranked 11th overall

remain a hub where the Southern Pines

and second in the Southeast, while No. 4

community can play golf, swim, or visit the

debuted at 92nd and 15th in Southeast. In

grill for breakfast or lunch. Golf has been

addition, the region boasts nine of GOLF

played on this site since at least 1906 and

Magazine’s Top 20 Courses in North Carolina,

newspaper records indicate an 18-hole Ross

including Tobacco Road and Dormie Club.

course was operational by 1923, with a new

Last but not least, The Cradle at Pinehurst

nine having opened in 1924. The Elks bought

Resort has been an overwhelming smash hit

the course in 1951 from Mike Sherman, a

with all golfers, but with the millennial crowd

Connecticut businessman who had owned it

in particular. Golfers can plunk down $50

since the post-World War II days. Before

and play as many holes as they like on the

then, it had been owned and operated by the

Hanse-designed, par-3 layout. The Cradle is

town of Southern Pines.

now a “must play” at the resort — 789 yards

Other major renovation work has been done on area courses recently including

of the most fun you’ll enjoy on a golf course. So, this winter, when you’re ready to get

architect Gil Hanse’s facelift of Pinehurst

out and play, come visit the Home of Ameri-

No. 4, along with The New Course at

can Golf …. which we could also affection-

Talamore Golf Resort and the neighboring

ately refer to as golf’s “winter wonderland.”

Mid South Club.

Check out the latest packages and deals at

When GOLF Magazine recently released its





Maybe there are fewer Ireland or Scotland trips coming up on the calendar, but wet and cold weather is guaranteed-- wherever you are. You can make your golfer happy with the gift of warmth and comfort. Galway Bay’s premium all-weather jacket and pants for men have been named “Best Rain Gear” for back-to-back years by MyGolfSpy’s panel of reviewers. Galway Bay rainwear stands apart in the industry with lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow golfers to stretch and move freely while staying warm and dry. In fact, its proprietary Hydro-Flex 32 fabric is the most breathable waterproof technology in the industry-- yet blocks wind and rain. It’s strong and durable, without any “bulk.” The design moves with a golfer, so he can swing comfortably.

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Top 100 Clubfitter in America Let’s Get Ready to Rumble A COUPLE OF TRAVELERS L AKE LURE | NORTH CAROLINA

The little town of Lake Lure rocks with shops, restaurants and serves as the base of Chimney Rock State Park

on Lake Lure

We offer all the top names in club heads, shafts, and grips: from industry leaders to hard-to-find, high-end boutique brands.

Spargo Golf has established a working relationship with Golf Professionals at every level of the game. We have Fitted and performed work for many of the top Amateur players in the world. As rewarding as the success of our professionals and amateurs is, We gain the greatest THE DESTINATION satisfaction from professionally and properly Lake Lure is somewhat of a secret inaverage its golfer, You the Beginfittingeven YOU the ning Golfer, You the Woman Golfer, You the own state of North Carolina which is incredible Senior Golfer, You the Golfer with a Passion for gameshowcased of Golf and for the enjoyment of the considering its beauty that hasthe been Game of Golf. Let us Provide You with Best Fit in many films. Located in the for Blue YourRidge Game. Moun-

Swing by our shop, Give us a call or visit tains, scenery is spectacular year-round. The little our website to book town of Lake Lure rocks with shops, restaurants and serves as the base of Chimney Rock State your next appointment! Park where The Last of the Mohicans was staged. The remote setting of the area is balanced

with conveniences such as Ingles full grocery. The cross shaped Lake Lure itself spans 735 acres with views of all the surrounding mountains and impromptu waterfalls after heavy rains. A 1600 year-round swells to 20-30k in a normal summer. Lake lovers are sure fighting P: (401)population 946-4653of| E: Make you follow us for the elusive real estate listings with 24 hour offers sealed. on social media: 1000 New London Ave, Cranston, RI 02920



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The Counterspeed System is designed to help increase hand and arm speed. The new C club uses the principles of counterweight training to change the balance point of the club by moving the mass behind the hands. This allows for a significantly faster release speed leading to more club head speed. The C club can be used on its own or coupled with the original SuperSpeed 3 club Overspeed set. Complimentary online video instruction is provided under the training tab on the website.

Superspeed Golf Training System $200 & $100 By far the fastest way to increase your clubhead speed.

The Overspeed Three-Club System is the perfect way to add

up to 30 more yards to your drive! Coupled with our complimentary online video instruction series under the training tab, this system will help you increase the speed and power of your golf swing by 5% to 8% in as little as 4-6 weeks of regular practice. Get ready to bomb the ball off the tee and leave your competitors in the dust! Used by over 600 Tour Pros.

Tis’ the Time to Invest in Your Game While you are stuck indoors this off-season take the time to invest in your game with some of my favorite training products. Oh, and if you are trying to set-up a home simulation area it has become much more economical to do so as there are many options to choose from. By Greg Sampson




JOLLY GOLF TRAINING AID | $210 An innovative and versatile tool that allows you to practice all stages of the game. JollyGolf guides you to a more effective technique, improving the impact with the ball! This is the only portable training aid that lets you... Practice and improve your putting, chipping and pitching, so you’ll be confident anywhere on the course playing your next shot. Become a Sniper Near The Green. Like a personal trainer, it corrects your bad habits, guiding you towards the perfect swing and impact with the ball. It means great distance control. The geometry of the JollyGolf training aid greatly limits the use of wrists, which stops golfers getting into bad, erasable habits. The JollyGolf training aid empowers you to work with your hips and shoulders, for an easier, more efficient, and more repetitive swing. Practice at home, on the range and on the course!

TERRA-CORE | $220+ It’s a Stepper. It’s a Bench. It’s a Golf Training Aid. Not only is it the best surface ever devised for crunches and your pushups, it’s an amazing balance trainer for your golf swing. Terra-Core is an air-filled, core building, multifaceted balance machine. It’s the most versatile piece of home exercise equipment ever developed. Ergonomics, versatility, shape, the ability to accessorize (bands, superspeed and/or golf club) durability and enough real estate to warrant its own zip code. Watch the video featuring core and balance focused exercises from PGA professional, Greg Stephens to learn how it can improve your game.

TOTAL GOLF TRAINER 3.0 | $135 The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit is the Ultimate golf training kit for the avid golfer looking to improve his or her range time or reinforce their lessons. This kit has everything you need to improve your swing and lower your scores. The 3.0 kit is perfect for the beginner golfer also, teaching how to move the club correctly, learn to control the wrist and arms, produce powerful consistent lower body movement. The Total Golf Trainer products provide real time feedback. It is like having a coach with you all the time. You can practice in your home, office or on the range and make swings that make a difference. If you just can’t get rid of a bad habit or have been practicing hitting a million golf balls seeing no difference in your game, this is because you have no feedback when you are making a good swing. The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 teaches how to correctly move the club to improve the takeaway, downswing path, impact, release. The TGT ARM trains wrist and arm positions flat lead wrist or bent trail wrist. Create more extension in the backswing, increase your angle of attach and learn to unleash power at impact. The TGT HIP teaches correct hip turn in the backswing feeling a proper load. Learn to sequence the downswing increasing speed and rotation through the ball. The TGT V2 teaches you to create lag and square the clubface producing a more powerful impact.


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

Set-up your “home club” for year-round, rain or shine, practice and course play with these great products.

COMPLETE YOUR HOME SIMULATION SET-UP Practice & Play Simulation | | from $1,995 Nets | | from $550

THE MONSTER MAT® | $211 & $328 The #1 RATED range mat used by driving ranges and practice facilities across the nation is now available for home use. Proudly Made in the U.S.A., the Original Monster Mat® is more affordable and lasts longer than ANY other range mat on the market. Unlike most other mats that are made of nylon, the Monster Mat features a proprietary Z-Pro LSR Fiber fortified hitting surface that feels like nothing else you’ve ever hit off before. The random, crimped & curved blades look and feel natural and the UV-stabilized fibers prevent color transfer to the sole of the golf club. Its Premier Shock System virtually eliminates hand and elbow shock making it the finest, most realistic hitting surface you can use to practice your golf game. Every mat is backed by a 1-year unconditional warranty! Available in two sizes: 3 ft. x 5 ft. and 5 ft. x 5 ft. To order by phone call (888) 661-8873.




SWING ALIGN | from $125 What golfer doesn’t want lower golf scores? The Swing Align training aid can offer just that. By helping golfers create a more “connected” swing from a proper set-up position, it helps them achieve a more stable and powerful move through the ball. Swing Align was designed to help golfers line up squarely to their target and hit shots solidly by providing a strong visual alignment indicator. The lightweight, convenient device uses muscle memory to develop a repeatable golf swing with more power and accuracy, by keeping the arms and body synchronized when rotating. After just one practice session with Swing Align, founder Chris McGinley says the feedback from the device is profound and telling.

Swing Align Short Game

“The typical reaction is ‘Wow, what I think I’m doing and what I’m actually doing is significantly different!’ Many golfers don’t realize their upper body is out of alignment with their lower body when they set up. Or, they don’t realize how poorly they rotate their upper body. Often, they don’t realize how much their arms fly away from their body during the backswing or follow through. A common reaction we get after one golf swing is, ‘Okay, now I understand what it feels like to set up square and stay connected through the entire swing,’” McGinley explains.

Earlier this year, the Swing Align team unveiled a solution for golf’s all-important scoring zone with Swing Align Short Game. Swing Align Short Game teaches golfers to maintain proper arm spacing by teaching them to use their arms and shoulders to create the perfectly synchronized triangle, allowing the bigger muscles to control shots for more repeatable results. Consider 2020’s best-selling Swing Align Bundle that features the Swing Align unit, as well as the Swing Junction alignment rod package.


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF




SkyTrak –

Playing at Home Has Never Been Easier BY ED TRAVIS

Hit it farther. Hit it straighter. Every golfer’s goal. But how to do that is the question and one solution used by an increasing number of players is the personal launch monitor. Some are seriously expensive (think $15,000 and up) with the added attraction of simulating a round of golf on a famous course such as Pebble Beach or St. Andrews without leaving home. However, playing golf at home has never

varies in price depending on features. The unit uses a built-in high-speed camera

been more affordable thanks to SkyTrak.

An Interview with with Paul Calabrase, National Sales Manager for SkyGolf

began with the pandemic. “With delivery times being stretched out, the pandemic

SkyTrak is a joint venture developed by

to capture successive images of the ball and

has kept us very busy,” said Calabrase. In

SkyHawke Technologies, better known by

a sophisticated computer program interprets

addition to, units are

its SkyGolf brand name, and SportTrak.

them to report critical shot data such as ball

available from other authorized online

The SkyTrak launch monitor also makes use

speed, spin rates, carry distance, launch angle

dealers, golf retail shops and golf courses.

of third-party software for golf simulation.

and distance offline. For insight into how SkyTrak has

The basic unit has a golfer-friendly price

Ed Travis: Can you tell us a little of your background in golf and your time with

of $1,995, driving range only software

positioned itself as a major factor in the

included, with optional game improvement

launch monitor business, we spoke with

packages starting at $99 per year.

Paul Calabrase, National Sales Manager

Paul Calabrase: Golf has always been

Compatible third-party simulation software

for SkyGolf. Not surprisingly his comments

a part of my life starting as a kid living


on a golf course and hanging around the local executive course in my hometown. I started playing in golf tournaments at a young age in the 10 and under division of San Diego Junior Golf. I continued to play throughout high school and played collegiately at The University of California – Irvine. After college, I played a few years on the West Coast Professional circuit. Making the PGA Tour did not happen, but I stayed in golf, first teaching and then went to work for Carbite Golf. I spent the next decade working for a few manufacturers and started with SkyGolf in the early days of the company back in 2005. It’s been great working for a company that brought technology to golf, started a new category and now we’re helping do the same with SkyTrak. 44

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

ET: How was the technology used in

SkyTrak developed, both as a practice aid and golf simulator, and is it compatible with all computer operating systems?

PC: SportTrak had been in the golf industry for several years prior to the partnership with SkyGolf. The company took their launch monitor technology and applied it to the SkyTrak launch monitor, offering a solution that works at a reasonable cost. It’s a tremendous practice tool for the golf pro to use with their students or the average ET: How does SkyTrak help regular

golfer that wants to improve. Being able to

golfers improve their game?

practice when the weather is bad or in the comfort of your own home allows golfers to

PC: Let’s start this conversation from

keep the rust off. SkyTrak allows the golfer to

beginners to advanced players. Being able to

hit balls and receive data on every shot. The

practice in your own home helps new golfers

great visuals of the driving range make it feel

learn the game without the apprehension of

like you are at the course along with several

others watching them at the golf course. Kids

tools to help you improve. The golfer can hit

love technology and what a great way to get

into different green shapes, compare clubs,

your entire family into golf. All you need is

fine-tune their driver settings, use the Wedge

room to swing the club, hitting net, mat and

Matrix to dial in their scoring clubs, know

you’ve got your own driving range. Data is

how far they hit each club, get a great visual

terrific but having the shot tracer gives instant

of their shot shape and more. Everything

you can hit a nice high draw or low fade

feedback on how you hit the shot. SkyTrak

you do in the SkyTrak app produces a nice

versus all your shots having little movement.

allows you to try different things with your

report that can be used by your instructor or yourself at home. The SkyTrak app is compatible with PC’s, iOS devices and select Android devices.

swing to see if it makes a difference with ET: The launch monitor category is

the ball flight. Not being in front of several

very crowded. Which SkyTrak features

people at the driving range allows golfers the

separate it from the others?

freedom to try swing changes or different

PC: The category is crowded but it is also

shots without the embarrassment of a mishit.

SkyTrak as we have five different golf

separated into a couple of price points and

There are several advantages to having your

simulation partners to choose from. Some are

feature sets. The units that are $500 or less

own indoor driving range.

only compatible with an iPad while others

are used at the driving range and really only

require the use of a PC. The companies

provide the golfer with distance and ball

while you hit balls and produces a report of

integrate with SkyTrak, we provide the data

speed. The units that are over $15K provide

every shot hit. The golfer can dive into each

to power their platform. The accuracy of the

additional information like club head data

shot or look at the averages of each club. The

SkyTrak helps the experience of playing golf

and are used primarily with golf instructors.

main data golfers look at besides distance

with any of our partners. Since we capture

So, you can see that there was a huge gap to

are: launch angle, back spin, ball speed, side

data like launch angle, back spin, side spin

fill and why SkyTrak has been so popular. We

angle and side spin but we also offer max

and ball speed; the golfer can hit shots just

provide all the ball data with a tremendous

height, flight time, smash factor and descent

like they are on the golf course. I think that

user experience that has the accuracy of

angle. Let’s say you want to change your

is what separates us from others, having the

the high-end launch monitor but at a price

driver settings and maximize your distance.

ability to capture shot shape. With SkyTrak,

affordable for the consumer.

SkyTrak allows you to compare shots hit with

Playing golf is another great option with

SkyTrak allows you to select each club




a variety of settings (different shafts,

for golfers who use that stall at the

club heads, lofts, etc.) which will allow

driving range. This gives the golfer

the player the information they need to

data and brings more money to the

play their best golf. Golfers that need

driving range.

help with their wedges can utilize the ET: Tell us about the various SkyTrak

SkyTrak Wedge Matrix. This feature

personal membership packages.

allows players to hit up to 4 wedges with 4 different swing lengths: ¼, ½,

PC: We have a Basic, Game

¾ and full swings with each club. A

Improvement (GIP) and Play &

report is then generated to see which

Improve (PIP) plan. The Basic plan

shots need improvement. The report can

provides access to the driving range only. The GIP gives the golfer all the

also help the player realize that hitting a ¾ pitching wedge may be more accurate than a full sand wedge. Other great tools to

ET: How do driving ranges and golf instructors use SkyTrak?

features in the SkyTrak app. The PIP has everything in the GIP, but also gives the golfer

use for improvement include Bag Mapping

PC: SkyTrak can be used in lessons, fittings,

course simulation with World Golf Tour

(so you know how far each club goes),

or any way the instructor needs it. Being

(WGT). WGT is iOS specific and features

Practice Greens (settings so you can simulate

able to show students data helps validate

multiple championship courses, including

hitting into small or odd shape greens) and

what the instructor is saying. If the student

prominent major venues.

the Practice Randomizer so you hit different

can see results, it helps them believe in the

distances for better practice. There are also

information which leads to better lessons.

some fun activities like closest to the pin, long

SkyTrak can also be used in fittings to help

drive, and target challenge. These options are

golfers make better club selections, which

PC: I see more people finding the space

great for practice or to compete with friends

leads to sales for the club. Some ranges

for SkyTrak in their homes. The time

and family.

connect SkyTrak to a TV and charge more

commitment and cost to play golf doesn’t

ET: What do you see for launch monitors and golf simulators in the future?

seem to be coming down, and it’s getting harder for people to get out and play. More people work from home now and with SkyTrak you can hit a quick bucket or play a quick nine without missing a beat. More people are going to invest in their rooms with better hitting mats, HD screens for projection and turn this into the new pool room or man cave. ET: Can you share with our readers some of the new features being planned for SkyTrak?

PC: We are always innovating and working on new ideas. The launch monitor itself is simply the conduit to a larger SkyTrak experience. For more information visit 46

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF


Imagine having the technology to play golf anytime and in any way, and the insight to take your game to the next level. SkyTrak is a personal launch monitor that delivers instant and real-time 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data. Plus, enhance your SkyTrak experience with a high-definition simulation package.




What’s Your APP-etite? MINDTRAK GOLF APP

With MindTRAK, golfers of any skill level or aspiration can sharpen their ability to perform well under pressure by eliminating the negative and chaotic mental and emotional habits Zokol says can lead to “Golf Insanity.” MindTRAK teaches players to focus on the task at hand and not the resulting score, with feedback on the player’s performance deficiencies and tendencies. Available for iOS in the Apple Store. Visit


The PerfectMotion® app allows golfers to train anywhere, anytime, with or without a ball, while receiving expert guidance on every swing and putt. The app uses proprietary A.I. to track body motion and instantly determine any key swing issue. The app then calls up professional video instruction that addresses the golfer’s specific issue and helps eliminate it. Available for iOS in the Apple Store and for Android in the Google Play store. After a 14day free trial, the Pro version costs $5.99 a month or $59.99 annually. Visit to learn more.


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF


Imagine taking an instant golf lesson from a top golf instructor in the privacy of your home. Use the V1 Golf Plus Mobile App to capture and upload videos of your swing and share it with your pro. The instructor then takes the video, adds telestration lines to voice over key points in the swing that need improvement. $6.99 per month or $59.99 billed annually. Visit


V1 Game is like a private coach on the golf course for the golfer in your life, complete with artificial intelligence (A.I.) Shot Tracking, Virtual Coach and Virtual Caddie functions to make it one of the most versatile GPS, performance-tracking and comprehensive game analysis/improvement platforms in golf. $1.99 per month up to $119.99 per year, depending on the package.




Swing Jacket

A Short Cut To Better Golf?

There Had To Be A Better Way It took us 2.5 years, 52 prototypes and an investment of almost $3


Million to develop a product that will physically guide you

on the range beating balls trying to consciously manipulate your swing

repeat golf swing. And you’ll be encouraged . . . OK you’ll

mechanics to give effect to a tip you got somewhere.

basically be ‘forced’ to repeat it consistently enough and often

ntil recently the only way to improve your golf game was to engage

through a fundamentally sound swing. Suddenly you’ll experience

in what Tiger calls ‘The Process’. Golfers know it well. You stand

the FEEL of the positions and the sequences of a simple, easy-to-

enough to lock it into muscle memory forever. The best part of using the Swing Jacket is it instantly lets you know if something’s out of ‘whack’ and with our exceptional training materials you’ll know what that ‘thing’ is and how to address it. No more grinding through a million swing thoughts. No more aimlessly beating balls hoping for an epiphany. Now you’ll know what your doing and why. Will It Work For You? The Swing Jacket has been a top selling golf product for over 20 years. It has helped over a quarter of a million golfers from Tour Pros to raw beginners to take their games not just to the next level but to successively higher levels. “The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst every good ball striker. After ten swings or so I was hooked. With all honesty, I was For most golfers “The Process” isn’t very effective. In part because

somewhat skeptical about the aid and I thought it would be cumber-

each of the moving parts in the swing are inter-related. One thing gets

some and swing restrictive. My recommendation is that the Swing

out of whack and . . . GGGGAAAAHHHH!!!! And the worst part is

Jacket is for everyone and anyone. No one has the perfect swing, but

you’re not sure which ‘thing’ is the problem.

the Swing Jacket does. In the case of this training aid feel is most

With no iron clad guarantee the next tip or lesson is going to

definitely real.” —Greg Sampson - Northeast Golf Magazine

deliver results . . . most golfers have given up on taking their game to the next level.

Take A Great Swing For A Test Drive You’ve always wanted to know what a great swing actually feels like.

It Always Starts With A Feeling

Have you secretly wished there was a short cut you could take that

Every significant swing change starts with a feeling. Once you FEEL

would suddenly put your game way ahead of your playing partners?

‘IT’ and can repeat ‘IT’ consistently you’re on your way to better golf.

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By John Molori

Coach Joey D brings a body of work to golf-specific fitness



says Johnson. “The physical fitness aspect

your feet move, what good is all that

Diovisalvi, known to the golf

of golf is very important. A lot of my


world as Coach Joey D, has been

success I can attribute to the work I do in

a groundbreaking pioneer in the

here with Joey D.”

complicated and, at times,

still vastly underrated area of

maddening game. Joey D responds

golf-specific fitness.

to the question on the most

Joey D Golf (joeydgolf.

common challenges for golfers

com) incorporates fitness

and what they can do to fix them.

training used in other sports -

“It is about body awareness.

customized for golfers looking

Golfers need to know about setup,

to bring their bodies and golf

posture, and knee placement.

games to the next level.

“Are your legs too straight or

Professional players like Vijay

too flexed? We put an emphasis

Singh, Dustin Johnson, Brooks

on balance, the separation of

Koepka, and New England’s own

the upper and lower body, and

Brad Faxon, Keegan Bradley, and

generating power from the

Alison Walsh have benefitted

ground up.”

from Joey D’s training regimen.

Joey D takes training a step

Joey D discusses the evolution of

further, not only customizing it

golf-specific fitness over the past

for golf, but specifically for the

20 years.

individual golfer. “The first thing

“I grew up around this game

we do is an intake interview.

caddying for my father,” says the

We ask the golfer how or if they

55-year-old instructor. “In the

warm up, how they practice, and

past, if golfers trained outside of

any injuries they may have.

their sport, they feared getting too

“We want to get to know them


and their daily routines. We

“When Tiger Woods began to

then do a full evaluation on hip/

train and show his physique, it helped

Twenty-six current tour pros train with

spine rotation, knee flexing, and

everyone understand that this was

Joey D Golf, but the serious recreational and

other aspects. From there, we build a

a good thing. Still, some of the older

amateur player can also benefit from body

customized program.”

players resisted. It took me about five

optimization for the golf swing. Says Joey D,

years to get people to truly believe in

“It behooves everyone to a 6 to 8 point self-

golf-specific training is unquestioned,

the training.”

assessment on where they stand.

and he demands the same dedication

World #1 ranked PGA pro Dustin


Golf, as we all know, is a

“I look at it like this, if you spend

Coach Joey D’s commitment to

from players who come into his

Johnson is one of those people.

thousands of dollars on golf equipment,

facility. “Every golfer signs a player’s

“If you look at the guys nowadays

but you can’t properly move the club from

agreement at the start of the

[on the PGA Tour], everybody’s an

the address position, don’t have good

training,” he explains. “We don’t

athlete - taller, stronger, more fit,”

range of motion, or don’t understand how

want to waste our coaches’ or the

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

golfer’s time. There has to be that mutual commitment.” Golf training, like all areas of life, has

recreational and amateur levels.” Just like his fitness programs, Joey D is not about standing still. He just launched

been impacted by the COVID pandemic., an on-demand golf fitness

Joey D has incorporated home and online

platform for golfers of all levels.

training to mitigate the effect on his

He is also co-authoring a book

business. He relates, “We have been able

with Coach Kolby “K-Wayne” Tullier

to create a library of online videos and

called “Hang the Banner: The Proven

coaching sessions.

Golf Fitness Program Used by the

“People have become visual learners.

Best Golfers in the World” due out in

By seeing the training method, they can

February. The book title comes from the

not only understand the concept, but also

many player accomplishment banners

see how it is applied. Through the videos

hanging at the Jupiter facility.

and online training, we have been open throughout the pandemic when gyms,

So, what is the next trail to blaze for this golf training pioneer? Joey D

parks, and clubs have been closed.” For the past 11 years, Joey D has offered an impressive training facility in Jupiter, FL including hitting bays, physical assessments, adult and junior programs, custom club fitting performance lab, ball flight monitors, and more. “We took what we were doing on the PGA Tour and brought it to our facility. It started with just me and a few golf pros, but as we did more and more seminars, we attracted more serious players. This has allowed us to affect the game at the responds with his own question. “What does the body have to do to play golf? That’s the question. “Our future is about bringing more education and information to the world. We want get out there and create a teaching circuit for players who want to understand all of golf, offering them a legitimate program for them to apply and succeed.” John Molori is an award-winning author and columnist for numerous publications. Like him on Facebook at John Molori, Twitter @MoloriMedia. Email





An Offseason Is A Terrible Thing To Waste hampions are made in the offseason. For decades, some version of the mantra has etched itself onto the walls of gyms around the world. The idea that the outcome of the next game, match, or season can and will be determined before it even begins fuels athletes to build an edge to carry to the next starting line.

Now more than ever, that mantra applies to golf. These days, no

golfer is ever far from an indoor hitting room where year-round

fundamentals and a perfect time of the year to potentially introduce and develop new swing mechanics.”

golf is available. Whether it’s a standalone facility, permanent part

The Willowcreek Academy offers a covered, lit and heated

of an existing golf facility, or a converted pro shop or grill room at

outdoor driving range to eliminate the elements during a cold,

a nearby course, you can take your game indoors this offseason,

dark and snowy New Hampshire winter. The indoor practice

and start playing your best golf in 2021.

facility features a garage door style opening to give students the

Brian Diamond, PGA, teaches at the Willowcreek Academy at

option to hit into a net, or open the door and watch their ball fly

Atkinson Resort in Atkinson, New Hampshire, where students take

onto an often snow-covered driving range. The facility is complete

advantage of the year-round golf offerings to improve throughout

with Trackman launch monitor technology, allowing Brian’s

the offseason.

students to gawk at their numbers as they improve throughout

“We are fortunate to have a facility where our students can

winter. The radar technology captures 27 different measurements

practice and work on their games year round,” Diamond said.

per swing, but most students focus on a key few, including the fan

“The winter provides for opportunities to focus on a lot of different

favorite, Smash Factor.

aspects of the game and swing. Depending on the level of each individual student, winter can be a time to address basic

“TrackMan is a phenomenal technology for golfers of all skill levels to understand why their ball is doing what it is doing

By Nick Heidelberger, New England PGA 56

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

relative to their swing,” Diamond said.

junior golfers ages 5-18 each year. The

“Most of my students come in not knowing

junior program put its success on display to

why their ball is curving one way or the

a national audience recently, when

and we’re really going to look at any postural

other or why they struggle with other

Atkinson’s PGA Junior League team was

and movement dysfunctions that they might

ball-striking issues. Educating them on ball

one of eight nationally to advance to the

have,” said Matt Leeds, TB12 Body Coach of

flight and having them see their ball flight

National Championship in Scottsdale,

the golf program. “Over the course of eight

and understand the differences between their

Arizona in 2017.

weeks we’re going to improve their mobility

good and bad shots is huge in increasing

Of course, honing your swing is just

power, and conditioning. “We take them through a movement screen

and we’re going to improve their stability so

their personal golf IQ. Once we know which

one dimension of your off-season

when they go back and work with their golf

swing characteristics provide the most

improvement plan. Golf fitness should be

pro they’re able to move better, and they’re

desirable results, we can train to make these

part of the equation as well. TB12 has

not only feeling better but they’re going to

characteristics more consistent throughout

curated a golf-specific program for all

perform better.”

the offseason and into the golf season.”

players, from those looking for more

The Willowcreek Academy is not just a

With a long offseason for golfers in the

flexibility to increase their swing speed

Northeast setting in, some golfers may pack

place for avid golfers to tune up over the

and driving distance, to those just looking

the clubs away for months, as they always do,

winter and stay sharp throughout the

to play 18 holes pain-free. The eight-week

and put their golf game on the back burner

summer. It also serves to grow the game,

program, offered at both the TB12

until April. Others, however, will seize the

welcoming new or returning golfers, and a

Boston and Foxboro locations,

opportunity to become the best golfer they

robust junior golf program. Junior camps,

emphasises hip and spine mobility,

can be. The difference will be clear at the

clinics and private lessons attract 50-100

balance and core stability, rotational

starting line of the 2021 golf season.




By Jack Ross

The USGA’s “Golf House Pinehurst:” A Partnership Rooted in History


IKE THOUSANDS OF “SNOWBIRDS” from the Northeast, “Iron Byron” might be retiring to Pinehurst. But along with

plan. For those uninitiated in the history of the USGA’s role

him will follow at least 50 of the active USGA staff in Liber-

in establishing technological standards for clubs and balls,

ty Corner, N.J. when the organization completes the con-

Iron Byron was the original machine that simulated a golfer

struction of what is being dubbed “Golf House Pinehurst” by

hitting a ball -- named in recognition of Byron Nelson’s

the end of 2023.

legendary ball-striking consistency. The USGA Research

The USGA in September announced its innovative plan

and Test Center at Liberty Corner was built in 1972 when

to expand to Pinehurst, N.C. In partnership with state and

the USGA moved from New York City, and after almost 50

local governments, the Village of Pinehurst, and Pinehurst

years is badly in need of updating or replacement.

Resort & Country Club, the USGA has committed to


You might be wondering how Iron Byron fits into this

Janeen Driscoll, Director of Brand Communications for

constructing two buildings (including a welcome center,

the USGA, explained to Northeast Golf that the genesis of

museum experience, and a new innovation, research, and

Golf House Pinehurst was rooted in the need to upgrade the

testing facility) on the grounds of the historic resort. It will

testing facility. As senior officials pondered various options,

also host four U.S. Opens on the fabled No. 2 course in 2029,

including moving the facility to California where most club

2035, 2041, and 2047 (in addition to that already scheduled

manufacturers are located, they began to focus on North

for 2024). While the main office of the USGA will remain in

Carolina -- and specifically Pinehurst. The village has become

New Jersey, a core group of staff will relocate to Pinehurst.

a golf mecca, drawing over a million visitors per year.

DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

The resort, established in 1895 by Boston business

committee would say: ‘Why not Pinehurst?,’” said Driscoll.

magnate and philanthropist James Walker Tufts, has

“We’re really thrilled about coming to North Carolina and

nine courses alone and is surrounded by dozens of

having such a welcoming partner. The ability to expand the

other acclaimed public and private courses. In 1907,

USGA beyond New Jersey is exciting for us.”

renowned Scottish course designer Donald Ross

A core feature of the deal was the unprecedented

completed the No. 2 course, which has hosted three

commitment to award four U.S. Opens (as well as a number

men’s U.S. Opens, one women’s U.S. Open, and three

of additional events) to Pinehurst extending to the year 2047.

U.S. Amateurs. Pinehurst and the USGA have a long

The $2 billion economic impact of these championships

association; Richard Tufts, the founder’s grandson,

surely was an important factor securing public support for

served as president of the organization in the 1950s and

the initiative. “We wanted to send the message to North

had a major influence on the growth of amateur golf

Carolina very clearly that we were in this for the long haul,”

and the development of the rules.

said Driscoll.

Driscoll noted several other factors that weighed

But Driscoll emphasized that establishing a smaller “Rota”

heavily in the selection of Pinehurst as the USGA’s first

for the U.S. Open, with anchor sites like Pinehurst, also

“anchor site.” The state has become a technology hub

appeals to the players (both men and women). “Where they

with its strong university system; the USGA already had

play their major championship matters to them,” she said.

a working relationship with N.C. State for research on

“And Pinehurst comes up as a consistent theme.” Driscoll said

turf sustainability. North Carolina has more golfers per

that the USGA is studying possible additional anchor sites for

capita than almost any state, an avid volunteer base, and a

its championships, but has made no decisions.

growing corporate base to support championships. Finally,

So if you travel to Pinehurst in 2023 you’ll be able, as always,

the state and local governments were eager to help fund

to stay at the Carolina Hotel, play any of the nine courses at

the project (about $21 million of the estimated initial

the resort, and check out the bronze statue of Payne Stewart

$29 million investment) to capitalize on the long-term

in his iconic pose winning the 1999 U.S. Open. But you’ll also

economic benefits of the deal.

find a new USGA presence, and perhaps take a tour of the

In the end, the decision was easy. “You combine all of those factors and you can see why our executive

museum and the new testing facility. Who knows? You might even run into Iron Byron.






Check off these three courses from your Bucket List in 2021. These courses are among the best NEW courses in the United States. Play Away! BY GREG SAMPSON


Payne’s Valley Golf Course LOCATION: Hollister, MO

BUCKET LIST DETAILS Paying tribute to Ozarks-native and World Golf Hall of Fame member, Payne Stewart, Payne’s Valley is the first public-access golf course designed by 82-time PGA TOUR winner Tiger Woods and Woods-led golf course design firm, TGR Design. Payne’s Valley will stand out with its inviting layout, pristine water features, large fairways and greens, and spectacular 19th hole… the Big Rock at Payne’s Valley™. Through the creation of PAYNE’S VALLEY GOLF COURSE™, Tiger Woods and Big Cedar Lodge will offer a course where players of all skill levels will be able to enjoy the game with each other in the beautiful Ozark Mountain landscape.

HOW TO PLAY Spend time playing at Nature’s Finest™ golf courses, all public access including Payne’s Valley, while exploring America’s Next Great Golf Destination. Plan your trip, book tee times and accommodations and discover more details about Payne’s Valley at or call to book Stay & Play packages, 800-225-6343.





Sheeps Valley Golf Course LOCATION: Bandon, OR

BUCKET LIST DETAILS Renovated by the world-class design team of Coore & Crenshaw and co-founded by Phil Friedmann and Mike Keiser, the Sheep Ranch was for many years a mysterious golf landscape just north of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Now with one mile of ocean frontage, nine green sites right along the edge of the continent, and stunning Pacific Ocean views on every hole, Sheep Ranch continues the legacy of “Golf As It Was Meant to Be� on the Pacific Coast. The par 72 free flowing links style course measures 6,636 from the tips and can produce low scores or extremely tough conditions in the wind. There are numerous grass bunkers throughout the course but the absence of sand traps makes for a truly unique experience.

HOW TO PLAY Due to high demand making a reservation for rooms and tee times starts with filling out the reservation form on or by calling 855-220-6710 for immediate assistance. There are many amazing after golf experiences to explore as well including more than 10 miles of dune land trails right on the resort property. A short drive away more than 20 miles of uninterrupted shore walks await.


DECE M B E R 2 02 0 / J A N UARY 2 02 1 | NORTHE AST.G OLF

Photos courtesy of Course Websites, Facebook and Instagram.



Old Toccoa Farm LOCATION: Mineral Bluffs, GA

BUCKET LIST DETAILS This Bunker Hill-designed course is a par 72, links-feel course totaling 6,707 yards. The course winds through 125 acres of ridges and meadows, featuring over 280 feet of elevation change with spectacular views of the Chattahoochee and Cherokee Nation Forests and surrounding valleys. Among the massive bunkers and hardwoods, you’ll discover golf in its purest state — and an experience unlike any other. Twisted knots of mountain laurel, rock outcroppings and gentle wildflower meadows dictate the flow of play. Lush zoysia fairways and bentgrass greens create an incredible surface as the course winds along the river and into the landscape’s secluded hills and draws. Native grasses and wicked bunkers complete the experience of this unique course.

HOW TO PLAY Old Toccoa Farm is a semi-private course where public play is welcomed six days a week. All public players must call ahead to make a tee time at 706-946-4653. There is no better way to experience the authentic Old Toccoa Farm lifestyle than with a Discovery Visit. It’s a wonderful opportunity to “test drive” the course, explore the community and enjoy a personalized preview of our outstanding cottage plans, homesites and amenities. You’ll experience the authentic sense of community — and have a chance to savor the charms of Blue Ridge. In addition to preferred tee times, add on water activities and other outdoor pursuits during your over night or weekend stay. Lean more at

Photos courtesy of Course Websites, Facebook and Instagram.




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T H E P I N E H U R S T, S O U T H E R N P I N E S , A B E R D E E N A R E A O F N C


In many ways, the game of golf is the perfectly constructed activity for our sudden new normal. Foursomes are fine! Golf represents social distancing at its finest, whether it be six feet from your buddy, or that six footer to win the match. It’s outside, open spaces, fresh air, walking or riding, tandem, or solo. The perfect drive is always down the middle – on the highway, as well as the fairway, inside the Home of American Golf!

Talamore Golf Resort

U.S. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP ANCHOR SITE 2024 | 2029 | 2035 | 2041 | 2047