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May/June 2015


Wonderful Wanda Plans unveiled for the construction of a 93-story skyscraper in Lakeshore East

By Angela Gagnon | Staff Writer

Construction on the third tallest skyscraper in the city is set to begin in 2016 right here in the Lakeshore East neighborhood if the proposed plans unveiled by the Magellan Development Group and architect Jeanne Gang are approved for the supertall 93-story Wanda Vista Tower. During a public meeting on April 13, 2015 held at Studio Gang’s world-famous Radisson Blu hotel in the Aqua building, Sean Linnane, Magellan Executive Vice President, assured the public that the Wanda Vista Tower would “serve as a positive enhancement to the neighborhood,” by creating both construction and permanent jobs, and being a “source of pride” for Chicago. Proposed public benefits of this project outlined at the meeting included making improvements to Lower Wacker Dr., connecting Lakeshore East Park to the Riverwalk, and improving vehicular and pedestrian circulation in the area. The special frustum, or flat-topped pyramid shape, will allow for the collection of solar energy as well as increase the number of corner views from four to eight in the proposed tower trio. The architect Gang also pointed out that stacking the frustums will effectively hold the height of the tall structure and offer views of the sky as well. Alderman Brendan Reilly said the aim of this meeting was to “compile a punch list from neighbors,” which he will discuss and address with the developer. If approved, the building process could take over three years with a projected opening in 2019.

Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang

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Though there were no major oppositions voiced at the meeting, concerns included a change in traffic patterns, the potential increase in density and noise in a relatively quiet part of the city and the recurrent issue of motorcycle noise in that area. Turn to Wanda, Page 4

Date Night in the New Eastside

By Jessica Ainlay | Community Contributor

After the working day is done, our neighborhood transforms into one of the most romantic nooks in Chicago. Decadence and luxury are one way to sweep your partner off his or her feet, but the New Eastside has perfect laid-back spots for reconnecting with the one you love. Come home from work and grab your loved one’s hand to head over to Brown Bag Seafood at 340 Randolph. Place your order and sit outside on their patio with a dinner of fresh seafood and craft beer or wine. With views of the Chicago skyline and Turn to Date Night, Page 4 Lakeshore East gets a new moving sale community board Details P10

Calendar of Events New Eastside P13

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By Tracey Lewis | Staff Writer

How to contact us

(708) 628-3652 Publisher: Elaine Hyde Managing Editor: Tracey Lewis Co-Editor: Jessica Ainlay Copy Editors: Shanti Nagarkatti, Kari Greczek Staff Writer: Angela Gagnon

Residents are concerned about drag racing that has started up again this spring, reporting that it occurs about once a week. During the summer months last year residents reported drag racing as an almost daily occurrence on the road that borders the Lakeshore East Park and Wacker Dr. Motorcycles and cars have been seen lining up on East South Water Street, near Chalk preschool (360 E. South Water Street) and racing around the park around midnight before exiting on N. Field Blvd. or congregating at the far east end of Wacker Dr. Photo by Randy Belice, courtesy of GEMS World Academy-Chicago Sixth-graders at GEMS World Academy - Chicago assist in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Upper School. These students will be some of the first to attend the new Upper School when it is completed in 2016.

“[I] hate the noise but more importantly the potential safety concern,” says Constance Freedman, a resident of New Eastside. Reports of drag racing should be directed to local police by calling 911.

GEMS PART II On March 25, GEMS World Academy had a groundbreaking ceremony for their Upper School, grades 6 to 12. The 240,000-square-foot, 16-story building will be located at 355 East Wacker Drive and has a planned opening in fall 2016. “The new building will face north and make use of the natural light. It is a reflection of the community and will have a small carbon footprint,” said architect Thomas Kerwin of bKL Architecture. Amenities at the Upper School will include a 25-yard indoor pool, a student recreation gym and fitness center, a multipurpose digital theater, state-of-the-art science labs and much more. Renderings show the Upper School façade to have blue and green paneling with a similar design to the GEMS Lower School.

Photo by Shanti Nagarkatti Kelly Kroyer, Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel’s Social Media and Marketing Manager, in front of Boomtown in the art gallery.

Inside the “Art of Blu” self-guided tour

Staff Writer: Ophelia Dodds

By Shanti Nagarkatti | Community Contributor

Community Contributors: Serena Wadhwa, Daniel Schell, Kristine Martino, Elizabeth Johnston, Michael Oz, Reemaa Konkimalla, John Cohn,Wayne Lorentz, Aida Lutfi, Oksana Persidina, Margaret Schmidt New Eastside News is published bi-monthly by New Eastside Community. New Eastside News uses and values community writers and contributors. Views expressed by community contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of New Eastside News. The New Eastside News does not take responsibility for third-party announcements or events. The New Eastside News is independently owned and operated. Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Fast and furious in the New Eastside

Photo by Tracey Lewis The television series Chicago Fire films an episode in New Eastside

Chicago Fire in New Eastside Fortunately, it was not a real fire. The television show Chicago Fire filmed an episode of their show on Upper Wacker Dr. in March 2015. The New Eastside has also been the location for other famous films such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Age of Extinction, Batman: The Dark Knight, the unsuccessful TV series Chicago Code, and more recently the TV series Chicago PD.

It is no secret that the Aqua Tower, with its distinctive, wavelike appearance, is architecturally striking. A look inside the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel lobby reveals an interior that is just as mindfully crafted, with a design that pays homage to the rich history of Chicago and an art gallery featuring works by several artists. As if an in-hotel art gallery wasn’t enough, it is now complemented by a newly launched Architecture, Photography and Design tour packaged into a digital application. The “Art of Blu” app is the first-of-its kind, self-guided art tour. The app explores the architecture of Aqua through audio commentary by award-winning architect Jeanne Gang; audio commentary by Jim Hamilton, interior designer of the hotel’s lobby; the historic Vivian Maier Chicago photography collection; and more. “No other hotel has this tool. Guests can take the tour at any time during their stay, between meeting sessions or at 3 am,” says Gordon Taylor III, Director of Sales and Marketing at Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago. “Art of Blu” is open to the public and can be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play. Headphones are available at the hotel’s front desk and the entire hotel tour takes 35 minutes.

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W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Residents weigh in on Wanda

city. “The Wanda development will bring tangible and intangible positives to the neighborhood. It will put Lakeshore East on the map of world real estate scene and invite international investors,” he explained. Kim is aware of the potential traffic concerns and the possibility of that “this project will drive some locals out of the area as the condo prices go up,” and he doesn’t personally favor the building design, but “it can’t be worse than an empty lot in our neighborhood.”

Wanda continued from Page 1

As Alderman Reilly stated at the April 13 meeting, this is the very beginning of a process and he assured meeting attendees that he wants to advocate for community members.

Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang

Many New Eastside residents are left wondering how this new construction will affect our local community feel. New Eastside resident Carolina Patino said, “I don’t see any benefit of this new building to existing owners and tenants. Clearly Wanda and Magellan seem only concerned about profits and not the impact on the local community.” She also commented on the design of the new structure saying, “while I believe more investment in Lakeshore East is positive, this design seems more fitting for the Beijing or Hong Kong skyline than the Lakeshore East community.” Real estate professional Sang Kim said he always welcomes development in the

Several steps must occur before breaking ground begins, one of which is amending the master plan that governs the Lakeshore East community. While it might be exciting to see this new addition to our neighborhood take shape on paper, we will have to wait a while to see how our new 93-story neighbor will fit in to our otherwise quiet and cozy little area. Have an opinion you want to share about the construction of the Wanda tower? We’re taking submissions for our Viewpoints section in the next edition of the New Eastside News. Email to share and your viewpoint might get chosen to appear in print!

Rendering courtesy of Studio Gang

Date Night continued from Page 1 Millennium Park stretched out in front of you, it is easy to relax and talk. After dinner, you could sit in the park or walk along the river or lake, but instead grab a gelato from Mariano’s - it is some of the cheapest, most delicious gelato in the city! With ice cream in hand, take a stroll through the new Maggie Daley Park. Stop on the BP Bridge for a selfie with gorgeous city views behind you, then saunter to the south end of Millennium Park to the Lurie Garden. This five-acre garden has 15-foot hedges, gorgeous flowers, and little hidden benches to spend time alone with your sweetheart- all right in the middle of downtown! Before you head home, sneak up to III Forks for a nightcap at the rooftop bar, or even stay for another since, either way, you’ll be home before you know it.

New Eastside safety seminar provided by Chicago police By Tracey Lewis | Staff Writer

Attend your May 14, 2015 beat meeting at 7:00PM at 400 E. Randolph to learn more about how to protect yourself and your belongings. There will be light refreshments served. This is your chance to learn more about what is going on in your neighborhood and let the police know if you have any concerns. There will also be a safety seminar that will last 15-20 minutes.

MAY/JUNE 2015 / 5

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Meet your neighbor: David Warren the storage facility under the Aqua Tower. Curious, I peeked inside to find out more. It turned out that woodworker David Warren had turned a triple storage unit into his very own woodworking workshop. “Storage can be a host of different uses,” noted Warren with a soft smile on his face. Warren, a resident of Aqua (225 N. Columbus Dr.), is 87 years young. Light-hearted and always ready with a joke, Warren spent 25 years working his way through the ranks at Commonweather Edison, earning himself a senior position. “I started out in the president’s office as an office boy, then worked my way down to janitor,” he jokes. Photo by Tracey Lewis David Warren and his reproductions of John Townshend’s facility. Pembroke table and antique oval tilt top table By Tracey Lewis | Staff Writer

I heard the sound of drilling while walking through the Pedway one day, which got louder as I approached

Since retiring, Warren enjoys having more time to focus on woodworking, a love he has had for 80 years. His father got him interested in the craft, giving Warren his first saw, hammer and little toolbox. “It’s a relaxing hobby,” Warren says. His favorite thing to do is make reproductions of furniture from

museums, which he uses to furnish his own home. Inside Warren’s apartment, a reproduction of Lincoln’s shaving mirror is immediately visible on the left wall. When I asked him about it, Warren’s Photo by Tracey Lewis face lit up and he also showed me David Warren in his woodworking workshop in the My Storage Suite more pieces he had reproduced, Emmerich cabinetmaker’s hand tools. including an oval tilt-top table and Warren loves demonstrating the tools his favorite - a John Townshend’s and talking shop, so if you are ever Pembroke table. His body of work even in the Pedway near My Storage Suite extends to a wooden sailboat that he and hear drilling going on, pop in and used for sailing on Lake Geneva in say hello. He is also available to do Wisconsin. furniture repair and can be reached When he’s not working on a personal project, Warren does minor furniture repair for New Eastside residents and sells the complete line of E.C.

at (880) 724-7758 or planemandw@

Good Vibes at 400 E. Randolph St. By Margaret Schmidt | Community Contributor

Remember the 1960s? That time of bliss, friendliness, and community strength gave birth to the 400 East Randolph Condominium building (400er), constructed in 1963. Today 400er is a cornerstone of the wall of high-rises known as the New Eastside Community. It’s also the friendliest building in our burgeoning area. Four Hundred is dignified, neither stuffy nor pushy. It has the feel of a mid-size boutique community even though at one time it was the world’s largest apartment building, the only residential high-rise east of Michigan Avenue. Long-time owners and renters mean that residents greet neighbors and friends in the hallways. There are few of the short-term residents who tend to create a frigid, hotel-like atmosphere of some surrounding buildings. The array of amenities make 400er virtually full-service: a private bus that delivers residents to popular Loop locations, state-of-the-art health club, restaurant, swimming pool, men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, sauna, and steam, children’s play area, sun deck, dry cleaners, library, hair salon, bike room, heated parking spaces, plus a grocery store and bank half a block away. Four Hundred East belongs on the state historic register for its classic late-fifties-early 60s linear architecture. The geodesic dome and the concrete panels showcasing each tier of balconies make it instantly recognizable. Every building has its ‘grumblers’ though. Some think the recently remodeled lobby befits a disco rather than the Loop’s grande dame of high-rises. Some others rail against height and weight limits on pets, and the need for more elevators to the storage units. However, these factors are irrelevant when it comes to living in the best location in the city, with a park on its south facade and another on its north, all within walking distance of theatre, music, and dance venues. Photo by Tracey Lewis

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W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Fido to go – It’s for the dogs By Tracey Lewis | Staff writer

Photo Credit: Chicago History Museum Wacker Drive extension, Chicago, Illinois, May 1974

The many lives of Lakeshore East By Jessica Ainlay | Community Contributor



In 1994, the grass here got a whole lot greener. Acclaimed golf course architect Pete Dye designed the 9-hole Metro Golf at Illinois Center, a semiprivate golf course at 221 N Columbus Dr. which then closed in 2001 when planning began for Magellan Development Group’s Lakeshore East Community.


When 400 E Randolph was built in 1963, Lake Shore Drive cut through that lot that is now our park. As more buildings were constructed, LSD was re-directed to its current position east of the buildings to its current route.

Gang was selected to bring our neighborhood further into the future with her design of what will be Chicago’s third largest building - the 93-story Wanda Vista skyscraper slated for 381-383 E. Wacker Drive. This latest addition will usher in a new era, bringing us in to a new generation here as Lakeshore East and the Wanda Vista skyscraper will likely become a destination for visitors from near and far.


According to the team at the Chicago History Museum, one hundred years ago this spot was littered with clunky steel train cars on dozens of rusty rails as a part of the Illinois Central Railroad rail yards. After World War II, the airspace north of Randolph was sold, usage of the tracks was eliminated and the empty lot of gravel and mud sat uninhabited.

Fido to go is on the road seven days a week all over Chicago and some suburbs. Santucci has even provided treats for dogs on the television series Chicago Fire. She plans to grow her business, especially since she has “people that wait on us” to arrive. Fido to go is parked in front of Caffe Rom in Lakeshore East every Saturday morning when the weather is nice. You can also follow her business on Facebook,, or go to her website to learn more at N

Last week, I sat soaking up the warm spring sun on a bench in the Lakeshore East Park. Kids kicked soccer balls, couples sprawled out on blankets, dogs panted happily in the dog park. It is our own little sanctuary in the city.

Awards have been piling in ever since. The architecture master plan won the 2002 American Institute of Architects National Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design, then the FIABCI Prix D’Excellence international award in 2008 (the only US construction to win that year). The Aqua, designed by Chicago Architect Jeanne Gang was named regional and international winner of the International Property Award as the Best Residential HighRise Development in 2011.

Just as children get excited when they hear the music from the ice cream truck, dogs and their owners are elated to see the big yellow truck in front of Caffe Rom in Lakeshore East on Saturday mornings. This yellow truck happens to Photo: Tracey Lewis be Donna Santucci’s Fido to go dog-treat Donna Santucci on her Fido to go food truck truck. It is the nation’s first dog-treat truck of its kind. Santucci started her business in May of 2011. Her dog Maddie had food allergies so she wanted to make a healthy, nonallergenic treat that her dog could eat. The treats are sugar-free and do not contain any egg, soy, gluten, or grain. Santucci has plenty of regular customers on two legs and on four. The treats look so delicious that people mistakenly come up to the truck thinking they are about to purchase a treat for themselves. “Dogs and humans have a blast...[there are] not a lot of places you can take dogs that have health issues,” Santucci says.

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Nicolas Alejandro Cloppert Patino

We are very pleased to welcome Nicolas Alejandro Cloppert Patino, born March 7th, 2015 at 3:04AM to Rick Cloppert and Carolina Patino. He joins sister Daniela and brother Ricky in Harbor Point and we are excited to have him join our community.

We are very pleased to welcome Stella Grace Slotnik, born March 16th, 2015 at 5:48PM to Alina and Aaron. She joins sister Sophie in Harbor Point and we are excited to have her join our community.

MAY/JUNE 2015 / 7


Thank you so much to those of you who sent us photos! We’re looking for more photos for our next newsletter. Please submit your pictures to Michelle Gerasenko, 4 years old from the Tides, enjoys a day on the swing at Maggie Daley Park

Photo by Oksana Persidina From left to right: Liz Byrum and Nicole Downham at Crave the Cup at Mariano’s. Byrum and Downham enjoy wine paired with cupcakes after a day of work. Stella Grace Slotnik

Photo by Tracey Lewis

doormen and the residents. We don’t have much turnover in the door staff so we all know each other really well. What do you like least about your job? Saying “No” to residents. For example, if they want to use the pool after it’s been closed for the night or park outside for more than 10 minutes. It’s hard but has to be done sometimes. Photo: Ophelia Dodds

DOORMAN OF THE MONTH By Ophelia Dodds | Staff Writer

Jose Cordova has worked at North Harbor Tower (NHT) for seven years. How did you become a doorman? I was working in the Parkshore Market (195 N. Harbor Dr.) and one of the doormen from NHT came in and said he had handed in his notice, so I applied and got the job. What do you like best about your job? This place is like a big family - the other

Describe yourself in three words: indecisive, humorous and openminded.

Photo: Ophelia Dodds

Best place for a night out in Chicago?

Cute pet alert

Cubby Bear on a Sunday night - they have a live salsa band and it’s amazing!

Name: Slider

What is the nicest thing a resident has said to/done for you?

Lives in: The Parkshore

Chose to move into the building because of me - they came for a visit and loved the service, which was really great.

Food: Lettuce

What is the most important thing in life? Worry about what matters; everything else can take care of itself. We spend too much time on the small stuff.

Breed: Russian Tortoise

Photo by Reemaa Konkimalla

Vikram Konkimalla from The Heritage, searches for Easter eggs in Maggie Daley Park.

Good Habits: Potty his bathtub Bad Habits: Sleeping too much Personality: Relaxed Owner: Mia & Nina Aggarwal

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W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

For singles: Looking to have fun OPINIONS GEMS World Academy – on a budget? How to mingle, Chicago jingle and enjoy Parents who harp on about how By: Serena Wadhwa | Community Contributor

Warmer temperatures are a good sign that the city will be bustling with activities. Having been one of those singles on a budget, I know it can sometimes be challenging to find events and activities that allow the opportunity to meet others and have fun while not spending a lot of money. However, I found several cool things in the New Eastside that helped me mingle, jingle, and enjoy the summer while staying within my budget. Attending the free concerts at Millennium Park and Grant Park minimized food and beverage costs, as I brought my own treats or had a potluck with friends or a date. The local museums and the Chicago Park District have free event days, movie series, and other no-cost offerings, so

with a little planning, I was able to see what events I could go to with friends or by myself to meet new people. Joining some local Meetup groups that organized activities was also helpful. I attended some of the local restaurants and bars for low-cost tastings and events. Mariano’s offers some events, and having a cup of coffee or gelato on the patio not only fit my budget, but it was also a great way to spend time with others. When I wanted to get some exercise, I walked along the various trails, paths, and parks within the New Eastside, as there are many places to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, a snack or just mingle and chill. With so much to do in the New Eastside, it’s easy to get out and mingle, jingle, and have some fun on a budget.

expensive the GEMS tuition is should think of it this way: Choosing between a Chicago public school or an independent school is like choosing between a Toyota Prius and the new Tesla Model S. Both will get your child to their intended destination but the journey in each is markedly different – Kareem, parent in the New Eastside.

Dogs in elevators

Photo by Tracey Lewis

In my apartment building I have to share an elevator with dogs quite a lot. Being confined in an elevator with a giant mastiff is an intimidating experience for me. I’ve heard of some apartments that have rules where people riding with dogs must take a separate service elevator. I am interested to find out which buildings these are in the New Eastside. – Maud, New Eastside resident

Thank you for the newsletter First of all, I would like to thank you for all of the helpful and fun information you provide us as Lakeshore East residents through the newspaper. As a proud resident for more than nine years, I love that our little community has grown and is being recognized for all we have to offer! In the process, this newspaper helps us all stay on the same page…no pun intended... and stay connected despite our growth. Though I do like that for awhile we were a well-kept little secret gem, so a part of me does hope we can still maintain that element. I would like to extend additional thanks for your contributions, as they help me at work as well. I am a Concierge at the Langham hotel. I incorporate the calendars of monthly events into my calendars at work for guest recommendations, so I appreciate your efforts. - Lauren Silinsky Send your comments, opinions and viewpoints to

Photo by George Tziralis: Enjoying an evening of the free symphony concert at Millennium Park

POETRY CORNER Where We Live By Angela Gagnon

Glance at the sunshine, bouncing off the sparkling skyscrapers, Or picnic on the freshly manicured grass, while soaking up the rays.

Send opinions to for a chance to be published and win a $25 gift card to Mariano’s.

Find a peaceful bench to stop and rest your feet, Or simply take a stroll; you and a friend might meet. It’s naturally refreshing, living on the New Eastside, A tucked away gem, bursting with beauty and pride. Living here’s a blessing, paradise in the city, A convenient urban nook, it’s so much more than pretty.

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

MAY/JUNE 2015 /


Editor’s Letter By Elaine Hyde | Editor




magazines at Universal Sole was lost with the store’s closure in 2014. Robert Molukwa, owner of My Storage Suite in the pedway, has opened up a board this April in his storage facility. It's a two-by-threefoot moving-sale board where anyone can post items they wish to sell. It is already jam-packed. On a recent phone call, Molukwa told me that people stop in daily to check out the board and he has plans to expand the community-news wall space with display racks for

opening day of its rooftop bar despite much prodding, but did well diverting my attention with a delectable ceviche and rib eye served on a wooden board next to high for a good two minutes. Since Billy Caruso took over as Chef Proprietor in 2013, the quality of the

steaks have improved, and the white tablecloths are gone, which make for a more casual atmosphere. Look forward to a new raw-bar menu rolling out this summer. Has anyone noticed the ever-evolving menu at Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor? Now there is sushi. Even though Chef Rodelio Abligot confessed to me at his restaurant’s media event last year that sushi was not part of his plan, customers rule, and so Abligot’s raveworthy sushi rolls have arrived. Wonderful Wanda tower plans have boosted my faith in the New Eastside community that we can come together and collectively agree on something that is a good idea. So let’s harness that energy and focus on something else which is a good idea: the newsletter.

local businesses that support our community paper. Readers can support us by spreading the word about the newsletter. Let restaurants, schools, healthcare providers and businesses you patronize know about this valuable resource. elaineh@neweastsidecommunity


My Storage Suite seeks a motivated person who loves to sell, to join our fast growing storage business in Chicago. Must possess a can-do attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit and be ready to pitch in to help wherever needed. This is a great opportunity to work locally in New Eastside. Job description • Generate new sales leads • Follow-up on existing leads • Execute sales • Develop Property Manager relationships • Full-time J ob requirements • Drivers License and access to car • Fit and able to hand out fliers and visit businesses • Ability to lift 30lb. to demonstrate products


• Part-time • Generate sales within building of residence and New Eastside • Conduct tours of facility and sell storage To apply, call 312-810-2027 or email 225 N. Columbus Dr. Chicago, IL

Remembering Ernie Stroller Fitness Class Banks: Baseball, sunshine at Maggie Daley Park and the joy of the game By Angela Gagnon | Staff Writer

By John “Coach” Cohn | Community Contributor

Now that baseball season is back into full swing, we here in the New Eastside don’t want to forget the passing this winter of one of our city’s greatest baseball legends, the splendid Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs. Ernie had a spirit and smile and positive outlook that were truly infectious to everyone with whom he came in contact. When it came to both baseball and life in general, he had a true “joy of the game.” He spread this joy in everyday life. He was nice to people he did not know. He befriended a countless number of fans who simply came up to say “hello.” He had a smile and kind words for almost everyone he met. We certainly can learn from how Ernie Banks looked at and handled

For active parents with jam-packed schedules, it might if you enjoy socializing while you sweat. If you want to

co-ed, ages 18 and up and the cost is $41. For alternatives to the class, the Lakefront Trail is the perfect place for running with a stroller. Run to the beach, the Children’s Museum, a playground or Navy Pier. safe from cars and has very few turns. With ample parks and rest stops along the way, it is also easy for little passengers to stop and stretch their legs.

never once got to taste postseason baseball. He had more than his share of losing seasons with his beloved Cubbies. But through all that disappointment, Ernie understood the beauty of the game. He didn’t take it for granted. He relished every moment. He never complained.

Photo Courtesy of Ron Cogswell;

Runner and New Eastside resident Steffani DiPasquo regularly takes her daughter Lyla on stroller runs

We could all do well to remember the spirit and joy of the game that Ernie had, and let it carry over to our friends and neighbors here in the New Eastside this summer. Photo: Angela Gagnon

10 / MAY/JUNE 2015

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Chicago Architecture Foundation Walking Tours Inspire Discovery By Shanti Nagarkatti | Community Contributor

The balcony of a coast resident that overlooks the Chicago River.

Photo by Michael Oz

Balcony Babble

Proper balcony use - issues and etiquette By Shanti Nagarkatti | Community Contributor

Many New Eastside residential buildings boast personal balconies. Observing the myriad ways in which neighbors use their outdoor spaces is a rite of summer.

Millennium building, residents who choose to grill outdoors are required to maintain a working fire extinguisher. When in doubt, defer to the Chicago city ordinance which prohibits propane grills in buildings with 20 or more occupants.

There are, in fact, a host of rules and Those with pets might see summer as an regulations addressing balconies. opportunity to let pets spend ‘quality’ Alana Devine, of Aqua’s Condominium time on the balcony. Pet Patio Pickup, Management Office, sends out an e-mail a service that provides grassy areas for announcement at the beginning of each pets to eliminate and replaces the used season reminding residents to secure patios every 1-2 weeks, is marketed permanent items to balcony railings and as a convenience to city dwellers. One move anything portable or glass indoors. person’s convenience, however, is another’s aggravation. In the Windy At Aqua, Devine assures that there are City, winds gusts averaging 35mph can no surprise inspections but relies on produce nasty results, with reports of residents to be self-policing and approach waste on neighboring balconies. For building management with concerns. safety reasons, Chicago’s Department She remarks that bungee cords are “a PARK REFRESH – VOLUNTEER DAY of Animal Care and Control does not lifesaver” for securing items. Even so, Saturday May am to 3 pm recommend allowing pets30th, out on 2015 high- • 8 things slip through the cracks. Devine rise balconies under any circumstances, recalls a grill brush that fell from higheven if there is a sufficient railing. riselike. balcony onto a car. “It shattered Volunteer for as long as you’d the windshield, fortunately no one was While it might be tempting barbecue LOCATION: Meettoat the grand staircase injured,” she said. The bottom line: be outside at home, balcony cooking can considerate and aware of your neighbors. spark concern. Most buildings permit gas and electric grills – preferring electric for fire safety. At the Park

PARK REFRESH – VOLUNTEER DAY Saturday May 30th, 2015 • 8 am to 3 pm


Volunteer for as long as you’d like. • Planting annuals LOCATION: Meet at the grand staircase • Moving plants to designated areas • Suppling water bottles to workers • Removing trash and discarded plant trays LUNCH PROVIDED BY: Magellan Development • Lunch pickup or delivery



Planting annuals

What makes a city? Is it the buildings? The people? Is it the events of 100 years ago – or the events of today? Whether you’re interested in touring downtown or a neighborhood, the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) invites you to choose from more than 85 tours that showcase the city’s structural highlights and tell the stories behind them. Knowledgeable volunteer docents, all of whom have gone through immersive, graduate program-level instruction, lead the tours, which are organic and unscripted. Perhaps best known for its (often imitated) river cruise, CAF walking tours offer a Photo by Tracey Lewis multisensory experience that might not be experienced from CAF Docent Volunteers Pris Mims and Bill Lee tell the a boat or bus. “What sets the stories behind Chicago’s landmarks on various tours, including the Aqua and Lakeshore East walking tour. walking tours apart is that not only are you seeing the historic buildings up front from the outside, but you are guided through the inside of many of them,” said Pris Mims, CAF Class of 2000 docent and Aqua resident. She leads the Aqua and Lakeshore East tour and says the best view of Aqua is “Standing across the street, looking up at those concrete balconies that appear soft like marshmallow outcroppings.” The biggest “wow” moment comes when visitors look out on the Park at Lakeshore East. “They can’t believe there is a park down there,” said Mims. Just in time for summer, the CAF has introduced new tours: a walking tour of Maggie Daley Park and two open-top bus tours: downtown and historic neighborhoods (Greektown, Little Italy, Pilsen, Chinatown, and Bronzeville). Find your preferred tour by going to CAF’s website, which includes descriptions and a just-launched building database:

Moving in or out of the New Eastside? Check out the new moving sale community board in My Storage Suite at the pedway level of the Aqua tower (225 N Columbus Dr.). Post fliers with items you want to sell or check out what’s on sale and buy locally. It’s free to post.

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Divvy rolls into New Eastside

MAY/JUNE 2015 / 11

New Eastside Real Estate Summary – First quarter round up

Divvy put a new location at Field Blvd. and South Water Street. If you need to grab a bike for a quick trip, this station is really convenient. Gerard is a frequent user of Divvy and says, “I like it!”

Provided courtesy of Michael Emery of Urban Real Estate via MRED LLC

Property values in the 60601 zip code have seen a positive growth in this first quarter of 2015 with the average sales price increasing by 16.1% over last year (see Figure 1.), partly due to 11 of the 44 first-quarter sales (see Figure 2), being at $1 million dollars or higher. Inventory is slightly up and the month’s supply has increased over first quarter last year by one and a half months, causing the market time to also increase by a few days. While trying to take advantage of these positive numbers, sellers are selling at an average of 95.6% of the asking price, versus the high average of 2014, which was 96.8% in May 2014.

Photo: Tracey Lewis

Mid-April, 2015, there were 118 active listings in the area, with an average list price of $636,785. The last three month’s highest Single Family Home/Townhome sale was $2,210,000 for 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 parking spaces and park views. The highest condo sale was $2,660,000 for 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces.

New Eastside resident Jesse Gerard checks out a bike at the new Divvy location

400 E Randolph • Suite 500

312 • 528 • 9200

400 E Randolph

360 E Randolph

225 N Columbus

195 N Harbor

Outer Drive East

The Buckingham

The Aqua

The Parkshore

3 Bed / 3 Bath Combined end units on high floor with spectacular south views of city and lake! $985,000

2 Bed / 2 Bath Complete redesign and remodel lend to larger bedrooms and closets! $550,000

1 Bed / 1.5 Bath Floor-to-ceiling windows and designer kitchen fuel this luxury resort style living! $799,000

2 Bed / 2 Bath So spacious! Oversized master suite and bay windows in every room! $555,000

BROKERAGE • MANAGEMENT • DEVELOPMENT [If your property is currently listed, please disregard. Data provided by MRED, LLC.]

12 / MAY/JUNE 2015

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Try something new: Out of the box ideas for things to do Tour Costa Rica with an expert

By Jessica Ainlay | Community Contributor

When Ann Becker took her family on a quick trip to Costa Rica in 2005, she fell head over heels in love with the country. She vowed to her husband to find a way to return as often as she could. As the owner of a successful program and organizational development strategy consultancy, Becker had no desire to throw in the towel and instead added a new dimension to the business by including small group tours to Costa Rica.

Photo courtesy Res Publica Group Scott “Hootie” Hutmacher gives out medals at the 2014 Chicago Spring Half Marathon/10K.

The spring marathon in Lakeshore East

By Angela Gagnon | Staff Writer

When the Michelob ULTRA Chicago Spring 13.1 and 10K runs through Lakeshore East on May 17th, keep your eyes peeled to cheer on local resident Jennifer Josefy. This is her first ever half marathon and the journey to get there is nothing short of inspirational. “I went from not even being able to run for 60 seconds to having run an 8K and a 10K while training for this race.” Josefy made a list in middle school of life goals; a marathon was on that list. When she moved to Chicago last summer and decided to get healthy, running became her goal especially “when I saw advertising for this race and realized it would be leaving right outside my front door.” The Michelob ULTRA race, now in its seventh year, has grown to over 6000 registered participants. 57 are New Eastside residents. Created by Magellan Development Group and Lifetime Athletic Events, LAE’s Regional Brand Manager, Scott “Hootie” Hutmacher says the race is “truly a celebration of spring,” and much of the celebrating will be done in the ‘epicenter’ of the event, the Park at Lakeshore East. For Josefy, the goal is simple: “My goal for this race is to finish it to prove that even if you don’t think you’re a runner, you can become one.” While this race is already sold out, if you feel inspired by Josefy’s story, the Chicago Half Marathon is set for September 27.

Photo credit: Jessical Ainlay Travel With Ann Becker to Costa Rica. Next trip June 14-21. Ann Becker (center) Gaby (right) and Dayla (left) from Personalized Spanish language school.

She has spent the last decade refining her tours, selecting the best local guides and activities to allow travelers to go way beyond the typical sun, sand, monkeys and sloths vacation. The result: Her Spanish Cultural Immersion tour is one of the most unique, authentic ways to experience this Central American country.

Travelers learn Spanish (at their own level) for four days in the Central Valley, each staying with a Costa Rican family. Then the small group heads down to the Osa Peninsula to experience one of the most exotic jungles in the world. Even most Costa Ricans never get down to the area, with its endangered animal and plant life, indigenous Boruca families, hand-selected local guides in the Corcovado National Park and fun extras like a rain forest massage, night hikes and zip-lining. There are just a couple of spots left for the June 14-21st trip. Find out more at

Chicago’s first vodka distillery By Margaret Schmidt | Community Contributor

If you blink, you might miss the Randolph Street entrance to Chicago’s first vodka distillery. A single unassuming door reading “CH Distillery” in light-colored letters is almost invisible unless you raise your head to see the slender sign above the 564 W. Randolph St. location. Forget about beer and wine. Be prepared to order CH’s super-premium spirits. CH triple distills its smooth, clear, exquisite vodka for bars, restaurants, and individual purchasers. CH makes a London dry gin, which is basically vodka with added earthly herbal flavors. Also made in house: cherry brandy, aquavit, rum-based amaro, lemon liqueur, and several surprises.

Photo courtesy Res Publica Group

Twice a week, CH hosts a bare-bones tour that ends in tasting vodka the Russian way, with rye bread and pickles. The tour price is $15 and reservations are a good idea, especially on Saturday night. Check out the tavern’s schedule for other fun and educational events at www. Call 312-707-8780. 564 W. Randolph St. Chicago, IL.

Photo courtesy: CH Distillery

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M


CALENDAR Tuesday, May 5

Chicago Kids and Kites Festival Come fly a kite with the kids! Free kits for children to design and create their own kites. Enjoy entertainment, crafts, professional kite fliers and more. Montrose Harbor in Lincoln Park.10:00AM4:00PM, FREE.

Citizen’s Police Academy The summer session of the academy will start on Tuesday May 5, 2015. This Session will end June 30, 2015. Classes are held every Tuesday from 6:00 PM -9:00 PM at the Chicago Police Academy at 1300 W. Jackson. Call the CAPS Office at 312-745-4381 for more info.

Free Speech & Language Screenings Let it Grow will provide screenings to children 12 months-10 years. Sessions take approximately 15 minutes, and give parents recommendations and resources. Fun giveaways for kids. FREE. 1:00PM – 3:00PM. 400 E. Randolph St. Call 312-650-5522 or visit

GEMS World Academy GEMS hosts admission coffees and tours every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 AM. Individual appointments and tours are available upon request. Advanced registration is required for all admissions events. Contact 312-8098900 to register or email admissions@

Polish Constitution Day Chopin Concert The Chicago Chopin Foundation with the Grant Park Conservancy proudly invites to the Constitution Day Chopin Concert celebration at the Chopin Garden at 11th Street and Michigan Avenue in Grant Park on May 2nd, 2015 at 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Coinciding with the polish festival, there will be dance, songs, and theatre performances, as well as raffles and prizes. Visit www. for more info.

Thursday, May 7

Saturday, May 2

Salvation Army Pick-up Do you have clothes or accessories that you want to donate? The truck is located on lower Field near Field Blvd. and South Water St. in Lakeshore East from 8:30AM-Noon. No Furniture. Residents are responsible for bringing their items and may ask for a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Monday, May 4 Little Lurie Gardeners: Singing Explorers (KIDS) Bring your little explorers to Lurie Garden, a one-of-a-kind urban oasis in Millennium Park, where art and nature meet. Embark on an exploration of the natural world through live music and movement. Registration required. Toddler must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Ages 1- 3 years old. 10:00AM – 10:45AM. Mondays, May 4th – June 15th (except May 25).

MAY/JUNE 2015 / 13

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness 2nd Annual Lakeshore Showdown Compete head-to-head in an obstacle course consisting of everything from monkey bars, tire flips to sit-ups and free throws. Make sure your company is among them by joining this event. Enter individually or create a team for your chance to win prizes, including a one-year membership or a rooftop cocktail party at LSF. Event includes a complimentary buffet and beverages. All participants receive a Lakeshore Showdown T-shirt. 3:00PM-7:00PM. This is FREE and open to members and non-members. (773) 348-6377 or 312856-1111. 211 N Stetson, Chicago, IL 60601.

Saturday, May 9 Aqua and Lakeshore East Tour Learn more about the architecture in your neighborhood. Take a tour to view the Aqua at Lakeshore East skyscraper by architect Jeanne Gang. The tour will also provide you with background on the Lakeshore East area. Meet at Harris Theater, 205 E. Randolph. General Public: $15; Chicago Architecture Foundation Members: Free. Also Saturdays at 10:00AM: June 13, Aug. 8, Sept. 5. Tuesdays at 6:00PM: May 19, June 16, July 21, Aug. 18, Sept. 15. Sunday at 1:00PM: Sept. 27.

Saturday, May 9 The Artist’s Studio – Art Institute of Chicago Families will make studio art, visit a gallery activity station, or speak to guest artists. 11:00AM-2:00PM, FREE. No registration required.

Mother’s Day Brunch and Art at Terzo Piano If you prefer a brunch buffet, go to Terzo Piano at the Art Institute of Chicago from 11:00AM-2:00PM. Cost: $54 members, $60 nonmembers, $20 for children under 12. Reservations are recommended. Call 312-443-8650.

Wednesday, May 13

Photo: Tracey Lewis

Mid America Club Complimentary Reception for Prospective Members Learn about membership and enjoy a complimentary reception and a tour of the club. Reservations required. Call 312-861-1100 or email susan.marzec@ 5:30PM-7:00PM. It is accessible from the pedway and business attire is required. AON Center, 200 E. Randolph Dr., 80th Floor.

Thursday, May 14

Awake” art show at Fifth Third Bank Fifth Third Bank presents “Awake” an Art gallery launch at the Lakeshore East branch, 400 E South Water St. from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Come and enjoy art, wine and cheese. Free and open to the community. Until June 7. Call 312-279 7935 or visit

Switch on Summer With ComEd at Buckingham Fountain Join the Chicago Park District to celebrate the official opening of Buckingham Fountain, 337 E. Randolph St. The event starts at 4:00PM and the fountain will be turned on at 6:00PM. There will be music and family-friendly activities. FREE.

CAPS Safety Seminar Attend your beat meeting at 7:00PM at 400 E. Randolph to learn more about how to protect yourself and your belongings. There will be light refreshments served. This is your chance to learn more about what is going on in your neighborhood and to let the police know if you have any concerns.

Friday, May 8

Sunday, May 10

Friday, May 15

Fashion 2015 Experience the future of fashion created by the next generation of designers at this multimedia show at SAIC Fashion 2015. Tickets are $75, and shows are at 12:00PM and 3:00PM at the Chase Promenade at North 201 E. Randolph St. in Millennium Park.

Mother’s Day Three-Course Meal at III Forks Enjoy a delicious three-course meal for Mother’s Day at III Forks in Lakeshore East. 11:00AM-8:00PM, $50 for adults. View the menu online at

Chicago Farmer’s Markets Opening The best of local harvests will be on offer at the official Chicago Farmer’s Markets opening in Daley Plaza. There will be more than 70 vendors selling fresh fruit, vegetables, and plants. 7:00AM-3:00PM. Tuesdays at Federal Plaza (Adams & Dearborn), opens May 20, and Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago & Mies van der Rohe Way)

14 / MAY/JUNE 2015

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

CALENDAR opens June 3. Thursdays, Daley Plaza (Washington & Dearborn) opens May 15, and Willis Tower (233 S. Wacker Dr.) opens June 26. All markets operate until the last week of October.

tration required. Adults $47 and children 17 and under are $16. www.bikethedrive. org/pricingandpackages

Monday, May 25 Memorial Day Every Wednesday and Saturday Nights from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Navy Pier Fireworks You can see fireworks just steps from your home! There will be fireworks from Navy Pier twice a week during the summer. Wednesdays at 9:30PM and Saturdays at 10:15PM, FREE.

Thursday, May 28

Photo: Tracey Lewis

Sunday, May 17 Chicago Spring Half Marathon 13.1 and 10K This annual race brings crowds to the Lakeshore East Park. Join in the fun and volunteer for this sold-out event. Spots are still available for the Junior Dash for children 12 years old and younger. Registration for the Junior Dash costs $15 at packet pick-up and $20 on race day.

Saturday, May 23 Chicago’s Memorial Day Parade One of the largest Memorial Day parades in the nation will begin with a Wreath Laying Ceremony at 11:00AM at the Eternal Flame at Daley Plaza. The Parade steps off at noon and proceeds south on State St. from Lake St. to Van Buren St. FREE.

Sunday, May 24 Bike the Drive Lake Shore Drive closes to cars and becomes a bike-only route for five hours. Cycle as little or as much of the 30-mile course as you like. There will be three rest stops along the route. The event benefits the Active Transportation Alliance. The course opens at 5:30AM and it is recommended that you start by 7:00AM. Regis-

on lower Field near Field/South Water in Lakeshore East from 8:30AM-Noon. No Furniture. Residents are responsible for bringing their items and may ask for a donation receipt for tax purposes. Lurie Garden Spring Festival & Plant Sale 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Lurie Garden, Chicago, IL. A variety of perennials and grasses will be on offer, as well as food and shelter for local fauna. All proceeds support Lurie Garden public programs. The event also includes tours and handson gardening tips. Bring your own bags or boxes to transport your plants. www.

Eat to the Beat Spring Pass Harris Theater stars Chicago’s best talents in a 45-minute fast-paced performance during this popular lunchtime series. Enjoy food from the city’s hottest food trucks on Lower Randolph. $10. (312) 334-7777. 205 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601.

Book Fair—Printer’s Row Lit Fest Check out the largest FREE outdoor literacy festival in the Midwest. Buy from 200 booksellers and attend 100 literary events and signings at the south end of Dearborn St. at LaSalle St.

Friday, May 29

Wednesday, June 10

Chicago Gospel Music Festival Enjoy listening to gospel choirs and soloists in Millennium Park. FREE. Until May 31. 6th Annual Millennium Art Festival View a variety of artwork including ceramics, photography, paintings, and furniture made by more than 110 juried artists. Listen to live music and have great food. The festival will take place on Lake Street and Michigan Ave. Times: Friday 11:00AM-6:00PM, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM5:00PM. FREE. Until May 31.

Saturday, June 6

Learn How to Sail – Columbia Yacht Club This adult sailing program gives you an in-depth understanding of sailing. All staff are certified sailing instructors. Wednesday nights starting June 10-July 8 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM or Friday nights June 12-July 17 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. Registration: $400/Members, $500/Non-Members. 111 North Lake Shore Dr., call 312-938-3625.

JUNE Wednesday, June 3 Sommelier for a Day at III Forks Have a fun evening sampling wines from Sommelier, Brian Speh. Try six different wines and vote on your favorite to be featured for the month. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres by Chef Proprietor Billy Caruso. 5:00PM-7:00PM, $20. For more info, call (312) 938-4303. 180 N. Field Blvd, Chicago, IL 60601.

Saturday, June 6 Salvation Army Pick-up Do you have clothes or accessories that you want to donate? The truck is located

Photo: Tracey Lewis

Friday, June 12 32nd Annual Chicago Blues Festival Attend the largest free blues festival in the world. Performances by Zera Young, Buddy Guy, Syl Johnson and many others for three days on five stages. Grant Park (Jackson & Columbus). Daily 11:00AM-9:30PM. Until June 14.

Friday, June 12 Spring Awakening Festival Soldier Field hosts the three-day electronic dance Spring Awakening Festival. Friday, June 12:2:00 PM; Saturday, June 13: 1:00 PM; Sunday, June 14:1:00 PM. General admission ticket is $189 plus fees. Must be 18 to attend. Until June 14.

Wednesday, June 17 Jazzin’ at the Shedd Step out on the terrace at the Shedd Aquarium and enjoy cocktails, jazz, and fireworks. It takes place every Wednesday night until September 9. 5:00PM10:00PM. Tickets $20, or $18 if bought in advance online. www.sheddaquarium. org/Jazzin

Wednesday, June 17 Grant Park Music Festival in Millennium Park Enjoy the outdoors as you listen to the classical music series at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park. Seating on the grass areas is FREE. Bring a blanket, lawn chairs, and a picnic as you enjoy the sunset in the park. Concerts are Wednes-

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

MAY/JUNE 2015 / 15

CALENDAR day, Friday, and Saturday evenings until August 22. www.grantparkmusicfestival. com/the-music/2015-season

Friday, June 19 Chicago Ale Fest Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park will be the site for this beer festival. There will be more than 200 beers from over 100 American craft breweries. Tickets: $50. Friday 6:00PM-10:00PM and Saturday 2:00PM-6:00PM. Taste of Randolph For the foodies out there, this is the festival for you. There will be more than 20 restaurants featured, along with dancing and live music. There is a suggested $10 donation for entry, with proceeds benefiting the West Loop Community Organization. Friday, 5:00PM-10:00PM, Saturday and Sunday, Noon-10:00PM. West Loop at 900 W. Randolph St. at Peoria. Until Sunday, June 21.

Saturday, June 20 8th Annual Chicago Zombie March Meet at the Bean at Millennium Park dressed up as a zombie! Walk around the area like a zombie. In the past they have walked through Museum Campus and Daley Plaza. 3:30PM-5:30PM. FREE. Gold Coast Art Fair in Grant Park Check out art from more than 300 artists. Rated as one of the top juried art festivals in the country. There will be food and live music. Butler Field and E. Monroe St. 10:00AM-6:00PM daily. FREE. gold-coast-art-fair-at-grant-park

Sunday, June 21 Father’s Day

Monday, June 22 Techweek The Merchandise Mart hosts Techweek. The event includes speakers, vendors, recruiters, parties, and a two-day summit. Tickets range from $60 to $495, 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza. Until June 28.

May & June Races

Run To Remember 5K and Junior Jog– 8am, Saturday, May 2, 2015 Gold Star Families Memorial and Park The Glo Run 5K – 8:15pm, Saturday, May 15 Soldier Field Family Fun Day 5K run/walk– 9am, Sunday, May 3, 2015 DeVry University, Chicago Campus Advisor Summit 5K Fun Run – 6:30am, Thursday, May 7, 2015 Hilton Chicago Cinco De Miler 5 Mile Run – 9am, Saturday May 9, 2015 Soldier Field Supermom 5K Run/Walk – Saturday, May 9, 2015 Grant Park Komen Chicagoland Race for the Cure 10K/5K/1 mile – 8am, Sunday May 10, 2015 Butler Field Universal Sole 4 Mile Classic – 7pm, Thursday, May 14, 2015 Montrose Harbor Chicago Spring Half Marathon – May 17, 2015 Sold Out Move for the Kids 5K – 9am, Sunday, May 17, 2015 Soldier Field

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile run – 7pm, Thursday, May 21, 2015. Grant Park Soldier Field 10 Mile – 7am, Saturday, May 23, 2015 Soldier Field Free the Science 5K – 7am, Wednesday, May 27, 2015 337 East Randolph Street Cancer Survivor Celebration 5K Run/ Walk – 9am, Sunday, May 31, 2015 Grant Park Dash for Detection 5K – 9am, Sunday, May 31, 2015 Grant Park (East Randolph and Lake Michigan) Volition America Half Marathon and 5K – 7am, Saturday, June 6, 2015 Avery Field in Grant Park Color Run 5K – 9am, Sunday, June 7, 2015 Butler Field ABC Jim Gibbons 5K/3K – 6:25pm, Thursday, June 18, 2015 Grant Park The Chardonnay Run 5K – 5pm, Saturday, June 27, 2015 Grant Park Proud to Run 10K/5K – 8:04am, Saturday, June 27, 2015 Montrose Harbor

Mariano’s Fresh Market Lakeshore East 333 E. Benton Place, Chicago IL 60601. (312) 228-1349

Kids Activity: Cinco de Mayo Maraca Making (FREE) Saturday, May 2 @ 10AM-2PM. Sunday, May 3rd 10AM-2PM. Tuesday, May 5th @ 3PM - 7PM Kids Activity: Mother’s Day Card-Making (FREE) Saturday, May 9th @ 10AM-2PM & Sunday, May 10th @ 10AM-2PM Crave the cup part 2 Thursday May 14th from 6:00PM7:30PM Second series of cupcakes and wine pairing at Lakeshore east Mariano’s, featuring our talented Pastry Chef Justine. Cost is $20. Miss Jamie from the Farm 5/20 & Farm 6/2 @ 3:30PM -4:00PM Miss Jamie and her puppet friends take the audience on a barnyard musical adventure. Mariano’s provides healthy snacks. FREE

Thirsty Thursdays May 21st 6PM-7:30PM - Come join us at Mariano’s to enjoy one of our signature cocktails and some tasty little bites with your friendly neighbors from the Lake shore East Community for $10.00. Kids Activity: Patriotic Pops and American Flag Necklace Making (FREE) Saturday, May 23rd 10AM-2PM Sunday, May 24th 10AM-2PM Monday, May 25th 10AM-2PM Wine Pairing May 28th & June 11th 6PM-7:30PM: Chocolates, Cheese and Wine Oh My How Divine. Cost is $20. Kids Activity: Floral and Watermelon Fans (FREE) Saturday, May 30th 10AM-2PM & Sunday, May 31st 10AM-2PM

Tuesday, June 23

Saturday, June 27

Millennium Park Summer Film Series Watch movies on a 40-foot screen in Millennium Park on Tuesday nights this summer. Grab a chair at Jay Pritzker Pavilion or bring your own blanket and relax on the grass. List of movies TBD. FREE. Until August 25.

The L.A.T.E. Ride: Light Up the Night Meet at Buckingham Fountain to go on a late-night bike ride at 1:00AM, presented by Friends of the Park.

Thursday, June 25 Lakeshore East will be hosting “Movies in The Park” the last Thursday of June, July, & August. All movies start at sundown. Movie titles to be announced.

Enjoy riding past some of Chicago’s most well-known parks, cycle past downtown skyscrapers aglow in the dark, check out Chicago’s different neighborhoods, enjoy the beautiful lakefront path under the stars, and see the sunrise over Lake Michigan. Participants are encouraged to use lighted items for their bikes. Don’t forget to GLOW. Awards will be given for the best decorated bike and bike helmet. Pre-ride party starts at 10:00PM. Ride is about 15-25 miles. Tickets $60 and up depending on when you register and which package you get. Go to www. for more information.

16 / MAY/JUNE 2015

W W W. N E W E A S T S I DE C O M M U N I T Y. C O M

Where is the New Eastside? Source: Google Maps

Photo: Tracey Lewis

Map of New Eastside The New Eastside is a well-defined area of the Chicago Loop. It is bordered by Upper East Randolph Street to the south, Michigan Avenue to the west, the Chicago River to the north, and Lake Michigan to the east. It is comprised of 12 commercial towers including the Aon Center and Prudential Plaza. In addition there are 16 residential buildings, which include the famous

Aqua tower, a 6-acre park, 4 hotels, and hundreds of businesses. It is home to the independent school, GEMS World Academy Chicago. The New Eastside is an easy walk to to top entertainment and recreation including the Theater District, Museum Campus, Magnificent Mile and State Street shopping, the Chicago River, and Lake Michigan.

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